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Red wave coming? Polls shift away from democrats

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 17, 2022 12:45 pm

Red wave coming? Polls shift away from democrats

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 17, 2022 12:45 pm

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Fox news coders in New York City always seeking solutions never selling its Brian kill me.

I want Brian kill me. Your will be a visitation we can bring to me Joe come in your direction. 1-866-408-7669 will be joined by Benjamin that know the longtime prime minister of Israel may be the future to Mike Rogers bottom of the our Senate select intelligence committee member and Benjamin with a brand-new book out. It's it's definitely comprehensive.

It's his autobiography talks about everything from his family to his brother who lost his life in the in the victory and in tabby. So let's bring in the form prime minister. Maybe future Prime Minister of Israel is prime minister, not now. Welcome to the Brighton Ouija. So first off, can you when you realize this would be the right time to put out your biography. What I wanted to really run the country autobiography.

When you prime minister or finance ministers.

I wrote all my books when I was in opposition. About the only time that you can do it, but it also tell of the working very hard to bring down the government. I wrote it actually sometimes while I was in the plenary of our Parliament budget debates or cleaning gallantly while going through political meeting Craig books you know how all badges but I enjoyed the first time I saw you was the first Gulf War and since Saddam Hussein was sending SCUD missiles into Israel and I thought you were so composed and calm is that you have these we don't know what the schedule capable of what they were what was in those are rockets themselves, and I saw you with really the voice of Israel back then. Did you always have aspirations even in the early 90s are becoming prime minister public log.

So after my older brother, who will serve God by Western hostages in the heart of Africa most celebrated commission in modern times, so that changed my life, it's due to directional public service on the battle against international and from there I was asked to become engaged to become Israel's ambassador in Washington about the UN. It was only after that that I contemplated entering politics, which is not a genteel sport. It is not for the very heart I entered it out of a sense of mission mission to protect to the Jewish state.

Jewish people to secure future and prosperous future but also to coalition forces of freedom to make my contribution: forces of freedom around the world, which is always a risk. What what does the fact that you went to school here in America what it will kind of perspective do you have being that you was here lived here for a while. When it comes to going back to Israel running that country will most are the most important that America is a indispensable ally doesn't mean it's our only dialogue but logically I would be American people like no other, because they recognize that his role in many ways frontline westerns in the heart of very unstable, mentally fighting, common enemies, especially Iran, the chance Benjamin's room American force that stands in the way I've made it to the carton usual my premiership that I got in America was an appreciation for individual initiative for enterprise for free markets and that in many ways shared by decision to an active visual free-market maters will one of the most developed and prosperous countries on earth because we are the inherent genius in our people to enterprise to start up thousands and thousands of startups which are open them countries around the world in many ways that's American influence without question, but you probably do better you streamline have less institutional blocks, and I remember picking it up from dancing was book about innovation nation. By the time he spent over there. I also been reading Jared Kushner's book saw that you slept in his bedroom. When you when you were coming through here, you know his dad quite well, correct rights, what, how would that partnership work, the larger issue of how to deal with changing American administrations.

I have obviously my differences with Pres. Obama, whom I respected, but fundamentally disagreed with permit primarily on the question of the relationship between power and peace.

The springs, I believe that Paul open space and a great appreciation for softball and I was thought that so far is great, but if it's not back by heart borrowed largely because we very cool world and you know Martin Luther King for a good PR chemistry bends towards justice will maybe so, but it's a good lock is continually pounded by the forces of darkness and alert you very strong and willing to defend your values and your survival and your future. You can use some biographies and concluding that no one knows the Lincoln and Lincoln spoke of the better angels of our nature, but even in the decisive battle of America's bloodiest war to ensure that the better angels of our nature, triumph, so I have a different view with Pres. Obama on this primarily was reflected in our different views on you on the raw material and on some other matters I had less of a difference to my little company came into office understanding that enabled us to actually get strength because for 72 years allowed to peace treaties with Arab states and four quarter to have not yet when we apply this new approach that I believe we had full peace treaties with Arab states and four months and that I think is what significant not only for his many of our neighbors before the district for the future of the many reasons for the future peace in the world and for the reasons reversals on Pres. Obama. You came here, and you spoke about this runny deal and I I can pretend that there's even another side to.

It's the stupidest thing ever its own balance in there someone trustworthy and effective were talking to them just that is beside myself. I can imagine what it's like for you but do you think was personal. You think there was a personal dislike that he had for you because he seemed to be actually working for you up for your ouster with the opposition. Is that correct. Like when I ended up winning first first time that he tried not called me up in my book called me up to you. You we we try to knock you down and you beat fair and square that the Clinton Charlotte being so politically incorrect to a lot of my field supposed to metal and metal another people selections go well expect other people. My commitment American elections, but mine and I took it in stride.

But to think that you asked me if it's a personal thing. Yes. Well it wasn't on my side. Obama well got out of the Longview would've recognized Jerusalem as capital moved there and recognize our sovereignty and be the strategic goal in March, I would've wanted but he didn't and as far as I was concerned it was a policy difference when it came to constructing the existence of the one and only juice. After the bills and Odyssey of the Jewish people through the worst part of history a lot of straight makers is not meant going to a joint session of the American Congress in speaking out against the dangers you all do so. If it also meant being do you taking the brunt of many personal attacks will be up to here to defend my country and I will do whatever is necessary to defend these seem to down some before he took over and and you do with you that seem pretty tight when he was in power here. How would you describe your relationship with Pres. from all of us will produce the best years of the American alive coexpression. Bram according to start peace treaties that were begun before that actually were begun by my speech to Congress while I was speaking something describe my book while I was speaking Congress. Those moments my staff got calls from leaders in the Gulf who said we can't believe what we see we can't believe that the Prime Minister is willing to stand up against the sitting American president on something that he believes is wrong because they didn't do it, spoke back rooms with spoken cargoes were spoken on stones but here I was, before the entire world and they said if that's the case, we want to cement our ties and that led to secret meetings that I had with Arab leaders. One of them. Believe it or not on the yacht� The next biographies but it was led to the foundations of the A-bomb accords because again it's peace through strength of its peaceful power and very much. I had worked on that for many years ago, the Mossad contact with their security agencies about the breakthrough came when I actually met the leaders and I said you know it's high time that we forged a strategic alliance with us and it took me a while, but to persuade Trump and his staff, but they were persuaded and once they joined in, we could we could finish this.

I it's to our funeral, our joint credit that we connected these tremendous records but I think also it shows that if an American president is rarely Prime Minister work hand-in-hand to achieve peace through strength. You actually get both Yahoo our desk chair will recognize recognizes his voice and his business in the national seas for a while. As you know prison term came out and to paraphrase said the American Jewish community has to get their act together because they don't care about Israel and Republicans have done more he's done more for Israel than any other president is at anti-somatic know it's true that is done about it reflects a certain frustration on the fact that people vote on other issues as well. And you know I'm not going to get into the American political divide, but in general you will enjoy the support of the American Jewish committee. Not all of it because some of the some of the Jewish community joined the progressives a lot of radical progressives were not only against my commitment to our common values.

America but on the whole it be surprising for many people the support for Israel is been fairly constant and strong among Democratic public not political class but it's overshadowed by the fact that over the last decade or so. Support for Israel among Republicans and skyrocketed. That's where the draft of the gap is not so much of gone down among the Democrats. But it's gone up among the Republicans and of course we will conduct bipartisan support and the more we get the best selection is not exactly Jewish people United States don't like is really don't care about Israel, there's people in this country that are Jewish no longer love Israel. I'll take the evangelical Christians of Israel more than the Jews in this country and he's getting a lot of Jewish leaders here criticizing that he told that Army magazine in Orthodox Jewish publication.

He said so basically what you what he said is that this at sound to you is something that the Jewish community take offense with the great majority of wholeheartedly. It always articles gone to. Go to the edge of radicalism, who don't support Israel because they don't support in my opinion there's a good basic values of trademark are, to reverse a little sport's room might been rebuilt with multiple new things in America, but they're the minority, very strong by a very small minority overwhelming majority of Americans used wholeheartedly and is supportive. It is also true that among the evangelical community. We've enjoyed an enormous right.

I express my appreciation people don't know their historical roots go back centuries for this for this is supportive of believing Christians around the world and part of the reason is that they see in the rebirth of visually realization of the biblical prophecies of the ingathering of the exiles in the rebuilding of loads.

The old Jerusalem.

America's offer for the new Jerusalem and you are in one sense, but rebuilding pilgrims women are bad here so many many evangelicals see and provides a visual indication of prophecy and it really is a parable for all humanity.

