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CGR WEDNESDAY 090623 David Shestokas Georgia Election Fraud Indictment Exposed

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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September 6, 2023 8:00 am

CGR WEDNESDAY 090623 David Shestokas Georgia Election Fraud Indictment Exposed

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me.

Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice on where you can listen each and every day and I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. We've got a great program lined up for you. Dr. Alan Lindemann will be with us bottom of hour number three. We'll be talking with him about maternal mortality and also about the pending vax mandates and the implications that's been having as it relates to pregnant women.

So we'll get into that with him. Fake news and censorship coming up with MRC and top of hour number three. Top of the next hour, Melanie Collette will be with us. We'll talk about her thoughts about J6 and Lahaina and more and more revelations. And if you have not seen our interview with Scott Adam, it's probably one of the most complete interviews about the issue on Lahaina because both of Scott's pastors and churches he was engaged with were the first ones to finally be able to reach people with aid. He talks about how the police were blocking people in. He talks about how they were told in January, in January, that they intended to make Lahaina a 15 minute city. The governor put out a notice and Scott attended a meeting where they talked about it. And also about the fact that from April of 2020, they started getting pressure on Lahaina to sell their businesses and sell their homes all the way up until April of 2023. And in April of 2023, suddenly all the requests for sale went silent.

And literally within 24 hours of the fire, those same people swooped back in and started hounding the business people and those that had survived and telling them, well, are you ready to sell now? You tell me. We'll talk about all that coming up next hour. But join me right now to talk about, folks, we are, we are, I have to tell you, evil is active and working against us on every single front. And we begin with spiritual warfare. But faith without works is dead. And faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

We have to be in the word, we have to be in prayer, and we have to be actively saying, Lord, okay, put me in, coach, put me in. It's time to get engaged. Gentlemen who has been engaged for quite some time and has been on my program regularly talking about the significance of engagement, I want to welcome to the program David Shostokis. David, welcome, good to have you.

Thank you. Thank you, Pastor Greg. It's good to be back with you. We had a week off. A lot has happened since I was last here with Pastor Lee. And we were here, you know, it's almost two weeks now. So it's been a while. And a lot has happened in the meantime. Well, I know, I know one of the things that was getting ready to happen when you and Reverend Lee were with us last was is that you were going to have to go with him, accompany him to Georgia, as he turned himself in relative to the indictments. And then, of course, obviously, pled not guilty because he's not guilty.

There's a miracle story associated with that. Tell us, Greg. Just to recap for folks that have missed, I am representing one of the individuals indicted along with President Trump in Georgia in the Fulton County, Georgia, indictments on the RICO charges, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, where they're saying that there was a criminal enterprise involved in overturning the presidential election. I'd also like to make it clear that this is a local Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney that seems to be claiming jurisdiction over the entire United States, because it's not just the election in Georgia that she's claiming that there's a criminal conspiracy about, but rather the election for the presidency for the entire country.

With that, I do have, as now it's a couple of weeks ago, I was on your show with Pastor Steve Lee, who is a Lutheran minister and was among those indicted along with President Trump. We were about to go to Georgia, and they had, just in recapping that situation, I saw so many times when the news people were saying, well, the attorneys for the defendants are going in to negotiate conditions of bond. There was no negotiation, Greg. There was just, come in, here are the conditions. And the standard conditions were not troublesome, you know, appear in court, stay out of trouble, don't break the law.

But we got to the end of that, and they said, OK, the bond that's set up for Pastor Steve Lee is going to be $75,000, with 10 percent to apply. And I explained to the prosecutors that in the end, they didn't care. They essentially said, here's the conditions, take over, leave them, or else we'll be looking to issue a no bond warrant. So, ultimately, we took those conditions that, of course, were presented to the media as negotiated and consented to conditions. But there was no negotiations, and I've talked to counsel for all the other folks. I can tell you that there was no negotiation on behalf of any of the defendants whose counsel I've spoken to, and that's most of them.

So explain that threat that they made again, David, if you would. Yeah, they have in Georgia, there's a thing called a bond consent declaration, where there's supposedly an agreement presented to the court between the prosecutors and the defense about what the bond should be. And then they present that to the court, and they present it to the court as an agreement. But there was no negotiation. Because I explained to them that Pastor Lee doesn't have the money, he doesn't even own his own home, which is not unusual for a minister.

