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Russia, Ukraine Tensions Escalate as U.S. Puts 8,500 Troops on "Heightened Alert"

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January 25, 2022 12:25 pm

Russia, Ukraine Tensions Escalate as U.S. Puts 8,500 Troops on "Heightened Alert"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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January 25, 2022 12:25 pm

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Brian kill me.

Thanks much was in everybody's the brain to Michels and Lindsey Graham of the bottom of the hour to handle all the unfolding crisis. These domestic and foreign. And of course will take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 was right right now as we look at multiple challenges around the globe with 38 warplanes that flew over Taiwan over the weekend or whether it was what was happening with the buildup of over 100 Russian troops hundred thousand Russian troops around the border of the Ukraine whether it was 8500 American military men and women were being mobilized to go into one of our neighboring NATO nations. This is a foreign policy crisis by Vladimir Putin's doing are we handling it the right way a man that had this portfolio in his hand, is the former Secretary of State.

He joined a soundbite Pompeo Sec. Welcome back. Good morning. First off was as predictable that the Ruth when you were there. Did you sense the Russians are getting impatient with the outreach of the Ukrainians to a degree, to the West. But what made clear that a democracy on his western border would not start up.

He wanted control. He wanted political control is political economic tools to do that for an awfully long time. Frankly. Union fell apart.

They tried to bring Ukraine back into the old Warsaw Pact alliance takes an apartment knew what. What's different is I think he says that people administration Antilles begin to use this course to power in different ways that he would've done with Pres. Trump is just that when a policy around the world which made clear here the things we care about your things were going to bed and there was no doubt that these words would be backed up by deeds that I think he is the Colonial pipeline incident rate with a short horizon shut down by client in the southeast that week we told that's great Do it again, he can't give them new start debacle in Afghanistan, and I think that is a bold him. The fact that he's now got equipment and troops in Belarus is something that suggests he has deep plan to act in a way to get spun recruiting a lot of what he wants, so another 200. These weapon shipments of $200 million have begun arriving in Ukraine have about 150,000 active soldiers reify 250,000 on topic which is pretty formidable and they have $2.7 billion of our money since 2014, 600 million last year's would sound like we've been ignoring it. Are they ready to fight where they are and they will fight well I'm really glad might override what Obama got on a blanket dollars in candy quickly gave them the capacity to defend their own sovereign territory that their people should do that work and I'm glad we did that much better position today that the Russian military is jail bigger and harder to move on offense report will run into more trouble.

I think that he believes incompetent Ukrainians will fight but don't make no mistake about it. I said that on the weekend that we should respect Vladimir Putin does mean we should love them like a marked card vendor meet. But we shouldn't treat them as the JV that they are capable. He is a credible capable statesmen and that's where the mistake of not putting deterrence in place over the past year that led to this moment that were suffering from today is a chunk of the city's doing now cut one. He is a spokesperson for the Pentagon, the United States will ask only in the sense of its national interests. In response to actions by Russia, harm us, our allies are partners. All told, the number of forces that the secretary has placed on heightened alert comes up to about 8500 personnel were going to be ready were going to be prepared to help bolster our allies with capabilities they might they might need. So what is that do you mean you not only you are you secretary from CA director but you spend years in the military, a West Point grad number on your class. So what is that due for the region and encouraging. I think it's a bit light encouraging sounds likely unit that they have notified are mostly transportation assistance which will be important for the agreements to be able to outrun logistics operation should Vladimir Putin conducted a significant invasion because deep up, but second intelligence operations at that very important to at the chance to lead the CIA for a little bit and the ability of United States to share the intelligence that we have out with the Ukrainians as their clinical respect. Vladimir Putin will prove very important. The brightest does get to the larger picture you talked about what the Chinese are doing. You did mention that the Iranian fired missiles into the United Arab Emirates over the past week multiple occasions the world would've come to see America on its back in America that apologizes in America not prepared to do what it says is going to do and deliver on the promises. It did not wondered any of those places no one asking for American soldiers on the ground. Ukrainians are the Taiwanese heart. The varieties are what they wanted to know the state will be with them as a friend and partner that we committed to be and provide them with the kinds of resources they need to protect themselves so we know the Olympics having what the Russians were doing with the Chinese well, but the Russians still have a little bit of work to do to be fully prepared. As I understand a tactical situation on the ground.

The electrics are now awake and you days away from beginning. She's thinking will use this propaganda tool to make himself look like the nicest sweetest man on the earth when in fact he is trying to be the global hegemon and destroy the American way of life about that is a bit of a site.

We met were now sending young American kids to a country to compete in athletic games and telling pick burner phones and don't hold up a sign that said free to bet on the this is the worst kind of muffins working center of it that you must do what she thinking says you must visit this movement is not the way America has behaved for the IOC so that you fault America for going the IOC and the person made a horrible mistake by creating this genocide electrics holding the Olympics in a place where there's a million people sitting in internment camps but in the second instance in the United States that are responsible to do what's right by its own people, and this is really difficult. I love the Olympics.

I thought Carl Lewis run in LA in the 1980 something I treasure and these athletes worked their whole life but meant that going to a place that is a very difficult and has massive security state that will spy on every single move they make every electronic fire from any of the really putting them at top) we are going there.

Perhaps also in the 1980s you so that without the Russians. The Soviets, because they will be cutting each other since the games could fall but we gotta be much you are aware light when they give amount from after 2008 in Beijing that should've been enough for them to go back is no was bidding on the winter games. Perhaps so it's it's a tough situation because were playing into their propaganda game while their welding door shut for people who may have the coronavirus. It's unbelievable to get back to what were dealing with. Now let me put a bad actor. He's a guy hitting above his weight. You've often told me that their economies about the size of Italy's and as gas goes over $100 a barrel. They are benefiting big time from that and they are causing the unrest that's causing that. So when asked about the trouble, having in with Russia as relates to Afghanistan, then price to State Department spokesperson evidently came up with a great evacuation plan actually acted, but followed by the linkage cut 1 cup five aware of how cryptic of the whole work is what just like what happened in Afghanistan and then reports I think that press I think that moving could move.

I have a hard time understanding how it is that putting unions to a 20 year military commitments were thousands of American troops. At one point tens of thousands of American troops were stationed where there was a neato commitment where thousands of native troops were stationed for many years taking casualties where we were that still to be the case, how we would be better strategically positioned to take on what were seeing now from the Russian Federation. She does not see the linkage between the two is he being sincere about not the fact that he can't say it is truly remarkable. The American people can the American people you mentioned Brian, the energy issue. Think about what this what we call Vladimir Putin were told by the not reinforcer military when I can have a budget that reflects American security with foldable docket to produce American energy that you can build your pipeline and hold the Germans hostage in the wintertime. Make no mistake about it. At present, but need to be talking to the German thing.

If you promised you would have better relationships that yet another president drop. The Germans need to be sure that they're doing the right thing to defend Europe and they're not suffering because argument depend on the Germans further and it arches me to rush you can't depend on American allergy American crude oil produced here at home. These issues are all deeply linked in that price date he doesn't understand how the world watched the way we departed from Afghanistan as a complete debacle in a sign of American weakness how he doesn't understand how that would fit into the minds of a Vladimir Putin or she thinking or chairman Kim or the Ayatollah it is is so deeply concerning for someone who so deeply involved in making America for I was I would think so too. You mentioned the Germans by mistake or not, but the Germans are center because they are not on board with this. In fact, do not letting any. If you are a stony over a lot for you and you're looking to help out Ukrainians. You cannot go over their airspace in the UK was flying in arms is not allowed to go over Germany.

They are not on board with this, dare I say there almost siding with Putin the undersecretary of Navy commencing. Putin deserves respect and he later resigned over the weekend bring us inside the German mindset.

I know you dealt with Merkel lose this guy so I note that he was the secretary just got a Cartwright at finance and treasury during our time. He's got a very fractious political system. There voluntary system is made as to our Scott Green party member and control of the Foreign Ministry, but the Germans have to be part of this answer. They have to defend the Ukrainians, just like every European country have to do the hard work to make sure that they understand that Ukraine can't be someone in the sacrifice for the benefit of German commerce for German money for German and not allow these weapons the subsupplier with their airspace is absolutely outrageous. Pres. Biden and his team need to make clear that it is outrageous and demand that they reverse course I didn't hear the comments over the weekend about respecting letter Merkel have I president, but I understood that he deserve our respect what he did not ever deserve being allowed to continue his malign activity did not deserve to be given a free pass weather was what he didn't score Paul what he was doing it.

Cropping 6 million people quickly. He is a bad actor extraordinaire United States has the capability to get on the frontcourt and push back against going the prison trumpet said no and I know these even tonight if it were holding back weapons at some point so they come clean on this election mess when Lou Giuliani was traipsing over the Ukraine.

Do you think it's feasible that they would've looked at that as an opportunity also to go into his surrounding intimate Ukraine.

If you guys are still in office. I can only read all all that happened everything you describe took place right.

