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The Aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida and Are The Midterms Turning In The GOP’s Favor

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 30, 2022 12:45 pm

The Aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida and Are The Midterms Turning In The GOP’s Favor

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 30, 2022 12:45 pm

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New York is always seeking solutions versus selling it's Brian Kelly Price would you bring your body is the brain kill me Joe thing to be with us all week long. The, the governor of the floor speaking right now, Ron DeSantis 40 billion in damage at least 10 of lost their lives. It's not over yet in Florida as the hurricane bears down South Carolina will give you the latest is noted. DeSantis was coaxed update everybody there about 15 minutes later was scheduled for a 45 that Eastern time so will will bring you the latest. As it happens John Levine at the bottom of the hour. He's been over this Hunter Biden situation, as well as what the House Judiciary Committee will do. Sure they get the majority of the majority come November, so let's get to the victory stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three. In other words, instead of using the conventional troops on the ground which are healing team will move to a carpet bombing other parts of Ukraine. He could conceivably go to a chemical weapon by vitamin that is at most every does talk about with Vladimir Putin's capable while he just acquired four provinces in Ukraine. Russian territory based on sham referendums. What does this mean for Vladimir Putin his plans to escalate in Ukraine and for us here in the US as tens of thousands of his citizens decide they rather leave the country and fight this dumb war detail needed for July or August is pretty irrelevant. What matters is the final stretch and race is tightening that foreseeing right now it's tightening in favor of Republican Jeff Mason way get a special report last night issues. Tracking Republicans were attacking Republicans way like immigration, crime and creating a kind cratering economy have Americans looking away from Democrats and Joe Biden will look at those trends race by race. Why is the deadliest hurricanes in Florida sister numbers still are still unclear, but were hearing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life. There is the present United States hurricane in historic and enduring will look at the damage the lives and livelihoods lost in our summer using this as an opportunity to scream climate change and slam governor DeSantis with me right now is Marquise and he never screams climate change knows this is part of hurricane season, and it's never good right Mark.

Now it looked at me.

The reality of no evidence whatsoever that anything to do with climate change contract deadline last year with Michael week of hurricane season on record in the Atlantic of the year. So now it or that have been truncated so you know that, but with what a change from what global warming acclimated climate and community your hurricane of the climate is more hurricane like it at the library I get out of there.

They can they can turn and whatever they want exactly for huge example of them turning into whatever they want. This is other media outlets: two a season.

What happened now is climate change in these extreme warm waters is almost all it's happening all the time just storming away as people are still trying to deny climate change is a factor. Climate change*storm house towards the coast time test for how you adapt to these new stronger storms on a warmer planet. As a result of climate change activated, of course, climate change, like Miami comes up that's climate change, water levels rising are getting warmer and there is no doubt. I think eating these. You feel differently. No marketing converted and converted up a little bit literally what they were actually correctly, you require a lot here happened at any time and in the end year so no it's not.

It is not more storms going on in more Than what the problem is that the left can figure out the weather and climate are two very different things and and so every weather event that they don't like that they aren't. We are stuck, climate change, and really, you know that being the one guy what I can cancel speaking what you think you would mitigation that's exactly believe we can. Climate change is real, it's happening. It's going to affect the it can affect us and in different ways, and the question is what you do about it. One option is to try and stop the climate from changing which would require destruction to our economy that that is unsustainable and unwise, and even then were not sure that we could stop it. Our order and certainly we can't reverse it. Because carbon want to go the atmospheric disappearance so you can't reverse acclimated. You can only slow it or stop it at an acceptable cost, or you can do the smart thing, which is mitigation. So for a couple hundred million people right now who live on below sea level in the world. Amsterdam has dikes and and levees over very cheap to build and if you are in an area where there's more heat will guess what air conditioning works right and and actually more people died in the world guy from Colton die from Peter John Malmberg pointed out, so when the temperature will likely have a net reduction as a result and air conditioning cheap mitigation and inexpensive. We can adapt to fit. The good news about climate change is happening really slowly not going to be like one day.

All the while becoming an locust and flog you know and I and and you know all the flakes from happening slowly until we can adopt an adaptation is actually really really inexpensive. The clearly what's what constructive is the effort to try and stop the earth from warming which is impossible, happening forever and my night or may not be a man related to what we're doing.

Yeah it's only boat, but the point is we can't stop the progress of humanity, because the temperature there go up a little bit we have to adaptively what we do we do do it harder for productivity and the genius of man to adapt to a changing climate, so that we can live in so much as you do so, the question is, of course, is government sensibly critic of the president and vice verse. The present huge critic of the other governor best when it comes to this immigration stuff. He was asked that about Heather Corneille between the federal government and the Republican mayor, a governor cut to describe your relationship and your conversation with governor. The sentence is totally irrelevant, very fine.

He complimented me thanked me for the immediate response we had told me how much he appreciated said he was extremely happy with going on. This is not about whether or not anything having to do with our disagreements politically. This is about saving people's lives, homes and businesses is about and so I've been I've talked to for five times and this is not a matter of my disagreements with him on the right.

So nice to me saying I think he's doing a good job in Florida. It sounded, Trump asked this guy likes me.

He seems to like me. I was raised by that soundbite and contract with on this and praised him for his emergency declaration and all the rest of it, but the contrast really for me is not between DeSantis and Biden. It's looking truck so the Santos is just as much of the great counterculture of the Disney stock to the claims of migrant going to Martha's Vineyard and all the rest that you got all the great populace and state and and and relishes taking it left but he also has a switch where you can turn it off and be presidential and not forcing right now in Florida were in a debriefing with you, he's all business people pretty freaking people on you know the strength of the storm where it where to find shelter how to find shelter all in deployment of the National Guard deployment of the Weinman Howrah. It's all business, all but the model of a commander-in-chief in charge in a crisis right now and Donald Trump had done that during his covert briefings could still be president today that that that is the fundamental difference between the two men is that Donald Trump didn't have that off switch the covert briefings he started out with like 50.6% in March in the air and public support for handling a culvert and it just vomited because in time of crisis, went out to get fights with reporters anything to complain about an appreciative governor and yet you stream of consciousness about bleach and and all and all the rest of it deleted so many Americans with Americans attending and what they want they want somebody saying were on top of this is what your government is doing. Here's what you need to know where my grandpa to give you an honest assessment of what's happening with the fairness of doing and pump couldn't do that and that the fundamental difference in the two with this and if you get everything you like about drop in terms of the populism in terms of the pugnacious nurse the great conservative reform policies and he's been a fundamentally great conservative or former governor of Florida, but you also get BBB the ability to be presidential when the wind and when your state or and or and and if you go to hierarchical your country need highlights of the analogy does work in some respects but the challenge the Trump had was the government was kind of against no style G Dr. Burks. They just dismissed him number two. He did have hostile press if DeSantis went to the present. They were saying stuff about Venezuelans and she is not taking care of this low income unit serving the low income constituency.

You're only going proceed with a study challenging him. I think you would see a pugnacious nest back again where people might be saying you should stay with a crisis. I think the Trump at a very hostile press at all times to never cut them a break.

Do you agree with that probably compared to that, but I think all the we we got people who blundered steak. I'm trying to leave the country or the state of crisis. I'm trying to get resources.I don't have time for your politics and have time for your character. Wouldn't it it wouldn't: city fire like attack on the way the trumpet I just think that he he was you you you know the time when you would.

There's a time to count upon some of the time not take the bait and Trump couldn't tell the difference that would then that fundamentally that's fundamentally why I think you off the electronic that you know there were told you this before but election poll Gallup poll, 56% of Americans said that they were better off now than they were four years ago never happened. After the Gallup poll lost because of this, is because people look at that covert grief and grieving, but look at the first debate and I like I'm done with this I'm done with.

I don't want to write and so you have it. He's probably the great one of the greatest conservative president of my life.what he did in an office is with almost without parallel. From the Abraham accords to the operation warp speed you like, I could go I could spend an entire hour on the air with you talking about is a compliment office. But people at some point the fact his behavior in office made people not care about those that did not not his Facebook like the swing voters who you need and the center seems to be somebody who can walk and chew gum at the same time to do all those good things to fight back when the time is right. Don't know when it's time to take a step back and not take the bait.

Pretty accurate, truly hard to challenge that the tickets for him at all. If you're lucky Mohammed Ali fight where you got thrown up onto the Ottoman history of ducking and weaving and not punching back like Trump could never do that that's that's that part of the time to land a blow in the conduct of the and and that and that that's the fundamental genealogy yelling that knowledge the analogy a little further and that is the open the rope a dope.

