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The Trans Deception to Victimize Children

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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July 8, 2022 1:12 pm

The Trans Deception to Victimize Children

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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July 8, 2022 1:12 pm

Jon Uhler Licensed Counselor Common Myths, Urban Legends and Dangerous Beliefs about the Sexual Predator. SOGI Sex Ed and the Trans deception to victimize children. 60% Survivors 40% are predators who were never survivors but are sociopaths. DSN5 and the 13 that have sold out our children.

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Chosen generation, you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous life, which in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy and now chosen generation going to welcome aboard good to have you folks. Thanks for being here. All right let me get the full screen effect going here. There he is no that was from yesterday while he was here yesterday but but that's not the point. The point is that I have the at the wrong name underneath you.

All right, not not a bad Rafael Cruz, a good name but but this is not Rafael this is that it might've been Rafael, 30, 30 some years ago. Maybe you know when but now this is. I called him Dr. John yesterday and he said don't you.don't. He appreciated it but don't do that to me the academics manual make their you make the bubble heads explode anyway. John Uhler is a licensed counselor. He has been working he's retired from the Pennsylvania prison systems working and that he also has worked in private practice with survivors of the very things that he was working to rehab people from in the prison system. And then he is also worked. You've also worked in in classroom settings as well. Mrs. number of different courses, abnormal psychology, so that is actually a strength so that's not paranormal psychology know that is called under biblical worldview. That's not does not was the you know the late-night guy that used to come on and yeah I expect there abnormal psychology I cash outside blows away the minute I know Young Frankenstein wait no I said Abby normal. I don't know falling outside yes well yes I and and it's good to kind of begin again this is this is a heavy deal. This is a heavy stuff and you know I and so I don't want anyone joining us, who was thinking of these guys are kind of making light of this release at work were not. But there you have and I been through some serious yeah and I've been through some serious stuff in my own life with my accident. 3 to 6 months to live back in 04. Even before the accident and Lotta stuff like that and you have faced a lot of serious stuff in your life and the people that you help and I'm sure in some your own personal life as well as we carry those experiences with us to help others. And like you just said without humor, without without having that you know God gives us that God gives us joy in the midst of pain and sorrow and suffering. He gives us joy. The weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning and it does it really does. I want to get into, and I'm sure you got some systemic way that you want to address this as well, but I want to this morning to parents are sending their kids off to school and there's a lot of stuff going on. There's the CRT agenda. There's the sexual agenda this going on there so many things that are happening and they began to wake up and realize my kids getting indoctrinated now. In addition to that were talking about victimization grooming, pedophilia. You know they they they see their child come home.

There, seven, eight, nine, 10-year-old kid start to have changes in their personalities.

Some in the past. You just gonna write that off to kids change in any you know there's growth spurts and in different things that nature but now are beginning to understand to the yes while that is true. There are also other signs that we need to be paying attention to and looking for as a parent is a grandparent that might give us triggers that there's something more at play here. So I hope that sets the stage. John four for what you're about to share with us Greg.

I appreciate the opportunity because this is this is a subject that none of us want talk about right don't think we don't have better things to do in our lives. I was probably like the average person, an average parent.

I have three kids though grown.

