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Biden Reportedly Tells Ukraine to "Brace For Impact" of Russian Invasion

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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January 28, 2022 12:22 pm

Biden Reportedly Tells Ukraine to "Brace For Impact" of Russian Invasion

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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January 28, 2022 12:22 pm

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thank you much opposing everybody is the right kill me, Joe. 1-866-408-7669 we got exciting our coming your way will be able to cover with the presence going to be also ugly news here in New York. It's a sad day at St. Patrick's Cathedral for your ring by the men and women in blue as one of the officers who was killed on Friday is being a wolf's funeral and you'll see thousands of thousands of people hopefully will see shots of St. Patrick's Cathedral and you'll see that the respect they get. Not only from New Yorkers but especially from those who serve and that will do it again on Tuesday or next week because on Tuesday we we lost his partner to the same cop killer.

They were it was a domestic dispute they are answering the call in and they showed up this mutants shot them both and then executed them it wasn't for the third officer who came in and took him out.

Who knows how much damage would've been done.

His mom called for help because she felt threatened and now she feels guilt ridden this arrow schedule by Michael Wilde's one of this country's premier immigration lawyers got a rich history helped us out at Ellis Island as we went back and talked about had a historic scene overlooking that the backdrop of which is the Statue of Liberty.

Michael Wilde talks about that and also was happening at our border, not like what he does.

He handles people want to be citizens. These other people are sneaking in, let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I know policies are not reality that popular you not doing anything that's me orc's human security secretary. How dare you say that you're keeping the homeland safe while leaving the back door wide open.

There been doing this on purpose. It's my only includes conclusion, we see that the southern border collapse in a legal stream into our country.

They have to be making that part of policy there being close close they have these guys these illegals are being close to being fed to be transported with our taxpayer dollars will bring you the latest on the exposé that was exposed only on Fox this week. This is to honor the life and sacrifice of Ofc. Jason Rivera and his partner Wilbert Mora were gone down when they were responding to domestic violence call earlier this month in Harlem flags will fly at half staff across the city. Following that powerful miles on procession for his weight yesterday. Unbelievable right thousands of officers and the families pouring to New York City to pay tribute to to sign officers shot exactly one week ago today and there's no sign the horror for these men and women in blue are subsiding six officer shot in the last 48 hours in 50 states. By the way is officer stood in respect of the slain in New York City 12 cop cars had their tires/oh and by the way, a rapper who shot an officer is now out on bond.

What I see an incredible pocketful for war and blackmailer by rev. 1414 and is no longer look back now if Europe is no longer necessary acts as an enemy brace for impact in your capital likely will get sacked.

What the heck that's the Ukraine review of a presidential to Pres. call yesterday. Zelinski and Biden.

What an inspirational helpful message which the bind administration denied is being characterized accurately as the present truly understand this is a DJ for America NATO. If this invasion takes place by the Russians, the Baltics and Poland. While you'll be next. Along with the stands. Think about I'm in the Russians. Ernie took back, they were asked to come in Kazakhstan. The people rose up against their autocratic leader in the after Russians felt silly came and suppressed in the sibling to shoot on command without warning in the casino.

The riots done next. Think about this Belarus Belarus is unpopular leader loses the election because of Vladimir Putin food make sure he stays in power. That's called influence that school reconstituting the Soviet Union and that's why it matters in this call is so insecure we go again with Ukrainian call.

So at that they had a call was about an hour and 15 minutes and Zelinski said at the end of it and some reports to CNN usually going out of their way they would bite suppressed something like this and said they said Zelinski was the really upset they said it really did not go well and that they said prepare for your for your capital to be sacked. Prepare for impact, wow, thanks so if that is in fact the case are they mischaracterizing what took place there mean, was there more to this mean that's that's the main thing here is Congressman Michael Walt's know there's a lot of people on the right. I guess some of the left want nothing to do with this conflict. But here's what he told Harris Dr. yesterday: interest. Why is it in our interest to take bold action here. I'm not advocating for putting American boots on the ground in Ukraine, but there's a lot more that we should be doing to help them defend themselves, why should Americans care what we shouldn't just stand by and allow the old Soviet Union to put back together again and Putin is stated since 2005 that the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the demise of the Soviet Union he fully intends to put it back together. Right now we have no cards to play because Biden is taken a concessions first. Don't agitate, don't provoke and how that's viewed in Moscow as weakness and opportunity sending strongly worded letters and mother may eyes is is only projecting weakness that can invite aggression in the end of the day that's can affect our soldiers, sailors and airmen and Marines and will talk about that at the bottom the hour we'll talk about this throughout the show and not be able to take your call to 1-866-408-7669 us want to talk about having crime in this country and right now you see these two officers shot five been shot since and killed a five have been shot since Eric Adams took over, so he's asking for help. You know what I need Bell reform and you know what this DA according to our governor. Even this DA cannot be permissive when it comes to crime, constantly downgrading criminal charges except for homicide. It's not acceptable there's personnel in the governor of New York because everyone looks to New York to see how they should run things because New York is also overrun with crime, same Chicago, Portland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle. All these crime-ridden areas where the mayors are not empowered or choose not to be. Now you have a chief of police. It says my DAs got a crackdown.

Mayor Eric Adams visits the guns but then he opened up to other options.

Here's what he said yesterday as St. Patrick's is welcoming thousands of officers from around the country cut 14 city mourns lost two officers two days away.

One funeral tomorrow. Both these officers.

We sit under the tree of public safety because they warded the tree would be a blow. We should never forget that. I think that he understands that to a degree I know is very critical of the NYPD when he was a member of the NYPD. But my hope is he's beginning to see that there is no honeymoon. He had inherited a city in crisis. Like so many other cities across the country more from Adams cut 15. We need to understand what we do or legislate on the state level that are allowing dangerous people to return to Wall Street's way to understand why the guns are continually continually lonely cities throughout this country need to understand why we are continuing to produce broken soldiers that tried to broken adult and become broken people to commit violence. I can say he's getting around the issue is good to hear someone say directly, guns are an issue we gotta stop the people from buying guns you put a gun on a table and it sits there know it's getting shot is the people to pick him up is the problem. Meanwhile around the country. I'm not kidding.

Two police officers were shot Wednesday in St. Louis and Milwaukee. Sorry about that I am Milwaukee, the Milwaukee sheriff deputy was shot several times during a traffic stop this evening so he tells people to the body cameras of police officers. I said why you so mad you Weisel cost ricin direct when we pulley over and removes a speeding.

What I miss the light that Mrs. stop sign was because there is no routine pull aside his traffic stop in St. Louis. The police officer was in critical but in very unstable condition after he was shot in the leg and another officer was shot in the abdomen at 1 o'clock in the afternoon during that traffic stop in Houston. Three police officers shot the suspect in custody. They had a standoff for this thing is when these guys get caught. They don't quit the fight back there, resisting arrest, which is so crazy because the DA in Manhattan among the many DAs you say if you just resisting arrest. It doesn't mean you should be arrested or you should be charged with anything above a misdemeanor.

It's nuts. The other major story on the covers were tapping our border, our border is wide open, but we see such details. Now we used to debate the wall. What's better surveillance which better virtual Lord actual wall. We don't debate that now because this president decided it sit beyond the wall. I'm letting everybody and they say will type title 42, we gotta turn them around.

That was in place. He is okay but ignoring it.

Lisa remained in Mexico enjoyed since you got to do that. That means if you get to the Mexican US border you stay in Mexico and you get you get evaluated in that country.

So if you were getting through. They stopped coming with the remainder Mexico only a 300 people. There was 270,000 who came last month.

What do you think nobodies are many in Mexico you cannot make without litigation. Eight see a White House do their job and empower the border patrol and ice officials now ice officials are telling Fox that they feel like travel agents guys walk-in they deceived and contact their families. If the family still pick up give them a change of clothes they give him a utility bag think sometimes give them cash and transportation to get anywhere they want. What do you think that messages to every country and aspiring citizen around the world do not go to our system without a beat the system. The border patrol is furious when the aorta showed up, they turned their back on him and they made comments to them.

How do we know because a guy had a recording on his phone that's been made public. Here's my orchids talking to a TV station cut 17 of the policies have changed so dramatically between the Trump administration and the ministration and policies of the defined prior inspection. Everyone has understand the title to this public health authority, not an immigration policy. We battling pandemic and it is a public health benefit of migrants which they enter our course. Continue to apply.

Title 42, and that is the decision of the centers for disease control is not our decision. But you not doing we have the video that shows single males come across nondiet nonstressful situation.

They're not in distress.

They end up getting better accommodations than they could ever imagine in their own country or in their lives. So is flat out lying and to say a policies cool is an opinion you pick out remaining Mexico policy and say it's cruel. That's called you have to sign the guestbook apply for a background check. Go to a system. There is a work of visa. There is a green card.

