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CGR TUESDAY 112823 Vivian Cottingham Matt Long

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 28, 2023 10:02 am

CGR TUESDAY 112823 Vivian Cottingham Matt Long

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Hi, this is Pastor Greg and you're listening to Chosen Generation Radio. Get more at

That's Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glass. My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for World War II defending our country. Today, we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

I am Patriot Mobile. Sexual predators and comprehensive sex education both break down inhibitions. That's what they start with. They also gain trust with the child and then slowly start to get them towards sexual activity.

Anything goes. You are teaching children adult child sex. You're teaching transgender issues. And children are moldable and influenced by that. They said, OK, now we need you and your team to be able to explain what homosexuality is to a four-year-old student. To introduce this kind of material at that age, frankly, it's child abuse. You're going to teach our children that it's OK for any two children of any age, of any sex to have sexual intercourse with each other as long as two components are present. One's using a condom, and they both give consent. Did I hear that correctly? It's not a neutral venue.

There's no such thing. The schools are doing your job. They are discipling your children.

But they're not discipling them in the faith of Jesus Christ. It's only the exceptional child that even survives that system. Most do not survive.

Most have not survived. They believe that children are sexual from birth and that they deserve and have the right to be sexually active and to seek sexual pleasure. And if anyone is stopping them from that, then you are judging and oppressing them. Even kindergarten now, they're wanting to teach them more and more perverse information and acts and put that into the children's minds. And once that poison is in the child's mind, it doesn't leave. They'll always remember what they learned. And it's by design, it's orchestrated.

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Naked products do not treat, reduce, cure, or prevent disease. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy name. And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. And let me see if my guests can hear me. Please bring her on. Vivian Cottingham joins us. Let's see.

So let me try that. Hi, Vivian. Can you hear me? I can hear you fine. Magnificent. When we were trying to talk earlier, all I could hear was the commercial. And as soon as I muted the commercial, I couldn't hear you. So, well.

The wonders of technology, the wonders of technology. Well, welcome back. Great to have you with me. Thanks for being here.

Thank you for having me. 60th anniversary of the death of JFK. Yep, 60 years. It's hard to believe. I saw something come across my email about this. And then I clicked on it was an article I wish I had had saved it. I had it up.

Maybe it's on my phone now. But it basically their argument was, is that based on new eyewitness testimony, people that are talking and so on, that the idea of a lone gunman has been refuted. They believe that there was definitely more than one shooter. Now I had a guest on, I forget his name, but a couple of weeks ago, and he has extensively looked at all of this. And his position is that, is that, you know, absolutely without question, it was Oswald, Oswald alone, one shooter.

And there really shouldn't be any more conversation about it. You've been studying this. Did you have my dad on the show? You've been studying this for a long time, obviously, I mean, that, you know, this, yeah, this has been something that you put a lot of time and effort into and really tried to come at it from an objective point of, you know, gathering facts, gathering facts as they presented themselves.

Give me your sense, because there are those two different schools of thought. Well coming from the school of the lone assassin Oswald theory, growing up, every time I try and talk to my daddy about it, and my daddy was a communications technician in the Navy, and he was stationed in London. If I understand correctly, because it happened eight days before I was born, I think my dad was on duty that night that it happened.

Well, it would have been nighttime over there. So I always felt like daddy knew something and he wasn't going to tell me, or couldn't tell me, I should say, not wouldn't, couldn't, because of his job. And every time I'd bring up the subject, daddy would say, my government said Oswald killed him, and that's what happened. That's the only answer I could ever get out of the old man.

He took it to his grave, but that was what happened. So I think some people truly want to believe that the government wouldn't lie about this. And I mean, I'll be honest, I wish I could believe that the government wouldn't lie to me about it. However, being a free thinker and, you know, my dad was by no means naive, but he also had a career that, you know, he had focus on.

So here we are on that point of view. So daddy wasn't naive in any way, stretch of the imagination. But there's no way you can look at the facts, look at the information, talk to people that were in Dealey Plaza at the time. It's been about 11 or 12 years ago, I was in Dealey Plaza and I got to speak with Robert Grodin, which was a huge thrill for my life. And there was another gentleman there and he was about, I don't remember if he was 16, 18, somewhere in there. He was in his teens anyway. And he was standing on the corner right behind where Kennedy was killed. And, you know, he flat out said it was not a shooting from the folks that killed him. If you look at the Zapruder film, trained police officers, some of them combat veterans, all ran towards the grassy knoll. You can't tell me that many trained people collectively screwed that up. And instead of running for the building that they say is where the shots came from, all ran towards the opposite direction. That just doesn't wash in my book.

