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Pastor Stacey Jones Interview Author of (i) Pastor Hip-Hop

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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August 25, 2020 10:53 am

Pastor Stacey Jones Interview Author of (i) Pastor Hip-Hop

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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August 25, 2020 10:53 am

Minister Cannady

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I will widely pay that we getting rebroadcast for you today. Have a friend to be in the house passed the Stacy Jones who he started the hip-hop church back in early 2000 just released the book, I passed the hip-hop of information is in this book is something that every pastor every individual shows how to reach the young and how to minister where they are welcome to bridging the gap as we do here this is like a fishing show. No, Jesus said that, follow me and I'll make you fishers of men.

Amen. So we are following his plan a minute.

We are fishing for the souls of man amen. The Bible says that one planet, one water with. But God gives the increase and we are all nothing but planners and waters. Amen. But you know how elected I like to get into that good gospel music right off the back writing music and all the approaching, you know, and I encourage you to listen to my brother Duane Kennedy on his program bridging the gap on the light radio and we say show show say show my hand ready set go with shine bright like mine, coming down around is not say no showing say no show no showing say no show and now showing show show show the knee say this is no I in and in the main thought about Christ you know and be in the house today that brother get some knowledge and some wisdom.

He's been involved in ministry. While I would say hip-hop ministry. You know he's used to be a gospel rep. I'm not sure what is going on that he's going to fill us in on a lot of things but his book Nobel books that are written some books are just good read to some awesome encourage in this book, I passed the hip-hop is like a manual. You know it's it's it's given us the do's and don'ts in the ups and downs and and and given you a better understanding on how to talk to the streets because this became a Christian means they don't understand what we talked about. They don't have a clue so we have to get into a place we can relate and be relatable so they can understand and that's what this was all about.

Because my goal and my purpose is to try to bring others to this salvation experience. Amen.

Because it's out there for everybody.

The Bible says that he got for the world, but we know that the world I say so this something in between him Diane for the world and the world getting see you know what that's us, but I'm get to little bit music thought that the Lord put in my heart couple of days ago, shared with some people's bubbles and all that stuff but shared with you. I want to get it done because I want I will pass the Stacy to have his this is for rights we can share a lot of his insights on his upbringing and and how this book came to be reproduced. Amen. My home is Jimmy's education and in intro look them up. Amen on the book, amen.

But I do not must. Give a day fiction is a lot of concepts out. That's not Christian concepts but we relate them to the Bible and do not just want to drop drop submenu spirit right quick getting ready to talk to my man Pastor Stacy Jones, the book of pastor I pastor hip-hop that's awesome was awesome title with that, like a citizen manual, but it's time for us to stop having a lot I should say we need to start having conversations with God instead of speaking to him in passing. Notice a lot of people did you wake up city hallelujahs that you know but you're not really having a conversation there too many believers that don't share the same values as Christ the same attributes the same passions. This Christ we don't share no one to say when Jesus wept.

The condition of the man of mankind, and he was so sorrowful for the main at an end.

It's getting worse out here so you know he had compassion for the people you want everybody to begin this and this saved lifestyle. Amen. And NSS, where I'm going and we all heard that saying you know it's not about works.

We all heard that you know it's not about works. If it's not about works is about relationship. Why come the bus that bubble because it is about works. It is about works is it always has been about works for God so loved the world that he gave of himself. He did work. Amen. Didn't just think it did you know so that's what I want to come to get into because I had so many people saying that using a concept as a as a means of not getting busy for the Lord one or not. Not being active representative of Christ. Amen.

Because the Bible says that we are we, his ambassadors we supposed to be one. They first seek not mine share this with you that works. Don't get you to heaven works do not get you to heaven. But when you get to heaven you will be judged for your works. Amen. You will be just want to go to be going to sit in the bema seat. This is the this is the judgment seat before Christ Jesus, and we're going to have to give an account of what we did here on the earth. He's going to judge us for what we paid here on the phone ring and elicit best, because when implants of musical commercials on that.

That is, the principal will not say, by works, but works on mandatory we need to get busy in the name of the Lord, but the reality of it is, you can't be a Sunday thing professing the gospel.

Now you the Bible says that you want to get your reward rather good or evil and and also he's gonna going to judge the spirit that you did it in the work that you did for him is going to judge that spirit that you did it. Example Out loud about us. We love you guys, but dosha Russia when he put me on the schedule for next week. I did this Sunday and you don't have that going do the work he's going to judge that spirit. It is about works. People and that's what I want you to get the understanding that it's about works.

We have an assignment that now there's a difference between doing the will of God and being in the will of God. Scott has some things that he has appointed to individuals, but then we have corporate things that we must do always tell people your mission field is as far as your eyes can see. So every time you open up your eyes wherever you are you and you see that is your mission field that's your mission field you have to go all way over overseas missions and that's a good work will not send what I'm saying to you is that as far as your eyes can see that is your mission. Amen. Second Corinthians, for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done rather good or bad.

Now this is good or bad, but the bema seat that is strictly for the site. This this is not this is not judging the world.

The bema seat is for the saints and report on their good or bad song & getting the right spirit, what you doing when you do what you do. It's it is about works is always been about works and that's what I want you to understand what get to the book of James because the book of James Connick.

It clarifies a lot of things, the just shall live by faith. Amen. Scripture says the just shall live by faith.

But there is another component to that as well. James two and it says that what it says faith without works is dead. We know that faith without works is dead, so you can have faith.

But if you're not walking in what you believe you better idea, but example, the church teaches believing believe in God, and you shall be saved Scripture to this more to it than that.

In fact, belief when you believe in something you behave according to what you believe see. So if you say that you believe some but you're not behaving according to what you believe and I'm not talking about a partial moment, but if you say you believe in you behave according to what you believe in which you see the evidence of what you believe because of how you are behaving consistently. Amen. In James 224 to speak with this essay is we are justified to keep in mind, faith, faith, believe in a God but the Bible in James Stewart says we are just five by works and not by faith alone. See someone get that out your spirit. It is about works is that it is about getting out and being active.

It is about going out there and doing something in the name of the Lord, the Scripture says whatever you do, do it in the name of the Lord business whatever what whatever you are involved in doing in the name of the Lord and give him and what you doing so and it's all about so people can see the good works and glorify the father Scripture giving we need to get into that Internet phone because it is about works Sunday saints is that it should be an inactive thing, especially now. Did not close the doors of the church and I actually did that to him. He got is out them for walls and got us into the streets.