These people are circumventing all that and it's cruel to make them stay in a country that they are written and applied to come that is left it all up to the states what I think is criminal. I can't stress enough is it's not a policy it's a lack of rule and regulation and enforcement. They basically left the door wide open and sit do your own smash and grab on our entire nation in the city and state of your choosing and it is these are these the things that they the same lawmakers never believed in the early 2000s in the 90s. They are now just let in all hell break loose on purpose. Now Greg Abbott called in a budget to a DAs AG's and governors and said let's just go meet and talk about how we take this into our own hands is costing Texans and Arizonans but mostly Texans millions of dollars to assess their own police force picking up all these trespassers, 10,000 I think it all, but that still doesn't even scratch the surface and what is needed. Cut 19 cartels in Mexico are using to talk to advertise to recruit smugglers in Texas and San Antonio, Houston and other cities in Texas and maybe some other states to advertise for smugglers for pay for them to smuggle people here in Texas, which would include victims of human trafficking that must be shut down. Tick-tock should be a shame can have a legal action brought against it for promoting human trafficking in Texas and United States of America.

They want to talk shut down right and think about this.

You shut down Dan von Gino for posting a video that says that mass don't work your stopping people like Joe Rogan and Eric Clapton because they don't believe the vaccines are effective and you have tick-tock doing something illegal providing DB being the venue and the arena we human trafficking takes place where drugs are buried in an children of third into our country illegally in this advertiser tick-tock who also is saying with their advertising in our country to say hey Americans, if you just come over here with your vehicle.

I would like to fill it up with illegals. I will pay you a ton of money.

I just need your merit an American to bring them across because you get a different type of scrutiny. Then let's say a mobster or account cartel member when it comes to border patrol. So here's tick-tock's response in a statement yesterday to our own David spun tick-tock directly strictly prohibits content that seeks a road, promote or facilitate criminal activities and we would remove leaders of cartels or gangs that they were identified or a platform. We also work with third-party intelligence firms to bolster our defenses and make reports a law enforcement as appropriate. We welcome afterward to work with the governor in this important area. Armed they have contacted already. We'll talk about that more was and am up against a break we come back. I take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me, Fox news podcasts network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janet Dean or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine talk show that's real. This is the Brian kill me show we do the same as strong a massive package for swift meaning something at sanctions designed to put huge price tag on diminishing incursion and we seeing the same codes we might see in different after having is given the confinements we have, but I do see it as I do see things support affect as a mutually reinforcing system of communicating that sets what you say but Emily Haber was his German investor to the United States try to explain Germany's indifferent attitude towards the would-be invasion of the Ukraine. She does say this a sin 5000 helmets.

No word if they want Ukraine to actually pay for them, but they're not letting Estonia for example push arms through their country. They have to go around it. They were not allowing Estonia to actually send send howitzers over to the Ukrainians because they were made in Germany and they don't want a part of the conflict. Think about this when not asking the Germans to fight were asking them just to get out of the way. What a load support.

They would even get out of the way and and by the way, I'm a Kronos head of the EU want to show.

As you know his muscle wants to go directly to Vladimir Putin. Good luck with that Sir Kozy was a lot better leader but you don't look Kronos is had his ups and downs know that he's very judgmental on on our 45th president.

He cannot feel secure and talk about our 46 president, especially after we ousted him on the nuclear sub deal. But now I really believe this is the day for NATO to bring this up with Col. West. Next, because if NATO cannot dissuade Vladimir Putin from invading and will not let us put additional troops in NATO countries.

Just allow us to put troops in their that organization is beyond on life support could be down for the count, which would please all our enemies, especially especially Vladimir talk more about writing to let you FOXNews time tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor or of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing it. FOXNews five. radio show like no other, kill me. So the policies changed so dramatically from administration and the description find not an immigration policy. We battling pandemic and it is a public health benefit of migrants which they enter our course.

Continue to apply. Title 42, and that is the decision of the centers for disease control is not our decision right that Health and Human Services is he's invisible. Xavier Becerra, but that's only security Sec. Mae Arcus who said title 42, says since single males home, but title 42, because when a pandemic it's not healthy, but I guess families get the state we're watching and provide video exclusively of single males coming by the thousands, by the hundreds, but since made by the thousands on streaming across our border, and then they get going to NGOs to facilities things like Catholic charities and others. I give them close give them a stipend provide transportation and they got any state they want their totally circumventing the system and they're not going to adhering to title 42, nor the remainder Mexico Michael while Spence is spends his living, trying to get people who want to be citizens citizenship because the going about it the right way.

It was my privilege to have Michael with me as I took my tour of Ellis Island for my series. What made America great, you'll see that it's available now on Fox nation, the mayor of Englewood joins us. Michael welcome back to Brian kill nature Brian Cook took a pleasure of people calling and texting and emailing the love of what you put together such an honor for me in the legacy of my family. I literally felt like to grandfather Chamberlain on both of them came safely off from the Holocaust with Russian Ukrainians work with Irishmen with Italians and built this country so what a snapshot.

What a privilege. I think you that everyone should sound to get to New York and one son called today but number two you have to check this out because you see what immigration was like for you help from after the Civil War really to the turn of the 20th century and about 12 million people came through Michael before we go that now do want talk more about it how you feel when you're sitting there and and you're working with people through the court system to get them citizenship and you know there's over 2 million people did it the wrong way. This streaming through our border and their just put into the city.

Sometimes mill the night into school systems and their circumventing more rules and laws. Is that okay with you.

Medically, but I wear summary of the privilege of being a federal prosecutor were helped important that people on the mayor narrowing New Jersey a pro-Democrat leaning more to the middle and most everything seems good and it affected you said of children being paid for the school system with Emily and have the right to be here working local taxpayers. But then I have to tell you presidents like President Reagan and others through the years understood people to come to this country by cocoa court not just for financial reasons political for spiritual experiences because they're destitute of the placement of every president in our nation's history. For the last hundred plus years of picking the low area of the tires and come up with a way to give them amnesty or to fix it.

Not to give people to think that they can bootstrap later just coming illegally quick understanding that keeping 11 to 20 million people under the shadows is not healthy for our economy. Not healthy on crime reporting and not healthy for mayors and governors that are trying to run cities and make sure that the roads are. You have a good snapshot of traversing in their communities. Also think about the broken system we have in Washington or members of Congress who have housekeepers who have loved ones married foreigners with Marines who married foreigners.

Everybody has been affected immigration story and they look they look a skunk of immigration because every two years ago to get elected and they look up and we can homeland security. If there thoughtful people. And if anything, this pandemic has kind of put us on the same heel humanity should be protected against adversity. Should we call America. Our founding documents envisioned that we would take immigrants make them drink carts, get them citizenship and then they would petition other people in a wonderful tradition of family ramification. So at some point people are working hard to bring their loved ones and work harder in the next generation will have a loyalty to our nation so this is a heart wrenching experience for former federal court you like me to see people pouring through our borders of politicians allowing the simple thought that the art don't get yourself there would present a regular conservative Republican given amnesty in 1986 to people. Weekly for 482, but he understood the challenge. Nobody has had that kind of brilliance and talent. Nobody in Congress has been able to change the law and broken and it's not good for America.

Michael was just wanting the rating did he felt let down on it. He said that if you not give amnesty for people here, but to seal the border provide security and they never did.

The security so they go back there with 41 and 43 and they start building a barrier. Both sides used agree we have to build the barrier again. We watch these countries every day. The barriers we get, we seen it we see hungry. We see it all throughout your Israel absolutely was ineffective yes. Does it mean you hate people know you just want to know who's coming in and out. So until you seal the border you're never going to get the sentiment to do it. So with the Democrats are doing is I think it's it's it's borderline criminal.

They're saying working to stop anyone looking to use ice as they call themselves travel agents. All they do is set up travel travel itineraries for illegal aliens culpability in both parties important little from what Junior worked very hard to see pictured you know comprehensively change immigration.

We couldn't find it with the Arctic to change things everybody wants to feel the border first and then will be with the other issues later. No, you do both at the same time.

When you have water coming at your house. You get your pumps ready Newport office seal on the outside and you start getting the drywall from giving mold spores and everything we have to fix this problem collectively as the American Arctic. We try not to attribute blame, but to fix an issue that's going to hurt not just the future of our nation.

But DMA made this nation special architect big Irish stew. If the CRO our office were New York New Jersey Miami away will get open up potentially this year in Tel Aviv abroad.

People are still coming in droves and what doesn't work in other countries works in America.

