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Bible and Breakfast

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman
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December 7, 2019 7:03 am

Bible and Breakfast

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman

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December 7, 2019 7:03 am

​Many in today’s world feel like they start their day on empty and run on fumes. On the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, learn how to kickstart your soul every day. Author Asheritah Ciuciu believes it all begins in the morning by feeding your body and soul. She says it will change the way you view life and the struggles you face. Bible and Breakfast—don’t miss the conversation on the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman. 

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Feeding your body and your soul. Does that sound good. You'll hear more today on Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman doesn't matter what time of day, really. He said there's no magic formula meeting with Scripture one tiny step at a time and become in reading cards. Eating our welcome to Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times bestseller the five love line today. Author Sherita Tucci was back with a challenge and some hope.

You wanted your understanding of God, the Bible resource that is a visual to make any of these recipes call us. I will be over from a quiet corner.

Her new book titled Bible and breakfast 31 warnings with Jesus feeding our bodies and souls together.

Gary talk about today is partly the concept of quiet. I remember hearing that term when I was younger late teens early 20s and thinking what in the world are you talking about the first time you encountered someone encouraging you to have a daily time alone with God.

Chris was a freshman at Moody Bible Institute and in the church I grew up I always showed an average Bible and pray. But nobody ever shared the concept of sitting down to have a conversation with God and reading the Bible and the sense of listening to what God wants to say to me today and then talking to God about what I want to read but it was an older student who shared the idea with me and would love it and I got started.

It's it's my life and it's just a part of who I am and has been for many many years so I'm really excited about this topic and I think those who've never discovered the joy of what we typically call a quiet time with God think this program is going to really help those who are I think you're going to draw this program as well. Let me reintroduce.

I guess she grew up as a missionary kid in Romania.

She's not married, they have children. She's a writer or speaker and mixed in with all that is the topic of food. We talked before about her struggle with food. She wrote full food Jesus in the battle for satisfaction. Her name was actually the choo-choo of my favorite names ever spelled CI. You see I you you will find out more about her and the new book of five love that title is Bible and breakfast 31 warnings with Jesus feeding our bodies and souls together discovered five love lacerated welcome back to Building Relationships. Thank you so much for having me back. It's my joy to be here. I agree with Chris that this book is a visual feast of the recipes, photos all go together with this topic of Bible and breakfast. So congratulations on the book. I'm sure there's a story behind the book and the idea so share with us what led you to write the book angry lap in a Christian family and I love DSS ever since I can remember was probably five or six when I gave my life to him and I grab the concept of daily devotions are quiet time and as a teenager I read about this Chinese pastor.

He said no Bible, no breakfast. He had chosen to prioritize his time with God before anything else, even before feeding him his body and I thought that was what devotion and endeavor to do something like that every day to decide time to feed my soul before I fed my body. But then I went to school I got married I had kids, I got a job and the frame. You may life got so hectic and busy. If I were to wait to eat until I had had my time in the Bible it would probably be 5 o'clock. It's just hot.

So many commitments to get in that solid.

I worry that I really wanted until a few years ago. I am ever thinking what if instead of no Bible, no breakfast.

I did Bible and breakfast hasn't shared on this program before I'm a bit of a fee. I really enjoyed. It's rare that I would skip breakfast and said that habit is already well-established in my life and behavior science shows that you're more likely to be consistent with a new habit. If you link it to something that is already consistent in your life. So I encouraged my blog readers in 2016 to join me for a 31 day challenge to read the Bible while we eat breakfast over thousand women find just raised her hand and say I need this I want. I was incredible women around the world joining in every day reading the Bible while eat breakfast is just such a blast was a great response thousand ladies. What did that to you about the need for this sort of thing thing it really validated. I'm not the only one who struggles with this. I think it's easy to feel isolated and to think with only people now. I'm such a bad question why can't I get my act together yet to hear so many women say no this is me to want this struggle.

If this was something that we realize Christian women really do you want to read that Bible do you want to spend my time in Jesus presence.

