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CGR TUESDAY 090523 Bob Maginnis Michael Letts

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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September 5, 2023 9:00 am

CGR TUESDAY 090523 Bob Maginnis Michael Letts

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for a World War II defending our country. Today, we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

I am Patriot Mobile. That was a shooting gallery up there. I could hear the tremble in his voice. She suffered a very severe being. The video is pretty graphic.

Justice for us seems almost impossible. It's not fun to watch somebody die, and they knew she was in mortal peril. They have not asked the hard questions. Why was the Capitol intentionally unsecure that day? The FBI had information about security concerns before January 6th. They're out for blood, and they're getting it. They appear to be winning. Were the actions of the Capitol Police out of line? Were there violations in use of force?

Now I describe it as an inside job. I'm ready to do whatever God calls me. There's an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned before the Communist Party took over our country. The family is the essential unit of human society, and that you must have honor and defend your family. But it's not always easy to do.

When the regime gives the order, you have to kill. My heart was pounding. I felt my body bouncing and twisting on the floor. They put numbers on our shoulders, then separated us into rows of even and odd numbers.

I was number nine. My brother, he's still in prison, and my sister, she was sent to a labor camp without a trial. But there's one piece of evidence they haven't been able to destroy yet.

I left everything behind. If I can't expose what they did to us, then all of our suffering would be for nothing. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light, which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.

And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. This is Adam Mundall with State Air.

We need people on radio willing to speak about the Bible, the Constitution, and putting God back in our nation again. So join me in sponsoring Chosen Generation and Pastor Greg. Call him today at 830-446-3624.

That's 830-446-3624. This has blessed my business and it will bless yours. Thank you. And welcome to the program.

Great to have you with me. Let's see. Okay.

What suddenly became the issue here? Let me try. Oh, there we go.

How about that? Well, wow, folks. So I have been off, as most of you probably know, for the last week and I was anticipating recharging and all that kind of good fun stuff and instead ended up with my well going dry and my air conditioner going out. So my refreshing week wasn't nearly as refreshing as I had hoped that it would be, but praise God, it's all good. Welcome back. It's good to be back. Good to be back with you.

I've got a great program lined up for you today. Bottom of hour number two, Matt Long will be with us. We're going to talk about mask mandates are being pushed once again.

How do you respond to those mandates? Reverend Robert Hansen will be with me in the second hour as well. We'll talk about the power of prayer. Coming up at the bottom of this hour, Michael Letts will be with us and we're going to talk about Harrison Floyd's predicament.

What happened there? David Shostokis will be with us tomorrow. As you know, he is representing Reverend Lee, and he said really, it was a miracle, a miracle that allowed them to keep because they were going to keep the reverend in prison as well.

They weren't going to give bond to anybody. But there's some miraculous things happened that allowed them to bring him back from Georgia to Illinois. Unfortunately, Harrison Floyd was not so fortunate and we'll talk about his experience. But joining me now and we've talked about this some before and I'm really interested to hear my next guest's thoughts as it relates to this issue. And of course, this has to do with Vladimir Putin. My next guest is an internationally known security and foreign affairs expert. He's a frequent guest on radio, television networks, the author of 10 books, his 2023 book Divided We Stand.

He currently serves as a Pentagon strategist, previously instructed at three army schools and was the VP for policy at the Family Research Council. I want to welcome to the program Bob McGinnis. Bob, welcome. Good to have you.

Thanks, Pastor Greg. Interesting, this whole situation with Prigozhin. My original thought, you know, when all this took place, it almost seemed as though when he sent him to Belarus, and then you had the missile strikes that took place on the border of Poland and Czechoslovakia, or Ukraine, I'm sorry, Ukraine, it seemed as though maybe they were setting the stage for Prigozhin to lead some kind of an invasion, maybe even into Poland. And I talked to one of the senior Polish general consuls, and they were concerned about that.

