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Guests Dr. David Wurmser and Rev. Jim Harden

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 15, 2022 12:25 pm

Guests Dr. David Wurmser and Rev. Jim Harden

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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August 15, 2022 12:25 pm

Dr. David Wurmser Israel defense systems eliminate casualties. Iranian nuclear threat is real. We are in a battle of ideology and the actions of the FBI and DHS to target Americans is a concern we should take seriously.

Rev. Jim Harden Compass Care Community Pro Life Center in Buffalo was burned down. 45 centers have been attacked and the FBI has no suspects and no arrests made. Jane's Revenge has taken credit for the fire and Compass Care has video and surveillance evidence. FBI refuses to act instead targeting Rev. Jim and his organization as criminals for saving babies lives.


You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy and now shows that automatic degeneration radio were no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses and it is my sincere pleasure to welcome my next guest to the program.

He is a low see here should be should be in the scream.

Oh that's because I'm unblocking in limine on the awning move me out of the way and then that will be going on anymore.

All right, so I I want to welcome to the program from the Center for security policy. He is an expert in Israel. Israel and the Middle East but he's also an expert by the way in and everything having to do with foreign policy and national security and and DHS and in a variety of other things I want to welcome Dr. David worms in the program. I know right yet about my mom know the man that is worn that is worn many hats and worn them all quite well the silhouette is it's it's a joy always to have you with us.

David well, there's a lot that's going on.

We were talking in in the green room a lot is going on but I really I do want to hone in on the Israel situation because you just got back from their that what's going on with the Palestinians and and and that the battle over the Temple Mount and then the Iranians and and their particular involvement in the things that are happening over there and any other developments that are going on over there and then maybe when we come back out of the break. We can talk a little bit about some of the home land security issues that you and I were discussing yeah I just as the Civil War was ending, like I concentrate tell and the thousand missiles were shot into Israel from this Islamic Jihad organization. Nobody was injured in Israel well I should rephrase a few people were injured running bomb shelters scrape needs and stuff like that but nobody was seriously injured. So it was, it was interesting within 56 hours after the end of the war. You don't feel as if anything had happened there. And this is this is what happens when you have an effective missile-defense and again. It's something I really urge us here in America to think more seriously about we do not have a national effective missile defense. At this point Ronald Reagan tried to set it up right in his constant sabotaging of that effort. Ever since, and I think is very important for all of us to understand here in America we do not have these really sad. In terms of the full umbrella that means when you shouldn't thousand missiles out of nobody gets injured. We have that here was little is something we will also have the technology did have some missiles and stuff but we don't we just never have dedicated time and energy to do it well is an arrogance or an assumption that we are that go will you know where were too far away from an enemy for something like that to happen I mean is that is it possible that that's part of the mind, there's definitely complacency. I think a lot of our elites don't believe that anybody really aces really wants to do evil to us so they they dismiss the fact that North Korea tests and sends missiles that can reach the West Coast.

They dismiss the fact that Iran is developing missiles that can reach the United States as both of them have said clearly without any hesitation or or a hiccup. We we want to destroy having them on Ron's case one destroy the great Satan, and in Korea's gaze.

You know we hate America.

We, you know, Americans must die just two weeks ago one of the main guys in Iran and the defense establishment in Iran site will reduce New York's rubble. These are not empty. We see with solid roosting pork author who had had a fatwa against him to murder him was loose that nearly to death last last week and we see this at this fatwa, comes from the mid-80s. 40 years ago and never forget ever let it go. You will send them, you cross them they will never ever forget the end of your days with their days.

They will they will pursue it. So I think this this nuclear issue is has to be seen in and out like we are collectively somewhat roosting. They have collectively decided we are to be destroyed right and he will rest it will not stop until until the United States, the great Satan is destroyed so on a little Satan to Israel. So where are you know in in in light of the visit that you just came back from and and and and and what you can publicly say you know how how how much danger. Are we in relative to for example I ran in the fact that we know now that they do in fact have nuclear capabilities. Yet we are in danger. Israel was the war was just over within hours they were going back to their lives normally. But underneath there is this anxiety they now that's just small advanced sort of ripples before the big stuff big in the big stuff coming down the pike awfully fast, big stuff being his ball on Lebanon and then ultimately Iran the same time it Iran is racing forward globally being aggressive and first of all, threatening our troops in the Middle East and we see now they have capabilities and second thing is they are operating in our home in the United States right you you we see the guy who tried to assassinate stabbed to death on the street.

