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War Intensifies: Large Russian Column Approaches Ukraine's Capitol

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 1, 2022 12:37 pm

War Intensifies: Large Russian Column Approaches Ukraine's Capitol

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 1, 2022 12:37 pm

[00:03:05] Ronna McDaniel

[00:18:29] Allen West

[00:39:35] Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL)

[00:55:09] Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)

[01:05:57] Simulcast with Varney & Co.

[01:16:04] Doug Schoen

[01:27:32] Nikki Haley

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What delays moments of the brain kill me.

Joe so much to cover so little time but will try to get through it. I appreciate you being here Rhonda McDaniel with us in a matter of moments, as the RNC chairwoman a lot of pressure on her shoulders to try to deliver the Senate and the house and get the best candidates. Forward visit the big primary day, especially in places like Texas where Atty. Gen. fight that is fascinating and the party holding the position of could be at stake, and Henry Cuellar, a moderate levelheaded Democrat under attack from a squad disciple over in Texas is somebody actually spoke up and talk about the catastrophe at the border and took the and took the ire of his party and will talk about that as well is a governors race.

Col. Allen West will be with us right after he's going to be other Republican nominee and eventually be the governor will talk about that to look into the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three there is no question that in the union at the American people in any watching on the world will hear the president talk about the efforts he has led over the past several months to build a global coalition to fight against the autocracy and the efforts of Pres. Putin to invade a foreign country that is Jen Saki. All eyes on the state of the Union tonight how the prison address the war there inflation a pandemic that smells more political and less medical by the day as miraculously way more. I guess you would say hygiene theater suddenly go to wear masks will you dress the country just as part of the world will be watching a molecule of oil coming from America is clear molecule will save time supply ourselves and our friends with American world religion that just makes for better national security. Nothing is disputed about what he just said why Democrats ignored. That is governor of Texas Mike Dunleavy all about energy.

If we do drill more oil and ship more natural gas can get off the Russian crack pipe for good and finally sanction Russia really hurts and stop buying their products. So why do you need all of this you Russian moms, you Russian teachers Russian entrepreneurs just regular people why you need this. Don't believe your commanders your propaganda. People just save your lives and leave that is Vladimir Zelinski. He is president of Ukraine telling the Russians get out toward the two biggest cities in Ukraine struggle to hold offer Russian assault amped up to a higher level because of initial frustration and in a bad game one game plan. Now it's in game two, and I sense it's going to get really really ugly and that's why bring Rhonda McDaniel run it's impossible to watch tonight and look up a thing about politics and not think about the Ukrainians right. I think everyone one network). Yet all praying for training people. We all are nonprofit, president, LMT and it's scary to watch Russia bring their might and fury toward them. It looks really frightening to see the images coming forward, but we are united in our support for Ukraine. No question. And would you say the president's leading you will say tonight that he has brought the world together against Russia has he. I don't think I think actually Germany stepped up before I – you know you don't want to be critical of the president during the time that we do have to look at the facts. I need to link the gap for sanctions earlier when we had intelligent that Russia was about to invade a get an abiding allowed Margie to go forward with what looked like a strategic error. He shut down our oil production will he let Russia continue to ramp up there. We know that the price of oil and funding the war when it goes to hundred dollars a barrel.

That's good for Russia allowed to keep this war going and biting continues to refuse to ramp up oil production in this country.

I think that the strategic air right now we are Russia's number one oil and gas customer. We have all-time highs.

Do you think the American people will be paired to absorb an increase in gas and oil for segments in the short term if it meant getting off Russian inflicting pain on them while they inflict pain on Ukraine. I think the American people are watching father being ripped away from their children at their going to fight for their country and I think the American people want to do things to help the Ukrainian people. I think that Biden administration should let the Keystone pipeline okay. They set up resume drilling on federal land and we have the capacity and the ability to be energy independent. The only reason we are not because of executive orders put in place by then.

Day one of his presidency is refusing to move out of that the difference between oil of Russia pretty well in the US and in terms of the climate is nine your book.

I can acclimate either way. The why not allow it to be done by a democracy loving, freedom loving country that will protect Ukraine rather than finding potent we know is on a terrible horrible nation to destroy the country and the people in the life of Ukraine used in Saki previewing will get here tonight cut 26 think there's no question that in the state of the union at the American people in any watching on the world will hear the president talk about the efforts he has led over the past several months to build a global coalition to fight it up against fight against the autocracy and the efforts of Pres. Putin to invade a foreign country. But what people will also hear from Pres. Biden is his optimism and his belief in the resilience of the American people and the strength of the American people. What about that message to build up a bring a bill back batteries you talk about how we doing everything possible to tackle inflation but was still printing a ton of money and he will not allow us to drill a way out of this.