No, with good reason. You know, keep in mind back after the Soviet Olympics in 2014, that Putin mounted a hybrid attack into Crimea, where they already had naval facilities, but they wanted to take over that area and then of course, link that with mainland Russia. And what we've seen of late with Belarus taking on a lot of the Wagner people, and we've seen indicators that some of those have dressed in civilian garb and infiltrated through Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia into the European Union area, with the alleged intention of beginning disruptive activities, sort of a counterinsurgency of sort. And so this would fit the scenario that we've seen in the past, whether it's in the Republic of Georgia or Crimea, or even in Chechnya, and even some of the same tactics that were employed by the Russians in Syria.

So I think that's a real possibility. We need to watch the Wagner people. I think with Prigozhin's death, though, it would appear that the GRU, the intelligence apparatus of the Kremlin, is beginning to take over the mercenary groups, Wagner in particular, and kind of use it to orchestrate some behind the scenes types of activities that we're hearing more about all the time. You know, it's interesting, I've always held to that, that the collapse, quote unquote, under the Soviet Union was really kind of a ruse in a manner of speaking, they always said that the only way that they believe they were going to take us was from from our inside.

And the only way to do that was was to mingle finances, they needed to get our business people investing over there. And and we've watched over the last 15 to 20 years as as they, you know, they close that window, they opened it, they sucked everybody in, and then they close that window. But the KGB became the Russian mafia.

We know that. And and it seems as though these hardliners that you're talking about, have really kind of lingered in the background and been more or less kind of pulling the strings, if you will. You know, the puppets are out front. But yes, those that are the true ventriloquists are behind the scenes and they have deep roots in the old KGB. Nikita Khrushchev a number of years ago, back in 56 said, you know, that they would take over the West through really backhanded activities that would come from within.

And so they take over institutions. Now, I would argue that the Chinese have done a better job in the United States of doing that with the lives of the Soviet Union. However, the Russians continue to have many of the same tentacles that they had during the Cold War. You know, I served in western Germany during the Cold War. I visited the Soviet Union at the time. I've seen some of this very close and have concluded that, yes, the remnants of the KGB are alive and well, beginning with Vladimir Putin, who, of course, was a lieutenant colonel himself on the other side of the border from where I served during the Cold War.

And he's continued the same ways. I would argue that the demise last month of Prigozhin was just another KGB trip, something we've seen in the past where they plant a bomb that goes off at a particular altitude, in this case 29,000 feet. And, of course, the fuselage drops to the ground without the wings. And then, you know, days later, every trace of that, except for the indention in the ground, is gone.

So you couldn't test for powder or some type of plastic explosive. So I suspect that's what happened. And whatever did happen, it sent a very clear message to the oligarchs that serve Putin's interests, to his own generals, and to the ambitious political people in that country that Putin is still in charge and he will use whatever measures necessary to keep his handle on the power in that country. Do you think Prigozhin's dead? Yeah, I think so.

You know, if he's not, he's in such a dark place that you're never going to find him. It fits their scenario. You know, keep in mind, weeks before he died, he showed up in blue jeans and so forth up in St. Petersburg at an African conference hosted by Vladimir Putin. And, of course, Prigozhin was a common known Russian throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa where he was trading his services in exchange for access to minerals such as gold and lithium and so forth. And he was at the St. Petersburg conference to tout not only his own credentials, but to promote, frankly, what Putin wants, and that is more access, more influence in that part of the world.

And so, yeah, I think that he was a useful idiot for a while. You know, yes, he conducted what Putin calls a mutiny of sorts back on the 24th of June, but that was called off because he got cold feet. And so he ends up in, Lushchenko invited him over to Belarus, but I think that was probably a done deal anyway. And they start to assemble their forces there.

Now, of course, under the, I think the tight control of the Kremlin's GRU, doing the nasty work that the Poles and the Lithuanians are accusing them of, and that is infiltrating along with other immigrants into the area and becoming silent cells until they're necessary to call them up for service. You know, I know that everybody, and I am as well, I mean, we recognize the threat. You mentioned it, you know, that China has done a better job per se of maintaining that position of threat. But would you suggest that Putin is still very much an active threat to the West? Well, he has the world's largest inventory of nuclear weapons. And here this past week, he called into service the Sarmat, which is their most sophisticated ICBM with nuclear weapons at the top. And so, yes, he continues to rattle that chain for the purpose of really PR against the West.

