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CGR FRIDAY 092223 Cece O’Leary SLF Student Free Speech Perry Johnson 2024 For President

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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September 22, 2023 9:01 am

CGR FRIDAY 092223 Cece O’Leary SLF Student Free Speech Perry Johnson 2024 For President

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for a World War II defending our country. Today, we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

I am Patriot Mobile. That was a shooting gallery up there. I could hear the tremble in his voice. She suffered a very severe being. The video is pretty graphic.

Justice for us seems almost impossible. It's not fun to watch somebody die, and they knew she was in mortal peril. They have not asked the hard questions. Why was the Capitol intentionally unsecure that day? The FBI had information about security concerns before January 6th. They're out for blood, and they're getting it. They appear to be winning. Were the actions of the Capitol Police out of line? Were there violations in use of force?

Now I describe it as an inside job. I'm ready to do whatever God calls me. There's an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned before the Communist Party took over our country. The family is the essential unit of human society, and that you must have honor and defend your family. But it's not always easy to do.

When the regime gives the order, you have to kill. My heart was pounding. I felt my body bouncing and twisting on the floor. They put numbers on our shoulders, then separated us into rows of even and odd numbers.

I was number nine. My brother, he's still in prison, and my sister, she was sent to a labor camp without a trial. But there's one piece of evidence they haven't been able to destroy yet.

I left everything behind. If I can't expose what they did to us, then all of our suffering would be for nothing. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy. And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. Thanks so much for being here. Hour number two.

If you missed any parts of hour number one, my goodness. Be sure and check it out. We talked quite a bit about, well, we talked entirely about CGR wellness and about your health. And we encourage you to check out the things that we were talking about in particular about immune health because, well, they're talking about another wave of this ridiculousness and forced vaccines and so on and so on and so on. And the way you prevent all of that from impacting you, well, it's really simple.

You take care of yourself and there are natural ways in which you can do that. And we introduce those to you at Well, I'm very excited to welcome my next guest back to the program. She is with the Southeastern Legal Foundation, one of the organizations that I've been associated with really since in the early, early days of the program, almost 10 years now. I can't even hardly believe it.

Todd Young used to come on the program a lot and now CC has taken Todd's place and it's just exciting to get her back in the program. I hate that we have to have the conversations that we're going to have today. And now, I don't know if we want to get into this or not, but if you saw the Alito's decision to take off the restriction so the Biden administration now can go ahead and collude with social media platforms on free speech, I guess they're waiting for that Missouri case to go through. My attorney and I were talking about that yesterday and I understand, but it's like, okay, in light of where we are and all of the stuff that's going on and the White House basically sending out memos to media outlets saying, this is what you can talk about and this is what you can't say. And oh, by the way, we do control the FCC. Just thought we'd mentioned that.

I mean, that's the underlying threat that is there. Anyway, sorry, didn't mean to bogart, but CC, welcome. Good to have you.

Thanks. It's great to be here. That obviously we're here today to talk specifically about free speech on college campuses, but then on a broader spectrum, we can maybe get to that at some point in the next 20 minutes or so. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's no secret that free speech is under attack in all forums and all venues. And so it's definitely concerning. But yeah, like you said, college campuses are kind of ground zero for these experiments with free speech and where the government is really trying to experiment with silencing people.

And so if we don't protect free speech on our college campuses, you can forget about it everywhere else. Right. So and these are called bias response. I mean, folks, this is the name. This is the name. They're called bias response.

It sounds like Ghostbusters to me. Yeah, unfortunately, this is happening on college campuses across the country. They have all been implementing what are called bias reporting systems and bias response teams. And the way this works is colleges will encourage students to report each other anytime they think they see a, quote unquote, bias incident. What is the bias incident?

Great question. Colleges don't really define it. And so students can report each other anytime they feel offended by the words they say, basically. And these reports go to campus administrators who are part of this bias response team. The bias response team then investigates the reports and can even discipline students simply for trying to exercise their First Amendment freedoms.

So this is a major problem. Students have had enough. They are pushing back. We have sent several demand letters to colleges. And so in the past few years, lawsuits have been filed and one lawsuit in particular that has been brought by Speech First on behalf of students at Virginia Tech has made its way up to the Supreme Court. And they are asking the court to review their petition to end the bias response team at Virginia Tech and frankly to end bias response teams across the country.

