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Bobulinski blows up Joe Biden, Hunter; Brian talks to Herschel Walker

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 5, 2022 12:45 pm

Bobulinski blows up Joe Biden, Hunter; Brian talks to Herschel Walker

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 5, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:10:33] Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)

[00:18:25] Kathy Lee Gifford

[00:36:47] Nikki Haley

[00:55:10] Dan Hoffman

[01:13:32] Rich Lowry

[01:42:30] Brian’s full FOX & Friends interview with Herschel Walker

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Fox news is the fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me.

Things were to be your body is the right Julie Joe, 186840876691 of the greats impactful center in the Washington DC center Bill Cassie) electoral be joining me that will be great. Also get to the bottom of what's going on the wall in science back on the court.

The pelicans more fully the mayor turns out she's been living rent-free travel around in first class while the city of New Orleans.

The city of New Orleans is a thousand cop shot is a mess. I was just there. It is the murder capital of every big city in the country. Nothing to be proud of. Let's get center Bill Cassie on that right now.

It's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three and I think the more that Ukrainians continue to seize ground in East and in the South. I think the more desperate but become seminal.

This is been a strategic failure in multiple way since it began February the go mark as per a prudent time to panic. His army is being routed. His reserves are called up in 100,000 hundreds of thousands more moved out of the country rather than serve but socket wobbly. Joe lets a Linsky finish the job which includes Crimea, maybe before winter even sets in detail, hope and want to see disorder like everyone is anonymous and one is leaking in. They want you to confess to something you have no clue about. But it just shows how desperate they are right now they they energize me.

I heard you are correct.

Raising $500,000. Since his revelations and The Daily Beast. And now with his son coming out against him. He is not slowing down.

He is just one man, Fox and friends will tell you what he said and play it back brace by race from Herschel to Fatima to Abrams will look at the breaking news around the races that matter most and emerging issues pushing both parties to rising gas prices, data control crime I can find another store in the history of our country that is been actually sold suppressed suppressed that she is an allowable complete blackout. There is not been one credible interview on refuting anything I've said these hundred percent right, and as the voice of Tony Bob Linsky. He blows up buying in a detailed way that lays out the challenges to all media and negligent FBI to once and for all do their job in an hour long interview with Tucker. Cosmo bring you the highlights and that's where I will begin. In fact, I would just change of form. I just alluded a code number two. First, I just got off the set up Fox and friends had a chance to church. Herschel Walker the first time he's been talking since his son came out against him on tick-tock and excuse me on Twitter where he said that basically he thinks Herschel's line was he talking about the daily beast came out the story that says in 2009. He paid for woman's abortion while he said never happened.

She produced a card, but you will not give her name, and there's no check cost about $700 B says I mail checks every body I have no idea who this woman is in the store.

They say they are still in touch so I don't know who it is we don't know what's next, we knew though his son opened up on him and just basically called him a liar. Here's Christian Walker cut 14% lie after lie after lie the abortion yesterday.

It's literally his handwriting in the car. They say they have received whatever he gets on Twitter lies about it, everything being a lot.

He goes on code 15.

My intention is don't lie about your life at the expense of me. My mom and all of the people affected throughout your life. You don't get to potential some moral family unit to pretend on top policy talk normal to not live so I asked him that played that card, and here's what he said cut 12 months unconditionally. As we have always been always loving unconditionally nearly graduated college a couple months ago is now young man doing his own thing, but his father is always there form always will be. For anyone in the market isn't a level not always supported him and always have support in the mall, always will not lament unconditionally and he would answer the question, he said to send one of them tell the truth. He said he wanted talking more about it and went back and forth. He believes that they are targeting him what they are. Cavanaugh cut 13 he's doing cut tremendous damage to you by coming out with those statements you know why he's saying this where the damage he is doing is then people know that they left would do whatever they can to win the seat and totally when I got in his right arm than when the seat people see someone's sitting here funny right now that Bentley Dean, American and no I'm living proof that you can make mistakes and get out and keep going for what you can only do it in this country right here and you can only do it we get this election read correct this. Come November, because we vote for the people in a layoff like go down run against center one not you have a chance be redeemed is a minister. He's unbelievably redemption. Right now they're trying to destroy Primerica that try to destroy Georgia and on 9/11 happened that I gonna happen on my watch team Michelle I think everyone's really excited that my dad, Herschel Walker is taking the opportunity and I think what's cool about it is he's already built this foundation of trust with fellow Georgians. They watch his work as think his attention to detail even demographic that don't typically vote Republican come out in support of my father, Herschel, and will see if you can always go to get a little bit more.

The black 40s within striking distance now with Warnock's guys no saint is God. He ran over his wife's foot. Allegedly, he hasn't come across with child payments. Evidently now these notches are references center got a big increase in salary one comes a child supports been no increase there. This guy is no sayings for defunding the police.

He says you can't serve God and serve in our military. Not a big he's doesn't talk much about it. Now that of a 1619 guy all white people should apologize friends with Rev. Wright this guy's got a background which makes them vulnerable to the people Georgia and that's what Herschel Walker comes as a black conservative who grew up in abject poverty with two working parents who never go.

It's given anything guider work out basically in bare feet couldn't afford Weitzen did push-ups and head stands in whatever he did to become this behemoth in great athlete Olympic athlete, as well as running back and a track star did that all himself family were athletes but no one gave him anything to the good story will we not be enough to win the Senate seat looks like Rick Scott and people are rallying behind him.

Instead of running from him so I think that's pretty important in terms of major stories and you and George and Stacy Abrams trailing by about eight now she's trying to rewrite history. If you can bet it could convict the president on denying elections and saints killing democracy, you have to go back to 2018, with Stacy Abrams clearly lost the brain And they said that she struck a bunch of people from the ballot. Those people were not on the ballot. They were on their not on for the right reasons. They had moved there out of there. They had not answer any question here. That's where they were taken. Those with consul he done to cleanse the balance of names are no longer alive of living there to listen to Stacy Abrams try to rewrite history cut 17 area under which you would concede that you lost publicly in 2020 18.

On the day I made that speech, he played the beginning of the feet.

I acknowledged that I would not the governor that Brian Kemp won the election when I thought is that the process denied access to queue many voters and that was proven by more than 3000 voters who made their voices heard life of trial and a process that was the first full-length trial held on voting rights in more than a decade in the state of Georgia and I have never denied the outcome. Is anyone by that anybody she denied the outcome. Over and over again. She used it to raise money to her credit, and that which he did is change the election laws Brian Kemp went along with it. So the legislature and allowed Georgia to go blue Senate seats, but it stayed red and now Brian Kemp is done so well. Going to the people George and me, especially during the pandemic.

What I think he led the charge. I think that's why he's out on top. I think is that's part of the reason to.

I think a lot of people were turned off today because she absently destroy Georgia and she also move indicated in the past may be erroneously that she is like the state cues which he actually did say and not conceding the election cut 18 is not a speech of concession was not a free and fair election game was rigged against the voters of Dorton and we looks like it's really probably… I got the day so she still line and she got the All-Star game kicked out of Atlanta where you could be built. All mostly urban setting. We had all these people split the profit while these bargain owners in hotel rooms in the stadium workers. Instead Colorado got it because she wanted started this big thing that the election was stolen so we want to bring movies there. We want the All-Star game play there. She went back into USA Today and change your editorial. That's why she's losing by eight points, and is a double whammy for Democrats because she was one of the up-and-coming so-called stars use a governors race twice while denying it the first time and he was decisively the second time I don't think she's got a say strong political future. So when we come back we are going to talk to Sen. Kennedy and then the body are Kathy Lee Gifford will come and will talk about whatever she wants.

Also great news Aaron judge is the single-season home run king in the American League.

