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CGR Monday 051523 Part One

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 15, 2023 8:00 am

CGR Monday 051523 Part One

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Luckily, we thank Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Ministry that help us and supporters to put the borewell. Thank you, God bless you. Thank you, Pastor Greg.

Get yours today. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light, which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.

You are a chosen generation where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice on where you can listen each and every day, and we turn the lights on in here. Hey, look at that.

Must be Monday. Oh, man. Welcome. Welcome. I hope you had a good weekend.

I hope to all the moms out there that you were honored yesterday and they treated you with the wonderful respect and tremendous love and admiration that you deserve. So, I'll talk more about that in hour number three. Let's see. Big, big happenings in the next couple of hours. Bottom of this hour, we'll start a full hour with Dr. David Wormser. We're going to talk about the Turkey election. I will have a special guest on this week also who has some insight, who worked for President Erdogan in the early 2000s at the UN, so we'll get his insight with regards to that, too. We'll get Dr. Wormser's insight on that, what's happening with Iran and Israel.

Sirens were going off all weekend long in Israel as missiles were launched and the war continued against our ally, Israel. And very little spoken about it here in our media, of course. And then, Mark Morgan, former customer and border protection chief under President Trump will be with us in the last half of hour number two to talk about Title 42, the impacts of that, what it means, and what we should be bracing ourselves for.

So, we'll have all that coming up for you, and then I've got some comments for you in the third hour. One of the things I want to talk about is John Moran, and I never, it's kind of like, oh, it's a sports story. Well, it's actually, it's a Second Amendment story, and I find it interesting that they've chosen an NBA player to assault over the Second Amendment. Think about that for just a minute. Think about that, because there have been no actual charges against him. None. The police investigated and said he didn't commit a crime.

But they're still going after the Second Amendment. Think about it. All right, Rick Manning joins me right now. And Rick, welcome. Good to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here.

Thanks for having me on, and this is what we're scheduled to talk about, but I have to say something to John Moran. Way back when, when we were working to pass concealed carry in Florida, this was in the mid 80s. We actually had open carry allowed also. That ended up getting rescinded pretty rapidly. But the Miami Herald ended up taking a guy and having a guy who happened to be Hispanic, Cuban, big Cuban guy, no shirt.

Put a bandolier, a big strip of bullets across his chest and came into a bank carrying a gun and went in and then interviewed everybody. Oh, how do you feel? How do you feel? And it was the most racist thing I'd ever seen in my entire life.

And nobody said anything about it. And the genre thing feels a lot like that. The challenge is, is, is that he seems to be embracing thug culture. And it's a and that's something the NBA has been desperately trying to get away from.

And it is a and so it's the it's really more about the public perception they want to project. But the fact of the matter is, you know, showing that he had a firearm on Instagram is there's nothing wrong with it. He lives in a state that has you're allowed to have a gun and in the country. But in the state, you're allowed to have a gun on your person virtually anywhere, if not anywhere, without a concealed carry permit. They passed a constitutional carry.

And so in some respects, this is a pushback on constitutional carry. And so I think your comments are very, very important on that. That's not what we were going to talk about. But you brought it up.

And I just spent an hour listening to sports talk radio where they were yelling about it. And so it was on my head. Well, yeah.

And and there's, you know, again, I don't want to eat up all of our time with that because there's a couple of topics with you that I really want to get into that you have tremendous expertise on as well. And and so but, you know, it's just it's interesting. And to the thug thing, yes. It's interesting that while they are castigating John Moran over this, they continue to push the BLM theme.

They get which which BLM is all about. And in fact, there was a big deal. I saw a video which I was not able to post, by the way. It was censored. But the video was was Biden and his white supremacist, you know, the poisoning of America comment. And then about six different clips of African-Americans shooting up. Attacking white people and two different meetings where their activists called for the extermination of white people and killing white children. And and openly.

And and, you know, I mean, if if they had video of it, well, anyway, it's it's it's horrific. But I but again, I don't want to I don't want to get into all of that. What I want to ask you about is two things. One is the debt ceiling. And and there's a lot of fear going around about services like Social Security, which in times past, when we've had budget, you know, impasses or what have you, even when they have the government shutdown, senior citizens weren't worrying about their Social Security because that was supposedly something that was not on the table. Now, all of a sudden, they're saying, oh, no, you know, everything is going to be late and so on.

