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COVID Clamp Downs Result in Massive Pushback, War Moves Closer in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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January 31, 2022 12:24 pm

COVID Clamp Downs Result in Massive Pushback, War Moves Closer in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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January 31, 2022 12:24 pm

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I would hope you had a fantastic week and you were not snowed in. We were, but we were able to persevere. I'm sure hopefully you were to if you're in the West stay there.

You don't want to be in the Northeast Darrell Johnson joined to the body are we now, the Super Bowl matchup separate Super Bowl LVI Cincinnati will go visit Los Angeles will play that only the host city. But they'll play at home for the grab should be 50-50. Theoretically Cincinnati first time they get to the Super Bowl since 1988 Darrell Johnson on that also take your calls and get your take on everything. Believe me, I could had a big five today but it will soon be watching as things take place at the United Nations a lot of things going on Ukraine. So let's get to the bakery stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

The problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago are now accepted as fact.

If you said, I think it's possible that Kovic 19 came from a lab you'd be banned from many social media platforms. Now that's on the cover of Newsweek.

That's just the beginning of the pushback from Joe Rogan who said, are you not up to be more balanced Rogan response after we can of hearing about woke washed up musicians leaving spot of five followed by failed royals Harry and Megan Joe Rogan responds over the alleged misinformation as the Corporation stands behind $100 million man, but there is a disclaimer will this and the artist exits more against Russia more for Ukraine.

There is bipartisan support. The sanction Russia now they're dismembering the Ukraine by the threat of invasion is 2022. For God sake, you can't get your way but threatened to invade a country so punish Putin out more weapons in the Ukraine now so they can defend themselves more moves closer and Ukraine is confrontation cues up in the UN question should we begin sanctions now or wait till we see what happens or not impose them at all. I think we side with imperfect democracy of Ukraine rather than we all within the always evil Putin and communism and announce severe sanctions now forget Ukraine more weapons immediately.

I think we need to prescribe very clear goal post to how we how we take these mitigation measures off when doing with the vaccine mandates when we stop using masks and schools.

We need to be as aggressive in lifting these things. Act as conditions improve.

As we were about putting them in place that is little Dr. Scott Gottlieb over 19 claims that results in massive pushback starting and surging in docile Canada with the freedom rally that is forced Justin Trudeau to an undisclosed location. Are we finally, as a country and as a hemisphere going to do the same thing because I think the people are fed up and I think the two Democrats would if they weren't so dug into their ridiculous positions would agree to was there to scared to death and want to walk around his potential. A perpetual state of pandemic.

I don't so we have a situation right now that I never thought was going to happen and it's in Canada with her going to make truck drivers and they are making truck drivers get vaccinated or they got a quit. They said excuse me you need me. I don't need it on the care of the whole time I've almost no human interaction. How do you clamp down on me, so they decide to have a freedom rally Friday in the afternoon and has morphed into a freedom country. The convoy of trucks. This was organized by this woman named Tim tomorrow. Lynch, Sec. of the relatively new maverick party a right of center group to start to promote the separation of Canada's three Western Prairie provinces from the rest of the country which convoy campaign was separated from her work in the maverick party Jay Hill said the parties interim leader, but the convoy had tapped into the sentiment in the country is they want to get on with their lives want to go back to school and want to get back to work you want to go back to living a complete life back to the Jim's and if you think were clamp down here Canada is out-of-control is a little of what's going on the ground and the reason why play this is a lot of Americans there and there's a lot of Americans right here who would just as fed up that nine hour fighting for freedom for all occasions but cater wide run and every single mandate for every circadian. While there, we were able to leave their ER province airplane trainer. Anything I got to go across Canada. To help us and there's an aggravation of their so financing for about a week will see what happens after that. Yes or leadership should be here visually talking to us directly and we should be solving this issue. Opening things out. And yet they're not sure that's okay. The people are taking the reins down leaving right now. Their standard now, but here we are, and I hope it continues. I don't know how you can won't do it because you sitting there in a convoy there no facilities there is the most well-run protest prints a real protest and Justin Trudeau, the coward decides to triple down and now wants to inflict.

I guess vaccine mandates from province to province and know exactly how it works. Senior Parliament reporter says enter providential vaccine mandates for truckers, transport ministers, there is working. Being there is work. There is working being done to get us there. So Justin Trudeau called them a fringe group. Good luck. You can even stain your capital because of that fringe group. These people and if you say, if you want to see it on display.

The hypocrisy of it all the in Los Angeles. The F evident 95 mascara to be double vaccine boosted the elder stuff just to get into the stadium. The other was sending pictures out of the governors, the God, the mayor of London. The Simpsons called them the Linden breed. The mayor of Los Angeles, the governor, Newsom, Magic Johnson, all in the book in these elite luxury boxes with out masks.

To me that's the whole story you take pre-pedestrians struck a live audience. Wearing masks having security guards, archers make a good small bit of money to harass people to keep it above their nose while the elites in every sense of the word, the mayors and governors the rich people do whatever the hell they want. How much longer you like to take this mean, how much longer Chris Sununu, who was his words were taken out of context and used against Republicans governor of New Hampshire said listen on pro-vaccine. I encourage building a vaccine for people to make their own decisions cutting. I believe the local the local control that's that's what we really wanted to be because when doing your point. Are we out of the subway not out of this when you lift regulations, whatever the state level. I'm trying to put in things that are sustainable for the long term almost pre-pandemic the post-pandemic.

We made we out of this for good. Who knows maybe it goes away in the summer maybe comes back next fall. We don't want to be turning our emergency orders are mandates and are our regulations off on and off like a light switch. We want to create sustainability and feels a lot more public trust and confidence in the system, exactly, you know so you know I'm not happy with my city and I have you in my my County and then you could sound often and you could see zero and for example my town wants nothing to do with the masks the rest of the upstate New York went south into the mess New York City evidently they want to do with the meso they are suing back in there trying to make their own decisions and I think in the middle of February. The word goes out my whole town knows where masks unless they want to get that in less they want to. People need to see the light of the of the tunnel and with their only crime is falling, there is a risk you know if your risk you know if you are not at risk. The numbers of falling off a cliff.

There's another variant easily to set easily done a deal about plus a view that omicron, which is so so easily spread.

You have immunity. Dr. Scott Gottlieb on what needs to be done now. Cut one. I think we need to prescribe very clear goal for how we how we take these mitigation measures off when doing lift the vaccine mandates when we stop using masks and schools as conditions improve. We should be willing to relax and lease provisions I have created a lot of acrimony, particularly masks in schools and provisions in schools.

We want to kiss and try to get back to some kind of semblance of normal states.

I think we need to be as aggressive in lifting these things. Act as conditions improve.

As we were about putting them in place and that can help us also preserve the authority among public health officials to reimplement some measures in the future if in fact this does return next winter.

Getting off enough mass to know more when I put out 1/3 grader 95 mass knocking to happen were done so. Joe Rogan comes out and allows the spotlight to go on.

People who don't necessarily agree with the CDC who are very acclaimed but don't want any part of mandates on the booster mandates on the vaccine.

They acknowledge that omicron is indifferent to our vaccine. They say if you have that you are vaccine you getting your symptoms and be less. That's fine you symptom to be left that's a lot different than he does in July said we got it.

It's almost impossible for us to get it again and then if you did get into omicron is in the Iraq and have bad symptoms will some people did a lot of people got it. They say that everybody in the hospital vaccinated. I doubt those numbers but meanwhile we find out the mass earn effective so that is similar things and brought up on Joe Rogan's part. Tesco will goes over three hours. Sometimes you Dr. comedian. Sometimes he talks to the astrologist and sometimes he talks to Dr. like a doctor on Malone, who has six patents when it comes to end RNA vaccines and is says he's he has a counter conclusion and hypothesis about how to handle this and would truly going on.

Suddenly that upsets Neil Young the ridiculous's is a singer-songwriter who thrived in the 60s and I guess Joni Mitchell and Niels Lofgren and they say spot if I if you going to leave Joe Rogan on then take us off. So now spot if I gets called out in spite of I got you know I'm leaving Joe Rogan envelope a little disclaimer where you can understand that you where to go for other information. If you don't like with Joe Rogan's interview not monologue interview reveals to Joe Rogan seeing all this hoopla around him seizes bona fide sticking up for him and sees a little of what his message was, and it is so true when I give them so much credit for being so calm cut 21 problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago are now accepted as fact.

Eight months ago if you said if you get vaccinated. You can still catch coded and you can still spread covert you will be removed from social media now that's accepted as fact. If you said I don't think cloth masks work, you would be banned from social media now that's openly and repeatedly stated on CNN if you said, I think it's possible that covert, 19 came from a lab you'd be banned from many social media platforms.

Now that's on the cover of Newsweek.

That's just an example. So what is wrong with hearing other side to the story you just want to listen to the government, the CDC, which is been wrong all those times you just want to listen to Anthony Faucher the ridiculous doctor at 81 years old and if people just would open up their eyes and and start reading a little bit nosy just making all this stuff up and he plays a role in the whole Genesis of this virus and the misperceptions about it coming from nature.

