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How Gen Z Can Save America...No, Really!

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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March 21, 2024 5:00 am

How Gen Z Can Save America...No, Really!

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 21, 2024 5:00 am

Are Gen Z voters the most traditional one since World War 2? Isabel Brown thinks so. She joins Charlie to discuss her book "The End of the Alphabet: How Gen Z Can Save America." Isabel makes the case that even if the political pendulum hasn't swung back to the right, the cultural pendulum already has, and momentum is growing. She discusses the mass failure of dating apps, what Gen Z stereotypes are false, and how to get women to catch up with men in their political realignment.

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Hey, everybody. Today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Isabel Brown, former Turning Point USA chapter leader from Colorado State University, joins the program to talk about her book, The End of the Alphabet, How Gen Z Can Save America.

Great conversation. Also, talk about TikTok and potentially banning TikTok. Email us as always, freedom at and subscribe to our podcast.

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to They say Gen Z is going to be Gen Free, author of End of the Alphabet, How Gen Z Can Save America, and also former Turning Point USA chapter leader. I will never remove that from the bio, Isabel. It's going to be 20 years from now, Isabel.

I'm still going to mention that. Well, that was my first step, Charlie, so we absolutely have to. Thank you so much for having me on the show today.

Of course. Thank you. And I still think it was one of the best campus events we've ever had.

I remember it was terrific. Isabel, welcome to the program. Tell us about your new book. Thank you so much, Charlie. I am in New York City right now, obviously, hence the hotel backdrop to launch my new book as of yesterday, The End of the Alphabet, How Gen Z Can Save America.

It is already a number one Amazon bestseller in both the audio book and the hardback copy. But people are waking up to the reality that Gen Z is not this bygone conclusion, a write off this entitled lazy socialist generation that's destroying America. We might be America's last chance for salvation and are shocking the world by being quite culturally conservative, the most we've seen since World War Two for any American generation. All right. So you're going to have to convince me, Isabel, I'll play devil's advocate. You know, when I think of Gen Z, they're staring at their phones, they're doing dance videos. How how is Gen Z? How can Gen Z save the country? Your pessimism is not alone and in fact is part of almost every interview I'm doing for the book. And I think it's smart to acknowledge I understand where that's coming from. You know, I like to say quoting Stranger Things, one of my favorite TV shows of all time, that in 2024 Gen Z is living in the upside down in America. We're living in a time that kind of looks like reality and it kind of looks like what our parents told us their early 20s and teenage years were like.

It should be recognizable, but it's not. Something is inherently wrong. Up is down. Left is right.

Men are women and women are men. I think we've all seen enough of the Dylan Mulvaney video this week to prove that. And we're looking to right the ship again, turn right side up and seek a purpose greater than ourselves. When I say Gen Z is the most conservative generation in 50 plus years, that's not necessarily in coherence with conservative politics at large, although I do believe it is trending in that direction and there's a lot of data to support that.

I'm talking much larger than just politics, but culturally in America too. We're looking at a generation that has a 93% chance of still wanting to get married, even in a time where we have the lowest marriage rate in American history. 62% of us have already started our own businesses. We're realizing thanks to groups like Turning Point USA and your incredible work on exposing the fact that college is a scam.

We don't have to spend $250,000 on a degree in African underwater lesbian dance theory to be successful in the world. We're eating real food. We're throwing away our birth control.

We're quitting dating apps. And so we're embracing this traditionally valued conservative culture and lifestyle that, as we know from Andrew Breitbart, will only trickle down further into politics. And you're really starting to see that manifest with this next great group of voters, soon to be the largest voter bloc in American history.

There is evidence to show and how Gen Z men are more right wing than ever before. But we've had this conversation before, Isabelle, and I went on whatever. I did my best.

I tried and I know we had a conversation about that. How do we win over the young ladies? Because when I go to campuses, I got to tell you, I've never seen such enthusiasm with young Gen Z men. I mean, they're on fire. They're dedicated.