And then the second piece is something you warned us about, I don't know, many, many months ago. And that is, is that at some point the Democratic Party was going to march Michelle Obama out as a presidential nominee. They were getting ready for that. And the Wall Street Journal this morning has an article out that says, if Biden bows out, how about Michelle Obama by Douglas Shown and Andrew Stein? All right, Rick, debt ceiling to begin.

I don't know. We'll start with that. The debt ceiling is easy. Here's here's how the debt ceiling works.

You have a in your household. OK. You have a thousand dollars that you can spend on bills. You have twelve hundred dollars. You can't borrow any more money. You have a thousand dollars that you can spend on bills. That's how much money came in that month.

You have a chance. Now, recognize the federal government money comes in every day from tax collections and all that. Right. So that's a different it's a little different. It's a moving target. But and you have twelve hundred dollars worth of bills.

What do you do? You choose which of those that which of those twelve hundred dollars worth of bills you're going to pay in full, or if you can pay and pay them partially. But so that's exactly if a government hits the debt ceiling, that's exactly where they would be.

They would have to choose between the Treasury that actually President Biden would have to choose who gets paid. Now, the all the default under debt stuff, that's a relatively small percentage, about 20 percent of the bills we pay. There's plenty of money to pay the bankers and the foreign people and all that who owe. But we have to make interest payments on the debt. That's about 20 percent of the payments. The about 70 percent of the payments.

And that's part of the 70 percent that includes Social Security, Medicare and the like. So the real question is, are they going to pay? So will Joe Biden choose to not pay Social Security recipients or will he choose to say to the Department of Labor and to the various agencies, we're going to have a temporary, temporary suspension of pay for you. Only only those employees who are actually essential are going to be coming to work. And after and once we get the debt ceiling raised, we will then go and pay you, pay you what you were, what you didn't work for, because they won't come to work. So it'll be so just be like a regular government shutdown that we've dealt with a million times.

There's absolutely no reason. Now, all this blustering about Social Security is garbage. It's not going to happen. And if it does happen, it's because Joe Biden made a specific decision to make it so Social Security checks were withheld. That's a decision that Joe Biden would be making, because just like in your household, you decide what bills get paid, you decide what bills can be put up.

If he decides that Social Security payments can be put off, then that's on him. And oh, by the way, he's the guy who spent almost three months saying, I'm not negotiating, I'm not negotiating, I'm not negotiating, and basically kicking the can down the road. He's the guy after a Republican House passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling.

He spent two and a half weeks before he even had a meeting about it. So this is a crisis created totally and completely by Joe Biden and the whole thing that benefits Joe Biden. But to bring some other focus on this, the media is not telling us this, Rick. The media is saying that this is the fault of Republicans. The media is fear mongering over this situation, and it appears to me that they're doing it in an effort to try to raise political capital. Does Joe Biden and his crew, does his team, are they arrogant enough, and do they believe that the American people are that unaware that they would actually go ahead and refuse Social Security and think that they can blame it on somebody else and get away with it?

Well, yeah, that'd be pretty brazen, and they probably do believe they can do that. That's certainly the cudgel they're trying to hold over Republicans' head. The reality is that right now people below the Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy level are negotiating spending cuts and how long the debt ceiling increase should be for and the like. Kevin McCarthy said, I don't want a short-term debt ceiling increase. We've had six months to deal with this. We've done our part.

It's time for the Biden administration to do theirs. This idea that you can't spread this thing out a little longer is just not true. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office came out late last week with an analysis that says there's a cash crunch in the beginning of June. But the revenues are expected to increase in about the second week of June to the end of June. If we can get by the short cash crunch, you can actually get yourself into the middle of July without doing much different. So it's managing a short-term cash crunch is what the Congressional Budget Office says, and that may be more of a function of the Treasury not managing the money well enough in January, February, March, April, May while we get there. So right now, this is a crisis that's been created by Joe Biden. It is a crisis where they pick the timeline when it's going to be a deadline tying a cliff. They pick that deadline by how they manage the money out of Treasury. Congress doesn't tell them how to manage that money. I've argued for years that the Congress should tell the federal government, tell the executive branch that they should say none of the mandatory should get touched and essentially then create other special categories so you can't say, veterans, your money's getting cut.

