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GOP 2022 midterm game plan rolled out

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 23, 2022 12:45 pm

GOP 2022 midterm game plan rolled out

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 23, 2022 12:45 pm

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Fox news Studios in Manhattan.

The fastest-growing radio talkshow Brian Gill made basin which was in your body is the brain kill me, Joe, that was Bobby Moynihan making that, because I settable because he played a fat version of me on SNL so someone thought would be good idea to send them a book and turns out he is on Howard Stern show, and he's not a fan who thought somebody on the cast of S&L was not a fan of somebody on Fox news, especially when he played me listen better moments, Bobby Brescia will be joining us in 10 minutes. Since I was tapping in media mark as per the former Secretary of Defense under George Georgia to Donald Trump is going to be with us to. He believes the it's this is the beginning of the end of our effective volunteer force and then we got to get his latest on the on this suddenly I tell you. Russia looks like it's falling apart and will discuss at detail with him. Was it to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness three. I believe going to come down certain rules next year. Also, let's be clear, there are risks we are seeing weapon eyes welling gas in fighting this war that is Jenna Yellen the inspirational speaker shows lifts me up exposed to the time we need to rally to stop a recession, inflation John Kerry reveals what we kinda knew the inflation reduction act was nothing but a climate change bonanza. While Americans suffer and Biden pursues a radical green agenda unacceptable trying to fix a problem that was decimating a immigration system by the last administration. They're not coming up with solutions using children as a political stunt, are you not sorry that is true, this that's the press secretary on the view yesterday is ECG insane who broke the border, Biden or Trump can any of you struggle due to struggle with the answer that question we all know the answer and it seems the Dems are the very least, pretending Donald Trump smashed it. What he did was seal it. Still, the economy, stupid.

That's automatic record inflation that you know another interest rate hike by the Fed. None of it matters, but the account that David Markowski talking about was happening with the number one issue leading with six weeks ago to 2022 midterms. The game plan for the GOP rolled out a matter of our six weeks from election day as Dems stick to their plan to run against Trump and abortion.

What is the winning message and will discuss it.

It seems as though if you do that word search actio's did and they said how many times is abortion, in when you talking politics. It was second in July.

Yet, in July and August to drop the seventh and was not even in the top 20 terms when it comes to September so that's we stand right now I'm not saying that there are a massive amount of women registering to vote, but I'm telling you right now. Nothing compares to inflation and the economy not grandiose economy and GDP.

The personal GDP. How much is everything cost how much you paying are you backing out of the house you about to buy. Are you saying to yourself what happened to the value the house in and that is why the economy will sell and Joe Biden, who's got the set in the house and is reconciliation to get the rescue package through an reconciliation to get what he called the inflation reduction act through which is not that it all as John Kerry said so today we see the Republicans will do their commitment to America as opposed to Newt Gingrich's contract with America. Among the axioms that will be handed out and venting parents. Bill of Rights knew that work in Virginia fund border security. We kinda paid for it. If starting to put it back together.

Reportedly, they gotta do would quickly crackdown on leftist prosecutors. I think the American public will demand it and curb wasteful government spending that would be interesting. Has anyone seen anything done in your neighborhood with the trillions that we put aside for the bipartisan infrastructure bill so what is going on for both sides and one of the think of this package. Byron York weighed in on special report about this deal cut three absolutely it's really actually quite important in the election because you you can say is account of the things are terrible things are terrible. Democrats are to blame. But voters do want to know what you're going to do about it and this whole thing.

Kevin McCarthy is worked very hard to get every single Republican in the house on board with this, will talk about the economy, crime, and the border issue mentioned. So, of course, and abortions going to be big to get to say that the other difference it will make Donald Trump and all the investigations but I know the Atty. Gen. rolled out this massive 226, page indictment of the president civilly even though they try to get them criminally for three years and they couldn't even know they had all these whistleblowers is a present just ran a company a big time real estate company and he got legitimate loans from Deutsche Bank for the most part and he's got almost no debt. Most people almost everybody agrees with that but they thought were in a suit to Leticia James and have more people talk about Trump. No one is talking about Trump.

I'm telling you, even Donald Trump says it is clear after the midterms to his schedule rally and I think he's decent to be in Arizona shortly. I know he was in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania just now is in Ohio over the weekend. She's gonna be backing up as candidates. So we'll see what happens. So on abortion. For the most part the Dobbs decision made it illegal in some states, they did the states now have the decision on what with the abortion rules will be in no do through their legislators, not to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court didn't end abortion it said, let the states decide like it was 1973 Stacy Abrams 20 terrible campaign listing told everybody she was robbed you know she's a great speaker if and really smart. We know she did a great job registering a lot of people in Georgia to play be flipped at state but she is underperformed wildly.

I watch her speaker into my Herschel Walker special when I spent a day with him.

She was superseding speaker and she's got no message for law enforcement. No message for the military.

No message for anyone except for people that want to say you are pressed in, and a minority. And when asked about abortion.

Listen to what she said, cutting me all all II cannot believe it.

They had this debate in the palm of their hand.

Sadly, and them saying that as basically made every woman and every body that had headsets on reported through the room that heard a heartbeat say okay that was manufactures it for the Hollywood studio now people are scrubbing their websites trying to back Stacy Abrams these pro-choice groups.

These pro-abortion groups and they're trying to explain it away, but now were focusing on when life starts instead of just saying women have no control of their lives and men are still trying to take back and white people terrible.

That's the argument she preferred to have. She just kicked it back to science and that's the last thing people who are pro-choice want to talk about.

Here's been dominant last night, cut nine right in front of our eyes, something amazing happening, which is that the left is being more honest than ever about the radical nature of their views on abortion policy and the media complex is rushing to defend them to spin on their behalf and in a frankly big tech is going along with this.

You had your twitter slapping a fact check confirmation from NBC onto Stacy Abrams statement and for any of us who is a parent has gone into a hospital room and we all know that we've heard that expression from from the nursing would you like to hear your fetuses cardiac event that this is not something that anyone has ever heard. And it's because we all know this is a baby and this is a heartbeat but the left has to deny that in order to further their inhumane policies only take a timeout now get by Breck some sometime in the segment, but obviously I know you have a lot to say on that will do a segment and then add 34 Walkman sector defense expanded to talk about was happening overseas for some fascinating developments I can hope and then will take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 use of the brain can only show on this Friday so glad you're here diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me. Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine.

Fox News contests network.

I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been dominant podcast transcribing. Listen now by doing a Fox News is so busy he'll make here and kill me. How we teach our kids. History is become a big controversy these days. Liberals and conservatives wanting to whitewash the past, sometimes that's true. At times they do, but plenty liberals also want to abuse history to control the present and last month a scholar named James sweet caught hell calling them out for doing just that. He criticized the phenomenon known as presentism, which means judging everyone in the past by the standards of the present, it's the belief that people lived 100 or 500,000 years ago really should have known better, which is south. It's like getting mad at yourself for not knowing what you know now when you were 10, and that is just a little wisdom, the, the Biltmore's been spouting out that I find it unbelievably refreshing and interesting and he's getting a lot of derision from the left joining us now. Bobby Brock right for out care collection take a perspective on the media often. Bobby your thoughts on the transformation of Bill Marr or Izzy called Brian think that having the bill Mark transfer nation is such an interesting development, and it really goes back to around February 2020, 21, one truck, Trump left off Bill Marr had to pretty much redo it until your script because he couldn't focus as much on trauma and it really opened his eyes to what's going on socially ill. Often institutions that the left control probably Trump really blinded him to some of the insanity that's going on culturally and socially. And among all the institution what he just said there is so true about the all cultural warriors trying to demand that we judge past past years pass figure in modern-day land which you just can't do because the standard has changed so much, so radically, and now it's so soft it unreasonable that you reuse that judgment.

Almost everybody in the path is going to be canceled. That is not a means for example, 2008 is cancel Barack Obama. He said the magisterial man and woman say that now they say you're a homophobe or a horrible person about things change society changes people have no respect for past generations and Bobby Brock with the seller talk about that. Also, you talk about the fact that people keep pushing that were in endemic racial races society, America's racist, they keep trying to look for these stories, I mean CNN runs with one if you do if your cup white cop and you have a controversial arrest with a black suspect that lead CNN for hours, especially the cop happened to be wrong. That shows you how racist America is, and that's with Cory. Bush says what you got it reimagine the police and now they viewpoint out to this with this whole thing that happened with BYU yeah Natalie really the most damning development. We have among among society.

I published a column earlier this week.

With that the demand for racism outstrips the supply was going on here now is that we have one side of the cultural war 15 clinical trial so desperately trying to reassess establish the hypothesis that white supremacy flagged American society that white supremacy looms over every institution, every person in America and Brian. There is no proof of that was going on right now with of course we will have a racism on the individual level by virtue of bad actors and by the way they are of all skin colors black, white, Asian, Hispanic, we don't have right now institutional macro racism and that is what the media, politicians, social media, athletes and entertainers keep trying to convince just like the BYU situation, a 19-year-old volleyball player said somebody chanted Edward Ataturk. There was no proof that never made much sense in a crowd of almost 6000 never have right in an extensive investigation found out it never happened. And this turned out to be Jackie Marlette and volleyball type another Rachel hope that the media ran with for their own static political and financial gain, and I concluded that peak with how much the left has advanced himself with Rachel posterior Rachel posterior is their greatest messaging without Rachel has. They couldn't demand that Pres. Biden pick up a vice president of a certain gender in combination they could not have destroyed cities in the name of George Floyd without Rachel posterior Rachel.

