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CGR MONDAY 062623 Part 1

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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June 26, 2023 8:11 am

CGR MONDAY 062623 Part 1

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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There we go. And I do have an incredible line of guests. I've got Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld will be with me. She's the author of The Soros Agenda.

At the bottom of our number three, Mark Mix is with me. He is the president of National Right to Work. He's also the president of the committee and foundation.

Well, the committee and the foundation. And lots going on with regards to Right to Work stuff. Reverend Dean Nelson of the Human Coalition will be with us. And we'll be talking about the issues around culture.

And then also the Roe v. Wade, the anniversary of that being overturned. So that should be interesting. And then Dr. David Wormser is with us.

The Biden administration has reinstituted its support of BDS. Did you know about that? Rick? Yes. Yeah. BDS is the boycott. Boycott Israel and you know, pretty much anti semitism, but it's boycott Israel. Anti semites. Yeah.

So, so real Jews. So the so the Biden administration is back in support of a BDS, which is something that President Trump had abolished and gotten rid of and rolled back. But oh, that was a it was a major Obama policy. I know. You know what?

And just from a vote perspective, it didn't didn't hurt him at all in terms of votes for the Jewish community. Well, no. Yeah.

Yeah. Which is the most self loathing community in the history of the earth. Well, you've got, yeah, you've got a liberal Jewish community that that pretends to be, you know, they strut around in their costumes, and they want want you to think that they're being Orthodox, but they're not. Because they they support abortion. They support sodomy.

They they, you know, they they stand with every immoral thing. So, yeah. Okay.

Anyway. And then apparently, there's also Ukraine accused Israel being pro Russian. That's another thing that's a mess is the Wagner thing.

And, and, and there's a lot of speculation I'm gonna I'll see about getting somebody on at some point to talk more in depth about that. But the that whole situation. the that whole situation. And, and, you know, Putin is apparently in a bit of a political battle over there. Well, that I have to tell you, I've never, maybe I'm naive, but I've never seen a circumstance where there's a coup and you're not allowed to call off coups. When you have a coup, it doesn't get called off.

And that's, you know, you march 500 miles towards Moscow, they say never mind. I mean, that's a little odd. Something's going on there.

That's a little odd. Well, so there's there's a gal I don't know this person, but she has her name is Velina Chekhorova. She's a geopolitical strategist, and I don't know something she's she's got 4.1 million views.

Here's her her her her insight. This is not a coup by Prigozin. This is an inner war between the St. Petersburg gang of Putin and the Moscow gang of Gerizimov and Shogu. This is the beginning of Putin's election campaign to become reelected in March 2024. His lap dog Prigozin is masquerading a coup to blame on Gerizimov and Shogu for losing the war against Ukraine. Prigozin can always be scapegoated if he fails like this has happened in the past.

Well, that's interesting. That's a different take than the one that I've heard. When they called it off, what I came to mind was when Erdogan in Turkey, when there was a coup against Erdogan in Turkey, and it turned out it wasn't a coup.

It was Erdogan, basically running an operation to see who kind of he beat the bushes he would flop out and support the coup and then he then he nabbed them. Yep. And it's feels a lot more like that. And the reason it feels a little more like that is because the Wagner forces are the best body units of the that Russia has. And right now Ukraine is supposed to be in a major offensive and to retake to basically cut the link between Russia and Crimea, and then move south and retake Crimea.

That's what I've been told is their plan. And so you've got this major offensive going on with Ukrainians. And the best fighting forces are suddenly able to leave the field. First of all, they're able to march off without anybody saying, you know, where are you going? And they're able to get halfway to Moscow, which is a long way. It's 600 miles from where they were to Moscow.

And there's some minor wreckage along the way, but not much. The Russian Air Force doesn't appear to be implemented against them. They don't have an Air Force. They've got their, you know, ground troops. So they can be destroyed by an Air Force like in 15 minutes. Russia has satellites, they could basically turn the satellites on and watch them every step of the way since they don't control the air. And they obviously wouldn't have any satellite comms, which are essential for ground forces today. So it didn't make a lot of sense to me.

