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Crime polls as voters' #1 issue leading into midterms: bad news for dems

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 10, 2022 12:45 pm

Crime polls as voters' #1 issue leading into midterms: bad news for dems

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 10, 2022 12:45 pm

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Cool seat from high heels. I suffered from the wrong kind of heightened induced insomnia. That was my moment sheets that keep you cool spell that she's had the idea that made it all possible.

Signing up shop of ability powered by shall provide for a free 22 of chapter 22 fastest growing radio show and what was your buddies, the right to me Joe fresh off the weekend. We have a lot to discuss Columbus Day is here and hopefully your statue in your town is not in the box or draped covered by a tablecloth. Columbus was a great Explorer not a perfect person, much like you and me. So while we have a lot to discuss.

Charlie heard is you to do it and Mark Penn the bottom of the hour as a midterms right upon us by the vice president's going to be on meant to stay up late tonight. Remind me, Allison, Seth Meyers, the vice president commence at Mars tonight. So another reason not to watch.

William was watching anyway. With those those news and more. Let's get to the victory. The stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness three Pres. talking about Armageddon and a random random thought just musing at a fundraiser that is a terrible rest of the American people. If you truly believe that the audit be out talking to us in a serious way a bridge blows a capital attack and as usual the Russians target civilians while Pres. Biden manages to do the impossible ratchet up tensions between Ukraine and Russia in the world. Headline inflation will probably come down from a perfect buck cornflakes and what measures the drivers of inflation. How bold is still going up so we still have an inflation issue.

Palmdale area is a lead economist on what we can expect this week.

It is a big week for the economy as recession looms core inflation predicted to grow in the Dems as a party in power.

Take the blame on the credit one of our early polls was if you had to choose between someone you didn't like personally who would oppose Bodden and someone you did like personally with support Bodden which one would you pick the 50 etc. people in Georgia would rather have somebody they don't like personally who oppose Bodden 29 days until election day, and we look at where the House-Senate governorship stand as crime and inflation take over as major issues on voters mind.

But one day she was still trying Dems way and it's all about democracy will discuss it first.

Charlie heard is here Charlie you surprised that still trending hi I threaded the most American people are concerned about the threat on democracy yeah know I'm I'm I don't think that is the things good to be moving voters look it's real simple you know the most important driver in the world and in any election is the economy and just look around. The only thing that ever trumps the economy and election is people's personal safety and when they turn on the TV and it doesn't necessarily have to be crime in your neighborhood.

If you live in the outskirts of Philadelphia and you turn on the TV every night and children are getting shot on the way to school, walking to school that affects the you the way you view the current climate, and that's incredibly, it's always bad for Democrats is Republicans are sort of generally viewed as being a better on crime, especially now more than ever but but when, what, but when it's but not only you're not only are you a Democrat but you in Washington. You control every lever of power you have the White House of both chambers of Congress in Washington.

It's a horrible environment first for an incumbent, but especially Democrat, so they say 538 Nate Silver's outfit says is a 70% chance Republicans take the house in only a 30% chance he take the Senate, and I don't see it that way. Be just because of you just break down. I know each one can be an individual drama Don Bolduc moved up in New Hampshire how legitimate you look at Herschel Walker within a point or two before this influx of controversial news comes up, but most people say don't care anyway they want to correct things in Georgia that some people there still optimistic and then you have more Kelly got trounced by Blake Masters in that debate Blake Masters suddenly emerging and then in the west at a black salt has just about every Democrat nervous because he could probably still that see likely still that seat in Nevada. How you see playing out. Do you really think 30% chance to take the Senate.

No I don't.

I think it that obviously Republicans have a difficult map. We talked about that before it's it's the map gets much better for them in the in the substance of your two years and four years but despite that bad map, they couldn't have a better environment to be running in an and when you see this the sort of political instability.

I think throughout the country.

Look, the reason you have upsets the reason you have surprising elections is because elections go differently in races were not expecting.

And so I think all of the ones that were looking at that you just mentioned you and I think the polling I think that polling is always I'm always suspicious appalling.

I think the polling is particularly bad in this environment is fresh when you have the president accused of calling his opponents fascist. It makes it it makes it very unlikely that a lot of voters are going to take those calls from posters and or be honest with them. But you know you had a couple polls out in the state of Washington, which is died in the blue Democrat state Patty Murray is up by three points and we can debate whether or not that's an accurate polar not, whatever.

It's what we have to work with is by a poster who is more right than most of these posters more right wing will write it will more right weight yet yes were right wing, but what has been more correct. Trafalgar has been more correct in this environment than than many of these you who the Washington Post had a Joe Biden winning the state of Wisconsin by 17 points. He barely won by less than a point. My point is this. If Patty Murray is vulnerable up by three points. If she wins in Washington state by three points.

It is going to be a bloodbath not because I expect to win, but because if that's the environment were in all these other races are going to go the Republicans way I would.

I would put it in mind and in my view. I think it's a near lock the Republicans when the Senate over near lock. So here is the senior strategist on Trafalgar Robert care Haley with Mark within last night. Cut 12 about what Republicans are doing and also the word of republics are now very worried about Georgia cut 12 in a one of things we did early on in Georgia because we knew that when there's nothing strange about all this tax coming in arrived at the end of the right side in October, and at all Herschel's life never heard any about this the last year you heard about a by this and all the sudden Alan October. It's always a tax lien display this one of our early polls was if you had to choose between someone you didn't like personally who would oppose Bodden and someone you did like personally who would support Bodden which one would you pick and 50 etc. people in Georgia would rather have somebody they don't like personally who oppose Bodden right and what you dealing with these things that have happened in his past, right, and going yet. Will is a one of the things Robert Haley's done right and read the one of the reasons he's been more accurately's last couple years is because he does the sort of side questions where instead of asking directly to the support he'll ask who your neighbor supporting or in this case, that sort of inventive question to figure out just what help much. People don't like Joe Biden it's very I think it's very thick.

It's proven itself to be very effective in last couple of years but but exactly I mean you know Herschel Walker is not going to lose on abortion because people not voting on abortion and the fact that Democrats who, since when did they find abortion shocking. They only found it shocking at this moment where they can beat up Herschel Walker and they tell the story and I don't know if it's true or not, i.e., who knows. The biggest reason to doubt it is the fact that Democrats are the ones that are pushing the story. These are the same people who had hired white supremacists to show up at a Republican rally in Charlottesville Virginia during the drunken race. I don't trust anything these people say what when they say it. It's a it's a reason to not believe it and then and then on top of that, you the whole issue of abortion with conservatives with Republicans in the there is forgiveness there is people have given a lot of that they they're not attacking people who have abortions they attack people See that they and you know even with abortion doctors when they do if they try to pray with them on the sidewalk I would. I will laughed over the weekend because it was St. Raphael Warnock to this tactic of not addressing it tactic Raphael Warnock's been accused of domestic abuse.

He's pro-abortion is no time limit on it. He's also got huge issues with him personally. He's got an ex-wife out there say he doesn't pay child support tactic it's it's almost hoping that they don't bring him into this yet, but also heat you don't have to get involved in it. When you have the media doing all of it for you and the media is so desperate to make the selection all about abortion. I've got some news for it's not to be a part of abortion, that's not what voters arrived back at 30%, 37% approval in Georgia. I think George also stayed home during those the runoffs in this state owned during the runoff because the present in the form for the United States said I don't trust the elections and yield was really into it and he came into that last he came at that last rally only talked about was himself and say they really be Joe body was Rod and he was joyous and well marketed.

One of these guys can win a second to be a big deal. Let's either go to corrected. I spent some time with our Herschel. I think he's easy will be a great fit in the Senate I'm at think that you be between his business paresthesia and his world background. I think will be a good mix will see if he can do it. I also think that the thing that hurts Herschel Moore's a son, now that heard him more than any October that that's on the October surprise that I know at the end of the day people are knocking to be voting on that people are going to be voting on economic issues and and humorous duplicitous Terry Moran of ABC cut 11 not as great an impact on the citizen would've had 10 years ago that there is a sense now that as long as the guys on your team. The most important issue in American politics isn't what you believe in its who knew hate and wild walkers not hater parties are not that antagonistic that it's clear millions of Republican voters will overlook something that would have destroyed a candidacy just a few years ago. The problem for Walker is, what else is he running on except that he was a football player and a Christian, and while his football record can't be questioned at all.

I think this does damage of any doesn't really have a lot of other things to say. He does have a let's say he talks about his upbringing being one of seven kids being a fat kid that was bullied that was a self-taught athlete that found a way to work his way through college and then became a very successful business person is chicken business is tight is titanic of these people are such morons and these are all the beginning, Paul was correct yeah but did that and then and they know that they don't get politics and they don't get voters.

They don't know voters. They don't talk to voters.