So now it's time for us to get busy in the streets's time for us to do some things in the name of the Lord in the street you know the book of acts when they came together.

The early church when it came together they came together to give an account of what God was doing in their lives in the streets. They came to give an account became the praise the Lord.

They came to give an offering became support the church but they came to give an account of what God was doing in the streets how to so save and how people were being blasted and what the Lord was born in and end with what was the next was the next point of entry were going now, but James pretty much covers it says we are justified by works and not by faith alone because of God you thought about it.

He didn't do anything, did nothing would have been done. It's about works to get that in your spirit.

It is about works. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might do it in the name of the Lord God can be glorified the way of the Lord is perfect, we need we need to say I won't give up. I won't give in our continually to work. See sometimes what happens is that we get bombarded with a lot of things and we we don't stay focused on what was supposed to be born in that. Keep in mind the corporate mission is always to share the gospel. That's our corporate mission to share the gospel of Christ, just by staying in that lane right there you accomplishing what you will post to be doing sharing the gospel of Christ. This was about, because we can't save anybody by giving them the gospel, one planning and one watering and let God give the increase would normally we suppose the townspeople we will try to do with the Holy Ghost is nor does. We want to push somebody to be saved. No, just given the word Jesus is Lord, you just given the word is here for you is given the word and to demonstrate the word and by you doing that. That's how you get is got some work because of the Bible says that one plaintiff and one water but got just the increase in when I given got anything. I will not planning anything. When I given got anything to work with.

We are planters and we are the warmers so we plant and we water and God gives the increase in the thing about that method. We never know when we're planning and when we watering.

That's why we always have to continue to plant and water plant and more general word show some love continue onto the next mission field tested the mission field is as far as your eyes can see a lot of people set on what I gotta go here to evangelize. No, as far as you can see when you are next-door at the carwash when you are out and about special mission field did that in your spirit, because the thing about this is the Lord is soon coming soon to come. But guess what, we close it and then it was so here soon become so so the put option make this we need to get busy in the work of the Lord and that's that's what my heart is that because I love to see people coming into Christ.

I should be a church is to be a people watcher, not a people watcher essay and what they get on the ice to be a people watcher seeing how the sprit of the Lord was fallen on and I'll be sitting in my my chair plan for you don't get this word and then get this and I'll be I be looking for that because I know God is able to do it all, see so and when that spray fell because a fellow me when that spring falls on on them. I'm rejoicing with them.


Some people have situations in their lives that can only by you sharing the gospel to put us in certain situations and you keep us there until we get our lives right so that we can share the gospel. Several Philadelphia so people of Philadelphia similar to some of the people to hang out with Nick see the difference. I slid in St. Louis for some years when I went back to visit that they see the difference. They know who I was then, and they know who I am now see so my life is a testimony to a lot of people. I lived in Minnesota for many years now. The people in Minnesota they know who I you are your life's work.

So when you get to heaven, you are your life's work. You want your life's work. That's what we going to be at the bema seat. The judgment seat of Christ. He's going to court and show us our life's work. What did we do while we were in the body. What did we do not just have faith in you, guide to the Bible says that that the data series have faith and they know this was not just about the belief but because you have the belief now it brings on behavior, belief brings on behavior so you are your life's work.

You are not what you are right now you are not you are not completed, whether good or bad.

So at the end of this recording, you are what you ended up the book of Revelation says this last book is this evil, evil still. He that is holy be holy still, he that is claim between still, he still gets deep in other words, how you die is how you going to rise so you are your life's work. The bema seat for yourself. The bema seat is for the saints is not for anybody else and funny thing about that.

Also, in book of Revelation is said to some people's works are going to be burnt up.

This is some serious stuff see.

So what I'm saying. It is about works is definitely about works is definitely about what you do is definitely about that and then it's also about the spirit that you did it in the spirit that you are operating in such want to get that into your spirit we going to get get to my man be on phone little bit comical to know the sound but will be right back after this break, but you don't listen. It is about works so don't let nobody tell you that it's not. It is about works. James. James 224 and I'm say that again we are justified by works and not by faith alone, see so what you believe. Also should follow your behavior so remember you are your life's work.

Some people you know the Bible says that when we had people say don't judge me. Don't just make the Scripture points out that the save man judges everything you need to read that again. The Christian man judges all things, but is not a judge to condemn the judge to restore so as as a saint with judges we judge everything that's Bible, but we don't judge to condemn, we judge to restore we just to see and we just to help. We judge the need of the individual is in the book of James readme James to that whole chapters is pretty much about what we talking about right now faith without works is dead.

Did faith with works that affect James going to say show you my faith, works that's in as well.

He said I'll show you my faith through my works by my works.

Another was you see what I'm going to see because of my works, you see that I have faith in God. Amen to be] God is awesome. I just wanted must pray for some time now and I just wanted to share that we go be back on the line with my mad Stacy and a few amen we go one way and attainment a long way for us to see me.

You will not know where yet something came to a highway highway get a headache might take me a straight line.

So get your bag last last can crash in UK WWII 42 seating 3273.8 man Jones on the line.

How you said man I'm less than blessed. I just going through your book and am still in the listeners earlier.

This is not just is not just a book is not just a good read it.

It is that but it's not just that it's it's more of a manual and that's why see this book as I see it as a as a manual on how to love a link to the hip-hop culture and and what to do to get a better understanding, you know, not getting get understanding right so little bit about the book men. This is this is so awesome is awesome, book man and I just appreciate you doing social give us a house that I read all but give us an understanding of why you felt this was necessary. Working for long time, but away looking and down Bible book was one reason why you teach the church instruct the church on how engaged hip-hop culture biblically without exploiting the culture but also without the church compromise and because you know is important that people can know that they can engage culture will stay true to their value system and come, think the church is great time to engage people that don't look like them because they're afraid that you know becoming what we can to worldly or we lose who we are. Lose who you are to engage people within the subculture that they're involved know that was one of the main reasons why I woke a book which is so people wouldn't understand the culture biblically know how to engage subculture without exploiting it, and also without My lot in this book so and I just noticed you been around for years so I can see the work but I was reading your introduction.