While I went to Everybody this morning, go read what I said now your R look at the promise that he made of bipartisanship and unity in bringing America together. We are more divided country than ever, and Joe Biden had failed on those promises become apparent domestic ^ wanting to have a standard classroom who were worried about what the pandemic with dealing unto their children as he called Americans rate that you didn't agree with his boating legislation that would strip about Reiki lot 30 68. This is not a been a president is been unifying and he refuses to visit the southern border which we know is in Christ that we know we have 100,000 people who died last year of drug overdoses. We know our law enforcement is under siege and we have crime rising in the country and leave a president who when you ask about these real issues. Although that's not real, and refuses to be empathetic to the true concerns of the American people continue to turn it out. Dad and I and I think that the problem that he has to address. I don't think he will it be done. Good for him.

I think the American people really are looking for a leader to to console them during these very difficult times as un-American as American people know it's a tradition for the RNC chair to weigh in on primaries of their own party, would people really looking to what's happening at the Atty. Gen. race in in Texas, especially yet why we have Atty. Gen. being rescued by the FBI at a high profile candidate was land whose land management was the head of blend management in Texas, George P.

Bush looking there and then you have somebody running for governor in Col. Allen West taking on a sitting Republican governor. So where do you stand first off on Atty. Gen. Trollope. It's not part of our pilot party help. I think it allows us to bring everybody together. After that negative primary goes away. Right now it looks like go to runoff in Texas you have to give up 50% to nomination outright calling today shows that Abbott will do so in the oil raisin and potentially pack and and George P. Bush will be going to run up.

I'm only on the side of the voters. I think the voters get it right a lot.

I don't think they need Washington politician coming in and I'm on the scale. I actually think they don't like that so I trust the people of Texas to get it right then working to be in there making sure we elect a Republican and not a Democrat, understood the distrustful of the undersea packing Donald Trump. The overwhelming favorite to run for president with over 40% of the straws, and 24% was the governor DeSantis.

How would you gauge the strength of prison Trump right now. I think a huge affect The Primary on the 2022 Election. We Need a Mall Warchest. Let's Start There and Then He Brings People to Rally When He Can Help Turn Them out to Vote in a People Don't Realize in the Young Can Race He Actually Get Robo Calls and Hundreds of Thousands of Voters. And Unlike Alcohol to Turn the Mall and in World Virginia and We Need to Deploy Him to Do the Same Thing Help Us When in the Midterm. In My Mind the Presidential Younger Way If We Don't Win the Midterm, the Presidential Won't Matter Because the Democrats Will Change Voting Lot. We Have To Take Back the House and and I Think Pres. Trump Ready to Do That. He Gave a Great Speech at the Back of Weekend. So When You Look at Seats There Obtainable People's Thinking Vermont Is in Play. Does Rhonda McDaniel Think That I Met with the Candidate. That Woman Is Running Strong Candidate, but I Kept Flying to Connecticut Tomorrow Brian to Open African-American Outreach Center. I Think This Is a Campaign for America and We Need to Be in Every State and Be Ready to Pounce.

Because This Could Be That Type of an Election. Of Course We Have To Hold Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, Kappa Georgia and We Got Pick up Both Five House Seats to Take Back the House from Nancy Pelosi but I Don't Want to Lately Any Opportunity on the Table Year Where Biden's Approval Is at 37% Success Leaves Clues Governor Young to Show a Astute Politician. Two Things I and I Every Candidate One Keep Local Talk about Issues That Resonate with the Voters in Your State Run State That Affect Our District Specific Campaign and to Be Be a Motive to Connect with the Voters, Talk to Them Directly. Don't Let Some Fancy Politician Put a Crazy Add-On That Has Nothing to Do with You and Who You Are and Why You Resonate and Glenn You Get It. Both of Those Things and He Talked about Issues That Matter to the Voters and That Propelled Him to Victory Thing I Will Do As I Leaves Zero Governor If I Was Going to Give the Rebuttal Speech Tonight and That'll Be Something Member Tim Scott Showed Everyone You Can Make a Difference in Their Rebuttal Speech. I'm Also Struck by the Fact That Refused to Leave Is Going to Give the Rebuttal to the Rebuttal to the Rebuttal Democrat after a President Speak and She's Going to Come out Reportedly and Ripped Joe Mentioning Republicans without Going after Bill Back Better.

His Thoughts Far from Unifying Sheet for My Machine. I Think She Had a Map in Our Office That Israel on How Anti-Israel. The Divisive Character, and It Shows with the Progressive Wing It in the Biden Administration.