They just maybe they don't know how and maybe they just like they don't have time really late in my heart. This desire to help women find joy in Jesus through creating a consistent time in his word.

What are the common struggles that women experience with having the court when the first things is that we have this all or nothing mindset. Growing up in the church. A lot of us do have this mentality that an hour is the perfect or the right amount of time you spend reading her Bible and praying and anything less than that falls short.

So even if we get 20 minutes it feels like that wasn't enough as it builds patterns of guilt and shame into our souls where we start paying off our time in God's word. If I don't have time for a full hour, then I'll just wait until I do. In that time never comes or if it does, it's more likely to be filled with social media or our favorite TV show. Maybe their chores around the house that feel more urgent this all or nothing mentality on just pairs with guilt and shame and it can really keep us from making progress in establishing this had been God's word every day so you chose to women who listen to 31 days with Bible and breakfast and see what happens.

Sure you're hoping that something will establish this pattern and carried forward right, and I'm sure we'll talk about the smart pipe and breakfast is really one of many little tiny habits that we can establish in our lives that we have multiple touch points with God's word and bringing our hearts before him throughout our day is not just 31 days, but that does help establish the habit and once that's part of her daily routine, then we can look at other creative ways to bring our ourselves into an awareness of God's presence in our lives and lots of creative and fun ideas that I can share. Maybe later in the program as Rita studied English and women's ministry at Cedarville University in Ohio and ministers to women in her local church online through her blog.

One thing she's married to floppy you her high school sweetheart and together they raised their three children in Northeast Ohio featured resource of five love is her book Bible and breakfast can find out more like their five love I saw this on your website. I want to hear what you have said about it used to growing up in church.

I thought spending time with Jesus minute. Our loan each day. You talked about that in the last segment, but that it was kind of this formulaic approach that got harder and harder to maintain. Before my life became.

But I've learned that Jesus welcomes us to come to him. Messy bun, sticky hands probably floors all in my greatest mission is to help busy women like you and me find joy in Jesus right where we are.

My question is is true that God can take us right right where we are in the middle of the chaos of our lives. What we see when we look at Scripture and time and time again God meets people right where they are, how we see this with Jesus in the Gospels. Whether it's the woman at the well where Mary and Martha will hurt so women who was walking with her son's funeral procession in the messiness and the brokenness in the hard places of life. And Jesus longs to meet us there. He's not meeting for us to get our act together is not waiting for us to measure up to this perfect image of what it means to be a Christian. Women are Christian man longs for us to come to him humbly, just as we are and you you are enough for me and I think of the Pharisee and the tax collector who came into the temple was the tax collector said you know me well is me and I come TL it's not bringing all of our accomplishments. It's not having the perfect quiet time or the perfect family, are perfectly volunteering in church or perfectly doing anything is our awareness of our need for Jesus sacrifice and that is where joy comes in. As we enter his presence will think all of us are aware, the time pressures women in today's world are very, very strong and we can get so involved in just the flow of life that we can wake up and realize I haven't really thought about God. Much of the last three days and I think what you're trying to do is to help us men and women establish this is a part of our life. How do you challenge women motivate women to make this a priority for being honest with ourselves. Issue isn't really time the real issue is our heart desire and this was a place of humbling myself a few years ago and being honest every day saying I don't really desire you. As much as I think I deal. It's easier for me after I rest day to turn see that chocolate chip could he tell or return to my phone or maybe for other people. It's shopping or a glass of your essay or pornography or a relationship.

It's so easy to go to all the other things felt that was broken places in our lives. But when we realize that none of those things. Satisfied that truly it is Christ alone who offers us healing and wholeness and joy and peace.

That's when I priorities come into line not out of the place of guilt or duty out of the place of delight when we now hope Peter says, to whom shall we go.

Lord, you have the words of life when our hearts resonate with the truth of then the prioritization become so much easier because it becomes the air we breathe becomes our daily bread.

