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CGR THURSDAY Peggy Sarlin Joe Earley

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 26, 2023 9:00 am

CGR THURSDAY Peggy Sarlin Joe Earley

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Pastor Greg Young. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for joining us. I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. And I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. Got a great program lined up for you today. Bottom of hour number two, I'm going to give you a little bit of information on some of the things that are happening with the ministry, what's going on in India, and give you a review of just—here we go—of just an amazing time that we had last Thursday.

900 salvations, over 800 people testified of healing. And we'll talk with you about some of the things that are going on with that. Also joining us in the next hour, we'll be joined by Brandon Weikart. We'll talk about Iran's infiltration of the Biden administration, and Joe Early from West Virginia. He's running for Congress in District 2.

We'll join us to talk about why West Virginia is such a critical state in this election process. Well, I'm very pleased to welcome my next guest to the program. She is with Awakening from Alzheimer's. And she also has a book. Show us the book, Peggy, if you would.

Peggy Sarland. Hi. Awakening from Alzheimer's.

This is the third edition. I've updated it twice already, because people really want to know how to take care of their brains. Amen. Absolutely.

Absolutely. And we're going to have this. There's a seminar that's coming up the beginning of November as well.

And so when we put this video up in our archive session, you'll be able to get the link for that particular seminar, and you can get something from the seminar, and you can get signed up, get registered for it as well. Tell us about what that's going to be about, Peggy. Well, the good news, let's start with good news that most people don't know. Okay.

Really good news. Alzheimer's is reversible. Alzheimer's is optional. We're at the dawn of the age of the end of Alzheimer's. Now, if you called up 100 neurologists, 99 of them would have absolutely no idea of what I just said, which is kind of sad. And that's why it's important to have programs like yours, Pastor Greg, where this information can get out. And that's why I'm so driven to get this information.

This is already happening. We already have deep insight into what causes cognitive decline and how to reverse it and how to prevent it. And chances are your doctor, even your geriatrician, your psychiatrist, as I mentioned, your neurologist, have no idea.

They've never heard of this. So I put together a seminar of 10 of the leading researchers and practicing physicians in this field to bring you all the state of the art information about what is happening that you can put to use in your daily life. So what could be more important in this crazy time we're living in than to be able to take good care of your brain so you can stay steady and make good decisions for yourself and your family?

You need your brain at optimal levels to get through these days. Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Now, is the cure for this pharmaceutical?

Aha, very interesting question. Thank you for jumping in right away. Well, we got to get in while the water's warm, right? Absolutely. Well, the mainstream medicine is still waiting around for the magic pharmaceutical drug. Actually, I have quite a lot to say about on that subject. Please.

Okay. Well, even if we look at this from a godly point of view, which is I know how you and your audience does, there have been decades spent looking for a pharmaceutical drug and hundreds of billions of dollars spent looking for this drug based on the premise that God made a mistake. That's one way to look at this, that the problem with Alzheimer's, the problem with the brain is that Alzheimer's is caused by amyloid plaque, which is the sticky protein plaque in the brain that gums up the cells. And that's just a mistake. That's just a pure mistake. And so our job as people developing drugs is to find out how to remove this plaque because God just made a mistake there when he put that plaque there. Had to have, right? I mean, he made a mistake and is gumming up the works.

He's gumming up the works. Okay. Oddly, hundreds of billions of dollars later, they have all these different drugs that remove amyloid plaque. And when they do, people get worse. Why is that?

Well, okay. The central insight of this new era of actually treating and reversing and preventing Alzheimer's from Dr. Dale Bredesen, who is the leader in this field, is that the amyloid plaque is not a mistake. It is actually a brilliant response by the body trying to protect you from various insults to your brain that include many, many factors, including many lifestyle factors that are degrading your brain. And the amyloid is a protective response. If we analyze what's going wrong in your body and in your brain, we can figure out what are these insults that the brain feels the need to make amyloid for, and we can start correcting them. And guess what?