The idea that we were trying to make sure that we understood that Ukraine was straight up and doing things in an appropriate way. We we were working hard. We wanted more democracy, less oligarchy, Ukraine.

We put pressure on Pres. to clean up the corruption inside of Ukraine that was part of our effort as well, but Vladimir Putin never saw that as an opportunity to coerce Ukraine and the way you're saying today. I hate looking in emails. The history to the effect of the country under Pres. Obama.

When Biden was VP I am and present by did not hold them. You can make a minor incursion into the country that all be square. Just 50 by me.

Those are positive signs of feebleness signs of weakness and those are the kind of things that never happened during our four years.

Brian was his thing is pretty clear is weaknesses and come with you. In fact, you been working like a madman in the last six months you lost 90 pounds. Anyone who sees you understands that's not an overstatement why what it means so much to you to get into your fighting weight provided amazing.

I was part of the court Met with turbine to everyone. What about my weight lot rent around the world. Look at but a struggle for me for a lifetime brand strength. They'll try to keep at it.

I pray that I can keep the weight off. I feel so much better so much healthier a lot about 90 down the last workout. More was the model argument trying keep at it. I want to be around for my son getting married this year.

We have granted I want to be here to figure out how to doublecross, but they are passable. I understand that, and you've always when you said you go you usually get it.

So yes, secretary CA director Congressman and newborn your class in and at West Point and I know people who graduated with you and you guys are extremely tight West Point class old all seem to be very successful. You are goal oriented and this report. Actio's and no reason to think it's not true that you have a police put election committee.

I'm sorry would you say Eric okay put election committee. I spent 30,000 media training last March to get yourself ready. Are you so all set to run for president Bartlett Drive irrevocable election committee PACK were not about me it's about helping folks across the progressive liberal to November of this year.

Travel to 30 points out of 1140 this year to do that focused on 2022. Brian will fit with the good Lord brings after the selections like I pray with the consent of the house back in school boards all across the country and Sheriff up if we do that then will be a whole bunch of us try to figure out how to be impractical to preserve the American way of life in the years and months ahead understood and less you will immediately do you meet I did.

I did learn from your bride will get better.

You can forward me Mr. Sec., trained by telling others about your signature like something I think so much is very fluid time and Co. time around the globe appreciate you bringing this up close and personal care have a good day. 1-866-408-7669 back in use makers and news breakers here is first only on the Brian kill me show Fox News contests network and on the next Fox News contributor or of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join in conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News on talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me, show weakness Russian backed paper to take towns and cities in 2014 Ukraine like counting conflicts now killed more than 14,006 controls the rebels. That's pretty amazing there's a lot of Russians and Ukrainians, but evidently the sense of nationalism in the country since the 2014 occupation in the Don Bass revision region and they just need the recapture of the Crimea has really ratcheted the tensions.

I had no idea there were 13,000 dead over the period of time. It's not something to get a lot of publicity but it also shows how determined Ukrainians are what they are also saying that Bush may actually push them further to the west by me. Poon says it's really ours.

We never should've left it. If you want to reconstitute the Soviet Union and maybe get that coastline back and get the oil and gas it's within those boundaries. He's gotta get back Ukraine and I think that's ultimately what he wants. Now they're saying that you, the US and NATO is NATO allies are acting hysterical hysterical. They surrender the country. The hundred thousand troops.

The question is there's a lot of people on the right was saying let's not get involved in the conflict for me. I think you have to make a stand here because if you don't make a stand in the Ukraine goodbye Estonia goodbye Lithuania goodbye Kazakhstan all the others, or any other were these autocratic leaders. He gets in trouble, one 800 Vladimir Putin coming usual Robbie stay a while and provide that and make sure I stay in power. That would be good and meanwhile instead of NATO that are not expanding being tested right now, not in a place like the Middle East we say what we really have a stake here it is right in their backyard. I wish they would realize it, especially German bring that up with the senator from South Carolina Senate went to grandma's personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time or wherever you get your podcasts radio show like no other. Brian kill me for frontline stop. It's designed to reassure our NATO allies to designed to reassure and we are taking we are Janet it sends a very clear signal to Mr. Pruden that we take our responsibilities to NATO seriously write the denominator nation is what her point is in Lindsey Graham Georgia Sandoz, is a complex region, but these people only understand strength and they very well understand weakness center. Graham, do you like that movie yesterday to send 5000. Guess 8500 personnel to the region very much so what reconstructive Soviet Union can in no way we should do a better job teaching history in 1994, 98, I can't remember after the collapse of the Soviet Union Ukrainians had nuclear weapons. They gave their nuclear weapons to Russia with an agreement with the British.

The Russians and the United States that there's territorial sovereignty would be respected. So we enticed the Ukraine to give up their nuclear deterrent force to make the world more stable and in return they were supposed to have their territory respected and protected. So will the next group do that in light of what the student probably not wanted that matter with Ukraine. It's a democracy there very friendly United States they've helped us in the war on terror, their democratically elected government and Putin is trying to dismember them because he hates democracy. If the threat is totalitarian regime there his neighbor and he is also threatening that neighborhood, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Baltic states that a very small former Soviet Union. Client states that are now members of NATO. So what is Putin trying to do is trying to break NATO's will be trying to get us to back off from his borders so I like the that we will. You'll have more Americans and NATO troops around him, not less, as he encircles Ukraine. We need to reinforce NATO's presence and encircle potent and I'd be willing to pull the troops out of.

Be willing to pull the troops pull back is that why you want these NATO nations to not do as we giving the exact opposite of what he wanted, but he feels like he is surrounded we got 30 countries now I in NATO when he feels in his doorstep, but I do understand is the timing. Why all of a sudden does after 2014, he took to dump us region to Crimea, while the sun does he need 100,000 troops and why is he threatening now show by Hard to figure out. Brian 2014, the Crimea, you know all about so bottom line here is he sees a weak American president is taking advantage of the moment Afghanistan was a clear signal to him that America is not reliable. The Afghanistan debacle is haunting us all over the world.

The Taliban Internet now in charge and Al Qaeda nice is lurching in Afghanistan is just a matter time to they hit us at home are our allies abroad. So Afghanistan was a green light to all the back world to go ahead with your agenda and the only thing will stop them is if we can be any increase the call so I had a meeting yesterday with a bunch of senators about imposing sanctions now not. They about more weapons to the Ukraine to up the number Russians that could occur if you went Ukraine you got up the cost. Couple things I want you to Davis Hanson say since this is this is helping China cut nine we say will name Alyssa NATO promised 30 countries and NATO Laura. They have a population of 1 billion people there seven times and aggregate Jeep GDP larger than Russia. If NATO is as powerful and as numerous as it is than this is in our backyard and yet we can't get more than six countries suspend what they promised 2% of GDP, German people, according to pupils think they call anti-America.

That's the richest country in NATO. 54% don't have a favorable opinion of the Turkish people, which has the largest army in NATO are even more anti-American dream is wholly dependent upon Russian natural gas, New Orleans and Turkey has a lot of bilateral defense and industrial contacts with Russia. So the idea that NATO's can rise up and go into the coffee shop submit of Europe and going on in support Ukraine is not happen to have any problem with that is 18 he said you view view is inaccurate. Thank you for thinking underneath cheapens the value of NATO disability to the world where that had a land war in and Europe proper since World War II. We had NATO for to confront the Soviet Union Soviet Union was expansive, expansionist communist power that wanted it spread communism throughout the world. NATO was formed for democracies to be able to push back and protect Democratic interest in Europe, it worked. The Soviet Union collapsed with all due respect to Mr. Hanson. The worst thing you could do to embolden China is to blink when it comes to Russian aggression. So this idea that it doesn't matter what happens. Ukraine is beyond wrong is dangerous because what happened and understand matter what happens. Ukraine matters if we go wobbly here and let get away with this without a heavy price channel going to Taiwan just assures what this discussion we do both. Can we can we Taiwan and you think they're living are three things. There's three things you got it you going to deal with the radical Islam right you may be tired of fighting radical Islam. They're not tired of fighting you confided in their backyard.

You can find them in your backyard. Those are your choices okay this idea that just leave them alone to leave you alone is dangerously nave on September 11, 2001.

We did have one soldier in Afghanistan.

Would it have diplomatic ties with the Caliban wouldn't have an embassy and Al Qaeda used Afghanistan to Texas. This is a religious war there compelled to have you been the need to Islam. If you don't get that you're crazy.

They're going to keep coming after seller keep up over there so they can come here so that's one line of threat. The other line of threat is Russia is expanding its influence to our detriment. There trying to break NATO part which is been a stable force and China's up to no good all over the South China Indo Pacific region and Joe Biden has set a cascading effect in motion here, but pulling out of Afghanistan if we don't get Ukraine right then China will please Taiwan world is going to become a very dangerous place.

