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CGR MONDAY 080723 Rick Manning David Wurmser

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 7, 2023 8:00 am

CGR MONDAY 080723 Rick Manning David Wurmser

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day.

And I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio. Okay, I'm working on that, you know, that afterglow of the weekend energy. You know what I'm talking about, right? You know, you got just, I mean, a little bit more rest than you normally would, sort of, kind of, so you kind of bounce off of that. So I'm working on that this morning.

I'll tell you, when the alarm went off this morning, I was like, it's Monday. Okay, we can do this. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can. I can do this.

I can do this. Anyway, all right. So, but big day today, big day. Rob Schilling is with us today. We're gonna have a great conversation with Rob.

I don't know if you saw this, and I'll play this during that half hour, but there's a video out. A guy in Canada that was refused medical treatment because he wouldn't take the shot. They let him die instead.

And then, no, then get this. After he's, he's dying, right? He's dying. Now they go to the family, they say, oh, by the way, can we harvest his organs?

I kid you not. Anyway, we'll talk with Rob about what they're doing to try to kill us. Retired Colonel John Mills will be with us today.

He was one of the key witnesses in the Durham report, but we'll get his take on all of the deep state activity. Lynn Taylor is with us. Common Core Diva.

LeBron James. Yeah. Fail.

Kind of like the women's soccer team. Fail. You don't root for failure. You don't because these are children whose lives are being destroyed by people like LeBron James. Okay. I don't care. You know, you can always got good intentions.

He's destroying an entire generation. And now we've got three years in a row of this nonsense. But wait till we unpack this. Yeah, man. Oh man. And then Dr. David Wormser is with us and he'll be with us an extra half hour. So bottom of this hour, all the way through to the bottom of next hour, Dr. Wormser is with us to talk about what's happening in Israel and the comparisons between the coup there, the attack in Tel Aviv, the judicial reform bill that they did get passed in an effort to try to stop an out of control judiciary. Gosh, that sounds familiar.

Oh no, we didn't pass that bill. Anyway. Yeah. So all of that going on. Well, joining me now as he does each and every Monday to help us get things launched, get things kicked off, get things started for the weekend. No, for the week, weekend, week, something like that. I want to vote for the week. We're going to get going for the whole week. The whole week right here. The whole week of impetus going to lift that whole week right here. Rick Manning, president Americans for limited government. Hey, Rick, good morning.

Welcome. Hey, good morning to you. Apart from the angels effectively tanking after the after trading all their prospects to try to win now. I'm doing great. I'm having a great time. But my angels not so good. Not so good.

Not so good. I you know, I've been I've been a what are they what would you call it? A bearing A's fan. You know, bearing the burden of being an A's fan.

Although I guess they're on their way to Las Vegas now. You had championships. You had like multiple world championships. You had the dating. You had great.

You had great times. The angels have one championship in 2002. I've been a fan of the angels since they almost it's almost when they began.

Yeah. And I've got one stinking championship to show for it. We've had all these players we brought in all these great players got fantastic players. We just never have good teams. And, you know, and somehow we can't win with trout notani. So, you know, it's a it just goes to show you sometimes, sometimes the individual stars as much as I love individual stars. The individuals are not the in a team game.

It's all about how it all fits together. And unfortunately, with the angels, they can't, nobody can stop who can pitch in the six, seven, eight, the ninth innings. They just keep losing. Yeah. Sad. Well, sad.

I hear you sad. But that's all we're here to talk about. No, we're talking we're talking. No, you know what one of these times we will we'll kick money off by having a sports conversation.

I'm I was honestly I was actually just thinking a little bit about about that. But more from the perspective of of how they're missing the boat with their fans because I really think that they are I mean, they, you know, I had held on hope that you know, that baseball was kind of the last holdout for, you know, we're gonna maybe hold on and do this right they they they leaned and then they came back and and then and now they leaned again and I'm afraid they're they're, you know, unwilling to lean back. I can't wait until they put the all star game back in Atlanta. But it's, you know, yeah, when they move the all star game, it was a over completely false, you know, narratives pushed by the hard left. When they move the all star game, they lost a lot of a lot of people's respect. And, and quite honestly, they're New York City based commissioner is New York City based.