You can get better. So, gee, if you remove the shield, right? I mean, that's like the astronauts coming in on the shuttle, and you take off the heat shield and say, you know what? You really didn't need that. That was kind of an unnecessary thing. And somebody messed up in the design and actually gave you a heat shield.

Who would have needed that? Forget about that. And you burn up in the atmosphere, and then you're scratching your head going, gee, I wonder why they burned up in the atmosphere. Yeah, that makes a great deal of sense, Peggy, a great deal of sense. I love your analogy.

It's wonderful. So maybe we could talk about what some of these insults are to the brain so you can understand how to correct it. Let me just, before you give me those, you use the term here, insults to the brain. I just find that very interesting in light of the cognitive issue. I mean, we're dealing with cognitive mind, and so we're dealing with the power of words, I assume, and things of that nature as well, what you say, frequencies, all those kinds of things. So I'm just curious about who came up with the idea that when you're talking about this kind of an issue, you have to address the brain as a thing that receives an insult.

I would say Dr. Dale Bredesen is the leader in this field. Okay. I have interviewed him for the summit in my book, which if you go to the summit, the sum is totally free. You can watch online.

But if you'd like, you can purchase it and you'll get my book and you'll get all the transcripts and other very useful material. And we'll have that link for you folks. Again, you're going to find that we're going to be having this video be up on Rumble. And when it is down in the description, we will have a link for you to get signed up for that. And it is coming up November 1st, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, I think it's October 31st. Okay.

All right. And it runs for 10 days for free. And you can see a new video every day. And then there's usually a weekend at the end where you can see all of them. But Dr. Bredesen has put together a list which expands constantly. So I don't know the current number, but it's at least 50 biomarkers of things that affect your brain. And so let's give a very obvious example.

And many doctors start here. What are you eating? Are you eating junk food?

Are you eating lots of sugar? Have you followed the food guidelines from the government telling you to eat low fat, so your brain, which is composed of 70% fat, is not getting the healthy fat it needs? You're insulting your brain. Your brain's in trouble. And one way to... Why would the brain express plaque there?

For two reasons. Are you eating junk food? The brain says, whoa, these are all these toxins trying to enter the brain. I'm gonna cover the brain with this sticky plaque and try to trap them there so it doesn't get in. Like a spider's web.

Like a spider's web. And another thing the brain says is, I need energy. You're not giving me energy. You're eating all the stupid stuff. I'm gonna have to start shutting things down in the brain. Because I don't have the energy to keep fully operational.

So I'm shutting down your aunt's name. Because I don't have the energy. You're not eating right. So one way that these brilliant doctors that I interview begin with is, let's try a ketogenic diet. Are you familiar with that, Pastor Greg?

Do you think your audience is familiar with it? A ketogenic... A ketogenic diet. A diet in which you encourage your body to make ketones.

Does that sound familiar? Is that something I should... Yeah, no, go ahead and expand on it. But yeah, I mean, a keto diet, I'm familiar with that, which is mostly vegetables and meats, right? I mean, predominantly. Am I correct with that? Yeah, there's different types.

There's different types. Okay. And that's interesting that you mentioned.

I'm sorry, didn't want to interrupt you, but I want to get this out. That's interesting when you're talking about the fats. Because one of the things with the keto diets or keto diets is that they talk about lean meats and things of that nature. But from what I'm hearing you say, that may not necessarily be the best avenue or the best approach to just eat lean meat if your brain is requiring fats. Your brain needs healthy fats.

Okay. And it desperately needs healthy fats. That's what it runs on. So let's talk about why doctors in this field begin by... In fact, Dr. Heather Sanderson, whom I interviewed, who's the leading doctor in this field, and I'd like to tell you more about her, she says, unless a patient is willing to try a ketogenic diet, I will not work with them.