Now and while working in the prison system and again I was sort of the last chapter before semi retirement, though I'm not retired, I will. I was steeped in the world of forensic work within the prison system. Though originally married family counseling and working with survivors. That's actually my strength as well as working with Jensen system. So those kids have been removed from home that have required additional levels of care/higher degree of care so that it goes from foster care to intense treatment foster care, the child can't remain in in that context and simply agreed upon that's out in the community than a residential based treatment program that is psychiatric as well. That's where you have the standalone is really a wraparound program around the school, but it's a comp compound but were talking about someone who is a is is is someone who's survived something that's had a trauma that is happening to them and at AA and abuse us of the severity of abuse. What what are other different levels of severity of abuse. Can you can you question. There are no personal anybody that deals with minors in any significant way is what is called a mandated reporter and that is crucial and Glenn were talking about that that is very important to keep in mind when were talking about what I call the trans deception is known as the trans movement but I want parents to understand and good people understand that this is a grand deception that sounds like it was extreme being extreme, but I have the luxury of coming into this late in the sense that when I retired from the prison system. After 11 years just prior to that I had developed and built and was running a 12 bed adolescent female residential program so Grupo but it was in intensive program in terms of psychiatric services, so we took the kids who took girls right out of sight hospitals so I dealt with the most severe cases. So I went right from there into the prison system and develop the nation's first intensive treatment program long-term solitary confinement from their accrued or as a result of that accrued more clinical contact hours than any prison psychology staff member in the US or Canada, then ran one of the high intensity, standalone 65 bed unit treatment programs for sexually violent predators and high intensity guys. Okay so so so were were moving. On the one hand with the adolescent girls were talking about girls that have been abused the bathroom and and and to the extent, to the place where they ended up in a in a psychiatric ward trying to come to terms with the fragmentation of their of their's of their core person that's exactly or and and and trying to mend that and help heal some of that and on the other end is the is is the guys that are likely responsible for the acts that cause these girls to end up in that place and now you've seen you, you seen both sides of the closet. That's right. So my background though I wasn't anticipating an II really have a great perspective in intensive clinical perspective so I can speak definitively though I am republished those that are pushing this agenda. That's the only thing they can say, but they won't debate me and there's a reason why and I there's a standing offer for any professional that wants to debate me, you can come on my program, which actually comes on tonight, Friday nights 8:52 PM Eastern standard Time on TEC MTV: journey to healing. Though we deal with counseling topics, which is a wonderful refreshing thing because that's actually what I do throughout the week so I do regular coming counseling but I now can bring to bear all aspects of my professional clinical background and so I have a background that is steeped in working with sexual abuse of minors who have been traumatized and have had their personalities fragment so the most profound kinds of sexual abuse I've worked with the most intensive kinds of adolescents as far as issues that are dealing with. And then I worked with the full range of of men in prison but steeped in working with sex offenders even during the week. I have two groups that are men that are justice involved because they are sex offenders. I still do sex offender treatment so I am a certified trauma professional clinical trauma, professional and a certified 600 treatment provider so I'm sort of unique that allows them to definitively speak to this issue and this issue is that we have a movement that has been created. It is not an organic movement and what I mean by organic as it happened by itself. This is not a fan right this thing just didn't happen. So everything worth hearing about trans what I want people understand is this is the greatest I'm going to choose my words very carefully and if any professional would like to debate with me live on my program.

Please get a hold of me you can do so in a million different ways. Just Google my name and it comes out because the other half my life. This is what I address because I feel compelled because this is, in my estimation the equivalent in terms of an assault upon our kids. This is the world's greatest threat mismatches on choosing my words very carefully. This matches the Ebola virus and the coven virus in terms of what is going to snatch your kids. If parents think that they can sit back and end up unscathed in terms of their chests. I wish they could hear the phone calls that I received from Ian small little Midwestern town because Leo's limbs are targeted. We gotta take a quick break will get back to work I get into that in just a second I there's something else to only get back that I want to reveal you and I don't know if you've heard of it before but it's called the overhauling of straight America. It's a document that that speaks directly to what you're saying and it was written in the 1980s and wait till I read you what it says. John, my natural product.

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About 20 minute icon that they can clear evenly, I slept better here coupon code code again radio at checkout $20 off your first order $50 or more that did your coupon code chosen again radio here today is not a disease you can support a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace hello that agenda iteration radio where no topic is off-limits and everything filtered to biblical glasses of our special guest is John Mueller, John, yesterday you gave us a couple of websites give us those websites very quickly. If you would please thanks Greg and this'll be a good place diesel this is a repository of information to cover very brief highlights, but you can go to my two websites. I also have a blog that I also have videos that people can go and begin to do education for themselves. But I brought it all in one place.