I mean, that's the way he thinks. And they're bringing in owners who are now really hedge fund guys, and they're not they don't own businesses, they're just their hedge fund guys. And you know, if Larry thinks one of your owners and he isn't, but Larry Fink like people are your ownership group, you're going to have the things going to tilt off to the left and baseball from a perspective of politics, who's their audience?

Old white guys? Why would you piss us off? And yet that's a they they don't know who their audience is, or if they do, they don't care. And as a result, a game that's dying a slow death is going even though it's more exciting today than ever, is makes does everything they can and make it so people like me are mad. Well, the big thing for me was, yeah, the big thing for me was is that of every team other than Texas, Rick, had had a specific big, you know, twerking pride event. Okay. When I called it and called it family night, and I and I, you know, I mean, that that that that was the that that's the straw that broke the camel's back for me. That that really, that's it.

You're No, I get it. That's it. The group that made all that publicity about going to Dodger Stadium, the group that pretends to be nuns, and they're just, you know, completely in sodomites. Yeah, they are when Dodgers kind of blinked under pressure and said, uninvited them. The mayor of Anaheim, where the angels are located, said, Well, if they don't want, we'll have here in Anaheim, and Angel Stadium, and the angel and the angels, then brought those people into Angel Stadium with little fanfare. They then went to the also did Dodger Stadium. No one showed up from what I saw in the video.

Yeah, yeah, they did. The fact is, they recognize them like at 530 for a 730 game. So because they didn't want the TV to be, you know, 50,000 fans booing. So they they had nobody there intentionally because they because the moon recognition up so early that nobody was pre batting practice, I think. Okay, so they had no fans in the stands for by design.

Okay. But anyway, then we showed you what a fraud it was. It shows you it's just some kind of meaningless PR move they were doing. And I don't know who that they were PRing for. But that's the problem.

You have the you have the woke setting. Well, and I'm gonna I'm gonna push back just a little bit. I know you made a statement about you know, old white guys, but actually, to be honest, it's it's family people, right? That's the bottom line. And it's red, brown, yellow, black and white. It's family people. Baseball is a family game. It's it was the first international family game when you stop and think about it.

It broke it broke the barriers before, you know, before before football, before the NFL decided to play in, you know, in Europe, and so on. You had baseball being played all around the world, everywhere. You know, I mean, missionaries used baseball as a means to, you know, to to reach out to try and still do when you when you think about an international game. You know, baseball has over half its players that are outside of Major League Baseball from outside of the United States. You know, many from from Spanish speaking countries, but obviously, we have Ohtani from Japan, we've had a number of players from Japan been extraordinary. And so you have hit players from South Korea. You know, the interesting thing is the place where didn't catch on is in Europe, and all that much.

So English speaking countries that didn't do so well, they have cricket. Yeah, well, yeah. Okay, we're not supposed to have a sports conversation. All right. All right.

So here's so here's what applications of cricket versus baseball. Yeah, well, no, but here's what I want. Here's what I wanted to ask you about is, so Mike Pence has been coming out and taking some pretty aggressive swings. Yeah, at at at Donald Trump.

And now Bill Barr, I mean, Bill Barr has has has pretty much said what he's going to jump off a building if if if Trump becomes the president and, and now he's ready to go testify in his criminal indictment. I mean, you're you're right there in the Beltway. What what are these? Are these guys? Are these the front runner prop guys now that the that the deep states putting up shows a level of desperation but for the for the deep state.

Let me start with pants. Mike Pence made a decision. I went after Mike Pence live stream last week. And it's not because I don't like Mike Pence, although he's not my favorite guy. I think he's kind of he's a he's a decent guy.

He's a little plastic. But from a but he's selling merchandise on his campaign website, using the indictment, using the indictment, some merchandise, because somewhere in the indictment, it says that Mike Pence that Donald Trump said that Mike Pence was too honest, when talking about the power of the vice presidency. And so he's now got a T shirt that says Mike Pence too honest. Well, when you're saying you're selling merchandise off of what is perhaps the most dangerous indictment in the history of our country, and you're using it to sell merchandise, as the former vice president, I'm sorry, you have lost all any veneer of me needing to be nice.