I have published in the early figure in business together in America, but the killing each other so there's something special about this country allowing people towards and I wrote a book. The book I wrote was called safe haven in America battles to open the golden door. I openly believe that the door has to be on the hinge. We have to be able to shut it against the harms and risks that we take but we also need to open quickly to the greatest restrictors of intrapreneurs and don't kid yourself. The restaurant industry. The hotel industry, the fashion industry. The IT world. A lot of this technology to counter coming from foreign nationals. We have to come up with a plan that recognizes the strength of both parties looks to the future what lady would let you know I think if we have this conversation with Bush 43 I think was appropriate. What would you ditties have you had somebody one had one way of stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. A my people. I don't like that person like this policy, but the current policy is not debatable. The current policy is come one come all in German were not allowed to throw you out and they're not doing the remaining Mexico. They're not doing title 42, so it's not even my style of security. There having no security domain and I currently let some and the word goes back.

This is your time. We are now loan the skies can stay in power Honduran Nicaraguans. They say 110 countries represented last month. It bothered me so heartbreaking to see that some of the effort in trying to cure the issues in the southern hemisphere will go a long way trying to stem the tide of people coming through Mexico to our country and you know it seems Kafkaesque that we can shift this responsibility debate this challenge to the next generation that is not one that is not what our founding parents envisioned that we shouldn't be pitting themselves against one another.

Who cares if somebody has an accent that goes where their loyalty.

I think I think the countries in place now that we have so much respect for people who do it right.

It's a huge plus a where you from I'm from the Ukraine where you from I'm from Cuba that's great you know you here and jump from Brazil. That's America but you snuck in you did this, and here's the thing that you know we need workers. We need immigrants. All these other countries are dying. We're the ones who are growing Japan and Russia they can't populate their place. We have to do in an organized way.

But I want to talk about what we did it out with Ellis Island. I mean essentially how different that was Michael. As we walk through the historian.

It was basically a bring us through what would happen to an immigrant in the 1890s and the 1930s whether we had the real opportunity you become a chemical other generations that those steps of separation one. Somebody had a ready gone through a medical exam done to illegal immigration may have been detained for days or weeks now. They were leaving one suitcase in their hand and you and I both look like where the hell are they going if it had somebody in the other side, picking them up. Great. If not, they had whatever coins or money to have in your pocket and there were going to start building and I have to tell you getting back to what you said before, we have's scores of people are coming to the United States legally and then all of a sudden circumstances change in their lives in their country and with pandemic.

You can obviously develop narrative and then we need to have laws that will deal with people with humanity and hospitality and by the way, if we invest in foreign students and we don't fight for them to onboard into the workforce will be able to invest rather than compete with people coming to the line and then go back to their home.

So that's what I saw when we were at Ellis Island that there was a simplicity to the way they onboard people into America. Make sure they want public charges. Make sure they have make sure they have enough money to get someplace because you know what when the streets nation. They were given make the commission stronger and better and that's where we need to get this dialogue and conversation better not us versus them that you no shame in all politicians to allow the strength to get worse.

Fix something. I know this is a major minute we stopped controlling and developing and doing things. The minute we start the day and that's no different than I mentioned. Use a little of our specialty goes about 35 to 40 minutes on vaccination. This is our staircase at Ellis Island that we know millions of imagine the feeling of a new immigrant pass the test early on at Ellis Island to go remarkable as this was the path golden people's mind is what our founding parents in the vision generation sojourn through this not knowing what I remember my grandfather was walking down the start this told my father when he was 10 minutes before the close vote did you vote Leon. My father said no I'm tired.

Goes you're a citizen by chance on the citizen choice go across the street vote.

This is a privilege to responsibility steps with the beginning generations in consultation lives is one that came with so and interest. Picture this at home is his radio without television, you see the same march with the same building that they did. These are the same steps that people walked down for 70 years and when they walked out and got onto a fairy that got them into New York City. They were basically on their own if they knew no one but if they had a family member they got started. And then there was that that social safety net. We have now, which is not a lot but it's more than they had.

It was game on. You just so happy for the opportunity right there right home and enrolled by officers of the passport of my grandfather had the J on the Jew would like to name Israel before every meal and Sheriff every female. Richard was taken or came off and you know I remind myself that became naturalized.

They went through the system the way the system had have affidavits of support were so proud to build this country and it really fundamentally, Brian doesn't matter what day of the week somebody praised if it's a Friday or Saturday or Sunday, but they came to this country, fearing not just God but respect and loyalty to the nation that was you know something that was inspirational.

I work every hard to make sure that this country gets it right. And again. What a privilege you you open up moment in history to this young American who will be forever changed from it so thank you to you and to Fox news right as no one knows, immigration story and history better than you even today. If you have an immigration issue. I look at the mayor of Inglewood on Michael Wilde's Michael and overlooking the whole thing, the Statue of Liberty, which is amazing it's it's a movie on Sokoto. I still do work for former First Lady, Mrs. Trump and my dad was John Lennon's lawyer.

We've been so fortunate to meet the greatest challenge and people. Despite our political differences.

We understand that we are all facing the right direction would gotta get back to that moment in history that we saw in Ellis Island that will make the next generation product costs. We have yet to earn the trust.

I hear you Mike allows thanks so much Douglas got it back in a moment with your calls so kill me precise person is America's literacy, your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcasts. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. I'm doing developing 85% said they could make themselves just make it really made me because it does kids today could figure out if you could do this every great year in eighth grade. You're right that fine for the rest of your that will never ever go away as guilty haunt you. Also, Natalie said that she is an organization to support mental health for kids but you also wrote a editorial in today's USA Today were she talks about that. She was a kid and she was in school and they told him to go see moving to go see a movie is the exploding. What happens if a nuclear bomb goes off and they talked about the explosion reenact all the death and destruction. She was so rattled as a kid she went home, called her mom. They met her at home and she's like is that could happen. We can nail it with this, but it was 1950s chooses this can be a Cold War's is how it's going to end, and because kids have them don't really have an accurate perception of reality. Obviously, that you learn later in life, but it's so impressionable that you never lose it. 9/11 kids they go do something different and then from other kids so you think about this, this generation because of the adults have been forced the last 2+ years to go through life with mass or virtual learning, or not learning at all. Not having new friends not be able to foster other friends not going to play sports and she thinks the mental health of these kids will be forever impacted in less we act quickly and professionally busy, don't they know that they do not believe I does not believe there right now we can say this whole generation in less we have a game plan will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen now and Fox News contests live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here everybody at the writing to me Joe on this arrow to be joined by ambassador Alexander verse 12 he has been a lot of significant time overseas, especially knows Russia well was invested over that country will be joining us live and will be taking your phone calls, 1-866-408-7669 right now with Mayor Eric out of season. St. Patrick's Cathedral, paying homage to a fallen officer who lost his life at the age of about 22 years old by walking into a domestic dispute and getting gunned down his name is Juan Rivera and he is he's being eulogize at this moment and his partner will be eulogized next week, and there are thousands of police officers and citizens from around the country who are or are paying respects to him and it's kinda heartening to see that it's still outrageous to think the cops gunned down but they are all under fire in the crosshairs like never before, will dip in and out of this, but let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I know policies are not reality. That's a reality not doing anything at the borders.

Your reality that is the such in-your-face thing to say, Alejandra Murray Arcus are our news teams. In such an incredible job of unbundled unveiling with tapping at our border. Single males being told we were told they being sent home. There actually being sent into our country. We watch the whole process take place thanks to but thanks to with thanks to our reporters also was watching scene was happening. When they get on planes and buses. They get off and they get ferried into our communities see the private contractors who do that and we have the body cam video that reveals exactly about this illegal behavior. The tapping will bring you the latest today. This funeral service for fallen officer Jason Rivera will honor his memory and those sacred commitments. Thousands of officers from the NYPD and from really beyond across the nation are lining the streets here in midtown Manhattan outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral as the snow falls on this cold and solemn day and it hasn't stopped here yesterday with people holding the vigil as his body was moved to St. Patrick's for this funeral 12 cop cars had their higher sliced/do you believe that. Meanwhile, six officers have been shot in the last 48 hours across all 50 states. This is got to stop by what I see is an incredible octal for an blackmailer 1414 and is no longer a lockbox now if you're up.

He's no longer necessary acts as an enemy.

No kidding. I think that is absurd, but I know you mean the ambassador friends brace for impact in your capital likely sacked what the heck that's the rundown of the call for the Ukrainian perspective between present Biden imprisoned Zelinski really does the present truly understand that this is DJ for America and for NATO at this invasion takes place and they take all back Ukraine goodbye Baltics goodbye all the stands and look out Poland would be right now. Shanna Breen was been working overtime with the Supreme Court movement and we know that Justice Breyer's gonna be call it quits in a few months and the be a replacement to be a lot there and Sharon was able to bring that story and find out the Brian was surprised by the announcement because he was under the impression he was going to make it Shannon, welcome back, Jan, and it's easy for me to look around and see sixth Avenue virtually shut down and seven that you grade 7 that you cordoned off and think everyone has stopped and stood and gave paid homage to these two slain officers. But do you think in your humble opinion over in Washington and doing your national show at midnight the people understand the gravity of what's happening with the men and women in blue.

