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October 20, 2023 12:00 am

THU HR 2 101923

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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See for details. Donate and listen to the podcast at We're back and you keep hearing all of this stuff on the mainstream, what they call the mainstream media about there is really no nation of Israel.

I mean it's you had this land they're occupying the land of the Palestinian land and but if you want a really I mean an accurate historical account the absolute pure truth of the nation of Israel there's only one place you can find that where's that Joe are you there Joe yes the King James Bible can you hear me yep there you go so with that we're gonna play a little clip because this woman she's got it right when we think about indigenous people we think about their deep roots and long-standing connections to the land they inhabit often spanning centuries or even millennia for example the Chinese from China the Egyptians are from Egypt and the Indians are from India but what about the Jews well the Jews are from Judea the modern-day land of Israel where Jewish heritage stretches back over 3,000 years and like other indigenous people the connection to the Jewish homeland is an integral part of the Jewish identity Judaism is not just a religion but the Jews are also a people with strong ties to the place from which they originated the ancient land of Israel the practice of Judaism is directly connected to that land it celebrates holidays like the harvest time and has prayers that are tied to the seasons in the land of Israel seven crop species including olives grapes wheat and barley are cherished in Jewish symbolism because they represent Israel the land flowing with milk and honey for centuries Jews have been saying Leshana haba abi oshalayim or next year in Jerusalem never forgetting their connection to the land of Israel but don't just take my word for it historians and archaeologists also point to artifacts and historical writings that prove the connection between the land of Israel and the Jewish people Hebrew inscriptions have been found on thousands of artifacts dating as far back as the sixth century BC Hebrew is my mother's tongue I can read these thousands of years old artifacts in addition to Jewish sources an Egyptian document dating to approximately 1200 BC mentions a campaign in which an Egyptian ruler says that he has defeated Israel Israel is no more the document reads probably worst prophecy ever made about the Jews since you know I'm still here the Hebrew Bible is of course more than just a history book but there's a lot of verified history in it the fact that Jerusalem is mentioned 669 times in its pages confirms that the city is central to the Jewish identity politically the land of Israel swapped hands for thousands of years but it was never anything other than a sovereign Jewish state let me say that again the only sovereign state that ever existed in the land of Israel forever as a Jewish state the Jewish people have formed three nation states in the land of Israel throughout history the first was the first Commonwealth ruled by the House of David and it lasted for more than four centuries Israel was united by King David and Jerusalem was the capital of that Jewish state the first temple built by King Solomon was a huge source of Jewish pride then the Babylonians conquered the land exiling most of the Jewish residents to Babylon in 539 BC Persia's King Cyrus conquered Babylon and issued the Cyrus decree allowing the Jews to return to Israel and many did they rebuilt the country including the second temple in Jerusalem on the site of the destroyed first temple its Western Wall is still standing and today it is the holiest site of the Jewish people the second Jewish state is often referred to as the second Commonwealth later called the Kingdom of Judea born from the Maccabean revolt against the Greeks hello Hanukkah it was a time of independence but it didn't last in 70 AD the Romans conquered Jerusalem and burned down the temple exiling most of the Jewish population and giving the land a new name Palestine in order to disconnect the relationship between the Jewish people and their homeland after the destruction of the second temple the land of Israel changed hands many times from the Romans the Byzantines the Caliphate the Crusaders the Mamluks the Ottomans and the British Empire but it wasn't until the 19th century that the Jewish people's longing to return to their homeland became an existential need because of the rise of murderous anti-semitism a movement was born Zionism the Jewish people's right to have a state again Zion by the way is just another name for Jerusalem it's mentioned in the Bible over a hundred times Zionism is a movement for Jewish self-determination in their ancestral land and a Jewish not an exclusively Jewish state initially locals welcomed new Jewish immigrants like my great grandparents who brought prosperity to the land with new cities and agricultural villages called kibbutzim the people they encountered there included the community of Jews who had never left Israel known as the old issue the Israeli Declaration of Independence ensures equality of social and political rights to all its citizens regardless of religion race or sex guaranteeing freedom of religion conscience language education and culture and pledging to safeguard the holy places of all religions which is what Israel does Israel doesn't deny anyone else's identity of course there have always been people of non Jewish identity in the land including modern Arab Palestinians who also have ties to the place the Jews celebrate as the land of Israel and the Christians call the Holy Land but if you support indigenous people's rights you