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Flight DAN02 - Part C

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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April 8, 2021 2:00 am

Flight DAN02 - Part C

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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April 8, 2021 2:00 am

From the rise and fall of human kingdoms to the Messiah and the day of judgment, Daniel's visions drove him to his knees in fervent prayer for his people. Join Skip as he continues to unravel Daniel's prophecies.

This teaching is from the series The Bible From 30,000 Feet - 2018.




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Visit slash offer to give online securely or call 800-922-1888. Okay we're in the book of Daniel as Skip Heitzig starts today's study. There is a book it was written in 1894 I believe by the head of criminal investigation at Scotland Yard. He was a math whiz.

He was brilliant. His name was Sir Robert Anderson. He was so intrigued by Daniel he put pen to paper and figured out the dates and the coming of Jesus into Jerusalem and here it is. He figured that 483 years tabulated out by day is exactly 173,880 days. So he counted from March 14th 445 BC and counted 173,880 days used a calendar made variations for leap years etc and came up with the end of the 483 years or 173,880 days with the a very interesting date April 6 32 AD which happened to be in the Jewish calendar the 10th of Nisan. The 10th of Nisan many of you now know from our previous bible studies was the day the Jews every year selected the lamb who would be sacrificed on the 14th day of Nisan the Passover and they brought the lamb home. What happened on the 10th of Nisan what happened April 6 32 AD interesting Jesus crested the Mount of Olives and looked over the city of Jerusalem and said to his disciples go into the village next to you and get a donkey. He had never done this before he always told his followers after he did a miracle and they said you're you're the one you're the son of God you're the Messiah he said don't tell anybody keep it a secret how hard would that be you just got healed don't tell anybody. This is the only time he publicly allowed in fact commanded a public presentation into the city of Jerusalem fulfilling Zechariah chapter 9 verse 9 behold your king comes to you lowly on the full of a donkey and they saw him coming into saw him coming into the city and they said Hosanna Hosanna you know the story but something unusual happened as he nears the city he says something and and here's what I want you to grasp not only did Daniel give the exact day when the messiah would come messiah the prince what's even more astonishing is Jesus held the Jews responsible to know the date know therefore and understand he he held them accountable in Luke chapter 19 go down to verse 41 if you have your bible open or i'll just read it to you now as he drew near that is drew near the city he saw the city and he wept over it saying if you had known even you now watch this especially in this your day the things that make for your peace but now they are hidden from your eyes for the days will come upon you when your enemies that's the romans will build an embankment around you surround you and close you on in every side happened in 70 a.d and level you and your children within you to the ground and they will not leave in you one stone upon another because you did not know the time of your visitation the romans are going to destroy your city because you should have known this day should have known this day this time of your visitation what day the 173 880th day the 483rd year as robert anderson calculated it to the very day now verse 26 daniel 9 after the 62 weeks messiah shall be cut off i mentioned that means to kill to execute but not for himself jesus came into jerusalem the lamb was selected for the nation on the 10th of nissan the lamb of god which takes away the sins of the world on passover he was sacrificed he was killed he was cut off but not for himself it was an atoning sacrifice isaiah 52 so he will sprinkle many nations and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary the end of it will be with the flood till the end of the war desolations are determined verse 27 then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week that's the missing seven there's 69 weeks this final period introduced in verse 27 is the final piece of the puzzle it's the final seven years notice it says in verse 27 he shall confirm a covenant he who back to verse 26 where it says and the people of the prince who is to come the people of the prince who is to come that was the romans the romans destroyed the city jesus predicted it historically that happened so you got a head of gold silver bronze iron the roman empire the roman empire subjugated the jews leveled jerusalem destroyed it and as jesus predicted historically that happened but it says he will confirm a covenant with many for one week now stop stop there is something else i gave you the 173 880 days right 483 years tabulated out if you go home with some of you will you're going to get your little calculators on your phones and you're going to try to tab all this out you're going to be wrong you know what how could you say that you're probably going to come up with not 173 880 days your computer if you do the math for the years is going to come up with 176 295 days and the reason you're wrong with that number is because you are calculating based on the julian calendar our calendar the western calendar you need to calculate on the babylonian calendar as well as jewish calendar was a calendar of 360 days because we track our calendar according to the sun they tracked it according to the moon so fair warning now you can go home and have at it so verse 27 he will confirm the covenant with many for one week so seven years covenant but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering sounds like the guy in chapter eight and on the wing of abomination