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Valentine's Day Game Show!

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah
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February 14, 2023 9:00 am

Valentine's Day Game Show!

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah

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February 14, 2023 9:00 am

In this special episode, the Clearview team sits down to play a few rounds of "A Clearview of Love!"

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Welcome back, everyone. Today is Tuesday, February the 14th. I'm Ryan Hill.

I'm John Galantis. You're listening to Clearview Today with Dr. Abaddon Shah, the daily show that engages mind and heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can find us online at If you have any questions for Dr. Shah or suggestions for future episodes, send us a text, 252-582-5028. You can also email us at contact at That's right, and you guys can help us keep this conversation in the airwaves by supporting this podcast. You can share it online. You can leave us a good review on iTunes, Spotify, anywhere you get your podcasting content. And we're going to leave a link in the description so you can help us do just that.

We're going to set you up for success so you can set us up for success. You see how that works? That's kind of cute, isn't it? That's cute. It's cute. Speaking of cute.

Yeah. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. We've been joined by some very special guests. Now, I put no Girls Aloud on the studio door, but I guess you guys let them in anyway. This is a He-Man Womanators Club. Oh, I think we broke that rule.

Embarrassing for everyone involved. We are going to have a special episode today. In fact, David, this was your idea. Do you want to kind of explain what we're going to do? So I took some time to put together some questions and some things like that. I was trying to go for like the newlywed game, but I was thinking like a clear view of love or something like that. Oh, cute.

I love it. You want to briefly explain how the game is going to work, Dave? Yeah, sure. So the way the game is going to work is I'm going to pose a question. We're going to have different rounds. The wife round is going to be me asking questions that the wives think the husbands are going to answer in a certain way. So I'll ask something. I don't even know a good question without giving them away. But when I ask, you have to answer how you think your husband would answer or like what you think your husband would say. And then for the husband rounds, it's the same thing, but you have to answer how you think your wives would answer or what your wives would say. And there will be a few like pop quiz almost rounds, but we'll kind of see just depending on how much time we have. Yeah, I know.

You ever have those dreams you're back in high school and like the questions are just gibberish on the test? That's marriage. Because we haven't had the wives on the podcast, on the radio show before on Clear View Today, should we go around doing a round of introductions for those who maybe won't be as familiar with us? Those who are listening?

Yeah. You want to start? I'm Ellie Galanis. I'm Nicole Shaw.

And I'm Elizabeth Hill. Very nice. Very cool. All right. I'm ready, Dave.

All right. I guess we're going to start. So I'll put some game show music here so that we all look like we're having a good time.

Make sure it's copyright free. Yeah, for sure. Steve, I don't want Steve Harvey sending me a cease and desist.

We need one of those big, long, like old school wand mics. Yeah. All right. So we'll start with round one. This is the wives round.

So whenever I ask a question, the wives are going to write down on their board what they think their husbands would answer. OK. OK. So first question. No cheating.

Yeah. I'm going to try not to peek. No peeking. I'm a notorious peeker. How would your husband complete this sentence?

My wife is a natural born blank. Oh, man. Oh, boy.

It can be anything. And this is how he's going to answer? Yes. This is the answer you think I would do. How would your husband? Yeah.

How would your husband complete the sentence? So you are ready? Yeah. Let's start with Ellie and John.

I would say Ellie is a natural born organizer. Oh, nice. Very nice. Is there a reflection? He's reading out of my glasses.

I have the clutter bug podcast playing in my house. Oh, well. Yeah. I mean, I'm not giving out points.

This is just for fun. Yeah. I'll mark a little point in our course. The child mentioned a check.

I believe she mentioned a check. All right. So next, I guess, is me. Yes. I was a natural born romantic. Oh. Saver.

Saver? Okay. Like you save money and stuff? Yes. Okay.

Or like save stuff like I don't want to throw this away. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. No.

She's getting rid of stuff. That's right. I don't like the violence in your eyes. No, no, no, no, no. Not the stuff.

She's got a knife under the table. Okay. All right. And last but not least.

I would say that my wife, Elizabeth, is a natural born mother. Oh. Oh. Okay. So I almost wrote that, but. Care giver?

Care giver. Oh, that's close enough. Same thing. Same thing. Yeah.

Can y'all see the answers on the camera? Yeah, yeah. It's coming across pretty good. Okay. All right. So I don't want to, I don't want to make this a contest, but I think we're winning. We'll see how it continues. Yeah.

I don't think it's going to go firmly in the lead. Okay. Next question again.