It's that central. So most of us get our food, our fuel, our brain fuel from glucose. The problem is if we eat a terrible American diet of lousy junk food and lots of sugar and lots of junk, our brains can't accept that glucose anymore. Our body floods with insulin and to manage to deal with all this glucose and our brain says, whoa, whoa, whoa, too much, too much.

I can't handle this. And it stops accepting the fuel, the glucose into the brain and your brain begins to die. So that is a very common pathway. And of course, so many Americans have a problem with obesity, with diabetes. All of this is setting you up for Alzheimer's. All this is setting you up for insulin resistance in the brain. Fortunately, there's another fuel that you can use, which is ketones. And ketones pass immediately through the blood-brain barrier.

So they are a beautiful, miraculous answer to this problem. And that's why it's so important for people with brain problems to try a ketogenic diet. Now you can get ketones, you know what you can do right now?

You can get a teaspoon of coconut oil and or a teaspoon of MCT oil, medium chain triglyceride oil, which is an extract from coconut oil. And guess what? You have immediately taken in ketones and they are immediately within minutes. What am I looking at? Omegas. Yay. Thank you. Omega threes.

They are immediately passing into your brain, past the blood-brain barrier. So you can do it through supplements. As I just mentioned, and MCT oil is a fabulous one. And just even going to Trader Joe's sells extra-virgin organic coconut oil. And just put that in your salad as a salad dressing.

Cook your healthy eggs in there. Supplement with it throughout the day. Your supplement with it. You're supplying yourself with a source of immediate ketones. But you can eat a ketogenic diet, which will encourage your liver to make ketones.

And how do you do it? Low carb. Low carb. Forget the cereal. You're not going to have cereal in the morning.

You're going to be bacon. Right? Yeah. Low carb. That is the key. Because at low carb and healthy fats. What are healthy fats? Coconut oil, as we just mentioned. Olive oil. Salmon. The smash fish.

Smash. Sardines, mackerels, anchovies. Salmon and herring. Avocados, I think I mentioned in avocado oil. Nuts. Seeds.

These are great. If you're not eating muffins and bread and cupcakes and breakfast cereal and pasta and all these other things, and you're emphasizing is you said vegetables, some fruit, not necessarily high amounts of fruits, and these foods with healthy fats, including meats, as you said, you will hopefully start making ketones. And your ultimate goal is to be flexible metabolically.

You want to go back and forth. You want to be able to make glucose, and you want to be able to make ketones. And that is one of the most important things you can do for your brain and to start reversing brain damage and to start reversing cognitive damage to start feeling better. I've got a list that is following what you're talking about here from health lineup on the screen. Your red meat, steak, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken, turkey, fatty fish, salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel, eggs, butter and cream, cheese, nuts and seeds. And the first one it lists is almonds, but almonds, walnuts, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, chai seeds. What about pistachios just out of curiosity?

Yeah, you know, in general, generally speaking nuts. By the way, I haven't had breakfast. I'm getting hungry.

This is so important, but it's by no means the only thing that you can do for your brain, which is why I really do hope that you're going to sign up and watch this and read the book. But we have to begin with food because if you're eating lots of sugar, if you're eating a high carb diet, if you're following the food guidelines from the government and eating low fat, you know, you got to start there. You got to start there. But should I mention some other factors? Sure, absolutely. We've got about six minutes left.

Okay, well, some other factors. How's your sleep? How's your sleep? Are you gonna have a nice healthy brain if you have untreated sleep apnea?

No. You know, are you gonna have a healthy brain if you indulge yourself in staying up, you know, till one in the morning on your phone or on some kind of a screen or watching television and getting those screens are disruptive to your sleep because they disrupt the production of melatonin. Your body sees those lights and says, well, I guess it's daytime. I shouldn't be making melatonin to put you to sleep. You need to have the discipline to create a good program of sleep hygiene.

You need to look around your room and see if there's lights from various electronics there. You need to turn those lights away from you, get the room as dark as possible, have a regular schedule and treat sleep apnea. Sleep is absolutely crucial. Does that make sense to you?