Their greatest weapon, cultural war, so Bobby also read about was going on another network's Chris Matthews. Despite leaving with scandal. It went back to MSNBC. They went crazy and on CNN who's made a living care criticizing us as well as what most of first and foremost Donald Trump are shuffling their lineup and Jake Tapper who seems to have changed his message on a watch enough. I did pick up some of his cuts. He's going after he's going after people that are going after Trump. He's not Nessie's trying to attract Republicans try to do what they say. Chris licked wants to do it at at CNN. Now that he took over and be less partisan. Is that why he's getting the 9 o'clock show for at least a month going on. On CNN, demoted Don Levin a week ago you got prime time you lot to our primetime show eat in the morning to make it primetime spot at the 9 o'clock hour with Chris Cuomo used to hold in lemons two hours from 11:50. They're going to try Jake Tapper from 9 to 10, which is their flagship, our Internet the right look, I don't agree with the notion that after this straight down the middle as he would claim other people, but he is the best CNN had begun at both Democrats and Republicans talk question in Crystal Lake new seat CNN CEO. He staked his reputation and trying to pivot CNN back to the middle onto a place of credibility and respect in his mind. Jake Tapper is the best option among the people on CNN that will work or not.

I'm skeptical thought of all the options on that. I'd much rather listen to Tapper that Don landmen are Breanna Kyler Anderson Cooper attribute since he was a do over there existed without Donald Trump there still reaching for Donald Trump is still selling books about Donald Trump are there still want Donald Trump in the news and the more down terms in the news the better Democrats will do with the midterms in the ceiling with a get ratings as soon as Trump going away. Everybody cratered except us at no doubt in the current to re-create that bogeyman several times and it just doesn't work it has to be Donald Trapani you seeing CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, every once in a while focus really hard on Rhonda Santa Tucker Carlson Joe Rogan Claire comments after the Roe V Wade was overturned by the always go back to Trenton.

That shows you that they are reliant on Trump to be that ratings used to Washington Post, most notably they're going to Brian not make a profit this year because they haven't been able to convert trumpets thoroughly and not being in the White House so much as they ate Donald Trump. Trust me when I say nobody business is more reliant on Donald Trump are running and winning in 2024 meet the brands and notes Bobby last question was willingly started, you mentioned that we mentioned Omari came and said the Democrats would get a lot more votes if they weren't thinking.

People think they're there gone insane with this woke attitude. The Air Force Academy, the latest, they are now dropping mom and dad boyfriend girlfriend there saying to all their cadets. The seat partner say you all say folks don't to disseminate between gender, don't say hey guys come over here your thoughts for Bill Marley worn the left. If your new policy or I thought I change sound like a headline from the onion don't do it stop you just said there sounds like a headline should be on the got a funny note absolute Marquess perform sector defense. Next, Bobby, Breck, thanks so much about precise personal power is America's liturgy, your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you did your project will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News contests information you want to truth you demand.

This is Brian kill me show the Biden administration wants to know why recruiting members have collapsed while we have a recording crisis is middle have their own policies. Afghanistan vaccine mandates indoctrination sessions radical gender ideology. The witchhunt for supposedly white nationalists, the Biden Pentagon looking for the causes of the recording crisis is, like O.J. Simpson, looking for the real killer Sen. Tom cotton military guide infantry Ivy League grad weighing in on something's got everybody concerned.

And that is the size of a volunteer force, the quality of the candidates on the overall shape of the country Marquess for always thought about that road about a Fox former secretary defense under Donald Trump, author of the sacred oath, welcome back Mr. Sec. hey I see you think the volunteer model is is close to broken it is breaking under the weight of long-term social and demographic trends that are basically saying that we have a smaller and smaller. Poor young Americans who are both qualified and interested in serving and I'm afraid where it will end up in five, 10, 15 years, so what would happen to me. We had to since lots of quality people. This finding file this fantastic fighting force that adopts all the types of battlefield demands and now all of a sudden we can fill our ranks were all missing our goals. What happened after the best military in the world and I would say in history, so we should be very proud of that.

But we all want to report that up in 1973 under Pres. Nixon, and at that point time most Americans had loose somebody in the military they could talk about military service. By the 1990s less than 50% of Americans that appear certain today. It's a much much smaller number and on top of that, at the end of the Cold War. You know we we cut the military down by about 40, 45% close bases around the country and so here we are 50 years later with fewer and fewer Americans having any knowledge or relationship with people who serve in the military and so it doesn't come across as a viable path to them. Would you say that, did you to suspect some of this 10 years ago the numbers 10 years ago following slowly as well. And of course you know we had a little bit research after 9/11 for good reason, but you know what you see now on the course when I was sector the Army 2018. We wrestled with this in and adopted a number of initiatives to keep our numbers up about Lauren quality and that is going to be the challenge so this hold you standard by some of the things going on behind the scenes. I'm in DC, but these Air Force cadets story.

They go ahead and told everyone to stop calling people mom or dad. Don't use the word boyfriend girlfriend I want to say partner for now on I want to say folks and you all we have to be more inclusive and diverse in our gender instead of you guys use the term terms team use you guys team squad is are you all so you could see caregiver apparently while I never thought to be a political correctness. It would infiltrate into these all branches of of the Armed Forces. It seems like some of his political agenda is his word doesn't belong. It's not good to be talking about and what I might hearing an apartment Pentagon is talking about war fighting readiness and modernize your weapon systems that we should be talking about and yet be talking to the American public about these things as well. I was affected with Lilo I'm I want people to think supporting for the Ukrainian should happen for the war, let alone during the war so I'm not upset by it, but I was stunned to find out they were emptying our coffers and not replacing this stuff. Don't these defense contractors want money wanting the Pentagon does have not enough, but they do have money are we not replenishing our own stocks for own self-defense. I am concerned about� Something your DoD officials about stockpiling up the bottom line of defense industrial base is built for efficiency and not for these types of things and so I spent 18 years in the in the defense industry and they will respond to a demand signal and certainly the demand cycles out there, but this administration has to begin contracting and and and and putting in request for those materials. Because look at the dark weapon systems that you could build days and months. It takes months and years went to be prepared to work with. Make sure that we are prepared for own complex whether it's with China, or somewhere else and not to sure complex, but along one and they're not easy to talk to people. They're not putting the orders and to rebuild well you can see, you could say with bank public reported that in some cases they have to restart the line for stingers or expand the line for Javelin and and certainly looking at expanding contracts for 155 mm shells up in Pennsylvania but these are things again. We should be stockpiling an effective stockpiling ammunition is not sexy, so it's not things at the Pentagon bureaucracy likes to do, or that Congress likes to pay for, and the fact is our military needs more money now does mean we should reforming Inc. and get rid of things we we we don't need, but they need more money and this administration has not been inclined to do so. It's been Congress. Frankly, bipartisan Congress that is been leading the administration and forcing it to spend more.

So let's visit if we can to China you was your biggest challenge I would argue a secretary of defense. You know what their goal was in the Pacific. Now we know they're all over Central America to they're trying to plan for a bigger hand in Brazil and when the prison was asked about Taiwan who's never felt this threatened that he do today on this with the present set for the fourth time.

So unlike Ukraine.

To be clear sir. US forces US men and women would defend Taiwan. In the event of a Chinese invasion. Yes, so this the fourth time. He said that in the fourth time is been walked back by his own administration. Mr. Sec. Bertone, Sec. expert when you think about what's the real policy. I think I think Joe Biden is spot on this. I ask myself what would Ronald Reagan do when I spoke at the Reagan foundation the other night I said the same thing Reagan would stand up for young democracy that's being bullied by a much bigger autocracy and we should stand up but I don't understand why the fourth time now blind as you pointed out that the White House keeps undermining him and saying there's been no change of policy, he has made a very clear statement he is moving away from strategic ambiguity, something that I think you should do and and other China experts think he should do, and pragmatically should go further and update a one China policy. I think you need to get the word out internally that the people should stop undermining it because it makes him look weak and in it further confuses our policy with regard to China point time with any clarity they the Chinese Communist Party meets clarity about what we will do and how we will be a so what would happen if that would trump what did happen when he was contradicted by school staff while he was you know he was clear and certainly I sector Pantheon others were very clear about your position. I think there is a singular accomplishment from the trump administration plant error is that we do for the consensus within the United States government that China is our strategic throughout our long-term strategic competitor and all the departments moved in the direction to begin preparing for that and so I think on the policy front.

This White House need to continue that trend since I know you being humble you guys did some great things if you look at isolating around with to turn into the Abraham accords if you got needed to spend more, you can roll off a lot of you have a strong argument. If you ever had to get in a debate about what you did over the course of four years, but now I got this challenge with Russia and we have understand that yesterday to show how desperate was just a few days ago he decided to call up what he calls his reserves 300,000. The problem is, Mr. Sec., and you know better. It doesn't look like the reserves exist.