Wives round. Oh, okay. Complete this sentence.

I knew I had found the love of my life when she what? These are good. They. Give him a hand. Okay. I know. All right. So I'm ready.

I'll go. Okay. Okay.

I knew that I had found the love of my life when she introduced me to her family, something of that sort. Yup. Yup. There you go. Nice.

Very nice. He told the story on the podcast one time where he went to the cafeteria and saw him and was just like. No.

Well, the reason I knew that answer is he always tells people that he fell in love with my family before he fell in love with me. That's right. That's pretty funny. I'm lost. You want to go? I'll go next. Okay.

I knew that I found the love of my life when she re-initiated the conversation about us dating. Oh. That's not what I wrote. Oh.

That's what I should have said. What was that? Here's the story behind that. Do you want to tell it? You want to tell it?

I mean, we had—Go ahead. We had this variety show at church. Like, you know, people signed up for different acts and it was a fundraiser and all this kind of stuff. So Elizabeth, from the time that I met her, she had been singing in church. And I mean, we've known each other since our teenage years, singing in church with her mom and her sister. So they were singing and there's this—we have this home footage of like the—it's like camcorder-style footage zoomed in on Elizabeth and her mom and her sister singing this beautiful song, three-part harmony.

All of them are excellent singers. And then the camera slowly pans over to me as I'm working the curtain while the variety show is going on. And 13-year-old Ryan is looking at Elizabeth like, it's hilarious. It's hilarious. We have the VHS. Oh, I would love to get it. You better get it converted.

If we ever do a Patreon, that goes on there as a premium contest. It's very funny. At that point, I had already been rejected once. I hate to hear that.

I'm truly so sorry. That's a story for another time. But you said I revisited the conversation and then we began dating and it was all good.

It all worked out. I don't think my answer is going to be what she wrote down, but I would probably say the first time I kissed her. Or maybe the first time I tried to kiss her.

Oh, yeah. The first time was not successful. What did you write? I honestly didn't know what you were going to say.

I had no clue what you were going to say. The first time I tried to kiss her, we were in a car and I had tried to—all my friends left and I stayed behind in the bathroom and I told them just to go without me, so she would have to drive me back to the church where my car was parked. We got to the end of her road and I went to kiss her and just got a horrible nosebleed. Like the worst I've ever gotten. I don't think she knew at the time I was going in to kiss her, but I was like, oh, oh no. So I'd say the first time successfully that I did it, that was what I knew. That's pretty nice.

Okay. So last question of round one for the wives and what gift that you gave your spouse came as the biggest surprise? So what gift that you gave your husband would he say came as the biggest surprise?

I can go for it. Gift that he received from you that surprised him the most. So over the course of our entire dating and marriage, I think the gift—and this was a quick answer for me, so I'm assuming that it's the same for Elizabeth. The gift that surprised me the most was when she got us a Christmas tree this year. Oh, that's so sweet.

I can't turn it around. That was a very big and very wonderful surprise. I walked in and there was a live tree in our living room. That was a great surprise. Shout out to all my little helpers who made that happen.

Christmas elves who were working behind the scenes to make that happen. All right. You guys ready? Almost.

Yeah, probably not. I might need a second if y'all want to go ahead. I would say it's hard to think of one, but the fire truck would be the one. Yay!

That was awesome. I knew I probably am not correct, but I would say the one that did surprise me the most probably would be our puppy when you came home with a puppy or maybe, yeah, I think I would say— I didn't help him. I'm not going to say the puppy. First son.

First son, Gavin. That's what I'm saying. Final answer? Yeah, final answer. Locking it in? Locking it in. What does it say? Yay! That was it. That was it.

As soon as I thought about the puppy, but then I was like, I think that one actually would probably be the one. Very nice. Wisely chosen. Wisely chosen. Okay.

That was a great way to rip in the first round. Okay. Now we are starting the husband round.

Oh boy. We're out of the fire now, ladies. Out of the frying pan into the fire. Same concept, but now it's flipped on the other side. So husband's round.

Turn this way so you can't see what I'm writing. In one word, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you met your spouse? What would your wife—what would you say your wife's like first thought or first thing that she thought of you when they met, when y'all met?

Wait, the first thing that—the first thing she thought of me? Yes. Oh. What? You said one word?

Like I did one word because I didn't want the whole board to fill up, but it can be between like one and like a sentence. Okay. I just see a bunch of puzzled faces like, or— No.

I mean, I have an answer, but I don't have an answer. Nevermind. You may as well go for it. This is your one shot.