That's not a strange situation. And I said, basically, if you're doing this, as best as I know, there's a fair probability that he's going to wind up going to jail. And that's because he's incapable of doing that. So there was no negotiation. Just so people know this, even though the mainstream media, when I was watching stuff on reports, they're saying, oh, the defense counsel and the prosecutors are negotiating, no negotiation. You take this, or we will issue a no bond warrant. There'll be a warrant issued, and he'll be arrested, and there won't be any bond available. And so you're in Illinois at the time that you're having, basically, given this mandate that says either come up with money or go to prison until the trial, basically, is what that would mean.

Basically, that was it. I was in Illinois on the phone. We have local counsel, we're so blessed to have David Alles, the local counsel with us. He's a Georgia attorney that's part of our team. David was in the room with the prosecutors, and I was on the phone. And Reverend Lee, at that point, is with you in Illinois.

He's here in Illinois. He's not part of the conversation. Right. Understood. Understood.

Okay. And so then what happened? What turned?

What caused him to- A couple of miracle things started to take place. There's a wonderful organization here in Illinois called the Illinois Family Institute. And I've done some work with them for some churches that's associated with them. And they stepped forward and started to establish a Pastor Steve Lee legal defense fund. And they just started that on Monday. We negotiated on Tuesday.

The deadline to surrender was on Friday. And by Thursday night, I've been told that they'd gotten about $4,000 in contributions to assist in Pastor Lee's defense. And by the way, up to now, everything has gone to expenses not to assisting in his defense. And so they started this Pastor Lee legal defense fund, which by the way, is still ongoing. It's slash contribute.

There's a dropdown menu for Pastor Lee. And so please, your listeners want to help this good man, good and decent fellow that's actually an American hero, please, slash contribute. At any rate, they started that. And by Thursday night, they'd gotten about $4,000 in contributions. I did a podcast Thursday night. We started nine o'clock Central Time.

I was on a podcast with Silk of Diamond and Silk. And I was explaining to her what was happening and that it looked like every probability that Pastor Lee and I were going on a plane to Georgia the next morning. We had to go and we had to be there. The plane was leaving a little bit after five in the morning.

So we were going very, very early. And I was explaining to her that we were going in the morning and that by every indication from Friday afternoon, Pastor Lee was going to be sitting in the Fulton County Jail. And so Silk says, so he's not going to be in church on Sunday. It doesn't look like he's going to be in church on Sunday. And she says Pastor Lee needs to be in church on Sunday.

And she personally made up the $3,500 that was necessary to bring the total up to $7,500 to find Pastor Lee out of jail. And he had gone to sleep Thursday night thinking that he was going to jail on Friday. Woke up on Friday morning thinking he was still going to jail because of course we got the details worked out with Silk by about midnight that night. I got up at three in the morning to get out and get to the airport and I went to the airport and I called Pastor Lee. He was in his car and his daughter was driving him to the airport and I explained to him what happened. And his daughter literally screamed aloud because it was on the car speaker.

And she literally screamed aloud when she found out her dad was not going to jail. Thanks to the good graces of the O and I Family Institute, the folks that chipped in 50, 25, 100 bucks to get to the $4,000 and then Silk put the $3,500 in to bring it over the top. I suggested it felt like a miracle. I agreed.

He's telling me. And it felt like literally the hand of the Lord said, no, this man is not going to jail today. Wow.

Wow. You know, that's how that all went. And then we went to and then we wound up going to Georgia and there's more after that.

But I think folks need to know that there's literally that. But in terms of that funding, the round trip airfare, we only had one way tickets when we left because he thought he was going to jail. And I thought I was going to have to stick around for a few days to try and get into court. Right.

And get into court to see if we could have a judge review this bond situation in hopes of getting him out, anticipating that he'd be in and then in hopes of fighting the legal battle or the mountain, if it were, if you will, to, you know, to get him released, he didn't end up having to be there the entire time. Yeah. Which, by the way, you know, it's relatively recently that the Fulton County Jail was under investigation because of a prisoner that was literally eaten to death by bedbugs in that jail. Oh, my gosh. There's a federal investigation ongoing in that facility. And this is a literal truth that there was a fellow that was screaming and hollering and they didn't pay any attention to him and they found him ultimately dead, eaten by bedbugs in that jail.

