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Producers’ Pick | Comedian John Crist

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September 24, 2022 12:00 am

Producers’ Pick | Comedian John Crist

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 24, 2022 12:00 am

One of today’s fast-rising stand up comedians with more than a billion video views and sold out shows coast to coast. Check out John Crist on ONE NATION tonight at 8PM EST on FOX News Channel.

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Rookie mode. I mean, the guy is no good. In our offensive line, it's like Obama's immigration policy.

Let everybody through. Do we have a chance next week? No, we don't. We're 0-8. We're not good at football.

We tried to recruit bigger, better players to come play for us, but they went to good schools. I mean, they're all talking in the locker room like, We're a team. We're in this together. No matter what happens, we're together. Like, not me, dude. I'm out of here.

This team's terrible. That is the uninspirational words of John Crist. One of America's hottest comedians.

Nice enough to come here before coming by One Nation, which is going to air Saturday at 8. Hey, don't downplay this. Don't say that's the main thing. This is the main thing.

So you're worried that I'm going to put down my own shot? Yeah, he's coming for Fox 8, but he's also, this is the charity appearance. If we were not live, I'd redo the whole open. We are live. Heard around the country, around the world. John, it's great to see you.

To research your role, I've never had such a great time. Because you're all over YouTube. You're all over this thing called the internet, which I think is here to stay. Thanks to Al Gore. Right, thanks to Al Gore. Before that, we had no way to communicate.

I had a word processor. You know, like comedies, like back in the Bible times, if something was like, those stories, you just had to tell them. Right. To the next generation, you just had to tell them. Right. And you go, I don't know. This is what happened to Granddad.

And that just, not anymore. That's how we got the Bible. It was like word of mouth for a few hundred years, right? You just had to write, like remember the stories. Right, and now, do you think we even got close to the real stories?

Because your dad's a pastor. Yeah. Do you think that like these, the names have been changed?

Well, like if you, if I, if you did, hey, John Crist has this football coach joke, and you, we didn't watch it, you told it. Right. At lunch. Yes. I would be like, no. It's not going to work. That's not good. Right. That's not how it is at all.

Because you're not, number one, you're not John Crist. Yeah. Right. You mentioned it, absolutely. Funny thing about that video is that ESPN actually ran it on, on SportsCenter, but they took out the Obama joke. You're kidding me. They, they, hey, hey, can we have rights to use this?

And I go, absolutely. And they took that joke out. What year was that?

Was it here the opposite of time? That was 2018. Yeah.

They took it out. But isn't that show exactly what they do? Yeah. Well, that's why, that's why comedy is so amazing.

Comedy is so strong right now because you go, that isn't, that's not right. Like you listen, like during COVID and everybody's separated in their own homes and they would, you go, but you didn't have anyone else to like, be like, yeah, that seems what, you're just by yourself. Right.

And they could, they were like, And you're watching Anthony Fauci, whatever you do, don't wear a mask. Yeah. And by the way, we're never going to get a vaccine in time. Yeah.

And this virus is never going to be a problem here. Yeah. Does he not remember that we were watching him early? Yeah. That's why I say they're like, they're like, what do you think? How's comedy doing? I was like, dude, we got so many great comedians. We got Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Anthony Fauci.

I always say in my show. That guy's hilarious, dude. He is, but a lot of people are laughing.

They worship at the, at the altar of Fauci. I mean, how can you say it's tough to be a comedian? I mean, it's just, all you have to do is just watch the news.

It's unbelievable. Well, see, I agree with you, but also I heard it's tough to be a comedian. Now, when you see Dave Chappelle, many people think he's the gold standard in your business and they're attacking him on stage, tried to cancel him.

Problem is he can't be, but they're attacking him on stage. They're still, I see like established comedians saying, I got to talk to Dave Chappelle about getting right about transsexuals. So, but do you look at that and say, I better start lifting because people are going to take a run at me.

I better start lifting weights? Yes. Oh yeah.

Like I got to survive or do you change your comedy? Well, the only time, well not unfortunately, the only time people are ever offended is the truth. Right. I mean, that's just a fact. You know, if it's not true, it's not funny and yeah, it's not like people say stuff about me.

It's untrue on the internet. It goes, it doesn't, it just goes like you think the comedians have all the power. The comedians have no power. The audience has all the power.