Jesus says blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be related to this earlier, but your interaction with lighters through the years you talked about some quiet time stereotypes sometimes can be more harmful than helpful to Ludlow structural. But before we dig into the real power of this time with God talk about some of the stereotypes where you talk about one of them that there's a certain time limit has to be an hour each day. Or at least that's what the righteous person dies and really look at Scripture.

There truly is so little in terms of formulas. There's no one-size-fits-all formula for a meeting with God in Scripture because God created each of us one-of-a-kind, and he invites us to approach his throne boldly through Jesus Christ.

He is the one way that in Jesus there are so many creative ways so that one hour on, it can really we can set that. Okay, maybe in some seasons of life that might be something to strive for but in this season of life. Maybe we can break it down and we'll talk a little bit about tiny habits. Maybe we start with a two minute or five minute habit. And then we build from there. Another stereotype is that on has to be first thing in the morning right, no Bible, no breakfast has to be before anything else for the rest of the house except and I had a reader email me actually and say that this was something that was upheld in her church as the right way to meet with God has to be first thing in the morning before anyone else except the house and so she started doing speaking up for the rest of her family that for long. Her husband got in on it and he said to her, I want you to sleep and so that I can wake up and be the first time with God and shows sometimes the extremes we can go to to formulas gives us freedom. Looking at Scripture morning devotions are not better than even devotions, or even sit in the carpool line devotion that invites us into his presence anytime of day you have freedom in Jesus to approach him in his where to study his word to meditate on his word whenever it fits into our life whenever we can create those habits so if morning time works great. If it doesn't tell.

Let's not let that be an excuse to say I don't have time to think creatively about what that looks like 1/3 type that I think is harmful is this idea that playtime has to be quiet.

I remember when my children were my first two daughters were young toddler and an infant is like my kids have the six patents. The moment I wake up it is even matter if I haven't yet left my bedroom where my children would wake up and sometimes I might have already pulled out my Bible and journal. One specific day I can remember I was literally writing out a pair saying, Lord, it is so good to be in this place of quiet after so many days of just noise. It's so refreshing for my soul to just be able to be in your presence quietly something my soul longs for them in the middle of writing the sentence as I hear my third born son wake up wailing and there's this frustration that built-up why can this mama not just a few quiet moments by myself and it's easy to allow that frustration to turn toward our children, and when he sensed the Lord just prompts my heart that day is to let go of my expectations or maybe cultural formulas of what it looks like and to invite my children into this time, to lead them into God's presence to model for them what it looks like to feast on the bread of life. There's a recent survey that looks at children who grew up in Christian homes and then followed them into adulthood because so many young adult and up turning their backs on not just the church but their face when they leave the home so the survey looks at what are some of the common characteristics of those who stayed in the church and the number one factor by far was whether these children read the Bible while they were still at home and as I read that statistic I thought Lord, how ironic, that I would be want to champion time in God's word for women around the world and yet my children rarely see immediately because I want my quiet time. I want my alone time by myself. So, instead, that stereotype sank fighter kids into.

Let's allow them to be part of this that might be noisy. It might be chaotic but we can trust God to multiply those moments to feed our souls just like you multiplied the bread to feed the masses.

I like the picture you bring to my mom sitting there three-year-old soothing butter breakfast and mom is reading the Bible to three-year-old in the midst of all is the three-year-old maybe do it like that courses the goodbye get over it because much more meaningful to the child whether leaks were establishing a pattern for them.

I really hope so.

It's like repeating the same very freely. My hope is that we are establishing a pattern that my children will grow up with this as their norm. This is what we do we gather around the table as we breakfast. We read the Bible as they get older. I truly want that to be something that they carry into their families that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Continue this for generations to run your back a memory. When our kids were little more widely. The commitment when they were little, but she was going to get up every morning for school morning when the start school and fix breakfast, hot breakfast for the family which was Mother Teresa for her okay because she was numb and so she would fix our breakfast and went around the table. You know I would read that I would read Scripture verse and talk to the kids read prior intercourse.