Oh. So, you know, truly a miracle, although interestingly enough, the pastor had given me a long list of things to try and accomplish if he was in custody. And among those, among those was, you know, to see sure that he had his Bible and certain other things to enable him. He was planning on trying to establish some Bible classes in the jail. They just, you know, that was just, that's the servant's heart that he was going through this with.

Sure. And so, so, yeah, no, it was literally a miracle that he didn't go. But at any rate, because of that, we wound up not having to stay.

And so we got, we got, we got tickets to come home. And just because, of course, you don't have the opportunity to do much shopping for airline tickets under those circumstances, our round trip to Georgia, he and I, that one day, $1200, you know. And this is the, this is the kind of thing we're looking at going forward. Just the expenses alone of defending this, not counting local counsel and our legal team that we're establishing to put together, is, it's going to be monumental. People talk about and say that President Trump may be spending $30, $40 million on his legal defense in some of these situations.

And this is, this is not an inexpensive proposition to take place. But he, he did that, he was home that night, and for Silk's wish, he was in the pulpit on Sunday, you know, which was, so that was, that was, that was fantastic. So we were so happy about that. So you mentioned that some other things took place when you were in Georgia.

How much of that can you share? Yeah, well, we had, we started, we found out a couple of things. We found out that, of course, in the meantime, the, a couple of other, other defendants among them, Sidney Powell, and Mr. Chesebro is another lawyer, two lawyers who were indicted for giving legal advice. They demanded speedy trials. And those trials were set for October 23rd. And the prosecutor, Ms. Willis, is trying to have all trials go on October 23rd. And at the same time, though, we've made, we were advised to have arrangements. And David Olds, our local counsel, has been, is going to be at the prosecutor's office and has been told to bring a memory device capable of downloading three terabytes, three terabytes of discovery materials. If somebody has a clue on, you know, that's just a massive, tens of thousands of pages of documents.

And yet they're trying to see to it that people, other people are going to be on trial on October 23rd. And so this was, this was among the things that we learned. We haven't even gotten this discovery yet, but we were advised that that's how much there is. And so that was among the things. I did have occasion to speak with, since then and since then, I've had occasion to speak with any number of counsel for other folks. There are going to be, there are so many different kinds of pending motions. Mr. Meadows is working on having this case moved from state court to federal court. And he has, he has a special, there's a particular federal law that applies to federal officials that are charged with crimes related to the execution of federal duties.

And certainly he's part of the overt acts for Mr. Meadows, including giving advice to the president of the United States, Wayne of Tract, he was chief of staff to the president of the United States. And so he's got a clear argument to move that to federal court. If he's successful, there may be some possibility of moving all the cases to federal court, not just, not just Mr. Meadows.

There's been a mixed bag, there's not a lot of precedent on that, but there's been cases that have been removed in the federal court in a criminal situation and companion cases to that, to the main case that's moved have also been moved. Whether that happens here or not, I don't know. But there's a lot of things that are going on in the meantime. There's questions of venue, because Ms. Willis accuses people of actions and has indicted them for actions that they've taken that did not happen in Fulton County, you know. Because when you have the RICO, you've got the overarching RICO that charges all 19 individuals. And then within that case, you have individual indictments that charge other people with crimes. And many of the crimes that they are accused of within the 40 counts didn't happen in Fulton County. But there's also some, there's a couple of other things.

I just want to get them out here and then let you talk to them. One of them is the uniqueness of this Georgia RICO law, because there's no other state, as if I remember correctly from our interviews the prior two weeks, because you spoke about this individually, like we're doing right now. Then you also talked about it a little bit with Reverend Lee here as well.