Absolutely, absolutely. Well, and then also my understanding is that you've got to make sure also, I believe you want to turn your head as much to the left as you can and kind of lie that way because there's also a draining process that works through your brain at night and so your body actually kind of flushes your brain as you sleep. And so again, if you don't get enough sleep and you're not properly positioned, you don't get those toxins flushed out of your brain. You know, I hadn't heard that, that's interesting, the position that you mentioned, but it is true that what happens when you sleep deeply, when you go into the deepest phase of sleep is that your neurons, your brain cells kind of do deep cleaning.

They tighten up and they wring out the toxins that have accumulated there and you get a nice wash of those brain cells. If you never are getting into your deepest sleep levels, those toxins are accumulating. So sleep is tremendously important. And speaking of toxins, toxic exposure turns out to be one of the biggest causes of Alzheimer's.

And I just want to say right off the bat, in all the cases that Dr. Bredesen has seen or these other doctors I speak to, nobody has seen one factor causing Alzheimer's. It's always multiple factors. Generally, you're not sleeping well, you're not eating well, you're under chronic stress. Stress is another killer. We're living under such stressful times. I don't have to tell you or your audience, this is really, really a difficult time.

This is really difficult. So you have to find ways to be good to your brain and to de-stress. Some of them are very, very simple and are good for you in so many levels. How about taking a walk in the morning sun? That's so good for you on just hundreds of levels.

That is good. It's good for your stress. The sunshine is so good for vitamin D. Now, low vitamin D is correlated with brain decline. I was not in the least bit surprised when COVID hit. Within the first two weeks, because I was following doctors I trusted, I learned that people in the ICU with COVID tended to have low vitamin D levels.

That did not surprise me in the least. Yeah, we're coming to the end of our time there, but I got it really bad in December of 2020. I'd had Dr. Judy Mikovits on my program talking about it. We went into it. Nan Su and I actually broke the Wuhan story, the lab story, the whole bit in February of 2020.

I mean, right after it happened, I met him at CPAC and we did an interview and then we did a follow-up and he was getting all kinds of information out of China about what they were doing in Wuhan. Anyway, but vitamin D3 was the thing and I started on 10,000 units a day of vitamin D3. To this day, I still take it and I have been SARS-COVID whatever free for three years. Your body needs that to keep your immune system strong. It's really important. It's super important and I'm so glad you're sharing this information with your viewers.

It's absolutely critical. We're going to run out of time here, so I want to get this in again. We will have a link for you for the Awakening from Alzheimer's conference that is coming up. It's a docu-series.

It will be on from November 1st to November 10th. I'm reading the message right now. It's brain health breakthroughs, brain health breakthroughs, and it's the secret for how you can help your loved ones to awaken from Alzheimer's and in addition to that, how you can prevent yourself from walking into that path. We want to help you with that. Peggy, thank you so much for being with me today. Don't run off. We're going to take a quick break. I've got Joe Early coming up next. We're going to go into our commercial break.

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I am Patriot Mobile. And welcome back to Children's Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Thanks so much for being with me. I know you have a choice on where you can listen each and every day, and I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Children's Generation Radio.

Again, we will have the information on the awakening from Alzheimer's seminar and docuseries that will be up November 1st through the 10th, and we'll have the registration and all that information up for you on the video that you'll be able to get to by going to and clicking on Show Archives. Well, I'm very pleased to welcome my next guest to the program. As we've all been watching, Congress and the Uniparty worked very hard. In fact, more evidence is coming out, and I think I might even have mentioned this yesterday, that all of these delays and so on, I had a real strong suspicion that McCarthy was trying to weasel his way back into the Speaker of the House.

Fortunately, that didn't happen. And and we have Mark Johnson from Louisiana that has moved into the Speaker of the House position, and I love that the first thing that he did was to call the GOP conference to prayer and to ask for God's divine intervention for our nation, wisdom, and just so powerful. And I'm very grateful to have my next guest on the program who holds the same kinds of values. And I want to thank Joe Early for coming on the program this morning. Joe, welcome. Good to have you with me.