You know that he's one of the few people still think this is a natural occurrence. Listen to what he said on Dr. radio cut to. We always have to keep an open mind on this market is always but if you talk the real card-carrying molecular virologists and molecular viral filer Genesis. They feel that the evidence in the circumstances way very, very strongly that this is a natural occurrence in the sense of jumping from an animal species a bat maybe to an intermediate host to a human really talk to any card-carrying astrobiologist fantastic. You're always carrying cards so special report they touched on this in my can play all that but here's one of the cards until you are insincere. Anthony Faucher years country but how did such a deadly virus emerge so swiftly so suddenly from the central Chinese province new internal communications from the National Institutes of Health, obtained by Fox news show in the earliest days of the crisis. Dr. Anthony Faucher, the head of the agency's infectious diseases Institute is warned: may have leaked from a Chinese government run lab. The Wuhan Institute of virology January 27.

Hodges told the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases has been indirectly funding the Wuhan lab through eco-health alliance US-based scientific nonprofit that had been working with novel coronavirus's January 31 Dr. Christian Anderson noted virologist at the Scripps lab privately tells Faucher that after discussions with his colleagues, some of covert 19s features potentially look engineered right but of course everybody card-carrying virologist or whatever they are they all say it came from nature cut for the study into experiments with the novel coronavirus funded through the NIAID may not have gone through proper biosafety review and oversight. Hours later, Faucher convenes a conference call with a dozen worldwide virologists. No said that hastily arranged meeting obtained by Fox news reveals suspicions of the Wuhan lab leak are suppressed over concerns that public revelations of Chinese involvement would do quote great potential harm to science and international harmony quote further debate about such accusations were unnecessarily distract top researchers from their active duties and do unnecessary harm to science in general and science in China in particular. Yeah, and I manage your Rogan you think Amanda Joe Rogan for interviewing other people that disagree with the sincerity and accuracy of Anthony Faucher's remarks. The CDC's rules and regulations and Joe Biden.

This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and if I disagree with that. You take me off will issue Joe Rogan you're now have to deal with that disclaimer before your podcast heirs which I don't think he cares about me. Should it should not diminish his growing popularity which they are trying to do.

Scary stuff, 1-866-408-7669 I'll take your calls right after that on that and will talk about the Ukraine what's happening on their border and there will talk to Darrell Johnson the bottom of the hour and finish up with more calls you listen, the brain can only Joe so glad you're here getting past all the rhetoric eats fried and kill me from a Fox News time tasks network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast transcribing. Listen now by doing a Fox news on on a talk show. That's real. This is the Brian kill me show wealthy in New Hampshire were little different, so to speak for my own state really have a lot of local: a school.

The school board teachers have a lot of say in how that's minutes and we let them have that discussion and decide understanding that maybe it's southern New Hampshire and Manchester in a big high school might have a different resources and different availability different strategies to manage, then a one room schoolhouse in rural New Hampshire right so you let that flexibility happen at the local level. You let the parents have that voice and as a community think they figure out what a one-size-fits-all mandate from the states and you must. Everyone what must wear a mask you know that's that's not the way role in New Hampshire within very successful without local control flexibility in allowing parents to have a boy and while that's it. How about that local control Kevin W DBO in Kissimmee, Florida hey Kevin about the shot be working everybody to get the culvert shot, but each year they say I'll get a flu shot to help you don't get the flu but half the time you get down with the flu that yeah is sometimes a miss it sometimes I will. We will prepare for the wrong shot. So Kevin did.

Are you double back Seattle booster.

Yes. And did you get it. The virus know so far I have been lived with my parents that they got a lot of health issues so that's where we made sure to take care of that. Just in case the job thanks appreciate Debbie listen W NIS in beautiful Virginia Beach, a Debbie listen to mine on the ground. Currently 12 years old, worn down needed to catch the omicron Marianne on 20 the last day of our go like that he could accommodate from no he Get it there where math go twice. I'm sure that he got a pretty good national and maybe Kaylee Taylor, Debbie. It's up to school to acknowledge it because as you saw Johns Hopkins to the study. A natural immunity to and half years in and it's is good enough that in the vaccine and the heart had durability.

So go ahead, read the Wall Street Journal column for more than the carry from last Friday and bring that to your school hopefully will be sober enough to take it in Super Bowl LVI, next precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time or wherever you get your podcasts radio show like no other. Brian kill me. And there it is. The Rams will be hosting the Super Bowl at the neutral site which is not so neutral for the second year in a row Tampa last year. You will years ahead of time get to Super Bowl, but now many fans there because it covert and now the Rams will be home with her sold-out stadium for the Roby wear a mask except for Magic Johnson, the governor and the mayor's because they don't get it, and there there there like two above it you can possibly ask them to go by the rules they give us was pre-endowed Johnson L former outstanding fullback for the Dallas Cowboys. Longtime broadcaster for Fox VP USFL Executive Vice President football operations for the brand-new USFL which is starting up again. Three Super Bowl championships in his trophy case. Darrell welcome back. I tell first of what*the NFC. I just want to get your take number one day. I guess the Rensselaer six in Road San Francisco. They travel to Los Angeles now for we surprised by this outcome.

This comeback story for it for the Rams in the second half. I really was for the second time in recent oil history. One of them being Super Bowl. The 49ers have a 10 point lead late her going into the fourth quarter and in the way that they played with the running game, and controlling the line of scrimmage and just the physical component to their offense that God is that's in the driver seat and and on both occasions they have allowed the opposition to come back and win that game. McGraw was really really kinda struggled in the fourth quarter through his playoff career and in that. That's where the great quarterbacks step forward and make her legacy so Lotta people met that 49er fan base really feel that that that's the final being pretty McGraw trait the trail answer next year just to get ready I think are still some work to do.

I think one of the things that people have to understand is Kyle Shanahan offense is very verbose.

It is wordy and offense is I've been around, and it hatches. This is the minute you get to know it. You can shave down some of that terminology but it's going to be to be a big leap for trait moving into that office and I remember when you came from New England out to San Francisco and a lot of the same fan base was like when we got what it meant and it was really just a question of him really understanding exactly like that often quietly getting comfortable with the wording very very different of what he didn't like what I think adjustment a really big leap for trait Lance.

You get to that understanding where you feel very, very comfortable, and Kyle Shanahan system because he comes from a small school. It probably was not complicated authentically down Johnson with us so so you have Beckham come to this team. ST is basically pushing himself out of New York and then add a Cleveland any catches nine passes for hundred 13 yards, including a big 29 yard reception sent the game-tying field goal how you explained has always done so well with Los Angeles and was a detriment to the Giants and in Brown's for the most part a lot of it had to do with with the culture of the different organizations that I think Odell probably a better fit for the style and the culture that the Charlotte base creating list needed creating out in NLA when you were in New York you know that that was much stricter, much firmer little bit of a heavy hand there.

You try to get a little bit of that same thing with Kevin Stefanski in Cleveland so you're being that free-spirited and just the style plated Odell brings to the field bring to the practice.

It could be a little bit different. I think there's probably a little bit about more you know, NLA personnel are dealing with him at Ramstein jail in Ramsey, Beckham Junior got married all von Miller Matthew Stafford is a class act and really really happy for him to have the opportunity to Super Bowl experience at the end of his career.

But those are huge dynamic personnel and I think the really interesting thing is that this was a push to the middle of the table.

They were all you know that big pickup Matthew Stafford the beginning of your date that had jail in Ramsey they got the contract extended been given away. Draft picks this this was literally wheat we are we are going all in to make sure that we are happy Super Bowl at our home stadium this year and and very risky. I mean I remember when they started acquiring all these players record to see that I was very risky but it is paid off and they got exactly what they set out to do absolutely soon down to the other game thanks be to teach 2721 this is the de-interception of the homes after they win the coin toss who sees me after other bangles lose the coin toss for overtime cut 3845 12 or 12 is McPherson input in the postseason barbells over to interception was not easy bounce into his hands, so this has to be the biggest surprise, Cincinnati's run or did you predicted would a little bit Celtic the most-watched Super Bowl in Super Bowl history is actually at San Francisco's Internet he Super Bowl to get the one in 1989. Have a little bit of fun without going without for my prediction, but I didn't see this one coming for Cincinnati to go out and knock off campus city at arrowhead twice in a matter of five or six weeks is such a huge accomplishment in this is been fun for me because we actually had Cincinnati in the opening game of the season against the Minnesota Vikings and that one went down to the final kick it again per pupil in overtime by Evan McPherson to win that game and go back through the season.

Only 97 McPherson has one games on the final play. That's the reason it Cincinnati one the AFC North.

That's the reason they were able to get on this is really good playoff run. So maybe a little bit of criticism for drafting a kicker in the fifth round, but actually different this year for that team. It kind of dug into everything that happened. You're talking about a team that was two and 44 and 12 and now is in the Super Bowl.

