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Active Faith

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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March 9, 2020 2:25 pm

Active Faith

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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March 9, 2020 2:25 pm

Fasheion, Ms. Fola, Minsister Cannady and our guest Pastor Joseph Pridgen plus some  Holy HipHop music

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Hey, hey, welcome Natalie Hayes we got here to praise and looked up the name you what I was with someone the other day and he said about what you do. Bridging the gap. You don't and that the thing about it is, everything falls on the umbrella and the umbrella of spreading the good news. A man you know and that's what we all about sharing the good news of Christ you know and what is good news. First of all good news to someone as blind as you can see good news to someone at a sport, guess what you can be rich good news to someone that is lost. You can be found.

So that's what it's all about. Here we just try to spread the good news of Jesus Christ have experience in this matter fact I would call waking up in a hospital bed.

For my legs now. The doctor told me you know what you going to be paralyzed for life and you know what I was still crying out Christ as Lord in red so I mean that with a passion. Jesus is Lord and that's the good news that you can overcome any situation that you do not like to get to submit a good gospel music. We had a full house the day we got some lovely friends in the house today so we going to stop. Praise the Lord and will be right back in a few a man man is all all anyway and I will way so we mean it is so nice and so on. So when they see all must assume crazy when you down as soon as we as you know me running games.

He may want running that something in crazy one change you will all this would've believes this one is no way you will know where I was so you must must see all must must see me and I was like I know that you dislike you that know what is that this man man no zoning jail commanding and saying my name is Joe Morrow's body was loose and I failed as is and when it will lay with his do you you know Dave raised his right know and I gap my girlfriend she found the inspiration we got me to the domain and how you don't learn oh highly blessed despite what goes on. You know, to cater a couple weeks. I'm glad to be back and we have a very special gift.

Pastor Joseph, prayers, and you know the all blessed to have you going to be a good show you guys. And, of course not know what time it is testimony time when we give our testimony and praise report. The BTG chart style of family. 336-896-1340 your testimony.

I am praise report okay spell past the preaching of the special gift get go first. Share with us something that God is doing great for you and your life. God has been amazing things for me.

I'm picking what is what I will. There was a mess. The guy gave us on Tuesday we do a Tuesday night Bible study every Tuesday, work tolerance, and look what you will with a lot of people inbox me and said based on that word God spoke to them and said some things and done some things. It started telling me about praise reports that will have five people inbox praise and that's really my greatest joy for people to hear the word receive the word for the word to bear fruit in their life is all about now is follow. We need your testimony and praise report.

You know you need especially happy to be here right now some of you know Alaska was gone. One of those weeks. Not this past week for that 1222 okay I was installing a exhibit my second art exhibit nicely.

Minister Duane was not here as well.

You see, was with me, supported me over there and we had a wonderful time is money. All in the beautiful thing to their generations present there at that exhibit and shout out to Vilma Liz Curry Blossom Caf in Chapel Hill.

It is exhibit is the are you still up to look that up words in the message. Let me know if he was some information about the food, amazing food that you you only had the little speck of something okay every time I go to that restaurant. I am fed very well and for different things when I go but they the person who specifically bought for me when actually it was her dad and bought one of my more pricey art creations as an 11 year old child.

So the 11-year-old wanted creation yesterday to get it for you okay so as their right there rushing out, going to a movie or something like that. We want this one and it was actually a it what it was a combination of it was a multimedia art creation. It wasn't just painting, but oh my goodness it was so encouraging this. It was an 11-year-old child that really like this creation and it inspired her and so hard that he spent no some valid thankful for.

You know, and I love the way I love to what I like to do with my heart is inspire people to be the designers that they are all about designers when we are not made an image of God, create. He is the creator and he put creativity in us and were constantly designing our world around us and each other's really and and I like that were talking about faith today because that is that active work of the design of our world that my praise report donating, give glory and honor my heavenly father saying today saying don't talk if you want to. God is so amazing I'm giving just so much praise for giving me the grace to go and be self-employed fully and completely day yesterday. I'm fully and completely self-employed and I am believing, and shout and I am believing.

By faith he got fashion on McNealy motivation and work want to go international like motivational business.

I decree to clarify fate I am a motivational preacher so I don't just motivate preach while I motivate today while I'm preaching so I'll pray my strength will go for and he is learning something great and something new and I am conquering every fear. I'm even happening to some acting isn't dancing that way as well. Lashing around in my last run to see which one open a door to the meal you will manifest a man so keep me here for you to step out on faith that you were born Rich and what ever God has placed in you eking your gifts your talents, your ability will make room for you. Thanks. Conquer every fear and step just delete just be me and I you, and you are called auto closed, like know what yesterday we bought a home is our healer job around body is amazing how my dad is such a blessing to your neighbor a lot. I've been asked about is that it is so beautiful to hear that she's home know God, I write all my God. It is such a blessing so I know yellow and areata making Harvey as a warm and cozy and making everything wonderful firing her feet. Her beck and call right you want to love yet to migrate. Word on the word on here that God's now I is amazing cell family bridging the gap is going to have a great show. The day what is in the lineup okay yeah yeah we have a topic for the day is going to be another words the first works, we call it an act of faith that not sure about that but we always get that hot holy hip-hop and R&B music is just a message delivery of the message they made a request that messages the good news about interview with mom. You know he's not a stranger about what you have inside but we got past the prisoners will be here now that the voice over to the other insightful village educators should something go talk about but but we going to talk about it because it is Some spell MG comedy all play a key from sometimes you know a man bridging the gap will be back right after the person that God is giving you risk your life was the model just like you have family hope you having a great wonderful Saturday that we have with Pastor Joseph preaching so go home loving home boy Charlie P. Family, but we pray for travel. Love, Charlie P. Shalom 140. I printed down the community you you do well well you know me best. How we are excited to be back. I am a pastor, life coach, offer book publishing company. I have so little things that we do will support for God to have a heart for people act implacably only thing though was really a blessing to students albums, but when you talk about now you to talk about my marriage relationship have a marriage or relationship book is caused by two product placement for the lovely Ms. lovely Mrs. Wright to stay single.

The biblical God to marriage relationships really just talks about the challenges so many voices out there talking about relationships not singing nothing from the word of God was my job say hey you know what it is that there be another voice. My job is not to convince you of my job is to inform you like that that is a wonderful start.

So what all services are you involved in what you provide, as it relates to ministry. Well every Tuesday night at 8 o'clock on Facebook. We have children call word power word power you, but we we do it. A lot of people who for some reason have been heard in church or may not do so to be connected with the ministry within building should be sold Tuesday night at 8 o'clock for 30 minutes you will going to get a spiritual empowerment going into acknowledge that instead on but you know what more word and the word out so you put some time in the word like I said you set up the phone and I got to talk when we talk about what you said that the word politics is what you said God and I appreciate the effect of knowing because I love being around holy people. People that have the mind of Christ that affected some of my friends they be like what you do well because our conversations different right right right and season to season of attacks in the season of things going left and right you got have people around with his 20 were talking about the coronavirus things going around. People are very mindful of sanitizing their physical completely careless about sanitizing their spiritual life is blessed is the man that walk is not in the counsel of the ungodly, or stairs.

The riff sitters was its pursuit of the school. What was around some people catching the flu in the spirit we urgently speak spiritually saying negative people always got so bad to say and wonder why you can't manifest the faith is one of going do it okay, go back and tell the Bible gives us an example of what is no right somebody will bring him to the thing which you are right out of nowhere right near the bridge and give us some pointers as it relates to marriages and that is what your book is centered around and am using like you're pretty much of an expert with Mary.