So if you say something, they don't laugh. You're done. Well, wasn't it, wasn't a month ago with Dave Chappelle that sold out a famous arena in Minneapolis. Yeah. And they go, yeah, we're going to cancel him. Yeah.

And then he just sold out across town. I think he's doing just fine. Yeah. Well, they, what the left doesn't understand is they, they played, they played into his hand of cards perfectly. Like he's, that's, they did exactly what he was hoping they would do. It's like go, oh, no, I'm going to quit Netflix. I'm going to, oh, you're going to quit your job.

Okay. Because he has no social media and he's just, they're just carrying his message and everybody goes, oh, you're going to shut that down. Like when they, so I think that one of the most powerful things that helped Trump is when they took him off Twitter because people go, wait, what do you have to say? Like you could, if you shut somebody's like voice, that's why comedy is so strong.

You just come in there and make a joke and everybody just goes nuts. And they took him off Facebook and they say you could take the most powerful person. And by the way, other, other leaders who hated Trump were totally blown away that they did that.

And then, well, that's concerning. So we have Dan Bongino on the show and he, they were, Rumble went public. It's now Rumble, you go on, they have his own infrastructure. So now people are saying, okay, now you can't cancel me. I have my own infrastructure. Yeah.

So go ahead and try. So I think that alerted a lot of people. And if you, like, you don't understand how big these like, you're like, oh, like NASCAR, no one goes to it. I'm like, I'm going to the race this weekend.

There's 225,000 people. We're like, I know what, like Jason Aldean, like he's washed up. I go, dude, he just sold 75,000 to like, you under, you think this is like a fringe group.

It's not, that's what's wild about, they're like, oh, these like hillbillies. I go, well, not really. Not really. Chris is here, Outstanding Comedian, you can follow him on Twitter. That would be the first thing I'll promote. Chris. Okay. But John, yeah, you have a whole bunch of appearances coming up, don't you?

Yeah. We are all across the country. I was just telling you before the break that it's like, like with Fayetteville, North Carolina, we were doing 50, 60 shows in the spring, but they're all full.

If they're not full, they got tickets left, but they're all like. When did that happen for you? Uh, like 2019.

Right before the pandemic. Yeah. Like 2018 is when people started, like, I go to the airport and they're like, what's up? And you're like, wait, what? And they're like, we saw your video.

And then you go, oh, and what's great about that. The video was special? Was it your YouTube videos? I mean, there's multiple videos. The football one was one of them, but yeah, there's a football one, the Disney one, the, a lot of the videos that you go, oh, I know that guy.

And then you start to have, you're like a recognizable. And then you don't, I mean, I guess we have the social media that could, that could, uh, ban us. Cause those, once you ban someone, once you silence someone, everybody goes, I want to hear it. Why did you ban him?

I'd like that. You think the banning is like going to silence somebody, but it's in nine times out of 10, it does the opposite. So the, so the John Christian 2019 is not politically correct, not politically correct in 2022. You have not changed. No, it's the same for a while. You had to, uh, yeah, maybe, maybe. But then you realize the more, like, the more you say it, the more people are like unified under it. And then you don't have any, like, if you have like a Netflix special, Netflix can remove you.

But no, but if you just go direct social media, just go direct to the people and like, I don't have a boss that could, you have a boss that can fire you. Maybe not. Right. Yeah. I'm too powerful. Absolutely.

And they're watching on Fox nation now, so I'm screwed for going along with it. Thank you. You and God failure. You're on fireable. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I think, uh, yeah, he's fireable. Yeah.

Every night might be his last. Right. Except for the ratings keep going up. Is that valuable when young people watch? Yeah. When I say, yeah. When you say, Hey, I walked down the street and they go, Oh, that's the guy from Tik TOK. I go like, it was like everybody like, like my mom's on Facebook. Like a big Facebook is my biggest social media. But then everybody goes, that's the guy from Tik TOK.

I go, all right. I guess I'm the guy from Tik TOK. What is your view on Tik TOK?

We're going to talk about this on television, which is almost as important as radio. Yeah. But what's your view on Tik TOK because knowing that China's taken all your information and are they, do you think China's behind us doing the silliest things possible that are oftentimes dangerous? Uh, what does it, does it worry you? A little bit.

Well, the information, what worries about me is the, is that the algorithm is so dedicated to you that you might not see what's going on elsewhere and you, you're only getting what they think. It's like an echo chamber, but I made, but they don't, with silencing people, I made a joke. Uh, I was on the, on the first tee box at the golf course on, uh, July 1st and I hit the ball and my joke was pride month is over. I can finally hit the ball straight again, which is a joke and then, but they took it down. They took it down. Yeah. Tik TOK did.