Hey, Pastor Greg, thank you for having me. I'm honored to be on your program this morning and look forward to our discussions. Well, I'm really excited to hear what it is, you know, in particular about West Virginia. And I, you know, no offense to West Virginia at being down here in Texas, we have this sense that, you know, we're the most important state in the Union. But you know what, I mean, look, I think it's good that, you know, wherever you live, you ought to feel, you know, you ought to feel good about where you live.

And try to make it the best place that it possibly can be. But talk to me about what's happening in West Virginia. And the particular reason, you know, obviously, West Virginia and the people of West Virginia need great representation.

And that's the number one deal there. But also, on a broader national scale, talk to us about West Virginia's contributions, because they've been significant over the years, by the way. It's just that West Virginia has done, you know, I guess what you would call the dirty work, right? Well, we do, we have an industry that a lot of Americans need the output of right now, and that is our natural gas and our coal. You know, West Virginia has the capacity to fuel an American economy, just within the Marcellus Shale area and the Shale Crescent area in the northern panhandle. So, you know, we need to make sure, as a state and as a nation, that we use our American energy, our domestic energy, to fuel our economy. I think it's very important.

At that point in time, we all become West Virginians. And, you know, first, you know, regardless whether you're in Texas, whether you're in West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, you know, we're all Americans. And we have to leverage American technology, American industry, and American labor force to fuel our economy. That is essential to our national security. Energy is such a critical thing. I think a lot of people don't realize how important that is, and how President Trump leveraged our energy output as a means to deter our enemies from a lot of the activities that we've already seen, right, in the last two and a half, three years. A lot of the stuff that we're watching around the world, the unrest and the instability, is in huge part because America is absent when it comes to energy.

We're running around the world. Joe Biden's begging for oil and begging for natural gas and so on, when your state, our state, and others around the country have everything that we need for us and the rest of the world? Well, I would tell you, you know, Biden and the Bidenomics concept is a failure from ground zero. You know, to put burdensome regulations and to stop and cease domestic energy production, and then create a reliance on our adversaries and potential adversaries and those who hate America, to rely on them to provide energy back to us, dipping into our national reserve, that creates a huge national security issue, not just from the availability of energy, the use of energy, but also that our supply chain for energy dependencies. I mean, if we have to bring something in that we need a base load pickup for either coal or natural gas, something to that effect, that's fine. You know, that's trade and export. The world lives on that, trade and export. It helps our economy. But to have a complete dependency on that is basically neglect and strategic neglect. To be honest with you, I believe that Biden and his administration, with this green energy push that they have, is trying to decrease our energy production to hamstring our economy, because green energy is an alternative energy source. It is not energy on demand. And that's what West Virginia and states like your state, Texas, we provide the basis for energy on demand with coal and natural gas.

And that's what we need to focus on when it comes down to energy production, creation of jobs, you know, helping our economy out, reducing inflation, you know, getting people back into the workforce, and actually in the end state is making sure that we are focusing on our national security without dependency on our adversaries. Joe, you have a long history of service. And by the way, thank you for your service to our country.

I greatly appreciate that. As a fellow veteran, I love talking to veterans. Talk to me about how that military experience, along with the background that you have, as a lifelong West Virginian, help you in your preparation for, as a congressional representative for your district, to really serve your people just to great impact. Well, I tell you what, Pastor, my background, being raised in West Virginia, I basically say that I was blessed to be to be born in West Virginia. Furthermore, be blessed to be an American citizen.

But I would tell you, how did that prepare me? I learned, I come from a family of labor force, steel mill workers, engineers, coal miners. You know, I was not born into a political family. I don't, you know, we worked hard for a living, and I learned at an early age what a work ethic means.

