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Oil wars: OPEC defies Biden request, cuts oil production

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 6, 2022 12:45 pm

Oil wars: OPEC defies Biden request, cuts oil production

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 6, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

[00:18:26] Carley Shimkus

[00:36:48] Marc Thiessen

[00:55:10] Jason Chaffetz

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It was going to Poughkeepsie for the talk about the expense of some chip factory okay great Joe Nelson Poughkeepsie the side of a brutal murder of a parent of America student who is just getting coffee in the lobby and was shot by a criminal wanted on felonies let out again. Crime is overwhelming. All other issues in America and this president can even figure out. We can even feign these interested. Big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three all these other issues the border economy, inflation energy, but it's really crime that threatens to bury Democrats in a month. Here it is an issue that is pervasive. It hits people across the country. Molly Hemingway saying what I just said about crime. We are added up to here the tolerance is gone. What the numbers say about our nation and what we can do. I think one of the things that you're saying in this response we are cutting through the bureaucracy we are cutting through the red tape. That's were going to do this time around, would be better because were.

This is the United States of America. I do not write cooperation and then consternation in hurricane ravaged Fort Myers as Pres. Biden came to town to town to spout off profanities and giving climate change full credit for the calamity LEC showed class and compliments at some point with a Republican governor can't blame or uphold corporations that arise Joe Biden play foreign oil and find dictators over US jobs and American energy dependence is made in his presidency, and that's not counting Afghanistan oil wars and what it means for 2022 OPEC pools pulled puts a fork in the president's eye and cuts oil production. Therefore, raising gas prices for your car and for your home finds options and actions in response or beyond, concerning, and that is to go to Venezuela allow Chevron to cut deals along which shell when natural gas and let them build up their infrastructure and their communist brutal country that is poisoning or hemisphere. That's no joke and it should be Sen. Ron Johnson joins a sale sooner. Your thoughts and I know you have a big debate on Friday and you're surging in the polls as you try to get six more years and that Senate seat over Mandela Barnes, but your thoughts about what OPEC plus did well as I quite honestly yard America if you want to analyze the big picture and not going back to speech to her foreign policy gathering couple weeks ago I ordered Ronald Reagan really geniuses complex and simplifying Reagan simplified the complex of the world, but are simply saying you cheap peace through strength.

You can have a strong economy and what you have peacefully wash of safety must show security that that applies to global to a schoolboy to our nation to our state for community and you take a look at everything the Bible ministry is done everything these radical leftists is done all the policy prescriptions socialism all those things we can society weaken our communities weaken our nation and make the world and our nation, our communities less safe taking economies to Robert Gacy and Prof. Kerry for Obama, so that the Job I was wrong on major foreign policy is for the last 40 years string remains unbroken and you go through the list of horrible open board before your high inflation record gas prices rising crime baby formula just happened. They were all because by radical left policies enacted by Pres. Biden Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi and all their cronies and henchmen in Congress. I hope Americans paying for just happened all this pain you are suffering today. Inflation gas prices more menacing world is caused by radical left Democrat all but one thing is pretty clear going as it is, will you have to shelve all your values and morals.

We told our allies to avoid that communist country, disposing, or hemisphere at Sebastian and his solace in a home base for our Ron China and Russia. Now we go to Mindoro and say okay do me a favor we will let Chevron a chill rebuild your oil infrastructure will take two years to get this oil and gas online so I'm not sure that's gonna solve anybody's problem.

But what about our values that he said that his soul on the line when it comes to Saudi Arabia.

It's not on the line when it comes to our Ron and Venezuela wait to try draining our change of control and reserve their national emergency to try and get him some bolts in November, but it's not working by Lakers gas prices are on the rise again. Venezuela is a perfect example of people that basically bore themselves to poverty oil rich nation. It should be a shining example in South America but actually basket case just as clean as well because lack of freedom and starvation mass because they basically bordered in socialist and once the socials were in became a completely one-party state and they rumination. That's the part that America is on right now Joe by Chuck Schumer, Nancy Fulcher held and I'm begging please don't give them another ally rubberstamping Mandela Barnes Ron all the lies character translation problems, personal instruction, I need the resources to tell the truth about Mandela Barnes Ron By the way you erupt in the recent poll CCD was searched. I think a lot of Republicans surging to the real killer average are up three some of the recent post from Fox to some of the local ones you grown up more a lot of people realize it maybe two years ago, the phone the police was cool other black lives matter seem like a great alternative that now it's clearly a corrupt organization and to fund and reimagine police is one of the most sinister things you could ever do to American society and cope with things that he is said a really disturbing first on energy, the new green deal is the path to get us where we want to be what we have to think so much deeper and so much border we have a real opportunity in front of us really new green deal. Let's go to China and have the slave laborers build us solar panels. Here he is talking about capitalism cut 34 S. I think is how greedy can you many be the reason lower in this masses. I guess it's capitalism run amok. That's lower in this predicament.

Now the same reason why gun violence is rampant in the United States is main reason why we do with all these other issues that that are common to have commonsense solutions that we can't seem to have a common sense approach we look at all the Congress and state legislatures across the country and see where a lot of financings come from coming from the you see why our efforts are always thought to do the right thing is that's why so difficult for the right thing to happen to get done. Was he trying to say there socialist radical rhetoric always got point out to Cuba what it did to Venezuela is the road to ruin.

But you we should just that their dispiriting policing. And often I think that they like to do but can't recruit.

This is where very dangerous moment is the lead story babe actually after their policies that they can govern your goal. Reduce your prison population by 50%, 10,000 print prisoners just by about 15 including 884 individuals paroled only 11% were nonviolent 784 violent criminals, including 44 child rapist 270 criminals either committed partner committed or attempted murder and the murders were horrific. People who some streets Wisconsin radical left ideology is ruinous.

That's what they're trying to sell your Cisco saying about reducing prison by delay some happy they were all talking about it, that's now the criminal justice reform and reducing prison populations is now sexy. Let her know what he means by that he means now and I guess here's what else he said about the phone the police cut 35. Please don't prevent crime, the surveillance state so this is a minority report is not like this to stop something before it happens. They are there to respond solve crimes in the number of delegates, all you ladies sought to learn a number so they don't prevent crimes has every heard of police presence stopping a crime from even having to begin with, let alone a police being present, being stopping crime crazy left wing rhetoric problem one thing about inflation gas prices to meet so Americans are at our feeling that paying can't be hidden by the media, like for example the Chrysler border is pretty will be ignored by the media are complicit in corrupt mainstream media as part of a problem that allowed Mandela to stop this imbecilic rhetoric that is they don't challenge about what's really bubbling skis sit down for now with chocolates on Fox nation is full, unedited. You had countless I understand about a dozen FBI agents come up to his whistleblowers to talk about was going on there, bubbling ski storms also relate to you but you lost the majority in the Senate on January 5 what to what can you tell our listeners about what Bob Linsky presents and what other and what it should reveal to a meeting this paying attention forward complicit in corrupt media what my report will likely covered up the laptop also covered up. He felt that his duty was report to federal law enforcement this much I wanted to get Chris Perea was getting any response whatsoever. I want Tony to come down transcribed interview with our committee and then we can make a public okay once we verify things you talk you going to blackhole. That's exactly what happened. The there are elements you could copy if you are thoroughly corrupt, highly partisan Justice Department Department of Justice is handling January Sixers versus the writers.

Some are with multiple tier system adjusters not be applied equally and you got partnership partisan in these federal law enforcement agencies basically looking at that anybody who voted for conservatives as potential domestic terrorist. This is being sent with the FBI and with the Biden family and the deals they've done with China, Kazakhstan, and seamlessly with the Ukraine as well as Russia with they've done is yeti somebody come forward for the whistle speaks of 5000 to the FBI. He would told the team table we get back in touch with them. He is now disgraced and retired never called them you have a grand jury impaneled and as he entered Biden he is not been called.

