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April 4, 2022 12:50 am

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April 4, 2022 12:50 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate mail.--2- What is the apocrypha- Where did it come from- Is it Scripture---3- Why isn't the obesity epidemic talked about---4- How do I talk to a Christian who supports gay marriage---5- Why, when there's tragedy, do non-Christians suddenly ask for prayer---6- Matt further discusses homosexuality.

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If you're new to the show, we do all kinds of stuff. So many of them are what pray to the angels, saints and Mary as the Bible teaches. It doesn't teach that unless you go to the book of 2nd Maronicles next to 1st Stupidification. But no it doesn't teach that in the Bible at all. This guy goes on and says the Protestants are so sad for believing in false teachings.

Well how would he know? He obviously doesn't know what the Bible teaches. He says they go against the clear teaching of Scripture, Protestantism and not praying to angels and saints is one of the most unbiblical things there is. The Protestants are so sad. Okay mister you know everything about the Bible.

I would suggest that what you do is show me if anybody can show me the Bible where you're praying to the saints and where you're praying to angels and praying to Mary. This is just idolatry. You know that's what it is. It's idolatry.

He goes on the Protestants sadly are not going to heaven for they protest against Jesus Christ and his clear teaching. No. You've got that wrong. That's a good one though. I like that one. That's a good insult. Alright.

Oh how about this. Your Jesus is another email. Your Jesus is a false Jesus. Your Christ is a false Christ. Your Christ never taught that it is necessary to accept all his truths to be saved.

What? Karm never says that you've got to accept all his truths to be saved. That's not what the Karm says. That's not what the Bible says. Your Christ teaches that even those who reject his teachings, Muslims, Jews can enter heaven. What?

This guy does not have all his paws in the litter box. That's for sure. Your false Christ teaches that baptism is not necessary. No. Well baptism is not necessary for salvation. It's just not. So I'm just telling you it's not necessary.

I'll debate people on it. The true Jesus said that this in his last command of the apostles also called the great commission baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things commanded. You see people they don't think seriously.

This is a good example of how not to think. So where does it say in that text that it's necessary for salvation? It doesn't say that. It says going therefore teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I've commanded you and behold I will always be with you even at the end of the earth. Where does it say you must do these things in order to be saved? That's not what it says.

People read this stuff. I do this all the time with Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, with Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox. You know they'll read a verse like this.

It's a good example. I'll say where does it say you have to be baptized to be saved? They'll go right here. Go to Matthew 28 and 18 or 19. It says baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I say where is it necessary for salvation or to be saved? Of course that's what it means Matt. And they can't even read it. And then they go vote and drive cars.

Oh it's terrifying. Jesus answered, amen amen I say to you unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit. Now he's getting someplace. And the Holy Spirit. He cannot enter the kingdom of God unless a man be born again. But he's a Savior declared the necessity of baptism.

Really? Where does it say baptism? It says born again of water and the Holy Spirit. But where does it say it's baptism? And how do you know it's not the water of the womb? Because Jesus says in the next verse that which is born of the flesh is flesh or the spirit is spirit.

Because Nicodemus said right before it enter into the mother's womb again. Then he says Jesus says he wants to be born again. And then after this verse he's going to be born of water and the Spirit. He says if you're born of the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit.

It's my honest opinion. So what I believe is that what he's referring to was the natural birth and the spiritual birth. That's what I think he was. So there we go. This guy doesn't know. He couldn't exegete his way out of a wet paper bag.

So he couldn't do that. This is bad news. Alright alright. So I could do one more thing here.

I just realized something. I got to change a. There we go.

Change that to that. Now. Okay there we go.

I got rushed at the last second when things weren't working right. There we go. So now you guys can hear me in the room. Alright alright. Let's do one more. Let's do one more. And then we'll get to the callers.

877-207-2276. This is awesome. Oh I've never been called this before. This is good. To the Antichrist Matt Slick.

Now that. See if you're going to do hate mail that's how you do it. That's a good insult.

To the Antichrist Matt Slick. I didn't know I was an Antichrist. He says I'm not a Jehovah's Witness but I've studied with them and I've also studied the Bible.