He had contacts with the Iranian rest of the Islamic Revolutionary guards of Iran we know to three days ago squad was arrested. That was out to kill John Bolton, the former national security advisor. There they have Mike Pompeo and Brian Hogan others undiagnosed wealth on the other sites that we are not safe in our homes. We cannot speak what we think. Without it, potentially coming back to have somebody come into our homes and kill us so freedom of speech in United States now is under attack. I can assure you that the Chinese Communist Party" and others are looking at this and they see Iran getting away with disordered behavior.

We have not stopped or negotiations with Iran.

Despite this, we still have every intention of coming to a state nuclear deal with them. Despite this, the Russians she in China. Communist Party see this they realize now I can begin to terrorize Americans in America shut up to stop talking. I think this is probably one of the most dangerous things because we've been through many wars, but Americans is never been afraid to say what they think, and now they are because the Iranians will come and hit you. They want you to sin now, so I'm sure that she end in China and input will took so were not defending ourselves in our own home, let alone with missiles, but even against assassination squads right right what it is for no because because our FBI is focused on 70 million God-fearing God loving constitutional rule of law. Americans who are very upset and concerned about shutdowns mandatory vaccines their children being exposed to pornography in schools, drag queens, gender, modification unit, the list goes on atheism you know shut shut up. If you want to talk about God. If you want to talk about prayer. If you want to pray in the public it if you show up at the capital did end and we don't want you to be there.

Were going to take your 13-year-old daughter put her in handcuffs thrower on her knees in front of her own home out in the street and by the way were going to bring all of our military equipment with us to bashing your doors, but you know don't worry about any of that because you know where.

Where were the government and were here to kill you is a progressive camp.

Particularly runs the Democratic party. At least this this ministration. The payday debating everybody. And because they want to ultimately they has decided that the democratic process is conditional conditional on delivering the right result for them and it doesn't, that the democratic process is worth anything because they they say quite openly or system is racist were all racist, America's racist in its origin.

We were born.

Instead, everything we've done to try to overcome flaws in our initial structures, whether it's civil rights movement, or so forth, work or sufferance. The suffragettes was with women reading we've got is all a fraud. It's it's it's we're hiding it better were so clever, but were equally sexist, racist, block everything else so there debating and they don't really care about the system they want us to react resident and impose the violence they control the government to control the structures of power and are trying to late. Basically trying to explain the situation so much that it this point they can use your power to say you see we were caressed these 70 million Americans are all racists essentially are all people you don't want to have any rights. There dangerous. So I think what you're seeing here is a process now no longer just of ideological imposition of a radical agenda, but also delivered attempt on some level to date will and wasn't over yet. I mean we go back to the Holocaust and the and and the 6 million Jews that were that were murdered. But let's also not forget that Stalin wiped out 100 million people that fit that in that that I didn't have to do with being Jewish. That had to do with being contrary to his Communist Party.

Now, predominantly, I would suggest that the majority of those people were either Christians or Jews simply because Christians and Jews are going to be the ones who are going to stand in the way of an atheistic humanistic secular humanistic ideology, which is exactly what we have going on in the United States today so folks there to suggest that no they wouldn't kill 70 million of us. You're living in a fantasy world. If you think that's not the case. I'm not suggesting Civil War. I'm not suggesting that we take up arms at this point, or what have you but I am just giving a a a a pretty significant warning to suggest that it is not outside of the scope and in the realm of of their thought process to kill all of us and that's why I think the elections in November so important it's it's very important to begin to take back parts of the government, whether it's Congress on both houses of the season's real power in the whole point now is to limit the power of the government and used effectively half divided structures of government. It's that's built into our system to to obstruct tyranny and we need to use it. Now we need to make sure that we've got a great answer that election day, but I think that's the other piece that's a part of this are doing everything they can. You knowing in including in inciting guys with nail guns in the look on her side doesn't send guys with nail guns okay and that's just not gonna happen not given happen but you know and and then as I was mentioning the ill will talk about this when we get back 87,000 IRS agents and there are 25 cities right now HR specialists are being hired in hundreds of locations.

