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TUE HR 2 052424

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 22, 2024 12:35 am

TUE HR 2 052424

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at You can t understand Chinese unless you re Chinese. And you can t see the wording underneath what he s saying, so anyhow, we re going to cut that out of it, but Stu will explain to you what they re saying, so go ahead and take it away. Even though our country is rapidly deteriorating, America is still a superpower. No matter how many degenerates take control of our government, and no matter how badly they humiliate America on the foreign policy stage, when it comes down to it, America has more money to throw around than any other country on the planet, both from a government standpoint and a private citizen standpoint.

And that makes us very popular, but also it makes us an easy target. Whether American citizens are being sold cheaply made foreign goods or an American company is pulling out of a Midwestern town to move its production overseas, America is at almost all times in an economic battlefield. We ve talked a lot about on this program all of the ways that Israel has taken advantage of the United States.

They have commandeered to varying degrees vast swaths of our economy and our government, and they ve sought to influence our society in every way that you could possibly imagine. But just as Israel has taken advantage of Americans by aligning with corporate and political elites at our expense, so has China. Just 50 years ago, China was considered a backwater third-world country. But just like with Israel, America paid for China s modernization. The Nixon administration opened up trade relations with a communist regime that killed an estimated 80 million people to come to power, and almost overnight, China became a boomtown. Over the course of the next several decades, America s means of production were almost completely exported to China. American corporations partnered with the Chinese Communist Party. They enlisted the work of Chinese slaves, including children, and they started making low-quality goods for pennies on the dollar and then selling them back to Americans who, thanks to a robust system of usury that s spiraled out of control over the past 40 years, have more fake money than ever before. The Chinese played the American people like suckers with the help of your government. They took advantage of our economic freedoms and our culture that places trust in almost everyone, especially people who are different than us.

And they employed a ruthless vulture capitalist economy strategy in America while enforcing an authoritarian style of communism that actually operates more like socialistic fascism at home. Nobody, including Chinese citizens, does business through China without the express consent of the CCP. For the Chinese, business is a form of warfare. For years, there have been reports of Chinese nationals carrying passports and visas being flown into American airports by the hundreds, even by the thousands, and taking up residence and going to work for state-sponsored Chinese businessmen who have bought out entire communities. And these people make it very clear what they re here for. They re here to sink their teeth into America and our extremely vulnerable economic system so they can exploit it to their own ends before ultimately flying back to China and reaping the rewards. These people operate under what you could call a mothership mentality. They fan out all over the world and then they all work together for the common goal of advancing the interests of China, their mothership.

They re on a mission. They won t even look Americans in the eyes. Not even their children will look Americans in the eyes. They are coming here to kill us.

If not physically through the southern border, then economically through our weak and pathetic system of free markets and free trade for everyone but ourselves. And in that process, they re taking prisoners. The Chinese employ a deliberate strategy of capturing foreign, especially American, government and corporate elites, making them so dependent on the Chinese Communist Party and the People s Republic of China that they ll do anything that they say. And this type of anti-American activity has gone unchecked for decades. And just recently, we got a tiny glimpse into just how bad it actually is when House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer wrote letters to more than a dozen government agencies warning them the Chinese Communist Party and its agents are working with compromised American corporate and government leaders to expand Chinese influence over the United States and that the feds are doing nothing to combat it.

According to Comer, the CCP s reach includes the Department of Justice, which given its sweeping powers over federal law enforcement could prove particularly dangerous. But this is the openly admitted and promoted strategy of the Chinese government. We don t have to say it, and you don t have to believe me or take my word for it. Look, so there you have it. The Chinese Communist Party is waging unrestricted warfare on the American people. And it s not just us. No, it s sovereign nations all over the world.

Things have gotten so bad in the Philippines that that country s top national security advisor called for all Chinese diplomats to be expelled immediately. Karen Kingston has been following the situation closely. That was a video that you could find on her substack. She s been covering it over there extensively. And she joins us now to share more on this. We have a real problem here, don t we?

We do, Sue. Thanks for having me on to speak about this because the only way to overcome this war that we are in right now is to identify the enemies and to speak about it. And I want to be clear, we re not saying although that video clearly identifies as Xi Jinping says all of China s society working on behalf of the Chinese military and counterintelligence, that s not our enemy. Our enemy is the Chinese Communist Party.

