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CGR WEDNESDAY 102523 David Shestokas Trump Georgis case Jack Smith Plea Deals

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 25, 2023 8:00 am

CGR WEDNESDAY 102523 David Shestokas Trump Georgis case Jack Smith Plea Deals

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Oh my God, I can find my way around. Look at that. How about that? What a deal. What a deal. All right.

Hey, a great program lined up for you today. Reverend Clenard Childress joins us at the bottom of our number three. We're going to talk about what role does your morality and your faith play as a candidate, and what should it play?

How important should that be? You kind of probably know where I stand on that. We'll talk to Reverend Childress on that.

Also, Fake News and Censorship, MRC and Newsbusters and Tiaran Rose will be with us. Tiaran Rose Mandelberg coming up at the top of the third hour. Claire Lopez and Rick Manning are with us as well. We'll get some take from Claire on that.

David Wormser will be with me on Friday. And there's a whole lot going on over there right now. And I'm getting up to the minute updates from him on this, including a conflict that exists between the Druze, D-R-U-Z-E, and these Islamic forces, and fights that just broke out in the Golan Heights, and rockets that were fired just five minutes ago into Daliat al-Karmel, which is a key Druze village in Haifa, fired from Lebanon. This is a sect that fights with Israel, fights in the Israeli army. They are a mix in their religious context, but monotheistic.

And they were part of an uprising in Syria, actually, that took place. Anyway, lots going on with that. Melanie Collette is with us top of the next hour as well. We'll get more, have more conversation with her about the insider stuff and what's going on in the in the battle for Speaker of the House. It looks like Representative Johnson from Louisiana maybe is going to get that. And that could be good.

But we'll have to, you know, keep our eye on that and see. But joining me now as he does each and every week during this opening hour on Wednesdays is my very good friend. He is our constitutional originalist attorney and is involved in actually representing Reverend Stephen Lee.

And I'll let him tell you a little bit more about that because we want to make sure that we are supporting Reverend Lee in his fight for free speech and, and freedom of religion and the First Amendment. But David, welcome. Good to have you.

David Shostakis. Good morning, Greg. Great to be with you. I'm on my phone this morning.

As we know, I had a little technical difficulty with my with my normal computer, but we were able to work through that and I'm able to be with you today. And so we're going to be talking about a number of things, primarily about what's going on in Georgia. You indicated to me before we came on that something helped, something's happened relative to what's going on in Washington, D.C. in the cases, the case there. But I've been involved, of course, the whole Georgia situation and the indictments and the and the various plea, plea bargains that have been taking place there. So that's been very popular subject to discussion. We've also got some interesting things relative to Reverend Lee that you just mentioned, and some upcoming incredible support that's developing for for the reverend in this situation. So looking forward to having our conversation today, Greg.

Absolutely, absolutely. And what you were alluding to regarding Jack Smith was that Mark Meadows, according to a variety of reports, has been granted immunity in the Department of Justice case against President Trump that is being headed by Jack Smith. And so we're going to talk a little bit about what those plea deals mean. Let's start and just in general, with regards to the kinds of pressures that prosecution uses in order, you know, I mean, one of the reasons that they cast such a wide net, so to speak, is in hopes of being able to do exactly this.

Am I Am I Am I correct in that? And that assumption to a degree? The reason Sure, I've been and of course, I've been involved in a number of prosecutions from the prosecution side, right? been very, very sad about this situation has been they've done this circumstance where they've overcharged people with, with crimes that apparently they can't, they don't even believe that they can prove, because there's reason to. And so that so they, you know, they're kind of extorting plea deals. They're kind of extortion that when they're threatening people with five years in prison, and then they wind up with giving them the ability to plead guilty to minor misdemeanors that essentially can be erased from their record tells you a lot about the strength of the prosecution's case tells you as much about the strength of prosecution's case, as it does about the guilt or innocence of the individual that's making the plea, because there's that in they have the tremendous power and essentially unlimited resources of the government to drag somebody through the court system for any number of years.

The process is the punishment in some respects, the where they're actually having to go bankrupt. I was so sad about the circumstances surrounding Sidney Powell's situation this last week, because, of course, they threatened her with at least five to 20 years in prison. They wound up allowing her to plead guilty to a series of misdemeanors that should she comply with the terms of the probation will essentially under Georgia law be erased from her record. But she's been just a tremendous warrior for freedom and liberty in the courts and two or three hundred appellate cases through the course of her career, and now her obituary is going to read pled guilty to crimes in the Georgia RICO case, which is just an abomination of the legacy of a wonderful woman and a tremendous lawyer.