They're ready to go. We have some female support, but it's nowhere the same. In fact, the young ladies are we got some work to do. So explain this.

Take as much time as you need. What what explains the sex distinction within Gen Z? I love that you say we've got a lot of work to do because it insinuates we haven't given up quite yet. And I think that's the perfect mentality to have with young women.

You're exactly correct. Gen Z men are overwhelmingly conservative. Thanks to the work of you and Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro and these people that are really speaking to reviving masculinity. Last time I was on the show, we talked about a poll that had just dropped that like 70% of current high school senior boys at age 17 are overwhelmingly conservative. So we've done our part there and that's a very exciting thing to see. But I think for women, it's not going to be as much of a difficult battle as people are thinking to turn Gen Z women more conservative.

Culturally, we're already doing that on our own. I'm seeing women from across the political spectrum wake up and realize that hormonal birth control is slow release poison and is slowly destroying both our physical health and our mental and emotional health. So literally almost every young woman I talked to on high school and college campuses, even the leftists say that they are overwhelmingly quitting birth control. Women everywhere are starting to realize that dating apps have not led to any sort of happiness or liberation from a supposed patriarchy as they've been packaged to us, nor are they helping us find the one with these apps, quote unquote, designed to be deleted as are the slogans for groups like the Match Group, which owns Tinder and Hinge. So 90% of Gen Zers are coming forward in a recent poll and saying, yeah, actually I've had a horrible experience on all of these apps. We're all just going to delete them.

I want something real and tangible and lasting in true love. A recent survey from her campus, as I just mentioned, said 93% of Gen Zers on campus, that includes women, still want to grow up and get married in a time that for young women, marriage is being packaged as this jail, a constraint, a way to hold you back from your personal life, your friends, corporate opportunities, and more. And you're really starting to see a markable difference happening culturally with these young women. Now, are we fighting some sort of cultural battle here that is incredibly difficult? Yes, largely thanks to the indoctrination from groups like Planned Parenthood, who writes the vast majority of sex ed curriculum in this country and has hired multi-zillion dollar celebrities and influencers to convince us the only way to survive as a woman is to support stuff like abortion on demand and vote for the left.

But it's not quite as cut and dry as you think, even on that issue. 9 in 10 Gen Z voters support some sort of restriction on abortion, according to a new poll from Students for Life Action going into this November election, which is a stark contrast to the abortion on demand through all nine months for any reason platform supported by Joe Biden and this current Democrat party. So those seeds are starting to be planted and it might take a little bit of time for that political pendulum to swing, but the cultural one is already in motion.

So the the divide is is happening for, you know, politically. And I know that your book is about, you know, Gen Z saving the country when you when you travel and you speak on high school and college campuses, you know, the what gives you the most hope in regards to young ladies? Do you think it could be a movable voting bloc? Do you think it can normalize in the conservative direction?

I do. And this might sound counterintuitive, but I think what gives me the most hope with our generation is that I can see and we're all openly acknowledging the brokenness in feminist culture that is currently being shoved in our faces on a silver platter for young women today. I hear women cry all the time when they come ask us questions when I speak about abortion or dating or modern feminism on campus about how empty and sad it is. And sad their lives have become. I had a very similar experience on the whatever podcast that we talked about last time I was on the show, even when these women are fundamentally different from myself in terms of religious or political values. You know, the CDC says one in three teenage girls in America seriously contemplated taking her own life in 2021.

And if that doesn't break your heart, I don't know what possibly could. I think we all personally know someone, mostly young ladies that have fallen into this trap because we've only been presented the secular, empty nature of the world. But that brokenness gives us an opportunity to connect, to share humanity in realizing we weren't built for this type of culture. We are built for so much more. We are worthy of so much more.

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That is So Isabel, talk about some of the stereotypes of Gen Z and the ones that frustrate you the most, the ones that you hear that make you roll your eyes. Talk about that and how you overcome that. When I was first starting to write the book, it was such a fascinating experiment because I conducted a poll on my Instagram story. And I asked people who are not Gen Z-ers to describe our generation in a single word. And then I asked people our age to do the exact same thing. And most of the words that those older than us came up with were entitled, lazy, stupid, uneducated, socialist, participation trophy, and even some more colorful language at that.

