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New Study: Lockdowns Did Much More Harm Than Good

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 3, 2022 12:22 pm

New Study: Lockdowns Did Much More Harm Than Good

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 3, 2022 12:22 pm

[00:02:55] Dr. Mehmet Oz

[00:18:27] Carley Shimkus

[00:28:56] More to Know w/ Carley Shimkus

[00:40:52] Jason Chaffetz

[00:54:54] Marc Thiessen

[01:15:27] Kennedy

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Live Fox News euros New York City function for America's receptive Brian kill me all right hi everybody what the latest minutes of the brain kill me, Joe, Dr. Oz was be the next Sen. from Pennsylvania. He's gotta be joining us was an incident happen to we had to tap into his Dr. knowledge I get to get his take on what's going on this new information and along with the Joe Rogan podcast. Are you insulted by it as a doctor. Do you feel you afraid.

Is he afraid of other people to get the wrong information from from a talkshow host and Carly Shimkus at the bottom the ark.

We have nothing in common. So I'm really sure I'm struggling to with that segment.

No will find out there's more to know there and keep in mind to get a big show on Saturday night at 8 o'clock one nation. I'll preview that here. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three each time that something like this happens when they want Joe Rogan removed and spot if I says no it deflates the potency of these tactics and it shows the public that the media no longer has this power I hope so for now media meltdown from CNN's implosion to a go over suspension to Joe Rogan.

Americans are watching the powerful rise and fall as it tell you about who you can trust and who gets canceled and was sent to Washington DC SOS. We need your help. We have to stop the flow of illegal guns are now saving 6000 guns removed the street last year. Close to 400 since I've been in office yet they keep coming from gun dealers throughout this entire country you thought about the rat lessening the criminals present buying come to New York City and talk about one issue that is playing almost every major city and that's crime in the age of two police assassinations that took place two weeks ago the right response now could save him. His party, you may be me. But indications are the president of the all about optics and politics were now understanding that 60 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse deferred cancer care we know about the self-harm and suicide numbers so were now starting to recognize the collateral damage that is true, Dr. Barnaby Carey of Johns Hopkins, Little Rock, and in all the mandates now Hopkins study shows that what we all instinctively knew shifting down shifting down our lives locking us up in our homes, keeping social distance wearing nasty little to no good and brought in a whole lot. I heard Denmark, Sweden and the UK have lifted all mandates and restrictions when we get to do the same as free and Dr. Oz working hard to represent the people of Pennsylvania. In the U.S. Senate. First he needs a nomination. Dr. Oz, welcome back, Brian is going well… Double digit lead a lot of fun barnstorming around the state. Folks want to see Mitch Dr. and you'll see the spirit or tent revival events, but there's a lot of passion right folks really are anxious about where we are as a country other seeing through the fallacy the false narratives that have been tossed the dust all through COBIT but it just is emblematic of a lot of problems that we got in our economy in schools not border China and our inability to deal seriously with it with the biggest threat of all, perhaps all the dishes again folks motivated.

I see a very good November for party.

Let's talk about another area of expertise. And that's I will rebuild this pandemic. So Johns Hopkins is the study and it turns out that the shutdown lockdown mandates that help us .02%. That's it .02% level in the mental and emotional health.

It's died that's that's really plaguing us member the lack of learning for kids that is still a huge problem in our country a little and the livelihoods that a bit lost because businesses have been shut down.

Yet Hopkins does to study Dr. Oz and they don't publicize it because it said everything that I said and is countering to its counter to almost all the policies are present buying. I find that infuriating, angry. I'm angry and get you back in time years ago when you and I would do if I can print almost every single morning we were talking about the fact that some of these rules temporarily might be okay but unlikely that long-term meant that the black belt work.

It never had been done in the past with success. It did work in 1918. It would work today.

There a lot of people put their hands up. We got shot, everyone put their hands up there waiting really talking about got taken out.

We now know about you actually organize some of these takedowns just to be clear, one-size-fits-all mandates do not work, they failed to contribute 24 real world studies is not esoteric model. These are real people with real… The 24th for best study to show that school closures business closures domestic travel restrictions limiting gathering all these crazy things that we look around and see if there's a camera watching us because it made no sense .2% difference maybe maybe the kids under 10. No increase transmission risk.

Being it only went to school because you don't want to go on the plate so none of these things are actually working and we tortured people government.

I believe that selfishly is copying others will avoid blame for not behaving the way Americans historically been a success, which is to be brave in the face of competent wanted to machine gun fire, but don't cower in the corners lead us. People respond to dangers clear and present outside their door there smart I trust Americans so do you take precautions regardless of government mandate thing to do it on the road. It is counterintuitive that is with us.

So, Dr. Susan, the medical side so I I watch the other channels to find it was going on in some of the who's going to get fired, just resigned when case CNN so I'm watching him sing my simplistic oh, all of a sudden I'm hearing that theirs is the FDA's is a big push for Pfizer to greenlight their new vaccine for kids 0 to 5.

But they say two shots is not good enough. More like three shots I'm saving myself what person, Democrat or Republican is going to sit there and listen to this study and give their kids three shots before their five years old, Dr. Lena, well you know when does everything the CDC wants and the FDA and Job Joe Biden wants in the opposite of do without Trump wants she was brought on and listen to her reaction, cutting ambivalent right downtown, which is not something that I ever thought I would say about Mexicans for under five euros. I'm the mom of two little kids under five. I can't wait until they are vaccinated, but I would wait until we find that the vaccines are safe and effective sure that we can say that at the moment because we have somehow you know that painter to say that. So of course not. She's a mom first.

How can you possibly tell people to really work.

We think the real work. Best of luck done, you're not allowed to do that you cannot challenge what you are told that the government's authoritarian overreach that has hurt our nation so harshly and no one society uses your kids that shields literally we are doing that cruel people would do this. A study by the way FRG looked at two doses of the vaccine. It didn't work for the government said, come on down. Give us what you got will go in and approve that with the hope that 1/3 shot down the road might ask you make it effective was going to do that to three Chevy 3 shots work. We know to shop don't work there single and get started with the two will figure out over time. At three shots make it work. No one in their right mind to get this data would be all that worried about young kids anyway forget about giving them three shots that might actually reduce the chance of having a problem with some of the data from countries that are willing to report unhealthy children.

It is very very uncommon for a healthy child to get sick from COBIT sucking up to be end up hospitalized for the CDC report just just the first two years, the pandemic was less than 900 kids got with the guy does recall that a horrible outcome that by the way, similar to common viral infections like influenza respiratory to central virus RSV so if we didn't do this for all those in our viruses. Why now do we change your mind and react very differently. One-size-fits-all does not work little kids have a risk of problems in public. That's less than 1001 thousandth of the risk of their grandparents came by the way for young adults.

That's why kids right now were in turmoil there forcing children to get booster shots when they don't really have an a risk. The kids will been vaccinated for 20 don't have a meaningful risk of problems that might pass the virus can't stop with the vaccine and ignore natural immunity can just absolutely do not accept that it's a possibility you putting kids in the risk of myocarditis and other complications, maybe one of the fathers of the space really invented the rotavirus action big time pullback. Sky was on the FDA panel eventually disbanded to stop asking doctors what they think about these bubbly boosters he argued against many of his colleagues most of his colleagues his kid. He's not boosting. He doesn't does not make sense.

How was it possible that the instinctive response of divided attrition to every problem is boost coming boost inflation up boost people not working as your paying them boost out of that work a couple of things. In Pennsylvania, I saw you got 12 votes.

Dave McCormick got 27 votes Barto's the real estate executive got 34 votes is that where you know the troubles are nonbinding by party insiders.

It's all about playing the game in which they respect. It's an important part of the process but not important for the average viewer or average voter because they're looking for broad themes like can they speak boldly and frankly in the halls of Congress about the issues that are plaguing our state and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania struggling with lost manufacturing jobs. No one is going to work. We got inflation rate.

Like the rest the country that is devastating savings, especially older folks in Pennsylvania as an older population that our schools are still shut that which we have because critical race theory in school. These are all issues that that the perplexed test items as well ahead in the popular polls we will do very very well. I'm glad this process exists, but we are at full speed ahead with our barnstorming and succeeding at it right now I am calling so that the inquirer, because you seem to try to cancel you because they don't want to put Dr. Oz and list you in their list you that way and that's how people know you well they think it's unfair to me to be Dr. Oz and is part of a larger war. They have a meritocracy if I worked hard and I'm still taking care of patients and and I deserve the title that I work in a society granted me then why would they call me that. Ironically, over the weekend. One of these public and caucus meetings German collapsed Bible courses that help them and they took the inquirer posted something about Dr. Oz. You don't help this gentleman some of your colleagues at Fox were tweaking them saying we talk about what you want to call Dr. anymore.

You're still a doctor and if you get your doctor inquirer should not put their thumb on the scale and probably dictated that and we complained about it and they got 1/4 million people on Facebook.

I have 6 million. So we went that we went to battle with them and I will give him a hard time about what they're doing that.

We believe SKUs during the election. Dr. Cassidy, dissenter from Wyoming Wiseman, they can have all the butt. So I should come a lot of people to not earn a 96% name awareness in Pennsylvania. Dr. Ross hosted a shot show on television.