And it says that if you sufficiently determine if you have the resolve in the will and the faith that a free people can overcome the most horrible all the streets and the shape of future wondrous future. That's what happened to Ms. O'Brien, Israel has 1/10 of 1% of the worlds population and yet it is ranked by the University of Pennsylvania annual poll of 20,000 opinion leaders as the most powerful country in the world that is not just just a rational site, you will serve you when you peace but I know you do BB my is that there's going to be more easy to be running again for office. Hard to imagine him not being able to get their final thought is United States is kind of vilifying and looking to isolate Saudi Arabia. You think that's a good move. 20 seconds know all these countries are not, but I think that in the larger forces we have to galvanize the wicked front against Iran. Iran threatens United States belong develop ballistic missiles against you on with nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia and Israel are the forces that will confront you on TV.

My story is a great book Mr. premises.

Thanks so much like you got good to talk to senior show tasks networks � Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News precise personal power is America's liturgy in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me when I went along with envy, then Yahoo man we have a lot more to go. Hopefully will get them back on his book tour is no database can be back in power and one thing that I would say that week I could want 20 different ways but there's no way Israel will ever let Iran get a nuclear weapon so the best thing Ron could do was sign this agreement for them but for some reason they're not.

They've also killed over 200 their citizens.

Most of women and where is the American any female organization. In this Randy Weingart white sheet talking about a run ways. The first lady talking about Iranian women wising a veggie Pelosi why is okay to assassinate them because they want to get this new they want to get this new deal done while we see what they're doing with the kamikaze drones in Ukraine killing innocent Ukrainians. They sold them or gave them to the Russians and word is similarly fighters are now fighting for the Russian army because the Russians don't know how and don't want to fight this in the brain kill me choke even here we come back like right Fox News digests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News digests information you truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show you think it's time for the last rethink its relationship with yes by the way, I can go to one oil I went about making sure that we made sure everyone can walk away from the Middle East and was going on you, but we should we should and I am in the process when when the house and Seneca facts. They're going to have to be some consequences for what they've done with Russia. So what others consequences and since when do we do a bit is is Job. I'm interested 1970s were telling OPEC what to do if they don't do it within a punish them for me. Really Saudi Arabia is the problem. OPEC plus is the problem we were rivaled to them. We would actually be the swing nation swing oil-producing nation but the president elected not to do that and don't we can figure why you went over to the Middle East was to say you're giving up it was to start reestablishing relations with Saudi Arabia you call the prior nation. Mike Rogers might feel like that doubt is right or he might want to challenge that his phone was chair of the House permanent select committee on intelligence and the former Congressman also FBI guy Mike Rogers.

Welcome back, Brian. It's always good to be back in manner you write the precedent saying that it wasn't about production increased production of oil is absolute nonsense like the timing he said I love you have to cut now want to just wait even like the timing of the cut and by the way, he asked him to wait till after the election, which tells you everything you need to know about what is worried about you can't because I prices and then and then go over to pick Saudi Arabia to get you out of trouble. There's a couple things we need to understand about the Saudi relationship. This administration has completely screwed up relationship.

I'm not saying that there are best friends and allies never but they have been helpful in the war on terror and other things in their important geopolitical factor in the Middle East. So those are things you need to keep in mind as you try to figure out this relationship, but they immediately stopped supporting their efforts to defend themselves against the rebels. By the way our support that the proxy fight between Iran just feeding them money and weapons and training and by the way the missile firing into Saudi Arabia. Guess what, dampening a maiden made in Tehran and so we will immediately walked away from that I we put a lot of pressure on them for other things like soaking, which is bad. Get it wrong. It is, but there's a better way to handle it, then poke your finger in the chest and then they cannot sell organa negotiate with the Iranians again and the last deal gave them the money to send missiles to the left. Like missile into Saudi Arabia.

You can't just say that those things didn't have consequence for the United States in a relationship what he did is drive the Saudi's member when we cut ourselves, drove the Saudi's were trying to defend themselves from the Iranians into the arms of the Russian all of that was was avoidable except for the bad decisions of this administration and then the comeback in several an hour and a punish him, but I guarantee you that's not going to help it relationship and I just don't know why we were trying out Arab League partners have been not always great but I guarantee, other than 100 times better than the Iranians have been in that region that Saudi Arabia and Abram records and more for Middle East peace in anything since Jimmy Carter and Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat. But I want you here with the former ambassador to Russia under Barack Obama, Michael McCall said cut 34 Saudi Arabia not a perfect ally but there a key national security partner against Iran. This greatest threat in the region when the present goes on calls him a pariah or when you rebels bomb you know the Saudi's and UAE to jeopardize the Abraham records and which by the way are proxies of Ron. It sets a really bad tone and I think it makes world more dangerous for pushing them to rush or say China yeah I mean that's Michael college, the Republic, the Texas Republican.

Not that Michael would fall up my bed but but basically we were not at all when I ask you have a dinner party.

It's a bad neighborhood and did for the last 80 years we've been better off dealing with them on our side that haven't go to China and Russia there is no manage for them for the United States and other long-term capital security or economic interest.

By the way there's no good reason to drive the Saudi to the Russians and Chinese and that's exactly what this because they are they want the salon deal that they look at it as a legacy issue and they're not.

They can't quite get out of their own way to understand the dangerous dictation of getting a deal with Iran on their nuclear program, passed the Senate to pass the Senate. That's probably would be a better sign. It's a good deal, but they can't do that so they won't do it.

And now they're causing all of these problems in the Middle East.

I argue it's dangerous not only their attitude, but the way they're going about this is just it is causing a rift that we just don't need and don't have to have so we stand that there were dozens of kamikaze Iranian drones that the Russians flew into keys. They knocked out they knocked out some, but for the most part a lot of them landed terrorizing that country because they are losing on the ground around gave them look we got Turkish drones. We gave them to the Ukrainians so Ron did this yet we still have not cut off relations with them.

This report over the weekend that Iranian fighters are seen fighting the Ukrainian Army.

What is our leverage in this area. What would would push screens could we pull we could reengage Europe and the notion that region and we auto double down on technological little boy economically and we still have learned that and stopped negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran stopped completely pull out of that thing, were not dealing with you until you get your act together. If Apple and really start running down the other thing we should be doing in just much and is off next week and is supporting the very courageous Iranian women were coming out and protesting the regime that is an opportunity for people who believe in democracies stand up for people who were risking their life and their get beaten in jail them, but they're doing it because they believe in freedom and I don't hear much of this administration, I mean II hear a quote once in a while that a good thing, but this is something we should be all in on Mike when you were there when you attend a house from select committee Barack Obama was present and he came out and said one of his request to the city made a mistake was. Not speaking out for those protests. These are bigger. These are bigger protests. It's got them totally off their access understand this now but there's all types of unrest even in their prisons and they've killed over 200 people of their own to 200 members of the right of their own citizens.

Barack Obama gave Joe Biden a hall pass on this YC not answering it the same security people that were in the Obama administration negotiating the deal are now in the Biden administration negotiating the deal and they cannot do the forest through the trees and they want that so that I can tell you that the guy was chairman of intelligence the time I kept going to the White House and Congress made a big mistake not only on the deal, which make a mistake not supporting the folks who are coming out in the street and risking their lives to protest the regime, which is in the world's best interest at that region, and we don't do anything untoward. All we have to do is give them support and encouragement and let the world know that there were some and that is that gives people courage in a place like Iraq and so the same people are doing the same thing in trying to negotiate almost the same.

Don't feel and think the things that they turned off during the Obama administration our defense intelligence services had going to try to make sure they didn't get a nuclear weapon flipped the switch and turn things off was a mean one that ever becomes unclassified to her stomach, and I did see the same kind of behavior you explain it again.

I thanks I think I lost you. Would you say you soon turned yet are certain activities and programs that because they didn't want to offend Uranian I'll give you one that was fairly public medical Chemical weapon used in serial.

The reason that the patient didn't want to find that there was chemical weapons and believe I have.

It was pretty clear to me is because they didn't want to offend but it will happen in serial sake, chemical weapons, member, redline the redline chemical "it was pretty darn clear that they had used chemical weapons and they just kept moving the redline because they didn't want to listen Ukrainians because they were trying to get this Iranian nuclear deal.

I see the same kind of behavior today right and they're just not transplant about their little cake about natural causes trouble and that's exactly where they are. That's why work at odds with our with the Saudi's and that's exactly why scratching and why the president even has to say no, not were not well. There are concrete things you can do this the president to send the message in a jumbled statement so I want you here. Gary Casper joined me on one nation on Saturday night and you know his dead, the chess champion ran for president over there, has great connections.