So you make sure VA hospital stays open, for example. And we've pushed that kind of legislation. Congressman McClintock has had that kind of legislation in the past.

It was a little narrower than I liked. But he's had that kind of legislation in the past. Bottom line is, this is a presidential decision at this point on how they spend the money. And if he chooses to say to Social Security recipients, you're not going to get your check this week or this month, then that's a choice made by Joe Biden and nobody but Joe Biden, because it's a crisis he created. It's a crisis he didn't take seriously.

It's a crisis that he is now, if he chooses to do that, quite honestly, the House should impeach him immediately. Okay. All right. All right, we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna bypass this break because this this next topic is something that you have been talking about for quite some time and and, you know, as as you look now at what's happening. Oh, I know the other one that I wanted to ask you about, which you probably saw. Congressman Comer. Yeah, Congressman Comer is saying that they have lost the informant. Did you hear about that?

No, I didn't. They lost the informant. They lost the informant.

The whistleblower, the whistleblower, as of this morning, the whistleblower cannot find the informant. Yeah, well, that's a that's startling. It's not.

Okay. It is not surprising. Well, let me let me let me just so Washington Times. And this is and this is well Sunday, May 14.

But I'm sure it was printed out late. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said Sunday that congressional investigators probing President Biden's family over foreign influence betting allegations have lost contact with the leading informant. Well, unfortunately, we can't track down the informant.

Mr. Comer said on Fox News Sunday morning futures with Maria Bartiromo. We're hopeful that the informant is still there. The whistleblower knows the informant the whistleblower is very credible. Well, it's pretty clear that the informant got outed somehow. And the informant has either decided to go totally dark in terms of not making themselves available at all or they're dead.

Well, that's the third possibility and the worst one. But the bottom line is, I remember. And so here, let me just tell you what the Democrats are going to say.

There never was an informant. Right. This was all this was all made up. Right. This is just an empty briefcase, a bunch of charges without even and they're all laughing right now because you know what the Republicans can't do? The Republicans can't protect informants inside of a government that's 85 percent Democrat. Of course not.

Where the entire all the wheels are rolled against against the person. I guarantee you there was a much bigger effort within the Biden administration within the administration to go find and identify the informant than there ever was to be able to identify who leaked the Supreme Court information. It's a and so, well, and I mean, you could compare this think about, you know, Biden's response to, to the assassination attempts, attempt against Supreme Court justices is specifically Brett Kavanaugh, a an actual assassination attempt, and Biden never said a word about it back in June of 2022. Not a word. No, and you know, and remember, they all passed the buck as to who was responsible.

Bottom line is, not being that's very significant. I'm not going to it's hard to go down the path of person finding themselves in Fort Marcy Park or something like that. But, you know, we're both friends of Phil Haney. We both know the danger. Phil Haney was murdered. Yeah, the danger exists when you are when you know too much and you have an ability to tell the story.

And it's a and yeah, I have no doubt that Phil Haney was murdered in spite of the and any and then, you know, it's this is unfortunately. And the other part is the I mean, I mean, you've got you've got Well, you've got the fear of doxing now as well, right there. You know, they're going to let out your, your home address. They're going to tell you know, I mean, if you live in the city, you're, you're, you're, you're meat.

Yeah, well, if you live anywhere, let's just be honest. If they won't protect Supreme Court justices, right, the only the only whistleblower ever had to be protected was Eric Chirimorella, the guy who lied about what was what was talked about Veneman and Chirimorella, the guys who lied about what was talked about in in the Trump conversation with Zelensky. It led to impeachment, you know, suddenly the you know, under those circumstances, the whistleblower had to be protected at all costs. We can't let his name be out. Well, you know what?

He was under no threat whatsoever of having anything bad happened to to him. Right. Right. But if you're on the inside, and you're a whistleblower to to somebody on the right, you have you have at the very least, your career to look out for. And there's plenty of examples of that.

One of my gosh, this guy's name, this is really bad. I just know there was a whistleblower at the Department of Defense years ago. He came out and he said, wait a second, the National the National Net, the net assessment group at Department of Defense, which was supposed to do these big deep dive kind of things. They're giving all this money out.