They have no idea and and and I've we've talked about this before the 2016 election was the single most issue oriented campaign that we have ever seen a presidential campaign in our lifetimes. It was all about issues. It's not about haters it's not about voters who hate people. That's not what this is about. This is about people who see their country being wrecked by politicians in Washington and wanting to do something about it and this guy comes along who is not a politician who could be vulgar, who could be you know and say things that we don't like but who focused on the issues of illegal immigration in the economy that the threat from China talked about those issues that and and even Republicans had ignored them for for 30 years and you got a guy like Herschel Walker and all these other candidates who are running on that exact same America first agenda, which is it's it's it's all about issues.

It's hating somebody or hating the other got or even hating Biden people wanted Biden to succeed Biden stinks. He's a terrible president. Every decision he's at every piece of misery that people are living under right now in America is a direct result of his policy and its oil and gas and what he did over the weekend. Tomorrow I'm talking about it we see the sound like idiots. Moran and also is yeah and also the heyday not sure. I guess he was to ban offshore drilling was considering he believe that that's what you can respond to the fact that he complain about gas prices now this is these gas prices are exactly what you wanted to write to you and Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer talk about were to pass an OPEC bill and really go after OPEC for raising gas prices.

This is that we had 1971 regular zoning but it's also what they want. They hate the internal combustion engine.

They hate Americans driving their children to school. They hate people driving to work. They want gas prices to be so high you have to buy a Tesla right and and or walk at below 11 must is one saying we gotta get oil and gas prices, data so he understands what's going on and he's Mr. electric car yet is the issues. This is not hating people listing a break come back have a few more minutes that Bonnie Ella Mark Penn comes in and gives an idea with the landscape looks from his project. We got ABCs and CBS's over the weekend use of the Brighton we show on this Columbus Day. We're proud of Columbus a great Explorer. Thanks for finding the free world and then letting us in challenging conventional thought and wisdom you're with Brian kill me. I do really control your retirement money to get a 401(k) or IRA.

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Brian kill me will likely will run again in 2024 health. I think the fear of losing and I think it's interesting in the process the way it is now.

I know there is a bitterness around him and a quickness to anger that he was always quick to anger, but it has gotten more intense.

Those are the reasons I could see something unforeseen like something related to one of these cases, the legal cases maybe but I think he has backed himself into a corner has to run that maybe Haberman just wrote another book that the presences and gives all hours of conversation Charlie heard with us down anything about her theory backed into a corner to run he doesn't really want to. I think that I have never bought this thing that he thinks that he might lose because it's not how Trump looks at things.

I don't think he thinks in terms of losing. He's a risk taker. It's kind of the way looks everything out and I see he's running right now but I it's interesting the amount of time he gives to Maggie Haberman and because she's never you know it's not like selling she's grateful right well it's not like it's not like he ever gets a particularly fair shake out of her.

I don't ever and and but what I think is interesting is and this is what I both. This is the problem with the Trump and this is the thing I love about Trump. The problem is that he keeps going back and he keeps talking to people who are clearly he's never going to get the story he wants out of her and he keeps going back but the end and that's the part that makes you want to hit the bang your head against the wall, but the part about it that I love is that he just like he looks at every doesn't look in terms of losing anything. He always looks at things in terms of opportunity and how I'm going to win this.

He also looks at every situation and says I'm gonna win this person who over this time I've gotten my handout. Leslie stole what was to Leslie Stahl and 60 minutes right because it because he honestly in his heart of hearts he thinks that I can go back to the issues he's right on all these issues. He thinks that other people are being honest brokers with them about and he's gonna win them over and obviously it he ends up getting burned every time he does that area, but I swear there's something about.

I mean that's kinda something sort of uniquely American not afraid not afraid, but also ever hopeful you will talk about hope and change that's open chain dryer vent and you know it it's hopeless.

I have to say always good to see Charlie could see it all right Mark Penn coming up next was in the brain to Michelle.

So good year on Columbus Day.

Find a parade to march in and don't box up your statue, you heard me. Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Subscribe and listen now by doing a Fox News will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business. Subscribe and listen.

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This is the Brian kill me show crime is a big issue and we talk a lot about inflation. We talk about abortion. Most Republican candidates are running on crime, and particularly in Wisconsin it is working to devastating effect on the millibars.

Republicans Ron Johnson is someone who should be very vulnerable.

But here he is, has been been hitting this crime issue and in some places it just going to work better than others, and in Wisconsin it is working. I asked somebody a plugged in political operative in Wisconsin. Why is it working so so whatever he said one word Kenosha so that you see if crime hits you in big and small cities from Birmingham to Long Island then you know it's a major issue not manufactured by slick ad or cultural issue that people may or may not subscribe to many people think that might be education Mark Penn, chairman of the Harris poll and chief executive of stag will income Fox News contributor Mark welcome back.

We think crime is is how important in this election.

Well, I have been surprised the crime searching is a national issue. It obviously is going to play big and the governors of the mayor's race but I'm seeing the plate out Senate races as well like in Pennsylvania. It's shot up from really like the way down on the chart to number two, number three issue � nationwide meaning that you know when I work with President Clinton in the 90s. It was a major issue and attract a lot of our first TV spots were about crime, but since then it's almost been gone at the national issue and now do you think the whole to fund the police movement get rid of ice movement the. The fact that it's you have all these things that were working. So much for the Democrats two years ago to be working against them now well crime is up and you know to go back to murders are up 4%, but a lot of the communities on a good reporting was up 20% the year before. They were typically about 15,000 murders in the country. Now that's pushing 20 to 22,000 thousands of extra deaths here. Plus people see these horrific incidents in which people people commit a crime and then a backout back out on the street.

Even with which you know governor candidate Sheldon. He worked as you recall, originally attacked and the person was let out in the federal government enacted yeah that was the embarrassment of it and also will watch with some of the subway crime.

We watch what happened Elise Eldon yesterday afternoon. He is in the Bronx at a parade for Columbus is 260 doors doing homework in the house when two shots ring out down the block. I noticed it was pretty nice and and now he is to rush home to find out that it was two teens shooting at each other, but we know read the whole randomness of crime is part of it. They might say that targeted but was that parent of a married student targeted as he made coffee in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel note was to homeless guy shooting at each other. Usually, Selden said as he got attacked and accused of trying to politicize a shooting right by his ouster. 13. When your family. Talk about politics. I am surprised that you you or someone else might even look at it that way.

Now I will point are we supposed to talk about the crime around streets.

I'm standing in front crime scene tape in front of my own house, you can't get me more outraged than right now so I mean this is everything that obviously depresses is not for him in New York know is got a very tough race of New York. Although or focal would not elected governor.

She does have a good reputation upstate and so I think children's well-positioned in the suburbs will see if he can turn her upstate base. That's what you would really need Trafalgar had a pole that was a lot closer than the other old but I think crime when it's a big issue in New York you know New Yorkers really care about basic safety issues at the end of the day, and I think this incident just illustrates how it's coming closer and closer to her every part of the state. Yeah. And when it hits you, and that he gets attacked on stage that he gets a shooting down the block you have to say was going to reach for an issue that doesn't affect you in the obsolete effects entitled to some races for you is if that's okay. I was apprising MI 50347 two Dixon closing the gap we question what would Barb do you think, what is the message there that could be resonating.

If you were to coaching the candidate.

Well, I will present how much strength Wittner have. She looked she acted so poorly during a pandemic overreacted to help the economy now basically no text stream far left positions. I've always been surprised that she isn't more vulnerable so that all you know it's all about the other day previous post asserted much wider in our powerless again and on Mike Conley was the way it is and and and and she continued to governor with no real economic plan. I certainly would think should be vulnerable to strong message and let the so that's a CBS poll has a has a six point C Evers Michael's 50-50 a dead heat.

Evers was a pre-Tony Everts was a pretty considerably now it's a dead heat. I think that has a lot to do with crime right Kenosha American interlocutor with crime.

I think Michigan has something certainly that rate is one that could betoken because of crime Katie Hobbs in Arizona and Carrie Lake. They had almost a parallel debate.

They won't debate Hobson's want to scissor schedules to crowded Lake is a trump candidate who is extremely talented. A great broadcaster and it comes across on the stump 50-50 in Arizona. That's a state like Georgia hard to figure out where it's trending, which can be at the make or break between these two well again Carolyn got over cancer sympathetic I think strong strong candidate look at it look like that was pretty squarely in the D column noted that that it really wasn't able to convert the change what you know about over and over to the publicans.

I think that's really what play critically in this race and again another one. I think that basically have been had been, you know, said hey, that race is over and you are sitting here with something close to 30 days left a lot of closing here in these various racist and they are closing mostly in the Republican direction. I also want to see we think about what's going on in Arizona on paper Martelli two years ago I said disguised them around for a long time because you could say these you know he fights them. He's in the military as a pilot. Then he goes as an astronaut and then in a state that's not bright red anymore.

You think that he go down there and kinda split the difference be more of a moderate, more like mansion, but he has virtually been invisible. He does speak up is been for Biden until recently, so they have a debate.