They Have A Lot Of Power under Biden Which Is What Prevented Him from Governing from the Men All on Cam Reynolds. She's a Good Friend of Mine and I Think There's a Great Contrast between What Republican Governors Get to Stave off the Virus to Follow Find Keep Their Economies Open Keep Their Schools Open and Republican Governors Really Have Led the Way to the Pandemic and Have Been a Stark Contrast to the Failing Governance of Democrats across the Country As Part of the Reason Was Suddenly the Master, and Also Mandate to Be Release These Blue States. Is This about Polling or Science about Polling. I Mean Suddenly Defiance Coincided with the Fate of the Now Congress That That's Where Max Magically on 10. On March 1. I Mean It's Just Crazy. Though I You Know, We Can Definitely and This Is Why the American People Block A Lot Of Pain in the Government. Their Messaging Model Month Ago. It Was If You Get the Vaccine. You Don't Wear That Math Every Single Day and Changing It Muddled and Still a Refusal to Acknowledge the Real Harm and That the Kids across the Country Were Kept Out Of the Classroom at Democrat Continue Give It to Take Cues from the Union Data from the Parents Talk to Parents to Leave Is the Person Is Going to Give the Rebuttal but I Thought This Was Interesting. Josh Gottlieb, a So-Called Moderate Democrat Said about the Fact That She's in the Speak. It's like Eating Your Own Car and Slashing Your Own Tires since Absolute Truth That Really Got You Know Quite Well.

Your Uncle Sen. Mitt Romney Had This to Say about When Asked How You Will Write but yet Mocked, When You're Running for President When He Came to Russia When Barack Obama Famously Retorted What He Said Rush Is Our Number One Geopolitical Photo Barack Obama Famously Retorted the 1980s Called to Want Your Farm Pot Once Their Foreign Policy Back Is What He Said about Being Right Need to Tell You That You Are Mocked for Saying That That's Now Well First of All, Politics Is Extraordinarily Interesting Day. As You Know Pres. Obama Didn't Quote What I Actually Said What I Said Was Russia Was a Geopolitical Foley I Didn't Say They Were a Threat at a Geopolitical Foley Obviously Were and Continue to Be Because Russia Continues to Fight Us in Every Venue They Have Did Mail It Back Then Any of You. To His Credit, He Is Not Causing More Attention to a but It Is Obvious He Was Right.

Totally Right and the Media Mock Him Because He Was a Republican, over and over Again Where the Media Dismisses Anything That a Republican Says No Matter How Credible the Problem Because the Media Should Be a Check for Both Parties and They Should Be Able to Look at What Biden Is Doing with Our Energy Policy and Say the Fact That We Are Not Continued Starting to Drill More in the United States Of America Is Giving You an Edge to Russia in This War and Allowing Them to Find What They Are Doing to Ukraine Right Now. That Shouldn't Be Republican or Democrat Just Be Straight across the Line and We Do Not Have a Media That Does That Locker Unfortunately Run up. Thanks so Much to Be Busy Three Years for You, but First off These Primers Today. Thanks Brian Great.Always Are Rhonda McDaniel, We Come Back Your Calls. I Know You like to Say World Folly Developing News about One Hour Ago We Found That the Cortese Is Been Totally Surrounded on Their Expecting a Huge Onslaught. I Wish I Was Exaggerating. Don't Move Whose Makers and Breakers. First and Only Show Tasks Networks – Fox News Contributor Daily Newsletter Inviting You to Join the Conversation Every Week Just Been Dominick's Podcast Listen No Fox News's Personal Powerful Is America's Palm of Your Thoughts with You throughout Your Busy Doing Subscriber Listen No Fox News Largess River You Get Your Project Information You Want to Truth You Demand. This Is Brian Kill Me Show My Will. European Countries Is That When We Got to Wean Ourselves off Russian Energy Supplies and That Means I Gotta Get Them from Somewhere in the One Place I Could Get More from Would Be the United States, Which Has Some Shackles on Energy Production Imposed for Environmental Reasons by the Biden Ministration That I Think the Pressure on Pres. Biden to Take the Shackles off US Energy Production to Allow Natural Gas and Oil That Were Able to Produce to Come Forward in Greater Quantity Such That We Could Resupply Europe Which Will Need New Guess We Can Liquefy the Senate over the Pond to Europe to Help Those Countries Get Away from Their Dependence on Russian Oil That Might Have a Larger Strategic Consequence in the Long Run Than Anything Else We Could Do, Really, That Would Be Fantastic. I Was Fascinated to Find out and Horrified That We Become Brushes Number One Customer in the World so Would Stop in Canada Stopped in Europe Is Beginning to Move Away from It. The Children Were Streamed to They Should Be Killing or Stream One Which Is I Understand That It That Is Natural Gas so We Should Just Get off It Right Now and That's with the Present Could Say, You Know, Guys. It's Gonna Be Hard. I'm Going to Expand These Leases in These Areas Can Increase Production Will Finish off That Pipeline Which Is Doing 850 Million Barrels a Day Which Will More Than Supplant. Will Russia Gives Us Think in the Short Term.

You Might Pay an Extra Dollar or Two and Find Some Way to Back That up for the Working Class People Man You Write Checks Nonstop Print Money Nonstop. There Is a Way at the Same Time. People Want to Help Ukraine That Could Be a Little Thing You Know, Very Small to Tell Russia Will Sanction Your Banks Will Get You of the Swift System Were Going to Sanction the Banks Actually Finance Energy Shell Bobbed up Said No More Deals. Russia VP No More Deals with Russia.