That transformation came everything with the side of the hundred million dollars in contracts are on the side of the ball this year and all those players have been critical to their success this evening very very underrated safety duo. A lot of people talk about different combinations around the NFL Jesse Bateson barbells are played at a high level all year and just fitting that that's the combination to get that interception overtime.

I think one of the interesting moments were my favorite kind of video clips during the course of the weekend with Joe Burrell on the coin toss. When they lost and can't get the ball first. Everybody knows what that usually means that usually means going straight down the field or not to escort game over those two guys to step up and make appointment future Cincinnati story Saturdays. Still holding to Tom Brady's retiree just have an announcer yet what you take on this Darrell's number one did you see any drop off this year. He always talked about 45 years old. You think that this is this is real like having I've never seen anything quite like this came out of the blue. I still don't believe it to your point, you talked about plaintively was an interesting like one of those guys that when he set the goal.

Now if you're in a situation where you are playing at a level that you hold yourself accountable to play out. You might say hey you know what I wanted was 45 but I don't have the skill set anymore sermon on the right in his career. He led Deanna Phelan passing yards and touchdowns this year it was over 5000 New York and 44 touch I mean he is playing in an MVP level, so I'm just I don't believe it.

I really don't for all the reasons why here's the one big thing number one was not regular doing template that competitive competitive DNA in his body out of something that you work. The other thing is the only thing I can get married to him contemplating this is really looking at what happened to Tampa Bay in the off-season. What is that team will look like next year. Do they have the opportunity to compete for Super Bowl like GM did a great job and he kept that whole team to get all 22 starters came back.

Your specialist will back you have probably 3 to 5 of your key backup players back that he was personally in From the Super Bowl team. Two years ago.

Where are they going to be this year coming into the season and I think that's probably the biggest thing that Tom will take a look at how competitive are cool regardless.

Do we have a shot at getting back to the Super Bowl next year. So this testing thing, the whole coven. 19 the nonstop testing you're out your rain. I don't know these vaccines are not but if you're not Wisconsin testing all the time you think that plays a role. I don't think the guy I think that they want to repeat their standards there protocols in place that they happen to abide by to be able to compete build will adjust to it Bill except that we see the pushback with Aaron Rodgers from Kirk out of the arcing went in, we see pushback but but that's their choice they choose to do it this way out. I don't want to think of actually so I'm willing to go through all the that's the decision you make.

I think were to be in a much different place next year you saw the inability to see that one stretch is omicron started to really try to get the United States that I really can't get into the NFL stop testing well. The three teams at three games in December and base. They saw the writing on the law. If we keep testing everybody up were tracking close contact and we are testing asymptomatic guys just because they had called contact with the guy who tested positive working to make it through the unit would be losing too many players so unless you were symptomatic. They didn't testing so that's kind of the stamp that everybody started to take out the predicament they were doing were doing a five day quarantine were not testing.

Players Lester symptomatic. That's the only way they sought to get through this. So I applaud them for that. So hopefully work with people are using some some intelligence as we move forward in this whole thing starts to shift again here, there they go to the OPA site is really really brilliant when you talk about somebody sitting protocols from the metal inside so since where Rogers is going I don't I don't, but my biggest. It sounds like there's an opportunity for him to get out there that would be that would be really really challenging for Fox because the AFC is really getting strong with a bunch young quarterback in that conference in a written grading Tampa Bay to retirement this project. We agreed that personality to strengthen the AFC even more so with Tyler Murray step up with Dr. Prescott step up Russell will get back on track your Matthew Stafford complain at a high level yet crush her fingers and trailing the young quarterback in the NFC start stepping up and pointing at the level that the Josh Allen joker Joe Burrell to Herbert.

All these young guys you possibly Trevor Lawrence next year will be shown back to the plate. Lastly, you SSL you go right from the broadcast booth that I get to go is an executive with USF value to be starting the plane April boxes all in on this. So the first game will be the Birmingham stallions is the New Jersey generals will be on Fox and NBC for the first time since Super Bowl I so your boxes been a great partner. Obviously, the ability for us to go out to talk to these young guys that are trying to decide what to do and provide them an alternative route to get there NFL dream. It is been really really exciting. One of the things we talk about is you're going to have our eyes on you in the off-season to build your your your your repertoire give up with 10 games a good film out there. You have people watching you on television because because of going out with Toby. This is the largest draft class coming out of college with draft of the grade, but there's the same amount of spots that are open on a roster she got virtually a double class coming up because of the extra year.

It was provided by COBIT and a lot of these guys have a draft of a great talk about your late seventh rounders. It makes lighted preferred free-agent status. So there's an opportunity for us to even be aggressive in the class of 2022 and get some of these young players that did maybe need a little bit more work on their game to build on a trait that that NFL scouts are looking for it. If we can convince them to come to work with this great coaching staff that we got we got really really a good head coaches there to be a part of the USFL that have really good staff there good teachers were to be able to take the guy and work on their crap and give them the opportunity as an alternative route to just turn it taken it free-agent contract getting into an NFL camp you get caught up in the numbers you already in the numbers because of the size of the draft school.

Now you're the NFL numbers are you going to get a good look because we all know what the precedent become the target but there's not a lot of physical contact during the course of training Would cut one of the preceding doctors only create your only rupture you to get there to get good eyes on you your repertoire with the USFL got 10 games to play our games so we really like were to provide an opportunity for these young guys to keep chasing that an appropriate lighted scrape is likely. Players really only one week Miceli, overseas is really only one league, so this is to be great. Best of luck with the down finally over the weekend.

Peyton Manning was was actually on SNL kind of having some fun this guy is in these easy, hysterical, listen to this agreement. Games that I heard they were incredible heard a sound like all the things that a great job lots of passing and all the touchdowns were in the end zone. Stephen watch any of the games or plan to buy half hour to kill before the first game and just for fun. I put on the first episode of Emily impaired season to watch the entire season straight through. Oh my God, this show has everything venture, sensuality, culture, a fresh take on feminism. Finally Mary capers resort Ridge. I can only describe it as foodborne. The guy was the funniest aspect of the whole show. I mean this guy is ridiculously talented and he made it so sure. I am so quiet, so to see the evolution. I would have proceeded Hall of Fame speech this year. Yeah, I thought it was a classic Peyton Manning right. I've never seen anybody choreograph his speech with the video board behind it was it was truly fantastic. I can't wait to see how many other guys try to reach out to get that great the same thing but I just don't know if you can pull it off because he is he is great with some humor, so these unbelievable down just a thanks of the breakdown will get the preview best look of USFL great talking to Brent Baker down just back in a moment, containing enlightening you're with Brian until made. Will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

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The more you listen Memorial no kids. Brian until made� Go right out to Robert listen the Fox News radio app about about what type of crime in this country. Robert did we meet David point on Friday with the shell of the men and women. Blue absolutely absolutely and go back your retired about eight years ago.

It's getting worse.

It's horrible. So let me out to become enforceable thank you and your colleagues in Foxwood all along and bring it out of the public, but I won't say this so a cop killer on the inside so what they're not doing hard labor. They get a free education they get medical benefits Death penalty.

I know what you getting at that used to be the case. Fox News, not just network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contests. I Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks.

What was everybody.

This is the Brian kill me shall come to you from New York City crime overrun absolutely. We are looking at the sensing something is right in the middle of the eye the storm when it comes to pushing back against the criminal element is taken over our country over the last two years.

I think we hit a tipping point last weekend when you saw all the men and women in blue are retired and active line of fifth Avenue all the way down as far as the eye could see if you've seen the footage is certainly awe-inspiring and may be within us are cracking down on this thing called crime and criminals standing by week Jonathan Swan little bit later, Josh Rogan, author of Cass and Raven trump she in the battle for the 21st century so was he to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago are now accepted as fact. If you said, I think it's possible that COBIT 19 came from a laugh, you'd be banned from many social media platforms. Now that's on the cover of Newsweek Rogan response after we get of hearing about woke washed up musicians leaving spot of five followed by failed royals Harry and Megan Joe Rogan responds over the ledge misinformation as the Corporation stands behind our hundred million dollar man, but there's a disclaimer for now on. Is that okay with you more against Russia more for Ukraine. There's bipartisan support. The sanction Russia now they're dismembering the Ukraine by the threat of invasion is 2022. For God sake, you can't get your way by threatening to invade a country so punish Putin out more weapons in the Ukraine now so they can defend themselves. Yeah why not all war moves closer to the two in the Ukrainian front as confrontation Jews up on the UN today question should we begin sanctions that were waiting to see what happens or not impose them at all. I think we saw with the imperfect democracy of Ukraine rather than the always evil of Putin and communism announced severe sanctions but get Ukraine more weapons right now. I think we need to prescribe very clear goal post how we how we take these mitigation measures off when doing lift the vaccine mandates when we stop using masks and schools. We need to be as aggressive in lifting the things that as conditions improve, as it were about putting them in place.