But the words that we chose to describe ourselves with were worthy, chosen, leaders, intelligent, capable, fearless, and bold. And so I wrote this book partially out of frustration that those older than us seem to have a fundamentally different image of who we were than what I was seeing in reality for the vast majority of my generation that I was interacting with through our Turning Point chapters, using my platform online as an independent creator and my live stream I'm doing every day. And I'm hoping to bridge a lot of that generational gap. But it's funny now, doing a lot of the media I'm doing for my book, I'll get on a radio interview or be sitting in a TV studio and people will say, Gen Z is this horrible, blue haired, leftist, socialist generation unanimously.

But I have an 18-year-old and I have a 21-year-old and they turn out pretty great. They're pretty darn conservative. They have a great sense of humor and have no patience for any of this rainbow nonsense. So I guess people just aren't seeing it outside of their own homes.

And that, of course, does exist, all of the crazy stereotypes. But I'm finding it's a really loud minority that's given almost all of the airtime to those older than us. So let's talk politically. If you were to give advice to the Donald Trump campaign, say, hey, here's what you need to do to win over Gen Z voters, in particular Gen Z women, and, you know, counter the threat of RFK and Biden, what would you say? First and foremost, do exactly what you did last week and speak out against Congress's banning of TikTok. That was perhaps the most savvy thing the Trump campaign could have done in terms of curbing government overreach and protecting freedom of speech for our generation on something that is not a partisan issue when it comes to First Amendment rights in the digital age, in the public square that we all engage with every day. And that just so happens to be the internet.

I'm sure we're going to talk a whole lot about TikTok, Charlie, which I'm excited for. But tailoring a little bit more of this towards women in particular, I think there's a very unique opportunity to address young women and say the left is presenting to you what they are calling the solution to all women's rights issues in abortion, in corporate America, in every other beautifully wrapped up with a pink bow female oriented platform that actually is just a hollow lie that's going to make your life more miserable. If you want fulfillment, if you want joy, if you want happiness and purpose in your life, conservative values are where it's at. And it's what you guys are choosing now, even if you don't realize that it might orient politically conservative, it just happens to be a bit more traditional in that sense. There was a study that came out this morning that said marriage rates in America as of this week are back up to pre-pandemic levels. And some states like Nevada have a current marriage rate of 12.5 percent, which is statistically unheard of. So culturally, we're already orienting in that direction.

I would create an address and an opportunity to speak to young women about the empty lies one by one that the left is presenting to them and why the conservative side of things might be a whole lot better. Do you think that Gen Z might end up tilting more RFK than Biden or Trump? Do you think that it might be a little bit of a third party challenge that we have to be concerned about? Potentially, although the polling seems to suggest a lot of last minute excitement for Donald Trump right now, 51 percent of voters under 25 say they're very excited about Donald Trump in November, according to a Fox News poll, whereas about 40 percent of them feel that way for Joe Biden.

So it's going in the right direction. And it's crazy because a lot of these Gen Zers, you know, they were there 12, 13, 14. They weren't overly involved in politics during all the Trump derangement stuff. So they're getting kind of like a fresh look at Trump in a very unusual, in a very unexpected way.

You know, they're 18, 19. And they say, why do we hate this guy so much? He's kind of like the rebel. He's got new attitude.

No, the left. They thought that Gen Z was going to be this very reliable voting bloc. I don't know how it's going to end, but they're not going to win Gen Z by a lot. They might win it by five or 10 points. Maybe it's not going to be 30 or 40 points. It's just not going to happen.

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Go to Charlie Kirk dot com. Click on the preborn banner. Now, Isabel, I am on the same side of you with this. As you know, I tweeted out saying, I don't think we should ban TikTok, but I think it's a bunch of poison. I think it's toxic. It's turning our kids gay.