And not only work ethic, but standing up for yourself and standing up for those around you to make our country better. Now, this can translate into a lot of different areas, but I'm going to stay focused now on the military. Go ahead.

Yeah, no, go ahead, please. No, you're, no, great. That's awesome. I joined the military in 1982. I had, you know, no one get into a real deep story, but I was programmed to go into the coal mines.

I was raised in Eastern Kanawha County, and that's where I grew up most. So my programming was, my family upbringing was to stay in that field. You know, a few things happen, and you know God works in wonderful ways sometimes, you know. And I ended up here today after 20 years of military service in the armored cavalry and combat arms, traveled all over the world, seen different cultures between the Asian cultures. I spent time, two tours in Korea.

I've spent my first duty assignment. I actually was on the, in the Florida Gap and got to see firsthand how communism deteriorates a person's livelihood. And, you know, that's what I'm fighting against. As a person, they say, what can one person do to help our nation? And we'll get into this in a minute, but I'll point to Matt Gatz. That's one person. What did Matt Gatz do to help our nation?

And we'll get into the speaker fight here in a little bit, I'm sure. But to take that military experience that I've learned and embodied for 20 plus years in the military, and I was honored to have some great assignments in combat units. I was a instructor slash trainer leader at the United States Military Academy at West Point, training future officers and leaders of our country, of the military. Some of those went on to be, some of those went on to serve in Afghanistan, in Iraq. And that's our, and you know, leading our most precious commodity that we have here in the United States is the youth and children of America. And we have to protect that. Well, when they get old enough to serve their country, that's still a precious commodity.

And that's something that we have to focus on. And to have that responsibility gives me a very unique perspective to serve in Congress, because my opponent has never served a day in the military. My opponent does not understand, except from a viewpoint of, and I'll say it the way that I see it, from an ivory tower perspective, looking at the military as something that they can send off to war without knowing the ramifications of war. So that's why I'm running for Congress, because our nation, West Virginia's Second District, West Virginia at large, and America needs more veterans in Congress today more than ever to end these forever wars, to make sure that we're not sending America's sons and daughters off to die in foreign countries because of the incompetent bureaucrats and incompetent government officials that we have today in the Biden administration. So that's why I'm running.

I'm coming off the shelf. It's time to break the glass and get the veterans back in office. And our founding fathers were veterans of the American Revolution.

So certainly they understood the cost of that. One of the reasons that we ended up with the Barbary Coast situation unfortunately was, but they knew that the American people having just come out of the Revolutionary War were not prepared to accept another war in Tripoli. Fortunately, we finally put an end to that, but everybody points to the Islamic issue as being a recent thing or us meddling in the Middle East. The reality is, is that Islam targeted America at our founding, and they did it out of Tripoli. There's a lot of Marines that don't even know that. I've talked to some Marines who they know that on the shores of Tripoli, and I say, okay, well, what does that mean? Well, we restored Tripoli's king.

No, you didn't. No, what we did was is we stopped Islam from assaulting our trade ships because they stopped the overland trade, and that was the only way for our fledgling nation to keep us GDP healthy. But they were stealing all of our goods and trying to tax us with their jizya as well. And so they've been after us for, you know, 200 years. Yeah. Well, that's, you know, modern day interruption of the supply chain.

Basically, it's translated to modern day, and it's an ongoing thing. And that's what our enemies are doing. We have a huge dependency on foreign technology right now of our adversaries.

You know, if we look at just the chips and the silicones for the computers and things of that matter, we have got to get away. It is essential for American technology to start to bloom out and get into all facets of our industries and quit the reliance on foreign technology. We have the capability.

We have to make sure that we exploit that capability and we use it. We need to refire our smelting plants, right? I mean, that's one of the things that we've got to do is refire the smelting plants. And then West Virginia and Texas both, as I understand it, are rich in the essential elements compartments that are necessary that we once dominated in. Yes, and coal being one of the the largest factors.