Tik TOK removed it, but that's a, it's a pro. It's not a, you're making fun of like maybe the backwoods. I can't believe like, but they don't understand how sarcasm algorithm doesn't understand that.

So you don't think it's someone in Beijing who said, uh, we had, I mean, I would, that'd be tough. But if somebody is in charge of it and it's not, it's not going good. It's not, if you said, Hey, the future of our nation and you showed what's going on Tik TOK, you're like, well, this is not good. Right? It is like, it's like jackass. Yeah.

It's very short bursts and we're going to talk about that on a medium that's easy to make fun of. Right. Yeah. So you have no problem going on, even though you're a red, white and blue guy, you have no problem going on. That's how you say that you're a red, white and blue guy. That's like the terminology that you guys use. I like that. I'm going to write white and blue guy.

I have a patriotic. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Okay. You're very judgmental.

I'm a red, white and blue guy. Okay. I just never heard that before. Really? Yeah. That's a, that's like a... You know, like how, uh, Jesus, you know, Jesus, when they're trying to figure out who the other Christians were, he drew like half of a fish and then the other guy would drew the other half and then they knew, that's how they knew he was on the team.

Really? I got, that's, I got to go to like family reunion and we're like, Hey dude, be what? Red, white and blue guy. That's how you know he's on the team. Yeah. I like that.

You know, some people get, uh, look at that as challenging as, uh, they set you off by having a flag. Yeah. Isn't that kind of weird? Yeah. Well, I don't know when that happened.

Because you're in Nashville. You probably don't know anything about that. Yeah. When that happened, when the, when it was like the, the...

It's a trigger. Yeah. Which like, I always say like, Hey, go, go.

We've been on a bunch of like mission trips for our church everywhere. And I go, well, like a comedy, a comedy, a comic would just be like, well, in terms of supply and demand, I think everyone's trying to come to this one. I think the immigration, the border is from that one to this one, not to leave. Yeah.

Everyone's trying to come here. There's a reason. Yeah. That's a reason. Yeah.

The people that are born here are the biggest critics suddenly. So, uh, John, people should know a little bit about you. Yeah. Third out of eight kids. Third out of eight kids. Yeah.

When did you realize you were not the favorite? Uh, you know what? I got fired from, uh, Chick-fil-A. That was the only place we were allowed to work.

And? Because they were closed on Sunday? Yeah.

No, they were closed on Sunday. We were very, obviously very Christian, very religious. My dad's a pastor, so that McDonald's, Burger King was right in our, we have nothing to do with that. Right. Even establishment. Yeah.

I never drove past McDonald's Burger King and thought to myself, godless. Yeah. That's what you thought? Yeah.

No, that's what my parents thought. Yeah. Right. Yeah.

They pray for your food. So did they think you were funny? Uh. Did they push for you to be?

No, no, no, no. No parent would ever be like, I want my son to be a comedian. It takes like years down the road and then they see you're like, oh, he's got like a, he's got like a Range Rover now.

Like, how did he get that? Right. And they still like, I mean, I'm like sold out shows from like coast to coast.

And my dad would still like, I leave the house, he'd give me like 20 bucks to like, to like get a nice like, fill your car up with gas, son. But that's a comedian is great at. It's like a comedian is supposed to be like an everyman. Right. Like Kevin Hart is like, that guy flies private. He has security. But if you saw Kevin Hart, you'd be like, ah, what's up dude? Right. He's like your buddy. Is he acting?

Or does he know where he came from? Uh. So no matter how rich you get. Every comic, no comic is, is, is too confident because it won bad set. And that. Right. It's not like an athlete or a musician. They can be up there.

They don't need the crowd. Yeah. Brady played bad this week. Yeah.

He'll come back next week. Yeah. But we, if we, I mean, there's, if comics getting too confident and walking out on stage like you own the place, it's over, it is over. And do you ever catch yourself too? Yeah. After a big night and two, two, the third night you go out and you're thinking to yourself, what are you going to say? Well, no, it's not.

Well, it's like, it's like playing for your home. If you did an appearance, these are your people. But then you're like, Hey, I'm going to like, there was my buddy, Andrew Schultz is a comedian. And I was, I had the six o'clock show sold out. He had the eight o'clock show sold out.

