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When is Enough, Enough? More Cops Shot in New York

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 2, 2022 12:17 pm

When is Enough, Enough? More Cops Shot in New York

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 2, 2022 12:17 pm

[00:03:33] Sen. Ron Johnson

[00:18:37] Rich Lowry

[00:41:00] Rep. Lee Zeldin

[00:55:15] Dr. Todd Rose

[01:21:15] Martha MacCallum & Nigel Farage

[01:32:18] Martha MacCallum

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Visit to learn more about galaxies, the fold live from the Fox News radio's is New York City pressure off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill you revise the right to only show coming up in Newington around Johnson be holding a meeting committee meeting on the border, which is a tragic failure epic failure by administration to refusing to address it, only to provide ice as a travel agency border patrol unsupported underfinanced under resourced and possible vaccine mandates and then you have over 2 million people coming in 2021, and even more coming now. Sen. Ron Johnson be with us live Rich Lowry right after that Rich Lowry is editor the natural review and were watching some of the proceedings now of the funeral about to take place of that second slain officer in New York City at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Thousands have filled up Fifth Avenue in New York.

It's a sea of blue. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. Not all opinions are critical to think about major news like CNN that work hard on verified information. October 19 and then you have talkshow stars like Joe Rogan make up as I go along and because thinkers like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms crave attention a problem that's much better. This modified never has more inaccuracies been spouted out.

Then just now Brian seltzer CNN rubbing up Rogan White House once more limits on spot. If I superstar wrote Joe Rogan is another washtub rocker poses music and pressure builds for Taylor Swift to do the same over the so-called disinformation really. Meanwhile, in a directly related story at Johns Hopkins study shows covert lockdowns and school closures which we were told with the rule of the land don't work is that disinformation trying new information. Try correct information.

Rogan lives for the town and took control of primarily nearby and administration officials thinks family action they need in order to allow Billy Mason according to leaks notes from a light situation room meeting has compiled has obtained uglier than we thought. Details of the incompetence and chaos in the fall of Kabul revealed I am the first of many explosive sickening reports that shows present binds ignorant idiocy at all levels barrister nation cost the lives of thousands along with the loss of 40 billion military equipment to a terrorist Caliban.

He will be joined on the trip by Atty. Gen. Garland to talk about the steps the administration has taken so far to reduce crime and crime and how we can be a strong partner for New York City and other cities grappling with increased gun violence over the past year about the tune of 30% violence all around. Just this year alone. When is enough enough copying shot killed and carjacked its massive wave of men and women in dress blues to send a New York City for the funeral of William Morris, Wilbert Marler, a crime rate as crime rate is in New York City 22 biggest cities are that are going up as well. At what point will the bite administration stop cackling and start cracking down on crime. That's a question I like to pose to our first guest is Sen. Ron Johnson Center what you think. This administration can take crime seriously never know what you'll find. Brian always log blaming the gun and exonerating the shooter looking him to do that half of all these gun laws don't prosecute the criminals violate the laws of the walking week that three police officers shot last couple weeks, it's almost open season on law enforcement and that's an attitude fostered by leftists wanted define police police are really the cause of all the problems all the yoke goals in these Democrat-controlled inner cities. They just deny reality that they don't have a clue part of how to stop crime what they do is all the policies fostered. We not only have checked your lease of the border. We have checked release in our criminal justice system will bail Nobel policies provide Democrat policies Harris was asking people to contribute to a fund that would bail out the Minneapolis writers. So many Democrats support no built mobile and the result in Waukesha look Wisconsin for Christmas. Craig little children. Sam heard waiting to watch Santa because they want to slaughter that never should have happened because that murder was let out on bail. Never could down the street never committed that crime, but again these things just don't happen this right here crime right here place across all these disasters are the direct result of Democrat policies, Democrat governance and I'm only I'm hoping and praying. Americans waking up to their scam at all these major cities they got these permissive DBAs and they have mayors that want to blame everybody else and they will only thing they have in common is rising crime at all levels. They don't want to cracked on the quality of life crime so no one has quality of life.

Real quick on Afghanistan. Bottom line outside advisors were sounding the alarm as the Taliban swept through the provincial capitals but inside the pie demonstrations is exposed yesterday quote I kept it to. I kept being told by people in the White House is going to Matt seller former CIA officer that the thing was supposed most concerned about is optics of a chaotic evacuation. By the way that the gecko they got. They treat us like we were chicken Little. They didn't believe the sky was falling.

Matt seller one of the many people try to tell them that Afghanistan was falling apart that that army would not stand that you have to start making maneuvers to get people out of there. They didn't at all when we get to get the ugly details of the reality that what was happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. try to do oversight for the last seven years and it's like pulling teeth, getting a permit, even when you have Republican president to go to get up very easily but the guys anybody but for effective Obama's defense secretary Robert Gates in his book subjective Joe Biden is been wrong on every major foreign policy decision for the last four decades. Continue trying felt the same advisors it will work there wrong right with so this shouldn't surprise anybody weakness that he is displaying the weakness that he is imposing on American if Ronald Reagan said achieve peace through strength. Strength against economic strength article deftly spending, sparking inflation, open borders, Sparky unbelievable called illegal immigrants. All this weakens American men the embarrassing dangerous shredder in Afghanistan to signal to our adversaries now time to move surprise anybody that Russia surrounding Ukraine.

Trying is over flying by Taiwan territory, Iran's more active in Yemen. North Korea's testing weapons of the surprise anybody.

It shouldn't list what you get when you elect people like Joe Biden. The moderate is really a radical leftist and they start imposing their policy prescription that are disastrous for America so it's center was having at noon today well at work following a press conference to highlight the Christ from the border. The court other than Fox News like nobody else is covering it. So you mentioned. 2 million.

Now they call them by way encounters under the Christmas tree.

We call these apprehensions that such a catch and release assignment Came another kitchen counter. 2 million illegal immigrants think they can return. About half of them but we also have 344,000 known guideways. We have no idea how many unknowns got better transits of what we know about about 6500 people per day care in this country illegally being processed biggest first or just any way without being processed draw 500 and that's a large caravan every day.

Again, that doesn't even account for the unknown guideways pried the really dangerous criminals. We watch watch me work is get blistered by some of the border agents and we watch the border chief blistered by some of the border agents.

They are set up to try to do their job and they can yesterday the CBP agency until real sector apprehended 15 people from Pakistan, Syria, China, Entre Rios, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. I mean, this is though this is the United Nations coming through our border, you got gang activity. The vice president on my committee when I fell more than three dozen hearings on the Christ on the border and anywhere near as bad, but she knew she should've known grotesquely that fulfilled children for $81 to create a family and to support our firewall. She knows and the bite is freaking out about the sex trafficking the human trafficking the drug trafficking. The games MS 13 other games infiltrating this country settling down and in many a city near you are propelling a minister built new in this neutrality or town near you.

We have no idea what is people going. We have no idea whether all family and this represents a significant Homeland security threat national security threat and biting restoration is doing nothing in the media is shrugging that they got their dialect, never describing camping from the basement.

They got elected as moderate knowledge and a cover-up for all the disasters that have been created by his policies. Talk to Sen. Ron Johnson is running for election 16 more years to go to try to knock you out because you are pain in the neck. I want to talk about if I can code 19 so Johns Hopkins does a study you know Mike Bloomberg went there to some about $1 billion a day and they said they still lockdowns work so it turns out the lockdown shutdowns. According to Johns Hopkins were of no use. They decrease that's .002%, but they destroyed the economy so you have the study come up and it shows that all the sacrifices we made the lock to musical locked into the US and Europe had little or no impact reduce deaths from covert, 19, that according to Hopkins, lockdowns during the early phase of the pandemic and 22 a reduced cover 19 mortality by .2%, but since that time.

Nothing we find no evidence to lockdowns school closures, border closures, limited gatherings have any noticeable effect on covert, 19 mortality, economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest contributing to domestic violence, undermining liberal democracy all took place at a sacrifice for actually nothing. We have to lift all these restrictions like Denmark, like the UK study, but I do need a story I wrote an op-ed in March 2020.

Start pandemic warning shutdowns. We through 36,000 people. You're the highways, but we don't care how is because we can't meet.

We needed to cope with cold responsibly. Take a look at who's really risking very early on it was mainly the elderly people. Certain core goodies to protect them, isolate the infected restless and carried out her life, but I don't know how anybody widely but need to start at 900,000 Americans die with or from covert 5.6 million people going our response to the pandemic has created the human told the economic devastation of what we've done to her children. How could anybody look at this and say oh yeah the stress response opening miserable failure.

Why would anybody keep looking to the Falcons the world. It just bothers my mind and it's galling to me. I'm getting sick and tired of having to pejorative use against me and others revealing the truth. This information what what what are we saying that's not true. Social Joe. Yet Jerome is been accused of using misinformation bike by just interviewing people by interviewing people and finding out the side of the story so he said I he brought up a pointy solution. What is misinformation he said wearing a mask will keep you safe. That's not true. Pieces of the you know this virus came from of nature. That's not true. If you have vaccinated you can get and you can spread the virus will that's not true. Now we find out they told is if you lucked out and you separate and keep your distance yet can spread this virus. Now we find out that's not true. So Jen Saki is not okay with that he she still looking for spot. If I to crack down further to cut 17 this disclaimer. It's a positive step that we want every platform to continue doing more to call out missing for a mission disinformation will also uplifting, accurate information. Our hope is that all major tech platforms and all major news sources for that matter, be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the American people have access to accurate information on something as significant as cover. 19.