We have survivor again survivor under the insights tab. If you drop down you will see two towns, one called the trans-deception, the other called what is the trans-movement afraid of. I have brought all the best information to you at your fingertips, parents, the other site is church protect all FRENCH togetherchurch I recommend you go under the insights tab I use social media for bite-size curriculum. Soundbite curriculum as I, others also videos on their own both sides including my program journey to healing. So that's a refreshing one that deals with counseling topics that comes on Friday nights at 8 PM. Also there is a town that has my own research pre-published but to look at my background to look at the feedback I was given from the Pennsylvania Department of corrections at the highest levels and to look at what it takes to properly understand and research pedophiles and sexually violent predators that's under the true extent of the truths of the common myths is something that I think the people should be educated about as well because of me just right off the bat predator shies away from locations and activities were a lot of people gather congregate not true, not true predators deterred by a well educated group of people who are taught if we if we learned anything about Jeffrey Dahmer.

What we learned is is that heat heat. He thrived on those challenges. He enjoyed being challenged because he he he believed that he was smarter than everybody else that he was dealing with. And he enjoyed that the intellectual challenge of being intellectually stimulated and that's one thing that fits into this. Not so much with cold-blooded psychopath. I am certified, frantically certified by Dr. Robert hair out of her splendid DOC in Pennsylvania flew him out and I'm certified and was called the PCL are they here psychopathy checklist that is the gold standard of forensic assessments for psychopathy for cycle answers to psychopath one is the ability psychopath like Jeffrey Dahmer. The other is in this is this is pertinent for what were talking about the other is what's called recording around here a white collar psychopath, a psychopath is modern psychological jargon for what the Bible used to refer to as a fool and as a reprobate mind you have to understand that's what were dealing with. When people choose to go down a certain path and then you grease the skids with pornography. So the pathway to deviance. There's about 10 stages that I plotted out deviance is where somebody inverts instead of letting people using things now.

Inverted deviance is a twisting of the mind to where someone now enjoys the effect it has on someone so a sexual deviant, and that's what were talking about within the trans-movement in a sexual deviant doesn't have to be over the drag queen that's reading in libraries and parents and telling you what a drag queen story. Our is the greatest ruse the greatest grooming opportunity. There's ever come along. No man it's all jump into it now.

No man thinks it's normal to dress in women's underwear and drag without thousands of hours of pornography.

Prior to that point. Take 100% of sex offenses and let the sink 100% of all sex offenses prior to being perpetrated the offender was deeply steeped in progressive deviant pornography that starts as looking at an adult I'm jack me in the adult and it progresses downward to what's called barely legal. Those that are not going to offend gents, will back away from that age, but they're still going to get into it shifts from last to power and control to dominance to then starting to have a malicious taint to it. That's why 50 shades of gray was so diabolical and the men in my prison sex offender treatment groups were loving that block.

They couldn't believe it and the movie came out on Valentine's Day, I forget which year while I'm still in prison system and they were shaking their heads saying grooming has never been so easy because it has now prepare the way that book was written by female by like now that fits into this topic and it's so important because think about was called so G sex ed all the sex and that is now tainted with hundred percent of this in the public school system because it it was originally pumped by Barack Obama night it's been picked up by by.

It is sexual orientation and gender identity. What they call so G sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sex ed is grooming because it's introducing material that men would be arrested for it. They showed it to cats Eliana about this yet will be that will take a bayonet that let folks if you watch the film the documentary the mind of polluters you will learn how this is being introduced at grammar school levels to children in kindergarten and first grade there using the Kinsey techniques to teach your small children back cover this IN camshaft financial help practicable in 40 years what a great product to change my life. The product called by CTI A good program before I discovered by I was taken to traditional by the middle tablet was really feeling any different. I cried bye-bye did all he wanted by the mineral supplement if the liquid multivitamin (open-source non-raid gluten-free and had no pasteurization bye-bye Christ you think without all the work at the port or area. The body I have asked for help in the account and aging and help make our application.

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That's not gonna happen were never going to go into the schools were never going to talk to the kids. That's not you look at you guys that invented and and three times in the state of California. I was a part of coalitions that pushed to get the constitutional amendment to say that marriage is between a man and a woman 32 states and that's in this country pass that into their constitutions over Feld overturned that and an ominous say I told you so.

To anybody and everybody I told you so you libertarians that are out there okay you libertarians that are out there have child a little blood on your hands. I would be very descriptive about it, because that's what's going on.

