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Blank Canvas | Marcy Gregg

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman
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May 21, 2022 1:00 am

Blank Canvas | Marcy Gregg

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman

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May 21, 2022 1:00 am

When Marcy Gregg awoke from a coma, 13 years had vanished from her life. On this edition of Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, what happens to a 30-year-old who wakes up and believes she’s 17? How did her husband and children react to her inability to recall them? What Marcy did in response might shock you. Listen in on her story. 

Featured resource: Blank Canvas: The Amazing Story of a Woman Who Awoke from a Coma to a Life She Couldn’t Remember

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How do you forgive a dead man, particularly when he's her grandfather Brian Dalen in a brand-new podcast called grandfather.

I hope to find out visitor profile and follow the grandfather podcast today I went to the backyard and surrender my life for the first moment that her relationship with Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times, "The 5 Love Languages" .

Our guest today has a story of perseverance in the face of obstacles using memory detailed in our featured resource today titled subtitles even more descriptive. The amazing story of a woman who moved from a coma to a life she couldn't remember Marcy Gray will tell her story you are not. Find out more at our website.

Five love click resources and then Building Relationships right there. Five love Gary you have a really good memory of as memory serves me correct if memory serves me correct. Have you ever thought about what it will be like if your memory was suddenly taken from you.

Short answer is no, Chris you say you have a good memory, but to be honest with you I'm at the stage of life where I can't remember the name of friends that I've known for 30 years talking about life and you know his sons and therefore sounded like about it so I asked my doctor if it was dimension a sonar system old age so that I never experienced anything like Marcy and I am really looking forward to talking with. I am to Marcy Greg you spell her last name with 2 GB three GR EGG. She is an abstract oil painter whose work is found in private and corporate collections across the US and abroad go to website you'll see what were talking about is also a speaker who shares your story of hope, resilience and survival.

Today she wants to help you find beauty in the abstract and hope in the unseen. I like that Marcy and her husband Deb for the parents of three grown children. They live just around the corner from Gary in Charlotte North Carolina.

You can learn more about her online at her website. Marcy Greg that's Marcy MARC why GR EGG Marcy welcome to Building Relationships right here before we get your story. Tell us a little bit about your art and how you got interested in this lifelong project well studied art and music Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas and I fell in love with creating anything like that put it all aside to raise my children and it was on the back burner when I got sick and so all of that was on hold when I got sick so I take it all back up 15 years ago, so some so from a very young age you are interested in art wise I wasn't by my mom said I loved it when I was a little girl now. Chris said you and your husband have three children. When you were 30 something happened that changed everything. So tell us about well in 1990 went to the hospital to have our third baby we had two boys and a little girl was born in 36 hours after she was born I contracted pneumococcal, bacterial, spinal, many genres and they literally found me in my room standing in my bed screaming. I guess it had hurting so bad from a high fever and the doctors took me down and began to work on me and take out what was going on. I called my husband told him to come to the hospital immediately that I was not doing well by the time he got to the hospital. I was already in it, over the next several days they began to do everything they could medically pay one ivy after another of different medicines and even drilled a hole in the mass called to relieve the pressure that was on my brain.

Nothing worked and I literally was getting worse every single day. I was, not responding at the end of that week.

The doctors came into my husband and I told him that if I should survive and did not look good, but if I should survive. I would be a shallow 20 knew that would definitely have deficits great deficits and I left the hospital as they are leaving on the other side of town, something else is going on. Our minister is flying back and from being out of town and he heard from the Lord, and he, he tells the story himself.

Dr. David Said he was buying back and he literally heard from the Lord and the Lord told him to come and pray over me a lot over me that it was not my time to die. So he comes to the hospital in the middle of the night when he landed back in Charlotte and he got there and went to the ICU and he said that he literally found me near death, and I was on a ventilator and they really had were giving me no hope at that point he prayed, and as he prayed, he prayed Lamentations 322 and 23 which says because of the Lord's great love we are not concerned Chris compassions never fail. They are new every morning after he prayed profile.

He believed that I was going to wake up and he left the hospital and he went home and Gary the next morning I opened my eyes and I began to wake up and literally nobody know Dr. no nurse.