Sometimes you take the blows but actually trial never take a blow that's not unanswered. Which I'm sure you cricket be critical that let's talk about and most every this is what he said I don't know if you know this in the last hour Oh Vladimir Putin is annexed for areas of Ukraine. He is losing this war. He had his his call up of 300,000 people as cause and edges from his country, the likes of which I've never seen before. I want you here with the most every this and I want to get your take a 30 oh I think it's quite significant in that sense that reliable reports Jonathan say 200,000 300,000 maybe more Russian men of military age, which by the way is pretty elastic in Russia to be willing to take old grizzled admiral staff readers to go to the front lines at this point. That's how desperate they are.

So bottom line. At this does not augur well for his efforts and will conclude with this kind of outflow of your personnel is not only a loss of manpower and productivity. It's a huge brain drain. These are to be the smart people, the ones who access the Internet to understand what's going on going back to Russia not go back to Russia.

The fight start over. He's going to say this is part of Russia. If you attack it you contact the country. What changes after this annexation are nothing no one can recognize it is a violation of the UN charter violation of all international law, no one to recognize unknown territory known the filing of a failing of a failing leader separated in the hundred percent right and and what we need with my biggest fear right now it would be Ukrainian. Here he is lost. Probably half of his military capability. In terms of armor and weapons, but all the rest of it to the point where you actually taking Megan getting artillery from North Korea grown from the land because it which are not working. Which is how desperate here he's lost so many men that he having to do mobilization and and they're literally sending people using the videos on the on on Instagram and other places where the soldiers who like I got called up. I got deployed. I got no training and I'm here in. This is just sending like literally meat into a friendly people, no training to know what they're doing, no motivation losing and so the question for us is how do we now need to take the gloves off and by that I mean we need to give Ukrainian everything they're asking for and help them drive out of all the territory is unlawfully taken, including the provinces, including Crimea and drive him out. It'll be a devastating defeat. He's not going to use nuclear weapons because he knows that use a tactical nuke wanted to blow back of the country and I will be the end of him. And number two the West will come in and answer and started getting direct militarily strikes another destroyed equipment of the Rust Belt of the underbrush so we can stop worrying about the biggest problem I have constantly worried about provoking food. Who cares if you can, then Ukrainian right now. It's the best thing possibly could happen to it. They are literally destroying the Russian military, for without it without us having to risk a single American life. All you are doing good and the weapons to do what they're willing to take and we should do until every single Russian soldier every single inch of Ukraine territory. We watched in Georgia and we said well Chuck severely wishes to both vociferous and challenging and we could not believe he wanted to George and stayed. We could not believe he took Crimea says he'll never be able to hold and he stayed. Then he invades Ukraine. This has to be with a reverence the road you are stopping generations of Americans for fighting him later if we could stop him right now.

I know you believe that our artiste.

Thanks so much in your column expands what you just said here like Trump DeSantis is showing a populace can be appraised can be presidential in a crisis, parties, and thank you we come back your calls, 1-866-408-7669 and will bring the latest from a press conference still taking place right now in Florida, Brian Kelly Joe newsmakers and news breakers. First and only show this person is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Ellen Fox is going to start, for wherever you did your project, Fox news podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News is so busy. He'll make you kill me back everybody. I was watching the press conference going on now. The number of casualties at least 21 member. The sheriff told us yesterday not spied told us, and then confirmed it to Marco Rubio who related to me on Fox and friends that they think hundreds and we did get confirmation from of the lawmaker that they seem bodies so they have not really get to see a great number of areas. Right now the fatalities were 21 and their continuing to update us on what goes on there found human remains.

Also, sadly ugly they got it. Dave actually unearthed bodies from Cemetery Sentelle saturated ground is ugly scene in Florida where over right to me till we come back. John got John Levine talk about.

We were heading politically with all these other things November Fox news podcasts network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News for wherever you get your favorite cocaine close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just information you truth you demand. This is only show all about the always there for a reason. No matter what the reason was painful time. I serve as I know they do everything everything which many of us realize she was working for this play second sacrifice absolutely no reason. I mean it was like she was running to a building like 9/11 which he actually did ritual building for 9/11 you're talking about somebody who was going to retire in six months you talk about somebody that was killed on the front page of the New York Post today. There was killed, and you know everyone's talking about what's going on in in these natural disasters and the hurricanes. Everything's going to be hip letter happens hurricanes happen.

This woman Allison Russo. Riley is a an asset to this community to this country.

She served almost 25 years in the FDNY.

MSG became a lieutenant and one day yesterday to during the afternoon. She is fatally stabbing some lunatic some lunatic really know is 34 years old and the people that knew him since he's actually out of his mind and violent decide you want to stab her to death so her lives ended so many people he knows life is ruined. She doesn't get a chance to enjoy retirement and we have another random act of violence.

John Levine sees all the horror is a New York Post writer and talks about how this crime is totally out of control. John diesel what diesel random acts of violence. I have not seen in the city before, have you. Why haven't I haven't lived through it, but I've heard stories of the 80s and early 90s and I you know if you talk to a lot of people.

It looks clearer and clearer that were heading in that direction.

More more. We have a former NYPD captain who became mayor we never see the police Commissioner know where she is.

She might be gray sky start speaking and taking control and showing some outrage in getting on the street doing something, but he put this guy keeps breaking the crime of the control that humans are down. You see what's going on. Everything else is up but you can't even keep track every single day someone is shot in the face somebody that some junkies shoot arrow in the middle of the street in broad daylight part of the Bronx Queen war zone now and nothing is getting done. Bodies are piling up and you know I II do I do have to say a little bit out of the mayor's hand.

A lot of these people are psychos who should be no incarcerated and they got dozens of priors, but we can't lock him up because of the bail reform law that cannot and you've also got district attorneys like Calvin Bragg in New York. It just won't do their job. So even if you do arrest people. The charges get downgraded in a fine way this release back onto the street just what you saying you're right, he did go up to Albany and he did lobby lawmakers and they laughed him right out of the city they say don't come back again. What I would do this guy loves the camera. He loves the microphone every day. I want to name the following lawmakers. He told me that bail reform in bell stays this guy would've been in jail. That woman would've been alive disc I would've been in jail. This woman would've been alive and roll it out and that's what you do if you want to get results that worry about your political fortune and I understand the frustration there and the other thing that's happening is people want to be cops because a qualified immunity.

They're not back there not paid and not allowed to do their job and they get the sense that this see this Commissioner and this may or has the back. They worry that they don't have their back and they know what happens when that happened the last mayor and Carol, I really don't point uncle uncle up in your neighborhood until it happens to you, and you know you have a people to go every single day and risked their lives and you have the violence pico people and I don't think your your listeners outside of New York City really. She ate some of the characters we have here in the people to put their lives at risk every single day to keep the criminal element away from people and when they arrest someone that got you know I've seen arrest in New York City. If you live in New York City and immediately everyone in this vicinity will take out their phone and and start filming so alive.

Arrest is going down to 25 people suddenly like with John Amanpour the phone about this officer and they can't do their job and then it would break a nail. You know you have read like Al Sharpton leading a protest outside the precinct a terrible situation and you know you never can be certain that leadership will defend you. Unfortunately, our current climate. So right now to look at the recent polls.

I think that you getting results in close and close to what he needs to be successful is between 30 and 35% of the city vote and a lot of it is tough on crime. I know we had about 25 law enforcement unions have supported him you write a story that we sailed and if elected, may declare a crime emergency. He's gotta be other work with Democrats we so would have when Gov. Schwarzenegger walked in there. I try to be a Republican. That didn't happen.

People think he felt he really had no choice, so would would would you seeing with Selden that might give people hope they care about law and order and less about party politics well. About 30% of the city to win I would.

I would say more than that, you can obviously dominate upstate Republican. Gotta win 30% of the city courteously what was unable to do this in his run for mayor very very tall order for the crime emergency you got even if he wins, you're still going to deal with probably major Democratic majority in the he thinks is good to be able to get bail reform law repealed through the legislative process, but I have doubts about that, you know, I know some of these jokers up there but don't like going to the district. I don't know that that matters, but it depends on what the final number shakeup, but be spending it through crime emergency of the much more novel approach at something that is a little little more legally exotic and if he pointed out to me. It's my preferred option because then the next governor can just undo it. You know he wants to clean repealed, but that a very poor even if you went right.

I was very true. They see one of his weaknesses a say name or condition so you can actually change that means five event today from New York 12 WABC TV don't walk away from one camera demand type of attention. Make sure you show up at every crime scene and don't let you delete anything in the tank because I think there's that could catastrophic pay for play, which Gov. Vogel did wear for days before giving a 637 million no-bid contract to a donor. He go she is the beneficiary of a huge cash infusion to her campaign for days later, $637 million and we have to pay for rapid test with our taxpayer dollars are twice as much as California.