It's called child angle blood and it is on your hands libertarians for standing with the homosexuals on this and any i.e., the the at the log cabin Republicans Owen and here's a good one there but hurt John Gee, I wonder why child angle blood on your hands regularly limit driven display.

No, I want you to Who Was Interesting As This I Would Say That in Because I Interact All Sorts of People from All Sides of the Spectrum, There Is A Lot of People within the Homosexual Community, Though I Come from a Conservative Biblical Perspective When It Comes to This, Everybody Should Be Able to Agree on This. The Protection of Children. So There Are a Number of Folks, Including the. The Radical Feminists That Are Shocked about What's Going on Because They're on the Receiving End of Death Threats That Comes in the Form of What Kill Turfs Trans-Exclusive Fred, I Freely Enough but You Have the Most Deviant of Men That Are Wanting to Eradicate Women. JK Rowling Is Been on the Receiving End of Massive Death Threats and the Radical Feminists, Including the Mild Homosexuals. What I Would Call Them Mild Homosexuals Are All Shocked at What They Are Also Shocked, so My Challenge to Them Is What Happened. What I See Is Coming When the Gay Pride Parade Started and It's Exactly What You Are Saying That Those of Us to Come from a a Conservative Perspective from a Guy a Little Bit Vital Even Have To Label It That Way.

What I Say You Cannot You Cannot Procreate in Society without a Man and a Woman.

Okay and and the Parts of a Man and a Woman Were Created to Go to Gather That They Were Created and Add to Your Point about the Parades and the Media. Let Me Read This.

This Is Directly I Read This to You in the Right. This Is Directly Out Of the Overall Industry in America Which I Have Consistently Pointed People to for 11 Years on This Program Go Read This Media Campaign to Promote the Gay Victim Image Should Make Use of Symbols Which Reduce the Mainstream Sense of Threat, Which Lowered Its Garden Which Enhance the Plausibility of Victimization. In Practical Terms, This Means That Jott the Mustachioed Muscleman Would Keep Very Low Profile in Day Commercials and Other Public Presentations. While Sympathetic Figures of Nice Young People, Old People in Attractive Women Would Be Featured in Almost Goes without Saying That Groups on the Farthest Margin and This Is the Keyword of Acceptability of Acceptability. The Snow What I Just Said These Are Groups That Are of Acceptability Such As Mandala, What Is That North American Man Boy Love Association, Pedophiles, Folks, This Was Written in 1988 and If You Have Not yet Seen the Documentary from Stone from Somata Stonewall Where in Eric Holmgren Identify Specifically What Actually Happened to Boys Coming from the Midwest.

They Got off the Drains at the Subway Stop underneath the Stone Wall Bar Who Were Drugged, Dragged into the Men's Room and Raped Drugged Dragged into the Men's Room and Raped and and Then Turned into Male Prostitutes Because Either They Go Back to Dad and Mom Who Said Honey, I Just Don't Think It's a Good Idea for You to Go to New York and They Said Now Many Go in the First Thing That Happens to Them Is They Get Raped by a Man and Now That Went to Do What Tell Their Dad John That You Engrave Everything You're Saying Is Hundred Percent What I Wanted to Share His Pentagram Back to the Trans-Movement of the Trans-Deceptions. This I Want People Understand How It Connects but Also the Nature of the War That Were Were Combating Which Is Only an and Here's the Key to Keep in Mind.

Ultimately, We Are about the Protection of Children and What's Happened Is This Even within the Gay Community, They Are Shocked and the Question Is Why They Shot Shocked by What Shocked by Those That Are Pushing the Envelope to Where They Now Are There Turning in This Is This Feeling Understand How Crucial This Is the Gay Community Is Now Coming out or Portion of Them Coming out against the Trans-Movement of a Wife Is or Say They're Taking Homosexual Jensen by the Way There's No Homosexual Gents Right There Are Kids That Are Gender Confused or Confused about Your Sexuality Only Because Their Sexual Boundaries Been Crusty If You Write Should Be Telling a Child Right in His Vision Is Troy Tell You That There Boundaries Were Crossed. Inhibition Was Destroyed in What Way a Sexual Predator What's behind This Entire Trans-Movement.