I'm not sure more and more community harder to look away from don't want to take note of it or not part of your personal life and you're out there trying to survive and take care of your own family every day because we are a late show we got all kinda breaking news last night again.

It was in Milwaukee and officer shot there and turned out that with the third law enforcement officer shot Mullarkey in the last two weeks we know the month proceedings in Houston and a New York everywhere. So I think people think they are pulling to show the people are worried about crime not only nationally but in their own community so people are aware, for sure, you know, to the point where I'm changed the big story and I feel like we've done this a lot. What about that Ukrainian phone call. I know present from since his call was perfect. If Ukrainian week of the contents of that call is correct. This was anything but perfect. It seems as though the president made to be clear, prepare for impact in your capital might be sacked really fantastic and and I think it's overblown that Ukrainian interpretation read out of the call, but they were trying to talk to them and from the point of realism and we want and vanilla coming back telling people like you want to naturalize this is not happening right this minute.

You know we we don't assume that Putin is making a decision over at the State Department you have Kirby Kirby saying what we can get some time.

I don't think it made a decision with airplane people think you have made it efficient and not thinking at all over the place and I don't think you want to call his bluff. I think Randy I the other thing is he is Gen. Keene said to me about what he thinks Lapides he did not think to see. I talked about 90 minutes ago. He did not think that that phone call read out was that big of a deal which is interesting. Cut six. I don't believe it's imminent because there was still a diplomatic phase in and Putin is not out as much as you can see they can get some concessions after all that was his major objective and some of the units are all in place yet. The main effort that which would be amazing Ukraine.

I still have some units to move in their and they still have more units to move into Belarus because we have the Olympics, February 4 to the 20th.there be any invasion there that would compromise present. She and take him off the world stage. So would you do what you think about that. He is 62 battalions in place and that's not enough, Shannon. That blows me away. He wants to signal any actual warfare and bloodshed anything. A lot of people interpret that.

That way we can armaments different partners around the world over to Ukraine to match what Putin and his army Ukraine people are proud they are stronger patriotic and they are literally willing to fight to the death they been doing that any different than other incursions. Were there men and women have put their lives on the line and locked them trying to fight an uncomplicated full might of the Russian army, and the options that they had it going to be blinding and painful for everybody involved. Militarily, I found this fascinating patient really get that size you seem to Crimea in an and occupy the Don box region and we can forget about but over there. Evidently there after action report was they didn't perform too well in Ukraine and they were surprised in 2014 about the resistance so we ended up doing is sectioning off some places it did have some pro-Russian sentiment and at the same time hurt their cause about eventually winning over Ukraine to wanting to be closer to them and less close to the West, so I thought Gen. Keene, took that on this morning and here's what he said cut seven in their own lessons learned from the 2014 Ukrainian operation in eastern Ukraine. Not only that he considered a military failure, but he has considered it a political failure because the intent and purpose of that operation was to make certain that the new antigovernment regime that was now in power. He wanted them to stop moving towards the West in terms of economic, political and military immigration, and guess what galvanized the three administrations to do just that. And Zelinski has done more than his two predecessors and not is at the heart of some of the frustration that Putin is very noble. Should he or should need take matters into his own hands to change that government is interesting about bigger longer term picture the winning the hearts and minds of the people. Of course, there can be plenty of people in Ukraine who have empathy otherwise, and some who may actually have some positive notion of the way that he throws his weight around in the world. Ukrainian people like shown that they are fighters that they are willing to die for what they want with their independence from Putin and his stranglehold on trying to reassemble the USSR some portion of it in his mind itself. They are finer and showed up and said we have your back or with you in Europe which is important. Even now they're closer to threats from Putin a number of ways that practically situation or extreme tingling Germany home that Ukrainian people can be one for generations. If they feel like the West has their back, in whatever way the puppy can now think Americans want US troops getting entangled in another foreign situation, but we do have an interest in the region and we have to make clear to the Ukrainian people that we got that and we we get Behringer so you are out walking the dog, and you get words that justifies to retire and then you get to realize the stories are coming from Justice Breyer, then the original missive put out by you guys, Jennifer Griffin was well he's angered that he want to make the announcement who leaked the story and then you guys change it to.

He surprised after watching him announce it. Officially, the White House yesterday and not thank Pres. Biden. What else did you glean from what you observed or blindsided, or frustrated, thinking that clearly deprived and democratically continue but he was frustrated that he had been able to make a call to the people that are closest to Hannah to share with them, vision, and that everybody ended up being blindsided. This patient was firmly made with going to happen soon, but this is certainly not what he had planned on that day and he didn't want to roll out in that way. So honestly and very collegial kind. I don't think that he is somebody who's going to blow his stock. I've never seen him on the temper with attorney there anything else that were there, the court pretty laid back understand that he was hurt and he wants frustrated that he did not get to vote without the way that he had planned and Artie committed tail so the big story and I don't everything to should be acceptable saying the replacements for fill in the blank will be in this case a black woman and think to myself, you've just diminished, whether that person is you diminish the success and that moment from them because they know the eliminated gender and about a million other ethnicities and that was part of the criteria instead of your great intellect and experience, and background. Use LC and then plated first one is a Republican. Charlie Dent from pater and then by Victor Blackwell is the host I think it is better to lead where you don't have a processor and welcome all applicants, people of all genders and races and after you go through that process, then nominate an African highly qualified African-American woman. I just think it looks better that way because it basically told everybody else. Don't bother applying that system over procedural thing with me. I just think that's the better way to do it.

Having said that, I think the president is going to get a victory here in terms of getting an African-American on the bench. No Congressman the first 108 white men who were appointed to the Supreme Court wasn't enough of a message of don't bother applying. My point is I think it's good to nominate African-American woman. I just want to say to set the process up in such a way that you are you welcome all applicants and interview them all then dominated African-American woman to which a reaction to how this ISA read Ruth Marcus when the Washington Post and others. It would've been better if you want to say that behind the scenes you do it what you agree with Victor Blackwell. Go ahead and make history telephone you to do it, something that was extracted from hand and with goodwill and say thinking this would be an historic fantastic thing to do. Also getting on the campaign trail in mind something that he got elected by the way, I think what I'm dealing he had already promised that it went. Everybody got in there campaigning.

It was an attempt at connecting with voters and winning them over with this promise because the women are qualified education years on the bench, having been voted through and passed to the tenant before many of them want to shortlist with Republican vote still requalified for anybody to women seated at the highest court just by their name and say they got picked because of their gender and race unfair to town. They really because it's not like either women who would not be qualified to be in the finger anyway. If you are thinking about indeterminate women started to think we got one pretty candidate I'm going through and different file ultimately select without setting those barriers out front early yesterday he said you'd never get away with it for college admission decision on link and admit women and African-American doing something that wouldn't pass muster by the affirmative-action principle of the supreme court itself and put together to set up remote flow to cover so that the process they want to move the quick and Justice Breyer's just in the way quickly and by the way I feel at 1 o'clock today looking girl power hour hours. Well, that's fantastic. Now every reason to get cable down do it. Thank you Santa bring them alike to midnight. Thank you.

Meanwhile, we come back to calls 1-866-408-7669.

Then the bottom the arrow we go inside the mindset of the Russian leader with the former ambassador to Russia Alexander verse Bo educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contests if you're interested in Ryan's talking about. You're with Brian kill me and I'm looking for the data that shows me that Valerie form is the reason that somehow crime is going up 9100 cities New York so as services take place as a batch Cathedral and they wrap up the mayor and police Commissioner have spoken already in the family of the slain is there. Jason Rivera now though his partner next week. The governor actually thinks that having no cash bail has not been detrimental to New York City know that shows me if she's flat out lying or does not talk to any policeman I'm talking about a patrolman detective or police chief because for those people who don't. If you just live by a bar graph.

I'm sure the graphs also showed the problem but if they know if you know that if you arrest someone for offenses that were wrong for shoplifting. Getting it out the same day and there's a resisting arrest brother, possibility, and there's a chance it. Somebody can will misinterpret what you did with a try to fight back you end up in a brawl. So a second.

I'm getting paid the same regardless if I should if I file shoplifting charges against this guy not only the gotta be knocked down. He's going to get to leave the same day he's going to come back and hit that Rite Aid again. So what they do.