He's done this since March of a year ago. And Medvedev, who is his front man, the former president, is probably making the more serious arguments as Putin allows him more reign in that regard. And of course, it's got our attention in the West that we don't want to see that Ukraine, you know, really falls into a nuclear wasteland with tactical nukes now in Belarus and of course, southwestern Russia. I don't put that totally out of the realm of possibility, but I think that Putin holds on to hope that he can eventually, you know, stabilize the region all the way through Odessa, the port there and really take captive much of Ukraine in spite of the West's continuing support of Zelensky and the like. Now some have suggested that Putin's objective is a return to the lands of the Russian Empire, while others suggest that it's a full-on desire to reinstitute the full reach of the Soviet Union.

What's your thoughts with regards to those two positions? Well, he doesn't have the muscle to do the latter. He has tried thus far unsuccessfully to take the underbelly of the former Russian Empire, which I mentioned as Odessa and all the Black Sea coast, all the way down to Hungary. He certainly has forces, 1,500 in Moldova, which is of course between Ukraine and Hungary. The fact is that Putin's economy is rather weak, dependent almost totally, foreign exchange on energy sales, and those are going more and more to the Chinese that are more than willing to take, you know, discounted petroleum and natural gas, which they are. At the same time, the population's imploding and Putin has, in spite of his totalitarian ways and because of the mobilization of tens of thousands of unwilling people to go fight his war in Ukraine, he continues to be pretty hegemonic in spite of the fact that he doesn't have the power to push into really the NATO area. And that's why he's using what he can, probably through the Wagner mercenaries under the GRU direction, to begin to cede some discontent.

But I think for the most part NATO is resilient and is pushing back and is wary of that sort of scenario. So time will tell, but Putin's not a Khrushchev or Brezhnev. He's a man that has grandiose ambitions, but he doesn't have the power, economic and military power to back it up. And he's not about to use the nuclear arsenal in spite of his posturing in that regard. How serious then is the relationship between Putin and Xi?

Well, I've argued since my 2018 book that it's the alliance of evil, that, you know, they scratch one another's back for mutual benefit. Xi, of course, has been the rising power in spite of his economic woes today. His military is the largest in the world. He's building his nuclear forces. His navy is the largest in the world. His ground forces are the largest as well. And they're capturing through intellectual theft much of the technology of fifth generation fighters and other technologies that we've been unfortunately losing to them. And they've been re-engineering for their own benefit. Putin sells them the energy at a cheap price that they need.

They have pipelines that are pumping it in at accelerated rates. Putin, of course, will not double-cross Xi. He understands the relationship at this point is China is on top and Russia is not.

And so, you know, they are mutually consulting one another. In fact, Putin's going to do a visit to Xi next month. Likely, the topics will be energy, Ukraine, undermining the United States in the Western arena, because ultimately what Putin has said time and again, you know, certainly dating back to the 2007 Munich Security Conference that, you know, he and Xi and the likes of the mullahs in Iran and the weird guy there in North Korea, Kim Jong-un, they intend to redesign the international order, which is really what was put in place at the end of World War II. And that includes IMF, of course, the UN, you know, World Trade Organization, others that are all really favoring much of Western capitalism, Western democracy. They want, they, Xi, Putin and others want to replace that. Now, they've arguably begun that process through the establishment and their joining of BRICS, which includes, of course, Brazil, South Africa and others. And of course, they've aligned themselves with the Saudis, who we dissed over the last two years. And a number of other countries are being welcomed into BRICS. So BRICS becomes sort of a counterbalance to the likes of the European Union economically, also NATO militarily.

I think you'll see further developments in time in that regard. You know, China already has a major footprint south of the United States, throughout Central and South America, with not only China... Even Mexico. Yeah, even in Mexico, Bob. I mean, you've got, yeah, you've had Chinese forces conducting exercises in Mexico all the way back under the Obama administration.