That certainly includes spot a fly.

However she wants to say it. So what it what is your take on this. They're not letting up to the present by doing in June 2021 get back. You'll get sick and that was inaccurate back then I was calling Mark back them. I get vilified I get for telling the truth so represents Brian is these purveyors the real purveyors misinformation to fulfill the things I've been right about you been right about they been wrong about, but the purveyors of business information, the people would promote the shutdowns refused to look at backing entries that have that have been pulled mandates that are idiotic when you know you can effectively transmit the disease, even for fully vaccinated those individuals can't afford to be proven wrong. The people that sabotage early treatment is proving to be as cheap generic wide widely available drugs work and they do work will be devastating. The body count is way too high. So these people who control the media controlled social media.

They can't afford to be proven wrong and Brian.

They have the power to make it very difficult to be wrong. That's what you see them digging yet that's right there doubling down will never admit they were wrong to ship their story little bit. Remember the vaccine. It was certainly implied that if you get the vaccine. 95 said you will not get cold one that was proven false.

They ship this are all we never said that what we meant to get the vaccine you have reduced severity of symptoms reduce stepped up. I don't know to what extent that cruel, but I do know we vaccinated fully boosted people are getting infected. They are dying in England, we just don't have the data here in the US because our federal agencies have not been honest and transparent with the that's a scandal in of itself. We've actually turn our medic medical practice on its head doctor should reign supreme in terms of their response to a patient and yet it is dark federal helping regressing how to practice medicine is been devastating. It's cost from 2000 people their lives in bridal never own up to it. Send Ron Johnson, whose website you need some support.

We need him in in the Senate for six more years center.

Thank you so much quicker. You got it when we come back I'll take your calls. 1-866-408-7669. This is the brain to Michelle newsmakers and news breakers. First, try and kill me show Fox News contests network Jana Steen Fox News senior meteorologist.

Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox News or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine information you want to truth you demand. This is the Brian kill me show you it is dead Joe mansion. Basically her bill back better is dead. Go ahead and focus on Justice Breyer's replacement Ron cleaning company who by the way blue, the run cleaner now to get this just as Brian wanted to announce his retirement.

I had a time himself. But guess what, Ron cleaning, Joe Biden cannot keep a secret so they called up Dick Durbin is a good guess what we got judges.

Justice Breyer is going to retire get ready get ready for the nomination process so Dick terms like wow I cannot believe Ron claims tell me this. Who else did he tell so he said all it is. Tell my wife, Nixon. You know, it becomes a full-blown news, Shannon bream gets in touch with the prior They were first anger then the word what they were surprised this got out.

You would think after this great career which he had, he could announce his own retirement, but he was bullied out of it by feral fellow Democrats who want him gone because it looks like their house majority is going to be gone. If these continue to go this well for Republicans, so will the Senate and the president will probably have to reach across the for legitimate reasons. Send by the way there to voting reform there actually doing some electoral college reform on a bipartisan way you imagine we had a president they really want to leave enough he had of his party precise person is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now in Fox News for wherever you did your project from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. Not all things accrediting. Think about major news like CNN that health departments and that's an operation that work hard unverified information. October 19 and then you have talked to stars like Joe Rogan just wing it, who make up as I go along and because thinkers like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms weave attention a problem that's much better.

This modified much better than a slow platform, Kate, but that's at the heart of this right now and that is the ridiculous Brian Stelter an embarrassment to this country and CNN if they had a with their wits about them talking about Joe Rogan as an actual danger. We Joe Rogan is doing is actually interviewing people that you maybe disagree with people on CNN which Larry tried to sell out of the Nash review walk-through the case for nationalism rich, welcome back. You believe that Joe Rogan's got a deal with this and we were heading as the White House once more well but I am there credit. Hundred million dollar investment that they have a skin in the game but just this idea in the country that you just can't stand it if someone expresses of you. You disagree with you All your music from their their platform or early Shapiro at your chance to spend and investigate them. It's so childish and so it will the liberal so un-American and Joe Rogan is pretty compelling and his video he put out response August 7 knots on Jacob not giving medical opinion future interviewing people and some people are dissenters may have had a view and maybe the wrong but very compelling point that Rogan made is that a lot of stuff that was suppressed as misinformation at the outset of pandemic is even proved to be the print proven to be true or proven to be entirely reasonable like the idea that the virus came from a lab, so let's not suppress things based on that conventional wisdom could commit what might be wrong and let's just have a big yeasty contentious open debate.

That's what America is supposed to be about science is imperfect science is always evolving so much of what they told us was flat out wrong so Joe Rogan brings out these accredited doctors that have a different opinion and that's what makes a compelling he doesn't endorse. He doesn't monologue we does his question and he has a pretty much foundational knowledge of most of the stuff I'm really concerned that now these artists are going to start leveraging leveraging whatever success they have. Maybe some real artists like Taylor Swift. You are about legitimate commercial success that will begin to hurt spot of guess gaskets are. I don't care if you like to Rogan or not we all get hurt now absolutely one of the disturbing phenomena, but time is the people who are best suited to withstand the kind of pressure. Their world famous or incredibly rich about Dave Chapelle didn't didn't back down it out. Netflix constant by JK Rowling on the trans-stuff is not backing down. But you can't really cancel her now write the book of monster bestsellers movie made of them and Rogan is kind of in that category. At the moment to specify so invested in him.

But you're right if the pressure keeps building. Maybe they maybe they buckle and again a doctor's note from where I stand right now. I like okay you know that a lot of what they said is crazy weather year from now I might be thinking well okay the thing I thought of craving is true and and this is just part of being a thinking, rational human being you. You listen to the point of view you disagree with. You have your arguments for why the wrong but you might over time change that's a good thing is Johns Hopkins is a lockdown shut down student work from schools to businesses to two cities to streets, did not work were ineffective only health mortality rate .02%, and that in retrospect never should've been done. They were fully backed up by Anthony thatching.

So what two or three weeks or so. The spread they said millions of people would die if we didn't do it.

That is 100% wrong. Dr. J Botta Charles said this this morning to 15. It looks to me like this is the way that they operate.

That is, Francis Collins and and Tony Saatchi whenever they succeed in inconvenient fact that where other scientist may disagree with them. They organize an attempt to talk to to suppress and marginalize the other scientist. They did this with me with a lockdown. I spoke up against lockdowns October 2020 columns were an email to Tony Saatchi's calling me a French scientist and calling for a devastating takedown, what would happen. What is seems like a pattern that crudely marginalize other scientist to create an illusion of control of consensus that doesn't exist in the scientific community they want to look like they have are are in charge of the scientific consensus and we see this again where is Anthony thatching this Hopkins study where is the outrage the people think about the sacrifice their lives, their schooling, their careers, their mental health and we have Denmark in the UK free right now.

Sweden never lockdown who knows it's happening in these oppressive states and Canada, and outright rebellion north of our border.

One is coming to our border. March 1. Rich how we get out of this well. Science say that the problem is an argument you come up with your theory and you try to do a study to support it and that it you think it does. He put it out there and people poke holes in it and the back-and-forth.

The problem with people creating that Dr. said it's fake consensus around the scientific. They then attempted to enforce that the problem but the way to get out of it. You know, and I think by need to reset and this would be 1 Easy Way for him to reset. It's just that you know what we got a limit that is not going away and were embracing normality and there that Monmouth quality of the data showed 70% of people that their attitude, including 43% of Democrats.

The Democrats to begin to be split map on this and he should split the map mandates you know a lot of liberals look at math is not not a huge intervention in relatively costless but they are the main symbol of not going back to normal. So with the map mandates changes CD for guidance about the schools to make it more in accord with the guidance that other health authorities around the world have an embrace sanity so Denver stop in the mask vaccine requirements Denver Stacy omicron has run out of fuel. Virginia's new GOP Atty. Gen. brought from three the largest universities to drop the vaccine mandate we know about giving parents choices of the school districts pushing back, but at the same time, Pfizer's apply for authorization to use its covert 19 vaccine on children ages six months to four years. Still need three shots really three shots can we take put our brakes on this for a second rich when you say to parents losing to us right now say I I am not comfortable with that yeah will you make your own choice and that that's why the mandates of the mistake from beginning continue to be a mistake. I don't see why you have to vaccinate kids that young. Thank God for this virus. It isn't that dangerous to young kids, but no apparent disagrees.

You know that that's that's their choice to go to school without it, we'd seen the problem restaurants yet. The problem with that mandate. Obviously, in the mandate shouldn't exist, and on all the stuff you want to vaccinate a young kid do it if you want to match your kid at school do it but you don't want to do. It shouldn't be forced to listen.

I think were experiencing that right now. Overall was looking at Democrats and Republicans, fighting it out well but it looks like Republicans of the upper hand. Then this this story emerges on actio's soon to be everywhere.