The top will show around the world for 13 years if I earned that that note that that note that nomenclature that brand taking it away is a serious effort to distort how people perceive me as we go to the polling booth you'll see that Australia won't be sure who that is. I get I could change my name. But it's a little extreme for listing all restrictions like Denmark did like the UK did yes I don't place on the Rhine. That's true for a lot of doctors, most of us have been silent some of us are speaking up and encourage my brethren to do what I'm doing what you say enough you know in your heart that what really happened during COBIT is a government that separated doctors from patients you call your doctor. Dr. doesn't say, come on down his weight at home with your lips turn blue go to the ER. I don't want to see you. I don't want to my office to government documented tools to use. There are no outpatient treatments are available in America today. The FDA finally approved antiviral products, but one of them was available way before Colbert started so he finally said yes these things work to stop the viral spread probably solution the COBIT is to treat patients not just try to prevent that which is what doctors normally do. We still don't have them in the drugstore so I can't get anybody cocktails for patients. I'm trying this. It is shameful that we are as a nation by her inability just make products to arm doctors will Gerard break Baker did call me said warp speed when present buying got in there he disabled Borski Bonelli that he stop the process so will the government do that was so cutting edge. They pre-ordered all the vaccine from phis and return, and Johnson & Johnson. One of the company that didn't come through. They sit under the hunch that this concoctions to get approval and it did so when it came to therapeutics they temper.

They told Merck spend your own money to your own tests prove the old-fashioned way and when you do it then will order it is why we only have 10 million because he had to disable warp speed. I would contend because it trumps what we know how much of the press against solutions that would've helped Americans because present crap like Dr. Corcoran, which we still don't know if it works or not, because they never did. The trials we don't even know about things I government that we don't know about antivirals that we now turn out the work because it took forever. Merck has antiviral drug against traditional written regular company to work hard. They had to go around the US government to study their products to patients a day were enrolled as hard to do if you're working around everybody and they found out that she works for my goodness it.

Why did take two years to show that something that existed four years ago could have helped people. The big Starbright. The doctor infuriates us. We are used to treating people to prevent illness.

I'll give you some medication to reduce your cholesterol right but if you have a heart attack thought to treat you.

I can't pretend that it's not your fault because you didn't take that cholesterol pills the right way, who blames the factions we do this, who blames people who didn't take the product for the product.

Failing these vaccines work to reduce severe illness. They do not work to prevent spread they were not the solution they're going to be breakthrough cases. It is shameful, borderline criminal that we do not have treatment for arm doctors with by removing doctors from the equation you left patients without your way out at sea with no oars and that's what people are right now, distrustful of everything because they were like to thank you once a center where they go We got a great site. All my positions are Derek, please join get lots of information. Let's change how Republicans think about the world.

Give us a chance to say what we see all of you out to listen to Brian Schultz critical say what you see.

Stopping coward right in the primary will be made. It's going to be exciting… Thank you Douglas 1-866-408-7669. I wanted to because we have a lot going on, including eye when we get back the terror strike that killed the man we believe was in charge of ices good job present by six fax to Bryan's got a lot more to say.

Stay with Brian until made this person is Americans with all of your Fox with the real thing throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Ellen Fox is going to start, or wherever you get your project information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show you all something that is what they will be back here in two weeks. Okay man has returned to guest, how so let's get the hot topic.

Planning shall that was it. In Joy Behar started. That is a riveting course HR for some other reason, but she's referring the fact that Whoopi Goldberg evidently really ticked off that you suspended two weeks for ridiculous comments on the Holocaust saying was manning any manager man. She walked back and so got laid off anyway for two weeks I don't I hurt you like the job he's miserable to be around me. She obviously got COBIT I think twice by doing everything she was wrapped rambling on that. I just don't think she wants to go out like this, so my senses shall come back eventually. Probably within six months so that's a big deal, then Jeff Zucker being forced out, and CNN with the worst being yet to come. Almost by all reports they say this is all because Chris Cuomo is blowing up the place and there's a lot more to come down the pike, Andrew Cuomo, meeting with the mayor of New York City Eric Adams two days ago.

What were they talking about just trying to help them out. That's kind interesting as the three major stories and the other thing is Jan's sake pushing dead spot if I put a disclaimer up once it is just the beginning really is.

Joe Rogan interviews doctors like Sanjay goofed and Dr. Malone who might have a different opinion then the ridiculous doctor 81-year-old cow cheese been wrong for two and half years threatening a private company, sadly. Maybe stress can scare some sponsors away and eventually rein him in.

Which would be a huge problem for the country's network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen to Fox News from his mouth to kill me from a societywide perspective. After two years on a hellish.

It appears our country is arriving at the offramp of ours appears to be heading and 70% of the integrated is timely except and we just need to get all this time for the state of emergency, wind down, you got that take the mass off put the kids back in school.

Stop given the power of the teachers union. Let's get back to work on zoom and let's stop all the restrictions and guess what a Johns Hopkins study shows which comes 100% right that not only should we get back to work. We never should've left work.

In fact, they said in study with S2 and 1/2 years. Their results show that we saved about .02% in deaths so we would have the same thing happen, we would have livelihoods and lives and be a lot mentally and physically healthier than we are right now calling Hopkins does his study and they didn't publicize it by now, which McConnell says that nobody picked that up now.

I wonder why they didn't publicize that you think it's because they were getting pushback when and why did a study anyway because they want to block the administration ridiculous. It's simple to think about what happened in California lawmakers need a car, so we should plan people that Allison guard.

Scott said he gave an explanation of when he took off his mask when he did not think I want to play you having a first off Gavin Newsom of the most ridiculous excuse ever. Gavin Newsom comes out and says hello to one being gracious for Magic Johnson to take a picture and see him again and then he was like I made a man in any mistake.

As you know something's coaching and being like listen, don't question anything mistake all the headlines are to say that you made a mistake. I don't understand why they're not just saying listen, we recognize that were in a different place. The COBIT right now and we are really where I think about changing the rules we felt comfortable not wearing a mask. We were outside rules in California are that you have to wear a mask in large outdoor events, so they think that everybody can be wearing a mask ball they will live as I'm sure they could have these monitors walking up and to put it on icy 85,000 should all take them off now but they're all taken off all at once.

I really want to talk about.

Like I said he sent out so funny. I do have a sander now okay since I am now you do about it now, but I just I just don't understand why politicians are taking away on this one thing, listen, everybody has done a great job ministrations right now to save the pandemic phase of coal that is over with 70% of Americans are vaccinated. We have vaccines at the ready.

We have therapeutics were in a much different spot and it's time to move on with our lives. When you think about all the people who don't have basic things like the education that's been lost or the job opportunities that have been lost everything and it's really sad and then a Johns Hopkins study is an ice case in point to what were talking about right now where the lockdowns didn't do any benefit and it really did so much harm as a meta-analysis of 24 study said staying at home is ill-founded. Restrictions of putting on a mask virtually zero effect to the point where the excess death was about 124,000 looking at a number 70,000 looking at that number, 70,000 died from substance abuse while 70,000 during that time does substance abuse.

They say the others died from deferred cancer treatment. Some others died from self harm and the side effects of the lockdowns Shannon so Dr. Martin Carey from Hopkins and he went on with the you what I was talking since I don't what's going on your cut five even in the early days of New York. We got data was largely ignored that 80% of the deaths when people over 65 and half of them roughly were nursing homes and yet we continue to treat this as if everybody was at equal risk and we continue to do that today in schools who were children bear the burden of the restrictions in this country. So I think the public is hungry for honesty and basic melody from public health officials because you gotta revolve your position is the data coming in you talking about targeted lockdowns being the way to handle this where you recognize early on. This virus was affecting the older population more than the younger population. So if you're an older person that you have to bet you have no personal responsibility you have to take care of yourself in a different way, but shutting down an entire economy. For now were entering the third year where masks are still happening and there's always act like there's always the constant threat of if there is going to be another strain of culture. 19 and you could lock down again that shots has to stop right. But if you talked about targeted lockdowns on social media.

Your post we get remove Francis Collins try to discredit the whole notion of that and look at what's happening now I you don't understand the disdain I have for him and faculty here is where Garcetti caught without a mask. He says it was the only time during the three hour game is crystal clear held his breath getting held his breath test negative. Anyway, talking about communicating and having a handle them so you held your breath. What about that woman Linden breed. She was caught at a club dancing now and now she gets caught in the game without a mask on and now you know they're looking through all the stills everybody received Garcetti had any time to have a time use only the holding of the lariat about that and we are both an clip on loop gold you can't you cannot make it up but think back to all the double standard steel.

It's not just the rules for the not for me concept, but even when it came to small businesses member Angela Marston that small business owner from California who you weren't allowed to have any indoor outdoor seating at the time, and then she looks in her and her parking lot and there is a TV movie sat TV show that had outdoor catering and people were eating and she's a restaurant owner saying that to lose my business and their people eating outside when what I could have either catered that so I could be making money. So sad how there are no winners and listen to this and unfortunately the losers are people that didn't have the voice that movie industry you know that I wish we would talk in retrospect, Dr. J Botta Chara who was marginalized when he came out and said we just were discussing turns out to be fat. Cut to. It's been a devastating time to be assigned. This is been a devastating time just to be here because the lockdowns have created so much damage. I believe that there are many many people who are now passed away. That should have survived this because of the harms, the lockdown shall obstinately evidence on the international date alone. In March 2021, 220,000 children that's with the UN estimated would die from starvation caused by the lockdowns in South Asia and the US we just had a report that we've talked over hundred thousand people that from type II diabetes that should be managed, but wheezed the lockdowns prevented managing even basic care. So there's a ramifications. This boy got to get these people out of office to look at what right and wrong because knowing China very responsible actors at the art something else going to come down the pike now yeah I'm nervous about that. I'm nervous about. Like I said before, and if there is a new way of cultivating what's can happen down and I think people have collectively just enough we don't care what you say anymore working to handle this in our own way so you were on Fox and friends Monday and Tuesday right and selling sectors.