That might not show up in a chart is nothing calling this an WABC hey Carly yeah they're covering party all you can say that again is I don't think I'm getting you a flipping the CBS and what happened so you know what the chief plate complaining about your you you want to hear the comments life.

You can, using as a property want not want me to talk about them to pretend they weren't Dominican. Do what you want to do with life or anything about the premise of radio that makes you say this is Brian kill me, show in their own lessons learned from the 2014 Ukrainian operation in eastern Ukraine.

Not only that he considered a military failure, but he has considered it a political failure because the intent and purpose of that operation was to make certain that the new antigovernment regime that was now in power.

He wanted them to stop moving towards the West in terms of economic, political and military immigration, and guess what galvanized the three administrations to do just that. And Zielinski has done more than his two predecessors and not is at the heart of some of the frustration that Putin is bearing over should he or should need take matters into his own hands to change government were part of the thing he did. Besides take Crimea by force is that Don Bass reason he has the so-called rebels that are that are loyal to Russia.

Sure there professionally trained to stress differently. They are dominating the Don Bass region, it sucked so much unrest they don't vote. So now the people to do vote or Oprah wrote Ukrainian and when you get invaded by another country and start get bullied you actually rally together as a country and they are much more formidable now and much more galvanized out to be with the West and are closer to a democracy than they were before the invasion in 2014 investor Alex first Bo joined just now former NATO Deputy Secretary-General and out of his huge resume. He was former ambassador to Russia from 01205 investor welcome back ambassador first. So please think about with the general was reviewing about what happened in 2014 you agree with with the Russians. That's what the Russians think not a success. I do agree because right main goal to prevent Ukraine from returning to the West become more integrated with the rest of Europe and in that regard.

It has been a failure of Ukrainians want to be a free country to be an independent country that I want to be under domination and that attitude is stronger.

The longer the Russian war and occupation is gone. The Russians also had strategic interest that was secondary. This is more about preventing Ukraine from going West, preventing democracy from taking root in the country right next to Russia which could sooner or later become contagious and threaten control over his own country.

So want to just take Ukraine and put up with all the derision and sanctions. He could be coming his way.

Is this worth it for him.

He's got 62 battalions in place and once more, do you believe the invasion is is inevitable and you think he is where it all about the ramifications I think you will look back blocking different kinds of attack people today think that cyber attack subversion covert actions direct invasion and an attempt to occupy part of the country might be biting off more than he can to as the days pass I think is getting a clear picture of the book heart response is going to get from United States from the European allies from the rest of the world if he had changes bordered by force, which is a flagrant violation of the UN charter. Just about every other agreement you can think of. So he's I think hoping to intimidate the West into giving him some of what he wants for such outrageous demand that would roll back 30 years of history and make the free countries in Eastern Europe, Russian satellites again so he's gonna have to figure out a way out of this maybe too hard at this point on he may feel he has no choice but to but usually is not that much of a risk taker. Yesterday made it clear that if he indeed snorts into his dad.

We actually have that power is that Germany's is that Germany's deal they made it clear yesterday. Did the State Department that is highly Putin invades Nordstrom to pipeline from their country throughout the West with the hub being in Germany dies and we actually have the ability to do that after helping we we can impose sanctions that would make it very difficult for the German companies involved to continue to do it. Yes, we could without the German cooperation paralyzes Nordstrom to project bags try to avoid doing it that way.

He wants to bring the Germans on board consents where they are allies and not our enemy. And I think he's been successful and that the latest signals out of the German government that the pipeline is going to be killed or certainly suspended for the indefinite future. Depression goes have been made, so I think the case for patient paid off. The Germans are back on the reservation. What do you do believe that he created this crisis for reason. For example, I would think the Syrian operation him their incursion that they must look at as a success story. Thank you. Yes, he was trying mainly to prevent the regime of us from being toppled by what he felt was the US-led coalition wasn't really just doing an FNP succeeded but at the expense of completely laying waste to Syria and pumping lots of refugees into Europe, which is not an enamored of public support that. So much more formidable undertaking is a country of 44 million people. They have learned how to fight back. There will be costs for the Russian military of the if he goes in the sanctioned event to be much, much harsher and more sweeping than anything the US and the talent tried in earlier stages of this crisis and we've done a lot, even a little late in the game to arm the Ukrainian forces so that they can directly impose costs on the Russian invasion force himself Ukrainian people one should have no doubt resist, even if it means partisan guerrilla warfare. So that's what they may be biting off more than he can chew and I wouldn't completely give up on a diplomatic solution that could prevent Google from making a very fatal mistake. With that said – first Bo, he's been invested.

Russia, Korea, US ambassador NATO so you know this region as well as anybody that's true, how was NATO acted you feel as though they look strong or weak or fractured, and I bring you to Germany. In particular, the German ambassador to the US spoke to Brett bear yesterday. Tell me if you can read anything into their words cut 12 consents.

That was the cops and putting some blocking on when Santana sensed that the US have all about toughness have not slight keen interest is to choose to to asking him to miss unified as a person I possibly can. But they have not been mean they did not want to did not let Estonia go across their land as to in order to get shipments over to Ukraine.

They did not let the howitzers that were made in Germany that was sent over to the Baltic areas they couldn't they do weren't allowed to send them back as Germans to know our names on. We want to be a part of this is that with that concern you if you were still with NATO the right message of unity, but I think in terms of the bigger picture. The Germans are pretty much in sync with the rest of NATO on the need to impose very serious consequences on the Russians if they invade and even some of the decisions that are underway now again to mobilize more NATO troops along the border to deter the Russians and show them that their efforts to blackmail the West pull back its forces are backfiring NATO beef up its capabilities along the eastern border. As a result of this crisis. The denial of transit for some of the weapons from Estonia and other countries is unfortunate. It doesn't make a dent in the overall flow of material that's going to be important but it is unfortunate reach of solidarity Can't deny that the best way this is going to take place.

When do you think you would happen before the Olympics.

After they were picks well may only be a secondary federation of eating thing that I want is the party spoiled by a war in Europe, but I think that the expert think that climate conditions in terms of the frozen ground, and the additional supporting capabilities that still haven't been put into place means that the second half of February most likely window for any attack optically with a large operation made more capabilities that gives a few more weeks to try to steer them toward a diplomatic solution we have is exchanges of written proposals in the last few days just said something very negative about the US and allied response, but they're also saying that they see some small signs of rationality within the Western position, which is grudging praise from the Russian so the promisee may still have some life in it. We maybe help us hear the Russian scores more concrete arms control solutions mutual bans on certain missile conventional constraints is reciprocal. This is something that we should be willing to discuss the face-saving way out of the current war, all the better. That would be down. He does care about his reputation more than most bats are out first but I know you got a run. Thanks so much.

Got 1-866-408-7669 hey let's go to Jeffrey listen WABC in Connecticut hey Jeff, thank you for taking my call was calling about this remarkable young man officer Jason Rivera, murder 22 years of age and what I find most remarkable about his life. This young man didn't join the police.

Let's say after 9/11 course, born he joined so not the height of the police. Popularity joined at the height of the police unpopularity he drawing when all the powers and principalities were aligned against repeat joined when the current VP United States stoke the hatred against the police and legitimize cop hatred so this guy was stepping into a job at the absolute worst of times. So you want to know what what what I call the sunshine. The Fairweather warrior. Whatever she did this when he knew there was great risk when new and with the president, who picked, harassed, legitimize writers, cop, hatred to be as vice president so they have no credibility to come in town so for copy guidebook course happy that it happened but you certainly company resisting arrest have led to violent incidents whether cops are killing, killing the purpose of the park or killing the cops because they think that the whole criminal DAs in the pro-criminal vice president backs it created this climate where young men like this precious young man like that shouldn't step into the breach at the worst possible time where their slain and and every criminal in New York State and in New York State knows the governor and the TA of Manhattan is not the mayor, now, thankfully they have been faxed to you points that I will made he stepped in when nobody else was doing for the pay Duke as you want to make things better in the presence got a credibility issue just because he is not like Cory Bush the Congresswoman from Missouri who comes out every time she says is to fund the police got its break them up.

They can't be redeemed just because he didn't say that doesn't mean people don't know that one to the Kenosha was burning. He visited Jacob Blake. He couldn't care less about the town he never talks about the cops. He says I gotta be bossy doesn't say how S wants to do police reform after Bill back better about how we crackdown on criminals so people understand that they don't have that they don't have short-term memory loss or long term memory loss. They get it, especially those people those those police families 186-640-8766 I back in a moment something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show. Everyone likes to say everyone keeps telling me over and over and over again all you have such such a big influence on your brother everything that everything will come to me to ask me for his opinion on all of his decisions everything everything everything that was true. I was true everything that he did.