So we are supporting them 100% of the way. I mean, it would be as simple as me, when I introduced you, I said she has taken over for Todd Young. And you could say, I am not a cisgendered female.

I'm non-binary and now my name is blacklisted. And I think this is the thing too. And I remember years ago having Michelle Owens on when we were talking about, because there are claims where young ladies are being assaulted, but there are also claims where we find out that's not the case at all. And through Title IX, it turned into this great big deal, but it would become a black mark on that young man's academic record that would travel with him. And even if he left that school, it goes to the next one. I assume with these bias response teams that they can have these allegations placed in their permanent academic record that now travels with them no matter what campus they go to.

Exactly. And here's the thing, those reports can be submitted completely anonymously. So students, there's nothing to stop students from falsely accusing one another of engaging in this quote unquote bias, you hurt my feelings. And so there's not only this reputational harm that occurs, but there is no accountability for students who are falsely reporting other students. And in fact, we saw this happening to conservative students during the COVID years, a few years back when schools had all sorts of COVID guidelines and regulations on campus. The conservative students on those campuses were actually really trying to comply with those guidelines. They would wear their masks when they were required to wear them, but they would be outside handing out flyers, trying to gain awareness for their conservative causes. And of course, students on that campus didn't like that. And so they falsely reported those conservative students to administrators to get their events shut down. We saw this time and time again, again with the COVID reporting stuff. And we are going to see this again with all of the bias reporting systems. Well, we watched it.

I didn't mean to interrupt you, but we watched it again. You know, there were a couple of situations in Virginia where you had people that were holding up signs that said, hey, you know, save this baby's life, right? You know, all lives matter, those kinds of things. And I mean, you had people that literally were going up and and grabbing their signs and trying to tear their signs off of their neck. And I mean, you know, it was assault. And in one instance, if I if I remember correctly, one of them was actually an instructor, a teacher at the university was the one who was committing the assault. And the administration was like, well, you know, it's okay, because we want to kill babies too, I guess. Yeah, students and visiting speakers are literally risking their lives at this point just to try to engage in open dialogue.

They want to have conversations. But as you said, a lot of their classmates just don't want to hear it and in fact, heckle and even assault them to silence them. And unfortunately, administrators and our government are certainly not stepping in right now. So it's really up to the courts at this point to set some rules, some ground rules for colleges to follow, which is why this case up before the Supreme Court is so important right now.

Well, you know, it's it's and and what is the purpose? I'm going to we're going to talk a little bit later on with Ben Luna, who's running for Senate in New Mexico about their governor's statement, basically saying that the Constitution is really kind of there, but it really doesn't mean anything. You know, I have I have the power to overturn I don't have to, I don't have to honor the oath that I took.

It doesn't apply. I mean, this is the kind of mentality that we're talking about on college campuses, which is leading to these people thinking that there is no religious liberty, there's no First Amendment right, the conservatives don't have a right to gather and peacefully redress their concerns. And God forbid that somebody should actually write an opinion piece in a college newspaper that doesn't follow this, this communist Marxist liberal ideology.

They might they might go, you know, burn the place down. Yeah, it's mind boggling to see, you know, how how much of our history and just civics that we've lost in our education. You know, you see those interviews, like you said, you go to a college campus and ask students what the First Amendment says or who our first president was. And half the students don't even know probably more that more than half the students don't know. So that's also why educating students is so important. And that's something that we try to do as well here at Southeastern Legal Foundation. We go to college campuses, we host webinars, where we teach them about the First Amendment and what their rights are and how to stand up for themselves.

So that when those moments happen, when their administrators try to silence them, or their classmates try to heckle them, they have some tools at their disposal that they can use so they can advocate for themselves. You know, and to that point, Ken Mercer, a friend of mine who was on the Texas Board of Education for a number of years, sent me a message just recently about how now they are introducing in school books, that those who want to make America great, well, we're all just the KKK. I mean, they're writing that into the history right now, that anybody that was that is or has been active in in trying to bring back the constitutional republic that our founders created is somehow a member of the KKK.