I hundred percent agree we get aggressive about getting back to normal. Cobra 19 clamps down results in a massive push back starting in surging and domiciled Canada with the freedom rally that is forced Justin Trudeau to leave the capital. We finally, as a country going to do the same thing. So in a matter of moments will be joining Jonathan Swan for the meantime, let's talk a bit about Ukraine.

I am somebody who I used to those automatic the people understand that you support democracy over anything Russian aggression youth save yourself a rush is not really a big economy.

They're certainly not a economic factor, they almost have no natural resources. However, if they get Ukraine they start reassembling the Baltic states, Belarus is now firmly in their orbit. They're able to put troops there and move entire weapons weapon system onto the board of Ukraine on three sides to me that's a huge problem how people can see the threat of Russia taking back to Ukraine by force and understanding it will not stop there is beyond me.

So that's why many people are saying stop it from happening by doing advanced sanctions.

The risk there is in the getting sanctions already.

They say to themselves. Now I got it going is Lindsay Graham cut 13 more against Russia more for Ukraine. There's bipartisan support. The sanction Russia now they're dismembering the Ukraine by the invasion. The threat of invasion is 2022. For God sake, you can't get your way by threatening to invade a country so punish Putin out more weapons in the Ukraine now so they can defend themselves more economic aid to the Ukrainian economy so they can they can deal with a threat of invasion and more troops to NATO as Putin tries to dismantle NATO and divide NATO I support present by's decision to send more troops into reinforced NATO is trying to destroy a neighboring democracy. He hates democracy.

Putin and I would just say this to the present tone. If you invade the Ukraine. You will destroy the ability of future presidents to treat you and Russia as normal, and that is hundred percent true.

I think we have to take action. I think people should be on the same page here. I Jonathan Swan joined the staff Mexico's national a blue corresponding calcium on HBO and their special Jonathan welcome back right now. I is Lindsay Graham speak for the majority of the Republican Party be tough on Putin elected Republican now so it's true that in Washington that you can listen to people at Mitch McConnell and you know in the hall. Some of these seeking Republican candidates who serve on committees that were fighting largely treatment similar to lengthy grant but if you look a bit deeper than that and you talk to, as I have Republican running in primary races around the country and even members of the house represented quite different that that this is a real split in the potty and it's not I wouldn't call it a split between quarks and dogs more split between Republicans who have to be very responsive to their primary potions and Republicans who feel like that a little more distant, like in the U.S. Senate when I have succeeded time so the trial you want candidates for public and training primary say to stand up and confront XY date because what that hearing from the boat is on the trial, is why do we care about Ukraine. Why do we care about Ukraine board and wanting to hear a lot about from Like like monsters, who's running for defendant Arizona not only Katie back to his running in Ohio black soldiers running in the data you hear from them things like why by focused on Ukraine territorial integrity and focused on our board here in the US that really powerful shift in the potty playing out on the campaign truck. I don't like it. There's a real contrast between how Mitch McConnell talks about the shooting versus how Republican minority leader in the healthcare McCarthy talks about McCarthy criticized by being weak, but will not say we need to send troops to Eastern Europe to shore update we need to do XYZ government that he knows full well that that some of the members.

A political liability to be thinking understood the complex in that that this is someone's distraction but you could do both cracked and in all border and also understand that keeping a democracy intact in the on Russia's border matters and leaving the open-door policy for NATO matters a little shocked by this well equipped to collect and are doing but typically incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly actually candidates on the campaign truck, boat and what I think that is because where I Republican electorate GOP voters who are increasingly with foreign intervention. They basically don't want to hear about foreign policy and much more focused on domestic and extent that any issue that can make Skype talking about China. That's still a big deal but there is mention of what you'll just talking about you know shoring up NATO and things like that impression of the candidate is a quote on quote globalist and that is a liability reflecting to come up give me my opinion. I'm telling you what I hear from you. Actually out there on the trail. Try to compete in the primaries sincere the Russians are characterizing it inside Russia. They're saying I know it's going on the Western America's father mother being renamed parent one and parent to want to give children the right to change their sex.

In grade school. They want people to tap into their glorious Soviet past and they also talked about yet.

They also talked about some of the woke philosophies that a lot of Republicans are critical of this that is the way Russia and China are looking at some of these woke ridiculous policies. There were which I think are ridiculous of people like Bill Moore more of a traditional liberal Democrat can't get their head around the allowing of the looting to take place. The smash and grabs in all the cities so they're using some of these the controversial things that happen in America against us in their country will absolutely always being the playbook to try to convince that population looked up.

To America to run down the American government anything negative that I can attach to way back when. Could be civil rights protect the Russians would use that against US.

They would use any light riots in the 19th IN the years speak problem construction got evidence that the American system could pay it in decline. I failed to stem and that an authoritarian system is superior. So a couple things as domestic policy wise it looks like the Joe Biden feels is always getting a reprieve by having Justice Breyer are retire. You think that presents another problem in that 76%. The country knew Paul do not want him to pigeonhole himself to picking a black woman. If it happens it happens that 76 inches pick the best person I know that Paul and I hear that there will be a certain proportion of Americans who would not agree with that certain that he will follow through with that decision and it's hot to talk today about court battle to play in the primaries cricket what actually end up happening. It energizes public spaces and that Paul you reference it didn't look at it think the subject that they could be in effect beyond that I haven't studied All Genesis I with some actions. John NWC if you keep that I am tapping in Canada is what we hearing the US they are saying let us get back to our lives first started as a freedom of freedom rally for Canadian truckers and now it's almost everybody in Canada that can showing up to talk about how impatient they are to get back to their wives get rid of the mass get back to school get back to work I get back to vacations. Get back to freedom.

Do you sense that the administration senses that the whole lockdown where a mask is wearing thin layer aware that and you know it. Try to this is a long-running thing that it moved away from lockdown rhetoric, and I haven't been actually about about mandate just rhetorically I mean, recently I Republican I cooked Republican operatives who are running major races that she had a C code but mandate a top three issue top three right up with inflation and busted supply chain. It is an issue that has caused huge frustration parent and there are many people who believe Republican operatives who believe that one of the main reason for going down can we successfully bikini out was because parents will set up with school closures and 70 covert policies in schools and so if you project that out around the nation, Republican thing that is one of their really top-tier issues for the midterm to the end of the year.

Very jesting. So, Harris is building more active lately giving some interviews and going to the root cause of the problem in Honduras." Do you get the sense inside Biden world that it's that she's increasingly alienated oars is her last gas to keep her when she stand I had any bad looking to replace or anything like that and I think it's really feasible.

Frankly, for them to do � I mean it's widely known and we reported now that you reported that many in the West Wing have looked at a political operation with a good deal of skepticism at times, confusion. For example, when she did p.m. at the King throughout the residence of the space video and out to be child actors right right quite a few eyebrows in the West Wing. How that could possibly have happened so look, it's well reported that there are serious questions in there about whether she is going to be a strong general election candidate Joe Biden were not to run again for reelection. But I don't any sense whatsoever that there thinking about replacing her or anything like that so want you just give me a big picture question one play little Gilmore's monologue from Saturday and from this weekend and tell me if you think these figures into the big picture and how Democrat should this be a wake-up call for them. Cut 22 normal people read that San Francisco has basically legalized shoplifting. They think Democrats have gone nuts they think you know that Tim Cruz Cruz guide seems like a real status, but at least he believes in the concept of shopping with money is not my fault that the FDR and JF is turning into the party of LOL and WTF is tweeting things like cancel rent cancel mortgage and no more policing or incarceration declaring that capitalism is slavery canceling the Lincoln and Dr. Seuss teaching so this is basically would. A lot of people like me up and say like are you kidding we can even debate this issue. This isn't something where Social Security should we bail it out, universal healthcare, Medicare. This is idiocy and the fact that Bill Moore sporting it out.

You think that significant Genesis I what Democrats believe and centrist Democrats.

If he talks to Sen. John that he would echo those Biden would allow that he came believe that he was successful in the election was actually distanced himself from the date on the police movement and said that we don't need to put more funding into place and how many dishes suck.

It's not coming from the White House. These kinds of politics, but they executed and discussed around the country at what you have been, but I interviewed Michiko to lead who's a member log out and I off to the question of this bill. You supported that would empty federal prison looking to fit in any downside that empty federal prison and acquired all but every time one of the candidates. If you talk to some of these Democratic pollsters like David Shaw who concerned about the what what they worried about when you have high profile client engagement to leave it there to some of the idiocy and you pointed out HBO when we played that to Genesis I.

Thank you back a moment kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me right so I think everybody there watched the show on Saturday. Hopefully a lot of you did you were snowbound maybe for still life doesn't matter.

Other shows: one nation. It's on Fox News Channel will be every Saturday night for the receivable future at 8 o'clock, followed by Dan by Gino, followed by Lawrence Jones.

So be fantastic. We got a great show already taken shape for next week. And, of course, this show will be to use a lot of these gas bring some of those topics back. We returned Josh Rogan Arthur Cason or heaven were the foremost experts on China, Japan, and also give us insight into Russian conflict and how dado has a veto over something that you would find pretty hard to swallow. This is the price will be child radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show.

