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CGR FRIDAY 080423 Felix Gines Now a Republican Steve Boulton Lawlessness In Chi Town

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 4, 2023 9:00 am

CGR FRIDAY 080423 Felix Gines Now a Republican Steve Boulton Lawlessness In Chi Town

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me.

Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. And I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio. You can watch us at on TECN TV and across multiple platforms, including our Cloud Hub platform. We want to thank the over 115,000 people that are watching us over there on Cloud Hub.

Also, are great to have on board. You can listen to us live at the listen link as well. And of course, you welcome our friends in Denver, Colorado as well and across the network. So good to have all of you tuned in and listening with us today. Thanks for being here in Oklahoma.

My good friend Casey over there in Oklahoma. Good to have you on board today. Thanks for being here. All right.

I've got a great program lined up for you. Gordon Chaps Klingensmith, pray in Jesus' name, will be with us bottom of our number two here. And of course, he was one of the very first ones that was persecuted for using the name of Jesus in the military, fought it all the way up the court system and won. And he'll be with us. We'll be talking about Christian persecution.

It's come home to roost. Don Jans joins us. We'll talk about a lazy and uneducated electorate and what are the costs. We'll talk about that coming up in the top of the next hour. Bottom of this hour, Steven Bolton, who is the chair for the Illinois GOP will be with us. We'll be talking with him about what's going on in Chicago. 51 million illegal immigrants are being given free money while others in Chicago go without. And we'll talk about what's happening, how the homeless are continuing to pile up on the streets of Chicago, along with crime and the lawlessness and all the other things that are associated with it. And oh, by the way, illegal immigrants now are able to serve in Illinois because the governor of Illinois has signed into law HB 57, I think it's 571, that says that they are now allowed to be sworn in as law officers.

Of course, it's unconstitutional because, well, they have to take an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and be citizens. But why not? All right. Well, I'm very pleased to welcome my very first guest today to the program.

He is running as a congressional representative for House District 115 in the great state of Mississippi. And it is my sincere pleasure to welcome Felix Kynes to the program. Felix, welcome. Good to have you. Hey, Pastor Young. Hey, glad to be here.

Glad to be here. All the way from Biloxi, Mississippi, at the very bottom of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Man, you know what? And there's some real beauty along that coast, too, by the way. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

26,000 man-made beach. Yep. It really is. I mean, it's kind of a lost oasis, if you will, that a lot of people don't realize is sitting down there. Yes, sir.

We call it the secret Gulf Coast because once you get here, people don't realize the beauty in what we have. But once we get you here, you're coming back. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Well, so you were, for many years, a member of the Democrat Party. Is that correct? Yes, sir.

That is correct. Now, Mississippi is a red state. It's identified as a red state. Of course, Texas is identified as a red state, and we're moving more purple every single day, it seems. But nonetheless, Mississippi is identified as a red state. Why is Mississippi a red state?

Why do you think that Mississippi votes conservative? Well, one of the reasons why I think that they are conservative is because it's getting back to the base. What we like to do is get back to the base, the basic Christian values. And that's what it's all about. And somehow, we have lost that. And then from an educational standpoint, we're going all over the place with a whole bunch of things. We need to get back to things like reading, writing, and arithmetic. And, of course, we see the country going in so many different directions.

But everybody's forgetting to get back to their basics. So you have made that shift from Democrat. What was it that initially, why were you a part of the Democrat Party? It's, well, one of the main reasons why I was one of the main reasons why I was part of Democratic Party, I now have to be honest. You look at the dynamics of your community. And of course, if you see me physically, you know that I'm a man of color. When you're in a man of color, and you're living in a district with people of color, then you're going to tend to go with what's there. What's there is the Democratic Party, and everybody identified as Democrat.

Although we're the most church-going people, we are the most people who do not believe in abortion, and we believe in our rights. Why are we Democrats? And a lot of it goes back to the party of Lincoln, and we've forgotten the roots of the party of Lincoln.

And that's what I started thinking about when I made my change back. There was a huge exit, if you will, of the Democrat Party trend that was going on in the last, I don't know, four or five years. Do you feel like you were impacted by just the questions that people were asking relative to those decisions to say, you know what, wait a minute, maybe this party doesn't align with my values? Values had a little bit to do with it.

It had quite a bit to do with it. But then you look at the organizational structure. From an organizational structure standpoint, you have to feel and believe in what you're doing.

Now, like I say, I have no ills with anyone on that side or anything like that. But like you said, it has to come from within. And so when you look at your values and how you were raised, you look at the organizational structure, and you say, do I really believe in this?

Can I follow along with this? And that answer was, this is more likely to be suited for me than over here on the left. I'm curious about what you're talking about, about organizational structure.