And I had a picture of that up just a little bit earlier of that interview, which folks can find both of those interviews, by the way, by going to our show archives at the website and just click on the Rumble link and you'll be able to locate those. So there's something unique about that. And then the other piece is, is there was news that I saw across the X platform and a couple of others, I think on Truth as well, that it seemed that there was evidence that may have been destroyed by the Georgia district attorney relative to this case. Well, my understanding is that she, in fact, there is evidence, not necessarily destroyed, but evidence that's exculpatory that she ignored in the issuance of the indictments. And that evidence in particular relates to what they're calling fake electors, what are really alternate electors in the event of a successful court challenge to the outcome of the election. And so she's saying that she indicted a whole group of people that signed on to be electors for President Trump in the event that the then pending court case in Georgia was successful in terms of making a different determination than the secretary of state of Georgia had previously made.

And that is just a normal course of business. And there were actual transcripts taken at the time that these electors got together. And at the introduction of those electors, at the introductory part of that meeting, the discussion was that they are not presenting themselves as the duly elected electors, but rather as the alternate electors in the event of a successful, of a successful challenge in court.

And there's, in fact, precedent for that. It did, in fact, happen in Hawaii in 1960. In Hawaii in 1960, they originally declared that Richard Nixon had won the state. It was continued to be challenged, and electors for John Kennedy had went and certified themselves as the Kennedy electors, and the Hawaiian courts ultimately overturned that. And then the Kennedy electors that had been put together as alternative electors, should the court case be successful, were ultimately sent to and, in fact, counted by Congress. And so this document, she's indicting them for allegedly illegally presenting themselves as federal officials and illegally presenting themselves as electors for the president of the United States.

It's documentary evidence that when they met together in December in Atlanta, that in fact they understood that they were alternates in the event of a successful court challenge. That's absolutely legal activity, and yet she indicted them for that. And she had that evidence in her possession at the time she indicted them.

And so I would suggest that, yeah, there's some very big process for misconduct in that particular instance. But it goes beyond that, because, of course, all five rights of the First Amendment are implicated in the indictments. I mean, the First Amendment has freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. And almost all of the 161 acts that are outlined as being in furtherance of this conspiracy to illegally overturn the election are acts that are protected under the First Amendment. And so the people that are cheering this on have no idea that they're cheering on the demise of their own civil liberties.

It's just, it's frightening, the folks that, whatever you think of Mr. Trump, let's talk about what you think about civil liberty in America. But that's one of them. That's just one issue where it's quite clear that she had evidence that the folks that she indicted committed no crime. It's really stunning what we're uncovering. I was trying, I apologize, I was trying, Gregory Stenstrom had sent me some documentation about this. But unfortunately, it appears that the attachments have some kind of encryption on them.

So I'm not able to open them, which is very strange. And now, wow. Yeah, so that's just, that's just one thing. There is no way this matter is going to get to trial for the whole group by October 23rd. And the situation, however, for Ms. Powell and Mr. Chesebrough is, Georgia law is, is that you have, if you have a trial of a man running and it runs out and their trial of the man under Georgia law at the moment would run out if they don't bring them to trial before November 1st, they have to, they have to be dismissed. And actually, an entry of a judgment of acquittal would enter on those cases.

If they don't, if they're not, if those two cases are not brought to trial. And I also would mention that people, the prosecutors keep talking about, you know, some sort of speedy trial and that speedy trial for the public and everything like that. I think it's important for people to know the speedy trial right belongs to each individual defendant. There is no public right to a speedy trial. The speedy, the public's entitled to a public and fair trial, but they're not entitled to a speedy trial. The only, the only party that can demand and is entitled to a speedy trial is in fact the defendant. And two of the, two of the 18, two of the 19 have, have demanded speedy trials.

And so, and those, and the clock is ticking on those two. So you have Meadows going to federal court, you have those two doing the speedy trial thing. And then there's any, like I said, there's any number of pending issues regarding venue. There's several motions to what they call severance.

That is defendants that are moving to have their trials separate from the others because they would be prejudiced by being part of the larger group. There's a, it's not going to happen October 23rd for the whole group. That's that's for sure. Yeah. Well, no, it doesn't, it, it certainly doesn't, doesn't appear that way. I apologize.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it is. Okay. He didn't Well, so Gmail is doing a very strange thing of essentially blocking the documents from my view. I guess that shouldn't surprise us, right David? No, that shouldn't surprise us at all. That you have the heavy hand of of the Google folks getting involved in trying to manage your they're trying to protect you, Greg, you know, you know, Mr. Mr.