Now, we know about that stuff. And I would argue that the, you know, the cartels are really proxies of Beijing. Because, you know, if you study the speeches made by Xi over the last three, four years, he always goes back to a couple of incidents in the history of the Chinese empire. And that is that to the 1850s and 60s, when the West, you know, at that point, Great Britain and France mostly, and there are a few others, you know, really soiled a future relationship by flooding the Chinese with opium and, you know, basically intoxicating and addicting them, and then stealing much of the riches of that country at the time. And so this is payback. Fentanyl is, you know, his way, using the proxies of the cartels to pump in, you know, billions of pills of fentanyl to destroy as many Americans as they possibly can.

So it's, you know, revenge, interestingly, is a dish best served cold. In this case, fentanyl is cheese payback for a very dire history that that country suffered. One of the nations, and I know we're coming up on our time, but one of the countries that has recently made some pretty strong statements with regards to China's Belt and Road initiative is Italy. And the Italian defense minister has said that it was an atrocious decision.

It's been atrocious for them. I would suggest that it was a gateway for, you know, for the Wuhan virus attack. You know, here's China trying to say, oh, well, here, we want to help you. And on the other hand, they sent a biological weapon into Italy that caused significant devastation to their population.

Nonetheless, Italy has said, we're pulling out. Yeah, the Belt and Road initiative, which of course was started in 2013 by Xi, was designed for a number of reasons. One, to leverage internationally, you know, going toward the objective of, you know, reestablishing an international order that favored totalitarians like himself. It was a financial investment. It provided jobs because most of those jobs that through the Belt and Road initiative and 140 nations are done primarily by Chinese nationals that they ship in to do that.

They don't create a job market for new projects and they all they also invest it. And then, of course, they leverage those investments at a high return rate and it breaks especially poor countries that just cannot afford to pay back. And so they end up surrendering a great deal of sovereignty. And we've seen that throughout the continent of Africa, certainly in countries like Sri Lanka, which is strategically located. And then, of course, the Solomon Islands and others in the Asia Pacific arena. And then, of course, throughout Western Europe, they've tried to do things not only in Italy but Belgium, certainly in Greece. They tried to even buy up Greenland from the Norwegians. So when you look at all of what they're doing across the world, it is, you know, trying to take captive politically and economically a large swath of the world. So that would fit a grandiose international global leadership under the likes of the Chinese communists.

Now, they faulted in regards to a number of these activities, but they've also captured markets on critical minerals, certainly the rare earth minerals which dominate, but others as well. We're out of time here.,,

You can pick up his books there as well as articles and commentaries and follow him there as well. Thank you for being with us this morning. I've really enjoyed the conversation.

We've covered a lot of ground today. Well, thank you, Pastor Greg. Have a great day. All right, you too.

God bless you, sir. We're going to take a break. When we come back, Michael Letts joins us on the other side. We'll get into the conversation about Harrison Floyd and what happened to him, the fourth Trump indictment and the continued assault on the former president of the United States. And even more information is coming out about the material that was actually disappeared, destroyed, removed. How does an attorney general on an active case get away with destroying evidence?

Well, you know, when you're doing everything illegal, I guess you get away with that. All right, we'll be back with more chosen generation radio coming up for you right after this brief break. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. So up next, we have clean slate. When you have different things like cancer and different diseases that are autoimmune related, it can really help with inflammation because you're helping clean the bot.

And clean slate is a formula that's made from a natural ortho cilic acid that basically is put into a formulation that's naturally occurring, that uses different processes from polarization to heating to cooling to different types of catalysts, which will go in the body and really help communicate to get rid of those things that don't need to be there. People don't understand why there's so many autoimmune disorders, but our environment's toxic. The land, air and water have changed. We've been exposed to nuclear war.

And the issue is if there's a nuclear bomb or there's pollution or there's war in one country, it actually affects everything up to the stratosphere. So we're all connected and we've really got to clean things out. You can pick up your clean slate today at

That's Pick up your clean slate today. Thank you. Thank you and God bless. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So there's that. You know, I've got a friend of mine, David Shostokis, he'll actually be on tomorrow. He's representing Reverend Stephen Lee in this Georgia indictment situation.

And he's been going around. I haven't listened to the interviews and David will kill me for that, but I forwarded them. I just took them. I literally did.