Then we find out his daughter her daughter her son or daughter ends up working for the donor. I mean this is this is not in your face all well-documented so I think she showed up she didn't have an independent power base like Waldo and she's trying to find reporting and she's much more perceptible donor pressure, like, what you know, one of my boss know you know he wouldn't have to sort of behave that way. Obviously he did other things but could probably hurt you experience in the job done at the desk is usually on talk about Hunter want to bring it to the FBI.

We know this is since the FBI with about a dozen whistleblowers coming forward that if you're Republican or conservative and don't want to do a Democrat with Democrats want you to do you get to be marginalized or fired. So that's whether blowing the whistle.

Jim Jordan talked about that which on Hannity last night because others retribution on those coming forward, which by the way is against the law cut 26.

We talked about the 14 whistleblowers. FBI agents have come to our office. The very next day. The very next day Marilyn since that memo out, saying, here are the rules and to speak to Congress. It was a memo designed to chill the speech of brain whistleblowers who want to come forward and tell us the truth. We also know that some of those whistleblowers about their security clearance revoked, which is always the first step in terminating someone at the FBI and now we think there's been specific retaliation against a whistleblower who's been suspended and this is one of the very first whistleblowers we had been suspended. He came to us back last fall with the school board issue when we learn that memo memo random that came from Atty. Gen. Darling designed to say use the counterterrorism measures against moms and dads and 20. Some parents were investigated by the FBI for simply showing up a school board meeting we had a very lauded, well respected Bureau here in New York City but is there such a sentence should there be a sense of concern in this country for an FBI that's politically driven. I can't stress enough how important with lower profit, but the reason we had Edward Snowden noted was so bad he gave information away. He went to journalist didn't go through the official channel whistleblower profit so I love whistleblowers that the legal way to get information out you know that if the government been wrong internally and you upload to undermine that process. You can end up with a lot more illegal weeks. Things like Snowden which is not how we should do things and it's obvious that a lot of stuff within the DOJ and the FBI has been politicized and it should and probably will form part of the Republican House investigation into these matters. Should they retake the house and the midterm election. Sting saw this in the sense that it come forward and I believe very interesting the CDs at the agents coming front see this retaliation there. Once they become when single public some use to do the Verilog arrayed and got suspended for refusing to do it is obviously to be a political price to pay. It was not in the FBI's interest for Christopher Ray to greenlight the DOJ sending the FBI in tomorrow Lago they're trying to rehab their image not be a political organization and the DOJ says I need you to raid the prep present trumps place and if these do you realize there's gotta be a better way. Because the fallout cannot be worth what they've gotten and and that's pretty much where we stand. If you look at the big picture.

You also point out a couple other things and that is that Pres. Biden prison trunk. They could have a rematch.

Although that does look unlikely from the buying side stunningly going to latest poll, Biden still edges out trumpet. It's basically a dead heat all 44 Biden 43 Eric walk with undecided yeah I mean if they ran against each other again. It would certainly be a very interesting race very old race. Probably not, is not a spring chicken anymore either date but they're having Biden said he is running no I know that a lot of people are talking, but Biden not running in our heart. Biden landed concerned, he is still running and you know trumpet obviously raised tens of millions of dollars for potential rematch and he has what the effort of hundred million. He has an operation that he can flip on and yet here the cadre to go. So if you want to launch a campaign it would it would be the trump Biden was lastly very old race George investigation. Now you tomorrow Lago investigation and that you Atty. Gen. of New York. She says this she plans to put the trumps on trial in 2023. This is the most transparent political push just to hurt an organization for political reasons, and for political gain that I've seen in my life and I while other channels look at this and say yeah this is a little a little rich with with the adjectives I would grade on a exaggerated claim which, first of all, when you're from New York, where we live here like I think that going to let everyone know that I'm worth $10 billion. Everyone wettable you if you don't get this thing he was doing that we all knew he was doing for decades wasn't a crime there now suddenly crime only after he become president but very unpopular with New York City voters Atty. Gen. because we've all seen it. I watched other channels a year. This I really can't see anything here Jonathan Turley and and Andrew McCarthy's been very critical in McCarthy's case of the Malaga raid why he took the documents would come to this.

He says this is unbelievable but don't the banks have a say is nobody's been hurt.

The banks are complaining because I got paid back. The properties are in great shape. There is no plaintiff, there's just politics, crime by Eminem dig and Mr. Levine fortune next to you that I do fear that John what the Levine port.

Yes, the Levine fortune known talk about your money. The 87,000 IRS agent got excited for that. And if you think it's only going to be millionaires and I have far month of Avenue to tell you right you a new compound believe that your post pays you a ton. They will be important you talk about poverty right is working know that the post pays you enough that you really afford you probably send out stringers to do your work that fabulous employer that you never know when it was John, thanks so much.

Great to hear from you appreciated. By 1-866-408-7669 we come back I'll take your calls and find it. What else is happening. Also during the press conference with Gov. DeSantis just wrapped will give you the latest diving deep into today's top stories for Ryan kill me from his mouth to your leaders Ryan kill me. The pandemic journey of no more pandemic and I realize that we offer the seven euros my time is up. I yeah but in the most in the most beautiful way.

Honestly, I loved hosting the show. It's been one of my greatest challenges.

It's been one of my greatest joys I I have loved trying to figure out how to make people laugh even when the stories are particularly worst days we've laughed together with Christ together, but after seven years. II feel like it's time what you would we think about that covenant, believing that I show I think you're very happy that I think you been doing much at all. I knew my question is not a factor.

Jon Stewart was a factor.

He hated to behave box radar clips. He would often call the other side. He when they were left enough yet, but you be interesting and funny and creative. I can't get through one of his shows.

I know it's gotten way too political. He would be like a nonclinical story but it's not even worth watching anymore might let you know should happen to stop the note.

John Oliver closed that John Oliver is the closest thing to Jon Stewart, HBO, no will continue both manually just one day a week. I know that I'm pretty sure HBO probably peas and handsomely for that will own Viacom owns Comedy Central.

I'm wondering if routine everybody buying it when I need to know who they together. I one is Time Warner. I don't believe they are at the same time to John Oliver so smart and all that he do that every night is also budget to Jon Stewart for the longest time. I think the John Oliver probably would. I will get a feast on Fox so let them work it out fastest-growing radio show Ryan kill me. I one wonder the latest normative brain to Michelle at 46 in Midtown had heard around the country heard around the world and all eyes are downtown in or down, stay down country in Florida now. Look out Georgia good news. It seems to have missed you. Good news permit and Braves fans will be able to play three consequential games to decide the National League East met several one-game lead Friday Saturday Sunday they thought they would have to play early Friday probably play. Now you know or maybe at 11 Eastern and then there would play take off Saturday and play a day night doubleheader on Sunday is a thought.

This hurricane was to slam it by now that's a croquet so is missing Georgia but South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, lookouts. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness three going to see is some kind of risotto. In other words, instead of using the conventional troops on the ground which are feeling he will move to carpet bombing other parts of Ukraine. He could conceivably come to a chemical yeah he better not Vladimir Putin just declared four provinces of Ukraine part of Russia. The referendums are a total sham and a hoax, but will the rest of the world go along with it.

I hope not because Ukraine given some time and some more arms will win having a poll lead in June or July or August is pretty irrelevant.

What matters his final stretch and racist tighten and that's what were seeing right now it's tightening in favor of Republicans. Yes, it is issues are going their way, 20, 22, issue tracking Republicans way as we just mentioned, like immigration, like crime like the crater economy. I have Americans have Americans looking away from Democrats and Joe Biden is not going to happen pervasively.

Both look at the trends and the individual races.

This could be the deadliest hurricanes in Florida sister numbers still are still unclear of overhearing early reports what may be substantial loss of life present Biden weighing in hurricane in historic and enduring will look at the damage that that's already been done, estimated to be about $40 million fatalities have risen to 12 to 21 whispering in brother Rivera. I mean every major hurricane or other spatially covered relief seem to be for the role little bit different.

What's so challenging about this one. What happened to Sanibel and the other offshore islands is quite stark and dramatic. I visited Bell in my boat there on the West Coast of Florida visiting friends. I don't know if they stuck it out during the storm and I understand now that 200 families on the island of Centerville. I did stick it out.