I think in all major league history you think double the fastest growing talk show in America you're with Brian kill precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time tests done, or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week it's the Ben dominance podcast to strive and listen now by going up Fox News fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me hope and want to see is sort of like everyone is anonymous. Everyone is leaking in and want you to confess to something you have no clue about. But it just shows how desperate they are right now they see me as a big threat and I know that and I knew it when I got into this race but they don't realize that. I think they came for the wrong one day they energize me.

They energize me because I know how they really want.

Try to keep your see in about and that is a seat that the republics must have if they actually are more likely want to keep the Senate. There's just no joy there is no way to age about us Georgia seat Herschel Walker, not responding to the daily beast, saying that he had a pay for abortion 2009 Woody's pro-life now and then the sun came out and could set everything he's been saying his ally and looks like Rick Scott is doubling, tripling down Lindsay Graham the same way five or $2000 been raised by the campaign since the allegations came out sooner. Bill Cassidy Georgia Southcenter do you support still support Herschel Walker so I don't know the back. Kate I know the allegation and its 2009 and I don't know the do not know the person's identity.

We don't know any of that. And so you don't make a decision based on your site to say that Herschel does have the right question is who is going to control the Senate with all that implies that I can complete their going to be people who are pro-life. It will be incredibly troubled by the and the people George got the regular search and lastly, Herschel's right at the end of the campaign pivots on all sorts of things which later on. You may decide RR not true but at the moment they're just trying to influence the last race. It's a duck off a lot of folks to another note so will see but so so for Yuri's corner visitor or are you not in school you're waiting dominance corner okay just about what happened at the end of a right and so but I can tell you I can control, like people would like to know the answer to that sin area sinners just came across now "OPEC plus will cut production by 2 million barrels a day and that is going to force the price up that's been climbing for the last eight days, especially in the West Coast which your reaction so the United States should be energy independent and Joe Biden made the decision to leave it in the ground he would argue otherwise. The facts on federal land with all these natural resources and his administration are doing everything they possibly can to not develop it, and felt were paying the price.

Literally, they look like that are utility bill paying the price gap in the European drug. A bright try to support our allies right now are trying to wean themselves from Russian oil and gas we could be supplying the more they become more dependent OPEC OPEC guarded by 2 million barrels a day.

So this administration's policies on energy have been have been a disaster for the American people, and frankly, for the people of freedom loving countries as complicated as Saudi Arabia is wanting his previous present date is met with them early.

He thought they have out there that have a lot of say in energy production and he seemed to of gotten their trust as much of Saudi Arabia will trust you. Perhaps that seems to be a different story. Do you think relationships matter don't matter. By the way the truck also called them up and listen. It is not right got a lot of troops there protected. We may pull them out if you don't start kind of help us out a little bit, but he had that relationship in which in which we are committed to their defense. If the ministration came in and that no Pres. Biden set off talk about government change our relationship with Saudi Arabia left that the trust that this joint trust and so there's just been a pattern here Brian of if it's up that's gonna work against US energy independence Joe Biden seem to work the other way and he would argue no were doing renewables. We are dependent upon China for the critical minerals for all the renewables that they are talking about this administration on energy has been a disaster. Here is the press secretary trying to explain to you to America.

Did you wrong and that center Cassie listen cut 35 said the president was responsible for gas prices, is the president responsible for gas prices going so it's not more nuance. You know this, their global challenges that dealt with when I say all meeting other countries as well have dealt with since the pandemic there's been pandemic and there's been an programs were as increased gas prices we have seen over the past several meant and what the president was able to do and he took some historic stamps so feel better, but I don't feel better in the Gulf of Mexico that were applied for the beginning of this year and I've been told that they had been issued six months after being issued that there would be oil and gas from from off the coast of Louisiana being processed for our consumers. By the way, creating American jobs along the way, not just Louisiana across the nation. Those permits have still not been issued, and if I told you the reason they want you to be screaming like that can't be true, but it is totally a technicality at the why they've not been this administration has done what he can to make us more dependent upon others for energy and were paying the price center. Lastly militaries can have 20,000 men and women because it won't get vaccinated and their elite religious exemptions been rejected.

Should we be taking a 20,000 people who don't want to get the Cova 19 vaccine when the pandemic is over.

No, we should not, by the way, and the written outbreak of the Russian is that is that by the addition is that we know the previous exposure works like a vaccine. 80% of those folks typically have been previously exposed to public 80% of those people are now immune topic of the been vaccinated, but because been exposed improbably in that age group, it may be close to 100%. If you want to follow the science you would say the questionnaires of unity, not vaccination.

And if there immune they should be allowed to stay no matter what else you think they're kind of ignoring the best science and your doctor and unity saying that and then just real quick when they say well like we told the soldiers get other men and women fight till we get on the vaccination center problem. Why is this a problem.

What you tell them 19 back. Think about roughly 1958 there was a point in time where they would say either you been vaccinated are your born free. Prior to 1958 because of your born prior to 1958. We know that you already exposed, so we actually have accident that if you been previously exposed to these goals you consider to be immune they could use that precedent here now to center Cassie thanks so much. It's an attending election not you cynical, Cassie hope against the majority don't move Catholic if it's coming next Fox News contrast network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So subscribe and listen Fox news contest the talkshow that's getting you talk with Brian until made on his name was long-awaited and from the people to the miracle Jesus Mary Wright and Kathy Lee Gifford doing the voiceover for what is a book is also the way is name of the is the name of the book but it's also the God of the way which is also a movie. Well yeah you got a sweet step, but that's typical of you this this late into your day. The movie let me know what you really is in the book is called the God of the way but that matter.

Here's something to talk about the right escrow God coming out agnostic. Now you're not come about agnostic. I don' make it come out sick of me that's that's not unusual. In later times listed in its first week now and outside of L1 DVDs are correct. The films available on DVD. Can you downloaded from YouTube or something to not chat a little beast screaming pretty soon. Okay I'm film you come back from Israel just got back, it was difficult at this time, I hadn't been back in three and half years because of cold vent and I had some some physical issues. I didn't have when I was younger I know and then we do really really strenuous asset hikes and we go to places that here you know your average forest trying to ghost Israel and how to get their picture taken with the camel on the Mount of olives, that's their trip to Israel not put it down. But that's not the way we go we go and it's it's all day long all day to six in the morning to six CMU stuffers seems to know new stuff all the time new staff. It's really exciting that I've never been there before so he got covered some of those things as well but you find it fascinating because we study, not just what the Bible says that the Bible basically is for me is like a pen and ink painting it. But when we when we got when we studied romantically. It's I getting all the cutlets I get giving it to Picasso to put in all the color because you get geopolitical and cultural relativity, which just makes it all come alive your historian.

I love to study history. I missed my high school graduation present at the first Jerusalem conference on biblical prophecy in 1971 wow man by Bible nerd but II had big struggle with the Bible that I studied because I didn't believe in it turns out I was right. They were bad translations. The Bible was written is one book. It shouldn't have ever been divided down the middle into the Old Testament and the New Testament and the New Testament starts after Jesus is born well right it's it starts with the book of Matthew which is no Matthew is a tax collector, and he was one of Jesus's disciples on the first original 12 yeah there is at the last book of the Bible.

The Old Testament I mean is Malachi for 400 years in Jewish history between Malachi and Matthew that dad sent for some reason it was divided down the middle that that the Jews were in the Old Testament you know that the law the law and the New Testament was Jesus and and and and mercy and grace it's it's all one story of justice and mercy and grace all of it and all its tenets is that like so much in our life today and in our world. You guys talk about it every day. It's a fine sense.

It was never meant to be a divisive thing right. The Jewish story and that comes as a big surprise turn off a lot of people. So how long did it take before people the apostles or others start writing things down immediately. A lot of them were not even learned people that they weren't. They think they weren't Pharisees and Sadducees. They'd never been with the oral tradition in in the Jews. What is is has been heralded by everybody. Since the Dick that that's the way home to buy accurate healing yesterday as heralded by by people that are scholars who don't particularly believe in it and truth of it I mean just that.