Yeah, it's so alarming. And I think people forget that K through 12 students also have First Amendment rights. They are entitled to have their own beliefs. And we've seen all over the news and we hear from parents all the time about children having to remove stickers from their backpacks or their laptops because they support a certain political candidate or a certain idea. And schools are trying to silence them left and right.

And so the fact that it's coming up in textbooks now is especially alarming because how do you stop that? So again, I think having the courts as a backstop for all of this is going to be especially important in the upcoming years as this fight is only going to get worse. I guess the question that I would have relative to that and I've again, I've talked with David Shostokis is regularly on he's actually representing one of the defendants in the in the Trump case, Reverend Stephen Lee. But we talked about the courts and he's been he is found in several in Illinois and in Georgia, where the judges are basically creating law from the bench. There's no precedent.

There isn't anything. They are literally creating laws and rules from the bench. How is Southeastern Legal Foundation addressing that?

Are you guys because you guys are a national organization. You've got cases in multiple states across the country dealing with this kind of issue, but issues like this, fighting back pushing back on on on. Remember, I remember having a conversation years ago with Todd on the children that were going to file a lawsuit because they were blaming the the the government for for the pollution in the air. And if you if you're familiar with the case that I'm talking about, but how are you guys? What are you seeing as y'all are dealing with different courts and different judges across the country? How is the rule of law being applied?

Yeah, that's a great question, because it's something that we we have to deal with every day. There are different judges who have, you know, different views. And of course, judges are called on to be impartial and they're meant to be arbiters of the Constitution, but they all have their own backgrounds. And and so it's something that we are certainly fighting for. We are doing our best to get these important cases in front of not just one judge, but several judges.

Right. We are not just trying to go to one court and get one ruling. We're trying to go to several courts and get several rulings. And if the courts come out different ways, that creates what's called a circuit split, which finds a case perfectly for the Supreme Court to address it. So, for example, this speech first case with the biased response teams at Virginia Tech, they have brought several cases in several circuits across the country, circuit courts of appeal and the circuit courts of appeal have come out in different ways. And so they are bringing this case to the Supreme Court.

And it's something that we we highlighted in our brief saying courts are coming out differently below. We need you, Supreme Court, to issue a ruling once and for all. And so that is something that all of the organizations in our legal movement are working towards getting those cases up to the Supreme Court and creating prime opportunities for the Supreme Court to ultimately rule. So, you know, it's not ultimately down to one single judge, even if there are some rogue judges issuing rulings from the bench. The ultimate goal is to get it in front of several courts and ultimately the Supreme Court.

To that end, I'm glad I'm glad you you you bring it to that place. You know, one of the things that we have had had been hopeful of was is that we would get you know, with Kavanaugh and Gorsuch and and and Amy help me with her her her that that with, you know, those three added in. Clarence Thomas has been a stalwart when it comes to constitutional originalism. Alito the same way for the most part, john roberts has been a huge, in my opinion, a huge disappointment, but you just never know what he's going to do. But as as it relates to that, as you guys look at because you have to forecast you, you take these cases, as you said, circuit court level now, the strategy is let's get them to the Supreme Court.

So that means we need to be watching what is the Supreme Court doing? How are they acting? How are they behaving? How are they grouping?

There's 333. There's been a lot of conversation about the three conservatives, the three kind of in the middle and the three way to the left. How do you guys see that playing out?

What what does the court look like to you? You know, I am not a mind reader. So no, no, no, I understand. Right. No, I mean, I'm just saying as in general, they've been there long enough now.

They've they've had what three sessions together, I think since since they all got, you know, finally all got seated. What is the general consensus as you guys kick it around and look and say, Okay, yeah, they're look, and I and I need folks to understand when we talk about this, from my perspective, it's not about conservative or liberal. It's about what does the Constitution say? What are the precedents? How was our how are these things addressed? How did how did Jay Johnson and and the original courts look at these issues and render decisions because there's precedent going back 200 years. So so to that, and we've had times when the court has appeared to go way off bounds from any form of precedent whatsoever. That was one of the things substantive due process that Clarence Thomas addressed when he when we when they changed the Roe v. Wade. To that point, I guess is what I'm asking you is is from a legal perspective, when you guys look at how are they ruling? Are they coming more in line with the Constitution now than we've seen for the last 20, so 2025 years?