This is what he says he's hearing on the ground in Ukraine and what is happening back in Moscow cut 21 and the only from supports and is the way out of Ukraine. That's it a lot and that you know if you have these militant feet and no dictatorship. Look at Easter ever survived the defeat of that magnitude.

Then you will have millions of refugees from cut Crimea in Eastern Ukraine and any other beaten are angry people, many of them coming back was arms plus economic collapse by next spring crush old bank of the centrist working and those ingredients are not indicators of the collapse.

Tell me what you do you agree with that ripple effect of losing on the ground behind grabbing people off the streets and putting them in uniform and throwing them on the front lines. It seems has all the earmarks of desperation, I would be a little cautious. Remember the Castro died in a minute for years and he would be out any minute member I thought was going to be just months and he would be gone. He still there. Khomeini would always going to collapse. There still there. Yet he owns the security apparatus and Russian is a security state and so he owns it about 10 deep, even as oligarchs understand that these not president their version of their money goes away, and there goes away. Much as they might not like what he's doing and so I think that all allows him to be in power longer than we would all want him to be so I wouldn't make any plans that he's going to fall over dead and somebody's got a block and then pull the trigger or anything like that. I just don't believe it. You hope for. But I don't see it happening with the plan for a guy that's going to be there a while and how do you set the table for him to either negotiate an exit of Ukraine or something different that and just tripling and traveling out of things she's not doing obviously what were doing this with the administration is doing is allowing a lot more Ukrainians.

The guidance that need to skim everything they need someone to go to Eagle to Sanko and the fact that he was on the FBI's payroll. The fact that they were going to go up to Christmas deal and see if you could verify your dossier. I'll give you $1 million.

What was he FBI up to is this your organization that you work for US out races outsiders like me are about what's been exposed on. I absolutely I do want to make her work fact-based on everything that we hold them accountable to, but they need to be held accountable. Like any other organization. Remember clearly lost to a serving of child pornography want the guy got out on the chart above agents are doing real important work all over the country. I chased guys like no nose DiFonzo and Johnny. That was what I was doing in Chicago.

Most criminal authors do about things in the community. Lots of FBI agents across the country doing that, what's going on the top floors of the FBI building is very concerned and it looks be starting to become culturally accepted activity around and I'm telling you not know that would have been acceptable.

You never want the FBI's credibility question.

It's just too important institution for the United States to the real important criminal works so they need to get to the bottom of it and people need to be held, and they need to send the message that that kind of activity would not be tolerated.

So, you told me today so I same perspective Christopher rates James, Robert Muller. I said what is going on here. I mean obviously they seem to be targeted not following up after the Bob Linsky interview not even having Bob Linsky go to the grand jury you seen that the homeowner thing that was done the last 2 1/2 years because millions of dollars was based on things it didn't happen.

He said this goes back to Scooter Libby being prosecuted. Knowing that Scooter Libby that it was Richard Armitage. They gave that information about uranium and that the one prosecutor Scooter Libby from talking to a reporter about it. When Richard Armitage admitted ready with him and then you have the rush investigation with using Christmas deal the fake FISA warrants using the still dossier and then this whole thing comes out. Donald Trump actually wins the election instead of saying okay that's it.

They'd amped it up and you explain that I'm not on what you had Dr. Pfizer application want me those of outrageously egregious by an agent and I just don't see any corrective action at the top of the bureau when the last opening of the FBI agents Association had never done this I need to do it now I see why I think there's lots of agents wanting the FBI to get back to doing what it does right and stay out of these political operation for this very purpose. It is tarnishing organization and the men and women who are actually fighting real time across America change Mike Rogers. Thanks so much was great to talk to you on this is Rachel Mitchell back in every day, I kill me from his mouth to your ears kill me right now is having turnout advantage more than say there is more than say that's only going about what to get the Democrats in contention to the house its young people.

Young people were to show up more than they say they're going to plug that into the in the model and the democratic state number goes up where their writing contention to maybe get a bare majority.

So if you want to know how the Democrats could hold the house its young people showing up more than they say they will. And right now, young people, for the most part done especially the midterms will see what happens at the get something going on campuses 65+ their major concern the economy 70% of the country think the economy is poor and nobody could say well that Republican house not the case that Republican Senate not the case. Republican president not the case so would all does turn on them and CBS said the momentum was there in July for Democrats to stop the red wave. It dissipated a little in August and it stopped considerably in September and as of last week has gone back to the Republicans not only of the Democrats are picking up momentum. The Republicans are pink again.

It got a good message. The candidates people warming up to giving is a Democrats get a terrible track record even on the say just the opposite they could write to your chance to preorder the paperback of Pres. freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass in the battle to save America's soul with brand-new information brings you good news of the history thanks much for listening Brian Kelly Jeff fastest growing radio talk show. Brian kill me hi buddy woman latest home to the brain kill me jump from 40 to 60 madame and had heard around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine. Jonathan Turley, bottom of the hours closing arguments begin that the Schenkel trial, which is really important if you understand what's going on. The FBI and a lot of it is not good is flat out evil.

Not everybody but I cannot wait. If five Congress does flip, especially the house, which is a virtual lock within a get to find out who these whistleblowers are inside the FBI get politics out of it and find out what exactly is going on. Michael Goodwin standing by.

So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three and the only hope from for putting is the way out of Ukraine. That's it. If you have these militant feet and no dictatorship. Look at Russian history ever survived to continue the defeat of that magnitude. Yeah, that is Gary Kasparov, Ukraine, surviving and thriving, while still being shelled by Russian rockets and Iranian drones why there could be a winner this winter and what one famous fog connected Russian things will happen if Ukraine keeps taking back their land.

Everything that the rest of the country is now experiencing these soaring inflation, the surgeon crime were very familiar with it here in California and it is by design.

Gavin Newsom is in California, is a model for the nation model for the nation. Kevin Riley red wave re-primed describe order chaos inflation takeover is from January 6 and abortion falls back. We look at the polls that have seats in deep blue states threatened by red I would look at the following variables retail sales, payroll employment, consumer spending, industrial production, all of those have not been flashing red. All of those are not recessionary territory.

Okay, Jared Bernstein, your job is to spin.

I guess revealing numbers about how you feel about the economy what it means for the midterms 21 days away and the numbers to spend the messaging straightahead on Michael Goodwin. Thanks so much. I mean, it's amazing of her joining us. It's amazing that we're getting so many people from Democrats. It would be need to panic because that's what the Republicans are doing, but the economy is preventing such a challenge. The border is becoming such a big story. Crime is overwhelming. So many cities they can keep up and they don't have the right message. You can really say about crime the border inflation that voters any confidence and so all you can do is change the subject and Biden can go out as I write. Walter Mitty asked things and make these crazy claims that inflation is small mitigating. I meet people know it's not true and you know the fact that the way he has used the oil reserves to try to flood the market with oil to keep the prices low service supposed to be for national emergency. Now other presidents have used the temporary, but no one is ever use it the way he has, and were going to have to find out OL at some point so it's really an allusion without it. Yes, the prices might be higher, but there will be a price to be paid and that there should be an emergency. In the meantime. America did not have the oil reserves that it's supposed to have only around 40% of what we usually have so done everything except admit the obvious, which is that the economy is sinking that people feel poorer I mean that you know you and it's not without reason you look at the stock market, the 401(k)s, the 40% of the people who are in the market.

There they feel poorer look at the people whose wages are being killed by inflation right 89% when you think of paying eight or nine or 10% more for groceries and gasoline rent. I mean, no one's salary is keeping pace with that people are actually poorer their falling behind and for people who are living paycheck to paycheck for many of them that will be going into debt. Some kind of temporary thing to convert and after a while that temporary thing that covers runs out until this is a shambles. The precipice that were on here with all of these issues the border.

I mean, my goodness, when you think about roughly 4 1/2 million people now in the country who are here either. Supposedly, temporary or clearly illegally I meet over a million. God always meaning they were not apprehended. They did not register. They did not claim asylum. They just came across the border because it was open over a million of them in 20 months of Biden's presidency, so he has screwed things up to a fairly well sales.

Yes, listen to this people to judge you, evidently, is the number one requested person for the Biden administration, the Mayor transportation center. This is by chance going so well and all transportation separately including plane travel just been fantastic. Listen to it.