Don't know what the fatality rate is a note the official numbers 21 so far treatment be higher than that reminds me a couple things number one, covering hurricane, the drama is in the wind in the trees bending over and so forth. But the damages also is always the damages always the order and now you have stories which were very reminiscent of Katrina where people took shelter orders rose inexorably in the upper floors of their homes and in the trap up there from the water. On the one side and no way out the way through their roots, so I suspect that number 21 easily double, maybe more than that to seems that went well, as it does I get the sense the sheriff commencing hundreds we believe hundreds of lost their lives in Everson we hear about one we heard about two that we heard about and that we got up to 21 so I think a lot of these areas with the cell phone towers down the communication and the left eyeball people have turnips. It's almost back to the Stone Age Bible people to find out who's heard who's not and who's who's alive and who left it's got this can be a longer process me ask you one that bridge you, you know, structure. Are you surprised that people didn't forecast this you surprised by the strength of a hurricane. They would take it out in your mind. Was it always susceptible to something like this remind the building that collapsed around Lauderdale go how well you bill them to build them on sand. You know it's going to be like saying about that you know build it on sand and they built these big bridges. They look sturdy in every regard. Well-designed, but then they put those pillars and sand fans always shifting storm like this to dig out from under the pilings of nothing to support them and in turn the bridge collapses.

Now you have a modern high-end island that is fully cut off and not has been ravaged it deeply distressing to say one thing about climate change. I think that people talk about climate change. In regard to this hurricane in my view just don't know what the hell they're talking about.

I remember seasons in Florida where Florida self-directed bike for one season, you know. Remember hurricane Andrew 92, no south of Miami and how the wind was so intense that they scoured the whole community and then the water came in its how they can with such confidence attributed to global warming or climate changes to meet the height of recklessness and responsibility limit doing exactly that. 12 sideshows of the sideshows is liable. All of this and let's talk about the storm surge really misunderstanding the site is the phenomenon of the intensifying story over the years what it is not trying to say that one that you know one particular stormy could gauge something but listen, you get an idea you've been doing this for walloping companies for years.

The intensity of the storm increasing the science so you just tell he's telling that to a meteorologist on the field, really.

So I remember clearly the New York Times decided that global warming. At that time it was based on the outdoor inconvenient truth when they decided when the time decided that climate change was real and so they took out all of the commissions all the qualifiers, not sources say what many in the media around it logical that a late night just became an absolute truth, not an inconvenient truth and absolute truth in the eyes of the mainstream media. And I think you know when you we have whether we are weather cycles. I believe the world is getting warmer. I believe that human interaction with the climate is affecting the at least local weather but to you know to make priorities based on where where I think the site is unresolved may be unresolvable. I think you gotta have a whole new. So I agree to is it's not automatic coming and the thing is to know, change in the green agenda jamming it down people's throat before the technologies ready is anti-free market and I don't mind subsidizing things like for example mass of the brings us to the moon. Then we can live off that I get it, but what were seeing now and with the presence past, even though this recession looms we might be in the middle of it and and were seeing what's going on with crime in this country and the collapse of the border for him to make. This is agenda when it should not even be a top 10 on his top 10 list I think is stunning to me but in terms of going after Gov. DeSantis who's going out of his way to not say anything bad about buying and vice a versa. That didn't stop your favorite show the view cut 13 Gov. Santos says it's all hands on deck to prepare for what's coming, and that includes reaching across the tile for how socialism and the government helps you and the police socialism slightly different take on the left from the progressives from the you know the rock 'n' roll socialist side, they do better at it than many of the more legit broadcasts so they are.

I find them entertaining.

I don't I don't know I don't take it to the bank. Obviously, I don't believe a lot of their points of view of a Republican enterprise are a delight when I'm not married while I find you play the Joy Behar delight me like a caricature I think is really unapologetically couple things is going to weigh in on Russia and which he did today vitamin food speech basically annexing a phony phony vote of four areas of Ukraine since SL part of Russia. They are losing this war there losing their citizens. They lost tens of thousands of people to Finland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia. People are flying out with their last time in their belongings rather than fight this war. What happens next is ironic that you had absolutely appallingly illegal annexation of a sovereign country, a part of a sovereign country grocer gloaming onto Ukraine at the same time Ukraine is winning back on the ground, you know. So here they are. They had this phony plebiscite, even as Ukrainian forces are coming from the north and from the west and they get to be reconquering nor recapturing their sovereign territory. I think that it is very dangerous by fear that he is losing it can get even more than double down and let the Ukrainians win and then for at least a generation.

We will not have to deal with the belligerent Russia that's my hope because I want to fall apart. You know we deal with gigantic civil war that never pulled over the boards rushed that to happen. I'm sure they got another guy wants the job right around you if I was to pick any Americans run Russia. I would take control hundred 40 million ha ha yes give me a fish and I thank you much Aldo. We come back and take you because then we'll be joined by Jimmy LaSalle. I don't want him on the show but Allison booked him and doesn't want to hurt his feelings is very sensitive eyes actually can be headlining all across New York City. This does he have a appearance in the area. I looked at the right is one of the reasons that found in the other thing is just preemptively think we have Kelly and run line in the wrong hour.

I ripped you on the should almost be a solenoid. Ukraine will know when you were scrambling that Jimmy LaSalle in the last hour the shell or would a different hour. The show the putting on whatever you take away time we come back.

Killian Conway joins me to make sense of this sprint towards November for those people who thought the red wave is done.

I don't see it that way but does she. She does the Paul's shall be joining us next giving you you need to know your Brian kill me talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show this is climate change has been on when we can come back and climate change at a later time, I will focus on the here and now. What effect does funny things happen. This phenomenon that that is happening now seems he storms are intensifying. That's a question I don't think you can link climate change to anyone and then listen grew up there and the storms are intensifying something is causing intensifying he's going to be terrible in the morning you need these done limits go to the morning, so he's got this agenda is still got this radical left-wing agenda sounds like Al Gore and John Kerry just off the hook. He is talking to a meteorologist who's trying to explain to people with a dangerous with a what where the storm surges going to head out what everyone should do and he just wants to sell climate change every time there's a storm is not climate change. We never had a settle climate. I mean if you read about Jamestown. If you read about Valley Forge all you see a Valley Forge during the revolution were all these things talk about unbelievable, cold, unbelievably unbilled the hottest summer ever. The coldest winter ever did they write about how unseasonable it was.

There were no combustion engines back then you could to make good climate change, but it is a general is a general issue that needs to be attacked in a holistic way.

You sit there and say every storm is climate change only getting stronger as was pointed out by her Aldo.

There was five.

There was four or five hurricanes in one year only 25 years ago there was been no hurricanes in Florida. How do we know that this been about two over the last 10 years. How do we know because they can handle it almost don't need any federal help in the end compared to everybody else there a distant second. So so it's I think it's just pretty amazing to see people just try to jam an agenda down your throat. The other side that we play from Don lemon he's in water up to his knees. He's talking to a meteorologist and he's telling that meteorologist just into the whole time he's telling the meteorologist about the weather that you want to tell about the boat to the voting by the alligators in the ward of the reason sharks have been over for okay you want to be above the garage is undergone the people that stay behind.

That's what you do is reporter.

But if you have a meteorologist on to tell the meteorologist were in the middle of a this is that this is a result of global warming that forcefully can be terrible in the morning minutes can be great news for us because Anderson Cooper failed in the morning to this group failed in the morning as well is about to fail to is Don lemon goes back to mornings with with two other with two women and Jill try to make it work as uses prime time slot and believing he doesn't want). As great as a mornings are you kind want to work one hour.

If your him. He used to doing that may be to then you go to bed when you want to go out after work.

You get up and around 10 U: around 12. That's a lot different than my goodness it's 3 o'clock in the morning I get to take a shower.

My goodness.

I have to get to work I could be on the air for three hours and I got show personality when he doesn't probably want any part of the Emily with that attitude.

He's knocking to grow his audience because that is not settled science and please don't fall for that but the other big news is the Four hurricanes caused $40 billion for the damage. The death toll is now up to 21 this morning. I knew there was 16 Charlotte County, 110 Volusia County five dead in Lee County and we know that to the First Lady of the state of DeSantis first name eludes me right now Casey DeSantis. She was out of this is morning and she is formed a private fund. They've got a couple million dollars already wide private funds necessary because you don't you have a criteria. Make sure you tax guide takes a look at your accountants understand it you put the criteria set up in a website so people come back and they only have the clothes on their back and no money for a hotel or meals you could turn that around quicker so she started that theme is already in action what is going to recede in Jacksonville in St. Augustine and some of the surrounding counties.

Orlando got hit very hard, but disease can open up tomorrow so things that appeal it's can be a long time to see you see Fort Myers stand up again me that looks like it was absolutely bombed 2.7 million without power those pretty encouraging the 450,000 got their power back why a lot of it has to do with.

They spent the last few years investing in burying the lines so they don't go down and cling to one of these women would do power.