He's a buddy of mine. He goes, Hey, stay for the eight o'clock and come on my show. So like six o'clock, I'm getting carried out of there with, you know, into the streets. They're chanting my name. And then they don't know me at the other one. And it's, it's just a little different. Absolutely. Here's this guy.

And they go, what's his name? How many years did it take you before you didn't really want that $20 from your dad? I still want it. Don't get me wrong. I still want the $20.

You put it away in the same place? Yeah. I mean, it took probably, I started in 2009, 2018, so 10 years. Then you started to be like, Oh, I think I might be able to do it. But you're saying, I'm guessing if you had a billion dollars, what would you be doing tomorrow?

It's me the same. It's like, you're more passionate about... I might leave a little earlier. I might not do John Roberts. Yeah. You would still do the radio.

You'd cut the TV, but keep the radio. Now I do. Now that you've changed my mind on so many things. John Chris is going to be here for one more segment. Yeah. And we'll see how it goes. Afterwards. And we'll see, we'll talk about the break. Do you have any idea what we're going to talk about in the break? I do not.

You didn't prep me. Okay. Maybe we should remember Letterman said, I know, Letterman said he never talked to anyone about the break.

They said it unnerved people, but he didn't want to talk to people. Where are you going? Are you going to leave? No, I'm going to stay. Oh, and we're not going to talk to each other. We're sitting four feet from each other. We're not going to say a word to each other. We'll see how it goes. All right. Play it by ear. I like that.

Back in a moment. This weekend, check out Brian's new show on Fox News Channel. His new Saturday show lets him ruin your weekends too. Take it easy, Gutfeld. That really hurts. One Nation with Brian Kilmeade, Saturdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on Fox News Channel.

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To see how they do it, go to slash Spotify. Interesting news. Unique opinions. Hear it all on the Brian Kilmeade show. John Crist is here.

I did a terrible thing. I did not have his big events in front of me and it'll never happen again, John. John's going to be in Spokane, Washington from the 29th to the 1st. Yeah, that's next weekend.

Yep. Then you're going to be on New Brunswick, New Jersey. I don't want to brag.

People are like, dang, he must be doing well going to New Brunswick, New Jersey. That's where Allison lives. Now you're hurting her feelings. Sorry, sorry. Take it back. I don't know.

I thought you were Christian. It's a 10-6 to 10-8, the Stress Factory. And then you go into Virginia Beach, Virginia. We have WNIS down there, so they're listening to us right now. How many of your markets do you know? The call letters.

You know the call letters of where you were in Virginia Beach. WNIS. That's unbelievable. Thank you. How many do you know?

I don't have time to go over it. Smart, smart. I know. Right now you're impressed. If you ask me all of them, then I'm going to feel it. You guys are just listening to this. You think of the commercial breaks.

Y'all are just getting a couple. This man has 75 people that come in here and tell him what to say, what not to say, what he messed up. Did they say anything nice about me? No. Not once. They're not very supportive.

Not once. Yeah, not very supportive. Are you going to be impressed with this? You're going to be in Dayton, Ohio on the 11th. WHIO listeners. Wow.

Pay attention. I don't know if these are made up or not, but yeah. Allison, tell them they're not made up.

They're not made up, but I will say he's probably picking out the cities we're going to where he knows. Brian Kilmeade exposed. Right.

You were more of an investigator comedian. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then you're going to be on November 18th.

You're going to be in Greenville, South Carolina. Oh, yeah. That one's full. That one's already sold out.

I don't think we have that. Oh, you did? Yeah, it's already sold out. Irvine, California? Sold out. Yeah.

So a guy can live in Nashville, appeal to the South and the West. That's unbelievable. Well, CNN hasn't called, so maybe not. Now, do you remember Ali for three and a half years was banned from boxing? Absolutely. And a lot of people think those were his best years. Yeah.

Do you fear that the pandemic two years were your best years? Well. And this is, you have to learn to fight differently now.

It was very, it's like batting practice. Right. Like you just go on. It's just not the same.

They're just lobbing you, just crushing them. Right. Yeah.

Just home run after home run. But people will still be happy if they saw you on stage. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You'll be just fine. Well, the people are now just starting to come back out. Did the people offer to pay more and say this wasn't enough? That's how much I enjoyed it. We need another. Well, they usually, the highest compliment for a community, come on Saturday, come back on Sunday. Thanks, Jon.

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