They told every 18 to 34-year-olds are no longer to be allowed to buy a ticket on a plane to leave the country 6000 have left some are refusing to fight their protester happening in over 30 cities. What is the situation on the ground and what he thinks really happening in Russia well made a very big mistake resulted in multiple strategic failures and obviously addition of new NATO members. The consolidation of support in the West behind Ukraine unification to make any number of things is military is been proven to be a second rate may be 1/3 rate with military force release conventional military force, and the Ukrainians with great skill and courage were beaten back in so he's now forced into this political position as you outline to support this referendum that will wear these core provinces will declare himself part Russia and that he will be forced to defend that now and again, as you point out, we see the news reports that Russians are dropping on every plane trained in automobile to get out that country. So the date so that they're not that this meatgrinder that we call Ukraine right now where the Ukrainians are just doing great damage on the Russian military so so now try to annex certain areas. You don't have control over the battlefield. Your West Point grad as well as being forced into the Army in defense. What is the reality of the fighting forces.

You know what the people are good that the fighting forces taken on in Russia, as well as the equipment they have. Can they did they say this is a Linsky. Since this ends in Crimea.

Do you think that's that's an aspiration that can be fulfilled.

I spent 10 years active duty as well and they and airborne, and that might my local golf when I will pay it just takes skill competency to win, you have to have a fighting spirit, and Ukrainians have that Russians do not. And I'm glad. Really glad to see the present Polanski and he's the one that should say this that his then state is a return to the borders prior to 2014 that all of Ukraine sovereignty should be respected and that means pushing Russians completely out of Ukraine to include Crimea. I think that's exactly the right thing and we should support them on who has the damage in the winter where I think you know usually vote the reports come to a standstill in the winter. I think again that the advantage goes to the side that has the will and spirit. The fight Ukrainians what the Russians out of their territory. The Russians committed war crimes.

They destroyed hospital and schools and everything else so I would give the advantage the cranes case perfectly. Since the call up in Russia proves that there's not enough Russian soldiers to fight the fight and of course received the running out of material and ammunition and everything else so, in my view. Ukraine has the upper hand right now, provided that the West continues to support them.

I know you not getting the presidential daily breeze of the witnesses would do you think from what we know. 1400 Russians were arrested, some of them I had the rioters were being conscripted so you pull most of their writing against the war. Then you make them serve in the Army will cut a soldier will they be uniform you crazy this protestant 38 cities.

Is there a sense, orally are my delusional about the way 4800 Russians arrived in Finland last month. 3100 this week you right, of course, into Mongolian Kazakhstan.

I don't think there's a vacation spots but what how stable is Vladimir Putin right now how clever it is is is is leadership think it would be in the basement course but now it looks like it's its young young Russians playing their own country surprised turn of events, but I would suspect that it's evident that support in this country is failing on multiple fronts.

I suspect internally at the oligarch level all the way down to the streets of Moscow, where he has the most support and it got to be very concerned about this so he's now putting two front teeth got a fight in Ukraine against Ukraine danced the fight at home against his own people using his police courses and at some point the people will rise up vertically and once they see their younger sons and fathers and brothers year being killed and injured on the front were not there yet are just being conscripted now but at some point this whole thing could collapse the natural would be need to be very careful. But the same time send very strong signals of firmness and support about how we United States and NATO will react in any number of scenarios. Evidently there was some conversation behind closed doors by using nukes if they can keep their tanks up today. What makes you think they been maintenance in the nuclear and modernizing the nuclear weapons. No indication there are, you would know better quick thing if you want to know why the Russians are so upset in the caste system that exists you to reach a pest coffee probably dealt with them before right, the spokesperson for Vladimir Putin's government right. His son is 32 years old and one of the radio stations call them up and say how you doing this is and and get a crank call and they say which one tell you been drafted. Yes, I think you made a mistake on have to handle this at a level above yours. I'm not gonna get drafted. So there's a sense that goes there is a caste system when it comes to who's going to go into that meatgrinder and that's part of the reason why he want to avoid this moment of drafting people or activating 300,000 so I'm fascinated by this. I'm under the impression Mark Casper that if the Russians took Ukraine easy George would've been down already more double would've been absorbed in these Baltic stations would've been infiltrated and basically harassed into putting people in charge there were sympathetic to the Russian position was.

I am I wrong on that. I think we need to keep an eye out for you things and not to mention other countries you know course are Russian forces in Georgia mulled over and and even Armenia, and at some point, maybe those ports make maybe elements within those countries will rise up and put Russians out. That'll be very very interesting to see that happen. But back to Russia and the Russian people look great. The conventional wisdom is that 80% of Russian people figure because their history that they should involve themselves in politics not be concerned about that, but they continue to struggle through life. MS just waited in Russia but I think again for reaching the point where this war started to really hit home are not just in our pocketbooks now, but in their homes with her sons and and brothers and fathers and once that happened, in particular if they see that the elites are being treated differently. The Russian people might rise up and then we'll see if they they deserve a better government than what they're getting in and maybe they will make a move on that I'm part of the West. They were part of the G7.

It's their idiot leader modern day's E what he aspires to be Stalin, then that's what you try to do if we didn't stop him should be part of what I write about this in my book, that the Russian people do deserve better looking horse. Russia is a European country. They should be aligned with us, not with China and if this comes about. If we can get them in the in the orbit. There's so much prosperity and freedom and everything else. It does Russian people deserve that we can get if they could just get rid of this desperate that is leading them right now because you let a mentor in the hole over the past 20 years pick up his book a sacred oath that story more in their Vista Sec. Mark Casper. Thanks so much. Get a good day to 1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base.

Brian only show similar Fox News contests network.

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Brian kill me.

We made it to the happiest on earth. It's 9 AM I got a schedule every minute of our day until 9 PM. Pay attention and stay close $45 per bedazzled mouse here. Maybe you want things or you want to go to college late in an hour and 1/2 or Russians of France. Okay, eat a baguette lose world war, the action of France with a smile so funny, that is John Christy is a comedian of is going to be coming up in different hour in the show on the Friday edition depends on when you get it's I don't want lock into time because a lot of times are great affiliates take at different times but John Chris is going to be on one nation to be on Saturday night at 8 o'clock. That's my shall have on Fox News Channel 811 and the artist talks about real life stuff pizza third is the third oldest in an eight with eight kids in his family stat was a pastor I just aced a great perspective on what's going on right now and it's insanity especially comes of the pandemic.

So that's kind interesting to so we are watching right now the HD house GOP roll out of the commitment to America is their version of contract with America and is it is about 100 may be more role. There are no of the current Republicans in the house and you have Kevin McCarthy who is likely to be the speaker. If they do get the majority in their favor to get majority in almost everyone's list unless something happens insane, but right now the hope that I think Democrats had in August because of the Dobbs decision because down trump the Verilog array that happened early September in August they thought may be in with the passage of the gun bill by bipartisan board them to do Greenville that that the new green deal bill is really many bill back better.

It was signed off ridiculously by Joe mansion.

They thought they had the momentum when I don't see them having it discriminate to America is really naming some of things that happen in the headlines right now there are disturbing the average American from what's happening in the schools to this home low culture to its happening in our streets with crime in which the breakdown of our border, which no one was talking about Santos and Abbott took action, always seeking solutions versus selling is Brian kill me. I will let his moments of the brain to Michelle would come to you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the morning. So glad you're here. Brother Rivera is just about ready. He's getting up one of his boats or some type of mission that were not supposed to know about and Steve to see the bottom of the hour. I will also take your calls.

You know that he goes to the podcast ever. Mrs. Franco don't forget to watch watch one nation were closing in on Saturday night at 8 o'clock.

Repeat again. 11 just to make sure it's the same show which you can DVR but you have to watch the same night. So before we get to Geraldo let let's let Geraldo know what were talking about the stories you need to know Ryan's three number three. I believe it's going to come down certain rule next year.

Also, let's be clear, there are risks we are seeing weapon eyes welling gas in fighting this war. I was feel like she's had between whispering and losing her breath. Janet Yellen exposed to the time in which we need to rally to stop recession and inflation. You have not only the secretary-treasurer into now you have John Kerry revealing what we all kinda do the inflation reduction act was a boon for the climate change agenda.

While Americans suffer and Biden pursues a radical green agenda for trying to fix a problem that was decimated I immigration system by the last administration. They're not coming up with solutions using children as a political stunt. How dare they say something so inaccurate, who broke the border binder trump will know the answer but it does seem, the Dems are hoping we forgot and they're pretending that Trump smashed the border when he actually almost sealed it and that was the press secretary. Still, the economy, stupid. That's all a matter of record inflation. Another interest rate hike by the Fed. None of it matters, but the account that is David Markowski weighing in particle pond in 2022 GOP game plan just rolled out this hour. Eight weeks from election six weeks from election day is Dems stick to their game plan to run against Trump and abortion. What is the winning message.

Let's ask our secretary of everything.

Geraldo Rivera cohosted a five Fox News correspondent at large Geraldo I have site, you can take all three bullets start with the last one I really believe they're trying to make this about Trump and I just don't think it's sticking what you think.