She said that they lost very few power stations, which are used to the right for me. Show him back would be joined by Tellier, inside the 2022 radio show like no other, kill me. The laws that govern the natural FEMA, the federal government relates to the governor and the governor relates to all the locals before this event occurred. Pres. Biden called the mayors of several large cities, Tampa, Orlando, and so forth directly long before several days before he called governor DeSantis I thought that was an unnecessary stab at the governor. The governor fortunately did not rise to the bait.

He went was very appreciative of the present Biden's call complemented FEMA on the work that they were doing in preparation for the event, but it was a sign that even eat you know in an inappropriate way.

Present Biden should, he should've said had better sense of the say you know what before talk to the mayors. I really want to talk to the guys I'm supposed to be talking to the governor and making certain that he has all that he needs because he's the guy was supposed to be in touch with the Bears in the county. Later, that is Karl Rove weighing in on just the unfolding events. The tragedy that is that hurricane Ian that is just grind it up Fort Myers and some other cities in Florida had now heading to South Carolina. What about that, what about being politically correct and is he being shown true leadership in avoiding for for five days. Even speaking to governor DeSantis. Although I just got a report that they just spoke again. Joining us now is Kelly and Conway Killian. You've seen a Republican, will Republican presence, democratic presence during times of bombings and natural natural disaster events is Karl Rove point. Great point point party political parent clanking fire look disaster emergency relief pilot could be a nonparty engagement and I work in the content initiation on the ground without pregnant comp in the First Lady after hurricane fire. After I one time I went to Florida with my pregnant lady, caring parent after they had a cat five near Kendall Air Force Base went fairly with then Gov. Rick Scott and Congressman and Republican nominee for governor Rhonda can't tell at first responder errors and people walk in and the political party.

Did you vote for.

You can help get help and that in their mind that time everything typing. I think now your job and make sure that you prepare that you coordinate all hands on deck the resources that are available to people who are suffering and even factoring no time for people and dying in town who can actually help people to be doing anything exactly that. I want to present. Biden said a couple days I just thought this was totally necessary.

Cut nine bodily Killian comes to a great book out brings us inside those four years, especially at the White House. Here's the deal with since it was imprisoned by this is told until you know where cut 911 do not let me excuse to raise gas prices you get there bad guys again here trying to destroy the whole industry demanding to refine more complete R and R are in our strategic reserves and then vilify him again for no reason. Political liquidate provided test for climate information we got An outgoing climbing up the frame young people of a charming, shy calico people to catch her pregnant. Not all about hearing pregnant night commander-in-chief death meeting and denigrating The entire industry that is responsible for billions of dollars in income and wealth generation. For many people in many community employ more people across the country. I keep them pipeline on day one and 42,000 job killed her energy independent. We were not exporter of natural gas and oil clean.

That's called causation.)

Think that they can get you unraveled the policy because it might be an ideological different. Because despite very hard for him to let me warn you one more time around on Air Force One hurricane 2020. He flew from Washington DC to Washington for carbon footprint to go talk about Earth Day he went to vote for everything that we devote hard cheat sheet and flew to Delaware by a couple weeks apart and partly entire Democratic don't believe what you believe what I say and people making a pregnant currently picking winners. Whether it is loan California 20 going to have a lot of properties in here gastric and pipe should pay for the lawyer now. Now this handling the oil and gas people quote warning going to go after them even fully Killian, you recognize your voice just joining us down a couple things. He is things that you plan for and the strategies that you implement. You do for living in this. Sometimes things happen. The tattoo you are away from you.

It looks like between the economy between the sudden awakening we have at the broken border in the border wars are taken place in first and foremost, crime and inflation.

These are issues that the Republicans have been far sidelined and we can only sit back and watch can only sit back and watch the after effects. These issues are breaking the Republicans direction with about a month and 1/2 to go.

Don't you agree that a portion climate wake up every morning and their current effect January 2021, very dark and terrible day every day crying if somebody broke the law and let them know what their stated here. Everything will die in their characters Henry 2021. You know what the country now every day on my calendar is October 6 November to December to get a car payment. Get a tuition payment mortgage payment and I can't do it. People are white knuckle and worried about paying utility Delaware insurance Delta Greinke, a six-month-old now people are looking at this link it with great trepidation working for and pulling family and we hear anything from people trying one of the fastest growing groups to come within our country are single moms who happened Single mom who have a job behind to month in their rank and their whole article about it. We have to think about short Republican Commitment to American works for a job creator. It works for jobseekers it really works fine coming for the majority of American household, which are job holder by saying Haley had to three jobs in our house when I need to worry about leaving the copper were wondering when the job became not enough detail to build me are necessary and not likely to lead to inflation and crime rising costs rising crime can topically everywhere around the country and drugs that are pouring in 1845-year-old number one killer Sentinel people now with the why and how and when it got so complicated, straightforward, uncomplicated issue that going into a midterm election. I've never seen again for decades. It's very straightforward wanted to be about abortion. That's important to many voters, but nowhere near information economy crying and even education, can have a tremendous opportunity on the issue for the first time ever in polling the Republican Party is high or just a little bit behind the Democrats on which party he checked my education week, 20, 22 point on the communication between the time your kitchen island that the classroom predict a little too long the lock learning the mental health parented all of the parents say I have a fundamental right where Mike and what he taught there and you have a great opportunity to broaden and deepen the current patient culturally articled educational opportunity scholarship.

Every kid in the country deserve access to a quality affordable education where they undertaking humanity you can't find a single Democrat federal, not one culturally articled call again. It's great all the kids in every background deserve to get out of the money, then Republican should run on that issue is about 20 nation that it faced an economy had strongly featured entry and the government accountable to be noncontroversial nonparty problem in town right think maybe only five works with digestible capital and while you have it down so let's go inside some of the races.

Dr. Oz is within four points with Fetterman. He was down 10 in the middle of August is closing the gap and I think on I think did computer married Fetterman's been expose not only with the stroke but he goes light on crime. Each Pro pot. He's not pro-cop and now we scrubbing his website a black lives matter 0 of panic on that side. This guy doesn't seem to fit the prototype of what Pennsylvanians want anyway if he's been expose right now were his eyes getting better I try to help either. Much better And my view that Ray has always been great about the landfill be harder if everything got done feathering out absolutely, and we were getting sent to Philadelphia everything your people always showed that they were persuade him to perform at all the hurt that much.

Well, I think. I hope you had a full recovery from a strip of pine right now you have the energy you need to be Any narration that all you need John Fetterman on the screen in a downward keypad and I quote, and I think I think you can I quote you can read it in population by up to 1/3. No one would be left you a five term and five seconds at 30 need narration you cut it. The doctor that he is having a bad day like legally content amended, not the prototype number two Lieut. Gov., he should be held to account only on the Biden Harris failing to make all the failings of the time will John Fetterman in ministration unlocked guaranteed that it was essential to keep the lockdown. I thought of the client take on the American flag marijuana flag is often not funny he should be held to account trying to stay there for funding the plea. I hear that I think he take on the website a black eye care where he could get in 2020. They know that these women are wearing not writing compromising crime very upset about the tapping education and the Democrats have no good answer for that typing on doing much better.

He could candidate. I'm not angry. I will find all the insured Herschel Walker take much better comfortable in the stumpy. Funny, he can tell one of the current crate don't look at Learning all the things I'm trying to collect money and we have that right about that one.

Herschel Walker everything without a doubt that democratic female Senate was three names and no accomplishment. When economy docking, economy, people are divided evenly, anything to make fun of Joe Biden, how obvious he had difficulty to Teleprompter, difficulty speaking right on firing the spot. Politics is not to tell people what they can tell them that they can't get financing at 1310 service number five with no plan ignoring internal pulling it out of that. But the point of having a female I like that women can. I left for me to quit.

I live only 45 seconds called talk and Blake Masters details, but those races in New Hampshire at the writing of the majority are strong wanted to cure one percentage point to she can be very vulnerable in the Republican have to rally around at the come together, get him over the finish line to run his race again think I think this person becomes independent she quote anything Joe Biden time Bob and I rate them in my mouth with every lady within 90% of the time and Sentinel in the truck right hand should care about Kelly guy off pretty as the guy he was moderately not final, everything looked fine. He voted to spend money on things you don't need. I decide I'm not sure we can energy Masters as I know that Oz will not be at work and bold Okies is relentless, but I've not seen much of Blake Masters and I think prison trumpets got to start writing checks to the people he endorsed the point that financing. Other like you get incredibly important. People don't talk about people like Donald Trump endorsed candidate Dominique candidate fall asleep. They don't really need.

We can run around and meet with the people you talk about nothing at work everything out work, chunk 25 6789A MB critique of trunk lines connect with people using something write a check out of the super back at least $100 million practically happy that they're committing running to the candidate for academic happy that okay Chilean graduates on the success you book pick it up at school.

Here's the deal.