No one that was there any medical reason for my liking up. It was truly a miracle. They did not give me a medical reason for waking up that my family and friends that were there in the waiting room on the Lord. I when I woke up in the in the doctors came to me and eight and I was able to speak after he took me off the ventilator. The problem was they asked me. I asked why was there and they told me that I had a baby and I said no. I couldn't have a baby I'm 17 but in fact I was 30 and I was the wife of dad and the mother of a six-year-old little boy three-year-old little boy and a brand-new baby girl that was a few floors away in hospital and what it happened was not mind had reset my brain and reset to 17 lost all those years of memory, and I believe that I was 17 and so I'm in the hospital believing this and then my husband who I did not know was the husband comes into the room and I'm faced with a man that I don't know is my husband that think he's a doctor and so I'm faced with this big question of who is he and why is he here and the only people that I recognize are my mom and my dad and my baby sister who is come to see me that I don't recognize my own husband.

So it was a very scary time so your brain as it were actually received to look when you were 17 years old and he didn't remember anything beyond that now.

I really thought I was still in Dallas, Texas and Baylor Hospital where I had been an estimated 17 so did your husband respond to this news. You well I'll tell you, Deb. Greg is amazing. He was the most gentle that most loving, the kindest man.

I don't think she realized it first, exactly how confused I was.

But when he did he just a lot of grace I think would be the word grace and love, does meet the two words I would use when you saw your children for the first time you came out of the coma. Well, it was really cool and I I they brought the children to me and on and I think that was God's greatest gift to me in this whole thing there were two really, really special gift that God gave me one was that when the children came in, they came to my bedside and date touch them. And I knew I knew they were mine.

I don't. I didn't remember having them. I didn't remember any of the years with them. There was something about that bond that a mother has.

I don't know if it's on the bond.

It was too strong to be broken and I knew they were mine and that was that was God's gift to me because I knew that Kason and Connor and baby Callie were mine. Even though I didn't remember giving birth to them and the other neat thing that God did was 17.

Deb and I knew each other. We had netted SMU when we were my freshman year in college I met him. The only problem was he was old.

This man was old.

He was 32 years old and I didn't recognize him immediately.

But the more I was with him in the hospital. The more I began to understand that 17-year-old Arlette 19-year-old man I knew and boy I knew in college was really the same person that was just 32-year-old man and I began to understand that this was staff so that was also a real gift. I just did.

I just did know we were married were you when you heard that since the two children in the room were your children. Their names come back at the porn well. Dad told me their names here and we got pictures to the hospital and he had gone over and over and over. No I did not remember names at all. When they told me the children's antitype that did not. I did not remember anybody staying.

This is Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times bestseller "The 5 Love Languages" you like to hear a pass program. Take an assessment of your love language or see our featured resource today go to our website@ that resource is the book by Marcy Greg blank canvas. The amazing story of a woman who awoke from a coma to a life she couldn't remember. Just go to five love to find out more mercy as I'm listening to you and Gary talk about your story.

This feels like a movie to me in several ways with you in some ways you can't make this up, that you feel like you were living somebody else's story in a sense, it felt like a nightmare and I felt like I was out. It was an out of body experience when I was actually in it on because everybody was telling me that I when I didn't even recognize my name when I woke up, so they were calling me a name I didn't remember initially and then they were telling me I was married and they were telling me I had three children, and none of which I remember so initially was that was all very, it was like somebody else is like well because I listen to you and to put myself in your shoes I can imagine what that would be like know the doctors wanted you to go to rehab but you insisted on going home. What was it like when you well.

It was very hard. That is short. One short sentence.

It was very hard like I remembered so many things. The house, the kitchen, my bedroom, even my closet was an issue for me. My clothes were so strange that I didn't want my style anymore for some reason the things that in my closet seemed really strange to me. I would have chosen different close. That's what I remember saying to myself to look at because I would've chosen and then when I can drive again.

I would get lost and couldn't tell anybody. I got lost because if I told you I got lost then they would know I was had been lying, so I set myself up for a Linux. It was impossible for anybody to do and it was exhausting it was absolutely exhausting on and I remember asking myself over and over. Why did you ever tell people you are ready to go home. But the reason I did go home want to go home as I wanted to go back and be with the children and be with Devon.

I was so afraid that if I didn't go home. I would never get home.

I Think I wouldn't mind brain was never going to be right.