Evidently the Masters where I've seen to do exceedingly well going in in this poll.

CBS poll is 5148 Blake Masters just got an infusion from a trump super pack house that close that same thing. I think you saw again that race pretty much judge solidly in the race Masters have a really good day effective. I think takedown and and now it is a tossup.

Well, you know, not quite a tossup yet, but but these are all polls close in the Republican direction. We have found most will generally be accurate. Right.

What we found in the polls overestimation of the Republican touch you know crime immigration economy issues mouthing up in Arizona and will will they be able to flip the state. I'm not totally convinced. I think the Republicans are coming close. But I think you have to see what happens. And in the next candidate tends to the Harris poll and let's take this very interesting time in which almost a lot of people working land lines and the question is how do you get a hold of people to get accurate statements where they stand, especially in the year of trump were people feel when you heard Kanye West talk about Friday they get to be vilified if they come out, and in particular for trump. So how do you look at a pole and think yourself, do I have something in front of me that's accurate we we look at that question all the time. Generally, now the polls that we do are hundred percent online. Everyone is online. Not everyone, as you point out the diminishing group of people have household blind. I don't think there's an equal 20 question the online way to reach them. You know, it's also way for people to be a little bit more about Sheila little more comfortable. Look at last cycle I have polls like in Michigan, for example, I simply didn't believe way rather than present the public, which I'm not quite saying that affect yet. I do think the question is whether or not there's a two or three point you know. Shouldn't Republican vote in some of these polls because of shy Republican voters. I'm always wary of some of the Senate races were going to hundred million dollars spent it. It seems to create a media atmosphere where people people don't give give accurate polling, you know, and in those cases and and so right now, do I think these polls were set, since the closing of the Republican direction would generally have seen a bias against the Republicans in the polling. I have to believe that this is a real trend right on Martino's great. Thanks so much Mark.

Thank you.

I we come back I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669 and a barrage of rockets into some major capitals in Ukraine. Why, because Russians had that bridge that they built to link Crimea to Russia proper area.

The stolen 2014 blown up over the weekend and the losing in every close situate close combat situation in their losing in parts of the South which they needed so much and and had so early. They're beginning to secure some by the day wore this latest price meeting will bring you the latest from Ukraine. This is the brain tell me Joe, so glad you're here diving deep into today's top story Ryan kill me from of Fox News contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. Thousands of convicted marijuana users and feels like maybe he celebrated with them a little because yesterday I gave a speech at a car factory and open with this restart off to words made in America won't let me respond with two words, Jesus H Christ then heard criticizing the White House for shouting questions and questions like what here is the current president, Dr. yeah that's getting there. I mean you you can avoid it. Made in America got a total pass over the weekend and I was things that I think that was the only joke on by and essentially we can update it was also very harsh against many Republican candidates are really that one was funny while I you know what I for some reason my DVR did not tape it usually doesn't pick up taping. If it's a repeat said so well what was going on with that. So we will better what about the opening called "next have a little Nephew and hear about that too. It set at 44 real stories from the news and if you keep your cool you big money.

All right, your headlines to tell if you think their breaking point you have in front of the today show -sized glass of wine. Let's plan Ukraine a massive explosion today cut off the Russian flight hopefully bring this for one closer to well on Thursday.

Biden said we are closer to nuclear Armageddon that we've been in 16 years. Don't know where to put that in my brain.

You know he is. Did you know that when Joe Biden was born we didn't Highway is 53 years old when he got his first home computer not doing anything wine a video clip. Please enjoy this talk about his mental how would you show your mental focus is which focused. I look to me that's what we do it every day and we just can't believe other people are and are living. This is understanding that right now 100% of the cold open and then the other drink is the highlight of the weekend update that we can plan the air right.

That was it. The only how did you not be play. I mean the Armageddon comment didn't come up finally came up in the cold open a little that they didn't like play the cup but they mention it now, but much the whole Shelley service to the cold open and we can update that.

I know it's impossible this gets so terrible, it is like a high school play me what happened there. Talentless, no I think goes off the air.

We think at 50 I don't think they either have to marry him's talent questions do they make money right to them easy to profit off of them signing. There's other things right, other than straight ratings story of the weekend like to hit like tell it is late night television just about done everybody's losing money and the word is even though they signed Fallon and re-sign Kimball Woolley, not ABC with NBC will he push them to a streaming service and will they let people pay for making more sense to give somebody the salary cut their staffs significantly because it doesn't pay anymore. It's not Carson told Miss Levy she don't need it.

You don't need an James cordon walking away is almost unheard of because Conan O'Brien walked away, making more money, more influence now as a podcast or in hiring other people to going to his umbrella.

But isn't it funny that the conversation money by the streaming services posted the executive saying stop being so political and just be funny again right that may be interesting to see if they did that bit if you had the right talent just as a strata both lines we'd say to yourself well I gotta find out with the late-night comics think they don't care. So let's talk about sapping Ukraine, so the presences were facing Armageddon. So were responsible.

It's unbelievable now. I gave him the benefit of the doubt leading up to Fairway 25th invasion when he and his party and the Secretary of State kept saying I got intelligence. I have intelligence at the risk of availing anything I thought was a what's going on here.

We try to show up to. We know exactly what they're up to, to stop them from actually doing it because were predicting it almost like Tony Romo before the before a play.

He says all this gotta be a passing end up being right will turns out, the invasion happened anyway and was pretty cool to clear the present thought in three days Ukraine would fall would also is pretty clear. He was 100% wrong. Eight months later was still in this war and now were beginning to give them the weapons they need to be successful. Why they better find a better organize the Russians rapidly awful. So yes, over the weekend they blew up this bridge that leads from Ukraine to squeeze me Russia into Crimea, which should be Ukraine, the stolen 2014. They build a bridge and they said Russian people. You now have your Joule you love your place to vacation.

Then I gotta go there and now that the bridge going there blowing it up. It shows how Ukrainians are penetrated deep into Russian psyche and embarrass Vladimir Putin of all things on his birthday and because of that, there's been a barrage of rockets on major cities.

They killed 13 wounded about 60 and the Russians are fine with that because they aim for civilian sites and claim just the opposite. So they had keep the hit leave and hit some other areas Zephyr ease up, so they hit those areas, but for the most part the Russians know they're losing this guy evidently I've heard for a pretty good sources got people in his inner circle, letting him know this is not going to work and they can't win so they try to do is wreck the infidel Ukraine infrastructure give them maximum torture this year and the when winter sets in. My hope is there's been plenty of time for them to come up with different ways to to get that infrastructure running keep the water going keep the heat on. At least that's my hope. Western Europe will certainly fill the page, but in the end if you get ready Ukraine as a blister as a cancer on the free world and what you Russian know for once and for all that they'll not be able to bully anyone because we know there's no teeth there that would be worth it. And Ukraine still being a free and fair country to be a part of the European Union that would be more always seeking solutions versus selling is Brian Kelly. Thanks much for being here about you throwing Tillie Chopra 46 McCammon hadn't heard around the country heard around the world. We know it's Columbus Day a holiday I think should be firmly in America on every Americans calendar to celebrate the great explorer who never got to this nation proper for now they want to box it up and say he was not a perfect leader. Once he got to that farmland which was called north-south America and the Caribbean. I don't perfect people, not every perv reverses our statue and not every statue is a perfect person you significant person so the Columbus Day bring that argument in a bring that up to Michael Goodwin to be with you shortly bottom of the hour would have Mike Pompeo here, the former Secretary of State's got a book coming out in January, but will discuss it with us here, as well as the major events affecting all of us. Let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three president talk about Armageddon that a random is a random thought just musing at a fundraiser that is a terrible rest of the American people. If you truly believe that the audit be talking to us in a serious way bridge blows a capital attacked and as usual the Russians target civilians, while present by men to do the impossible ratchet up the tensions headline inflation will probably come down from a perfect but core inflation. What measures the drivers of inflation or how bold they are, is still going up so we still have an inflation issue really big week for the economy recession looms care core inflation predicted to grow and the Dems is party in power.

Take the blame and the you claim one of our early post was if you had to choose between someone you didn't like personally who would oppose Baden and someone you did like personally who would support Baden which one would you pick 58% of people in Georgia would rather have somebody they don't like personally who oppose Baden while that is Trafalgar Cedar Senior strategist 29 day selection day with the good with the house sending governorship stand on crime.

Inflation takes over. One issue that the Democrats have that's among the peoples in the people's mind that these in more in their corner.

The Republican score that selection integrity, Michael Goodwin, your post, Fox's contributor Michael things like jar trending towards Republicans. All except the abortion decision which seems to be fading in proportion along with election integrity seem to still be in the top five think that the amount of attention the Democrats and their media handmaiden given to election security is so somehow the country is in great danger of the rig devotes somewhere, and that these insurrectionist are just waiting to pound. I mean, I think that that is going to get a lot of people's attention along with abortion but I'm a firm believer that everybody in the end votes in their own self-interest and self-interest.