It wasn't you on the big show over the weekend I why you were and teaches at it. I was also over the weekend yeah I was on Lawrence's new South Lawrence is so nice that's right, you were not a rivalry. I'm just saying you know with us this weekend.

Yes I am excited as excited you are to be I want to give you a shout. So I need some sunshine in the voice.

So we will do a new stool, but it's really a derivative of more than an like for example you probably this predated you, but there was a time in America we spun off series after series into other series and for example there was happy days and then you have Laverne and Shirley so this'll be like a Laverne and Shirley and you like the analogy you can ride with. I like that Laverne and Shirley theme song. It's my favorite theme song of all the shadows. Why that was stuck and there was stuck in a bottle made that was part of the target shall right the blue-collar people even blue-collar folks.

That's right, but the song being right. Would you ever date a guy named squeegee because that's who. That is who Shirley dated you can hopefully live right now I'm just lady your hair. I don't know about you do remember that's incredible back in a moment with you to do more now jailing like you're with Brian kill me. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show the relationship of the palm of like dousing the building with Vaseline press, was holding the match on the layout is about to throw it in there because when they fired him after everything that they did protects the phone my brothers getting rid of him putting it all on Chris Cuomo this is Cuomo's revenge and mess of the gangster brothers and they're getting it back.

Right now there's way more to this about to find out.

Hopefully Katie Pavlovich and was scheduled. Yeah, that's right, people laughing in the background look back and will bring to me because Shimkus is here girly. It's going to get a lot worse right to get a lot worse right and makes me happy. I don't have a complicated life right is just you, it's a lot.

Will Zucker where and how this goes. Gallas $2000. You have an affair with was a press secretary for Andrew Cuomo and it makes one wonder did she have a role in the Cuomo thing happening and when Chris Cuomo wants to blow up the place does he want to say that whole disaster was out of my idea.

It was Zucker yeah well apparently the reporting now is that that was the case and that they sort of were influential in getting Gov. Cuomo on Chris, she is asked, yeah. I mean, it's also strange because it's like did they really need the executives to step in when the anchor is is that our brothers brother would totally be giggling endemic thousands of people are dying and you don't have a vaccine in your giggling about it. Now you have tests, but I do agree with everybody.

He says that his that resignation is about more than being in relationship with this woman because they're both at the executive level and they were both divorce is no clamor. It's kind of direct their pictures of them out at a concert.

People knew about it so sad on the five yesterday. She's like people to be able to find love wherever they go.

It's fine. Maybe HR will then need to change but I think that this is about more than just love thinks of most anything else coming out.

I am sure that if Chris is something else I come out, but yet it does feel like I just Zucker is trying to get ahead of something that could possibly come out. This is still above my pay grade. You know I did today executive conversation near, you have to get paid to talk about somebody else being fired.

I think Eileen she wants her salary at least double talk about it back on the plane.

Once you sitting in first class. I was not asked in and went on with my life I present to make an offer to get you say, then they probably had some ratings. Let's find out. He said no more checks silence on Tom Brady is been broken. Try to change the subject after his ridiculous tweet to the wrong Brian got the giant job. He came out and called him the best football player in history. Here's the quote I am privileged to have drafted in coach Tom Brady the ultimate competitor in winter comes. Humble beginning of professional football ultimately ended with him becoming the best player in NFL history is all forgiven, like each other was there was a little bitterness at the like. A marriage that has just gone on for too long, but hopefully that there there okay marriage goes off into my own whether there was a goal. Yeah, I think we get a stale marriage is like. They're both good people that they don't love each other.

If you want to get divorce. It is same to judge with just stale right like a loaf of bread gone. Well, you don't. You do like this. I think she could do better. Right this way and then you work out there that's a good way of saying you right Rob Gronkowski said his farewell remarks. The Tempe box.

I then said she had a video compilation and Instagram pieces. You're my best friend Tommy boy and the Queen song that's nice that's really cute yeah he's going to retire to think about what he came out of retirement for Tom Brady so would make the flavor of his mom and Tempe said, I think I doing a giant poppy through you I you would not find him challenging in a relationship like this and you keep talk about football down on your team perfectly for my morning out. I knew that he pulled 2000 Americans in relationship to find out the new normal. To find out what can you normalize any financial security is one of the top three most attractive trait to have. Followed by a sense of humor and wow so your ranch smart and funny.

I mean you can have your pick of the litter girly. I think they're talking about people who got married already does. This is yeah right like you if you get married you 20s. It's looks and body look somebody in your 20s, 30s like how much do you burn only pulled women because financial security sense of humor and intelligence are things that women go for guys are more visual you think this is a male. I would say that I would be like how much money do you have want to date humor is attractive for both. I feel right now, although I often think that you not stop next Pres. Trump, and Rhonda said this will be co-headliners at sea pack. Other speakers include Ted Cruz and Mike Pompeo and Sean Hannity will be speaking C back there were 24th to the 27th in Orlando.

What about the sentencing Trump how real is the tension I think there's something there.

Yeah, I don't need inviting tension and have to just wait and see how that the presidential race plays out Trump on standing to Santa's lap, then I can't yeah right, they both run but I think Trump did two things to me. Ridiculous goes after Lindsay Graham calls him a rhino because Joe Instagram commencing January 6 I think is was anybody who that was proven that GH get the book thrown at him. He also said the Supreme Court justice if nominated by reap Democratic president. She knows very goes, I think she do a good job. We can't believe that he also looked like pensions and should be investigated you like a saint.

Yeah, I agree. So there are still things that great TV shows of all time according to a new hall Calvary from five great TV show Fraser for three company third game of thrones to sign fell number one greatest show of all time. According to the fall. I I will contend that friends. I don't like, so they do, it's probably third number one series is cheers number two is taxi.

I encourage you to watch us here in LA creaking sound really so like a very chilly, I like five I cavities went before Fonzie took his gel yeah we have the gym they would leave a show I did like Galactic.greatest show of all time. My number two favorite Fox News network ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for you. Please, for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite I set up Fox and friends saw America's reset voice from New York around the country heard around the world. Just keep it standing by Martinez and the Washington Post will be here to the present United States could be here, but a couple hours first he's going to be make an announcement. We understand about it Eric Hill in Syria, that's great. I here's the new Baghdad HLB fantastic for the presence coming here because he realizes crime is out of control in the city is realizing two comps were assassinated last Friday two Fridays ago and the funeral was yesterday from some oatmeal of Detective Mora and Wilbur Mora and his family and a 27 years old. He never had his own 2022-year-old that was killed Garcia Rivera, Jason Rivera, the he was killed. He just got married.

So both these lives struck down by a cop killer, and is not the first time.

It's his fifth and sixth time in office been shot since he took office, so it's out of control will get to that. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three time that something like this happens when they want Joe Rogan removed and spot if I says no to place the potency of these tactics and it shows that the public that the media no longer has this power you go Glenn Greenwald pointing out the media meltdown. The CNN implosion to be suspension to Joe Rogan getting baby band Americans are watching the powerful rise and fall.

What is it tell you about who you can trust and who's going to cancel then was sent to Washington DC SOS.

We need your help. We have to stop the flow of illegal guns and I'll save 6000 guns removed the street last year. Close to 400 since I've been in office yet they keep coming from gun dealers throughout this entire country that is Mayor Eric Adams of New York present Biden comes here to talk about one issue that is plaguing almost every major city that's crime, but in the age of two police assassinations. The right response now could save him save his party. You and maybe Mary bought indications are. It's all about optics about guns and politics were now understanding that 60 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse preferred cancer care. I we know about the self-harm and suicide numbers were now starting to recognize the collateral damage really Dr. Mortimer Kerry with the lockdown and all the mandates at Hopkins study shows we all instinctively knew shifting down our lives locking us in our house keeping social distance wearing mass too little to nothing to keep the death rate love Denmark's wing of the UK have changed course. They are now totally free. That's what we have to be. This is in the endemic stage we are at the point where in the New York area.

In particular, we have cases have dropped 46% in most every major city.

46%. It is time to turn the corner on this here, Sen. Mitch McConnell on where right now. Cut one societywide perspective. After two years on the hellish how it appears our country is arriving at the offramp of our superiors and 70% of integrated and we just need to get all this time for the state of emergency. Wanda exactly no more mass. Forget the mandates let us go out to dinner not keep your distance. Put the kids back in school Hopkins study shows it help save lives .02% .02% and I was wrong.