He was there with us, but when the last child went off to college. She stopped about breakfast or about quiet of God. Hello drop it like a gold like your your emphasis that one size does not fit all. There are different ways to spend time with God and also what are like the answers you like it. It's a relationship.

It's not a duty to the adjustable. We all know that reading the Bible is important that sometimes it can feel Britain's something honest I found your seasons when even felt boring. Don't know if that's okay to me on the air as apostates get a mistake I'm still familiar with some of the stories and they can start to just become words on the page, so it's it's hunting for quiet time reading the Bible to feel like box checking this is what I do you to be right with God. And when I miss it then that guilt, shame can be overwhelming. What I found instead is that when I pause in my Bible reading to look for God in that passage to pods to see what is one thing, this text teaches me about Jesus. Then suddenly it reminds me that this is a better relationship. This is just words on the page is not just something I'm doing to fulfill an obligation or entity. It reminds me that there is a light as I start to know Jesus more than my heart begins to love him more. This is something that I've been teaching my children as their 63 and one and the one-year-old is but only six euros in my three old will start to respond before we begin reading a passage that will pray and ask them to let them know that this is God's word and we read this because we want to know him more and let him more then will read the passage I might act it out with different voices maybe will pull out the salt shaker for talking about things the salt of the earth different ways to engage Scripture, but always when we and that very last question is what does this teach us about God and my children as young as they are respond with one thing in my next question is what is one thing that you want to say in response how do we react whether that be worship, or confession, and in the last question is what is one thing that God is calling us to deal.

In response, how do we love him practically and then how do we turn and love each other that might be sharing with your sister might be having the courage to say something to your next-door neighbor just simple and reminding ourselves that this is about a relationship.

This is about the God who loved us so much that he didn't strand us as orphans but he placed his own spirit within us as a seal until the tape he returns. So now we are preparing ourselves for getting to know him until that sweet precious day that we get in face-to-face graphic in the midst of doing this with children.

Sometimes we can feel like will cover pushing all of this you know, just go be a habit for the kids but we are creatures of habit. It's just a matter will have good habits or bad habits right so what is the value of having a disciplined time like this regular were the kids know this was a part of life.

This is a part of our good.

I think sometimes we think that in order for something to be sincere. It has to be spontaneous.

And yet there is unity in disciplined devotion. It feels that way with my husband you I love you spontaneous text messages are when he spontaneously picks up a bouquet of flowers and yet it is no less loving when he routinely shows me live in so many different ways on the house, going on a date or serving me in practical ways that on and we are creatures of habit and lastly that God wired our brains. Our brains when we look at how to information science brains are constantly looking for ways to simplify routines and to put things on autopilot speak that we don't have to use up as much energy to make all these different decisions are willpower diminishes as the day goes on. And so for us to determine ahead of time what are the habits they want to establish then maybe look at brain science for some ways in which we can reign in how God wired our brains to help us do the things we want to do to help us read the Bible more than just such a fun adventure for me to do things to get a little geeky with the brain science and say okay, how can this help us establish habits of reading God's word and we all recognize the value of other areas so we don't think about how to brush her teeth this morning's word.

We could do it without waking up, but it's important part of life.

So applying those concepts to our spiritual development you like years ago we used to hear more about the disciplines of the Christian life in the sometimes abilities you said we just want everything to be spontaneous and spent spontaneity is often controlled by our circumstances, habits or choices that we choose to build into our lives is extremely important in the book you talk about two different daily devotional options.

Snack on the go or feast at the table. What's the difference between those two exploited fours because this is honestly for my personal experience but also from this, thousands of women that I've been working with for the past few years this concept of tiny habit that if we start small. We can build from there on, and we have this mindset that we want to spend a lot of time reading the Bible.

So a lot of us, maybe we start out in the new year saying this is the year, I'm going to read the Bible cover to cover.

This is the year on the ideal inductive Bible study start out with these great intentions but then a few days go by things, it's more difficult than we expect. And we drop the habit altogether instead of doing that.

I was thinking what if we form a tiny habit. Just like maybe uncertain mornings.