Why Can America Say No More Deals with Russia. Once Again, Will Eating Provide That of the Peter Stewart Again Would Be Led from by It Was ON Ski They Got the World Embarrassed Enough to Finally Do Something Right so Good You Want to Be the Next Governor of Texas What He Does with the Primary Can't Do It. How's He Doing Is Voting Day Texas West That Will Came Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics from Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business Subscriber Listen No Fox News by Just Fox News on Just Network These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Only a Place for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Knowing Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Part from His Mouth to Your Ears, Brian.

Kill Me. The Mission Statement Made Alliances Really Clear Provided Praying with with Lethal Humanitarian Assistance and Avoid War Direct Work with Russia Requires Some Diplomacy. It's a Very Direct Talk from Pres. Biden Tomorrow That Is Dan Hoffman Who Really Knows He's Been Stationed in Ways like a Rock in Place like Moscow and the Vladimir Putin That He Was Studying Is a Different Guide out to a Degree with Tenneco Allen West, You're Just Now No Stranger to War or Being Stationed over in Europe and Understand How Unique It Is to See Europe on the Same Page in NATO, so Seemingly so Strong, Who Has a Big Big Primary Today Deceive You Get the Republican Nomination in Texas to Be the Next Governor Take on What Looks to Be Bigger O'Rourke Col. Great to Hear from You Brought so before We Talk about Your Campaign. If I Was to Put You in Europe Right Now and You Saw and I Will Play Some of This a Little While but You Saw Zelinski Personally Pleaded Europe Fill out an Application Yesterday to Be a Member of the EU Address the EU Parliament 90 Minutes Ago in Fatigue Saying I'm in a Fight. I Want You Guys Bring Me in and Get a Standing Ovation What Your Thoughts Will Applaud the Leader from the Front There Was Inspired His Country and I Think That What We Saw Happen in Afghanistan. We Had a President with Help Ukraine about What the Russian Troops Replacing a Best One to the Frustration of All Vladimir Putin's Face As Well and Really the Truth Was His Rally in Europe for Them to Understand That There Are Still Threats of This World Are Still Evil People in the World of Sir Edmund Burke Said All the Circle Trial of People. So Now They're Willing to Stand up and Fight You but They Could Switch to Come off the Neutrality of Your Box That They're Getting the Ball Because the Correct but the Most Important Thing to Joe Bodnar Present It to Do Right Now Say I Will Go to Store, Produce and Consume and Export All about True Gas Resources to Them over Europe. Were Not Going to Be Bonding More Russian Oil Bath to Type a Message for You and Make Sure That We Have That Open Pipeline of Resources and Support to Include Lethal Weaponry to Go with You Open up a No-Fly Zone.

Knowing the Danger Would Be a Potential Clash with Russia. I Will Probably Not Open up a No-Fly Zone Because You Are Going Head to Head with Russia You Get up There a Competition between the American Polity Russian Fault but I'll Do Everything Possible to Supply Armor and They Will Be Ukrainian Reports of Their Policy on Me. You Got One of Their FAQs up to about Six or Seven Aircraft Shutdown and so They Have the Will to Fight. They Just Want to Amaze Resource to Do. I Want to Zelinski. A Lot Of People Just Getting up Now Talking to Col. Allen West to Big Primary Today If You're Republican Go out and Support This Guy's Been Fantastic Americans Entire Life Here Is Zelinski Speaking from Somewhere.

We Believe in TF and Keith Guthrie Foxley Pricing Posted to. Equal Members of Your Is Going to Be Much Stronger without so We Have Proven Our Strengths. When You Have Thoughts As We Are Exactly the Same As You and at the End of This Address He Got a Standing Ovation. Pretty Dramatic Stuff about This Brian You Know There's Always a Question or Leaders Born or Leaders Made about 340 Years Ago and Now He Sped It up There on the International Stage against One of the Most Evil People Rule Is That We Have and so I Think That This Circumstance Is Not Just Made the List. You Correct A Lot Of People Fail in Country Is Corrupt or Whatever.

But Now We See in the Salt and I Think the without a Doubt, the Word Bearer of Membership to the European Union Earned the Membership at Tobago Because They Have Stood up and Something to Germany and Many Other Cultures May Not Have Done Themselves Right. I Just Am Pretty Amazed to See Him Stand up and Also Seeing Surrounded TF Justices Surrounded It Looks like They Dropped the Thermal Barrier Bomb Yesterday to See This Explosion. That's with the Time That's with the Daily Mirror Is Reporting Sue's Explosion Looks Extraordinary and Then We Saw the Mayor of Clark Car Called Car Keys. I Should Say the Second-Biggest City They Say Were Still Here.

We Are Thoroughly Surrounded and That Shelling over Have Not Seen before Col. When We Wake up Every Day. The Horror Could Be Greater Because They Don't Care about Human Cost.