How you how you decide what that is what most, I think for most people becomes down to daily life doesn't come down to issues and agendas in the way that the political class thinks of it, but I think it just comes down to self experience and what are you experiencing what is your what your what is your neighborhood. What is your family what your friends experiencing and I think the common denominator for all of that, several of them. At first, obviously, inflation in the cost of everything is extraordinary what things cost. Now and then secondly I think crime safety of sense of security. These I think are to me will be the winning issues. Not that everybody will follow them. A lot of people you know who aren't concerned about inflation because they can afford whatever but for most people it is. Some people have private securities or things like that but for most people.

I think it is personal security and for the further families for their children.

So I think years ago someone said to me about real writing and in a city like New York is that you know there's several things that go into what people think about you know what I have a job and my kids get to school safely can they get home safely.

I mean it's all pretty basic stuff and I think that's where we people talk about base selection. I think it's not base its basic jobs is one of the Democrats.

He talks about what you would about something that's illegal immigration.

The borders busted cities being overwhelmed. No more overwhelmed the New York City shelters well they are bursting at the seams are overrun there renting hotels and making 10 cities. Realizing this more Democrats are just criticizing the president to me insincerely because I just try to save their own political hide hears Katie Hobbs running for governor of Arizona cut 39 Barnett Frank action in Washington from both parties to address both border security and comprehensive immigration reform and I am leaning federal government. Trumpets and hateful immigration policy around finishing the law and it's not and and that Biden got me to step out immigration and border security. Absolutely I carry staring at Frank and on illegal drug trafficking and smuggling. I mean to anymore, but I security while now she says it doesn't vote anything like that. That's how desperate the internal numbers are Michael so it applies to the Republican governors of the border states who really no place like this issue in their own states, but the decision by a great job in Texas do see in Arizona and Florida yet to send them nor I think has been a wake-up call. Because you cannot deny it now when you when you think about, say, New York City Mayor Eric Adams saying the perhaps 75,000 will come to New York City 79,000 a lot of people, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the more than 4 million that have come across the border.

I mean, where are all these people going who's going to care for them. Most almost all of that to my understanding.

Brian cannot work for at least six months of the other going to public schools in New York City 5500 already registered.

What is the level of their education and they learn anything in English teachers about this now. Yeah, I mean New York now spends on the unbelievable number. New York State spends on average $34,000 per student per year. I mean, it is far and away just about the national average weekly get lousy results for so now you're going to have an additional influx of kids who are not prepared to work you don't have a place to live. I mean all of the healthcare issues that language these hotels illegal immigrants asking for money. They have no food money they don't have a job they have no prospects and no close so can you imagine this landing is out of their landing at the Rio Grande Valley.

They're coming to New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, and guess what, they have nothing. So now it's our fault. Now it's our business in any state any cities overrun with tax hikes.

Now we have to take our tax dollars and put it towards other people, citizens are you crazy with this. So what's needed here when you say Joe Biden or Ron, what were you thinking when are you thinking that you somewhere in your brain you believe this is acceptable, that you can just open the border. The population of Central America wants to come here what's going to stop them now.

You're not going to stop them. This whole idea comprehensive immigration reform that such a talking point from 20 years ago.

It had nothing to do with what's going on now. You cannot have any bipartisan solution to immigration issues.

As long as the border is open. That is the Donald Trump realized that yes Katie Hobbs correctly didn't finish the wall but not for lack of trying.

If the Democrat Joe Biden demolished even parts of it wouldn't complete it all up there talking points have led to this reality and so are we going to just keep talking about these things. I mean every day that the border is open. We are creating another problem for future generations because there is no end to it.

It's not going to stop on its own comprehensive health get to student immigration reform. Do they just enforce the border. This is stuff that does need to be addressed. Just do your job. Lastly, the hunter Biden revelations that they getting close to indictment you included in your column what significance is that have leading to the selection think there are two possibilities one and finally are going to charge him the number two were being misled into thinking that were ever serious about charging him. I bet the ranch on number two. I believe this is just a faint this is. This is another thing to to the leaks are all about softening the ground for the final pond, which is that some kind of civil agreement where the records are sealed. He doesn't do any prison time. He pays a big fine and it all melts away. It's all just a nothing burger see all of that storm and wrong that you all you know all you conservatives from the it was nothing. He just a good kid you know who had a drug problem and nothing to see here. Now you the big guy that when I can't talk about the big guy that's just that's old news right that disinformation old news.

Whatever you want to call so I just think in the end this is the only way were going to get any kind of satisfaction and a sense of justice is blind is going to be God. You gotta get a new Atty. Gen.client special counsel was so necessary in the beginning someone independent of Merrick Garland book. I think America has turned out to be really make it partisan and when you think about what he's done to me. The whole approach to Trump and his associates to the parents who complained that school boards write that disproportionate number of right to life demonstrators who are being arrested as opposed to none of those who firebomb the right to life the right to life groups. The anti-abortion clinics just everything is nakedly partisan and so justice were back to 2016 again with spying on the Trump campaign.

It just feels like the Department of Justice has now become really partisan, really corrupt. I think so too. Very curious. I also marked the visiting Syrian hunter in that wooden insurance trumps his shoulders equal justice will go after some charges on Hunter first but meanwhile the only thing I care about Hunter's international business dealings.

I could not care less about his gun charge could not care about crew about any other paying his taxes.

I will know where the money is from these international business deals and how we sold at our history. How we sold at our foreign policy, for his dad's benefit and what his dad knew what about him. They want to make him a sympathetic figure. Don't fall for Michael couldn't go pick up his columns and why thanks Michael 1-866-408-7669 will get to because this moment, Bob Liao, Mike Pompeo and studio will be great. Don't move your knowledge base Brian film.

Each show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show what is wrong with this country a real division between red and blue. It's between the people on both sides who aren't willing to mingle with Americans outside their political tribe, so I've no idea what they're really like and the people on both sides who are willing to do that. Of course Mark Fincham never met a bite and probably things Democrats eat babies because every everybody he knows voted for Trump because he never leaves his hermetically sealed right wing panic room and I could say the same of many liberal would never even talk to a Trump order. I asked a friend of mine recently. If they wanted to come to a little party I was having.

And when he found out one of the guests had voted for Trump. He told me he wasn't coming because quote I wouldn't breathe the same air. Okay, there's a word for people like this. The word delousing ID. I believe did it search the nay okay. That said, he's on a mission right and one thing about him. He does have people on from all walks of life. I didn't hear it but Chris Christie was on Friday was me. Yeah so II did not see he was not on this week or seven obelisk of Stephanopoulos was non-so Chris Christie was on he somebody that would take both sides and he will kill Trump but he won't necessarily pace Trump is now there there somewhat. I think for enemies so to speak, but I see on the list. I do not see this interview but I see on on the list.

I think they did report Democrats ultimately are going to elect a celebrity is going to be some type of celebrity goods is not a governor Congressman world got out anybody out there. Sen. that he will be big and I think it'll probably be someone like the rock do I think the rocket actually jump in likely not, but it will be somebody like that cut 41 St. really enjoy this tea parties. Tracy I love and that's the kind of thing that seems to make the public love him all the more. In fact, is been talked about seriously as a presidential candidate in 2021 polls showed nearly half of voters would pick him for the White House, something Tom Hanks joked about a few years back when Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live.

When we asked Dwayne Johnson told us that a run for the White House going to happen is running for president off the table now it's off the table.

Yes, it is off the table. I will say this because it requires the B side to this love our country everyone in it daddy that's most important thing to me.

Number one, especially during this time, this critical time. My daughter's life because I know what it was like to be on the road and be so busy that I was absent for a lot of years. My first daughters. Growing up in these critical age critical time in her life and that's what the presidency so my number one priority is my daughter's sure CO sounds great, but the more that's it.

When I show this kid is Betsy thing is we would he become the rock had he not been on the road heading up in the successful if he says says all you know medical will do a few matches here and there, maybe do a paper beautiful works out. But maybe if it's a back-to-school night I'll cancel that that movie I will go shoot that that HBO special, so it's easy to say that now it's 50 something. Would he have said it now at 30 something.

Well, now there is also easier to say it now and you're very financially secure and you don't need to go on the road right, seems sincere, but that does me soon. I can guess what, 10 years old 10 years and that means he could run CVC be still somebody but it brings us to the other. The other question of who's going to be running for president.

Next we have Mike Pompeo come about asking that question� Slotkin Democrat was asked about buying listen when she said got 23 sitting president if he decides to run again to support, and the parties can support, and that's that is has a long history in our country, but I have been very vocal, including with my own leadership in the house that we need a new generation. We need new black. Across the party in the house. The Senate and lighthouse that would be interesting also. Maybe they need somebody older, maybe Joe bite is too young for some people. There is that the leadership that supposed to be gone soon. I think by the be gone soon and will see if somebody's going to step up there no see if Akeem Jeffries will merge with somebody else on the left and Mitch McConnell. I'm sure you talking to run again. So somebody else like John Mike's death radio show like no other way, welcome back everyone with me this morning watching Fox nation conceived like former US Secretary of State, CIA director Congressman from Kansas. Welcome back, Sec. I got an books coming is called never give an inch. You done with it.