Page and whoever's in charge of, I think they call it alphabet owns Google or something like that, but they're trying, they're just trying to protect you from having bad things happen to your computer by reading information that a friend sends you. Yeah. That would that would appear to be the case.

That would appear to be the case. Okay, and then there's this. So that's the disclosure letter.

All right. What I was going to try to bring up here and was hoping to be able to read to my audience is the information that Gregory and Leah had uncovered, which was sent to Jim Jordan's Judiciary Committee. And in the message that I had sent him, you know, he states that the methods disclosed, documented and entered into evidentiary base by he and Leah are the same ones that have suddenly exploded in in in massive reports of election fraud in Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia, and Georgia, yes. And now there's a and there's the whole group in in Michigan is a whole separate story.

Because again, they're indicting folks for doing something that's been legal for Oh, I don't know, 223 years that I know. Actually, it's happened probably there's been alternate electors appointed in some state in every presidential election since 1800. The only time it never happened is when George Washington was twice elected unanimously. Since then, there's always been alternate electors. And the jurisdiction to sort out things with alternate electors has always belonged to the United States Congress. It doesn't belong to a prosecutor in Georgia or a secretary of state in Michigan or an attorney general in Michigan or elsewhere. It belongs to the United States Congress and the United States Congress made their findings and that's that's all a separate issue. But the fact is, is it doesn't sort of bring out who's an alternate elector, a legitimate elector and whatever has been sent to the Congress and the archivist of the United States. That's the jurisdiction of the United States Congress. And it's always been done.

It's been done, like I said, since 1800 when Jefferson and Aaron Burr had their thing that went on for 35 votes in the House of Representatives and it took forever there. Well, it's interesting that the current press secretary, White House press secretary tweeted out that she thought that Donald Trump had stolen the election in 2016. I mean, she was adamant. She also stated that she believed that Jeff, Brian Kemp was not the the governor of Georgia, but that Stacey Abrams was in fact the governor of Georgia and that election fraud had had been committed.

And she was called out on it and she just said, yeah, I was waiting for you guys to say something and then blew it off, like moved right on past it. I mean, it's it is under the theories of the Fulton County District Attorney, those are criminal acts. Well, and yeah, and I'm not suggesting that they folks that they are.

But what I'm saying is, is is that if they are for one party, then why are they not for the others? Look at look at, you know, on on Inauguration Day in 2016. Look at the destruction that was done in downtown D.C. Look at how, you know, the marches look at what Antifa did, setting vehicles on fire.

I believe 50 or 60 members of the House of Representatives did not show up because they did not. They were protesting and saying that Mr. Trump was not president. So I remember that. Absolutely.

Yeah. And that's that's their First Amendment right. You know, I mean, and that's why all these things are all these things contesting elections are all First Amendment rights, and to say that they're either criminal or even to say that they're frivolous is that. Is against the First Amendment, you know, one of the one of the things relative to one of the counts in the indictment involves indicting a couple of lawyers for filing a lawsuit. There's a you know, there's there's one count in there that says an overt act and furtherance of this conspiracy was filing a lawsuit.

That is not like the most secret conspiracy you could have. You know, you actually go to court and want to present evidence. And they're saying that that is that's that's sort of an overt act and furtherance of the criminal conspiracy. And so they're just trying to tell people that when the authorities say this is the election result, sit down, shut up and this is this is it. And there's always questions. There's always something that people can question and an election is not actually over until the litigation is over.

Right. You know, it's not it's not over on Election Day just because some secretary of state or clerk in some office says it is. It's over once all the litigation is complete.

The challenges, voters, challenges, signatures on absentee ballots, challenges, the security procedures, all kinds of things that are necessary to determine the actual and true outcome of the election, as opposed to just sit down. This is what we said is sit down, shut up or else we're going to throw you in jail. What?

You know, this is a I don't know. It's a very dangerous it's a very dangerous tack they've taken. And again, the people that cheer this on, whether you like I don't care whether you like Donald Trump or not. But if you like America, you want to have people able to contest an election sometime or other. You're going to think that you lost and you're going to want to say this is this and this were wrong. And I want to go to court and challenge it. And a lot of people are not going to do that because they might go to jail for going to court.