How can you honestly be up somebody investigating this case and not talk to his former business partner, Stephen August 2020 downplay the director information to basically 600 C complicit and correct me if we had a unbiased helpful sites accountable. This kind of corruption one running rampant drug federally tolerated by the liberal liberal left me as well. Government I just keep going back we went all the stuff about you might have some correction right now. This is endemic and completely partisan is not a fair fight crime. I don't have a little pleasure but just doing the best case it's amazing that one Republican Democrat would come over with you and say I'm concerned by the FBI as he could turn on them to. I just wanted honest criminal justice fighting organization, so I want you to hear what Van Jones said on Sunday on HBO on Fillmore. He almost sounds a little like you this issue around the gender binary has taken up way too much space in the public conversation. I think the people are weary of it. I think that people having to put the season or this and that the pronouns on the all of that stuff starts to send a signal. I think the working-class voters that the people are not concerned about the things that affect everything. Not concerned about inflation. Not concerned about what is not that you can't take care about everybody but there's something is out of balance and so I think that we start sending the cultural signal that were more concerned about the pronoun you put on your resume, call, and we are concerned about the fact that you don't have a house or a job. I think the parties are tracked. I mean, that's Van Jones, former Obama of Obama administration member left-wing columnist and commentator by Obama talking about how dangerous this massive spending is and how to start inflation even talk about that way for year.

I do think a lot of these issues of the mainstream press wants to focus on shiny object distracts us from looking at what problems. For example, the dollars that you help start biting restrictions only work 80.3 cents date best to get back in place. If you're 100 grand start biting restrictions on 80,300 bucks stole $12,000 from you which is what they did and that's what we are people that you can fill up your tank Filter center said good luck in your debate will be on Friday at 8 to 10 central time. Honestly 9 to 11 Eastern over Milwaukee against Mandela barn center Ron Johnson thank you back a moment to today's top stories trying to kill me. This episode is not by KPMG. KPMG nation is the goatee state of mind their visionary thinkers and Advanced Technology help you see beyond the now uncover new insights and turn them into opportunities. KPMG can help you leverage the value of data and drive transformational outcomes through innovation to explore their thinking. Go to KPMG .us. This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all-new galaxy Z fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multi-window view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxy Z fold so he'll make you kill me. Well, it could very well lead to an increase in gasoline prices and that's exactly the opposite of what the Democrats need to present Biden wants to see and it's also the opposite of what he was hoping to achieve with his trip to Saudi Arabia earlier this year and the summer. At that point there were, they were advocating exactly the same the opposite. Three times now. That's because that's what it is and it didn't pan out for for present Biden and this is a real blow to him politically and and for the economy because he goes over that was that was Jeff Mason, Jeff Mason of Reuters with bread beer last night and say look open postures raise just cut production that's gonna raise rates and there's no doubt about gas and energy to heat and air conditioning your house that's going to affect election they know it. You know it in the present is panicking. CNN, of all places.

Since this panic inside the White House that they wanted and did this even though by Nesta not to why because with you like it or not, there are some allies like the UK and there's other allies which are necessary because of the landscape in which we deal the neighborhood which were written whether essential South America or the Middle East or Europe. That is why it's really folly to alienate Saudi Arabia because it of posters, Iran, when you deal with the Rhine need alienate Saudi Arabia.

Trump made a choice. FDR made a choice.

The saints are best interest to stay with them.

The present alienate them.

Now all paying the price we see you out there hustling goals, career, friends, fitness is unlocked and you are pressing to keep on keeping on Holly's got your back mood and seek support daily energy and laser focused vitamins and supplements to keep you on the count.

Find your new go to Connie People love. What's next new thing that everyone has to think to the carriers and lists marching gently at the perfect process desk people and resources on any task. Every change with flexibility. Everybody delivering great work for what is its process information you truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show over American is presently no disrespect to spite on day one when a country according despite and expect people who are facing costs this fall and winter to reward you are to look the other way. That is until you calmly. Fox's contributor now target about this decision to alienate Saudi Arabia and OPEC. They have sided with Russia. There was a reason why dating back to FDR strategically. Even though we did not agree with their sense of gender equality or anything else that better than most in the in the neighborhood. That's why we were allied with them and because of that the presence paying the price. Not only personally not only influence the Middle East when you go dry do another deal with a rod that alienates the Sunni section of the Middle East Justin he should understand that of anybody else, and now they're getting closer and closer and desperate enough and so is Ron desperate enough to do this deal. The another million barrels into the world oil market bring the price down with right now is Kelly Shimkus who's been working these issues since four in the morning on television, and now on radio tobacco. Thank you for having me. You heard Kelly and, when I was infuriating thing about this is we finally have the oil under our feet and the reaction from Democrats after OPEC class and as they were in a kite 200 and million backing out 2 million barrels a day when all Democrats were saying except for Joe mansion saying will this presently need to transition to green energy faster which is the exact thinking that got us into this issue in the first place. Now I haven't played this clip yet but I did read it verbatim. I'm hoping it makes more sense when we hear it okay because it is the perspective of OPEC plus so let's hear what they have to say about what they're doing. C. Saudi Arabia core members plus racing with Russia trying raise the oil price is you want to stick to think with all of us had ever since December 2060 and exit convenience.

Again, it is not and that is me as I was saying as agents feel intentions is twice the price up by by listening demand intentionally and he knows in election five weeks to think he does not do you agree with them. Rinse well, first of the Wall Street Journal said that the reason OPEC is doing this could be because of inflation possibility.

I actually I we had Robert Hankey executive director of Texas public. A public policy foundation on Fox and friends first and he said this announcement was timed to do damage to present Biden's thing now that the election is just over a month away. Russia obviously obviously our enemy, and Saudi Arabia complicated relationship. Like he said come into the segment made even more complicated by Pres. Biden try to get this Iran nuclear deal done. You read the story in the Wall Street Journal about with his Venezuelan dealers run situation and then the shell is coaster to a drilling for natural gas we would. That's what fracking so that ionization cannot at this morning or yesterday and said that they aren't lifting sanctions to hear that that's the near there saying no sanctions are going to be left dead so that's what they're saying now. It could be because of public backlash and will have to wait and see on what happens there so that Venezuela would get Chevron to drill it would take two years for the two years for to get 1.5 million barrels a day on the world market really okay and then they can open this Pearl offshore basin and this observation would give is an oil it's a natural gas burning field that Shell wants and because of that they think of it as well. Her own hemisphere. Quick transportation and to get a save that would be the answer. So you get more oil in the market would drive the price down now. They say the promise of this happening would drive the price down. That's how it investment looks at this from the Wall Street perspective, but to me you chose panic and what about our international bona fides about restoring our our push for civil rights as part of a foreign policy you know they've done to the people you know that with Dave allowed Ron China and Russia into our hemisphere know that they've also flooding our border with all these refuge.

So what about American jobs. The president is in the present Venezuela. He's the president of the United States and like I said, we have the capacity to do this. Here we can be. We have been energy independent and wonder how equipment how fast can we get back to energy independence and the president comes in and he prioritizes status and there is this study that was published by unleashing prosperity and estimated that the US would be producing between two and 3 million more barrels of oil a day and between 2025 more billion cubic feet of natural gas. If the trump administration policies had continued so I just think that's really interesting because it really shows how much of a better place.

We could be an now and also proves that we could get back to that eventually but if you take two more years or possibly six. Depending on what happens in 2024 will get the new greenfield lodging right there with a new green deal and we know that all that rare earth and all the solar panels made by slaves in the rare-earth located in China controlled by China in places it's not there would make us subservient to China and their needs. That means not only will we have a rival economically. We will have militarily now will have a dependent will be pending on the also how do you charge up your electric car. It does require that batteries are charging stations with the play with your head and doesn't degrade years fossil fuels right as of now they say the country should transition the house. Maybe it's less of a I don't now climate, but you're talking about. What if we wanted to solve the problem.

What if you don't listen to the press secretary cut six.

Today's announcement is a reminder of why it is so long that United States reduce its reliance on foreign sources of fossil fossil feels that inflation reduction we are making a historic investment in accelerating the energy energy transition to clean energy now of course thinking is preposterous. It's what got us into this issue in the first place really dollars.

Now it's all trickles down to people at home and there been so many people that you talk to.