And a lot of people were getting excited about it, but it didn't make a lot of sense to me. And as a result, I like everything out of that region, I take it with a grain of salt. Well, here's another assessment. This is a guy named Brian Krasentine.

Krasentine. I'm not sure he's a journalist. And track tackling conspiracy theories. I don't know. He's got 751 followers. I don't know that means anything either.

But anyway, so his his, here's his question. Imagine if the January 6th interactionists were armed and more powerful. Imagine if they had a legitimate chance of violently seizing power and overturning the US election. Imagine if on January 20th, Biden's top military commanders were seen laughing with the insurrectionists. Now imagine if Biden cut a deal with the insurrectionists, allowing them to leave the country and making sure they were safe in order to maintain his own power.

Would you view his leadership as strong or weak? Exactly. No matter how you try to spin this Putin's strength has diminished greatly. I mean, the bottom line is, and everybody's saying this for goes and got everything he wanted. Well, did he? He's just where he gets to live. He doesn't live at Belarus until he doesn't get to live anymore. Well, maybe, maybe that.

I mean, you think about it. I don't know what, you know, what he demanded was, they, they didn't. According to accounts that I read, maybe this has changed, but it wasn't a change of the Defense Ministry. There was a statement that there was going to be a change in the Defense Ministry, but other reports I read said there was none, and that he got nothing.

Essentially, what he got was, he got, he got free passage for his men and you know that they wouldn't get wiped out and treated as traitors and he got to go to Belarus. So it still remains to be seen what the fallout from it is. But I, it didn't, nothing about it felt right. It had a wag the dog kind of feel to me rather than a legitimate, because if you're going to do something like that, you don't march troops 500 miles.

It's you, it doesn't make any sense that that's what you're going to do. And so I, you know, maybe I'm wrong, but it wouldn't be the first time when, but it's, it feels more like a, like a game being played by a guy who used to be a spy master and manipulation, then it feels like something that was actually real. Least to me, I'm, I think it's one of the qualifiers as being one of the weird stories of the weekend, along with a weird story that, you know, with the sub implosion, we knew within six hours that the sub had imploded and nobody was alive.

There's a 99.9% chance based on underground underwater sonar that we were listening to. So we had a pretty good idea that and exactly where it blew up. And then we spent five days talking about it and engaging in major search and rescue, at the same time that all the Hunter Biden stuff was coming out. Now, I don't know, call me call me funny, but it's seems like the timeline is pretty suspicious.

And so that thing goes away. And the next thing you know, we've got, you know, supposedly troops marching on the Kremlin, which once again, doesn't, it didn't make it doesn't make sense. And I just, I've become very skeptical of these events that pop up and we get fed that are, you know, supposedly happening. And then I, you know, I don't know how much is manipulated and how much isn't anymore. So I, I rely on a few people who know what's going on different areas, tell you what they think. But I think the Russian thing, it feels like there's something, there's something really amiss about it. Something something wrong.

Yeah, here's, here's another. This is this is a post by, let's see, open source intelligence monitor focused on Europe and conflicts of the world. And, and it's RT endorsed.

So take it for that. But it's it's Prigozin speaking, and stating that Wagner's occupied all the military installations across the city, including the airfield to ensure Russian Air Force is attacking the Ukrainians and not his forces. But the military operations will continue unhindered.

No officers have been fired or planning to be fired. He just wishes that Defense Minister Shogu and Chief of General Staff Gerasimov will meet with him at the headquarters, which I think is what ultimately ended up happening. And that's the reference to the leaders, basically, hanging out with him and laughing. Well, what's the city that supposedly this all happened? I mean, no, it's in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Okay, so yeah, yeah, the, you know, the initial, the initial claim was that Wagner Wagner, Wagner, Wagner, whatever they're called, forces were, this was precipitated by Russian Air Force bombing their positions.