Where was that because he has his hands, the name of the book as I passed the hip-hop subtitle will be bridging the gap between hip-hop and the Christian faith community.

But what I what stood out to me that the little guy in there and and I love I love how you said that that represent every everything in this book is a cast some kind of a meaning to it.

But you explain it that the little I is you just saying this is my small contribution is 11 man so so what is the hip-hop what is hip-hop church were hip-hop church and agree that no about providing for men and women, Christian and non-Christian who are seeking to know more about bothered doing that.

To get experience would talk more from the liturgical worship experience in worship experience that have the element of hip-hop involved, which you know you know what you already know, but you're the DJ breakdance or which we called to be boy to be girl graffiti artist/writer in MC/no wrapper foundation called knowledge, but the ultimate goal is to provide a space to the minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But you know space aside for men and women who are immersed in hip-hop culture. The purpose and significance behind the title but the foundation of the Lord Our conviction. You know so I do. I share that with people to know that at the core. The Bible, the canon of Scripture books Matt that we would have no other way.

Yes, how shall temple actually engulfed in doing gospel rapid assessment well even rent it was it was.

I remember this with member when I was in the St. Louis and Mama resume my cousin and was no hip-hop recording on is that I that I have ever heard.

Ever. This was like 8485 you know my cousin was sitting in the car and we smoke on someone things and and passed it to warm and I said to myself to him and understand myself when it came from but I like to do a gospel hip-hop church so I don't know where that came out a memo because it was but we started practicing said man I don't know, today I don't know where come from, but now I understand. You know, because when I moved to Minnesota. This was probably about six, seven years later I moved to Minnesota and I was with a pastor friend of mine want to pass at the time was but I was with the pastor Tyrone Maxwell and we walked until he had to do something on something and we walked into one of his buddies recording studio and when I walked in there if felt the spirit follow me and he said do you remember when you said you wanted to do a wrap for me. I cannot incline.

They couldn't understand I couldn't explain it, man. I was amazed.

I couldn't believe it, man.

But see, so I value your expertise but I see that you have a scripture in here and this was the Scripture that God told me that it was okay to do gospel rep and asked the Scripture first is 919 to 23 that that was the meat of everything. Why did it while I stepped out and did why believe because I was saved at the top while believe that this was of God.

You know well while while the unique thing about the culture so God has a unique way of bringing people to himself and I think him time we struggle with that because you know a lot of that comes from heavy church culture. We like the thought of people coming in whereas no music in the art has a way of going out and reaching people from different life different cultural background like were hip-hop as a way to speak to this generation and and and ways of having people you identify with what's going on because the struggle like you know so that's just a unique about subculture in it of itself get into the neglect part of the two, but when I start seeing people that hip-hop culture and I recall when I was growing up I seen some crazy friends and their people reckless is my Caucasian friends I get some I have some Caucasian friends. I may need these brothers and they're just like the normal brother out there, but and people. People say stuff like they just try to be back.

Culture all the know and the funny thing about that thing that one. When I came to Minnesota and are full, like the way it was. Even though pride. Being a multi-cultural multi-ethnic state and they pride and self talk that distillate high level practice segregation not Colbert but over me not overtly covert and they're not aware of a lot of them are not aware of the practices. However, you want to eat kosher group in Philly from Connecticut County area.

You know you see you see special like you see the fact that people have no choice but to intermingle with each other and then I got like I grew up around black Puerto Rican and then come my wife in the neighborhood and that's text-only like all the audit all illegal drug you hear you say that Mike not can't so so that's that's awesome to see because you say stuff like church close the doors on a lot of the hip-hop.

I remember we used to go out witnessing with that with couple groups of churches and maybe at this we can a Christian knees and in the world don't understand, they can relate to that I how well you know but but you have to come to where they can understand. That's why the Scripture in Corinthians that mean so, so much to me ASAP become all things to all men by all means save some. When I went to the Jew.

I became a Jew. He was relatable and I think that's what you to accomplish with this book for some people this is, this book is a manual it's not just a good read which it is but it's a manual if it addresses things that you need to know on how to reach the hip-hop culture because we call it the world but not of us call it the world but that's that's a culture in itself. You know methodology the history behind it in the terminology, all of that is his is the culture people just the right part of an image is so much more money because people don't really know and then come, question people understand of the Scripture help because you never know Jesus said in the great commission go make disciples of all men and like disciples of all nations.

Me and the word nation record effluents, which basically means in so many words, different tribes, different cultures, different people groups are different people that share the same interest you know and that interest me different subcultures, we limit the word nation to just different countries and geographical location, but in when you really studied that word actually means go and make disciples of people from different subcultures, different villages and when you study hip-hop and you have a full understanding of hip-hop you realize that it subculture.

Jesus wanted us to step inside these different subcultures and let his message be known that he thinks he delivers. He transforms any set free, but sometime like I said we used to people coming to us, to our subculture.

Jesus said no step into the subcultures and make disciples. So there's work and that because we do that got me disciples me, you have to build relationships in the long haul. The goal is not just to get someone gets even start coming to church, but no week. Paul said that he labored to Christ formed in people. So the goalie you know why work.

You know, seeking, and designed few people know the gospel.

We also have to labored to receive fruit manifest in her life.

You know like you talked about earlier. Just about the work manages its kingdom. Labor know, but we haven't we have the job of doing and we don't reach out to people different subcultures when filling the great commission. Hey that's good stuff like this because that is exactly what Paul said, you know he didn't just come in and the church. The early church.

Watson said early church. But the church in my agent from the 80s.

Throughout the 90s show right on just didn't say say say don't words generally did say you know how to write so much more to that.

That's why I love Bishop, Bishop Howe had a studying Greek, Hebrew over the board book of revelations because it wasn't just about come in and get saved or was coming in.

And like you said forming Christ in you all go to break we going be right back I see a call coming in. Hold on can call back will go to break would be right back with the man a pass to Stacy Joe statement Dr. Tony Evans has a high gene to not only help you stay healthy physically but spiritually, especially visa range.

New days have you stressed out about it today. As we spent two minutes with Tony seconds secret washing with soap and Washington have a competent day where you were about the virus told me would be anxious for nothing, so right now I'm not worried. I know this is a problem out-of-control, but you're not out-of-control you're my daddy wash my hands. We send you kids washing hands for practicing his great-aunt.