That's just not common sense. Rob Reiner, I don't know if you saw this or not, but Rob Reiner is putting out a 10 part podcast series on who killed JFK. And he believes there were four men that were involved in JFK's murder. I saw on Facebook, I follow a group that is, that discusses and studies JFK's assassination. And one of the men on there posted that it was four people and he actually pinpointed and he said, if you do a frame by frame of the Zapruder film, you can see the four different shots and where they came from.

Now, I just saw that a couple of days ago, so I haven't had a chance to investigate that. And that would be something I probably have my son try and do because he's the one that is the gun expert, not me. He's my, if you will, person on the guns and all that good stuff. I just follow the facts and figures. You know, I follow the logistics.

He does the technical stuff. So yeah, that theory is something that's new. We always said there was three shooters.

And like I said, it's just been the last couple of days I've heard of the fourth one. So I have to investigate that a little bit more. Ken mentioned Rob Reiner, but I haven't found it yet. So if you have the link, if you'd send that to me, I'd appreciate it because I'd be interested to see that because unless something has changed, Rob Reiner has always been very liberal. So if he's saying, yeah, this is a conspiracy, you know, maybe somebody else might start thinking this way.

Get this thing moving. Certainly a possibility. I was trying to look and see if I could find the name of the individual that I had on the show. No, I'm not finding it that way. I'll look it up a different way.

So let me ask you this question. One of the things that was brought up in that interview, and just as an overview to this particular conversation, you mentioned, we can't trust the government. One of the things that was brought up in that conversation that I suggested and he somewhat agreed with is that, irrespective of how you look at this, if you look at it as though, you know, Johnson and the CIA and so on were involved, if Pachepo is to be believed, he said, you know, he said, I'm not saying that Russia assassinated the President of the United States, but he was in a room with, I think it was Khrushchev that was the Russian guy at the time. And Khrushchev was so angry with Kennedy after the whole Bay of Pigs, that he said to his cabinet, somebody needs to take him out, somebody needs to kill him. Whether that would have been interpreted by the KGB as a green light to go ahead and assassinate the President of the United States. Pachepo doesn't say, he just says that he recollected Khrushchev saying somebody, you know, somebody should kill him. All of that being said, that the conspiracy theories and all of the distrust began potentially to be a tool in the tool chest of the communists to start to create distrust towards the government, the US government on a broader scale by its own American citizens. I think that, I'm going to say why I ruled out the Russian hit on the President, because things were tense with Russia to begin with.

And Johnson was a warmonger. So if he'd have thought for one second that Russia had done it, he'd have started World War Three right off the top. He'd have been all over that. And he'd have been really excited about it.

I will be honest, that's just the way I look at that. I don't think Russia had anything to do with it. Back in the 50s, before my time, kids were, you know, having air raid drills in the classrooms because they were afraid Russia was going to attack.

So if Johnson would have thought for one second that Russia was behind it, we'd have gone to war immediately. Just to say, I remember air raid drills in 1967 when I was in kindergarten and crawling underneath our desks. I was in California at the time where I grew up. And we were crawling underneath our desks in anticipation of some kind of potential attack or what have you. But we would have these drills where we would get underneath these little desks. And I believe that we did that all the way up into the, would have been the early 1970s, because pretty much all the way up until fifth grade, I'm pretty sure that we, you know, that I experienced that. Well, I went to school in Hawaii for the first four grades, first through fourth. We never had those.

I'd heard about them, you know, in the news and in history books and stuff. We never did. When I came back here and went into fifth grade, we didn't have them.

So how long they were doing it before that here in Virginia, I don't know. It was just nothing I'd ever experienced. I never came to anything exciting. We had a bomb threat once in Hawaii when I was in school. And we had a volcano erupt. But that was on the Big Island in Oaxaca. That was about the excitement there.

When I was a kid, we had earthquakes all the time. So, you know, that was kind of a thing. I guess it's been 10 or 11 years ago now.

Maybe less than that. I think I was the only person in Virginia that didn't feel it. It was the one that rocked DC. My cousin in South Carolina felt it. I didn't feel nothing. I was oblivious to the whole thing. Everybody's looking around and I'm like, what? I'm getting text messages from my cousin going, are you okay?

I'm like, yeah, why? I don't know what you're talking about. All right, let's shift back to, is there any new evidence that you are looking at right now? I mean, obviously the Rob Reiner thing, and I'll send you that. But any other new evidence that you're looking at right now that gives you any kind of conclusive sense that we may be nearing a place where there's going to be a consensus of agreement, this is what happened.