It's turning people trans. You're very popular on TikTok. Isabel, what what am I missing about this degenerate cancer that we call TikTok?

Well, I'm glad to see other people speaking up about online censorship, because I do think this is so important. But on the flip side of the data security and national security concerns that I think most people are espousing, most of what I'm hearing out of Washington is actually the reason we need to ban TikTok stemming from the degenerate content that is overwhelmingly on the platform. I would just have to ask, are you not also seeing what's on Instagram and on Facebook and on Twitter now X, which actually has the largest pornography problem of any online social media platform?

It's X. It's not TikTok, which is oddly shocking to so many people. You're seeing Dylan Mulvaney's music video go viral on Instagram and on Facebook and on Twitter just as much as you're seeing it on TikTok. And amazingly, I think people are just so unaware that TikTok is home to literally thousands of people you may never have heard of with a verified checkmark next to their name on X or on Instagram, but are talking about the very values that make Western civilization great in the most authentic way possible, putting on their makeup in the morning while they're getting ready to go to class in college or sitting in the passenger seat of their car. I see more content that is pro-Trump, pro-God and sharing the gospel, which has never been more important in the age of digital communication, that is pro-free speech and telling the truth about gender ideology and abortion and everything else on TikTok than I see on the rest of the internet combined. Of course, are there algorithmic issues we should address?

Yes, 100 percent, but those exist on every other platform as well. It doesn't stop here. Yeah, I'm not a lot on TikTok. Actually, I've been banned 55 times because I'm a hater. So I guess I say I say things that you're not allowed to say. For example, I say, you know, God created only men and women hate speech strike.

I said that blacks commit 55 percent of the murders hate speech strike. So TikTok, I'm glad you're able to post on it. I'm not allowed to.

Our team has some sort of a page that they run, but they run it in some sort of curated way. All right. I want you to respond to this, though.

It's not even me. Dylan Mulvaney, the trans mascot, says that TikTok makes kids or people more transy. So I want you to respond to the man. Hear that, everybody?

The man, Dylan Mulvaney, cut 52. And now with transness, I'm hoping that it's the same trajectory of like, you know, the people that are being so outwardly transphobic online in my comments and my DMS. I'm hoping that that will become like increasingly embarrassing for them and that these media organizations and these social platforms will be equally embarrassed that they tolerated and allowed these things to happen and didn't step up when we needed them most. But I also think about how specific to TikTok because I still am like, what is this app?

What am I even doing? I think it's it's a way for young people, especially to see people that are like them. So he said the essence of what he's saying is that it helps see people that are more like him. Do you think that TikTok is making people trans? No, I think society and American culture being governed by the left at large is making people trans. I think leftist elementary school teachers and the pornographic books in their library are making people trans. I think American pastors who try to tell you Jesus is non-binary are trying to make people trans. Are there some videos on TikTok that are trying to push children to change their gender identity? Yes. Interestingly, in the full version of that clip that we just watched, I watched it this morning, Dylan talks about how he saw the first ever really feminine man in entertainment and on a screen by watching Glee.

So this predates TikTok. This is, of course, everything that we see across our screens. But in reference to Dylan's new Days of Girlhood, very, very offensive song and music video that is turning a lot of people off this week as to his content, I can't tell you, Charlie, how many videos I've seen with 10, 20, 30, 40 million views, thousands of these videos, even from people who say they support transitioning of children, even for people that would be overwhelmingly leftist and feminist, saying, guess what?

I am a woman and being a woman has nothing to do with popping pills or meaningless hookups where I don't know that person's name or walks of shame coming home from people's houses or any of the problems that Dylan Mulvaney is espousing in this video as a beautiful way to live as a girl. So people are waking up. And part of that is because of the authenticity that we're seeing on the Internet at large and ordinary people being courageous enough to speak the truth. I will acknowledge that other platforms have the same venom, but TikTok has by far the youngest user base of all the major platforms. And so I think that is the concern is that our average TikTok user, I think, is like 19 years old.