Cases have dropped over the last two weeks in New York by 49% 49%. Let's go out to Jason Chavers, Jason Congressman from Utah. Welcome back, no problem. So when we just throw off the chains like Boris Johnson embroiled in scandal did like Denmark did do you think we should have oppressor and do that or do you think politically is too risky because you can't do that in July and then came the Delta very thick were were in during the course to think that a huge mystery to me why this administration didn't break wanted why not just target the most vulnerable go to those communities that are the most vulnerable and target those people they your elderly. You have a comorbidity you have. Let's focus on those folks for a healthy 18-year-old who's out to the client, trying to play will talk or maybe play competitor something people don't need… My understanding with the finances. The second thing is there was never a consideration to people who actually cope it.

They never, never any part of the calculus that they look.

We have millions of people that have been affected, but then some antibodies that give them a lot of strength and that's a good thing.

So this is a study just reflected every I just said about the rock testing useless.

They didn't even publicize their own study Congressman here is Dr. Mortimer Kerry from Johns Hopkins cut for so over two years. It was about 1/4 million people who died many, many scientists have not begun to peel back this number to understand why were more people dying than the normal death rate in the United States for reasons not related to covert what were now understanding that 60 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse deferred cancer care.

That statistic takes years to accrue. I we know about the self-harm and suicide numbers and their hundreds of kids in Baltimore along that the teachers described never logged on to their virtual learning modules ever they were lost for the follow-up forever in the school system. So what now starting to recognize the collateral damage and by the time we finally get the research that catches up with public opinion people may already have their own narrative written yeah exactly brotherly hospitalizations down 16% cases that 49% that's from 35% but I don't know anybody healthy is dying from home omicron that just not the makeup of this variance yeah that's really it happened to be a doctor for your pretty reputable, but the good old folks over there at the social media company for their still flap unlabeled something and trying to shut things down. I also think it's a shame to get it down right malpractice that the United States Congress has no active investigation to figure out where the origin of this started I know somebody who is the former chairman of the oversight committee. I can't believe they continue to get away with just ignoring the origin and some minority are you helpless you can actually do quite a bit. You have some minority rights, you can still draw attention, you can fill out the document you could delay the predicate because I think there is a patient that you come January you actually will be in power. But if you don't hear your nap before hand, then you're left trying to stumble through it.I think Republicans should be united.

Why don't we see letters with 100% of the Republican audit asking it demanding these types of investigation.

It was the other way around.

I know that people would like to dozens of Republicans who signed a letter to Joe Biden to list some of the tariffs on China yeah this is the type of thing.

I think that Republicans should take the lead on there should be some exposure here, but you got close to 200 Republicans about the representative which one of those representatives is not confined to a letter saying Hitler youth. The origins of COBIT 19 but there doesn't seem to be anybody was rallying there putting that together, it demanding so this would sapling in Ottawa. I'm fascinated with tens of thousands of truckers and just citizens who are reading the capital demanding freedom. I mean, they have really locked down there it's almost like China to go to a Starbucks at night to go to club to go to a restaurant you know you get in trouble so these truckers when they were told to get to get vaccinated or lose your job. They just said they've had it and a lot of more from America listen to. So with these people were saying cut six will want change. They feel that we hear their last home because nobody else is listening where you so what's right for the people I was just and says all mandates. I will gladly go home.

My family & fax were not anti-anything other than mandate will messages freedom for every every Canadian so they might bring the cops and Jason to rein them into it's not just America to teach people just totally detached from reality from this status and the sediment yeah I love the truckers up there, they are united and you know it when you're fighting for freedom and individual liberty and self-determination. You get to be on the right side of the equation and I think they've attracted a lot of attention for all the right reason and just been through go the way you handled it started, (what an embarrassment. I mean these guys and especially because the people all keep track being photographed like a know the governor of California and whatnot went out there about the hypocrisy, the number of times we think the book somebody demanding that they do this and then they get the privilege of life or they don't have to do it. I think you really get other people skip so may America be hosting the present United States today and you know politically in the present want to change renders fortunes and give himself a chance in the midterms. He would leave you combined with Adams and pressure the DA here. Go ahead and resume with with Kim Fox maybe fly out to California me with those DAs and say guy's you gotta step it up because this is getting out of control. We have to see we have think actually clamp down on criminals and and quality-of-life crimes. If you wanted to change he would. I'm not sure he's got the courage to do it right away. They start talking about guns. Listen to Eric Adams cut 10 then was sent to Washington DC SOS. We need your help. We have to stop the flow of illegal guns and I'll save €6000 remove the street last year.

Close to 400 since I've been in office yet they keep coming from gun dealers throughout this entire country that would be fine, but you etiquette people stop question frisk. Let them know that if you talk to a cop they were able to detect right away. For guys handheld guys handle a gun walking with a gun. The wife is where they walk with they do when they feel so someone coming up on where they grabbed their wrist away. They if they have a gun in their leg. If you talk to these guys in men and women to do this, they pick it up right now they're not even allowed to ask them unless there's a crime going on yeah and then what the policeman actually gets what they need to be prosecuted. They need to be put away.

Not given you will bail it back out on the street as quickly as possible. I am glad the bringing the undercover unit back in the place, but you know what what the mayor to block you a good I'm telling you can't just flip the switch to turn it back on. We need to support the police nationwide.

You need to help prosecutors to prosecute put people in jail and go back to that community policing where you're looking after every street corner. Everybody jumped the turnstile everybody to break the window there to be a consequence that but I don't think Job I did, where heaven know that I can go get AOC in the squatting to leave and all the people that they don't have the political got to do it to take Carson suggest about some of these numbers tell you politico dressing buys got 43% approval rating is pretty steady. The economy he's got 39% approval ratings taxes jobs and employment security 16% between terrorism foreign-policy and border security 16 healthcare 12% senior's senior issues. 11% I should say these are things that matter most of them are women's issues 6% education 4% energy 6% education surprised me. Who do you like better on the economy, Democrats losing by 10 to the Republican 4737 who you like better on jobs, 45, 39 Republicans immigration 4538 Republicans national security 4834 Republicans gun policy very close 43, 45 gave you those stats. Where is the greatest area for improvement for Republicans that you think that's doable over the next year and where do you think the Democrats are unfixable never going to bellow for the Democrats so Republicans can't be the opposite party they have to be the party that we disagree with the but if you want to be the adults in the room and get things done. Here's what we would do they have to lay out an agenda. The best hope for the Democrats is to rally around the March 1. There's a reason why the union is the latest that it's ever been our patient's history and that is because they're going to try to avoid re-constituted he will build back better rebranded come up with something use reconciliation and have a host of the initiative that culminate on March 1. If Joe Biden doesn't hit that thing with solid policy that he executes over the next six months. I think the Democrats are done yeah I mean the whole border. The Afghanistan, the lack of people in the workplace. The eligible people to work it just aren't. He's got a strong unemployment average 3.9%, but in terms of people in the workforce. I mean that's you need an address that says I need Americans go back to work and now handling the pandemic has decreased is under 40 Jason J. Fits can be an interesting month and will appreciate it. You got it.

Meanwhile, the present United States coming out right now to expand on the killing of a terrorist in Syria which I when his command. He did so able to take this guy out.

He blew up his suicide just fine and I love it. Fantastic.

But here's the issue backs up why we never should've left Afghanistan because if you want to know a new terror havens Afghanistan you know where we are. Carter back in a moment's commentary.

You need to try and kill me radio show like no other, kill me, they will go back everybody so the present essays just made an announcement. Please ~1 of the higher ups and ISIS which is great in Syria, which is fantastically keep in perspective. That is why we need to present said that's why I was totally against what prison trumps said I love when prison trumpeted minutes ago kill ISIS and they did that. We pulled the mound set I really care about the Kurds. That's a huge problem in the curd start trying to draft a run for their lives against the Turks in Syria alone. You got around with you to present you have Russia with huge presence. He got a solid looking to kill anyone being propped up by Iran and Russia.

Then you have the Turks who were very, but always policing their border and then you have the Kurds who are there any advices who were there, so if the Kurds have needs, and ISIS is about. We will go kill and when you get the right people will do it with this us with this ISIS leader. He had a suicide vest on and with his kids around him and his wife. He blew himself up and telling them to.

Then they blew the place up to begin with, so that ISIS was there there serious try to get to a southern border fastened buys of the present United States is that having a 930 address had a basically 10:20 AM address and now he says I gotta get to New York I want to be late because here's the schedule. The motorcade was supposed to is supposed to leave the airfare Air Force was posterboard at 950 that's on Appleton 1045 Air Force One are supposed to arrive in Queens. It's posting 15 minutes. That's not happening. A motorcade at 1110. That's not happening in these to be traveling with the Atty. Gen. Garland to me with the mayor, the governor and maybe the DA was vilified person in Manhattan because he is one of prosecute crime and told was prosecutors not to do it we come back we go inside that story, and a guy who knows a lot about Terrace wrote about a Mark Deason, a former speechwriter and a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute.

So glad you're here. This is the bright Kelly Joe remember 8 o'clock one nation, Fox news Saturday night. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me total of 2.4 million people in 2021. This country about a little more than a million return so over 1.2 million people are in this country.

Undocumented illegally and quite honestly, we really don't know where they are 1.2 many people put that in perspective, that's a number that is larger than the population of eight states. We don't know the extent of the human trafficking referred reports of people from different countries coming this country legally. That represents a significant threat to national security. The bottom line is this didn't just happen this control flow of illegal integration. This crisis of the border is direct result of present binds policies aided in a battered by Democrats here in Congress that is sent to Ron Johnson 16 more years in Wisconsin. He was getting the majority do the investigations again. He was looking into the origins of the real origins of illegal immigration and was stunned by what he saw Marti since all over this road about a former speechwriter for the present Bush hog attribute are supposed fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Mark is so unbelievable was having at the border in the present seems to be getting away with it.