Where does where do we sit? Yeah, I definitely think that as an organization, we're very hopeful on we've seen a lot of good rulings, you know, just this past summer and the summer before that, like you said, getting more and more in line with the Constitution and its original meaning and the text in history. You know, there's still a little ways to go. But I think it's always a good sign when when politicians are scared, especially members of Congress, perhaps.

I don't know if you saw that yesterday. A few senators filed an amicus brief that was charged with all sorts of accusations against organizations like ours, where they were accusing us of, you know, trying to sway the Supreme Court to rule a certain way. And we're all political. Well, to an extent, amicus briefs are meant to sway the court one way or another. So they're right about that.

But there is no dark money being traded between our groups. You know, we are all part of this cause because we care deeply about the Constitution. So all that to say, I think that we're right over the target when you have several notable senators, you know, writing these briefs to the Supreme Court saying that the court shouldn't trust our organizations and instead should listen to the senators who want to engage in court packing. Well, and and and and this is something that came up in in our in my conversation on Wednesday with David was this is the destructive tentacles of the 17th amendment, which has essentially turned it all into a money game and a national money game. Senator, the Senate simply acts like like a bunch of little presidents, because that because all the money that's coming in to them, it's not coming from their states in many instances.

It's coming from outside sources who are then using those finances in order to sway and obtain votes. I mean, let's be honest, that's what's going on. And and yes, I mean, I would expect the South Eastern Legal Foundation to file amicus briefs that that remind the Supreme Court justices of what the Constitution says on a particular matter and on a particular issue. That is that is what that you're chartered. That's how you're established.

That's what you would do a way I mean, logically, it would make sense. Now, if you've got a bunch of guys that are saying no, we want to throw away the Constitution and we want to become a Marxist communist state and and we want you know, the the the WEF and the WHO to run the United States of America, then they're going to have a problem with the things that you guys support. I thank you for what you're doing. I really do and I encourage folks to go to get signed up for their emails. But if you're able make a little contribution, you know, $5 $10 $20 whatever you can do 1000 is spelled th o us and and I'm sure CC and her organization would greatly appreciate a few of those as well. But seriously, they're fighting for our constitutional rights. And I appreciate that final thought CC got a couple of minutes left.

Well, I appreciate you having me on as always. And I just, I always like to end on a message of hope. You know, we hear a lot of bad news all the time. But again, the Constitution was written to be a long lasting document to survive all sorts of political games. And so thankfully, we do have this judicial system that has vowed to uphold the Constitution as it was written as it was intended originally.

And we are doing our best, like you said to hold all members of government to that oath, but especially our courts and other organizations out there are as well. So yeah, we are we are doing our best and we hope that people will stay involved and keep up on what all is going on in our court system. And again, folks, you know, warn your children about this this bias police policy that's taking place on there because I'm sure they're all you know, it's all across the country. So you need to warn your children about it as well, not to make them afraid to speak, but to make them aware of it.

And if they have an issue that arises on their campus,, reach out to them and let them know they are there to help support your children to experience their right to free speech, free practice of religion, freedom to redress their concerns, freedom to peacefully assemble, and a free press on their college campus. CC, thank you so much for all you're doing. We appreciate it. Thanks for having me. You bet. Remember,

All right, we're going to take a break. We come back Perry Johnson is running as a candidate in the Republican race, the 2024 presidential race. And he has put out a PAC to support those and defend those that are saying, hey, there was a problem with the 2020 election. And yes, people have a right to their opinions with regards to that. And he's put a million dollars of his own money into that PAC for these people's defense.

That's called putting your money where your mouth is. Perry Johnson will be with us coming up. You're watching Children's Generation Radio. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. So up next, we have clean slate. When you have different things like cancer and different diseases that are autoimmune related, it can really help with inflammation because you're helping clean the bot.

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And now, back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg. I am for marriage between a man and a woman. I am for life from conception. I am for following the Bible, and I believe that our founders started this nation on biblical principles.