I don't know that we'll ever have a census of agreement. You're always going to have people who are firm believers that Oswald did it and people that are adamant he didn't. I did read the newest book by Paul Landis. I did get through that.

It was very good book. He is claiming that he is the one that found the bullet, the magic bullet. He also says he found several other bullets in the car and left those. So why he picked up that one particular one, I'm curious.

I'd like to know. It'd be interesting to talk to him about that concept, what made him pick that one particular one to take in there. He said that he had put it on the president's gurney thinking that it would help the doctors, is what his idea was. The orderly that found it gave it to one of the other Secret Service people and Paul Landis said he had just found that out just recently.

So not a whole lot of information on that other than my curiosity is why did you put it there and not give it to your supervisors directly. That would have made the most sense. Why did you pick that bullet and not the other two or three that you say were in the car?

Right. I think he's tried to answer that but I don't know that he's answered it to the point that people feel satisfied with the answer. I haven't really, I mean he just, and I do get the concept, you know, he just watched the president get his head blown off.

His brain's not functioning on all cylinders, I'm sure. I can't imagine what that bullet went through. And I think my recollection was just something to the effect of that he picked up the most pristine bullet assuming that that would be the bullet number one that would be easiest for the doctors to be able to give however that was going to assist them but also the bullet that would be easiest to test as far as ballistics and as far as evidence was concerned because some of the other ones were fairly fragmented if I remember reading that correctly.

That could be, I hadn't read that. I know that at least one of the bullets was in a puddle of blood. I want to say that there was another one that he said fell out of, because the president did get shot in the back, we know that. And I think he thought that that was a bullet that had hit the president and bounced off. The orderly that found the bullet testified that the one that he found and gave the secret service and the one that the FBI and the Warren Commission say the magic bullet are two different bullets.

Now this I did find extremely interesting and I did learn this from Mr. Landis' book. There were half a dozen probably more secret service people in Dealey Plaza when the president was assassinated. The only one that was called to testify or were interviewed or anything by the Warren Commission was Clint Hill.

Warren Commission didn't talk to any of the other men. That blew my mind. I'm like, wait a minute, that just doesn't even make sense.

I saw that in one of the documentaries about this that I watched. It was very odd that day. And there were several of them that they never called that certainly should have been called and would have had pertinent information.

Yeah. I mean, they were all on the follow-up card. Now the other thing too that he said, of course, usually secret service would have been around the car and riding on the running boards. And they weren't in Dealey Plaza, which was questionable. And people wondered why. According to Mr. Landis in his book, he said that when they were in, and I don't remember if it was New Orleans or Florida, someplace in the South anyway, the president had them all stand out. He said it was the president's call that he didn't want them on the car. And from that point, it went into Dallas and followed suit. Right.

So kind of a standing order of sorts. We got about a minute. We got about a minute left before I'm going to have to jump off and bring my next guest on. Where are we going with this issue, if you will?

The 60th anniversary. At this point, I don't think there's much left. Everybody that they sealed records for until they passed, has more or less passed. How much more information do you think there is to be unsealed? I know there's been a lot sent out, but with redactions. But how much more do you think there is there that's going to lead us to a path of understanding this? We got about a minute left. I'm so sorry.

That's okay. I think there's quite a bit more information. What they keep scratching out when they release information pretty much gives us nothing. They can say they've released all they want. They've released nothing basically.

There's probably a lot that needs to be released and that's not going to be released. And the reason it's not going to be released is because as soon as it's released and people realize they have been lied to for 60 years by their own government, it's going to be open season. People are going to start fighting back. Maybe even snowflakes, the liberals are going to wake up and say, hey, wait a minute. We've been lied to all this time, so let's rethink what we're doing now. So there you go. At the end of the day, the hope is that this will be maybe the ignition trigger that gets people to wake up and say, hey, you know what? We the people are supposed to be the ones in charge of this country.

And we need to stop the wokeness and stop the uni-party and take back control of our nation, which is going to be the topic of my next segment with Matt Long. Vivian, thanks for being with me today. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for having me. All right. Talk to you soon.

I gotcha. We are going to take a break. We will be back with more Children's Generation Radio coming up right after this brief break. I'm your host, Pastor Greg.

And let me get one of these commercial spots in here. Okay. Everything's been moved.