I talked to business owners moms dads that are struggling because of inflation and all of them have said and got gas prices are starting to go down if they go back up again. I don't know what I'm in a deal and then in California over the past week. Gas prices went up $0.60. Can you believe that hike I think it's because they require like a special blend because they try to be as great as possible so sorry for the people in California. Mike, I write to you no longer get saved from the podium. Gas prices are going down historically low levels extra usually a fast speed. So it's all over the story and were getting closer close to the election. You want to buy gas prices. What about crime. Why would the president go to Poughkeepsie to salute a chip plant and not go over the Marriott where the parent of a marriage student was killed in a random act of violence by a felon wanted to which go to be arrested just left out of what walked out on bail and shot this guy believe that he is going to be in the city where that happened. Why would he do that I don't now and maybe there's time for him to put it on his schedule that story is one of those ones that you hear that you snap. You know you're never any other yet there's there's a there's a couple of crimes like TMJ that the hospital right there's just a few that rise to the level because you just you can picture yourself in that dads position you are getting a couple coffee. You're checking out of the hotel room you just visited your sign for parents weekend which means that you are looking forward to seeing your kid and all the sudden he's dad and this is an irreversible situation like BMT to a lesser extent but still horrifying. The woman assembling that punch in the face and now she may lose her vision, the crimes are so random right now but they are increasing. It's crazy that Yokel does have the power to change this and she's just turning a complete blind eye and that's why he was always a surgery in the poem, and if there is a Republican governor in Texas and what that would mean me to New York and text yeah I think it's because they're just talking about a layout like Mike so just go straight Republican governor. This is what drives Democrat people nuts about Democrats not Democrats themselves. The ideology which drives them so the present United States praises the governor of Florida for so for the great work to someone week since the devastating hurricane but did miss a chance. As I predicted cut 18 been a lot of disasters the last couple months last six months no more more fires burned in the West Southwest and reservoirs out Webster down almost 0 situation in the Colorado River looks more like a stream.

There's a lot going on and I think the one thing this is finally ended his discussion about whether or not climate change, we should do some about campus opportunity say something like that which people have told you who are experts in the area. Hurricanes have dissipated, especially in Florida and their strength is not varied when I get stronger, more and more and stronger storms. That's not the case. Yeah I got political mom by the president in a moment that really should be political, and I thought that overall seeing Gov. DeSantis and Pres. Biden together during a time of crisis was absolutely the right thing for both of those men to Dale so a majority of that meeting and in Florida was good and then he and Jackson politics. Until that I like every other part of it.

You know what he can say that that since it's his message. Then you can also understand where a lot of Floridians who don't want to talk about climate change right now just want to hear about what you do to help us out will just roll their eyes and they just don't need to be role in their eyes.

Here is a prison by not a moment with the mayor first teacher is a story and says he's had a big fire that burned up have his house. He had a small kitchen for the last 20 minutes. Why can he just admit to people that you haven't experienced everything that they have evident civil rights protest unify with corn pop. That's the only thing you could say that you've done that not everybody else is done here is document if I just said yeah folk and pop if I try to personalize that here is Joe by Mrs. yeah this is no one else with a by no couple of days ago. He also said that he was Puerto Rican. Politically, that politically put. You could be politically plenary. You know anything you actually can be politically Puerto Rican help you sit disproportionally in the 70s are some Puerto Ricans in Delaware, which we know is a destination for reporter reporter in the 70s that population.

Delaware was like less than half a percent. It was like .03 did not know that Frederick and yes I am much more part. I am 50% more Puerto Rican then Sue politically soon became present in Puerto Rico got hit by natural disaster and you appear there you can honestly say my mom's Puerto Rican leg from the bottom of my heart. Thank you exactly that in the present.

Yeah, I feel having put him say he's politically Puerto Rican back in a moment. Bob was a bad this is Brian kill me show this person is Americans with all of your talks weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen to us, or wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast listen no Fox News from his mouth to your years, get a few more minutes ago Shimkus Crawley goes from 46 person comes in and comes on Fox and friends right after so early we can closer and closer to the selection for your response, please election, although I will be here. My birthday is November 7 and I didn't realize that my birthday was also very close to election day every two years, until I started this job. Okay well that's not happening anymore. What were your responsibilities be you have anything to just do the show do the radio show and election coverage goes well as an SB in the promo that was my first midterm man on the street coverage one year out out on Fox square that was fun yeah: the whole crowd, and I talked to some people. I mean there are so many reporters on the field and all the swing states sell.

You don't use that much. I didn't get much but still it was fun to be asked. It's always fun to be as she was a positive attitude. So we have a mutual friend, Bertie McGurk passed away so he was a long time he was there. The comedy on Imus and then with Bernie and seated on 77 WABC which picks up the show in about 15 minutes. So what you thought about how I was very very sad to hear about his passing. I obviously met Bernie when one of the first day is that of my career working as Imus's assistant. I always worked at FOXBusiness. He was a WBC why my favorite days every week was when Bernie would come to the studio and deal in studious after I get to hang out with him and I just genuinely look forward to being around him smart cell smart self. I'm so funny and kind snowsuit secret that I miss the stuff now and I care deeply about Imus tell every has their own opinion on hand but you know he was hot and cold, and when ever I was getting on me because I cannot stand any definite dappled light yelling and he would always be the one to say. Currently, this too shall pass. You are going to be okay right everything is fine so I really looked to hand certified and I'm living in a like a father figure that sort of in that vein, where he disliked him for a little bit of yellow shelter during the tough times. So I I want to honor him and his his life and I feel for his wife and his two kids and he will be deeply missed. Absolutely great guy. He was here for you. Stick to the contributor for a while because he was with Imus in the building. He was always I was on outnumbered. Yeah, she said I want to work that hard because I don't want to be God Penn station doing WABC walk up to Firefox or something when he made Imus's was hilarious that all sidebar comments to listen to old Imus class.

They were always made more funny by Lillian Bernie. I mean there to help. Their timing was hilarious. The responses that you sell quick on his feet and politically savvy just like an all-around great guy and doing the job that he was born to down to one on a much more positive note, this was the story earlier this week, cut 50 yes your thoughts because you can judge us like catapulted into baseball now. Did you feel the magic of the season. I did and I love the moment in my favorite part was seeing Erin judges mom and how she responded to that. It was a huge sigh of relief from high history made and he got down 60 tail and he could make doing more for the accuser. It's all about. 2020 world championships 13 years into the World Series. Go Shimkus. Thanks so much. See if I will see tomorrow morning to get some will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News five just Fox News podcasts network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download no Fox News or wherever you get your favorite and fastest-growing radio show Brian kill me. I will delay this moment to the Brian kill me Joe from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world began our company way will be joined by Jason Jacobson incentivize martinis in the present depth of other issues, Sperry said everyone here were lucky enough to be carried by 77 the ABC inverting the character McGurk is been one of the staples here and not only had use it Fox with Imus and then of course when WBC split off on Imus, but often he was at Penn Station for a while and WABC was there and then went over across town was great guy to me.

Funny, passed away the age of 64 long-term cancer and you certainly get to be missed in a real presence in broadcasting for the longest time so will move on from there.

And of course extremely sad day, but also let's get to other things are happening right now the prison United States and Poughkeepsie New York not to talk about that horrific shooting. They kill that parent of America student up to homeless people shooting at each other.

Unbelievable. But he's talking about some chip deal because he doesn't think crime matters.

It does big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three all these other issues the border economy, inflation, energy, it's really crime that threatens to bury Democrats in a month. Here it is an issue that is pervasive. It hits people across the country.

It's no doubt about it. Molly Hemingway crime. It's everywhere. It's not just in the big cities Delaware Democratic mayor managed to squelch their crime numbers because they have a DAV does his job and you have a Democratic mayor there will not to fund the police. I think one of the things that you're saying in this response we are cutting through the bureaucracy we are cutting through the red tape. That's were to do this time around, better because were. This is the United States of America rightly said same thing all the time, cooperation, and consternation hurricane ravaged Fort Myers I can go came to town spouting profanities and giving climate change full credit for the calamity.

At least he showed class and complements for the Republican governor can't blame the corporations rise Joe Biden play foreign oil and find caterers over US jobs and American energy and that's a lot. She went on to say he oil wars and what it means to 2022 OPEC plus put the fork imprisoned Biden's eye and cuts oil production. Therefore, raising gas prices for your car, and energy prices for your house finds options and actions in response are beyond concerning joining Sam Ortiz and Washington Post columnist Fox News contributor Mark welcome back so real blow. According to CNN, of all places. They say there's a bit of panic and spasms over the potential outcomes of OPEC's decision which we turned out to be to cut production why five weeks is the one of the last things you want to say right Mark McCarter, and all embracing and reporting on both our side and I'm trying to cut a deal with the wrong which is their number one in the world would have given them hundreds of billions of dollars to release terror across the Middle East or Saudi Arabia not cooperating until course because you don't want to production what to do next lift sanctions on Venezuela Chevron. The goats are growing their beloved as well as to start exporting oil so so much for the battle between autocracy and democracy where you know what why are we once again dependent on foreign Deskbook for our oil. We should be energy independent in this country. Donald Trump unleashed hundred 80 he made 100 million acres of public land and water available for expiration by Lisa P with acres of federal land, oil and Portion of any president of World War II there were also people that home is ongoing so that we empty or strategical reserves and now we are begging Venezuela to pump towards Institute in two years if Chevron is able to go in there and start working right away, then looking up to 1.5 million barrels a day will be the dirtiest oil imaginable going to the people in the business and now you have Shell making maneuvers. There what is the downside market of such a complete understanding of foreign policy.