We always have to keep an open mind on this tomorrow is always what they real card-carrying molecular virologists and molecular viral phyla Genesis.

They feel that the evidence in the circumstances way very, very strongly that this is a natural occurrence in the sense of jumping from an animal species a bat maybe to an intermediate host to a human right that is the card-carrying members of the that that community.

You know we always see the card-carrying members walking around the few that would say it's natural I Josh Rogan ArthroCare center have enjoyed just now. I spit all over the story he was writing about China before the pandemic it now got even more intriguing. Josh, do you think that both card-carrying experts believe that this is a natural occurrence. Okay hey Brian, think friendly on you know there is no scientific consensus about the origin of the coronavirus right. There are plenty of scientists who think that it with the natural occurrence.

There are plenty of scientists who think it came with it some way was connected to the lab and what's ridiculous is that you know any time you get one of these public health officials like Anthony Faucher, Francis Collins. They pretend that there is in front of a camera or a committee. They pretend there's a consensus and that by itself is misleading and in a sense, dishonest, and that makes me question is a journalist and I think should make any viewer out or listen another question. Why would they do what it what is that about okay and what I argue is not that we know that it came from the lab that we have to investigate whether it came from.

11. Why are you telling us not to investigate that it came to the lab and what's that about two so you know if that had just been the case appeared to just been the case of these guys like Anthony Faucher and Francis Collinson. I sexing what we really believe you know the thing M okay, fine. But now what we have learned and what we've the evidence that is piled up over the last two years makes that even more problematic for a very simple reason is that apparently they had a lot of the documents that prove that there there was not an apparently even their best friend in the beginning.

Once you are claiming there's a consensus dealt thought it probably came from. Elaborately, 70, 30, 60, 40, according to me about so how is it that there pretending that think I'm I want to give us the documents.

Why does all this have to leak out two years later, why did nobody care why does one of the Democrats care what the media can these are all important question right. How many times have you been on your network did asking about your take on the origins.

While it's funny that you live to jobs there were for watching post and CNN and I talked about this all the time and I talk about, I didn't debate. I've debated several of these scientists of what's what's crazy is that when I'm on CNN I say I don't think when we looking for the lab. I say the same thing I say on Fox News or do Rogan or Joe Scarborough. I think listen to the tell me not to look into the lab and what what's up with you tell me to shut about the lab, and why was that narrative shut down for two years it and now what were finding out because those same guys who are arguing against me on CNN two years ago were writing in the emails to Anthony Felty hey we think maybe escape from the lab to what they were telling me and arguing against me on CNN and what everything about two totally different things, and that again is misleading at dishonest. Then again, why did they do that so all were saying is hey, we don't know where the virus came from. There's two theories let's check them both out and why we only check out the one that we already checked out pan out. By the way, we never found the pangolin of the raccoon dog in the palm send it, you know, despite tens of thousands of them losing their lives for the search they're not one of them that were there were connected to the virus and yet we can't go into the lab and then you get wild by demonstration.

People will say well you know sure.

Maybe camping lab right provided the he said it last week is I guess we need more information from the Chinese. But the truth is that most than information that we need is in our own files in our own government.

It's being held by the NIH and by the NIAID right now and two years they've refused legitimate congressional request to hundred of hand over on what basis. On what basis do they have a bunch of government contracts. Paper with US taxpayer money that they're keeping privately classified information okay will tell us that the wise a classmate is not classified why do you give it to the Congressman that have been demanding and I think you know frankly when the house turns over if it turns over next year and working to find out a lot of these things that up and dripping out of the last two years like email showing that actually the people told us there were conspiracy theorists if we want to look into the lab, actually funded public came to the lab for the magically change their minds for no reason at all. So the sum of these emails have come out, and a series of reports on special report on Fox is a little of it about an email that starchy and NIA ID will going back and forth about this lab cut three. But how did such a deadly virus emerge so swiftly so suddenly from a central Chinese province new internal communications from the National Institutes of Health, obtained by Fox news show in the earliest days of the crisis. Dr. Anthony Faucher, the head of the agency's infectious diseases Institute is warned: may have leaked from a Chinese government run lab Wuhan Institute of virology January 27.

Hodges told the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases has been indirectly funding the Wuhan lab eco-health alliance US-based scientific nonprofit that had been working with novel coronavirus's January 31 Dr. Christian Anderson noted virologist at the Scripps lab privately tells Felty that after discussions with his colleagues. Sum of covert 19s features potentially look engineered. So next thing you know they have a meeting they agreed not to bring this out for the good of science. I guess this would how does that make you feel is this new to you. Yeah, I would very much like to know two years ago that the people who were calling the lab accident. Conspiracy theory into scientific papers in nature magazine and scientific documents were things on the completely different to each other and that would've been extremely relevant.

You know, because what they were doing as they were covering their own butts because not to say that the research that NIH sponsored of the Wuhan is to the lab created the virus, or even was directly related, but the fact is that we taught that lab had a nippy, laid-back, coronavirus is not way. As I can be good health alliance. Then they built another part of the lab. The part that they didn't tell us about the part with the Chinese military and yeah this gets super twisted in our politics because the issue of the origin has become so politicized and Anthony Faucher has become such a politically divisive figure in our society. But the truth is that this is not a political question is not even a scientific question. It's a forensic question that something horrendous happened that sunk the world into three years of dystopian nightmare and we need to figure out what it was and we need to figure out what was otherwise how would you make sure it doesn't happen again and so that's why it's really dangerous is not just that they were protecting their own industry of virus hunting and virus manipulation, which is probably what they were most interested in doing it that the lack of that of having that information that they had one tell us they still won't give us two years later, has totally destroyed our ability to get to the bottom of this, which is of course what they want, but it happens also be with the Chinese Congress party want. That's because their cover-up is centered at the lab and not covering up the markets that are covering up the mink farms you know their cover-up. The lab okay. There's a reason okay and you know so they it's not that they're working together with the Chinese is that they had overlapping interest met in overlapping interest was to make sure that no one ever looks into these back coronavirus labs that were doing in a fundraiser from back. Coronavirus is right next to the outbreak just regular guest just leading the charge when it comes to China also write about about Russia going to come to China you people sorry the law. The fact the Chinese had this brutal crackdown. I mean sometimes welding door shut with infected people and they sue only 5000 people died. You bring up the fact it does anyone believe that only 5000 Chinese died from this virus and number two. Do you really want to mirror their techniques you astounded that some are lauding the Chinese in their crackdown yet know it it's it's crazy because you know in order to praise China and having done a great job with the pandemic you would have to believe all of their lives and you know there's a ton of open-source evidence that shows that way, way, way more people than 5000 people died over the last three years of blades covered in China know that's not to say that our handling was great either. We messed it up.

They mess it up for different reasons, but here we are three years later prima can think about this right they got a zero covert policy.

Okay, that means when one person gets the virus and the whole town the whole building your old neighborhood, everyone's going to go into these what essentially are prisons you know an immediate fear of only there for 21 days, but they put you in a bunch of boxes and put you in a bunch of makeshift prisons and then if you think about that for the whole country. Well, then they can never open up and what that creates, according to some is like you know an endless cycle of just you know little outbreak that will eventually create marriage that will come to get us and course the right vaccines don't work and then you have the Olympics and what are they going to do Harlequin have open zero covert policy when you have hundreds of people thousand people coming from hundreds of countries so it's they've got a big problem.

It's not like they're doing great babe there got big problems in China and and yeah that's that's not something to be celebrated that something to be pitied, but up but how that affects us is that you know as long as there are complete still keeping the science closes as long as there you know trying to pretend that they don't that there's no cover there when there is that makes it really hard to trust them when we help open up again and that's can happen happen sooner or later I'm sure the complaint will when the Olympic start that'll be a perfect time to that of the great Peter Schweitzer wrote a book about Joe Biden's ties to Biden families ties Hunter particular ties to China use a little of what he was saying yes I cut 34 people want to think this is a Hunter Biden problem or just a corruption problem when you look at the origins of this money, we wanted to look at the deals that Hunter Biden got in China and figure out who open the door and made those deals happen and out the tellingly of the five deals we know of every single one of them points to an end official in China who has links to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, meaning the vice minister for State security who has responsibility for foreign recruitments. The former minister of state securities family himself on the list goes on and on. So this is not just a question anymore of corruption, self-dealing, self enrichment, you have to start asking the question. China had a concerted effort to let's say undermine this family and this family.