And they have infiltrated and terrorized, blackmailed, and bribed elites, influencers, government officials, individuals around the globe to do their bidding for them. And this is very clear in the CCP reports that James Comer has put out and the US intelligence reports that have been put out. And the new counterintelligence laws in China, I just want to read what exactly what they are per Comer s scathing letter to Merrick Garland, our Attorney General. The new law cites that General Secretary Xi s comprehensive national security concept, which guards against internal and external threats while ensuring the primacy of Xi and the CCP. So the superior global power of Xi Jinping and the CCP. While the CCP guards itself against threats from foreign nations, American companies doing business with the CCP become vulnerable to threats against national security. In this letter, it actually says many American businesses, many elites, they are the proxies for the CCP. They are doing the bidding for the CCP here in America on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. There are companies doing business with the CCP become vulnerable to threats against national security and the CCP s clamp down on information.

These examples offer only a glimpse into the CCP s mass influence operation targeting American businesses. So the law states that if there s a company in China or a subsidiary in China or a company that has a subsidiary outside of China, or if you re doing business with a company in China, then you re doing work for the Chinese military, period. And a great example of that is Elon Musk just announced launching his unmanned electronic vehicles, robo taxis in China. They re going to be partially the programs being partially paid for by the Chinese government. He s partnering with another Chinese company to launch this.

This is Elon Musk. And as part of that, you know, he has to he has to get the maps of China and give maps of nations that Tesla s in of China. So now he s going to be handing over all of the maps and the lights and everything for the United States, all of our nation, all of our communities, all of our stoplights, all of our freeways is now being handed over to the Chinese military. So how does somebody like Elon Musk have the have the authority to do that? I mean, I guess I suppose anybody could if the Chinese have spies here, don t they already know where all of our stoplights are? Well, I think it s a little bit more advanced than that with Elon Musk. I mean, you have a self-driving car that can navigate the United States streets, right?

So that s it s not just it s not just knowing where the stoplights are and the traffic is. But that s just an example. So in the as Comer points out to all the federal agencies that companies that are doing business in China, what they don t realize is that they are vulnerable, you know, to to then be working on behalf of the Chinese military. And China does not honor any laws of the United States or any international laws. So they end up may end up being, you know, become criminals themselves by partnering with the Chinese Communist Party. And it s called the unified front. That s what Xi Jinping says the unified front is his magic weapon, right?

So the CCP is successful by having elites and actors of influence, including politicians, do the bidding for them. We see it all we see with the Biosecure Act. The Biosecure Act was going to clamp down on on the business between products made in China, including pharmaceutical ingredients coming here, because in this letter to the FDA that Comer wrote, it s very clear, the FDA has been subject to the PRC, the People s Republic of China, that that even doing their inspections, they have an office in China, the FDA does, a Japanese individual that was doing an inspection on behalf of on behalf of a Japanese company called Estellas was arrested by the CCP.

Right? So they re like, it s very clear that they re not adhering to international laws to provide safe products to Americans. And the FDA can t isn t doing anything about it because they will be threatened and terrorized because America is so infiltrated with with people who are working on behalf of a foreign adversary. And unfortunately our, you know, the biopharma industry, 25% of it now from the United States is basically based in China. The China went from their exporting $2 billion to the United States in 2020 to more than $6 billion in 2023. All of the technology that we have, our smartphones, you know, that s all manufactured based out of China. Many of our cars and electric vehicles, all that software comes out of China. They have they also have their own SpaceX and Starlink type program.

And Elon Musk has partnered with them as well. So that s all being done in China. And this is a global effort. I don t know how people aren t seeing this, you know, and it s very clear from these letters that instead of adhering to United States laws and protecting Americans, even individuals in our federal agencies acted on behalf of the PRC. So why, when I look around at our government, am I not seeing this obvious over representation of China?

So why, when I look around at our government, am I not seeing this obvious over representation of China? I think part of it is part of the Chinese warfare. It s a strategy. As these retired generals cite, you know, the way the CCP is effective is by having proxies do their dirty work for them, do the bidding for them.

