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Kenneth Rapoza China Pushing Solar Climate restricting Policies Rare Earth Monopoly 101421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Truth Network Radio
October 16, 2021 8:30 pm

Kenneth Rapoza China Pushing Solar Climate restricting Policies Rare Earth Monopoly 101421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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All right, very pleased to welcome my next guest to the program as we talk about another threat to our freedoms and liberties here in America and that of course is with the CCP and China, and I want to welcome Ken Rapoza to the program. Again, welcome, good to have you back. Absolutely, absolutely. Well there is that there's there's a lot to to to dig into here relative to and something that you mentioned in the in the piece that you've written talking about will get into a lot of this tomorrow if even more in depth with Nan Sue from the Epoque times talking about China's 30 year and hundred year plan to basically make the West irrelevant. Everybody's thinking channel were going to war is going to be a nuclear war. China doesn't want a nuclear war.

They don't even need a nuclear war for their plans there.

They've they've already positioned themselves to manipulate our markets and talk to me about solar is one of those issues that the supply side, my wife we were pricing flooring and last week it was 450 a square foot. This week it's 11 bucks while I ship docked out the courts across the country can't get an envelope tank truck. Don't work, warehouses, and so on.

But back on the China side. No more go kinetic war with actual metal lying on battleships and bombs really need to result in that because it actually had a lot of allies in the wet world people and who believe that China model is the way to go, centralized control, top-down expert smarty-pants guide that will tell you what to do and how to how to run your life. Carl basically what it is more of a political risk control and a business control so where I can make sure that Greg and it went on going to do something on the wrong way thought that the political risk of the Mike under control. I can make sure that night because I can control the market so China has a lot of friends are going allied in the West, so it doesn't need to fire a shot, wrong way, I might add is relative right. I mean wrong way compared to how they want things to be done as long as you fall in line with their mandates which essentially keep 95% of the population living in poverty and 5% of the population calling the shots you know that they're perfectly happy no opportunity for any of the 95% to rise up no middle class folks no middle class yet actually a right and freedom. They live in they live in a 24 seven euros surveillance state autonomy and the court that I might in my opening right there many people here in the wet night get your date soon. She got really a look at the pandemic has shown what you have done to it China and going. Explained so that there a lot of people in the West to lock the China model. They want to imitate it and… Probably at big of a problem product at that tight party is like gasoline the influence and and the people who you know why I would I would make a case that I believe that they have they've surrendered to it, although I would say also that you know this is been being inundated in our public education systems for quite some time, but let's talk about the a in particular, the solar area and and the technological area because if you want to do if you want to build something technologically and you're looking that you need chips or certain types of chips in order to make that happen. It it it it's become very difficult for us to manufacture those on our own because the raw materials that we need to have to come from somewhere else because we we abandon that I went what went on here don't really make that connection so you mentioned chip chip microchips that are inside of your call and your laptop better in your refrigerator probably touch screen. People have them in your car by Intel at all, or are all brought brought, Qualcomm made by the company. One of the big one Taiwan semiconductor semiconductor didn't really make those chips back to those chips in the US a manufacturing in Taiwan. They manufacture some of them in England, China, even writing what I want so, but we don't really make it here.

The problem, so one Taiwan can't get out, or China one day to take over Taiwan – like I want to conduct are you getting the thing to know that. But of course there very slowly at the club chip and no Congress right now and not what imparted the reconciliation bill in like a black hole so we don't know when that's going to pack the bike by the end of the year, but you need to think like that you what you got resilient and I think he did make bank.

But again, why don't we make a metric company because Intel didn't want to get your they want to make what I want and can impart. Also, because the raw materials in order to do that, you know, we would have to ship them from somewhere else and at one point the United States had control of of about 80% of the rare earth of the 31 I believe this is it.

3110 right under under like 31 flavors are 31 there are all college know how You know but a lot of the metals they go into making navigational equipment on a plane. For example, and rare earth while you get a free night date file China course as well. But it happened and it would some of the rare earth that China mindnumbing out-of-pocket world like Africa, for example, a kobold local pulpit, River by may bring that material back to China in a product that will become the powder will formally turn into rock like a powder date and it goes into your Car battery and or your your iPhone battery so on so China does control you are the supply chain and it really big on cobalt that they pretty much dominate the Congo cobalt line. Again, it all depends on what the material is that if you're making out at B-52 bomber and you need to navigational equipment requires a special material to special metal and we don't have it here, or we do about it.