And this is this is among the more sad things that's going on. Well, they've done I mean, what they've done to her is the same thing they've done to the majority of the J-6 defense. Well, all of the J-6 defendants. I mean, this this whole thing of holding these POWs without charges in inhumane conditions for a thousand days. I mean, the whole goal of that was was to break these guys down. And and you know, what they discovered is is is that when people actually have real principles, when they really believe in what they believe in, and they know that they're innocent, and and they know that the that the oppressing force is just that they don't break. And they haven't been able to break a lot of these guys, but it is horrific, the things that they've done to them. And I don't know, you know, and we've talked about this before, the Declaration of Independence tells us that when it becomes apparent, that the current government form has has essentially crumbled to the place of no longer fulfilling its its proper constitutional role, that it is incumbent upon the people to make a change. Yeah, that's exactly right. The declaration in that regard essentially says it is the right, not only is it the right, but rather the duty to alter or abolish the government in such a fashion as to meet the ends of allowing people to have the government that protects their inalienable rights against to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And this is no longer the case. And you know, you mentioned about trying to break these individuals that are in jail. The purpose is much bigger than breaking them. The purpose is to discourage any dissent, right to destroy the will of the people to stand upon their rights by creating such a fear and such a chill, so as to silence free speech, silence participation in or in religious liberty, which is I mean, that's what they're doing to Reverend Lee, the goal here with Reverend Lee is not Reverend Lee, but it's it's to silence all pastors and all reverends from stepping up and and and saying anything much like what they're doing to Pastor I think is Polowski in in Canada, right where they've said to him, Look, you we don't care, you know that what what you think your Bible says, we don't care what you think your your your God is or your or your religion is.

We're shutting you down. Yeah, that's that exactly is right. The goal isn't really the people that are involved in these matters. The goal isn't faster. In fact, the goal in some respects isn't even President Trump. It's sad to see to it when it comes to President Trump is to see to it that an uppity rich businessman is not going to mess in politics.

It's I mean, it's beyond it's beyond him. It's the tell the fellow uppity risk business guy to keep his nose out of the professional politician's business. And that's that's what that is.

The messages are all much bigger than than the situation regarding the whole Sidney Powell situation and the other lawyers that are charged in Georgia. The the idea of the and that is to kill lawyers from giving legal advice. I mean, what can what can what can happen to the population if they don't have any professional attorneys that will, in fact, step up and do anything more than prosecute and defend traffic tickets?

You know, this is it. They're looking to essentially castrate the legal profession. They're looking to castrate the pastoral professions. They're looking to castrate political political dissidents. And that's all at stake in in Georgia and these and these other these other matters against President Trump as well. And that's what people don't understand. The people that share these things on don't understand that they're cheering on the demise of their own rights and that they're cheering on as defenders of their rights there because they're trying to see. You know, I've got I've got a case that I am challenging an election matter.

And for the having the comeuppance to try and challenge the election matter, they're trying to find me thirty five thousand dollars, you know, to for that challenge. So this is a this is really, really something that people need to need to be aware of and be involved in. You know, to that end, if I might, we'll talk about this for a second. November 9th in Shanahan, Illinois, at Families of Faith Ministry, we're having a rally, if you will, or a seminar in support of Pastor Lee and the First Amendment. The it's going to open with a panel of panel of pastors, if you will.

Dave Smith, who's the head of the Illinois Family Institute, Pastor Randy Bland of Families of Faith Ministries, has established about a half a dozen Christian schools. And Pastor Latasha Fields of the Illinois Opportunity Project are all going to be there discussing the weaponization of government against religion. That's the that's the opening. That's the opening of this of this seminar. It's going to be followed up by a discussion with that with Pastor Lee and how he's actually served the country for the last 30 years in terms of his service at 9-11 and Columbine and the Mandalay Bay shootings. And then we're going to finish up with my myself and Dave Alls, our our Georgia council, explaining in detail exactly what's going on in Georgia.

It's going to be quite quite an event hosted by Gary Franchi, the head guy at the Next News Network with two point two million YouTube subscribers. People have education of what's going on has to be has to be brought to the people's attention. And the whole entire First Amendment is under under attack in Georgia and these other cases.