I'll whack it out.

Also give us some advice for the married couples and that the to be married couples will start with the to be America as well. Please please please thousand please get some pre-marital counseling do not get married without counsel you do open heart surgery without a degree. You wouldn't try to work on your card. Try to do something as serious and as complicated as get married without getting some sort of too little instruction, people listen now talking about nothing will challenge your face more than merit. People my book but tell the public was almost happily ever after?

The truth about marriage relationship. Hello, I'm trying to attack this demonic lie. All you gotta do is get married and live happily ever after. The devil is a lot you know what's love got to do with a lot of people just love the Lord and they love each other and still get the tools relationship works in my book is to help people get those to you. This is how one would destroy a lot of people realize that that's how serious it is, you know, your walk with Christ is detrimental to that and I totally agree. A man has to preaching what what would you give for the singles right now. What advice would you give for them in some school that they can use in selecting the right one suitable for marriage, and directed driver and let's talk about dating. I'm very highly critical of dating, because dating teaches intimacy without commitment.

In particular, men and women, particularly women, do not do well with intimacy without commitment, and a lot of the challenges that we do with in relationships come from the fact that people like.

There are rules to are no rules today, everybody has their own idea hello due date before official is it cheating on you.

If I still dating other people but I don't relates to not have sex with the parents. How long is too long before somebody gets ring hollow with you wasting your time with all you asked these questions to 20 different people 20 differences.

Let me give the sidebars that you say. When do we have six people, allowing absolute is call for you to define intimacy because some people think of intimacy as sex, or being sexual like, so, so, you would be surprised at the number 13 $40 there, I'm here. Okay, so she has a question of being single. A lot of you know anyone you know friends are following you and everything that I've heard a lot of cricket. Oh well.once you got great things like that truly encourage you to people writing marketing like a moment think that we know family frame things you're not encouraging you know that you like why I called in and for having the boldness people are in fact thinking here's is the child was with a lot of times when we deal with pain. We do will struggle when we do with things we don't understand we always love to just put it on the low low low. I just was not watching with you know getting 500 pounds was below a lot of things that we put on the Lord are actually on and a lot of times we really need to check our thought were manifesting trouble putting out there. Every other piece is you really have to ask yourself the question is am I ready to get what I want to get married and are ready to be married and you help me to someone else you have any baggage is some toxicity from past relationships that I'm trying to bring is God sparing me socially is.

The point is God sparing me about a single right now. The question is.

The Bible says no good thing will the Lord withhold those walk up rightly so, if God is withholding it is not a good thing that the Bible is no thing the Lord withhold from those walk up rightly so. With God is withholding that means it's not a good thing. So the question I have to ask myself, listen, the maximum the principle that always teaches your never waiting on God. God is always waiting on you old ties into the topic todaywhich is on break that down as I give up chiming today as well. My sister Colleen about that time and your singlehood where you are alone and people are basically saying will this is good. You know that is preserving your network.

I want you to be like about your perception is well because this could be a timer that could be preparing where he can be for owning you and getting you to a place where you are getting yourself ready. Not this will be perfect comes, but you prepared and ready for your mate and I think this is also a good time. We could because you are a single does not mean you have to be lonely, but that's how were you can fall more in love with God because if you are not whole, spiritually and emotionally, we before he, he is not your better half you have to be whole before he comes you have not already know that with him without him.

You are hollow with or without him you are going to be who God called you to be walking your purpose that God gave you right so you have to be one within yourself, no one else is responsible for your happiness.

Don't think that when you are married, that you're going to be more happy that you are right now mold happy and already know what it means to have the joy in the holy. Well before he comes because what happens when you start having challenges that relationship because it not you have challenged you got, you know, when it comes to Christ and the lien on your heavenly father. So I will say to my face and anyone who is single right now you're feeling that, like that that that lolling is for you for liking the people saying this is a good time.

I don't really agree use this time for preparation uses time to fall in love with God and follow love with your self to sleep to say this quickly, something that I really literally want to take my right hand and slept people and they would say no single from his right leg is the truth hear me and please allow me to explain here about to say it but you remember me explain.

If you're not happy being single.

You're not ready to get married like that. If you're not happy and contented. Being single is nothing if I'm lonely people think that but sure for loneliness is getting better. Let me tell you there is nothing worse married. I'm still feeling some people think that marriage is the cure for sexual site is alive and well promised. It will make you worse think about child was almost forcible.

Talk to somebody who is qualified to talk to you. Stop talking about creatures and they may stop asking people watch this were bitter who have failed relationships unhappy in their lives and their elusive stop asking people who haven't constructed anything to give you constructive criticism may stop asking for can help you today. Never been in it but you notice nothing but listen.

The key principle.

You said you not a contentment but you know in America we programmed.

There is no commitment) Hollywood to get my voice to give merit to this Notes is no commitment. You know, and that's one of the principles in marriage. Got to be committed to do it. Good days and bad days know it's about being committed and that's it. I'm committed and that's it, no matter what. And you don't have that in America, in my book on talk about the great Society. I believe in my humble opinion, that I am a part of the first generation to try out. While I believe that I'm a part of the first 40 first-generation or so you know you go to school, get education, job by house by car give merit.

These are things that are rites of passage of adulthood. This is always crazy. I don't even know asking people that I haven't seen her for five years. Housewife because the upgrade is nobody here has the same folder they had 10 years ago nobody has a great Society use something as long as you like. It serves you stop feeling that we get rid of you know what that is so true love has to because we live in such a disposable disposal, culture, and generation a lot just go get another pound. I still get another one would guess what.

If you have not mastered the relationship when you don't know how some of the same problem master first Corinthians 13, oh, mastered, is that you just found out from one person with a problem to another person. We go problems and is not going to make any bit of a different, we got the really read the successful relationships not part of the leg can be mature and lay man things to fill you in. Marriage is the selfishness you know and that's the biggest thing you know this is not about me trying to please you and me honoring you is more about what I want what I need. How I see it, you know when is it has to be that you have to get rid of that. That's selfishness.

And you know I think that's a big key but that is a great topic. I will tell Tyler you are listening and you want to try me you want to ask the question I want to make a statement to the unity call us at 336-896-1340 and were going to go right into the topic of the day which is active faith and so the house today. I want to be discussing how site is a bird and that faith without works is dead, and how pleasing God happens when we have faith and apply action without Ms. Bala did you want to go ahead and initiate the conversation on every Forming well the first thing that I think about some of the listeners know the name of the ministry and found several quite a few years ago is violent Faith ministries. Finally, faith ministries, and that has to do with the Scriptures. Matthew 1112 knows days of John the Baptist the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

Now while Jesus was talking about, you know, the warfare having to do with the kingdom of God ultimately faith is not passive and that's why I named and it comes from my own personal life experience with awakening to that seed of faith that I measure faith that God gave me and using it actively. I grew up going through abuse the bullying you know with peers and going think you know feel like a doormat feeling invisible and the enemy just having his way with me so much to the point that adding like I had any power and a keyword is feel to write about feeling is about knowing what God's given you. So when I did submit my life to the Lord at 2140 right now to actually box that was when I I became awake in two. The faith that I had and how I needed to really be active and not just coming to my mother's wink as my mom is I have said that she's my first pastor okay me some great foundational tools now. Now I okay get to it. You need to use the tools you are so I applied that Matthew 1112 myself to my own life. That was a foundational scripture and then at the same time I was eating the word delete where mom but at that house. I mean like it was no tomorrow and so there I was, recognizing what kind of power I really and that I had power over the enemy and he was making his will is making me his puppet now WI defeated your liar. And so, as the Scripture says give you Scripture here. This is the thing Corinthians 10 five Paul was talking about casting down imaginations, so, so this thought like this battlefield of the mind, and Joyce Meyer is a powerful that was one of the everybody. My mother actually gave me that book around that time my beginnings with guy and said his book he wrote okay because there is a battlefield in the mind it if Satan can get your mind if you're not you, not renewing your mind with word of God then you're going to fall into constant traps that he gives you to make your life go this way or that way whenever he wants.

