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CGR Friday 051724 Don Jans Chris Burgard Melanie Collette

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 17, 2024 5:04 pm

CGR Friday 051724 Don Jans Chris Burgard Melanie Collette

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Woman trust and being and know that she's going to be able to be taken care of if the man's not going to step up and be the man that he's supposed to be. And in your early years when you're deciding whether or not to get a college degree, if you are not, you know, coupled up yet, are you supposed to let those years go by uneducated and take the risk of not meeting Mr. Wright, who's going to be a provider?

Or should you have a little insurance policy and have an education or at least some kind of licensing or certification to be able to fend for yourself? So, I mean, that's those that's the kind of like the prospect that women are faced with and it's risky. Well, you know, I years ago, I when I again, probably, gosh, 10, 11 years ago, I had Phyllis Schlafly on a number of times.

I don't. Do you know who Phyllis Schlafly was? So Phyllis Schlafly was one who who spoke about she was a homemaker and she did a lot to push back against the feminist movement in the 60s.

And she started, hang on a minute, let me, let me pull this up real quick so I can give you the. So she she opposed feminism and campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and and her and her purposing behind. Now, she also got she it's Phyllis Schlafly's Eagles. Ed Martin is the is the president of the organization Eagle Forum. Have you ever heard of Eagle Forum?

No. So Eagle Forum, I believe, was the organization that she originally started. But but she addresses, you know, what a woman's role both as a mother in the home, raising the children. But she also she went out, she got an education she ran successful organization and she ran a successful business. Now, I believe that she ran those things after she after her children were at an age where where she could do that. And and the kids growing up was not impacted by by her potential absence in the home. Sure.

And she supported her husband in in his professional pursuits. Right. So as it should be.

Yeah. So so it wasn't that she said, oh, no, you can't do anything important. Let me and let me be careful how I phrase that. Because I think that as a culture, the most important for the future of of any country, if you don't take care of the children of that country, that country will will fade and die. We're experiencing, we're experiencing that.

I mean, the our country is experiencing that. One of the things that I think made our country great in its early days was was the fact was the fact that we had strong women who who took care of the children as dad had to go out and hunt and cut, you know, and do all the things that had to be done in order to provide for that family. That there was somebody that was at home that had a direct biological interest in the well being spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally of those kids and raised up strong kids.

And then that got passed down generationally. Sure, certainly. But then there were a lot of them, some of them, enough of them to be problematic.

That didn't go so well. So because of the sin of man, absolutely. Yeah. That's what I said to you in the text. I said, I think that there are moms and grandmothers and things that we watched. You know, I'm a gen xer, I'm 53. You know, so my mom is a baby boomer. And, you know, I'm old enough to remember watching things that went on. And knowing that a lot of the reason why women stayed is because they didn't have a choice, but to stay in what were bad situations.

So I think that then our moms and our grandmothers were like, look, baby girl, you make sure you get your education, you make sure that in case that dude decides to roll out, or have a woman on the side, or whatever it is that he wants to do, you are able to take care of yourself. So now, again, I think, like I said to you in a text, Satan is an opportunist. Two things can be true at the same time, right? So while that was true, what is also true is that Satan used that as an opportunity to say, you know what, just like he whispered in the ear of Eve in the garden, you can be just like a man.

You can do the exact same thing as a man. Well, that's not true. And that is not the same thing. That is not the same thing as getting an education and getting a good job and having a little insurance policy in case something goes bad with your relationship or with your marriage.

That's not the same thing as I'm equal to a man. Right. But Satan does.

That's what Satan does with everything. And to your like what we were talking about earlier about, you know, the messaging, I said my issue that I have with how you presented that was the messaging. Right. I said, and I was saying this to Sarah, my friend Sarah, that as long as we allow Satan to keep messaging, that it's the single woman's part, that suggests that women are leading. And as long as we think that women are leading, this world's going to continue to be problematic. So we need to make sure that we're messaging that properly is my point. Well, and I think you make a really good distinction there in that sense, because in reality, at the end of the day, that's my concern is the idea that women are leading.

And they're not supposed to be. Right. But when you say, well, if women wouldn't get pregnant, you know, and have babies by themselves, it won't be a problem. I'm sorry.