shall be one who makes desolate even until the consummation which is determined is poured out on the desolate this is yet future 69 weeks have happened jesus died on the cross ending the 483 years but it's 490 years there's still one week you say well didn't that just happen right after jesus died and we count another seven years no we don't because what has to happen at the end of 490 years back to verse 24 just want to clear that up finish the transgression make an end of sin being reconciliation for iniquity bring an everlasting righteousness seal up vision of prophecy anoint the most holy that hasn't happened so there's a hiatus between 69 as suggested in the text and the 70th week it didn't happen seven years after jesus death it will happen after a seven-year period coming sometime in the future prior to jesus returns you say yeah well i don't know if i agree with that well you have to think of what jesus said jesus spoke about the abomination of desolation as something that had not yet happened something that was in the future oh it happened with antichrist the fourth antichrist epiphanies when he put that statue of zeus etc but i said that was a historic template for something much greater so listen to the words of jesus matthew 24 and when you see that's future from jesus onward when you see the abomination of desolation spoken by daniel the prophet stand in the holy place you who are in jerusalem get out of town get out of dodge so he's spoken of as something yet future what that means is there has been a great parenthesis between week 69 and week 70 for 2,000 years okay chapter 10 of daniel we're going to finish the book daniel 10 is an introduction to chapter 11 and 12 which finishes out the book it is essentially a lengthy set of prophecies from darius the mead to antichrist the fourth it's rehashed again but in more detail all the way to the second coming look at chapter 10 verse 2 and 3 this is what happens to daniel as this revelation comes to him i mourned three full weeks i ate no pleasant food no meat no wine came into my mouth he was totally depressed he lost his appetite as god revealed to him the future desolations and pain in store for his own people the jewish people in other words daniel you think the captivity was bad it's going to get far worse in the future well daniel as we go on sees a vision of an angel chapter 10 verse 12 and he said to me daniel do not fear for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your god your words were heard and i have come because of your words now it's interesting in daniel 9 daniel didn't even finish his prayer and there was the angel right gabriel to announce the coming of messiah by the way gabriel is the announcing angel he announced to daniel the plan of the future including the messiah and who showed up to mary and joseph the angel gabriel he's this special special messenger being so that happened as soon as he started praying the angel came here as soon as he started praying this angel was dispatched because of your words verse 13 but but the prince of the kingdom of persia withstood me 21 days and behold michael one of the chief princes came to my help for i had been left alone there with the kings of persia we're getting a little bit of insight briefly 30 000 view we're looking out of the plane seeing the satanic battlefield it talks about here the the the prince of the kingdom of persia now we know who the kings of the kingdom of persia were it was king darius and king cyrus they were joint kings of this coalition who was the prince question mark who is the prince well do you remember back in ezekiel 28 judgment pronounced on tyre take a lamentation against the king of tyre do you remember that and then midway in the chapter take a lamentation against the prince of tyre and it says you were in the garden of eden so obviously you were in the garden of eden so obviously that's not any kind of a human that was living at that time it was some being that was in the garden of eden it was the anointed chair of the covers likewise here we know who the kings are the prince seems to be some demonic entity behind the political scenes of medo-persia now why is that interesting because you're getting a behind the curtain view behind the political curtain if you wonder why politics is so goofed up maybe this will shed a little bit of light on it i believe there are demonic entities over areas over realms governors kings princes princes prime ministers and the like now when we hear this the prince of persia and we think of a demonic demonic entity my mind starts thinking i wonder what the prince of like san francisco is or los vegas or hollyweird pretty powerful pretty strong i'm guessing chapter 11 45 verses in this chapter and i'm not going to go into detail i'm just going to sum a couple things up before we close the book i one time outlined this chapter with incredible detail and put it on a eight and a half by eleven sheet and passed it out to the whole church so they would have it as a moment of silence so they would have it as a memorial some of you may have it you can probably get it online but essentially in um in chapter 11 we have in 30 so we have 45 verses 35 verses are passed the the last few verses are unfulfilled so we have it's all future to daniel to us today 35 have been fulfilled the last section the little section is yet future unfulfilled but get this in 35 verses there are 135 fulfilled prophecies amazing detail the best way to understand this chapter is through the lens we've already been given in chapter 9 through daniel's 70 weeks 69 weeks and then the last one the 70th week seven years period the tribulation period revelations is seven years so 69 and 7 the first 35 verses describe israel in conflict during the first 69 years past tense the last set of verses verse 36 to verse 45 describe israel in conflict during the 70th week of daniel the last seven years when it's not antichrist epiphanies is now the antichrist takes us to chapter 12 at that time we've seen