It Is, but That What but That's with the Gay Community That Someone Exposed When a Cousin in Reality, John.

In Reality What It Will. What It Will Exposes the Fact That There Again.

There Is No Such Thing As a Gay Kid You Not Born That Way You You Are You Are You Are Injured and You Become That Because of Something That Happens the Trauma Something That Takes Place in Their Several Different Psychological Things Including Parent Reversal Roles and There's a Number of Other Things That Go on, but There's a Trauma That Asked That He That Exists No Let Me Tell You Okay This Is so Important. Okay Pleased with This Specific Transaction May Want to Tell You I Thought so Too. Right Is Not the Case. It Will Get You Living about Two Minutes in the Second Subject to Court You Have the Survivors That Constitute Probably within the Gay Community. Probably 60%. The Rest Are Predators of the Difference between the Survivor Hundreds of Predator Was Never Played upon You. You Will Know the Difference between a Because a Survivor Is Protective of Children Not Exploitive. You Can Become a Predator without Ever Having Been Sexually Abused in the Vast Majority, Especially for Sophisticated Ones. This Is Really Crucial. But for People Understand the Sophisticated Pedophiles Were Never Traumatized. They Were Never Sexually Abused Its Peer Deviance.

They Never Wanted to Stop There Wanting and Sexually Addicted There Pure Deviant and That's Even What You Know Her so Bad Because Those in the Homosexual Community Are Shocked by Them Well.

While Wow All Right, Here's What We Needed You Were Going to Be Heading into Another Another Break Here Only Come Back within about Eight Minutes Left in That Eight Minutes.

What I'd like to Try to Accomplish Is We Need to Identify Just Because One of the Things That You Talked about Relative to the Minutes Is You Know Some of the Concerns about Well, There's All the There's the Red Flags You Just You Will Immediately Know Because of Red Flags Well, That's a Myth. Now That's Really Scary Because If You If You Can Identify Red Flagged and Then Where Do You Begin to Address This, How Do You Begin That Find Safety for Your Kids, so Talk about What Parents Can See What Can They Be Aware of and When Can They Identify It and Then What Can They Do Because I Think A Lot I Mean This Has To All Begin at the at the Parent Level and and Their Interaction and Then Interdiction When It Comes to Helping Their Children to Overcome This so Were Going to Get into All That We Come Back We'll Be Back Right after This Break, John Uhler Is My Guest. Folks, This Is Serious Serious Stuff, but There Are Answers Back after This. My Passion Is the Fight for Freedom. My Father Fought for World War II Defending Our Country Today.

We Are No Longer Fighting with Guns and Said We're Fighting an Ideological Battle for Control of Our Country by Contributing to Causes That Support Your Constitutional Right I Am.

I Found out by the Board of the Would-Be Community That They Can Get on the Bike. No, the Thought That Quote but Must Think Young and Doesn't Support the We Pray for All of You That God Would Bless You.

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You Are Very Handy When out, Pack up like on the Go Get Here coupon code chose to attend radio and check out and get $20 off your first order of $50 mark that she John coupon code shows a general radio that CTR coupon code shows a general radio. Get yours today nations. Now that's a chosen generation with pastor Grace bunch that every go well. I love the message. An interesting radio I II really wanted it. I shortened my break just a little bit because I want to make sure we get as much of this information in as possible. I told you before we took that break that we were going to address the issue for parents of the because parents you are you are the ones who can and will have the greatest impact and will. Here's an interesting question were just talking about it in the break about about the psychopath and and what they decide and and and I understand that someone can become psychopathic at a very young age so impart it and and you are talking about, you know that we talked earlier either of was on-air beforehand about that the that the circular cycle of the foster care and intensive treatment in foster care again and then and then possibly instant institutionalizing them at at that point and and just kind of that cycle. At what point can parents begin to identify these different traits or behaviors and then what are they do have a how they connect with that child to be able to help them navigate what's happening to them.

I want to start with a couple things I want parents to understand and again the survivor on the insights tab. There are two tabs that are repository I bring the information to you.