I Was Staggered to See That They've Killed. They've Killed 5000 Civilians in Two Years in Syria and They Say 1/3 Were Children. Where's the Traditional Russian Investigation. There's No a Court Trial Going on so There Is No Hell to Pay for Russia. So What Are They Thinking at This Hour. I Mean the One about the Men and Women Actually Drafted Wafted Do This They Know It's Really Be Corn Age on People Used To Call Their Cousins, Neighbors Be Related to Virtually Psychological Will, Although Sort See No Real Meaning or Purpose of What They're Doing over the Eagle Somewhat, but Also Want to Remember That in Our Old American History like to Call for the First Airport Surrounded a Place Called Bastogne and the German Commander Asked Them to Surrender Setback a One-Word Response of That Work with Dutch and so I See That Was All the People There.

Ukraine Even Though Obesity Surrounded by and Is Going to Be a Very Costly and Velcro for Blood for Russia Because the Breakdown of the Small Units in Small Groups of Resistance Use Those Appetite, Weapons, and I Think There Is Going to Come a Point Where Russ Was Going to Say You Know When the Troops on the Ground. You Know This Is No Longer Tolerable, and the People Russia I Think Will Rise up As Well.

Everything Reminiscent of 1991, 1989 Col. West about Your Run for the Governorship How You Feel about Today Will Tell You What Brian, We Got Back Here about 2 O'clock in the Morning for Beaumont Texas so You Know What They Say You Leave It on the Field and You Go to Play Hardball with till the School Board Quickly Done That. We Got All across Texas Couple Comes over and We Made Our Case and Think That the People Responded to That and I Believe It without a Doubt Will Will Be about the Cop to Build Probably A Lot off, Talk about. Bates. 24 so We Feel Good about What We Are in the Position Blessing.

It Is for Q Was Born in Inner City of Atlanta, Georgia Blocks Only Hospital Six Decades Ago to Be Running to Be the Governor of the Great State of Texas Best What Makes America Special Brought Absolutely, and No One Ever Saw You Doing Do Anything Halfway so a Best Luck Congressman. Hope to Talk to You after Victory Absolute. God Bless God Do It Right You Got It. 1-866-408-7669 We Come Back Open Phones but Just a Couple of Things to That I Think Are Important.

The One of These Translators into German from Zelinski Jesse. She Has He Addressed from Somewhere in the I Imagine in the Capital of Ukraine Was so Overcome Translating His Words into German. She Started Crying. I Mean That's How Emotional This All Is and How Real It Is. It Was Zelinski That Got the Germans to Give Lethal Weapons Was Zelinski. They Got the Europeans to Say We Are Not Waiting for the Americans to Make a Decision.

We Getting off the Swift That Were Going to Sanction and Kick Russia off the Swiss Banking System That We Have for the Rest Away and Fill in and Fill in the Loopholes That Allows Them to Still Trade. Other Stocks, It Was Them That This Forcing the Ruble to Be $0.20 on the Dollar.

It's Worth I Think One of the Half Cents on the Dollar.

Right Now It's Called Closing All European Union to Go from to Force Russia to Go from 9% Interest Rate, Which Is Extraordinarily High to 20% Interest Rates. When the Russians Get up to Date They Have 1/3 of the Money That They Had When They Went to Bed. All Because This Lunatic Vladimir Putin Decides He Wants to Reconstitute the Soviet Union's Next Step Was Taking over Ukraine and 40 Million People Given the Giving Him the Middle Finger.

I Just Don't Know How Much Longer They Can Hold out Real Quick. Here's What Jennifer Griffin Says about the Convoy That's Heading to Kyiv Right Now from Belarus Where They Were Stationed by the Will Get Reports Belarus Is Now Fighting with the Russians Sinful Cut Five.

The Russians Have Not Been Able to Establish Air Superiority Which Is Significant. Our Team and Team Saw and Outgoing Ukrainian Air Defense Missile Fired Earlier Today, US Defense Officials Tell Us. Ukraine Still Has Warplanes That Are Operational Now. Then There Are Those Russian Military Forces like This 3.5 Mile Long Convoy Snaking toward the Capital, It Has Been Stymied Stove so Far and Only Move for 3 Miles Overnight Due To Fuel Shortages Were Told from a Senior Defense Official. They Have Been Slowed from Taking Any Cities like Car Keys Were Columns of Military Vehicles Have Been Successfully Targeted by the Shoulder Fired Antitank Javelin and In-Laws Missiles That the US and NATO Have Provided the Ukrainian Military, the Kremlin Says Anyone Providing Weapons to the Ukrainians Will Be Held Accountable.

Good Luck with That.

They Are All Providing Craze Questions Are Quickly Getting Their Word Is the Only Heaven of the Week with Steve Enough Stinger Missiles and and Javelin Missiles to Take out Tanks One Takes out Planes We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls.

186-640-8766 I Just Got This Email and from Armand Use Good Point.