As we get an after action report, Afghanistan, and it turns out they were just lying to themselves and to us. They had no plans middle of August to Get Ave., Afghanistan. They didn't even make plans to evacuate our people. They said that this never would happen. They could've expected it, but now you have people on the record saying we told them Afghanistan was about the fall. We told them the Afghan army would not withstand much more pressure we let them know that they were beginning to defected mostly cities were collapsing and they still allow this humiliation to take place. There were more focused on the optics of leaving the didn't want to Saigon rich with they got was worse.

Atlantic making that same .20 thousand word early foreseeable you did need to be an expert need to be need to be on the inside, getting the intelligence briefings now just melted expert on on the outside what's happening and clear the whole thing whole situation is collapsing and you you it's idiotic to the removed military assets and and given away a base that you would need for an evacuation and that they were incredibly incompetent, they were incredibly delusional and there they were committed to trying to put gray face on it that just didn't accord with reality and this really can put up pan on know last August when Biden downward slide really began to totally blew up the reputation that he wanted to have her confidence and normality which how do you explain on the right. There's a lot and I'm not one of them that don't believe that Ukraine matters are that stopping Russia is not it is in our best interest. I I see it I see if Russia usually obtains Ukraine to begin to reassemble the superpower status is using the z-axis so get to the waters, the port sin into the natural resources of the Ukraine. I see them as a growing nemesis right now. We can control, but I'm not sure we can if they get the Ukraine. How you view it you know I don't want to fight a war with Russia. I don't think anyone serious is advocated by the war with Russia is whether just try to attempt to keep them from doing it deter them and make it as painful as possible, and I just don't think you could predict the downside consequences of the idea of borders being sacrosanct in in Europe just getting way and in the idea that that naked naked aggression can rule out that that immediately you change or security situation or affect anyone's way of life here know you know it.that's one reason we would want to fight a war over it. But it doesn't mean it's a good thing. It's at the bad thing and then we should try to stop it. Yesterday some of his remarks. He says the NATO is not done anything that we've asked the continue to come up on our borders and jeopardize our security we have the Ukrainian leader meets with the Polish leader and the Prime Minister of England yesterday when you think this is heading two weeks from now, three weeks from now. I think by the mentalism that you not do anything during the Olympics, the Chinese allies would be upset with that and I can't think you have to do something now be still be shock the full-scale invasion. He doesn't want to occupy your grant Ukraine that would really make him an international pariah and would be very painful to me that would be an insurgency that would bleed Russian troops constantly, but I think he cannot do something, you know, maybe it annexing another province or two on the eastern border or some sort of smaller scale action by think having spun this whole thing up just to back down now would be humiliating for him understood rich.

Thanks so much appreciated greatly with Larry Nasser due 1-866-408-7669 was still monitoring of the Solomon sense of the funeral of another slain officer from two weeks ago. There is a sea of blue that have descended on the city.

But the bigger picture is crime.

With all these offices being shot from Texas including another one in New York last night.

When is this going to stop when are you going to be fed up enough.

This is the brain kill meet you in your knowledge base, Brian filming show, Fox News podcasts network London – Fox News contributor and daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week or so. Then Dominic's podcast to strive and listen to Fox news five a talk show. That's real. This is Brian kill me show you uniform shirt on their chest stored in fullback industries, all of the frustration they still go back. Now was time for me on that is Mayor Eric Adams with a message that I am sure he'll be part of the eulogy procession, including the. The family of the slain officer from last Friday who bother with.

They were both shot and they were executed by this cop killer who got killed himself, but there was a shooting last night there was a 22-year-old was heading to work. You got stopped alike to try to carjack him.

They had a gun. They shot him. He shot back, so that's will looking at New York City. Please don't tell me that's part of the part of the process with the use or not. We got word that William W TRC in South Bend, Indiana hey William, you're focused on what I was just talking about that's Afghanistan. I find it absolutely amazing that things are coming to light now we actually suspected that we call them out on it. Nobody admitted to it.

Nobody will take any ownership of it and I don't know if it's because they're afraid of repercussions, but nothing happened, and yet probably still all the people there that have no way of getting out there heads up post because I be afraid to pick their heads up and asked to get out because now they can be targeted and now they have to use private organizations to get out.

There's no US their soaps which are referring to, with Williams referring to his report that came out through actio's week document underscores present Biden's Afghanistan failures week note for the White House situation room meeting the day before Kabul felt shed new light on just how unprepared the ministration was to evacuate Afghan nationals to help the United States in their 20 year war hours before the Taliban seize control of the capital by an administration official still discussing and assigning basic actions involved in a massively civilian evacuation.

For example, they just decide they needed to notify local Afghan staff to begin to register their interest to get this begin to register their interest to relocation to the United States and they will still be determining which countries could serve as transit points for evacuees. It is absolutely insane. They go on the state will look State Department look to identify as many countries as possible. The server transit points to keep in mind the capital for the next day we go on embassy capital will notify the local employee staff to begin to register their interest to present himself as intelligence committee overestimate the ability Afghan military to defend itself but there's no reason for them to of overestimated because they were people telling them how bad they were now in a big story in the Atlantic today. This guy George Packer says he reports the by the ministration people to clean there was no way they could have foreseen out quickly.

The Taliban will complete its takeover is flat out wrong. It was foreshadowed notably by Dexter Filkins in the New Yorker in March of last winter's report pretrade the robust Taliban and Afghan government collapsing the Taliban -controlled Afghanistan's highways.

The fact of governments in the provinces and then maintained an open armed presence even in the city of Kabul. How could the US at the higher echelons of intelligence not known that or did they know, what do they not care by one estimate 90% of Afghans eligible for relocation were left behind that, according to Packer, most of those who did get out, were rescued only by the initiative of conscience stricken troops and diplomats in Kabul by a loose network of tireless volunteers. We hire highlighted some of those volunteers here on this show and they are the ones who care the State Department want to turn the page and and I'm be very cognizant that hears Alex McCammon on another network of the actio's reporter cut 10 hours before the town and took control of last year by an administration official thinks family to figure out action they need in order to pull civilian elation likely last night.

According to leaks notes from the White House situation room meeting compiled by the officials team well not watch the Afghanistan situation in the documents finally highlight the binding menstruation is really crucial and numerous decisions.

Again, just hours before Kabul. Now as you remember just before the former fled the country in fear of what was going to happen there with the present Telus overwhelming success, overwhelming success.

Donald Trump started.

I discontinued it. Yeah, down from federal operation warp speed. You drop that ball down, the Abraham records you have no interest in that Donald Trump attacks because you want to raise the tax cuts we know everything is done through executive orders on day one from oil leases on private or public land. We know what you've done with everything the down Trump tried to do what you wouldn't stop that will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber. Listen Fox News five just live Fox News is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me. I was very nice, nice to hear that, and I'm happy you're here with me down. Congressman Lee Selden coming up shortly want to be the governor of New York. I certainly hope Enoch sees Democrats down because they do not deserve to retain power and Dr. Todd Rose cofounder the think tank populace, former director of the mind, brain and education program at Harvard University and author of a brand-new book collective allusions conformity of complicity in the science of why we make bad decisions. A lot going on. We are also watching the solemn events of the men and women in blue gathering on Fifth Avenue outside St. Patrick's going all the way down that avenue to salute the fallen. We lost another officer last week and his name is Wilbert Mora. They he held on for a few days he was able to be a common organ donor and give life to five other people but unfortunately was unable to save his own at 27 years old, he will be honored today at St. Patrick's.

So as we look at that and think about that. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

Not all opinions are critical to think about major news or like CNN. There were Carl verified information.

October 19 and then you have talkshow stars like Joe Rogan who make up as they go along and because thinkers like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms weave attention a problem that's much better. This modified yeah right brain filter maybe should never of interviewed Sanjay Gupta maybe was responsible for him to do that and make things up as he went along White House once more limits on spot.

If I superstar Rogan is another washed up rocker poses music and pressure bills for Taylor Swift disables the so-called disinformation. Meanwhile, in a directly related story Johns Hopkins study shows covert lockdowns and school closures didn't do anything is that this information as we lived with that and live with that last two years. Try its new information just hours before the town and took control of an American nearby and administration official thinks family to figure out action they need in order to allow civilian elation, according to leaks notes from the White House situation room meeting compiled the officials team. When is enough enough we got a wonder uglier than I thought. Details of incompetence and chaos in the fall of Kabul revealed in the first of many explosive sickening reports and shows present binds ignorance and idiocy at all levels will explain why he will be joined on the trip by Atty. Gen. garlands to talk about the steps the administration has taken so far to reduce crime gun crime and how we can be a strong partner for New York City and other cities grappling with increased gun violence over the past two years. Jen Jen Saki trying to save herself because she giggled that the fact that Fox covers crime in major cities where it's off everywhere but she thinks it's funny when is enough for Jen Saki to get that serious. How about now.