So Scripture says that Craig is 10 five casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, no knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

You tell those as well. You can decide what comes into your mind in terms of our stays in your mind what exactly thoughts may come, and you had to say no that goes there goes in the trash that goes something I'm not doing it. It is coming into the filter. The knowledge of God. Okay, now started learning to begin with, how I am I good family keeps on answer bridging the gap show were going to have great more conversation and discussion right after the what we often do recognize a void is filled with try to fill the void with things over to fill the void with people work with activities and weak constantly trying once we fill this void. We realize that it will not happen again to do after that we realize what happens. Go back and try to put some more stuff because we were at which they will get enough of this will not do this and constantly ration we were to listen to what on how we plan ration people desperation, we seek him turn that desperation into something that will glorify and will be a blessing to us, UK, WWII 42 seating 273 point way to 1340, 1400 light WP 003.00 so many in one man and one removing the mad rapture comes in and I don't drink what I say I don't think this is very McGee pastor restoration entity's program on the light radio on the way with the money I make no Christian music show called sages read the meter calls sin no.

She was the one no concern to me saying some of something you know that you know I don't have my going to make sure you are wonderful Joseph today show. Right now we are talking about active faith you would like to time or answer the question.

Please call us at 336-896-1340 is a community discussion. A man is at the fate and Lori were saying how faith is a verb and that faith without works is be and how pleasing God happens when we have faith in apply with action self, I want to go ahead and give this Scripture here.

All right, James Darwin. James 123 to 25 for anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror. For he looks at himself and goes away and at once forgets what he looks like, but one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no heat being not a hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, all right, I just made a hearer forgets but being a doer who acts a man.

He will be blessed in his doing, and that is James 123 through 25 past bridging you feeling else. Five so I really understand the power they have. The Bible says in Ephesians 3 and 20 was able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to our works, and so the problem is everybody wants to put everything on God and God is not all. So the whole piece is God can't bless what you're not doing, how God says whatsoever you do with shall prosper God to bless what you don't do so you got to give God something to bless and in the Bible talks about Jesus in Matthew Matthew 13, which was home to hold in the Bible says Jesus is the power of God rebuild of chlorophyll a great holiday could do all no mighty miracles because of their unbelief so the Bible says if he was born to Mrs. word that was preached to us was preached to them is not profit them, not being mixed with faith we know the word is the word is the worst work worth living and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, watch this that Scripture points well, yes.

In chapter 4.2 what I just quoted saying chapter 4 said the word that they heard living powerful sharpening to web sword didn't profit because it wasn't mixed with faith.

So is all you do is not on God.

We know the principles work.

We build the promises work. The question is if they're not working in your life there some user error error error is not gospel working in and were talking about active faith, family, okay. And so I will say, faith is not faith and seal you actually you got to like you say pastor. We got to give God something to work with praise along story about naming rights so naming okay he was he was healed of leprosy, but okay so naming who was a successful commander in Syria right all right sell a young girl from Israel had been captured and made a starving name is why she tell the wife that if he would go and visit the prophet Elijah.

He would hear him. He will be healed naming eventually went and visited Aliza and tell him to watch himself seven times in the Jordan River and he would be healed naming got angry. This is only like really well. He said it was silly, thinking he was going to be healed instantaneously so naming thermostat okay is not like he told you to do something hard okay I really had to correct his mass will serve. It is not like he asked you to do something great. Ali asked you to do was to dip yourself seven times in the Jordan River and so naming he came to himself and he actually said okay around when I came out of the way on when actually go and do this, he obeyed the man of God, he dipped himself seven times in the Jordan River and he was healed of leprosy runs out you can find this story is terrible. You guys actually in second Kings chapter 5 all right and so basically what I wanted to point out and that is that you are going to be how you want to be instrumental in the work of God in your life you everything happen instantaneously. No, if anything will happen in the process but in the process of God taking you to your destiny to your promised land or or bring about healing and restore relationships in your life is going to require you to participate, he will require you to do something. See what test your faith to senior going to be obedient man and being the manifestation of his supernatural power wheel come to pass. You are going to be a participant in your own and in your purpose and destiny. You know something that I think about concerning test test and you know is the test. So much for God or is it really for you, you know. And yes, the Lord doesn't attempt okay right right does not get that attempt to write a man. You may think that the testing that you're going through is, or rather the temptation you're going through is actually the task from God or somebody got a ring that but there are times of proving an wow God said that concerning the children of Israel.

You know he had them go around the mountain. 40 years it was 11 day journey, that I want to prove he said I want to prove that you would follow my commanders are not, but also look at it on on on the other hand, why wouldn't you want to be proven for yourself to to not just know that she would follow God, but for the. The process and the growth that comes through as an educator. When I think about tests and in you not talk to students like to write. I was actually watching some episodes of different world last night as character on the heat in a math class calculus class him anyway. Test be looking test as practice, then I believe it wouldn't be so bad if you are prepared and confident concerning the information that it is not going to be right you know is not not understand something when you know test anxiety everything but where does that come from. There's a fear of failing usually address the feel of failure but if you're confident and you are rested in in the Lord in such a way and and I'm even saying that even to students no matter what age you are at this is what I did with Masters and an undergrad I did. I applied the word of God to all of those activities. But the point is like this is practice right now and I'm again I'm not saying that I like to sleep in right now can working out okay is looking at the fact that if you are prepared you will study your prepared and you especially in the midst of this, you submitted your youth minister your process to guide you submitted everything to God the Lord I'm asking you to help me with this Holy Spirit is not going to leave you out in the cold evening is okay when you you you okay is like you want to cross word which is that you will have you forsaken me like it call them no. When you the Scriptures that I found was good we might know yourselves, you where the Holy Spirit is the one who brings back things.remember remembering like he will bring you back racing members so that is that active faith having to do with applying the word of God and not thinking so much about okay this testing this trial in the tribulation. You know, the clichd, but the holding period is your comforter in all that easy.

One that brings back things that you remember not.

I like to come away with that Scripture points out that because that because the enemy a thief and a robber in the for Robert when it did you know you get route to the thief will find out some days later.

The thing with people understand this so many questions surrounding faith that affect is more questions than answers. Surrounding faith, but faith. Faith is actually any bowls of spirituality run. That's how best wise impossible to please God. Faith enables your spirituality gets out of the natural gets into the spiritual person and that's why a lot of people because you know there's a lot of Christians that live day by day the living and they don't fare a lot.