25 cities in Texas alone, back after this by natural health practitioner.

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He's been an advisor to the NSC's been an advisor to DHS. He's worked within DHS. He was there when when when DHS was was conceived and and and breathed into life and and played a role relative to that and into that to that space.

I want to give you a minute to kinda talk about DHS and the FBI in their current behavior and and this this whole warning that CVS is coming out with saying that, oh FBI DHS are warning of increased threats to law enforcement that police officers in New York being shot in the head for gosh sakes, and nothing's going on were going to talk to our next asked whose pro-life center was burned down in Buffalo. James revenge continues to make threats against their life and the wife of other pro-life centers and their owners and threats to burn these down there domestic terrorists and yet the FBI's doing nothing about them yet. I mean I think you hit it right on it's it's we had the summer of love in 2020, where they brought down tens of thousands of stores and attack police all the time, Kemal Harris, if you remember, was funding the bail for for all these people who attacked the police and everybody said he found the police that they want us to conveniently forget that that was really the clarion call of the Democratic Party. At that point and she said and he said that it should continue. She said don't stop keep doing it. Keep burning down buildings keep writhing, keep pushing on the streets go in there no major Democratic leader has to this day condemned those riots. The attacks on senators like Rand Paul did, or can cruise, but Ted Cruz and Tessa police that some of which were fatal. It is really really rich to watch for now talk about threats to law enforcement. It was already a rather rich to listen to them talk about January 6 because all of us remember the Wisconsin state house being taken over for weeks until the law was passed that was basically a hostage situation.

I've always passed any update don't have the right to violate the law and Dave Dave encouraged a climate of lawlessness and now they're shocked, shocked, shocked. There's a climate of lawlessness so you get back to you. We conservatives have to understand we have authority a lot of years they are trying to use the federal government because they're not winning on the local levels are not winning on school board instead. Not winning and local councils right when it statehouses that in fact over the last decade have lost a lot of ground and we need to understand that the divided government. The United States is set precisely for that, so that when one party gets out of control. One part one branch of one level of government. We can react and we can we can assert our rights and assert our authority through our governors through everything all way down to local school boards sure a lot of grassroots movement out there, but I think it's very important is that we also understand why what's really the divide. Here we can argue about policies but that's not really to divide the divide is what are what are your rights, what is your night inalienable right with me and says you pastor is a religious man and his as a religious man. We feel that rights come from God. That's what our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence enshrines the foundation of Western freedom and I would take it a step further. David and suggest not that the not even that they're putting our hands by God, but they that we literally are created with life, liberty, and a desire to pursue a better life to to to do our July desire to to obtain our very best exactly and by the way, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was a rendition of the British Bill of Rights that had life liberty and property pursuit of happiness is more theoretical and expanded version of property but nevertheless property is considered inherently part of the Lincoln take away your home so that's the foundation of our thoughts. The foundation of progressive thought is the French Revolution was basically held that there is a moral just because around which a community organizes and acquires its identity. The social contract and your citizenship and your rights are derived from being part of that community is no God given right here. There is a granted right by a community as long as you uphold that justice that that community is seeking, which means if your community doesn't believe in their form of justice.

It has no rights and it should have no rights in their view and that is really the battle in United States right now European continental left trying to attack the traditional American and to some extent British right really is really the entire spectrum of the right and the entire spectrum of the left and you're right that in Europe that led to the to to the death camps and also to the gulags in Russia. If certain people are not solid if they'll have inherent rights obstructing the justice of the community. Let's eliminate of theirs you don't believe in God, which means you don't believe in the inherent right as you metabolize all the wife right, will you look you and will and when thou does and negative graduate with ugliness, yes, but if if one your values is killing babies and sodomizing children and folks hello to me that's the evil were dealing with that David worked were out of time.

Thank you so much Dr. David warms her always a joy to weeks. He'll be back. Rev. Jim Harden joins me on the other side will be back with more generation right of coming up right after this brief break and camshaft by natural health practitioner over 40 years.