Now I find it strange that your website that in your website you have different religions however the only religion you're against is Jehovah's Witnesses. What? You know if I were to meet someone like this and they said that I'd be staring at them like are you okay? Is something wrong? You're dyslexic? You're legally blind? What?

What is it? The only religion I'm against is the Jehovah's Witnesses. He didn't read everything else. The Mormons. The Catholics. The Muslims.

You know the Raelians. There's all kinds of stuff I've written in there that is unbiblical. Wow. You know it's just amazing to me. It is. Okay let's go on.

I don't see anything that you saying biblically other than saying you have had this and that. Yeah. Yeah that's when you got to you know wonder are they okay? Maybe there's something wrong. Hit her head or something. Stop hating since you call yourself a man of God then show us. Then show you what? Stop trying to be famous about others. What?

Jesus wouldn't have done what you're doing. Okay. Yeah so yeah let's just say there's some issues there.

Obviously this guy doesn't know what he's doing either. Alright let's just jump on the phone. Mitchell from Charlotte, North Carolina welcome. You were on the air. Let's try it again. Let's try this. There we go.

Mitchell welcome you're on the air. Hey there we go. How you doing? There we go. Alright. What's up buddy?

What do you got man? Um so should we observe I guess any of the books. It's called the Apocrypha so when the Catholics get there like second Maccabees and all that. What do you mean by observe? Uh well I guess. Take it seriously?

Consider it scripture? Yeah. No. Yeah.

No. Okay so where did that come from? The Apocrypha are just writings between the book of Malachi and the birth of Christ. There were some books written in that period that's all. And they are not scripture. They're just not in the Bible. Now the Catholics added them in 1546 and they did it in response to the Protestant Reformation but the Apocrypha has lots of problems in it let's just say. And uh the Jews never considered the Apocryphal books to be scripture. And we Protestants should not either and Roman Catholics should not. But hey you know they do all kinds of stuff that's not biblical. Okay. I mean I just don't understand how if I guess how you can't see the if they're you know I don't know the books but I just feel like there would be you know if you were to add that into the original scripture then you would see some kind of like contradiction.

You know what I'm saying? There are there are problems in the Apocrypha. One of the things is it condones the use of magic in Tobit 6 5-7. Then the angel said take out the entrails of the fish and lay up his heart and his gall and his litter for thee. For these are necessary for useful medicines and when you've done so he roasted the flesh took it and rested salt on it etc. Then Tobias asked the angel and said to him I beseech you brother Azarias tell me what remedies are these things good for which uh you know keep this fish. The angel said if you put a little piece of its heart on coals the smoke will drive away evil spirits.

So the the smoke of the heart of a fish on a fire drives away evil spirits. And that's in uh Tobit 6 5-7. And then in Tobit 4-11 for alms deliver from all sin that means uh giving money. Delivers from all sin and from death and will not suffer the soul to go into darkness. And Tobit 12-9 for alms deliver from death and uh stuff like that. And then second Maccabees this is in the Apocrypha 12-43 in making a gathering he sent 12,000 drachmas of silver to Jerusalem for sacrifice to be offered for the sins of the dead. And it just you know it's got uh errors in it historical errors it's it's just it's uninspired. Hey you got got some noise back there Ben you got some noise going on. Sorry sorry sorry. Yeah okay so that answer your question? Yeah so you said that was added after uh the uh the protestant reformation?

No these are these are written before the birth of Christ and they're not scripture okay okay okay all right all right thanks bud okay talk to you later. We have four open lines if you want to give me a call the number is 877-207-2276. Let's get to Doug from Rollin North Carolina. Doug welcome you're on the air. Hey Matt how you doing first time caller.

All right thanks good what do you got buddy? I uh I don't want to sound like an activist or anything but I have a topic that's bugging me and that I'm wondering why uh people in the poll pit do not ever discuss the obesity epidemic in this country that is causing so many problems. I don't know. I know this is not your typical hot button topic and uh but I think it's important. Well hold on we got a break let's let's talk about after the break okay because it is important.

Sure. Hey folks we'll be right back after these messages please stay tuned we'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's Matt Slick. All right everyone welcome back to the show we have four open lines on this wonderful Friday why don't you give me a call 877-207-2276 I want to hear from you give me a call let's get back to Doug from Rollin North Carolina.