I'd I Met. I Never Should Stop Bringing This up in 1994, the US and UK, and Russia Said to the Ukraine. Give up Your Nukes, and We Will Guarantee Your Security That Was Called the Budapest Memorandum Armand You're Right. And Guess What, We Didn't Brian Kelly Cho's Commentary. You Need to Know Brian Kill Me Talk Show That's Real. This Is Brian. Kill Me Show. I Bet We Can Provide the Strongest Secondary Sanctions on Banks and Financial Need to Consider Stopping the Flow of Energy from Russia to the United States and Enlist Our Allies in the Same That Is a Democrat Right. That Is a Democrat Saying We Should Consider Stopping the Flow of Russian Oil to America. No Kidding. And We Should Stop Negotiating with the Russians to Get Them to Help Us with the Iranian Deal Which Nobody Wants Which You Democrat Key Democrats Never Signed off on the First Bad Deal. This Can Be Even Worse Deal That Was Sen. Richard Blumenthal, so Premises Considering Deming Sees Gnashing of Teeth Saying Why We Done It yet. The More T's and Sent Me This Saw This Study from Forbes That We This Year Are Russia's Number One Oil Customer. I Had No Idea You Were Buying This Much from Russia. We Have Canada and Mexico. There We Can Do Our Own. We Don't Need It.

You Know Saudi Arabia with All Its Problems.

They Been Dependable to Us, so Why Would We Do That, Why Would You Why Would Be Able to Sleep at Night Knowing They Would Just Goes over $100. Russia Gets More More Billions in Now As This Unrest Happens in the World Market Affected the Barrel of the the Dollar per Barrel Goes up and I Believe It's Right Now about 100. The Market Is down a Little Bit. Not As Much As It Was on Monday We Opened up the Ruble Screen Punishes Turning to Rubble. Pun Intended. So We Seal This Happening Why Would We Leave Any Stone Unturned. Why Would We Not Sanction the Banks That Have Energy Stocks You Can Give the American People the Benefit of the Doubt That They Understand Yeah This People, I Can Say I Don't. I'm Never Going Ukraine Why My Fighting for Them. They Don't Have a Pure Democracy There 6000 Miles Away, You Should Fight for Them Because You Understand That If Russia Goes and Takes Ukraine a Country of 40 Million.

It's Goodbye Estonia Goodbye with You When You Could Buy Lots.

You Do What Will Go to Challenge You Polling with These Other Assets Now Which You Need Is Just a Compliant Leader and a Military Then Your Your Population Is Tainted Because Usually There Disarmed. You Don't Believe Me at a Lesser-Known Look at Australia. I Mean They Were Actually Oppressed during the Pandemic.

They Did Nothing Wrong except for Go outside without a Mask or Go to Work or Go to Starbucks Getting Arrested. Can You Imagine a Place like China Way to View the Wrong Religion You Go to a Concentration Camp, You Want Russia's Values throughout Eastern Europe Again. I Mean, Are You That Young Dad Suffering from That Much Short-Term Memory Loss and Not Understand the Cold War and the Revocation Just to Let It Slowly Happen Again.

It's Not FDR Died in Winston Churchill Lost an Election. Stalin Was the Only One There and When It Came to the Yalta Agreement.

The Iron Curtain Essay Essentially Comes down Words of Winston Churchill. Nobody Was There to Say. While This Was a Deal. The Truman Winchell Winton's Winston Churchill Got Eddie Go on Their Word Will Go Do That Again, Europe Is Waking up Wheelies Wake up Possibly to Gov. Mike Dunleavy Says Listen, I'm Republican.

No Bitterness. Let Me Drill Cut 20 a Molecule of Oil Coming from America Clear Molecule Oil Coming from Russia to Supply Ourselves and Our Friends with American World Just Makes Better National Security. All True.

So You Not Impress a Republican Governor in an Oil State Wants to Drill What about a Democratic Senator from a Coal State Cut 19 Joe Mansion. A Lot Of Americans Don't Realize We Are Buying over 600,000 Barrels a Day of Crude from Russia Been Doing This for Quite Some Time and I Just Think It Basically for Us to Set the Example and Asked the Rest of the World to Step up to the Point We Have To Step up to the Point That Means Basically Reversing Some of the Decisions Been Made, No Leasing Not Drilling and Basically Cutting Back.

We Need Energy Independence More Now Than Ever before. That's a Democrat Who Will Vote for Every Judicial Nominee and Probably with Joe Biden. 80% of the Time, but He Say National Security Matters Most. That's a Guy Woman Who Are Those Philosophies Who Would Go across Party Lines and Say This Was Good for My Country, but the Chips Will Fall Where They May. For Some Reason That 78 Years Old Going on 90. Joe Biden Is so Worried about What Is Left One Thinks Old Ron Clean His Chief Of Staff Wants, He Will Do What He Knows Is Right. Crackdown on Crime Start Drilling for National Security Reasons. Do Everything Short of Full out War with Russia in Supporting the Ukraine, so Much As Lining up Because of the Strength of Europe. They Show Leadership Isabel Zielinski Made That Happen. Canada Stop First. Canada Is Leaving Us so Just Right Now I'm Just Getting the Blow-By-Blow on What's Happening That There Were Barrack Bomb. It's Been All but Confirmed That They Basically Vaporizes People Next Their Stride to Shell Indiscriminately into Khaki Apartment Buildings. Some Ones Last Time You Were Attacked by People or Apartment Building. Let Me See, I Have It Here.