The memories weren't coming back and I just I didn't think I'd ever get home so seems like everyone from your doctors for your family so you just made time for the members to return so you are not admitting you didn't have those memories you had to keep that a secret from them what was what was that part of it. Like the two this were cognizant that you were keeping a secret. I was keeping a secret from everyone, even from dad. Dad didn't know the extent he knew that I wasn't as sharp as I had been. I made several big mistakes in front of him in the hospital with friends. I would inherit in the hospital. The way I got out of the hospital the way they thought. Memories are coming back is what people would come to visit me in the hospital he would say the person's name that came in the room and I would inherit that name so he would say hi. Jane and I would say hi Jane, thank you for coming.

I would care whatever Deb said and I would listen for cues that he said I would follow that. So that's how we get hot. They didn't think I was getting better.

The problem lies. When I got out of the hospital. It wasn't as easy and it was really it took its toll on me and that was when I began to really begin to fall underneath and I began to get really frustrated with myself.

We also say that this was for those who are younger listening and you wonder if she gets lost.

To support your phone and ask if you didn't have a phone that you can go before the explosion of the Internet and everything that was going on there. Now I had nothing I could get literally a stone's throw from the Harris Teeter which was the grocery store I lived a stone start from the grocery store but one time it took me nearly 30 minutes to get home because I took a wrong turn and I got lost with all three kids in the car. It was very it was very frustrating and since then I learned that there I found out more times that other people knew that I got lost. Not my babysitter message I got lost several times because it took me a long time to get home and she's admitted to me that she knew. I got lost so I think other people probably knew but were kind and probably did admit to me that painting so in living your life that you're saying you went to the store loss. But how did you function with aspects of life and family.

Well, it was that was the beginning it was easier than it was. As time went on, because in the beginning I had my mother here. She came in she helped and there was a nurse here. Additionally, when I came home to help and it was also our babysitter and named Christine. We called her team and she was here she was wonderful and she stayed on after mom left two days a week and she was literally the glue which held the family together and she would she would help me with taking the children places and picking the kids up from places and making sure that things are running smoothly. Had she not been here. I think my deficits would've been glaringly obvious that because she was here it was, it was hidden better than it would've been your family members and her bracelet, doing what you could not do my computer.

You didn't do nothing because greater problems but the problem was they didn't realize what they were doing. They just thought they were helping made it realize how bad it was, know what it what did the loss of memory due to your heart. That's the interesting thing because I didn't really remember that I majored in art at this point, so I had no memory of art at this point I had I had majored in art, but I had no memory of college at all. No memory of getting married. No memory of having children. No memory of putting art on hold.

So for me art was nothing that was not there was no memory of it all. At that point I didn't start back pain until literally 15 years from right now so all of that was on the back burner know you are a Christian soon before all this happened so crowded all of this that affect your relationship with God through his well I wasn't I became a Christian when I was a child my parent. I was raised a Christian and I accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

When I was a little girl, but I was always the person that believed that God could run the universe and I would handle my own life. I was just that person.

I was going to do it my way back then when I got sick. It rocks my world and it really put me in a place where I was going to have to either trust him because I couldn't do it, there was a became a cat I couldn't do it myself but I wasn't ready to surrender at this point, so I literally went to God every single morning and ask him to give me my memories back. I wanted my memories back every single morning. I would pray to him. Please give me my memories back. And every morning, it became clear, day after day week after week, month after month that they want to come back and I begin to get angry at, and I believe the core of my struggle with God was. I had this need to control and I couldn't let go and trust him and he seemed so silent and I wanted him to act, but I wanted to do it my way. I wanted him to fix what I wanted him to fix that. I wanted to do it my way and one happening and I got really angry.

Did you express that anger to God. Most know well, not really. I still kept up a faade of getting up every morning praying.

I didn't tell him I was mad and I don't think I thought he could handle my anger so I just held it all in. I we were still going to church.

I was healed and healed me. I felt guilty for being angry God healed me physically and I knew you helped me but I was angry that my brain was so messed up my brain was so messed up and I was very very angry then that's what led me to what happened to me next was in all the frustration I became very very depressed and Andres anger turned inward a minute. It literally turned to depression. The depression well at that point.