Doug welcome you're on the air. Yes I guess uh a little bit of unusual topic not the typical topic I was just wondering why obesity is not discussed in the church and the obesity epidemic uh it seems like everybody wants to avoid this topic you know politicians never talk about it uh people in the church never talk about obesity uh well um people like you never talk about address the topic I've never heard anybody on the radio talk about this this subject. Well I have over the years occasionally it doesn't come up very often people ask me then I'll talk about it but um the reason I know about this topic is because I actually know someone who is overweight because of uh cancer I think it's anti-cancer a certain kind of problem he's got he takes medicine the side effect is he's overweight. I also know that there are people who have uh just metabolisms that just doesn't you know it's very very very difficult for them to lose weight. I have a friend who was a lady friend with my wife it was actually her friend and they went out one weekend and my wife is slender she's always been slender she's always thin just the way she is and so the they both went out and both ate exactly the same meals in the same amounts.

Her my wife's friend did this just a test and she gained two or three pounds and my wife didn't gain anything. So there are people that just have difficulties. What we need to talk about is what's called gluttony. Gluttony is the issue and that does need to be addressed and because glutton is wrong well what is gluttony? Gluttony occurs when you're at a dinner table in this context and you're eating far more than you need to and it happens over and over and over that's gluttony that's sinful shouldn't do that because we are the temple of the Holy Spirit we should take care of our bodies.

So for me example I'm 65 years old I have a sedentary lifestyle so what I'm doing is cutting back on meals cutting back on this go to the gym working out in fact I'll probably take a 20 minute walk around the block here later today as I'm trying to do things and it's tough you know I've lost some weight and then I'm hovering in a certain place so it's just there's difficulty so some people have legitimate difficulty issues. So we were talking about that what needs to be addressed like I said just to reiterate is gluttony that is sinful it is abusing food as a comfort thing instead of Christ using it to satisfy you and you dive into purely physical satisfaction needs and so you can have gluttony in several areas and it could be in TV it could be with music it could be with food but generally it's associated with gluttony. So yeah it's a topic that needs to be addressed when the scriptures teach it they should be spoken of absolutely. I read an article a couple of years ago about how Seventh-day Adventists have a lifespan that's 10 years longer than the average person and they seem to think that it's because they have clean lifestyles and make healthy choices. Yeah it's because they better food. Everybody should be making those healthy choices I mean we seem to be this topic seems to be getting swept under the rug no one wants to talk about it.

I agree it's an important thing. The health related issues are just bankrupting this country high blood pressure cancer all this even COVID could be connected to obesity. Yeah it could in fact I just recently got diagnosed with diabetes too.

Oh that's another classic one yes I'm sorry. That's alright and so I've lost 15 pounds since that diagnosis and my A1c went down to normal. So you know a diet that does have a body weight has a huge impact on our life I noticed that the lighter I am the better I feel. It is just tough though I gotta tell you I recommend to people who have this problem I understand metabolisms are different don't do it all at once just do one change one thing do it for a week maybe you don't eat that certain something you just do that for a week and then that becomes a habit and then the next week you do one more thing just stuff like that you take a five minute walk you take a ten minute walk you take a 20 minute and just measure once a week on a scale you'll go up and down and you'll have to do better. The reason I know about a lot of this is because my wife's health issues she has some eating things as well on top of everything else so I've been paying attention but you can do it and you're right. I'm 65.

Me too. I'm 65 and my entire life I've had people tell me I don't look my age. For the first 40 years that went in one ear now the other but when I turned 40 I realized I was hearing this a lot and I started paying more attention to it and I think it must have something to do with my eating habits that's the only thing I can say and I'm just I don't know I've just become a little bit more of an advocate of healthy eating and I think true conservatives treat their body like a temple. I'm not a fanatic and I'm not a vegetarian by the way and I'm not a fanatic about this but I just don't think I think people have gotten kind of lazy about eating healthy. There's no other explanation for this obesity epidemic. Well it's because people they're just they're just not trying.

Let me put it that way. They're not trying and everything is designed in food to make you fatter to crave more things. It's designed in food yes. I suggest that people do if they're gonna do one thing lay off a sugar for three days.