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Now back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg. Others will say, well, I want to get engaged. I want to do something. And that's the question that Gail put in front of you and I yesterday. Rather than when we get confronted with these realities and we're looking at them and we want to just cover our eyes and our ears and say, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Because that's how it feels. What what can we do to get beyond that? Pastor Greg, that's our topic today. Well, and, you know, and it is it's very real. I made the analogy, you know, for a lot of us, it feels like we're kind of, you know, we're a ship that's been put out to sea. I mean, we are being tossed about in the storm of everything that is taking place in our culture with our with our children, and and what parents are facing as it relates to school, with economy as Gail was talking about last night, you know, when you go to the store, and you know, you were going to buy a loaf of bread that was, you know, a buck twenty-nine just a year ago, and now it's, you know, three bucks, three thirty, you know, a gallon of milk, right, has almost doubled in price.

I mean, these are these are realities that we deal with. You know, my wife and I were talking about this, you know, about her going to the grocery store, and, you know, and people are basically going up, you know, it's funny, just just popped into my head, Matt, but, you know, we we complain about the the self serve, right? And and I've seen people put up memes that are like, you know, hey, you know, where's my where's my Thanksgiving bonus?

Or where's my Christmas bonus? Since I'm, you know, since I'm apparently working for you as a cashier, but here's the thing, right? Yeah, but here's the thing. Most, maybe I'm over overstating, but this is what my wife has seen and and and witnessed in in going and shopping. Most people are only picking up three, four, five, six items at a time. Because of cost. You you don't see a lot of full baskets.

You see, you see very small. So, so they're so you know, yeah, the self serve. There's a lot of joking about that.

But the reality is, is that the the self serve lines are the ones that are full, because the prices are so picking outrageous. Yeah. Absolutely. So what what? Go ahead. Well, and so so one of the things, you know, then that we talked about is, is how do we influence these things?

How do we how do we engage? And I told the story to you, going back to the seventh of October, and what was happening with regards to Israel. And I was looking online trying to find looking at, you know, different sources.

Pluto has a lot of the the stations like, you know, Newsmax and Real America and and I think it's called first the one that Dana Loesch is on those kinds of stations. At any rate, I was flashing through trying to find somebody that was covering Israel correctly. And and part of that was because I was in contact with people over there who were messaging me on WhatsApp about what was happening. And there were some comments by Bannon and there were some comments by Charlie Kirk that were just not right. And I I knew someone and I know someone who is pretty close to Charlie.

And so I don't know anybody close to Steve Bannon. However, I know why do Frank Gaffney I know went and had a conversation with Steve finally about it. I haven't watched Steve lately to see, but I was able to provide my friend with some information. And I simply asked him to forward what I shared to Charlie, so he could do his own research. And and then, you know, hopefully he would he would change his perspective. And I and if you look at his perspective, starting on the seventh, to where it is today, there's been a shift. Charlie's initial comments about you know, well, you know, I'm wondering, you know, did they plan this? Did Netanyahu? Did he coordinate this?

Did he, you know, didn't end and end and end and end to no weight. Israel came under attack by Iran, Russian forces, cyber attack, you know, I mean, he's, he's really stepped up his game in identifying this. Why do I share that story? Each of us has individuals that we can potentially influence with information we have. And we should take that information. That's how we change this. Because the issue we have at hand, why do we have, you know, the popularity of Hamas on campuses like Harvard and UCLA and USC and Princeton and Cooper's union and all this? Well, because that's all these kids have ever heard. Right?

Yeah. And we need to be the voices of reason, not not aggression, but reason that say, well, have you considered this? Let me give you these pieces of information. And all I'm asking you to do is look at these. Listen, some of the people that are way far out there, you're never going to convince and scripture says, don't waste your breath on that. All you're going to be doing is leading yourself to confrontation. But there are individuals in the center in the middle that are still kind of going, I don't know who to believe here.

Yeah, you can get there here. You know, and that is that is where bravery and boldness and dependence on the Lord of putting the words in your mouth. That's something I pray every single morning on the drive in.

And it's not even formal. I don't even start with a Heavenly Father or ending. I just I'm driving down the road and out loud. I ask the Lord to put the words in my mouth. And I depend on that every day. But this is what we're talking about. Folks, here is the little local right people that you are around on a daily basis.

People who respect you, who trust you, who love you, who are part of your daily life. Do not be afraid to talk to them about what's going on. Don't do the old. You know, there's the old saying of, you know, bring up politics and religion. Well, if you want to know who came up with that phrase, it was very likely progressive because they don't want you talking about these things.