The downside of doing business with Venezuela in our hemisphere is a communist country. People who are flooding.

Flooding our streets with deadly draw billions of dollars in the drug. It's also a whole for Russian and Cuban and other off and even Chinese influence in the region so you make and find everything else.

One of Donald Trump's great achievements was rallying the entire world to deal with to recognize but why don't government is legitimate. Venezuela in the opposition of the stolen election and isolate Mindoro and now because of the because he is afraid of losing the midterm elections of the price of oil and politically about a way to recognize that it recognize the government and just shameful great Charles came to put in perspective from FDN cut 11 is a crazy thing you talk about environmentally poor track record of Venezuela. That's also some really heavy crude takes a lot of energy to refine it.

This is so stupid, so it doesn't make sense on any level from humanitarian point from an economic point of view from a geopolitical point of view for the defense and safety of Americans and the world in the Western Hemisphere doesn't check any of those boxes in fact makes every single one of them absolutely worth January 539 million barrels of oil a week that would doing 416 million. Why would we decrease it. If you want the price down and by the way, we have the press secretary said not to touch strategic oil reserve in the next day, they change of mind that to me shows on organ is a panic you know what it actually now right before the election. They don't want same time, the high food prices and high shelter and placement for decades.

Overall because they see high gas prices just like the government intensely raised the price of cigarettes to get people to quit smoking. They want to raise the price of gas a week you'll it's part of their long-term strategy and the judge essentially admitted that the other day that were taking short-term measures to address gas prices will we make this transition to away from fossil fuels.

If you really cared about lowering desperate you be taking long-term things like relief, strategical petroleum preserver change the ethanol mix or waiver to do that you get the Saudis and the other people in the bed as well is a little bit more gas but they won't increase domestic production here at home. They suspended all oil and gas leases, which struck Trump they announce just went about the new offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean. Lately they're trying to bet they don't have the authority under lots of cracking what they're doing is trying to use ozone standards of the weight of the Permian basin which is in Texas and Mexico. The church occur cracking that's were 25% of the nation Like to shop at every step. They're taking is to try and tamp down domestic production. The only thing keeping domestic production up to the fact that gas prices are so high that the bit to do everything they can to create distant better for all and gas production but rather create oil job in bed as well in Saudi Arabia Texas and Oklahoma. The Republicans have designed in the Senate.

They want to hold seats in Pennsylvania and hold Republican seats in Pennsylvania as well as Wisconsin.

Do you see Dr. Oz closer to the point where he could actually win their because he's called. He's never been in the lead against Fetterman was probably the worst candidate I've seen in my lifetime, cut 33 is Oz yesterday. Yesterday I was getting the support of the throne order policing in this in the north is part of Pennsylvania at the state endorsement already. They don't like John Fetterman because they realize he's in your present danger and I and all the press there. The press gaggle asked what you're asking me why are you asking these difficult questions why to helping John Fetterman please clarify his stance on public safety and some of these issues on drugs are really harmful to our young ones. He believes that we should decriminalize all drugs and have heroin injection sites and I was in North Philly at a prayer vigil got so many homicides that were to try to come together to bring some peace to the streets or specimen doesn't show up and filled up if these kinds of meetings.

But he endorsed the program that Oregon has already put forward with the criminalization of drugs that resulted in a 50% increase in drug deaths, and a 40% increase.

Homicides. This is what he wants for Pennsylvania and he is going to Philadelphia he's going urban environments. Do you see the Republicans begin to consolidate around Dr. Oz.

Well, it looks so winnable rate permitted a terrible guy. He would ask the question, do you if you could wave a magic wand and solve one problem, what would it be any relief released with life like without not the employee should not produce crime, not solve the border three convicted murderers and if you can't.

If you can't beat guy who can't string together because he had a stroke and wants to relieve Muggeridge's number one follow then to be in politics. The problem yeah it's a problem.

Another state to look at look at Ohio, where like the wind is winning by 17.4 Rob Portman one. Betsy by 20 points and jaded man. They have big American Crossroads is spending $35 million to say that we should have in our back pocket so we could spend that money somewhere else like places like Georgia, where were aware where Herschel Walker struggling we got nominated. Unfortunately, for at the suggestion of Donald Trump so many we candidate state that we should be killing it and going on the offense and other places wasting money defending as trying to say we candidate and Sen. Chris for second time constraint election. Still, when you I think he can I think I think he's gonna respond better. I think the after the answers will look on, I'm a sinner about who I want to be but I'm not who I used to be.

And you know I think that I'm not proud of, but I am a changed man. Every Christian is just it's you know so many so many so many stories I just hope what's happening in Georgia is a lot of Republicans remember what happened when they didn't vote in the in the runoff and gave the Batcave to set up each of the Democrats the majority of dollars that we are all paying now because the deposition and they're going about it they don't want to book Herschel Walker their vote for Republican majority.

Because that's what it's all about about the right way lastly want to get to Ukraine if the Russians get desperate enough to use a nuke, this is what David betrays says we should be prepared to do cut 39 still get worse for cancel Russia and even the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield won't change this at all. Jake Sullivan has publicly stated that the US is communicated to Russia.

What would happen in response to that and what would happen. Well, again I am not talk to Jake about this. Just to give you a hypothetical. We would respond by deleting a NATO, a collective effort that would take out every rational temperature and conventional force that we can see and identify on the battlefield in Ukraine and also in Crimea and every ship in the Black Sea. The plans in place. I don't know should be in place without a doubt should understand I don't I don't think rational laughter would never use nuclear weapons strategically began to Russia tactically because that would be the end of the military. It would bring you having a hard enough time beating Ukraine having a harder time NATO gets involved in the war he doesn't want that. So it would be completely irrational for him to do that so I hope that we are privately that we have indicated what the consequences would be because whatever body the terrible consequences that happen just like I don't believe for a second that Joe Biden look like. I don't believe in place right right I just think that the Ukrainians can win this thing. The Russians are falling apart and I think it would be great for the next 50 years we could stop it. If we don't, and they're able to acquire this land will go to infiltrate in the Baltic nations to play a role in all these other nations their influence will begin to grow and that relationship with China will flourish. It's gotta be stopped and they got to be humiliated now Ukraine without a single American T involve American in the way good for Ukraine is good for America. We should we should help them decimate the Russians and make sure they drew Griffin out of every single interview. Enter Marcus is make sure their allies with their supposed to do and are true, and in our equipment gets to the right people. There's gotta be some accountability roasting hello hello hello what is your current blog under look Mark, thanks so much, one nation on Saturday so we come back will take two calls 186-640-8766. I thought of the adjacent chief that she was in the brain to meet you something new every day, Brian Kilby show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show. It's also just not operation militarily and just as interesting that the US is not been aware of it and also not in agreement with with that sort of approach. Very confusing why they would choose to do it separately speak to the capability of Ukrainians to some degree that they been able to do two things one can conduct operations at different locations, which is more than I think I expected and separately able to keep information operational control from the United States, and it seems like Russia which is pretty remarkable. It seems as if the US knows a lot more about what Russia is doing that what is even working Ukrainians pops or they just want to make a public would claim Watson national security expert was discussing was the carb on the blue up and ride the daughter of a Russian official who was anti-Ukrainian pro-Russian thought to Ukraine should be part Russia. He's been a sharp critic of Ukraine of Zelinski mocking him, and also a close confidant of Vladimir Putin in his debt.

Should his daughter was riding in his car when it blew up, and she's also been an outspoken critic of Ukraine and was a very pro-war and now she's dead and it just goes to show you the paranoia that must be taken place always Russian officials if Ukraine can get there because experts say. I'm sure Russians concluded already that Ukraine was behind it. They must present themselves okay. What if they're in my car. I wonder if in the my house whatever cessation cars assassination crews are going after me. For example, if your Crimea enjoying the season on the beach 90 more nine planes blew up on the tarmac in a peaceful area and you really think Ukraine was behind that. So now this along. Lotta people try to get out of that area that you acquired and took great pride in it was the brain. Tell me Joe, so glad you're here we come back Jason Jamison Johnson studio's former chairman of the House oversight committee and will talk about this political landscape while once and for all and crime where we stand.