Sugars in everything but don't take a candy bar don't take M&M's don't do don't do this don't put sugar in your coffee use honey and it takes I think it's three days or two weeks for the sugar to get out of your system and then you start feeling better. It's an addictive substance so we're using more and more honey my wife and I in fact we've got a distiller and we're even using distilled water now because we don't know what's in the water so we're using just a distiller we just put water in and clean it once a week but uh we're getting distilled water you know just trying to eat better and I'm even growing my own veggies man. Yeah I don't know if this topic just bores people to tears because nobody ever talks about it. I mean like I said it's not a hot button topic but I think it should be something that comes up every once in a while.

Yeah I agree with you. Yeah eating natural food in fact Jack Lelaney knew who he was right? Yeah I remember Jack. So his philosophy was to eat what's alive and don't eat processed food you know you take an apple off a tree and you eat it it's still technically alive while you're chewing on it and uh stay away from manufactured stuff like cheeses and breads and uh this is what he did on his for 65th birthday I saw the film uh the video and stuff the pictures and stuff he swam from Alcatraz Island to shore you know in San Francisco Bay with his hands handcuffed and his feet shackled and in his mouth was a rope and he pulled both rowboats with a hundred people and all the way to shore and then when he got out he did a thousand push-ups.

I vaguely remember that yeah. Yeah he's amazing all right we're out of time buddy okay we've got to go. Hey folks there you go we have five open lines wide open bottom of the hour give me a call 877-207-2276 give me a call we'll be right back it's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's Matt Slick. All right everyone welcome back to the show at the bottom of the hour it's a slow Friday we don't have anybody waiting right now so why don't you give me a call 877-207-2276 so I thought I might jump back into that or hate mail because I got a good one I was reading it during the break I'm like what so if you call me and ask me to make sense of this I won't be able to but uh let's see he says I do not think you know very much about the true Christianity wow okay I guess I didn't after Jesus Christ obtains the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ orders the saved to go after the cross for Christ the leader is made Marian's dad made Marian's dad meeting up with God in heaven made Marian's dad discovers that a marker that reveals the location of the cross for Christ is in the dungeon of God's one true temple escaping from Jews fire gunmen and they ship made Marian discovers that her dad is being held in Moses desert when she and Jesus reached the desert made Marian locates her father but made Marian proves herself a commandment proves yeah proves herself a commandment and even worse Walter Donovan what the heck after made Marian and Jesus escaped the desert they head to Berlin written by a couple of monkeys after a weekend tequila binge it's not working okay after made Marian and Jesus escaped the desert they head to Berlin to get Peter's faith hey Peter where's your faith I don't know I lost it in Berlin I was walking along I checked my pockets hey where's my faith it's gone so Peter Peter's faith is it's in Berlin wow this is awesome you know hope they're gonna tell me could you imagine you're walking along you got your faith there and you reach in your pocket pull it out and a street sweeper comes along and puts it in the trash then what do you do anyway so he went to Berlin to get Peter's face that provides apocalyptic information of those who seek the cross for Christ oh a lot of explanation marks you need this capital so fine Peter however is preached by Jesus in Jerusalem and made Marian met up with Paul write the Bible they run into Jews and a huge sermon ensues that's cool they run into Jews and a huge sermon ensues I like that it's pretty cool made Marian and Jesus obtained the cross for Christ wow okay made Marian and Jesus obtain the cross of Christ for Christ and they gave eternal life giving the world a future of faith will Jesus Christ and the pastor Peter teach and send the Christians of darkness marching all over America I will pray for you wow that is awesome oh that's a good one oh you know sometimes sometimes I'm telling you man cracking me up comments for the people in the chat room okay all right okay now I gotta get serious wait wait wait what for one should believe Jesus if heaven is also a perishable object according to him in Matthew 24 is it not virtually a blasphemy of Bible father what is the use of going on to another perishable place called heaven like earth is Bible God confused after becoming a man Jesus think seriously wow this is awesome oh think seriously oh okay I'll think seriously now I didn't know what to do thank you very much sorry I can't help it my oh man okay let's get to Julia from South Carolina hey Julia welcome you're on the air hey Matt thank you um I do have a question but I wanted to comment on the obesity because one thing that you did not touch on was price and um I have been around a lot of price um it is much cheaper to eat fast food and um bread um you know the good foods are more expensive and some people cannot buy the best food because they don't have the money that's right yeah I love the fast foods cheap it tastes it's tasty but it's loaded with chemicals