Couple things. How you feel about our State Department telling the embassy to empty out. I'm very reluctant to do that, simply because it almost accepts an invasion Joe Biden has been a wrecking ball when it comes to national security. All of his freegan life. Now he's commander-in-chief. It is a two hour rambling news conference incoherent mostly any makes an odd statement and minor invasion with will be met. One way or manner encouragement versus a full own invasion. What did they send Ukraine 1 inches too much. So by his is being taken advantage of. So you got NATO members cryptically. The Baltic states that are yearning to have a more robust response from the depressed, you know, this isolationist movement will exist until the end of time. This happened in the 30s and Europe. Hitler just this part of the this country causes German-speaking. You know, we had the neutrality act. He doesn't really want to kill all the Jews will guess what the Iranians really do want to kill all the Jews that they get a nickel weapons bill sure what radical Islam is to have a world they want to master religion. We live in a dangerous world so clears what Congress is going to Congress I think in a bipartisan fashion is going to sanction prudent for the disruption to the world order by the military buildup got invasion that will go to gratis and 11 Scott West Ukraine and the bill on Republicans like me supporting beefing up the American NATO presence in the Baltic region still let him know he's not don't get what he wants out best for them which we live. It China is watching. That's actually true. China's watching and are they are happy about it. I want you here with one thing I think you giving Jimmy pass Germany is not allowing the UK to five weapon systems over their country.

They have made statements complementing Vladimir Putin the secretary Navy lost his job and now they're really committing nothing to this whole this whole conflict.

In fact, I think the Russian side isn't does not concern you is ready we can do about it very much so. But they have frozen the final completion of door straight to Ted Cruz had an idea to sanction Germany.

The pipeline itself because it's a cash cow for food. Germany made a bad decision to link their economy up to Russian gas. Having said that, we have thousands of troops in Germany that been a part of NATO since its origination.

I think they're taking the wrong path here, but I think Germany is an outlier. Some of the sanctions that we will impose congressionally will deal with door straight to we haven't forgotten about Germany. Lastly, what is the timing.

Richard tosses about the timing of an invasion, consisting militarily been ready for some time, and the longer the time goes.

Obviously begin to see NATO take preparation to see Ukraine beginning to absorb and some some weapons in some sense, not waiting is in Russia's interest. The problem is the Beijing Olympics. They start just over a week supposed to be there is the honor just a change in paying the Olympic stone until February 20 so it's unlikely I think that he overshadows these Olympics with invasion.

Plus I think Russia wants the diplomacy to cornucopia seems to play out in the other thing that I've been told is they want to ground frozen so if they wait too long. The grounds, I can be frozen.

Tell me what you think is you give that military background well trying to achieve objectives. If it takes an invasion to what he wants invasion if he can get what he wants to diplomacy dust around it will take.

Our goal is to make and patient Ukraine so damage that he will not go down that road Howdy do that you don't have to submit American ground forces, but you do have to have a stream of arms to the Ukrainian people who will fight to kill as many Russians as possible. The Russian economy is not strong this week is the size of Italy. So what I want to do is punish his oligarch buddies crush their economy reinforced Ukraine so they can kill as many Russians as possible to make an involvement and Ukraine a nightmare for food. If we do that he won't go in.

If we don't do that. He will go he thinks he can get away with it. What by but here's the last thought Biden will not be present at 2024. The chance of that is almost 0. Top is a good chance.

All I can say is that the next president at 2024 will have to deal with food differently. If you based Ukraine. I think what he's trying to do is consolidate his power in the and just fractured Ukraine doubtful skill invasion. I worry that NATO and other appeasement groups would be willing to give him part of the Ukraine. As a reward for withdrawing his troops that would be the biggest mistake we could make the second biggest one would be answering on paper the ridiculous demands including guaranteeing that Ukraine will never be part of NATO and that there be no weapon systems in any NATO nation correct is exactly what democracies disorder just throw over particular groups you know it started in the late 30s. Here's the deal here twilight about truck the more belligerent you were toward United States.

The bigger the price you pay. He told Mexico if you don't help me with my illegal immigration and securing our border will put tariffs on your stuff you put tariffs on China products atopic triangle countries not cut all the money off you stop the caravan.

He broke withdrew from the right agreement and sanction the hell out of a here was Donald Trump. You screw with me.

You're gonna regret it. Here's Joe by what can I do to make you happy. I think is down to Leslie to the governor DeSantis Donald Trump sparring session behind the scenes you'll both men not really spent all weekend with process drop this party is not the sentence parties that went to grandma's party. You will be the nominee in 2024. If you want. Stay tuned, there's gonna be some efforts here fairly soon to urge Pres. to be more forceful about running. I don't think is going to announce until after the midterms, but I'm very confident that the Republican Party would would pick Donald Trump to be there nominee because he was a damn good president. A lot of Republicans appreciating what he did for our country independence now. See Trump differently after this debacle with by so I like the fantasies got a bright future. I will be once his reelection. These arising start talking party think he appreciates process drop but I just want let you know from our point of view there's nobody is going to be Donald Trump if he wants to run and we covered a lot of ground lease-option problems. Thank you God said agreement tapped in 186-640-8766 and for you because we returned right Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox News time. Just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite fine just the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. Told very wise as you grow up. Yeah she needs her up because she's acting like a child or children are actually less childishly than like to buy what Mary Alice messed up too many people are making this about politics and libertarians right. I think those libertarians are not sure you can use a lot of leeway. This was not funny that I was not a comedian Bill Moore was right on the money.

Everyone Signet everything all the contradictory information is now going down in history. Barry Weiss said there was most telling and revealing. Was she says this is going to go down as a moral moral crime is a look back at how we handle this to our next generation. Think about it. The kids in first grade in preschool all wearing masks what they've done in the remote learning sacrificing use tuition bills to put these kids in adverse old adversarial situations may be learning remotely from home and all this stuff was an overreaction doing policies that have proven erroneous from wiping down our Wheaties boxes to walking around with club Stephen Ray recommended to wear goggles. Now they tell us.

After two years the mass only help you 5% all week. You have a 95 mask which is great if I'm a surgeon, but not if I want to live my life nuts, following the vaccine. Take your mask off.

Oops, didn't mean it, put it back on. Remember that we do will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of pop-culture politics and business subscriber. Listen, knowing Fox News five just live Fox News radio city is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here, but is the brain to Michelle busy hour, anyway. Congressman Lance good is to be here.

He's from the financial services committee Congressman from Texas can talk about topic of the border record numbers come across. No one seems to care doesn't seem to matter. Yet, we really care about Ukrainians border. It's incredible. Also, do you know that over the weekend arrest warrants They found so many criminals come across the border just of the people that they apprehended so this is this is getting so I hand and I believe that is probably the third-biggest driver down of Joe Biden's ratings. I think the first is actually crime. I think number two was Afghanistan. And I think to be is probably inflation was get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three when you read the most important job is. I would agree that your people do not feel safe. I think if we look at the facts here, we've seen a surge of crime over the last two years.

Would you agree with that rising crime crime crisis impossible to ignore. For all the problem and cure is where the parties and the country divides. I have an idea why we ask those on the line of fire. The cops stay away from daily something you told very wise essentials you grow up. Yeah, she's a girl because she's acting like a child.

Children actually less childishly than like to buy what writers I was yeah that's done lemon really care about what he has to say about anything medically related loss abandoned loss for mandated a victory for Saturday is New York indoor master bands get struck down in court.

An executive order to make mass optional in schools in Virginia faces pushback as Hollywood lefties do battle over the extended pandemic panic of the never-ending pandemic. Paul told the number of forces that the secretary has placed on heightened alert comes up to about 8500 personnel were going to be ready to be prepared. Escalation and evacuation are we sending the right message to the minutes of the far east or should I say Eastern Europe will give you the latest on Ukrainian border and that's will start by John Kirby yesterday to move some troops into into the theater somewhere. One of these NATO nations 8500 but we also really moving $200 million worth of heavy armaments sunlight armaments into the Ukraine to help support the hundred and 50,000 man and woman Armed Forces have 20 50,000 max 150,000 active that's pretty serious IK. The Russians at the super equipment I understand. I did not know their army was that big until I saw some of these numbers are coming out, but it is serious but the question is by sending armaments and personnel to the NATO nations is the denominator nation.

How is that going to be digested by Vladimir Putin because that's not really where the conflict will be here is Adm. John Kirby, spokesman for the Pentagon expanding on this got to alliance troops if they are activated are defensive and therefore front-line state.

How does this protect Ukraine. How does it stop them from going into Ukraine. It's it's designed to reassure our NATO allies.

Janice is designed to reassure NATO allies and we are taking we are protecting Janet it sends a very clear signal to Mr. Pruden that we take our responsibilities to NATO seriously. That's the whole one of things to Kirby's defense and I know Jim knows this, Griffin knows this is that they would let me point says I don't armaments.