Could you enlighten me a little bit about what that means when you're saying that the organizational structure wasn't what you agree with, or maybe what you thought it was? Talk to me about what that means exactly. I could be put ahead of someone based on color. I could be put ahead of someone based on my origin, whether I'm LGBT or whether I'm straight. If I'm straight, I may not get as many points as being LGBT or something like that. Right. The ESG, the DEI, those kinds of social rating systems. Yeah, it was a rating system, and I didn't care for the rating system. I thought, I'm a Dr. King believer, the content of your character, your hard work, climbing up that ladder, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

I'm one of those believers. Equality over equity. Equality, absolutely.

Right. Just give me a level playing field, or give me the opportunity. It doesn't even have to be a level playing field. Honestly, truthfully, look, we all start somewhere, and then we work from there to achieve our goals. At the end of the day, when we're in that competition, it should go to the guy that runs the race the best and will do the best job.

Absolutely. Put me on the field and let me go for what I know. If I'm the best guy, then I need to represent the party, just like we do in the Olympics. We send runners out there, they run. Whoever's the fastest, whoever does not get disqualified, they're the ones that's going to represent you. I feel like if I'm there, and if I'm out front, and I win the race, I should represent the party in that case.

I know that the other side likes to tout this idea of everything's racist, and everything is race-based, and they love working hard to try to divide us. But what we're talking about here is using the skill sets and then adding to those in the field that we particularly choose to pursue. I'm sorry. I had lost part of my thought. I apologize.

It was like, wait a minute, I'm not quite there yet. The idea then, that if you and I are in competition for a particular position, that they would lower standards so that you could get in and I couldn't. They want to say that, I don't know, my conservative side is the racist side. To me, that's very denigrating. That seems to me like a very racist perspective. Does that make sense?

Yes. I get what you're saying. I guess if I can put it into some context, I would get two more points. Because I'm a man of color, I would get two more points over my white competitor. That would be wrong. It would be just as wrong as you being a white male, and you get the automatic nod because you're white and I'm black. Right. The color shouldn't play a role. But for example, with college admissions, what just happened with regards to the lawsuit and the decision of the Supreme Court, what they were doing was essentially, if a particular minority came and they had a grade point average that was 2.2, and you had somebody that wasn't in that minority group, and they had a grade point average of 3.2, the guy with the 2.2 grade point average got in, the guy with the 3.2 grade point average didn't get in because he wasn't in the right group. Right, right. And that is not right.

If you have the better grades, you should be there. Now, the only thing that I can say is, you know, coming from a public education system, I'm number eight of 11 kids. We've got five.

You got five? I got five kids. I'm not an 11, but I feel you.

But I feel you. My wife's parents were 13 and 13 each. Yeah, I'm used to sleeping in the bed. Two up, one down. My wife was an only child, but she had, you know, a thousand cousins, and she says the same thing.

She's like, we slept four across at grandma's house. But I do think that colleges should look at social backgrounds, because some people do come from economic disadvantage. And you may want to look at that as far as giving people a hand up, and not just on color or greed or what have you. I think we could look at areas like disadvantaged youth, a youth that's trying to give them a hand up.

I definitely believe in that. Well, but isn't that, I mean, when we talk about, let's, so now we go down to the root of the issue, which is, we have areas that are controlled by the party you left, the Democrat Party, and they say, oh, we're, you know, we're going to put money into education, except that the administrator gets a big salary, the principal gets a big salary, the principal gets a big salary, right? But there's no resources available for the students, okay? Instead, school is a jailhouse. That's what school is.

And they show up or they don't show up. And it's all about metal detectors and all this other nonsense instead of, oh, and by the way, Planned Parenthood, right? Because, you know, we got it, we want to teach our kids to have as much sex as possible between the ages of five and 12 so we can start giving them abortions. I mean, that's the problem. The problem is, is let's get in there and let's get, you know, let's help the teachers that really want to teach to be able to teach and not teach victimhood, but teach opportunity.

Exactly, exactly. And you hit it first when you first started, when you talked about the money needs to get to the kids, it needs to get to the teachers. So much bureaucracy when it comes to your higher up. There are school systems that are so top-heavy till the money never trickles down to the teachers and or the students. We've been lucky here, especially in Biloxi, Mississippi. We subsidize our teachers. We subsidize education greatly. And of course, we have a A-rated school and our schools are comfortable to the private schools. I mean, there's no difference in a private school and our school here in the city of Biloxi, Mississippi, matter of fact.

We're great in education. But that's been one of the biggest downfalls is bureaucracy at the top. And you look at a lot of cities who have failing schools, they are very, very top-heavy. Well, and building up family, right? I mean, that's the other issue is. I know you're talking about a black community that is very heavily involved in church.

So I'm going to guess then also very heavily involved in covenant marriages and couples staying together and children with a mom and a dad, a lot more of that in that community than you would find perhaps in other communities. Yeah, that's becoming a national issue more so than- Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

Go ahead. Sorry. I'm just agreeing with you.