They don t want to make it obvious that it s them. So instead they influence elites and government officials and powerfuls. And it says right here, yes, it s bribery, it s blackmail. You know, it s also, they terrorize them as well.

But the real way that the Chinese Communist Party is able to get American, what they call actors, influencers and elites, to get American s political warfare, to get Americans to emotionally and ideologically go along with what the Chinese Communist Party s ideals are, is primarily through economic handcuffs, the golden handcuffs. That s basically how they do it. That s their primary method. But then they will resort to, you know, crime. Again, blackmail, terrorizing people, kidnapping. I mean, it s all in this report. They will not stop at anything.

And what s interesting is Comer on the 17th gave, you know, he had another committee hearing and he said, Look, pointing out that the Chinese Communist Party is at war with America and the CCP says they are at war with us. It is everywhere. It is in our K through 12 schools. It s in our agencies. It s in our healthcare. It s in the digital realm. It s in our politics.

It is everywhere. He goes pointing that out and saying that that s racist literally falls into the Chinese Communist Party s defensive tactic, right? So I think what it is is they only want to be seen as friends. So most people that we see that are Chinese nationals, whether it s the president and owner of like Nvidia, which has surpassed, I believe, Google now as far as artificial intelligence and technology or some top leaders that we see in the biopharma industry, it s all about, Oh, we re doing good for the world. And if you read the Chinese newspapers about Elon Musk, they love Elon. I mean, he is their favorite business elite by a moonshot. And Elon has said, Look, America is saying that Chinese Communist Party is, you know, and working with Chinese companies is a threat to national security. He s like, That s just because Americans know that they would get their butts kicked if they try to economically compete with you. And he s like me and Xi Jinping, we re just working together for global prosperity.

That is called the United Front. Which Xi Jinping has explicitly said is his greatest weapon. Exactly.

Yeah, it s his greatest weapon. So, you know, when Rand Paul said, Hey, I don t think it s a good idea to move forward with the Biosecure Act and no longer get imports from China, from Wuji. And I don t think we should stop doing business with BGI, which is collecting the genomic data of all Americans or adults and children. He said, That s going to help hurt us economically. That is also specifically called out in this report where they say, you know, there s American politicians and businessmen who say we can t decouple from China.

The economic loss would be too great. You know, meanwhile, we re paying for our own demise and the murder of our own, you know, of our own citizens and our posterity. So I just I mean, look, as you re very well aware, the program has been doing a lot of noticing about the infiltration by a different group of people who claim to be Jews. We see them in our State Department.

We see them everywhere. These are the people that are making decisions about how many millions of kids we go and bomb, right? These are the people that are deciding where our forever wars take place, just empowering the military industrial complex. You don t see that as more of a threat than what it is that you re talking about with this CCP infiltration. You re saying that this is the number one enemy of the United States, and I m just asking you to make a case for that. Well, I mean, there s the economic impact that you can see that they ve had.

You can see they ve coupled with us across all major industries, including our U.S. military. But from just this is simply my opinion. I ve worked, as you know, in bio pharma and biotech for decades. I respect your opinion.

No, no, no, no. In 2016, you know, that s I m just trying to think 2016, even 2018, you know, when you go to the investor meetings, we would talk about the major hubs of biotech, which was Southern California, right, and Northern California, Israel and Boston. No one ever talked really about pharma. I mean, I knew Thermo Fisher had an office in I didn t know they had dozens of offices. I knew they had an office, you know, in China.

I didn t know Twist. I mean, I learned later in 2019 that Twist s greatest, their fastest genetic sequencer, their greatest client was the Chinese military. So I think what happened is this has all been kept on the down low.

It s been very quiet. And as the report says is that, you know, China didn t want to make it obvious that they re taking over nations and heading up industries or not. So instead, they have American business leaders, American politicians, and also from all over the world, they have them come to China and they basically engage them, enslave them. And now they re saying under new China law, new counter espionage law, if you do not submit data, if you do not act on behalf of China, so that includes freedom of speech. So if you say anything negative about China, then technically under China s new counter espionage laws, you could be arrested or executed. So they re treating the whole world right now as if, look, if you don t work on behalf of China, and by they mean Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, if you re not working on behalf of China, if you violate our laws, you re subject to China rule. And especially, and they re saying we can justify it if there s an economic coupling there. So here on U.S. soil, you re saying?