Yeah, this is the one shot. All right. So I can go if y'all need time. I'm also ready.

Yeah, go for it. I'm ready. So the question is, what is the first thing that Nicole thought when y'all met? When we met?

That he had a sexy walk. Oh. Oh. Oh.

Look at me. Yeah. I thought it was, who's that guy waving at me in the gym that waved at her? I forgot about the sexy walk. Can you show us the walk, Nicole? Not in here.

Maybe later. No, it was me who had the walk. Yeah, I'm saying I want to show—I want to see. Yeah, and I'm not showing you the walk. I didn't know what that walk was. No.

You might have to teach me that walk. Take notes. You go ahead if you want. Okay. You've got to give this answer. Okay.

So my first impression was that you were a nice nerd. Who's this goofy, tall kid? Pretty.

Yeah. Pretty. I could have said tall too. Who is this guy?

Who is this goofy, tall kid? What was your first talk? That you were funny. I knew that's what she was going to say.

That's funny. Nice. I figured. That was all mine. So I go too. Okay.

Okay. So next question in husband round one is what is your wife's most prized possession or item they'd save in a fire apart from you or children? So if there was like a terrible house fire, something's going wrong, and they're like, I can run back in and save one thing.

But husbands and the children's are both out. What are they trying to save? See a bunch of puzzled faces. Wow. Yeah. That's a good one.

I would save my bibles, but yeah, that's, you know, I'm just a Christian or something. Wow. Wow. Wow.

All 40 of them. Yeah. I would say there's, there's a, it doesn't mean anything to anybody else, but there's a jar of a glass jar of sand that I have that I, me and my dad got, it was just somewhere in Lewisburg. We went, well, somewhere in our hometown, we went in a park and it was just, just a memory I have, but it's, it's a, just a glass bottle of sand that we filled up from that. So I would just think back to it, but to be honest, the fair does seem, the sand seems obvious now.

I was seeing the answer, but John is also one, but I don't see the sand every day. So that, I mean, you've got to end the desk, so yeah, that's on the bookshelf. You want to go next? Sure. I would say, I was going to say family photos, albums of like When the Twins Were Babies and our wedding album, because I don't have, I know our wedding album.

I don't think I have digital, like on digital files. So that would be mine. That's not what you wrote.

That's not what I put. I put our pets. Our pets. Okay. Okay. Our animals. Yeah. They're not really items, but. Well. They just run out. They were at the top of my list, but I just figured.

Let's assume they escaped. Yeah, you got to go. You got to go. All right, Nicole. Mine would be the family photos.

Cause I have a lot that are, do not, I don't know, digital backup. Did I? No. You better do it.

There's a whole bunch. Cause I put down all the, I thought you said some of the ring and jewelry I've given you. He said that's very special. Even if it doesn't cost much, you're going to keep it. Well, usually the rings and jewelry that I treasure are on me. When you sleep? I sleep in my wedding rings, yes. What about your earrings and stuff? No.

Oh, let's see. You should go in and get them. Don't let them be burnt up in the fire. And then upload everything on box so you don't have to run and get your photos.

Why go in there and get in trouble? Yeah. All right. And this is the last question of round one for the husbands.

I'm really excited for this one. This is the worst thing your partner has ever worn. So wait, this is the worst thing that Ellie's ever worn? No. So this one, this one is one of the ones that I won't reverse because I want to know what they think.

Oh no. So it'd be something that I, that I have worn that he thinks was awful? No. What would he think you think was awful? That he wore.

So something that I wore that she would think was awful. Yes. Okay. Okay.

All right. We had this argument yesterday. We've had this conversation pretty recently.

I went to meet someone yesterday that's going to be kind of instrumental to what we're going to be doing. And Ellie was like, please do not wear what you're about to wear. So he has, it's several parts. He has these gray baggy, wait, I'm not done. He has these gray baggy jeans that he loves to wear. He's wearing gray jeans today, but they're not the baggy ones, but even still, they're not my favorite. And then there's also New Balances.

Oh, it's not the same. It's a baggy gray jeans. Yeah. She's talking about the gray baggy jeans. I did not put the New Balances.

But it was a two-parter. It was New Balances and baggy gray jeans. Yeah.

Definitely. She hates those jeans. She made me take them off. She made me take them off and put on another pair of jeans yesterday.

He likes because it's his 90s comfort zone with the baggy jeans. I just think they look good and I feel confident in them, but that's not enough. Apparently you should not feel that way. No. All right.