One Someplace about Never. They Don't Care about the Geneva Conventions. Here's What I'm Just so I'm Just Warning You That People Who Let You Know You're Entitled to Your Opinion and There's A Lot Of Smart People Who Think Who Cares about NATO. Who Cares about European Union Who Cares about Russia. That's Our Problem.

I'm Never Going to Subscribe to That. I Have Too Much a Sense of of Global History. But Here's Dan Hoffman of What We Can Expect Next Cut Six Mission for the United States Led NATO Alliance Is Really Clear It's Provide Ukraine with with Lethal and Humanitarian Assistance and Avoid a War Direct Work with Russia.

That's It Required Some Diplomacy and Some Very Direct Talk from Pres. Biden Tomorrow and We Need Extreme Financial Sanctions, and Even Though China Says All I'll Backstop You Russia Can't Possibly Take 600 Million Extra Bottles of Beauty, Barrels of Oil Heading across the Other Ocean and Then Just Send It to China Not Enough There Doing Some Inflation. I Got Some Economic Problems and Some Unemployment Issues Really Got after Support to Countries Now Is Aware That a Country You Historically Hate Hate Go Download on Fox Nation. Who Is Vladimir Putin. Integrate Special You Will Love It Live from the Fox News New York City Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Kill Me. Thanks Much for Being Here Everybody in Place for New Affiliates for Joining Us This Week It's Been an Exciting Week Is Exciting and Very Scary Way in the Ukraine and Excited Because I Will Hopefully See Me the End of a Brutal Dictator in Vladimir Putin in a Big, Big Terror on the World Michael Walters with Us in a Matter of Moments Person Kevin Brady Is Going to Be with This so Important to What It Comes to Sanctions, Former Chairman of Ways And Means Is to Be Retiring at a Texas Big Primary Day There and They Will Do a Simulcast Varney & Co. the Number One Show in Business Television Posted to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three. There's No Question at the American People in Any Watching on the World Will Hear the President Talk about the Efforts He Has Led over the past Several Months to Build a Global Coalition to Fight against the Autocracy and the Efforts of President Clinton to Invade a Foreign Country That Is Jen Saki Talk about the State of the Union. All Eyes Are on Tonight Say the Union around the World and in This Country. How the Prison Address the War All How about the Inflation.

How about the Economy and How about the Pandemic, More Ocular Sleep We Don't Have the Webmaster Anymore and Vaccine Mandates Are so Passé. This Is Pure and Has Been Pure Pure Hygiene Theater, a Molecule of Oil Coming from America Clear Molecule Oil Coming from Russia Time Supply Ourselves and Our Friends with American World That Just Makes Better Security All All about Energy. If We Do Drill Oil and Ship More Natural Gas You Can Get off the Crack Pipe of Russia for Good, and Finally Sanction Russia Were Really Urgent and Stop Buying Their Products. So Why Do You Need All of This You Russian Moms, You Russian Teachers Russian Entrepreneurs Just Regular People Why You Need This. Don't Believe Your Commanders Propaganda. People Just Save Your Lives and Leave Present Zielinski Talking to the Russian People, the War, the Two Biggest Cities in Ukraine Struggle to Hold off Her Russian Assault Amped up to a Level We Have Not Seen yet.

Will We Really Be Able to Resupply Ukraine.

If We Don't Know the Skies I'm Talking about Weapons and Him Talk about Staples of Life with Me Right Now Mendel Stranger War, He Fought It. He Also Knows the Diplomatic and Encouragement Michael Walters for the House Armed Services Committee, a Republican Joins Us Our Congressman Welcome Back Brian. Of Course Our Affiliate W Okay the You Know Stranger, There Were over in the Jacksonville Area Lucky Enough to Be Carried out. First off I'm Seen Some Disturbing Things Coming Out Of Khaki Where Looks like the Mayor of Said There Totally Encircled MC into the Video Looks like a Thermo Barrack Bomb, but You're the Expert Would You Hearing While the Part of Soviet Russian Doctrine and When a Decapitation Strike When a Lightning Effort to Decapitate the Government and Put Your Own Puppet Government Employee Doesn't Work Then They Moved to Scorched-Earth Bombing Civilians Showing Cities and Using the Thermo Barrack Weapons, Which Are the Most Brutal Form of Weapon Just Short of a Tactical Nuclear Weapon.

It Actually Will the Pressure Will Knock the Air Out Of Your Long You Take That Back Rent.

It Will Be Filled with Aerosol Chemicals That Are Flammable and It Will Literally Burn You from and Find out It's Intended to Inflict Mass T the Russians Used It in Chechnya When Their Strategy There Got Bogged down and I Truly Brian, I Fear That This Is about to Go from Bad to Worse and It Will Be Much More Tragic before It Gets Better.