Thanks, Jillian Conway got it we come back your calls, 1-866-408-7669. And don't forget one nation chewing up Saturday at 8 o'clock. Repeated 11 makers and breakers. First, I only show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me.

I think it's quite significant in the sense that reliable reports Jonathan say 200,000 300,000 maybe Russian men of military age, which by the way is pretty elastic in Russia to be willing to take old grizzled admiral staff readers to go to the front lines at this point. That's how desperate they are. So bottom line. At this does not augur well for his efforts and will conclude with this kind of outflow of your personnel is not only a loss of manpower and productivity. It's a huge brain drain.

These are going to be the smart people, the ones who access the Internet to understand what's going on. They're not going back to Russia know you have a lot going on world focus on the hurricane would keep on my cataclysmic events are taking place between Ukraine and Russia are there countries running for the hills. The brain drains taking place. There was an annexing of four provinces which I don't believe Russia can hold and now Allison what just happened prison. Zielinski said that Ukraine will submit accelerated application to join it out on. He said were taking our decisive step by signing Ukraine's application for accelerated accession to self yeah Bush 43. One of the men if they got in. This probably would happen number one. Number two is NATO does.

It seems lukewarm for this about signing them up in the European Union also has their application, they certainly are showing that there would not be a liability will fight clearly right always seeking solutions first sewing is Brian kill me moments of the brain human Joe and 46 in midtown Manhattan in New York but heard around the country heard around the world this arrogant to be joined by comedian Jimmy LaSalle. You see Jamie over my gut felt chosen over the country by headlining his fantastic guy. He'll be with you shortly all right in the news and of standing by his Fox News network owes Fox News Sunday.

She's a network woman now. I'm surprised she still doing her show were truly honored Shannon bream will be here shortly and was following all the horrible results of what happened with hurricane Ian which is now sitting at sites on and supposed to come across about 1 o'clock today in South Carolina. It is not done yet one from cat for two tropical storm back to hurricane. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three were going to see some kind of horizontal escalation. In other words, instead of using the conventional troops on the ground which are feeling he will move to a carpet bombing other parts of Ukraine. He could conceivably go to a chemical.

Yes, that is endless.

Cheviot is talking about the fast-moving events over in Russia and the Ukraine annexing went on before Regency had no business doing and making a part of Russian nobody will recognize it as tens of thousands of young Russian men head to the borders rather than go get conscripted and fight a war will bring the latest tale having a pole leading to her July or August is pretty irrelevant. What matters is the final stretch and racist tighten and that's what we're seeing right now it's tightening in favor of Republicans, no doubt because the issues are attacking their direction, immigration, crime, education and the economy will discuss it. This could be the deadliest hurricanes in Florida sister numbers still are still unclear, but were hearing early reports what may be substantial loss of life that is present United States that about hurricane Ian.

He had just called the governor again. So he and DeSantis are talking with talking historic and enduring will get a look at the damage being done with some of the group in Florida, Shannon bream, welcome Fox News Sunday. Of course your best-selling books are out there. We'll talk about that in a moment, but of course you don't have to tell you about Florida you grew up there.

Generation Floridian and so hard to watch anything there still part of the Panhandle reeling from Michael.

I mean think they did not direct but for this to Dan on the Lancaster Florida there still people I can't get in touch with and we told ourselves for the starlet and you lose power. Your Pike Health survey. Let's not panic if we can get each other but you know what time goes on. You really worry about people most my family is and I think in town, but their people. They are that just a matter of days a week for many months or years of trying to rebuild something is lost for good and encouraging to see in a local, state and feds working together, putting aside politics at the way we should operate any situation.

And now, and even the Carolinas have to watch for their turn it dead and the coronation team to be working well across all levels. Will you tell me about Mars in particular seems to have gotten at the worst words you grew up in Guelph, Florida for the first half of my childhood and then went out and had cooling of the Tallahassee hit at both ends of the blind hereby until with living the center part of the state.

There's the document that a lot of friends that are involved in time around Anne Frank in Fort Myers like we can't find that and just hoping and praying that they are safe.

But when you look at the devastation.

It's really difficult and the problem in Florida you don't you think that all the time you get used to the drill of boarding filling up the bathtub water. You don't get connecting you to bring in patio furniture like you do the whole thing got a little hard into it and you go to the storm to make time to think and write this out. But when there is something of this level of four or five. Nobody should stick around and evacuation orders aren't meant to be inconvenient or meant actually saved her life and hopefully for millions of people that's been the case if they were able to go away from the confines so much easier terms of being hit Naples got really wrenched user Teresa Heitman said the mayor cut five. It's devastating.

But I know that we don't have devastation like our northern friends have really mayor for Miami Mayor Suarez Call Me Kevin Ln., Commissioner, Fort Myers. All water shut down our water and sewer plant for a while to protect any type of entry Shannon to our water system and I really feel blessed because we even know I saw today more devastation myself lunch yesterday and I have never seen before City Hall was covered in at least 8 feet look like there was a moat around City Hall so you get an idea you know Naples looks like we've been there together doing for Brent Verdi was an obviously knows it quite well, so Naples builds buildings but they all in check and correct me if I'm wrong here in Florida they have to build them to withstand For a cat five hurricane right you can't build a new building.

Without these codes right and newer buildings will be clearly in the best shape chance but there are building codes officially on the code you know that after thinking people know in a building they bind.

They lived there. This is a very real threat that every few years or you have to really brace yourself for but the older buildings intimidate you know the little beach shack restaurants and places that have been there forever. That really are wiped out.

At this point. Leinbach building is pre-new codes and so that's the stuff that absolutely see looks like a matchbox expect that needle is not survived that Stefan has not provided that when you see people eating with alligator swimming down the street in both on, people pounces and mean this is just something that we as humans are powerless against the storms rolling now you have to take account of the goodness as neighbors and friends, and local state and federal officials who are flying in there and you know there a lot of private groups to ignorant person world help in on the Red Cross that are flooding into that were standing by him already tell it's just a matter of and places with her standing water.

It can be hard to get people is the bridge washed out, that can be toxic and empties both to get the people to take a lot of time and patience, and for some people. They don't have a lot of time patients when you're dealing with pain without vacation being without electricity images just tell the story seem similar challenges we had with the pandemic when it comes to seniors to a watching Ellen South Carolina skin pretty rough there, it looks like is about 7 o'clock at night.

We know it's not. So, just to understand that things and I know you will be discussing this on Fox news Sunday.

A lot of people say this is proof its climate change. Like all these people cut 11 decades ago used to be one or two a season. What happened now is climate change on these extreme warm waters is almost all it's happening all the time. Storm in a way that people are still trying to climate change is climate change storm towards the coast contest for how you adapt and that's going to be the goes on and on and on what you're saying we'll know there was there was a lot of hurricanes before Al Gore was really thinking about running for Weisbach for president, and there have been. It's very good.

I could see that there is been incredibly devastating storms and even where you name storm after names director name from actually recently that the numbers have been better when you look at the actual storms that are names to come to fruition and had all of this is cyclical. If you want to look back to Teradata people to do that in tech for themselves about that, but unfortunately these monster storms have existed as long as we been keeping track and they will continue to happen and you know we have a couple of things that weren't as bad in a lot of ways and so you know people to have to look at broader term sort of the tracking of the storms and their impact over the years and I can see that you know it's very cyclical evening. A number of people, even those who are in the coming change the past and I and you are better experts say that right now but you know it even try make politics about something. When there's a blizzard when there's a hurricane, but really what we can focus on are the people in the ground. I would think so. But when you look a little to politics for second. I know this is a diesel file be about recovery and about rebate being rebuilt rebuilding.

But one thing is pretty clear. No one's moving November 8 and see what the issues are between crime between education between the economy and inflation. These issues tack attack towards Republicans. A dramatic change when abortion was overwhelming. Everything in the present had a few pieces of legislation he felt good about in the summer you since there's a political change.

Right now yesterday. Of all the Republican Party not only to pull that we have now which of these races tightening bad internal staff and state-by-state district by district and their very very guardedly optimistic. They still think they have a chance at flipping the Senate fell comfortable for the Republicans that they will have the when there is a matter of what the market and that being, you know, these races are tricky and Republicans will say we have tricky beds and in some of these races that make a big difference.

But when we look at what people really care about you all see it the number one thing and pulling is still the economy and inflation and people tend to punish the party in power when they're personally not doing well culture. We know crime is big both.