Just there there.genealogies were just unbelievable digesting the book of Eli now with Denzel Washington was a good yeah but it's about that sent it out that they they don't need a physical book in front of them have it here right dammit here in the head they had in their heart to say the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It was all they knew it all.

They had memorized right to Dead Sea Scrolls where they fit in. They fit in because in the time while the Dead Sea Scrolls came from the Essenes and they they right there in Qumran is a place very close to the Dead Sea right on the right. The Essenes had been dealt with how much you want to talk to Syria. Now they've Syria hands were where students of the Bible. They were balance for the word of God. That's why they cared so much that every single letter in the Hebrew had to be written down perfectly. They could've spent an entire day on 181 part of the papyrus and and and did they make one mistake.

At the end of the lake is a terrible and throw it out to be perfect so and the only thing that the reason why I studied the way I do is because the Old Testament you have to read it and understand it in the in the Hebrew the original Greek, Hebrew language, you have to the same with the as built the New Testament with the end of the great cows at Aramaic that they know that separate but they Jesus and Jesus's day, they did speak Greek and Aramaic and Hebrew in his day because I know Mel Gibson said that when he wanted to passion of the Christ – and the Christ.

He said I go back and I wanted the original Aramaic and to be an actor having to learn a new language and have it translated all that on the cross were actually Aramaic yeah okay so that's what is think that is that strike you is accurate. Mel Gibson's I know while I know Mel and I was actually I had. He asked me to host 22 showings of the passion of the Christ at my house in Connecticut before it came out he was concerned about the way the Jewish community in New York. The out the intelligentsia that the New York intelligentsia and media people were going to deal with the fact that there's been such enmity between Jews and Christians for centuries and centuries and centuries going back to what I talked about with tearing it down for you and one's for you guys. The Old Testament, the others for us. Now that's just could not be more wrong. That's a biggest misconception to in my mind after setting and again I'm no biblical scholar write what I said I have a passion for it and I put I put my life's work towards it now. You know, making sure that what I say is accurate and, and sunlight. I don't just assume that it is II make sure that you get the most out of every day. And certainly we talk about you had a chance would you trophy cases.

Right before you notice some of the pictures you had him what you've experienced in your life. Yes. So as you and knowing that so much still lies ahead. You still still driven right on my gosh yes.

But now I get to do what I people say to me all the time. How could you have given up your dream job. When you left Regis once then you left your dream job. When you are working with Howard, and I think you're just assuming it's my dream job right. You know my dream job. When I was growing up, I wanted to be in it for the cello. I wanted to be Hayley Mills. I wanted to be in a Barbra Streisand.

I will you know that I wanted to be in the music industry and and an actress and then and write stories now finally have my dream job right. I was play the clarinet up until 7/8 grade I wanted to be in the music business you want to be that a good thing I was asked to stop terrible not to sing 16 albums and made a living as a singer to sing my sister's voice teacher Selma Gottlieb certain things you never forget right, such as a lovely lady but my sister was a natural singer.

Great beautiful coloratura soprano and I I was and as you can tell now so much but so I die. But I went to her teacher and I sang a few scales and sang a song or something and she looked at me very very politely and put her hand on my hand. She said Kathy stick to harmony honey well and she did me a great favor so I got angry right and I'm gonna prove to her right, which is a great quality kept your whole life. Well yes my sister lost her: the great singer Luster: from stress in the same industry that fed my my fantasies I was, that's interesting. So I remember I was who I was coming out of college. I want to do sports and so was it send you tape to this guy facilitate to the sky to get back to artists.

I called Bob I got on the phone you remember your tape. It's really not very good because if you really love sports try coaching. Think about that LOL nice yeah and Kurt handed it to the same thing for you Kyle. You know that's the most interesting things like you. You basically are terrible. So thank you very much you ration what they call green in our business. Thank you for spinning deposits you had the sin I thought that's just what you love my daddy used to say to me honey. Find something you love to do and then figure out a way to get paid for. You've always reminded me of Regis because he did that to. He was told he had nothing going for him. He started out you know anybody but working out in the radio station. I think at that at that time Notre Dame and even wanted to be one of those guys that was in the in the arena.

You know right and he just got put down every time he turned around, but what he had was something nobody else had the ability to be Regis right himself, being yourself and I did not make a mistake with us no matter what some people think Mike I think it's Otis my first eye for my college radio station interviewed Regis and yet still it wasn't a national show yet. She's me. It was just about the morning and I interviewed him just. He greeted everybody's a left and then he sat on the couch with me with my microphone and he said you might go for the whole time was to get this network try to get this network shall be as but this is what I really enjoy. I realize this is this type of show I want to do and things will take care of themselves and obviously ends up with this syndicated show that's that's when I joined right we've been together in the local show for three years before we did the syndicated trimmers with the call, the morning show in New York so this story out now. I guess I could rip his leaving. She's moving on and she addressed. I think today with in your post picked it up today about a relationship with Regis who passed away the age of 88 spending 10 years ABC's life together.

I was 10 years she replace you when you walked away to the pair was plagued by persistent rumors that they secretly loathe one another in 2017. Philbin claimed he never been asked back on the program had spoken to Ripper since the exit should that she did not Ripper did not dispute Philbin's claim of the time, something she now regrets an interview with Andy Cohen, said Ripper alleged that she has been targeted and unfairly maligned tutors silence on that issue. What do you know the reality there. Yes, that you not to get me to talk about it. No, you know why because I loved Regis with all my heart and he was one of the greatest friends I've ever had in my life like we became even greater friends.

When I left the shell I was with him for 15 years and then he died 20 years later, some 35 years he was on my dearest friends and I just feel very badly. The only thing I'll say is I feel very badly for Joy and her and her daughters how they doing well there. This is just come out so I don't how about I just found out about it until I heard about it last week and I was hoping it was one of those things it wasn't true. Yeah, I know you know from answers you can answer some your market now because I don't want to get involved in something that'll just be in no ugly the world makes things ugly. I'll just talk about the man that I knew was one of the greatest guys I've ever known. Right.

I adored him and policy issues. I guess she wrote she said she wrote in the book she wrote.

I wish I had set the record straight. At the time I really trust the people around me as a woman, who are often we are often told to take the high road and that is woman speak, and that is woman speak to shut the blank up so now the high road is the high road and sometimes doing right now is real thing. But I guess she is actually stepping aside right idea. I don't know you know I never watched the show once after I left you have one fan I never watch the today show since I left building or anything for Linford for Kelly and now I went back I think to think two or three times but it is only to promote something I don't live in the past.

I really believe people who live in the past are doomed to die there. You know, honestly, I'm a I'm a right now kinda girl and what are we having for lunch. We nobody is more about TV than you and think about how things have changed when there was a late night show every wood lettermen in the rivalry with Leno. It is about is selling book on his right fascinating to watch the ratings. Nobody cares me. Great. Got felt got the highest ratings over the Tonight Show knife and cut their report that would send it be possible yesterday because I've known Greg for ever I go way way way back with him and I absolutely adore the guy you know. But would I have thought. One day he's going to have that late show the rent. I think but but but it was very, very different and had the talent he just didn't but the landscape. The fact that the Tonight Show stop being funny just like Saturday Night Live stop being funny it became just a political politics much in the news. I don't I James Gordon is closest I like same square. I've never met him but II DVR to watch and when you see this idea could use on a show like this Asian rumor taping you know he's an entertainer demand degeneracy had him brought now.