He says the biggest problem. The ministration has Five and I do think we run the risk because there have been so many accomplishments like the chips actors bring manufacturing back to the United States of the pack that getting veterans the benefits they deserve. Course the infrastructure bill inflation reduction act on top of that American rescue plan in on some ways having achieved so much legislatively makes it hard to talk about it all at once because there are just so many accomplishments that really tell is, is that really a struggle.

Does your heart go out to them quickly lost touch with any real government that experience that he had and you would think you would have as the mayor which is that it's not about legislation. People don't look at legislation and feel better until the legislation hits and affects their daily lives and so it's a talking point to say, legislation is an accomplishment, but it doesn't hit people's lives until it takes a fact and none of these things are helping people now the inflation reduction act that means it's not working. Obviously, because inflation continues to remain sky high. I think that's part of the thing that discredits Democrats is in and disqualifies them in this election for a lot of voters is that they're not speaking truthfully speaking governmentally no speaking part is certainly not speaking truthfully.

Let's look at individual races by Julie Chase weighed in on the Associated Press over the weekend about what's going on. For example, in Georgia content Georgia Senate race between Walker and Warnock is fascinating for multiple reasons the unclean.

Many of the allegations are being made against Herschel Walker. If you think about this Senate landscape right now and the prospect of a runoff in Georgia. We could end up in the same place we ran out of 2020 when the balance of the Senate is resting on a runoff. Jack I think was really nothing about that right now is in the governor's race to see Really putting some distance with that with friends there and how that could benefit a runoff have to be working out to the I do is preventive Herschel Walker to win or prevent Warnock from getting 50% and we could be right back. We were January 6 20, 21, is fantastic. I think that the good news and what she was saying there is high regard Stacy Abrams says something about poisonous character on the American scene I something off about her.

She's obviously intelligent, clever and and and could be likable. I think in many circumstances, but things she says are so false in so many ways that you know basically starting with the fact that the election the last time was stolen from her and 18 men. She denies saying that I mean, this thing that somehow Republicans are evil people who are trying to keep black people from voting. I think it's such a poisonous thing to throw into the public debate and so I think if she is defeated that a lot of people in the Democratic Party would say will were not going down that path. That's not a winning argument to make that people are being denied to both the special and black turnout in some of the states. This is higher than ever.

So it just it's a false argument is a poisonous argument and she keeps making it so defeating her I think would be a terrific time.

I'm not saying the name of Brian. I don't really know his policies but I do believe that Stacy Abrams is not a good figure for American politics, not partisan, but just a kind of divisiveness that that can only spread poison to see no brain can still was when the click is still open after the pandemic during the pandemic and number one number two is to people talk about him. If he is to prevail like he is seems to be now running for president and I know he's an enemy of trouble you have no problem running against Trump on the children's traction he would get the other bigger stories right in your backyard governor we discovered okay gubernatorial candidate resulting Congressman from Suffolk County has one from 12 points and eight points down, and now to five points down. Now he's within the margin of error to the point with the Cook report now looks at this, the governor's race as a tossup.

Here's Lee's gelding cut 15 LI New Yorkers are just really fed up with Kathy ogle. She's doing a terrible job as governor. New Yorkers are leaving this country at this state more than any other state, across the entire country. And the reason why is because Albany has been attacking their safety attacking their wallets and are heading for opportunities elsewhere.

So there's a vibe on the ground that there needs balance restored to Albany. I people want to save the state they want to save New York City.

They're tired of having to wake up every morning and and read all the headlines of a rising crime in your own neighborhood places where they used to feel safe and Walker walk the streets comfortably and now they're calling over just to go couple blocks are new.

You are our republic is getting to too optimistic here you think they'd Lee's gelding has closed the gap and is the landscape something they he's giving people an alternative.

I've always thought this was a winnable campaign for Republicans not want a statewide race in New York since 2002. So 20 years and this is the first one that really looks winnable and part of the reason why is not only the fact that Democrats control everything they control all statewide offices. They control both houses of the legislature's vetoproof majorities in both house of the legislature begin begun to see in the last couple of election to cling on Long Island you seen Republicans winning County executive DA races began to see people thing this isn't working, this this one-party rule is not working soft on crime. The high taxes the brokenness.

All of these are democratic results and I think that Lee's Eldon has effectively tapped into this particularly on crime with the government and the governor of course she inherited the office after the disgraced Andrew Cuomo left was forced out but she has been a kind of placeholder like a substitute teacher who doesn't really seem to one the job.

She sees a raise all kinds of money she's done all of that, there's lots of pay to play accusation campaign generally promised anything she stopped someone a captive of the legislature and think she can defeat Eldon Chevrolet whole campaign event. This is a rose garden strategy to the extreme ends.

Eldon is out there talking to people about their everyday concerns and all I Kathy ogle can talk about is abortion and Donald Trump abortion and Donald Trump. Eldon did a very smart thing Eldon is pro-life New York more than codified Rosie with the New York rights to abortion are beyond what Roe V Wade guaranteed and smart thing by running an ad in which he says I cannot and I will not change the abortion law. So I think that in many ways took it off the table is easy to �0.00 and she sensing something totally dishonest campaigning is abortion and Lee's Eldon connection to Donald Trump.

She's not talked about crime. She's not talked about taxes. She's not talked about inflation. New York has terrible energy price policies. Andrew Cuomo instituted so there's so much to be done in the state she's not talking about it. She's she won't debate she's hiding from from voters. Even she doesn't campaign. I think it's a disastrous decision that she made and I think it is open the door apart from the policies. I think her lack of the campaign has given Eldon a lot of room to run and he is campaigner he's working very hard. He's getting the money now because of the polls.

He's getting money. I think it's a winnable race and and I think the polls generally have it right that it's tightening it, whether it's a true tossup. I can't say, but definitely there's no enthusiasm for her and he is putting himself out as a viable alternative to. Why do you come by so UAB is also insightful as well and you would put that together they did present buying is really election by telling Sally's put off your decrease in production of 2 million barrels a day, no question, Mike Goodwin thanks so much in your post, foxes contribute thanks Michael, you got it we come back over the phones 1-866-408-7669 also remind you that were waiting for opening or closing arguments on the Schenkel trial.

Jonathan Turley will weigh in what we've learned already this is the right tell me Joe diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me talk show that's real is Brian kill me show writable to professorial started when I was behind the podium as opposed when I was in a crowd. There were times where I get you sound like I was given a bunch of policy gobbledygook and that's not how people think about these issues lately. Think about them in terms of the things that I care most deeply about my family my kids, they are not. Not being a buzz kill you and sometimes Democrats are like sometimes people just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells and Barack Obama said this many times that he does not like cancer, culture, stuff, and he's trying to wait Democrats because Democrats own this and needs transit where you guys don't because you can't play the perfect game it's gonna blow up in your face. We watch they would with Hollywood everybody that's been banned and canceled because they're not playing a perfect game in with these are: people out and build more which were the first to say it, and continues to say it but to present Obama's credit, he never is been one to walk around saying this guy should be canceled at Jerry say that because he's very cognizant of what's around the corner.

This person, we have a current present right now say in the most awkward things possible especially comes to young women seem over the weekend, will give this woman says no serious boyfriends authority in the socket.

It will make it way too close. That type of stuff you don't have a chance of culture. With that radio show like no other, kill me laugh has never had any interest in trying to prove or disprove moves on, like it was something that is they don't want to commit time where they were trying to get from trying to discredit them trying to vent him first prevent him from being president and ultimately credit from me, successful as president. So it's that the left is never good at introspection after the fact, that is, met Whitaker was acting Atty. Gen. did you and acting Atty. Gen. within Boolean ball would take over after sessions was given his walking papers who greenlighted the mobile report, which was an absolute travesty I Jonathan Turley, welcome back.