should also be a Zionist and understand that the Jews are the indigenous people of the land of Israel who never really left I'm Noah Tishby author of Israel a simple guide to the most misunderstood country on earth for Prager University hey Joe let me ask you this how do you think those those folks that are from Harvard out there marching and screaming and hollering how do they line up against Noah Tishby how do you how would you compare the two now this young lady I was choosing a video she's very very pretty but she's very smart and where did she get her information well somebody like you and me well we brought it up put it together and where did we get it we got it from God's Word the King James Bible didn't we exactly and then we also know how to do a thing called research real quickly way back at Yasser Arafat spoke at the UN in 1974 and he said you know the Jewish invasion of Palestine began in 1881 Palestine was a verdant area inhabited mainly by Arabs in the course of building a life dynamically enriching its ended indigenous culture and went on and on and on and I've got about 16 people who were visited at that time different people talking about how desolate and lonely it was ruined there was nothing there there was empty land when the Jews started coming back for 1900 years yeah but it's so interesting the Ottoman Turks had ruined the land when they were good conquered it and the Jews came back and rebuilt it and then the Arabs came and went to work for the Jews and then Yasser Arafat claimed in front of his great speech at the United Nations that the Jews had driven out the Arabs from their wonderful thriving land you know the Palestine was a verdant area now it was a desolate desert all the trees had been cut down by the Ottoman Turks and the place had been utterly destroyed so the whole thing has been based on lies since conception and and yet God's Word the Bible said said that it happened exactly exactly the way God's Word the Bible said what happened yeah there you go all right and the other good news today the European Union did started tripled its funding to Hamas so that means there's more money going to Hamas to buy North Korean weapons and missiles and rockets and Bob Joe I got to give the numbers out there 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 folks it's awful quiet oh boy Margaret and Minnesota pledge of 75 thank you Margaret 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 phone lines are awful quiet right now 888 he's calling remember we're not doing this for when this is not how we make our living a lot of ministries get paid no one in this ministry has ever been paid we're all volunteers from when Pastor Ernie started it's never changed we all devote our own time our own talent our own treasure to keep this going your donations go to pay the radio airtime pay the bills and every station we're on has to that a point once we start become self-sufficient we have to be able to pay the bills and that's why it's a true partnership we're doing the work your donations to pay the airtime pay the bills so we can be on the air and be the watchman on the wall for you we're not here to make money you don't see selfless speech the circuit or anything traveling around getting paid for speeches making money all we do is preach God's Word and try and warn you and bring you to the Lord all right very good Joe I'm gonna have to I started talking about that article that Senator John Kennedy had written but he said several months ago it wasn't well publicized president Biden and the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave Iran 3.5 billion through the International Monetary Fund no it wasn't that it was kind of whispered wasn't it and that's not that's not the 6 billion that we have objected to know 3.6 billion dollars cash I'll be glad to come on your show and explain how they did that I objected to it at that time I tried to pass a bill to stop it they roll over me the press didn't pick it up but here's the problem we face right now the time to build the ark is before the rain but the 3.5 billion and the 6 billion may be only a part of Joe Biden's cash for Iran senator Kennedy spoke out that his transfer of money to the Iranian regime back in 2021 Kennedy argued in a letter to Janet Yellen and Biden regime plan would utterly result in China receiving 22 billion Russia receiving 18 billion in Iran receiving 3.5 billion there you go folks that wasn't on NBC ABC or CBS was it no we're committing our own national suicide because the people have elected these crooked government that's betraying us they're committing treason they are selling us out to the world remember that fellow named Nikita Khrushchev I remember him making a statement he said we will destroy the West from within he says and we will sell them we will sell them the rope that they used to hang themselves with and they would gladly pay us for it and it's through oil now the rope is the symbolic of the oil yep yeah you know I was just thinking there was a cartoon up I saw and you can't show it on the radio but basically this character of the squad and she's got sign says let the January 6 protesters rot in prison but she's pointing to a Hamas terrorists going to leave them alone yeah have our January 6 people the maggot people rot in prison but leave Hamas alone why they're just poor little freedom fighters all right very good here you go that true all right eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero the phone hasn't rang since I gave this last or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three we folks we're right now we're down about well let's see we we have approximately 45 minutes left to take calls and 45 minutes left to take calls so far this this week because of the economy and everything that's happening