Is she getting pregnant by herself? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Right.

Where it belongs. Right. Men were not impregnated women and leaving because they are the leaders. Well, at the end of the day, the bottom line is, is that if we were not encouraging in our a hookup culture, of course, I will. Okay. That that the issue is, is that we're encouraging a hookup culture. And and according to, you know, several people, including the the most recent gal that came out with the movie that we all went and saw about, about, you know, being a director at an abortion clinic. Oh, yes.

Amy, I think is her name. You know, where where there is there is an indoctrination into the idea of, hey, you know, it we're in, we're in this hookup culture. And so the idea of sexual encounters is meaningless, per se, because it's just all about physical enjoyment, which is why we have gotten into the issue that we've gotten into with the whole LGBTQ issue. Because in reality, that is just all about I this I it's it's about sex. It's about I want this kind of sex. It's about the privity.

And and and and so whatever I can get to to fulfill that that sexual perversion and desire, that's what I'm doing. And, and, you know, the I mean, and and the numbers becomes ridiculous. They are.

They are. But yeah, I'm just I'm concerned. I'm concerned about we don't want to attack single women that that I think that's the bottom line. I think we both agree with that. But the idea here is not to go after single moms in in messaging that that that the single mom is the problem. But that's usually how it's the that's usually how it is. But what I what I was addressing wasn't single moms, what I was addressing was was a general attitude and mentality. Which goes back to the whole WNBA thing.

Yes. And, and, and, you know, I mean, when you think about Black Lives Matter, see, a lot of people don't necessarily connect this. But the but the actual Black Lives Matter organization movement was started by two lesbian black women, whose purpose was to destroy the patriarchal structure of the house, even more so than it was already destroyed. And that's definitely problematic. You know, whatever they want to do within their bedroom is between them and the Lord.

But when you go on a crusade, and to destroy the nuclear family, because you want to promote what you are doing as right now, we have an entire problem. Well, and here's the other thing that I would that I would just caution us again, even when we say okay, whatever you do in your bedroom is between you and whoever you're doing whenever you but here's the thing. Again, when you want to make sure that what you're doing in your bedroom doesn't get you into any kind of legal trouble. So now you want a law on the books that says you can do it.

Here becomes the problem. Anything that is that involves the government coming in and legalizing something. Now, whatever's legal becomes a part of the education system.

Sure. I mean, if it were me, the whole marriage deal, government would get out of marriage altogether. Marriages was never a government entity to begin with. So well, and and it wouldn't be a government entity issue if it wasn't for the fact that we're still being taxed, which we were not intended to be done, which is the whole reason why we had the little fight that we did with that country overseas had to do with all of the taxation. And now we have embraced taxation, and we've just brought it to Washington, DC, and we brought it to the capitals of our states. And so now we are consistently taxed and the taxation decisions are all made, predicated on these government created relationships.

Yep. I agree with you on that for certain. And so boy, what a circle of deceit we have we have weaved. Yeah, so so we gotta we gotta get back to if we get back to if we want men to be leaders, then we got to get back to giving them the responsibility of the leadership. And that responsibility doesn't come from below, but from above. So what we have to get back to is is is demanding of men and demanding of our culture and demanding of our society, that it turn its eyes from other men, in places like Washington, DC, or Austin, or, or, you know, whatever the capital is of your particular state, and turn your eyes back to recognizing that there is a standard that God himself has created for how you were to behave and how you were to interact. And that and so then it flows from there.

And it has to flow from there. And once we get men back in line with God, then men can get women and children and the rest of culture back in line with God. But see, again, that goes back to Harrison's speech, which is what he was proposing and what he was saying, and use and you've seen how I mean, now, I guess, Patrick, my home's wife has come out and said, Oh, my gosh, how dare he suggest that, you know, that that that, you know, that that that women should be married and, and and have children and and stay at home and raise the kids.

I so my only I was actually asked about this on Newsmax just yesterday. Okay, this issue, my only beef, I have no beef with the essence of his message at all, not not one bit of beef. My beef is the context. First of all, I think that that clip was taken out of the context of his whole speech.