People need to know this. And I did I did I did a talk over the weekend to a Republican group on the North Side. And normally, of course, I go and I talk about the Constitution and I talk about the Declaration and things that are things that are heritage and what belongs to us.

But it's very, very difficult today to do that sincerely, because we are living in what amounts to a post-constitutional world. And I actually really did wind up opening up with the Howard Beale speech from that classic movie network that I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. You know, and and it's very strange because you sit in this the courtroom is now an Alice in Wonderland situation.

You actually make some legal argument. And then the the lawyer on the other team stands up and tells the judge, but Trump and you lose. And it's it's it's insanity. And that's when you want to get up on the on the table in the courtroom and go do a Howard Beale, you know.

And so it's very, very difficult. But people need to understand and that's what they need to be is mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. And you see more and more that with people like Moms for America and and folks like Terry Newsome that's got a new thing called Behind Enemy Lines.

And he was targeted by the FBI as a terrorist because he spoke up at a school board meeting. These are these are things people. But people need to get behind everybody that's that's stepping forward to to fight these kinds of things. And the front is on so many fronts.

So this is this is troublesome. And and certainly the pleas. But the pleas in Georgia, while the prosecutors are taking victory laps about these pleas in Georgia, the pleas in Georgia actually, if you look at them, demonstrate the fact that the prosecutors had no case to begin with, because if they had an actual case, they would not be given these people certain these misdemeanor charges. They'll say a five, six thousand dollar fine. You stay out of trouble and tell the truth for the period of probation and then ultimately the charges dismissed. This is this tells you that they had no case to begin with. It doesn't tell you that there were that is a strong case and whatnot. What it tells you is that the government was in the position of utilizing the authority to wear down the defendants, where they overcharged them with a terrible, terrible crime.

Somebody is going to have to spend most of them most of their life savings to defend themselves against people that have tax, unlimited tax resources to prosecute them. And so they go, OK, I want this over. I want this over today.

I want to go back to my life. And then so that's that's what happens. It's just it's a dangerous, dangerous world. And we have to we have to stand up. We have to stand up against it. But the message for all these and all these things is, you know, it's it's like President Trump says when he says, you know, it's not me that they're after. It's you.

And I'm just standing in the way. Is is that is there not you know, there's there's so many traps in my in my mind that are being laid here. We talked about, you know, where the Declaration of Independence said it says. But when a long train of abuse and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object, evidence is a design to reduce them under absolute despotism. It is their right. It is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

Such has been the patient suffer sufferance of these colonies. And and you know that that's kind of where we get the idea of, you know, if if the government gets out of control, then it's the right of the people to and it's really more of a a constitutional reset, rather than the reset that the left is trying to do, which is which is, which is this authoritarianism and this and this oppressive behavior. I guess the question that that and and what causes conservative pause is that is the knowing that at you know, whenever whenever this level of chaos is happening, you you and you and you fracture the entire system. You don't know on the other side, exactly what you're going to end up with, for certain. No, they had no idea what they were going to wind up with. Right. In 76.

Right. Well, and and and so I think that that, you know, and and and as to our external enemies, and that was part of, you know, I mean, remember that, after they established the new nation, then they ended up with the French Indian Wars, right, the War of 1812, that, you know, the French had been the ones who had helped them when it came to gaining their liberty from Britain. But then the French came back around and said, Okay, now now that now that you're this little fledgling nation, where the British came back in 1812, my friend was okay, I'm sorry. So when the when the French Indian Wars were prior to that, French Indian War was actually a precursor to the revolution. And it was a it was the situation where England started saying we spent all this money to defend you from the French and the Indians.

So now we're going to tax you to high heaven to get back the treasure that we spent on the on on this protection. And that's that's where they started imposing all these taxes without representation. And so but the but it was actually the British were British came back in 1812. They're the ones that burned Washington, DC.

And of course, they're the ones that Andy Jackson went down to fight in New Orleans in that famous song. You know, so that's, that's what was going on at that time. But England didn't give up. England kind of wanted us back.

But it didn't work out that way. So but in any event, they were not safe. And they after 1776, for a long, long time, they were it was still under under question because of course, they were surrounded on three sides by by enemies between the Spanish and the and the British and to the north. In parts of Canada, the French were still in charge. Plus the of course, the controversy, let's call it that with the Native Americans as to who was going to be there. So getting rid of the British certainly didn't solve many problems for those folks in the first place, but it did allow them to start to solve those problems on their own.