Philippians 4 says when you attempted to be anxious that the patient to pray for you always, always bold to pray because it always should be connected when you tap it to be wary if you were going to wash her hands all day long. Talk to you daddy all day long and get your focus on God who is able to calm your fears.

Don't misunderstand me. Corona you want to be concerned about. We are to follow the directions that were given by all government by our leaders being still be able to sleep at night to laugh love you love ones you don't live in panic when you have a heavenly father. Problem is with the world today that is forgotten.

God essentially makes the lens of God's kingdom agenda. More help doing that request 20 CD series clarity crisis available online 2006. Time to move off of II passed the hip-hop and man. You know what you get information on a phone call and they wanted your information on how to get into it get get your book so if you give out your mission and then you know what questions but I want you to just kind of give us insight of your book, but did give out that information for them. My way to reach me.

My website is PCB Joe PAC EY B. so I want to save you PAC why you don't thoughts, but money PAC EY 12 B of the boy in Jones will probably bring together lowercase state to be and you get a website and talk about the promo video about my booking apartments insignificant my writing a book. So yeah you can reach me at that and let's do it now. You know you know I let you know if this date seems a safe level when a plan comes together.

See because before you have confirmed with me that she was going to be on the air with me. I had this in my spirit about about working the work of the Lord, you know, because a lot of people. They think that they don't have to work. They think that just believing but you know this to some work to come with that see so that I had that in my spirit before you have confirmed on being on the broadcast and I was just like man. It worked out perfectly because the test was about man's about putting a network mess up.

I want to thank you and commend you for writing the book for putting the time to write this book because this is something that anybody that's interventionist for anybody that is not afraid of sharing the gospel.

They need this because it's it's it's it's a manual on how to understand and how to relate and how to get that message across social like this man is a lot in here you know I'm on the way to get to the chapter that I am because the debates within the organization as well. Want to get to because you wrap is knowledge but it was inside of your book manner and why is it needed wise. why do you feel like people need to read this book, but i think you know i think you read a book you know not just hurtful but i also say just people in general. those who aspired to be hip-hop artists. they need to know. you know, just come to the dynamic of the industry as well because you know remember i talk about that as well just kinda like how the industry can light manipulate people and pull the main like special young people and what i find so interesting is that there's a lot of young people that want to get involved in hip-hop but they don't have a basic understanding of the culture itself. for instance, my, my wife, my son and i you know my life.

she runs a label marked and we were part of this is, it can't, and some of the top young people that work towards the award ceremony was over. what i do that you will find me would hip-hop between hip-hop and can tell and i was, like brought me back a little bit.

i just a while so you don't know the difference between hip-hop and rap so you want to be involved in hip-hop culture. if you don't know the difference. if you understand the history you know you have rich execs that can take advantage of you, you know.

furthermore, dr. miles monroe rest impressed with the lord. but he said something that struck me years ago. you understand the purpose of a thing you will is is is it that just doesn't only stand for relationship, but also stand for subcultures also stands for, you know, the educational system you know when people don't understand the original intent of something some or someone the likelihood of neglecting it or abusing it high, high so so that was good, like some of the reasons why i wrote that is just to provide a foundational aspect and how to engage as an artist. what what to watch out for. as an artist you know what i need to know what is the basic principle the need to know about the culture you know it's another thing when someone outside. i like tell you about your own culture before you know so you quit. no young people find out more and then they see that there is a richness behind the culture know because there was a lot of positive aspects behind the culture.

it just didn't start off by just gangsta rap people define hip-hop based on gangsta rap and also the explicit wrapper so much more to the culture needs a richness in every element of hip-hop pioneers in every element of hip-hop, but people don't know that your interpretation including church people of hip-hop is basically what they see on mtv or what they see on you know, social media, that's your understanding of hip-hop define hip-hop and i'm i tell people that is not hip-hop that's commercial rat knowing that there's a difference between commercial rat and in foundational hip-hop, you know, so i am telling believers in christ jesus want to reach this generation. let's have a full understanding of hip-hop and then we can convey the gospel message of jesus christ because we won't be abusing the culture using it as a healthy platform to convey the message of hope. See You When I See You Got Some Answers in Here about KRS One Love Carrots When I Remember Now but They Wrote in the Same Circle That I Was in, but yet Man and Says with Him and He Said He Made a Powerful Statement and I Use That I Use It A Lot. He Said If Hip-Hop If Hip-Hop Has the Power to Destroy Kids Lives and Minds and It Also Has the Power to Restore and Night, and That's Something That I Five.

I Follow Suit with Because You Know That's Why I Love the One I Love You, Hip-Hop Baby, but That's Why I Think That the Gospel Lyrics Is Just so Powerful on This Type of Foundational Man.

I Mean Connect Young People to Grab Their Attention and Connect Them with so All Powerful, All-Knowing God Is Amazing and No That You Have It You Have Your Attention. Like for Instance the Court Whose Credit for.

In Some Aspect of Being the Father He Said That It Can't Do Away with the Escape Approach by Saying That Entertainment Is the Parents Responsibility Single Cut That You Have Much to My Daughter's Here.

You Know Be Something Positive with That and Just Imagine If A Lot Of These Artists.

A Lot Of These Commercial Rap Artist Was Really Grab Hold the Power of God and Made Imagine How It Would Really Shake up Our Society Because It's across Every Economic Every Financial Every Racial.

Every Social. You Know May Become Hip-Hop Not Been Able to Travel Different Parts of World Hip-Hop Know so You Imagine If JP or Any of These Brothers May Mandate Got Filled with the Holy Ghost. Just Imagine What Can Happen. Just Imagine No so I'm Praying I Pray My God Just Allow Me to Connect One Using the Gospel to Change Because I Was Pressed Kindly Sum up My Prayer Direction Change Was That I Let It Was like Okay but I'm with You, but Did You Know Because of Change, like Lord Give Him Strength Didn't Help and Guidance You but You Know That's That's What They Needed and I Believe That There Is an Estimate of What We Talked about Works Today Because There's so Many Christians Believers That Don't Don't They Don't Share the Same Values As Christ They Don't Share the Same Passion for Christ You Know and and and One Thing Pat Christ Had a Passion for the People Christ Was Was Born Just like Us, Just like Us. He Was Just like Us and He Had a Passion for the People and That's Why I'm like Man You Wanted Be Being a Place Where I Can Touch the Hearts and Souls so so Yeah Man We Got We Got Work to Do My but Man I Appreciate Entirely.