They want you to swallow the client and think or whatever they're selling. We need to start talking about religion and politics, not be afraid. And most importantly, Pastor Greg, we ended our discussion yesterday with this in love, in love. And so we're not talking about going out on the street with signs and screaming and shouting.

We're talking about the people who are around us, the people we already love, our family members, our nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, what have you. Well, and presenting the facts. As an example, there's been a big brouhaha on the Twitter platform about a woman who was released by Israel that has disfiguration to her face. You and I talked about this last night. And, and everybody's all. I remember when she, yeah, go ahead. I remember when she was arrested. I remember that story when it happened.

And for the life of me, I don't know why I remember, but I do. And so everybody was up in arms and, and the pro Hamas, pro Palestinians are all, look what the Israelis did to this poor woman's face. Well, the truth is, is that she was a suicide bomber and she attempted to detonate a bomb and injure a number of innocent Israelis. And IDF soldier rushed in and her bomb exploded and blew up her face. It also seriously injured the soldier Israel paid for and reconstructed her face. She was a convicted. Yep.

She was a convicted terrorist, convicted terrorist, and the UN Joe Biden and Hamas are blackmailing Israel to release actual terrorists, convicted terrorists in exchange for innocent women and children. That's what's really happening. Yes, it is. And that, that is the message.

That is one of the many messages that we can remind people of. The Israelites, those, the, the Israelis, the Israelites, I guess we can still call them the Israelites, the Israelites, everybody that they're turning over are not people that they went out and scooped up off the streets like Hamas did on the 7th of October. These are people who were arrested, who were charged, who had a trial and a fair trial at that in Israel and then were convicted. And I guess the only caveat was, and I don't know that this makes a difference, but it does to Israel. They said, we're not going to release anybody who was convicted of murder. So the woman who blew up, who blew her own face off, she didn't kill anybody in that attempt. And that was because of the actions of a, of a Israeli defense force, an IDF person. And so she's eligible to be released, even though she had enough hate in her heart to strap a bomb and go kill herself in order to take out a handful of Israelites.

And, but we're trading her for children and women who were ragged off the streets during the music festival. It, yeah. And she's still espousing hate.

Yeah. Well, and she, and she is still espousing hate and she's going along with all of the conversation about how it was, you know, evil Israel, evil Israel. Um, you and I talked about another thing last night that I thought we should work since we're talking a little bit about Israel.

And I know we've got to close here in just a second. Um, but there's a lot of conversation about, are these the real Jews that there's, I mean, I'm seeing this all over the place and somebody put up on a, on a feed, a, um, DNA study by an Arelia Oppenheim, Dr. Arelia Oppenheim, claiming that the DNA study concluded that immigrants on ships to Palestine before it became Israel were Mongol and Turkish. So here's a response to that.

And this is, this is her in, in her writings, this is what she actually said. In conclusion, the present study shows that the middle Eastern populations we analyzed are closely related and that their Y chromosome pool is distinct of that of Europeans. Genetic dating performed in the present study together with age estimates reported elsewhere reviewed by Bosch et al.

1999 suggests that the majority haplogroups observed in our sample are much older than the populations in which they are found. Thus the common genetic middle Eastern background predates the ethnogenesis in the region. The study demonstrates that the Y chromosome pool of the Jews is an integral part of the genetic landscape of the region. And in particular, the Jews exhibit a high degree of genetic affinity to populations living in the North of the Fertile Crescent. In other words, Jews are Fertile Crescent types, which is exactly what the Bible says they are. The DNA confirms the Bible, in other words, and makes modern Jews very close to ancient Jews and the biblical narrative.

The Arabs in the area, Palestinians, however, show they do not come from the Fertile at Crescent, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, but from the Arabian Peninsula, pretty much exactly what you would think. And you asked me for the name of a book, I would recommend people read Paul Johnson, History of the Jews. Okay, that's Paul Johnson, History of the Jews, if you'd like to get some some insight into that. And there's another gentleman named Robert Silk, s y l k, who as a child was actually associated with the ship that actually brought the Israelis to Israel in 1948. And that's Silk, s y l k. Yep, Robert Silk, s y l k. So I have to, we are out of time, but I have to say it was so funny yesterday when I was talking to Pastor Dreg because I'm a reader and I'm thinking, you know, there ought to be a book that we can point to people that will give a really a true history of Israel and the Jews, not, you know, and I know there's a lot of books out there and you've got to be real careful when it comes to reading history.