He always wanted my opinion on. But no matter how much I begged my brother no matter how much I begged him to not become a police officer. I had no influence on the no influence, no influence.

There was nothing nothing nothing that I could say that my mother could say to take that that burning desire that he had inside to become a police officer store that you wear that uniform and get that badge nothing.

Nothing. My brother's first love my brothers first love was that was his first love.

And that was the older brother, Jason Rivera, Jeffrey Rivera talked about his brother, and right now, his widow, Dominique is speaking now and she's talk about that. It's really heartbreaking. She thought about how they got along great. It's great relationship, and the day he gets killed. They had a big fight and you try to find location map and now she realizes he's in Harlem Hospital. She got a citizen app notification said the two cops been shot. She wanted to check to see how he's doing.

She sees her since she sees their location that she shares with him has been home hospital and she says are you just sit in the area are you can answer me and obviously had already passed away. I mean that's Emmy for $40,000 a year were getting all the crap that they gotta take on the streets in here all the stuff with they don't want to wear their uniform to work as a don't want to create any angst for the anti-cop movement that dominated here, especially two years ago that everyone thought was so great and therapeutic.

Now what's going on now you have a situation where black lives matter is being looked at by the IRS, and all other agencies because they have something like $60 million raised 30 million left and nobody is in charge and guess what's in the carnage that the police force of men and women in blue who supposed to keep law and order in big cities whether they're imperfect or not, no one is perfect. That's one thing but the other thing is you spend about three years denigrating their work they do letting everybody know there's no glory in it and now you don't have any people doing it the people to do it are protected.

So they're not extending themselves going out of their way because they don't want to ruin their livelihoods and destroy their lives by bringing in crackdown or crime when these judges in these DAs let people out so it's this is so correctable.

But right now it's it's it doesn't seem to be, we might be at a turning point. I think we are.

When I we haven't actually turned the corner yet so it's it's pretty it's pretty unbelievable that anyone could be watching what's going on right now and think to themselves.

While this is good news Eric Adams yesterday cut 15 to understand what we do or legislative understatement that allowing people to return to streets way to understand why guns are continually continually lonely cities throughout this country need to understand why we are continuing to print to broken broken adult and become broken people to commit violence and listen if you want to get the same legislation attention your Democrat. You halfway there. If you want to get the governor's attention.

You guys on a robbery them. She going for election.

There why is New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me was everybody's the brain kill me. Joe got a big hour, UA Kennedy goes to show at 7 o'clock on FOXBusiness network will be here also want you to join me on Saturday night, 8 o'clock the first edition of one nation on the Fox News Channel.

That's got to be exciting, as will my interview with Kevin James which I did on Tuesday.

We ended up first brand-new movie called home team. Your love is based on John Payton being suspended from the New Orleans Saints and he won close to six grade football team made a documentary on air in the NFL network and Netflix and then Adam Sandler's are absent so that will be a great movie. The collimated comedy Kevin James did a great job you'll hear my interview with him.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I know not reality. Unbelievable. They have to be doing it on purpose. It's my only conclusion, as we see the southern border collapse legal stream into our country and their system just put them into our country being clothes fed and transported with our taxpayer dollars. We bring you up on the latest on the two big stories that broke at the border that the administration hoped would never come to light. Today, this funeral service for fallen officer Jason Rivera will honor his memory and those sacred commitments. Thousands of officers from the NYPD and from really beyond across the nation are lining the streets here in midtown Manhattan outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral has the snowfalls on this cold and solemn day yeah one week ago today.

Two officers were gunned down by some mutant who wanted to kill cops and he was successful he got killed himself by a cop.

He is now dead. His mom called the cops because she was afraid for her life and now these two officers lost, there's wealth. It's not stopping any such as New York, six officer shot the last 48 hours across 50 states and by the way is officer stood and referred respect for the slain New York City officer as his body went to St. Patrick's 12 cop cars have their tires slashed. Unbelievable.

What I see an incredible octal for blackmailer 1414 and is no longer clear off euro is no longer necessary acts as an enemy you know what I have to agree with Bernard Henri Leavy brace for impact in your capital will likely get sacked.

What the heck that's the Ukraine review of a president to president phone: Thursday what an inspirational helpful message which the Biden administration tonight is being characterized accurately because the present truly understand this is a D-Day for America and NATO. This invasion takes place by the Russians, the Baltics, Poland, the all the stands to be neck still reconstitute the Soviet Union will have the route the Chinese to deal with and another Cold War with the Soviets.

And believe me, that's exactly Vladimir Putin wants so will start I will will go back to that and I'll do that with Kennedy but I do want to talk about is happening in New York City because it means so much to all of you hoping your suburbs.

Your role community your city streets get safe and they're not. It all started about three years ago when the hole defined the police movement began and people started doing things like collapsing the homeless unit New York City taken $1 billion out of their overall budget and getting rid of the plainclothes unit know what happened. We got a ton of homeless. We have a lot of innocent people being shot by gang members unable to predict what crime would be and by disempowering the cops and having no cash bail. There is no incentive even to make the smallest arrest, unless it was a major shooting and a certain homicide. So now all of us are in greater danger with your Robert on a subway or walking to work, and now these two officers went to work in Harlem and got gunned down a lot of VIP spoke including Cardinal Dolan, including the, the prison, the police benevolent Association, including the mayor of New York City and the police chief as well as the widow. She spoke about their she spoke about the fight that they had they had this great relationship they've known each other since they were young, and she talked about being frustrated because you know he was working so much over time and the stress that comes with the job when he got home he had so much paperwork and who knows what else.

But that's how she described it in this great relationship had a real rocky day. So here's how she described the last day that they spoke this Friday we were arguing because I didn't want you to use their job phone while we were together are you so mad that they could run down gave me your team and put the lotions I gave you for in a bag and said here take them.

We left their apartment and because I didn't want to continue to argue ordered and over. You asked me you are sure that you know I'm thinking maybe that's right. I give you this. I said no and now is pounding the biggest mistake I ever made. Unbelievable how horrible is that the so that's their last interaction before this career criminal in Internet a prison. Since 1998, took his life. She didn't stop there. She was brilliant by the way, and just heartfelt. It's amazing when I does amazing people don't usually do this or so fantastic added at such an important time because the whole world watching and so human the interaction and it also humanizes people that wear that uniform and should horrify and should embarrass all these other people who like to condemn people wear that uniform.

We have a problem in the Manhattan the same way you have a problem in San Francisco the same. We have a problem Los Angeles and we have a problem Philadelphia the same. We have a problem you see when they all have in common George Soros back to Atty. Gen.'s district attorneys I should say who are into criminals first the empty their prisons, they reduce crimes in the big word goes out to the prosecutor not to prosecute.

Here is what she said to the Manhattan DA. His name is Alvin Alvin Bragg, who'd already got a talking to from the Democratic governor was so happy right now that out of your pain and sorrow. This is exactly what it wanted to be remembered like a true hero like I used to, big PL over. You have the whole nation on gridlock and I know you won't be here anymore.

I want to then let me this system continues to fail less. We are not safe anymore, not even the members of the service. I know you are tired of these lies, especially the ones from the DA. I hope he's watching you speak from the arena. I promise. We promise that your death won't be in vain. I love you to the end of time will take that watch from. That's pretty effective. I mean, this DA is everyone just nuts because not prosecuting crimes and messages go go attic close up that right aid to go carjack that car doesn't matter. You could be out again. By the time you get into court you going to have a judge that has no power to assess for the yard how dangerous you are to society and no prosecutor is going to go for the jugular legally. So things like that could change minds. I don't believe that the mayor with his current popularity in the governor thirsting for reelection can possibly allow this DA to do what he plans on doing what you released in day one of his work when he put out that memo that got into the press and is so much worse than on describing it just basically says criminals have added city is yours and now as we come back off the pandemic and this omicron variant subsides were down 20%. New York people to go back to work on. Then again to find out that you know what, I don't really feel secure with 25 homeless on the train.

They don't look they don't look hapless. They look angry and I gotta worry about bringing my family into the city to go see a play because I really can't be sure that they're going to be safe, let alone driving when I get it all right you have a gun pointed at my window and be told to get out. So that's what happens when this DA lets everybody know he will not prosecute crimes 1-866-408-7669, when we come back. Kennedy joins me and then we take your calls and Kevin James kill me the fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me, it would not bother you if the nominee was more liberal or far more liberal than you are one of not bother me. Having a person who was sound and justice and the rule of law every will have experience will be able to judge about as far as. Supporting some so were talking about these next Supreme Court Justice after Justice Breyer made it official yesterday and awkward press conference the press insert his way through it prior to anything knowledge that the fact is, he was on the Jews. The senators and then Sen. Biden was on the judiciary committee the past and through under Bill Clinton, so they didn't really have any dens you like Danny personal synergy why because Justice Breyer was pushed out like they were bullies. But you know pushing out school Leah pushing out Sandra Day O'Connor you pushing out a feral fellow liberal. They are so convinced the Democrats that they are going to lose the house and and maybe the Senate that they just want him out there want to be able to put a liberal in there and foolishly I hope this never gets acceptable. The present name the gender and the and the ethnicity of the person he wants he did with VP he did to become president. I was on typical woman is going to be a minority.