Right, I guess my point, and I thank you for that. My my thought process was just that there's a fragility that was created. It's, you know, I mean, it's, to me, it's one of the reasons why France has had continual turnover. While we've had a stable constitution for 200 and going on 248 years, France has gone through, I think, six or seven reiterations of itself. Yeah, and France has gone through, as you say, a half a dozen different French republics and various constitutional situations. And of course, in the midst of that, they needed a whole bunch, they needed a whole bunch of money to do that.

And that's how we wound up with Louisiana. And Britain has has evolved or devolved, depending on how you look at it, I think to some degree they've devolved because now, you know, according to a lot of experts, Britain is on the verge of in 20 or 30 years being it should we all still be here. But being an Islamic State, I mean, Islam has a huge footprint and foothold in the United Kingdom, which which is, you know, much to their detriment and much to the detriment of Europe. And the and the monarchy has been, you know, maligned to the point that, you know, they really have a ceremonial position at best. Even though there there's some recognition of their influence around the world in in global matters, so to speak, but at their own table, it's it's it's minimal now. Yeah, no, the new new catchphrase is be like Poland.

Yeah, is new catchphrase. Poland defends their borders. They defend their culture.

They defend their they defend their ideology that has has brought them to this place. And Poland currently has the largest per capita GDP in the in Europe as the safest cities, has the safest place. Be like Poland is is the new catchphrase. And and with this Hamas situation, you're seeing a lot of from what I saw a few articles that talking about, you know, the the terrorist activity and and some rise in efforts of terrorists to go after Poland.

Because of that very thing you're talking about. Yeah, because Poland is Poland is now becoming the bulwark of civilization. They are not dead.

They are not. They're defending their borders. They are seeing to it that the people that do, in fact, emigrate to Poland comport with Polish ideals, which is what, of course, used to be the case here. It used to be the case that you would have to if you if you were coming to America, you had to indicate that, number one, you had some way to support yourself. You had either either that or some people would sponsor you.

You would ultimately take take an oath regarding the United States. Poland, there was a there was a time when there was legal immigration and the legal immigration was to add people who were part and parcel in agreement with what the community was. There was not this multiculturalism. You know, if you if there was a different culture, you know, there's there's a place for you someplace, you know, go go there. But don't come here and try and impose your culture on us. And that's how the polls are these days. And that's where, you know, several hundred years what the general general approach to immigration in America was.

Yeah. Come work hard. Be part of be part of this community. But if you don't want to be part of this community, that's fine. There are places in the world where you might very well be welcome. And, you know, there's nothing wrong with that. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that.

They say, well, that's, you know, some I'm trying to think of the negative word about about such a thing. But there's nothing wrong with people wanting to be with people who agree with them in a general outlook on the way to approach the world. Well, it's interesting noting Poland, because what's happened, you know, this is reflective of what's happening all across the world and what we're fighting here. In Poland, you have a very liberal opposition party that had a huge rally in on on the first of October. It was covered by major news media, and they were given a whole lot of press.

I've talked with the general consulate in New York, he's been a guest on my program a number of times. And I love the new Polish government. I love that they're conservative. I love that they have traditional values. I love that they have, you know, the the concept of of our representative kind of government, or at least that's their thought process, and how they view how things should be done. You have a very liberal entity. Because Poland is standing up to the EU, Poland is saying to the globalists, no, we're not going to go along with those ideas. There's a liberal left that is doing the same thing there.

And and this was where some of us have reached out to both Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk to say, Hey, be careful what you're saying. Benjamin Netanyahu came into power. And it's the most conservative government that Israel has ever had in its history.

In its history, you'd have to go back to biblical times, to have one that is as that is that holds to the values that this government was holding to the judiciary, much like the judiciary here in America, in Israel was out of control. It didn't matter what the people voted, how they elected what they wanted, what their will was, the judiciary would say, this is what you're going to do. They told prime ministers, this is what you're going to do. They told the legislature when they would pass laws, no, you're not doing that. You can't close your borders. You can't, you can't put terrorists out of the country. You can't stop the the the LGBTQ agenda. We're going to fly the rainbow flag in Tel Aviv. All of these things, we're going to kill babies, all of these things that are that are absolutely where you're not allowed to go up on and pray at the Wailing Wall, you're not allowed to go up to to the to the top of the mount and have services. These were all things the judiciary was saying. And Benjamin Netanyahu and the people said, No, you're not giving our country away. You're not giving our country away.