Writing for the American America I love so that's coming out in February and January Jeni today go to Mike or Amazon and you can preorder it will have a four year in first part of January right to you done was you finish. It's time we finished just a few weeks ago. It took every bit of the time since I left office to get it done but got some great stories. SEI director gets this a lot of very interesting things to talk about my faith to and how it impacted how I thought about my time in service and then about the four-year stories that this people don't know because the media didn't want talk about the things present. Trump and I were doing. I want to tell some of the story about the Russian Oaks we delivered really good outcome for the American people we put in first the good stuff. I remember I realize how petty was going to be when you were not confirmed by inauguration got our members and myself at executive officers. He could get in order they go with you Mike Pompeo in place CIA to extremely important and they delayed they did is going on a couple of Senators got burned or saddle like something and America when when we don't get these simple things done, America's more risk much side note, I think for both parties is gotta be a quicker way to confirmation you wait two years to get your team in place that doesn't help our country is gotta be a quicker way we have to solve this problem by like this a bipartisan issue. Republicans go to Democrat sometimes to I became the secretary state. Brian 18 months into present time from when I showed up at about 10% of our ambassadors and senior leaders in the field we were working with the previous presidents team up with the American people voted for for 18 months.

We had the other guy's stone tower. That's amazing, which I'm also in foreign policy, we can dismiss was happen since you guys left and that is the prison United States made one key error during when you sometimes you campaign you say something 20 took over. He said Saudi Arabia is gotta be the pariah of the Middle East, their pride there pariah nation then never be accepted again and I thought to myself that's more rib reaffirmation is gotta go back to his terrible running into you is you can't be friends you can if you can say goodbye to Saudi Arabia better. Say hello to Iran and who want to say little run. Now he realizes I need Saudi Arabia goes back the fist pump gets us the middle finger and now will pay $90 a barrel for oil doesn't mean they're perfect, but you gotta think down the line W. Gotta put America first with whatever one thinks you got put America first. In the end that when everything breaks loose. The Saudis will be with us. Uranus will try to kill us. This is fundamental Middle East 101 Ali FDR said that's it. There's a long history. Whatever one thinks they have been a important security part or the president says there pariah.

We built these relationships, we we understood present from financial gotta build his relationships out doesn't mean your partner drawing to be afraid of people you want to have run your Boy Scout troop, but these are folks who deliver the things that America needs when you call them a pariah and then you do this fist bump and you think that's going to fix it. You can see what happens and you tell me who the CA guy, but that whole Wahhabi-ism. They started cracking down on. They started realizing as bad as the Khashoggi murder was and nobody soft peddling it. Women able to drive.

We think that's a joke, not really in the Arab world, having in the Muslim world. Having women drive begin to assert themselves in different ways.

Never do I want to relocate to Saudi Arabia but I'm saying that there was some changes afoot. The fact that Israel can do it. Saudi Arabia now indirectly directly the steel study getting done with Bahrain and with and Jordan's always been there in the eight deals he had was 60 as you had with with the Abraham records things started getting done in the area and if Israel can make peace with these countries. How we thousands of miles away going to be dug in for whatever reason. Brian was said by the way Abraham records is a story that hasn't been told enough none of the Abraham records happen without the crown prince in Saudi Arabia they can ultimately sign up up but greenlighted every bit of that was very supportive of this reshaping of the Middle East. They records don't happen with the crushing of customs of the cross crushing of customs will money either. But these were demonstrable things that the United States did to protect their own people to protect Israel. When we did that her friends in the region.

Those who are prepared to be alongside of us became partners and also if you go back into the Iranian deal that's on the Saturday say I'm done with you because they looked it. Iran is the main problem and enter resignation. The area in the region when you go back and you said you're saying to us, go to hell on a percent. You're also saying to them to give them hundreds of billions of dollars to build a nuclear weapon and anybody who doesn't think that if the Iranians get a nuclear program that that Morales Saudis. Others won't want nuclear weapons programs do. This is really bad for Americans.

So a very dangerous by demonstration came in 180� incentive Trump Pompeo did organ undo it then went back to this foster hundred 85 people dead now in a series of protests led by the crack down on the morals code in around right now.

Now go by demonstration. To their credit comes out and says Obama's ration got it wrong. They said if we don't say anything. We don't become the enemy. So let them fight it out, but with a really want to do is preserve the Iranian deal. So having said that, what is the right way for the UN with the right posture for the US now correct posture to do your best to support the rainy people in every way you can in 1819, when there were protests. That's what we did present from book put out statements I put out statements as a secular state just giving them the moral support and then second to deny the regime resources you act.

You can't give them you will be berating economy this year. Brian will grow faster than the American economy because were not forcing sanctions that that is a catastrophe.

If you're if you're New Mexico or Alabama or Iowa. This is bad for you because you will end up with the bad guys having more money, more care, more risk to our friends in Israel to stop. That's a policy that is the inverse of what reduces the rest of our kids will ever have to go find I am that Middle Eastern soil could also our enemies are solidifying the relationship between Iran and China and Russia correct their hedging because they don't know where America's gotta be in.

So if you're if you're the Kuwaitis or the Omani is that varieties and you see America walking away or partnering with the Ashi Islamist regime in Iran. You're gonna snuggle up to the Chinese and the Russians because you can count on America. So when you see what's happening in Ukraine right now we're seeing that they even the CIA are intelligence experts seem to have gotten wrong. We over estimated Russia's ability to fight and how strong their army was now modern their equipment is how do you explain how we seem to have gotten wrong. It's hard to know how we got it so wrong it's it's the case that will get it wrong. One of the things that we probably didn't get wrong. The people do underestimate is a political will matter. So think about the Afghan army right. Donnie flees on the Afghan army folds Ukrainian Army comes under Tex Linsky says no� Don't send me out of the country. Send me weapons and the cohesion the political military cohesion can remain.

Russia didn't have that either they want fight for something that those soldiers cared about in the same way that the Ukrainians are never under estimate that intangible forget how many tanks you have.

Forget how much artillery the willingness of people to actually gauge and fight for the brothers and sisters, and further sovereign homeland is something we should never underestimate how you characterize Ukraine's Ukrainians, a unit was a mixed bag tons of corruption inside of Ukraine money flowing all over the place, bribery, bad actors with real power. Ukrainian people were trying to drive to up to a place that was different from what they had when they were part of the Soviet empire they wanted to come to a better place of a more freedom loving the more prosperous or more rules-based place. They were just struggling to get there is the root of the reasons that NATO with the NATO process was never done every night and Ashley even voted on. Even though George W. Bush wanted was because of the corruption was because you knew how the Russians viewed Ukraine and that might ignite this type of battle. Most because the French and Germans didn't want their friends and the Germans have an outsize capacity to influence both EU accession entering the EU and NATO as well that they were ready they want NATO ready either from a military perspective to deliver. We were working to train them.

I spent time when I was a said director and I write about this in the book Smetana said record them in the southeast parts and adjacent to the Lujan skin Donetsk.

We were training Ukrainian special forces operators.

I think that's made a difference in the fight as well. One of the things we can see is when you're in the mushy middle. It's bad. There's real risk we agreed in 1994 is called the Budapest memorandum.

We agreed that if the rate Ukrainians give up their nuclear weapons program.

We would ensure that their sovereignty was never violated. We got we have a real commitment to provide them the tools they need and deterrence against Vladimir Putin can work. You just can't be week of the buy demonstration is been so one thing we did find out the training work because they want to fight in there, tough as nails and they do have some tactics they are adjusting with the military given them in the hardware giving them their actually adjusting to the battlefield putting things are born and launchers on the back of pickup trucks so high.

Mars was something that you guys thought they were in you went to West Point so you studied all this stuff and more colleges but they said the high marks are something we have to go to war with the Soviet Union Russians is probably pretty effective and that you are now Ukrainians reward there more than effective and and now here's other missile systems that starts with an AF got the name of it but they go hundred 90 miles. Ukrainians who please give us that in the Joe Biden personally says no. There are 1980s version weapon would you think the significance of saying no is it tells Vladimir Putin that we are not serious about ensuring that Ukrainians have the capacity to actually defeat his army in the field and the Ukrainian Army clearly sees to that. This means the fights can be harder what Mike McCord critique of present bonds. Failure to maintain deterrence is that he continue to harbor the sphere you're going to provoke Vladimir Putin, who had already been provoked so they have been slow in the late when they finally got these medium-range weapon systems.

The high marks they provided the four of them. The should've been 40 slow in the late and short and that has continued to drive this war and put us on the precipice of Vladimir Putin now feeling like he may have to do something that's even more serious than what he did already, which is low present Bible. And so, having never held your position, please tell me where I'm wrong and I will not take it personal. Why we not leaning on India publicly to start laying off the purchase of oil why we not going forward with St. Germany you giving 1/10 of what you promised.