I think it depends really on how potent the former president is in terms of his own viability as a candidate for reelection. It's it's really up. I think it's up to Pres. Trump if he wants to be the center of attention. I think that he will give ammunition to, but I really Brian, I really think that you the nail on the head. The it is about II believe it's about inflation and it's about abortion those of the two biggest issues I think immigration is also a potent issue, but not nearly as central like I think as as the economy and as abortion those of the two very emotional issues one you see at the gas pump. The price or wherever it is, the other is you know you got a kid who's in trouble. What does she do what you do. I think these are where we had to drive very very volatile combination of the issues I see things about Trump but this is what you attempt to do what he wants in the certain things is actually something to talk about his actions as well as his words I'm talking about the January 6 will attend the hearings again in September and another one in October, the Atty. Gen., Leticia James nothing if she's not politically ambitious to Susan put together the civil suit. She wants to talk about Trump. The Georgia election investigation is about Trump now Trump really hasn't personally made news. He just sat down with Sean and for the most part does is rallies which are pretty typical of the way there is of the ways been going. But you know it's genius about the Santos and Abbott. They have managed to do what's in the best interest of the country and getting attention at the border, but look who they're blaming and they really want to to sell this notion, here's the overmatched press secretary on the view yesterday cut 11 so why were trying to fix a problem that was decimated I immigration system that was decimated by the last administration.

They're not coming up with solutions using children using women and families as a political stunt as a political ploy because they don't want solutions all really you really going to say that Trump broke the border.

I think the evidence at this are guilty of using these many years, many of them political refugees who've already applied, or will soon apply for asylum as props.

I think that that is deplorable. However, I agree Brian with your basic premise that Trump did a much better job at the border than by what Pres. Biden has done was kill the whatever order at the border existed with kindness with his signaling, you know, however subtly or overtly that the that the United States was open to all comers. I think that he has ignited Pres. Biden has ignited a mass migration and it is you up for people coming to a country a rich country where there are jobs where there are but you know what no real impediments to their crossing the frontier United. I think it's really very serious and you know it it calls it demands a bipartisan answer. You know we have to have aborted A nation about the border. On the other hand, you can't continually you know bring into the political sphere of people who are seeking what we would seek if we were them so you know. That said, that's a dominant timing is just know that I could tell you 20 things down Trump did the Democrats fought him on.

He had to repurpose defense spending to get 450 miles of the wall, many of which was rebuilt number two. He had to threaten tariffs on Mexico. Many people insulted by that then he had to take away aid from the tribal countries. Many people thought that was a bridge too far, and cruel to the Hispanic community and what he did is made friends with Brazil because he didn't want to make sure the bulb also Naro was not going to give way to the socialist who is basically an incarnation of him, now you don't like what the with the governors have done, but they all of that. They all knew they were going they all 20% of everybody the cross, roughly, has signed forms and send me to New York and what he's doing is he's a desperate situation all the small border communities which you know as well as anybody you walk the walk. You'll just say okay, show me a satellite photo.

You probably been so all these places their overwhelmed Susan yeah you think I'm to suffer and you going to ignore me know I'm to spread the story to your city and make it impossible to ignore.

And it is and to me this is a major story that only boom allusion Griff Jenkins willing to cover and you know the report from politico is that boom allusion they say was getting onto the skin of the White House. Fantastic job. Moreover, I think that even though I disagree with many of the editorialists in our network. I think that far must be commended for bringing attention to an issue I think I would use of drone photography is what made it undeniable that the border was anarchy and out of control. But Brian, you have to also understand that we have a situation where you fed Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, all communist country with a common Trump regime Kennedy rating yes yes yes yes yes yes is now three but the problem is. Now you have an influx of people who under our laws as they currently exist can appropriately apply for political asylum. What are we going to do. We have to have a reality that matches that the people that on the smartest person you know okay never have let me tell you I can to solve this very easily. Venezuela is the first country you go into you expand the consulate with personnel and maybe some square footage in the first country they going to.

That's what they apply for asylum and they would be Columbia and it would be young Nicaragua don't have in front of me. The first country they go to. I understand you want to leave communism. I understand that. So then you expand the consulate you with you for the State Department you have tell the State Department some you personnel to get off your butts in Washington you go down to Bolivia and some of these places that are struggling and you and we find out where the Cubans are crossing and then we put we both get up there so we screen who's coming, you know, Venezuela. More than likely exempting their prisons. You know, Hugo Chavez began to transition that country so this is not a new story.

I would bear so you this is not a new story. Nicaragua is an old story to his ancient story so now, and by the way that you do your post of their numbers are correct, they say 20% 27% of the crossers are from those countries. If you take away the 27% still an all-time high have come across a border. So the whole communist. We want to do thing is really not based in fact.

Well I like. I disagree.

I think that it when you member the Marielle boatlift at night 1980 or so I what Castro did the MD so please explain as well as doing that today. I do believe that I do believe that they are taking advances in our one � I want to read that you know it's extremely disruptive and I don't think Columbia's got the I can can deal with it. Either way, I like your activism in terms of trying this at the source side. I like that I I believe that that should be part of any approach to we got so much of our great intellects from from refugees from those countries like I also Brian tragically in World War II. You know The Jews out the other vulnerable populations out and as a result, they had to go back to Europe where they were decimated they were exterminated, I should say we can't allow that guy just like that documentary too. But here's the difference they will come in and they were and we see and we made the decision at the time and not let them in, or okay good let the German Jews in and we're going to be think you watch and and let Ken Burns talk about that and it's great and I think it's important we are so overwhelmed. Clearly the nose, and that's what gets me nothing I want. These are the I want these migrants coming maybe 90% will be assets on all different walks of life flow, great, great scholars, great workers, craftsman, whatever. But, dear, just this is just not the way to deal with what we need is a new Ellis Island in the sense that we need to have a structure where we can review who is applying for entry into this country and make a reasonable calculation as to whether or not that person will be an asset to seal border you can't do it without control the cancer without order. I am in favor of completing the wall but what you suggest. In terms of the expanding of the console in the in the country. Neighboring the communist countries.

You know it's it's yes it will have some impact but you can't deal with such sobriety. When you have huge waves of people watching ashore, but look what happens.

Look at Florida liquid Florida and and a communist Cuba. Just 90 miles away, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hear them speaking against immigration a very forceful way.

Both of them are Cuban of Cuban heritage that we humans have become such an integral part absolute not only the government of northern the society in Florida throughout the nation and these are generally speaking hard working, ambitious in a law-abiding that coming to join MS 13 there they're coming tonight. In the Sentinel. We have to stop immediately. By the way it takes is that actually kill JFK or just help kill did what Trump did the New York result from city agrees that help plot against Jay Z was one of the plotters. I remember him and Lee Harvey by us to be doing that we do today do the five today. Next week, and you know I did your show earlier and it is my my honor my delight constantly to talk to you every Friday.

It keeps me sharp does you make make every show better because you willing to speak your mind and that well I tried right, but I think that this issue of immigration is very serious or doing a lot of lives and that you know strengths architecture of this problem attention it's getting attention. I think that we all we are paying attention. No attention needs to lead to solution the people who work the first step is acknowledging the problem, I think you're absolutely right about that. I am it is what it was a wicked clever scheme that the Everett and DeSantis hatched Allison.

Let the record to cover Geraldo have a great weekend. I love you back at you.

We come back your calls, 1-866-408-7669 both sides. All of us until talkshow that's real. This is the Brian kill me show a policy against finding new oil and gas, actually not. That would be the road to hell for buying a bank account with your bank probably read because there That is the ridiculous were she did to leave if she's not making anti-Semitic statements. She's making delusional green statements telling Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan, who I don't think is totally clean and finding out more. More about their investments in China what they're doing in terms of tracking which is which. He's got a come clean on, but having said that, we all know that if you have an investment account, big or small major company major billionaire or or or or or a police officer making sure your pension is maximizing its profits. You can retire early. The last thing you want to somebody try to be politically correct with your money and if you talk about fossil fuels is that you not exactly financing drug cartels fossil fuels fueled this country. They make your genes there.

They did they exist in your keyboard your iPad your iPhone. Of course what they do wood trucks to deliver things to your home as well as your cars your houses everything they keep the world running this responsible way to do it renewables of the future which you do in a free market economy is work that direction. You cannot tell major institutions who have boards to answer to an investors and stockholders to live up to that. You gotta stop investing in fossil fuels when you know for the good of the country and of course we needed the fact that we pulled it back is jeopardized or our overall security. Steve you listening on the app in Massachusetts hate Steve more bright, a couple people say that you know that's that's very plot plot Democratic right. I have to tell you I was a Massachusetts, Fall River, former raw GOP state committeeman and white here in the state we have archer on Atty. Gen. yet. Right now Maurizio given 1/2 ago she plot to natural gas pipelines being built beside the state of Massachusetts. So lo and behold, what happens, the price is going to go up because of supply well guess what Brian would have been up national grid putting 464% increase so you can see people here with bills that are to get $150-$200 bills jump that over 300 and this woman now is running for governor on the Democratic ticket and nobody in the media put some small kind people who advocate for the Republican party would try to theater what I want to you valuable number two is when everyone sees their bills. The Democrats around you will know exactly who to blame and number two is I hear you have to import your energy. Instead of getting it from Pennsylvania that undead from Venezuela and other evil countries that instead of getting a pipeline, basically for free from our neighbors in the East radio show like no other, kill me. Millions of people are in our country. Now that shouldn't be here. Many of them are prisoners. The portal criminals the bad ones I would deport you.