This is insane. Well, and and the targeting that's taking place, you know, again, individuals that that, you know, stand up. I mean, you know, you're you're taking a huge risk in a manner of speaking, by engaging yourself as the defense attorney relative to this situation, predicated on the current climate, the political climate that exists. You know, it is it is the right of the defendant to have defense to be able to properly defend themselves and to be considered innocent until proven guilty. And and I would suggest that perhaps the that that whole concept is under attack. We're watching it here with the impeachment of of Ken Paxton, and what's taking place with regards to that.

I mean, this is a political hit job that's being done by a whole bunch of rhinos here in Texas. And I'm very concerned about, you know, what happens, you know, they tried to have charges dismissed or the yeah, the the impeachment indictments dismissed yesterday. And in every round, you had Republicans join with Democrats to deny the defense team's motion to have these articles dismissed, which were in fact, they should have been dismissed. I mean, quite frankly, they should have been dismissed. But instead, they're going to have this sham trial and it keeps going on. And in one of the quotations I was watching with the prosecutor yesterday, he was he was he was questioning the witness on on an on an article that had not yet been entered into Evan and he continued it was and it was obvious that he was creating a pattern. Because what he would do is is he'd start to ask questions. And then it would be like objection Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to enter that in.

You know, let me let me go ahead and get that entered into Evan. It was it was very sloppy. But after he did it the fourth time, you began to realize that he was he this wasn't this wasn't accidental. This was intentional. And then at one point, when there was an objection that was raised regarding executive privilege, because the guy on the stand was was the guy that was supposed to be advising the Attorney General on certain matters, and they were supposed to be able to have conversations and the Attorney General was supposed to rely on the fact that I can have conversations with this person that are that are privileged conversations.

They destroyed that. And then the the prosecutor's argument was, well, he's because Ken Paxton decided not to come back that afternoon, which I don't blame him. But anyway, they said, Well, he's not even in the room, and he's not here.

So he doesn't have any rights. Wow. Yeah, there's a, there is always even I don't know what to say to that, you know, it's just so astounding and the people that's and people that sit back and cheer that on because they disagree with the politics of the individual under attack don't understand how quickly these things can be turned upon them. You know, and, and essentially, we've, we've become lawless, we've given up all the norms people have no concept of understanding that the norms are there to protect all of us. They all they exist to protect everybody's rights. And so you should in fact, you should in fact, protect and participate and support the norms and, and understand that, you know, you can't do this just whatever it is that you dislike about somebody, that doesn't mean they should be locked up.

You know, so I don't know, we'll see how you know, you mentioned you mentioned me. It's interesting that I will also say that there's two overt acts of the hundred and sixty one that involve Jenna Ellis and Mayor Giuliani and hearings in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at where they're at, where they're counseling state senators and, and other other members of the Pennsylvania legislature on their actual authority on the United States Constitution under Article two of the United States Constitution and their authority to determine who electors are sent to the Congress to be counted. And of course, they held hearings.

And guess what? I testified at the hearings that are put forward as overt acts in favor of the conspiracy to overturn the election. And my testimony was really on my observations in Pittsburgh. I actually saw them bring in three hundred thousand ballots that had been opened outside of the room where they were counted. So nobody knows what the provenance is. Nobody knows what was inside those envelopes, because those envelopes came in to the space to be counted.

They came in open. And that was part and parcel of my testimony in Pennsylvania was more than that. But I'm reading the indictment and I'm going, geez, I was there. And somehow Ms. Willis is declaring, she has jurisdiction over the conduct of a hearing done by the Pennsylvania legislature. The Pennsylvania senators are the ones that get to determine what happens in that hearing. And one of the more important things about a democracy, one of the important questions that people don't realize, where we litigate and go, so often the real question is who gets to decide an issue? Like the whole overturning of Roe versus Wade, it wasn't really about abortion.

It was about who gets to decide the question of abortion, whether the Supreme Court gets to decide or whether or not the state legislatures get to decide. And historically, it was always a state legislature that gets to decide those kinds of matters. And this is another kind of issue where who gets to decide what's a legal activity within the Pennsylvania state legislature?