We have voted in mass. Well, the media covered the protests of the leftists. But when all of the people who showed up that think like, like we think they didn't want to cover that. And Charlie and Steve Bannon jumped into this suggesting Oh, well, see, Netanyahu let this happen.

So he could have, you know, martial law, whatever. No, that's not at all the case. And, and it's just it's important for us to recognize and Poland has the same issue. I'm looking at a front page, CNN story.

CNN is giving all kinds of press to who the leftist opposition. And if you're if you're not, like you're saying, David, if you're not paying attention and watching what's happening, you won't realize the majority of the people in Poland want the conservative values that we want here. Yeah, clearly. And you know, there's nothing wrong with that was it what seems to be wrong is the folks that want to invade and impose their will upon a community that already exists.

Yeah. Why? Why? Why do you have to do that?

Why not? If you you know, if there's a community or a way of life that you think is appropriate, there are multiple places in the world where there's people that agree with you and you can get along. And there's nothing wrong with doing that trade and that being economically integrated with with other folks for those kinds of things. Just let people live the way they'd like to live. You know, and that's that was that, of course, that that's historically been part of the strength of the United States as well as the 50 state laboratories where the states are a little bit, you know, a little bit different if you're not not happy and blue and all.

Yeah, you can go to you can go to Red, Texas, or at least what was Red, Texas, you know. And so that was that that's been that's that's been a wonderful, wonderful situation to allow people essentially to vote with their feet as long as in addition to with their ballots. But now the idea that the ideas have to conquer places and have to take them over and impose their other value. That tells you that it's not about values, but it is rather about power. And this is this is this is what we have to defend against people extending their power over our lives. And it's it's a dangerous thing because there's a lot of situations where essentially the bad guys have already seized power. The I've watched you know, I haven't had occasion yet to be in court in Georgia, but I've watched some of the some of the legal arguments that take place because they do it.

They are televised in Georgia. And I and I see these people talking about and treating the shooting this indictment that could have been written by a two year old with just, you know, awe and respect, like it deserves something more than getting up on the table, going, I'm mad as hell and I don't want to take it anymore. And this is I I don't know.

You're at a loss. It's a very difficult time to be a lawyer, Greg, because there's not that there's not the respect for tradition and the law and there's no absolutes. And you walk in and you say, OK, this is these are we have this long line of court cases that says this about this particular subject.

And somebody on the other side goes, OK, well, now let me let me stop you right there. You've been practicing law for close to 40 years. I'm sorry to say that. Yeah.

OK, so no. And but I think it's important to make to make note of that from the perspective that what we're seeing today is the result of of the frog and the kettle, because what we're seeing today, the erosion of these things have been has been going on. I would suggest that that, you know, you could go back to Thurgood Marshall's Supreme Court. Right. And and look at some of the things that that they did that were out really way out of step. And I know that Thurgood Marshall is held up by by as as a, you know, fighter of this and fighter that.

And I get that. And there are probably some good things that he did. But but understand that the overall push that seemed to be an influence there was was was a communistic push, a push towards a communist socialist kind of of of social construct.

And the first thing you've got to do to get there is you've got to get God out of the public sphere. And and and they did that. And they had been working on that, I argue, for at least 30 or 40 years before it ever happened, going back to the Clarence Darrow. And, you know, the the the scopes trial.

Right. And and when they when they fought for the idea that, you know, there was no God and God didn't create anything. And yes, you can say, Oh, well, we have, but we won that case. Well, we did, we really didn't win that case. Because even though the court ruled in favor of saying that, no, you can't teach evolution in school, you you there were enough points that were made, and there was enough of a public push. And and the media was able to frame that in such a way that a lot of people took it as though evolution won that fight.

Yeah, well, this is this is why the fight continues. Well, last last week, of course, we talked about an old older movie called Skokie. And the First Amendment and the Nazis that wanted to march in the village, suburb north of Chicago, that is, historically had a large Jewish population, many of whom Holocaust survivors. There's some tremendous lessons in that movie.