So that was met Whitaker just talk about the revelations he came out from the Schenkel trial. I've never seen this before but you're the one who studies and teaches law where I'm not. I don't think curious about the verdict as I am about the revelations during the trial. I learned a lot by Sussman's trial, even though he wasn't convicted, Jonathan do you think I'm way out of bounds and that no were not that keenly interested in who would be charged or convicted because the special limitation. I have been running and about to run out for virtually everyone associated with a rather sordid story about what we are interested in is the report of the special counsel in the information that he can share any hand shared a great deal of that contract it's been really breathtaking to learn the notable is that most of this was not revealed by special counter molar. Either he didn't know or he didn't reveal it to the public for learning a lot of detail about how the Hillary Clinton campaign hatch and the output bank a false story and how they planted it in the media. Without life, they pushed it to allies in the FBI while they were also denying that they were funding the people like Mark Goliath. The General Counsel has been criticized by reporters who said that they were told by the campaign that they had not funded came out later that funding was buried in the budget of Mark Goliath in the campaign legal fund but also what is really quite amazing is Lee's account of how far the FBI when it works for both the steel operation and the FBI people know he can keep you got paid to put together the got paid by the FBI. The FBI offered $1 million to steal if he could bag Tromp think that if you can prove any of this will give you $1 million, which of course he couldn't prove but none of that had any impact on the FBI's conduct. They didn't take any real steps to confirm this information in the case of willful blindness it at that. And in this trial. I actually confronted one of these FBI figures who by the way he was trying to rehabilitate and Schenkel understand that the agent was talking about. No, no, no, not a Russian agent and during terms that will hold you were told by American intelligence. You might get an agent did you look into that will know I did have access to and during correctly said you can get The requested did you ever requested and of course he said no it didn't seem to be much of a concern to him that he was running someone who actually could be a double agent. I mean I'm I thought about you when I'm watching some hearing about this reading the reports, the one pagers and thinking will experience you had. Are you as shocked as I and by the way carpe transit really I work for the FF refresh you pay this crushing ability and I know you pay in this Russian money to do this and then your offering still $1 million. We get this money so coming out of Christopher Ray's pot pocket. It's coming out of its American taxpayer dollars working against the current present but like in your pages. I'm glad you brought him up because you know what's really good thing about this whole story is not just that the media was a willing purveyor of this fall. The false claim that they they refused actually covered the fact that what they refused to follow the lead even when they came out they downplayed what's really disgusting is that you have individuals like Carter page who were ruined by the media and by the FBI and they couldn't care less. I mean, what is clear is that Carter page was not guilty of any of this stuff that there was never evident by what they did to him to get the media turned him into an absolute grotesque monster and no apology but no recognition move, it's amazing to because I watched him. He went to MSNBC the first, my sump and I saw those member being T6 years ago five years ago Carter page to appear for the first time since his name came up among the pro-I'm awaiting on MSNBC.

That's interesting. And then he goes on any got kind of surprised by the like they did these questions even he looked like any look like he was totally caught by the whole thing with Munn. One might've surmised that he was guilty, yet I was thought to make a few totally innocent something you have official people powerful people accusing you of it might be very easy to say I would just consider Tomei my innocence, but at least I got evidence of it and they make you doubt yourself.

After a while, and next thing you know Manfred's life is ruined.

This guy's life is ruined. Papadopoulos goes to jail. Who knows if it's related to his marriage, blowing up that happened.

We know that the for two years. Any type of US Russian relations were blown up. I'm not a fan of the Russian government, but I'm pretty sure that it didn't help that we made up some fictitious relationship with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. After while one from. While this is great to see American chaos to all my goodness what's going on here now would look like go 10 foot tall hundred foot tall monsters so they do this at the same time the hunter by this is gets confusing the hunter by is percolating and it's all related. These people are covering up relationships there to make sure Trump is not elected again, really, really incredible when the Trump tower meeting happened with Donald Trump Junior all the media piled on and said Mike not this is huge because the Russians might be planting a false story against Hillary Clinton into the media could be an all in an effort to make her look those reporters were pursuing that line at the time when they were doing exactly with Donald Trump and by that time. By the way, it was already clear that this was baseless.

In fact, it was clear very early on American intelligence told the FBI. We think this is actually Russian disinformation that there's no proof, then you and your sources are both yeah and then every type of incidental contact like Sen. sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador is sinister while I was a sitting senator. He walked in. I shook my hand. But no, it built on a false narrative see now, he became Atty. Gen. and right away. The Russian establish establishment and even Michael Flynn of Michael Flynn takes a call in the Bahamas from another government word Puerto Rico from another government in a week before is about to start work and next year the FBI comes and visits him and catches him what I think is entrapment in the casino without a large guy sky combined question is sure unitary not just come by guys. It doesn't matter.

Next, you know two attorneys asked Michael Flynn some things he hasn't been getting incriminated they gotta let them go. So it's it it's unbelievable what took place at the same time. Four years later running for reelection another story percolating final weeks, the FBI again squelch is a story that is still being suppressed four years later. I just don't understand how this organization is continuing to exist this way. The combination of the campaign and the light and white have really been heard of Genia and manipulating scandal from unit with with the Russian collusion story, the Clinton campaign got away with it. People like Mark Alai got away with and you know you there's no accountability and then when they killed the hunter by store Genia Magruder, once that this is really the way Houdini made an elephant disappear because they often never left the stage, but the audience wanted to believe the elephant. If you are what keep the what what the Bible it is that you immediately hit the buying into the trip until when it would finally feel that this was all a trick the elephant didn't disappear. The media couldn't admit it and you see that with Zucker and Griffin recently with their interview, trying themselves not trying to come up with an explanation for why they didn't cover hunter by local you know you and Dr. saying wow this is just 15 days before the election. It took him over 500 days after the election to even acknowledge the authenticity of the laptop and Griffin think it's because he wasn't arrested and Don Trump Junior was let out in costs out of the Trump tower didn't stop them. The applicable restaurant doing 24 seven covered. Actually, I member the present flying back from the North Korea Summit and the big story was not North Korea meeting with this nuclear now a renegade hermit kingdom, but instead was Don Junior met with some Russian operative in the Trump tower and was you know what was Jared Kushner doing their why was he texting while they will empty or so okay where off on that tangent again and then the blown commercial CNN to continue to run with this story. So I ask you if the house flips and they start doing investigations on the FBI you expect these whistleblowers to come forward faces exposed saying I'm concerned. Just like if Jonathan Turley was an FBI agent witnessing all this.

Why don't I hope there is a real need for an investigation all the media been saying for two years that you know there's nothing for Durham to investigate. We have Lola report McCarthy can't say that anyone who read any part of the story. That is what Durham is revealed would never reveal by molar and it was not even revealed in the earlier Inspector General report and he clearly has a lot more info hopefully they will investigate because many of us have a lot of questions, apparently made by administration just said that he FBI agent who is been credited with telling the story or killing the investigation, I should say will not cooperate with the house. If they investigate hunger by currently they yes they said that what TiVo knows is confidential and so there is no intention to have him testify.

Are we putting putting adjusting banning goes to jail today for ignoring the subpoena. The funny thing is the same argument that some Trump people it makes of the Democrats are going to be arguing Congress should an athlete question because of privilege. The problem is that by the time the house takes over there probably is going to be an indictment of some type, or charges of some type again hundred by if it is not to be an absolute outrage me what most of us are expecting that to be given rather modest target and leaving cut a plea deal made by if that happened it could end up that there might not be come across so the case might be, effectively overcome the perspective of the FBI will be interesting if people continue to say I can't share information. Unbelievable. Jonathan would expect in the verdict today or will you expect when the jury deliberated hello you think it'll take anything will happen. Not a complex case is a relatively easy count dropped one of the five if there tough cases to make out coming. They charge made a decision to drop one of them because the language was unclear to be asking Schenkel whether he talked to this key individual and I might have misunderstood that quest, I'm now turning 1/3 of appreciation for all that the level of concern that Michael Flynn didn't get in the DC court that everything he said seemed to just be incriminating and In the case, but it's a tough case for Durham. I will see coming there. It doesn't seem like there is no question that then checked out most of gave false information because the field and a lot of it came from. But I have to see how the jury reacts particularly to the one FBI agent who really went out of his way to rehabilitate Anne Frank on the stand and said no no no no, he he was huge in terms of the benefit the United State. He's not a Russian agent and Durham really drilled and how do you know you never even made an inquiry but that can still make an impact on the jury enough to get a hung jury, or quit also will see. Thanks so much Jonathan fascinating time and disturbing head together getting some answers. But the fact it is still happening is nuts. John, thank you. We come back to open up the phones 1-866-408-7669. I hope you are able to follow that I know to confusing and they wanted to be confusing, but I want to try to continued unwanted move pass all the right to kill me no more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me retail sales of payroll employment, consumer spending, industrial production, all of those have not been flashing red. All of those are not recessionary territory that is focused on bringing that inflation and we are starting to see signs that the actions they are taking is having an effect majority of inflation is not attributable really so you're not doing anything except for helping those good people to judge says sauce with them goes bad. I know they do it that part of the problem is nobody believes that in the secretary. Transportation IDs very bright guy. By the way, no doubt about it, but I don't I don't think that he has a track record to run.