Manfred's Book Man Because I'm Going to Take Some Things out so You Listen to the Radio Broadcasting in the Future You Might His Stuff, This Is a Wealth of Information.

It Yeah Yeah You Did Because I Came Left Metropolitan Area Well Born and Raised. I'm Left It in 96 to College I Came in I Was Really Trying to Get Involved in a Man I Met You and You Love at the Time You Retire, but What You Now Know, but Just to See the Work the Ground with You.

Just Try to Provide Opportunities You about A Lot Of Artist You Know What You Show the Groundwork You Did You Do A Lot Of Groundwork and That Need to Be Technology Celebrated Man You Left You Left Minnesota. There Was a Whole Huge Hole and and Especially in That Area You Known and What We Try to Do It. It Didn't. It Wasn't until the Whole, but It Allowed Us to Do Something, but They Kept Going and Also You Wanted 01 Holy Ghost OG Triple G's Help A Lot Of People That Need to Be Technology Celebrated 60 Vocalizer Appreciate That Man.

We Did A Lot Of Work Man and I Remember Having an Awesome Contract Man Used To Do the. The after Midnight at Valley Physic Valley Fair Is That It Was It Was That Was the Part Was Amusement Park. Now You Want Okay Yeah Well I Can Always Do All the Stuff Man.

But It Was a Blessed Man Because I Get to a Place Where I Want to Wrap No More. Now I Was Just Not Just Was like Put Other People up on Stage You Know) Empower Yeah Now Must Save the Sounds the Day on, but the Leader Leader Is All about Empowering Leaders Not so.

But That's What I Remember You Doing in My Guild Feeding You, but I Remember What You Are Promoting Things, You Know, Working with Clubs Just Really Try to Get the Gospel Message out to Help A Lot Of Men and Women, Young Men, Young Women Made A Lot Of Groundwork so You Know I'm Doing Now but It May Not Use Too Much on the but I Gotta Share the Wealth I Got a Sugar Knowledge of Metals Significance behind This Book.

It Sounds like Ass Your Wife Your Wife Get a Nice Cut out the Yeah Man You Know and Then the Book Says. I Pass the Hip-Hop but You Pass in the Hip-Hop with the Whole Whole Families and Do Anything That's Just Awesome God Is Great, but We Do Have To Go to Break Would Be Right Back with, but Pastor Stacy Jones in the Minute They Minnesota, Thinking Name of Jesus the Lord in Agreement with an Agreement with Thinking Right Now, Lord Way How Unique You.

I Passed Hip-Hop How You Soon. Alright Man You Are You Such a Blessed Man and I When I Want to Get into the Neglect Because You Know I Believe That Lot When I Seen in My in My Christendom Walk Is That You Get to a Place with the Church Neglected the Streets and You Know I Just Want to Touch Bases on That a Little Bit, but Share with You That the Insert in Your Book about the Neglect. Neglect Torque Leaders Then Stated All That the Church Has Always Trouble with Excepting Approaches As Far As Methodology Is Concerned, like We Get Complacent When It Comes to Seeing New Ideas Thing Is the Method Will Always Fall Message Will Not Just Say That As As a Foundational Piece You Want to Say That the Approach May Change the Style May Change the Message That Jesus Christ Is the Messiah.

You Know That Jesus Christ Is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus Is the Christ.

The Word of God.

Is What We Stand on That Will Never Change. You Know It's Just Time, Times, Changes in Exchange Culture Change around We Have To Be Willing to Engage Culture to Understand Where People Are at in Order Gospel to Be Relevant. I Want to Say That Piece That Pertains to the Neglect of the Church in Some Aspect, to Say All but the Church Sometimes Tend to Struggle with New Ways of How People Want to Convey the Gospel Message of Christ Because of Our Program Liturgy, You Know.

Furthermore, the Young Person May Have Just a Different View on How They View the World Because of Their Personal Filters That We All Have so Those Some Dynamics That Deters Tend to Struggle with When I Look at My Own Personal Life I Was Taught Save Man Was Young I Was Born 70 Feet No Agent to Extort All Seven Something like That but You Don't Go to High School Years in Order like around 91 like to Hip-Hop Hip-Hop You Can You Can Think of to Get It out First and Hip-Hop Culture That I Was Told I Could Do Both and I at a Long Time Ago. In the Early 80s God Cannot Break It You Know We Would Laugh and You Just Talk like Breaking, but What Happened Was 91.

I Literally Wanted Jesus so Bad I Literally Took a Break from from from from from Hip-Hop Any Way That Kind of Conveys Messages Not Just Secular Hip-Hop Breaks from Light Different Sounds and the Commission after While Becoming Critical Back like the Wind Commission and Not at Because I Was Told That It Was Just This Weight Is Way Have To Be Prepared to Tell the Real I Can Grow You Chicken. You Can Try This Chicken and All the Good Leg and You Are Part of the Leg Great One Leg All Think Checking You Know What the Thing Was, I Was Told That You Have To Prepare the Entire Chicken. One Way and I Took a Break from about the Key about Three or Four Years and and I Kid You Not Man It Was It Was It Was Hard at First but I Want to Achieve Candy. I Wanted Jesus so They Were Told, and in Looking Back You. I'm Glad I Am Glad I Kinda Did Because What I Study Research.

Our Research and I Grow My Faith with the Lord to Some Degree, but Then When I Know I Moved Out Of My Own. I Moved to Another State and II Reengage with the Culture You Know, I Realize That God Will Use Me Culture and I Had a Point of Reference to Go Back to Know so It Was, but More Excited Give Me A Lot Of Pushback and Unfortunately the Church Was Some of the Main. The Very First Song I Done.

I Was so Happy You like. Thank You Lord That the Song Was and Was Called Jesus Is the Way Some Common Jesus That I Had Mixed in There and All That Was Prescription Prescription and I Let My Spirit. You Got Mama Here That and She Said That Something Was Crushed. But You Know What This Is Where the Teachings of Miles Monroe Came in It Because She Said That I Was Crushed and I Walked Away like I Wonder How Many People Dreams God Given Directions with What Destroyed for People like That. It Ended up. Remember Basel Mouse Mouse Said Graveyard Is Filled with Books That Should Been Written Songs That Should've Been Song and I Was.