West Virginia produces the coal used for steel production. And I want to bounce back. I want to circle back to one thing you said earlier. You talked about the Barbary Coast and the interruptions of the supply chain. It's an ongoing problem. But you know what? That problem is biblical.

I mean, I'll say it. This problem is biblical, and it's an ongoing fight. It's been for thousands of years, millennia, that this has been going on. And we have to look at this from that perspective as well. Some of these, we just have to mitigate problems, okay? They will never go away until we get the right people in office who understand statesmanship, who understand that we're not just going to go dump American youth onto the battlefield to solve our problems.

That's what we're looking right now. Right now, I will tell you that this Biden administration is setting the world on fire with American taxpayer dollars. I mean, look at this from the Ukraine. The Ukraine has consumed more American resources, except for our military staff member, military people, more resources in a year than Afghanistan and Iraq did in 20 years. That's telling, and that is killing our economy and sending money overseas, giving it away to fight a proxy war with Russia. We should not be giving a single dime more to the Ukraine, period.

They're not, as I hear the word ally, they're not an ally. They're a consumer of American taxpayer dollars. And those taxpayer dollars are not only being consumed by that, and it's hurting our economy. We need to protect our border. We need to stop what's going on at our southern border. It's not, you know, a lot of people say it's a humanitarian crisis.

No, no, no, no, no, no. It's an invasion of the border. We have military aged males coming across that border from our adversary countries who want to destroy our American way of life. And we have got to stop it. We need to build that wall now. Yes, sir. We need to build it now.

And we 100% who will who will stand that ground. Yeah. We need that. Yeah. Well, we and we need to get back to and we need to get back to defending the rights of the American people.

I agree. I there there there is a place for America on the international scene. And when America is absent, the bad guys run rampant. And and so there is a you know, and one of the things you know, that that I think it was Theodore Roosevelt talked about, right, you know, carrying a big stick. You know, you you you become a deterrent by carrying the big stick.

Unfortunately, we don't have any we were running around with with with limp twigs right now, which is really unfortunate. And then you know, the rest of the world watches us. I mean, when you send men in dresses to represent us as as as as our quote unquote, you know, leaders in these world conferences, okay. And and no offense to our to our to our Scottish warriors. I'm not talking about you know, kilts. I'm talking about men that think they're women showing up and representing our country. I mean, what kind of a crazy old message is that sending to the rest of the world? Joe, you know that as as as a, as a warrior, you know what I mean, the other side looks at that and says, Oh, this is easy.

Well, I would tell you and that right there is a is creating a vacuum. American leadership has always been something in my lifetime that was respected. And it was through statesmanship backed up with military preparedness. And that's one thing, you know, we look at it all the way up and down the line, you can look at it from national security to individual security.

It is better to have something to protect yourself and not need it than need it and not have it. Yep. I would tell you right now, our military is is is been denigrated. And they have been humiliated by the training that they're receiving. And this this force of this, this ideology of transgenderism, on politics of politics of hate, and divisiveness that this this entire community of this label of transgenderism is putting into our military. And I will tell you that, that we circle back over, let's go back to Beirut 40 years ago, I had been in the military for less than a year, when all those Marines were killed by that bombing in Beirut.

Yeah. And that goes back to your point earlier, you know, this is this is a, a constant battle that we are in with the Islamists. Now, it is not Islam as a religion. That's that is perpetuating this it is the Islamic terrorism that is perpetuating this and they are bent on destroying America, they see America as the great evil. And that is always going to be there, you can negotiate with them at some levels, but you cannot negotiate with terrorists. They don't want to negotiate, all they want to do is kill us. And we see that right now, just in Syria and the other parts of the Middle East since the is since Hamas invaded Israel and butchered their civilians.

Okay. You have seen continued attacks and they because now the terrorism terrorists have become emboldened to attack Americans in Syria, American soldiers are under are under attack now. So this is a constant battle.