What you just mentioned. Now, there's a movie called Inherit the Wind, which is Clarence Darrow, which is about Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, were the two legal titans of their day that came to came to blows legally in a court in Kansas about essentially creationism versus evolution. And that's how they wound up falling at the Scopes Monkey Trial. Great movie, Inherit the Wind, that tells you that these battles are ongoing forever. It's a black and white movie.

That's how old that one is. But it's a it's a wonderful, wonderful movie and indicates. And actually, I think it's wonderful in a couple of ways, not the least of which is it portrays, portrays lawyers the way lawyers, many lawyers are in terms of crusading for causes in which they believe. And people should come to appreciate that what they're doing now to try and decimate the legal profession is to get rid of the crusaders in the legal profession as well.

It's a very, very dangerous world we're living in. But Inherit the Wind, watch it, you know, and that will tell you the Scopes Monkey Trial, but it will also tell you how this battle between good, evil and the ability to actually educate, educate our young people has been ongoing for a long time. And so and maybe a permanent battle, in which case you can't ever give up.

Right. Well, you got to think about it as really being introduced, because in the 20s, that, you know, doing introduce the concept of the Department of Education, or federalizing education and, and, you know, again, while there was this concept that evolution had lost, the reality was is that they they won because they created this, this began to create this federal system to bring all the schools under one umbrella. And once they had accomplished that, now they're able to go into those schools and begin to introduce the indoctrination that they wanted American kids to have knowing that once they got the minds of one generation, they could then begin to take over the minds of multiple generations. And that's the education. That's what we're battling. And, you know, one of the things that came out of this plandemic and I think was a positive is that parents who had been kind of on the fence about, you know, our argument that their kids were being indoctrinated and, and they were being forced to read things and they were being fist spoon fed things that were that were, you know, against the very foundations of our country, all the sudden, because they're forced to be at home, they start looking through those books, and aha moments happen.

And those that were on the fence, the soccer moms and so on began to wake up and say, Wait a minute. Maybe we were wrong. Maybe maybe maybe maybe my kid is being indoctrinated. And besides all that there is absolutely no authority in the United States Constitution for the federal government to have any role whatsoever in education. You know, and the whole Department of Education has no constitutional basis for its even existence.

And because, of course, the founders did understand and believe about that local, local control, local decision making power, local education, that folks would be in a situation where, yeah, they could make decisions about what they wanted to teach and what they what they didn't want to teach and and strive for excellence and and those kinds of things that there was no one size fits all circumstance. And that's why there's no authority. And of course, people don't understand this because we're constitutionally illiterate that the that the United States government only is supposed to have the power only that is specifically given to them.

If the power is not there, they don't have it. But they've been taking it over the years and we've and that's another round, like you said, the frog in the Petri dish situation where they'll go, oh, yeah, well, we'll give loans to our students and whatnot. And then it's then then the institution is now getting federal money because they're getting federal money. Then the federal government gets to say, oh, this is what you have to do to continue to get the money.

And it's a it's a circular system that concentrates power and probably what's now the richest richest area of the world. And that's the surrounding Washington, D.C. and the surrounding counties, which produce nothing. Right.

Right. They don't they don't make they don't make cars. They don't print books. They don't do anything. They don't do anything. They don't make food. They don't grow or grow crops.

All they do is tax and give directives and to other people how they should live their lives. You know, it's interesting you mentioned that because as you as you say that what what spawns in my thought process is is that you have, you know, every state has its own characteristics that that that are just the measure of that state climate and and agriculture. And, you know, I mean, Texas is is known for its oil and energy production. As an example, California is known for, you know, for being a producer of crops and and and and food products and things of that nature.

The East Coast was usually known as a as a place where it was a center for manufacturing and things of that nature and the and the and the center of the country. And and so you have to have different forms of educating your populace in each of those areas, because certain expertises are needed in those fields in order for those fields to continue to excel. And in our early years, we understood that as a nation, and we understood kind of what our identities were and and we and we were grateful for each individual state's contribution to the whole. And as a net result of that you had great leadership growing up in each one of those states, and then they would come together and and find ways to all work together that were mutually beneficial under our constitutional republic. Unfortunately, going back into the early 1900s, when you had this, you know, nationalistic kind of idea, it wasn't really the kind of nationalism you and I might be talking about of, you know, pride in our country, but it was breaking down all these walls and creating the cookie cutter mentality that everybody was going to be the same all across the country. And one place, as you're suggesting here and saying, was going to control the thoughts and process for all of that. And now we're watching and seeing the net result of that, which is our entire country's ability to manage its resources and so on have been destroyed.