Let them put like this is a lot of Christians want to say believers that are in the body that Christ just like unbelievers, so you we have to get past that and understand what actually faith is faith. Faith enables your spirituality and and and you know a lot of people say that while what Scripture says that God is not a respecter person. The Scripture shows that he is a respecter faith. When you apply your faith when you apply, you can call to put in the same context is going to the gym and working out. But when you apply your faith. This is what this what Scripture says which flight by five slide by the continual Scripture Old Testament and New Testament is trying not not not not to destroy you, but I'll develop what we know that fire purifies metal concepts behind that this really really really good guy like sword movies were fighting for. The thing about metal is metal that has not been purified this week so if you to make a sword out of metal that has not been purified. It will be unreliable in battle now so it has to go through the fire. First, not as you said not to destroy it took purified to get all the impurities out so that it can come for strong southern experts will talk about just what it says is book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth you shall meditate therein day and night, that you may observe to do according to all this written therein. Then you will make your we probably risk and you will have good success is not God cannot over emphasize this enough God has done everything is going to do with one of three says, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

Jesus is down at the right hand of the father.

Yes, Maquoketa small right you sent you the Holy Spirit. Why would Jesus give you a power drill and then comes, you quoted when his disciples and witness must go down and share the gospel in Jesus that I going down. It is the faith in me down it cease all the lack of faith will keep him away from you since all you want to grow and it's it's maturing yourself in the spirit as we walk around when we speak about sites like Telus can look at this stuff have the faith because the site is a natural thing. Ralph is a spiritual thing. Manage the subject. The failure is temporary, quitting is permanent know and this this is why, because he wants us to grow from growth faith Florida Lori you know, in other words, what you benchpress in December to talk about his whole life to the teaching about blessings and favor will just talk about early off-line talking about the blessings was walking in blessings financially. Blessings in our relationships.

Blessings of health and a lot of people right now are going to a text is the demonic lot. The demonic live, says that there's some sort of antithetical relationship between blessing and persecution that if you are really blessed you would be going to really bless you would be having all these attacks black came that the devil is a liar. The Bible says in this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer come the pictures of the Lord delivers him out of them all. So it is our faith. David said I would've fainted unless I had been to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. In other words, so much hell was breaking loose in my life. I have given up yet that the Lord will perfect that which concerns me is that I believe you have to deal with what we have to do with the group who protest to go to the trials you have to believe it's going all things working together for good. If you don't believe that Christian aforetime some time now and I found myself paralyzed my legs down in a hospital bed and the doctor told me that you want to wake up, you partly paralyzed for life.

Paralyzed and you know what this this is what show me who I am in Christ because I'm still not Christ as Lord, and he brought me through that and edit text that takes place but you know what I was determined apply some scum stop where you know they think they put me in a hospital room TV was on one side the chairs on another side and I get sick in bed.

Well know and then I got up and I did it myself and I didn't realize it until I finish and I was like man you standing up and bust down in tears across the point is you know you have to apply do have to have to do that you have to step into it and do that and everything that we get everything we working toward everything is about faith in Christ. No answer not feel why you have to understand that I'm sure if you hate by giving you some instructions that you don't understand and try to figure it out. Dining at the time to explain you all the detail so obedience is an act of faith okay to say okay Lord I don't know why I don't know why you want me to do the Jordan River seven times because you said it. Okay I'm going to do because I trust in your instruction even when I don't understand is that we have to release that to the Lord and know that they obedience is the true active Christians try to fit Christ into the day. You know and and it needs to be flipped around with refitting our day and to Christ. You know me, which was now committed to him you know and and and we walk in contest with meditation is like a continual thought pattern Christ no matter what goes on and I think one of the greatest things was that place that the bracelet is best Bethlehem bracelet number.

What was next. Every step with obedience continues to have around here. I don't think that we could say enough about it because we're living in the time were Christians have taken disobedience is identity. Regardless of what Goss is the laws of God are played out in the problem is you want to disrespect what God said. But you want to get what God promised you want to abandon God's principles, but you want to reap God's promises in it don't work like you do whatever you want to do with it. Expect to get what God did a sermon called prayer promises and principles, and that one of the points was stop trying to fix with prayer what God designed to work by principal and take a break like that when we went a little will be right back after the right you guys wheel letters, emails, Facebook messages all the time from her awesome Truth Network listeners about how Christian radio is changed your life. How would you like to help change the life of someone in Africa were they going to have a radio to listen to treasure already was there with amazing programming all across Africa Dawsonville are losers.

We want to give 100 radio sets are going to Truth Network to our friends in Africa Jesus. This is a big vision and we want to put windup radios in their hands because they may not have electricity batteries are too expensive. You can do that today when you give a radio you can hope. Call AAA 988-5656.

It's only $75 for one radio like we said, trying to put 100 and right now you could do one if you do hundred. You do tend if you could do have one call now AAA 988-5656 AAA 988-5656 were Africa needs gap any time, for many and insides with me: late you guys. People like to share today two things. One, I'm going to give a shout out to the Greensboro the greater Greensburg black chamber of time, right home. Both myself and Pastor Joseph Pridgen are part of actually he is a board member and your chaplain. The chaplain is a chaplain of GG BCC sat out okay now what date was that that was last month last month that that was the yes of course the placement in the last month.

I don't have the exact date but we had a an event. It was a black history month event. We ended it wonderfully and we had what was called the Greensboro greatest celebration of black history as what it was called and it was so hosted by the Black Chamber of Commerce and we had some powerful people they are sharing their their lives of how their how they impacted. They have been impacting the community so shout out to Clinton gratefully of AIA architect and Associates, Dr. Eunice Dudley. She is if if anybody is causing you about Ms. Dudley. I that is the deadly beauty school and Dudley Q plus brand products they been around for quite some time here yes yes and then also civil rights pioneer of NC and he will words city and in the Google that I'm still learning. There's so much I have to learn about North Carolina from California, and Amb. Clarence Henderson and so these these mighty people shared about their life and about history concerning the Greensboro area in the triad and and how they impacted with their their God-given wealth and being active is as well and so was a wonderful time and we also have just a fun time, fellowship, and with each other, networking, laughing, and I saw people there that I hadn't seen a little while. It was good at.

Okay. Well, he wasn't in there in spirit.

Okay. Got a quote from Ms. Dudley's name is Dennis did not listen.

Several people said my spirit right there with people well and you want to really qualify this by saying okay.

It's not about not having money okay at the moment. Okay, it's about your mindset actually on our property. My mind that Ashley on the break we were here talking about Thomas Monroe's book, God bless you document is really out with you and your wife but the burden of freedom is a powerful book and encourage everybody to read because it talks about how once you gain freedom from the world. Once you receive Christ.

Once you start recognizing that the image God created you and identity created you and created you as a free person, then you have to live in that and in you have to take responsibility of that. Would that look like that looks like discipline that looks like management that looks like going through again. Clich trials and tribulation getting your faith okay actually applying the word of God in that you are the edge of God, then you need to know with that identity looks like in action so so for for Ms. Dudley to save Mrs. Dudley to say that was powerful because she said I get out of that poverty slave orphan mindset, don't.

Don't be like with the children Israel.

Most of them didn't get in okay 98% of them getting in because of their poverty mindset. They Go back talk about onions and league and got the money in the league and family because they didn't want to work right.

Okay they think for themselves.