You write that he's trapped in what way will crap because he is creating a policy that undermine his object right but you want immigration reform. He wants to change. Change your immigration policy to make it more welcoming and he wants to do something about the dream recall that, but he's created an immigration crisis that will not allow him to do that no one is going to address any kind of immigration performance long, we have open borders can't do it and so he trapped in that way. It's sort of like like you know why was Donald Trump able to do criminal justice because we live in the crime rate was down right there there there there there was popular support for it because I'm under control. All the Democratic mayors and start talking crime policies and we get a massive crime which you could never do today what Donald Trump did with with with murder rate, you think something like that doesn't steer in many of those Brett were breaking records in your before you got carjacking all the other thing that we can talk about open to further criminal policies are exacerbating every conflict that undermines everything you want to call someone I wonder is priceless. This is unbelievable. They say that his plan is having no plan because he wants more illegals coming in who's happy about these illegals coming in who's happy that the 340 million spent over the last few months just get these illegals transported to covertly told the small airports around the country who's happy that these NGOs are propping these illegals up only the far left of this country to the problem by losing massive disapproval is bitten by an approval rating: further faster than any president in modern in the history of modern: he started out with 56% approval and 20 points above water and and he is now Maria reached the point where his 10 point underwater underwater in every issue and not only of his approval down but people believe he's incompetent. The majority of Americans say that Biden's incompetent plurality of American, mentally unfit for the job. Majority of Americans say that he is on incapable of handling a crisis and so not just illegal immigration.

It was just that one problem the border you might be able to survive that if the economy was doing well coated with under control. All the other thing that crime was under control confluence of everything he touches the reverse Midas touch every polyp he touches turns to disaster that is completely destroying would be shocked if Republicans didn't take at least one of the boat house and back to come to save the country was the old Democratic Party, it's okay.

Maybe taxes go up a little bit in the defense will get the money they deserve. Those of the old arguments we don't have the new arguments are we like to change the country. We hate our history.

We hate our present, the present did have some good news last that we kill. I guess outback daddy's replacement in Syria present just spoke about. It's now on a plane en route to New York City to talk about crime listen to what he said operating on my orders states military force success remove major terrorist threats to world global leader of ISIS known as hi Jim Dolan took over as leader of ISIS in 2019-United States counterterrorism operation killed over God.

Since then, ISIS is directed terrorist operations targeting Americans our allies and partners, civilians in Middle East, Africa and South Asia hi Jim Dolan oversaw the spread of ISIS related terrorist groups around the world. After savaging communities murders. He was responsible for the recent brutal attack on the present and Northeast Syrian holding ISIS fighters, which was swiftly address bar brake partners in the Syrian democratic forces so there he was involved.

I'm glad he took the shot right like not want to write. This is what is playing Afghanistan Mark, this is the whole thing it was to be able to see what the terrorists are doing.

We have people in Syria. That's how we not exactly what it's not just the withdrawal, the fact that we no longer have anyone on the ground and by the way, all the Afghans who we would be getting up and going on the ground.

We completely have no interest in all Afghan allies but I think the latest left behind 90% of people who were eligible to come to work you got the Afghan forces many of whom were vetted and brought to the United States Army Ranger training and we and they were helping evacuate our people and we left them behind in their thinking people can help us find terrorists now.

So the lesson is we got a very small military presence inferior on the grid boots on the ground working with indigenous forces, and they gave up info on this guy will have that anymore and that is where we would have it, we won't have it or not, will you know something else. I think the concern you and that's what I would Joe Rogan could have a podcast or asking questions to a very smart people with roots, comedian, UFC guy, or whether it's true the singer or whether it's Dr. Robert Malone who is the holder of six mRNA patents or Dr. McCall, who was a heart surgeon and he has some interesting take that he doesn't believe we should ever been locked out isn't really that bad.

The vaccine should be mandated and people were upset by that, including Jen suck you double down yesterday and said I disclaimers a good start but once more from Sparta phi. I thought Joe Rogan to find himself well by not apologizes apologizing. If you're offended he apologized for 21 do I get things wrong. Absolutely I get things wrong but I try to correct them whenever I get something wrong I'm not trying to promote misinformation about trying to be controversial.

I never try to do anything with this podcast other than just talk to people and have interesting conversations that he points out the fact that the origin the virus. The stories now change used to get you if you write that he came from a lab you have your Account to spend it. If you write to masterwork your account get suspended if you write that you know.

If you write, for example, now we find out the lockdown stonework for thanks Johns Hopkins you would've gotten your account suspended all the stuff as James and he has conversations about them and that's why Crosby stills Nash and Young are leaving.

We were careful everybody got something wrong with you. Apparently not in the other, not as well as your rogue recruited everything to Rogan. But first, he had on Sunday group from CNN who disagrees with him on a lot of the stuff and they it was the most knitting conversation with you treated him with respect. He challenged him to push back a little bit and they had a full interesting conversation with Google getting Questions you normally doesn't get out and have to explain things that you don't have to explain. We should have more discussion and more debate and and not start canceling people who say things that we disagree with. I don't think I don't think Whoopi Goldberg should be suspended from the view. I think the chair she apologized.

She made a mistake. I don't know how genuine her apology and we should be canceling people. People should have the right to say what they want to say and have an open debate and basically that's absurd what somebody challenged what they go on the air and explain why the wrong and you know so the temple cultures. Just gotta stop whether, left or the right brain to design waiting on the post 20, you also see with Whoopi Goldberg again this is somebody you will feel very compassionate and empathetic and could see doing that that I just look at Karen Johnson is her real name and then I think to myself she was at the forefront of calling for Joe Rogan to be turned into an unknown person to be canceled and now she's getting a taste of her in medicine.

So let's hard that this humble and makes her realize that the left full on crusade to crush any opposing views is going to end up crushing. Then as well.

Good point right 100% coming back to bite them. Careful culture is very horrible think we need to have more discussion, more debate and you want to have a culture which challenges the year, the year the conventional wisdom because so many things, especially when it comes to this pandemic. The conventional wisdom was wrong. Lockdown didn't work we did more damage to care by by keeping them out of school for all this time than protecting the data coming out of the UK that even at the start of the pandemic. In 2020. The coping was less dangerous than the common seasonal flu to kids under 18 and today UK data.

It's more it's more dangerous. The flu is more dangerous for everyone up to the age of 47, and even then it's just a little bit more difficult. It is a little bit more dangerous. The idea that were walking down everybody in the lockdown can have any impact is been proven wrong. The idea that the virus will came from you from nature proven wrong.

The idea that masks are are critical to protecting the broken wall and the public health officials in our country.

Honestly, the scandal of the of the of the part of the corruption of the public health of initial his word like their 9/11 right when the intelligence community got 9/11 on the terrace coming we we we help them to account. We had a commission to investigate them and and we need to do the same thing with the public health officials.

You can't do that when there careful culture.

They keep saying what the conventional wisdom is that anyone that deviates from it. If I click topics because his prison Isis come to New York City. Talk about crimes, it really affects the entire country. But I want to talk about the Johns Hopkins study, which backs up everything you just said no questions that I could hear that. I heard of two Jen sake and no public, no publicity for Johns Hopkins on their own study because it goes against what they're doing in the buying administration which means the lockdown should've ended yesterday and we should be as free as Denmark and the UK and Sweden and how unbelievable is it that we can get Johns Hopkins to publicize their own study to make government take notice. Again there there there we got a huge problem in our culture, which is like a narrative and what people what they are and what is not, and that's quite frankly why you need proof insurgency. You need people like Joe Rogan.

I don't think Joe Rogan get everything right, but I'd rather have Joe Rogan out there asking questions that people make people uncomfortable, then have than being dependent on CNN and the end of the New York Times article, truth and certainty in the country when more people out there questioning. Questioning the data questioning the assumption and not less. Couple things we now have Eric Adams who said a few things it made me feel better. He wants judges to have the discretion to take dangerous suspects and keep them in jail. He also wants bail reform barbell reform rescinded and he wants guns off the streets and how I want to do that without stop and frisk. I don't know what I believe the president can show up today and only talk about guns and ghost guns and need to get them out if you would, you know that Joe Biden could save himself and his party if he went ahead and had an emergency conference with these liberal DBAs that were put there by George Soros, not by him that have allowed them to leave quality-of-life crimes let people run rampant resisting arrest is no longer a problem and people not to be prosecuted. Therefore cops to make arrests. He has an opportunity today will he take it well. One of the federal eulogy spoke out in you that opportunity to do that. I mean look like somebody to ask him in the in the press today so when you got the mayor of Chicago who got record record violence in her city 25 year high pilot is asking for federal help.

Why was the first thing you did in February when you took office and Beth ever last year with the cancel operation legend trump administration launched operation legend, which sent, which are which sent federal officers to nine cities that will be platelike carjacking murders in the end they will help lead to rest of more than 6000 people, and his first thing he did was withdraw that support Cooperation. What why did you do that and what he got restored. Mark, I totally forgot that that's what is best Marti's and former speechwriter Bush best-selling author and Washington Post columnist fell into a AEI and a Fox News contributor Mark thank you) you got it we come back and tell you 186-640-8766 I so glad you're here.