I don't have time to sit down at the table for breakfast feast. I can still grab a granola bar or a smoothie on my way out the door and not snack is enough to sustain me throughout the morning.

In the same way. I think we can grab a snack from Scripture when we only have a few minutes. As we meditate on that Scripture sustains our souls throughout the day.

It doesn't have to be feast or famine can be snacks when we only have a few minutes. Do you have more time to sit down and savor Scripture, we can feast the table with God's word and feast is actually an acronym that I've developed for my own personal study locks. Inductive Bible study method so readers feast at the table using inductive study by the end of the 31 days still have learned how to study the Bible for themselves than any morning that you don't have time for that feast, you can just grab a snack on the go. At the same passage, it's distilled into one concept one verse that you can meditate on throughout the day and I truly believe in my own life. I've seen it and other women's lives. I've seen it that Jesus can take even a snack and multiply that as we meditate on his word benefactors away listings right now can get something free to a couple of recipes and things you're talking about right so I wanted to make this available to listeners as my guest and then you see recipes like you mentioned but also the snack on the go feast at the table to these devotionals as well.

You have to do is text the word breakfast 233777 and I will send this to you in your inbox. Just a way to get started. If this is something that is resonating with you and your thinking you want to spend more time and that's where you want to make this a habit, then this two-day sampler. He started on that day so text the word breakfast 33777.

Again, the word breakfast 33777. Earlier we talked about including the children, Bible reading and prayer point happens to children who see their parents studying the Bible and that it's a part of their life. What does it do for the trial. But studies have shown that the children themselves are more likely to make this a habit for themselves. We've seen this in parenting right. It's easy to tell my kid to do something likely to pick up the habits that they see me doing so when he model for our children, but it looks like to open God's word to read it every day whether it's just a few minutes in a snack, whether it's a whole hour if you want to feast and we invite our children into the habit we teach them how to study God's word for themselves. Then when they leave our homes, they are more likely to continue that habit for themselves to make their relationship with Jesus their own. And that's part of the growing up process for every child mean minor, still young years or older.

You can attest to this. But even myself as a teenager went through this process. I saw my parents reading God's word and modeling for me what that looks like that's one of the things that I carried my own habit when I left my current so that our children and our grandchildren because their parents are doing what we do other migrants from going off to college, but they built this into their life. What about the listener who's out there saying okay okay but I'm not a breakfast person and so does this relate to me. I'm so that you rub it up because at the beginning the program I mentioned that truly I'm looking for lots of creative ways to be in God's right breakfast person. Maybe it's sitting down at lunch and opening that's right for a few minutes while you're eating at lunch. Maybe your working night shift and your days and nights are reversed. Maybe you're listening to the audio Bible in your car on your commute is listening as you're walking the dog, maybe it's writing out Scripture on a card and hopping as you nurse your child during the night so that you have one verse that your memorizing and meditating on maybe is listening to Scripture set to music. So I grew up listening to these CDs and to this day. I'll be reading the songs and I'm reading a verse and the soundtrack starts in my brain without even thinking about it because those verses were set to music.

There are still many creative ways that will be 10 consistent in feeding ourselves whether that's what were feeding our bodies. Are we doing something else and I mentioned brain science earlier and one of the things that science has shown us that we are more likely to stick with the new habit. If we link it up to something were already doing so before doing that.

I encourage listeners to think of whatever that habit is whether it's reading the Bible or praying memorizing Scripture as he look at the new year or you're looking at a refresh halfway through the year and look at what you want that habit to be and then break it down into its smallest increments. Make a tiny habit so small that there is no assistance that there's no reason to make an excuse not to do it. Maybe it's memorizing one verse for a whole month you can do. Maybe it's reading just one verse while you eat breakfast or while you brush your teeth. Keep it tiny and then link it to something you're already doing.