It is a, you know, he's trying to monetize a really disastrous situation. You know, the fact is, he initially said, Oh, we shouldn't be indicted. And then he said, Oh, well, he doesn't.

His story is completely changed now. And it's because he discovered he's not going to win the presidency. He knows he's not gonna win the presidency.

He doesn't have any illusion he's going to win the presidency. His job is to take down Trump, pure and simple. That's his job. And he will be well compensated for that, you know, in the end, that is his job. Similarly, when you look at so I have absolutely zero respect for Mike Pence. And I have a friend who is the head of his nonprofit C four, who I've basically told him, you know, you need to get a better job. It's a but that's what his that's what they're doing. That is their that is what Mike Pence that's pathway he chose.

Bill Barr, a guy who's who shut down any internal investigation on whether the election fraud occurred, a guy who denied it before he ever looked into it and never bothered to look into it. Say that again. Say that again. Say that again. Because Yeah, Rick, Rick, say say that part again. Say that part again. Because this is, this is, folks, this is exactly I mean, this is 1000%. Okay, the issue when they say, oh, 61 cases or 71 cases, some say 61, some say 71. That you know that that you know, there was no election fraud. The judge never saw one piece of evidence. And you just made a statement about Bill Barr.

That is exactly that. Bill Barr came out and made a statement that there was no he said, I don't see any election fraud. Did you look bill? Well, no, we didn't look really. No, we didn't.

We didn't. We didn't investigate. So how exactly do you say that there isn't any when you didn't even look, Rick, Rick, recognize that the head of his civil rights division, Jeff Clark, wanted to investigate was pushing to investigate. Jeff Clark is now one of the co conspirators because he was doing his job at the Office of Civil Rights to make sure the people civil rights the vote wasn't violated. Bill Barr, his boss, sat there and squashed any investigations into the elections. Just so understand, Bill Barr is a is a co conspirator in the fraud. That is what he was, may have been in a burden, may have been he just couldn't bring his head around it, maybe wasn't big enough for the job. But the fact of the matter is, he did not do his job as attorney general. And he doesn't now get to use the title of attorney general as proof point that Donald Trump somehow violated the law. I'm sorry, Bill, he don't get to play both sides. You don't get to have that. And I'm just sick to death of it. Here's a guy on just grass text. I'm just pisses me off.

As you can tell, I know I know you're well, I feel the same way. I mean, look, here's the other piece to this. When he became attorney general, Trump turned to him to get the Department of Justice headed in the right direction to get the investigations done to move things to bring criminal charges against these individuals that Trump knew for two years had been doing people like Schiff, people like Schumer, people like Swalwell, even Nancy Pelosi. I mean, he was looking for an attorney general, because Bill Barr supposedly had that reputation with Bush and with Reagan and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.

And so Trump thought, okay, here's a guy that has the credibility and that will do the right thing. And he absolutely didn't do anything. And there was something too about Barr's wife being in a Bible study with one of the, who was that? Bill Barr's wife was in a Bible study with Robert Mueller's wife. And man, if you don't know who Mueller is, you need to read John Malkovich's book, Robert Mueller, that he was a mule for the New World Order basically. And he, and this is all, he just goes through the public records going all the way back to, to, to the guy in Philadelphia, Boogner, Bill, Bill the mobster. Whitey Bulger? Whitey Bulger. I mean, I mean, Robert Mueller is the guy that covered for Whitey Bulger's murders.

Covered. He's also the guy that got the chair, the families of the, he's also the guy that got the families of the terrorists from 9-11 out of the country. Robert Mueller to me, Robert Mueller is, was and kind of ushered in this top down FBI that has become a political weapon.

He's the one who ushered that in. He was the, as director of FBI. He essentially required a trip through the headquarters FBI in the top floor to kind of figure out who was indoctrinated in order to move up in your career.

And so we ended up, that's when we ended up with a politicized FBI. Robert Mueller's the one who put everything in motion from a bureaucratic standpoint. But yeah, so when Bill Barr was named by Trump and every, there was a lot of pressure on everybody, including me to endorse him because you know, he's a good guy.