Well, I think they would be removed from U.S. soil or what you would see on U.S. soil is, you know, it would be done by the United Front. Yeah, you could get into a car accident or eat the wrong thing or drink the wrong thing. Yeah, that kind of thing. So, I mean, we went pretty far as far as Chinese authoritarianism in the United States during COVID. Some people were arrested for not wearing a mask in public.

I mean, you know, yeah. So they ve already accomplished getting Americans to not only accept this concept that you do not have any individual rights given to you by God, that authority gives you your rights and they can take away your rights at any moment. And not only did Americans accept that, they praised it, right? And they condemned people who do not subject themselves to a gene editing bioweapon injection that has been proven to be lethal. And where did the results of these fraudulent PCR tests go? To China, to the Chinese National Gene Bank. So this is also a report, BGI with the PCR test, that was the first medical device made in China ever approved and authorized by the FDA because the FDA is a captured agency, per the letter Comer wrote to Caliph, the commissioner, 180 nations, including Americans, sent their PCR tests, which were not to test for a virus. It was simply collecting the genetic data of citizens, you know, adults and children and military, and sending it off to the Chinese National Gene Bank, which is a People s Liberation Army run facility. And as you should watch the Chinese National Gene Bank, they do a promotional video and they say they re going to digitize all life forms, including human beings.

It will be done by all and owned by all. And during that screenshot, they got a big logo, the United States FDA. The FDA is working with them to criminally experiment on the American people and our children. And murder them. Yeah. Murder them.

Yeah, and populate us. Yeah. China s at war with America. It s very clear.

I only have a couple minutes left here, but I m a person who loves remedy. So has Comer discussed any solution to this? Yeah, Comer has talked to several generals, General Spaulding, retired generals, and what they said specifically, and this is something that all the alternative media can do. It says basically, because we re under an ideological, psychological, and physical war, which we ve been misled to believe that some of our greatest allies, you know, are helping us with are actually our enemies. What we can do is we can conduct outreach to citizens about the dangers they may encounter from the CCP threat and proactively protect yourself, your communities, schools, houses of worship, business, finances, food, and more from threat of the CCP. So, you know, they point out that the FDA is no longer working on behalf of the American people. They re not making sure that our drugs and our food aren t contaminated.

They simply are not. It s very clear in this letter. It s very clear to the Department of Justice. What did you know instead of instead of defending Americans national security, they distorted the definition of national security and said Americans are the threat. We re, you know, Stu, you and I are domestic violent extremists for speaking out about the COVID-19 bioweapon injections and how they can only poison, harm, and kill for speaking out against, you know, having pornography in the children s schools that that is wrong, you know, for speaking out against the fact that we have open borders. So they re pointing the guns, our own government is now pointing the guns inward, not because they re acting on behalf of the American government. The American government has been subverted.

So this is a very urgent letter. When Congress and generals are saying protect yourself, your communities, schools, houses of worship, business, finances, food, and more from the threat of the CCP, it s time for us to start talking about this as a real threat and identifying those individuals who have been acting, not protecting the Constitution or the American people, but acting on behalf of an adversary of the American people, and in a treasonous act of war against us to harm, kill, and disable us. Yeah, no, I agree with that 1000%. And I think that they should be tried. And then they should face extreme accountability. It is the definition of treat. All right.

There you go. You know, the point, too. You re right, because the federal government is working directly with the Communist Chinese Party. And they have virtually declared war on us. And this is why we have to do, like the general said, they re right. This is where our county sheriff has to learn to protect the people. What is happening, we know that there are patriot groups of patriots all across the country that are arming, you re seeing they re getting prepared. You know, I mean, it s coming this way. And unless the good Lord, you know, what we really need is revival in this country.

But there s got to be repentance before there can be revival. If people will wake up but they re still slumber, there s still the vast majority of the people are still under the influence of what they call the mainstream media and their goal. They re also in denial that anything is wrong. I mean, we ve been telling them for years that the Chinese were going to take over the country. The Chinese have been hacking into our infrastructure, getting information from government businesses. Every year you and I do stories on this got hacked by the Chinese, this got hacked, this government agency, and, you know, very little is done. Even right now there s been cyber attacks on water treatment plants across the country.