The bad ones I would support Venezuela is emptying their prison population into the United States going right through the border like nothing will poisoning our country and is very hard to come back from that. I want to see great leadership in this country more important than Republican or Democrat or liberal or conservative, I want to see great leadership are countries going to hell. We are a nation in decline back everyone Steve Ducey and studio author of the brand-new book the happy in a hurry cookbook simply happy cookbook I got a million of them losing we live Allison she said was mad. The simply the happy cookbook, but CV if you pick that up. I did get AppleCare but AppleCare doesn't really help much right now that's good. The simply said the simply happy cookbook is now out for how long Steve two weeks for two weeks, is now out you fresh off a trip to the villages. We were very close, where Donald Trump lives.

In fact, Brian, we use the same crew that shot Sean Hannity's interview more log they showed they got in the trucks and they drove up to the villages and everybody slept for about 15 minutes and then we did the live show from the village yeah where you poured beer in the morning first Hoosier take you seen down from me to be so many times would you take a look. Do you think a little different than before, yeah, you have a great day leading up to Lucius or James the 226 page indict whatever that is.

Civil court indictment. He's got a lot coming out of civil and it was great that he sat down with Sean just because Sean in a million questions and answered all of like Joe Biden who is too busy to actually sit down and answer more than eight right very interesting if he was 50 lost and want to come back in a lifetime we've never Bush 41 lost okay. Walter Mondale lost was like oh we need you to give another shot he never will. Actually when Jimmy Carter lost, never said I will give another shot. He was probably in the 60s we've never seen this before but there's something in Donald Trump's DNA. He has always you know I think is it was something that his father taught him. It's about competition year you always have to win right and I at his core he wants to with right do you think the not head if he thought there was a good chance he loses any Republican Democrat running for president to a country so divided that he would risk would neither not play than lose. I think that's part of the calculation into whether or not he's going to run because he would hate to lose and and and as everybody would so you know he kind of hesitant is kinda revealed that he will people will be real happy when they hear his decision so you know as soon as the midterms are over.

I think Rainier's decision right at the so to. I feel very curious because were what he was going.

You have good sources is going to announce in September.

What changed. I think it was the more log thing.

I think it was that radio search yeah because I think but what I had heard what I've heard from a number of top Republicans, and in fact we had Rhonda McDaniel on her show she and others were pushing him not to write absolutely wait until after the midterms because ultimately and and the present former president changed it yet. You know, he seems to be hunkered down through the midterms now is people were saying he doesn't want to be blamed if the Republicans don't pick up the Senate. The house stuff like that or don't pick up as many so I think he is trying to steer clear to what I don't understand is why not you know he's got 100 million in his super pack. He put Blake Masters Harry put macchiato there you have a super Dr. Oz there. He put Herschel Walker. There and high profile race Don Bolduc was inspired by him and never got forgot endorsement do you think at some point he's gonna write them checks and support their candidacy, while if he's gonna he better hurry because you know her Masters especially for 5152 days away. You know, Peter Teal, I think the conventional wisdom was that of the billionaire tech guy was going to help him out in Arizona but so far he has not. I think you help them in the primary, but so far is relying on Mitch McConnell to do the heavy lifting with the financing so the two things that these conventional wisdom and agreed upon.

The Democrats want to run a down trumps terrible and they want to run abortion if the Republicans wanted stop you have an abortion so it was very hot in August and I see that, according to reports, the economy is getting so challenging, that is overwhelming. Everything crimes becoming so real and thanks to DeSantis and Abbott now immigration is hot. Did Stacy Abrams help or hurt the Democratic message with this cutting me all all write what she was saying there was she was saying that that sound when somebody is pregnant. Five weeks in that heartbeat sound that you have with the ultrasound fake.

She said that's a I think her terminology was something like it was mechanical or was created by man to control women. Listen, you know.

I remember back in the day when my wife is pregnant to B in some of these men decision as I'm technically a man technically. But I got two kids who are having children and so you when they call us up and say a mom and dad.

We heard the heartbeat today that that's the heartbeat and and what they're doing now is is Planned Parenthood has changed the terminology so that you know it's not a complete hard it's it's a cardiac sound center heartbeat. It's a heartbeat right AEE and it's a sign of life and that's what people who are fighting against abortion is a lucky you know abortion ends a life so this this shifts the argument to science and do they want to argue science and life. They want to argue healthcare and decisions and mentoring them with this printed back to medical I think is a disaster you brighter. Absolutely spot on. Because now it's about. Is it a heartbeat. And so if it's not a five weeks is it eight weeks. Is it 10 weeks yet you you gotta say yes and so it's like why did she open that can of worms right so family obviously is a big story. AOC rhymes capitalism on the fact that she would have a family been dominant. She was expanding his family took on that issue directly, but more importantly your family is helping you and Kathy out this time in huge numbers. This is Kathy, this is not a Steve Ducey. Kathy makes one appearance, and of course dominates the book and goes into sometimes.

Now you have Peter helping you out.

You have your family stories you to the big story last week along with maybe the Leticia James story was the fact that Peter Peter and Hilary are pregnant and so is Sally. Yeah so talk about this book and how much enjoyment you getting make this a family operation will they all know the whole idea is and and Brian. Your family has helped us out with to the earlier books. Every family has favorite recipes like your mom was famous in your town for her meatballs right and your your aunt Kathy is famous for what is a kill made family recipe which is the artichoke pie right. Although there are a result there is a division because half the family likes meat in it and the other half does not focus apart pretty much forget the Hatfields and and McCoy is always in kill me write it. It's is more like prosciutto or no prosciutto, right? And and so everything when it comes to food. It's very personal and it's very family oriented and now with the other night on Fox nation was week ago, Peter and Hilary help me create actually create on TV on the streaming service.

The lasagna groceries.

People love lasagna right they love groceries you put them together. Brian telling it. It's the best darn sandwich you've ever held you for taste or or do you do what role does nutrition play in some of these recipes are you just like go for the taste and just don't get how gorgeous Philip, let me ask it wind up answering this question. When you are thinking you're exhausted or dead tired right you're thinking about dinner at the end of the day exactly are you thinking you know what what has 18 cal in it and is healthy for me know you think about something that's just a taste good because you know we come out of the pandemic, which was an X essential threat. Sometimes the only thing we had to look forward to was dinner at the end of the day. I just said the one thing about like I'm into site i.e. to survive and I just a lot of the stuff I before member in college I would have. It will be Chinese to buy whatever help and I got so I and everything was powdered I think that's the way the world I got everything gunpowder just your it's space-age would like it would. The scientist can come up with next. So and then I used to have meet enemies like you know that oven is so dirty I can golf right even better right and frozen sure Zoe. I have a really patient very crusty so I mean that's presently my background in the my mom the understanding that food was an issue for me were actually mailed to California would mail to California mind her meatballs.

How crazy is that.

But that's what an insulator tub or backrest when a parent does and I think I type. It seems to me I remember you told me that your mom would make you meatballs at your door. Yes, she would show up and it be like yeah Brian forget about your weight scale made hello because I went to college 40 minutes 45 minutes away from without traffic from where I work so I beware went to school and which is when I told her the whole dorm like her meatballs. Yeah, she goes out.

Next, you know that I had three Tupperware's to bring home because Nexium bring addenda people would literally come up with the meatballs left with just a fork, because you have any plates I just for the plates to but see they were famous in your town because at kill needs. They were one of the appetizer. Yet, one of the finger food said that everybody was counting on your mom to make everyday so she made him everyday so when you put together the not US but but this one said the simply happy cookbook. How much is photography. I got remember having to get pictures for the games to count was such a hassle getting Robin Williams pictures in college for this. How hard was it getting the photography to take a picture of every meal for the book while you you need a really good food photographer because I got a make it right casually what you we we made every recipe at least five times just to make sure this is something they never tell you when you agree to do a cookbook you sign a contract that these that you actually come up with these recipes and they work is nobody wants to follow recipe and it's like that didn't turn out right and so in that process that we came in contact with the guy who is a fantastic food photographer over in Brooklyn and his wife is the food stylist. So essentially when the cookbook was done we gave him the cookbook and they took all the pictures and they're beautiful there and they're fantastic almost best of pictures over and you have a collage bring to school when they say got up and I used to choose Better Homes & Gardens. Lotta glossies use a better right better than Better Homes & Gardens you write even better than the geraniums and the and the daisies. What wait, what about popular mechanics because I know I know popular mechanics and this is one of your this is one of your categories was always big on jet packs, right, absolutely because I am thinking so I is working to get back and tell the truth I am the wind project back to me at what I can never feel as though they perfected culture in the air and they said was to work out a few bugs know it's if you have the credits even fewer now. It's dangerous.