Tomorrow the present comes here, but today we will mourn the loss of another police officer men in blue yesterday. 1/6 officer was shot this year off duty rookie cop shot in Queens, New York is 22 years old to young men approached his car at a red light intersection all over in beech Street on 63rd and Beach Cheryl Drive and that about 1020 night to try to take his car. The cop exited the car was shot in the shoulder by one of the suspects. Please send the injured cop was transported in a patrol car to Jamaica Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Two suspects have been taken into custody that she is more the same constantly Selden New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Congressman from Suffolk County. Welcome back.

Broad garnishment described was going on the city today we have another powerful unifying moment of law-enforcement officers, not just NYPD but coming from neighboring areas of the state.

Other parts of the country to mourn the loss of another NYPD officer was at the visitation yesterday I was at Jason Rivera's funeral last Friday and there's a strong statement being made by the NYPD by people who just want to feel safe walking around the street. The families of those who were being lost. They are all crying out frustrated, angry, also motivated and they know exactly what they want to. It's not one of those situations where they want to feel safe.

Further natural issue is there, talking smartly saying we need to repeal Castle spell New York. We need to remove Alvin Bragg as a district attorney, if you will enforce the law. We should recognize a law enforcement officers in her right of self-defense and make sure they have the resources they need to to do their job. We should be releasing people early from prison who should remain behind bars and that list goes on. So what strikes me beyond just the imagery that you're seeing are the stories, the passion, the frustration and anger but also the smarts they know exactly what they're fighting for. So tomorrow the present be there in like income today. We do know that he is just over 3000 US troops over West against Poland in response to the building. The troop build up a brush on the Ukraine a border I want to get your opinion on that. But Eric Adams was let everybody know he's looking forward to the president's visit. Cut to this is a great city on the bite in the Brooklyn and I love the fact that the president is coming here we have a joint task force this together that they need every day, FDI, ATF, Department of Justice, everyone is in the same room NYPD and so he's coming to see the seed that he planted the seed that he planted with the seed that he planted there. Even ignoring the bear. The mayor and police chief rested for no cash bail removed the rescue for the judges to have the ability to sentence people that they look at suspects they think are dangerous to society it to know on every level they're getting from the left-wing city Council and the left-wing legislator getting silence that he is not getting ignored or actually punching him in the face to go on to social media and Rosie O'Donnell's brother was in New York State assemblyman is a perfect example. Yeah this woke white liberal assemblyman who goes on twitter going after the black mayor, saying that his proposal to have judges with discretion away dangerousness. Adams's proposal was code for black as if the whole motive behind Mayor Adams advocating for change in Castle spell is because somehow marathons are targeting black people like really it's it's one thing to have that thought in your head. It's another to type it into your phone or computer to nothing actually click send Castle spell at the state level with the governor she saying that she needs to see the data using the data you collect a certain number of press clippings of the person released on Castle spell, who then gets arrested for double manslaughter in Yonkers W click the press clippings of summer we spent Castle spell hooting goes out and murder someone in the 90s last week that person had to plead guilty now about their visit and their focusing on guns which can't be lost at all and anyone covering tomorrow's news about this visit is that when that 26-year-old Asian woman was pushed into an oncoming subway car a few weeks ago and lost her life and nothing to a guns which I was getting punched in the face because there were a yarmulke because they're Jewish or because they're Asian or that small business owner that has to go out because they been looted too much and they can afford to stay in business. There are so many acts of crime right now in the city that had nothing to do.

Can't you want to talk about illegal guns.

We can have a conversation but don't try to make it out to be like like you just can come here be partisan and just say we have to pass this new bill to make some illegal gun more legal whatever they're going to come up with one of the conversation fine, but you can't ignore always other realities that have nothing to do a guns season is listening to a Democratic governor. She is a mayor and a Democratic governor. Why would they listen to you if you got the job. Like how would you possibly get leverage over this legislators that are not acting on the best interest in security of New Yorkers. The governor has it hidden it in their power.

It's under the state constitution, remove a district attorney who refuses to enforce the law.

I have the ability on day one to fire Alvin Bragg that we have outside powers relates to the budget process in New York and and other things like your people come up from New York City and they need permission from Albany need to pass a bill because back home in New York City. They want to get something done to the comely governors are governor want to sign this bill yet.

Will you let me take this opportunity to talk about this other priority that is getting acted upon inside the state assembly of the state Senate and you think you is you can go into the districts of these people who are pulling the wool over the eyes of their constituents and making it seem like they're fighting the good fight on Castle spell even though they voted to create it, even though they won't vote to change it you can show up in their district. Fire up their constituents get the earned media and move numbers. That way you listen. It's not not running for the position of dictator we have people who get elected to the state assembly state Senate.

Kathy uncle Andrew Cuomo. They thought they were in this position of dictator about what you have to do is take leverage of what power you have and use it effectively and to the point about Mayor Adams being ignored by people in his own party right. One thing that needs to happen tomorrow about this Castle spell topic is that Joe Biden when he was running for president. He wanted to make Castle spell national that was part of his platform in running for president. So talk about that story and make sure whoever's with biting is listening because you know that they're the ones actually running the show real quick with the present putting 3000 troops into what I think is Poland. I have a lot of thoughts by me, but Kubrick. The first is what we can forget about is that our number one priority for everyone whose focus on the border of Ukraine who is silent have nothing to say or even worse, is really*own border. We have a southern border crisis that we need those people focusing their energy on instead of incentivizing an rewarding illegal entry and not backing our border patrol and stopping construction of the Boer war on that list goes on. Secondly, my first priority in Ukraine are the Americans who were there, and Ukraine. American families were here in this country who are contacting their elected officials of the State Department because they care about their love ones.

That's where the priority is at the moment.

Now suppose the Prez United States goes words matter and from that respect when he says that Russia can you do a minor incursion and maybe get away with it. Words matter specially for the present United States can't do that again. That was really dumb for him to say to be honest and policies matter to what he was killing Keystone XL pipeline but fast tracking torturing to for Russia that ends up playing into right to rush his hands for a moment like this is supposed to get sanctions.

The Stockton listing to pipeline and was vetoed by the administration yeah actually they were all in lobbying against it. I mean, if this isn't the fast tracking. This wasn't just say I were just talking to put up a fight. They've actually been holding Russia's water in this entire effort. It's crazy that exposure instruments of national power. People often think about the M the military but we also have the principles called dime, diplomacy, information, military economics, military is always the last possible option. This is about the escalation.

This is about avoiding a conflict. I don't see our military having to be in harm's way fighting a war and this could get really bad really fast so worked up smartly, effectively, consistently with with multilateral bilateral partners. The economic pressure all those tools that we have in our arsenal to be able to help avoid that's what the priorities need to be but prayer number one needs to be more about our southern border, which is being ignored, and we both don't watch the view but were forced to review its clips when they say something is especially stupid for a case in point, Whoopi Goldberg. Let's be truthful about because the Holocaust isn't about race now. It's not about a man sits about man's inhumanity to man. That's what it's about. Let's talk about it for what it is. It's how people treat each other so she tried to apologize. Not effective, NBC, ABC, essay, say, effective immediately, was a Whoopi Goldberg is suspended for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments but will be as apologize. I've asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments.

Number one as it your of Jewish-American, who also is in the military in your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg's comments and ABC's reaction comments were worked on by me.

They were insensitive that we they are stupid. I mean it if you want to you yesterday and you thought that you were going to learn something and you're paying attention to what these words she was saying that like taking it to heart.

You actually were dumber than before you start watching the view yesterday.

You could actually just spend that time. During these hours. Listen to Brian to meet radio show at the facts and the and said it was not Whoopi Goldberg's take on the Holocaust when email Holocaust education her own schools. We more civics education of what's going on in our own country's history right here in our own schools here in the US. The two week suspension is more than I thought ABC was going to give.

And that's not giving ABC any credits giving them none so it's good that she's got a couple weeks to think about it, and it gives a whole lot of other people in the media on the left.

Something to think about because there's a whole lot of other people capable of saying dumb things like this in the penalty, the suspension next time for someone on the left who is going to say anything like this, but we were left right doesn't matter if you want to start reinventing history like this and just not understand what's coming out of your mouth really belong on TV because people heed your words and then they take the heart. They form their own independent judgment that impact civilization life in this country going forward so that she was wrong for saying it. She needs at least those two weeks which never says of again and Freddie were watching the view yesterday.

Wipe your mind clean of whatever will be my answer didn't you because it was wrong.

Absolutely want to wipe out the Jews any way shape or form you. It's not just demand you man against man constantly Zelda and he wants to. The next governor of New York comes many people want to support you gubernatorial run will he do development for New DEL DIN building for New and I'm also on social media as well. Always great to be the Brian Carson appreciated will talk to you again.

1-866-408-7669, but of the hour Todd Rose list of the brain.

Tell me Joe radio show people for the kill made Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other logical left is engaged in intolerance for clash with and it really has been started on college campuses with people who took views that were opposed by a lot of young people found comrades among the leadership and administration faculty and start to spread throughout the workforce or if you don't say what is required to be sent from the point of view of the left should be drummed off of campus and now drummed out of the workforce and its insidious.

I am a old-line ACLU liberal when it comes to speech. I wish the ACLU would defend speech again yeah but now they're saying by Joe Rogan lookout will come in after you why he can't control you want to minimize foxy really can't do that they want to get rid of these other right wing conservative networks off AT&T were some of the bigger cable streams or whether it's the dish were or were other venues.