I'd submit to you, it's the Pennsylvania state legislature, not some district authority. So let me create maybe a small jump here and maybe I'm overthinking this, but there is an article in Title 18 USC Section 242 that is entitled Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. And it says, whoever under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom willfully subjects any person in any state, territory, commonwealth, possession or district to the deprivation of any rights, privileges or immunity secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than a year or both. And if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section, or if such acts include the use, attempted use or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosive or fire shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years or both. And if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to kill shall be fined under the title or imprisoned or any term for any term of years or for life or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Now, if you are threatening a no bond bail, where you are extraditing someone from one state to another, and maybe extradition is an inappropriate term, but maybe where you are kidnapping someone and moving them from one state to another, under the color of law, in a manner that is in direct violation of their constitutional rights, I would strongly suggest that this DA Willis needs to strongly reconsider every move she is making right now because kidnapping has some pretty serious consequences, including life in prison or the death penalty. There's an argument to be made that each and every one of these defendants is being deprived of civil rights under the color of law. What you talk about is the criminal sanctions for that. It's often, when it is applied, and it's applied rarely, but if it is applied, it's frequently applied to, say, police officers that overstep their bounds and arrest people for driving while black under those kind of circumstances, if you can prove such a thing. There is a companion civil law, section 1983 under title 42, and section 1983 gives the person who has been deprived of their civil rights under the color of law, gives them the ability to recover damages for that. Depending on this outcome, there's a variety of potential liabilities on behalf of Ms. Willis, and I would suggest her team. I would say that just because you're following orders, that's the whole Nuremberg defense, just following orders, if you legitimately should understand that what you're doing is depriving someone of their civil rights, and I would suggest that saying, it's illegal for a president to give a speech, or illegal for lawyers to give legal advice, or illegal for a pastor to knock on a door, you're woefully depriving somebody of a variety of different civil rights.

And so there's some potential liabilities, but we have to get through this mess in the first place. And while you make light and say knocking on doors and giving speeches, it all sounds so silly, but the potential penalty for Pastor Lee and the other defendants, five years in a Georgia state prison is the minimum. There's nothing for probation, there's nothing for home confinement, there's nothing for community service.

Five years up to 20, but it's a five-year mandatory minimum. So it's a very, very serious weapon that's being waved at all these folks. But I'm happy to say that everybody at the moment, everybody is in fact pled not guilty. Right.

Well, now I saw some article that said, oh, some are starting to turn on Trump. We don't really have time to get into all that, and I don't know what you have heard about any of that stuff. But I have no reason to believe it's true, and I've talked to a lot of defense counsel.

Okay. But here's something that is a question, and this is one that came up yesterday with Michael Letts when we were talking about the Harrison Floyd situation and the J6 people and so on. And that is this, who enforces the law against the lawless when the lawless are supposed to be the law. When you have a Department of Justice and an FBI, and I mean, I just read another article yesterday where the FBI went in and kicked another guy's door down, busted into his home, showed up at his house to arrest him because he went and heard President Trump's speech on January 6th. This is two and a half years later, and they are still kicking down doors and arresting these people and carting them off in spite of all that we know. I mean, folks, look up the American, my friend David and the American Gulag Chronicles, which are letters from those imprisoned describing their conditions and their life and what's happening to them, firsthand accounts from the individuals that are being held, many without charges or bond, by the way, without anything, just held like prisoners.

David, I mean, that was the question that was presented, and I'm like, I mean, I don't know. I mentioned, I told them that I would ask you because I don't know what do you do when you're living in a country where the law, where those who are supposed to be or entrusted with carrying out, and judges included, because we're watching this, they have to get a judge's order. They can't just go kick down a door.

They have to get a judge's order that approves them going and kicking down these people's doors. I suggest folks go read the Declaration of Independence. There's a long train of abuses that are outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and the remedy for that is revolution, which is why they don't teach the Declaration of Independence. And so there's a long list in there that explains when a government has failed to secure the rights of the people.

And there was an outline there to measure when the government's gone bad. And then we'll see. Everybody always says that this election is the most important election in our lifetime. This truly is the most important election in my lifetime. But David, I have to, I mean, I watch this stuff as you do. And folks, I'm telling you, I have to turn it off. I don't watch a bunch of everybody's commentaries, because I just can't. I see things that come through on feeds that I pay attention to.