I am in support of our military and believe that America should play a role in world security. I believe our Constitution was intended for a moral people and that the Bible contains the only true moral code. I believe we are all born sinners and that God in His grace and mercy sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, and that if we will confess our sins, He is just and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I believe salvation is not just accomplished in a little prayer, but that it is found in how that transformation is lived out. Jesus is to be the Lord of our lives, and we should follow biblical precepts. This is not legalism or works, but a life lived out in love and honor towards the One who died for my sins. Faith without works is dead and is no faith at all. I believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart, and that God will ultimately bring us into perfect action through Jesus Christ, spirit man perfected and soulish man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame when we fall, but we repent and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness, that God will heal our land.

I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till He comes, and that to call evil wicked and to warn about those evil acts is a part of the mandated Christianity. That to love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront a friend with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters, even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth, and that I can never sit silently by while evil attempts to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life. That does not make me weak but strong, not silent but bold, and not fearful but courageous. Therefore if you are my friend, while we may not fully agree, know that I share what I share because I care.

If you strongly disagree with these beliefs they are not debatable for me, and you can if you choose unfriend me. I do not say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and that God, not man, gets to decide what is truth, life and the way. God bless you. It is a wonderful opportunity that we have to see Borval here in this community and with Borval we are so thankful for all our brothers and sisters who are praying for us, and we are thankful to Borval who completely helped this Borval to put in this community. God bless you, Borval and God bless you, Pastor Diggion and God bless all the Southern Generation Ministries. Thank you, God bless you. Greetings Student Generation Army. I'm so grateful to be connected with you, my listeners. You are some of the most engaged, responsive, loving and caring people I know. I need to bring to your attention an urgent need for our ministries in India.

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Please call us, contact me today and make your best donation. Thank you and God bless you. I thank and praise God for this borewell that God has enabled us to put in this village with the prayer and support of Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Radio Ministry. By the prayer and support of Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministry, we could put the borewell in this village for the community. Before this community was drinking dirty water and that was really causing a lot of sickness, but now they are getting pure and fresh water and all the communities are so thankful for Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministry and all the supporters. And we pray for all of you that God would bless you and God would use you so that we can put more and more borewells in a poor and needy community, those who are really having a problem of the waters. God bless you and keep us in your prayer and this Pastor is, Pastor Jackie has been doing the ministry here in this village and really this village is really in a big need of a church building. Keep us in prayer. God bless you.

And this is this borewell we have put and pure and fresh water is coming and we are so thankful. And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and I have Perry Johnson on the line. Perry is running for President 2024 in the Republican Party. Perry, welcome. Good to have you on the program. Well, I'm delighted to be here. So first of all, I was looking at your site earlier and you are out of Michigan and it talks about what you've done with the American auto industry there in Michigan. Talk to us about what you've done there, brother. Well, I guess it's hard to ever vote for anyone without knowing something about them.

Sure. I grew up in a middle class family in Dalton, Illinois. My dad was actually a pilot in World War II. My mom was a nurse in the Army WAC, the Med Ed and New Year's Eve party, which was the biggest break of my life. And I got involved very early in the fact that we have this great country and my parents told me that in America anything is possible.

We didn't have a lot of money growing up, but I did have a great childhood. In grad school I worked in the steel, I worked there getting eviction notices on pretty much a regular basis. My parents didn't have the money to send me to college, but I worked through this in the steel mill. In undergrad work, in undergraduate school and in graduate school, I eventually got out.

My background was mathematics and I got a job in the auto industry. And this was in the 80s when the auto industry was really struggling. Japan had come in with tremendous quality. They were actually killing it because they had better quality and they had lower prices. And back then in the auto industry, they used to have teams of people at the end of the line checking the product.

If it wasn't any good, they would either rework it or throw it out. And I knew that wasn't going to work. But I thought I knew how to solve the problem. And I left Fort Warner and I started my first company. I introduced statistical methods in the auto industry and we started measuring variation. I thought if we started in the beginning of the process and we monitored the variation in the product, we could reduce variation and eventually we would have better product. Well, I actually taught the people on the line how to do this with control charts.

We just used the moving average. And they actually made the control charts themselves. And little by little they used their expertise and their knowledge of the operation with that very simple concept. And in four or five years, we had the best quality in the world. And I said to myself, well, why not quality as a way of life? And I wrote a book on ISO 9000, the quality standard.