Brian kill Michaud. You know, places you need to kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your Brian kill me then was sent to Washington DC SOS. We need your help. We have to stop the flow of illegal guns announcing 6000 guns remove the street last close to 400 since I've been in office yet they keep coming from gun dealers throughout this entire country so that's what you want to talk about guns. It's gotta be more John was on WABC in New York a John good morning yeah I just want to make a comment that Joe Biden is controlled by the rational left so we keep expecting rational policies from Joe but in fact all you're going to get it the irrational policies of the left. The only option he has is to blame the guns because if they don't blame the guns after playing their own policy and are never going to do that Joe binds in a tough spot.

But Americans in the top spot. You can expect to further left to the move, not a not a move to the center couple things I kinda right. But if disease is he's going to be subservient to a mindset in a series of policies that are so unpopular, he is not. He's gonna look at this shellacking of Barack Obama that would love 63 house seats as the good old days. I mean the American people are so upset.

Democrats do about what type of crime if you walked in here and blames ghost guns. He's never been recovered. It's almost as bad as Afghanistan. So that's what a look at. Thanks so much John.

That's my worry is about 45 minutes behind because of the Syrian strike, but his motorcade was expected to be in New York City in about 15 minutes. It's probably about 45 minutes out. He's going to get here around noon, at which time he's going to go meet along with the Atty. Gen. Garland Mayor Adams Gov. Holcombe and other elected officials. They to go and listen to a meeting with the police chief and some of his cops and hopefully come out of the joint statement is still doing police reform, though, follow a quick announcement good right tell you can now get all my books with Frederick Douglass yellow Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln get Fox News radio Studio City New York City opinions and facts positive for Brian kill me. My buddies Brian kill me. Thanks much for listening.

We got a big outcome anyway from New York to prison United States running late for good reason. Kill the terrorist today. He was leader of ISIS. According to reports look at the shelled out building the husk of a building. The terrace blew himself up until some of his family members in the process, so therefore he's not in New York at he's not even a I, we believe you might be in route, at which time is going to be with the police chief. He's going to meet with the governor and they going to meet with the mayor is that I was Atty. Gen. with them is going to talk about the need to crackdown on crime, but I sense he's going to mention guns. We have booked people with just one name. This hour Geraldo Kennedy and share in those in that order.

So first thing first lift before we get to all three of them and Kennedy's the great singer get to the bakery stories you need to know Ryan's three number three each time that something like this happens when they want Joe Rogan removed and spot if I says no it inflates the potency of these tactics and it shows the public that the media no longer has this power media meltdown from CNN implosion to Whoopi Goldberg suspension to Joe Rogan. Americans are watching the powerful rise and fall. Was it tell you about who you can trust and who gets canceled and was sent to Washington DC SOS with your help we have to stop the flow of illegal guns announcing 6000 guns remove the street last year. Close to 400 since I've been in office yet they keep coming from gun dealers throughout this entire country and they go Mayor Eric Adams talking what I was talking with the present Scott on his agenda were now understanding that 60 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse deferred cancer care. I we know about the self-harm and suicide numbers were now starting to recognize the collateral damage of COBIT 19 because Johns Hopkins did a study mandate stonework lockdowns are ineffective. Why are they not publicizing their own study, Denmark, Sweden, and UK have one thing in common, they lifted all their restrictions, they lifted all their mandates would be right now is Kennedy okay great see Brian, great to see you one nation show is fantastic. Thank you for having me on that made yes you with the first episode made that yes and he were fantastic. We did a sport a shorter than I thought new stool and get a little bit longer about quick and she was helping right referring to when on your show.

Thank you. That's all I need.

So Kennedy's here and I can be a couple things going on the present say it's a little bit late for good reason.

Though Syrian strike blows of the terrorist. Let's say the job horrible person who wants to kill Americans. Right. That's what yeah let's talk about the terrace. Just kidding JK right so here's the thing.

That's why I believe we might differ in this. I want to present to the area because if you have a small presence in the year you get to see these terrors take root.

We are in the area along with the Kurds load the Turks along with the Iranians, along with the Syrians who will kill anybody and would never see the prison break in and hopefully lineup the right person. Why are we there well Syrian auto. Okay, let's get everything down.

We should plug everything. Yes, we should live like Ethan's.

Yeah, we need to that's that's my new passion which is binding energy sources that are plentiful and healthy so we can truly live like green heathens so do you want to use electricity. Yes, I want to be generated by nuclear thorium energy, really, how much is that gallon. It's it's plentiful and cheap. Really, it's easier to process than uranium and we have the highest concentration of uranium 233 in the world which is the for sound material you need to create a reaction that generates the energy from the thorium which is a naturally occurring self and and facts would be clean, safe, cheap and plentiful and would work for my SUV sure at some point right if you have an electric SUV we could have thorium plants they give us all the clean electricity in order to fuel those cars willing to keep it European your giant mansion that's made of bamboo and good thoughts and not enough people are building with bamboo anymore. That's why the right. Yes, like I have bamboo I don't know what to do with it material that I could use as punishment.

Don't people use bamboo rates yeah to punish people who speak editor. Yes, that's why we don't live in Singapore anymore exactly I can afford to get a couple of things are happening so we kill the terrorist were out of Afghanistan.

The after action report Afghanistan's even worse. We thought the city near the middle of August. St. I know skeletons for this.

Anyone have an idea how to get our people. I mean, do you read the play-by-play and attending people there right when they don't know really. There are people here that you promise to cathing out what they want to be that they were asking for it right. It's a free country and we don't make people register when they go to Afghanistan. They say that so that's what they did was they been screaming for help kill veterans special forces air. The few congresspeople who are listening, drying, baking, doing whatever they can to get their eyes on my FOXBusiness shell lunchtimes because he has been so good at getting his constituents and others even people don't live in a state to live in his district getting them out of Afghanistan safely. Too many people have forgotten about it conveniently so couple of things there. I said you was in the military you know that he was a successful multimillionaire's car alarms and which is the richest member of Congress write Michelle because I think if I am on nice to write some point he's can buy me a car right there will be very easy. Thanks much, like anything to have me on can I borrow money that is that how you borrow is a strong word like I have.

Can I have money right that would eyes that ethical box. I enjoyed having you comes when ISA yet you have like $4000 now for breakfast right job in Nova Scotia.

I so I like to read you have a transit you have over 90 twice right and they were both whoppers, like it was not mild since omicron is mild. I have been coughing for 6 1/2 weeks now you have vaccinated right to brush Iressa okay I have a violation right yeah friends were not on the radio because I wouldn't. That's for Thursday so so you have this so it turns out doing other things. It destroyed Alaska lockdowns shutdowns as part of that right transacting really work.

Johns Hopkins is a study they come out with these conclusions.

There was one talk about.

Have you seen people invest in a study not like the results just talk about it because it showed that people who were forced to stay in their homes made each other sick or actually increase the mortality rate by 3% because of that and at 400,000 businesses have gone out of business permanently. We have to end this right now you know cases are down 49%. You know, hospitalizations, down 16%.

If you take a region by region. Ours is cratered and hitting the Midwest just a little bit. Dr. Mortimer Kerry worked to Johns Hopkins. He is a 401(k) dental program for health benefits. He did not mind talking about this last night flabbergasted his own college doesn't cut for so over two years. It was about 1/4 million people who died many, many scientists have not begun to peel back this number to understand why were more people dying than the normal death rate in the United States for reasons not related to covert what were now understanding that 60 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse deferred cancer care. That statistic takes years to accrue. I we know about the self-harm and suicide numbers and their hundreds of kids in Baltimore along that the teachers describe never logged on to their virtual learning modules ever they were lost for the follow-up forever in the school system so were now starting to recognize the collateral damage and by the time we finally get the research that catches up with public opinion people may already have their own narrative written so that was brought up in yesterday's press conference. I don't understand what this is an screaming, Newsweek's get a study that counters and I wanted to see this addressed how could you not it/this is affecting everybody. But that's the thing it's affecting everybody and it's also affecting the people of amassed so much money and power during the pandemic mail left back out after they can't admit they were wrong because if you admit you're wrong.

You can't keep asking for money and you know that there is so much investments from big government with this virus and you know a lot of the bureaucrats open deciding policy they lied to us the name and withholding information is a form of lying and that's that's what they're doing here and it was smart of the Scandinavian countries to be skeptical of the lockdowns in the first place and you don't think they marked Sweden but ultimately they had much better outcome. Certainly, economically and societally, and especially for kids. He won't have that the mental health and intellectual repercussions for years we have to end this. So I just I just we have to do it and you know Boris Johnson. I just we see right through it.

I think most people smarter than then us listening right now. Boris Johnson gets himself involved in a scandal because he had 16 parties while his whole country was locked down to the 10th power much worse than us businesses destroyed he is okay. Everything is lifted. We watch and they say were demanding everywhere. The Super Bowl LXXXV,000 people where and 95 mask then we see in the championship game, the governor to mayors, no mask, claiming you believe this. Here's Mayor Garcetti try to explain himself on why he was seen without a mask is crystal clear. He holds his breath when he takes a picture that's that's how you do now. We need to flatten the curve need a whole raft.