You know we talked about so many things are already habits in our lives and celebrate your wins. God wired our brains to release dopamine as the reward center so that when we experience something pleasurable. Our brains reinforce those neural pathways and were more likely to repeat that heater and that is why eating a brownie is so sad because you get your brain says hello. This is good not reward center goes off and saying let's keep doing that though. Pretty soon you'll find yourself wanting to finish off the row. That's where discipline comes in. If we can take that concept and bring into our spiritual formation discipline process. If we can say what is it discipline that I want to develop in my life. How can I make it I need to start with and consistent in that tiny habit you can grow it over time. Once consistent, how can you link it to something you're already doing and how can you celebrate that your brain releases that dopamine that reinforce center so that you are more likely to follow through to a aftertaste that you desire for God increases. 1 Practical Way to do this is to bring it back to relationship and to say okay Jesus, I'm getting to know you. Another way is to list to help two things that you are thankful for to worship ways that your getting to know him more so doesn't matter what time of day, really. He said there's no magic formula for meeting with God in Scripture.

And yet one tiny step at a time we can become more consistent in reading God's word and feeding our souls limited personal with you in your earlier book entitled full. You talked about getting freedom from food addiction business devotional.

This new book were talking about show, maybe help for you, in your own journey. I think in some ways it has not because I directly address fixation on the spec because this is a celebration of the good gift of faded that something that we talked about in our previous program that is so easy to think when we struggle, whether it's our weights or food addiction or a pattern of eating that we just can't seem to break it's easy to think that food is the enemy we look at Scripture. What we see time and time again is that cast given to us from a good father meant to turn our hearts to him and worship those so much fun with this devotional Bible and breakfast just taking the concept of reading the Bible. Well, eat breakfast, and to say break the good gift for good and I got to share 31 of my favorite breakfast recipes with readers in their beautifully photographs on honestly each one is delicious and yet also, there were some principles that I wanted to make sure to include in the back so each recipe is rich in protein majors on whole foods that will keep you fuels all day long. They're all free of refined sugars to kick that sugar addiction because that had been a struggle for me. I love the recipes I have in here they're all foods that my husband and my children will eat at the end of the day as leafy tobacco see it is a celebration of the good gift of faded from God. We haven't talked about the role of the church or the Christian community in developing spiritual habits would you address that issue for us. I'm glad you got to separate because in our culture, context and emphasis on dealing this walk with God alone, and individually, and even with daily devotions are quiet time. Let whatever you want to call this habit I'm so much of the emphasis is placed on your time alone with God. And while there may be some value to that I've experienced that in my own life as much as I love my kids and having Bible breakfast with them.

My heart still here and spent time alone with God. But think we track when the emphasis is on the aloneness and we forget the value of community even reading the Bible. When you look at historical biblical times that letters in Scripture were meant to be read in community, something I think we forget there is value in sitting down this children or spouses, our neighbors are. I will study groups sitting down and listening to God's. Imagine what it would look like if you got together with your small group or whoever it is, and instead of saying let's talk about what we learn from this or what stands out to you from this passage, but we just sat down and read Scripture just allowed the words of God to plant their seeds in our hearts. It would be transformative.

I think if we took time as a community to listen to long sections of the text read out loud. Rather than spending time talking about how I feel about it. That's not to say that there isn't again value in studies on the big proponent of inductive Bible study and and discussing as a community. What this looks like to live it out. But I think we've lost an element of listening to Scripture together something that can start in our homes as well and as you look at the New Testament letters as well and as you look at the New Testament writings as well. There's this emphasis on doing life together as a community team says be not just hearers of the word, but tumors also as were listening to Scripture.