preservatives fat and um things that get your body dependent on it if you go to youtube and you look up healthy diet and you start watching some stuff there's a lot of stuff it'll scare you what's in our food it will it's bad well it will and I am not overweight and I'm blessed to be able to buy whatever food I want but I've known a lot of people who have several children and not much money and they would go where you get five burgers for five dollars and that's what they ate yeah and um you know they're doing the best they can but their best isn't really very good yeah and I understand that's okay I'm glad you brought that up I'm so glad because we don't want to guilt with people and into submission and you're a sinner if you know you can't eat right and it's tough that is such a good point I'm so thankful you're saying that oh thank you now um I have a question um lately I have had several people just refused things that to me are biblical um I was talking to a friend who is a Christian I thought yesterday and um we were talking about different denominations and I said well um you know um I don't want to go to a church that accepts gay marriage and she said well I don't see anything wrong with that they're just people and why shouldn't they be able to have lives just like other couples well I don't I just looked at her I don't know how to respond well uh is she claiming to be a Christian yes okay then ask her um has she studied this issue according to the revelation of God's word and she'll of course she will have said something to the effect of no and um then what she's doing is submitting to God God's word to her feelings her sensibilities she needs to read about Sodom and Gomorrah and uh Genesis 18 19 range uh how the the homosexuals there were aggressive and this is one of the things that happens and um oh go ahead I agree I don't have a problem but um you know she said well that was just cultural when Paul talked about that that was just cultural oh no well no it wasn't no yeah it was not but I don't know how to say it wasn't cultural here you say it like this it wasn't cultural okay I will say Matt Flick said it isn't cultural it's not cultural and here think about this you just ask ask her well what did God make did he make homosexuals or did he make um you know a male and a female and commanded them so is homosexuality the fulfillment of what God had created or is it something that is the result of sin in the world because it has to be the result of sin it is it's sinful that's a good answer that's good um Matt I listen to you so much and you help me so much and um I just want you to stay on the air why do you know something I don't I just don't want you to go anywhere because um when I need something about a scripture I look on carmen it's there and I'm thankful well you know praise God we're expanding it more and we're gonna be doing more video work we're working on that and um and we're trying we're just trying to do the best we can for what we've got and uh by God's grace and you know you got to give kudos to the radio station the network that keeps me on the air because they could let's just say be making more money with my slot than what I'm getting so they're not doing it for money and we don't have a lot of money we're you know we're a ministry but uh we want to get on more stations but we just don't have the uh the money for it and I've been asked other networks have said hey we want you on well we just have it but nevertheless uh you know call let them know email them and say hey thanks for letting you know having these people on and and being faithful to the word of God and things like that it's good you know they need to hear that too well thank you and um I hope to hear you some more bye bye Matt god bless you you should call up the office talk to my wife and tell her she needs to listen to me more because you know if you know people like to listen well your wife sounds very happy and healthy and helpful so I think I'll leave her alone yeah she's uh just so you know she's got a lot of health issues but uh she's a good woman and uh she really you know will get trying to get her I heard you saying how slender she was yeah she is slender is always good yeah and uh back in the day she's a very good looking woman yeah she's a very good looking woman and no one could believe she's dating me it's like you know she went down to the slime pool but uh that's okay oh there's a break we gotta go okay all right god bless okay thank you man hey folks we have wide open lines why don't you give me a call for the last segment at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six we'll be right back it's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's matt slick all right everybody welcome back to the show give me a call for open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two seven seven six hey alberto from georgia welcome you're on the air yes how you doing matt slick doing all right hanging in there man yeah i got a question for you yeah how come the sinners will call christians hypocrites all the time and then when tragedy happens suddenly they want to call a pastor pray for them and christians pray for them we're going to call the stripper we spend their money and the bar the bars they were spending money i want to call the bartenders and strippers to pray for them and see if they call them hypocrites that they don't show up to pray for them when tragedy happens in their life because they're hypocrites that's why you said it you said all this stuff it comes to my mind well that's