I'd like for Uber doing the flying things, but it would be handy for you because you're always working right you could get to and from work quickly. I never these of that is a phrase I never said give me that I'll fix it. I've never said that you don't need. That's why if I did get popular mechanics incident Sports Illustrated I Providence. It was second. I read an article about this. I'll take it from here, honey. I remember in the like the late 60s. The big topic was.

This is so far in the future.

We don't know if it'll ever happen in our lifetimes and the and the invention was the airbag for a car yeah debate about it to absolutely used to be just a strap, you essentially strap yourself into a car like Chuck Yeager and then they came up with this thing at me and I hope it blows up. If I have a crash. Just give us an idea and you to join me on one nation later. Yes, I am leaving idea before we go. Some of the people in the book.

Well, I dampened Gino and his wife Paula contributed her delicious empanadas.

And you know he was like he was guarding the Bush girls in South America and he fell in love with empanadas but they were fried and they were real heavy and his wife Paula said you know what we come up with a lighter make bacon yeah and so she came up with a great version that we use egg roll wrappers with Dana Perino. Greg got felled a Jesse Waters all contributed to the five charcuterie board while and okay so when was the last time you saw charcuterie board with Pez never okay got Celtics and of course it is. Dana came up with the salami roses and Jesse loves Menchanko cheese.

It's all in there. It's all in the right and a bunch of other algebra bears wife help with the recipe that were you know is a delicious artichoke chicken thing that we work with our friend Martha so it's it's a combination it's it's team. Sometimes it takes a village right villages put together the simply happy and you of course a price people at the villages. Lastly, did you got felled yet again. I did it and we could go and how to go it went great beautiful studio to me how great you been in town just as you read 30 rock I'm telling you, I know it does have the enormity and he said exactly Carson and Letterman, but I'm tell you that studio is intimated and its is fantastic.

It is beautiful and they got all the good equipment and the great lighting and of the problem is the work afternoon Friday in Essex County. Yes, he works at 630 so that the staff to 11 C. Congratulations on the book the simply happy cookbook. I'm sure the New York Times love good news for you shortly.

They already came out the list. Number one cookbook. While that is awesome congratulations Steve I will pick it up where you go you can go to simply happy, where you buy books Walmarts got a special edition just with the special chapter on holidays you have a place that they get a signed book go to simply happy and their two different retailers that already have signed copies but I fantastic I see.

Congratulations again you got it all right. I will see you shortly. And of course you watch Steve tonight at eight.

He's getting used to it out with a cooking themed new stool we come back, I see your calls up there will get to a brain to meet you. I just like Fox and friends without the green room and free day with Ryan kill me. The more you listen to Memorial know Brian kill me there quite young people under the burdens of capitalism under Not having to actually immigrant populations to help things out who she would have children.

We need people to flood our border illegally. Yes fantastic because the country the world is not good enough for AOC to procreate Debbie living in Tulsa, Oklahoma hey Debbie good what's on your mind on the border because we want at the care and organized order did not mean that we are anti-immigrant and their policy of allowing complete chaos on the border is not compassion but depict the fact that they are lazy and completely incompetent 20 Border Navy arm work and stand about their virtually think mind and they are actually human being there trying to come up from the country and the people that live along Order. I hope to see you and tells Oklahoma Karen G. Listener, that's a Debbie is I'll be there November 13 ability to sell you Debbie your hundred percent right, and the only thing that made them talk about is when the whole of the border patrol on horse was evidently doing something they thought was bad to immigrants from Haiti and number two is when Gov. DeSantis send some to Martha's Vineyard is the fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me thank you want to listen everybody is the brain to Michelle, tear from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world coming up shortly. John Chris, one of America's finest comedians you love is perspective willing to take on the headlight everything from the pandemic onto Facebook also is gonna be joining us on one nation Saturday night at 8 o'clock Shannon bream cannot stay up late even if she goes to bed earlier now because she does a network show called Fox news Sunday and then let her stay up to 8 o'clock but if you want to DVR and watching the same day will count in the writing cycle.

So before we talk to Shannon. Let's get to the victory.

Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

I believe it's going to come down certain rules next year.

Also, let's be clear, there are risks we are seeing recognize whaling gas and fighting this war right is prudent again. Janet Yellen exposed in a time in which we need to rally. It would to stop a recession and inflation were playing politics.

How do we know that inflation reduction act was exposed by none other than John Kerry used to get really is doing for inflation just forwards my green agenda inexcusable trying to fix a problem that was decimating a immigration system by the last administration coming up with solutions to children as a political stunt. There's a lot of things prompted wrong that you could debate whether he right or wrong when it comes to the border. How could you possibly say Trump broke it. He did everything to fix it, including 450 miles but that is the spin of wall should say that is the spin Democrats have had on this because they know they are losing this argument. Still, the economy, stupid record inflation another interest rate hike by the Fed. None of it matters, but the account that is David Murray Tosca weighing in on the 2022 GOP game plan rolled out about an hour ago. We are just six weeks from election day as the Dems try to stick to their plan of labeling everything Trump and abortion. What is the warning message joining us now is Shannon bream. Shannon welcome. What is it feel like having the network show on your resume now. Did you change your resume and already push Fox News and night down year in college he worked on a different couple dominated anymore change yet and hopefully on the resume. I will scramble to get it together now.

It's always good to have it at a Kinko's we can run down easy. Can you printed out on putting your floppy disk. Yes, that's an unthinking first off on the issue of abortion axioms to this word Scrabble thing about how often its use in the clinical vernacular is was second. Two months ago was 11th. A one month ago is now not in the top 2020 think that is among the x-ray care about their worry about their fellow man over hundred million dollars on at specifically talking about this and HP battleground and were heading to the midterm still want to talk about it something that motivates their base or on Fox News polling found that people abortion is one of their top issues 75% of them say there to vote Democrat delicate issue for them any money trying to move at the last you looked at this monthly thing with the most important issue or problem in America and a portion of my fourth place by the last reading so showing up to something that even a big deal but you have to member to both ways. There are pro-life voters out there to stay and track them to the pole right down to me with Gallup. When I came up with actio's many pulled Malcolm up all pole night word to Malcolm on her show. I do not house. Would you fact check that would you find out if anyone else is today and he'll use it once calendar right actio's midterm dashboard. Most search topics in the US so abortion was second, June 20, July 25. It was 11th and September 12. It was not in the top five and not in the top 25.

So, just maybe, I Gallup some interesting about what matters most will certainly see on that. I will see we have not. We never know if I reprint to be ousted that'll become a big issue in a positive. I imagine at least temporarily for Joe Biden if someone like that have something to certainly change but I think Stacy Abrams in my opinion really heard the abortion the Dobbs decision and abortion argument that they wanted to about women's rights man taking it away or are Republicans trying to not respecting women they want to do all that about about women's healthcare within Stacy Abrams said this cut 816 all all and I'm thinking myself really you're making science matter.

You're making doctors come into the fray get a part of the debate and talk about what is a viable life.

They want to talk about rights they don't want to talk about what is a baby a baby and my correct now point. What Appeared all over the world including modified in the Planned Parenthood website has to be modified yesterday was no little at meeting q. week. Okay, now Canadian messaging idea to wait.

If I get a company builder called heartbeat don't think the heartbeat usually around six weeks early anyone. People need another pregnant, if not trying to get pregnant changing it to say that there's some kind of manufacturing found on an ultrasound machine which had been used for all time. I get been deceiving people with the fake cardiac activity. You can call it whatever you want to. Until recently, people across the board agreed doctors everything there is some cardiac activity with you, think, think, until pregnancy cell, she helped yourself with making an argument because everything out there who it had to join baby with the London wanted Don to see those early parking needle appointments and been really excited to hear that noise so cc differences in Christ in Georgia election. She said she never losses by about 8 to 10 then she's on the stage to me. She made things more difficult for her are not only want to get into where you stand is unimportant, but I think with you and argue the issue if the Republicans and pro-lifers would love to argue with this way. So I think she changed it in herself see where this and heard her argument, which is I guess pro-abortion wherever it stands, the other major issue in our care where you stand. Gov. Abbott and Gov. DeSantis have made the country. Pay attention to our Boston border and introduce the border wars and now were seeing that everybody's gotta take a position on where they stand on something.

The film allusion Cliff Jenkins about everyone in our channel that anger to show has been saying why are you not paying more attention to is having the border. I wasn't expecting this tactic from Republicans and that is it was broken before we got here cut 11 so why were trying to fix a problem that was decimating a immigration system that was decimated by the last administration coming up with solutions to children using women and families as a political stunt as a political ploy because they don't want solutions all while I was a really so with the board was broken before damning the numbers don't lie.

The 40 or 50 miles that he built don't lie the wall, the one that we paid for that he will build does not live the border patrol tells the story in a daily basis. We have the video and you seen it was worse before I will.