Why we not saying to Francine behind enemy in behind-the-scenes or in front stop reaching out to Vladimir Putin. It shows that were fracturing from. We have not been serious on the sanctions issues that they been half measures just like the weapon systems of been half measures and so the sanctions after you still have Russian banks that have access to the financial capital markets so you have a bad winter in Europe, while Moscow still got all the energy that it needs. That is completely backwards because the Biden restriction hasn't been prepared to lean on whomever France, India.

You mentioned Germany and think you have to be serious about this and if we had been serious been almost a year since we know this invasion was to Take Pl., September of last year.

Maybe in October, November, we've known we've been slowly swing. People say they will present trump was so anti-Ukraine. He was so bitter about the way they might've been working with Pres. Biden's son Hunter.

They probably wouldn't have done this much would you say but hard to know we get assault on what would you have done and it's hard to know you present but but but but but what present trump were chosen to do all of this much. I do know for sure present Obama and VP Biden gave the Ukrainians zero weapon systems present trump in our ministration gave the Ukrainians weapon systems. During our time in office and we trained those soldiers on my watch on my time.

I think when we got this one. Present trump would have been convinced that the right thing to do was to support Ukrainian payment had to do it all. If present, Obama had given more than blankets and MRAs and fetus when they just kindly blitzed in their web with missile defense systems, and arms.

There probably win the bid were to stop the Crimea seven years ago ever quick Brown.

That's a very good point, people talk about this war, having started in February of this year. The truth is a beginning 14th beginning 14 when 1/5 of Ukraine from 20%. Ukraine was taken about Obama's watch didn't do that on my watch.

So I am getting a break on a come back, but the secretary I see a definite pattern you take Georgia you stay nothing happens you take Crimea's day nothing happens you going to Syria you change the direction of the sod's tenure keeps them in power.

Nothing happens and then he says okay I'm going to go invade Ukraine babies believers own headlines.

Then something happens. If he takes Ukraine down goes the Baltics through infill infiltrate into their elections gradually get people there that they can control and then: become forced to take a deal because I feel that I can be back. I see the ripple effect in 15 years. My living in World War II you're living in reality that that is a factually accurate statement is made very clear his intention to restore call it whatever you want greater Russia. The Russian Empire, I republished agree with what I just sap your eye groovy 100% the this by the way, if you laid out his arms today. If Britain said cease-fire today while were on the show. It's temporary's objective isn't going to change.

We have to do we have to be ever vigilant is objective is not just Ukraine.

It is greater Europe and the only way to stop them is with massive power. The book of this command outcome is available for preorder still never give an inch more with more former secretary say my pumping just a moment's makers and news breakers. First, I can only show the more you listen more, you'll know it's right into me where he was a former secretary of state CIA director Mike Pompeo thinks that his book is finally done with the show.

The paper never give an inch of fighting for the America I love so secretary you tell me one thing that really saddens you as we look back in history were talking about history books. Modern presidencies are knocking of the paper trail. The other ones had it right. I mean, how did you put this together.

Being that you so concerned about intelligence and leaks in the pain is so true Brian.

I always figured the thunder that that's coming to my house still right. We always link their whales. Now we've got FOIA get all the stuff and so we I wrote down a lot less than my predecessors did and so yeah it was a labor of love. It was a lot of work to put this together.

Did my best.

From memory.

I think I think people like my compound there, and preorder it it's it's a got some great stories and importantly we had this vision of putting America first present trump campaigned on this and every time we thought about something more like I was play Russ back home. I will matter. Someone sitting in Nevada or Alabama or someplace Arkansas my home state � and I think we deliver that and you can see the difference today. I'll give real football analogy. I remember when Tom Landry came in and he started bringing back the shocked and it was like no you don't want to do you want to be under center and they change things said the running shoe. They went back to run and shoot offense and no huddle offense and change things so we can move the brain. What you broke the mold in many ways trump broke the mold. Some people think the worse weird it wasn't for the better goodness it was for the better. So many places and maybe he was a West Point traditional guy yeah I know it was better. It was better and so replaces better in the Middle East right the idea that we just upended the this crazy nuclear deal. The present Obama put together our assignment.

Grandparents climate accords the decision. The president made with respect to how we were going to approach German Kim, we increase the probably would be successful, it will totally get his nuclear weapons out of his hands but wouldn't have all these mess I think it was seven missile test locations so we we made some progress there. The world that the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem. These were things that that the strike against custom so my no other president would've had a second to start walking.

Make that recommendation subject to go do it. Having said that, with the Congress West Point background now CIA and secretary state and prime UI sound and fighting weight. Will you decide if you been a run. Would you have trouble running against a guy you work for who you say nice things about. He says nice things about you.

Okay Miss if you if you decide to run if I decide to run you go camping because you think you've got to make the right to consult each other back and CP Meme consultant. I don't know how I smell my style of talk about all make the case for why America to support the vision that I can find a country that this is the subtitle to never give an inch is fighting for an America I love fighting for the America I love this country matters. I've been at this for decades now Brian and I'm prepared to continue stay in the fight.

I don't know if I'll end up running or not but if I do it'll be about my vision for what her grandkids to be looking for Mike Pompeo. Thanks so much. Thank you Brian great that the quality time back in a moment's fastest-growing radio talk show.

Brian kill me I would want to let his moments of Brian kill me Joe. I appreciate you being here in this Columbus Day, especially if your schedule got broken up and now you listen to the radio for the first time, driving a car, you have the day off so I appreciated. Keep your money goes get the podcast if you ever Missy can hear library to me even for dedicated listeners. Always good to know you get the podcast Wilford Reilly's County with the surely he's got a very successful podcast as a spread bear and the professor of put the science Kentucky state to be with the surely we have a lot to discuss their bonus get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three president talk about Armageddon that a random random thought just musing at a fundraiser that is a terrible rest of the American people.

If he truly believes that he be out talking to us in a serious way yeah I would think that would be nice yes a bridge loan capital attacked and as usual, Russians, target civilians, while prison fight managed to do the impossible ratchet up the tensions even fire between Ukraine and Russia.

Headline inflation will probably come down from a perfect but poor inflation.

What measures the drivers of inflation or how bold they are, is still going so we still have inflation if you yes somehow Dell area on a big week for the economy as recession looms core inflation projected to grow and the Dems as a party in power.

Take the blame on the Acclaim but I think it's mostly blame them for one of our early post was if you had to choose between someone you didn't like personally who would oppose Bodden and someone you did like personally who would support five which will take 50 etc. people in Georgia would rather have somebody they don't like personally who oppose Bodden as Trafalgar's chief strategist 29 day selection. They will then look at where the House-Senate governorship stand as we break it all down with me right now. One of my favorite all-time's guest professor Wilford Riley Prof. welcome back.

Among his books taboo 10 facts you can talk about and hate crime hoax Prof. I was just so struck by a bunch of things. Number one in Georgia all why is it from you can tell. Aside from this latest controversy with Herschel Walker that controversy aside, why is it these only getting 9 to 11% of the black phone knowing that he came from extremely home humble upbringing, including the mostly African American area where he basically was just on the cusp of the end of South segregated South white don't think he's resonating with the black vote there. So far the Republican really look at everything else going out Walker yet leaving his personal experience personified UTA football star, use a popular businessman in Georgia. I don't think anyone doubtfully get along very well. The white community as well. Fairly confident black man short if you would let me in the average Republican in Georgia seems to be calling about 78% of the black vote. So Walker's doing better than that by about 50%. It really is that simple. There's a big disconnect right now between black people, including black business community and then the trio. Both Walker you realized more than almost anybody that Democrats were the one who wanted the segregated South. They're the ones who gave us Jim Crow things do jujitsu really helps with medical point is being made by the way it's going to get a really large support media and academia in the USA literally believe what the numbers about 90% of the left so that standard story I talked about this in my upcoming next book. Actually, whether or not this is true, but the standard story is that the two parties cannot switch positions on the rate in the mid-1960s, the reality is that what you said, it is simply correct that meeting prior to that the Republican Party explicitly proslavery pro-segregation party and much of the country. The Democrats were the explicitly protected proslavery party and much of the country to the Dixiecrat for Dr. Democratic Party start number one so definitely a lot that's gone into making normal successful black people think that they would they would never vote GOP and a lot of it is based on kind of information that's just not real. Every week we talked about this one, but there was a well done study got about a year ago after black people and white liberals.