we haven't made our goal one night but that doesn't dampen our enthusiasm we know that we know like we will like I said earlier when the times get tough the tough get going and that's what we do what we got to do here tonight we there's no I pledge 200 when we started the week I'm gonna add a hundred to it make it 300 and that's right after I purchased a lot of new equipment to have better communication with the radio studio so I'm asking some people to match me I'm working as many hours a week we work many many hours a week to do this radio program it's about like having a full-time job or even more sometimes and if we believe enough and what's you know what we're doing getting the truth out to people I'd like to see somebody match us but we only have today and tomorrow so we got we've got less than three hours left to raise enough money for an entire month and anyhow Joe more than 3,000 actors and musicians sign letters accusing Israel of war crimes but they're very very silent on Hamas targeting the murdering and murdering civilians and they put out a video babies in a crib but that they can't mention that they I haven't heard them talking about the atrocities like you said at all an open letter from artists for Palestine the UK signed by more than one three thousand actors and artists and musicians is being criticized for its tone of death condemnation of Israel and complete omission of Hamas and terrorist attacks which targeted civilians we are witnessing a crime in a catastrophe Israel has reduced much of Gaza to rubble and cut off the supply of water power food and medicine to 2.3 million Palestinians in the words of the UN's undersecretary for humanitarian affairs the specter of death is hanging over the territory guys is already a society of refugees and children of refugees now in their hundreds of thousands bombarded from air sea and land Palestinians whose grandparents were forced out of their homes at the barrel of a gun are being held again being told to flee or face collective punishment on imaginable scale disposed of the rights described by Israelis Minister of Defense as human animals they have become people to whom almost anything can be done now he referred to who Hamas is the human animals didn't he Hamas right and that article is wrong on so many points we in this program have talked about how it was the Arab leaders back in the 40s that told all the Arabs to leave Israel because they were going to go to war they promised the people they'd bring them back or take them back to their home country well gee all these countries attacked Israel and Israel won the Arabs lost and not one of the Arab countries took any one of these homeless Arabs back into their home country and that's how come they were left there it wasn't the Jews that brought them there wasn't the Jews that conquered them made them slave I mean everything about that statement you just read is historically wrong is false and the reason they're putting in the electric the water the food is because there's 203 prisoners many of them children some baby some three to five year old children being held hostage and they say when you release the hostages we will turn on the lights we'll turn on the water and we'll bring the food so they're not conducting a cruel warfare they're saying that's the only bargaining chip they have to get these 203 you know hostages back they're being hidden in underground tunnels that are underneath church mosques and hospitals and schools the whole place is a network of tunnels they're never going to be able to find them I don't think and so the only way they can force the mosque to turn back the prisoners the hostages are to do this until they say we give and to me that's fair they nobody mentions those 203 hostages that they threatened to murder and put up on the YouTube for everybody to see nope I know that already very good well let's see we have the breaking America attacked Iranian backed new team military fire missiles at US Navy destroyer we talked about that now you know how much how much of what we're hearing can we can we say is accurate now this comes from the gateway pundit they're usually pretty accurate okay yeah that's the source I trust but anything anymore you know I hate to say this I am about as patriotic and pro-american as anybody you'll ever meet but it's gotten this anything comes out of the government these days I just can't trust it the military's lied you know Army Navy Air Force is lied the government is lied the IRS lies the FBI lies I can't take anything they say at face value we have to search it out and find out if they're telling us the truth or not already I'll tell you who tells us the truth and as Wanda out in Texas one that just pledged 300 and she's a sweetheart thank you one of 300 folks 888 thank you Wanda yeah 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 we only have less than an hour tonight and tomorrow for the rest of the week to to raise enough not tell you who who tells the truth and I've listened to her a lot and do you remember her when she was a spokesman for the press spokesman for President Trump and that is Sarah Sanders oh yeah and and so here Arkansas is the first state in the United States that is taking a strong stance against hostile foreign entities particularly China by banning them from owning our agricultural land in a state now I'm hoping other states have I'm hoping some of these other governors will have that the guts to do this yeah during a press conference governor Sarah Sanders announced that the state has ordered the Chinese state-owned agrochemical company Syngenta to divest itself of the lands holdings in Arkansas due to national security concern absolutely we need to do that China China is the second largest landowner in America it owns more land than