I don't want personnel in these NATO nations they are reporting NATO. That's one thing. Don't happy about it but you 30 nation Samara border and I don't want them to have any missile weapon systems and people and that's I going to happen more people in a flowing to Poland. We know that for sure. Also get this Russian naval exercise were taking place near the coast of Ireland and the present of the finest rows of this is not well committee to tell us the DHS does also worn to hear our department of homeland security. The Russia launch cyber attacks on us now. If they do that in the fingerprints are on that we have to hit them back the same day just as hard. So NATO is getting their comeuppance and they're getting tested there getting tested to see how strong the alliances present.

Biden said yesterday. He's happy with the strengths and the unanimity he seen. I very, very, very good meeting totally with all the European leaders talk about. Okay fine, we'll talk about it later.

Probably not with us, but he should because that probably Germany and others who have not shown the aggression or saw the urgency in this move because Ukraine again wants to be part of NATO once release associate member NATO but is and if you are in your tact rule five go in there. You have to protect them.

How big or small it doesn't matter where in so how does Ukrainian Foreign Minister feel about it. Demetrio Colima he knew about present binds remarks last week but has he feels this week at seven we heard what Pres. Biden said the White House, and presumably present by the response to that and returns the page or we heard from both US officials speaking openly to the media but also speaking to me and two other Ukrainian officials directly on the phone that the United States will remain absolutely committed to slashing Russia any type of incursion invasion interference takes place yet not you were slashing Russia.

I guess with sanctions individual oligarchs with Sen. Lindsey Graham in the previous hour say that a lot of people go on the right are not for this he say why we doing that China should be the main objective. This really makes China happy because we get our eyes off the Far East ball and look at the Eastern European ball. I understand that point to be great because we pay so much money for the Pentagon and for defense. You think would be able to handle both the answer for some is handling both the negative part about this is and I'm not initially seen against it, especially if a member of the US Embassy but we are telling the Ukrainian Embassy essentially of the US Embassy in Ukraine to basically empty out and that sending the wrong message. They feel to the rest of the world and out other embassies renting opposite of what he called a war zone. The problem is, you know, the Russians would never touch our people. But the problem is for the State Department they leave people behind.

We've seen that before. There's no way to get them out there, essentially saying that and believe them empty so what happened Afghanistan believe them. They are going to leave you behind. No question. So, the British government on Monday announced some staff changes so there you get some people at the bridge have been very aggressive but Linda Zelinski. He says Americans are safer and safer in care than they are in Los Angeles and blasted Biden for evacuating US citizens encouraging the country to democratize but being the first to leave when Russia turns up the temperature. I think that's a little unfair to a degree, because State Department officials aren't usually fighters are not usually in the target line of target outside of we saw over Libya, we saw that but in the be in the big picture they are sending a relatively conflicting message but most people I think we should have a presence there.

I do like that were bulking up their many of you don't. Albert Colby was a department of defense official under Pres. Trump he feels is overplaying it to China's hands cutting, China has by far the biggest challenge for American interests in a way to talk about it at home. What's really can affect our economy, our lives, our prosperity, our freedoms and what the future the world can be settled in a show.

It's good to be over 50% of global GDP euros moving down to 10% and so I think you're right. I'm in the Ukraine situation. It may concern to some degree, but it's far, far from the most significant thing. Yeah, hi.

I just don't know if you turn it off me.

What would you say that a present to said well the Russians they started reestablishing the Soviet Union when into Belarus and propped up that brutal dictator wanted to Kazakhstan a propped up that government and they just decide to steamroll Ukraine. We did nothing. I mean this is the same pattern 1945. If you want to sit there in a think tank and tell me how this is not 1945 again were 41 or 39 okay, I'm all ears. But I thought we were supposed to learn from the past, even though we made so much progress as a world international trade was posted diminish things like this from happening.

No one really anticipated the specifics of Vladimir Putin. The other big story is his crime, and especially here in New York City crime in New York City out of control when you talk about auto theft. We talk about carjacking when you talk about people being thrown on subways. We talk about a subculture of homeless people who are just out and then not that's really hard on to on hard times.

They are hooked on drugs mentally ill, meaning your safety is jeopardized as much, as you say, I love to help these people you cake it near these people because they get near you are your your security is going to be breached and is no question about it. We've seen cops being targeted.

A cop was killed a cop was killed over the weekend in Texas by going up a routine traffic stop was shot dead. That guy is still on the loose. We saw you we sort over the weekend. Two cops one is clean to live at NYU Langone and the other one was executed, literally executed, and thankfully the assailant was killed to by the third cop on a domestic dispute. That was the fifth cop shot at him just in January with Eric Adams so Eric Adams, this mayor that many people looking at. He thinks he's got a bright future. He calls himself a commonsense Democrat, which is kinda bad.

I was taught the same way when they talk about compassionate conservative as if anyone who doesn't label themselves that way has no compassion but a commonsense Democrat because so many like ARC, seemingly devoid of it. So when you see that when people are cracking down on crime Eric Adams commences. I have a plan and are part of that plan will be to go back to a plainclothes unit. Here's what he said. He said a lot of things I like blaming guns is so political I dates a nonstarter with me. Cut 32 illegal guns is an important first step. We must also address bail reform not pre-top pretrial detention system first must allow judges to take dangerousness into account is the only state in the country that does not allow the judge to detain the defendant poses an immediate threat to the community that to start. What about taking on the Manhattan DA where did it start very good question Ray Kelly waiting police commissioner was on a special that you see on Fox nation starting tomorrow. Looking at Teddy Roosevelt's police Commissioner cut 34 this actually started with the previous mayor and funded the placing took lots of hours away from the employees. The city Council has put in unrealistic restrictions on the employees back talks are not engaged in the proactive strategies remain New York City searches big city in America and long on.

Unfortunately, right.

And you look at Chicago, Los Angeles is just a look at Philadelphia you look at Seattle you look at Portland's same thing I don't understand why the Prez United States can't see it as a beginning as a major issue.

He still talk about police reform America's move past that you see that insensitive things implied that BLM's is tweeting out sending out talking about all the Blacks have been targeted by cops.

If you look at their stories there either fling or shooting at them and there's a reason why the getting in conflict with them.

Look at their password to their history.

It's not a so there dear walking to the other on their en route to Haas University and the get gun down.

There's a different story there. So yesterday there was some sparring going on between Peter Ducey and Jen Saki over crime. Let's listen cut 33 most important job is to say I would agree presence #5 people to know your not feel safe.

Well Peter I think if we look at the facts here, we've seen a surge of crime over the last two years. Would you agree with that.

So what are you permitting rising crime. Well, I think we should be responsible and how reporting public what what the respect he roles are what the reasons for the surgeon crime and violence is a huge reason for the surgeon crime underfunding of Poulsen Police Department and their need for additional resources, something the president advocated for consistently through the course of his career that something we know we need to take action on. She has answers.

None of them are good 1-866-408-7669 I will play when I come back to Canada so it's really nailed this when crime is really right and wrong not left and right that Democrats are letting this happen me there certain things that I control sometimes when President Bush's president that's when the market collapsed and we had deaf tarp and you said yourself well, that's unfortunate. Republicans are going to pay the price and John McCain did the narrative of the country change from the surge in Iraq which was successful. To what happened in the economy and Barack Obama acted better, stepped up, worked with the secretary of treasury under present Bush and help turn everything around there certain things just happen. You make big mistakes. You don't adjust one not recognizing crime not raking on recognizing inflation is keep of key moments and shall try to tell the space tell us that spending $2 trillion and we don't have gets us out of these things, and puts food back on the shelves and brings prices down around the country and that's why say Democrats are in for a live shellacking in a year and they only have themselves to blame. And believe it or not, the Republicans nothing is done. If they sober up and and straighten up. There could be a real fight, but as of now they're giving it to you when we come back I'll take your calls on that and then the bottom they are length good and then we do simulcast of the number one show on FBN Varney and company you listening to the Brian Kelly Joe, thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say.

Stay with Brian until made. If you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian until made very, very, very good meeting with all the leaders talk about but it's not a mean blood by most reports that NATO is not on the same page when the Russian they still were the one to came to the notion to pipeline and Ukrainians are not necessarily the most popular guys in the block in Europe, but they have one of the biggest armies hundred 50,000 troops and were looking to arm them in the UK is helping to so will some of the Baltic states casino in a way they could be next.

Cliff is listening online and water Woodberry Connecticut hey Cliff Adams, the second black mayor of New York because of the incident. I believe the second officer has passed away last night. You know so tragic the options but the line every day so we want to reinstitute is our plainclothes police officers, detectives increase playing or a clothing uniform officers with the community to try to solution to find what he could do better in terms of getting illegal guns. He made the comment that guns are not being manufactured and living in New York City and so he wants to put a little effort and trafficking in illegal guns. So why that a problem with you with illegal guns coming at great point. So can we go to stop question frisk can we do that because it was working okay with you okay with that. You never probably get to the police officer what were saying is that I understand the Constitution you don't terms of the climate you have a right to bear arms legal gun, but we actually get legal lately. You guys know and know what I know, I know in Kerry's gun you want your hunter so what you're up to no good. So even let you have this really is hard to get even for your own protection. So if you want to correct illegal guns, yes, but if it's the centerpiece of fighting crime. You have a problem with that gun manufactures to be plugged trafficking going into the inner city. If you make progress and you want to deal with the issue of crime the same amount of jobs in these communities opportunity for these you forgot about how close I get back I can just tell eight-year-old has two parents work you are no parents at all. Go get a job they need mentors any people they need people to push them in the right direction going to be a force of force in the performance school and demand things of them I you want to go back.