I remember asking a friend you ever had to have it. Frustration with the kids getting the kids homework done at night and were trying to get homework done and asking a friend. Do you have trouble at nighttime hard with you at the kids and she said yeah just have a glass of wine will be make it so much easier and what started off very simply as a glass of wine soon turned out to be a problem for me and I drank for the fact and it wasn't it wasn't an innocent glass of wine anymore. It became much more than me and very soon I drank to forget what I could remember how did your husband see your kids throw your husband more that he see what was going on, or were you able to hide that from head it unbelievably I could control my drinking I headed no one but I needed the alcohol to us. It was early. I turned to alcohol instead of to God. Literally, it became the idle, literally. I see that now is clearly his day became the I don't and I turned to became what I look to to help me get through this horrible time and it was literally what it was. My source of strength instead of turning to God as my source of strength turned to alcohol, which looking back it was a funny thing when I nearly jumped at that first drink, there was a warning still soft voice that said be careful. But I drink anyway turned into an addiction absolutely. Absolutely nobody knew nobody so how did you eventually fun for you.

I headed back controlling my drinking so carefully. I drank when no one was watching. I hit it and I did not drink in front of people that was hot. That's how I hit and then in 1997 surrendered and it was really cool the way it happened. I because God doesn't leave you where you are. I just he just doesn't and we were sitting with our family and I had not had a drink of alcohol because that night we were sitting watching TV, December 1997 I got out because we had a Greyhound need to go outside so I drew the short straw to take the dog out and I took him outside and as I was coming back up the driveway lunch tickets or side hand, he saw a bunny or something. He lines and I fell to the ground as I got.

I looked in our window and there was my family sitting where I had been sitting in our den and they were also watching TV and at that moment God spoke to my heart is clearly is ever before and he said to me, that is what a safety for the future not the past as much as that father loves his children. I love you more and is just that father has that daughter in his arms. I'm holding you and I will never, but you have to trust me that night I went to the backyard and I fell to my knees and I surrendered my life for the first time and I gave him a gave up alcohol and I knew at that moment that it was better to have his plan without my memories then my plan with memories and I trust his love for me for the first time. Love you Gary. Just ask Mercy if there's somebody listening who is been caught in that addiction to be alcoholic to be opioids.

Whatever it is they hear hearing your story and they're saying I'm glad that you found that freedom I can't find it. It's never going to be mine. What you say to the person. This story is not over, God can absolutely deliver you. It is all you have to do is surrender and ask him to relieve you of the compulsion he will deliver now. After I did that in the backyard.

I will tell you that I went to a 12 step program every single day for days, weeks, months, years. I followed up and I was diligent because I knew that I had an addiction. I had an allergy to a substance that was literally going to kill me if I can pursuing it. But the truth is, he will deliver you and to this day I have been away from it for 24 years. Thanks for joining us today for Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman find us online@ we have some great resources a tool to assess your love language you can hear a podcast of the program and find out about our featured resource. It's the book by Marcy Greg titled a blank canvas. The amazing story of a woman who awoke from a coma to a life she couldn't remember click resources, then Building Relationships. When you go to five love for the breaker.

We were talking about the time you really love is before God's help and you were dependent upon alcohol Hillman you begin the journey and go change your heart night and then you followed up with the 12 step program, which as we all know refers people to what is called a higher power for God revealed himself in Jesus Christ.

So when you surrender everything to God, then you took the Jew, then tell your family what you been doing, yes, actually I told I sat everybody down. I told everybody I told we told our friends. I was just honest about everything.

At that point because honesty had been the problem all along and I began to just tell the truth did you do it that night to a few days or weeks later. It was a few. It was a few. It wasn't that night. It was a few days later open to the point you still do not remember all those things. Between the time you're 17 and present over some of the big book known. They never came back. Gary never came. I never I never retrieved any of the memories not college, getting married, having our children living in Charlotte those things are gone, they just never came back. Now I doubt that's hard that but really God is filled me with so many wonderful new memories that it's that I'm going to know when you surrender to God and shared with your family. The fact that you are addicted to a halt and you share with your friends and you begin the journey out of you begin at some juncture than to rediscover your passion in your toilet for painting.

Well one day I had this literally this burning desire to paint. I mean it literally. I woke up and I said I want to paint and I said I need to take lessons and my husband started laughing. He said you majored in art in college 20 need to take lessons. If you take lessons, take lessons, but I think you can remember that you get so I did start back painting and it was like a fire was lit within me and I began to paint daily and it just flowed. I could not get enough in our house begin to fill up with campuses. We got I got a studio outside of the house and on the rest is history.

Just I just couldn't stop but you still remember that you majored in.

I don't remember any other in that funny, I don't have any other disbelieves her husband. The lock was a lot of things you mention want to take lessons that you actually take lessons or did you start planning a discussion I took from a wonderful man here in Charlotte Brightman and he was an artist and resident with him and learned so much from here so it was really a special season of my life and it was great. It really was paint every day, no enter in terms of your children because they were young.