They haven't they're not doing a deep dive. They're not doing their job. And it turns out they're giving money to Stephen, Stephen Halper, who was running it was all black ops operation, running the anti Trump operation. And so all the money was being spent on that. He ended up losing his security clearance, the whistleblower loses his security clearance, the whistleblower ends up losing his livelihood, his security clearance, he couldn't make a living.

He ends up losing his mortgage, his house, because he couldn't afford to pay his rent because he couldn't have a job because they fired him. And the guy who was actually running the deep ops operation, Stephen Baker, no, James Baker, different James Baker, the third James Baker. James Baker still with the national net assessment still doing the same thing. And because for four years, the Trump administration firing.

So just to sit there and just go, there's no whistleblower protection for Republicans. No, not at all. All right, we got about four minutes left.

And I want to get this in about three minutes left. Yes, absolutely. Wall Street Journal has come out with this op ed and and basically says if if Biden bows out, how about Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton's political machine is formidable, but another First Lady would be the strongest candidate.

And so there we go. Oh, and this is in response to Donald Trump's spirited performance in last week's CNN town hall, along with the recent polls that show that Biden has a 36 approval, trailing President Trump by six points in the White House. Well, it's good that, you know, we don't have to doubt now after the Tucker Carlson firing, we no longer have to doubt where the Murdoch's are.

And now they're actively rooting, allowing their pages to be used in the Wall Street Journal to be used for active rooting for candidates. Michelle Obama has always been the most dangerous candidate out there. She spent a lot of time burnishing her image.

It's really hard to go after her. She's kind of the mainstream media has kind of made her into into a taller Oprah. And it's a and so she's always been the form of the most formal formidable candidate.

The question is, do the Obama's want to have their their money screwed? She's she's I was gonna use the word with the word that came to me was enigma. She's an enigma because she's inscrutable. Oh, yeah. Well, no, she's she we know she hates America. She said that earlier.

Oh, yeah. Well, we know that but but but but but but hating America's in vogue right now for for a certain point. Although although although Greiner came out and said that she has a new appreciation for the national anthem in the game in the basketball game she played. That's that's the the the gal that was brought back from Russia. And she was like crazy to make it so men can compete in women's and the WNBA.

So it's a, you know, so I'm Brittany grinders a mixed up person. But nonetheless, yeah, Michelle Obama is the in my estimation is the most formidable candidate. And she because she's very difficult to pin down on anything and she's got a very pot and most people are going to give her the benefit of the doubt on stuff. She's well, and so given that she's a she's a hard candidate to be. I don't know that. The question is, do the Obama's want to have their finances subjected to the scrutiny that they would be.

And the way she won't be beat is the Wall Street Journal and others to say, well, we're not going to really look that hard. Well, that and yeah, I mean, I think I think that I think the double standard piece comes into play there and and and and then you're off to the races. All right, we got to take our bottom of the hour break. Dr. David worms, who joins me on the other side, we'll talk about Erdogan, we'll talk about Turkey, we'll talk about the Middle East, Iran, the nukes, the continued assault on the Iron Dome, all of that coming up. You have a great show today. Have a great one. Take care of me. All right, Rick, God bless you. All right, folks, we're going to take our break coming up bottom of the hour right now.

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Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights. I am Patriot Mobile. You can support chosen generation and make a tax deductible donation by visiting www dot chosen generation And now back to chosen generation with Pastor Greg. And welcome back to chosen generation radio where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses and folks, our number one second half. So I've got a special guest. And you know, this interview is going to be a little unique. So what's going on? What I think? Yeah, what I should have done was I should have stopped. Well, I'm going to do it this way.

All right, so I'm going to restart the recording on the video and we'll have a we'll have a compact hour that way. I welcome to the program Dr. David Wormser as we get into there's a lot that is happening in the Middle East right now if for those that are that are looking at, you know, things like eschatology and deciding whether or not we are in, you know, potentially prophetically end times, boy, I'll tell you that the looking at it right now, and I'll pose this question to you, Dr. Wormser in just a second, but it seems to me that there is a greater degree of alignment towards some cataclysmic ending, if you will, the war of Armageddon that those of us looking at a New Testament revelation might consider, but based on on the prophecies of Daniel. Actually, you know, the seven, the seven, the seven, seven days, you know, the of the week, you know, however you however you chart that out, but it seems as though we are in very unique times, as it relates to that, perhaps more so than ever, in, in my lifetime, maybe in your lifetime as well. We're not that far off in age. But what do you think?