Therefore, we can do that but in terms of immediately. I like it. Guns are part of it but I don't want that to be the centerpiece I would immediately see the some of the mentally ill homeless into some type of better situation but they got one being a better situation radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show Joe Biden spoke for two hours and he spent all this time focusing on the wrong border which is Ukraine's border not America's southern border must be very clear with having our southern border today and tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that is getting Americans killed kill with drugs kill with gangs kill with crime. I lifted. I mean he put up with all the slings and arrows. The separation of families of the border, which was misconstrued and maybe not a good use intercessions who was that at the time you know he was Atty. Gen. at the time put this plan together to deter but he was stopped and start fired people they finally got it right in the border blew up and it is blown up which so astounding to me an aggravating and agonizing is that no one in the ministration seems to care. Congressman Lance could enjoy just now financial services committee is one of his things, but is a Texas congressman.

So Congressman, great to hear from you.

It did Stephen Miller say the inaccurate know everything you accurate as well. It's very frustrating.

No one in this administration wants to acknowledge that we have a very serious problem and even worse than it was a year ago when Biden started to unravel all progress from 800 under Pres. Trump at the disaster and it seems to be getting worse and I love a good distraction to take people's attention off of it right. Distraction is a pandemic which with air coming across on that say we been through this before.

Is anything that you've done in taxes been effective between using the National Guard between building your own pseudo-wall. I think so, in the sense that the crossings have potentially been reduced or discouraged in a way that's obvious. When I look at California compared to Texas. I visited Southern California a few months ago and I found a very welcoming climate for these migrants and their actually being encouraged to make the journey, not just through the words of Pres. Joe Biden, but through his actions and the policies that the American people are aware of the United Nations is funding these micro camps. The United States is funding these nonprofits on the US side that our housing needs migrants for a few days before they ship them off in various places across the country. It's very well organized and orchestrated and very well funded. The UN as well as NGOs financed by taxpayer monies are making this journey possible and are encouraging this journey. The UN. That's right, Ariel, where anyone could just get a group of folks together and march from Central America across Mexico. This is not possible he can do that without help and these these people have help these United Nations group international office of migration they are organizing these caravans for passing out debit cards to these people there, encouraging them to make the journey to telling them once you get to the border run across that claimant Solomon you get to stay and then once you get across that border the NGOs will take over from there. The NGOs are the example of some of these are an example, Catholic charities, the Jewish family Council is a Lutheran group in Southern California. There's even a Baptist group and out of San Antonio. I believe that's what we've found is facilitating this, but the Jewish family Council and Catholic charities are the biggest offenders. They are being incentivized by the by ministration to take in more migrants want to get across the border.

They help them with their filing claims.

They tell them you don't need to show up to your appointment you can use your arrest warrant for whatever official document, you may have identification to get to TSA and get on a plane to wherever it is you want to go will buy you a ticket and the American people are paying for this and these NGOs are facilitating and being encouraged by the administration to encourage more people to come across. It's it's terrible.

So on the surface, and I've had this argument I would so many people. Well, it's only in the religion you supposed to help everybody you know. Yes, but to judge post help everyone, but I really believe that this is wrong because if you just think like a human being. You understand that if people are going to be trafficked illegally to get here because they know once they get here they can have accommodations and a fast pass right to school in a house, then your incentivizing other pet parents to put other eight-year-olds with these human traffickers to go through these dangerous countries to get to our board or possibly die or go through horrific physical and mental trauma to get here. Now the Catholic charities of these Jewish groups of the Lutheran group say say well it's with it. The Bible says treat everybody. But that's not really the story. This is not coming as good as your heart is coming from taxpayer money that allows you to transfer that money into goods and services for people who don't belong here. I think that's a big problem. I agree I don't believe the Bible anywhere said to help facilitate human trafficking or The child sex trade and that's basically what these groups are doing.

They say it from the good of their heart not doing the Lord's work and I believe that there encouraging the cartels to push that and all across our border there encouraging families to put their children at risk because these families don't know really what awaits the makes note that here when they see someone like the Catholic charities say will help you exceed United Nations passing out debit card something.

This is the way to a better life lesson when I get there. It's a much different scenario. There are many victims of this this trafficking and these groups in the United States that are getting our US taxpayer dollars to do it should be ashamed of themselves and their doing it the name of the Lord, and I think it's the real tragedy right. I just look around the bends and understand what you're doing to also easy against the religion to put on their the American people first 15 person for third class is now 27, and 14 of those kids don't speak English like any special services so your kids going to suffer with kids that don't belong here in this country who have beat the system and jumped ahead of others doing it the right way.

I do you have a problem with people you saying that's the way to do it because of their moral code and consistencies in the hypocrisy are stunning to me. I think it's immoral all the money that we would go on things that don't help our own personal I hear people Democrats and Republicans say we need to take care about our own before we start dishing out all this money to everyone else and I think we got a lot of problems here at home would cut grocery store shelves that are empty. There are people that are really struggling to survive and we are importing more problems that we can afford and think where priorities are very much missed mismatch and it all happened in the last year. Pres. Trump had a lot of this under control the situation south of the border with one more people do not make the journey and now their hand.

The message states to go ahead make this journey and not just South Americans and Central American people from Muslim nations across the ocean finding their way to the Americas and making the journey through Mexico and were not just seeing the Latino population trying to make a better life forcing immigrants from all over the world making the journey across the ocean, knowing that they'll get help from the United Nations and groups like Catholic charities. Once they get to the US border story in this country and in Texas and in certain cities in Texas they don't have a master data's mask optional so is it whether it's Houston or Dallas. They might push back against the governor and was seen was happening a little with same thing with Florida now Virginia with these mass mandates one was just lifted New York kids going to school and not wear a mask in the superintendent saying you better wear masks surrender battle here. A lot of people like me are totally fed up with this and I'm just watching and marveling at so many on the left saying the same thing you got superstars like Aaron Rodgers saying that no one could tell me to get vaccinated.

Know that joke of it's the same thing others are saying I got back say I did everything and I still got it. One of that.

One of those people is Barry Weiss, former editorial writer for the New York Times, who left because she was not be allowed to write, which he thought became a podcast or an writer on some stack so as somebody who I imagine is will labelers of a liberal Democrat. She said this on HBO cut 27 Flint, Michigan, which is 80%. I think minority students is just announced in definite virtual schooling in the past two years we've seen among young girls. 51% increase in self harm people are killing themselves.

They are anxious or depressed. They are only that is why we need to more than any inconvenience into the rest of anymore. Do you mean with you more more people now people want to cancel her Congressman Gooden which your reaction to this, you understand that school thought you understand where she's coming from. Coming from it so bad that even Democrats. And you know I think if you've got a child from a well-off family that two parents are home every night can help their kids with virtual learning. That's the situation that is not the case in many places like Flint, Michigan and so I wonder what kind of inequities to these policies are pushing on these kids that don't have two-parent homes that don't have the Internet at their house. They don't have the education products. Perhaps your kids and my kids would have been one might even play the race card back at them. I think you doing a disservice to minorities across this country who are in these poverty-stricken areas that don't have the resources and can't can't get the education at home that they would get in the schools in the wild to make the Democrats are the ones pushing the teachers union in Chicago if they don't open school for the kids in Chicago doing during the day think they're working on with their parents to help consulates in Texas talk about it all.

Thanks, Congressman. Stay on this immigration thing now that Brian kill me show joins FOXBusiness's Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian kill me.

Hey, welcome back everyone I met her moments were about to go on the hottest networks and old cable SVN which you would find the number one post on the channel was great to do a simulcast here today were celebrating 12 years.

Last week we don't know how we should approaching his 13th year maybes. Even better is that even possible, then will be able to so stay on board. I see up there go to because right after this listening on the Nile. You know what that means. Brian kill me join Jessica Bryant you fired off over this ongoing vaccine unmasked mandates my position as I want to have it so is my choice. The opinion of parents and adults if what you want have the facts you want to have a mask my choice. I think it with me on this steward of my with you on this for two years. Of course, exactly.

I mean all obtain his if I follow your science. I would be backtracking for the last two and half years because almost everything that they have told us without even being humble enough to say some of this we got wrong, they just move on and pretend as if they didn't say it, most of which they told us has been wrong, and though we learned a month ago I pulled the sound Scott Gottlieb and others to get the blood of cloth mask. They can only help your 5% excuse me if 5%. That's why my 77-year-old is doing at the preschool is doing that. That's why we can walk in the building without it all in the vaccine. Take the mask off in April and June. We can have cookouts well we get hit with another variant, which some people said was inevitable, and it turns out the vaccine you read the New York Times on Sunday they were strapped in July that the vaccine did not stop the Delta variance yeah okay in our lives change the restaurant to close the gender half open, so you not even acknowledging that the information was better this what I say find your men who you trust in medicine.