If you just pick me and them to Clyburn. He promises as a candidate I will pack and pipe and pledge to put a black woman on the Supreme Court okay where that come from will now he ends up getting South Carolina getting the nomination beating down Trump and he becomes president and judge that Justice Breyer is pushed out by the Supreme Court and now he's going to name a black woman and I think it diminishes the pagan people say Wells is an equal opportunity and affirmative action hire when if you look at the stats and in the background of some of these women may look as good as anybody. I don't know what they're like my senses if he picks someone that is just what she's going to be liberal. She gotta be up for the Democratic cause could be similar to Kagan I imagine right if she pick somebody like that. Like Breyer, only female and black. Obviously they think we published along with it. That's rapid. You also presidency you get to pick his person along with an even know you only need a simple majority thanks to Harry Reid that capitalized on by Mitch McConnell but don't expect this Republicans for him to pick somebody that you would pick. That's why Barack Obama was wrong to pick Merrick Garland Morrow Carling as they say now were seeing differently as Atty. Gen. Though he's pretty much a moderate I really probably several bought it.

They went to the holding pattern and Merrick Garland never got his hearing and Barack Obama never got his last justice, but they said no problem Hillary Clinton's got a win and then she'll just fix everything and it turns out down Trump one and he puts three Supreme Court justices.

There, but they are just ruthless in going for this, but if they put a radical candidate up there.

That is an activist which I'm in getting indications it might be doing. Joe Biden will further divide the country. I mean, is if the does do that. I don't care if you are an extreme liberal worse or of our activist. If you care at all about the country if he puts me like that on on they might they'll probably get confirmed if, of course, a vice president can break a 50-50 tie. That's interesting. I'm hearing some people say that's not true. Here's the problem. The favorite is not the pick of James Clyburn so there might be some interesting give-and-take there because he is the most powerful Democrat in the country. Here Sen. Tom cotton on the chances of him voting for anybody that put forward. I'm less worried about the color of anomaly scan or her sex and more worried about her legal philosophy. I'm fearful that the president is going to nominate a left-wing ideologue who believes it's the Supreme Court's role to write the laws and make the laws not applied interpret the laws. The reason I I'm fearful of as I've seen his nominees to the lower courts last year and almost uniformly they have been radicals left-wing ideologues want to impose the left's vision for America on this country through the courts as opposed to trying to persuade their fellow Americans at the ballot box and it looks like church across the country. You might be interesting behind the scenes if they do their research get to judiciary experts and there's a lot out there to give Joe Biden Alyssa candidates the Republic is my vote for that.

Maybe it would happen with school. Leah obviously there's not. There was, and I think he got what 80 something votes in the Senate so we go back to the 80s you really think there were 80 conservatives in the Senate ever from the sale. We don't have the presidency awaited weed on the committee majority. So he's getting it passed in a week seem to have a clean background. I don't get to worry about drinking and driving out of the graph worry about doing anything unsavory I having said that Lucas background, I would devote a form fear the other party bottom and a passim and I think the same thing with it was going on back and forth like that for up until now, up until what we've seen lately, so now there there. It's a pitched battle say these link these candidates, I could probably swing 1020 votes for if you want to pick one of them and maybe Joe Biden might pick one of them.

You know why because almost every significant Democrat is telling Joe Biden. I don't want to appear with you Beto Rourke in Texas that I don't want Joe Biden's help Stacy Abrams in Georgia with your Biden has 34% approval say rating right now since I don't want to appear with Joe Biden, the president of the United States that everyone says got 82 million votes and then today Fetterman wants to be the next center, and fill Pat Toomey seat in Philadelphia. He's too busy to show up so I'm wondering if Joe Biden gets embarrassed by that because he understands it and says maybe I should start doing things are somewhat moderate. That might be able to save my party something as opposed to trying to placate the very vociferous left and squad members that seem to make the most noise there in the most impact. That's interesting because on the other side.

For those people think Joe mansions going to hurt his party and not vote for the candidate. That's one thing that is pretty clear.

He'll vote for a candidate he voted for both supreme to Supreme Court justice nominees of Donald Trump's limbo framing Connie Barrett but he did vote for two reasons. Looks moderate and that's Republicans want to get up and follow they seem fine.

No judge go just as corsets and so she voted for even fight the him and I expect him and cinnamon to do it again so once, and we come back when I talked to Kevin James you hear my interview with him about his friend a movie you might be snowed in this weekend. Go to Netflix download home team, you can actually watch it with your family and you might even laugh.

Can you imagine and also go look at the documentary is based on a true story John painter from coaching New Orleans Saints are use in the rain till he chose. So glad you're here.

Don't forget my shell.

8 o'clock on Saturday, one nation talkshow that's getting you your with Brian kill me back everybody I one of the people I got to know a little bit and I really respect is diversity. His work ethic and man. His talons Kevin James. Maybe we watch them. The King of Queens that we watch them and hitched. We watch them in every Adam Sandler movie that's worth anything. Grown-ups and upset the group. The grown-ups 11. I'm not sure so one movie that he's doing now that out that you gotta see starting tonight's home team, especially as you watch of the home family with your family before you do go on go on Google and YouTube and look up Sean Payton and cutting oranges Sean Payton when he got suspended from football on the New Orleans Saints for bounty gate which was his defensive coordinator Greg Williams once said to his defenders. If you hurt this guy.

If you are attacked. I'll give you money and give you an incentive that got out, and next thing you know they suspended Williams and they banned Sean Payton for year he was head coach. He said you must've known about it.

So therefore you'll you'll pay the price.

What is he do for that year he went back and coached his son is six grade football team. They base data for comedy were Kevin James play Sean Payton.

I watch the movie that interviewed Kevin here it is going to freeze the number that you become very, that was a clip from home team the new sports comedy starring, and produced by Kevin James coproduced I should say he plays NFL coach in real life Sean Payton premieres this week on Netflix.

The film sees a Super Bowl winning coach get suspended take on his next coaching challenge and that is his son.

Six grade football team during his suspension. It is fantastic.

It's based on a true story. Kevin James joins us right now. Kevin, congratulations another winner.

So what when you heard about bounty gate. We all did resulted in the suspension of Sean Payton and Greg Williams and others. What made you and Adam say now there's a comedy nothing and made me say I have no idea. I remember down. What happened was the you know all the inner workings of what happened, but I knew he was off. Never knew about this part of the story. Sandler called me and said there is an idea for a story that about something about this, and it was what took place after the suspension was also the year and once I found out that what he did was turn that you know downtime of his life into an incredible story and the greatest year of coaching football in his career he said after winning the Super Bowl is just very interesting story and it was like oh man this is really is a great movie and some moments in it mean you can act that everyone looks at you to stand up you you clearly can act and I saw when you were with your son in the movie and you have to bond with him and he's upset about the divorce.

Whether that was true or not doesn't matter are yet to break the ice with him, and though could you describe those moments and you channel your own kids for the yeah you think about what it would be like to be separated from them and talking to Sean and what it was like you know and I mean how many of us do have jobs. Words it's it's difficult because it keeps you away from them and and you see some people can't afford to even stop working to go back and do that and it's really have to do this. They have the unit relationships and that's what moved me so much was that Sean when this thing happened. It gave him a moment to think about his life and reassess everything that was important and and bond with his son to this day. And you know you I did think of that I didn't channel what you meant would be like me with my kids try to reconnect with them and I will be horrible. So it's like you know you do anything you know you know you have a little football coaching it's it's a tough balance you know you family.

Family comes first right so Kevin yeah thing is pretty clear you got your brother said he does a great job. Gary Rob Snyder what your great friends are the brother. This Adam's brother-in-law was cowriter on it and you actually have as your wife. In the movie, Adam's wife yes I'll do that.

How did you handle that was you and Adam were friends but yet when when they say action that's your wife.

Like how did you handle it emotionally. How did he handle seeing his best friend with his wife will kiss you, they were asked divorce. At the time so it was you know and love as I do for Jackie. She's amazing.

So it was easy. It was easy to play that you know she's she's she's amazing. She's no and an incredible actress, Sharon, you just made simple. She was just no end and having been really friends with them for so long and knowing them knowing our family so well, and thus knowing their families are well easy really.

Did you know is longer for Schneider.