I did dove average mayor. No big accomplishments in tiny South Bend, which I love the data been there number times, not just to go to Notre Dame. Have a great affiliate there love the people, but you not exactly like running New York City and then to become secretary does a horrible job running for president gets almost no votes in the South. Nothing's changed. They become secretary, transportation, and they take three months off at a time in which a supply chain is totally broken down. He says a supply chain is getting better. But why is the economy is doing better supply chain is slowing things down. Problem is, the people had states don't do it that way the economy is poor, 70% says yes. The average 401(k) is down 25%.

We have an average of lost $2.1 trillion in a 401(k).

The average family loss $6000 in purchasing power over the last 20 months, and since Pres. Biden took off his monthly savings exam hold onto something. 83%, but they had nothing to do with it when the when the oil prices go up in price like Saudi Arabia's to blame when they go down Joe Joe Biden is taking strong action to help bring prices don't go up again Saudi Arabia is to blame, nothing to do with our output wrong, who's to blame gas station owners and oil producers everything you don't want your children or anybody a mentor to do blame others in time of stress and tragedy that today's doing 90% of CEOs preparing for recession, but the president says what I had to recession, inflation is transitory, but remains between 89% for over year. Good luck with that.

You tell me how that's gonna ride 21 days from. That's why Oregon's and playing the governorship and that's why New York simply because Eldon ogle, now a tossup. No joke. Jack is always seeking solutions for selling is Brian kill me hey what abilities most of the brain to me Joe coming from 46 McCammon had heard around the country around the world.

Jason Riley standing by Wall Street Journal columnist would have Institute senior fellow body out of the great Fred bear to put it like Fox News you be joining us will forward to getting his inside because I know most of you cannot get enough of what's happening leading up to the midterms as can I especially as it goes to the drum and the Senate and you have so many of the states that would normally do. You know the basically the die had been cast. This is what's going to happen and then you see the governorship in Oregon, a Republican, leading, and then we get the news on Saturday that leads Eldon Scott Lee's Eldon's candidacy to be next governor of New York is Republican. Not one since George Pataki has one from lean left to tossup. That's how bad crime is that's a bit the border is, that's how bad inflation is the economy is right now in America. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three and the only all fronts were put in is the way out of Ukraine. That's it.

A lot. If you have a smooth feet and no dictatorship. Look at Russian history ever survived the defeat of that magnitude. They go Gary Casper of Ukraine, surviving and thriving while still being shelled by Russian rockets and Iranian trolls why there could be a winner this winter and what famous connected Russian by Gary Casper thinks will happen if Ukraine keeps on taking their land back everything that the rest of the country is now experiencing these soaring inflation. The surgeon crime were very familiar with it here in California and it is by design. Gavin Newsom is in California, is a model for the nation model for the nation. Well Kevin Riley last night, our next revolution red wave re-prime as a crime border chaos inflation in Trump January 6 and abortion fall back to the polls and where the seats could be flippant. I would look at the following variables retail sales of payroll employment, consumer spending, industrial production, all of those have not been flashing red.

All of those are not recessionary territory, really. Okay, Jared Bernstein, sky is blue revealing numbers about how you feel about the economy what it means for the midterms 21 days away the numbers, the spin, the messaging will matter so much, Jason Riley, welcome back.

First off, also euros of the best-selling author of black.

The black Boone Jason. We always talk about where this election is right now. It's a much different conversation we had in August even to especially July.

When people talk about the Dobbs decision in the and gas prices going down.

Now abortions drop climate changes plummeted in first and foremost is the economy. Specifically, inflation will only write a new New York Times poll out that opening up a 10 point lead among independent and in September frequently so that's a pretty big turnaround and according to the time. It's mostly due to independent women. In September they were they favor Democrats by 14 point now they favor Republican.

By 18 point and it's because their top concern is the economy not the Dobbs decision that you reference the interview one woman who had left and I'm I'm pro-choice. I don't like what the Supreme Court did on Dobbs, but I'm still voting Republican because the economy and inflation might have concerns. So if you're a Democrat that's got to have you worried and I think. First, he really is worried about that. I see something positive, but it looks like the total sale is losing.

He's totally selling what he was supposed to be understanding solicited people to judge.

He says the problem is there to successful listen to this. Got five and I do think we run the risk because there have been so many accomplishments like the chips actors bring manufacturing back to the United States of the pack that getting veterans the benefits they deserve. Course the infrastructure bill inflation reduction act on top of that American rescue plan on some ways having achieved so much legislatively makes it hard to talk about it all at once because there are just so many accomplishments so you feel for him. I think I'm done a great job of winning over his cabinet economic advisor.

I don't know how well that is resonating with voters, though they thought inflation would fade as an issue with us to come down and support.

They thought that the January 6 commission would be a top concern threats to democracy, but they're not really talking about January 6 much. I mean it's just not an issue that's wrapped mating and inflation and the economy still seem to be wrapped meeting prices going up faster than Paychex and the only thing they can hope for is that people don't check their 401(k) statements on the way to the polls on election day. Brian left that's what they have to hope for your post today that says the 401(k)s down 25% overall Webelos 2.1 trillion from when many people did a co-op situation count on to retire along with Social Security you you that was something was put out there and it is in the stock market. So I understand can go up and down, but you know, you know, 2008 call people by surprise and was very painful, but this one is. This is a slow burn because we know what's happening next interest rates going to go up higher, the economy could cause further and then the fact is, you know, was taken ownership of it in the refuse to adjust our own energy output. I find it unbelievably frustrating.

I the politics aside, I did prison bide one to help his party and his fortunes, he would say the left. You got nowhere to go. Anyway, you have to temper early the next five years, be able to pump and Frak a way out of this because I do want to be subservient to OPEC. We tried that in the 70s and 80s we got out of that Nixon made it a mission was completed by Obama in Trump.

Let me go back to doing that and you could totally ignore Trump and give Obama credit do whatever political machinations you want to put the result would've been more output instead were taken out of our emergency emergency fund.

Yeah, you're right. He had a chance on this issue and say that is left blank.

I'm sorry that the radical environmental Journal of gender that you want me to put it as unrealistic in the real world and what's going on in the world with Russia and Ukraine and I think you know what's going on in Europe with their energy crisis should be a cautionary tale for us.

Brian is an example of what not to do on energy policy and that is that they became too dependent on Russian energy in Europe and the long hard winter for them and the US should look at that and say that is not where we want to be in yet Biden continues to push this agenda, even if it means going to autocracies in Venezuela and asking them for help even the means going to the Saudis and asking them for help. He doesn't care he just refuses to lift the war on fossil fuel production in the US and the reality is that renewables cannot power a modern economy pages. We just did not have the technology for wind and solar. To do that sort of thing coming like 80% of our energy still comes from fossil fuels every year whole, natural gas, oil, and so forth in the idea that we can pretend we can make all that up with renewables is a joke and Biden continues to be joking with American people.

In addition, John Jerry knows better to once again that Dennis was flying around his private jets as following the other server.

Christopher rates doing the same thing with the private yet she supposed be using for cover. Criminal activity cities using going vacation with the FBI. But that's a side note, the Democrats in the New York Times today. The headline is Democrats meant to trillion dollars to save the economy. The horrible rescue acting put out there we did need a February basis, but they don't want to talk about it in part because the rescue plan is become fodder for Republicans to attack Democrats over rapidly rising prices accusing them of overstimulating the economy. This is New York Times understand their attacking them because they did the Larry Summers said the same thing Jamie Downing enter into made of the same way and that these nonpolitical players.

These money players are making these analogies. Politicians have flooded the economy with dollars, and that is feeding inflation and the other thing that they've done their with these so-called pandemic relief packages give people an incentive to return to work and that is also a big problem so you have a company*for workers and because people have an excuse to stay home if you're going to suspend student loan payments are paying rent, and so forth. Extend unemployment benefits till kingdom come. People don't have incentive to work and that becomes a problem in terms of productivity.

So you believe the pandemic relief packages have made things worse instead of better. Even if you could argue that they were needed.

Early on, they clearly have gone on too long and I were saying that the effect of that tickly with the inflation numbers and will click with you little interest you think the American people. I think it turned off on January 6 and made their opinions during trial, I noticed I flip around intentionally to get ready to do the show. I don't see much many people carrying it uncovering it when you talk about corruption of the FBI that still going on the transfers. Already the Hunter Biden laptop situation in the resignation of Tim Tebo. I see this is huge. Do you think you're doing a public service there and getting everything on record to look back on the American people look back on that important important work that is done I still think the people are looking at the pocketbook issues.