I think I have I have some of the data here and 57 percent are female. And so you've been very successful on TikTok. There is apparently a right wing community that hasn't been banned.

Again, I'm super bitter. I I've tried so many times to get on TikTok, but they banned me every single time. So tell us about the right wing TikTok that isn't banned. Right wing TikTok that isn't banned is amazingly thriving at this very moment.

I have my bitter moments, too, Charlie. I've been permanently banned in the early days of TikTok seven or eight times. And I like to call my account the Lazarus of TikTok accounts because it miraculously keeps coming back from the dead. You know, I don't know if I'm really supposed to talk much about this publicly, but I actually got a call a few weeks ago from an employee at TikTok asking what they can do to make the platform better for people who have values like mine. What are the issues with censorship?

What are the problems that we're seeing in the algorithm? They want to create and foster a community of freedom of speech on this platform for the 170 million Americans who use it every day. It's really encouraging. And as to this younger age side of things, I think it's really important that we are forgetting a major part of this conversation at the national debate on whether or not to ban TikTok, particularly in the vein of saving the children, which a lot of members of Congress and now our president of the United States claim is their reasoning behind wanting to erase this platform from the United States. Where are parents involved in the education and upbringing and value setting for their children? I can't go to a restaurant today without seeing a family that each child has an iPad sitting around the table because parents want to do the lazy easy button mode of raising their children. And I think the same can be said for social media.

The government should never, never ever take on the role of parenting ever. And I fear that we've done that and we've been complacent in that in education. We've done that in entertainment. And now of course, we're seeing that with social media as well. So it's awfully encouraging to see parents step up and take ownership of the value setting for their family and forming a strong lifestyle for their children to choose as they continue growing up. But I sure as heck don't trust the government to educate children. I don't trust them to entertain children.

So I shouldn't trust them to determine what content on the Internet is good or bad for children either. So the you know, the audience is very tilted against TikTok, but I still I don't like the piece of legislation because I think it could be used against other things. The essence, I think, of the problem, though, is do you think there's anything different with how TikTok elevates certain content or has been shown to have negative implications of a people's attention span?

Because it is so it is so short in nature. Do you think there's any merit to those arguments? Absolutely. And there certainly should be a merit to a conversation happening about the addictive nature of social media for kids in general. You know, they're doing studies about this.

As you know, Charlie, I was a biomedical scientist by education. So I'm incredibly nerdy reading all of these scientific studies. But people are saying in the scientific community now that use of social media in so many teenagers is looking like drug addiction for people who use it every single day.

It's the same hormone loop that's going through your brain. And that's very, very damaging to growing and developing minds and bodies for the next generation. So 100 percent room for a great conversation about all of this. I guess I'm just having a really hard time seeing how all of these arguments are only applied to one social media platform that happens to be the most used social media platform by my generation, largely to criticize and speak up against the government from what I'm seeing using it every day, when the exact same thing could be said about meta-owned platforms of Facebook and Instagram, the exact same thing could be said about TikTok videos getting reposted on X or on YouTube shorts that have the exact same format as TikTok. This idea of the attention span and the short form content and the addiction to the platform or even the degenerate content itself absolutely merits a conversation. But we need to be very careful about how we're having this conversation.

Is it silencing certain Americans because they happen to use this platform or is it examining a cultural shift that needs our attention desperately? So talk about the spiritual side. You know, the stats is Gen Z. Some people say they're the least religious generation in history.

What are the numbers show? We certainly have been espoused to be a godless generation and truly atheist. But maybe the biggest thing that gave me hope when writing my book was discovering that the pendulum is swinging very, very far in the opposite direction. We talk a lot about being countercultural and punk rock patriots at Turning Point USA for what young people are doing to rebel against the people who came before us. And in a society that has no sense of objective morality from God, we've essentially removed God from society entirely, maybe the most punk rock thing one could do as a Gen Z-er today is to seek purpose and meaning in God, to seek religion, to seek tradition in our religion. And that's exactly what we're doing. At the end of 2021, less than 25% of our generation said that we believed in God at all.