That's first. But also, I do think that a commencement speech where, you know, a whole bunch of women just finished working very hard for their degrees, may not have been the time to say that may not have been the time or the place, except that you are at a Benedictine college, where that concept and that whole idea is is a part of what they all were taught. And what was not noted by the mainstream media, every one of those graduates stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

In support, men and women, staff, they all stood up and gave him a standing ovation, in agreement with what he had said, and probably because they heard the entire speech and not just, you know, the clip. And because the environment that they chose to go to school in was an environment that put biblical values that said that this book right here, this is the book that I'm going to live by. This is the book that's going to be my guiding light and my guiding example. And so the guys that were in there said, hey, I'm going to be a godly man, and I'm going to leave my home the way the Bible says I should leave my home. And the women said, hey, you know what, I can get with that. I can get with that, because if you're going to do your part, then that makes it so that I can do mine. Absolutely. Absolutely.

100%. Yeah, getting a degree doesn't mean you don't want to be a kept woman. That's not what that means. That means you get to be a kept woman with a degree. Well, it also means that you have that now you are an equally yoked partner with your husband, so you can help him and your family to succeed. You can help educate your children so they can succeed because you're going to raise boys and girls.

Yeah. And again, the boy you raised to a certain degree, and then you say, okay, Dad, now you need to start getting them straightened out for the way that they need to act like a man in the world. And, and, and sweetheart, now I'm going to show you how to be a woman in the world, but a godly woman, just like your dad's supposed to show your your brother how to be a godly man. And we're going to practice all this in the house until you're ready to go out into the world and have the impact you're supposed to have.

And then you can repeat, right rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. And now we build a healthy culture and a healthy society. For sure. For sure. And that's the goal. That that is absolutely the goal. And I agree with that 1000%. Hey, I love it. This has been a great conversation. Thanks so much, Melanie.

I really just text messages. We probably should write just Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. That was good stuff.

I should maybe I should have started out just reading those. When I get on there, pastor, this is what I'm gonna say, if you want to cancel me, right. And what did I tell you? I said, Absolutely not. I said, No, this is exactly what we need to what we need to talk about is exactly what we're talking about. So are you surprised? I just, you know, sometimes I've said things like that.

And I've been accused of being a liberal or not being really a conservative. And I'm like, I'm just trying to deal in like, reality. What? And and I don't think that there's anything that that we've that we've discussed that that that flies in the face of any of that. Honestly, no, but people don't to our point earlier about hearing people out. Yeah, right.

Having the conversation. If you say okay, but wait, look at the situation women are in. Oh, my God, you're a liberal. You don't believe in the Lord. Like, wait. Oh, no. Right. Right. Yeah, no, no, no, I understand. I understand. I will not know I'm going to trigger you now. I will say this.

Yes, sir. You know, Eve messed up. Now, Adam tried to to, you know, pawn it off and say, Oh, well, it was, you know, the woman that you gave me.

Sounds familiar. But but Eve messed up. And then Adam joined her in the mess up.

Right. But how does sin enter the world? And they eat or Adam? I think he Well, according to the initial interaction was between even this and the serpent.

Yeah, but come on, but but hang on, but hang on. But the Word of God tells us that through one man, sin entered the world, that man was Adam. That's right. Adam had a choice as to whether or not to have participated.

When she came and said, Here, taste of this, because it's good. He would his immediate response should have been, No, we're not supposed to do that. God, I'm not sure how to fix this. But this needs to get fixed before it goes any further. Right.

And instead, he partook. And, and, guys, I don't care how scantily glad she's dressed, I don't care how much she comes on to you. You still have the choice to say, No, no, I know title nine and all the things that are out there. Now, if you say no, you do run the risk.

And we've watched it of her running and saying that you did something that you didn't do because you rejected her. I get all that. You know what, don't put yourself in that place. Absolutely.

Don't be alone. Seriously. I mean, unless you're in unless you're saying, Hey, I want to pursue relationship and court this woman.

Don't do it. Yeah. You know, Billy Graham had a had a had a a rule, if you will. And that was is that he never counseled a woman alone.

Ever. He always had another man with him. Yeah.

I mean, everybody came out and was like, Oh, he doesn't want to be alone with a woman. And I said, No, he's actually extremely wise. That is an extremely, extremely wise position to have.