Right now they're not looking at on Outlook in January 6 to really focus on bread-and-butter issues and I think that's what is going to play the biggest role in election day. Thanks so much Jason Riley appreciated. Take care. Right now we come back I'll take some close 186-640-8766 I just remind you coming up October 25 Tuesday week from tomorrow the release of my paper back to prison freedom fighter Abe Renwick and Frederick Douglass in the battle to America so that new information in it from the takedown of the Douglas statue in Rochester, to which I with the freedom statue that was ripped out in Massachusetts but left in Lincoln Park in Washington DC and there will be live on stage produced with Fox nation. I'll be there in May and Brandon, Mississippi on Saturday, November 12 13 Tulsa, Oklahoma KR MG listeners hope to see you all there. Damn party will be there to.

I then December 2 in Newark, New Jersey. I'll be on stage and have a chance to talk 1776. Talk to about the issues the post game postmortem on the election midterm election will can expect to hear on in as well as talk about her illustrious history history of warts and all brain kill we come back.

Your call still move you need to know basis.

You need to kill me if you're interested in it.

Brian is talking about your brain kill me. I thought it was spring this was going to be an inflation like I think that's exactly what were saying. I think a lot of Democrats may be hope for some glimmer of good news in the last weeks inflation report they didn't get it and I think voters didn't really mean that official government pronouncement to know that that prices have been brutal over the last year and you look in history that means a very tough time for the incumbent and the, the author of this inflation problem. Yeah, the author. This inflation problem to a degree, yeah. I mean, obviously there is some there's a couple of I think were 10th in terms of highest inflation were eighth and I think some of the people have ascending to you came up.

He had of us but Candace behind us, said the China and Japan away behind is Vietnam, all the Middle East Way behind us and if we go ahead and cut spending. At the same time raise rates you would give you have the formula that we the Reagan use in the 80s get things down. The bottom lens we increase spending, and then we operates. So people think well.

My wife said that bedmate would have to rush back to work Leo. I did get an increase between increase wasn't in keeping pace with inflation. Going to the numbers. Maybe, in reality, you have a different reality. Matt North Carolina hey Matt yup ready go once a month. Biden reminded me of what he said I in recent memory. So I called my mom) that same statement every eight years old. He suggested the country. My sentence yeah I means is that about it. I mean it's I remember when he said that he also said the economy is doing. It's doing great. He just said that the presence of the economy strong as hell. Really, as he is asked to stay out of every battleground state. Instead, he's doing small events to raise money and go no place like Oregon to win some congressional races while totally on software if he has a staffer eating a waffle cone or chocolate chip ice cream. How old is this guy was he a child was going to have candy corn next. But we can be has gone up 13%. Good luck without Halloween. I do believe but thanks for the comment. I do believe maybe this is some to do with my anti-Halloween bias, but I do believe the people should surcharging following candy so little seven-year-old comes up to you and says your trick-or-treat say four dollars because right now candy is up 13% more than last year that according to the most recent inflation numbers and I'm sure if he gets a biscuit a candy like for example Peter butter cups actually to be more Democrats have spent 2 trillion to save the economy for truly almost 3.7 trillion overall when it doesn't work. They blame Vladimir Putin. It's crazy.

I think it's crazy so that's what the polls say it's crazy so Cecelia routes whose a chairperson and White House Council of economic advisors. She was out in a full blame Regalia cut three that is focused on bringing out inflation and that they concern is can it bring down inflation while maintaining robust economy labor market and we are starting to see signs that the actions they are taking is having an effect. So we are starting to see signs that are red-hot economy is trying to call and so we know because of that strength where and where better position than most other countries will achieve its own goals yeah but the problem is, by the way when they talk about a red-hot economy normally think that's great. They think it's bad because if you continue to spend and grow.

You continue to increase inflation because the supplies not there.

Here's more from Cecelia Rasco for part of the challenge for food is actually through energy and so put into war against Ukraine where he has weapon eyes. Natural gas is weapon ice energy shows up in food prices as well because energy is that they can put in a fertilizer so there's no question that families are feeling the squeeze.

I it's why the president is focused on trying to bring down costs right so let me Putin webinars energy don't have to be. We've had houses were now nine months if you just promise according to oil experts. I was able to speak at Mansfield oil for an event of there's and I got a chance to talk to everyone every aspect of it from the drivers actually drive the gas trucks to people to do this locally to the ones a bid to invest as well as people forecasting what's going on what's going on with drilling and fracking around the world.

If we had just promised and shown sincere look at will going to be able to drill in federal land will be streamlining the permit process they would've had investment in the price would come down because of the promise of more oil getting on the market.

We just refused to do that. That's what he talks about what would you say will enter the plea oil reserves at the same template that Vladimir Putin, we don't have to. And by the way, if you asked me in the big picture of Mexico and Canada.

I'd be totally off I be talkative experts and people that matter most about setting up our own OPEC with Canada and Mexico with all the problems and sometimes of friction between us.

I might try to keep it here, bypassing Venezuela what their infrastructure rotten to the get a government that can actually work with us.

Here's Bernie Sanders cut six challenge we have is the productive capacity of our country running to keep up so failing to invest in. That would make from better make it worse. But again the numbers you just quoted to me make clear that a majority of inflation is not attributable to fiscal policy and according to the numbers that that were just in the package just now the American people understand that they understand that inflation is a global phenomena, but we were fighting it here at home with measures to take that pressure off of families people judge very well spoken, by the way he was doing his Bernie Sanders impression but Bernie Sanders feel the same exact way they don't want to take blame for you when when election for the post show they are blaming you for that's one of the bad sides of winning both Senate seats and keeping majority in the house with very public figures like Schumer and Pelosi.

No one thinks is McCarthy McConnell.

They will soon.

Perhaps this person things go that way in the next 21 days this in the right tell me jump right fair next radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show right now the Republicans have a turnout advantage more of them say there was. He asked for them.

Say there definitely going about what you get the Democrats in contention to maybe hold the house its young people. Young people were to show up more than they say they're going to plug that into the in the model and the democratic state number goes up where their writing contention to maybe get a bare majority. So if you want to know how the Democrats could hold the house if young people showing up more than they say they will, but activities of On2 and CBS and he did say before that July. The momentum was there, behind the Democrats to reverse the red wave ticked down a little but it was still there, and as of late September, it's change in Republicans have the momentum back spread bear feel the same way he studies the poster numbers the pie graph the bar of the bar graphs and the pie charts he is prepared, he is also the author of to rescue the Republican now it in paperback, Ulysses S Grant the fragile union and the crisis of 1876 Britain what you think.

Obviously I've heard people say that we forget young people out to vote. Very tough during midterms morning.

I think it is very tough. Midterms historically are not generators of of young voters are usually and historically just go back. It's the party in the White House that has a tough time during midterms you add to that the inflation numbers came out last week that on top of the inflation I was already cooking and what's coming November 2, with the Fed and their move which is going to hike interest rates at some point and maybe significantly to the point where the economy really feels it everybody. I look to their 401(k) and all. Even young people in the once in a while what they're putting away if they're losing money.

It's not a good feeling and we been losing money for a while. Yeah, I mean if the numbers pretty staggering to me in the front pages in your post today 401(k) to down 25% lost about $2 trillion you want hit the average American 401(k) studies that the average family lost $6000 in purchasing power since Biden took office savings are down 83%. The Dow was down six the NASDAQ's down 18 but they don't take the blame for everything. I understand there's a strategy behind it.

Listen to Jared Bernstein, says cut to I would look at the following variables FOR the same ones that the group I was just talking about retail sales, payroll employment, consumer spending, industrial production, all of those have not been flashing red.

All of those are not recessionary territory. Now if you asked me to look around the corner and say where the economy is going to be. I gotta tell you that the everybody's crystal balls been cracked right now so look, I don't blame you for the city glass is half-empty from the glass that he holds, but I I question the thoughtfulness of it because the average American doesn't need to say how I feel about this culturally financially that they just know they feel good or bad numbers don't lie, cut drive all the that a lot of White House folks are trying to put on this and somebody answers that are coming out from Democratic candidates and administration know when asked about when does the inflation reduction act actually reduce inflation.

The answer from Sen. Michael Bennet from Colorado and while it won't kick in for some time now. After that you need. Now if you're looking at your bills at the kitchen table and so I think there is a problem and an biggest problem is that on economy, jobs, inflation, overall those issues which are the top five for the publicans have 2030 point advantages in almost every poll that's not for father not to three that's 20 and 30 points. So the one thing I see here and I see in most rankings of the big issues are democracy people concerned about the democracy election integrity, and as I am more impressed with Kari Lake than any new politician.