How many unarmed black men they think are killed annually by the police and the answer was between 1000 and 10,000 so if you consume in the actual number of courses like 10 to 20 consume a lot of mainstream media that you really feel USA is a lot more racist that it is that you tend to put a lot of the blame for the conservative traditional debate that really fair walk. Yeah. See just on Walker please give me TLC indoors left as he gets on Meet the Press about Herschel Walker as much as he's having trouble in the black phone a lot about is not moving, cut nine people in charge are talking about it people based on my reporting are already in their camps. If you're someone we might Herschel Walker. Lisa coordinates African-American woman told me she had everything centered. Herschel Walker was facing a host of domestic abuse claims she didn't think that he had the character to serve in the U.S. Senate meet one Republican voter who is changing their mind. And that means everyone I talked to said I don't like this to me that maybe he's telling the truth even when thinking about this one voted her name is Linda only acting as an elderly white woman. She told me 100%. I believe these allegations.

I think Herschel Walker is lying right now.

She told me I'm still voting for him. People make mistakes. He's now someone who is an opponent of abortion rights and as a result, I'm to continue to stick with and the other thing is, the person is running against notes from a river in Warnock. He's got no and ex-wife. This is just a pay child support.

They try to run over Romney's a great actor that he's involved with some dicey situations where he covered up the allegations, allegations of child abuse of four other people did almost got them in jail.

So I mean, the problem is, who is running against two patterns in American politics, one people think both candidates are morally bad and true behaving transactionally in order.

You're absolutely right, down-home preacher is a current senator but involved in financial transactional guy who allegedly allegedly car like that without the domestic allegation against him will exploit walkers, but a lot of people looking at this guy are staying, you know, I read the papers. I don't think the other candidate is significantly morally better thing I think is more important, which is just transactional voting. So like I think it's bad Walker allegedly paid for it, abortion given out like the question is do you vote for the guy who openly pro-choice and I don't see you making that move for moral reasons. That's exactly nothing much is moved even a left-wing journalist like me TLC new have to agree with that. So Kanye West over the weekend made some anti-Semitic statements will deal with that later. But so is also significant something you might not.

I don't know for sure deal with and that is a people that don't hate down trumpet might even a voting form will happen to be black Kanye West on that my so-called friends/handlers around me told me, like I said that I like Tromp that my career will be over that my life would be over.

They said stuff like people get killed for wearing a hat like that they threatened my life my life. They basically said that I will be killed for wearing the hat. I had some a call me last night and said anybody wearing white lives matter. Sure is going to be green lit. That means that they cannot beat them up if they wear them like an okay green light meeting, so he made up white lives matter shirts assuming Candace Owens but also we said the DP was told by his wife and others. You just recruit if you wear that hat I think this exposes what I've heard people called silent 90% there at least as much racial and political hostility and violence on the answer but left it. Anywhere on the right.

I mean if you scroll along the black twitter black Instagram a reaction to something like a high school fight along racial lines of the typical are much more intense than your plea anywhere on the right outside of the cortical all right if I like be there something so that's something that being exposed to Kanye West situation.

One of the things that made the mainstream political left jump the shark with the idea that fragrant.

Like all lives matter are wildly controversial and this is something that we work people try to convince us out here but it's hurtful to people of color just to wear that shirt on and that that the meat is not difficult.

Kanye like the white lives matter. The black well that well because they police pilot racial climate that's wildly diverse that Scott know it is important to say is that the day after the light started breaking everything correctly.

How Kanye had a hyper intelligent interview on by the celebrity guy by the celebrity right because most celebrities on the left there to be some excitement when a hip-hop guy guy stepped forward and said that Michael GOP but remember that with the number of marriages is and so on. Going forward, so you might want to take a break before putting that guy speak that matter not not a big deal. Let all yeah I'm just to see where it goes. I to see the Hispanic vote tacking to the right gradually and it seems is the logic behind it. Do you think that that could you ever see the black foe doing the same. Not that you again.

Not that you speak for black America. But Jesus to study this stuff more than most definitely be all greater than the heart left. I think one of the mistakes of both extremes have made the assumption that cortical minorities become some kind of indistinguishable math but can never blend the dance with and date white people on the left click very definitely the idea that by 2044 they get be a majority minority country in power forever. What you actually see the right panicked about this, way more than they should as well. Like the largest immigrant group and Caucasian Hispanics of Catholic tradition. The second is Asian immigrant to outperform yes black immigrants from Nigeria and so on.

Some the most successful people in the country you actually look at how these people. But when you break night.

But a black so you look at pavement and Arabs before 9/11 and see 47% for the trio. People still don't think fourth-generation Asian kids or something like that are going to be a committed Democratic voting block at all, especially if you start seeing affirmative action in the courts, and so on. And true for Hispanics, racial, irritated, almost every Hispanic person I know because it seemed like black guys and white guys sort out whether there is a pressure in the modern USA about whether we owe reparation of the answer came here.

Penny was from Oaxaca. Now all the construction business really like the race, but certainly fairly back in the cortical minorities" shipped very far right Republicans now one or 2% behind with Hispanic unchangeable voting block. Thing is I know people behind the scenes when he put together a campaign of always have Prof. Riley run for office. I have to break it down to different sections and where to campaign. We I am still besides that we should stop talking so much about race and ethnicity.

I never even I've been doing is 25 years on Fox in particular in the beginning we were really talking black and white that much. We just talk about Americans more and we just talk about different issues. Now everything is all the black communities black keys white people to this principle, so that person is a black candidate that used to be always got a military background she's got a military background.

Now all of a sudden it's a black Whiting and I just think were becoming super hyper. We hyperventilate about all at that and ethnicities and the whole melting pot thing everyone comes up anymore, but over the weekend. Tommy Turberville was campaigning with prison Tromp.

Here's what he said is causing some controversy they could stop this crime the day. Some people say will are soft on crime. Another not soft on crime. Their program will crime because they want to take over what you got what you have rice and grab what you take on how he's getting one of the senators get a lot of criticism for reparations in that statement.

Political criminals are black and on point.

There were two that are to help black criminals like bail reform are unjustified blessing for that 70% of white Spanish criminal. I will say that as a sideline. I mean, so if you think that your helping an oppressed group in the country by lengthening the penalty on crime also helping every criminal from every other group and your coding all of the victims that themselves are black or African-American enter through the main point that the rear stuff like that every rally but I do think main point I don't believe that important point is that good faith liberal actually believe the crap so it's like yeah I think is something like that your heart understand what you that the Academy they think that a non-technical youth that crime is caused by factors like a lack of trust in the criminal justice system which is seen as a racist or maybe just poverty or something like that. So if you if you police violence and at the same time you support things like social work programs at night basketball� Like crime will go to make scriber down is bad boycott. Prof. Riley thanks so much. It was great comeback because frankly Bob Galbraith if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me and they understood sort of people in the Senate. He wants abortion on demand until birth 150 personal support is a good center word in your two on the center were not because as all allegations of spousal abuse. There are allegations out there too, so I hope the medial does just as much attention on his allegations of Sutter Warnock and his wife, his ex-wife said he was.

She was being abused by her own soul is your choice of equal opportunity here and I would both escape and that was down big and the congressman from under a Republican from Nebraska on Meet the Press yesterday because they wanted him because he's been a critical present trumpet is a conservative and a thought to get them to open up on the Herschel Walker business. I don't know what's going on but if you did make a mistake apologize, but for the most part I totally fixated on you ever bring up the Rev. Warnock and the kid saying I give Warnock a lot of credit for not jumping on everybody else's jumping on Walker well all the press is jumping on Walker number one and number two is have you seen what he's gotta worry about mean you have a woman on camera who since his wife saying these are great actor that she fears for him for her safety and she can get a child support from the guy that's why he's not jumping on Herschel Walker really we come back. Fred bear will break down our election coverage was going on between the numbers is a true public to leave a 30% chance when I consented my book radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me. Show crime is a big issue and we talk a lot about inflation.

We talk about abortion. Most Republican candidates are running on crime, particularly in Wisconsin it is working to devastating effect on Ron Johnson is someone who should be very vulnerable.

But here he is, has been hitting this crime issue and in some places it just going to work better than others, and in Wisconsin it is working. I asked somebody a plugged in political operative Wisconsin. Why is it working so well that he said one word Kenosha and that is true and that's why big and small towns. Crime is is resident. Gotta know really a list that is now trying to with three prepare joy just had to put a glycol Fox news he's been special report guy you know that you see him at 6 o'clock tonight but Fred you been drilling down on this crime is emerging each and every week a little bit more prominently. Don't you agree to evidence by how many candidates are using it and not having amazing factors for its ability to to take down Mandela Barnes, who was lead over Ron Johnson. Now Mandela Barnes own words and videos are just servicing every day.