Live your life the way you do choose to do what you do you know if you have diabetes you know if your smoker. You know how old you are. I imagine you know and you say here the rest I will get my own resources and like we do everything else. I will ask you, did you get calls from strangers asking what eat out of the weekend US and would choose to buy no you don't do that because you make your own decisions, whether it's Amazon or saccharide right down the block settled on enough we are done. And there's so many people that they are canceling out the cancel side with Bill Moran, Barry Weiss and Erin Rogers and Joe Rogan is getting greater than the other side the wall side of Howard Stern and Don lemon. You go keep your life in a cocoon may let us make our own decisions on enough you prove you have no credibility with me. I did wall the audio signified up.

And yes, you all fired up but Leslie time for this Will Pl. in Britain are investigating a number of Downing Street policies that happened during the lockdown. The Prime Minister is under fire for holding events.

Despite the pandemic is a case of rules for the not for me but this time in Britain.

It's apply to a conservative, very different from over here.

What rules for the day, but not for me but Democrats nothing happens to yeah I've been known to be proud of me steward to get in the morning.

I watch a lot of the BBC and sky news. You know their project. I want to get a sense especially with this world events happening over the Ukraine. After watching this whole thing happen and Boris Johnson stories just don't fly. This guy is shut down destroyed pub owners destroy the small business men and women and told them to just listen to me you understand these are the mandates you always have and bring your own booze parties in his own in his own courtyard, and this is a guy that is so out of shape and was so cocky about it.

He almost died when the first came we know where the about it so he gets over it and he gets the information that we don't get the best information with the best doctors he goes yeah get a sense of course get another six a Heineken and meet me in the courtyard, and I promise not to call my hair that is Boris Johnson and he wants to keep his job and have any trust with the people listen. I don't do British politics. This is pretty easy. I just one more thing that I'm fired up about using a college campus these days. All the kids all amassed up in those outdoors strikes me crazy that the least vulnerable group and they seem to be scared to death.

What's with these kids close to what I'm living it. I have two college students, and on Sunday my youngest daughter was positive was forced to get the booster even though she just had it two weeks ago and the CDC and the eight WHO have differing opinions with exclusive you get the booth you can't come to class. Do I really want to go to the college process again. There's no school this being permissive, I'm another one with the booster they need a vaccination never got it. So again everyone is forced to do it if you want to continue your education and that whole time and there's some downside to that to so college kids are being held hostage preschool skid to build held hostage. Let parents and young adults be parents and young adults. We are done we came full circle and was still fired up. Good stuff. Kill me as an Brian, thanks for joining us again, thank you so Jared Lucian Pennsylvania Jared and Brian, they would turn your mind with. I think before I like you believe that they should go to the baking Olympic like you see over time. How I think were always close to be like role models for kids like you. I really like looking up to role model and care about you and Brian like I don't think they should hear you.

You know what happens is, especially with winter games.

You have a solid point to say you're wrong about this but I just look at the cross country skier the buy athlete sits there in anonymity and just as I want to be great at something and then the contract count on the IOC to pick a venue in the USOC to confirm it and they picked Beijing and then he do it again and pick China then you say wait a second I have to put my dream on hold forever. I did this fruitlessly and I don't get my moment of fame I chance a gold compete against the world's best because some international sporting committee members decide. I probably believe don't have proof of the take some under the under the table. Financial incentives to make these choices like the World Cup overseas in cutter when they can't play the World Cup in the summer and they have no venues. So all these people sold out their souls and now these athletes have to say why do I have to have this question. So I am torn about it and when they got it was the genocide happening.

Did they know they're going to steamroll and destroy freedom in Hong Kong and threaten Taiwan not sure what China doesn't care.

I understand I understand what you're saying but I also understand especially winter.

Winter athlete. Why is New York City sure set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill you from New York around the country heard around the world. This is the Brian kill Michelle of course New York City to the Civic this arrogant matter. Moments center Rick Scott and Dan will be joined by Congress and Ryan think he wants to be Congressman again former secretary of the interior. I am Otto I got announcement. What made America great. Got two more episodes propping tomorrow. I think you can 11 Ellis Island immigration artist issue the country among the top five. Always what about we used to do it right you go to this island overlooking the Statue of Liberty register they get background as to how you can help this country. What will you do would you have any family here then move forward.

It was it was a fascinating look through American history. And then I walked the streets with Teddy Roosevelt.

It is first police Commissioner of New York for 2 1/2 years with the former police Commissioner of New York who did it twice and that is Ray Kelly in the casino next week are Ray Kelly talked about with Teddy Roosevelt to the city how they helped out first generation immigrants who are being abused. There is no system safety net or rules and regulations for them. They lived in the basic slums and he helped expose that story with photographers using the press and help straighten out the city and Ray Kelly used his desk when he was police commissioner tells us about it. Then they took. Of course Teddy Roosevelt statue Wayne Burns North Dakota because evidently they didn't like that he was on a horse and American Indian and African-American weren't unbelievable. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three when you read the most important job is to keep degree you know your people do not feel safe. I think if we look at the facts here, we've seen a surge of crime over the last two years.

Would you agree with that. So what are you reading right crime crisis impossible to ignore. For all the problem and cure is where the parties and the country divides an idea what we asked the people enforce the law. The cops stay away from daily supplement told very wise essential she needed to grow up. Yeah she needs her up because she's acting like a child, young children will actually become less childishly than like to buy what Barry that was messed up. Unbelievable right by the media montage against New York Times writer Barry Weiss turned substandard columnist as well as Fillmore loss for mandates in a victory for Saturday is New York indoor mass demands get struck down in court. An executive order to make mass optional in schools in Virginia faces pushback as Hollywood lefties do battle over the extended panic over this never ending pandemic. Paul told the number of forces that the secretary has placed on heightened alert comes up to about 8500 personnel were going to be ready to be prepared. I hope so. I will it do to put 8500 in another country and another country next to its being invaded escalation and evacuation are we sending the right message to the minutes of the of Eastern Europe. We will give you the latest on Ukrainian border. But first things first, let's bring in center Rick Scott center yesterday right about Adm. Kirby, spokesperson of the Pentagon says we are going to be calling up 8500 personnel and putting them into Poland and other surrounding NATO nations is that please you are doing something, but why do one stop. No church or pipeline, like the electric stop lobbying Congress not to stop your church or pipeline, why doesn't he say you make sure he clears up a minor incursion is called Beijing 5000 people died in Ukraine is that minor that nature to be clear, you invade another country dancing to happen.

You'll have to buy by the week, so thanks for buying check out American pipeline gives structure to make Europe more dependent on you can't make this stuff up so mobilizing troops all the positive, but he should he should be strong. He should be doing everything he can to help Ukraine defend themselves. Yeah, and they have about 250,000 armed men and women ready to fight 250,000 maximum Armed Forces. That's a pretty sizable army, but it looks like the Russians are better armed this concern you. Now that we are putting money in their and Baltic nations. Are we channeling money over to them that the Russians would feel an urgency to attack what you think the Olympics keeps him in check.

I well I don't know. Well keep check other than a strong shutdown or turn to today make sure he calls it body because his friends mock on and leadership in Germany, get your butt in gear help Ukraine help them get the weapon so they can defend themselves. Don't be depend on. Never how Biden was going to be this world leader bring everything together.

We all work together or do it if you show good to go do it. Center Rick Scott with us. Larry Kudlow is echoing want to send me some from the right that we used as one involves another conflict is pressing Ukraine. He says we should be focused on China cut 13. I am completely unconvinced of the need or the usefulness of putting another 8500 American troops into Eastern Europe. For one thing, put in couldn't care less.

He's got that couple hundred thousand troops in that area 8500 its ankle by the way Jill told is by closing down his North Korean pipeline and shutting Russia out of the dollar base international banking system. He says if you sing your song in respect we got it we got it and you cannot have a week and not have problems. I shall Biden's week so we are China literature in Taiwan to articulate the basic rights of Hong Kong for 11 million people in prison because of their religion and we are out here allowing them to host the Olympic family that start watching it with China. You can't quit trying to get back in the land deal and stand up for your biggest ally in in the lease, Israel does nothing that you just can't make up the sky so weak he won't stand up to Castro regime down incurably more stand up to mentor a Jew. They do nothing, and what you get what you get no more. This scale threatened to get your client threats against Taiwan to get more and more. This unit so you look at present binds numbers. He said 60% of people don't want to run again on the Fox installment 47%, 20 PX, 33% NBC at 42% and you see what happened to his agenda over the last two weeks with Bill back, better as well as blowing up the filibuster. Here's what Ari Fleischer said that Biden defined you keep in Micah 41 turnaround substance to turn around our policy and any hope for an economic coverage but the way you turn around a substance is you start to govern and I said get Joe mansion. So I mean that you govern in a way that you can get Joe mansion. A vote for you, your policies and if you do probably pick up 10 or 15 Republicans, he will lose 10 or 15 liberal liberal Democrats and AOC in the house.