that's it man it's because they're hypocrites yeah they're inconsistent yeah that's what it is it's i mean they don't they don't call the strippers the hypocrites and bartenders hypocrites they don't show up to pray for them when they're tragedy oh they were christians oh the whole time waiting for them to come to church they call the hypocrites and suddenly when tragic oh good question clear for me when the death bed lying last life of the bed dying left to the so they want to call the preacher to pray for them and the christian to pray for them yeah well people spend all their money and the spirit clubs and bartenders call them to pray for them because maybe they hope they get in contact with the divine and uh and such so they go to the pastors and things like that i don't know uh but uh that's what it is so you know that's it there's a lot of hypocrites out there a lot of people are inconsistent within christianity as well all right buddy all right thank you all right man okay god bless okay all right now we were talking a little bit ago um about homosexuality and stuff and uh oh yeah that's what the leader was saying what do you say to someone you know when they they say it's okay to just love each other um well not really no who says so you think about it like what do you mean can't love each other can't marry the one you love well i'm already married i'm not gonna you know fall in love with my neighbor's wife and say i want to marry that person instead it doesn't just because you love somebody doesn't mean it's right you know it doesn't mean that's what makes it okay what if you love your car you want to marry it some people want to what about the children pedophilia thing so you know i don't talk too much about people people in the car kids in the car but you know the thing is with the homosexual community they are already free to marry like anybody else but what they want is the definition of marriage change to suit their behavior now think about it it's behavior it's not an issue of who you love because that doesn't justify marriage like i said i mean i'm married to my wife and if i love another woman which is not going to happen but if i did i say oh i want to marry her instead of my wife it just makes it okay it's because it's the way i'm born you know uh i like blondes instead of brunettes or brunettes instead of blondes or whatever it is and that's why i want to you know just because i'm i need to be free well freedom comes with responsibility but so few people want to exercise that responsibility they don't want to do that they want to they want to go after their feelings they want to feel good and they want to fulfill the desires of the flesh and this is what you know it says in first john two uh where is that i got to find that where uh it talks about this whole issue of the lustful desire of flesh and life and things like this though but homosexuals in the lgbt community will say well homosexuality is is in the uh in nature among animals so therefore it's natural this is where the arguments they've actually given but that doesn't work because in nature uh they also either eat their young and eat other uh you know of the same species eat them alive does that make it okay because that's what nature does of course not but yet what they'll do is they'll use homosexuality occurs in nature therefore it's okay well then i guess it's okay to eat your children too right because that that occurs in nature right and from an evolutionary perspective how does it further the kingdom or excuse me how does it further the species you know this is this is an internal critique of their position how does homosexuality work and benefit the furthering of the species and evolution it doesn't but anyway uh then let's just say you know are the homosexuals born that way does that make it okay they say they're born that way and you know so you shouldn't deny them what what they they feel what they need well being born that way doesn't make it so okay because what if i'm born to be a liar i just love to lie that make it okay of course not just because you have a tendency or claim to have a tendency doesn't mean it's morally right and you'll notice have you ever on tv ever ever all these decades ever seen a debate on this topic homosexuality for and against with a competent opponent not i haven't i haven't even heard of it i've never seen it and you know why because they don't want the other side hurt only their own uh let's see so they're already free to marry the people of the opposite sex the same as anyone else they can still own businesses and property have relations with whom they desire but they want to have all of society follow their definition of what marriage is and so statistically something like 96 to 98 of all people in the united states are uh straight are heterosexual so the i think half of what's left over claims to be uh in the lgbtq kind of realm and the other uh remaining i think half a percent or seven quarters percent didn't really say anything didn't answer the question there and so the the thing is that it looks like 90 roughly 98 of all people in our strength why is it then that we have an un a disproportional amount of representation in radio in books and magazines and uh tv and sitcoms and movies uh where homosexuals lgbtq this that are are more and more prominent and yet they don't represent the population expression but i'll tell you one thing though christians are are you know 10 20 real christians 10 20 percent of the population that kind of a thing and yet when they're represented on