I was astounded by the tactic about you Shannon when you were talking about everything from government that are nonpartisan. I it's not partisan and working to record numbers and increase it been astronomical under this administration fell, mingle, but a lot of people there at the portable say the numbers went down and and what he was doing had sent a message that it would not be a hospitable claimant to show up here illegally and expect that you would come into the country where you target thinking last week from the folks who were dropped off at the vice president house here in DC thank you and we can't come legally but we know it's no problem to come in lately like that would happen that we all have been found in Central America filling their perception of it. The people are coming here so the saying is New York is now opening up beds and they put building this thing called you want to jot to stand for the weekend tense Bronx got you. You haven't TNT asset they pull spell check that something into this revolutionary tentacle tense direction to get crew ships putting in hotels the same because we have a heart we have a heart really you have a heart for getting there complaining about 10,000 the year they get 8000 a day at the border in Texas alone and listen to the coal roulette. She works as a marketing director of the rescue mission of El Paso, not a partisan organization cut 16 thinking about so far it is straining straitening. I don't know how long we can do it for no politics are but if you see someone who is hungry, dirty tire you have to respond to that as a human being, not as a Republican or Democrat or independent. Just as a human being doesn't know what you do. She goes on cut 16 and time sampling with situation.

It's hard to tell them he bets right now you can sleep on the floor. That's not something we want to have to say to people I know more because of planning to start releasing more time when so this is a nice little, but there's a storm coming and didn't teach you how upset she is and she's a really were not sending our problem to you. We have to distribute people with nowhere to put them. These are small towns with no infrastructure channel.

The reality is it somehow. I think people with the make a decision.

Six weeks have to understand this a right and wrong here, and there's no way I think DeSantis and Abbott could be being cooled or demanding people pay attention now all over the place filed by putting people which when transporting people to different places like Westchester County in the middle the night and I think I can remember. Going back and forth with Kent working at the White House and nobody would think human trafficking and threatened lawsuits over people being finally induced them to confront need and want to go but immediately there plenty rockets about when Abbott and I think you know if there's anything to what the people told the woman are people who are hungry and tired and we should have compassion on people, but you have to remember that when the policies of a particular administration you are taking people into dangerous situations with coyotes and cartels and clinging to situations when they come here and they are destitute in many ways become think border towns are overwhelmed if we care about people. We have to clean up the immigration system we have to make sure that they are treated with respect. But if you're drawing in here with no hope of them integrating into society. In any organized passion and compassion either to I think it's pretty clear number one. If you have a form that says you want to go to New York and 20% of most of these border crossings say please send me an air-conditioned bus to New York.

A lot of those people those illegal immigrants to Lincoln Martha's Vineyard on a private jet. On the 1 Most Beautiful Pl. in the country.

It's hard to believe that they are actually going to sue, but they're suing Gov. DeSantis for stress as opposed to walking through the jungle paying off drug cartels leaving the family behind crossing aboard the Rio Grande. They weren't stress therapy landing in Martha's Vineyard where I do know there was no 7-Eleven, they couldn't shop 24 hours a day. I bivouacked they had to sit on the porch with a nice cool ocean breeze is hard to believe that that's got standing well bring 100 National Guard military members in their will after lectin today. Not because they're on right now is where they thought they wanted to go, or if their ideal location with a very distinct reaction from that community who you have on this weekend is free to read my guess was that I have for you. Okay. We got Congresswoman Lisa phonic and housekeeping leadership April about their commitment to American monthly contract with America. And remember, Newt Gingrich age left in the rain. Either the content that you already have in my inbox speak ability thingies are mega extremist policies on hold together the members of their group to like different pockets and stick together on the things that she can walk us through that their argument to voters if they had turned down the ancient once again finds himself in the middle of everything immediately running the federal funding for the government on the 30th next week and he sign me up.

He made with Schumer in order to get it built for the inflation reduction act on that dealer can be attached to the funding measure anything you got people on both thank you don't want to vote for Sen. Lindsey Graham in a Republican state. The political payback for knocking a delay in income from the left like Bernie Sanders to her saying they like the content of the deal, which have to do with expediting oil and gas leases in green energy and that can entail so if it's time to our funding and we only have a few days left the mansion, shot here anything amazing as you did bring up something important that I not discuss the freedom carcass. Since Kevin McCarthy prove yourself so they're not making him speaker did not. They have anointed them speak to get you to get the majority. I said it's gonna be great will can be watching Fox news Sunday and then of course the repeat on cable box and oh yes, one nation I know you did a reverse plug is done before is how negative I can only goodness he said we want to show that I mess up your chemistry here in town Saturday to celebrate. Thanks so much. Back in a moment entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian until made. If you're interested in Brian's talking about a door with Brian until made everyone welcome back in a better moments. John Crist is going to be out here one of America's funniest comedians and fastest rising if you want to know what John Crist is like on stage. Let's listen to talk about social media plantings land I've been wanting to work in Facebook for as long as I can remember back in 2020.

They had no job openings available here, except for the rollover factor. I took a job scrolling you know my feet and just keeping people locks turns out that is not the case at all. Basically it's only certain specific information that they like me. Fact check is pretty simple really perfect example right here in a couple of the house. New home well and we fact check that you talk to the bank to have a mortgage. If so, you're not homeowners fact check remove, remember, like back in college when we all took that class called critical thinking and just put kind of all the ideas in public and we will come to choose which ones work best using our brains to get rid of all that on the college campuses replaced it with you. No safe spaces and stuff like that and you know, social media, fact checking is just the natural progression of. Here's a perfect example right here. A lady selling skin cream and she says in her video.

So many people have asked about my skincare regimen well I like to fact check that I looked it up to people avast removed by so funny John Crist play many roles including honest coach would say would Trufant really think he's going to be with you shortly and what is it like being a parent at Disney can all relate to that John Crist is here.

He's also the one nation which is Saturday night at 8 o'clock tomorrow to American reports this afternoon. By the way, and bodily fluency on my on stage, Frank radio makes you say this is the Brian kill me show you what you like football team game is not a thing I did my part. I put in a great game plan. Players my players are no good to me.

That was like no excuses. I got 22 excuses 11 oh mile in 11 of my defense profits or coordinators terribly get this place off man rookie mode mean the guy is no good and are often supplying Obama's immigration policy led everybody through we have a chance next week.

No, we don't were overnight were not good. Try to recruit bigger better players to come play for us, but they went to good schools mean they're all talking in the locker like word Seymour in this together no matter what happens were not made. I'm out here. The that is that the units inspirational words of John Crist what America's hottest comedians nice enough to come here before coming by one nation which is Kineo Saturday at eight.

I don't downplay this, don't say it that that's the main thing this is that this is the main thing so you worry that I'm in a put down my own show you coming from FOX8 but is also always like this is the charity of parents if we would not live I'd redo the whole open your life around the country around the world. Just great to see what I've to research a role I've never had such a great time you're over YouTube.

You are all over the this thing called the Internet, which is here to stay next Al Gore right thanks Al Gore was before that we had no way to committing a word processor that you know like like comedies like like back in the Bible times if something was like those stories to you just had to tell him right to the next Gen. Tello right you know I don't know this is what happened to granddad and matches writing more, let's all get the Bible was like a word-of-mouth played a few hundred years trying to say the right. Remember the story right now. What do you think we got close to the real stories did you dads a pastor yeah do you think you like to submit the names well, like if you if I if you did hey John Crist, is this football coach joke and you. We didn't watch it, you told right at lunch. Yes, I would be like no this is good right that's not how it is all number when you're not John Chris yeah and that's the first thing I structured right of absolute funny thing about the video is that ESPN actually ran it on on SportsCenter but they took out the Obama drug you kidding they get the headache that Kate can we have rights to use this and Rigo absolutely and they took that joke out here was that was a how does 2008 to stick it out and show exactly they will. That's why that's like comedies so amazing, so strong right now because you go netizen that in that's not right. Like you listen like drink over nobody separate in their own homes and they would to ego but you didn't have anyone else to like like yeah that seems what you just by yourself right in the gadget labor like they wanted to think that you don't wear a mask yeah yeah and by the way, whenever you get vaccine yeah and this virus is never to be a problem here and you think we did this he not remember the like. There like what do you think house, he doesn't do we have so many great comedians we got Kevin Hart. They Chapelle Anthony found.

I show areas that are laughing. They worship at the at the altar about having K how can he say it's tough to be a comedian. That's just the all you have to do is watch and is unbelievable. But see, I agree with you but also I heard it's tough to be a comedian now when you see Dave Chapelle. Many people think he is the gold standard in your business and their attacking a mistake try to cancel Impala Misty Kampe but their attacking him on stage this till I see like establish comedians and I gotta talk to Dave Chapelle about getting right about transsexuals.

So when you look at that and say I better start lifting because people to take a run at me. Lifting weights yeah oh yeah I gotta say I will read you change your common law that that was the only thing the on time on foot will not unfortunately be on time people ever offended is a truth right that's just the fact even if it's not true is not funny and it was nice of him is untrue on the Internet because it doesn't just go with that.