Go transit section and what was the transmittal and afraid of in the church under the insights tab and there's a lot of different videos I have one called understanding the transfer movement and then a lot about the medical issue with it with the questions of trans deception do not want you to know the way people wait parents and people need to understand is understand this does this prior to the year 2005. This does not exist. It was a rare case every now and then, of a confused individual with genetic stuff. Prior to the year 2005.

Clinically, this did not exist. This is been manufactured and it's been a tremendous marketing effort on behalf of who big Pharma, big medical there surgeons that are slicing off grass and genitals and making millions of dollars and predators, sexual predators, my area sexual is dealing with the sexual predators of predators. This is a backdoor into the lowering the age of consent. That's what you have to see with trans movement you remote you remove the influence of prior faith and quantification of kids in the trans movement dies back away to the year 2005. Without the publishing of the DSM-V in 2013, you would not have the trans movement. Let me repeat that 13 individuals.

Only a couple of home specialized and they are agenda driven in this 13 people allowed gender related gender dysphoria related treatments now become transgender treatments.

There's no diagnostic right category.

By the way they bill for all these treatments without the DSM-V.

Nobody could bill for any transgender related treatments so 13 individuals made this entire route is possible. They are taking kids here, the four product categories that comprise the about 80% of the trans movement. 20% of predators so 80% and that's the same thing in occult how to understand the trans movement is this.

These are people that have, behind the scenes, though days separate groups that they all, this is a multi trillion dollar industry worldwide.

This is big business guy so they're going take wounded chest is been sexually abused kids that are on the autism spectrum. Both of those populations, including also in the foster care. They have a difficult time with your intuition. Therefore, the right for sexual boundaries to be crossed. What you will see in kids who've been sexually violated. Is this. There's nine clinical red red flag indicators which we path people need to understand what that is is a ruse. It's a paper tiger is the world professionals Association of transgender health and the founders of it had pedophile connections W path is a paper tiger.

They can come on my program Friday night TCN and debate me about it yet and the one thing that the gender therapist and Nasser ruse that title never existed prior to 2005. They are going to fast track your kids to sterilization you put a kid on puberty blockers sterilizing up right is permanently track young to sterilizing and amputating just the end of the train for the transgender train is sterilization and amputation like Planned Parenthood is become the number one provider in that space does Margaret Sanger was into eugenics, which has to do with sterilization population growth. It's really important understand now, watch Matt Walsh is what is a woman I absolutely yeah go ahead start.

Here is what anybody pushing any clinician who is a mandated reporter. By the way, they will not be able to tell you the nine red flag clinical indicators of sexual abuse wife because they have purposely this is really important understand they have taken the nine key clinical indicators that should tell them this time was being sexually parked on.

Therefore, a mandated report they reframe. They read frame that into gender related issues so nobody gets reported, so they study these kids are being exploited are being grown or being abused there being exploited in their being trafficked and that's why they go after foster care system. Where can a parent find those nine red flags right here would like to tell him the defined it on my side as well. You won't find it anywhere else go about knowing that you find here is the author of these but help me deal because it's only estate in trauma therapy.

They should not you like the back of your hand.

Now that's a screening tool. The screening question that any parent if you taking your child to a therapist.

You first screen them by this question. Two questions number one what is their view of pornography if it is anything other than pornography is bad news and it's used to grow so they take a mild view of pornography. Get your tent away from them.

The second is can you tell me the nine clinical indicators of sexual trauma, they should be a little rattled out off 100% easy.

Why because there mandated reporters. Here are the nine indicators you have depression. Why, because his anger turned inward anxiety. Why because it's adrenaline winder boundaries been crossed with depression, which are, mood disorder Job anxiety disorders within you have panic disorder.

You then have eating disorders you have obsessive-compulsive disorder you have bipolar you have borderline personality disorder histrionic personality disorder, and here's what is most crucial. Unity also can have adjustment disorder but here is you have dissociative disorders, and what's happening in the trans movement. Is this you have sexually traumatized kids that are in a dissociative state. That's where they don't feel connected to their body and this should ring a bell. I don't feel like a girl and I don't I don't feel attached to my breast and I don't want them on on me faith that all these doctors need adherence, including Dr. Gallagher, lungs, I know how many yachts by now out of Miami.