Just wanted to ward off Broadway's brother Brian entertainer Nate. I am an entertainer. Regis was an entertainer that's I never said I was a journalist I back then I had too much respect for you for real journalism, you know, okay are very few I did in the world today that that time that I get a lot of opinions but I don't know that I'm getting the facts journalism is asked is not what it used to be me. There are great people still in it. There are right, but you got you got a release search right and hopefully you went to the right place talking to you cooking rose and cookie is my nickname saw in the unusual. So as we come back with humans with Kathy Lee was kind enough to come in, the radio, this is mandatory know anytime you come in. I love you. You always get me in trouble get in trouble this time back in a moment educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me, please.

So as a filmmaker around picking up weight the public conversation. I think the people are weary of it. I think that people having to put this using the pronouns on the all of that stuff starts to send a signal. I think the working-class voters that the people are not concerned about the things that affect your not concerned about inflation.

Not concerned about that. You can't think care about everybody but there's something is out of balance and so I think that we start sending the cultural signal that were more concerned about the pronoun you put on your resume, call. We are concerned about the fact you don't have a house or job. I think the parties are and that is Jane Jones.

Obviously PA to prison Obama nobody thinks that he's a right wing zealot, but he's crocheting with many large people are saying like Bill Moore who will vote for a Democrat, Kathy Lee Gifford and that is what you talking about second-grader should not be told you can pick your gender should not be learned about sexual relations. These times you can be taught about binary non-binary and all these things are going.

People you know where this came from when 60% of the country was paycheck to paycheck while his lost perspective completely on what is important to people and and I don't care if you're Republican and or anything. People care about the children and they care about what their children are learning and they care about feeding them nutritious food and they care about being able to get to a job there grateful to have and they can't even afford to get to the job because of the price of gas and I think is just foolish on either side of the aisle for thinking that something that that pulls all the way down at the bottom is the least interesting to me that that that are the least important to to people concentrated like a people's vote train on those top three and given real solutions to them when you're Republican or Democrat on either side would be the smart thing to do right back to try to solve people's problems. Recent debate different ways to solve problems that can identify the problem now because as you've Artie been labeled a racist or a bigot or something before you even begin to calculate. Thanks so much. Sorry.

You always seeking solutions first sewing is Brian kill yes and that was Karl Rove at the end bring me back down to earth.

I was enjoying my life by self-esteem was high and suddenly I crashed hard one for 48 and six in midtown Manhattan around the country around the world.

Thanks so much pollution of the brain to me. Joe then happened to the bottom of the our former CIA station chief in Moscow, Iraq, Pakistan, South Asia, and Europe. I want to focus on Vladimir Putin. If anyone knows and configure amounts of former CIA guy used to work there and were lucky to have a few watching Fox nation you recognize a former US ambassador to the United Nations, former South Carolina governor author for brand-new book if you want something done leadership lessons from bold women. Nikki Haley Cyr, welcome back, Gov.

Thank you. Gracie has her moments in time.

Well will see Nikki. I guess in the end the few doubts that your that your real name. You know I mean, it's so ridiculous when they have nothing else and that this is not the first or last time they beat me up on something.

But when you going you pick on something like your name, you don't do your homework it means for winning right now.

I doubt about it, it started blowing up and everybody started texting in my office contacted me and let you know it's it's amazing anybody still watches that show they can't stand the liberals can't stand a minority conservative female not being a Democrat just can't because we totally ruin their narrative. They say that they're the party of minorities.

They say they're the party of one another, not because when you say you're the party of minorities and why is it that you think that minorities are incapable of going to the DMV to get an ID so that they can vote you say you're for minorities. Why is it that you say that parents minority parents can't decide which school their kids should go to if you say you're for women and why is it that you say how women should think and feel and you don't let them have their own individual opinions and it's so you don't know they're not the party of minority orphan women and I think what we show as conservatives is Republicans have solutions that lift up everybody not one segment of the population. I understand that and growing up in South Carolina.

It's mostly Republicans these days trying to think back to the civil rights and everything was mostly Democrats and conservative Democrats for a long time switch was Urbino people point out to you were probably actually Lincoln was a Republican and and now if you're Republican you only like all white people. That's where they want to label it. What switched it to remember the time in which the Democrats were mostly the segregationists of this country and the pushback was against them, and now it looks like there the tolerant group. I think to them. I think the Democrats left a lot of people because when you had conservative Democrats they want as extreme as they are now and you know some people feel like they've left family values.

They feel like they've left freedoms they feel like they've gone into more government control and they been the party of high taxes and I think that's when he saw a lot of conservative Democrats become Republicans and then you and I'll tell you from my parents and I say this to the Republican party is they were Democrats until Reagan not because they were actually Democrats, but because Republicans wouldn't talk to them and so it that's why it's so important that Republicans continue to go and talk to groups that don't look and act like your traditional Republican are usually really say to me by the end of the day because were doing outnumbered together yet. So we have three of two segments. Here we have two segments okay good will talk about your book.

Next, I do want to talk about who I talked to today and that's Herschel Walker. As you know, The Daily Beast has a story on Sunday that says that he paid for a woman's abortion, 2009, but she did not give her name in their second source was the woman's friend, which is odd and they came out the receipt that says this was the card he sent with the check in it.

We haven't seen the check her sources are know who this is what you talk about. I never did it, and then his son came out and said this cut 14 why literally his handwriting in the car. They say that proceeds whatever he gets on Twitter.

He lies about everything a lot so he went on to basically answer that when I played that for him on Fox and friends got 12 months conditionally as well. Always, always love them unconditionally, you graduated college couple months ago is now a young man doing his own thing, but his father was always there form always will be. For anyone in the market is a level not always supported and always have supporting them and I'll always will not love them unconditionally, so that's basically how he answered and when I asked him if it's true or not. Cut 13 he's doing cause tremendous damage to you by coming out with those statements. Do you know why he's saying this damage he's doing, is that people know that the left would do whatever they can to win the seat and told when I got in his right arm.

The window seat people see someone's sitting here in front of you right now been renamed America to know I'm living proof that you can make mistakes and get out and keep going for what you don't do it in this country right here.

You can only do it this election read to read this. Come November, because we vote for the people on the left like John wanted to send one not have a chance be redeemed is a minister.

He completely don't believe in redemption right now trying to destroy America trying to destroy Georgia and I'm not gonna happen on my watch so you can get the politics should not expect to have a crisis.

This is one of them. How is he doing yeah I mean I think first of all college users with him right yet.

I think it's been about a month ago I was campaigning within it. I actually had the conversation that you know the grantor, the kitchen sink it you and you know I think this is the kitchen sink. The hard part is politics as a bloodsport and when it goes and involves your family. It really cuts deep because we don't know the background of him and his son. We don't know the background. Him and his woman.

My advice to him would be tell the truth whatever it is, tell the truth and you know people are very forgiving, but also say you look at Warnock and here's a guide has no problem with open borders and wanting people to come through it illegally. He just doesn't want him in his state either heats for work. He's been for defined the police you know he hasn't wanted transparency for parents and he is about as liberal as it gets. There are no perfect candidates. Herschel is not a perfect candidate. There are no perfect politicians right know that what we do want from our politicians is so perfect.

You wonder what else to hide it.

That's exactly what we do want is everybody's lot just tell us the truth and and tell the people of Georgia what you believe in, and I will tell you to people of Georgia really love him flawed and all they really love them because they feel like he's genuine and honest with them right and I've seen it out there for some reason is not to be able to get the black vote yet his story is rural America growing up to China which was not easy, and even his area will mostly go to Warnock not him.

I guess when you're reverent in the black community that certainly gives you an upside Georgia well and I'll tell you the keep in mind it's not that she can't get the black vote, Republicans really need to look at expanding the tent.

The only reason we don't get the black vote is because we don't have Republicans going and talking to them because when you asked them what they care about. They all care about their kids education, yet they all care about family values.

They all want their kids have a better life than they did.