Yeah. I mean, I wish it was just a black community thing. It's not a black community.

It's a national thing. But it started out, and that's where you went to talking about the Lincoln party. It started out targeting the black community.

They started out targeting the black family to destroy that group. And once they had the formula, because I remember my wife and I went through this, I've shared this on my program before, but back in the late eighties, we were having some really challenging economic times. We had to stay with my mom at the time for a little while. And I was an elder in the church, and I was telling the folks at church what was going on. And they said, well, you can get some help. You guys are in a place where it's okay to ask for that or what have you. I hated that.

Oh, I'm telling you. But we went ahead. My wife called, and she's Hispanic. She called. We had two small kids. And you know what they said, Felix?

What did they say? They said, hey, get a divorce. Get a divorce, and we have housing. We have cash aid. We have full medical.

We will take complete care of you. But you got to throw your husband out. That was one of the big, that was one of the, you know, like I said, even back in the sixties, there were some good things that was done. But one of the worst things that came out of it was house. Housing was meant to be a leg up. I can remember once upon a time where subsidized housing was to give a family a leg up or a hand up. Now what has happened is you can't live in a house if you have a man in the house. Pretty much what we're just talking about.

Yep. If you have a man in the house, and that opened up the door for different things like dealers or pimps. Prostitution, drugs.

It opened up the writing. Well, and you force a woman to try to carry the role of a man, which she can't. Let's be honest, she just can't. And so now she's trying to raise a boy, and that young man is being influenced by these people that are coming in the door. She herself is injured, damaged, looking for somebody to help take care of her because that's a natural thing, except that it becomes this series of broken relationships and injury to her as well. It's a nightmare.

It's an absolute nightmare. It broke the family up. And just as you said, back in the eighties, seventies, eighties, it broke the families apart.

And I believe that it was devastating to the black community because we started losing our male figures. Our male figures were so important, especially when I grew up, I had my mother, even though it was 11 of us, I had my mother and my father. And like I said, four out of five of my sisters have doctors, masters, and above. Education, even though we didn't know we were poor. But education was our way out. And that's what allowed us to get where we are today. And I was just so happy that my father pushed education. I got it only went to the eighth grade who knew that education was his kid's way to a better life, a better life than his. And we were rich and we didn't know it.

We were rich because we had a band there. Darrell Bock Amen. Now talk to me about your background. We're going to run out of time here. And I want you to get this in on the program. So tell me now you are running as a Republican.

We are we've established that you have the conservative values that associate you with that Republican belief system. So talk to me a little bit. I noted that it's the Honorable Felix Ogines. Tell me about that.

Felix Ogines Okay. Honorable comes I am a sitting city councilman over 10 years. I've been sitting at this as a city councilman. I started out working part time with the Planning Commission. Okay, I was first in in the dynamics of the city.

Sure. And then went on to get up, become elected in 2013 as a city councilman. During that tenure, two years in, our mayor was unable to perform his duty. So he stepped down. And we're talking about a board council, which is I'm the only African American on the council. But the mayor, when he was unable to perform, selected me to step in and run the roles of the city. Okay. And I was performed the duties of mayor for the next three to four months. Three to four months during that time, going through Mardi Gras, which is and, and that year, we've balanced the budget and everything. So that's kind of a little bit about me politically.

And and and final minutes here. I know that the the the website is Clinton, a Felix, Felix And then why should votes the folks there in Mississippi, vote for you and support your campaign? Relationships, relationships will be one of the things that we've done when I when we got our new mayor, and as we went to DC, I'm always willing to travel, I'm almost always willing to meet with our congressional delegation on all levels. Our Senator Roger Wicker, Cindy Hyde-Smith have an excellent relationship with them. And every time we went to DC, we were always bringing back money, always bringing back money to our town. And that's what we need.

If you don't have a relationship, if you don't have anyone willing to go to work for you, you don't need that person. But I'm that person that you need because I'm willing to make that trip and travel and bring the money back home. And just to be clear, we're talking about state representative, House District 115. That's Biloxi, Mississippi. And and this is as a state representative. So obviously, you're going to be spending your time at the Capitol as well. Hammering out hammering out policy for the state.

Yes, indeed. And yeah, we have some things that we have to do, and especially in the Jackson area, we need we also need representatives who can, you know, not only just look out for their district, but we got to look out for this whole state. And right now we have some situations around the state that needs some attention. And of course, I'm a guy who know all sides. I've been on both sides. I understand the dynamics of every issue.

And I have the relationships throughout the state to be able to get that done. is the website. is the website and Felix is running for state representative in District 115 there in Biloxi, Mississippi. Felix, thanks for being with us today. I greatly appreciate it. Love the conversation. Thank you, Pastor Greg. Appreciate you having me. You betcha.

All right. We're going to take a break, folks. We come back. Steve Bolton will be with us coming up on the other side.

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