I would say we have to answer his questions about whether their compromised so the whole Hunter Biden thing a lot of his is tracked with emails. He just doesn't seem to be any widespread interest in this. The Lisa China link to a Moscow mayor. This does it have any interest with Josh Rogan. Absolutely if you read my book chaos under heaven you'll see that I write extensively about how the Chinese commerce party works to corrupt elites in our society on both sides of the aisle and I write about Hunter Biden business and I write about Neil Bush just as one example from the Republican side and you know I think the limited legitimate story that's being ignored by the media that we need to cover more because it shows not that the Bidens are uniquely corrupt, but that anyone who will who is doing very shady business and what he was doing was he was represented as a personal criminal lawyer for guy who was charged with bribery for Millie and I mean he thought that the diamond from the diamond showed up on his hotel floor and he let go. I got a diamond. It's a well how about that you know they mean like these are not things that happened in the normal course of business okay and so of course it's a legitimate story, but the reason it we don't. I think we'll see more reporting on how China is corrupting all of our organizations because it's so deep and so pervasive and just look at the Olympics primer got NBC air B&B Nike Coca-Cola.

I mean those are some big companies who have a direct financial interest in ignoring the greatest mass atrocities on our planet. What's incredibly called a genocide in the country with analytics is happening, what can they do they can't talk about it will get punished by the Chinese. They can ignore it all the way because genocide is a really hard to ignore.

And that's how it works. The the time, his party will throw cash in any American person or entity that will accepted in exchange for shutting up about their horrendous activities okay and that's a problem were only is strong as our weakest link. And if they don't live up to our values, then we can't preach them around the world and then in that case, the autocrats and the dictators and the despots in the genocidal regimes will went. I know and you see J.P. Morgan Chase is now over there and then you have Bridgewater. I guess with Dalia making statements that were really the same as China. Both our governments are false and pauses and minuses. I'm kind of amazing to me. I understand that people want to be successful, but at what point does patriotism come in and I'm wondering what candidate is going right Jim Daly sincerely tap into that starting light in the average American, not the Wall Street or not the you know nothing there.

The Hollywood yell or anybody on these major corporations you also talk about what's happening with Ukraine in the US, the Ukraine, the US as what to China and you speculated as relates to Russia and you speculated that might keep us away from truly pivoting to China. Can you do both. Right now I'm in them. The whole Beth of the US government is that they can do everything all the time and you covered and uncovered. It is what people need to know is that actually is only 10 people in the international security space you can actually make big decisions in the there. There they've got staff who are working on everything but all those all that everything focused on Ukraine now right or wrong, you know boot has gotten us all this rather focus on him. That's what he wants. He wants all the attention cheating but he doesn't want it.

You want everyone focused on pollutant okay and that's what I'm trying to remind everybody not to keep your eye on the ball okay yes but with the Ukraine situation. Whatever you feel about it, is dangerous. We have to deal with it, but the long-term challenges of Chinese commerce party that militarily expanding internally repressive, economically aggressive, attempting to change the world order to suit its autocratic model, which is a first arts.

In other words, they mean us harm and if you're not if you realize that by three years into the pandemic that what happened to Beijing understand Beijing well then you should okay and then you take a look Ukraine okay we have to deal with that. But what we really need to be spending our time, which is tough in Washington, especially because we have the attention span of a four-year-old. But what you have to do is sort of change the government and the funding of the resources in the attention and yes a little bit of the military but mostly the economic and technology part of our international strategy or industrial strategy or trade strategy to confront the threat were facing.

That's coming from China not rendered upbeat ourselves of their own money and that's we seem to be doing right Josh, thanks so much. Always great talking to you anytime all right. We come back I'll take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 brain to meet you go where you will be right back breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me to show my promise to nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Court is not because he wants to sniff with new type of hair. Okay that was a little thin. The SNL last on Saturday Mac assistant Daytona Beach or a Mac Haygood was a mine.

Think about all the things that are going on like everybody else know the mask that seems almost to get your take on like it in your heart of hearts you had the kind of know, but what is the Democratic political game for this big lots. I feel that if they were forced to read a burglary on this mission statement, we'd all be terrified. I'm not sure because there's a lot of people dealt out of the in game I mean I first so for a little bit. Eric Adam Stelter, the endgame, Bill Morris dealt at the endgame. You have a lot of Joe mansion obviously has no idea what the endgame is Christian Cinema doesn't so you have the squad who knows the endgame, but they don't have the rest of the country with them. I mean I don't get it.

And now they say to themselves, they have control of the media and when they do things aptly outrageous. They will do something aptly outrageous. They have to worry about blowback except for Joe Rogan Joe Rogan's uncontrollable and now they seem to be going after him and he's going after him and II just don't want to see them take a backward step. I mean, you have a lot of people who agree more with Joe Rogan then anything that's come out of the White House and I just hope he continues to us to ask questions because they start shutting down people doing podcasts. We're all doomed was the right to me to a shelf writing to or the Pres. and freedom fighter. That's what America working through our problems together. Why is New York City fresh off the set of Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian everybody's the brain to me Joe coming to you from New York City heard around the country and around the world to be joined by New York Post old Michael Goodley also is a columnist here writes columns in his urine, Fox news and Gen. Jack Keane, the ins and outs of war with Ukraine and Russia and what Ukraine could do to maybe hold out and hold off the Russians who will bulking up on the Belarus Ukrainian border. First let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago are now accepted as fact.

If you said, I think it's possible that Kovic 19 came from a laugh, you'd be banned from many social media platforms. Now that's on the cover of Newsweek I and he goes on, and I'll play the more of it. Rogan response after weekend of hearing about woke washed up musicians leaving spot of five followed by failed royals Harry and Megan Joe Rogan responds over the alleged misinformation as the Corporation stands behind the hundred million dollar man thought, there is now a disclaimer before his podcast will this end the artist exits more against Russia more for Ukraine. There is bipartisan support. The sanction Russia now they're dismembering the Ukraine by the threat of invasion is 2022.

For God sake, you can't get your way but threatened to invade a country so punished. Now, more weapons for the Ukraine now so they can defend themselves. Yeah there you go to Grambling in war moves closer to Ukrainian confrontation cues up in the UN today question should we begin sanctions now or wait to see what happens or not oppose them at all.

I think we saw with the imperfect democracy of Ukraine rather than the always evil Vladimir Putin and communism. I think we need to prescribe very clear goal close to how we how we take these mitigation measures off when doing lift the vaccine mandates when we stop using masks and schools.

We need to be as aggressive in lifting these things that as conditions improve. As we were about putting them in place. I think so to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, 19 clamps down results in a massive push back starting in surging and docile Canada with the freedom rally that is forced Justin Trudeau to an undisclosed location. Now we tweeted out the is Kovic. 19 but we finally, as a country to do the same thing turning his hair was Michael Goodwin, your PO Box's contributor Michael i.e. they just extent of the mass mandate here for another two weeks like we see what's happening in Canada. I one from a truckers rally to now all out freedom rally in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau moved to another location you believe that we are just getting fed up with the with our leaders in this pandemic dimension.

As I was. I saw another example that struck me as bizarre, so watching the LA Rams 49ers game last night. I noticed that one point that the cheerleaders were meant wearing mass nobody else and not the players on the sideline, not not the fans right behind it. Only the cheerleaders that I saw was also seem to be everybody on on the field level so you had security at photographers anywhere. This makes no sense if if 70,000 people in the stands are not at risk how can the cheerleaders and the photographers and the security on the ground level. There standing right next to players who are not wearing primates. None of it makes any sense. It's all a kind of theater now and it has been for some time. I have to say I've I've always thought the mass thing was overdone, but I saw that it made a lot of people feel better and then you know that course when slouching on the hotel is all of the Masters Central are all good and then we find out the cloth masks are useless, etc. etc. so it it's the inconsistency. I think that has robbed this this mandate have any validity of any credibility and I think that that perfect example of where the government just overreaches and then goes too far and the public says you know, the heck with you were done with you and this is a classic example, why, why is the government insisting on having its way when the science does not really support. That means this is this is why people don't trust government. A classic example of how the government is eroding its authority over something that is at this point fairly insignificant, but that will be that credibility that lost credibility will come back to bite them.

Another time, absolutely.

Example they want to go after people to question them or give people an opportunity on their part. Just question and in the person going after they can't control his Joe Rogan to go into spot by starting with Neil Young now bunch other washed up artists who can pull themselves off the platform who knows who will join forces the Corporation to come out. Joe Rogan made this tape and this is what he said about labeling.

What he does. Misinformation number one, he said given a monologue he's interviewing them. Anybody Michael Goodwin. You might not agree with the CDC. Should you be banned well. YouTube says yes. Joe Rogan says uses explanation and it's pretty strong cut 21 problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago are now accepted as fact. Eight months ago if you said if you get vaccinated. You can still catch coated and you can still spread Kovic you will be removed from social media now that's accepted as fact. If you said I don't think cloth masks work, you would be banned from social media now that's openly repeatedly stated on CNN if you said, I think it's possible that Kovic 19 came from a lab you'd be banned from many social media platforms. Now that's on the cover of Newsweek. So why people labeling this misinformation and knuckleheads like Neil Young deciding that is going to kill people is beyond me.

I am just a number followed by this I agree the Neil Young generation, which made it living essentially unmated name memory will Neil Young as part of the music movement that was a part of the counterculture and if we had taken the same view toward Neil Young's music or or that generation and another time they would not of been you would not know that music, it would not of been able to be played anywhere, and there was.