And it took off like hotcakes. And now Perry Johnson registrars and Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation do business in 61 countries around the world. And I spent my entire life bringing quality and efficiency to companies. And now I want to bring quality and efficiency to the federal government. And I'm going to ask you, do you really think the government has quality and efficiency today?

Well, I don't know. And it also is not operating as a constitutional republic. No, as a matter of fact, we have huge problems with the government.

They just become bigger and bigger. They want to have more influence in our lives. They want to tell us what to do, how to do it. And I actually want to shrink the government. I say, let's get better government. And I would like to have a system where instead of them spending every penny in their budget every year, we did just the opposite. We cut two cents out of every dollar of discretionary spending and we incentivize them to spend less. Right now, they spend every penny they get every year so they can get more money the next year and have more power. And the more money they have, the more powerful their agency.

Well, this is idiotic. And that is the reason that we are literally thirty three trillion dollars in debt. In fact, the number is so staggering that people can't even relate to it. But I'm going to put it in perspective. Every country in America this last year had six hundred and ten dollars per month on the interest of the debt. Yeah.

And that is not. We have collected four point nine. We think about it. We collect three point nine trillion in taxes. And you end up in a position where you are over eight hundred percent more than that in debt. And what do we do? We don't try to reduce that debt.

We don't try to balance the budget. Well, we increase it even more. Right now, we're borrowing money for between four point one and five point five percent. Well, when we were borrowing it, it's point six eight of one percent. The interest was what?

Fifty five billion dollars per pound in there. If you borrow it, it's four and a half percent. It's 40 percent of what we collect debt. And right now, for the first time in history, we have spent more money on interest than we have on national defense.

And this is just not acceptable. Why do you have inflation right now? Because of the government.

The government decided to throw four and a half trillion dollars out there without supplying any goods and services. Of course, everybody has to pay for it. You have to pay for it. Everybody around here has to pay for it.

Right. And reality is that they're now talking about cutting Social Security by, what, 17 to twenty three thousand dollars per couple. They're talking about cutting Medicare because they can't afford it. Well, government is spending too much money and they're spending your money and they do it carelessly. And they don't really care.

When Oliver wrote that song about how people are, they are hurting. Sure. Now, Perry, let me just stop you for a minute. So I hear what you're saying. The other problem, though, is, is the the organization in government that holds the purse strings is the legislature. It's Congress. So how how do you as president intend to be able to rein in Congress's continued spending? Well, the bottom line is that unless you get people supporting your plan, you're not going to rein in unless I can get this message across.

We're not going to do anything. Now, what I do think is that if you're going to endorse someone running for Senate or running for House, they have to be someone that's going to go along with a two cent plan, because if they don't, then you still are struggling. We have two problems, though.

You have a problem first in Congress because Congress ends up allocating all this money and understand how they allocate it. Let's say I want a ping pong table and I want a ping pong table for my state. Well, in order for me to do that, I have the guy over there in one state. Maybe I have to give him a car. The other person, I have to give some kind of a bowling alley.

Another person over there, I have to go and give him a membership in the country club. And so you end up having to give all these other things away to get this ping pong table. So this ping pong table that was forty dollars ends up costing forty thousand dollars because you're making all these concessions in order to get that ping pong table. What a ridiculous way to write it.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. You know, one of the challenges and I'm sure you have analyzed this, but one of the challenges that President Trump faced as our forty fifth president was, and I've talked with Peter Navarro about this and Mark Meadows and several others. One of the challenges that he faced was the problem that as a business person coming in, he knew this was a hostile takeover.

I'm sure you've experienced those kinds of things. And his assumption was, well, his assumption was is that the bad guys would leave that weren't going to follow the program. And he extended an olive branch to those thinking that he was going to get people around him that were going to carry water the way that he wanted water carried. I've got a friend of mine that went into Rex Tillerson's State Department as a Trump appointee. He was told in a meeting by a department head, any instructions we received from the White House are to be ignored. And when they found out that he was a Trump appointee, they had him removed.