I just disconnected last week. But he said that it was a miracle that kept Reverend Lee from having his bond denied and ending up still in Georgia. That's amazing. Yeah. So, I mean, they are, you know, it's insane. I mean, the whole thing.

And now we find out, right, over the last couple of days, because I did kind of start, you know, reading again. But apparently there is documentation that the attorney general in Georgia has destroyed that likely would have exonerated the president. And I've got to, you know, I mean, somebody needs to take this judge out and say, hey, you know what, you have a sworn oath and it's not to be a political assassin. Well, the other information that they've got, Greg, is that they've uncovered a nationwide plot for election fraud. It does affect Georgia. They do have the documentation. And actually the DA Franny Willis is a part of it and is getting financial kickbacks because of it. It's happening all across the country. And so the governor knows about it, the secretary of state, which is why they have been so reluctant to be involved to say that there was election fraud or do anything to help Trump, because they're going to find out that they've been a part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Well, I have to tell you, I had Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoops on the program a few weeks back. And they, of course, have, you know, been fighting the case. One of the only cases that was left, by the way, in Pennsylvania. And they presented the criminal indictment documentation and they sent it to Jim Jordan directly, as well as to the House Judiciary. And the chiefs of staff in both of those entities have blocked it from receiving them. So live on air, Michael, live on air, I have the personal cell phone number of Jim Jordan and my Congressman Chip Roy. Right.

Live on air, I sent a text to them introducing them to Greg and then sent them the interview that we did where they outlined some of the things that are a part of that and named some of the names. Now, since that has happened, interestingly enough, some of what you just said has now become and it's basically it's the template that they created. Right. That is now being used in these other states.

That's correct. However, they have still never been contacted. I'll tell you what I'm hearing, Greg, which is very disturbing. I'm hearing that there is a lot of I want to get talk about it, do a little fluff, make people think I'm doing something to solve the problem.

But at the end of the day, the Republicans are blocking it just as much as the Democrats, because quite frankly, they benefit from some of the financial issues that are going behind the scenes as well. And that concerns me, especially with concern. I mean, you know, Jim Jordan, one of our ultra conservatives, and I can't imagine him having that mindset. But, Greg, these days, you just don't know who is involved anymore. There's so many people that are corrupt. Well, you know, it was something that was brought up when I had Lloyd Bentsen on my program a few months back and and something that was brought up in that conversation was the problem here is, is that if the elections are are deemed to have been illegal, right, then, then all results are tossed. Meaning, if you're a Republican, and you won, it's tossed.

If you're a Democrat, and you won, in other words, everybody's results 435. And that's why Lloyd Benson's lawsuit names all 435 members of Congress. Well, because listen, they all had a duty to investigate when they were presented with evidence. And then when the investigative body that was doing the investigation, submitted to them and said, we need more time. That's what was said.

And and Lloyd Benson's lawsuit isn't saying there was or there wasn't fraud. What it's saying is, is you had a duty, knowing that your investigators had told you, yes, there's something here and we need more time to investigate it. And you shut the investigation down. That was a violation of your oath. That the violation is could continue just like even talking with Pence. I mean, to say that he did not have the ability to refer back to the states for clarification.

You know, the disputed electors. I mean, it's not like that was the first time that would have ever been done. That's been done 1850 has been done over our history and suddenly say, oh, I don't know why. But then as of today, we could no longer do that.

Makes absolutely no sense unless, of course, as we've talked about, you've got one big operation and everybody has a vested interest and nobody wants to make sure it gets uncovered. Well, it's it's see, it becomes it becomes a semantics, right? So what he says is, is, well, I couldn't reverse the election.

That's that's okay. Well, no, Mr. Pence, you're right. You you couldn't reverse it. You couldn't change it and say, no, we're going to make it Mr. President Trump second term and not Joe Biden first term.

That's correct. You could not do that. But what you could do is and you said, see, this is he needs to take ownership because if you want to talk about what what made people upset on that day, it was that the first words out of his mouth was is we will have no debate on the floor.