Dr. Sean and Nicole. Oh, wait a minute. It's me. I have to answer. I know, but I'm trying to write it down.

We can go to the other place. The Papa Smurf shirt. What is the Papa Smurf shirt? What is that? I cannot even imagine. We went to summer camp and there was this thing where I think it was just, you had to like a secret Santa or somebody and they dressed you for the day. And so his secret Santa went to Goodwill and got him an oversized Papa Smurf shirt and put like cotton balls on the beard and everything, which those came off, but we kept the shirt for some reason.

Cause it's comfortable. You still have it. No, no. I threw it away. What did you write? I wrote I didn't hate it.

I think we can look back at it and laugh now, but I was like, why did I wear that? Do you still have it? No. Good. That's long gone.

I do remember though. You bought one for yourself and I thought you were buying it for me. And I was like, Oh, Oh, you're keeping that. That's not for me.

Okay. I would have to say nothing because he has always been a snazzy dresser and actually he had to give me my hand to help me with my style when we were first married. It was a redneck dress. I mean, here's an Indian guy, a redneck dressed woman, she's got like, she's got like a Jeff Gordon hat.

It was not that bad, but it was just like, are we going to upgrade? I thought there was something and you would always joke about it with one of my secretaries is the tie that I used to have. Remember the tie? You always make fun of my tie. I liked it, but it was, yeah, it was an Easter egg tie, but I still like it though. You'd make fun of it.

It's like, Oh, I can't stand that. Do you still have the tie Dr. Show? He does. You don't have that tie anymore? You made fun of it. I dunked it in gas and fire and paint job. Nice. Nice. Okay. So now we are moving on to round two. Same concept. Nothing special.

It's just, I put them in rounds of three questions each. So wives round two, if your husband could only play one song on repeat, what would they pick? I have to think about this for myself.

What would this song be? I don't know why I'm trying to write something. That's a really hard one. This is a hard one, but I'm just guessing. I don't know currently and I can't think of the names. This would be a tough one. But I think I know. I think I know. I can go.

Save time. So I hope Nicole sits somewhere there. I used to like Bruce Springsteen, but I don't anymore. He's kind of gone off the liberal wagon. So maybe a song by him or something. No. Okay.

What do we have? Anything by Rod Stewart. I do like Rod Stewart.

So let me take that back. Any song by Rod Stewart. Because I still like him. Because I still like Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart is pretty good. Yeah. Rod Stewart had that opening song. Did you ever see Without a Paddle?

I think the opening song was I wish that I knew what I know now. Is that Rod Stewart? Yeah. Everyone of those songs. I mean, they're hits. Yeah. All right.

I would say probably anything by Blink 182. Probably like either San Diego or all the small things. Which one are you going with?

San Diego. Oh, man. It was either that or Coheed and Cambria. Well Coheed and Cambria, I was like, she's not going to know the song title.

So I'm just, I was going to say Mother Superior, but I was like, there's no way Ellie's going to say that. I wouldn't remember any song titles. I just, the artist.

You were actually right. I mean, I would, I would listen to Rod Stewart. That's what I do when I would be travel. They all sleep like Rod Stewart. What genre of music is Rod Stewart? I mean, it's, it's like eighties, nineties acoustic, like folk pop music, some hit songs in there. Yeah. All right. If I could play one song on repeat, I think that song would be, I'll be by Edwin McCain.

Oh, I just know where, I mean, that is true, that I can't name a specific song, but if I had, if I had to pick one song, I picked that one. Cause it reminds me of us. Okay. That's sweet. You think we got time for one more husband round? Yeah. We can make it fast. Let's do it. Let's do it fast. Okay. So husband round. Okay. You know what?

Instead of husband round, we're going to do the one where you both write and then reveal at the same time. Okay. How about that? All right.

Who is the better driver? Oh Lord. Gosh.

I see big letters. That one was written so quickly. So fast.

All right. Three, two. Everybody at once. Everybody at once.

Let's start with John and Ellie, then go to Dr. Sean, Nicole, and then Ryan and Elizabeth. So three, two, one. Yeah. Nice. Okay. And me.

And then Ryan and Elizabeth. Yay. Wow, that's pretty funny. Are you a speeder? Yes. Yeah. I think that I drive better than he does, except I know he's much safer than I am.

But Nicole is not about speed or anything. It's more that I'm like, honey, the people are mean. Get over. Yeah.

Get over. Think ahead. Think ahead. He's always a think ahead person. I feel like I plan ahead.