But I want to go back over to the transgenderism thing right now. When you weaken a military, you weaken their society and you create a vacuum of leadership. And that vacuum now is being filled with negative forces across this globe that want to destroy America and they want to change America and create this global, this global unity, but we know that that's not going to happen.

That's a as a failed vision. And you know, even though that we're globally connected to create one global entity. That's that is a very, very polluted way of looking at the world. Well, it's Yeah, it's it's it's completely and totally unrealistic.

I mean, it is it is absolutely completely and totally unrealistic. And and you know, Islam, I actually had have had Al Rasouli on my program a number of times. I've got things written from him. But there's one up there that's that asks the question, can any Muslim be a loyal citizen? And he walk he walks down how it's not possible.

It's not possible. And and and the mosques, as you know, from your experience, mosques are not churches. We need we better understand it. And and, you know, how do we solve this?

I did it. It's, it's, it's a pretty serious issue. But we know the mosques in Boston prepared the bombers in Boston. We know that mosques right now we've got a mosque down in San Antonio, that's surrounded by brick buildings that look like Beirut. And we know that they are training terrorists in San Antonio. And the FBI is being told not to do anything about it. That's why my friend Phil Haney lost his life. Well, and that's a sad state of affairs.

And I'm sorry for your friends loss. But you keyed in on something as you know, the mosque are breeding grounds for preparing terrorism activities across this country. And and and you say that the a Muslim cannot be an American citizen because they are conflicted through their religion. Whereas right now, and you hit on a point that I would like to address is where the FBI has been basically told to stand down against the mosque. But however, what they're doing right now is they're now attacking Christianity, the FBI, when you have the FBI starts looking at Latin mass of the Catholics, and saying that they are now domestic terrorists, because they have pro life beliefs, and they're patriots. And now they're under scrutiny, through the Richmond was, I believe it was the Richmond office of the FBI.

Yeah. That's domestic surveillance, and a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. Yes, sir, committed no crime. And now the FBI wants to go in here.

That is that is putting the FBI in a bad place. Now, I actually went last night and saw the movie police state. Whoa, that was a very, very chilling.

Chilling would be an understatement. See, just to see where our nation has claimed, has came, a nation that I fought for, for 20 years, served the Constitution. I'm a fervent defender of the Constitution here, here, tip of the spear. And now we have government bureaucracies out there, saying that all because of the Patriot Act, that they can now unleash domestic spying on normal citizens who are not breaking the law, moms across America, or moms of America, moms across America, you know, religious organizations that are just preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, you know, and coming together to heal our country in prayer.

Yep. They are now being targeted by a legal law enforcement institution that's violating their constitutional rights of the First Amendment of free speech. But yet we turn the back on the burning of our cities that are being burnt, that were burnt down in 2020. Yeah, they were burnt to the ground by Black Lives Matter, the organization. And we have declared and we have declared enemies that have said death to America marching in the streets of New York.

Yes. While while while while at the same time, we have that same FBI and DOJ holding American patriots as prisoners of war, and I'm talking about the J six patriots. It's an absolute it's an absolute atrocity. We're out to the end of our time here. Joe Early, the number four and that's e a r l e y. Joe Early, the number four West Virginia, Joe Early for West Virginia, folks, please reach out to Joe make contact with Joe and and at the very least let him know that that you appreciate him getting into this fight and continuing be to be at the tip of the spear. Joe, I look forward to having you back. We will do this again. Thank you so much for being with me today. And folks, again, you can get this. This entire interview will be up in our archive section by going to chosen generation show archives and on our rumble channel at chosen generation radio show on rumble.

I'll be back with our number two hour Yeah, our number two coming up right after this brief break. Again, Joe, thank you so much for being with me today. I greatly appreciate it, Pastor Greg. I appreciate it.

Absolutely. God bless America. Amen. Thank you, sir. Thank you. God bless you and your campaign. All right, we're gonna take our break. We'll be back with more coming up right after this brief break.
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