She slicing breast off right right and left, making millions of dollars of kids that have self-injurious behavior stars all over their body anyways from self cutting. That should be an indication in the go-ahead and a slice of brass because a part of that child part of the young adult is still doing when they're 15 or 16.

By the way that young adult because there sexually traumatizes in a dissociative state.

They don't feel connect their body, and there could be a little masculine part of them that says get wind of these and they don't refer to the chest to counseling is unbelievable and's and that's where Walt hired who he began to talk about yesterday, but that's where want higher and in the books and the testimonies that he's written down you can get his information as well. It bought higher ministries talks about all these young people that say where were these people when I was looking what I did this to myself, why did they all just check the box and send me on my way and let me have the surgery and permanently mutilate my body and according to the gentleman who was in what is a woman. The movie that with Matt Walsh that the mom who was adamantly against this.

Who who did this to herself and says get out. She says 7 to 10 years 7 to 10 years is when they are destroying themselves that Scott Nugent, by the way he's featured in my film understanding the trans movement we've gotta stop it. Gotta stop it were out of time. John Ewell is been with me. I hope you will replay this for your friends.

I got contacted by attorney Tom rounds over the weekend represents whistleblowers within the Department of Defense. So these are whistleblowers of been extracting data out of the Defense Department database.

They have noticed very alarming increase in instances of certain conditions compared to a five-year average.

They also have evidence that with myocarditis the data has been doctored already. I'm the one dealing with the medical boards I'm the one watching the witchhunts on the want to fight him off number one. Tell him where to go on the keep doing that. 928 2021 projects Alice week weekly report projects. Alice is a defense Defense Department initiative where they report and confident they take all this data that doesn't exist supposedly and they give it to the CDC, there Watson's vaccines on that date and around that date, I have numerous instances were flouting that entire crew were saying it's a crisis on vets.

It's 99% on the X in the hospital in projects. Alice in the weekly report. The DOD document says specifically, 71% of new cases are in the fully vexed, and 60% of hospitalizations are WebEx this is corruption at the highest level we need investigations, the Secretary of Defense Neath investigated the CDC needs to vent investigated by malefactors we suspicions that the Defense Department's doctrine with the data I would contend Sen. that there is not just a suspicion in August when the report was run on acute myocarditis in the DOT website. There were 1239 cases and now when you write it down to 307. In January 2022. There were 176 cases and magically they are now down to 17. There is a word for that.

It's not suspicious. We cannot in the military, the single best deed is that we that exists because we have baselines in there and execute disease across all categories in the preceding year is five years leading up to the vaccination year was 1.1 million introduced and mandated a config 19 for our US military when they had only lost 12 servicemembers total to the disease and an attempt months of 2021.

After that it jumped from 1.7 million all diseases to die near 22 million.

That was a 20 million increase we need to not be calling us suspicious. With all due respect, we need to be asking hard questions of the deity and I will close by saying they are charged, at least in part with protecting the sanctity and welfare of the brave men and women who are defending this country and right now these numbers indicate something is drastically wrong and I know it only one reason the databases will math backward. Who are you are so sorry my name is Lee Dennis human rights attorney is working with Tom Rentz on the whistleblower is in the military I would ask that Congress listen to these whistleblowers put their testimony on record. These are brave men and women are very high rank in the US military because not just to me Congress in this building need to hear about it. The world needs to appear about what is going on. I will then we will take their transcribed interviews will grab them out of the data to get I put the Defense Department on notice must preserve these records we can investigate and we thank you By the way, I just gotta I have to show you this is what we get when I investigate this. To do this that this is after copiers try to get information out of another agency. We finally get the information. It's all redacted. Is this all of the administrative of the federal government agencies comply with congressional oversight were glad they were glad to share with you Sen. because we have quite a bit of those that are blanked out and we also want to tell you listen the side effects only one that the recognizing that's an outright lie.

I've got the Pfizer documents advisor said in their FOIA documents that they release they said were looking for the side effects. The FDA said were looking for these documents with got there documents showing what they're looking for. They're not sharing it with American people because they're covering this up. Corruption was the word of the day, and I think it needs to be reiterated

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