And they're sending away, you know, they're sending away a second, right, as opposed to bring our positions, right. And the theory was put out there that the Russian Air Force was bombing their positions, because there was a fear that they were becoming too powerful, and that they needed to be knocked down a couple of notches. Seems rather odd that Russian Air Force, it doesn't seem to be able to get in the air against the Ukrainian, I guess, the Ukrainian ground forces, with to any great extent, with the exception of the helicopters, that the Air Force is, in fact, now bombing their own, you know, people are on their side, but it's a, the whole thing's a mess. And yeah, it's a little hard to believe that a guy's threatening a coup, and he's getting together a defense minister and laughing it up.

That seems like a rather, I don't know, it seemed like it'd be a little more tense. But if the staging is to create the idea that those two individuals, Grassmuff and Shobu, whatever the name is, but to create the idea that they were a part of this uprising, as as a as a staging for, you know, again, trying to keep you got I mean, knowing what I know about Russia and their history and the background and communism and all of that, from just the training that I had, as a as a Russian linguist, that the coup pieces of all of this, this is, this is what they do. I mean, they they don't, elections are a farce. They don't have elections.

They have elections so that they can can make it look like whatever into the world. But the reality is, is that it's all it's all done in in coups and backroom agreements and, and, and so off. And, and so that doesn't surprise me. And the fact that do you think it's like the Khrushchev situation where just one day it was time for him to go and he just kind of gets retired? Is that do you think it's akin to that?

I, I think that there is the that there is the possibility that that is what is being discussed. And and that came out? What? How long is this war being going on now?

Longer than eight, eight, eight months? I don't know. Something like that? I don't know.

But I'd have to go back, right? I don't have it right in front of me, folks. But, but, you know, within 90 days of this thing starting, it became very apparent, the Russian people were not in support of it. It became apparent he was he was having to shut down communications.

He was locking people up. I had reports from within Russia that they were, they were having protests out on the street. And they were literally having to shut it down. And they were invoking essentially Soviet Union practices to silence the civilian population.

And anybody that even so much as uttered under their breath, even a question about the war was put was taken to jail. Right. And, and, and then that became the issue of and that was why I mean, Putin went running to China, because he needed money.

Right? He was running out of money, but he was already running out of money before he started this war. And, and, and the original school of thought was is that Putin and Xi had come together, they had met, they met in 2020. In the summer of 2020, when all the uprisings were happening, Putin, Xi, and Rossi met near Iran, and had a meeting and a powwow to talk about how they were going to use the uprisings in America to make sure that Trump didn't get a second term.

Okay, that's reasonable, I think so. And, and, and out of that agreement also became some really strong understandings between Xi and Putin, as to how they might help each other, realizing that essentially what they were going to do is divide as much of the different hemispheres of the world for their empires, because they had empirical ideas. Putin has had an empirical idea since the mid 90s. That's been vocalized by him.

So we shouldn't be surprised by what he's doing. And I talked with Tony Schafer on Friday. And I agree with most of his assessment. And I know that he has his finger on on a lot of the pulse of what's going on. The only thing with him that I don't agree with is the degree with him.

We didn't get a chance to really get further into it, because it was at the very end of our interview. And he said, Yeah, let's let's have this conversation was the issue of the aspirations of Putin, he thinks that Putin will be satisfied with taking Ukraine, period and be done. I don't, I don't think Putin will be satisfied with it now. Now he admitted he said, Yeah, Putin does have an eye towards reestablishing the entire Soviet Union, as it was, well, that would mean Poland, that would mean Latvia, and so on. The challenge Putin has is relatively simple.

He anticipated a one month rollover. And he's gotten massive degradation of his own forces. He's dependent upon the Wagner group to, to do his fighting for him in the toughest situations. He is he's discovered that his his military is not as adept as he as he assumed it would be, and certainly not as formidable.

And that there and quite honestly, that their tanks and other things are almost are very, are extremely vulnerable to generations old weaponry. And it's a and I don't think he anticipated any of that stuff. And so while initially his goal may have been much broader, I thought, I thought clearly that the Estonia, Latvia and other Baltic states, that the Baltic states would be at risk.