Like you think the comedians have all the power the comedians have no power audience has all the powers of you say something to laugh. You're done what was in a month ago with Dave Chapelle. It sold that a famous arena in Minneapolis. Yeah, and they go yeah where I can cancel it so that across tapping is doing just fine on foot well date. What the left doesn't understand as they they played they played into his hand of cards perfectly like he's, that's, they did exactly what he was hoping they would do not going to quit Netflix on what are you to quit your job okay and then all the he has no social media and he's just they're just carrying his message and everybody goes our unit shut that down like when they said I think that one of the most powerful things that helps trump is when they took him off twitter because it will go wait what you have to say like you could if you shot somebody is like before. That's why comedy is so strong is coming there, make a joke in there, but just goes not only to my Facebook yeah lately, so you could see the most powerful person and by the other other leaders who hated trout were totally would blown away that you think that that's concerning SOI, we have Dan Longino on the show and he rumble once went public.

It's out rumble you go on to have his own. So now people saying okay now you can cancel me. I have my own infrastructure yeah so go ahead and try so I think that alert a lot of people and if you like you understand how big these like like oh like NASCAR. No one goes to it like I'm going to the races. We can list 225,000. I know I like Jason nothing like he's washed up. I gulped it right is so 75,000 like you want to think this like a fringe group it's not that's what's wild about their localities like hillbillies I go well not really not really John Crist is here as any comedian could follow him on Twitter as she heard the first thing out of Chris. Okay John yeah you a whole bunch of appearances, no you know you have that which we are all across the country of stone for the break that was like like with Fayetteville North Carolina moved in 5060 shows in the spring. They're all full.

If they're not for the got tickets left. But they're all like we did that happen for you like to do thousand 19 right before the pandemic. Yeah, that's would like to thousand 18 is when people started like I go to the airport.

There like what's up what we saw your video and then you and what's great about that special was it you, there's a multiple videos. The football one was one of but yet there's football on the Disney one. The lot a lot of the videos that ego I know that God and then he starts about like a recognizable and then you know I mean I guess we have the social media that could that could ban us, but those those once you ban someone once he silenced someone. Everybody goes I want to hear why dry and I like that that you think the banning is like a silence order but it didn't. Nine times out of 10 it does the opposite of the suit, the John Kristin 2019 is not politically crested now publicly correct in 2022 19. I now while you had to.

Yeah, maybe, maybe, but then he realized the more like the more you say it, the more people are like unified under it and then you don't have any like is when you have like a Netflix special Netflix can remove you know if you just go drift social medias go direct to the people I lay like I don't have a boss that you have a boss, the gunfire, maybe not right yet powerful place you right absolutely and he wants an approximation now so I'm screwed. Thank you. You and your family on fireball. I think of you every night might be his last right is super.

The ratings keep going up. Yeah hello is valuable when young people watch yeah nice that you when you say hey I walked on streaming on this the guy from tick-tock like is everybody like if I like my mom's on Facebook like a big Facebook is my biggest social media but better because that's tick-tock ago.

I guess on what is your viewing tick-tock will talked with us on television which is almost as important as ready which tick-tock because knowing the Chinese taken all your information and they do think China is behind us doing the silliest things possible that are oftentimes dangerous. What that that is where you a little bit what the information what's different. What worries about is the is that the algorithm is so dedicated to you that you might not see what's going on elsewhere right on you. You're only getting what they think you'd like an echo chamber right but I may but they don't with silencing people I met a joke was on that on the first tee box of the golf course on July 1 and I hit the ball and my joke was pride month is over I can finally hit the ball straight again. Which is a joke fantastic its exhibits and then but they took it down.

They took it yeah and acted tick-tock removed it but got but that's a it's a pro it's not your making fun of, like maybe the back woods. I can't believe like they don't understand how sarcasm was algorithm doesn't understand that you think it someone in Beijing said we had on and I were that I have doubts as to be tough somebody charge of it is that it's not it's not going good. If you set a the future of our nation showed what's going on tick-tock you will. This is not right. It is like to like jackass yeah and very short burst and will talk about that on me.

I was a lot going on over there that's easy to make fun of right so you have no problem going on. Even though your red white and blue guy.

No problem going that's I say that your red white and blue guy that's like the terminology is used guy like that of a red white and blue of a patriotically yeah yeah that yeah you very judgment on that red white and blue guy. Okay, I just never heard that before. Really that's about. That's like a premises on stage with you and you like Jesus you know Jesus when they try to figure out who the other Christians were. He drew like half of a fish than the other guy. We drew the other half and then they knew that something new he was on the team really get that psychedelic family reunion like you would Rev. Luca that I know is on the team. Some people get data as challenging as they set you off know you by having a flag yeah yeah yeah that what I know you probably don't know what.

Now I know that you I don't know when that happened. When that when the menu is like the trigger. Yeah, which, like I always say like to go though we been on a bunch of like mission trips for our church liquid everywhere and I go well, like a comet, a comedy will become a good guy.

Quote it seems the supply and demand.

I think everyone trying to come to this point, I think that the immigration the border is from that wonder this one does not delete yeah I was trying to come here. There's a reason that's the reason I thought so the people are born here. The biggest critic suddenly so John should know a bit about you. Third, at an eight out of eight kids when you realize you were not the favorite.

You know why I got fired from Chick-fil-A. What are those the only place where lab work and because very close on Sunday yet another causes on that we are very gobs, very Christian, very religious, but at the pastors.

The McDonald's Burger King was rendered will have nothing to do with the rise and establishment Seo in their check.

I never drove myself goblets. Yeah, that's you know that's my parents to pray for they think you're funny you to be none. I know what note can (whatever we like and want my son to be a comedian takes like years down the road and then they sear like always like is going a Range Rover that I get that right and I still like my memory like sold-out shows like coast-to-coast and my dad would still like I leave the house to give you like 20 bucks to put off till I get a nice like rail your car up with gas on what that that's a comedian is greater is like a comedian's must be like in every man right like Kevin Hart is like the guy flies private insecurity. But if he saw Kevin are you rising your body is reacting Boise know where he came from every comic know comic is is this is to confident because it one bad set in that right as I like an athlete or musician.

They can be up there. They don't need the crowd played bad this week, he'll come back next week. If we if we coming there's gave comics getting to confident walking on stage like you own the place over is over and you catch yourself to after big night into to the third and I am glad you think it is self and you will sleep well I'll know that well it's like it's like playing for your home. If you didn't appearance.

These are your people, but then you're like, hey I'm Annette like there is my buddy Andrew Scholz is a comedian and I was I had the 6 o'clock show sold out here.

The 8 o'clock show sold out his buddy Mondayday for the 8 o'clock and come on my show. Like 6 o'clock I'm getting carried out of there with you know the streets or chanting my name and then I don't know me right at the other one and it's that it's a little different, absolutely.

Here's this guy what what how many years it takes you before you didn't really want that $20 from your dad and I still want yeah I mean it's a probably since I've started 2009, 2018 10 years and he started to be like thing about Bill do it, but it but give Sally I will guess and if you had $1 billion. Will you be doing the same thing. That's it made me time is like a more passionate about my leave a little earlier. Am I not dear John, Robert yeah, you'd still be the ready to cut the TV but keep the radio. Now I change my mind so many days. John Chris is going to be here for one more segment LCL goes afterwards. It was, he would talk we would talk would break to have any idea what time in the break. I do not even prepping okay merely signature number 11 on the table.

Letterman said I know Letterman said he never talked and when the break. They said it unnerve people, but you want to talk to reporting are you gonna leave Wednesday and when I can talk to chillers and 4 feet from each other. What I can say were to see how close Hart fire back at home this weekend.

Check out Bryan's new show on Fox news channel Saturday so your we can still take it easy, Bill really hurt one nation with Brian kill me Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian, now breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me and show John Chris is here terrible thing I did not have his big events in front of me and will never happen again. John Johnson to be in Spokane, Washington from the 29th to the first next weekend.

Then you will be on New Brunswick, New Jersey. I don't brag like that you must be doing well going to rouse and feel sorry you know Christian 1060 10 eight the stress factory and then you go to Virginia Beach, Virginia. We have W NIS down there listening to us right now how many of your markets. Do you know the call letters Virginia know the colors of the Virginia where you are in Virginia. Bill you NIS that's unbelievable.

Thank you. How many of you know I don't have time to go okay are I never thought I was right now you're impressed you asked me what I have been on the field is that you guys are the hazards listening this you think of the commercial breaks.

Colleges like in a cup with this man has 75 people to come in here tell them what to say what not to say that he messed say anything nice about me know not what numbers I want. Yeah, not a supported pressure that you can be in Dayton Ohio on the 11th of how HIO listeners pay attention.

I don't know if these are made for not but yeah yeah Allison told is not made up there not made up probably picking out the cities are going to working now though I'm supposed to write you more of investigator and then allow you to be on November 18 being Greenville, South Carolina.

You know all downs are sold out of the we have that California sold-out so a guy can live in Nashville appeal to the south and west. That's unbelievable out.

Yeah I cross I weld the wealthy and anise and called right so maybe not bill hourly for three and half years was banned from box absolutely. A lot of people think those were his best years you fear pandemic two years with your best years. Well, this is you have to learn to fight differently now. It's that it was very it's like batting practice like you just go. I live in you just crush and just but just home run after home run people still be happy if they so you on stage. Yeah, I just thought what if he were now to start to come back on the people often pay more to say, this wasn't enough that so much enjoyed it when the weather usually with the highest compliment for community come on Saturday.

Come back in action. Over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not

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