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You know it's one of those deals right where you're sitting there and imagine that this is your this is your router right your wireless router and this is your phone and there there there touching each other, but the phone won't talk to the router. It's I will never understand such idiocy and they call them. They call it smart technology. Eight. It's stupid to me. I should be a cattle prod in someone's somewhere and when that happens you get to push a button and and and say hey dummy yeah your stuffing working there you go fix it all right father forgive me I don't know maybe reverence. You shall click this link is para Jim welcome good to have you as soon as you know, you just kinda go. Come on, seriously, can we just make this stuff work and I'll write always good to my pleasure if what is it all right focuses so now you Siemens of the evil mind of Pastor Greg.

I don't know maybe maybe maybe anyway, my gosh man so they burn your center to the ground. Thank God for generous people and and and God's miraculous hand and you guys are our back up and running now. It's been what about about 10 days that you been able to get back in and and your and your center is is is back on track and lives are being saved in women are being helped and and marvelous incredible positive things are but James revenge continues to threaten not just you but pro-life centers across the country.

They continue to threaten you personally with death threats.

But hey you know what, listen, Jim. Don't worry about it because the FBI's really more concerned about you harming them than they are about Jane harming you know I had to say it if it's mind-boggling. I the FBI appears to be politicized and I say appears to because I don't know the inner workings and machinations of of what's going on. I know that the Senate Judiciary Committee you interviewed, so to speak. The FBI director Ray asked him point-blank day. We do not always attacks on public price centers is well worded and I were pursuing ghetto leaves and how many people of interest. Why not I don't know that number one. How is it that I can know that number and the director of the FBI doesn't know the number is a number 00 number to know if it's not like is so like its major geometry.

Here is something you said, not even algebra did number is zero hello zero as I say, well, maybe these guys is James revenge of the school of really smart people that can beckon outsmart the technology, the forensic analysis of the FBI and federal law-enforcement. Maybe, maybe, but let's compare that with what's going on with work with abortionists rights 45 attacks across the country. No rest there was an abortion clinic that was attacked in Kalamazoo, Michigan on July 31. You probably heard about this.

What will happen now I'm I'm totally against the attacks on anybody's person or property showing right and I am so what happened though to say that real quickly to. By the way, because you know the FBI thinks that you know where the terrorists right where maybe maybe so I don't think that leaves are treating us as if is a force out were second-class citizens, apparently. So what happened is it was a Sunday, July 31 and a guy tries to start a fire at this Planned Parenthood and the FBI as well as multiple federal law enforcement agencies get together a task force and they they accurately track this guy down using the charred remains of a piece of wood bought at Walmart and find him 40s laterin 20 years in jail. This is an instantaneous manhunt.

Okay, they have video streams just like we have video surveillance.

It took them and took them minutes to hours to find out who this guy was arrested they took it of the FBI five weeks at survey to even look at our video surveillance and we got we got a lot of video surveillance we have we have cars and license plate numbers of people and you name it will, another asking for help local law enforcement things anyway having to force me that that's local law enforcement, saying yeah Jason all the leads now. Day 69.

By the way, and anybody anybody that's got any help for us would be happy to get some help out what that's exactly which things are gonna want to hear. I was James revenge and I haven't been conquering of the activities are done yet. I want to hear. Please thank anybody have any tips for us and you've got license plate numbers and they had not following up on the license plate number. Jim is that is that when I'm hearing you say got a mountain of evidence. I don't the that's why say the FBI's Miss at minimum personal whiteness visible to the present. Don't think too much tension was going on with your text is her bona fides has about domestic terrorist group in taking responsibility for and in the job of law enforcement is to protect all people equally enforce the law equally as well and you always these program politicians the same eye contact. Mr. authorizing legislation against the cities you know in the investigations Corp. there you got there that the got PR campaign against us trying to find a good little Microsoft maps and this allows for advertising Joe Biden coming out asking Atty. Gen. Merrick to investigate occult fraudulent practices. The price centers or other peroneal practices of the abortion business.