We all know him. And I looked at his resume and I'm like, wait a second, this guy's just, he's a corporate lawyer who's against a lot of the stuff. He's always on the wrong side on stuff that I'm on A and B, I don't trust him. I don't trust him.

And I put that out there. I said, I'm not sure, you know, hopefully he's what Trump thinks he is, what he's been promised, but I don't trust him to be able to do this job. And the fact of the matter is he turned out to be the perfect AG for the, for the establishment and that he did a few little things that caused people to say, and occasionally he'd say things that made you go, oh, he's on the job. But by and large, he didn't do anything. There was no cleanup of the system. There was no, you know, the system was left in place. The bad actors remained bad actors and nothing was cleaned up regarding FISA court.

Nobody was held accountable anywhere. And as a result, you sit there and you say, you know, overall, his job was to, was to take care of, you know, basically if your wood is, if you've got termites, he sat there and cleaned the moss off the wood that the termites were destroying from the inside out. And that's, and, but he never dealt with the termites. And yeah, let me, let me shift. I don't want to hear from him. I do not want to hear from a guy who would not investigate voter fraud. I agree.

Let me shift over. Who sat there and is now participating in an indictment against one of the one guy in that department of justice who stood up. And that's a, he's a, he's a bad guy.

I get it. Let's, I want to shift over to Pence for just a minute because I, and I have hammered on this before. There was a pizzeria called Memories Pizza in Indiana that said that they would not cater to gay weddings. The legislature in Indiana handed then Governor Mike Pence the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would have given businesses the ability to be able to say in Indiana, we on religious grounds, we won't cater to these kinds of events. Mike Pence vetoed that bill. He said, no, I will not sign that.

He signed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that said that businesses could not on religious grounds. And Memories Pizza, not only did they go out of business, but they, the Conners ended up fleeing the state amid massive death threats. And Mike Pence left them and hung them and all Christian business owners in Indiana out to dry. Nobody wants to talk about that.

Nobody will, nobody, nobody will. When we were, when parents were taking on common core, he was governor. He, he was, let's put it this way, disappointing in his, in his leadership in terms of taking on common core and in fact blocked, blocked real reform of the Indiana education system at that time.

So there was a, so this is a common pattern. I spent, spent a little bit of time with Mike Pence in the White House in some meetings and, you know, basically he was obsequious to everybody to, you know, he, he kind of kept quiet. But the fact of the matter is every time I knew he made a decision, it was a decision for K Street.

It wasn't a decision for that Donald, that would have been something that Trump people would have supported. And it just, you look at it and you say, oh, he's, he's in, once again, he's selling merchandise, trying to profit off of Donald Trump's endorsement. That's all you need to know about Mike Pence. If you don't believe me, go to his campaign website. And after you click through his plea for you to give him 40, give him 20 bucks, you'll see merchandise at the top, your sale, you push sale.

And there's a t-shirt that says too honest in quotes. That is a direct reference to the indictment. He's trying to, he's trying to personally benefit from the indictment.

And I have no respect whatsoever. And let's be clear, and we're going to run out of time with this, but you know, Mike Pence and Bill Barr intend to help Joe Biden do everything that they can to make sure that Donald Trump doesn't serve as the 47th president. That's, that's, that's, you know, and, and it, and it, and it goes beyond, oh, he's just a political opponent. It, it, it really goes to their relationships, Pence and Barr, with the new world order and the 2030 agenda. And that's what we need to be concerned about. Yeah, I got it.

I agree with that. And it's, it was very disappointing to be the only person I have a picture of from that administration meal, but by myself is Mike Pence. So now I've got a picture with Mike Pence and I have to sit on it. Well, just, just what you do is, is, is you, is you get like flames behind it and then, and then, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Split, split the picture and, and, and, and have, you know, the heaven half and the hell half and it, and, and it, and it will create the perfect dichotomy. All right. Rick Manning has been my guest. Rick will be back with us on Wednesday.

Claire Lopez will join us and we'll dig into some national or yeah, national security issues. Rick, thanks so much for being with your brother. I appreciate it. Take care. All right. Bye.