Yeah, then you talk about the differences. And when I, of course, do some things around the state, and I go to different counties and things like that are on the state of Illinois. And it's just so sad to see the, the main streets of all these little towns that are decimated and the vacancies and the buildings that don't exist anymore, because of federal policies that essentially nationalize and say, oh, you guys are inefficient, we're going to put you out of business. You know, there's an electric plant down in central Illinois that is built at the mouth of a coal mine. And somebody in Washington decided that Illinois coal was not the right coal to burn. And so they wound up closing down the Illinois coal mine. And the plant, the electric plant that's built in front of the coal mine, at the mouth of the coal mine, has now a railroad crossing where the coal comes in from Utah and Montana, the strip mine out of Utah and Montana, instead of taking it out of the ground that's right underneath the electric plant. That's insanity.

It's utter insanity that they do that. And as a result of that, there are people who are generations of, generations, a hundred years, four or five generations, either producing energy or working in the coal mines and supported the, supported the towns and the services all around that. They are now all decimated gone. People are living in poverty where you talk about the situations with the fentanyl and the drugs and whatnot.

People don't have any way to, any way to live. And let me just interject, if I, if I might, this goes to the 17th amendment argument. Because under the 17th amendment, senators no longer defended their states or their state's ability and resources and so on. There was no one fighting for the state at the federal level any longer, because senators became basically national politicians that could be bought by industries and in the same manner as the office of president. So that there's really not much difference between a senator and a president as it relates to who they are loyal to now versus who our founding fathers knew they needed to be loyal to, because there's a balance between the people and the state as well. There has to be a balance in what rights you're, you're, you're continuing to process for the people that are not necessarily in the best interest of the state as a whole.

And so you have to find that balancing ground. And that was the goal of having the senators as an offset to the House of Representatives or the Congress was, was to make sure that the states were not being injured by something that the people maybe couldn't see. The people said, hey, this sounds like a great idea. The federal government is influencing and they're going, hey, this sounds like a good we ought to get on that train. And the and the senators who were representing the interests of the state were saying, you may think so.

But in reality, they're fooling you. And no, we're going to hold on to our state's rights and protect you. And ultimately, you're going to be glad that we did. Yeah, no, the 17th Amendment was a, you know, incredible debacle. And the best thing anybody could possibly hope for him to do would be to repeal the 17th Amendment and allow the legislatures to go back to picking the states, picking the, picking the Senate. But that's, that's a pipe dream.

There's so much, so many things that are pipe dreams these days. We, we need a few, we need to do any number of things. We need to elect prosecutors. We need to have people that will enforce the laws are written. We don't need any more new laws. All we need to do is enforce the law as they're written, which again, is one of the frustrating things about being in a courtroom these days. You can't depend on that taking place and happening, which is, which is another another question of anarchy, because people that are in these black robes are making up stuff as they go along. And that again, that's fishy.

Let me ask you this, because there's a there's an article at American Gulag that the the the heading of it, I find interesting. It says 99% conviction rate. Let me you were a prosecutor.

Yeah. I mean, I realize that that a that a prosecutor that does their due diligence would would tend not to bring cases for prosecution, unless they really had a strong case and and good evidence. But our justice system is is blind in the sense that it creates the opportunity for the defendant using the fourth, fifth and sixth amendments to be able to defend themselves properly. And under that, under that system, you're not you wouldn't, you wouldn't presuppose a 100% or even a 99% conviction rate under those kinds of terms.

Am I off base in believing that? Well, the conviction rates are, of course, a bit misstated in a number of ways, not the least of which is 90 95% of things are determined by plea deals, not by actual trials. And so if you are doing that in terms of if you're utilizing this statistic by how many people are charged with something and how many people wind up with a conviction, then then then that rate is going to be the case. If you wind up with acknowledging or determining how many matters actually go to trial and how many convictions there are at trial, that's an entirely different different subject, which is why we wind up with this horrible, horrible situation with prosecutors that charge crimes that are well beyond the level of crime that is that they can prove that allows them to negotiate something that is less onerous to the defendant and then it extorts a plea out of them.