Everybody in the virus is gone. What why these of these are leaders and I think about this. You wonder after you would could even serve anyone outside a Los Angeles country right you there. They could not go outside on the patio and a degree whether you couldn't go outside there with you and I will never forget that the video of the LA County lifeguards chasing down a paddleboard or chasing this person down with not one person inside the Dolphins so I will review tape that you would have been really famous and on Long Island. They had they had cops and lifeguards working on separating people on towel sitting on the beach. Are you the same family as an extra you got separate need some so separation then we find out is totally farcical outside it's no problem master. Just tell us at three weeks ago. The masterwork right so getting 95 mask by the way, the key freedom and 95 meso USA of underlying conditions. I hope no one has underlying conditions but reports are they do.

What's a little bit older, you want to be doubly sure you sort of feel secure and 95 best protection you every so you so if I walk around without a mask and you are worried about anybody.

You are in a fight, maybe not worry.

Don't worry about it because that dumb mass we have on now doesn't work. Nothing were getting 95 and also good news is you can go get your gaming go to get a coconut fresco you used the Fresca press can do surgery. It's the same mask used for surgery. You know it's interesting right because often times when I go to stadium. They asked me to scrub in writing surgery like it. I want to thank you. Now it's it's a seventh-inning right try to get a gluten-free hot dog that I enjoy myself but alright fine hairnet in urine. I listen we combat Kennedys explains more about my first show and tells me how great it was in more detail.

I can't wait I need in our moment something new every day, for I am kill me show radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show this does a lot for me a lot of the skin change my life. So attack the integrity of the game that's that's what I thought was happening in that instance, and I would stand for and I was Dolphins owner. Yes, this is a career I think. I think I hurt my standing with both within the organization and ultimately was the reason why was Michael that is Brian Florez. Two successful seasons with the Miami Dolphins at 17 of the last eight games, but was not talking to his coaches about attention with his quarterback so they let him go and he got a figure is a leading candidate for the five open jobs.

One of the New York giant jobs. I did get the giant job and he got a text from Bill Belichick who erroneously was texting the wrong Brian saying congratulations on the job he was congratulating the Brian they got the job doubled from Buffalo and he realize he's cussing the wrong guy Brian Flores thought usually get the job had been interviewed and said my a token in my token because you got interview lease one black person before you hire a coach. That's the routing rule and because of that he put together a lawsuit because he says it's happen too long.

Only one black coach even those five openings. Brian Flores is suing the NFL. I think he has a case idea. I think this Stephen Ross staff is more compelling that the Dolphins owner.

He alleges that he was primed hundred thousand dollars to throttle every game so they can get better graphics. I refuse to do it yes sell all these emails can come out about John Gruden, then they should be able to come out about Stephen Ross and Bill Belichick that I was attacked I just it's funny because I heard that Bill Belichick also texted you, you know that the Giants coaching job which I said I haven't interviewed yet right suing him and I am so Belichick to Riley South right and if I come to retain any McCarthy is going to handle this with Mike Lavan. I know he's busy.

I'm on is he suing to try to find out how many people dead, his loses client again, stormy Daniels, who now I find out is a medium just talks people the other side that was interesting and lucrative. So it's very good okay nude medium right now. I think it's hard to concentrate niche audience right but my goodness right. I like to go see a stripper and find out who died and I miss you Jack right exactly if you had it on you, Jackson was coach of the press. They were terrible. He alleges the same thing cut 41 I tried to sound the alarm a while back, but nobody want to listen to the record was so bad I wasn't offered $100,000 for every game but there was a substantial amount of money made within you know what happened in this situation every year at the end of it. When I understood what was going on.

I immediately call the National Football League and I talked about what I thought was going on so this is not new.

So I don't know what Roger Goodell said to this is huge, especially in the salve and abetting an average of drafting is all these things. This is something your pubes to bet please speak above a bond of the under the going.

I am one of our major sports leagues. Then Pete Rose has to be in the Hall of Fame, but that's that's that's what you get to that. But can we handle this first turn right. Okay. Can we not against people and get your team then Pete Rose should be in the house looking at with the Eagles to last year the Eagles tank to totally time putting the backup quarterback in order to let the Redskins win the Washington Redskins or another commanders matters. Yeah.

So they think only just like with second if the Eagles one. We were moved up. They want to draft picks of the Giants right of the playoff member suck for lack a way that was me from every team was trying to tank into their season right and relaxed and then he turned out to be very Sanders like you did clearly very good to you do know sports I do not know you were serious. I do not know how into it. You will.

I love the sports Brian kill me watch my nation Saturday night on the Fox News Channel Brian Ford should go get the usage of that would be intriguing nation this week on the Fox News Channel. Thank you text somebody else breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show clear they're not going to Ukraine to fight right grasping for clarity for the trend that our effort in our objective here has been to ensure our ready for every contingency and force posture increases as part of that preparedness on its to reassure allies and to whom. As I said, we have a sacred obligation they go that is Jen Saki trying to say. There's a reason why we sent 3000 troops over there. That's one thing his Russian doll wants exact opposite. They say de-escalate the area. We don't like the fact that Soviet Union broke up, and evidently there was a rule that we were going to have Warsaw Pact countries joy know we have an open door policy with NATO. A lot of people join data want to be part of the Soviet orbit.

They don't want to be. I like to rush and they don't like that form of government and yet the Russians continue to infiltrate into Belarus and prop up that ugly dictator Kazakhstan a prop up that ugly dictator against their people and they want to have control Ukraine Ukraine won't have it and that's where in the situation were written. So now you have NATO EU and the US trying to de-escalate this entire operation so there was a written response to the Russian request they didn't get in almost anything that they wanted bright fellow college who is a former special ops Intel analyst understands what's at stake when the battle is imminent.

Cut 33 I don't see any scenario where Russia doesn't continue its escalation and eventually crossed the border into Ukraine and might not be imminent, but it feels I never will because Ukraine is the perfect front line, including strategic goals are testing US alliances and making aggressive attempts to further drive a wedge between the United States and NATO, and the sad reality is it's working. Intel is clearly pointing to Putin Russia not stopping the troop buildup and only increasing. Otherwise, this new US troop deployment in the region wouldn't be necessary in these confusing responses from the White House about Ukraine and Pres. Biden's inability to draw a line in the sand is only making matters worse is not helping. The Russians are running circles around this administration outmaneuvering us on many different fronts that are taking the lessons learned from Afghanistan and embarrassing Biden along the way.

Our leaders need to wake up the way I grew half of that. But if the Russians to go in. That's the issue if they still going and then we sanction and they don't change their behavior and they occupied because then it's over for a little when it's over form with the mode dove.

Evidently there they have a presence there.

That means it's for eventually going to be over to all the Baltic states.

I don't think you are going to Poland phone is ready to fight, and they now have equipment, bases, and I don't think they'll ever happen again but and then they set up the pipeline.

That means that even if we get NATO on the same page.

Even if we get the EU and US on the same page. They still do it.

That's a disaster with.

I think the Russians would find a mistake is that if they stay this will be a lot of body bags because Ukrainians will fight like hell and they're knocking to give up during planning of fighting and accrual fashion. The fighting through the subways are fighting through the streets. They do have some armament so it's not to be like happened in Syria.

Landon take over if I can be like when happens in Crimea take over what I understand, I've never been there but vacation spots and you just rolled over bridges and you talk it, many people historically so I would belong to rush anyway. Khrushchev should be given away in the 1950s unrequested, but that's another conversation. But if everything that were doing in the intensive policy that we've done and they still go in. Then all of a sudden you gotta wonder how much longer there's gonna be an effective NATO because he lost all credibility, so to speak. So there was a leak document on a written responses that came out yesterday.

There's a push on the right not to do this at all. I don't think you're even considering sending troops into our Ukraine would be interesting if there even associate member but they're not. But among the people not happy about.

I know Tucker's not happy about it and center Josh Holly called out by Jen Saki which is a badge of honor.

Cut 31. We need to say to our NATO allies. They need to do more in their own defense. Ukraine is a perfect example. Listen, I think that we should help Ukraine defend themselves are not in favor of Russia taking over Ukraine.

Far from it, and this administration has coddled Russia and stuff money in their pockets with the Nordstrom to pipeline all kinds of other things. So if you want to look at somebody's responsible for what's going on with Russia and Ukraine. Just look at Joe Biden but listen, we need to be single Europeans. You've got to do more in your own defense. We've got to focus on China and the pressing security threat there United States can't do everything that's when a partnership is a mess. We should be saying what I think we are saying that to a degree now 127,000 troops lined up in their building fortifications on the border and looks like they're coming in with their special ops to Belarus now. Evidently there is no there's no Ukrainian presence at all on the border of Belarus and Ukraine. They got the second or third biggest Army in Europe you Russia, France, and then Ukrainians and we know they know how to fight and evidently if you listen general key in the after action report amongst the Russians is it when they took Crimea in the Don bus region. It was so much harder than we thought in Don Buss and member the 16,000 Ukraine is a loss alive, still fighting there but it's not been easy for the Russians and the Russians want to do this and say hey brother, come on back you not die we are the Soviet Union we are one country worked out well. We fought together World War II member that they say no, we remember after World War I, we were free and this is galvanized Ukrainians find their current government and got them 80+ percent want to have no relationship with Russia and a great relationship with the West and it was virtually 50-50. So there is a chance for a disaster Russia, but in terms of all deterrence. I think you gotta say. This missile systems going to Lithuania.