any American except for Bill Yates Bill Gates and he's buying up as much land as he can't you know why Joe if you control the food you can control the people that's exactly what it's all about isn't it exactly have you ever heard one mention of that on NBC ABC or CBS no I haven't even heard it on Fox or Newsmax that I'm aware of of course I could have missed it but it's not been really promoted out there no well you know we're living in a time and again since Biden has been in we had a plan to play that clip again I think we're gonna play it on a regular basis the one are you fed up because I like that I think that's a good idea well here's one more thing I wanted to get in tonight the Hamas Chieftain was given a interview now this is a public statement it was on El Jadid TV in Lebanon and the Hamas Chieftain Osama Amdan said this Hamas has just one no no to the existence of Israel I believe that Israel is the heart of the problems in our region and that once Israel is gone from this region an opportunity to resolve all the problems in this region will be opened and they made some questions but that's where he started now listen to the rest he was given some questions it's not possible you know that you know to drive Israel into the sea kill them all he said well I'm not talking about throwing Israel to the sea anymore and the past few days the Israelis wrote in their media what is the point of having a country when all its citizens have passports of the countries that they come from let them return to where they came from we don't want to throw anyone in the sea let them return to where they came from he's talking about people have been using their passports are coming from all over to join the Israeli Defense Force to help defend Israel we've had a lot of Americans go there Jews from all over the world are rushing to they're on reserve and join the Israeli Defense Force but his first statement was Hamas has one no no to the existence of Israel unquote well you know Iran has has made that very very clear yeah that they've always one date in Israel's just the little one all right Stanley in Warren Ohio here pledges one hundred and nine dollars Thank You Stanley Stanley in Warren Ohio already the phone numbers are eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three Joe and we were talking about a police state how the country is going more and more towards a police state a former GOP candidate for Michigan governor remember him he was the father of five he sends to prison because the abomination Obama appointed judge didn't believe that he was remorseful for his non-violent his non-violent January 6 charges I guess he was charged with being non-violent a conservative husband charged with just being there I don't think he even went inside did he was he money one of those is just outside no conservative husband a father of five Ryan Kelly who ran in the Michigan GOP primary for governor has been sentenced to prison for a misdemeanor charge for protesting outside the Capitol on January 6 yeah protesting outside you don't suppose that they they don't want him to run for governor again because Whitmer has is destroying Michigan she's becoming less and less popular and she knows that in a fair election she'd be toast and that's why the Democrats can't fare they can't afford can't have fair elections no they have fair elections so you know suppose Whitmer is doing to her what they're doing to her to him rather is what what they're doing to Trump yeah what Joe Obama is trying to do to Trump that's again we're we're in a police state today folks we're in a police state they call that demonstrating outside now he couldn't have broken he couldn't have interrupted the Congress he couldn't have broken anything he couldn't have broken and entered I can't think of a single thing they could charge him for because we have the right to protest look at the right now they've got all these propellants Hamas terrorists that were in the capital today you know in a big circle sitting down chanting and making noise and disrupting the entire Congress and they called that peaceful they called that peaceful protest this guy's outside demonstrating and he's being or he's being thrown in jail for how long it doesn't say there they just said he was sentenced to prison today let me see here if they'll give a the amount of time okay they don't they don't really tell you how long the prison sentence was I'm looking here this isn't it well maybe it's here in the back okay according to NBC News Kelly pleaded guilty in July 20 to a misdemeanor count of entering and remaining on restricted grounds he admitted he rushed past US Capitol police officers and used his hands to support another who was pulling a metal a bike rack into the scuffle team so that's what they're reporting now okay they're changing a bit yeah so now I'm looking here oh two years two years yeah two years in prison for exercising his First Amendment rights you don't seem to see that there seems to be two different sets of standards when it comes to people right oh not at all no you mean you know if you're Christian conservative Republican they want to put you in jail if you're a liberal progressive and weird with you know you're there sodomite a transvestite transsexual whatever then you are can't do anything wrong you mean that standard Harold in Illinois pledges 240 Thank You Harold those numbers are 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 hey can we play that I'm fed up again let's let's do it let's hear it again already go ahead and let her rip play it again play it again we're fed up with the green new deal and the socialists who created it. We're fed up with the attacks on our fossil fuel and energy industries. We're fed up with an open border. We're fed up with human trafficking.