I mean, now that I know that I've thrown all that on the table, go ahead. You know, certainly in the Middle East is, is contributing its share of drama and is heading toward a very dangerous circumstance. There's no doubt about it. And then you have the global alignment between Russia, China, and the increased danger of the sort of weapons that all of them have, whether it's North Korea, with its nuclear weapons, and China, with its modernizing military and nuclear and missile forces, and so on. And then you have the alignment of forces in Russia, which has, you know, we've all lived through the last year, year and a half, when when we've talked about the ongoing war, and where we had talk in the United States, serious talk about potential nuclear exchanges, conflict, Russia, and so forth.

And then you see in the Middle East, an alignment of forces. And then, you know, we need to look also at our backyard is the complete collapse of our position in Latin America. And what's happened in I mean, we had an election in Chile, over the weekend, which actually went our way to show that the people in Chile are beginning to turn away from their choice of last year to elect a communist, a hardcore communist. But overall, in the region, in Latin America, we've seen one nation after another fall to the terrorists, narco terrorists, communists. And, and well, and I and I might add into that that, you know, George Soros is role with regards to that. I had a friend of mine back in 2008, that we that is a missionary down and I believe it was Brazil, who said to me, he said, we're stunned in watching the American media fall all over itself regarding Obama, when we know that Obama is George Soros funded. And when we know that it's George Soros that has raised up Chavez, right, Hugo Chavez down there. And and I mean, every dictator that has risen up in South America was elevated by the money that was put in by George Soros. Yeah, you know, Pastor, I think you hit the most important thing right on, which is, you know, we can see a collection of enemies emerging and attacking us.

The big problem is internal to us and how our system, namely, it's very difficult for us to fight communism. When we have George Soros on ours, on within us, right, when people like George Soros, and again, to emphasize, he is a godless man by his own admission, he has no particular attachment to the Jewish people by his own admission. He is working to help the enemies of the West and of the Jewish people and of Christians by his own admission. These are not things I'm saying that he is doing or I'm inferring from what he's doing.

Right. The implication of it is he's proud of it, and he makes a point of it. So, you know, this is not anti Semitic to call him that. In general, I think he's one of the greater difficulties and if not outright enemies of the Jewish people of the last 20, 30, 40 years.

So, anyway, the point is it's not only him though, we have an internal conflict in the West that makes our ability to face the externals threat, so much more difficult. Well, and we touched on Rick and Rick Manning and I touched on that last half hour in part related to, I brought up the Washington Times story this morning, that Comer is saying, Representative Comer is saying, you know, Representative James Comer is saying, I got a little bit of an issue. Can't track down the FBI informant. The whistleblower is solid, but the whistleblower says that he's lost contact with the informant.

No great surprise, David, honestly, and in light of what you just shared, no great surprise. You have got an internal machine, you've been around it, near it, somewhat in it. So, you know, you speak from a position of direct contact that identifies it. Washington was always a structure that intimidated those who didn't operate within certain parameters and most of those were sort of political wisdoms. So in the 70s, 80s, 90s, there were certain acceptable opinions and unacceptable opinions and it managed to create structures that made it very difficult if you wanted to maintain a career and not wind up being unemployed and thrown out of town, essentially. They were very good at that, but under the Obama administration, we saw a fundamental shift where it wasn't a question of political debate and taking certain political views off the table. It started becoming a use of government to intimidate, harass, and legally pursue lawfare, legally pursue political opponents.

So it became dangerous. Can we clarify what you just said though, relative to legally, because I think using legal structures, but in my humble opinion, and that I believe of some other more scholarly people than myself, but using legal structures in an illegal manner to witch hunt against, I mean, this is the thing that President Trump has been talking about and look at what happened with January 6th, you know, the Proud Boys, all of that. I mean, that is an absolute, folks, it is, if you watch the show, you know why, it is an absolute travesty, travesty, what happened to the Proud Boys. Yeah, look, I mean, absolutely, what I mean legal structures is they use the structures of law.