All right. We're going to take a break. Be back with more Children Generation Radio coming up right after this. David Wormser joins me coming up on the other side.

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I am Patriot Mobile. You can support Chosen Generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting And now, back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg. Welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. Thanks so much for being here.

I know you have a choice in when you can listen each and every day, and I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio. Well, folks, wow. As mentioned there, it's obvious, and we'll get more into this, by the way.

When Colonel John Mills joins us next hour, I believe it will be, we will get even, or not next hour, the hour after that, final hour, but we'll get even more into what he testified about relative to the Durham report and the depth of that. The issue and how this is playing a role, yeah, I'm getting an echo. And I'm not sure why we're getting an echo. Do you want to try restarting your computer, David? Yeah, yeah, I'm going to restart. Hold on. Okay. All right. We're experiencing a minor technical difficulty.

So let me, there we go. I just muted you, so don't panic. Anyway, there is a lot happening in Israel, and I asked Dr. David Wormser to come on to the program a little early so we could spend some time kind of digging into this. I don't know if you followed this or not, but there was an attack in Tel Aviv, and we'll get into that with him. There also was, let me see, so a Palestinian attack leaves one Israeli dead in Tel Aviv. A shooter was killed. This is August the 5th.

Palestinian shooting attack in downtown Tel Aviv kills an Israeli security person. We'll talk a bit about that unrest and what's happening with regards to that. Then in addition to that, we've also got, let me see if we're, let's try that.

And we'll see if we unmute and okay, it says audio connected. Wow. Yeah.

We're echoing terribly. Yeah. Jump out on the computer completely.

Just get out of Zoom on the computer. Then, how's that better? Oh yeah, much better. Okay, excellent. There we go. Okay. So we have a great deal to discuss with regards to what's happening in Israel.

One of the biggest issues to me in all of this is the recognition that what's happening in Israel is a mirror image of what we have watched happen here in the United States and continues to happen, by the way, continues to happen. When you stop and think about, look at the general situation and as Rick Manning pointed out in our last segment, you have General Milley, right? But he wasn't alone. You had 51 Intel officers that flat out lied. I mean, straight flat out lied. And then I think it was at the beginning of 2020, right? Going into that, you had another 50 of them, I believe it was roughly 50, that said, oh, the Biden laptop is, you know, is Russian disinformation. This is not Hunter Biden's laptop. None of this ever happened. I mean, where are the cons?

That is, ladies and gentlemen, that is a coup against, in both instances, that was a coup against the sitting president of the United States of America. And now you have Bill Barr that says, I'm willing to testify against President Trump. Are you kidding me? You know, Pastor, you're so right. When you look at Israel, the thing is, Israel's a small country. And the progressives have been obsessed with Israel ever since the 90s. Well, they've been obsessed with Israel for the last four or five decades because Israel was seen to be an ally, a very close ally to the United States. And of course, since the progressives want to take down America, Israel, along with two or three other countries like Taiwan and so forth, became the focal point of hatred in the 70s and 80s. And then onward, after the 90s, Israel became really the Cadillac issue for the progressives to focus on. So Israel's a small country, so they can do what they're going to do in a much more organized test run there. And when you look at all the pieces falling into place in Israel, you see all that stuff happening here in preparation for what will happen here. For example, the terrorizing of corporations to take over the boardroom and therefore you can leverage corporations for political pressure down road, the filtering out of the press schools, the schools of journalism, Columbia and so forth, of anybody who disagrees with the progressive agenda, so that 80 to 90% of all journalists are essentially progressive.

The concentration of wealth around certain industries that are highly leftist, like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg and so forth, the high tech sector. And you see all that now in Israel in place, coming into play along with, and this is how I would very seriously consider this transformation of our military. Our military was not an area in America which is known for its progressives. Most soldiers believe in the flag and they believe in America. They're very patriotic.

And as a result, it was a great concern for the progressives. What happens down road if they challenge the structure of the US government? So right now there's a purge going on and you see that in Israel too, which is certain progressive officers are trying to use their position in the military to take it hostage at a very critical security juncture. They're using it to take it hostage, to demand political change that is not democratically achievable.