I Refuse to Give up No Matter Good Thing I Was under the Bishop How Bishop How Encouraged He Encouraged Us to Get out There.

You Know, While Yeah What Yeah Yeah and Amazing Amazing Man and What What a Blessing.

What a Gift Could Be Even Encouraged Me to What I Was Actually Passing Church You like to Listen.

Keep Pushing Keep Pushing the Middle New Member Member, the Windings Came out When Commission Came out Perfectly Came out People Taking Issue with Taking Issue with That Soil, Especially in America. It Seemed like We Developed Some Level of All We Did Monopoly My Meaning That We like to Know Only Way We Have We Have the Range on How Things Need to Be Done and Basically Chapter 2 Talk about How We Were Always Two Steps behind, Because the Thing about Hip-Hop Think about Some Time with with with with Corporate America.

It Is Kind of Crazy How Corporate America Knows If They Want to Sell a Product They Even Though People May Not Be Hip-Hop Used the Element of to Reach Someone I Never Forget When I Was like Nine Years Old I Heard a Lady. She Wrapped about Reynolds Wrap and Made It Was Crazy.

Sheila Whiteley, but Macy Bought It about Reynolds Wrap OIC People Wrap about. I've Seen People Wrap You Know You Industry the Tobacco Industry Promote You Know Your Product to Hip-Hop Culture Not at Anything like That Much of Why the Church Always to Three Steps behind When It Comes to That Kind of Stuff Because I Think More Afraid That We Might Look to Worldly.

But the Thing Is That I Don't Think We Can Use That As a Crutch Anymore Because He Had Made and When That like Yourself like Me like Even Young People That Know the Culture That Can Educate Them but Will They Provide a Platform for People to Share You Know Why Couldn't People, but You Know That a Couple Workshops to Break down, You Know, Hip-Hop, and How God Can You Help Some of the People You Moan. I Said You Know What I'm Couple Workshops at All and This Is to Say We Don't Do It.

You Know That in My Spirit I Do Not Look so Much Ground and I Don't Take It As Something That Is Me Just Usually Breaking Ground and toward Some Soil over There but but You Know What What Happened and This Is What Happened to Me I Was Doing All the Stuff out in the Streets and Get on with Doing Huge Concerts. We Read about Midway Stadium 5000, and Attended 6000 in Attendance Probably Was Doing That Kind of Stuff and You Know What Happened I Get Stuck in the Church, but I Had a Street Ministry and Then I Get Stuck in the Church and Everything. Everything from That Point Was to Work at Home.

Go Church Go to Work with Hunter Doing Stuff but It Was at That Magnitude and the Four Walls Man but but One Is Radio Broadcast, Shut out the Stu Epperson Family and My Collarbone and All the Ones Here at the Radio Station Because This Opportunity. I Was on the Radio Monday and I Don't Know Will Be Coming Out Of My Mouth.

Sometimes Lodges Be Put Stuff in My Mouth but I Was on the Radio and I Said I'm a Distinctly Present Space. Yes, It Will Chew a Call from Is What You Were Called to Say That Would Force an End and That That Same Stuck with Me for about Stuck with Me Map for about a Week or so and I Was Just like Brad and I Did Not Want to Book of Revelation and the Lord Said, I You Are Doing Everything Great. He Said, but I Have One Thing against You, You Left Your First Love and My First Love Was the Streets Transferring the Gospel in Streets. Man, I Was Crushed. I Was Crushed. The Lord, Whatever You Have Me to Do. Just Show Me What to Do and I'm Going to Do It but He Took Me out so I Got Stuck in the Churchman.

I Couldn't Believe It.

Be What I Think about, like What Happened with the Church in the Book of Acts Where You Want to Be Empowered to Proclaim the Gospel in Judea Knowledge. Mary Wright and and What Happened Was Because of Persecution Because They Were Not Complacent, They Scattered All Parts Right and Think about When You Look at the Book of James. The Book of James. He Wrote That to the Scattered Church.

Now I'm Thinking about the Fact That It May Persecution. If This Prior under Their Feet. What Caused Them to Flee the Scene Made the Wonderful Book of James Would Not Have Been Written and That Was One of the Books and Scripture That Really Kept Me Going to Say and That Is 20 Minutes. Let Me Think about Working You Get, God Told Him at the Beginning Listen, You Know, Not yet Be in Dual Power from on High. I'm Going to My Spirit upon You Pictures Gospel and Shake up the Blown, You Know, but That Would Not Happen.

The State Where They Were Back in Place. Make This Happen and to Be Out Of, I Guarantee You Will Probably Call You Back to the Streets with Was with the Fact That God Put Caleb Go Proclaim Go Proclaim This and and A Lot Of Times Men That's What Happens When We Feel We Get Discontent and Are Complete Complacency That God Has a Way of Sometimes They Listen to Me Get up and Go Go to Stacy, since the Time for Me, Some Time Not Done Nothing.

I Want to Sit Back Once More Football Than Most Boys His Was My Reason Moving down and It Was a Couple Things That We Say It Is Time to Go, but That's Why Came down Here and I Got down Here and I Was Just Trouble When I Was Trouble on This like You Get up and Do Some Month End Enough, Passed down a Path That Curtis Friday Bespoke a Message, One That Time and the Message Was Get up off the Couch and Facebook Accounts Are Given Given the Props on That Man Get off My Couch Is What I'm Saying and to Do That in the Lord Said, Get up and Get Busy and I Found out That You Can Retire from A Lot Of Things but Ministry Is Not One of Know Know You. You Broke Your Promoted but May Never Retire from This Gospel You Never Type from the Gospel Know People Maybe a Afternoon. That May Change, but All You Can Be Poured into People Empowered People. Just Putting Some of the Kingdom Message Is Alive Alive As Always like You to Neglect Because Even Though I Don't Think the Chapter, but behind Because Early Inception Hip-Hop Was Just Some People within the Church That Took Issue with No so There Is Ongoing Issue, Knowing, and A Lot Of Times Because Their Program. There Is a Wide Appeal to the Grime Appealed to It and Struggle with like to Be Clean-Cut Me Quietly That's That's What I Say. The Perfect Mess Created the Perfect Mess and so Is about to Go to a Song and We Can Be Right Back with My Man past Stacy Jones, a Man in the Blessed Man Is Conversation Is Just One Right Where I Expected It to Go Live. I Will UK WWII 42 Seating like This Information Listen to Half past Thoughts of the Book I Am I Pastor Hip-Hop Being with Us Today Sharing a Great Wealth of Information and Great Understanding.