We're fed up with fentanyl flooding our country. And we're fed up with the illegal immigration. We're fed up with critical race theory.

We're fed up with boys competing in girls sports. We're fed up with the liberal media, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube for blocking conservative speech. We're fed up with our government and universities censoring conservative thought, canceling debate, and rewriting history. We're fed up with the corruption in the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA, the NSA, and the rising force. We're fed up with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, the CDC, the NIH, the WHO, and the misinformation campaign surrounding COVID-19.

And we're fed up with Anthony Fauci. We're fed up with the politicians and the elitists in DC who are getting rich while the middle class falls further behind every year. We're fed up with Joe Biden, with Nancy Pelosi. We're fed up with the January 6th commission and those people who think that they can gaslight us. And we're fed up with Liz Cheney. We are putting everyone on notice. As of November 8th, we're taking our country back.

These colors don't run. Hitler, Germany, Stalin, Russia, Mao, China. Better pack a lunch, pal. Let's get it done the American way. They paid the price in full. It was their shed blood was traded for our freedom. I'd rather be dead than red. And they never will. Of which I am one. We will never give in. You hear that out there, you Democrats?

Especially you that live in chicken balls. Never will never give in. Never. There you go.

It's not over till we win, right, Joe? That's what God's Word of the Bible says. Yeah, I was just going to say, I think I know where you got that from. Second Nuremberg lawyer Reiner Fullmick, who sought to hold COVID-19 bioweapon culprits accountable seized by German government in Mexico, you know, here, this guy wanted to bring them before the international courts before they did one of these days. Do you think that Fauci Fauci had war crimes, horrendous war crimes, just like those of Nazi Germany? Remember, Dr. Mengele?

Believe me, Fauci and Mengele have a lot in common, folks. Anyhow, James in Massachusetts pledges 100. Thank you, James. Wanda in Texas.

She placed another 50 on top of her 300. Thank you, Wanda. There you go. And so here, Joe, he says, good people out there. Well, he and his wife were visiting Mexico over the weekend. German lawyer Reinhard Fullmick was seized by the German government and taken back to Germany, where he was arrested and taken to jail in Frankfurt. Joe Obama wanted to send back the homeschooling family from here. He wanted to put them back in Germany, to put them in jail for homeschooling in Germany. They left Germany. You know, he'll bring in terrorists, he'll bring in Al Qaeda, he'll bring in ISIS, he'll bring in 45,000 Chinese troops, but he don't want Christians.

No, no. Joe Obama don't want any Christians here. According to reports, Fullmick lost his passport and scheduled a visit to Germany Embassy in Tijuana. When he arrived, German officials were ready and waiting for him, along with a 30-page document full of charges, which as of now have not been revealed publicly.

When he entered the embassy on Friday, there were six men waiting to detain him. Explains Leo Holman on his blog. There you go. The world is becoming more and more of a police state, isn't it? It is. It's some good news. You had mentioned earlier Sarah Sanders. She just did something else today, very noteworthy.

She mandated the government in Arkansas will now use the gender-specific terms like he, him, she, her, you know, according to your sex, and she's mandating that they won't have any of this political, correct, woke crap in Arkansas and anywhere in the government. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you, Sarah. I think maybe we should try to explain, you know, all you folks out there listening, uh, how that works to your governors, you know? Yeah, your governor can do some of that, too, if he has, if he or she has any, uh, hip-hop.

Absolutely. All right, we have Jen, Jen's in Minnesota, Janice in Minnesota pledges 30, Nick and John in Ohio pledges 200, and Reggie in Cleveland Heights pledges 50. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you. Sounds like we're, you know, the good Lord's touchin' hearts. Um, I didn't get this in yesterday, but as of yesterday, 108,000 illegals from around the world have crossed in, uh, through our border. Think about that, 108,000 in just a hair over two weeks. I call that an invasion, and an invasion of that many people is an act of war.

And to go along with it was the news little item. There were 4,000, uh, illegal aliens, they call them immigrants now, they're illegal aliens, illegal, in the city shelter in New York City, the city shelter system. But only 2,000 have applied for work. That's 3% of the total illegals in the city shelter system, and of the 2,000 that applied, none have received federal approval to begin working. Boy, the system is just working well, isn't it?

Just couldn't get any better than that. Well, you know what- I'm being a little facetious there, folks, yeah. Well, you remember what AOC said, AOC, what she said, that people that don't want to work shouldn't have to work if they don't want to work, that they should be supported by those people that want to work. Well, why doesn't she devote, then, you know, three quarters of her paycheck to those that don't want to work? You know, because you don't understand, I've told you before, liberals are the most generous people in the country, but they're only generous with other people's property, with other people's money. They're never generous with their own, right?