That's the exchange that he needs to make. He cannot win off of the progressive base he already showed he can't pass on progressive policies and adhering to progressive principles is the kiss of death.

Going to the selection because he's misread the mood of the country, Ari Fleischer, his advice would you think a number two will he do it. If you do supporting goodbyes. I have a mandate to 50-50. Don't try to pass all the radical left agenda stop normal people care about inflation dealt with what you want the supply chain fix what you doing nothing when a strong military week withdrawal. We have all these people die out of Afghanistan. They were strong border. They want border security All-American 11 border security think that would help a family account out to the teacher can counter the parents is not the teachers union and talk about how you support law enforcement it's real simple economy they wanted to get a good education and 100,000 people died of pretty easy walking focus on solving those problem the present want to have good approval numbers solve the problems so you have some races really getting a lot of interest. For example Martelli in Arizona Sen. Hassan over in New Hampshire seemed the most vulnerable as well as Sen. Warnock in Georgia. Let's go to all three. First off in in Arizona since you're in the on the Republican Senatorial committee who you think is emerging over there. I believe it, or we should win in Arizona. Martelli ran as a moderate hundred percent Chuck Schumer, Chuck Schumer would not win statewide in Arizona. Jordan make sure we find Martelli for what is we have for wonderful candidates in the primary Windows will will arise and we will, and if you look at the Eric ballot all across the country, Republicans are doing extremely well and they are in Arizona. The next up is Georgia rocket Warnick at the dog going to this race, he won very close right. It's not a Democrat state, I still Republican state Herschel Walker is in the property but he's way ahead is already in the polls. Warnick next of Nevada Cortez master is not well known or state she's losing to a generic Republican. We have are two people very clear and one of but when our site. We will in their New Hampshire we will all work thinking that that we were in the right enhancements underwater unfailing. Thank you Darek.

What had she been run your numbers are last September bring her numbers up. We have it look like two people get additional people to get the right we will win in New Hampshire we should win in four states reship it for good pickup. I think we went out for about how about Pennsylvania hold onto Pat Toomey seat as well as a catalog of people in the race. The nice thing is that other candidates can be a far left candidate.

So we got a lot of it could be a very heated primary doctor. Then we got A Barnett inlet got we got the Dave McCormick and we got our old adventure to Denmark in color stands and we've got part of wonderful people in and working at Richmond look here to hearts when we went there since 20 pickup at least one the hardest to probably defend the people of a coveted probably run Johnson's race but Ronald and we are five others of those to the public are still wet that you keep will be Pennsylvania, North Carolina the Democrats will have a far left and we have a good drink to can't on our side primary organ with sin which the biggest was the hardest thing we took this job when you can be focusing to be organized to be systematic. That's just your background from military to business. But when you took this job how bleak did it look will come of January 6, the president did the president did not say he lost that we do not admit that he lost the race then you let the Republicans who had lost to ski Senate races and you get the job. What was it like that. Now all you want to raise money, but we were $805 million last year outweighs the Democrats.

That's why number two. They all get the candidate got great. It's number 30 by Dr. no heat, not so if you look at it could be a great environment. If you look across the country with great candid outbreak in the Democrats out. We are year we should have a great year. If we wondered right stay on the issue we are going to work really well. I don't get any better soon Rick Scott, thanks so much appreciated. I got some risk. I used to run, Florida and now he's trying to run the Republicans back into the majority. So we come back your chance to talk 186640876690. We want to discuss.

We did not talk about crime I did not give you an idea what Eric Adams is saying so for those people outside WABC WRC and just seen a lot of people to New York set the standard to bring back law and order to the cities. Let's see if he can do it while still trying to placate his left wing. Most of all, I could care less about party. I care about the country where you cannot get anywhere. As a country unless we can settle down the cities so now some of those answers and that topic when we come back on the brain to meet you this commentary. You need to know Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show omicron when we were here couple months and not ones very milder once milder is just on only cares anymore that last night the group home delivery guy was eating my French fries right in front of people want to know what my kickback to not going to want to live in your paranoid world anymore. Your mast overnight world. You know you go out now you know you mask your car booster scan your hand like your cashier and I'm a bunch of bananas as you are not the left wing guy and it might my point which you would Barney and earlier. Our was that soon is to be so many people canceled is going to be more people on the cancel side than the ones in hearing to these ridiculous counterintuitive counter contradicted commands so Whoopi Goldberg hears this huge cut 25 as she goes back at federal federal fellow liberal comedian, that's not really financing people lost their cancel this vaccine to people lost family members are dear friends to this since it's just in a listen. Nobody on the planet really wants to go through this. This is not something we're doing because it's sexually gratifying. This is what were doing to protect our families and you don't have to do it, stay away from me some flippant man going to point out there a little cancel can't connection and have lots of people who cannot get vaccinated and so your planner Russian roulette with a act like it's it's 50-50 with you in the liver surviving to get omicron kids are not dying from omicron in the rear situation is underlying conditions you can't live your life away trying to stop the 99.9% that .0008% chance of you getting especially after two years after we know we know and hearing such ridiculous things where white down your food wiped out boxes, get your clothes off before you walk in the house strip everything off grant listening in Florida to grant you money free Florida. Let me rant a little bit but I'm with Stephen everything. I'm a retired paramedic talk about your only choice we go out every single day we get are so many other disease of tuberculosis hepatitis name it everywhere we take chances and when I hear people that walk. I got back late and I don't like to fight but didn't get it. I would've been a lot. I didn't have you know that you got have a time machine to go back and find out because they haven't done any studies that back, nobody could get there and tell me what a lot worse without. I don't know that.

Maybe they what they would but my daughter click to bring the three-year-old and a five-year-old and taken in the back.

You could go with them in satellite Beach, Florida. While Pol Pot told him all about it.I live in Florida and still had to go to the back door and the kids go by themselves. The dentist back in the only way to room with my daughter granddaughter out her left three-year-old grandson in the crying as I doubt it's not grandmother gets a break but that's just another anecdotal story that matters to people relate to were two years in Stinson Cove at 19, it's now real world 2022. Enough the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me militarily brushes been ready for some time, and the longer the time goes. Obviously begin to see NATO preparation to see Ukraine beginning to absorb and some some weapons in some sense, not waiting is in Russia's interest.

The problem is the Beijing Olympics. They start just over a week supposed to be there as the honored guest Association paying experimental February 20 so it's unlikely I think that he overshadows these Olympics with invasion. Plus I think Russia wants the diplomacy to cornucopia seems to play out. I could be wrong but honestly that's that's my sense, given whether after February 20 is only a limited amount of time roughly a month while the ground is hard enough to do something really large but that doesn't mean he has to do anything like the word invasions a little but unfortunately I think it's better to think of intervention, and intervention suggests an entire menu of possibilities and the smaller, more focused intervention is the less time pressure Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin will feel Richard Haas cancel formulations I want to start off their way. The groundwork for the big conflict It Could Be Taking Pl. in Ukraine with the Russians willing hundred thousand troops.

Nobody asked to explain the gravity that situation to my next guest is a former US secretary of the interior under President Bush is me present Trump for Montana Congressman, a retired Navy seal running for Montana second congressional district concert. Welcome back.

Reagan reworded Brian so cars with paint paint. This area right now. If you are in the Ukraine. How secured you feel today. This is a sequence of what happened. He always negotiate from strength and not weakness. Afghanistan was a colossal failure and we lost credibility more perceived as weak. Now you're dealing with the 18th Russia and China and both have territorial objectives. Russia wants a Korean Peninsula so that core door so they can supply access to an undefeated in a course China wants timeline and I agree with her with a gentleman before that the Beijing Olympics themselves is critical. But now you have Russia and China coordinating with each other. They both perceive that the US and our allies are weak and there is no doubt in my mind will begin building in the portion see what the what the pushback is provided ministration themselves at Sidwell military actions off the table so that that that also strikes weakness and I think I think there the territorial expansion of China which are dictators and Communist Party on one side and a dictator and an aggressor in the other thing going for very heavy seas. This is a policy oriented, which is for your use you job and the other side is actually fighting job. We put on the camouflage. Seal your clips for both which makes you just perfect for Montana who gets it and understand you. Here's what Ned Price said about Afghanistan. He does not he does not agree that Afghans has anything to do with Russian aggression cut 5% aware of how cryptic of the whole work is what just like what happened in Afghanistan and then reports I think that, plus I think that moving against you for I have a hard time understanding how it is that putting an end to a 20 year military commitments were thousands of American troops. At one point tens of thousands of American troops were stationed where there was a neato commitment where thousands of NATO troops were stationed for many years taking casualties were. We were that still to be the case, how we would be better strategically positioned to take on what were seeing now from the Russian Federation. Is he hedging on the question is does he does he not get it or is he just trying to avoid the question of the weakness that we showed which gets the Russians puts it down to the Russian step you bear your head and I get I guess you'll really lose yourself right.