I do try and argue this is the issue they own. Although Republicans have the advantage on pulling when it people who they trust on these issues, abortion, of course, abortion, voters tend to lean much more to the Democratic side of the ticket and stated their very engaged to have a lot of right now. So everything I'm batted down a bit interesting because it favor the Republicans earlier in the year a Titan that there's a slight advantage Democrats now until it's all about you actually get out there and show that 30 building and depleted of you haven't had a single debate yet tell you voters elect to digest in the next six weeks. I deal with FEMA Dir. Dan Criswell went back obviously to take stock of what happening in Florida and then through the Carolinas and Georgia as well. Georgia Gov. Frank campus with athlete and I think Abram sleeping. She can be with that very is well phrased in the patent right there to Warnock and Herschel Walker there no loopholes and happening in the foreign policy front to rush this annexation, the nuclear threat. So Sunday I will see this in one hour show I heard that you know I Michael Branca meeting just like 18 hours of radio per day, but I have to take breaks. I was you doing commercials you do I have to tell somebody until they're canceled now but if you do them will add you to the show I sell I'm waiting for my call. I keep my Sundays wide open. All I do is sit there and I stare at my my my hardline phone is not just wait and your adorable puppy dog you're ready. In cases of injury lesson.

Jenna will be watching. Right when we come back I'll be able to take some equals 186640876, example watching the velvets overseas were seeing what's happening in South Carolina and try to figure out where we go from here in Fort Myers you listen to the brain to meet Joe keep in mind Saturday night countdown starts at 8 o'clock one nation. One of my guest, Dr. Oz why is he served you will find out this weekend.

Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel Saturday so ruling your weekends to take it easy will really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian, now if you're interested in Brian's talking about your with Brian kill me. This is the commanding general Roman in the FEMA news.

A lot of time as well entire work. Many other federal agencies are working together, Griswold's icicle woman by her last name for the first time. That is a little terrible week that Joe Biden's having a Jimmy Lucero is with us now he's an actor and comedian and he's also just hearing it for the first time you not hearing that you hearing him, you know, plugged in a hearing is will figure it out. So basically we had a situation where all is right or to the right you. It's okay this is on Fox nation.

By the way ends why everyone taken all you do is listen to me actually change so that means I gotta have somebody else on the lawn and I'm not even overlook the faults right now right so if you just listen to me per se you panicking this giant knob the giant volume knob that so I'm sorry that I'm so so Jamie, there were the present got the FEMA director is wrong and he also was looking for somebody who passed away tragically, who we called their family. He was looking for them in the audience that was that was awkward trying to think it's possible that people can talk to each other and that's fine. Maybe I meet with Deputy James Jimmy. If you are the Press Secretary with that would how you handle it because the current press secretary saying he was thinking of her. It wasn't really the best dancer in crisis management that was like that's another level of BS artist. Can we just call it BS artist. The Press Secretary Brian if she had said were reasonable guys if she had said yeah he messed up. It was a slip is a lot going on is up last night preparing I let it go before heard it double down and say she just kept saying it was top of mind just kept saying this phrase like it's a phrase anyone's ever united for anyone who missed this. Listen to this. This is present Joe Biden cut 16.

I want to thank all of you here including bipartisan elected officials like Gov. Sen. Braun, Sen. Booker represented check you here. I'm sure she was yeah this something we think is good be here because she passed away a month ago in a brutal car accident to legitimate reason to not be able to go to speech right meal that you have to be in the up so here's the spin that you would talk about cut 17. I think people can understand. I think the American people out there who watch the briefing from time to time. Maybe at this moment will understand when someone is at top of mind.

We'll talk much about bipartisan actions that we see in Congress at this time as he was naming folks he/she was on top of mine is what I miss not having to send out Jamie's that you would handle the situation. To be honest with you. This is may be revealing too much, but I had this I'm just had an ex-girlfriend who was a compulsive liar and this reminded me of. If you like like I would go. Did you have a guy was your guy here when I was out of town. There wasn't a guy here I go. My friend said he saw a guy leave the helpline unit. I left the house but there was, you know you as a matter of what you say should roll with it and never like I'm sorry your right leg and he reminded me of that right is out or just I would've just told the twins just tell the truth I would I would have trouble to do this for you in your relationship. I would if I was her I would've told the truth, I would say that your Jimmy, I'm breaking up with you. And if the police don't cry the house because he still here. I so Jesus spin are so I feel like if Biden like pooped his pants on stage would go away trying to save time.I'm trying to work for the people in the right. I think he knows what I really think I think it was in the copy because he was reading along, it says Braun.

Sen. Booker represented check, check. You knew it was so he still is to she care more about the speechwriters reputation the president on a throne attitude onto the bus if it was possible even literally under the bus. You literally would a lot like him to survive. Was it would have been electric since all of his creation. Hey listen, we come back to let us know.

16 days of couple in love tomorrow radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show so what happened is to you.

Seven career year.

Everyone said that he's overrated. They never should drafted on the fibers you want to use them, and I was having this great start will to week.

Last Sunday he got hit so hard he walked in. The ball fell almost flatter his face that he got up again and almost fell a stately gate.

He got out of the game. He stated the game would finish off and they'd win so I had a bruise back left.

This hit Yokosuka, he was paralyzed yeah and judge Jimmy Lucero is here and I Jimmy this was on Amazon, so a lot of people to figure themselves. Okay I got a figure how to work this but now were missing Thursday night football everywhere.

How do you do this you use more TVs confusing something which your reaction to this I kid. I can barely watch the video. I said I feel like is a 40-year-old man. I feel like I just turned 47 years ago, but feel like ET I feel he needs people looking out for him because if you're in your 20s and someone says you get out there and play anything up like I don't know if he knows and I think we needed the NFL neurologist is a like take a britches and I he is horrifying free to watch. I think it's terrible that he's there is its beyond it's just football. So here here's the thing there is. There is a concussion protocol that was habitable as 10 years with head injuries in the suicides at two places you have to build up in the brain after series of hits like a nonstop car accident so when you get a concussion.

You can't touch your out. You have no choice.

It's not up to you and it looks like Miami bypass the protocol twice.

So it means up to put them back in the game on Thursday and leave him in the game on Sunday. This is a team it's Artie been sanctioned by making a move to get Tom Brady really there was a screen thing in place, you never thought was true to get Brady from the box. Make them a part owner, but let him finish out his career in the Dolphins really team that's called tampering price of the been find that he almost got suspended and now you have this happening in the other. Another coach accuse him of racism for firing him because he's black which is a Brian Flores you know about that.

Now you have this on top of that, so Miami can't do it always seems to be getting itself in trouble.

Yeah, you know, I feel bad for I feel bad for the backup quarterback is like you guys can I plan like now interest. This guy's life at some this is a much better and you got a brain injury and will stay with you as my head feels fine.

I can get in there like Marion and Teddy Bridgewater did go in. They did lose 2715 so to the Cincinnati Bengals one again so Jamie's here James will be doing got fell you think I fell last night and then you going to know you did on the unit go to go to Foxwoods this weekend with Greg. I felt over for Jeff Foxworthy and he never worked great on stage heavy. I have not. So we don't even know what he want you to do I don't I just said yeah I just said for my comedies been hard for me.

So when someone offers me a gay guy does have an auto reply. This is all taken so I don't know what this get into. I think I'll just be doing an opening set that I noted some kind of fun meet and greet. I saw video of the like him or something that why would you ask, what we see what he wanted to do this. He put fear in you.

I just I don't ask a lot of questions.

I'm a terrible like negotiator just everything I go you out the eye with its my birthday and I was supposed to be in Des Moines Iowa which nothing is the morning you get older I feel like guys will go. Lots of birthday who cares. I think we care a tiny bit. Is there a tiny bit in the so like I think I'm so excited to be with Greg on my birthday.

I was just like I'm in.

Let's do it so but I should follow Chris tomorrow right as you have school again, I'm not your manager with a follow-up question is what you want me to do.

I don't think it's right. There is no arrogance or I think people would say necessary. Yeah I should follow up with the question right will play this back and maybe you can learn from Phil on 13 June to go for two weeks after that it's a two week celebration of your birthday saw my next gig is on the 13th.

I'm very I don't know you do wise guys in Salt Lake City but I'm trying to figure out what am I doing that we can between I am taken that you I'm going to my kids one week. All right, you just realize that yes, I just realized I am there in Alaska. Their Alaska answer yes October 13 them at the wise guys in Salt Lake City and I believe October 15 is this place called CB live in Phoenix, Arizona. Both of them I think they get a big fox markets is what I'm how you will absolutely Phoenix in Salt Lake City be used effectively was just there for her book right there.

The children's book that you wanted to write that you kinda stole your idea that you were born and she was just in salt lake city they sold out right away while right and all she has to do is show up and talk.