Don't move a radio show like no other clear that class is aligning with with Russia. With today's announcement that they just laid out dealing with time. Where were we are responding. I did make your you know I predicted this right Allison you know I said this as soon as prices picked up the first day, I say to be prudent price hike soon and it took a week but the reason why the prices going up is because of prudent price hike is a prudence war nothing to do with that almost nothing to do with that.

That whatever's could happen happened is already baked in which happening yesterday. Jason J.

Fitz was the set. Saudi Arabia said you figured vilified me before you got the job and after you got the job and then you came and you came down to visit me at which time you asked me to increase production. I didn't know that it decreased production because you continue to talk to Iran and try to get Ron back online and that terroristic country that terroristic country like nothing more to be able to put their oil in the global market and be able to lift those sanctions and get some of those revenues and help Thomas Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad yeah if you look at what the Donald Trump Jared Kushner Robert O'Brien with that group was able to do in actually triangulating and making it better for America not only a geriatrician but Jared Kushner as well yeah yeah but you know, making the energy markets better for the United States but bring world peace all along the way to Trump does not get enough credit for this. Joe Biden has totally dismantled.done everything he could. I say this is it's reminiscent of Jimmy Carter. I mean think about it. Joe Biden was elected four years before Jimmy Carter was president.

For goodness sake Mike goodness I he's been there. You would think you would learn these lessons, but our dependency on on this line out of the White House is so blue is so bogus.

Price goes down. They take all the credit price goes up, they blame it on prudent and it is a complete fiction. It is a total lie.

So the Wall Street Journal had this exclusive story today says he's going to look to ease right now the. The sanctions on Venezuela enable Chevron to pump oil deal would require Caracas to open up talks with political opponents, with the aim of a free election. 2024 now the you said to me that I will John Kirby just told Stuart Varney that this is not true. Yet, just before I came on the radio. I was sitting next to start Barney light interview John Kirby Kirby basically flat out denied that there was any discussions that the Wall Street Journal article was wrong and I have a hard time believing that the Journal got it wrong.

I wonder if Kirby's can eventually before the end of the day have to walk that back but he said they were not in negotiation not in the discussion and that they had to have a lot of progress in Venezuela before they've even talk to. The thing is they have no infrastructure not capable of doing this because maduro a bus driver took over for you. Go Chavez died of brain cancer as able tips metastasize that cancer of socialism and communism through South and Central America. This is an evil regime and we know to the John Bolton led the charge to recognize one quite oh is the real leader we got our allies to do that and now this.

The second time I hear we've reached a Venezuela to come back online with oil production, including opening up these all of these natural gas fields in the end in the open waters offshore gas fields that could make be against our interests. We produce natural gas. This I'd love to hear Marco Rubio, who I'm sure before the end of the day is going to get away on this. He probably knows more about Venezuela than any member of Congress, but I would also say let's pretend that they did have the infrastructure.

Why we take a dictator and given weld benefits.

Why not take this stuff to Wyoming and Texas and Utah and Nevada where we can actually have American jobs with Americans.

This is the choice that Biden continues to make and why so tone deaf. Yes, I need politically to drive down the price of gas, but I won't make those American jobs. Jason we just got six hostages at a Venezuela you think there was a prison overcrowding problem here is that actual statement that you just referred to from John Kirby. There are no active negotiations going on right now to change our sanctions policy with respect start your regime still has a lot of work to do to convince us that there needs to be any change in our policy so there's no there's no negotiations or no sanctions policy change to speak of at this time I will find out who's right and who's wrong but it this administration though.

I think the Wall Street Journal what documented this very well. I think that the administration is got to come clean on this because it doesn't smell right it.

It just doesn't so the other thing they did is continue to get 10 or 10 million barrels of oil out of a strategical reserve.

They said 48 hours ago Karine Jean-Pierre cut five somewhere not considering new releases releases from the strategic petroleum reserve. Beyond the one 80 million which is sure talk speaking about 1 million that the president announcement to go have anything more to share not going to be considering new releases while she's obviously out of the loop and totally worthless interposition.

Are you kidding me. They didn't just wake up in the morning and flip the switch. This puts our country more risk. This is therefore natural disasters are there in a while and tell me if I'm wrong, that they thought of the last minute that OPEC plus would back off their groomers to cut production so that's why she felt comfortable saying that because he thought that they could do things behind the scenes not to do that, but instead they go, it helps Russia. Let's do this and they make us look terrible, and evidently seen as reporting. There was there was panic there was spread that they're having a spasm and panicking over the potential outcomes of this $2 million cut because you know your pup.

You are view of political roots. When you have high gas prices. It's hard for your party to say it's not my fault when you're in power. Yeah, I know.

I think they know that this is killing the economy killing the American people. But maybe they should've thought about that before the first week of the Biden administration is when they shut down and wore when they got rid of the permitting up the processes and made it more difficult when they got rid of the pipeline when they did all of these things. Guess what, there is a consequence in their living that out.

The reason America knows it's off-track is because of the Biden Harris policies policy got us this in this position not prudent. I would factor in something else. You also have a situation where Henry Cuellar referred relayed a story that may or kiss told him that my orchids was told told him require a Democrat that the left-wing immigrant groups have gone to the president and he can't do anything.

His hands are tied. The whole thing is open up the border and I thought that was the most damning statement that Shannon bream God from whom allusion on Sunday. It is a stunning story this Henry Cuellar I served with him in Congress. He said Texas Democrat right there on the border I think is a primary twice yesterday but they tried to push out of the party for him to say I have a firsthand account of the secretary of homeland security and that I'm being told to open up the border and not do my job again. I think that's where I line up behind some of these other senators and whatnot that want to have this person impeach another house members as well.

When Marcus is not up to the job. He's not doing his job and he is lying to the American people when he tells people that the border is secure.

Jason what I like to do we get back is bright on the Senate races some the key races we know to be Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

We also know that Georgia and Arizona make or break the direction of our country and maybe the future. The filibuster use of the brain.

Tell me show your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. This guy was a conservative publican based on the acts like he's tough on siding, even though he's trying to destroy the American energy sector which is a critical part of fighting back against China.

He says that he supports telephone border policies he's never seen an MC piece of legislation Sean that he hasn't voted for any he's just it's a crazy campaign strategy to effectively lie about every position you've ever had in order to win a Senate seat and came out today Sean, but he's helping he's being funded if your Ohio you see a TV commercial.

It's being funded by some of the companies that help because the opioid problem. This is the kind of guy that Tim Ryan is Tim Ryan is saying don't like to present Biden to Democrats a bad word for the working class. He is come out against the student loan forgiveness Jason Chapin tear JD Vance is frustrated because he's fighting against the guy who so totally different that is campaigning is acting totally different that he was in Congress is more like the guy we thought he was when he challenged Nancy Pelosi run for speaker, but this is pretend time for Tim Ryan.

It is pretend time like I served with Tim Ryan in the in the Congress. He and I were both on the budget committee. This is not a person who believes in fiscal discipline is not somebody who has done anything, lifted a finger to secure our borders didn't do anything in terms of the energy production. JD Vance is absolutely totally right.

These people are running as Republicans as conservatives. But it's a lie. It's a fa´┐Żade you understand his frustration and Marti's and you are here you are on television joined us on radio a half-hour ago and he said 41 that by 20 points right with the winds up by a lot. Why is JD Vance have a one point advantage why does he only have one point of image.

I don't know but I think voters will look at that and see a D, a Democrat, and I don't think though will have a an easy way of justifying that type of vote. Tim Ryan is a chameleon. He is out there in sheep's clothing, saying that hey, everything's great lookout conservative and independent. I am, he's really not and I served with him.

I sought up close and personal.

So Dr. Oz was is will make closing the gap by almost all accounts against a beleaguered Fetterman form Lieut. Gov. Gov. coming off of stroke and struggling big time but I think the bigger story is what he stands for equity stands for. She is think Bernie Sanders he says Bernie Sanders is a guy. He supported that he that he identifies with best he that's not my words to us. So why would Bernie Sanders would get 20% of the vote in Pennsylvania right now Dr. Oz is not led many poles, but most degrees within three in Pennsylvania.

From what you know. Look, Fetterman he is taken a position on his policies that are so far radical to the left. You may say all we, like the hoodie and that, looking and a little bit of defiance, but that his policies to suggest that the Bernie Sanders is the right guy. Look at the policies of Bernie Sanders.