Republicans are putting them out there and you just can't walk away from them whether the phone police or you know we look at the social fabric, or let people out of jail. It is just not a message that cells in a place where crime is a concern. Kenosha brings a member's of those lines 16 to see then the whole place is reported that he backed abolishing ice. He why he's back to reducing police budgets and defunding loan force. He said this is various times. So now is trying to back off and work around the edges. Two years ago that might've worked. Now it doesn't, then yesterday we hear about a shooting down the block from Lee Selden. Taos is 216-year-olds run to the bathroom: I will one the other one calls on their dad is running for governor and see he's on the Bronx in a Columbus Day Parade, and then he goes out the urging of her. When the press was outside. They want to talk to them and listen to this exchange cut 13 year family. Talk about politics. I surprise that you you or someone else might even look at it that way. Now I will point are we supposed to talk about the crime around streets. I'm standing in front crime scene tape it for my own house, you can't get me more outraged than right now I'm using a believable question please God and dress the press and that's a first course white dress in the press looking things are happening more and more and it is really in a lot of cities, and it's not just big cities, suburbs. There is a problem and whether you diagnose the problem that it's district attorneys that are putting people out turning them out of former New York City Mayor David Dinkins or know where Doug Thompson said he'd never seen it like that and you know that the Democrat calling out Democrats saying you can't have somebody put somebody out 20 3040 times and are committing sin, is cut 18 Dave Pattison, former New York Gov. cutting for the light even in the late 80s and 90s when the crime rate was killing 2000 people year. I never felt as unsafe as I do now. Just walking around and God prepared.

Sometimes we take the subway home from my WABC and your hearing about an assault on the subway.

Almost every other day so this is somebody with perspective and a Democrat and he can't believe it's going on right now and now we have to sub sub story of illegal immigrants into his 13,500 in New York City now walking around hotel rooms are put up for free same. We have no money and close. Can you help me so that begging other hotel hotel members can we can you give me close and other building a tent city. Randall's Island so there's that this is not convincing a combustible mix and see how Gov. local dealing with this or not, and not at all. She's not. Maybe some of those polls that have excelled in closing are real.

A lot of Democrats look at not happen but you know those issues are real people live and one of these relays with tapping yet Georgia Arizona, Nevada, perhaps New Hampshire, Pennsylvania. They could go either way, depending on the day, who's closing what issues are hot and how it was how we know the candidate, no doubt about it. Herschel Walker and explosive week last week you thinking in for the most part he survives this because, listen to a Terry Moran of ABC said he found on the ground, cut 11 not as great an impact on the citizen would've had 10 years ago that there is a sense now that as long as the guys on your team most important issue in American politics isn't what you believe in 2008 I and while Walker's not hater parties are not that antagonistic that it's clear millions of Republican voters will overlook something that would have destroyed a candidacy just a few years ago would you think, how does this resonate. If the story doesn't move again. I largely correct, probably over showing you about any difference you know I think it does make some difference and I think last week Herschel Walker, but in the big picture.

It would last week to go in there in the salad as this could be the linchpin to control of the Senate and to balance out with that she is progressive policies from the bite administration. So that's a real big selling point in Georgia and I think there's some element that's right, but I do think last week took on when he came out. Today's D's may choose a pain for some ice portioning and then he has another kid with the same woman and said she wanted me to board the second one, two, when then he has Sunna rocked, but he still denies any pay for anybody's abortion. But the other major issue number one. The economy Mohammed Al Arian. He's been a guest with you, chief economic advisor Elian's. He says the Fed is not helped.

And this guy and this administration has not helped us get inflation down there economy turned around. Here's why cut 25 two big mistakes that I think are going to going on in the history books. One is mischaracterizing inflation as transitory by that they meant. It is temporary. It's reversible. Don't worry about it. That was mistake number one and then mistake number two when they finally recognize that confession was persistent and high bathing act and act in a meaningful way, and as a result, we risk. Mistake number three which is by not using their foot off the accelerator.

Last year they are slamming on the brakes this year, which with the pulse of the recession. Yes, unfortunately this will go down as a big policy error by the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve's commences. Yeah, pretty pain instead of a soft landing so these are some comparison by somebody not really a politician. He's a numbers guy and I think that that's right but remember that, but monetary policy has something opposite of fiscal policy and tapping the broad research concerning its transitory, don't worry about it now week away.

Then the next thing they do is they find out that inflation sticking around the water. The massive spending on Capitol Hill not just wants to do it then with student loan to the exacerbating problem, but according to most experts, more money, or funneling in the more probably potential is for inflation to stick around or even go up so that comes in and says we got a slow this down.

It's burning too hot. And that's right they may claim on the brakes so much that we really worked as a country for a while so big picture question is you go out you have a social life unlike people do morning shows.

I want to see if you can subscribe to it. Gilmore said over the weekend cut 24. This is what is wrong with this country a real division between red and blue. It's between the people on both sides who aren't willing to mingle with Americans outside their political tribe, so I've no idea what they're really like and the people on both sides who are willing to do that. Of course Mark Fincham never met a Biden voter and probably things Democrats eat babies because every everybody he knows voted for Trump because he never leaves his hermetically sealed right wing panic room and I could say the same of many liberal would never even talk to a trump order. I asked a friend of mine recently. If they wanted to come to a little party I was having.

And when he found out one of the guests had voted for Trump. He told me he wasn't coming because quote I wouldn't breathe the same air. Okay, there's a word for people like this because having expletives would buy you a handwashing to the long time that you were born there. You notice a change over the years you been there behind Washington is a lot public Washington for more is formal, partisan, a an effort to at least listen to the other side, and there are not moderate in Congress who really try to reach out on both now. I agree that there are pockets where they don't listen at all to each other and almost despised just seeing each other at some event, and that's really bizarre if you think about it when we as a country could do well just listen first and then make and then argue about what we disagree about the agreement with you on that goal. On Capitol Hill we could get a lot done, but to your question, it does. There is mingling but it's not as much as it used to be and there are pockets of craziness. As Nomar describes, which makes you not want to go out Friday's old and ordering books out in paperback right to rest. Yeah, thank you very much.

It's going well and well, Ulysses S Grant the fragile union and the crisis of 1876 I got go pick it up bread. Thanks so much on the phone to see what that we have in store for us this week. I will we come back I'll finish up with you calls 1-866-408-7669 and tell you the latest what's going on with the war in Ukraine is see Russians frustrated and humiliated after the blowing up of the bridge start rocketing Ukrainian cities again using the brain to meet you something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking loose, unique opinion, steer it all. Brian kill me show Wayne Johnson went on to success in the wrestling world the rock 2001, he made the jump to fail after some early success. Hollywood tried to mold him into a typical leading man is okay, great. But now here's what you have to do you have to stop working out as much you have to lose weight, you can call yourself the rock Talk about wrestling. Let's stay away from all that these are all the things they told him don't be this anymore.

That's right.

So I tried that, Tracy. I tried getting smaller. Losing weight.

It all felt wrong and once he started being yourself. That was it. When that happened. A funny thing happened. Hollywood conformed around me and years later and now that's a rock to get his more movies coming out is that why he's doing all this were probably as a series he's a conglomerate himself, but he's right. You know this sounds like Schwarzenegger forcing was anything to lose the accenting of stop the bodybuilding. He ends up being a superhero and still does things like the kindergarten cop. We forgot that he was number one box of the sky to wasn't fantastic and he was great hearing sounds like we had John Crist in last week saying you just you coming based on who you are. No one can still die and then people feel like they know you write and you do well. Now a lot of people told me you can't be on television less you stop working out and I said no nominal make television conform to me you imagine if I stop working out. I can't mean how far away letting me that that family mapping said then on who is really putting in the couch you or Pete's piece work that way than you. I would say yes to whatever it is Pete pizza very fit young man, but I would say the catch is already dipping after one weekend, which is unbelievable that some bad cushion. I mean, that's not what you get from radon in flour rain. Oren Flanagan remind Flanagan yeah framework I think. I guess negative responses quick thing. Quick announcement. I've said it before race when referring to Brandon Mississippi will be November 12.

I want to see everybody there. Go to Brian kill within the next day.

Don't ask me how to do this we get to Tulsa, November 13 K RMG listeners hope to see their this great seats left. Soon Brian kill and the prison freedom fighters come paperback and some great information, updated eight so I think you'll get a love it.

It's a Bramley can Frederick Douglas and their battle to save America. So let's find this even more now.

Start with the heckler at this uncle Vinnie's comedy club in point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey which I can point Pleasant Beach's work might be doing a book about writing correct right was actually at the company club a few weeks ago, really. And she was actually introducing somebody was itching. I believe that yeah so I guess is going to have to set this up anymore so I just play is on stage and start heckler. She initially asked for questions from the audience in a woman right you didn't vote for Trump and continue as is to be read into that summary through Bureau the thump that she picked up the beer that which was lighted like that even I know we all love Jimmy Kimmel so much. But he said five stars for a flawless performance.

He treated her and even Patton Oswalt that I was even template material to John Heckler was craving all night praying grievances and revenge that Ariel Elias is her name correct and when they bumped her back and apparently was the woman's husband yeah just ridiculous makes anyone of those who comedy club you should be embarrassed if you act like that girl, good to be entertained.

It's not your time.

Would she do that she said opened up a related question that is a little bit problematic. I expected but yeah but like I loved your answer why does it matter what and that's it.

You can easily set forth of July down Trump's despicable so I side with over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not

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