What about what about that one was the last time the elected politicians decided to to have a pet for-profit industry and then delivers the full force of their office and taxpayer funding to protect this pet industry is exactly the abortion industry and it looks like I got a four prong approach and the school problems, strategy is not urgent and one of the strategies is to deregulate chemical abortion. Chemical abortion is 40% more dangerous than surgical, talked with us last time, I think, but deregulate all cost countries that women have these things chemical or struck something in the mail that's that's fraud in nursing is is safer than Tylenol or source. The consumer fraud investigation, there is no is Peter. Nicole is going to be on in 20 minutes for an hour, exposing that the holdbacks fraud and what's really happening with regard to that who is really involved in it and how long it's been planned to literally wipe out 1/3 of the population of the of the of the world with vaccines. 1/3 of the population of the world so is it any surprise, then, that they would send these poisonous drugs through the mail to women.

Let's not forget that this Planned Parenthood started in the 1950s by Margaret Sanger specifically to sterilize black women and wipe out the black population and they tested it on the black population and it worked so well that now they've expanded it to the rest of our culture.

I think you're right. I think that the E abortion industry and the promotion of abortion year by this program. Politicians is a population control measure chemical, no question that go ahead I'm sorry me to catch up to my followers right is how it started, it was on Jack's program and and and that's how it's continuing and it know that their whole platform as this is visitor can start overpopulation and we don't have a population from the population probably have is the fates there is.

Our world is not. It is, is facing is a demographic click a demographic winter we're heading into dangerous dangerous waters because people are having children anymore what looked to China I mean that you know and it's it you know they're there sitting there and they've suddenly come to the realization.

Oh my gosh, we've only probably got about 10 maybe 15 years to try to get ourselves situated in the world before our population falls so far off the cliff. We don't have enough people to do what were pretending were trying to do they have that your got your Adamic benefits in your window to become the world power and and faithful to just sit and focus of a ship. It's getting him do it in my right knee is beautiful if it's a shame it's all horrible only live they've extinguished themselves and they don't and and and and and the there 20 years behind the curb and trying to recover if I would take them 20 to 30 years for them to be able to try to rebuild the population. That's how far off the mark. They are right.

They been doing for abortion for horses and for sterilizations for four years and now nobody wants to have babies in there and make their stock to Larry Goldberg and think a good break will be back with more Jen generation radio you're not getting here. This kind of stuff anywhere else. I'm telling you they don't give Jim a platform to be able to share this kind of information anywhere else your hearing it here. We want you to understand the truth of what's really going on in the world and in our country on back more Jen generation radio because look, my people perish for lack of knowledge, you've got to know this truth, you've got to know that Satan and all of his forces are working to destroy the human race. That's the goal back after this. My passion is the fight for freedom. Father fought for World War II defending our country today. We are no longer fighting with guns and said we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes usual runs. I am I am to buy natural health practitioner over 40 years.

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About 20 minute hike on the thinking clear evenly, I slept better here coupon code code again radio at check out $20 off your first order $50 or more CGI coupon code chosen again radio here today. My passion is the fight for freedom of father fought for World War II defending our country today. We are no longer fighting with guns and said we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes usual. I am compassed care compassed care

You gotta get you compass headed in the right direction that that's that's that's kind of an important thing and and and that is compassed care helps young ladies who are facing pregnancies. Under whatever circumstance there facing pregnancies to get pointed in the right direction to give them the tools necessary for their life and for the life that they carry that I had.

I do that we how is that for a little commercial was great. Great job I hire you to be or if you want more models. This is compassed care direction for your decisions, we inform you decide you know what we actually empowerment women with true choice when women face on pregnancy. As I said last time she said she feels trapped got no choice about what she needs out abortion in our job is to give all the comprehensive community support she needs all the ethical medical care that she's she's she deserves to give her the ability to say no for the ability to say no to abortion and that's that's that's what we do all day long every day and we help other practitioners to the same thing and that is so cool that that not only are you focused on what you're doing for the centers that you own that you run but that you are helping other centers to develop their programs to be more effective. Yeah, we got opportunity like we've never had the most exciting moment in the history of the pro-life movement. We wait for the finances. 1973 we can compete head-on with the billion-dollar abortion complexes being protected by by these portion politicians with grants or though they have that what I know you go ahead and then I'll then I'll jump in the second thing we got the 21st century telehealth tools help when the abortionist were changed overnight on June 24, 2000 case or term row will happen was that when I got to travel to these abortion up space abortion goal weight is concentrated in places like New York and California and now we gotta reach that with an opportunity to reach them before they travel and now the abortionist re-shifting other chemical abortions. There gonna try to send you they are supporting a chemical abortion drugs to women in the male form times 4% more dangerous than surgical which is in the Denton and we can reach them and serve them before they travel to fully chemical abortions of sentiment we got opportunity to register every single woman in America before she gets to abortionist. I think that's one of the reasons why they're going crazy makeup that they are on the their unveiling a four prong strategy to protect the abortion industry is proportional. Politicians like some multibillionaire is the thing to understand as well. It's a multibillion-dollar business. It's a multibillion-dollar business that this sale of of baby parts David to widen as exposed it and by the way, as I understand that there's more videos that are coming out that he has that he said okay fine if you're if you're going to do this to me then then I am going to go out swinging and he is releasing more video, more even even more damning evidence of the fact that these abortion monsters are selling baby body parts and and Rev. Jim, here's the thing that I think is so radically crazy about this, they they spit they enter, and often a little bit but they still basically say this really is in a wife mankind.