Yeah, that s happening more frequently, and you don t hear anything about that, do you? EPA has been putting out warnings asserting private and state-backed actors from countries including China, Iran, and Russia are ramping up their efforts to interfere with our water operations. And they re going not after the real biggies, but they re going after the small towns and stuff that don t have the high tech, don t have the security systems, but yet, you know, they re doing this on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different organizations dealing with electricity, water treatment, water purification. They re getting ready for we ve talked about China s warfare is on all levels.

They use the environment, they use business, they use money, the internet. I mean, everything is a way to conduct warfare for the Chinese. We ve been warning people about this for over 30 years. It s not like people haven t been told.

They just don t believe. We re the superpower. Nothing can happen to us. We re America. We don t need to worry. And it is the stupidest stance that somebody can take to think that we re that infallible.

They just do not they haven t been paying attention to how powerful and strong our enemies are. Joe, did you get a did you get a chance to listen to last Friday s radio show? No, I didn t. Have you heard of Ivan Rakelin, the deep state marauder? Nope. The pastor played a clip of an interview with him, or a podcast of him, and he s got a good plan that if it s executed, there s great hope for America.

There s like he s got a list of 350 deep state operatives. You know, we have that clip. Do you have that clip there? I told them to keep that and be ready to pot up. We did play it twice.

It wouldn t hurt to play it again. It sounds like a, you know. Well, there s 80,000 military that are pretty upset with their careers getting negatively impacted by the forced COVID shot and then just all the garbage. And if they become deputy top. They don t want their sons and grandsons and daughters going into it.

Yeah, we re in bad shape. Well, if Musk releases all the communications between what he has, he s got the data. If he makes this public of all the communication between these 350 deep state operatives, then the evidence is overwhelming and then our county sheriffs can deputize these 80,000 military to take care of business and end this coup, this commie revolution, whatever you want to call it, the controlled demolition of our country. Well, if we can get Trump back into office, he can order the military and then he can start going after them. But again, you re right, we re looking at election fraud, probably worse than anything we ve seen yet so far with their planning.

Anyhow, that is a very good clip, if we could find that. Well, the other thing to me as a pastor while you re looking for that is, to me, the hope of saving this country is going to be our Lord Jesus Christ. If we can have a active, really energetic public faith in God, it s going to take the Christians going out there and being bold as lions and going out and standing for something, running to the battle, fighting the fight. If the church would get busy and go to war, because this is war, we re in the middle of a communist revolution. That s why all this is happening, because our own government, we re in the middle of a communist revolution takeover of our government.

No wonder they re siding with the Chinese, with all our different enemies, because the end result is to bring America to its knees and turn it to a communist state. And our strength and power is in our Lord, who has said he will fight our battles for us if we repent and turn from our wicked ways, our apathy, our ignorance, our what you have to do, Joe, that people need to first of all start being obedient to the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation. The one thing God demands more than anything else is obedience, and that means one, start going back to church. People aren t going to church anymore. They re not going and finding churches where they re preaching the Gospel, the King James Bible, where there are actual preachers, shepherds, and not hirelings.

You ve got so many out there today that are hirelings. They re basically more of an entertainment, but people have to turn back, and if they get on their knees and they pray and they ask God, and then once they ve done that, once they start tending back to church, to become doers of the Word, not just hearers only, they need to shut down every bloody abortion mill in this country. They need to shut down LGBTQ, if they have the courage, if they have the, well, what they need to do, they need to repent now. They have faith to have courage. That s you get courage from faith.

Right. All right, well, we ll be back right after this one more. I had a cold winter s morning on a sidewalk in a city. A lost soul approached me as the road was getting deep. I could see the look of death. It was there in her eyes now as she saw the light. But deep down inside, I believe what you re preaching. Children are a gift of God.

We ve got to give them light. So I put my arm around her, and I gave her the Gospel. It was right there in the darkness that she received the light. Her souls were saved.

But her and her baby, if you re called to do the Lord s work, you had better learn to do it right. You ve got to know how to lose it. Not just to be safe. Don t try to walk away.