tv they're represented as evil bigots you know so the homosexual community wants fairness of representation right no they don't because they don't fight for fairness representation of others just what they claim for themselves they're hypocrites so uh freedom requires responsibility now health why is homosexuality protected under the law see it's protected by the government but 20 i'm going to be careful how i say this stuff because there might be children around so i'm going to be i'm going to be uh be very vague uh 28 of uh the males involved with that have excessive number of uh of partners and i'll leave it at that 43% it's it's half of that super excessive number i mean jaw-dropping jaw-dropping numbers like and uh and then a lot of them are strangers it's it's it's in 2008 over 1.1 million people in the united states were infected with hiv as a core of the cdc 19 of some of that stuff are infected with hiv 44 are unaware that they're affected and yet they are promiscuity of balance uh worldwide approximately one in every 100 adults ages 15 to 49 is hiv infected this is statistics from about five or seven years ago i believe so uh any rate population percentages yeah 96.6 of adults identified as straight in the 2013 na nhis data 1.6 identified as gay lesbian 0.7 as bisexual the remaining 1.1 of the adults identified as something else so that's it is there a fair representation no it's not fair it's an agenda you're pushing it and they want it in your schools for your children they want your children to be brainwashed into their leftist immoral sinful lifestyle and approve of it let me tell you what happens when that when that happens those who approve of it will hate christ because of what christianity says this is wrong god says it's wrong then they will deny christ and they will deny those whom they call unfair bigots and they'll oppress them they will oppress us this is what is going to happen it is going to happen and uh let's see so uh i could talk about some other stuff on it i won't we'll just get to the caller let's see give uh let's see martin from virginia hey martin welcome you're on the air buddy hey matt hey god bless thanks for your ministry still sure hey uh i just missed that on last night's call um i tried to get in the last night there i think that was one of the more funniest uh light-hearted jovial nights you had i there's so much uh i i can't tell you how many times sandwiches will be invaded or it's just very funny it was pretty good we tease i tease the ladies about sandwiches because in veggie tales i forgot who with queen got kicked out of the kingdom because she wouldn't make her her husband a sandwich and so i heard that i went hey hon so that's how it started so hey she just rolled her eyes right there there you go came out of veggie tales so i've been hammering at her so it's a lot of fun okay so you were talking about the homosexuality and and mother items and this this crazy kind of woke disney disney stuff is just it's just sad to see it's sad to see them bible down bad and just turn so far to the uh to the minority that they are really going to get hurt yeah they really i mean i i've been there five times counting in california and florida um my wife and daughter have been there seven times and we are never going back i used to live in anahim where it's uh disneyland is housed and you know i used to go there have a pass and hold that not anymore if i ever lived back there i wouldn't go i don't trust them yeah yeah it's done yeah yeah no doubt yeah they're kind of caving to a a very very few minority and there's nothing wrong with being minority obviously it's it's uh it's fine being minority there's nothing wrong with that but when you try to kowtow these things that can't scientifically um back up and you can't have any moral or definition of good or bad that backs backs it up and you're really cutting out most of the folks that just aren't vocal and they'll vocalize it with their wallet later well you know the majority of people are peace loving you know they want to work hard they want to provide for their family they want to go out and have fun they don't want any trouble and so most people will just kind of relax when this kind of idiocy goes on they go it'll pass but they've got to realize that uh passivity is uh an involuntary form of approval and we've got to make sure that we don't support uh we've got to hit them where it counts well they listen they don't care about morality they care about the part pocketbook and so yeah well we will all make choices in the end we will make a choice that might as well make an educated choice you know yeah read up learn in my opinion christians should not go to disneyland they should not participate in certain movies or sitcoms i know christian youth who watch these trash programs of gossip and they think it's wonderful they they just deny christ so what we're getting is a debauched society and it's gonna fail our society's gonna yeah crumble yeah it's tough watching even your own child that gets into the selfie the self or self-awareness type things that you're like come on there's more to the world out there than just a picture of yourself that's right that's right bad news and there's a break okay buddy hey god bless man thanks for calling all right okay hey folks there we go i hope you all have a great weekend by his grace we're back on there on monday we'll talk to you then so god bless everybody we'll see you god bless bye another program powered by the truth network
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