I thought that was real. I thought that they I'm surprised they still exist Lithuania. But, you know, Putin's designs are interesting. What he can actually accomplish is what's relevant and he can't accomplish much right now. I mean, he's dependent upon an army that may or may not be loyal to him.

And it's a that's a dangerous place to be as a as a strong man. So, but I agree. And I think there's no doubt he had broader plans.

He had hopes, broader hopes. Um, there's just, okay, so I didn't realize how long so. So actually, this this war is one year and four months old. The way it felt to me, but it's, it's, I couldn't remember. It's, you know, I just couldn't remember. It's 16 months old is how old this war is.

And, and again, I mean, six months in, I think, roughly thereabouts. There were rumblings while the Wagner group kind of started to take power or take control or become a player. Let me look and see if I can look at that up as to when Wagner group got involved.

Let me see if it says it's just giving me all the all the updates. Ukraine Russian was take direct control Wagner group. Okay.

Brutal Russian unit. Yeah, it's not. So it was probably maybe it was more like about nine, nine months in when the Wagner group really started to step in. Oh, no, here we go. Cool.

Thank you. So it was six months I was right, my initial thought was right. Wagner group, a private mercenary firm widely believed to be linked to Russia's Defense Ministry. And they they started doing recruiting in August of 2022 six months after the beginning of the offensive. And then within about four or five months after that, is when you started hearing about dissension between the Wagner leadership and Putin. Now, was it all set up? I don't know.

I don't know. But I do know that that, you know, the reports that were coming out were that as the Wagner group because the Wagner group came into this war, they're pretty wicked, Rick. I mean, the things that they were were doing and what they were engaged in because and they're they are a communist, Russian European guerrilla force. So they were using very brutal guerrilla tactics. Similar to what we've seen in in in other wars when when when the guerrilla style fighters come in.

I got it. You know, the fact of the matter is, the people the people who had basically mustered out of the Russian military who had bought elsewhere. Wagner came in and they had the you know, they had the money to hire them, because Russia doesn't pay their military very much.

They had the money to hire the best, the most brutal and the most and the and bring the bring them back into the game. And the obvious problem you'd have between the mercenaries and the regular military is who's in charge? Who is it you're going to have command and control issues? You're going to say, now there's a you don't get to put us, you know, you don't get to put us where you want us have the your troops go off and become cannon fodder. We'll go in and fix it.

Right. And so yeah, but, you know, Greg, when what kind of gave me a little bit of pause about the whole, the whole thing with the Wagner coup, is supposedly was marching with 20,000 men. It's marching with 20,000 men against Moscow. Nobody's ever been Hitler had, you know, it's a whole lot of armies, there are a lot more better equipped and a lot better armies in the Wagner group, found, found that the 500 mile stretch between Ukraine, between Kiev and, and Moscow is a killing field that wasn't, and wasn't sustainable in terms of a military take-off.

It's a and the problem is when you get there, there's nowhere to go. It's a, you know, fighting Russia is like fighting Jell-O, in that regard. You know, they they just move out, they let you take the territory and then they engulf you and they destroy you. And 20,000 people, 20,000 people, 20,000 of army of 20,000 yesterday is, is not big enough. Now, they may have thought they were going to have the regular military joining them. Maybe there were reports of National Guard units that were joining them. And, you know, and which then gave me the, the idea that maybe this was a test, you know, I thought back to Erdogan, and was this a Putin test of loyalty amongst his own military? As there's a lot of, there is a lot of dissent in the military about the about the Ukraine war. And so was this a Putin test of loyalty, at which point, he was identifying generals who were not loyal, and isolated, so he can isolate them and, and knock them out. And, you know, the fact is, you don't, it's somewhat unprecedented to call into declare a coup and then not follow through.