Nobody really did. But by the end of 2023, over one third of us proudly say that we believe in God and are regularly practicing our religion. Even inside of certain denominations, look at Catholicism in America today, Gen Z is the most likely demographic to say they prefer the traditional Latin mass. So not only are we seeking God, we're seeking tradition with a capital T and very rigid structure in this loose anything goes lukewarm Christianity society. Just last week, the TikTok Pastor Cliff, who we all love talking to, did an event at Mississippi State where over 3000 students showed up to watch him debate an atheist professor. And they had to open up three or four lecture halls in order to accommodate everyone seeking answers to these questions of what are we doing here? What was I created for?

And is there meaning bigger than our secular society? So we're going to try one last time. And my final opinion on the bill will be determined on whether or not TikTok kicks me off. So we're going to we're going to create an official TikTok account.

And you could call your friend at TikTok. Hey, you guys want to help the right. Don't ban Charlie Kirk. I'm a very bitter person with this stuff. Are you ready to lose weight but not sure where to start?

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My Ph.D. weight loss dot com. Talk about your early years with Turning Point USA, how that got you into activism. I'm sure you get questions all the time. How can I do a career?

How can I do this stuff? You know, you built your platform for nothing. Tell us the story. I do, Charlie. I get questions like this almost every time I'm on campus with our students, and it's one of my favorite questions to answer because the big secret is that there is no secret. Anybody can do what I do every day.

It just takes the courage to stand up and tell the truth in whatever capacity you can. As you know, I was pre-med in college. I never had any sort of expectation of working in social media and communications or even being an author. I wanted to be a trauma surgeon because I loved how science was rooted in the pursuit of objective truth. And while I was at Colorado State University, where I will be returning next week for a stop on my book tour, so we'll see how that reception goes, in my classes like physiology and anatomy and organic chemistry, which, yes, I had to take three times.

There's no shame in admitting it. We were spending way too much time talking about my professors' political opinions and the orange white supremacist guy that just got elected to the White House rather than that pursuit of objective truth. Obviously, my life went in a very different direction, and I think a lot of that started with looking around on my campus of 33,000 people and not seeing a single outspoken person that shared my values. So I realized if no one else was going to be the first person to raise their hand in class, to set up a folding table and hand out socialism sucks buttons on campus, or to invite speakers like yourself to campus, I probably was just going to have to be the first one to do that.

And we created the biggest club on campus by starting a Turning Point USA chapter with over 700 active members. We brought incredible speakers to campus, including yourself, many, many times coming back to CSU. And it really made me fall in love, again, with this idea of telling people the truth for a living.

I don't do that as a scientist anymore, but I do get to do that in 15-second TikTok videos or three-hour live streams or even in writing a book. The best advice I can give you is to just hit post on anything, any crazy thing that's happening on your college campus. Record yourself sitting in your dorm room and talk about what the heck your student government just did.

There is no shortage of opportunities there or the crazy assignment that you just got an F on because you dared to tell the truth. You have no idea how God can use you to continue telling the truth to our generation. Final thoughts, Isabelle, talk about your book Things We Didn't Cover, elements that you want to make sure our audience is aware of. The book is called The End of the Alphabet, How Gen Z Can Save America. First and foremost, if you are a Gen Z-er looking for leadership tools on how you can tell the truth in your own community, this book is for you. If you have Gen Z-ers who might be your kids or grandkids, and you're hoping to inspire them and maybe learn a little bit more about the truth with their generation in the process, this book is for you as well. You can buy The End of the Alphabet anywhere books are sold. Amazon will deliver it to your house in the same day, it looks like, according to what I saw earlier today. And I am just so, so grateful for the outpouring of support.

Gen Z, let's go prove the world wrong about what they think about us. Isabelle Brown, thank you so much. Talk to you soon.

Check out the book, The End of the Alphabet. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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