There were attempts to shut down revolutionary music or race music and all those things we look back on those things was shame and embarrassment that America tried to silence those sorts of things and for the life of me I agree with you. I don't understand this impulse to silence people you don't agree with. I mean, it sounds like half the American adult population has now become has the brains of a college student meant in the sense that they they cannot bear to hear something they don't agree with it triggers them it offends them, it must be silenced. I mean it's the heckler's veto and you don't always write it when I was raised and taught in college and it was that the the antidote to bad speech is more speech and it was it was always about the emphasis is on freedom that we we will drown out the bad speech with good speech. That's how you persuade people you don't persuade anybody when you ban you only drive in underground and you actually give it more power than it deserves.

Michael, do you think that after that incredible display for the funeral of Jason Rivera on Friday and then we have another one on Wednesday with his partner. Do you think this is a breaking point. Tipping point where America is going to start cracking down on crime again and I certainly hope so. And I'm talking particularly about the Democratic Party, which across the country has become the anti-police party Joe Biden can deny it, but he's partially responsible for and the widow of Ofc. Rivera's you mentioned she got of the most powerful eulogy on the heartbreaking to listen to, but powerful, and in her composure and calling out these laws and the Manhattan district attorney in particular who was in the audience. As I said in my Columbine, it reminded me of some of the police and fire funerals after 9/11 there was that catharsis of the roles than for a for a shattered city in New York is now a city living in fear and the assassination of those two police officers and to watch the widow and the greasy.

It really it really says that's enough. We have to stop this madness has to end. But it all depends on the Democratic Party and right now, get Gov. Kathy Holcombe cannot seem to make up her mind she wants it both ways. She wants to to a P appeased the last, but she also wants to portray herself as a commonsense Democrat. You can have it both ways. You have to decide and that's the point of this moment. I think you know I quote the author and critic Mitch Doctor Who says it in public matter matters. There comes a time when you have to join the side you're on and and I interpret that as meaning we all know what we think what we feel is the right thing to do but sometimes were afraid to speak up are afraid to agree or know because of this cancel culture well, but it is no time for that now when it comes to crime in New York and many other cities you have to join the side you're on. You have to take a stand. You have to speak up in support of those you know stand between us and sure anarchy and this is top flooring to be death penalty but it's not.

And then there's the smashing grant which is now hit New York City like it did San Francisco and Los Angeles, Michael Rappaport, the quirky comedian, actor saw them just he's watching smashing grant happening right in front of them at a Rite Aid. He went back there over the weekend and did another live Instagram account. Listen to some the cut 28 back in my writing and there's nothing to steal this like so many other writing closing down because stolen in the works here don't know if they're getting jobs, regulations, losers. So he walked back to her in a neighborhood Rite Aid now gone.

Since he couldn't secure it they have to leave it to believe this is what charities say they have a bottom line and they got to meet if they got older backers investors and and why should they. Why should they just act like turkeys willing to be plucked by the next speech that comes along. I meet these things. Brian, the late John Lewis and Congressman once said that everybody knows that poverty causes crime, but it's also true that crime causes poverty and this is an example of that workers losing their jobs that store if it shot still be a vacant storefront in the neighborhood which will drive away other traffic I meet. It will be used to store an eyesore and so all of these things accumulate and poverty is the result of all of this and for the Democratic Party for the mayors of these towns, the governors of the state boggles the mind.

What they have accepted as normal. It's not normal and it's got to be stopped by just tipping point is to recredit the police Commissioner history grad and a lot of momentum behind that they keep pushing embarrassing their own party were the padlocks empower judges to take a dangerous criminals and keep them in jail until their trial date if they could begin to do these things that would be only because the public got behind a couple of politicians who would overwhelm their left-wing legislature that's open for Michael. Thanks so much, you got it. 1-866-408-7669, not just in New York. I believe if you straighten it out. New York others will follow. What are your thoughts on that and part of the hour about the war world it would look like if Russia does in fact invade general Jackie breaks down don't move giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me.

Do I get things wrong. Absolutely I get things wrong but I try to correct them whenever I get something wrong I'm not trying to promote misinformation about trying to be controversial. I never try to do anything with this podcast other than just talk to people and have interesting conversations.

That's what he does conversations.

They last three hours something you agree with something you don't become his were the most influential people because he asked good questions a season phone at foundational knowledge of just about all of it. A species Dr. Malone and that just blows up everything because Dr. blows got great credentials.

He's got six mRNA patents and said you know I got I got vaccinated. I got boosted and there's no reason for anyone else get boosted and he believes that now big pharmacist cashing in that it could not stop anything with omicron and the people aren't acknowledging that this is in a pandemic of the unvaccinated bring set up. They moves onto the next thing, start a new comedian talking when actor but people are stuck on these with a call misinformation interviews, which to me is absolutely insane. And right now Joe Rogan for now on his podcast will have some type of disclaimer on them from here on in, you okay with that disclaimer. He doesn't seem to be bothered by whatever you need. Go ahead and do it so they got is get $100 million regardless of of what happens, but I think it's I think it's different information.

He's not saying robots are stealing my luggage sailers and decouple these doctors. Once most was once a cardiologist in the most published in the on this issue of anyone in the country and this doctor was a great interview when it led to the interview with Dr. Malone. What is wrong with just getting an understanding about what's going on with that leads to bill more and others like Joe mansion. You just can't figure out what happened to their party. No more weighs in on why Fox seems to log love him cut 23 a few weeks ago. Fox News is Dana Perino, a former Bush Press Secretary suggested that the Democrats should recruit me to run for president, which is special because it means that in the space of 20 years. Bush Press Secretary is gone from telling me I need to watch what I say watch what they say they do. This is not time for us like that is never gone from that to wondering if I should run for president. Now some people think this means I've changed. I assure you I have not.

I am still the same, unmarried and childless pot smoking libertine I always will and I have many flaws, but you can't accuse me of maturing.

Let's get this straight.

It's not me who's changed. It's the left was now made up of a small contingent of gone mental and a large contingent who refuse to call them out for it, but I will. That's why I'm a hero at Fox these days and listen. I've implied been saying this for maybe a year, but I listened to his monologues that would skip over it. I think he's nailing it know and I'm like a player now because goes about two minutes. One thing she said is when one party comes up with things like no more rent no more mortgages don't pay back your student loans.

Go ahead and steal things up $2000 if you want were not going to prosecute you to be getting out of jail dangerous people can get agile when you start doing stuff like that. Then he said that imaginary program. Never. He's never to go along with that if you want to cancel him go ahead and cancel it when it comes to the pandemic. He sees what we see these guys don't know what the hell they're talking about and they never admit when they're wrong so he's out. Barry Weiss is out Curt Schilling is out. I guess John Stockton is out who else is out soon. More people would be out the end and then the out will be only the talkshow that's getting you talk to your Brian kill made very clear you are asking Congress and the White House to put sanctions on Russia right not to wait that right. We ask both Russia and Russia illegally occupy Fabian Russia illegally occupies together with their control of people find something. This can look on staircase and they didn't change the behavior during the eight years. So yes, we believe the basis for sanctions. Is there so that is the Abbasid United States from Ukraine asked for a pre-you know preinvasion sanctions was hope there is no invasion with right now is general Jackie chair of the Institute of war, foxes, contributors and senior strategic analyst general are you in the pre-sanction group you want sanctions now. Yeah, it also significant increase in armament for Ukrainians living we are giving them small arms and antitank weapons that similar to what the trust administration. But there was no additional provocation during the comes four years now. We have significant provocation.

There were about 125,000 troops on the border. I felt that we really should go down that shopping list and give Ukrainians what they need and certainly anti-Corona and anti-missiles.

Those capabilities are very significant.

Much of me that tight ship missiles as well so I'm I applaud them for providing what are giving but we could actually get more. I thought after the first publication back in the spring that we should've increased the number of advisors rather dramatically from Ukraine military as well.

I know they would've walk about you Ukrainians, they don't want us to fight the war for the play that straight out I I've been there a couple times. Never been there since Colbert before but there's no doubt that they will stand and fight is better fact in the Russians losses were not well known at the 2014 campaign in eastern Ukraine they believed was a military failure because Ukrainians held them back and the volunteer civilian baton itself but part of it shall take it all the territory been Russians believe that they rely too much on their unconventional forces and not enough conventional forces and that's why you see a dramatic difference here surrounding Ukraine Ukrainians. They will fight.

There's no doubt about that.