And the person that helped to remove him was the quote unquote White House Trump liaison that put him there. So so so so what so so so Perry, so Perry, so my question to you then is, is how how would you say that that that you you are elected president of the United States? So Mr. President, my question to you is, is how are you going to ensure that the department heads, the people that are sitting around your cabinet table, actually do what you want them to do and that the people working under them will actually take your direction? Well, it's it's very nice to know that I thought Trump was a good president in so many ways and I supported them. I support him, Perry.

No, no, no. I'm not speaking against President Trump in any way, share reform in that sense. He has come to realize what the monstrosity and why Joe Biden in a hundred days literally destroyed every good thing that President Trump did. Yeah, but but if if you ask President Trump Trump's mistakes that he made, I think he would agree that one mistake was in choosing his cabinet. He chose people that were brilliant and very successful, thinking that that was the answer.

But just like in a company, I can have somebody who's brilliant and done a great job and has all sorts of talent. But if he doesn't support my program, I can't have him out of cabinet. And that was the mistake he made in that area.

He knew that afterwards when he had to get people because he said, well, it doesn't matter how sharp they are, if they ever agree with me, they don't see the same way I do. They can't be out of my cabinet. There you go. Yeah, no doubt. No doubt. So so I guess the question is, yeah, I mean, because, you know, one of the things that we talk about here that I've talked to people about is, you know, everybody talks about term limits, term limits, term limits. The problem is not the guy's name that's listed on the door. The problem is the staff that he inherits.

If you don't clean out the staff, because because the guy on the cabinet, though, you do get to pick your cabinet. Agreed. That you agreed. Yes, sir.

Absolutely. And the other thing you can do is the people that are underneath you, that is all the people, the civilians that are there year after year, president after president. We have to change the way we reward them.

But in my book, I talk about that. You see, in the government right now, they really go out of their way. Their year ends in September. That is, September year end. And they have to make sure that every single dollar is spent at the end of September. And they do that in order to get more money the next year. Well, I say we change that. That we can change.

In fact, we give a bonus to people as long as they cut two cents out of every dollar discretionary spending. We have to change the way they're thinking. Instead of making sure every penny is spent regardless, let's get them focused on trying to be more efficient, trying to save money, give us better quality and efficiency.

And if they achieve that goal, they get a bonus. So now they're starting to think about becoming more efficient, delivering a better quality product and service. Now, right now, they're not doing that.

Right now, they want to make sure they have power. And I would suggest that the largest employer, you know, that we have had both under the Obama administration and under the Biden administration is the government. They're the only thing that's keeping the economy going. They talk about economic recovery.

There's no private sector recovery. This is all happening predicated on government and maybe some government contracts. Well, let's take a look at government contracts.

This is in the real world. It's much different, even with the government contractors. So let's say hypothetically that you're a government contractor and you're dealing with the private sector. Well, if you're in manufacturing and you're producing something and let's say that part is ten dollars after you start producing it, you get more efficient. They actually expect price reduction. So like in the auto industry or in the aerospace industry, you're dealing the same companies, the government dealing with that. That price is going down every year because they expect that is the company.

No, you learn how to do it. You become more efficient doing it. And therefore the prices end up coming down. Now, with the government, with the government, it's just the opposite.

Right. Every year, the price keeps going up. Now, the government can operate the same under the same parameters as private industry, particularly when they're dealing with the same companies under the same auspices. But unfortunately with the government, it's not working that way. The government is about as inefficient as you can possibly be because of the fact that they don't have that same issue where there's competition and we're trying to put downward pressure on price and upward pressure on quality. And that is really hurting them. And that has to be changed. Well, don't we really want to just get government out of, you know, trying to be because that really what you're talking about is, is a government that's competing. I mean, that's that's kind of what you have with the CCP and and Russia and Venezuela and Brazil and places like that where that where the government is making products. Right. They are privatized as much as possible.

Sure. With the impossible exception of prisons. I mean, the government is about as inefficient as you can hear. Let's take the post office.

Oh, my gosh. They lose money every year. Why can't we privatize that? They privatize as much as possible.

So we have a downward pressure on price and upward pressure on quality. Why don't we get the government out of our lives? Why should the government be telling us what to do, how to raise our kids, what to teach our kids here? I mean, I mean, this is not the U.S. government. This is what China does. What Russia does. This is not what the United States should do.