It's a dangerous, dangerous system. Plea bargains in some respects, while it extreme lines that streamlines the world, makes it nice for nice for lawyers and judges in the system. It doesn't it doesn't really create a whole lot of accountability for the people that are actually in the system. And I think that one of the things that a bar association should do that they don't and that is, is be critical of prosecutors who overcharge and charge cases that they ultimately can't prove. I'm I'm not sure how to enforce such a thing, but but when I was a prosecutor, I certainly felt an ethical obligation to charge those cases. Not that I just had probable cause that there was a crime, but rather that once I was in a courtroom felt I could prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

And then if I couldn't prove it beyond reasonable doubt, the appropriate thing would be to charge the case with a crime that I could prove beyond a reasonable doubt, rather than charge a high crime and then negotiate down by extorting a plea from the defendant. Prosecutors have a very special, tremendous amount of authority. Seems to me that they also have with authority comes a great responsibility.

And I've been watching that responsibility being misused in so many places these days. You know, the the stories of the of the violations of the rights of the J sixers, again, is so, you know, intrinsically tied to what we're talking about. Because each one of those individuals, you know, there's a there's a story on America gulag. It is the 99% conviction rate, another January six year betrayed by the justice system, Darryl F. Neely Sr. And and you should read his story, folks. Darryl Fitzgerald Neely Sr. went on January six to be a an independent journalist and and to and to record the events that took place that day.

The person who led him into the Capitol has not been charged nor arrested. Yet he himself is looking now has been has been sentenced to 28 months in prison. And yeah, you know, the world the world in the streets of America are much safer with Darryl in prison. Then, then had this guy that walks around with a camera and a cell phone out and out and about, you know, that it's turned on its head what the criminal justice system is supposed to be.

It's supposed to do a couple of things, not the least of which is protect the population and put in there, putting him in prison and allowing the folks that riot in Portland to be walking around free is I don't know, I'm I'm going to guess that's not doing much to protect the society. Well, and and and what was it that he's reporting on? He's reporting on what he witnessed.

It was an extremely cold day in one moment. Imagine witnessing the District of Columbia metropolitan police officers firing bang grenades, shooting rubber bullets, tasing with tasers, spraying OC pepper spray and severely beating humans with batons, riot shields and fists. He says the police officers were injuring and killing protesters who were pushed to fight back because they were attacked. And there are those in the in the crowd who said that they were the ones that were attacked first. And the epic epic times and and David Summerall's videos indicate clearly that portions of the crowd were standing around praying in peacefully gathered together when suddenly from up on the balcony, the the DC police started firing rubber pellets and and firing compression grenades into the crowds, crowds of people who were not pressing forward crowds of people that were that were peacefully gathered together.

And there have been no consequences for those actions. That's where the that's where they're utilizing the justice system, if you will, not to protect not to protect the population, not to see to it that justice is done, but rather simply to protect the government. This is this is our problem. That's the gag order against President Trump that that that's been put there to protect the government. People need to see these things for what they are. Well, and we're gonna we're closing and we're coming to a close.

But you know, I would encourage people to look up. It's called the deprivation of rights under color of law. And and and you folks, you need to familiarize yourself with what that means and and and what's happening because in reality, see this is the part of the reason why our founders put these kinds of things in to our loss our legal system, because they knew absolute power corrupts Absolutely. When you have moved our nation from being a representative government to an indoctrinated gathering of the sheep that believe in this authoritarianism and and and the large percentage of a certain portion of our populace seems to think that Marxism works there. They have not yet felt the brunt of what that is going to be looking like. But I'm afraid that storm is is is fast is fast approaching. And many of them are waking up and finding themselves unable to pay their rent, unable to pay their insurance, unable to get a job, unable to feed their families. Well, welcome.

Welcome to your utopia. Yeah. For that, I've got a Facebook group called Dave Shostakis on the Constitution. And I at that group, there's a event regarding November 9, and Pastor Lee and what's going on there.

I would hope that folks would and I would encourage folks to take a look at that. There's some background on Pastor Lee and the story and what's going to be coming up on that event. But next week, next week will be the the first of November when we when you and I are together on next Wednesday. And and we'll dedicate that that program to really talking about the things that are going to be discussed on the night so that people really get a sense of that. And hopefully we can get a lot of people out to to support that event. We've got to jump David Shostakis has been my guest just our constitutional originalist, you're listening to children generation radio, where no topics off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Stay tuned Melanie Collette and I are going to talk about the Speaker of the House issue and what's going on with that. We'll be back with more coming up right after this brief break.
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