They want to got to just give everything out and he was doing that he was also saying trying to renew your mind. I'm trying to renew your mind, what is the partnership so I so appreciate you Dr. deadly business.deadly. She did her speech with listening and abrupt people because basically you're going to stay or be pulled back in a mindset of poverty thinking limitation limitation play by calm I okay now people have you now understand what okay may not have any money right now, but you are built with well is born rich and know you will produce teaches us to profit.

Okay this is that the poor will be amongst you always say you had to be one where you made a gift to the poor and Linda Laurenti repaid again. Okay borrowers okay so shout out to Black Chamber of Commerce concerning that event and also the mighty people that were there. Everybody listen is mighty okay do you think that your faith in that waste and I went to now. The thing I want to mention is keep your immunity up people. Okay now we know that this virus blah blah blah cannot stand that in the way of don't get this thing doesn't half it really doesn't half okay these diseases have more power because many times he was feeding dry reading it in the spirit in the natural and not doing what they're supposed to do in order to actually develop an immunity and so the immunity is physical and it is spiritual, it is soulless to find it is. And so the spiritual is first. Sometimes the physical comfort depends on where you're at, but the spiritual is the pause before you are supposed be living from the spirit to the salt of the body, right in that order.

Love God first, without a strand I'm I know I am I and love your neighbor as yourself in that order. Same thing with this. You need to live from the spirit from the Holy Spirit into your spirit and develop your spirit. That way, so prayer thankfulness praise become words of encouragement over yourself speaking a word will be respect for yourself for not quarreling going on. I think that is also in your thinking is what you meditate on is actually one where another manifest in your life just like garlic, and audio pores okay. Don't come out so positive confession of the word of God and then getting to the body.

Okay we got from the spirit and soul, spirit, and so we don't coincide those because the so as do the mind, will and emotions in these two go along with the confession of the word of God and think in the word of God but also okay physically vitamin C herb such as echinacea, goldenseal. I like a team sampler called seasonal secularism is by things called our traditional medicine, I think, is that the name of that brand. Please go out and get that also washed her hands when he saw things that here again protect Abby's atmosphere in the spirit but also in the natural get some sanitizer now. I like sanitizer like anybody else, but also like natural stuff, even more so. So there is a sanitizer called en garde from Joe Terra. Okay I like to Terra the click click I EEE you have to just be that you know if you need more information, please send a message to me, BTG, Ms. again as what I have today. For now you know what you shot us to is gone on shot offers a lot of the Stu Epperson and some families to Junior League.

Love you Mike. My collarbone, you know, because the they're the ones that allowing us to do this broadcast herein and in that I believe that it is a blessing to all the hearers a minute but then also I like to give a shout out, we get to start our television podcasts and shut out.

Soon a man from on TV video productions will you read a man you know you and a lot more about that about him little bit because he's partner partnering with us his company going TV ministry, which is the studio we can do your own podcasts about his number two is 336-955-0345 so you get the podcasts out of your basement and you can also set a Facebook login to Facebook professional yet, but he's going to doorknob our podcast coming up this month and I just want to give them a shout out you know right now down Babylonians and were right here on we are talking about active state family aware of fate is a verb and that faith without works is dead, and how pleasing I happens when we have faith and apply action.

So I want to come from the book of John. John five verses one through eight is one assignment really quick so there was a man well. First, while there was a pool in Jerusalem where the sick and the lame people would go and wait for an angel to stare out the water every so often write one man was lying in the area and had been there for 38 years.

He was lying, Jesus saw him. Jesus was there he was, saw him and asked him do you want to get well alright and he says sorry I have no one to help me into the pool. Every time I tried to get Ian someone goes ahead of me. Jesus Vance telling him get up, pick up your mat and walk. And so I don't know what all that speaks into your spirit when you hear that text but what I see is that when you acting by faith. You really believe in something you have to remove all excuses remove the excuses and and he's looking at the Mandalay man had a man is in the area where the pool. The pool of Bethesda where the miracle water happens every time. The danger comes a stereo he's in the area and he had been there for 38 years and I think myself you know I rolled all here like Rollo anyone.

Each year is now I just challenge all the listeners what is it that God has placed in your heart. What is it that you want guy to do in your life. What has he promised you and what are the excuses that you have made as to why you have not gotten there is time to eliminate each and every excuse and sometimes a lot of the reason why were not walking our promise is simply because were lazy, we just simply want do you want change, but we are not willing to do the things that bring about change out the mouth about me anyhow listening I get up and stand faith without works is dead and I want to read this scripture right here it says on James two. In 18 but someone will say you have faith and I have work that would show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works and how much time Rob would like right here at my she just did that led let admitted statement that meditate, whatever it is that guy has in your heart.

He's been like talking on you to do something to step out on faith to do something to be obedient in the things that he's been staring up in your spirit, even speaking to you people. Your path in your path to tell you what to do, is that you mentors or he wants to send you Mansoor, but you simply want to step out on faith the active obedience is your fate. Just value don't have to understand it, you may not even agree with it emotionally just believe that you know what you note that on that you know the difference between a work and vocation. You know we all have work to do. We all have to work do we go to work. We pay pay her bills. Whatever we have work, but Joe vocation SU calling this your God-given calling and that's what separates the 2C so you know we got work to pay bills because Adam, you must apply all manner work the dog days with so but but we have to work, but then also you know we have to understand all calling in Christ because our calling in Christ is someone Porton because that's how you project your free because you know it's just like the book and you that this is come for Miles Monroe noted so many people have books in Norman and Pam Zimmerman and sticking them in this sitting back wanted and you have to step out and say you know what I believe this is of the Lord, get out, and I'm going to do it and I will help you publish. Everybody is a book in your belly.

This is the time to get out.

God just gave your workforce on last Wednesday was March 4.

March 4 is the only date on the calendar that is also a command for you. March 4) as if God is the thing. If God put a book on your heart is because somebody is to read and somebody is prewash me about something got somebody's playing saying God can't lie me to answer the revelation of the deliverance and God is sitting up in heaven bringing his hands, and I don't know what you want me to do. I gave him the book you will write your answer. You delivered your break to increase your overflow. Your healing is the mind of this individual who uses to be obedient so my wheel cannot be done. My kingdom cannot go because you know that that's that's a lot of truth in it. You know you gotta step out.

Gotta step out and do what you need to do because you put things in this and he's not going to develop. As you know, you know the Scripture says that the angels hearken unto the voice of the Lord.

A man in the scriptures point out that they are ministering spirits.

They are waiting to do something she so another words get up prayer about it. Seek the Lord about it and get up and go do without putting you to do you have help angels. The managers will help things out of the way, they don't love you because the word of God is powerful and when we speak the word of God, when we speak in phrases like Lord okay Lord help me to write this book. Help me to get the help that you find past president of what I'm saying is that we all need helps but starts with us about the close story until you have a big machine that cost a dollar how much soda are you putting 56 no soda right soda. Within $0.75, how much soda okay okay how much soda are you going to put in 99. You gotta put the losses before you get one sip of soda. You gotta put in the whole hundred percent telling somebody to listen to Ms. Myers driving your car you sit in your living room, you're saying God I don't understand about the blessing is activated and there's a certain level.

You got to get that hundred percent. For you see, the first you got to go hard to gotta get some real holding back.