Joe Rogan. He says I'm discussing here behind my microphone and an interview I want to book the people I want. I'm a comedian so UFC store some boxing great solder actors and all of a sudden you say that you know what I'm but I want to speak to Dr. Malone because Dr. below came up with six mRNA patents and he feels as though these vaccines are totally ineffective against omicron any field is a lockdown surrogate to be effective and he wants people to speak up because long-term perhaps those vaccines are not to be good for you. What is wrong with asking questions. It's not Joe Rogan's opinion its opinion that it's his opinion that these two opinions need to get out because he's not seeing anything except for such a group to and others who have their role but they're all mainstream guys were marching to the CDC and FDA's drummer. I don't want that, especially one from master vaccines. The origins is proven incorrect as well as lockdown, that's the newest.

The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me and I would just be happy if we never adopted the it was clear that walked as if they were to protect anyone's only a certain class of people the rest of us.

Many of us could afford a lockdown that was in the class could afford what most people.

He states in the class. They had to work all essential worker that they got exposed Friday got sick and died.

Anyways, the lockdowns were never going to protect the most vulnerable people were the elderly and some of the and another soldier with severe disease.

We lockdown the whole country, as did many countries and now we find out, and we knew with Dan Johns Hopkins revealed a study that we were only .02% safer in the lockdowns we look at a mental illness that was accompanied if their livelihoods. It would destroy the domestic disputes that took place in divorces that took root to the careers that were basically eliminated. They never made sense Denmark in the UK have sobered up. Sweden never tried it widened. Once the US going to do it.

I hope it is now that all plays into the theme of Dr. Todd Rose, cofounder of the think tank populace, former director, the mind, brain and education program at Harvard, author of a brand-new book collective allusions conformity complicity in the science of why we made why we make bad decisions. Dr. Rose welcome.1st off, what about this topic and study not to get into detail on it but lockdowns didn't work don't work early on we were all trying to do our best at this point. A lot of things were doing are largely about following what we think our groups want us to do rather than following the actual emerge from this pandemic pandemic smarten up a bit and really rely on the scripting and you find that groupthink is a problem right it's pretty clear to ever bring the country right now. We got a big problem with groupthink what what I try to cover in my book that collective allusions are special kind groupthink right like we all want to be with our group and so we are wired to conform. But you know what your group really thinks, but what we found in place after place in American society today is we are spectacularly wrong about what our groups really believe and so as a result were conforming to a phantom, and it becomes something where the entire group is doing something that almost nobody really wanted except for vocal fringe so you get an example in your book segregation segregation you say was perpetuated for decades longer.

The American South because of the collective allusion of whites believing other whites opposed it. When a majority supported it privately want to expand on that yeah work around hundred years. Such a good example of how mistreating our groups are in groups can lead us to hold back social partner so Gorman had been studying private attitudes of white people in the South around integration and the best of them were in favor of it, but they were absolutely convinced that most white people don't want to segregation and so they didn't dare to speak up because they didn't want to go get their group and it was argued that it did help back racial integration by about a decade and we still paying the price that you could say that took radical change in the radical change. More people are comfortable with so wanted on a daily basis.

What else he discovered that were doing you say for example that humans just make bad decisions look what I got decisions look you want to conform to your group because you want to belong Morgan State your honesty got up to you but it becomes a really bad decision when you're conformity just with social life right where your group doesn't even walk your behavior, you're conformity. You write mental health aspect of self-esteem aspect of going get your own values agreement because your behavior is trend is conducting everybody else that we all want something that nobody really walked and lined America today and almost all aspects of our lives.

For example, so for me, anything that matters is the coin toss. Whether you're wrong about the group right now, but the one that the most important to me if we just did private pin research. The largest study ever of what Americans walked to the future the country and when we ask people before getting described in instrument we divided 82%.

Of course were divided and have to go. People said we are extremely divided yet thousands of people across all walks of life in instrument. What emerges is shocking. Common ground about her aspirations for America, you may not be surprised to learn that we all walk across all demographics are nothing short of core American values right. Like for example like across all demographics.

People still care about individual rights. It just seemed like it. We want a fair shot at the American dream, and we recognize we owe each other to make that dream possible. Like healthcare, a good education and their criminal justice system and Monarch. Everything is what what we all don't walk. We don't want top-down control were sick of the federal government telling communities individual and this could be extremely valuable for any politician if they fully which is saying, in fact, it's hard to imagine that if if what you're saying is true then and they agreed to it. They would be doing the things are doing right now, but I think that relies on the problem here that our brains are actually really bad at reading.

The majority because the shortcut your brain uses it thinks the loudest voices repeated the most often majority computer problem right, especially with social media. 80% of content on twitter is generated by 10% of users and people are not even remotely represented America but think about it. If you think it can hold an opinion you get 80% will look what happened. If I don't like THE group that I was soft and were seen today. Right. Two thirds of Americans report, Excel file and find things that matter to them to your point if I'm a politician right now you got recognized. Your brain is misleading you jerk your friends on your own party. Seems like it how the photographs majority and it does not, and if you come back and look at what we know about American vendor values for their lives for each other for the country. So much common ground and not radical, it is core American values and you will say that out loud you will be shocked at the consent that you find there. So Todd would you say that this is a new phenomenon because of the advent of social media that if I was talking to in the 70s you might have different you would have to tell everybody that they agree on all the stuff right so we know the collective allusions for quite a while the first research on the hundred years ago, but your point up until social media. They were pretty bright right you could probably count you hand the number really mattered but with social media. With the ability for vocal fringe, a small minority of people to give the impression that a lot of people agree with them.

Our brains are designed and so we gotta recognize that it should be on social media that we gotta realize it is a fun house of mirrors. We cannot let that distortion affect how we treat each other in real life. So how do we attack this if you can identify the problem effectively and you do in your book collective allusions to be limited to just recognize a how do we attack it, change straightforward answer here and it's not rocket science even though it still can be difficult for some file in the root cause of all collective allusions solving the problem means we gotta have the moral courage to be honest about her own views with each other for the courage to make it safe for others to do the same. It will be believed in the core American values right self-expression and respect for differences, we gotta live up to those right now.

If we do, she will come out of this cultural tailspin and we can get back to it higher level of social trust will reveal our shared values and we can start with some of the problems we really do have positive interesting. So when you approach this book. I know you believe in studying how you would you hope people take away from it. Don't go to Harvard don't necessarily get into the political field or care much about political opinion, but they care about the country right of the book we don't talk about how the people we need to talk to each other.

Here's what I would say right now most people are sitting back and feeling like some version of my crazy rest of the country go crazy. Almost overnight don't like living in a foreign country and here even though it seems like it's true.

It's not that the person you just got to recognize that collectively to the real mayor checking your brain into believing something that is not correct.

The second being that while it feels like we have no power.

That is not true because it is the people that are upholding you delusions, which means it's me. The people can do something about it and get back to that having the courage to to share your honest opinion. Right, it doesn't offend people. People want to hear from you and making space for other people so you're saying speak up, you say well when it comes to Thanksgiving.

Keep your opinions to yourself. If you see a stranger you don't agree with them. You better off just keeping quiet and I'm I could hurt my career by speaking up. Are you encouraging people in the right situation to start speaking up. There are certainly people who are feeling the pressure Of culture and an audit.

They don't feel like there's too many economic engines or social sanctions.

They don't think to do that I understand okay I get some specific strategies that can use it to silent.

But here's the thing in our own private opinion research we found that the overwhelming majority of Americans say that they are self silent and not because of counterculture. They just don't want to hurt other people's feelings or cause conflict to those people I am saying like you think that people are overly sensitive but direction they actually don't feel that we need to speak by not speaking up by self silencing you were giving the impression that the majority belief something that the majority does not believe there is a way to speak your mind without being disagreeable right about one thing I'll say about the one of the biggest collective allusions in America today is that the overwhelming majority of Americans across all demographics prioritized wanting to treat one another with respect regardless of our differences but they are convinced they are in the minority think most Americans no longer care about respectful disagreement. This is not true. So I'll give you an example, read two bags say I'm reading two books the same time Ben Carson got a book about growing up in the South and being black, mostly white schools. Booker T. Washington actually grew up a slave, he was nine years old when he got his freedom back in the late 1880s into the earliest 20th century. In both site different times in which racism was so flagrant with both would pass to go out that they're ignorant but I'm moving on up there ignorant but I move it on. Ben Carson threatened don't play on the football team. We don't want blankets on the football team. Don't go to school. We don't want black kids that he doesn't go to school anyway and he started meeting more more people that did except it didn't focus on people that didn't because he realized they were the minority and a lot of times they were just ignorant. They had no idea they had no wife experienced to act any differently and I didn't watch the sky become a brain surgeon. Booker T. Washington become an advisor to the present United States and yet other people in minority situations in life is built me a bad hand. It's not easy being Spanish.

Not easy being black.

I can't get anywhere.