They all want safe streets so you know, that just means we gotta do a better job helping candidates like Herschel and Dr. Oz and all those others go out and show people that were the party solutions for efferent so if you asked the Democrats to their becoming stores was almost every Jim Crow to Stacy Abrams but almost every poll the links between her and Grows about eight now Jesus goes mostly the only simple white people I've never heard that before but it's interesting that she also wants to rewrite history and said she never denied the election results listen to her try to try to take this issue on cut 17 area under which you would concede that you lost publicly in 2020 18. On the day I made that speech, he played the beginning of the speech.

I acknowledge that I was not the governor that Brian Kemp won the election. When I said that the process denied access to too many voters and that was proven by more than 3000 voters who made their voices heard life of file and a process that was the first full-length trial held on voting rights in more than a decade in the state of Georgia.

I have never denied the outcome. The problem is we been taping her denials cut 18. This is not a speech of concession.

It was not a free and fair election game was rigged against the voters of Georgia. We looks like it's really probably loose I got the saw me do she expect us not to know this and play this amazing to me. Democrats think that if they tell you something you'll believe them. They really play everybody for foals and first of all, for her to say that only white people answer post that's racist.

You have to call her out. That is a racist comment, she shouldn't get away with that. Secondly it's so hypocritical that she's now saying she never said that we know she said it, but let's get to the point I was campaigning for Brian Kemp about a month ago.

He is Savage Savage he's been a great governor first governor in the country open up his state first governor in the country to make sure his schools were open. He made sure that he even when they threw everything and he stood strong and fought for the people of Georgia and you can see it in the polls that Kaylee's yearbook is now out if you want something done, and basically give it to a woman in the books are now features some prominent women that I think will inspire you yourself and maybe your daughters if you have the more your sister doing better with the course would be, or anybody in America by Nikki in particular looking at issues now to drive in this country are no longer really, abortion is very June.things are important, but it seems to be crime it seems and leave inflation. It seems to be the economy and now thanks to Abbott and DeSantis border.

Yeah, I mean first of all, I have traveled all over the country. We've been to a dozen states I think recently, and they're all saying the same things the economy is going up. If you look at what OPEC did today.

Get ready your gas prices are about to go up even higher on he's got 60% of people in credit card debt. Now, 30% are dipping into their savings people are feeling a world of hurt, but the border and crime are a huge issue across this country. They want to know that their child can ride their bike down the street not have to worry they want to know they're not to get carjacked.

They want to know that all these illegal immigrants that we know who they are and we know where they are and we don't.

We can't say that IE gotta give credit to Abbott when he initially said our state can't hold it anymore so y'all take it and now the hypocrisy again of them saying overweight. That's so abusive that you're sending them to our single was it not adopted when you come to Texas and crazy when I think these governors are doing exactly the right thing, but instead of blaming DeSantis and at that what they need to be doing is blaming Biden at what point are you going to say to bind at what point does every one of those Democrat governor say to Biden.

Hey wait can you do something about this because the answer is close to the border. DeSantis and Biden will be together present governor and they been harsh critics of each other harsh what you think it will be like that you have that when you governor do a prison Obama will you governor at the time. Yes, so it's actually it's interesting because there were two different times that I had to deal with Pres. Obama one wise. We had hurricane Matthew. It hit South Carolina very hard and we needed that men and he came back with the church shooting. He came and look I met. He held it, he was purely great. It was this it was his best moment been so great for you to that was sincere for you.

Look, we all needed to come together, the people of South Carolina were hurting and there were no Republicans or Democrats. At that point it was we had to support those nine families. So I met him at the plane. I welcome him into my state and there was not an issue of party. And so what I hope when I think DeSantis is going to do its look, he needs Biden to help make sure his people get back on their feet and I'll tell you one thing that nobody talks about a hurricane. You know all of this while it's on TV it looks real pretty, but when it goes off TV FEMA is not your saving grace females bureaucratic it slow and a lot of family to be hurting and what governor DeSantis is going to do and he knows this and every other Florida Gov., governor of a hurricane state now is you've got a really go and build these people back not because there's nothing worse than rain and mold and all that sets in and they lose their houses and they don't have insurance, it gets tough getting his adrenaline and then it becomes very depressing Digby with depression when things move slow they look to blame. So these governors could judge what happens weeks after not ours actually is not what happens when a hurricane kit hits the key is what happens to three months after so the guilds could be here for outnumbered but when we come back when you talk about a few of the women in your book.

We have a few more minutes after that because MSNBC was laughing at Fox for something that may surprise you don't move to today's top story Ryan kill me information you you demand.

This is Ryan kill me show I so if you want something done now out together and written by former Gov. for a few more minutes. Out of all the women that stood out the one that probably most people know was Golda my year extraordinary every way. Can you set the scene when she emerged on this. With this brand-new nation. It's amazing if you look at the story of Golda because she was born from a poor family, you know, struggled all the way through, but she became such a problem solver. Like her parents just wanted her to go off and get married and not to anything, but when she saw what happened with the Holocaust.

She very much believed that the Jewish people had to find a place that they were safe and they couldn't ever depend on anyone else again. So she went and was one of the founders of Israel. But then, even when they were having, where she went and raised money said that they had the military strength to fight back. She never saw a problem she couldn't solve and she did it with her heart all the way until the end an amazing woman that I remember this staunch conservative. The most conservatives really worship is Jeanne Kirkpatrick. She had your old job she did. And you know that's one of the reasons I dance and she what I loved about Jeanne Kirkpatrick was when she was an academic. She wasn't a politician. I'm she actually would say she wasn't a personally tough person, but you never know if you heard a speech at the UN, or how she handled it. She was the one that blamed Democrats for always blaming America first and when she went to the Republican national convention. She was a Democrat. She switched parties because she couldn't stand the anti-American stance that Democrats continue to home she thought they needed to love America. She thought they needed to defend America and she thought they needed to quit blaming America for all their problems right and that's still happening today to the 10th power now. It's why it's so amazing is that what she was saying about Democrats then continues to be.

It's like they haven't learned the lesson. What you hear this because most likely were watching this channel, but we know Fennell's problem this country right we know where come from the border and manufactured by China. Listen to this drug to be given away drug dealers. The illegals that are here. They just cross because you are border. Why then is the illegals that have houses that the kids are coming to knock on the illegals houses doors that in their drug dealers that are giving the children their drugs like those boxes will tell you that the playground they're going to be given it away during howling from how to figure out what it is like the point that that that there is this belief that drug dealers are so right.

Just give drugs so the fact it looks like skittles or nerds or candy. Is everyone worried. They think it's hysterical is not funny it's not fine you ask any stay there all dealing with deaths from fat know I'm and we had enough Fennell crossed the border that would kill every single American in July and don't think for a second. China doesn't know what they're doing.

We are not over exaggerating this they know what they're doing that it's crossing the border. They know these cartels are getting across there and this is not you. This is not an issue of kids who are druggies. These are kids, you might just like taking all the kids that might lay concentrated pink or blue or green you go back and you say okay what if a seven-year-old thesis then let's get happens not funny. I didn't think so go I know, it's also not funny but a great book is your book is called if you want something done, Nikki Haley, thanks so much.

I will see you in 90 minutes. Sounds kind of hard to come back. Then Hoffman is Vladimir Putin from his mouth to years kill me don't know. I think it's unlikely possible and I think the more and in the South. I think this failure in multiple way since it began February and now finally the Russian people are speaking up your protest, or about the other country.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians of left Russia to avoid this draft. I think prudent continues to paint himself in the corner with without any and limiting his options to get out of this message. That is Marcus performer, Sec. Defense and Sec. of the Army Daniel Hoffman joined stem from CA station chief talk about things on the ground. The reality is, the Ukrainians are picking up massive amount of land and now they're focusing on cures son because the Russians don't seem in many respects, being able to stop the onslaught and welcome back what you think. I think we come a long way from the ministration offered President-elect flight out of Ukraine.