And even those, I just go into this intense prayer of, God, we need you to intervene. But that having been said, you know, the concept, the idea of that next step, they've gone there. I mean, we have to understand, they have declared, if you want to ask the people in Lahaina whether or not they think the government of Hawaii declared war on them. I understand one of the Proud Boys was sentenced to 22 years yesterday. And I also understand that he was never even in Washington before January 6th.

Joseph Biggs was given 17 years. Yeah. These are these are very, very strange, unusual times.

And if I may make one suggestion, if somebody wants to do something at the moment, we are there and we're doing this thing, Yes, it's on it's on the screen. As a matter of fact, it's it's, hang on it. Let me let me let me switch. There we go.

It's right there on the screen. Reverend Steve Lee, Reverend Steve Lee, forward slash contribute and designated to Reverend Steve Lee. That's again, forward slash contribute. Reverend Steve Lee, to assist you're helping to cover like, like David said, it cost him 1200 bucks to get back and forth between Georgia and and Illinois, you know, and and and and again, I have to say, and we'll talk about this probably a little bit more later on in the program. But you know, they're talking about mandates again, David, they're talking about mask mandates and Vax mandates and and I have a friend that spoke directly with a TSA agent and I know I was talking about less last night and I had somebody say, well, is it just one agent or what, you know, well, from what I understand, this is pretty widespread and and understood, but they're gearing up for instituting the mandates again. And my understanding is it's going to be it's going to be way worse this time around than it was last time. If you can even imagine that. Can't imagine it being worse, but I imagine I'll be back in court like I was with standing in the word ministries.

And we got the church open in two weeks. And fortunately, we have to we have to fight those battles, too. We have to fight those battles, too. But yeah, it's it's it's a scary time. I hate to do that. I hate to say this, but young are the republic actually is on the line.

Everybody's civil rights is on the line. I talked with my granddaughter and she was telling me how proud she was of what I was doing. And I was saying, Alison, I'm doing this for you. You know, I'm doing this for you, Alison. My time, I don't know, I'm.

I've lived most of my life. I've gone beyond the three score point ten. And so, you know, so I'm doing this for her and all her and her friends and my nephews and that and grandchildren. So join remember, this is who you're doing it for. You're doing it for those kids. We've had we've been blessed for most of our lives.

This country has not been this. And now we have to stand up and give the country back to those that are coming after us. And the reason that I continue to do this program is is because we have to expose what's going on. And I want to give you hope. I don't want to leave you folks with the idea that there's no hope because there is hope. There absolutely is hope. But as I said, you know, when we began this segment, faith without works is dead.

And God requires us to stand up and to be accountable for what we know to be the truth. And it's going to take all of us standing together, we the people have got to stand up against the tyrants and say no. And when you see your neighbor, you know, this was the famous German or I guess it was a German or maybe Holland rider who wrote, you know, when they came for the machinists and they came for this one and they came for that one and then they come for me and there's no one left.

Don't wait. Okay, they're coming for the machinists right now, folks, it's time to step up right now. Because they're coming for the machinists.

Now's the time we need to step up and say, but here, you know, and I'll just close with this. They were they were making I was reading an article this morning about the Paxton trial and oh, there wasn't a whole lot of people that were in the lobby. I'll tell you why people weren't showing up in the lobby, because they know they're going to be put on camera and then they know that the left is going to dock some. They know that they're going to be physically under threat. So they have to decide, am I going to be too exposed if I show up there?

Or do I or do I wait and and and mark my time for when I know I'm ready? And I'll be and I'll have the right effect. It's become that serious.

That's the other problem. You put your face out there and and and they'll come for you. You've already proven it. David, God bless you. I keep us you know, we're going to continue to let people know what you're doing and and and continue to share this truth. The best I the best I can. Well, then try and keep everybody apprised of things that are going on. I have a little more knowledge than others. On the other hand, there's things I'm limited in talking about to try and strike that balance and let folks know.

Thank you. You're correct for everything that you do. And I hope you're I hope your audience gets the message.

But I'm sure they do. That's why they're listening to you. You're here. All right, folks, we'll be back. Our number two coming up. Melanie Collette joins me momentarily.
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