It's not really a wife is not really of baby mean that's what they tell that the little girls that they are conditioning to do dictate to eliminate the life it's not really a baby but then on the van again. They're selling parts and they're calling it the sale of baby parts and how does that mean how does that these people are so it's like I told you that I talked about earlier right, it's, it's, you know, I mean the disconnect is just insane now has a request in as you know Pastor send never makes sense, but I can tell you that one of the biggest problems we have in our country. Now is a devaluation of human life. Somebody might say, well, yeah, your your boarding up your morning baby, but that baby is not really babies. The one things I really person that is protected under the law.

What makes anybody. Anybody was protected. Why are humans more valuable than anything else. But see, I don't believe they are. They say that they're not as a matter of fact you can go right to Romans chapter 1 where it talks about the fact that they have eliminated what God created and called value and even God himself and his elevated creation above God because they say that animals and plants are more important than human beings created in the image of God, and subsequently subsequently as as as a direct result of that, that's the those are the policies they're putting in place except some of them the elite ones who are doing it, who believe that somehow their special well, you're right hundred percent but but but we shouldn't be surprised nor outraged. They have no basis for moral outrage if people go around shooting people up if you got it, but they honestly late for 10 like it matters, but they really don't care that because the disarmament of of us has nothing to do with saving lives in those schools if they wanted to save lives in those schools. They would put people there to defend the children.

They don't want to do that if they wanted to save lives. They wouldn't say let's kill babies up to the age of three and that is a reality that is a fact there is legislation across the country. There is legislation that there's been sitting on and there in Congress. Indeed, see that they been kind of leaning on putting forward that you can kill a baby up to three years of age, so it's not about that ladies and gentlemen it's not about saving lives that the weapon thing is about disarming as so they can wipe us out so they can kill 70 million of us have the primary the primary mass injustices that have occurred throughout history have been arbitrated by governments, not by individuals, not by her neighbors, not by some row anomaly was just out flew off the handle trade by governments and the greatest injustices was ever seen as abortion and it's the job that's why Christians Christians understand the value of humanity because because look Jesus assign value to me being on the flight home has been got yet close to doing it. I just did just thought in my head who started killing babies under the age of three. Right, Jared. Yeah Herod ordered the murder of all males born under the age of three.

They went into the Jewish community and they slaughtered babies and and this was because he was afraid he was afraid that his power of music and movement is power to control the population and Jesus is the one he is the great equalizer. Jesus is the great level and he said basically look, I have gotten the flesh and I'm going to demonstrate the value of everything being by exchanging my life for their life and of Jesus is infinitely valuable and was at me about us.

If he says I would die for you is that human beings are also infinitely valuable and we, as his as as as his car is a God's creation must contact our fellow man. That is our job and that's why Christians are always in the front line of these great social injustices.

That's why you and I are talking today everybody is equally viable, observing, blessing, protection from the womb to the tomb without qualification about what. End of story.

Because we are the only beings created in his image is right, I hear what I'm saying.

Folks, this is so important. We are the only being created in the image of God were the only ones that he said it cause jealousy among the angelic. It caused Satan. Many would say to create the rebellion that led to 1/3 of those to heaven being cast out in Isaiah chapter 14 okay it. It is cause disruption consistently that God would say that you are as you said the crown jewel of my creation created in my image.