There s no where to run. You ve had your own lesson. Even while you re able to trust the keeper of your soul now, he s got the sun. Now every preacher knows the rock of his salvation.

I ll separate the jokes from all issues. All men are sinners. They only need the Savior. There s only one trust in, it s your soul that you ll keep. And when I finished preaching. A woman was a believer. A baby in her womb, I knew she would keep. And now 25 years later, her baby is a young preacher.

She s so very proud of the baby that she decided to keep. You ve got to know how to please him. Not just to please him. Don t try to walk away.

There s no where to run. You ve had your own lesson. Even while you re able to trust the keeper of your soul now, he s got the sun. You ve got to know how to please him. Not just to please him. Don t try to walk away.

There s no where to run. You ve had your own lesson. Even while you re able to trust the keeper of your soul now, he s got the sun. You ve got to know how to please him.

Not just to please him. Don t try to walk away. There s no where to run.

You ve had your own lesson. Even while you re able to trust the keeper of your soul now, he s got the sun. The phone lines are open. We ve taken a couple of calls tonight. The phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673. That s 888-677-9673. The phone lines are open.

We ll take a couple of calls here. Again, going back to what we re talking about, the only answer, God gives us the answer, II Chronicles 714. He doesn t stutter. He tells us very clearly what we He doesn t stutter. He tells us very clearly what we need to do.

But, you know, if the people won t be obedient, if they won t listen, then they don t deserve it. And, you know, you sit there. Tonight I went to my grandson s, he just got out of one of the second grade, so I went to his, they have a little Did he graduate?

Yeah, in the second. Well, you had the Coffee Christian Academy is a really good school. They re a dynamite school. I was with them way back when they started. Back, I think it s been about 18, 19 years ago, and they had, it was Sue and Russ Gifford, they had about, I think about five or six kids.

Now there s several hundred. And tonight, you know, boy, they really had, they went from first to sixth grade. And basically what they did is the teacher come out, and every child, the teacher, that child s teacher would say something about the character of that child. It was really, really good.

It was really nice. But anyhow, to see all those children and to know that the way things are going, unless God intervenes, many of them may never reach adulthood. Because we re living, or you wouldn t want them growing up under slavery. We talked about that before. Joe, if you remember, we were talking about how they had planned, they were just some of the ways that the Chinese said that they were going to take over America, and they were going to ship equipment and even troops, and people would never even know it, in those large containers off these boats. And they would be coming in here, and when the day was given, all of a sudden you d wake up and find out your major cities are under Chinese control, okay?

And so, and that means your electric, your power plants, and you know, would be all under Chinese control. And we ve been telling people, but it s like a co-hum, you know. In fact, I remember hearing Joe Sixpack, one of these guys one time, Well, if that stuff was true, it d be on the news. That s how, you know. Right. The same news that the media would tell you the truth.

Yeah. They re committing suicide, and they don t even know. I don t think that half of the liberal media, the press out there, really understands the danger we re in. I think they are useful idiots. They ve been sold a certain They re committed globalists. What? They re globalists committed to the global government. Yeah, to that cause.

And they can t have a global government with them. All right, we have, who do we have? We got, let s go out in PA. We have Joe in PA. Joe, you re in the air. Okay, can you hear me?

Yeah, I can hear you. Oh, okay. Yes, I was just wondering about two weeks ago in Taiwan, they were saying that they were tearing down the statues of Chiang Kai-shek all over the island of Taiwan. The statues were coming down Chiang Kai-shek statues. And I was just wondering what s going on around the same time a politician from America, from the United States, went to China around the same time to visit Xi, from what I understand.

Anyway, I haven t heard anything about Taiwan in a long time. Well, when, look, we you know, America is perceived as being weak, and they know very well, China is pretty sure they move against Taiwan. They know that it s gonna be that even though we have a treaty and so on and so forth, America is not strong enough to do anything anymore. Our own military generals said, you know, we re not. And again, like we ve been talking about, I have no doubts in my mind at all that if China were to invade America, that Austin would say, Look, you know, we cannot beat them. The best thing we can do is try to negotiate a good surrender.

I got no doubt in my mind that that s what would happen. Because there again, we ve been our military s been just, you know, we ve been sold out. Woke-ified. Right. This is why we ve got, you know, we still have a chance to take the country back if people will wake up, if they will do it. But it s gonna be, like I said, you know, God gives us the answer. It s repentance. There s gotta be a repentance. But people still aren t believing, are they?