This missile systems going in Poland.

This is how much are going to bulk up our troop presence in the surrounding NATO areas in the areas it with that matter most and then we turn around and say for us not to do that. I want you out of Venice. Well, I want you out of Cuba. I want to stop working the grill using guerrillas in Columbia and I certainly don't want you in Mexico so get to China and Russia out of the region would certainly be a big help and will talk about that so we come back I'll take some more. Your phone calls, 1-866-408-7669 also will give you a preview of what's coming up on the Saturday show one nation and also urge you. So for people that want to get Sam Houston, the Alamo ventures Andrew Jackson the miracle of New Orleans, Thomas Jefferson and Tripoli Pirates George Washington secret 600 are Frederick Douglass and other debris.

Mike and Frederick Douglass. The present freedom fighter just to bring to goes to my local bookstore goes to me and I could personalizing get it out to me.

I know pajama grams are attractive item come for come Valentine's Day, but a lot of people think in history books and if you looking for that perfect thing for somebody that is everyone everything. Try it CL goes back and moaned the fastest growing talk show in America. Your fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me awful lot of contemptible leaders in corporate America. Most of them, but only a certain kind of CEO ever gets fired is not the week want the guys to do with the told issue the cringing statements that the HR department run everything. Those people tend to keep their jobs. They retire like that just want to get it over with and Cash Out don't take risks. They don't dare to build anything there just caretaker if their dignity is the price of job security. They are happy to pay more than any time in our history, America is run by people like that. It's only the strong were punished strong leaders tend to be abrasive, arrogant, sometimes what we now call abusive ignore conventionally say outrageous things in public and private blend in with the group often alienate the more sensitive types around them. They don't have maternal instincts.

A lot of modern people are put off by strong leaders. But you gotta have creative masculine energy is the essential quality in any civilization is how we got civilization in the first place, but increasingly boisterous masculinity is systematically suppressed to make way for a timid caretaker class people think the whole point of society is to get zero covert infections, or eliminate all traffic deaths. This may sound like virtuous goals in fact are signifiers of decline not dying can never be the whole point. If it is your already dead, so that was another insightful monologue in just a portion of it for Tucker Carlson last night to talk about the firing of Jeff Zucker subject sucker who would 27 years old and revitalized the today show best friends with Matt Lauer and looks like sparring partners with Katie Couric to a degree who ends up leaving NBC for brief period of time going to produce Katie Couric's talk show. It felt parts are spectacularly at which time she wrote this book that really hurt her show. Evidently that she he was insisting on bringing a PR person with them whose now he's linked with romantically and did everything but name, but she came forward Allison ghost so she's an executive with RC then hooves currently still has her job so I didn't know where Jeff Zucker, who is also expanding his responsibility to include Turner sports when CNN got bought just said hey. I didn't tell everybody that I was having an affair even know I'm single so I resign and then you have Jake Tapper also on CNN is the survivor man said this has to be Chris Cuomo's lawyers just blow it up. Jeff Zucker, got fired he essentially said a lot of this guy you can fire me and maybe one of the things they had this guy is Allison ghost was also a media person for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and maybe somehow it's written text that Andrew Cuomo was working with Jeff Zucker, a maybe unifying the message of maybe urging Chris interview Andrew which most people say was totally inappropriate. Journalistic Lee obscene and tone deaf as were in the middle of the pandemic without a vaccine without therapeutics in their marking each other laughing at each other while there is a book being written about it and there's being. And there's people in nursing homes, dying, most of which were most people to die were seniors, so having said that people think this is a much bigger story. So why am I bringing this up because it's another example of the powerful people that are so condemning of everybody else like Donald Trump and everybody else and they come out, and their house is a mess and they are a mess and the people just say that this guys getting a fire there was just interviewing him this of their media person is going to be is is going to get fired so Zucker is look, he is deftly out of the question is how much bigger since.

Gotta get Chris Cuomo.

How many more people to go to take down Andrew Cuomo having dinner last night or two nights ago with the mayor of New York City is reported they have stuff on each other. I don't know what this mayor could have done when he was borough president of Brooklyn that Andrew, has something on him.

We will say because he's trying to mount to become back Chris Cuomo's on oblivion. Jeff Zucker is now out will see how many other people are linked to this because when you're when you're linked to someone as powerful you think your impervious when they go down usually go down to use Katie Pavlik last night, cut 24 CNN and the relationship of the commas is like dousing the building with gasoline and Chris, how is holding the match on the way out and he is about to throw it in there because when they fired him after everything that they dared to protect the Cuomo brothers getting rid of him putting it all on Chris Cuomo this is Cuomo's revenge. They mess of the gangster brothers and they're getting it back. Right now there's a way Martin asked about to find out. Hopefully, possibly, absolutely, but we know that CNN made his mission to blow up Donald Trump. They would never reporting for good never report anything positive that is not the case here at Fox when it comes to Joe Biden.

It's not the case. We thought it down.

Trump walked on water, or was evil incarnate. Either that is why my humble opinion, what I've been able to witness the ups and downs of this business that Fox is really place to go to a more interesting people, more diverse programming with various opinions in a mix of that in news in CNN to same thing is just different people saying the same exact thing all day, self-important, and that's where the range of drop 76%. Glenn Greenwald, a liberal columnist starting many of his different efforts waiting on what he seen. Not only would sucker being fired not only with the ratings dropping everywhere. Rachel Maddow, by the way, leaving at the worst time for NBC who just lost Brian Williams, MSNBC just lost Brian Williams fascinating.

So now you have Glenn Greenwald way and in because this is the same time you're attacking somebody you can control Joe Rogan was on his average podcast's average download is 11 million people. This UFC fighter, a former fear factor host outstanding comedian started podcast years ago.

No one cared but now it's extremely powerful it's uncontrollable and ill interview anyone with your an actress, singer, UFC fighter, scientist, political thinker, deep thinker. He try to stay out of the celebrity thing we love Mike Tyson. People like that. He is now getting on the beam blitz because he's putting out things that are different from the CDC and FDA interviewing people with counter opinions that we have on all the time but Joe Rogan evidently is being responsible by asking questions. Here's Glenn Greenwald cut 25. You can feel the power shifting from these older power centers like news networks and even some of these mass media outlets who used to have the capacity when the United to instantly destroy somebody to demand their deep platforming and have it done overnight. And now, as you said when they attack their essentially making their targets stronger because they fail each time that something like this happens when they want Joe Rogan removed and spot if I says no or they attack sub staff and they issue a defined statement saying were not in a sensor. It deflates the potency of these topics and it shows the public that the media no longer has this power and it makes their target seem like martyr dissidents and people want to pay more attention. I do and but I worry spot.

If I think it's great that they stand by him and I do know this guy but he standing by him find Crosby, stills, excuse me yeah Crosby stills Ash and Young said that all my stuff Sharon Stone criticizes Joe Rogan are Roxanne Gaye joined Vinay Brown and saying the podcast would no longer be available and spot a fight.

We know Roxanne Gaye is orbit a brown Renée Brown ideas Xian acts as a decent podcast. Is there a very inspirational okay another Roxanne something to just take themselves us modified interesting contract you write. If I so I don't like someone on Fox and I'm stuck in the readership remind me. Thank goodness I like it when a fox if I see a report that I'm not happy with. Remind me to protest just walk out walking I write.

I mean there would be a lot of dead air time. If you do that Fox every time I did like the biggest thing to do. It but so you have that chair so came out against them.

People he came out for him. Kevin James form the rock forum Rob Snyder came out for him.

The stars are lining up for him, but my fear is that they will make him if he does anything that they look is controversial bill go up to his sponsors and they'll start same boycott this guy they feel the same.

Sponsors like Coca-Cola air air B&B that sponsor the Olympics. Even though the Uighurs being tortured and their organs being harvested in families being separated forced to wear uniform. We don't care about that but we would care about spot phi who might have a host on that allows experts to come in the don't agree with Anthony fatty this held not to this. My worry is that spot.

Phi is a publicly traded company and if they started their stock starts tanking. There's going to be pressure to I don't know do more than the disclaimer on Joe Rogan. I'll just say listen this just to settlement.

You only about 90 million. I'll take it, give it to me walking out and just and that's it and then who loses will loose Lois. I don't even II don't understand the concept of interviewing someone that you don't like getting mad at the shop so Larry King used to be famous for interviewing people on his show and I so we'll UF all people abducted. I don't know and what do you just get out of the way US why is it who are they, what you do this, we parents do much money to make those of the questions I Joelle. These guys were there is George Steinbrenner how Cosell they would interview all these people controversial. No one ever said fire Larry King but if Larry King did a three hour monologue. They'll be an issue if Joe Rogan, I still would have a problem with it. If Joe Rogan had three hour monologue were all he did was give his opinions over and over again which a lot of talk radio people do. They don't want to take calls and I wanted to guess and want to pilot assembly just want to give opinions you are. It's dangerous for conversation. I still think should be touch fillies for Affiliates, don't you download.

You don't he's just putting interesting people on and if Joe Rogan fails we all fail and that's it. I have never met the right over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resource is a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber listen Fox is not or wherever you

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