Exactly. We will have Wait a minute, we will what in the United States of America, on the people's floor, the people's representatives not listen, okay, so the people don't belong, whatever you want to say if you think the people, okay, but you told the people's representatives who were trying to get your attention. You're not going to get my attention today, because there's going to be no debate on the floor. That was a violation of your oath, a direct violation of your oath, you quelled free speech, you quelled the ability of the people to redress their government, the people's representative is that congressional member. Therefore, by suggesting that they could not enter into debate on the floor, you are telling the people you have no ability to redress your government. You have no free speech rights here on the floor of Congress. You can't they were peacefully assembled.

The 435 members of Congress were peacefully assembled on the floor in Congress in session and told shut up. There's no free speech here. There's no addressing this issue. A total violation of our Constitution. Absolutely. So frustrating.

Absolutely. Here's what I'm hearing across the country that carry further on in our conversation here is I'm getting more people saying, OK, we understand it's a huge issue. The question is, what can you do? But they ask me that question literally five to 10 times a day. And their point being, Greg, when your top law enforcement agencies, your Department of Justice, your FBI, among others, have proven to be corrupt and have violated their oaths and are guilty of felonious acts, who enforces the law when your top people won't enforce it or break the law? Which, of course, I have an answer to that. You know, we've talked about, I think, on your show, the military tribunal issue. But it's a question that's being debated now.

What are you hearing, Greg? Well, I'll tell you, you know, I know people say they're like, well, you know, how do we how do we how do we correct this? How do we fix this? I think that you have to continue to fight this fight within the within the system. I think there are still some opportunities that exist within our system to see this made right.

I agree with you on that. I also think that you've got citizen grand juries that you can convene. And Larry Klayman is very involved and active in in in putting together these citizen grand juries, as are as are several others that I've heard of.

So I think that those are possibilities. I think also we should take hope. And again, I refer to my friend David just focus, who fought a case on behalf of a sheriff in Illinois, and it took three years for them to finally get a judge to look at the evidence and decide and determine that he was in fact duly elected and that the man who'd been sitting in that office wasn't and they removed him.

And they put the and they put this man in place as as the sheriff there in a in a small town in Illinois. So there there there is hope at the end, there's light at the end of the tunnel. But but you know, I think what they what they count on is is that most people don't have the resources to continue to fight the fight. Yeah, in American society, we don't have a lot of patience either, Greg, you know, it's kind of like if you don't fix it by tomorrow, then they get frustrated walk away.

Well, they could, but that's the same result. You know, it was I owned a collection agency, we did insurance subrogation. So we went after insurance companies to pay on their policies when our clients vehicles were damaged, what have you we did, we did both insurance companies as well as car rental. And what we found with a lot of the cases that came through my office was, is that essentially, the insurance company's first action was to deny the claim. And sometimes there would be a second attempt by the client, and they would deny that. Well, it wasn't that the claim wasn't righteous, or that they didn't owe the money. It was that they knew that if they denied a few times, that the people making the claim would ultimately walk away due to lack of personnel, lack of time, what have you.

And so that was our tax was was to say, Look, you know what, we will never walk away. It was better for them to pay up the claim that they owed Yep, pay pay what you owe me or or or we're gonna figure out a way to add penalties to it. And you're gonna end up owing more money than if you just than if you just pay the claim.

I had a situation with American Express years ago, the third party administrator for the American Express car rental program, and they weren't paying my clients claims. So I had 32 collectors, I gave each one of them a claim. And I would have them all call at the same time. We locked up their switchboard.

I love it, I'd get a call from the head of it. And he'd say, Hey, man, you what are you doing? I'd say look, pay my righteous claims. Or I'm gonna keep you shut down. They quickly decided it was more beneficial to pay the claim that it was to be shut down, we would get checks in bulk.

We would get checks in bulk. Well, look, they're righteous claims. I wasn't being, you know, some kind of terrorists or anything. They were righteous claims. They owed the money they owed my clients the money.

They were contract but but they were being incentivized by American Express to deny claims. Right. It's all about greed, isn't it? Well, and it's and it's about power, you know, and you can even go all the way back to Scripture, right? What did you know?

What was it? Why did they, you know, we know that Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. We know that that was the ultimate plan. But the men, the people of that time, they didn't know all that. What the Sadducees and Pharisees came to the conclusion was, is we've got to take Jesus out, or the Romans are going to come in. And it says in Matthew, they're going to take away our power. Correct.