So far the cycle I mean of washer and contentious interviews on our channel and I watched her on other channels, but this is the one area where I think she made a mistake or at least I can agree cut 16 when you accept the results of your election mess like I I am running against a twice convicted races to cost the state taxpayers $3 million because of her hatred for people of color. She paid a woman of color in her office, $30,000 less than men doing the same job last week we learned she held a slave auction a mock slave auction in high school we saw her writing from a black reporter hiding in the bathroom from him. I'm not you lose this election and you when I see what I get accepted. So if she loses she will not say whether she accepts it or not, that kids that gets me is an American worried. Go ahead. Do your research.

Make sure your precincts are correct. Makes you feel good about the best you can. You got a lot of money, get some good attorneys just to make sure that things run up and up. Just like we have instant replay in baseball even soccer now I get it, but I don't like that answer. Brett gripped Brian, and I think she could yes if there are no problems and determined to be a free and fair election. I'm going to accept any results, but I'm going to win. You know, I mean hit it again you're aware, but she wanted to get in the stuff about it all that stuff better candidate try to get black votes against her opponent. But the bottom line is that she prior to the primary said that there was fraud brewing in that election but then she went on to win the primary and we never heard about what the fraud was there was a problem with it so you have to instill some confidence in the system at some point and you can say that we have to be better.

We have to do things that are better, but the confidence in the system is important.

I do agree with you though, that she is a very effective candidate as far as on the stump to see her time as a TV anchor and speaking in front of the camera has helped her by some of those answers when it comes to the legitimacy of the election are an issue for a lot of folks Katie Hobbs decision not to debate and the reasons behind it are so ludicrous it makes it it I think is going to single handily give election to her, but I think she's so talented and does know the issues inside out and does work extremely hard, so I want to go to couple of things Brett over the weekend had cancer to Gary Kasparov on one nation.

As you know how connected he is to this Russian government while he sits out here and respected and smart. He is as a chess champion. He believes this is the way this war is having, and he believes that Putin's and his government about to collapse, cut 22 there's people around him that some have speculated, though, make a move because F prudence, farmers perform so bad. Humiliation's been so great how close do you feel Russia is to a revolution in their government, to the collapse of the I know what revolution I would draw the deal was a war collapse because what we can see now happening on the battlefield.

This estate said since the old indications and bow bow this evening collapse. I think by next spring.

Ukraine will be fully liberated, including Crimea and Andy you think Ukraine is to get back everything including Crimea yes of course that's that's all. The definition of victory and anybody who tells you otherwise you know he's trying to say fly the reports and he went on to say when Russians lose Ward they don't keep the government which would be chaos. Have you heard this other places because we try we desperately try to get insight onto Vladimir Putin stability as a person and empower you put a lot of that that happens. I have not heard concrete action inside the Russian government and in Putin keeps a lot of people at Morgan on play in a long dining room table.

Going away and sprinkled a lot of loyalists in key positions, but I do think that there's a lot of angst about what happening as far as Ukraine getting back everything. By the spring. I think that's ambitious as well. I know that Europe is very concerned about just getting through the winter and their ideal was that Ukraine could push Russian troops out by the end of November to try to get the energy situation figured out, but that's ambitious to II think we were in for a long haul here from people I talked to and and while the US continues to pile in money and supplies. There's no sense that Ukraine stopping to negotiate and there's no sense of Russia stopping as of yet. Brett I thought your your I've been playing with all the time your interview with David. David Preece was so important, he was one of the 50+ CIA intelligence agents who said that it is the laptop Hunter binds laptop was classic questions. This information, the social media company filed ensued and banned everybody from writing this story is any account, the retreat of the story. Here's a little of that exchange, you regret signing on the letter O excellently not those words are so true as it has all the class outcome. Your election will absolutely not know this is all it wasn't true.

The classic earmarks, but it wasn't true. What is not true was Russian disinformation is not what we said in the letter read the actual letter we said we do not know if this is Russian disinformation has right of the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation exactly the difference in training information is documented.

This information cannot get to candidate as Imation campaign is not my fault I saw I was maddening. He signed off on something so impactful and acted like it was no big deal just to listen to that to say that they didn't think that we can have some big impact candidate himself used it in the debate as a definitive pushback to any questioning about the laptop and then that exchange became the hinge point for social media companies and others to say oh it's Russian disinformation will block the comfort and that is two weeks before the election.

So to say that that didn't have an impact on me and everybody I could've gone down that road another five minutes, but I figured at that point it was fairly great for perfect and what you know. It glistens the beginning of the interview, using his intelligence background, your geisha, asking him inside.

That's about it. Why would you ever sign someone is qualified as you with a reputation you actually are proud of what you put it all on the line in the think is this I thought about this as a step back right.

It's not classic verse information they admitted they were wrong, New York Times, Washington Post admitted they were wrong knew they would do by not by the Chinese or the North Koreans they would do by a guy in a crack in a crack induced stupor dropping off a laptop to a independent computer repair shop. So is either the sophistication of a Russian cyber team or a crackhead son of a presidential candidate that did throw off these 51 CIA experts who we spent good taxpayer money training, including, I think for directors from Hayden to Brennan to Panetta that I know and sign on to something so so close to an election not having definitive word or even really evidence that it wasn't true is really you know it is in to their law there their partisanship. Looking at that election and their people on that list that I respect a lot of the lamp think is a straight shooter.

For the most times I I think it's disappointing that he sent that letter, I and others have been far more partisan than their their outlook about things, but at looking back, that was a big, big mistake works Bush and anti-Trumper. I was likely was here since his stroke. I'm seen them and then John Brennan we know is a partisan actor and William Panetta. We know he's a former Republican turned Democrat CIA director I work for two administrations, Brett YouTube, so you'll ask anybody those 51 the pop up on your show you and ask yeah I don't know how many are pop up after the document like after it was email you after heated but he lied and said I defended. I just don't know how defensible it was to do whatever it takes to make sure downslope is not present again Brett.

I look forward to your show tonight. Anything special is iodine free on here Friday didn't mention her Sunday special.

I took a personal affront to that is really special this coming up that I might need to know about three weeks from the election tomorrow okay delving into some races really intently at Morgan be taken the show on the road here pretty soon to some of the states. I know getting you with the maps full body shots. You know it's important for seen bread and salad bodywork similarly but I can see her legs spread. Thanks so much, you got it we come back. It's always going to find that this indeed more than newsmakers and news breakers.

First, I can only show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show in our case, all American is watching Democrat so hard and is responsible for traction downturn and one person will suffer the consequences. You might be wondering what makes me sad to ask you and Jamie to take on your higher party alone, say when you were little Dick Cheney. I does get a funny but I could not believe well I watched the 227 up.

Listen, I think most of the show started January 6 which is crazy because nobody cares.

By January 6 to lead you Sunday show with it a once we show number 210 I live opened up with it, but they didn't just bash tromped for a change and they just had this thing with a have women dress like men and men dressed like what I don't get it, but less fun of this even more by parlor, that is bizarre. Watching with even on parlor, they took it off the platform for a while now it's back so it seems to make it big. He could everything else he did with Tucker's fine the anti-Semitism stuff I've known I've no patience for these can be hard to shake that off, but the one thing you cannot go under go forward further explain himself making our 56 million.

It's been five reported that Paul was raised up with 56 million funding to get the site back up but they need an infrastructure next release. This is a message of support for Iranians fighting for freedom good jobs when Joe Biden same pop stars husband Iranian American model Sam Scarry.

My favorite Iranian male model has been speaking out about the deadly demonstration since last month and she tweeted her death sparked a nationwide protest of this one woman a meaning that was killed because her job was off. Human rights groups estimate more than 200 people have been killed just because he wanted to demonstrate where the women's groups on this.

I don't understand where Joe Biden is on this when I get the little the first ladies is your number two Iranian American model of the Reich's met on Tuesday. WANT to blow so others coaches poll to the coaches Paul and Michael and Ahmad have error of plus or minus. Murdoch is considering reuniting news Corp. and Fox companies, which are split in 2013 the country pursuing ways to enhance according to spokesperson Robert Thompson in a memo news Corp. is currently pursuing way to enhance her performance expand her business where I would like to stress of the special committee has not made any determinations yet. I'm not sure what it means. I considers all one company anyway is no better company in the world and Fox. They say that unbiased like I try back here to look at a specific hobby like I don't want to associate with Eric so on this side of the room is another company) I news. He works for your company but I know to try to do creative division within the show does exist as you think.

I divided show is a better shot. Yes okay only with me and Eric yes me in a house will get along still in your mission.

Yeah, I think you guys, Frank Kilby, Joe over 100 meteorologists and the resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber.

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