All profit and China will not that bad at that. I think I can.

I think know that but they did move very slowly and on on getting things done absolutely absolutely well yeah you see so one places there is there is PBS, USGS, USGS is saying there are 15 another place I found says there are 17 but the reality folks.

Bottom line here is is all of these articles are indicating that most of this rare earth now that we that we used to have massive manufacturing of rare earth materials are not and I think a lot of people tend don't realize how important these rare-earth items are which we were going to talk a little bit about solar right.

Well, you know, if you want to create solar panels. There are rare earth metallic elements that you need to have in order to create the circuitry in order for that solar panel will work right right so poly silicon and I don't really know how they make it, but everything that we have not made from pixie dust right poly silicon exceeding starting ingredient that you need in a Gestalt panel and China have a big chokehold on on that part of the market and they conduct baking they can and they have said no were not going to step or no let poly silicon because that what you drive the pipe solar cells that go into making a solar panel sold all round or square items that go big square stove top stuck everywhere were not going to make poly fill call of what happens. I could go you can count on the financial wires like Newburgh United States and the environmental act only when it sold cell solar is going through becoming too expensive to buy when I could save the planet. When I reach my plan to reach 40% solar by 2050 or whatever your what I called the China plant so they can deftly put chokehold on the corner the market on big problem for the United States.

If you want to be actually independent on solar which we are certainly not trying to put about 80% of that market. So we will know more about that next time to move on so it a point to watch and and and and probably silicon is an interesting market. I was looking Hemlock semiconductor of the USA is is the largest worldwide producer of of poly silicon but you know the. The other piece to this and you mentioned this in in your monologue earlier in the program is the influence that the CCP and China have on the mindsets and and you know the how a lot of these Western companies are making the decisions that they're making.

They sit on boards they have the innovate, they just have a a a huge amount of influence.

So even a mass US producer 10 can be influenced by that China and the CCP relative to investment relative to who's in control sitting on the board, things of that nature by making sense can be ideological read somebody who is a Marxist or whatever and delete the way we should be light communist dominated society.

What experts tell you how to live all right commented, and was never tried by the right people yell about the people like that sitting on the board at J.P. Morgan, who believe that I don't know or talk to you. I don't going on you I'm not there, I'm sure. I'm sure there are more more common that the decision brought you Larry Fink at the PR BlackRock I eat a lot of heat for his relationship with the Chinese Communist Party you would. I got an entire country of millionaires and billionaires more there than here. They put their money somewhere. To reform their pension mandate picked up a 401(k) or IRA in China. I want to be I could do that now and try to find so that they want to be very real economic they love the CCP they love communism that they're secretly commented that the symbol of the get it it it breaks down to being about money, I mean at the end of the day it's money and and money becomes the driving force and and obviously the CCP understands that and and as well, you know, get into tomorrow with Nan Sue talking about their inner 30 year hundred year plan that's that's part of the plan they they needed to create that that uppercrust you know you referred to it as as as a middle-class, but it's it's not a middle-class like we understand a middle-class here in America because as you said, they don't have the freedoms they don't have the liberties they don't have any control they they are they are bait their own. They're basically mandated on on what they're going to think what they're going to, saying in an and and so forth and and the the other implications that we have concerns about here in our country are not. There's right yet totally different than what right have a very Lotta article about the their daily lives go when I was covering Brazil journaling all back in early 2000 2000 well look at writing it with making happy meal toys you don't going Lenovo and later on top of the one way to do it is major portable Chinese. As you know what yeah I did there. There is that there is that there is someone a bit of a different work ethic.

You know, but again you know America didn't rise to where it did in its first hundred and 50 years by being lazy although that's part of the program for this. Are you getting up in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night. Still tired.