That's correct. They had delegated to them to kind of, hey, we'll let you run your own people if only you keep everything in line. And do what we say, and do what the Romans say. Listen, folks, we're running into the same thing today. And in fact, the church is a mirror image of that, because unfortunately, the church is doing the same thing. The church is laying down and saying, well, we better quell all these little dissenters and these people that are saying things that we don't, you know, that who? That the tyrants don't want said. Right.

Which is unfortunately our key government right now. No doubt about it. So how do we, I mean, my question to you is, you know, so how do we help a Harrison Floyd? I mean, Harrison Floyd's experience the same thing as the J6 guys, right?

I mean, these J6, 17 years, Joseph Biggs got 17 years. You know, you just point and what I want your listeners understanding just how critical the situation is, because when you begin to weaponize the judicial system, and our law enforcement system, you have ultimate control, you are a full teary then this is what they do a banana republics. I don't like I even perceive that you might be a threat to me Greg down the road politically, I will trump something up makes no difference whether it's accurate or not. And have you arrested thrown in jail, realizing that it will cost you will bankrupt you to be able to fight it. If you prevail, if you've got enough people to carry to the end, and then here's the sad part about it.

Once that happens, and I bankrupt you even if you prevail at the end, I don't suffer any consequences kind of like, oh, well, I guess I made a mistake. Let's move on to the next one. There are the people who do these actions are never held accountable.

Right. And that's where I think the American people have got to. We've got to come to terms that across this country.

I know, you know, in Matthew chapter seven, when it talks about, you know, judge not to be judged for what you meet out that will be be done to you. I question now on an accountability standpoint, whether those that break the law knowingly and doing these kind of things should be treated the same way that they that they impose it upon innocent civilians. Well, you know, I mean, and another example that we're watching of just absolute evil injustice is what happened to the people in line. Yes, I mean, the more that we get, the more information that we get.

And in coming weeks, I'll be getting you more information on that, folks. Scott Adam was here. His pastor is is one of the ones that was bringing aid in and they literally ended up having to put it on boats and bring it into a private beach because they were blocked every other way. But these stories that are coming out about how they they blocked families from evacuating and people are finding charred bodies, men, women and children in their vehicles charred because they were trapped on the road because the police blocked the path and the police wouldn't let the people out and they wouldn't let anybody in to assist in getting people out.

And now you look at the property that was destroyed, who's buying it up? Oh, well, and look at this whole thing with with Oprah and Rock. What a what a farce that is. What a farce. What you see me laughing is they want everybody else to give money.

They're worth they're worth plenty. Well, I think that'd be a fair statement. We don't want to contribute that, you know, we want you to pay.

We'll just make sure it helps get to the right spot, you know, and it's not. And people are on to it. And that's why they're not getting any money. You know, another entity another and I'm just going to warn you folks, another entity don't give to is the Red Cross.

I was on the floor in the Astrodome, the Houston Astrodome during Katrina, which was which was the place that the Red Cross ran. And they had World War Two canvas beds for these people. They treated these people they there was no water, no food, and and no assistance. And I found out later, by going to an American psychiatrist Association meeting that the Red Cross held in San Diego, that they that from the top, they thought those people were mental patients. And that's why they treated them so poorly.

First of all, why? First of all, if you know, they are mental patients. And that's a whole nother conversation we can have about mental health in America. But if you know their mental patients, why would you put them through more additional mental and emotional and physical anguish? You should do just the opposite.

If you know that they that they are having challenges mentally that they are, are under that kind of duress, then you would think that you would elevate the care for them. Not not say, Well, you know what, you're just mental. So we're just going to discard you. You don't count.

You don't matter. But that's exactly what they did. And on a flight back from Houston, on an airplane, I was sharing this story. And an elderly woman said to me, my brother was flown back during World War Two, because our parents had an accident and one of our parents died. He was told by the Red Cross will fly you home and fly you back. They flew him home. He was there for the funeral, they flew him back. The next time he was supposed to get paid, he didn't get a paycheck.