gabriel at that time michael shall stand up the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation and just think of all the bad times in history this is worse this is worse if you wonder how bad could it ever get read revelation beginning in chapter six and keep following you'll see how bad it's going to get never before has the world experienced with revelation that section details and here we get it in kernel nutshell form there will be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that time and at that time your people shall be delivered everyone who is found written in the book so this is just before the end israel will be persecuted again paul says in romans all israel will be saved if you want to know how they're saved you can read those sections of revelation you can read zechariah chapter 12 and it will give you the answer i love though it says michael is michael will stand up there's two angels named in the bible we get both of them here in the section called daniel we get gabriel that's the announcing angel and we get michael he's the great defender of the jewish people if you want another reference of him go to revelation chapter 12 where michael is fighting the demonic hordes in that heavenly battle verse 2 and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake some do everlasting life i'm pausing there because this is the very first mention in all of scripture of everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever key verse how many of you want to be wise raise your hand that's good that's most of you that's good that's most of you the world will tell you how to be wise there is a wisdom in the conventional wisdom of this world there is a wisdom they say you must have to be worldly wise if you want to be biblically wise this is how the bible says in proverbs 11 he who wins souls is wise it's the measuring stick for wisdom those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the firmament and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever next time we're at freedom celebration after the fireworks don't go home stay glued to your seat let everybody else go just keep looking up because after those bottle rockets and that music and smoke clears and those that beautiful grand finale is gone just keep looking up and you'll see something that was there before the night began before your life began the stars some people want to just have a life that's like a lot of flair and boom bam like a firework but if you're wise if you want to shine forever make it your goal in life to bring with you to heaven as many people as you can the height of selfishness is a christian content to go to heaven alone if you want to be wise bring people with you verse four but you daniel shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase it's always exciting to study prophecy and as i mentioned when i worked in hospitals in westminster california and orange california orange county medical center i um i loved showing to the skeptics the book of daniel and taking them through some of these prophecies because we get a view a bird's eye view that is different from an historical view so let's close with this analogy it's parade day it's the fourth of july we're in our our town maybe the town you grew up in if you're thinking of your fourth of july parade or you're here and and you're there and the floats come by first of all the clowns with bicycles come by and some of you go i love those clowns on bicycles others man those spooky clowns riding bicycles get them out of here so the clowns with bicycles go by after that the high school queen float comes by and she waves and and uh the mayoral float is way down at the beginning and hasn't you hadn't gotten to you yet one of your friends comes in after the parade has begun and says man um i want to see the clowns on bicycles are are are have they come yet you say well yes they have they've already passed they've already gone by but if you go ahead you can see what's passed somebody else comes and says man i want to see the mayoral float but but i got to leave in five minutes you say well that hasn't come yet but if you if you uh go all the way to the beginning um uh you you'll be able to see it but if you get up in a blimp and you go hundreds of feet above that parade site and you look down you can see the mayoral float the creepy clowns on the bicycles the high school queen you can see all those floats at one time the vantage point of biblical prophecy lets god's people see that bird's eye not 30 000 feet but but keep going of all of world history it might make you a little sick to your stomach as you read revelation 6 through 19 to see what's coming like it made daniel physically sick but keep reading to the coming of the messiah at the end where rule and righteousness prevails on the earth and you get pretty excited you'll get the entire view of scripture in one fell swoop that wraps up Skip high six message from the series the bible from 30 000 feet now we want to share about an exciting way you can help encourage others by keeping teachings like today's broadcast going strong did you know that you have a chance to help listeners like you grow in their relationship with the lord it's true today you can help strengthen others faith by giving a gift to help keep these encouraging teachings on the air and available to you just visit connect with Skip dot com slash donate to give a gift now that's connect with Skip dot com slash donate or you can call 800-922-1888 800-922-1888 thank you and just a reminder catch connect with Skip heitzig on the hillsong channel on saturdays at 4 30 p.m mountain or watch it on tbn on sundays at 5 30 a.m eastern check your local listings tune in tomorrow as Skip heitzig kicks off a series called rock solid and shares how you can build a spiritual foundation that can't be shaken is a presentation of connection communications connecting you to god's never changing truth in ever-changing times
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