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Jen generation radio were no topics off-limits everything filtered through billable glasses again reminder tomorrow. Nan Sue joins us from the epic times will talk about the CCP war on on on the world really on the Western world, a 30 year plan and 100 year plan. George Barnett is also with us tomorrow with his latest research update and of course Don Janz joins us to kick the program off tomorrow.

Don't miss a minute of it. You can now listen or find a radio station near you or watch us on TEC NCV TEC NCV.calm get signed up for the email today Joan generation right and be sure and support our sponsors all right. Can you were talking with me in the break about about the solar issue wanted you explain that the that the Chinese solar foolish and and and a course you know what the with the impacts of that art for art for America. Okay, so look on the right. So going to go from being ill independent thinker cracking to doubt going wind and solar. While we don't make wind and solar and solar, but we don't make it like the Chinese do you go from being independent on the part of the ground and all internal light on to having to import all that hardware from China to make solar panels and wind turbine. You're also to people like you go to bed I get right. Have everyone any time that one would agree to lunch time we want to go to OPEC to China being the green OPEC that absolutely no good thing is that if you want to still okay whatever you want to do so will it make more here, but do have a big barbecue at the hold argument truck started the battle with he put on the armor of protection that armor is still there. My neck not taking it off right is not changed from direction on China to back it even increased some pressure on China through the sanctions on some Chinese companies linked to the military where had to sell shares to hundred million dollars worth of shares doing that now as we speak biting promoted that by continuing that didn't shut it down only thing that you're going to see the coming months probably by the first quarter of 2021 is it biting caves to the climate lobby and decide we have to remove Chirac's on solar panels and solar cells spell that going to the panel. The square.

Remove Those Because Going to High Climate Goals Got Important Stuff Happens after Went to China. Now Would Be the First Time You See a Chink in the Armor on on the Trade War Policies Set Forth by Crop Biting for the First Time We Think Those Policies but It Doesn't Stop. Sadly, the Influence of the CCP Relative to the Economics and As You Are Mentioning You Know about Hedge Funds and and BlackRock and so Forth That Are Investing Heavily in Taking in A Lot Of Money from Very Wealthy Chinese and I Want to Mention on the Poly Silicon.

The Number One Poly Silicon Provider Now Is Time Way Which of Course Is a Chinese Company and and the Wharf by Just Absolutely Dwarf the Numbers That Were Being Produced by Hemlock Semiconductor Just Roughly 16 Years Ago so That Market Is Flipped Upside down in a Very Short Period Time, Ladies and Gentlemen, It Has To Do with American Excellence and American Excellence Had A Lot to Do with Doing Things, As unto the Lord. With Everything That You Did. I'll Be Back with More to the End of the Day, When I Stand, My God, I Do Not Want Him to Ask Me What Did You Do with the World That I Sent My Son to Die for and Redeem How Did You Fight the Good Fight, Share the Good News.

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I Want Him to Simply Say the Evidence Is in. Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant.

I Love My God and I Love His Creation, and I Will Go to My Grave Telling the World That Evil Is Evil and Only God Is Good and Jesus Came to Save the World, That No Matter the Evil in the World. I Will Never Give up. And In Spite Of the Hate I Will Love. In Truth, God Bless You All and May Love Remove the Veil so You All Might Enter into His Rest, You Find Yourself Turning on the News and Feeling Hopeless Open Borders Spending on Praising the Prospect of More Mandates Lockdowns Inflation and the List Goes on There Something You Can Do by from Companies That Believe What You and I Believe We Need to Stick Together Now More Than Ever, and There's Been One Company Willing to Stand with You since 2012 Patriot Mobile Patriot Mobile Is America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Provider. They Offer Nationwide Coverage Using the Same Towers As All the Major Carriers Patriot Mobile Has Plans to Fit Any Budget and Discounts for Veteran and First Responder Heroes and Multiline Accounts. They Are 100% US-Based Providing Exceptional Customer Service. Most Importantly, Patriot Mobile Shares Our Values and Support Organizations Fighting for Religious Freedom, Constitutional Rights, Sanctity of Life, First Responders and Veterans Use the Code Chosen for Free Activation Call 972. Patriot, 972 Patriot Calls Today Use the Code Chosen Patriot

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