No, it's there. There's a lot of Yeah, there's a lot of questions about it, Rick, there's no doubt relative to whether you could, you know, I mean, Patton felt that they that they're that they were primed to be able to move through Germany and invade into Russia. I don't know what his force counts were necessarily. But I do know, from again, the defectors and that I you know, spent two years around and so on and talking with them about really deep diving into their mindset in history. The issue is, is whether or not and this has been Putin's problem, it's the will of the soldiers to bring the fight. And whether they and whether they will and and yes, there are certain members of the force that we're going to that we're going to resist. But, you know, the the vast majority of the Russian forces even going into Ukraine, they, they had no interest in fighting that fight. As you said, they weren't paid well to fight the fight.

They were there was there was just no motivation for that. And so yes, it's it's it could be a tough tough 500 miles, but it's only as tough as as, as Putin's army would have been willing to put up a fight to stop it. And I don't think that the will of those forces to engage is just it's not I don't think it's there.

That's true. You know that you could be in a 1919 situation where the Russian armies collapsed. There's no support for the czar. And relatively few people are able to take over the government and it's Lenin coming to power with no military. Just a bunch of radicals come in and there's nobody to stop them because it's a void. According Yeah, according to the Putin government's a void.

According to my pastor friend, you know, and and and and his sources. They had Russian, you know, not all but they have some Russian soldiers actually, that they were providing relief aid to. They were providing I mean, these guys were starving to death. And they were coming to the they were they were coming with their hands out saying, Well, we don't, we're not here to do. I mean, early days, yes.

But as it progressed, many that were like, Now, we're not really here to do you any harm. But we are looking, you know, could you? Can you feed us? Can you? We're starving to death.

There are there's nothing. Yeah, that's a Yeah, I get it. It's I heard some reports. And you know, we saw a lot of video of similar things. Um, I don't know. It's Yeah, the fact is, that's the thing.

We don't know. There are things in life, what you do is you try to take facts that you do know, yep. And try to discern, try to discern what's true.

And sometimes it's hard to agree on what facts you know. Um, what the outcome is, we know that the Wagner troops are supposedly returning to Ukraine. We know that the guy who's the head of the Wagner troops, the guy with a P starts name P is in Belarus. And, and Putin's in power. Now, is Putin dramatically weakened by this? Maybe he is maybe he had to do a big deal to keep in power with with with the Wagner Wagner group?

I don't know. Um, but the people I know in the national defense world don't know either. They're speculating everything from Putin is significantly weakened to this was a ploy on this was a ploy.

And I don't know which is which if where it is on the spectrum, I don't know how legitimate was from the beginning. What I do know is, it's a in a world where it's a weird events occur, seemingly on a daily basis that you just shake your head, you think we're on the brink of, you know, at the time on Saturday, this the speculation was that the Biden administration put $6 billion into Wagner to do this, and to instigate this coup. That was the speculation I was reading. I mean, and I don't know if that's true or not. What we know is, we have a domestic government that we have limited ability to depend on anything they say being true. We know the Russians don't say anything that's true. And we suspect I suspect the Ukrainians last time they told the truth was probably in the 1940s.

So all in all, we have a bunch of unreliable characters getting us news of what that we're trying to discern what actually is happening. Depending. Well, I would I would say on a national scale, I'm not looking at those sources. I'm really not.

I'm not concerned with those sources. I'm I'm I'm looking at who's closest to the ground, who's closest to the to the, you know, to the situation. And and and what are they getting?

Let me just throw this out there too. If, if, if Putin isn't in trouble, or if Putin is trying to, you know, solidify his power. And remember, as we said at the onset of this conversation, his ultimate goal is is the restoration of the Soviet Union. He's gonna have to go after Poland through more than just the Ukraine. He's gonna also need to create a a pathway through Belarus. And he needs Belarus as a staging ground. If he's going to go after Latvia, and I forget the other little country that's over there. Belarus was a staging ground for his attack on Kiev. They, they brought four. I know.

All right. So, so here's my point. Isn't the head of Belarus like nothing more than a puppet? Just as just like the Ukrainian head was at one point. Let me so but let me just say then, you know, who better to prepare? Number one, you get him you get that chess piece off of the stage, so to speak. So nobody's looking at him anymore. Right.

Okay. But you put him strategically in a place that you need a military force built. Well, that would then go with the argument that this is a stronger Putin.