Right. Well, think about it. Biden, when he opened the border, there was no plan when he let them in. They had no plan when they started coming across the country, and now they're in all these cities. The cities don't have a plan, the federal government doesn't have a plan, and as far as I can tell, they still don't have any plan.

You don't understand. Biden's boss is the Chinese, those that own him, those that have given him so much money over the years, and they could control him. Well, they could oust him in a heartbeat. They have given him his orders to destroy America, and they're telling him, you better hurry up, because you're running out of time. You're not going to get re-elected, right? And so, even, I mean, it's going to be so bad out there now.

I mean, the last time was bad. There in 2020, when we saw 65,000 people coming out to Trump rallies, when we saw a Trump train 90 miles long in Arizona, when we saw, even out in the Amish Company, Trump trains coming out with buggies. Thousands of people. And then we're seeing 10 or 12 cars come out for Biden. We see Biden in his basement, and then we're told that, well, we didn't really see what we saw. It wasn't really that way that all of the people that stayed home and didn't come out, they all voted for Biden. Well, when we saw trucks come in, truck box trucks with 200,000 ballots with Biden's name. This says right out of the boxes, Biden ballots.

When we saw all of this election fraud taking place everywhere, when you had a guy drive from Pennsylvania into New York, no, from New York into Pennsylvania with, what was it, 250,000 ballots on his truck, phony ballots, false ballots. And then they're telling us, well, all of that we saw, we really didn't see, right? See, yeah. They must have turned the truck around and gone somewhere else, right?

Yeah. And now, you know, let's just say if you were to take an actual honest poll, I mean an actual poll, OK? If people weren't afraid, you mean?

Afraid of their government, afraid to answer that? Well, Joe, you know, see, when you take a poll, you can get your required, your desired results. One thing is by where you take the poll. See, if you go into a blue city and you take a poll in there, what do you think you're going to get?

OK. But I'm talking about an actual poll of people across the country and, you know, one that is legitimate, one that's believable. I'll bet if you did that today, Biden would be at probably 10 percent.

What do you think? No, I think it'd be higher because I think there are enough crazy people that have been brainwashed that just that all Republicans were wrong, that socialism is the only answer. All these college students that have been graduating, they've been brainwashed into socialism. I see different polls where the Democratic government is no longer working. We need to come up with a different government.

Well, we have one. You see, we're not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. But nobody knows that anymore because the education system doesn't teach about our republic, what a republic is, the rule of law, laws that do not change, which are God's laws. And since that's no longer taught, people are calling us a democracy, which the founding fathers say always fails, democracies always fail. So now, according to most of the surveys, most of the young people in the country want a new kind of government.

It's getting crazy out there. Well, lack of knowledge. Again, back to that old lack of knowledge.

We are destroyed for lack of knowledge. When I talk about a legitimate poll, I'm not talking about a poll, not polling the cities. I'm talking about where they call flyover country. You go out there. We're the real people, the ones that work for a living. Right. We're the real people that work for a living where they live.

Okay. Those that have common sense. Those that, well, you just heard, those that would agree with everything that we just played that clip that I'm fed up with. Those are the people. That's a lot of people out there that feel that way.

Believe me, you recently heard that song, Try That in a Small Town. That's the way a lot of us feel. It's getting more and more that way. And so, like Trump said, Trump says, you don't have time to get me back in office.

The nation's going down too fast. This is one of the reasons we're working in so many counties in tactical civics. Tactical civics, what it does, it shows you and teaches you how, by the way, we've been having tactical civic meetings in our church. It shows you how to convene a militia, get your militia, because the Constitution demands you have a militia. And it shows you how you can take your country back, Joe, how to take the country back. We need to do that. We've got to do that.

All across the country, from what I, right now, there's about, I believe, about 36, about 3600, 3600 counties in America today, and we have now tactical civic chapters, from what I understand, about 1000 of those counties out there right now. And one of the things they teach you in there is how to convene a grand jury. Once you get a certain portion of the population where you can convene a grand jury, which is legitimate, not to corrupt government.

Our government has become so corrupt in the judicial system. But we're talking about, listen to this show, government of the people, by the people. What do you think of that? Have you ever heard that before? Yeah, and for the people shall not perish from this earth.