No. They don t want to believe. It s that denial. They re in a state of denial that everything is good, it s gonna be all right, somebody ll fix the problem, and we ll go back to the way life was. They ve forgotten history. They were never taught history in school, in high school or colleges. They ve forgotten how precious freedom is, how rare this experiment is. The United States of America was an experiment in self-government.

It was unique in the world. Did you have any other questions, Joe? No, I just, well, I was just wondering about, you know, I haven t heard anything in Taiwan. I was wondering if China went and snuck in through the back door and took over without a shot fired. No, not yet. Not yet.

They haven t done it yet. Taiwan, I think, is, they re, I think, willing to fight. And, you know, China doesn t know what kind of, you know, how, if they can, you know, Japan is still a very mighty nation. They ve got more weapons than people know about. And so, you don t know. And, you know, who all is nuclear and not out there anymore today?

So, I think China s, China plans things way, way, way in advance, you know, years and years in advance. And that s how they ve been managed to take over America. Yeah, well, thank God we ve got the Second Amendment anyhow. Yeah, we still have that.

But we still need repentance and we need, we need courage. That s for sure. Alright, my friend, thanks.

What part of PA are you calling from? Alrighty. Okay.

Did you guys pick up on that part of that clip where they said the PCR test for COVID that don t work, all that data, the genetic information sent to China for bio-weapons. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Great. Yeah, I know that. Those PCR tests that didn t work, they knew that. And it looks like one of the main reasons was to get the genetic information. Well, the United States had built up in Ukraine a number of those labs, something like 25 of those labs, and what they were doing, too, is they were getting the genetic information on, like, Ukrainians or other Russians, certain groups in Russia, and Russia knew that, okay, where they could go after, and that s what the Chinese have done, too, where you can. They re trying to find, like, viruses that are specific to a certain race, like, they want to create a virus that would attack Americans, or a virus that would attack Caucasians. They want to go after COVID. Yeah.

And this is what the goal is, a specific biological warfare to a specific race of people. Yeah, I know. In this country, it just, they don t get it, they have no fear, no understanding, or those that do or speak up. Some do. Pastor knows. You know, a lot of your listeners know. Yeah. A lot of people know. There s more hope, it s just the daggone mainstream media, they make it seem like everyone s under their control, and that s not necessarily true.

Right. Again, well, we re exactly where God s word the Bible said we would be. We re exactly right there, not just here in America, but around the world. We re seeing, like in Canada and Australia, you know, they re in a police state there now. Communism has taken over. And, you know, but we re seeing, both in Australia and Canada, we re seeing groups of resistance popping up here and there. Argentina.

Yeah, and Argentina, too. So, you re seeing more and more of that happening. Of course, here in America, you have a drum beat, I mean, there s, everywhere you turn out there, there are people, militias are starting to come back and people, patriot groups are forming all over the country.

How much time do I have, style? Okay. Anyhow, so that s where, what we really need to do, folks, get back to what God s word the Bible said, you know, we re going to do everything we can. As long as we can stay in the air, we re going to bring you the truth. And, you know, we get hate mail and death threats and everything else. I haven t gotten any death threats lately, but we ve gotten in the past. And we don t pay any attention to that because we know God is on the throne.

He s in complete control. And the opposition out there has, you know, has found that out many different ways. So, but we re going to continue, without compromise, to continue to bring you what we can, can. We re looking, again, you need to pray. Folks, there s power in prayer, power in prayer.

We need revival. If you re out there listening to me and you haven t gone to church, you need to find a good church. You need to get into a good church.

You need to find a pastor that would lead you. And then, you know, what, as long to receive God s blessings, we ve got to stop the killing of the children. This country has killed over 160 million of its own children.

We ve got to stop that. We ve got to save the children in this country. What has happened, you know, you ve got to get your kids out of the public schools or take the public schools back. And that has happened in some areas where parents, once they found out what was going on, they ve actually taken the school boards back, taken them over where they want to put actual history. And, you know, there s some places right now, I just read, what state was it now, just recently placed, was it Florida, where you can have Bible studies?