Why is all this? Because at the end of the day, the progressives can't win the election to transform America or Israel entirely. So they're not after democracy. They use the language of democracy, but they're not after democracy. They're after power. They're illiberal and they're after power. And they've set all the institutions in place essentially to force their way back into government or to control government or to ram through their agenda when they're in government without resistance. They're tyrants, David. In Israel, which is there, it's an attempt to bring down the government. They're tyrants. A conservative is elected in two years. The same thing will happen. Yeah.

I don't know if you can hear me or not. They're tyrants. Yes, this is a tyrannical move. This is the move of authoritarianism. And I mean, it's the same kind of thing that we're seeing right north of our border here in Canada. It's a replication of what Trudeau has been doing up there. And we've been watching some of the pushback of Canadian citizenry.

But you have the same issue. I think that the problem that these progressives are running into, and in particular, they're running into it here in the United States, is there's still enough of a sense of what liberty is supposed to be. And even though they've been working to indoctrinate kids, even amongst the youth, and they have certainly moved the needle on the children, now you're seeing the depths of their depravity, the sex trafficking, the grooming, the efforts that are being made. And I think that children are coming out of this and they're saying, no, I'm not going to go along with this.

I refuse to go along with this. And they are creating their own subgroups and they are attaching themselves to liberty-oriented groups and saying, help me, help me. And I think that that's what's got the left here and in Israel in a bit of a panic. I mean, Israel's moving back to a very conservative, God-centered, God-focused mission statement as a nation for the first time. They've truly come to a place where they're rejecting socialism in mass.

What is it? I think the number's like 80% of the population is actually in agreement with the direction that the country's moving. And that's in spite of the fact that the progressives have had control of the education system in Israel for the past 70 years. The education system, journalism, school, everything. Look, in America, there's been two big things that give me great hope. One was the school board revolt that you saw that led to Governor Youngkin being elected in Virginia and so forth. There's definitely the battleground of Americans and the school boards is well developed and full and it's grassroots.

It's not organized. It's genuinely from the heart. And the second thing was the Bud Light affair and that's ongoing. This showed that conservatives are done. They're upset.

They get it and they're responding and they're just not going to take it. In Israel, that's what's very interesting now. There's one channel there that's conservative, Channel 14, all the rest, 11, 10, 13, and two or three others are all very far left. It's like the whole country's run by CNN except for Channel 14. That's the only private channel, by the way.

The other are all publicly funded. It's a private channel. The big effort now by the left is to shut it down. They went after all the advertisers and there was a Zoom call organizing a boycott of Channel 14 that leaked and the Zoom call was now we're going to have to destroy any voice the right has in Israel. So we're going to start with the main one, which is Channel 14 TV, and we're going to pressure all the companies to boycott it so that they can't get any advertising there and they go bankrupt to shut down because they're private. They did that and one of the big advertisers on Channel 14 is Strauss Dairy, which is the second largest dairy, or actually the largest now, dairy concern in Israel, controls about a third of the market.

But dairy means everything from chocolate to instant coffee to cheese, et cetera. It's massive. You can't go through that today without it. So they pulled their advertising a week and a half ago from Channel 14, which is a huge blow. It's about half of the advertising revenue for Channel 14. But what happened about half the country now or more is boycotting Strauss, the company. So their stocks are tanking, their shelves are filled with it, just like with Bud Light. You can go to any store and you can see the shelves filled with Bud Light are untouched.

The shelves filled with Strauss cheeses and everything are untouched. And the big water supplier, not for your faucet, but those soda machines and so forth, it's Strauss. Well, the amount that have canceled their subscriptions to that is phenomenal. So it's exactly like the Bud Light right in Israel is basically saying enough already. You're not going to do this to us. You're not going to take away our voice. You're not going to browbeat us into submission. And you're not democratic if you do that. You're shutting us up.

So please be honest about what you are. So the parallels are very strong. By the way, also the legal. This whole thing started about three, four or five years ago, seven years ago, actually, when the sitting prime minister, Netanyahu, who's currently the prime minister and he's moving the country to the right, was indicted in three different cases, case 1000, 3000, 4000. On various issues of bribery and selling influence and so forth. Well, the trials have been going on seven years. They haven't produced a verdict because there's no verdict to produce in the end.