Schneider was the one who had cancer guy right now he had to really play that role that I don't mess with Sandler while I do not exactly. So Kevin because thing is I get permission. I don't believe in the NFL to use it but I watch the documentary that his daughter shot as a look back at what really happened this and if the Super Bowl winning coach goes back and coaches it's on six grade team and he has the closing moments. Assistance is the best thing I've ever done. I rediscover level IV by connect with my family. The most enjoyable season ever and you see those real moments happening so how much did you say I kinda want to stick to the movie. I want to stick to what really happened and what you say I can make people laugh. It was a combination that was that documentary was called cutting oranges and that's really what the movie was based on.

It was Megan. She just such a great job with that information that it did sell the movie unit itself right there. You know, so we just took that and you the guidance of Sean and and and and Sandler and everybody, putting this movie together. It was just one of those things where we go about fun and and tell a story and and a lot of fun things that happen with that team.

So it was like bad news Bears team. They just work in such a perfect way that Sean brought them over the championship and they lost the championship which they did, which is great for the other coach and team to build say be thinking of you Sean Payton's team.

It was just a win for everybody you know I work for the movie.

So Kevin I don't get all movie away, but I think it was much documentary, but in this. To solve this offense that the team that crossed you guys the worriers he called Bill Parcells to try to solve this offense in your movie you call Bill Cowher they could you not afford Parcells to expense. It was Cowher coming cheap was the one we just we we made a decision.

I don't think Bill was available at the time the development and we wanted to do it live and he was right. He was willing to do it was a scheduling thing so we are very funny right.

The other thing is it seems to me I don't know Sean Payton well the grown up in New York as you did. We saw a lot of Parcells reminded me. I hope something so you remind me more Parcells in the movie and did you try to be that guy that the Parcells like character or would you like this is how Kevin James were to coach football that's it's a little bit of me in there and again it was it was a mishmash of potpourri if you will. Coaches and accents because by the way, I have to say something's got an accident dances all over the joint hard for me to, I told him I don't hate you. I can do your accent because I'm always placed Mrs. Lester is in a city from California. I will draw all southern Texas.

She's got he's got everything in there so it was a mix of everything I wrote what I brought to what I think the coach would do. You don't try to make it fun as well.

But yeah, it all came together really well calendar. One thing's pretty clear sports matters to you wrestle it for gaillardia personality. I know your kids wrestle are you concerned at all, as we see the six graders have these impressionable moments.

The kids are playing sports anymore just because they're not stars that are playing in the stats show it.

You think about that as a dad and after going to the sports movie coaching youth sports. I know that's time to be on yet another plan is that reside when they do not plan on constantly doing that stuff obviously you know the struggles of everything going on. Kids are getting outside enough in doing that is that my concern is that they don't play just enough winning, but it certainly sports definitely shaped my life and I would love if not entirely partially shaped my kids lives in and help those you know it was a great Avenues. We learn about life you know about being a teammate and you and working hard know for things so something you have to be in sports, but it will help make sure movie is great, thought Kevin home team your excellent and everybody involved this case. If we get a chance to smile again and I think America needs a good job. Thanks, Brian got Kevin James talk about his role on the sideline so it's actually feel like the documentary but so weird that Sean Payton ends up after I watch the movie the biggest New Orleans Saints fan but of course where there all their success in the Super Bowl's coastal ballroom so as of the movie comes out in champagnes doing some interviews for an indigo Sean Payton resigns he resigned from the saints this week. So not only is the movie come out. He's like I think I'll quit so requests, and the word is he could be going to TV everybody wants him and I think if he's available. Either the Giants get them another say McCarthy's got one more year with the cow he's got a lot of use these in a five-year deal maybe a 10 year deal.

The cat was okay about losing money if he doesn't turn around and get them deep into the playoffs. They love Sean Payton.

They loved him. He was often subordinate to their Villa tap him Hilla plenty of options, but he it said just weird for him to resign after 10 years or more, the day the movie comes out so we come back. I wrap things up. Also, I got remind you that remind you again Saturday 8 o'clock one nation educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. He's so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. They walked back everybody 1-866-408-7669. Again, I'm happy to tell you that on Saturday the first show 8 o'clock followed by Gambon. Gina was awesome and and Lawrence Joseph seen the show. It the format it's gonna be great for us. We can have the tally clicks go.

He's the mayor of Kiev and how does he feel about the German sending helmets. How does he feel about prison.

Biden reportedly saying get prepare for impact, and have your your city. The one he's a mayor of sacked knees form heavyweight champion. As you know, and then were going to have Curt Schilling talk about not getting in the Hall of Fame. After 10 years. Even though stats he should be. There is because he's a fan of Donald Trump and worlds can have microbrews he only should we be going to the Olympics at all. The captain, the 1980 team. Remember we boycotted the Moscow games. They boycotted Los Angeles games meeting the Soviets so we'll talk about that and will also have a lot of surprises, including the first ever new stool on television with Kennedy. So let's get to and find out if there's more to know no burger to the surprise of no one, after 18 years, or a remarkable career. 249 regular-season games. He was a monster and a gamer. Yet some controversy far from perfect man with this. Can this guy play 23 postseason games and three Super Bowl's two of which he won. Here's Ben's final words I don't know how to put into words what the game of football is meant to me. What a blessing it is by no other confidence I've given my all to the game. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all. It has given me a boy from Ohio with NFL dreams developed in Oxford, Miami University, blessed with the honor of the seasons I was going to start using and producing to it but Miami of Ohio. You don't expect it.

And remember, using the same class with Eli Manning and Philip Rivers. Him and Eli both won two super Bowls. I guess he lost one beside it is even more in your city will soon require employer to supply a salary range when advertising a position. The biggest step yet in a growing controversial pay transparency movement why it matters. These laws aim to give workers, particularly women and people of color, more power, job negotiations, but the rising remote work of throwing a wrench into those plans. I did not know this was an issue. I thought that was part of.

I want that job and assure how that pays you if the salary range is not that height usually not listed range is helpful. Ralph, you know like okay this job gets between 30 and 50,000 some people and carry with that title in the company should be getting them that read you think is more interesting things in the story that I have not read. I did actually a private hands-on private companies already taken this matter into their own hands. That whole foods apparently you can look up what your coworkers make health employee morale orbit heard Purdy I think you know that.

Why is this was get a raise you not working hard ever since you got the race I'd be very interesting because one thing they always say this to not talk about your salary right did they tell you that they don't tell is just one of those social norms that you never asked anyone what they make or things like that. I do agree it is actually helpful to have more open discussions about that because it sort of does help everyone write up assuming you all work pretty hard. One thing the pandemic people are getting. I think that that is good but is killing businesses that somehow the guy get the backend up if it's a restaurant in the base price for that trip actually interestingly about this to it in Colorado that some of the strictest laws regarding its hurt them because now some companies that want to list their job openings for Colorado because it more difficult and while next iota's lunar cruiser Toyotas work with Japan space agency on a vehicle to explore the lunar surface with ambitions to help people live on the moon by 2040. Japan was trying. It's good to have an ally Eric is feasible by 2040, dental, ambitious, but if anyone can do is Japan right Japan is having trouble filling up their own country. They're trying to fill up another planet.

The launch is set for 2020 book. I would love to deal with Japan.

Their innovative there bright of well-educated, I don't think they have evil intentions so lovely when we work with the Russians now not doing any more work in the Chinese they split off into their own thing. I think I potential there. Remind me to get back to that next veteran owned DC bars closing over a fax mandate of the big board of 421 H St., Northeast refused to comply, and now the alcoholic beverage regulation ministration has recommended their license be temporarily suspended. The the ABC be voted to refer the case to the district to district office of Atty. Gen. to draft a summary notice. The bar already received to find $1000 each in verbal and written warning for various violations. The whole thing is dipping down to just more carnage. Today I interviewed three people on television. The got fired from Blue Cross Blue Shield, two of which one at a was a pastor religious exemption in number two they pulled had natural immunity all fired. Here's another example angry will hopefully Dr. McCarty his piece get some attraction and people start to reverse their answers, undocking mandates and hire people again or they reinstate the alcoholic by Seals or stop using Washington state parks. If the residents voiced fears of seeing our men the rain through drills.

It's a perfect topography for them to train are there in the Whitby environmental action network that will the sun people are upset seeing men in camouflage working. I would love that when you love Navy SEALs in your backyard. Nobody mean why any why just tell them were protecting you in the country. I guess it's kind of PR stuff in the very liberal Washington state military. Wiley think that I know I hey listen I hope to see everybody with great roster guess in the first ever addition a fire station you'll always remember the first time be there 8 o'clock and then 11 o'clock Eastern time. Thanks so much for listening. This is the right to over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources.

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