When this happened originally to since that time you went home.

There were your children to report to them. You have memories from that time on them. Understand that right yes I had all the members of the children growing up once. Once I got home with them. You also some juncture experience and the injury that really came close to putting your art career was about that. Well I was on my way to the studio to paint our time artist in residence program to paint was a week before graduating from the arthrosis program and I fell down a flight of stairs in her home and I brought my kneecap and severed the patella tendon and it was really bad injury and I was bedridden for several weeks and it was during that time that God really taught me use that time to teach me more about trusting him.

Even when you don't understand, and it was just it was just a continuation of learning to trust and I think that is been the biggest lesson in my life is learning to trust him when I don't understand and I remember journaling during that time and I was in bad. I journaled lessons I learned on my back because I laid on my back for so many days and I would just Journal things that I would learn Very very good time very special time that crucible you went through. Inform your art. Did you wind up because you journaled you work this out with words did it come out on the canvas as well. Did I tell you what it taught me that was so wanting to be in the studio entertaining my husband brought me a plate of glass and he brought me and I said recent oil paints and I literally would lay in the bad, and I would mix paint beginning magazine pictures and I would mix paint to try to mix colors to match colors in the pictures from the magazines and what it did was it literally taught me how to mix colors perfectly so I can make any color that you would ever imagine. So what happened was I became a colorist literally that's where I got my love of color was in the back wasn't.

Never use color straight out of the tube. Now I mix my colors because I found that there were there was beauty and different mixing colors and so I'm really good things came in those quiet moments in the bad. But I can emerge and when you fall were put in the position was very difficult for you to deal with it. It was it was me. I remember asking why I thought maybe God was taking it away from the site made it too important in my life because I had surrender my life to him back after the alcohol had made art too important. I didn't know what was going on, but it wasn't Just wanted me to trust him. He wanted me to understand that he was thankful and was thankful for the entire process I learned that through the lack and I think he will I ever walk again and I walked perfectly now it's it's great.

He was thankful that no one recently retired from the staff at our church Web server 50 years but asked me to give a little word to the people in one of the things I shared with them is you will not always understand the things that happen in your life. You think sometimes as Christians we feel like you know we know God will walk with God will understand everything that happens to know some of those things you will come to see the good that God brought out of them, which is what you just demonstrated you came to see that this whole thing of mixing colors came out of it possible some of those things you never understood that. I reminded them of that song. I don't remember who wrote the song with theirs but line that says when you can't see God's trust.

His heart we know he's for us. We surely don't lose them. But what happened but we believe it is our best interest in mind that we trust for all of us have one of the verses that you mention it was really meaningful to you was Philippians 413. How is that been such a special burst burst. My dad used to get me he would always say I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. He was said that burst me over and over when I was facing anything difficult and it was a verse that I've been getting to my children so it was a verse in our house that was used often. Then I realize and it was a verse that I used when my leg got injured I use that verse over and over.

First, it became very front and center when I like was heard that now for me. That verse has a whole different meaning I need him in everything I do this right without Christ. I need him with everything. The longer I live the more I know there's there's no question I can't do anything. John 15 five when Jesus is you bear fruit and that is without me apart. You're not flippant for third thing I do nothing with whom we can do everything is in mind for us. That's a good that's so good this is Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times bestseller "The 5 Love Languages" .

Marcy Greg is our guest today. Her book is titled blank canvas. The amazing story of a woman who awoke from a coma to a life she couldn't remember. You can find out more at her website. Marcy great Marcy Greg your EGG and Marcy have to ask you, you know, when people talk about being an artist, or being a painter and that you work in oils. Many people exactly what you're talking about the senior art form.

A lot of people don't. They don't have a concept of what it is that you do so when you walk into the studio and when you get the canvas in front of you what what you doing there talking to the studio every morning and I have and your fellow linseed oil you walk the odor of the linseed oil and oil paints in the studio turpentine and I had big campus is very large semi-campuses are 40" x 40". 48 $0.48 6560s at their very large campuses and I on I literally mix paint on glass top table and I and mixing these all paste together and then with brushes, iPod densities, campuses, and not do abstract painting so it's things that color and line its all about the colors in the lines that I place on the campus to create images that will intrigue the audience what are you trying to do on the inside of somebody who looks at the abstract or I wanted to draw you to make you question what I'm doing exactly I want to draw you into the image and usually back pains are so large. I hope they literally make you want to go into self.