It is a very radical departure from what I think the good people of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh and across the Harrisburg all across the that the state stand for and I think Oz is gotten better on the campaign trail to he needs to continue to go out and pound on those issues in the debate. It's can be fascinating to watch this. I think there should be more than one and I think it should have been a longer debate, but I'm still very much looking forward to the Herschel Walker's debate got canceled and Fetterman says give me 60 minutes but I wanted on closed-captioned is in trouble processing words like goodness says yet that make it 90 minutes because in an hour looking for questions and by the time you read it and understand it and who knows what else is going be said to you.

So he slowed the bar said such an extreme of he's able to stand up on his own big feet he'll probably do better than many people thought.

Next, Mandela Barnes's stance on crime on criminal justice on race relations problematic.

Maybe not as problematic a year ago as it is right now.

Listen to what he said. For example, about the riots in Wisconsin got 36 is what we're seeing in a whole is it a riot or as a rebellion is frustration is frustration. People tell people how to be frustrated and go back to the same way over and over again this is nowhere embracing sexy things on fire so you have protests that are sending the message directly to leadership making demands very specific people were joined at so that's how he views the riots, intimacy, Wisconsin, Waukesha and other of the rights and we witnessed so Jacob like that's all just if I do know. Look, we have good reason to do this sub. It's not just breaking glass it's causing terror within these local communities and that it's again a very very radical position right so over there. He is now trailing Ron Johnson, who we know notoriously poles well, but wins Ron Johnson look very successful tenacious works hard great businessman I think he prevails again in Wisconsin. He knows how to campaign. He knows the state it's in his blood. He's done exceptionally well and you're right poles poorly gets people out to vote for Ted Cruz, weighed in on the middle of I guess to swashbuckling across Texas, said this about what he's hearing on the ground, cut 29 people are energized, there at the idiots in Washington at the direction of the country their matted inflation, dramatic gas prices dramatic crime they're mad at the chaos in our southern border and their furious at the cultural Marxist who were trying to destroy our country and that's why I think it's going to be such a fundamental wave election this year. I don't said that in August I think things feel different now were in October.

Jason Chapin will the country gets more focused on these elections and I think the woke is that that that the left is abdicated will catch up with them in a big, big way. But you're right that curses right inflation energy prices, crime, and the lack of security on the border. All of these things do not portend very well for the for the Democrats you be heading out to Nevada where you believe that a black salt is primed to flip a seat yeah I like salt, former Atty. Gen., you know his father served in the United States Senate very well known name. He's campaigning working hard against the senator that is pretty pretty silent. I think if you look at Arizona and Nevada. You have huge populations.

The Mormon population, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, they are literally millions of people within those two states that that will vote in their very conservative in their approach their very patriotic they will show up and I think it looks good for not only Blake Masters there in Arizona but out of black salt and Nevada as well, knowing that the Senate in two years is almost guaranteed to flip. Do you believe that if they were Democrats hold the Senate the filibusters history, even though the two is much as I can for the next two years or I better not flip it because when you lose total control on a simple majority. If we lose it. I think as long as your projection. I like as long as Kiersten Cinema is there and Joe mentioned that his 55th in its 50-50 it. It's not going to move what he was about 5248. They very well could look up there some Middle East people will they. I think they want think about what happens next. You would think so, but Harry Reid when he was in control.

He should've thought about what happened next. He doesn't realize that what goes around comes around and I think there a lot of people too many people on the Democratic side that have gone over to that that position psychiatrist, I ran crime I rank inflation economy the same bracket and now I can't believe I'm saying this because I was taught to swim everything the American people.

Due to no border top three issues right now. Yeah, I think I would add into that top tier the woke is him. I think you fighting women on sports and all all this gender discussion for true independent.

I think it really gets to a lot of people say education to his hand in glove with the always great to have you chase rabbits. Thanks so much to the right to Michelle from New York City. I don't always seeking solutions first selling is Brian Kelly. Thank you much for being there embodies the right to Michelle 1-866-408-7669 from 46 to Mme., and had heard around the country heard around the world. We have a lot to discuss today as we closer and closer to election day one of the major issues going to be the economy and some of the big issue now is crime. The other issue is going to be oil and gas is OPEC plus want to make it clear they are not a fan of Joe Biden Quiroga to pay the price because of it. Almost people are also can't talk about issues that matter most not talk about the war in Ukraine and the remarkable turn of events that has his so-called superpower, who like to flex their muscles over the last 25 years and take land without a fight in Crimea in Georgia and play a major role in Syria finally have their their military heads handed to them by a very motivated opponent Dan B.

Lack will be with you shortly.

Bill like I should say member the territorial defense forces of Ukraine former chief investment advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine. So before we get to him in the bottom of the hour, Brandon Steiner and the fun stuff. Erin judges home or if you got that homer you have in your hand if you are the ball $2 million. No joke victory. The stories you need to know Ryan's three number three all these other issues the border economy, inflation energy, but it's really crime that threatens to bury Democrats in a month. Here it is an issue that is pervasive. It hits people across the country. There is Molly Hemingway talk about crime and the administration ignoring the present United States and Poughkeepsie. The site of a tragic killing of a parent of a Marist student in that college who just happen to be getting coffee at a Marriott and accrual reset a career criminal shoots him arbitrarily in the lobby dead yet. The present will even go to that Marriott and to let everybody know the crime matters. I think one of the things that you're saying in this response we are cutting through the bureaucracy we are cutting through the red tape. That's were going to do this time around, better because were.

This is the United States of America United States of America. Yes cooperation get consternation in hurricane red ravaged Fort Myers in Florida is present.

Biden came to town spouting profanities And giving climate change full credit for the calamity. At least he showed class and compliments to the Republican governor in preparation for the rise Joe Biden play foreign oil and find dictators over US jobs and American energy is present and that's saying a lot because we also have Afghanistan oil wars what it means to 2022 OPEC plus put the fork in present Biden's eye and cuts oil production.

Therefore, raising gas prices your car and energy prices for your house binds options and actions in response are beyond concerning word is and now somewhat denied. Is there were going to ask Venezuela to pump more when all we have to do is ask American companies to do the same thing. Also, quick mention Bernie McGurk's past where the age of 64.

One of the finest, most funniest and finest talents in radio staple and 77 WBC with Sid Rosenberg passed away after a long battle with cancer. Just a great guy you some over this building, especially when Imus was coming from this building. When he is radio TV show year and just what will be missed and we always love to have them on on a different note, somebody said sadly yesterday with a lot of death and destruction thanks to Vladimir Putin is our next guest, Daniel Bill lack a member of the Ukrainian. I guess defense team. The government price for any former advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and head of Ukraine invest Daniel welcome back. Daniel, I think it's an almost impossible to overstate the turn of events over the last few weeks we've been talking almost every other week now since Russia started this war back in February. First off, in the South in people were fearing of losing Odessa and after they lost cure son. Now they're saying they gotta get that city back how close is that to happen. And do you think there are about the day so there have completely collapsed on the I don't think they're going to be able about the defensive, or even a defense that sustainable so I don't want to overstate it because a lot can happen, but a lot of them out there, but we need to move fast strategies possible before this crazy mobilization effort kicks in and you know, the more bodies we've already seen the bodies piling up in our troops are moving through the fountain just just a waste of life. Yet in the Russians bodies behind this just shows how little they care about the people of their own people. I mean, they just don't care their body cistern in the street say they're looking to burn them before they go back they don't want to hear the backlash to the understandings of people with lives and families. They don't now we understand that the Vladimir Putin has annexed for areas of your country for regions how much what what percentage of those regions, just as his army currently occupy where it they occupy both most of every day will be the land that he claims is shrinking, they can't even define what the boundaries are because they can't hold the territory. You know it, increasing each day passes series with Gen. Jack Keane says you have to worry about when it comes to mobilize Russian troops cut 40. Despite the fact that Putin is going to mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops to be physically and medically unfit, and certainly psychologically and emotionally not ready to go fight and die in Ukraine on the battlefield there so when these troops do show up while quality always has a quality all of its own. It will help them to some degree, but it's not.

I say not going to be decisive, so the Ukrainians can still have the upper hand, so the 300,000 try to mobilize to basically cost tens of thousand two call had tens of thousand head to the border and leave the country rather than serve.

So the ones that are drafted how ready are they expected to be a marker seven months ago.

I barely held the gun in my entire life and seven months of training with my unit and I know I know a little bit more now, and I'm not a danger to my own unit probably be a little bit of a danger, but you're taking.