You have to actually be funny, yet this is so cool. My my parents actually collaborative a call that why was you weren't born so you are good is a different theme and said will rise in the yeah well they'll be very interesting if Ainsley and you rerun the same panel because I would still use that joke that would impact. I would ask practice I would love to do with Ainsley. Just for that joke you have a whole book is my parents not following their dreams and have a new ruling yeah they had big dreams and then you will born exact on the tell you what to do at your dream October 15 at CB live in Phoenix Arizona on the 20th to 22nd in Jacksonville, Florida. They love fox in Jacksonville also Mexico club where you inject. It's called the comedy zone where is it. It's enough I don't.

All I know is I know that area. I don't know if you remember that I don't ask follow-up questions November 3 levity live in West Nyack and while you can work right through it right up to election day you work election day coverage. I would like better be asked to draw something you have. The board then you go to funnybone November 4 and fifth and Overby had the 13th. You can be off the hook in Naples Florida. Let's hope they are there better but yeah I just talk to someone over there is just worried and their use of the venues okay but it's a disaster area. Yeah, I mean that's the riches here in the country so they obviously people of where withholding and they also can afford the insurance yeah so interesting because I have a house in Florida and every time I called the insurance. One of the options is if you're here to complain about the.

The rise in insurance rates.

It number 10, well, because I just got up. I didn't know they were ever well I just address family life but that they must add to double or more MMM while so now you mean that some self awareness that they have a press this button to complain about right.

We know I would basically go ahead, yell and negotiate with your it's probably have oversight me doing it's more of a therapist on the other. It might be higher if you call the Dolphins they'll press six if you got a concussion and we put trim by mistake right. And that's right is one guy that's often right will see how we get this guy could be over the season. I know it's really it's really it's really treasure you chose that I give you a couple options a new store. You chose that you put on the sports yeah I don't get involved with sports until something like this happens until it's I just feel like there is what all I know Bryce, I just think at certain points in our life in her 20s or 30s I think we sometimes put too much of a priority on things we don't realize might not might not mean anything to this headset before my nominating this kind 10 years like I like my favorite UFC fighters. They quit in their crime to become announcers or actors as it is really hard because they're crushing at their making money and takes a special person.

I think to look at the big viewing. I want to have kids and I wanted to mess up my life but that's good. I mean physically one if you want to you want to survive right.

Here's what I would say you can't be a champion for a long time UFC because everybody's lethal weapon right. I mean you can only win so many tools and you could be the most skilled guy the world a woman and as I was. I did the first four and I used to do when there were no rounds and I used identified in it. I did the easy party announced it into the post game and you could see these all these lethal weapons matching wits and for different ways to not beat you to knock you out so you don't try to it them back yeah usually get knocked up by them.

So to me that is a situation where getting get out completely your site during those first Gypsies where they would you there were no rules you like punch someone in the private parts was there you are there you got a you know I gouging yeah knocked out or choked out so it ended. It was like wasn't it Gracie crushing the member they didn't understand wasn't hands out was like the voice of the holies number like they didn't understand at first like what an arm bar was and so I guy would like be punching place and Everett always got his arm tied up or some is one of the armoire understand yeah that would have a you would hundred 65 pounds, always of the gods and monsters can Shamrock to area a solid muscle cut out a stone and within 90 minutes. 90 seconds they be on the ground and also about to do just two guys with Gracie city they take a lot of close like you could be punching in the face around and you could be on your back if you are good and your winning. Yeah right yup all takes is yeah so a lot of times if I see you in a fight and you getting punched in the face. Are you willing to assume that I'm about to play some always will help you write to control another got a right about the Taft right so you watch people do on what University so I want to do that I did.

I took I went to Hensel. Gracie has a place in New York City.

I did go there for a couple years I never got years yet I never got like a never advanced in my belts and psychedelic blue belt, but what a fun is fun. I loved it so much I feel like it's you know when you have to exercise your older and everything seems like a chore like you like in one of the it was the most fun like rolling dunes. You just so you just jujitsu was like so much fun just like time would flyby in your sort of fighting for your life. Riley going to get like choked out salt like this cardio, but it's also like the survival thing and I actually love that you know it's interesting is that Zuckerberg went on with Joe Rogan and he does jujitsu yeah and that's he says he will.

He just loves it. All his friends do it while would you think differently.

I do think differently of him now. I don't think I believe his friends, but I think that's cool whenever he or someone does jujitsu. I wrestle in high school did you do any high school sport did so soccer right through college. Okay, whatever. And someone that like wrestled in high school or did you drive like there's a weird bomb there because there are so many hard things about like making weight the battle and competitiveness.

I always get along with everybody. But here's the thing for us to feel like there's a bond day I will like to go hey you wrestled and you you put out there and do they respond and say this because I'm worried that you utilize a boxing yeah maybe to the same guy with no follow-up questions, since that's right you want to go to Foxwoods so me how much closer trust your instincts on on this bonding with sports is a good point to ever notice that UFC I saw UFC fight last night was watching like a replay of one sometimes after they fight.

They try to fight each other everything that they can fight this guy stop violating his father for 50 you lost right. You can't fight the guy now that's in a holy feel that the best response and they said it would be your ear is yeah he's mad at me but worrying a fight what you know it's like where at the library control so we would talk about. We were talking about. We pulled a patch of late-night TV's are to you.

That's it used to be the place where comedy comedians made it yeah I was told another comedian John Chris last week and he said a friend is one up on the Tonight Show not done his ticket sales didn't budge. It just said you doing your own. You do it on you to be doing. Things have certainly changed.

So one of the places it wasn't would stand up.

I know what one of the places where you really arrive is if you weren't Jon Stewart with the daily show that was totally different. Whichever know what here's Treva Noah making the announcement last night after seven years, cut 33 everything we've gone through the trauma presidency, the pandemic journey of no more pandemic and I realize that we offer the seven euros my time is up. Yeah, but in the most beautiful way we think. It was terrible just terrible is telephone Jon Stewart who hate you know does like me and hates his network but uses network of, but he was creative, funny, and I looked at that. Ways we find sounded did several of these great writers great performance point of view place to go, even though you know he does not have positive views of anybody in this channel may be outside Bill O'Reilly would seem to like a little bit and judge about Donna but I can appreciate. I look to Trevor. No, I never thought his jokes were clever, there like Mack trucks coming down the street and we know he does like Trump and it was in during the pandemic. It was unwatchable. It was absolutely my shows out arenas cells moderate do you think quite easily, because I don't know if II think if he was number one when he believing the daily show. If you bore if you were watching that show so you think you realize you're not going anywhere they can't fire they have trouble firing a minority right now for prone position. I don't know the thing is, he's got this thriving standup yummy. I told you it was what I was working by the where the magic letter know they call it now use with the Amway Center.

Maybe this. And his name was Ellis to go whose he performed himself. It sells out so I don't know if they think will cover half the seats but even 10,000 that's unbelievable to me. Yeah. Unbelievable. I do I not to brag but a lot of my shows are standing room only if we remove enough chairs right did I know that the hacienda not to get a break doesn't come will cost just reporting the facts right again as yourself on my right you talk about what you watch on television. You have total control what you watch on television yes was that like United know that you put on sports you could execute the TV off. What is that like controlling the TV because you know you can control the TV because of a lady right I will come in like really watch the news again will yeah I'm hoping to make sense tomorrow right right so no sports really you don't want to see me happy at all. Yeah right. I mean errant judges go over 61 and I care why this is the give-and-take if you would somebody I tell people all the time because I recently got divorced people go I go I'm so sorry I go now that a lot of you have done what course.

Of course, because this is our WABC. Most everybody I know listens.

It's one very happy marriage. Eggs have no control and stay married. I think it's a wonderful thing to say somebody runs into a situation like mine were you, like you find yourself getting divorce is not ideal, but that's what happens. I always try to make them feel better because I go to like there's we see what happens like like last night I wanted pizza for dinner and just ordered ordered us the whole story. You don't anymore. No one told me I was a piece of crap or anything that I yeah but it's always isn't it interesting how we I don't remember the last time I don't remember last summer went to hotel and turn on the TV camera like I don't think I've ever definitely tendered that year.

It saddens me because it is on TV.

I watch Fox yet on my phone and dial it up on my computer I do my you to say get to pick whatever we want you like there's I don't do like the let's see what's on the judge did you give him the same rep you gave me was okay because he told why just that you're ignoring it is with rep good come back for a couple more minutes outside yet I have just a temporary giving you you need to know you're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show they come back and I can totally how did I do this in the break. Do you see this, but I just woke up. I believe a couple minutes but go see it so. A RightFax, which is also I think it's if it's not as close okay so go to Foxwoods October 1.

James turns out one way to wiseguys October 13 Salt Lake City and then go to CB live in Phoenix, Arizona, and then go see the comedy show and the same person twice. The 22nd in Jacksonville, Florida and West. I think over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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