So I Would Appreciate You Being Here, Sir. Opportunity Men and No What I Want to Jump so Many Places to Go to.

I Want to Jump to the Last Chapter Note, I Just Wanted Get That Understanding If You Can Explain and I Read It, but If You Can Explain Some of the Some of the Things in the Last Chapter Is What What the Church What the Church Can Do Because Everything Goes Back to Christ and Everything Is You Don't Know What I Always Tell People on This Broadcast Passes Stacy Is That We Don't Some Winter Any Music to the Adversary When He Got Kicked Out Of Heaven. He Stole That Music so We Don't Tend Any Music to Him and We Fight against Him in the Sense Where He's Putting Some Terrible Lyrics on There and We're Putting God Inspired Word on the Music, Which Is What We Call Hip-Hop Gospel Hip-Hop Rap Have You Want. I Called Hope Music, but You Know When It Would Never Have Anybody Want to Put Put It Together but That's Kind of Where I'm at so so Where Does the Church Stand Now and What Can We Do in the Future to Embrace the Hip-Hop Culture Because like You Pointed out, It's Not Just the People I like That Is That You Know Is Acculturated within Itself Right Right and That That Probably Knew People You Live Right Now.

The Difference between Rat between You Probably like Is News to Them. So I Tell People to Do Is No Become a Student of It, You Know, Take Time to Study the Culture and I Talk More about That in the Book Is A Lot More Practical Engagement Steps. I'll Just Take Scripturally Foundational. He, You Know.

Acts Chapter 17 Gives a Great Example on How Paul When He Saw a Culture That He Wasn't Familiar with.

She Observed the Culture of the Observed a Culture Can Use It As a Platform As a Common Denominator Present the Gospel Message of Christ to Tell People You Know Observed the Culture Get to Know What the Culture Is about, but Don't Do It from Laying MTV or Audi to State BET or You Know It's Mainstream Stuff to Me.

That's One Way to Culture. Find out about the Positive Aspect of the Culture That's One Thing until the Church to Do Is to Get to Know the Kids in Your Church to Young People in Your Church of and Find out What Is a Christian Hip-Hop Artist in Your Community or in Somebody Else.

This Church or Christian Artist in Your City.

You Will Get to Know Some of Them to Come out to Lunch and Find out the Ministry Mission and Values and Then If You Have an Understanding Made Empowered in the Computer to Minister. No Ships with the Church. You Know There's There's Information like That All around You Know How People like Me like Even before Chapter 17 in Chapter 16 Chapter 17. Chapter 17 I Think around It. Chapter 17 Verse 1011 03 How to Brand Nobly Character Because They after Calling Them Basically Talk to Christ While They Search the Scriptures and Studied for Themselves. The Statement Develop a Marine Mentality That the Church to Overtake the Church to Do You Know Also on Playing with Artist Can Do You Know and to Artist to Do Artist Manager. Don't Think the Church Even Though the Church May Have Hurt You before the Church You Know Get to Know the People in Your Church, You Know, Your Relationships with A Lot Of the Older People Because Her Season. You Know All Time There Something Cooking Tradition That's Hurtful, but Everything a Tradition of All Traditions about Your Right Minute. All Tradition Is Not Bad and Get to Know Some of the Tradition. Some of the Rich Traditions within the Church.

Blessed about That You Know I'll Do Artist Clicking Something Accountable Relationship, You Know, Man Connect with People That Can Keep You Accountable for Some Time and Being a Christian Hip-Hop Artist Not Been near Being Single.

You Know I'm Traveling, You Know, It's like You Know Young Lady to Come up to Me up at the Concert. No, Always Thinking Me so Mad to Be Accountable below. A Lot Things That the Church That's the Way It Is Because We Embrace This Now, the Time When It Was More Or Less like You Know Movies Was Just of the Devil and All This Other Stuff Right so so Just Me Being Understanding.

I Went with That Flow, but Then on the Flip Side, I Was like White and Round. This Is This You Do Have To Watch I Gates Lack Tradition I Understand It, but Then You Know I Just Went to Another Level in the Sense Where You Know You Have To Guard Your Own Heart You Know Because You See All That Crap on TV Now You Can Watch a PG-13 Television Show without Some Estimates, so You Just Have To Engage That Man, but Somebody Else I Wanted Your Information so Make Sure We Get That out Again at the End but Mankind Is Just Awesome and I Really Appreciate Your Time in Here. This Book Is Rich and in That Essay's People Need to Get This Book Met My Pages but Right Now Because I Can Study and It and I Do Not. I Put Everything with Scripture.

That's One Thing I Do I Find I Put with Scripture and Is Really Meaningful What You Have in This Book.

My Brother, You Give Us Outline and Not Give Much Information Again. This Is Well Needed Information Right on My Website Which Is Taking the TAC EY Boy or You Can Email Me at Pastor so that all lowercase I Pastor so there are some of the ways you can reach out to me and I respond I respond right away. Question questions and whatever I'm willing to dialogue talk with people about our post ministry because you are some of the people in Turkey still struggling and that's okay that's okay.

Just know that not willing to dialogue talk at gushing all questions.

It's about making sure that the body Christ will click decide not to engage in.

I want to make sure I do what God wants required of me just to provide a cremation don't share with people how to how to connect what is a good point like this test. Stacy is the fact that everything for everybody and they need to understand that everything is not for everybody but now right the work of the Lord, the ministry of the Lord. That's for everybody see. So even though you might not even know someone may not agree with the methodology playfully calls and I think that's personally I think that's what I seen a lot of church members went opposite of that.

You know it was just as wrong as it is close but right instead of instead of playing for that somebody make it safe and on right right but I cannot hip-hop baby so I mean I know a couple couple of the goddesses and some casting great messages in it because I learned that you can preach Christ without preaching Christ you capricious methods.

You can preach is that you see standards and all that other stuff, and in return you are preaching Christ you know right and that's right because you know church folks go to the streets and I've been on a couple of witnessing teams and and I just see how they you know they they share the gospel with people. Of course we know the death, burial and resurrection is the ultimate understanding that they need to capture but is how you go to on and how you presented and right you know you have had yeah yeah yeah so and that's why matters like okay we we need to go this route to get these people just like you pointed out, they studied the culture studied the culture and II love that man.