Yes, I was not, and I was not making, I knew, please folks understand, that was not meant as a, in any way disparagingly, I understood, but I think that for the purpose of clarification there may be, it's worth highlighting that piece. No, I think it's very worth highlighting, and the reason for it is, if you use law and legal structures illegally, then you're creating lawlessness, you're creating anarchy. In other words, there has to be a societal confidence that when a court decides, when a policeman arrests, when a trial is proceeding, that there's an objectivity and that there's at least an attempt at maintaining a sense of neutrality and due process. Our legal system is entirely based on that confidence. It doesn't have the power to enforce anything, ultimately, it has the power based on our confidence in the system.

So when you use law, when you use law enforcement, and when you use the legal structures to go after people politically, illegitimately, you are creating a lawless state of anarchy. Which is exactly why we were having, have had the conversations, you know, we can take this back over around the world to Israel, right? And that is the reason why there was an upheaval regarding judicial reform, because of the fact that the judiciary in Israel has been being used as a political weapon. I mean, that was the whole issue with Netanyahu, and all of the nonsense that he went through, which was very similar to the nonsense that President Trump went through. And that was all predicated on a very politically biased judiciary. Exactly. And what you saw both in Israel over the last 20 years, and here, especially under the Obama administration, frankly was, you know, I hate to criticize our own camp, but it was political malpractice.

We let it happen. Absolutely. When's the last time you heard of Louise Lerner and the IRS scandal? This was a fundamental use of the monopoly of power the government has to pursue political gains, that is, go after people politically.

Sure. Using the IRS. I mean, the IRS, like every other government institution, we only pay our taxes because we have confidence that the IRS represents the U.S. government, which represents, we may not agree with policy sometimes, but at least it represents the American people. In this case, we understood that Louise Lerner's IRS represented the political hack jobs that the Obama administration was pursuing. Eric Holder used the Justice Department in the same way. These were political hacks who turned these law enforcement agencies into political instruments, and that breaks down the fundamental rule of government. That's the corruption that our founding fathers most worried about. And the truth is, in Israel, when the Supreme Court proceeded happily along to seize power and power and power, the Israeli right sat there and thought, ah, well, you know, I mean, we'll deal with it later or, well, you know, it's not so bad. And sometimes they go our way, too, because, you know, the law, we don't want to have another government that that's powerful that's on the left, blah, blah, blah.

They were asleep at the switch. And the United States, the Republicans saw it, but we didn't pursue it. What happened under the Obama administration was such a breakdown in the legitimacy of the way government institutions operate to this day. I mean, that's one of the reasons why I think President Trump, like him or not like him, was elected. Right. Right. I agree. Yeah. No, there's no question. There's no question.

All right. So I want to I want to bring as I was talking about, you know, just on a broader scale as to have have had, you know, have you seen and we'll answer this question when we come back for this break. But have you seen in your lifetime the the table set in such a way so as to potentially lead to this this catastrophic crumbling?

And then maybe even the Daniel prophecy of, you know, of a final standoff between good and evil, if you will. Let's talk about that when we get back. We're going to take a quick break. We're back with more Children Generation Radio coming up right after this. Dr. David Wormser, I'm your host, Pastor Greg. Hi, this is Pastor Greg, and you're listening to Children Generation Radio. Get more Children Generation Radio dot com.

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And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic's off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Our very special guest, Dr. David Wormser, Center for Security Policy. And you know, Dr. Wormser, you just mentioned it as we were getting ready to come out again out of the break. You and I both lived through and had some involvement in the Cold War era and in what happened in the Cold War era, understanding the Cold War era, in particular, you know, the Russia threat. But you made a very interesting point relative to that. Why don't you share that, then I'll throw the army thing at you and let's talk about that.

Sure. Well, one of the things, I mean, you know, have we faced such a dangerous circumstance before? And at the end of the day, during the Cold War, one thing growing up in the Cold War was we knew who we were. We had an enemy.

There is no doubt communism was a force of evil. And there was no doubt that we were the forces of good and that we were in a twilight struggle to the death between the two of us. But that said, the key point was the West was solid. We didn't question ourselves when you went down. You went down to Disney and you went to the America pavilion. You took great pride going to that America pavilion and seeing the songs of 1776 are national found. Nobody questioned the foundations of our nation. So we entered that struggle, fought that struggle and came out of that struggle, confident in ourselves, our values, our ideas. We were a good nation and we knew we were a good nation and we pursued goodness. Now we're a confused crowd, not just America. The whole West is a confused gaggle of people.