I look at these guys who are me seven months ago and father put me on the front lines at that time I would know what to do and when you don't know what to do. The battlefield your danger to yourself to other people and you're going to die call this mobilization since that time, 260,000 almost. Now, almost 300,000 people. Men have left Russia. That's more than invaded Ukraine 24 of this year and you basically left with people who are sick who are older, who don't have the training and impacted our military campaign at all and it won't because the general said you it takes time to train the and and they don't have it would take months for them to become battle ready and in months younger sister to be our law clerk territory be a very very different picture.

Winter looms losing Janice is at work to rule everything just go on hold like Afghanistan did. While we we have the whole country is country supporting the Arctic volunteers now plugging the gaps that the military has in supplying our troops with winter gear I'm involved with the group called Ukraine freedom fund former US Marines that are weaker program now trying to short-circuit and clothing for our troops in the Russian guy and possibly got the equipment. The American I cannot overstate how much American high Mars and hundred 55 mm howitzers and other equipment have changed the course of the war. Our guys are great and women are a brave and and motivated and like the last person but you know we didn't have the equipment that you're getting from the people of the United States, we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today.

It's been a fundamental gain.

How grateful we are the people support we can level up now. Used to go for the wind is rest of Europe do what they're supposed to be doing because I hear Germany's not delivering it.

It looked a lot a lot of passes for anybody. We could I feel personally that some countries, including the bench could be doing more of it takes very long time, negotiate the very anxious and nervous. Everybody said how freaked out I just got back from you today about the whole nuclear threat and everything else in town instruct you to use nuclear weapons, but at the same time each to keep doing what he always does losing and when he desperately changes the conversation and what he wanted to get America in particular to back down and stop supplying and supporting the problem with line is you you do that if you succumb to pressure black male, then basically you are increasing the chances of nuclear war, decreasing teachers to take whatever you can get now. Whatever piece whatever you whatever you want to call it get to keep 20 to get the people you got your three groups. Gotta now look forward to speaking point and that he goes for the Baltic states that: and that's when American troops start dying in your so important right now. We recognize Russia for what it is that the terrorist run by a terrorist leader. You can't negotiate with terrorists. You can't believe a single word that they say nothing that they agree to, honored by and you continue along with our American allies and other allied we just can't work. We are winning this war and we will and this will be a victory for all democracies now writing a bipolar world is clear that we have democracies against hypocrisy. China is watching this very, very carefully. American strategic interests are at stake in Ukraine about helping some country out getting some trying to get America back down both from supplying Ukraine and in terms of supporting a democracy and in backing down against nuclear blackmail to do the same thing and other countries that have nuclear weapons are going to do the same thing in America. I have a lot more vulnerability a lot more problems than if we stay the course in Russia and Ukraine. If you defeat we defeat together in Ukraine now. It means that their things are gonna change inside Russia. We already see the political reality in the political dynamic starting. Starting the ship he's desperate. This is not a doing and making you stretch from a position of strength and confidence making these threats from weakness and desperation. So the US intelligence agencies believe Ukrainian government authorized the car bomb attack near Moscow to kill Darya do Gina.

The attention target was probably her dad. She is also outwardly pro-war anti-Ukraine will could you tell us about that all the New York Times reported this writer, without attribution, with no evidence the right I would be like shot. It was actually a Ukrainian operation and we have other things but focus on and taking out people like this and how we do this in Moscow with all of the security that these people have around them is just beyond me. This is all part of the propaganda all straight out of the Kremlin talking points and so so so discord among the allies to divert the Russians are now getting the left could talk about that Americans blew up the nurturing pipeline, the other the other day. I just can't even imagine how that would happen and so you start talking about other things other than what is really going on and it starts to so what they want is for big people feel that well you know maybe we should just give in now, but you know, if you give in now, you can't. You can't just create many, many more problems and it will not be in America's interest was trying to want to kill the motion to pipeline Biden was the one who greenlighted it wasn't to the Russian invasion in which he stopped it. So I find it almost impossible to think that we would blow it up. It makes absolutely no side Europe Daniel Dulac.

Thanks so much. Always great, so glad you winning. Keep to keep it up. You got it you got it. I will come back and take some your calls received numbers up there. This is the brain to meet you, giving you you need to know you're with Brian kill me if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me. Three of the four illegal aliens and so these are people that are foreigners very illegally in our country and not only that they tried to loot and ransack aft in the aftermath of a natural disaster. I mean they should be prosecuted, but they need to be sent back to their home country. They should not all well that is Gov. DeSantis couldn't believe the looters found through the four were actually illegal aliens unbelievable when the cut when the governor comes out so strong against those here illegally.

Actually ship some over to Martha's Vineyard and hopefully the looting will not persist but it was prime got a lot of emails so I'm just going through now go to Brian kill what is she is great.

We talk about alert electric vehicles all the time that's with the present wants to head while scenes of the hurricane damage show many vehicles in all stages being underwater. How we gonna be forced into these CVs therefore have no electric vehicle for damage comparative gas burning vehicle. What about a car wreck if it if if if the better case of broken cracker damages are repairable. Is that a $10,000 battery replacement buying these CVs is one thing for upkeep and maintenance repairs. What about that great point I had a hybrid and they told me what it's going to do better than the last 10 years, but when it is up it'll cost you over $10,000 and up. Wow. But the last 10 years I got you know you guys just came up with it.

Delete those batteries had to be made in China or parts have to be made in China and that's where the railroad comes in very good point. Bring a plug-in after a natural disaster like a hurricane that much electricity there but if I had some gas.

I could certainly drive if you want to see me on stage and just talk about history from 1776 not 1619 red white and blue all you want to see me in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13 on the 12th and Brandon Mississippi. Let's go Brandon for December 2 in Newark, New Jersey. Brian kill just click on the day by now and then I will see you live VIP opportunities radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show and that is the story the baseball season and that's the future BP the league and American League and that is Aaron judge. He did not get the Triple Crown Mr. by four points out the last day and he did struggle to get 60 and 61 and then 62, but one historic season special when you look behind them and see there's there's no Mickey Mantle at 56 pushing them I may think the next most was 40 with 38 home runs. Brandon Steiner does not get too excited about many things, because he seen the best in the business up close and personal. And he is this nation's leader in collectibles when it comes to sports, we always love having him on Brandon Steiner, founder and president of collectible exchange and the Steiner agency Brandon welcome back. How are you my friend. Everything is good. I mean, good to have first off, put in perspective. Forget about the guy this guy get $2 million for the ball. He caught a vice president of financial firm in perspective whatever judge did my power we play right field, hitting for average billing with the walks.

We were getting on base percentage of the dominant fee, especially doing any New York. It's amazing and allow pressure you, especially the games at the stadium and go silent right lower noise and everything, taking pictures, look at your player. You probably know what I'm talking about the entire stating your silent record for the pitch that's crazy. By the way short of it to Mel. I think the happening Yankee state, you're probably getting closer, maybe three, 3 1/2 million. I think of the two and half million are bought several long it's been interesting with this guy decides to do, if anything looks funny that's why create a collectible exchange that guy when I get there could immediately pop a photo of it put up on my website for the marketplace and immediately at an auction mode you want to sell this thing. Brian you sell this thing quickly.

The emotions high. New Yorkers are a wide Brandon you probably getting to this whoever God Mark McGuire's 70th home or got three KP $3 million for it would get surpassed and no one ever thought people get to 70.

It will get surpassed by Barry bonds and both would be stapled to Norfolk. I would admit it, we all know the Barry bonds cheated.

They use performance-enhancing drugs. So you make that investment is the I got this piece of history and then you find out it's worthless. Well worth the older great achievement Yankee thing I know Yankee things always get the double height, but the PR and the media and the press you get around that easily pays for the ball and then a song whenever you get the ball. That's even better. You gotta be a person that can that really that notoriety the PR and the hypo have your name and the company.

Whatever your involvement which takes the north side note, I'm thinking we got a private equity guy got a lot of money, you go to judge and have me do some endorsements to some of the company's investment to help them give your porch, so I judged light to the Yankees by just the hold by now that I can know what it's going to be another ego centric very wealthy person who have a crazy collection or want for their company or their store with the exhibits to make a mistake you walk away with nothing. He still had that probably you only work as much of the ball and then you got bases home plate someone who's getting all that.

So you live here a lot of money being made all those all premarket get them to sign up A pretty penny worth some money and now all your home runs from that you get all you can prove that it was a rumble which you can do now with photo matching work something on your first year valuable now hold onto collectibles, when not find a way to make sure you have a pencil he will break apart record talk about the Apple that's great.