Those two realities you much better off in the two order for happiness to be the Ben Carson Booker T. Washington, but none of them are necessarily wrong, correct my individual hand dealt to me and help me to blame anybody else but at the society we need to look at a course of course we discrimination Israel and we want a country where every single individual, regardless of their background have a fair shot at success. Fair shot American drinks and where the way forward is not to group grievance not that that path leads to destruction, for society is to solve the unfairness and injustice in through our values.

Those timeless American values that were there from the beginning. We've never been perfect, but we have always committed to a more perfect union that talk talk today and if we do that, I promise you.

Those are the shared values of the vast majority Americans across all demographics that I find it fascinating and heartening that you know grievance is not going to work. Complaining is not to be effective got in the mindset of solving what's good how do I fix the bad and that and that indeed, instead of picking sides.

I want to bring you to the turns out like the absurd Prosoft people you never thought would be thrown off. For example, I listen to Bill Moore for the first time of the last six months because his monologues could be like Tucker Carlson's monologues.

I can't believe a similar they are. Yet they they said they they would vote for different people and 99.9% of elections listen to Lisette on Friday. Normal people read that San Francisco has basically legalized shoplifting. They think Democrats have gone nuts they think you know that 10 grows cruise guy seemed like a real status, but at least he believes in the concept of shopping with money. FDR and JFK is turning into the party of LOL and WTF any any goes on to say, abolish, rent, abolish mortgages don't pay off your student loans where that come from, so he will get this insane please don't tell me this is where the country's going you're trying to tell through this book. It's not hard once we recognize the concept of collective that it is a real phenomenon why our brain think that this is what the majority walked just a book of friend you could see the look on the left. There's a lot of losing to go around, but that same like you from the police in response to a real moral problem of like a vocal friend saying we should've published the police. It sure felt like on the left that with the majority opinion of course shattered really quickly when you critical about the majority of people in Minneapolis say no thank you also want to be six but let me just be clear is really important that moral courage that I talked about. It is not enough to speak to the illusion that the other side is falling for our greatest powers of the visual is to speak up in our own right, like we know on the right. There are there are illusion that were under H around addressing climate change, or frankly even the 2020 election and we need to be honest about those things because got consequences of not being honest are so major point is a great book so appropriate for now collective allusions conformity complicity in the science of why we make bad decisions.

Dr. Todd Rose thank you thank you if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your writing until made. We cannot continue to successfully serve the community. We love when there's this blatant disregard for life and it permeates our community. We cannot continue to serve successfully. The community we love when there's this blatant disregard for authority because it doesn't fit a particular narrative. This blatant disregard has to end. Because our crime is running rampant in every city I'm in Wilmington city right now. Maybe the most dangerous used to be the safest New York City where you where you're listening to me right now, whether troubled or Chicago. You're feeling you seeing it as a silly mean you have to go hide in your basement.

We've done enough of that which got me really aware carjacking for some reason go through the roof. All has to do with getting cars anymore. I mean, because we take it chips everything so expensive that I got an idea.

When I steal Carl get top dollar for two pieces and I will settle for nothing. So that means that even stop there like you gotta feel dangerous.

Well I say that that's exactly what happened to a cop last night off duty the gun to the side. He gets out of the car. They shoot him is in stable condition.

As we mourn the death of another officer from last Friday night to Friday nights ago officer more 27 years old there at St. Patrick's now they're offering communion now there listening to the mayors of Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Bryan kill me.

Thank you.

Was losing everybody's latest moments of the Bryan kill me, Joe, Martha McCallum will be here at some point Adonijah for Roger standing by Britain, the leader of rights it.

The reason why the UK's acting so boldly and directly. I believe this goes right of the umbrella of the EU and this is another chance to show independent thought with you that or they be stuck with center for Pres. LeCrone of France home exactly with the EU policy is will discuss that with the ministrations just on the committed 3000 troops over to what I think is Polish military base that in a rebuke to Buettner says he wanted to see less on NATO presence in the region he got just the opposite. So let people get to Nigel Faraj victory.

Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three. Not all opinions are critical to think about major news or like CNN that work hard on verified information. October 19 and then you have talkshow stars like Joe Rogan who make up as they go along and because thinkers like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms leave attention a problem that's much better than modified 11 million an episode this evening even know what 1 million looks like they don't eight is a roughing up Rogan White House once more limited sense on size, bona fide superstar Joe Rogan another washed up rocker leaves the fray. You know what what is disinformation and what is new information in a direct related story, a job Todd Johns Hopkins study shows the covert lockdown school closures didn't work is that disinformation or new information just hours before the town and took control of that administration officials to figure out an action they need in order to patient and not according to leaks notes from the White House situation room eating the officials uglier than I thought. Details of the incompetence and chaos in the fall of Kabul revealed in the first of many explosive sickening reports that shows present Bidens ignorance and idiocy at all levels. He embarrassed donation cost the lives of thousands along the loss of along with the loss of 40 billion military equipment to the terrorist Taliban. He will be joined on the trip by Atty. Gen. Garland to talk about the steps the administration has taken so far to reduce chronic gun crime and how we can be a strong partner for New York City and other cities grappling with increased gun violence over the past two years Jen Saki what is enough enough To being shot killed and carjacked his massive wave of men and women in dress blues are right now on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The funeral of Wilbert Mora as crime rages in the nation's 22 biggest cities on all levels. At what point will divide administration stop cackling and start cracking cracking down on crime and right now we just watch the mayor wrap up his remarks in written respect for Maura talked about his willingness to walk into a line of fire talked about the third copy came in and killed this cop killer before he could hurt more civilians maybe kill his mother and also kill more cops because that's what you want to do.

He evidently had an AR 15 under his bed and I'm sure you be willing to use it in memory. Ray Kelly told me last week that he believes this guy just want to kill cops. And in that respect. He was successful tomorrow. The present will be coming here and Mayor Eric Adams will host him. Show him around where he'll talk about, I guarantee you taking guns off the streets. But if the prisoner was smart and wanted to survive the one to lead his party instead of get along with his party. He would say I need my AG's my DAs the crackdown on crime. I need my mayors to support my cops and firefighters. I need my legislatures in the city Council in New York City to get rid of no cash bail. I need my state legislatures to stand up and say I'm going to give judges the power to put threatening people behind bars as they waive trial in a reasonable fashion.

For the reason no cash bail. They thought was needed is because people he could not afford even minimum bail were languishing in play horrible place like Rikers Island for a long time as their casted their cases way to come up recently in a listening is not a threat, it made them pay alimony or into this and it seems that minorities have less money, less wherewithal they don't have the finances he bail them so that that's a legitimate issue. What is legitimate issues take dangerous people put about and downgrade all these crimes that's the problem.

Constant Constable Ted Heep spoke yesterday in Houston for a fallen officer that was gunned down on it on a would they say is a routine traffic stop cut for we cannot continue to successfully serve the community. We love when there's this blatant disregard for life and it permeates our community. We cannot continue to serve successfully. The community we love when there's this blatant disregard for authority because it doesn't fit a particular narrative. This blatant disregard has to end. He got angrier and angrier. But the bottom line is we still in this mess. Whether it's Austin or New York. They've all taken money out of the budget and they don't pay their men and women. Much of me. Can you imagine $34,000 a put you through the Academy they give you $34,000 to go into New York, were you not backed by the police chief.

I think this please. Chief will my hope this mayor is dramatically better than the previous mayor but it's not as if he had Rudy Giuliani Ray Kelly and William Bratton there to watch her back.

It's not like that Brandon Tatum is a former police officer. He was always Shannon last night and he talks about not only the attacks, the crime, the carjackings, but how they're targeting cops six already in New York at six law enforcement officers are filling heartbroken tonight and the families of these officers are devastated when you lose someone you love loose person who many cases have great integrity and go out every day to serve the communities would already have is very sad and is setting because a lot of these situations are preventable.

I wish that the leaders of our country will will produce better rhetoric of some of these also can feel confident that they are supported in the community can rally around him.

In cases like this, so I really am said to see so many officers lose their license so early in this year and I really pray that it turns around.

Yeah, we want to pray got a pressure pressure Nigel project. Next is a former abrasive party leader help with parse Johnson into office man. He is been a let down 16 separate parties we come back. Martha McCown will also join me in studio.

You know she host a show with three but every Wednesday she stops here first. And don't forget I got my show 8 o'clock at night, one nation on the Fox News Channel 8 PM Eastern time. It was to the brain to me. Show don't move coming to you to know basis because you need to know Brian kill me radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show any sauce is rush couple things. That of course is Boris Johnson the middle of incredible turmoil as prime minister of England. He went over along with the Polish leader to meet with the presence of Lenski of Ukraine to show unanimity there. At the same time Vladimir Putin was meeting and addressing his press in Russia about what could be in imminent invasion. As I guess everything that goes by that Ukraine is getting more morons but it's an uphill battle. Martha McCown was here in studio on before we go to our next guess I just have to announce it to CNN president Jeff Zucker is just resigned.

Evidently Martha because he was is seems is always admitting to an affair with a colleague yet he put out a statement as short time ago that details that when the investigation. The investigation was going on in the Cuomo matter. Chris, matter and he says is part of the investigation to Chris, his tenure at CNN I was asked about a consensual relationship with my closest colleague someone I have worked with for more than 20 years. I acknowledge the relationship involved in recent years, I was required to the clerk disclose that when it began, but I didn't. I was wrong.