Yeah, Florida. And there was another one recently, too, that s doing the same thing, putting in Bible teaching back in the public school system. And so, that s what we need to do.

Chaplains. Yep. There has to be real, absolute repentance. And if there s real repentance. And we ve got to remove these traitors.

Yeah. Well, if we get Trump back in, he will do that. The first thing he will do is, you know, he s going to go after, I believe that he is going to go after several, I think like, well, what is it, how many federal employees, his 200,000 or something like that, he wants to get rid of.

A huge amount, you know, so. But the first thing he s got to do is fire every lawyer at the DOJ. He s got to clean out the FBI.

Congress right now, they had the power to defund the DOJ. They didn t have the courage. Something s wrong. Yep. Joe, you ve got about seven minutes. Do you want to tell the folks how they can get to heaven?

I sure do. One headline I want to read, down in South America, that Argentine President Millay, he s turned that country around, brought them down to an 8% rate of inflation, and he fired a huge amount of government. And it s working.

He got rid of most of the government, and it s doing better. There s a hymn, one of my favorite hymns, and it kind of tells the story of Jesus, called Crown Him With Many Crowns. Crown him with many crowns, the lamb upon his throne, hark how the heavenly anthems drown, all music but its own. Awake my soul and sing of him who died for thee, and hail him as thy matchless king through all eternity, crowning the Lord of life, who triumphed o'er the grave, and rose victorious in the strife for those he came to save. His glories now we sing, who died and rose on high, who died eternal life to bring, and lives that death may die. Crown him the Lord of peace, whose power a scepter sways, from pole to pole that wars may cease, and all be prayer and praise. His reign shall know no end, and round his cursed feet, their flowers paradise extend their fragrance ever sweet.

And it goes on to talk about the hold his hands at each side, the wounds that he bore for us. Hail him, the Redeemer, and all the Redeemer King. We have a God who is so marvelous, so wonderful, so loving. He went, God, well, we know that God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son to the end, that all that believe in him should not perish, but should have everlasting life. God, when he created us, left in every one of his creation a desire to be close to him, to know him, to be one of his children.

The world tries to fill that emptiness, that need, with everything but the right thing, and that right thing is the Holy Spirit of God. We just need you to understand there's only one way to heaven. You can't get there just through religion, the church, being a member of denomination, good works, good living, hoping, praying. Jesus made it really clear. He said, I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes to the Father but by me. You can't get to God unless you go through Jesus. John 1 12 and 13 tells us that as many as receive Jesus, to them he gave the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name which were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor the will of man, but of God. And we know Jesus made it clear that except a man be born again, he told Nicodemus, you cannot see the kingdom of God.

So, one way to heaven. And the first thing to do is you have to understand that you're a sinner, that you need a savior. It's your sins that caused the Lord to have to go on that cross.

He died a substitutionary death. He paid the penalty. The wages of sin is death, God said.

It's clear. He hates sin. But Jesus took your sins, went to the cross, suffered the beating, the humiliation, the pain, and the pain of all the sins that were laid on his sinless, spotless soul. He did it for you so that you could be free from sin. He paid your sin debt for you, but you have to repent. You have to call upon God and say, I am sorry for my sins, those sins, those very sins that put your son on that cross. My sins, he died because of my sin, and asked to be forgiven. And then, this miracle happens, God will forgive you. The gift of God is eternal life.

One minute, Joe. Eternal life through Jesus Christ. Once you're forgiven, you can call upon Jesus and ask him to be your redeemer, to be Lord of your life, all of your life.

But you have to be willing to give yourself to him completely, and without reservation and hesitation. And when you do that, then he is able to give you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God, comes to dwell inside you. You become, in a way, a temple, your own temple. You become your own high priest, and you have the spiritual baptism we call the being born again. Spiritually, you become a child of the kingdom, a joint heir with Jesus, an everlasting life. You become a living son or daughter, adopted of God himself, and your eternity is fixed forever. You have salvation that can never be taken away, and you will have eternal life.

It's a decision only you can make, nobody can make it for you. Yeah, Joe, well, that was very good. We're at that point where we go to every night. Thanks for being here with us. God bless. And until tomorrow, we want you to always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left posted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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