What is so ironic that you look at Afghanistan. We abandon our citizens.

We abandon our allies and we abandoned the principles in Ukraine, the State Department telecommunications no one staff from the State Department we can come and get you so you have to make your own owner arrangements and accommodations to get out of Ukraine. Are you kidding me this is really in Afghanistan, the State Department worked against getting US citizens out there doing their doing almost the same on this. I'm not advocating military strike in Ukraine but is going well. How do we get the box will how did we get in the box. It's been a series of failures one by one by one and now work were facing the 18 face in China and Russia to Waterbury and into the answer from the bite administration's economic sanctions. You tell me Brian viable path that economic sanctions against China and Russia both and I think we need to be willing to do that you talk to a company like Nike and Patagonia which are arguing with live with the Chinese and it looked it when you deal with a Chinese company you are dealing with the Chinese government. There is no gap between so lease already went through a supply chain issue were vulnerable and then we need manufacturing this country, energy, and look what happens when when we when we lose our God grip on being energy dominant inflation comes up this administration, both foreign and domestic is been a disaster. Russia situation. I mean I saw Tucker last night saw Laura Ingram last night.

They are not forgetting involved euro bulking up troops there. Ukraine should not be a problem.

I don't agree with that, Eldridge Colby, who you might know former Trump DOD official said this to Tucker last night cutting, China has by far the biggest challenge for American interests in a way to talk about it at home. What's really can affect our economy, our lives, our prosperity, our freedoms and what the future the world can be settled in a show. It's good to be over 50% of global GDP euros moving down to 10% and so I think you're right. I'm in the Ukraine situation.

It may concern to some degree, but it's far, far from the most significant thing so having said that, are we doing GOE helping China by ignoring China again. A lot of not, but I might perceive this is a top half when you have two aggressors, and dictators.

They will go through the Olympics. They will have coordinated meetings and they will have a coordinated effort China to invade Alisa time when I was in, it will go as far as they possibly can in the allies tail right now were not unified in a lot of the non-unification has come from our weakness in our uncoordinated withdrawal disaster in Afghanistan that we can't be trusted. Anything you look at that the troops will put more troops in Eastern Europe were the troops don't put 8500 in Poland and a few thousand, and maybe listen when you know the Baltic states that isn't that is in the response that she is making sure I get I guess the Pogo polish.

We can do.

We can do joint training, but that that the scale you not to put any viable force against 1000 thousand Russian troops and they can, then they can put more in. So again it goes back to you can't negotiate from the addition of weakness and that's exactly what were doing with what I consider the 18 Russia and China and oh by the way, the bite administration may be the one that kicks the United States off of the superpower list that would be interesting. Certainly a constant running running stinky with astonishment. How much different is it minority to majority for that spot. I mean there is 28 retirees among Democrats already before 2022.

That number could double what is it about the minority to make separate makes deposition.

So frustrating. Do you believe you'll be in majority if you win. Well I do have to earn every yard here. Can't take anything for before you overlook anything, but also walk through the formula if we get the majority we have to lead we have to show the American people. We can get things done.

Have to articulate a message and it puts us in a position for the presidency in 2024 but but simply flipping it from red to blue or blue to red without actually getting things done. I think most Americans want to want to hear Congress functioning like Don may want to look at the budget, which is been out of control and when we send people to Washington DC. We expect them to fight for about what you learn about Washington after working there for two years that you did not know it when were Pres. Trump and I do disagree you called Washington DC to swallow Mr. Mr. Pres., Sec. of Interior. There's a lot of beautiful swamps America virtual slot in the Carolina Citrix PC is not a stalker to sewer and what I learned is to push as much authority and decision-making power out of DC DC has lost the perspective it's about power and control, and most of America is about freedom and protecting aware life. We just want government to run run correctly.

Be transparent and not corrupt but when every decision is made by light by bureaucracy in DC example how you think you can manage the Yellowstone River. If you don't know word is the only context of the Yellowstone is a great Kevin Costner series. What I learned in DC is that's make sure you push these decisions out and put a face in the community and on these issues rather than just a piece of paper because it does this post a lot of distrust of the federal government and that that the core, the problem is. Tell me what division, department, agency has the full trust and confidence American people and I don't think there's a lot of them in the Department of Defense took heavy roles from Afghanistan and we need to fix that as Americans we need to fix it now Republic can't stand with so much hatred and distrust less question.

You know, we did what made America great.

We did a bunch together and the last lady was Teddy Roosevelt L when he was please commission how we straighten things up and put Academy enemy police accountable and talked about rights of things to that nature. And he also founded the Museum of Natural History last week. They took his statue out and moved it to North Dakota than before this to Roosevelt Museum because they people found it offensive that he was sitting on a horse and American Indian and African-American warrant which a reaction to Roosevelt about always been a hero in my book reports another family as well and Rose will stand as one of our greatest conservationists ever. The West, especially lives in a shadow with a lot of our public lands and policy but to have such an icon in such a president. The only medal of honor winner.

By the way the president to somehow casting the shadow of this movement is consistent.

There assaulting founders of our country is racist. Therefore, the Constitution itself is racist and in some people. I do think the Wolk movement is now been a wake up America movement.

We all rise and fall the same time, which can hate America but fix America, but the hatred and division and what were seeing now is the cancel culture movement I think strikes in the very character of our country and there's a push back. And I think we need to address it comes thing stinky good luck in your quest to get back to Washington and represent Montana constantly. Thank you. Appreciate right now. Have a great day in New York. Yes, it's great. Thanks so much Johnson only come back we find out there's more. No kill me talk show that you are with Brian kill me if I am marking the end of his first year in office leads to our press conference because that's how long attempt to list everything that's gone wrong longest presidential press conference in history as I've been told many times before.

Just because you win for a long time doesn't mean you did a good job all right. Well, welcome back everybody that is the story what's happening on SNL on Sunday, which was an unfunny but I want to find is even more than you know Tom Brady's wing is about future zone with our good friend Jim Gray yesterday will he retire at 44 take some time and you will decompress. When we begin that process and and how will that go with your review. I think the point is there's no really rush for me to figure out what's next in all know when I know it's it's a day after the season so I think for all of us know we can all decompress a bit. It's been six straight months of football every day consumed by day in and day out football and I think now she some time to spend some time with my family spent some time with my kids. Yeah, I guess if I'm Tampa Bay I have to get a quarterback. Either way, yet again. Of course I would lease I draft somebody try to get the backup quarterback the Packers if the Packers sign and Rogers or try to get Daniel Jones from the from the giant somebody they could take over previously that he wants to play, please. 45 yeah, people say love is 44 now as I really Robert Caskey seems healthier than usual. Though we didn't do much in the final game next Peter dink which bashes Disney's plank since his plywood.

I said I said it would snow white remake of Peter is not too pleased with the disease upcoming Snow White and the seven dwarves remake is accused of being insensitive to dwarves, game of thrones stars dropped the bombshell while promoting his movie. Cyrano on Mark France WTF podcast I think, which is his wife is a he is a dwarf that resulted in him being about 4 foot five I found the movie especially hypocritical, as they were very proud to cast Latina actress as snow white but does note facility next anymore. So we think about this. I is no winning in the story.

I think it's an interesting point that Englishness is the hypocrisy and highlight it's okay like a look.

We had actress we are so progressive for snow eight. However, here are seven dwarves that lived together in a cave, but that's okay that was a potluck exactly think you're progressive, and one way, but then you're still making thing backwards story about seven dwarves living in caves, together with the FDA.

What are you doing man back and look at what you're doing there. It makes no sense to me completely. FEMA dwarves help snow wife to what, she was like she was in the forest make they helped her in that mixup at Cinderella actually do to next Mark Jackson responded to Antonio Brown member entering around the wide receiver to couple is closing except his pants and left the Tampa Bay Bucs against you for the end of the season, the bar Jackson responds after hearing that Antonio Brown wants to play on the ravens with him who's next in line for you to go will actually just business as given mama Jackson's flowers so you'll know while you said you know that my Jackson as it my Jackson is a great quarterback known him throwing the ball to dynamically plan. I don't think that he's John Harbaugh's type of guy I Brown joined the box in 2020 through December. The ravens Brown would join a receiving core that includes Marquise Brown shot Bateman Sammy Watkins is a hell of a player and that Miles Boykin, Tylan Wallace is hardly the best of the bunch. What is to become one of Jackson's top targets I can stay in the field is metal case many other issues going on in his life. Most people are known to say that a bad guy, but needs help.

Next Neil Young's Dragon pulls all the songs of Sparta five because Joe Rogan interviews people that have something counted to counter to what the CDC says about this ongoing pandemic.

He says basically told Rolling Stone which report on Young's letter to spot a five is essentially going to be Joe Rogan or Neil Young. You can have both Young's is trying to write every was good you feel broken right especially no one cares about you over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your hands box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you get your

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