Together we can also talk about what it look like I said body of Christ together to live out the love of God in our communities. Think about letters that Paul wrote in the New Testament. I wonder how they read those letters I just read the manuscript that was brought to a wonderfully read the whole thing at one time or if it was in chapter little things in chapters and verses addressing the many times the whole group just listened as it was written to them what you thought about what about the fact that there's this chart you can look up online about how long it takes to reach certain letters as the Bible out loud and most of the pistols. You can read them in under 15 minutes start to finish. Sometimes we lose the big picture context when we just focus on one verse or two at a time so that that is a beautiful thing to do. I think also extending hospitality to our church communities that something that we might've lost again because the busy pace of life. It's easier to just walk into a service and sit down and listen, and then walked back out when you look at one another's Scripture love one another and encourage one another. Bear one another's burdens, submit one another whole of this is in the context of community that even the practice of Bible breakfast can become one of these one another's maybe you invite two or three friends from church or from your neighborhood and you say let's do Bible and breakfast together. It's truly so much can happen from just such a simple practice of reading Scripture and community. This reminds me of an article or address recently about Harvard University was written by a student in the whole thing was loneliness and how lonely freshmen are Harvard University usually come from all over the country where robbers freshmen but don't know anyone there highly driven further into their studies and yet in two or three weeks there lonely because there's no community built into the church. On the other hand certainly has the potential of being community sometimes were not as you decide some blood reduce walking and we see we listen, we sing the songs and we go walk out and but most churches provide smaller groups in a world where there can be community and there can be sharing so reading the Scriptures and sharing with each other and praying with each other think is a huge part of the Christian walk.

It's the ultimate answer to loneliness because were members of the flame. But you know the church should be a sense of this is our family. So, really, really like them.

Since you're working all along those lines, I appreciate that day and I think it's really that is the answer to loneliness that's found in the body of Christ, and were not to conform to the pattern of this world.

I think technology is great I had for the platforms that we have through the Internet to reach people around the world and yet we ought not to conform to the patterns of isolation that can happen behind a screen as a body of Christ we are the ones to step out from behind the screen behind the phone and to reach out and in person on person life face-to-face time and are so many beautiful ways that I can happen but I think the answer to loneliness is found in the body of Christ, functioning as a family just like you mentioned even around something as simple as reading the Bible while you breakfast. You really believe that this book is going to be a help to a lot of people in developing spiritual habit in their lives, with his tremendous impact on the rest of life.

What code of all the resources you have for listeners who want to learn more words are turned upon you the resources you think he is not sure offering that that website is Bible and to make it easy and like I mentioned their settee day sampler where you can get started right away right now. Also, worship playlist I put together some my favorite songs that lead me in the spirit of worship.

Maybe when I don't have time to sit down with the Bible and still focus my heart on the Lord there's a 31 day reading plan. There are lock screens for your phone so many times I think. I don't have time for reading the Bible, which really I just pick up my phone and that sucks all of my time putting this lock screen on my phone reminds me that the one right now I'm holding my hand.

It says in the morning when I rise give me Jesus for this distraction. With that custom lock helps me redirect my attention to Jesus. So those are available on the website as well. And then, like a said text what breakfast you 33777 Hopley to deliver those to your phone right now you know when you talked earlier about reading the whole Bible through the year.

My mother was in her 90s and the pastor chose to read the whole Bible through the year. She finished by April 15 said well you must read further. She said will I want to get through before came time to plan to put my garden That first read about sale said this because when Carissa my firstborn has brainy baby I'm a friend of mine online challenged us to do a four month Bible read through and I thought there's no way I continue this newborn occurred to me why not listen to the Bible instead of any ideas how many hours I was up during the night my baby and rocking. I mean I flew through Leviticus and Deuteronomy and can know what month it was months I listened to the entire wall was my first time. Listen instead of reading helps me understand Scripture creative fun ways to do that for sure zero Scripture records our lifeline. Well, thanks for being with us today and thanks for providing these resources for our listeners about God remind all of us, but the heart of life is our relationship with God. Everything else was going to ring with. Thank you so much for having me and you guys are in Ohio maneuverability Bible breakfast these pictures in this book both Recipes and breakfast you'll see the resource Bible breakfast. 31. Mornings with Jesus, your bodies and souls together, but she read five love sexual what can we learn from the song of Solomon about God is that important discussion week.

Thanks to our production team with Janice Todd radio Cleveland Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman's production radio with publisher ministry in the Bible. Thanks for listening

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