Which really leads into, by the way, as we're as we're getting towards the end of our time together. And I appreciate you being with me today. What you've done when it comes to securing the rights of individuals to peacefully assemble and address a broken election system. Well, what happened there is not right.

I mean, I live in Michigan and in Michigan, we have 16 people in Michigan that basically aren't sleeping at night. These are just ordinary people. These are activists. These are people that were out there.

They thought what they were doing was fine. The president of the United States asked him to do something. The attorney said this is something that is going to be required by the Constitution. If it goes to court and the courts say there was something wrong with our election, we're going to need a different group of electors. And all they did was sign on to that. And now we have people who live on Social Security, literally living on Social Security in a position where they have to try to get an attorney. It's going to cost them the neighborhoods of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Well, they can't afford it. And they're not sleeping at night. The one lady is like 78 years old and she has no possibility of being able to afford this attorney. And she does not sleep at night.

She's so upset. We have people that have lost their job because of the situation. It's just not right. And I think in America, everybody has the right to defend themselves. Yeah, well, and and they should have a right to defend themselves and what they're doing to those individuals who were following the Constitution and were following the law.

It is not unlawful for them to see alternate electors in an instance where you have concerns and even debate that that was supposed to have been going on in the Michigan House relative to the election process and and concerns that were raised with regards to it, which we now know are absolutely legitimate. Actually, the assistant prosecutor wrote a letter to Dana Nessel, who's our attorney general, and said, you have no basis on which to file criminal charges against these people. And she went ahead and did it anyway. She did that to make a name for herself. Maybe she's planning to run for governor or something like that. I don't know. But what she did is just egregious.

And even the prosecutor here agreed that there was no basis for a criminal charge. But nevertheless, these people are in a position where they have to try to defend themselves. And you have created a PAC or that people can donate to. And you yourself have put up the initial an initial million dollar investment. Is that correct?

Yes, I have a million dollar match for all the donations that come in. And where do people go to? Why not? Defend them dotnet. Defend them dotnet dotnet. Yep. Here we go.

Defend them dotnet. Got it. Go ahead.

Go ahead and finish. We've got about a minute left. But in this country, we have to realize that we have the greatest country the world has ever known.

Amen. And in America, anything is possible. We have the most upwardly bubbled society in the history of all humanity. And once America is gone, there is no other America. So we have to keep America the greatest country the world's ever known.

And we can only do that by getting the people to band together and say enough is enough. Because what's going to have been going on in the last couple of years is just not tolerable. And in terms of the spending, which has been my my thing, because I'm I'm concerned about the inflation, I can't stand the fact that we have middle America hurting so much.

It's very bothersome when we have this great country. And we have to keep in mind that the government has just grown so much. And it's really it's spending has gone out of control since the year 2000. It's not just the Democrats. I can't just blame the Democrats. Republicans have spent a lot of money to lead up to the year 2000.

Right. So realize that our it's the year 2000 with a five point six trillion dollars in debt. OK. And it was and our gross domestic product was over 10 trillion. It was 56 percent of gross domestic product that we actually did have a balanced budget in ninety nine. So now, twenty three years later, we are thirty three trillion dollars in debt. And we're only collecting what, four trillion in taxes. So I mean, this is like nuts. So we have a situation where we got so out of control, we have to keep the United States as the world currency.

U.S. dollar has to be the world currency. If we lose that state, everybody's entire standard of living will drop 20 percent overnight. Yeah. Without anything happening. Yeah. So we can't let this happen. Agreed.

Agreed. Well, Mr. Johnson, I thank you for being with us today. Perry Johnson Dotcom is the Web site.

You can get all that information. Perry Johnson Dotcom. And again, defend them dot com if you'd like to help.

And Perry will be matching up to a million dollars and helping to defend, in particular, the 16 individuals that have been targeted in Michigan by a rogue DA that has decided she wants to try to make a name for herself. Perry, thanks for being with us today. I greatly appreciate it. Well, thank you and enjoy life. All right.

God bless you, sir. All right. We're going to take a break. We'll be back. Don Jans joins us on the other side. We'll talk how Marxism has been just indoctrinating and the indoctrination that's happening in our school. And again, it's so critically important to understand what they're doing in controlling the minds of our children. We'll be back with all that right after this brief break.
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