Really, and what he found and what he was told by command was is the Red Cross is taking your salary until the debt for your airflare your airfare is paid. I think it points great just to the corruption of mankind and just the total evil that we're fighting. Now, this really truly is a battle between good and evil. And it's been a crash. You said it's been going on since the beginning of time. But I think it's climaxing now. I think people are just beginning to realize just really how corrupt and how destructive evil can be. They don't have any conscious.

They really they don't have any conscious of the suffering or what they do to mankind as long as it benefits their agenda and their and themselves. And we're seeing that on all levels of government now. And we have to find a way to counterbalance it.

Well, and I know you're working on that. And you're also working on helping, you know, protect and defend local law enforcement against, you know, against these criminal actions that are taking place as well. I just watched the Epoch Times documentary about, you know, people leaving California because of the violence that's taking place because people are having their cars literally hijacked. And, you know, and not in poor neighborhoods, not that that is even an excuse, but not in poor neighborhoods, homeless people who are trapped on the streets and the drug lords that own those streets that force them into either prostitution or selling drugs in order to be able to put their tent on a street corner. Right, exactly.

And what is so amazing is how the government employees have just stepped back and are just letting it happen and not doing anything to interdict. There was there was a gentleman in that in that documentary who he and his family had known laundromats for years. And he had one. His sister had one.

His dad had one. And you can see on one of their security cameras where where a vehicle is stolen out in front, his vehicle gets stolen out in front and the police officer just stands there and basically watches it. And the cop car pulls up and stops. Because they've been told, don't chase them, don't go after them. You got to let them go. And and and and I mean, how do you how can you you know, you can't live in that kind of lawlessness?

No, you can't. And of course, they have a specific reason behind that they want to portray law enforcement to the general public, that they are so inept and incompetent and unable to maintain law and order that the only thing that can be done now is to allow the federal federal government to bring in a federal force, federal law enforcement force. And of course, remember, they've already said what their intent is, is that they think that violence is caused by guns, not by the people that pull the trigger, the guns, but by guns itself. So the first order of the day for that federal force will be to disarm the American citizens. Once we are disarmed to where we have no ability to fight back, then it will basically be you do what you're told, or you either get out or we'll bury you somewhere.

Well, and and and sadly, that that's the direction that we're that we're headed in. And you know, they're they're changing firearms as well. So that now, you know, it's it's handprint, it's, you know, there's there's an electronic component to the weapon. And they're doing that intentionally. So that way, they can shut your weapon down.

Correct. They can disable your gun. And so you may be sitting there thinking, Oh, I'm okay. You know, I've got you know, I've got the newest, fanciest, whatever. But what you don't realize is, is that is that that new fancy, whatever, actually gives control of your ability to use it, not to you, but to somebody else.

His ability, your control, your ability to use it in its location and exactly all those characteristics. I mean, so they'll know exactly what you did, where you're standing at that time, what your position is. I mean, you know, it's technology, they say is a wonderful thing, but it is a very, very dangerous thing as well. And not only will they be able to tell you know where you were, but they'll be able to go in and alter where you were and alter the data to suggest that you were somewhere else or in a different position.

They can change all of that. Now, predicated on technology, it's it's, this is what the digital age is about. And that's why we need to be so concerned about it. And I don't know if you've seen it, but they're they're advertising a new movie called creator. I'm interested to see a little more about that. But when I was watching the the previews for that over the weekend, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is AI come to life. It's a scary thing.

All right. And that's where they're headed. I mean, you know, we're talking about, here's what's amazing. I was just in a meeting on it yesterday. And they're talking about getting to the point now where you and I are no longer even needed to have this show. Right.

And, you know, have your voice, your image, my image, AI will print out everything that they want us to say, and it will be said, and you people will never know the difference, whether I actually said it or not. Invest Invest Follow Michael there and help support what they're doing. Michael, thanks for being with us again. Great conversation. Thank you.

God bless you. Have a great day. Take care.

Thanks, sir. All right. We're going to take a break. We'll be back. Reverend Robert Hansen is with me on the other side. How powerful is prayer? We'll talk about it coming up. Thank you.
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