Right and wrong is no longer clear. We're facing enemies that are as evil as ever. The Russians right now, they're not communists, but they're a very dangerous struggle who use actually the imagery of Christianity now to pursue an imperial agenda. Radical Islam is extremely dangerous and very vicious. And we have Chinese Communist Party, but it's not only communist. There's a mystical imperialism there. And we're facing this threat internally now.

We're confused. The battle lines aren't along the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. There are some battle lines, but the battle lines are in Harvard or in Yale or, you know, worst of all, in your neighborhood's kindergarten. You know, forget Harvard. You can send your kid off to some other school, but you can't send your kid off to somewhere else than your neighborhood kindergarten.

So you go home schooling, OK, or you can send it to a private school. But our public school system is the battleground. Our sports programs are the battleground. We're fighting internally in the face of such an external threat. Well, the left has convinced the West that we are founded now on evil.

And here's the really sad part. The really scary part about this is, is that even when you talk to someone who is, you know, supposed to be conservative, I don't want to get into that debate about if they are or if they aren't, but even somebody who is supposed to be conservative, supposed to be, you know, on that team, they themselves point back and say, well, but look at, you know, look at this program and look at that. And and there and and sadly, unfortunately, there's truth to those accusations that the CIA's prostitution, drug and sex ring that they were operating in the office right next to the Watergate office, which is the reason why they actually did that to begin with, that we now understand very clearly. You know, I mean, there there has been deviant behavior that entered into our government entities that goes back a number of years. But that doesn't mean that the founders were a part of and that's what's been projected forward 200 years. Exactly.

Exactly. You know, the the you talked about the CIA, a lot of revelations are coming out lately. For example, Gloria Steinem, who was really one of the early radicals, she was, turns out, a CIA operative for four years in the 60s. And what was so stunning about it is I saw an interview, she wasn't even hiding it, where she was basically saying, look, I wanted to take my radical agenda and go to conferences and speak. So I went to the Ford Foundation.

I went to a lot of different private foundations. But they said, come on, you know, you're radical. This undermines America. We can't you're going over a line we can't cross. And then suddenly the CIA approaches her and says, well, we'll fund you.

You know, it's crazy. And apparently there were lots of radicals early on who they were tapping in that way. And you can say, well, they were trying to find fifth columns. They were trying to find agents.

No, they didn't actually ask anything in terms of being an agent of the CIA for this. They were funding progressive. What we now identify as this progressive justice Democrat leftist. Early in the 70s, they were called what was it, the progressive student unions or the students for just the progressive justice or something. There were very socialist Democrats. They had a lot of the same names, but they were radical communist organizations that the CIA was involved with.

Not only to penetrate. Remember, the CIA is not supposed to operate internally anyway. Well, and this was I was just going to say thank you because we're going to run out of time in this and in this hour. But but they will be back with us for for another full half hour as we as we really peel back on more on Israel and what's happening over there in the battle that they're facing. But, you know, look at the internal fighting that we saw between the FBI and the CIA and look at the efforts that were made by the CIA to discredit the FBI. And of course, now the FBI has has obviously succumbed to a great deal of that. And and I had you know, I had John Malkovich on talking about Robert Mueller, the errand boy for the New World Order.

And Mueller, what I don't know, you know, wouldn't it be interesting to find out someday that Mueller was actually a CIA plant in the FBI? I don't know. I'm just so I'm just spitballing. But, you know, it's pretty scary stuff. All right. We're in our final minute before we go to the top of the hour break. David, as we're going to talk about in the next half hour in particular, I want to focus in on on the actual threat that's happening in Israel. Can you give me an encapsulation of what we're going to talk about?

Just a quick highlight. Well, some things have calmed, but the storm is gathering. OK. The external storm is gathering. And we started getting a little flavor of it over the last week of what is going to happen. All right.

And we're going to give you that information when we come back. The sirens were going off literally all weekend long. There were sirens. And I know since we've been talking, because when your phone when your phone goes off, that means that's a siren going off. So it's been happening.

All right. We're going to take our break. We'll be back with more Children Generation Radio. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. Dr. David Wormser will be with us next half hour. We talk more about the dangers of of what we're facing coming up right after this brief break.
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