And there's this kind of hesitation, a little quiet moment in the conversation. And Pastor Dreg says, well, you mean besides the Bible, is that what you're saying? Yes, the history of the, yeah, the histories of the Jewish, the Israelites is the Bible. And so I had to clarify that.

And I said, all right, can we, we can take, we start there. And then is there something that picks up the story, you know, starting after the Bible leaves it off. And so that, and so Pastor Dreg got in touch with his, his people that his, he knows his expert.

And that was the book that he came up with. Paul Johnson, History of the Jews and Robert Silk, S-Y-L-K. Pastor Dreg, thank you so much. It's always a blast to have you on Tuesdays. I enjoy our visit and we'll talk again next week.

Sounds awesome. My sincere pleasure, my friend. Thank you so very much, Matt. God bless you all.

God bless the Hill Country. Love every one of you. Thanks for being here today. All right. So there you go, folks. All right, folks, we are going to take a little bit of a break ourselves here.

Let me see if I can find the piece that I am looking for. I don't know if it's in this gathering, but you know what? I can, I can, I can put it in. Let's do that. And I'm, I'm learning, I'm learning new tools here is, is what's going on.

And so those new tools give me, yeah, there's a lot of, lot of, lot of cool stuff to learn. But it does, it does take a minute to get there. Let's see, I think it's a little further up in my repertoire. No, that's not it. That's not it.

That's not it. Well, come on. There we go.

I knew I'd find it. All right. I'm going to share this with you as we go out today and just remind you again, how, how significant the need is for our India ministry. We, we, we really do $20 per pastor will make a huge help. We've got about 200 to 250 of our roughly thousand pastors that are in really dire need of assistance. So anything that you can do to help with that would be magnificent.

So check it out. It's a wonderful opportunity that we have to see here in this community and with the prayer and support of the prayer and the ministry that has also this, we are so thankful for all our birth consists of those who are praying for us. And we are thankful to go back to completely help this global to put the initiative in place. We are so thankful for all our birth consists of those who are praying for us.

And we are thankful to go back to completely help this global to put in this community. God bless you. And God bless you. And God bless all the children. Thank you. God bless you. Greetings, student generation army.

I'm so grateful to be connected with you. My listeners, you are some of the most engaged, responsive, loving and caring people I know I need to bring to your attention and urgent need for our ministries in India. While there has become a focus on the Uighurs in China, our ministries in Jammu, Kashmir and Punjab are being terrorized by those same Uighurs, the Taliban and the mounting CCP army at the border of India between these threats and the lockdowns, we find ourselves in need of additional financial support. I'm asking for your help to support these pastors and their families, our orphans, our widows, our Bible students and our community outreaches. Fifteen dollars will feed a pastor's family for a month. Twenty dollars funds our sewing school instructor and one hundred and fifty dollars a week funds our base operations, the orphans, the Bible school students, even the sewing school and our senior indigenous pastor Samuel. So please go to forward slash Pastor Greg. That's forward slash Pastor Greg. Or you can call me at two oh nine three eight oh eight six five four two oh nine three eight oh eight six five four to make your donation over the phone.

Please call us. Contact me today and make your best donation. Thank you and God bless you. I thank and praise God for this borewell that God has enabled us to put in this village with the prayer and support of Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Radio Ministry and by the prayer and support of the Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministry we could put the borewell in this village for the community. Before this community was drinking dirty water and that was really causing a lot of sickness. But now they are getting pure and fresh water and all the communities are so thankful for Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministry and all the supporters. And we pray for all of you that God would bless you and God would use you so that we can put more and more borewells in a poor and needy community those who are really having a problem of the water. God bless you and keep us in your prayer and this pastor is Pastor Jackie has been doing the ministry here in this village and really this village is really in a big need of a church building. Keep us in prayer, God bless you. This borewell we have put and pure and fresh water is coming and we are so thankful for all of you. We thank Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministry that help us and supporters to put the borewell. Thank you, God bless you.

Let this community be blessed by this well. Tonight I want to introduce you to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and show you how to have that same authority. Sometimes sin presents itself in our life and it creates a false illusion. Like a shiny object that we just can't get out of our head. But that's because our nature that we are born with is attracted to that shiny object. Turn to your neighbor and say well then how am I going to change my nature? Turn to your other neighbor and say boy I sure hope he has an answer. Well I have an answer and it's good news. How many of you would like to ask Jesus Christ to change the inside of your cup? Then I'm going to ask you to pray a prayer with me and repeat the words that Pastor Samuel says. How many of you would like to ask Jesus Christ to change the inside of your cup?
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