You know when the invasion occurred February 24. That was our answer and fill that in. I don't need no light out. I needed an edition the fight here in Ukraine have taken the fight to the enemy with a blistering counteroffensive Lehman, the major city with the logistical and a gateway to Don Barclay captured that the real test.

And the thing that I'm looking for right now. It can Ukraine die without for the fighting season which is kind of long short now. Once the winners are much more difficult for Ukraine to move and liberate more territory we could be looking at a stalemate there during the winter. Depending upon how severe the conditions become right in February did they leave the troops there in the dead of winter just to sit in their tanks and wait for the orders. Yeah, that probably did make a whole lot of you would made him wondered about the guy in that convoy thinking the same thing as they were getting picked off by Ukrainian court on a percent right. This is been a massive strategic failure.

Vladimir left one mobilize Russian forces for the first time in World War II. What illegally annexing more territory, but that the Potemkin village. They don't even own the territory they don't occupy it to an exit.

And of course he's making nuclear threat because the bond administration parrot back with peers of World War III, which is exactly what you want deter us from giving Ukraine. What they need to take the fight to the finish so the ISW and Internet international study forces Russian studies around Lyman's galvanized strong indirect criticism of the commander there is commanders Alexander Laban who supposedly commanded the Wyman group they got routed the criticism retreated from this so because silk of that group spearheaded by Chechnya strongmen remind concord droids club draws and the Barna group financier's elite together are critical of the standing Russian army.