It drives the devil Nancy Haig says to the absolute core and he does everything he can to turn us against each other because that brings him what limited amount of joy there is and I can tell you right now I've been doing deliverance for 20 someone years. I was just in a deal. I didn't do that and and and the demonic said the reason that we are getting bolder is because of the time that were in it they said this, but Jesus Christ is continuing to work and he is bringing justice. He is boring. Just as Rinne ran out of time. At about 40 seconds real quick. Final thoughts are Rev. Jim well Jesus, I am reminded of this worry of Jesus with me on Tommy's agricultural disciples all record scripture was when they were rebuking parents from bringing babies to be blessed by Jesus is already suffering doing return I was once a little short companies angrily suffered for the little children to come in the me and do not know that. Why, because the king of Babylon, such that the disciples are no better, because it which is why Jesus, as just like babies, we are weak or vulnerable. We have no resources and nothing's going on around for a point. I just got a sinner.

She said I came for you.

I'm going to likewise no no I can give you your life back in, and blessed as we can, vulnerable retirement, Rev. Jim Martin compass care I got contacted by Trinitron rounds over the weekend represents whistleblowers within the Department of Defense. So these are whistleblowers of and extracting data out of the Defense Department database. They have noticed very alarming increase in instances of certain conditions compared to a five-year average. They also have evidence that with myocarditis data has been doctored already on one film of the medical boards I'm the one watching the witchhunts on the want to fight him off number one. Tell him where to go on the keep doing that. 928 2021 product Excel is frequent weekly report projects.

Alice is a defense.

The Defense Department initiative where they report and contract they take all this data that doesn't exist supposedly and they give it to the CDC, there watching these vaccines one at date and around that date, I have numerous instances were flouting that entire crew were saying it's a crisis going back six, 99% on the X in the hospital in product Excel is in the weekly report. The DOD document says specifically, 71% of new cases are in the fully vexed, and 60% of hospitalizations or events. This corruption at the highest level we need investigations, the Secretary of Defense Neath investigated the CDC needs different investigated by mail. The fact that there's lease suspensions with the Defense Department's doctrine with the data I would contend Sen. that there is not just a suspicion in August when the report was run on acute myocarditis in the DOD website. There were 1239 cases and now when you run it's down to 307.

In January 2022. There were 176 cases magically they are now down to 17.

There is a word for that. It's not suspicious. We cannot in the military, the single best deed is that we that exists because we have baselines in there, and acute disease across all categories in the preceding years, five years leading up to the vaccination year was 1.1 million introduced and mandated a cut mid 19 backs Boone for our US military when they had only lost 12 servicemembers total to the disease and inattentive months of 2021. After that it jumped from 1.7 million all diseases to darn near 22 million that was in 20 million increase we need to not be calling the suspicious. With all due respect, we need to be asking hard questions of the deity and I will close by saying they are charged, at least in part with protecting the sanctity and welfare of the brave men and women who are defending this country and right now these numbers indicate something is drastically wrong and I know of only one reason the databases will math backward.

Who are you so sorry.

My name is Lee Dennis and human rights attorney is working with Tom Rentz on the whistleblower is in the military I would ask that Congress listen to these whistleblowers put their testimony on record.

These are brave men and women of very high rank in the US military because not just to me Congress in this building need to hear about it. The world needs to hear about what is going on. I will then we will take their transcribed interviews will grab them gather the data again.

I put the Defense Department on notice must preserve these records we can investigate leaving here by the way, I just got a I have to show you this is what we get when I investigate this is to do this. This is after copiers try to get information out of another agency.

We finally get the information. It's all redacted.

Is this all of the administrative of the federal government agencies comply with congressional oversight were collected were glad to share with you Sen. because we have quite a bit of those that are blanked out and we also want to tell you listen the side effects only one that the recognizing that's an outright lie.

I've got the Pfizer documents advisor said in their FOIA documents as they release they said were looking for the side effects. The FDA said were looking for these documents with got there documents showing what they're looking for. They're not sharing it with American people because they're covering this up. Corruption was the word of the day, and I think it needs to be reiterated

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