Watch this in my mentor taught me that holding back is preparing to fail city holding back his purpose. Stop holding back give it everything that you've got and watch God reach with and reject anyone who tries to speak something till you are all over you that's not in alignment with God's will for your life, get connected to like-minded people welcome minded people's financially free minded people. People who are trying to walk in right standing with God the way that you are surround yourself around a community of people that is going to help you get to your place of promise is a big issue I think a) family down change that now will be right back after the hello I'm going to join me Saturday afternoons at 4 PM bridging the gap 12 bringing the hottest urban gospel music in the world and a whole lot more the church back to the streets sure to join me minister Duane Kennedy for bridging the gap every Saturday at 4 PM 7 PM 1103.5 and 96.3. The light of the Lord will change your life.

God what change you can cannot you still operate what you can to you wake up and change it, but you still operating in your abilities. You haven't been change when you change is no longer cries. Gotta change your life.

How, and that change a life will walk with Christ 1/5 of how God submission to work it for the kingdom will bring about change your life. You WWII 40 2C Greensboro line of life and no RV down towards anybody going to go to work nowhere to be downright sick told every get down there to go over Satan got a hold down just goes there's no smell.

There were just about your problems while whole preference down with a pretty complex thing benefited glory to glory is where coronary artery running, trying to get the ball and get him to die because I don't think you also also like to meet people when green me some things that we take for granted. We are talking about right now culture comedy listener and hold participation on you while Colleen is shared some of you are most funny moments that you have experience in charge, give us a buzz here at 336-896-1340 is about to go down. This is the funny moment in the program.

This claimant was told that is going so when you call in, please give us the funny moments we had other people want to call me into your from all of you as many as we can.

Okay is keep it short and sweet, but we want to hear from you. We I am craving a church house and in and out church just tell us the scenario okay so what I thought. I know you enhance mowing the lawn. Lord have mercy will be first but guess what I'm saying you know what's what's really funny is some intro music but it is the time of the searchers back in the day and just shout in Shelton House like man you know and she shouted that she was talking and she hit her head on the bench on how to play it off like she didn't get her daughter and I when I know you felt. I felt it you don't bust up trying to act like you vacillating like a do it may have gotten thing about today.

I probably don't, so this one already, but I had a you know how when you do your victory lap since the round church paint. Now you get happy and excited by what God is doing or about to do and I was so I, sailed on some victory laps around the church and me and another lady bless us all of the past. She has about four times my sad and we will know victory laps in the opposite direction and we call light and half. They allow you to fly the saloon owner close matter, not me down as I and I does later incident have a lot I'm late. Let me sleep my Lord if they read all your cares if you read and it may look when you doing your victory lap people watch where you're going Aman when he's in traffic right in the church. Hello you you got it isn't as though nowadays now. Now Laster time at the last visit, but what is there is.

I recently visited was I think was a Holiness Church and you know where the white gloves and the reason everything is all right in the ladies they come over everyone you know moment shout and everything and so they come over there with that hand will get no not one to come in a way so just in case just in case you might bump into somebody will appeal was something big and little arm in the section off make sure you don't anybody that guides you into areas, you know. I don't shout which shout like the beat comes right down there about how, I wonder about that but yeah these these ladies. They kept a straight face. You marked a tiny bit, you know, but they like you won't get PO shout in your day is going and the guys they had guys with the guys you can't cross, you know, yank a crown you can cut across, no groundcover, so to me again on our Shaklee and actually you know managing the shout managing the shout arm there and be right there to make sure you got whatever you needed and and then you said no that's not what that is and go back what you said you know what what beats The shots I did get all the smog and record gelato around the shallow learning hello Tyler and Sherry funny moment in the church house at 336-896-1340 now be scary. We want to laugh with you community something funny or comedic about your church experience and is and so our waiting on those calls were gonna jump back into our topic of the day which is active.

They and I were basically just saying how faith without works is the how faith is a verb and that faith is how pleasing God happens when we have faith and apply with action a man so let me give you all this scripture here. Oh wait, we want to make sure that see past the prison he left right CM off. Well, you know, go ahead and do that because definitely before the ending of the shout, we want to make sure that he gets his proper dues. Okay, Joseph Prince and Pastor Joseph Prejean. He can be found on www.Joseph Prejean and it is JL SEP HPr D and have you heard all his wonderful wise counsel and word that he was giving. He does have services that you can take advantage of you has a new book that is out about marriage so you can contact him on WW W.Joseph and you can contact me Joseph.Pridgen alright so make sure you reach out to him. He had an awesome word is so anointed and had a wonderful spirit and personality. Thank you so much for overcoming a stop in my face and sell back to that Scripture lesson well. James Fortin said I would talk about active faith. James 117 says not doing what you know is right you seen any reads so what ever so whatever, you know, that is right, the right thing to do and and fails to delete for him. It is seen okay let me read that again because I might've missed it up a little bit. James warns everything so cool.

Ever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it for him. It is written in the spirit will guide you into was right also. Looking up, but just bucking up against the spirit of God and I believe Paul tells us in somewhere and Karen and I believe that we all have our own convictions. Things may have his own convictions of something convicts you.

You are supposed to all pain conviction, whether it's in black and white in the word of God or not. It may not even be listed in the law of God.

But if it convicts you, you have to obey the conviction of the Holy Spirit may be something where he might be telling you to go down one block and you normally go down this other black but is something like you know what I'm supposed to go down is what is simplest then being discerning and being aware of the Holy Spirit telling you with where to go or not. You may not plan as they see in the Scripture in terms of like okay go down is black or don't you know Stan is even hanging out with certain people. There is one time at a situation of temptation with someone in the body of Christ. Okay and I you know this person was was just okay we we hang out everything in mind you this was a C by the way, there is a temptation situation. For those of you who have not heard me say this before I had before I submitted my life to Lord I was in homosexuality will actually bisexuality account mess promiscuous even with men and women so the Lord had delivered me from that.

But at the same time the enemies deal Trying to tempt me an innocent test if you will, but it was attempting all are you really say you know and then I even had people in the church that acted as if okay will you stay away from her like that going either way goes I was like I knew I was free. But then it was trying so I had to actively cast down thoughts but also land to actively share with this friend you know both of us deep in the Lord, but we both had similar struggles that we've we've had and so are about to hang out with each other and that particular day.

I knew that the enemy was trying something.

He was just trying to sleep. Something in my mind and I was going over to visit her at her house. I was put on my jacket and everything back to Lee drive over there, and Holy Spirit was kept you Know to me saying no you don't need go that you need to go and finally the Lord said do you want to die straight out.

Do you want to die and I'm like I took my jacket up. I called her. I told her what happened because this is certain things you need to just put out on the table.

Okay, there are times where you may not tell somebody that you're tempted with them or some like that may not be wise for you to say something to something because they might not be mature enough to Toledo handle handle adding Imation name I like the enemy might use that. But this particular situation.

It was right for me to share with our present converse about these things and address it in the spirit to gather years, so that's what the Lord did he started doing that more more and were friends today actually, you know that we have quite a few years ago that was well over 1015 years ago something this will work in your faith.

I work in your faith should shakes your identity in Christ because you know that's what Scripture tells us to renew our minds and by in our minds we are reshaping our destiny because with best into one place and now about this now with distant to another place with this.

This is the process you know and and and I said yes a lot of people get into a place where you want you want the things of the Lord, but you don't want to apply yourself and you know I want.some red lobster like one running to get to know so and we want people to bring things to us in your faith, your faith is your responsibility that goes back to your Palm is your responsibility here and the thing is, by flexing those faith muscles you develop in your faith you growing your faith and no sooner or later, your faith will have you in the place where those things that used to affect you don't affect trying things that you know so you got your continually brought to my kids on the top know if you have in the same conversation with somebody that you had last week.