Maybe. Well, whether whether it's whether whether, but here's the thing. There are also there's also been discussion that the fact that Putin has not been successful in Ukraine. There are others besides Putin, that want a restoration of the former Soviet Union. There's a very strong element. And it wouldn't surprise me if that element consisted in part of the of the military leaders that are mentioned in these conversations.

And that's the that's the point that I was coming to on Saturday. And I couldn't get ready to answer me a simple question that is, well, who replaces Putin? And if, and is that person going to be any different from a standpoint of aggressiveness and, and attempting to wage war? Or are they you know, is this is this really a coup by people are just satisfied, and don't think Putin's been aggressive enough? Right. And typically, the latter are the ones who engage in coups. peacenakes don't engage in coups, they're not in position to do so. Yep.

So it's a. So for all the people who are jumping up and down and say this may be you know, the end of Putin, that may be true, but be careful for what you wish for. Because it could be you get a lot.

There's a lot of names that you can't pronounce over there that are significantly more aggressive. That could be a whole lot worse. Yeah, yeah, no, I agree. I'm gonna have to step out.

I understand the reason I'm Yeah, dying here. Okay, but all right. Well, I appreciate you being with me today.

Well, you'll be back on Wednesday. I'm not sure exactly what our topic will be. Probably we'll be talking more about the whole Biden situation and what's going on with regards to that, because I think that's interesting. And there's a lot of maneuvering right now going on both in the House and in the Senate. And a lot of conversation about, you know, what those those particular spheres of influence 48 hours in the modern news cycle is so much time. I hesitate to guess what we'll be talking about.

But it is a I'm confident that there will be at least four more things revelations about the Biden corruption that we can't even imagine right now. So anyway, I will talk to you on Wednesday. All right. Very good.

I'll talk to you then. Bye. All right, folks gonna take a break be back.

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Negro Products do not treat, reduce, cure, or prevent disease. Hey this is Pastor Greg, I just want to take a minute to walk you through how to sign up at CGR Wellness. So you're going to type in and that is going to take you over here and the first thing you're going to do is you're going to come over here and you are going to, we're going to shrink this down so it doesn't get in our way, you're going to go right over here to create account and it is going to offer you the opportunity to create an account.

So we're going to type in an email address, so we're going to type in an email address, good if I put a good one in there right? There we go and now there is a window that pops up. Now when this window pops up, here is what you need to do. You need to just X out, just close that window, ok? Just close that window. Now we go over here and we'll use a strong password and then we'll put in our name and we'll put in our last name and then we'll put in our address and the city and we'll choose our state. And we don't need a phone number and it wants us to make sure that we're not a robot so we'll do that, wow.

And we'll create the account and now the account has been created. Now there is a share code, I don't remember what it is right now but it doesn't really matter. Now you'd go over here and type in Vibe, your first product you're looking for and there is the fruit and veggies, superfood liquid multivitamin, click on that and you're going to order, I recommend that you order two and I'll tell you why. If you order two of them and add those to the cart, now here comes the cart, now you're going to get your second bottle for half off when you type in chosen gen radio, chosen gen radio and click apply and that's going to give you 20 bucks off plus you're going to unlock free shipping so now when you get your order you'll get no shipping charge, two months worth for the price of a month and a half and then you can go back over and you can securely check out, put in your billing information and so on and you're off to the races. So that's how you do it, nice and easy, again, when that little window pops up just X out of it, you don't need that because you're going to get a $20 discount.

Once you've completed the form and created the account, go to the top, click in Vibe and then go. Now I use Vibe, Resvante, Ultrashot, the EPA fish oil, the Flex and I also use, this is your apple cider vinegar and this is your ashwagandha, I use those as well. I'm going to run through this really quick with you, again Omega 3 and then these products up here, your Vibe, your Resvante, the Ultrashot and the Flex. Those are the ones that I personally use every single day. I can recommend each and every one of those to you and just assure you that they do a great job, they've made a gigantic difference in my health. All right, God bless you, God bless your health and thank you for supporting our Indian Ministry through this as well.
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