As a result, I am resigning today and he goes on to think everybody at CNN says he's had nine great years and tie wishes that it can end this way. While we'll talk about that in the second. Another area of expertise is was going on with Ukraine and Russia died your fries. You are just now Nigel welcome back. Thank you very well.

It really is. First off I would I do in Martha does not know this, I often times open up my morning at 4 AM our time and I'm watching the BBC and sky. And I've been watching the turmoil with Boris Johnson 16 separate parties. He was directly or indirectly party with while he's locking down a country. How outrageous is that will lawmaker below a great job to lecture us politeness to make it again with the Lord to all elderly relatives who might be in the last few weeks of their lives to stop us big time funerals. Kids going to school to help the police finding people. Many, many thousands of pounds up to 10,000 pounds were holding illegal policies and yet we find out within number time doubting straight leg drink culture and that the prime minister himself wasn't in attendance of vitamins would be bottom out west of us is when this begins, becomes a light just as importantly, willfully, repeatedly lying about things in politics very often. It's not the sin itself bring somebody that it's the attempt to cover it out makes it even worse.

Millions of British people is always the benefit of the doubt. I am great, not just angry that he did what they want about angry. He tried to lie uncovered out that I'm that means it is now a loss of trust in this prime minister, which in my opinion is repairable on the longer he stays on an office isn't just his reputation going down the drain is the type of the conservative policy with them software will Nigel Martha McCown here get to be with you today.

I'm thinking about Avenue Salmon thinking about other examples in this country where we seen similar things happen. I and those people have been able to survive it.

So it's very interesting to me that that prime yesterday. Boris Johnson said of this entire chapter and scandal by releasing all of the restrictions in the UK for everyone and now he's taking a pretty strong stance along the same lines as the United States in terms of arming Ukraine. So do you think that those two developments will help him to survive this scandal would like to know more about it because he was so accustomed to it.

I'm pleased to say we still have a relative before you press in the United Kingdom much many other European countries that has been a big fight back here against vaccine mandates and I've been very involved in that myself. I'm against ludicrous restrictions. With the help anybody and actually the freedoms we been given back.

Boris was student difficult for him to accept too much credit and about the second point you cried, but this is incredible Boris Johnson flew to Kiev yesterday as Brian reported a few minutes ago but you didn't say no is the day before on Monday was a show during cold between Vladimir Putin. I'm Boris Johnson: will schedule so he could go to the crime with some knowledge, or at least with something like that. That phone call have to be canceled. Johnson with Ukraine having not spoken the clues and why because he had to go to the House of Commons on face humiliation is attendance of the lease cost is usually just his reputation just about potential.

The conservative policy actually being there for some to a position where he can't love this country where the UK is an outstanding tool of the world stage start from every angle stops. So what you hear little. I watched it I used Teresa may the previous prime minister go after him. Listen regulations impose significant restrictions on the freedoms of members. They had a right to expect that prime minister to read the rules to understand the meaning of those around them to the mountains with something to set an example. In following these rules for the greater pool is number 10 Downing St. was nonsense.

I think the regulations impose all members of the public so I can find something that others around him will they didn't think the rules apply to number 10, which in the crowd morning. We went over and over again so will he survive this out look survive.

This will be be death by a thousand cops with every day that goes by we get conservative members of Parliament and public conservatives in the country say he no longer has my support. We've had members of Parliament today say that these people who will cyclical support of them are actually quite senior figures within the policies that he's going through the political best 5000 cops. My guess is he might live in Palm for a few more months, but this is absolutely easily damage prime minister. He came in to office it with a honest about united with my breakfast campaign that really mighty prime minister like you I was happy for him to inherit the crown. I was, I guess I was a kingmaker in a sense I was happy and 29 phase 2 or three things are going wrong, wrong lately. Downing Street when the rest of us could turn lying about it on the front lawn is not governing as a conservative commission next to a net zero CO2 strategy that will baccarat country using taxes at this moment in time.

He hasn't got under the conservative government as a liberal, so I'm afraid that his tenure as promised, is going to be a very very Nigel, when you look at the situation is developing in Ukraine and Russia. What's your take on how the United Kingdom is handling it well. I think the author is that we withdraw from Afghanistan law school was more like' I do not think the more curriculums will be following up buckets as well. I don't think China would be as aggressive in his language towards Taiwan. I don't believe that beyond 50,000 Russian troops on the Ukrainian boulder Chuck Biden closely unilaterally withdraw American troops and let the Taliban take over again to say is that all splits within the West American leadership of the free world is now very open. The question can we trust America off the what Biden did lost… Is something that we are talking about Germany. Of course it might themselves entirely dependent on Russian gas.

We have a British prime minister is becoming something of a laughingstock on the world stage of imprints, and even if Putin doesn't send a single folder. He is scolding disarray among the western allies that also we can get ourselves a new prime minister, but ultimately we have to face America. All the guys in America all the leaders of Nigel enforces this is great information when it got its name. Nigel fries thank you for Martha McCown said breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show what back everyone brain kill me. Here we have so many different ways to go at me when I do Faraj I wanted to originally just talk about Ukraine and then you realize how much trouble Boris Johnson's in the change of leadership. They are the disappointment of Joe Biden. How do you not get the British perspective on a Biden's exit in all the storm stories leaking out about Afghanistan and how bad it was no clueless. This ministration was on how bad it was getting on the ground and how they did not want to reveal it and then we have this other news, we have the funeral going on the dramatics to go along with that of the second slain office of the 27-year-old who was taken on the prime of his life by this cop killer, and you heard the mayor just speaking of eulogies or are continuing the study news Martha McCown about Jeff Zucker. Now I know for people outside television set that big a deal. Just know this. This guy was at NBC. He revitalized the today show became president of NBC was his idea to rotate his terrible move Conan O'Brien in and get an output show Jay Leno forward and put Jay Leno on the other side.

He leaves humiliated nine years ago Xhosa CNN that's a good use for right now think they can even break a million viewers in prime time. So there possibly the worst stand in their history. Losing Chris Cuomo, who was like it or not, he was there most popular primetime host and now we see the other shoe to drop, because Cuomo was very aggressive in leaving after he was fired one from suspension to be firing now we see Jeff Zucker just resign now, you can jot this down in your notebook and ready for your show at 3 o'clock when we discover as you point out, it's interesting to go back on the history of CNN right is that the first Cable News Network became the go to place for people who didn't want to just get me as far couple of hours in the morning and 6 PM at night it changed the landscape under Ted Turner's direction and ownership of new stripe, an end to this day there are a lot of people who aren't big news consumers who will just turn on CNN if something's happening right but the problem is that in the past nine years. It has turned into a very politically driven news environment. Tightrope Jeff Zucker made a personal vendetta guy absolutely nice of her. And never there were no discussions that were taped and revealed about the anti-Tromp driven agenda at CNN right but that you know there's a super gossipy side of this whole story that I think is gonna come out over the course of Fino dig into it and that is that if it's true that you have any he's admitting in his goodbye that he had a relationship with one of his closest colleagues and there's a lot of stuff out there about executive vice president Allison Collison whether or not she is the person that he's referring to. I cannot confirm that here, but that you'll see a lot of that is out there already got a very strong speculation, high-powered executive and not a high-protein, executive vice president of CNN now and I sent there's been a lot of sort of speculation about that relationship. But the question that comes up as is the really tense situation when Chris Cuomo was suspended and then fired by Jeff Zucker. They had a really close relationship and then Cuomo turned around because he was getting unceremoniously fired and also losing $18 million in his contract because of the way he was like I was the reason that he was like out and whether or not the he had a big time lawyer to go after CNN to get the money back, and whether or not all of this has spelled out actually is.

Zucker admits in his in his resignation. Note that it came out as a result of the investigation to Chris Cuomo so that there's a lot of back story here right still to treat Jeff and I have been close friends, professional partners for over 20 years. Recently our relationship changed during covert. I regret that we didn't disclose, we didn't disclose it at the right time. Allison Klug Collison says in a statement.

So she has she's admitting it messing up to their relationship sounds and very openly speculated upon all of the place. So between Jeffrey Toobin between Chris Cuomo between now Jeff Zucker. Best of luck over there good. Let amazed that he's been divorced since 2018. Jeff Tucker, he's divorced individual who started dating and having a relationship with something that he worked with.