They'll find additional year. If there's an invasion that look like they will lose doubt that they will impose cost takes the country over which I don't think he's going to do, but if he does, the curtains will fight him for as long as it takes to regain their country. If he has Afghanistan in the rearview mirror. Nine years there now. They walked out of touch with that sailboat when the legs because the casualties they had every year numerous Russia people got fed up with it. This will be considerably worse so I can see Russia's place of the most advanced and well-equipped forces to nine different bases and airfields in Belarus and right now this really almost no Ukrainian force to look at that portion of their border, Belarus, and that that leader that needed Russia to say this but is now just giving his country basically over Russia mean factors the Lukashenko you're referring to was an independent dictator. The longer storage or gender. In Europe and the people getting ready to throw him out as a result of a fraudulent election so much like what they threw potent stooge to Ukraine in 2014 yeah call Rich and what he saw that even though Lukashenko has been the 400 potent stage for years. What immediately did the starting point troops in Belarus under the guise of a training exercise that began two years ago. Now he's got Lukashenko in an agreement with him. That makes Belarus a part of what they refer to the union and my judgment is just a part of the Russian Russian Federation now, so he is in full compliance. And believe me they have got troops in Belarus not looking at Ukraine. The most troops are looking at Ukraine event Belarus got a sizable force that sitting right now on Poland's border and I believe we keep talking about. We got troops on alert.

Let's get them off alert and left a ploy them with NATO response forces to these countries would talk about rear sure know how I let let's put the troops there. That'll give Poland and the Baltics towards all border Belarus some reassurances.

I think this is the Europeans once again not being able to have consensus about the deployment of NATO's response for which the United States is a part of not think we were leaving that in terms of saying okay but scripting force employed now likely we could get the Europeans to comply close to the sink is one thing about it. We don't know about Germany and France think they wanted since the McCrone I guess is head of the EU for this for this term.

He's trying to show that he's in charge. But the one thing is pretty clear the British have been the most aggressive. They are considering legislation this week they will let ministers impose a wider range of sanctions are given more arms there really appreciative in the Ukraine of the Brits. How would you describe all optional solid on this. Look at the exposed despite the presence of praise that is talk of European leaders were all in agreement.

That's just not true. Very obvious that the Germans are disagreeing completely with arming Ukraine. They refuse to do it themselves. They stop the countries that they have sold German armament to from providing that armament to Ukraine and you know what they provided to them helps 5000. No. So it's almost laughable is no word yet if there even charging them. John Radcliffe said yesterday, this is what Germany actually preceded Merkel. They sold out there. Their energy sector to the Russians cut 19 Germanys men born poor decisions to essentially put Germany and the rest of Europe essentially a hostage position with Russia. With regard to the flow of energy into Europe.

We knew that in the trump administration. We were aware that, for instance Angela Merkel's predecessor as the German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is now the CEO of Rosner, the largest Russian oil company. The idea that Germany ought to be working with us in in stopping Russia on these particular issues was something that we understood that that would, you know, although Germany is now I that we weren't more trusting them to lead on these issues and that's why you the things that you see Russia doing now were taking place in the trump administration suits Schroeder cut the deals of the nursing to pipeline sewage which is bad for Ukraine.

It goes right to Germany. There the hub and that goes to the rest of Europe because they were sitting over to their nuclear energy to your blindside relationship with spent most of his adult life in East Germany, and Merkel grew up in East Germany is fluent in German float in the culture he had that quite a relationship with her like she cut basic premise is the same promise that many people in dealing with trying to make promises that show, choose one of Schultz the nutritional replacer is of the same mindset and that is if you have strong economic ties with Russia, even though your systems do not agree there that could lead to increased ability and security and that is just a false premise, and a bad assumption that they made and it blown right up in their faces as we can see that all that has done is encouraged Russian aggression and as we look at trying of the same thing happen in China. We reached out to China economically thinking political reform would follow that will open all of our faces bit more aggressive now than they've ever been in this business experience politicians extraordinarily na�ve and actually committing some kind of political malpractice here and what they done with out with Russia so you can. I thoroughly understand, we cannot turn away allow Russia to reconstitute some semblance of the Soviet Union, they become more formidable with each piece of land and country that they absorb.

We know that Kazakhstan got saved by them so that they'll owe them, and now if they get rush if they did if they get to Ukraine. Though I've accessed all those ports and all that and will their natural resources and who knows what Belarus brings to the table but there's a big push for some people on the right to say this not a war focus on China would you say to them, this should not be our problem with Europe's problem that was present trouble that we can say that Europe's problem no longer may most of these folks will say about the life isolation brain run through them on those I wanted Neil America first to an extreme and not tied into the international world order that were trying to maintain and we got real adversaries out there who are challenging our standards indisputable. China, Russia, Iran, challenging, regionally, and China. Shortly globally as well just wash her hands around and say well the Middle East is not our problem and say that Europe now is not our problem that takes us all the way back to the 1930s when we had people sticking their head in the sand and recognizing the growing increasing threat from Nazi Germany that that's ill-conceived thinking on my part. I understand the frustration you want to step up and you want America to be a global leader to help establish stability and security in the world when we have the number one economy in the world and a very capable military and using both of those that we can add that kind of stability to the world but that's been the position of Democratic and Republican president since 1945 and I disagree with those who say what we can just pull back and let the Middle East take care of the problems and let Europe take care of the problems I told out the best trump when he was present in the lottery was asked me about the instructor charged offense when he asked me about the Middle East. The civil justice should we just leave it mainly the treasurer of the scribes and everything I said the president. If we sit outside and think those problems go away that doubt they will only get worse and will require more of a commitment for us eventually because the truth is the world economy depends on the flow of oil out of the Middle East that become completely destabilized as a result of what Ron is going to do that in the region that that's the comeback affect United States Ukraine second largest country in Europe. Richard resources and Russia takes over our fledgling democracy is one of the trying to become a state that looks and acts like the West maintained its own culture. We let Russia take that over that will empower Russia and does anybody really think that that's where they go to stop, so it's I disagree with those promises. I understand there's awareness factors exist of America that this is where strong leadership steps up educates the American people and motivates them to what is taking place in terms of America's global leadership responsibilities. Leslie would you see using this invasion happens and if so was it look like what happen for a number weeks in my view because of the Olympics also did this to diplomatic efforts going on, one that responded to the US written response to Russia's also sent to the meeting that France and Germany and Russia and Ukraine had last week in Paris and another meeting coming up in a couple weeks along those same lines are opaque. I picked up even though he surrounding Ukraine on three fronts and can approach using naval infantry along the coastline of the Black Sea and the East as well as approach north of the Easter near Ukraine without land invasion. Yet the capability certainly take charge of the country thinking it's unlikely for him to do that because it personal but you. That was the Soviet Union scribe that's not he doesn't want the former Soviet Union, where he is holding all the states and controllingand driving their governments that that's responsibility.

He could not bear. He does not the economy to support he wants influence and control go. That's what he wants and he does want those countries. Turning to the west, but if he takes the whole country over. Then he owns near cranes will fight tooth and nail for as long as it takes to get those Russians out of their not now would also galvanize NATO you can see that the visions we have the NATO right now just with the intimidation. But if he takes the country over, I believe that'll that'll bring consensus today know and Germany would have to follow the United States and the UK sleep here with the other countries in Europe to step up so I think while that's only as an option. He has the resources to do it I think is more likely to do something in Eastern Ukraine and also conduct something of an air campaign to put pressure on the on the PF government and maybe destabilized the country somewhat with significant cyber warfare and shutting down there electric grid.

They can certainly deny them energy sources really tied up the population and try to convince them that I another alternative government would be better because he would support that government stabilize the situation� Kind of action. I think it is more likely these play in the sand because speaking is so frustrated since 2014.

We recently put the troops in Eastern Ukraine was different than crime crime. There was an ex-Crimea as result of the humiliation of the people throwing out the article that your student helps to a new government came in an anti-Russian government. He put the troops in Eastern Ukraine. One of the he wanted to take all of Eastern Ukraine a bit was able to do that, but he also wanted that new anti-Russian government turned away from the Western turn towards him, or else things would get worse, and Ukraine.

In terms of military force, and three successive anti-Russian governments to include Val Zelinski did the opposite. They turn was in fact result, Zelinski had put it on fast-forward and that has really frustrated that general. Thanks so much for the class. I appreciate it.

We've updated America. Thanks to you and your knowledge appreciated by always good talk to you. Thank you. Timothy is to study for Fox's senior strategic analyst checking. You are now updated your calls next your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show you so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. Look at Fox and the four boxes that we had another TV and straightened my TV right now. So right now getting a sense of panic on his trail same. I see doing their own thing about the market and then I is Janine. Soft on crime consequences and what what is that even me right there is an alternate universe on some coverage. What's scary about it is a lot of people watch that.

So there's so much wrong with that statement, but I believe it was totally sincere, which I find scary soft on crime policies that are destroying Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and a couple cities in Florida that you stand out. That is real stuff to the point were Eric Adams knows that if he does not crackdown on crime if they're done for the whole party that he is now begging his Democratic legislature in the city and in the governor in the governor's legislator in Albany, New York, to allow the elimination of bell allow judges to be able to take dangerous criminals and not let them out with a wafer travel put them in jail.

This is real. The fact that she's laughing at it on pod save America, which is an Obama official: anchored podcast is scary shows how out of touch they are and why the midterms are going to get kicked in the teeth right over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources at Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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