It's called wisdom. It's prudent for him and for her. Absolutely. Absolutely. But I think I don't know if you got to the last set of texts that I sent you when I was talking about like, you know, who's who's kind of fault is it for like all the premarital sex. And it's not one person's fault. Of course, it's both people's fault.

Right. But I said I said in one of the texts, I said, Well, who does all the whining, the dining, the controlling, the begging, the bleeding for the sex? Yeah, I said, well, and and who convinces who has to do the convincing of the woman that this is a I'm perfectly safe and will do you no harm so you can have sex with me.

And it's in the area. Well, and I will tell you something. And Jeb Bradley taught taught used to teach this in homeschool. And, and it's in homeschool. And, and, and so I used to I mean, I address this with my boys. And that is is that men are inherently manipulative when it comes to women. Boys try to manipulate their mothers all day long, unless dad steps in. And it is to my point, what I was going to say about about moms, letting their kids get away with stuff, and then thinking that Johnny's always good and never makes a mistake, even though Johnny's out stealing out the back of everybody's house in the neighborhood. But But the point of it is, is that the reason that she thinks that is because Johnny inherently has in him, this, this manipulative behavior, right, and it is the father's responsibility to identify it and cut it off. Right.

Right. So when daughters are not protected, right by their fathers and taught that about men, right, you have that. And then you have men who are manipulating women.

To me, when you take a step back, it's the Garden of Eden all over again. And then you have this this narrative where, well, you know, if you guys would just stop getting pregnant, I'm sorry, wait a minute. Who's we're getting pregnant by ourselves. Are we are women walking around begging men to have sex with them and get and get them pregnant?

I don't think that's how it's working. Well, it's going on here. And again, it goes right back to the very beginning of our conversation, which is that it has become a cultural deal. Yeah, to manipulate children into getting involved early on in triggering the idea of sex, as if they're just animals, and not sentient beings who can choose and make moral decisions and just choices. And that becomes the main issue that we that we that we see. And so once their condition, I've had several former Planned Parenthood owners of Planned Parenthood and people involved in on that side and others, you know, Dr. Jim Harden, from compassion back east.

And we've talked about that. They're the the abortion goal, and James O'Keeffe, or no, David Daleiden uncovered this. Their goal is, is that by the time a girl is between nine and 11 years of age, that she's had between three and four abortions. Oh, God, that's horrific. Seriously. That's horrific.

Because once they get her doing at once that's going on, now they're gonna now they know that they're going to get at least four more out of her between that age and and and 20. It's disgusting. It's horrific. It is it is. And they say that it's not a mill. And they say that it's not that this, you know, it's women. It's not this is not women's health.

No, it isn't. And if it is, if it's true that 97% of what you do is just women's health care, and it's not abortion, fine, I have a background in business, I'd be happy to help you work out that separation financially, if that's the case, I'd be happy to work and and and help you not do the 3% that you're supposed that supposedly, so I mean, if it's only 3% of your business, then why are you pitching such a fit when we suggest that you should stop it? I mean, if your bottom line at all, it's only 3%. Hey, if I had a business and and and the total and there was 100% of the revenue coming in, and 3% of it went to this and 97% went to this, which is what they tried to tell you.

If that was the case, then who cares about about not doing the 3%? Why is that such a giant big deal? Exactly. I completely agree with that.

Because because that's a lot. Because I've been saying it for years. Absolutely.

Yep. All right. Hey, it's been awesome.

Thank you again so much. Melanie Colette money talk with Melanie money talk with Melanie. Hey. Oh, love you too, sister. God bless you. Thank you so much, folks. We're out of time.

We're way out of time. And but I appreciate y'all being with me. Thank you so much. I'll be back with you on Monday. And listen, find a good place to get plugged in. God loves you. He's calling out to you even right now. If you're struggling in any of these issues, I encourage you to get plugged into a good church. If you need to just talk to somebody, reach out to me, Pastor Greg at sorry, I got a gnat flying in my eye. Pastor Greg, chosen generation Pastor Greg at chosen generation I would love to be there for you and and introduce you to my Lord and Savior to Melanie's Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless you and have a great evening. Hang on. It's it's thinking about
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