Why? Because the cases have completely collapsed. There was no evidence that there was no evidence of anything.

It was these were manufactured cases. But worse now is coming out that there were witnesses that they teed up, that they terrorized into lying. The prosecutors actually orchestrated lying among the witnesses to try to frame Prime Minister Netanyahu by throwing the book and other minor offenses at these at these witnesses and threatening their families. So they came up with these testimonies that were false, perjured, perjured testimonies on behalf of the state. All of that's falling apart now. So the cases are completely crumbling.

The whole thing was a fraud. Now, I'm not as well versed in the legal aspects of the Trump of the various Trump cases. But it does strike me as highly unusual that for things that do not seem to be, you know, no, no, no former president in the United States has ever been put on trial ever. Right. And there's a reason for that, which is it does risk especially not one still eligible to run.

It really risks putting your political opposition in jail. Right. So the bar has to be extremely high, so high that it hasn't even been applied yet until now. And now when you're looking at the bar being applied, you scratch your head and you say, yeah, well, wasn't that done by Hillary? Wasn't that done in 1980?

Wasn't 1990 or 2000? I mean, you really scratch your head and say, well, this, you know, maybe they could be angry at Trump. Is this really so far out of bounds that that there should be an indictment whenever there has been of a sitting president? So, again, you're beginning to really and then you see what happened to Flynn and so forth at the beginning of the Trump administration in 2016, clearly manufactured cases.

So you really do worry about the use of the FBI and the use of the Justice Department for political hack jobs. Let's, let's come back a little bit to Israel in particular. And there were there were rumors running around that after Bibi Netanyahu signed into law, the Reformation of Judicial Powers Act, basically, that the political opposition party began to launch what could only be described as a coup. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Is that is that an accurate assessment? It was it was two or three prongs of things. First of all, around the country, they just made life miserable. Hundreds of intersections blocked it. Highways blocked the International Airport block.

They pretty much just and the fact is, the police in those areas did not one person's been prosecuted for anything yet, even though there's been a couple dozen police officers injured over the last few months. So first of all, they shut down the country and keep shutting down the country every day. A complete obstruction, including, for example, yesterday, they gathered in front of the place where people are supposed to muster for the when every 18 year old in Israel has to show up for military service. So they blocked the entrance to one of the main absorption camps for for young 18 year olds matriculating into the military. So to literally block mobilization of the youth. The second thing is they've been organizing this high level officers, former chiefs of staff, former to basically call on the Israeli military to refuse service to refuse until the not not only any more than reformist stuff, but until the BP government than that BP Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu government is is brought down.

It was only elected three quarters of a year ago. So essentially, yes, this is a coup, a push, a coup, something like that. They're trying to use their position.

And the thing is, they don't have that much follow. So they so they have to do this. These acts of drama and despair, not despair, but of hostage taking. When they said they won't show up for national service for the military duty, the reserves. The truth is, there's been a lot of mobilizations in the last three to four weeks because of the increasing tensions with with the north, with Hezbollah in Lebanon and with with Iran.

Right. There's been a lot of mobilization of the Israeli military. And there's really no big problem with any desertions or people not showing up.

The numbers are very small of those people. OK, so it's a big bluff. So so this goes back to this goes back to the media, then really, you know, creating a larger sense of chaos and unrest and destabilization than than actually exists. Are the people in Israel aware of how deceptive the media is being regarding this issue?

About one minute and then we're going to take our break before we go to the next hour. They are. I think I think that's an excellent example. There was a demonstration of a quarter million people on the right in Israel a week ago, and the press didn't even report it. The main press Channel 14, when they're trying to shut down, did the rest of the press didn't even report it. Yet if you go on Israeli TV, every demonstration of 20 people, 15 people in an intersection is reported extensively. So it's a perfect example.

This this nexus in Hebrew is called on shoot on a ton, which is a tycoons government press that that's the sort of nexus of power on shoot on a ton. All right. And that's what's up.

That's what's happening. All right. We are going to take our break here, folks. We'll be back right after this.

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