Some is wrong because the conversations need to change to change your perspective needs to change.

Everything needs to be developed in a greater sense of being, but that work got a work of faith. I want to make sure I mention is that that point when God asked me do I want to die now the point that is you don't know if you decided to disobey God. You don't know what could happen when you went out and did whatever he is on the okay to say I could have left the house drove somewhere and something happened. Okay car crash. Whatever. And then we also talking about a spiritual daddy you have separated herself from guy by way of sin actively deciding to send meeting disobey God. So I had to take long to ponder that I was like okay and I heard loud and clear. You know the Scriptures the Scripture to look at the Scripture will and in the book of acts. The Bible says that that Paul was wrong preaching and this is this is ideal of what's going on in our churches today. The Bible says that Mark Paul was wrong preaching and it was a man in the window. His name was, you take us know and you type this was in the window while Paul and this is a church setting. Want to understand that and he fell out of the window and filled bed and and what you need to understand the study around that is the fact that he was in church, but he was spiritually dead because Paul went to him that his life is still in him and so there's a lot of people that are in churches Netflix interface muscle there in church and the spiritually dead, they thought they go to church on a principal they go to church. Yeah out of the loyalty of going to church is not the loyalty of Christ. So you know there's a lot of aspects in it.

But you know that's what that's why we have to grow in faith computer it says the one who talks about the trying of your faith up to speed 17 line of your faith. You know, your faith is going to be tried so many questions that you just can't workbook wall.

Know your faith is going to try and not try to destroy you is tried to run into another level of faith to another level of faith and those you know if you have faith as a mustard seed, you can move that mountain was not the little baby please. I hear people saying that no is not the little bit of peace Scripture points out a mustard seed is the smallest seed known to mankind, but it grows into the biggest herb known to mankind and never stops growing and if you look at the translation Jesus did.

He actually gives the definition of the meaning of that parable you can look them up for yourself but but it's more or less that faith that close is the faith that can move them out, not the little bitty see Rick we need to always continue to grow and weightless to have us increase increase to whatever that next level is especially in our faith and I just had as a revelation guy gave me when I was doing some meditation in any he basically share with me that is that Satan can't destroy your purpose.

But he can try to keep you from fulfilling mass to stretch the same can't destroy your purpose.

But he can try to keep you from fulfilling. And like you to stay a minister with the weapons of mass distraction by luring us into singing by deception, luring us into traps, luring us into addictions mean that it gets us off track and derails us from gaining target to our place of promising out and so I feel this from personal experience, the best way to be prepared for Ted or for Tim Tatian.

Whatever trial that comes only way to really truly be prepared is to have a close relationship with our heavenly father and not trust yourself and your own efforts, but to trust that in that moment based on all the word you have meditated on and memorized and placed in your heart, based on the love the times that you and I have been through before he did and he can do it again based on the trusting relationship that you have a guy you is greater is he was in me and him who was in the world. So I trust that God will give me the ability he will give me the grace to endure temptation. He will give me the ability not to yield to addictions and traps and temptation.

Yeah I'm saying and give me the focus and the the endurance to stay on the path you have sent me on the right path toward to the promised land is a fire behind some and so that's where it comes F8 is like Lord, I know I can do it on my own strength but I trust in you versus your word that you will give me the ability to make it through. You will give me the knowledge he is infinite wisdom. There is no reason why we should be and lack of your lack at the moment we can't. You can praise the God who is infinite wisdom and he will give you a plan. He said he will give you the ability to create will he will give you are planning a blueprint, a man so family. We hope you all are enjoying theirs were talking about active faith and outlasted our Gatorade out of a break and will be right back after the going got jobs on time. You know, thank you for giving us all about our shortcomings. Thank you for About so you were so called should call this group will believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ your whole household. Thank you.

We praise we love you all on you know Jesus Christ as she was really understand what she is one of the celebration following Christ as your life, your life you have. Were talking about man and is basically Francine how fate is a bird and that faith without works is beating how pleasing God happens when we have faith and apply with action. So really quick.

Let's go to James to 21 through 22 and he says was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up his son Isaac on the altar.

You see that faith was active, along with his works and faith was completed by his works so rightly follow.

Basically we can just process salvation. We can't process that were followers of Christ, we have to simply have works to go along to express our faith and asked what, where justified by our works and it's right as evidence of what we believe what you do is evidence of what you believe I'm saying the tree is known by its fruit. Yes, it is no evidence is fruits so basically were saying that we believe this is not about the word of God.

Are we don't do this or don't think that as the Lord leads us to concerning whatever we learn from the word of God and that should be shown in our lifestyle, our Asian lifestyle. That's right. And so for anyone who is professing on that they are a follower of Christ will Christ said that if you love me you will obey my commands that method as an act of worship as an act of love and and Rama stated very simply that we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing unto the Lord.

This is our reasonable act of service so keeping our bodies keep ourselves pure our temples how we care for it. What we do with him. That is part of obedience. A guy that's an expression of our love to God. He says okay Ephesians 2 and I says okay we been saved by grace through faith, not by works, so that any man come bundled but there are works that have to go alone to express your faith right you know now we do things not because were obligated to, but we we we serve God and we are obedient to his word, because our love is an expression of our love for him in an expression of our faith that first while we believe that Jesus say here was really believe we believe it.

He said that there are certain people in first Corinthians 6, and nine that will not enter the kingdom of God, drunkards, adulterers, homosexuals, fornicators, of those were for her to participate in debacle re-themes the liars they will not enter the kingdom of God and we really believe I have faith that guy when he said is true and that the word of God is God breathed and Jesus is not a man that he can't live there, we can cite that to the bank and cash it.

We have to obedience. That is an expression of I think we have to obey his law, to the best of our ability, and in the Holy Spirit will give us the grace to do this right and and the thought came to my addiction in okay so addicted to practice something you know and it may be. I sent some kind of sinful something that can keep doing and you don't know how to stop and you have received Christ you you love got even you may may be, in a sense worth like okay I am really and there's a stronghold.

So that's when you going to okay inviting prayer first and foremost Aston got, you know, you repented and you know you turned your you turned your chief change your mind. Acyl repentance means, but you need help with this regular thing. Your body is meant to do it is batting is a battle going on. You are used to doing something a certain way and thinking a certain way. Even and behaving. It basically behaves that way and then people that you may have been around they may be doing it, but you don't want to do that you don't know how to get out of that God is present to help you out of that he say go to him asked for wisdom. He said that Jesus overcame the world and overcame all sin, you know, dad, Helen Gray, lolling back and was raised to life, and gave us the power to overcome all that to so that means that we do have a way out. Nothing is nothing is above guides redemption and his power because he's already conquered all of it and he said that he will make a way of his that's right, but I think that's what I said earlier, is that the failure is temporary, giving up his permanent that's what Scripture tells us you not man fall seven times and get yourself back up. Get yourself back up and you know this right is man fun and get yourself back, so it's also the point I'm trying to make is that no one is too far from God's reach know God is always there for everyone, but you have to call on the know. He said he will call me just to first believe that I am. This goes back to our thinking faith. You have to believe in them, you know, a lot of people are missing out because you know believe in this, this and that but you have to apply yourself and by you applying yourself know this is how you reach down and pick you up was always that process you not cardmember. I was working in Minnesota clicked enough check from St. Louis jail down mouse click the check from the menu. Not good when I was working highway construction so much it like not some doll is a two way paycheck you Convicted me on that. You know he was like I say, Lord, give me out of this.