Alrighty, folks, we have less than Abraham Lincoln. Amen. We have less than 15 minutes to hear from you. 888-281-1110.

That's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. We've got to hear from you if you're going to continue to hear from us. California High School, Joe, students march through hallway chanting, genocidal anti-Israel slogan, from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.

Right, that means the destruction of Israel, because from the river to the sea goes back to the moss originally, we're going to drive all the Jews into the ocean and destroy them. That's what that means, folks. Do you think that's a good reason not to put your child in a public school? I think that is one of many good reasons we have given people over and over and over not to put their children in the public full system.

That's why we call it the public full system. Quick story, there were in Tennessee two substitute teachers, they're both men, Ezra Fry and David Sevedare, were arraigned on prostitution charges. They're young men, 22 and 25. A trans and queer activist couple are substitute teachers at the Tennessee school and they were busted for prostitution in an undercover operation. I was looking at the pictures of these two men who dress and sort of try to look like women. It's a mockery, they weren't even close. It's horrible.

Anyway, the whole story is sick. If you've got children there in Tennessee, trying to think of what school district it was, Hamilton County Schools, Hamilton County, Tennessee, and the picture, I wish folks you could see, these people look evil, vile, dirty, and they're a temp. Are they what you call those drag skags, Joe?

Yeah, they're like, they're ugly trends, drag queens. All righty. Diana and Oregon pledges 150.

All right. I want to say this very quickly too, we have, we have at the Doers of the Word Baptist Church, we still have about 300 vote no signs available, 300 that vote no on issue one signs available out there for you folks out in the Geauga, Lake County area. So with that, Joe, we're out of time. So we have to do this, we got to go to the most important part of the program tonight. And we've quoted tonight from the most reliable, the most absolute authoritative document that ever existed. The only document, and the only thing on this planet Earth that God's Word, the Bible says, will remain. When God says heaven and earth will pass, but his words will never pass away.

That's the King James Bible. And so we have that. And here's what he tells you.

He tells you in that. Listen to this show is appointed to all men wants to die. It's appointed to all men wants to die. And then the judgment judgment. So let me ask you this, Joe, with that judgment, everybody's going to die.

That's for sure. What if you don't believe that is it still going to happen? It's still going to happen. It doesn't matter what you believe. That's what God says, because his word is everlasting. It's eternal and what he says will happen.

So we have over 6000 years of 100% accurate, elevations, fulfillment of the prophecies. And so now God who cannot fail, God who cannot lie says it's appointed to all men wants to die and then the judgment. That means that when you die, you're going to end up because people are permanent. We don't go out of existence.

We just change real estate, right? And so we're going to end up in heaven or hell. Okay, there's no trans is there and that there's heaven or hell.

But there's no trans in between is there? No, no, no. So anyhow, folks, here's what you do. Very important. This is this is the most important thing that anyone could ever do whatever do ever has done and that is this is caused by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, folks. You see, that's the most important thing anyone's ever done. Now, here's what the Bible says that if you pray to the Father, Jesus had prayed to the Father, ask for forgiveness of your sins. And if you do that, okay, then God will honor that. And then what you do, ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life, all of your life, without any reservations at all. You got to put him first, because that's what he did for you when he hung and he took your place upon the cross.

He put you first. If you do that, you'll become a new creature, a born again believer, an heir of the kingdom. And you will be on the road to immortality. And you will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit, God himself. Now, you've got God's Word on that. It doesn't get any, any surer than that. You've got God's Word on that. What do you think, Joe?

I think that is 100%, 1000% right. God tells us we've become that born again believer, we've become a child of the kingdom, and we've become, well, 2 Corinthians 5, and be in Christ. He is a new creature. Old things are passed away and behold, all things are become new.

And if you are in Christ, it's because you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God. Alrighty, there you go. Well, you're absolutely right. And we're done. I want to thank the folks out there for tonight. We're going to be here till midnight, about another seven or eight minutes, and taking the call.

So please call. And we are out of time, Joe. So we're coming up to that time that we come to every night at this time. And that is when we, well, it's when we say good night, right? Good night. Now we always say good night. And then we say what?

God bless you. Alright. Do we really mean that? We really do. And then we say always, always, always, and I do mean always, right?

Always. Okay. Keep fighting the fight. By Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.

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Words like grandfather, peanut gallery, long time no see, no can do. When I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up, I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd. I want to be a conformist. I want to weaponize my pronouns.

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