You do. You plan ahead very, very well. You drive several cars in the future. You just tend to maybe not let things go in traffic. A little bit of that. Little bit of road rage. Not necessarily road rage, but road grudges. How dare they drive like that.

I love it. John is definitely king of the road. He's like, ignore stop signs, stop lights. These lines don't mean anything. Forget all. What is traffic?

David was getting on my nerves the other day. You cannot pass a stop school bus. I was like, bud, chill out. You can't pass a stop school bus. I'm joking.

You can't. Better not. I've got one more. We have about two minutes left. This is husbands. So this is not the double.

Cause I really want to hear the answer to this. Husbands are writing this. Husbands are writing this one. What was your worst date with your spouse? Worst date? Yeah.

What do you think your wife would say was the worst date? Hmm. Yeah. That's something to me. That's a good one.

I don't know. All right. I'm ready. Nicole, you ready? No, I'm not ready. No bad dates.

Ah, that's not true. I literally cannot think of one. I mean, there were definitely dates that I liked better than others, but... But I can, I can go and bring it up. So this is like the worst date? I don't think it's a worst date, but it's one that we had an argument on.

Can't remember the argument anymore, but it was a bad date. It even wants to hit me in the head. Okay. Golly. I don't know. I want to read. Are we going? Do you have something in mind? Yeah, but it's not, I don't think you're going to say what I'm saying, it's the only thing I've got in my mind. I'm just going to pull the same stunt you did and put a question in.

There you go. So mine is a group date. Some of y'all were there, but it's not because it was actually bad. It was just because it started off wrong. So it was Ryan and David's birthday and we went to get, we got tickets to go see Thor Ragnarok and I was in charge of getting the tickets. That was a great night.

That's what I said. I said it was a good night, but it was rough to start. It started stressful because I got tickets for the wrong day and we got there. And then I ended up in tears at one point trying to get the tickets switched to be able to go.

That's the privilege of being a man is like, you don't have to worry about that. I just go sit down with my friends until my wife sorts it all out. I forgot that you did that. After that was taken care of, it was a great time, fun, best.

But prior to that, getting the tickets settled, that was a mess. That was pretty bad. We had fun. We had a good time.

Yeah, it was great. Until you started crying, I didn't know something was wrong. All right. Okay. I don't have to answer.

Yeah. I feel like this is going to sound bad, but it's really just the thought behind, like I didn't think things through, I guess, but it was our very first date. We went to see How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which thinking... On Valentine's Day.

On Valentine's Day. Oh, all right. All right. But I just... Matthew McConaughey. Yup. Who was the girl in that? Reese Witherspoon. No, Kaye Hudson.

Kaye Hudson. Did you do that thing? I picked the movie.

I'm out. I picked the movie, but Teenage Elizabeth just thought... By a love fern. Yeah.

Teenage Elizabeth just thought it's one of the popular movies right now. But I wasn't thinking, like, Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This is our first date. This is not smart.

So, like, looking back at it now, I'm like, we could have done something for him. I love the scene where he goes in his bathroom, all her stuff is in there. She's like, no, no, no, no, no. She's sitting there on the couch smiling. That is not what I put. It was a good date. It was a good date. It was a good date. So I put... We went to go see a musical. The musical was weird, it was not at all what we were expecting, and then we thought about something else on the way home.

Hey! We understand that. It wasn't even about, like, anything that happened that night, it was just something else that was going on, and tensions were high as a result of that. But I mean, the point is this, you know, when you have date nights, just expect some dates night... Date nights may not go well, but that doesn't mean that you stop having that time. Every week, Nicole and I take the time to get away. Other than our relationship with Christ, you know, that's one thing that keeps our marriage together because we're both strong personalities, driven, both coming from pastoral homes, missionary homes, and so, you know, we are set in our ways, but having this a priority, which we began years ago.

We began at... Rebecca was probably 12. Yeah, and we haven't stopped every week, you know, so... That's really great. Well, that is the end of the newlywed... What did I say?

A clear view of love. Yay! Amen! Great job! Amen!

Man, that's awesome. Thank you. Ladies, thank you for being on the show with us today. We enjoyed it. We love you. Happy Valentine's Day.

We love you guys. If you guys have any questions or suggestions for future episodes, make sure you send them in in a text, 252-582-5028. You can also email us at contact at, and you can support us financially on that same website. Every gift goes not only to building up this radio show, but countless other ministries for the kingdom of God. Awesome. Thank you guys. Happy Valentine's Day. I'll clear you today.
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