We said you know what you want to get you out of this. Notice my conversation, my composition be different from yours but you said you want me to bless you. But you could line on this piece of paper every week. I ripped it up and ripped it up on the first to direct and I took that thing back up Mildred off again on a plan went on for months. I got to place blessed man.

I just looked it up. Where was no taking it back together again and I left with in the trash and it wasn't like I could go around the corner and get another one. This was always singles so the point I'm trying to make.

When I did that. That's when I seen God start moving in my life I had to step out in faith because you know what when nobody messed with my money, no pain and that's why I knew it wasn't me because I want to put up my money something soundly yet that was sacrificed yet so all God will talk to you and he will reveal things to you. Just we we have to be in a place to accept it as God and like she's you point out, you know we we we all had that conscious of good. He gave us all a measure of faith. We all know right from wrong experiments are and we have to develop that measure of faith into know. So what what the things that you do solidifies what you actually believe you believe that God is going to heal you from diabetes out right thing you need to leave that sugar alone model that diet that the doctors gave you.

If you believe that you want, you can lose 20 pounds then we need only some of them sleeps alone to change your diet. Do the pickles don't help you get to that place, and then we can pray to lose 20 pounds and you Wayne getting up and doing the necessary work. The practicality to practical steps to help get you there were no participation company in a man and I'm talking to me. I don't know for high blood pressure and imports and you know why you even as Lord take on this letter is stored I said before, but this list is people up which is coming up to the church Sunday night, Sunday evening is coming to the church and he seemed that the devil will sit on the steps in the purchase a double wide use know my steps and the devil said they had a line only so should a man giving when I money.a man I am now when you went Pangaea right there was no mouse somebody because we be blaming everything on the line, but we are responsible for somebody's adversity in our lives and hear him saying so it we believe you believe that God can heal and restore your relationship then do what he convicted you in your heart to do. Go back and apologize go and repaint go back in and for G.

Do your part and then God will do his part. He will work on that person's heart.

He will mean the broken pieces but she would have to do and be obedient to what he called you to do is only one hopping. If you do your part. It is the promises of God are conditional when he said if you yes if my people, who were called by my name would humble themselves and pray seek my face turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and heal your land that you got to do your part first. Gotta be obedient and participate with God taking our right is what it is is what is so family. We hope you been blessed by this program. We have truly been blessed here.

I'm just this happen is wonderful discussion about active state. And so we want to just take this time to pray and we want to use this opportunity for anyone who is in a backslidden conditioning and you strayed away from your relationship with God or you being in charge and you never really asked to establish their relation with that or you just in a place where you feel stagnant and you radiate out to that next level with the Lord. We just want to pray with you right now today, a man in so you just kind pray with doesn't repeat after me. Father, we love you. We thank you for this time for this opportunity for your grace and for your mercy. I believe that your son Jesus died and rose from the dead.

We believe that you sent him to be a sacrifice for us to have abundant life here on earth and in eternity with you. I repent of my stance work that I have a contrite heart and I want you to give me the grace to walk into my destiny help me get to that place of prominence that the things that you called me to the things that you have planned for my life to prosper me and to give me a wonderful future father. I give it all to you, Lord God, help me to have faith that is active.

Help me to be and do everything that you have called me to be and do give me the ability to forgive you. Give me the ability to step out on faith give me the ability to conquer all of my fears, Lord, that answer be great. Help me to have a discerning and wise heart to make better decisions, Lord, to overcome every adversity enshrouded is in my life I draw near to you that you may draw near to me Lord, I surrender everything to you come in and consume me like a flood.

Transform my mind growled me up in you take my hand hold me and comfort me, Holy Spirit, come into my life and consuming, and I give it all to you and in Jesus Christ name, we decree and declare it by faith, that it is already done in Jesus name a man so family we love you out you now is I is all about supporting and helping one another.

Being transparent, trying to make this word understandable and relatable so that what we can grow in our faith. A man about chocolate answer.

I want to reiterate this book that I mentioned earlier two books that I mentioned earlier, Joyce Meyer, battlefield of the mind and the energy to crap that highly recommended. It is been around. She wrote that book quite a few years ago, but it's so relevant for all time.

The second book is by Miles Monroe, Dr. Miles Monroe called the burden of freedom.

I encourage you to get that again.

That book is about. Once you get freedom okay you give free to submit your life to Christ, everything you walking out step into the deep, but you don't know how to manage your life. You don't know what to do next is you know you need to learn how to be responsible in with this freedom and it's a beautiful responsibility and you can have that abundant life, but you don't want to stay a baby Christian for work forever and I want that abundant life and you want to have a life of fulfillment in but a baby Christian is not able to do that. Okay, not able to have that that wisdom and walking that wisdom and and that responsibility optimally psycho to get those books again and and you know what just some practical things that help your faith become active.

If you feel stagnant.

Are you fear feel fearful of bowel moving forward by faith and something that God has called you to do on take time out to just meditate. Don't talk down. Don't try to read a whole Bible.

All they want. Get just get a little portion can get you a few scriptures get you a passage to meditate on. Because quality is better than quadrants to actually understand what you're reading and ask the Holy Spirit to give you revelation. Sometimes when you when you don't have understanding. As someone who's been you know more season in order to maybe help you.

But on that lot though the word is a living and active, because you can get another revelation from the same script you've known for 20 right in your a lot of people you don't. I don't know if they really understand you know Moses journey to get close to God you know is it wasn't like you know it wasn't like the mountain had the elevator. It was like he had to climb a mountain he had to climb the mountains and in one like it was a day journey he had to climb my home soon and you know that takes time. That's how serious he was. You know and you know a lot of times we get into a place and we just want to give up on the way that we want to go. No no no no you have climbed that mountain you have to put know if this might dance it was important to you, you have to go Jeff climbed you have to you have to do some work to get it done.

No salvation is free and I tell everybody's salvation is free. We all know that God so loved the world that he.he gave his only begotten son is the payment right know It had a favorite not not a thing about it is it's free but now I tell people to die for the world. But as the world saved okay so there must be something that we have to do is you have to know so so I help people in this method, this mindset okay salvation is free. Okay, so now you gotta go around. First of all, you have to believe that is free to believe and go around the corner and get it.

You gotta walk about his dislike of the juvenile three TVs around the corner.I got a believe that the giving of free TV in and then I got to get up and I got up, walked to go get that TV salvation is free but you have to go get it. You have to claimant you have to build on it.

You have to work through salvation is free work don't get you into heaven, but when you get to heaven going judge for you works, somebody felt that definition should be a teacher). So what you do solidifies what you believe. Are you walking in obedience to the word and the law of God. Are you growing closer to God and making him an intentional part of your life, what you don't want to sacrifice You may like our father Abraham.

He was what really willing to sacrifice his son and it was an act of his fate would have you sacrifice for God you say pick up your cross and follow him. What crosses do you have to pick up what things are. You have to deny your flesh of it is time for us to make that challenge fire sales people. What we do solidifies our faith, what you do for God will last name and you will be disappointed to sell family.

We help you ma'am blasted by active say we walk by faith and not by the just shall live by faith.

We hope you have been blasting out Sony next week from 4 to 7 bridging the gap keeping a 100 sweet loving family have a wonderful week

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