What does that tell you because both those groups can fight Wagner group in the Chechnya's they notified to say no, but also set a commander fire my right now they're not doing too well your leader and guinea pig Gordon who was the leader of the Wagoner group and you know they sent their God will get slaughtered in Ukraine as well. The ultranationalist Hawks in Russia will represent the greatest threat the Vladimir's regime security because there you told the special military operations would topple the Galinsky government in a matter of days and will be doing and in the month and so they're looking for scapegoats and the question for Vladimir Putin and what happens with his inner circle are they going to be nervous but the defense minister for you might be removed or the head of the B port McCall heard about the partnership and if they see themselves being targeted by putting 2 PM there start a 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ntolock.Takethehouseoneisin.AnthonyfeltsheandthefundingforthatvirusresearchandwhathappenedintheWuhanlobandPeterdesignatehowwetrytosuppresspeoplepointingtothelabandwhyhestillgettingmoneythatneedstobehugefocusinonthis.Youknowwhytheseformerintelligenceagenciesandofficialswritealetterthatifyouactuallyreaditcloselydoesn'tsayitwasreckonedtothisinformation,butismeanttoleadeveryonetobelievetheinformationincludingthepress.Ittooktookithook,lineandthinkerverywillinglyandandwhatyouknowgetpublicskiptheregetwhatwhatwhatwhatthedealwiththesevariousbusinessdealingsthatthatHunterhadandwhatwasJoeBiden'sinvolvement…Anotherbigtrancheofthetwohugethingstheyneededtogetinvolved.Also,positivefinancingwithCFCwhichisinhiscompanysoyoudirecttotheChinesegovernmentinvestedintheBeltonRoadprogram,whichwascreatedtoreduceourinfluencearoundtheworldandyethehadnoproblemasaformervicepresidentinvestinginit.Asyouareyouinsane.Here'smorefromBobLinsky.Iwantyoutohearwhatisourofferwascutfor.I'vehadpeoplereachouttomeandIsaidyoudon'tlisten.What'sthedeal.TheyjustwantsomethingtheywantsomethingfornewsiteorthisgoingandsoIhavenotdonethat.I'vebeenlayinglowbutofferingthatnowyouseewillgounseenandspeakwhateverlifeislikeyourwirelessyet.MaybeitwillbejustseriouslyasJakehaveyouseenthisandbythewayTuckeragreeswithyoudoesn'tbelievethiscanhappen,butIjustthinkit'satalkerandJakeTapper'sbeenchallengingtheotherside,sincethenewmanagementteaminone9o'clockandthingisifyouwanttotrytoblowupallGalinskyyouaregoingtohavealongdaybecausethisguy'sintelligenceofficer.Asmartself-mademultimillionairehaseverythingintermsofallthetextmessages.Anytimeyoudoubtwhathesayinghewelcomesthetoughestquestionspeoplewe'vebeenaroundtheblock,butBriangotacoupletimestherepeoplethatyoucanjusttellgrabontoastoryandtheywantgloryfromitorexaggeratingtheydon'thavethegoodtheywanted12hourdaycycletheftnotbeenthecasehere.TalkaboutitwhenitcameupinitiallyandthenwentdarkandIthinkallspeaktoanyoneaboutitandyouthinkit'snotJakeTapperwouldbeknockingonhisdoorrightit'sit'sagoodinterviewandifyoudon'tbelievethemorelseitmakesitbetterifyoucanshatterhiscredibility.Thisguytheright,right.Ittakesreally.Soonewayortheotherthatyouthinkitbeagoodstory,butthatwehaveimmediatenewsjudgment,tosaytheleastofclouded60minutesyouthinkthey'dsitdownwithLesliestillwouldhavetoeitherwords.Listendownsomewould'vebeenmuchsmartersayingheywithallthesepandemicruleswithopponents.ItwouldnotcomeoutofhisbasementbygettingoverthelastfewweeksbytheFBInotfollowinguponthislegitimatestorythiscloseelectionwould'vegotadifferentway,asopposedtoeverythingelse.Heviewsthisisreal.Itwouldbeaclassicstory.Again,allDemocratsnominatedastoryaboutRhondacorruptionsupposedlyinpromotingvaccineandhowtodealwithareallyprominentgrocerydrugstorechainthatthathelpsgetthevaccinesoutthatwhenitwastotallyagitated,buttheywanted.Yeah,Iwantyouhere.TheotherbigstorythatisHerschelWalker.Hecameoutwithmetodayabouttheallegationsyoupayforabortion2009andthathissoncallshimsomeprettyharshthings.Firstoff,here'sChristianWalkeropeningupononhisonhisdadcut14.Literallyhishandwritinginthecar.TheysaythatwhateverhegetsonTwitterliesabouteverythingandhere'sHerschel'sanswercut12months.Conditionallythat'swhatI'vealwaysbeenalwayslovethemunconditionally,newlygraduatedcollegecouplemonthsagoisnowyoungmandoinghisownthing,buthisfatherwasalwaysthereformalwayswillbe.Foranyoneinthemarketisalevelnotalwayssupportedandalwayshavesupportandalwayswillnotlovethemunconditionallycut13he'sdoingtremendousdamagetoyoubycomingoutwiththosestatements.Doyouknowwhyhe'ssayingthiswherethedamagehe'sdoingisthenpeopleknowthattheleftwoulddowhatevertheycantowin.SeeAnatolywhenIgotinhisraiseonthewindowseatpeopleseesomeonesohewentondead.That'swhathesays.Hesayshe'shadcertainthingshe'sbeenredeemed,buthesaidthe2009abortiondidn'thappenthisunnamedsourcedoesn'texistoneandpolitically.Whatgiveitanactor.Allright,youknow,Ithinkpersonaldenialletterconcerningthedefendanttendtobelieveitbecausewe'veseenisthe11thhourattacksbeforeBrettCavanaughtothepharmacyexampleinrecenthistory,butthathavingason,PilonmakesitmakesitmorethreateningtohimandIdon'tknowwhetherwhatthetruthofthematterisifthisdidhappentherightthingforHerscheltodowould'vesaidwouldbetoacknowledgeitandsayheisredeemedandthatwasadifferentlifehewaslivinginarealizehowwrongitisseenthelightthatthemessagethatthathasgreatpowerinAmericanlife,butitdidn'thappen.Hisrighttodeny.Imeanthatthechoiceisafunctionalmatterisbetweensomeonewhowantstotohaveallthefundabortions.Basically,throughfederalfundingofabortion.Allthroughninemonths,orsomeonewhocouldbeapro-lifevote.Whateverhedidandhaspassedbuttheismomentmomentouscoupledaysforhiscampaign.Alotdependsonhowhehandledright.Alsoalotalotofpressureoncertainpeopletohitcertainmilestoneslikeforexamplethisguywhenhegotuptotheplatestuckat61homerunsyourthoughtsabouttheweightsforrightsandwouldyouresthimtonighttalkingtoPeteaboutyourguy.Iwouldnotrentthemoutgreedy.IthinkyouhaveanotherhomeruninaBHMformyverypersonalperspective.ThepursuitwaswasastrainonmymarriagetogetawayfromtheTVputthephonedown.Likeeveryat-batInee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Gen.UnitedStateshasalmostnolawenforcementsupportbecausetheyknowtheydon'twanttheirasskisstheyjustwanttheirfamilyandtheirandtheirtheywanttheirunit.Theirprecinctsupportedandthat'swhatit'sgoingtobeakeythinginthisnextelectionandandthat'sgood.NewtGingrichlookedatthiswholelandscapeandwillrewritenowintermsofcrimetermsofillegalimmigrationinflationandtheandthemainchallengesfacingourcountryandthinkthingsaretrendingtowardsRepublicansanditwasn'tandwasn'tthereininAugust,19processesandabouttheorypoliticsisaboutresultsandtheirdesperatetheirlosingonthecostoflivingtherelosingonthepriceofgasoline.Thelosingonthecostoffoodlosingoncrimeandlosingonopenbordersgodownthelistlosingonaleft-wingradicalideasandschools,sotheylookaroundliketheycan'twintheseissuesandtheycan'tanddon'ttellmeyouwentoncrimeandsaywellIgavemoneywithrescueplantostatesandtheycould'vefundedtheircitiesandtheirlawenforcementthatisnotearmarkingmoneyforlawandorderthatissalutingblacklivesmatterwhichisbeenacorruptorganization.Everybodywantsaqualityblackeyesmattersnotisnotthevehicletodowhatnobodywantstorunatthistimethemoneytheirpeopleandcorporationsgavemoneytheirwell-meaningisbeingwasted.Sorightnowforthosepeoplesaythatreadthatredwavesbeenthwarted.Idon'tthinkyoubeenpayingattention.Iknowtheygotsomechallengeswithcandidateswhoareintoughraces.There'sotherthinghappening,whichIthinkisimportantiswhat'shappeninginPennsylvaniatalkabout.ThisbeinginaracetoracefighttoseewashappeningwithFettermanonthisvideoouthereofhim.Imissguyshadaquestionablepast.Neverreallyhadajob.Lieut.Gov.ofyoubeenamayorofafailedcityisalsobeenalieutenantgovernorforawhilebutforthemostparttheguysbeenflatoutoutofworkwhichyounowhaveiscomingintotheonlydebatewhichtheIguessthebarsbeenputsolo.JustifiablybecauseofthestrokeandjustifiablybusytakesmostnoquestionsandtalkedaboutwhatachallengeitisandthingsgottobethingsgottabetranslatednowyouhaveasituationwhereFettermanismorescandalbreakingoutofhim.SoyouhaveasituationinthecitywhereheturnsouttobedealingwithsometypeoflowrateoractuallydefacingaBraddockstripclub.SogetthisFedermanoncevandalizedthesignofablack-ownedstripclubwhilehewasamayorofPratikavideothat'sthecityinPennsylvaniainwhichhewasmayor.AvideoclipthatresurfaceMondayshowsFettermanchangingthelettersofassignedtobeplacedinfrontofthenightclubfromopeningsoonundernewmanagementtoclosenotopeningsoonfollowingthe2010incidentwhichthenightclubcaughtonsecuritycamerasadmittedtovandalizingtheclubsignsuggestingwasawaytoputthenewnightclubonnoticewillseealsoOzwasaccusedofkilling300dogsinPennsylvania.JezebelreportedthatRepublicanDr.Mamadieswhataresearchteamthatconductedscienceexperimentsthatkilled300dogswhenaskedforresponsetothereportbyNewsweekinhiscampaignmanagersaidonlyidiotsatNewsweekbelievethatthewithareadatJezebelTimRyannotinvitingthePrezUnitedStatestojoinhiminOhioisnowpretendingasifhe