You bring us some great tools in here so much information again and you know it was a great having you here were going to move on to some other things but I give information out again, and this is Pastor Stacy Jones, the author of I Pastor hip-hop and it's a great book get great information in here and I just I just love this. We gotta get some of the white guy do anything with your wife sometime soon because this is not a thing member that music I love that made on a pop Michigan whiteout normal TAC EY eat eat EY Stacy B. or you can reach me on my email at high Pastor I Pastor all case. We appreciate your time about much love and family happy contacting you real soon because I'm giving someone around again man stumbled around to some things that matter. So that's what is that you minute I pray that God will continue to bless the fruit of the laboring man and open up a lot of opportunities. Three 6360 SAPI talk to you soon. I will probably compete. That was not Pastor Stacy Jones, the author of I Pastor hip-hop. I spent some time with us today and I just appreciate him play song go to break, and we shall be right back and make a lot of people have an answer from numbing difficulties in difficult financial time of hoping to see you like this hoping you know what I am going to join me Saturday afternoons at 4 PM bridging the gap to bring you the hottest urban gospel music in the world in a whole church to the streets should join me minister Duane Kennedy for bridging the gap every Saturday at 4 PM 7 PM 1103.5 and 96.3. The life we have a problem you said what you want to share with us today.

Although you said what we appreciate you listening and there you know I will listen to like rational: I'm thinking going in my word, my words and gushing on the broadcast. You know us and we we don't turn over any music today adversary because you know you can create anything. He's not a create tour knowing when you get kicked out of heaven.

He stole that music so so so what we do, we just put some gospel lyrics on it because we try to first of all, we use the music as a as a bait and hook a man so once we get on captured them lyrics falling and you know that's that's what it's all about here bridging the gap we want want to see people change their lives and coming to the forefront of a Christ, a man so alone. Okay will bless us to you man blessed to see you.

You share the gospel and we appreciate you calling so you have a great day. Amen. Thanks, once let you get that on a playlist to be on for you so but with Collison all right all have a good one.

Amen. Amen. Thanks for listening to bridging the gap. A man is all about the sharing God's grace and mercy and his wisdom and knowledge and his statutes and his standards and everything about the person of Christ a man because he is our example a man so that's that's what is about here bridging the gap.

Everybody needs Christ.

Everybody needs to come at the forefront of who he is and what he's about and let himself which amen that's that's was about this.

I just love the Lord. Man I can I can talk about Christ all night long all day long. This my conversation hey but you know I always gotta play my man Reggie rock. This is one of his songs so check it out. I think you only thing know you really claiming he will name please please see laughed and played with."

me to be brutally honest monolith like you mean stronger, from which no prepare for trial, might think route model manages matter when you play me right know what you know you can follow bridging the gap social media outlets. follow us on facebook priesthood productions also on facebook where mr. kennedy minister_Bridging the way bridging the church with me know that you know that god going the same know he will work it out again today but the program hope you get a hold of up they see jones with that book, he has out i pastor hip-hop great men of god so blessed day. hope you have a wonderful day enjoying yourselves and always remember. remember that christ is the he amen and just putting in that fold, but i got some costly debate regarding the word i gave and thank you for receiving the ceiling that because that's what is about, you know, a lot of people say is not about works, but james two tells us that it is about works is always been about works, faith in god, faith by itself is dead works by itself is faith and works is alive. amen. you behave according to what you believe a man so what we just thank you for that. thank you for the opportunity. thank you for your cause of support in the acknowledgment that we just want you to be blessed to live up live a blessed life. amen. christ has so much force in this world and the stuff that we go through in this world don't even compare to the glory to come.

the bible says that we have to fight the good fight of faith.

so that's faith and works fight the good fight of faith. amen we have to fight this we have to put put a big step. you know we can't be passive christians remember our corporate goal is to share the gospel. that's a corporate goal is to share the gospel of christ with who so ever. amen. share the gospel of christ.

amen. it feels good to be nfo where you can help others to get into this salvation you can share that gospel. you know, like i always tell you guys listen, i'm a product of media. i'm a product of someone just saying hey you know what jesus loves you.

amen. so you can do the same thing you just share your share your truth. amen.

a rare breed sent me a song this morning and i want to play that played at mellow sound closing out a rare breed is winston-salem's own gospel referenda. he has a great ministry this going on to get him back on his broadcast soon. the brothers been doing so much since then was a time he was. he was released in the cdm music video so just appreciate the brothers that was something worth putting in some work.


don't minimize what you your capabilities because you never know who needs what you have and you never know with a yawning life suggest why you always have to share. you always have to look for opening to share christ. god is so good. if you believe that god is so good. if you believe that. but when you want to share.

he said he doesn't give you the spirit of prayer and he said that because he knows that a lot of us are scared to share the truth. a lot of us are bound by our own flesh and we are scared. we don't want to look funny.

we don't want people to laugh at us.

we don't want people to tears down because they don't believe what we believe what he said that's not on you. you just share it, you just share the gospel and let everything else fall in place. amen when you get to heaven. the bema seat that is christ judging the saints. amen.

keep that in mind, the bema seat judgment and you find that in second corinthians 5 and 10 and this is some serious stuff, but you find in second corinthians 510 and is called the judgment seat the bema seat of christ. he's going to just the saints, for good and bad. keep in mind so you gonna be doing some things that christ doesn't approve of. so you will be judged good and bad but hey you make it, but the bible says that your works may be burned up, so do you. works good amen complaint is that rare breed and i just want anybody to know and assign them a voice that jesus loves you. amen. and he's there for you.

you know and we can pray the prayer phrase for you. the guy wants to hear from you. he wants you to open up your mouth.

he wants you to say lord forgive me.

he wants you to say lord i believe in you.

he wants you to have that relationship with him.


hey, but it is rare breed and i would be back. remember that we had no reason we need. it was everything in place. at times it is reminiscent now as we stand. everything had it all figured out a way that is seemingly for staying out late with mistakes laying around in one moment we made it out, this man was in his hands, laying in our understanding. amen.

you know when you're married and we wake up early working table. as we gather around lessons and reminisce, it was in his mind doing this is pastor mike w. pol 18 king no shout say, named

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