I have no idea when that relationship began, but other than a court he's decided that he can resign because he feels that it was inappropriate but you don't know Cuomo L. Sassaman, jugular light, nature, and then again what else have. What else can we come down the pike because relationship you had as a single guy didn't do it earlier to be that the human resources reprimand. I don't know you know I'm not an expert in that area, but the other thing that that's going on what one thing is pretty clear Jessica's caught on tape coaching Donald Trump through a debate and then at which time he doubts company realize how negative and unfair. He believes CNN was covering him he would have to Jeff Zucker and that when he wins, Zucker made his personal vendetta to get back at him as to trumpet him. So Troy must be having a great day. How I'm serious. I'm serious. Meanwhile, a lot of emotion today at the Devens police officer and you have see some of these overhead shots we have syndrome video is some overhead video of how many men and women in blue dress blues retired. They put on their uniforms they put on their dress outfits and they come back to salute the fallen, and here's a little of this, the mayor, Eric yet. Eric Adams last night we were reminded again about the danger nova proliferation of guns set up carbon highways, even when the bullet hits the body about citizens. Emotional trauma continues to rip the anatomy of all city and the pathway never ends generations to come in off-duty officer was shot and wounded on his way to work. The work of protecting New Yorkers defending all city the Rick officer Morrow was doing when he was killed in the line of duty. Those of us who have put on the uniform. No, what happened to officer Morrow could happen to us in the Joe and Eric Adams for good speakers because Moshe was very strong on Friday and he talked about a 22-year-old cop last night Martha when he was driving to work and playing close to young men stop by and he was stopped at the red light. Two men came up to him and he got out of the car and they shot him and he ends up being brought to the hospital. Looks like he is in stable condition right now.

That's a six cop shot this calendar.

I said this morning my way to work I kept getting passed on that turnpikes in New Jersey by huge caravans of police cars with their lifetime. She is probably the same in Long Island and I was so struck by it. So when I got to work I went over to Fifth Avenue and walked around St. Pat's and spent some time in our thinking.

These police officers for what they do when they're so happy when you just look them in the eye and say thank you. We know you put lives on the line every day for us and we appreciate it simple. Thank you goes a long way. They I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen so many police officers lining the streets up and down Fifth Avenue and reading the patches on their shoulders, Philadelphia, Staten Island, all over New Jersey Long Island upstate New York Warwick New York all over. They came to show their respect for this police officer and for his partner Jason Rivera as well.

So I asked, so I know what I may think I count as firefighters and policemen in ISO but will he started and a lot of them didn't know because I'm a retired witch in your 40s you have an opportunity retire. If you start right at college right instead of starting salary for the NYPD $32,700 and this may or just that I want you living in the city really right where the homeless shelter net 32,000 do I get to eat all that's been in NATO's Suffolk County, which is think about the Hamptons and think about more of a rural area 42,000 Nassau start to 35,000 will go up 221,000 after nine years, so that's a lot of risk that I know there sometimes what is downtime at its little boy, but they're also freezing to death. No other time when you didn't want to go outside and get the mail. There's guys working 12 hour shift outside and they don't do it for the glory and the it's okay with me for a while and we experiences people want to take pictures with the policeman with the NYPD's and that's change my hope is that we hit say hit a tipping point in my wrong to think that you feel the same way that we made it to my letter and they felt about that this morning and I I wish that Pres. Biden who is coming tomorrow and he can meet with Eric Adams and that's good I hope that that will expand the conversation about what a daunting crime problem we have in this country right now. It some people seem to think is is made up which is ridiculous. When you look at these numbers but when it be great if Pres. Biden was sitting next to Eric Adams in the front row at St. Patrick's today showing his solidarity with these police officers and how how can that be a lazing proposition. You might have some most fringe progressives who got upset at this. Doesn't the people that want to be aligning yourself with anyway right.

I think this is a person who ran as a moderate president. There's no doubt that couple decades ago Joe Biden would've left sitting in front row with the police officers at a moment like this to show that he stands with them and either the argument, I was too distracting to that we don't take no distract us. Please come and eat out near city can handle having a president and a funeral fireplace officer at the same time, there's no doubt Martha. Let's just play the political side of this. Forget about sincerity, which is put aside what political consultant would not of said what you said for him absolutely.

Just forget I hate you Joe I and I know you don't like the couplet but if you show up this to reverse things you could be reading on crime and then if you have a one-on-one with Alvin Bragg who wants to put criminals first and then you say I'm going to have an emergency on the call.

Those two DAs out in California to see them in a been asked to Scott and you just have an emergency situation will get a read calibrate our view on crime. We overcorrected corrected, which we thought was an over aggression in the 90s I guess I just say luck. We all remember torchlight. We all remember the difficult times that followed.

There are bad cops in the world. Just like there are bad teachers and bad priests that people are out there that we cannot broad stroke. This entire profession of people who are here to help us. He could say that she could say let's build a bridge between what happened with George Floyd and this moment in our hearts are broken for these young police officers who have lost their lives. Let's build a bridge to build a safer environment. In cities across Europe. He could say I'm to stand here with Eric Adams and I stand side-by-side with him to get on the phone with in your state legislature and talk to them about bail reform and then attach them about this rule that basically says you can't prosecute anyone under 18 people under 18 are carjacking and stealing cars all around the metropolitan area in New York City right now for the please Follow them down the road one state. They drive off at the car so we need change and question for as long career as a moderate Democrat. He ran that way he said it was. He said memory set on the Democratic Party now let's see what it was burning his poll numbers would go up 70 points if you get this so couple things you realize to that with her working on now is electoral college reform bipartisan with they did is everywhere I go people are talking about that. That's what infrastructure to the dinner helium have a signing ceremony for so all on the study go hey Mitch by 50 years were both going to die soon. What else we work on together about five or six of them just like rock everybody rock every cycle. Well, I'm having trouble get mad at him because he's kind of meeting with My guy and he went all of this liberal arm moderate debtors who live in suburbs. Three. What would be Joe Biden. I wanted to to be present. That's exactly the person I thought I was voting for right infrastructure at the White House right now. Okay, here's are going to roll out three big projects were to show people. People shovel steamroller's here are the three bridges that are because we just started and broke ground on this pages we we commit to you. They will be done in eight months were initiating the beginning of the branch and the end of the base production means when you see how cleaning this country can be yeah and a 20 I think the Trump with Lucas trouble of day you know this, this project should take 22 months but I'm to do it in five yeah I mean that's that's what happened. There's nothing that it's great people left productivity and efficiency. They love it right. Someone comes and tells was coming up on her show is changing and watching the notebook now and were just writing the latest on the dramatist taken place on it on Fifth Avenue at St. Patrick's I was seeing the presence coming here tomorrow.

We also have not talked about the Afghanistan report delete that next yells that showed how clueless. And what a catastrophe behind-the-scenes.

It was in Afghanistan, we saw would happen front of the scenes. It was the right to mature to move something new every day, for I am kill me show the fastest three hours and radio is your Brian kill me. There will I never got the chance to tell you how truly special article. Remember how you always lit up the room with your smile always happy and mellow survives.

Not an ounce of meanness in your whole body when you got up in the morning you're always going to mom hugging her and kissing her and being silly and doing a funny baby dance. You're always so affectionate with everyone close to I love how close and low you were with your friends and how much you value their friendships, the brother of William of Wilbert Morrow, the second officer die after the Harlem ambush last week and it's still going on right now St. Patrick's Martha McCallum here as I imagine you can be covering this date the looking crime. What else you have on tap three you in this ever evolving news day and talk to John Radcliffe, the former Dan I about the situation that's unfolding on the border in Ukraine is this interesting decision to move those trips forward to Eastern European countries.

Poland is going to get a fair amount of them and the other day we heard from Adm. John Kirby at the state at that panic on that there would be no movement of troops unless the unless NATO was activated unless NATO activated the response, but they didn't do that now are moving trips.

So the question is why. What changed. What is the change in strategy summary to talk about that with John Ratcliff coming up but also to talk about the Johns Hopkins study, which is just extraordinary which verifies that the last thing that I think people had a gut feeling about leasing what has happened with cloth masks. Leasing went now being revealed about lockdowns and working to talk to Dr. imagine Tosha about that today. So when you talk about that.

Let's stop there. So Johns Hopkins is a setting they say they were the effect of this to half-year lockdown. They basically said the mortality rate .02% difference really so you destroy livelihoods lives mental stability. We miss weddings and funerals and births, and countless opportunities with or without the vaccine there saying it did no good thing about this don't walk outside of the beach by yourself.

We had cops walking on the beach telling people fear the same family separate your towels.

Remember that when a poor sand in a skate park and now you're saying by ruining your career by collapsing leagues in bars and restaurants are now saying it to least a sacrifice for the greater good, but it didn't dinner Martha. Now it didn't. And one of the things that really struck me in this study is the comparisons to 1918, which is referencing a national review piece about the study and it says that the results are in line with the WHO writing in 2006. It stated quote reports from the 1918 influenza pandemic indicate that social distancing measures did not stop or appear to dramatically reduce transmission. So what was true then turns out to be true. Now, in terms of what we understand about viruses and the way they work real quick. We have less than a minute Joe Rogan came out and pointed out with non-defensively about the origin of the virus about mass in vaccines with. They said it would do, which proved incorrect. You called it misinformation I: new information he should add 1/4. Now we find out lockdowns didn't work. He was had the audacity to ask that question. I really fear that he's going to be taken down on Sparta five that's my fear that if Taylor Swift and was a right thing for this national review article and it says the scientific method needs heterodox voices to speak freely if it is to function properly and otherwise. You have to have varying different opinions discuss this in order to get the best science member at Apache. I am science no. Turns out there's a lot of different things here right my opinion.

He's a disgrace Martha McCallum to watch you with 3 o'clock much.

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