'samoderate,asifhedidn'tvoteforeverythingputoutbyJoeBidenhimselfandthat'stheproblem.HisvotingrecordwithJDVance'sgotadowejustmakesurepeopleareexposedtoitthathe'snotscarythathecouldactuallydoitandthathecouldactuallywinandthatyoucan'trunfromyourpresident.Sohere'sStephKnightfromactio's.Shewasonspecialreportlastnightontheproblemthattheministrationsnowhavingbecausegaspricesaregoingup,andOPECjustvotedaboutanhouragogoingtocutbackproductionby2millionStephnight22willhaveseengaspricesstarttotakeoutofthecostsavingsasfacingthepriceandstarttotakeoutthatsomethingAmericansdopayalotofattentionto.Ithinkit'sveryclearthatthebodyministrationknowsthisissomethingtheyhavetofigureoutthewaythatmessageaboutitasascenethey'vebeenquicktotellabouthowgreatisthatgaspricesarefalling,andnowit'snotlookingsogotfiveweeksoutfromthemidtermstartingtoseethattrendreversedagainyeahandwhatIthinkisinterestingaboutthatis,aspredictedyoumight'vepickeditathomebutIactuallysaidoutloud.I'mluckyenoughtohavearadioshowIsaidyouwatchwhenthegaspricesgoupagaintobringupVladimirPutin35prisonwasresponsibleforgasprices,andisresponsibleissoit'smorenuance.Youknowthis,theirglobalchallengesallweek.WhenIsayallmeetingothercountriesaswellhavedealtwithsincethepandemicthere'sbeenpandemicandthere'sbeenmoreasincreasegaspriceswehaveseenoverthepastseveralmenandwhatthepresidentwasabletodo.HetooksomehistoricstampsyeahnobodybuysadvisoryprunespriceIcouldnotgetanythingfromhimtheworldnotgettinganythingfromhimwhat'shappeninginSaudiArabiaiscuttingbackandwearenotproducing.Sothequestioniswillweadjustlikeallchallengedadministrations.Youcan'tpredicteverything.Thiswaspredictableandhasalottodowithyouractionssoshewasaskedareyouconsideringmoremoremoreextractionfromherstrategicpetroleumreserve.36sowearenotconsideringnewreleasesreleasesfromthestrategicpetroleum'sarebeyondtheone80millionwhichissuretalkspeakingabout1millionthatthepresidentannouncementsagohaveanythingmoretosharenotgoingtobeconsideringwhile.Good.NowIliketohearaboutreplenishingreplenishingthealwaysstrategicalreservesset,therefore,encasesaworldwidewarembracesthechallengeswecouldn'tforeseegettingtherepeoplewritingaboutnextyearbeingsometypeofglobalmeltdown.Ihopeit'swrongandjusttogetclicksbyfea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Louis,JulieandLarryHunter.Thanks.AtthetimearticleyeahIthinkyou'reintheclearrent2017articleanditneedsfromtheCEFfeequoteturnsitefamilyand20Pandthenthenextpointinthetimelineis20teamconvenientlyafterwenowwhatwasgoingonduringthatyearatthearticleskippedoverit.IthinkMattieattheBidenfamilygotthetimethatweneedtogo.OctoberwhatwasgoingonwhenJoealsomakesclearitouttomakeclearthatwhenJoetoldPeterheknewnothingaboutitthatthefeelingsthatoverstateeverythingclearonthestory,actually.HopefullyitismoreJulie'soutthereinSt. Louisiscluedin.Ifyou'devenseenittalkershowgoesonlinethenight.Thenextnightandalsohe'sgotaspecialcomingupwithTonyBobLinskyinthewholerecreation.TheBidenfund,whichisreallydisturbingFrankradioshowlikenootherquarterback.Everyonehadoutnumberedthetopofthehour,soIhopeyoulikethatfrom12to1toKayleeamongstthecelebritypanelistswillbetalkingaboutthat,butIalsowanttogiveyouanideaofmyHerschelWalkertodaywasthefirstinterviewsincethesuncameout.Rippinghimaboutthisabortionclaimsandotherthingsthathemayormaynothavedonethefatherthekidseemsquiteemotional.HerschelWalkerIplatedform.Here'smymyinterviewinitsentirety.HerschelWalkermanFoxbirthdayversusthetornadoallthelast48hours.Iwatchwhich,ontheothernight.ThisaccordingtoTheDailyBeast.Youknowthiswomanevenouridentityisnotknowntohaveyoufiguredoutwhoitisnotatall.Andthat'swhathopeandwanttosoarlikeeveryoneisanonymousandeveryoneisleakinginyoutoconfesstosomethingyouhavenoclueabout.ButitjustshowshowdesperatetheyarerightnowtheyseemeasabigthreatandIknowthatwhenIgotintothisracebuttheydon'trealizethat.Ithinktheycameforthewrongonedayjob.Nicolaknowhowtheyreallywant.TrytokeeptoseeinaboutletthemkeepthisseehowtaxesthatmeanthebordersaywideopenatmewhenIhavepromonthestreet.Well,that'sreasonIcame.Wecandothat.Needtogetoutoffightyou.TheRepublicisobviouslyfarmorelikelycannotholdonthekindofthesetbackwithoutwarninguptoseesojustrealquick.ThisisacardthatthiswomansaidtheJarreautourwithacheckinsidetogetanabortion.Thereasonwhysignificantisbusiestyearforyouknowyourrealpro-lifepreferred00weekswhenitcomestoabortion.Andhere'sthecardandyousignedittoyouhadachancetolookatthisnowonlineandonSeanHannityshowisthatyousoundlikemostthings.Firstofall,neverjustputherage.IneverhaveandsaidyouknowthingsarefinebutIneversignedanythingJustinHandAnnaandIsaidthat'swhysaidwhoeverdoingthisyouknowisnottrueisalotrightandrightnowthat'sreasonisI'mgonnafightthecoldyoueverythingthat'sonethingaboutbeingredeemedandmakethestatementhereislikethey'retryingtobringupmypastorhurtme,buttheydon'tknowlikebringupmypairstoenergizemetogoonfightingtheheartofthegoalsof400basistotalkaboutmybookandamnottryingtosellbooksherebecauseIknewthepainaheadtomentalhealthrightnowtryingtodoanythingintheirpowertotakethissee.ButthenIgottowalksothenyeahIlovetheLordJesusandIgottothisracebecausemyfaithNicholas.Hewashappeningyoutosayinyourbookandwewedidfuturewithyoufortwodaysinyourbookatmentalhealthproblemstoaddressthatyou'realsoaninspirationforthat.Buthere'swhatyoursonsurprisedalotofusbecausehespentsohesaidtweetedpositivethingsforyouisaninfluencerconservativeandthisiswhathecameoutandsaidafterthisrevelation,andyourparentswereJohnwasmyintentionistobuyexpensiveme.Mymomallofthepeoplethroughoutyourlife.Youaresomemoralfamilypolicytalknormaltolive,sohesawthatsaysyou'relyingHerschelwhatyousayaboutyourson.Ishetellingthetruthloveunconditionally.Aswehavealwaysbeenalwayslovingunconditionally.Yougraduatedcollegeacouplemonthsagoisnowyoungmandoinghisownthing,buthisfatherwasalwaysthereformalwayswillbe,forinoneendofmykidsandIlovethemalwayssupportandalwayshavesupportingthem,andalwayswillnotlovethemunconditionally,buthe'sdoingtremendousdamagetoyoubycomingoutwiththoseyouknowwhyhe'ssayingthiswherethedamagehe'sdoingisthenpeopleknowthattheyleftwoulddowhatevertheycandowhentheseaandItoldwhenIgotinhisrightthenwhensomeone'ssittingherefunnyrightnowbeenredeemedandIwillAmericaknowI'mlivingproofthatyoucanmakemistakesandgetoutandkeepgoingforwhatyoudon'tdoitinthiscountryrighthere.Youcanonlydoitthiselectiontoreadthis.ComeNovember,becausewevoteforthepeopleontheleftleg.Johnwantedtosendonenothaveachanceberedeemedisaminister.Hecompletelydon'tbelieveinredemptionrightnowtryingtodestroyAmericatrytodestroyGeorgiaandI'mnotgonnahappenonmywatchandhewentontoTweetiesaidIstayedsilentastheatrocitiescommittedagainstmymomwasdownplayed.IstayedsilentwhenhecameoutthatmyfatherHerschelWalkeratalltheserandomkidsacrossthecountry,noneofwhomheraisedyousaythatwhenIsaythatisjustwhatIsaidIlovethemunconditionally.IwillruneverythinginmybookandreadabookIwroteaboutbearingthewholesaloninthebookIwasforgiven.TheLordforgiveme,Marcus,aChristian,IwillalwaysbeaChristian,thisreasonIgotintothisracebecauseIseethingsaregoingwrongisnotrightinthiscountrythattrytoseparateusaretryingtodivideus.WhenIwanttobringpeopletogether.That'swhatI'vealwaysbeenallcarewhoyouareandwhetheryouhavefallendown.I'mtellingyoucangetup.I'mtellingyouthatyoucanhavesomesenseofyouwillingtoadmityourproblembutIthinkyoukeepgoingforwhattheywanttotakethisseedaway.TheyneedtoseehereinGeorgiaandI'mnottryingtopromotehereyougotoMarshall.comlisttosee.IcanpromiseyouI'mgoingtowinaseatsoyou'resayingthatyouweretheperfectdadoftheperfectspouse,butyoubeenredeemed.Isthatwhatyou'resayingisthatnooneisperfectsaidanimated,centerweallstandbeforethegloryofGod.EverydayIgetupinthemorningIpraytoGodandletmedohiswillandx-raysonLinda'sracerightnowwhenIseepeoplegethurtonthestreet.ThecrimeisgoingonrightnowTomisgoingon.Thecallcenter.WarnockandJoeBidenseethecrimegoingonholdanyoneaccountableforSonataWalmart.Iseethewaythiseconomy,astheysay,when.ifthisisokay.Whatisnot.Thisisthisisanewnormalisnotisnotanewnormal.AndifItoldhimifIhadtofightalonetofight.IloveAmericawillfightforAmericafightforGeorgiaasreasonIgotintothisraceyettwoand50peoplebacktochurchwebsitesupportiveyouandyouveryraiseover$5000andShawnhadhisinterviewlastnightandsoyoustillhaveitseemslikeyou'rebackingisstillthere.ThankssomuchforcomingonexplainingwhatisbeengoingonHerschelWalker.Thankyou.Bestofluck.ThankyouGodbless,IappreciatedHerschelWalkercomingonandhopefullyhewantstoputbehindinmystudyat250peopletochurchandhe'sraisedfiveor$2000sinceSeanHannity'sinterviewonMondayandthenI'msurealotmoreaftertoday.RepublicanswanttowinthatSenateseatRickScott'sthereLindsayGrahamstillformCentocorandstilltheresoonerCassie'swaytofindoutalittlebitmorebutIdidRepublicansknowhe'stheirbesthopeforwarlocksofcharacterwatchmenoutnumberedamatterofminutes.Thisistherightkillmechokeevenhereover100meteorologistsandresourcesofFoxboxwhetherpodcast'spersonalpowerfulsubscriber.ListennowifFoxisnotjust

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