I think you have to leave it here yeah I want to record to break it.

Maybe that part of great this if you get the full respect and love really did prior to this year and I want a perfect time for him to get the love and respect open. The guy called me up Brandon given collectible exchange. The ball here you go.

I'm doing an NFT with you Johnny figure 50,000 people stating want that digital experience made for hundred bucks each auction off the ball over 3 million maybe 3 1/2. So this guy's name is he works for GP.

He's just GP: present a memory layer, Inc. so he uses to his wife. When I was a sportscaster in Dallas and we know is not pertinent for monies to talk to be like changing is one of those stories so see what he does to us you think the $2 million figure is low. Only you New Yorkers Yankees a great franchise is also associated with the record, Mickey Mantle talk about that, and the current year you had. I think the weights that could waiver strategy depending on the Enkidu in the playoffs. You know, Yankee fans could get very bitter. You don't run your so I think you really need to move quickly on this. I would sit on the ball. If you really want to get the maximum amount of money got good pop and play the last couple days it's time to step forward and talk about what you want to do the ball and I'm hoping people called me. I think the best chance make the most money in the most creative way I should say seems clear humans and already emailed is the Present Memory Ln. in Kings in Tustin, California, told the AP that he is texted an email with Cory. This is the man who caught the ball and also the $2 million. So we'll see I see with echo will see with this and you know million.

I think something more creative and more fun than that so many distant baseballs in dire need of mythical figures. Otani is he another one absolutely surprised very quick on this unlikely Yankee fan. They jumped on it. Avoiding the arbitration year work out a much bigger deal because she is one electron player and he does draw. He brings a lot of sponsorship dollars you don't people know that that's very popular Japanese players know that million dollars in stock should come from Japan and from the Japanese following map of drama country so he's extremely valuable commodity would help especially with the trout about Natalie are two great names would help with their winning and you really got bulking baseball the majesty of it, but using baseball once again has to address the steroid era and got two things that the hits King is not allow the whole same because a gambling which is now allowed everywhere.

Number two is you now have Barry Bonds who says he's the single-season home run king and the all-time King beating Hank Aaron. Other people who were pure said no way Hank Aaron's my guy will I watch you know you era judge says no.

I grew up in the West Coast about the numbers number 73 with Barry Bonds don't think baseballs gotta make a ruling that coasting doesn't work so I agree with you all my Facebook most people want to feel getting survey about when you do when you sell the air injectable or keep it at a 500 responses 360 said they give it back to him for nothing.

So I removed the people of faith, but I tell you something. It's very confusing. It's the big elephant in the room. Nobody want to talk about it. I think people need to make a stand and stand quickly and figure this thing out and I'm hoping that the sheeting also is no longer, because theories hear rumors about blood spinning you hear about different things. The players are doing to enable them to play better within the rules wondering are players getting some unfair advantages to hear the rumor mill especially see somebody picked up a few hundred miles an hour insert think that wonder how we going to save me just don't know it something else I'm not sure that this is exactly arena, but eventually will be golf matters. Tiger Woods bigger than life like Michael Jordan.

I understand the technical or so of course then incomes live golf and the best players in today's game where there were most of them two thirds of them are there as we get is almost the USFL WF L splitting the NFL. The base pleasant had that weird his witnesses stand and how much trouble is golf and then pressuring them to straighten this thing out. Trouble Mike Berger or maybe casualties here, leading in this country. You all need to be on notice because somebody can come in and buy an entirely $2 billion. Oh boy. Now if I were wrestling you got a look at your stealing some of the best UFC fighters you got a look at Kenneth easily duplicated another sport that my big concern is that you put together two or $3 billion to do one of the leaves are on notice what maybe you can start feeling high-level profile name to give an huge amounts of money and partnering up with them.

I think this golf thing probably ends up in some kind of merger have to be and I think it's also a little bit concerned that maybe the golfers have been a little bit underpaid but where is all that going to money. I don't think the golfers would be getting their fair share, which only leads the current problems you see the same, problem you see where all the money going but we know it's going fighters pocket once in a while when you get a McGregor in Ukraine upon one of those leagues out there yet to be careful. It's all you need to do is you taking 567 top talent and you probably know your business, I think you're very interesting few years coming up in the world of sport stakes and prices for teams and values of the priceless think the people that you now P work. People always do think that I swear there are a lot of hostile and I could see easily happening.

A couple of friends started sounding present collectible exchange in the Steiner Regency branded people want to get that perfect gift for somebody impossible to buy for when we go to find out how to get stuff you can buy my very similar to eBay a lot better help you verify qualify what you have for whatever purposes is going to collectible exchange is really easy to work with them is on the show. We have over hundred 50,000 items on their growing like weeds so a lot of people out there with a lot of stuff please bring it will help you and you can always buy sell everything for resale market not retail market. Thank you Brian, I appreciate you being under Schommer Luckett. People love the show.

I think so much. Congratulations on your success. Appreciated Brandon Steiner, historic week I am baseball when everybody paid attention to America's pastime era judge. Thanks for that, we come back I'll take some your close and find out there is indeed more to know Branko Mitchell, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill made breaking news steer it all. Brian kill made show.

I welcome back everyone 1-866-408-7669 no talk about with one of those outrageous things that I've seen is what happened with our military. There is no concerted effort outside the people on the front lines of the stack tables who go to the recruiting centers to get the Americans to serve in our military and the volunteer force was bulked up during the time in what you think you wouldn't be and that's when you had almost guaranteed to see some action in war's white people join other people to listen. I don't know if I want to die.

I want to train only get the background I want to get the benefits. Nothing wrong with that but now you can't get any of the armed forces to live up to their mandates in terms of people needed to replenish our all volunteer force which is just over a million people.

So now to make it worse. It's unthinkable. We now have a new mandate in the military that you don't get backstage or fired subtle care if you're 19 years need 20 to get full benefits, you're fired. Now this is a vaccine no longer relevant. Against this variant. This is a vaccine that is was way overblown that the effectiveness on the initial covert, 19 they first it was 96% presence by 57% and this is a vaccine on a pandemic to the present said was over. So were not meeting of a vaccine to the general population, but the military still holding to this. Some of these police forces are having no problem suing and getting reinstated. He just happened in Staten Island. Thankfully hopefully this can happen. NYPD, we gotta get some of these nurses back on the job to but Zach cloche ironically is a Coast Guard or Coast Guard officer who saved countless lives on that hurricane last week hurricane in and was mentioned by the present United States wasn't mentioned by the present United States is Zach next week is good get kicked out of the Coast Guard because even those in private life and just a great physical specimen does want to get a vaccine here Zach cloche with Tucker last night. Cut 43. I don't know why they would want to be doing that but I do know that I would like to continue working this job and it's a job that I'm really good at and a lot of others are really good out there was other rusty summers down there and Ian with me and we are all doing the same thing and we all want to keep our jobs.

I believe that some people are trying, but right now, a lot of what's happening is is tied up in the court system and so this is not happening fast enough for us to be safe from this before get discharged and you just gotta stop this. Gotta be would massive outrage around the country to lose 20,000 people. 20,000 people are told hit the street and in uniform because of the vaccine that is a shot. It's like a flu shot no many people point out well in the military you have to take these vaccines, yet they know before going to sign up would not print new vaccines for pandemic. It's over. And because the rest of the public eye guy can make my own decision you can make your own decision. I hope whatever it is I got the vaccination but I was a man needs to get it. I wanted to get and from what I knew was the right decision. It remains right decision.

That's for me the many start mandating it demanding I get four shots I get the fat you who got it. Like good Adm. Kirby who hasn't like the president who got it twice and the first lady all got quad shots was fine this morning to take the rent of the stadium on Sunday night football was taken out by Bobby Wagoner of moneyed Eiffel on Monday if I should say that Sunday Night Football is suing is suing because he was tackled on the field when he ran ISA animal rights activists listen that which sounded from Elaine Peyton Manning's perspective. All four talk about your right down to take over yet this idiot who was arrested now is suing because he was tackled was Bobby Wagoner's army and refocus on normal concern about the security guard that was her turn chasing and people what I was. We don't know what that is is yet he did the right thing Skype Alexander Taylor you know if he was armed or anything else. He had some type of smoke alarm smoke bomb with them. So when he has the he's he's is entitled idiot is suing over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast process personal powerful subscriber. Listen now if Fox is not just

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