A lot of people said there like a puzzle and always you always find a circle somewhere and not painting and that's because we are complete in Christ, so that will always be an image of a circle somewhere in the painting and somewhere in the pain always have penned across somewhat. Sometimes it seems it's not seen but there's always been a painting constipated somewhere in the painting sitting here thinking must would love to see your heart is in Texas and Austin Texas is not an artist himself, but he sees art and everything that are please God. So they would be fascinating to see your plans. Note that in the bottom layer of of all your paintings.

You put Scripture how to select those verses was this practice important to the really cool thing about my work. Okay so I back in 2013 I started putting Scripture as the foundation of the patient.

What I do is literally in the morning when I'm spending my time with the Lord study I will find a Scripture that will be the first verse for that day and I will write down the sticking out and I will take the studio with me and when I start a new painting that verse is what I literally start right across the campus big and bold, literally from the top of the campus to the bottom of the campus so it's a big bubble letters. The whole versus written out and out riding that becomes the foundation for that pain and is also the inspiration for the title and I will paint over that. So that is the foundation for what ever I put on top of it and usually directs me what the painting is analytical. So for example I just hated Romans 828 just painting it was titled, every layer matters in the first Scripture was Romans 828 and I painted out the verse all the way down. I painted this painting and had multiple layers of paint and every paint everything on the top layer said to me with. It was all different shapes, different lines, and I titled it every layer matters and that was the end of the of the work and so what I'm known for some people, diversely you will see the verses you looking at the picture it's it's underneath right it's underneath. But the cool thing is riding on the back of the painting so it took people that purchased the painting will have it on the back of the painting so they'll know it's there and started many conversations with people about the Scripture that is found underneath the work in the first layer Scripture do you destroy the reference you actually write words I write every word, every word so I write out everything that's there so it says literally the whole thing. We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God called according to his purpose. That whole thing was written out on the campus is a powerful concept that the Scripture is the foundation for the planning as it is a nice this absolutely absolutely both in the book you include prologue about another health struggle you're having, which impacts your plating Scripture with us about that. Well, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis couple years ago and has been a daily struggle and it we really had a hard time getting me in remission and the total price for people that don't know is it affects the joints and symptoms to look at the flu and it has really affected my hands and arm that God is so good and so faithful in this journey.

You know were not promised that it's going to be easy, but he shows up.

And, for instance, when I was having trouble holding onto my brushes because I couldn't grip for a well. The girl that I paint with Adrian Redman. She and I had painting together for years and years. She stands next to me and she 15 year she stood in the studio with me and I couldn't paint and because my hands hurt so bad she came in the next day with tennis balls and she said were putting these on the ends of your brushes will God literally used Adrian to bring in the idea to put tennis balls on the ends of my brushes because those tennis balls were the way back and hold onto my brushes to paint and I really believe that that was such a gift that God gave me a very dear friend that I was able to keep everything now hold the brush with guys been so faithful. It's amazing how God shows up and introduces things that we would never have thought about as I would ever thought about what encouragement do you have for someone who's listening and I find themselves in what feels like an impossible situation in their own lives.

Get back to the painting I just Romans 828 though we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. We know all things this first discourse of hope. Let me set this way, if you came to my studio today, you would see a painting that I just began a couple of days ago and you'd probably say it didn't. Very good look at it you'd say work because I'm not finished every layer is not on that painting, but I'll next will be used to make the first layers work together creating something beautiful and it's not done yet.

The way it is with our finish making into what he wants us to become and we got a trusting, even when it really doesn't feel right, right now. We got to trust him because he stressed. That's what I would say that's what we hear Marcy thank you for being with us for all of those who listen to us who may be going through things like that, sooner or later.

Almost all of us do think they're going for your story in this book extremely helpful and so thank you for what you've done with your life.

Even though you don't remember a whole section of thinking for what you've done in this book and for being with John. Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure to give the title of a resource blank canvas. The amazing story of a woman who awoke from a coma like she could remember. Written by Marcy Greg GG and her website. I go there to look at the art she has created so you can see what we talk about Marcy Greg GR also find simple ways to strengthen relationships our website. Five your question about relationships. The love languages may carry comes your way.

In one big thank you today to RFID action team Steve Wick and Janice Todd building relationship with Dr. Gary Chapman in association with publishers a ministry of the Bible and

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