You Obviously Did Their Bombing We Just Saw the Mayor Come out and Say That They Were Aiming at Apartment Buildings When the Last Time an Apartment Building Is to the Place of a Military Headquarters While Exactly What the Russians Did in Syria Where They Were Launching Missiles in the Hospital. This Is What They Did and Check in the 90s When They Literally Leveled Groton and Turned It into Rubble and We of Course We Know the Atrocities in Afghanistan in the 1984 That Landmine Shape to Look like Toys so That Children Would Pick Him up and They Could Attack Families That Way Again That This Is Your with Prudent Back against the Wall. He Cannot Afford for His Own Grip on Power to Lose in Here in a Double and Triple down Even If It Means War Crimes, Leveling Cities in His Attempt to Break the Will of the Ukrainian People Well Right Now We See That Your We See the Huge Caravan They Say Is 40 Miles Long, Full of Artillery and Supplies Is Making Its Way Towards to the Keys. So Right Now It Make Its Way There but We Also Understand Going to the British Defense Ministry Them If They Made Very Little Progress in the Last 24 Hours. Logistically, Will Be the Issue.

I Mean, Obviously, You Know, the Coming of the Road There on We Did. The Ukrainians Have Enough to Stop It or Injure It. While the Age-Old Military Axiom of Logistics When Wars and It's Hard to Explain but I Just Cannot Overstate How Difficult It Will Be for to Feed the Clothes to Supply to Provide the Spare Parts to Provide the Fuel for a 200,000 Man Mechanized Armies Spread over the Geography That It Spread out and That I Am Convinced the Briefing Diversey Big Part of the Struggle That You're Seeing with with the Russian Army Right Now. It's a Logistics and If We Would Just Get the Arms and Ammunition in the Antiaircraft Missile to Any Take the Ukrainian Resistance Path and out Should Have Already Been There Months Ago You Covered. But If We Could Get There Fast Enough and They Can Go after Those Logistics Line Supply Line.

They Can Cut off the Russian Army As It Gets Bogged down in the Cities and Not for the Have a Fighting Chance. Poland Is Getting Some of Those Meetings to Ukrainian Pilots and Be Able to Fly Out Of There Soon As They Get. 29.

Does That Help A Lot Working Mixed Messages.

Actually Brian on on the One Hand, Slovakia and the Other Eastern Europe Countries That Have Old Russian Fighter That Ukrainians Also Flyer Things Are Going to Provide Him, but I've Also Think the Public Statements That Are Not Going to Yeah That Would Be a Huge Help Me.

One of the Big Worry Here Is That the Russians Have Not Established Air Superiority. They Have It Taken out Ukraine's Airfield. My Theory I'll Get Some Briefings on That This Week Is That Actually the Russians Did Not Have Enough of Their Precision Guided Munitions. They Didn't Replenish All the Ones That They Used in Syria. The Other Big Story Is That They Haven't Taken down the Commercial Internet That's Allowed Zielinski to Rally His People to Rally World Support to Talk to the European Union and Its Allowing Even Your Seeing Local Commanders Using Facebook and Other Forms of Social Media to Coordinate a Resistance That the Fact That You Either. We Overestimated the Russian Fiber Capability or We Underestimated Ukrainian Fiber Capability. We've Been in There Helping Them but It's Been Very Surprising That the Commercial Internet Has Been Taken down Three $50 Million Were Surveyed. We Know about the 6 Billion.

The Last Congress. You Guys to Pass. We Don't How It's Getting There, How Long It's Going to Take.

I Understand Stinger Missiles Might Not Last Another Week. We Might Not Have Enough to Them. It's Unbelievable That Kind Know That the Hoses As Well As the Other That Would Be the Antitank Weapons so Prime We Were We Were Briefed We Could Convert Them Pounding and Pressing on the Administration Provide Stinger Back in November and December As a Deterrent, Measure, and We Were Briefed That the Types of Stingers. The US Has Worked the Type That We Could Export Ukrainian. That's Why You Saw Other Countries like Lithuania and Poland Spending Their Version Now Suddenly Eight Weeks Later, We Can Send Them Hours. That's One of the Things I Want to Get to the Bottom of One of Think I Will Answer.but Sec. Often Break up Last Night That Does Arms and Munitions, Including Stingers Are Moving into Ukraine Right Now As We Speak.

Believe Me, We Are Pressing and Pushing to Get Those Body Armor Everything and Javelin Which by the Way Wouldn't Be There If It Weren't for President Trump at All to Get Them in the Hands of Ukraine Is As Fast As Possible. But Here's the Thing We Used To Be Able to Fly It in. Now It Contested Airspace. It Has To Move by Ground through Poland and Romania. That's Going to Take Longer and I Just Hope It Gets to Them Faster Ukrainian Trucks and Is Supposed to Get Blown up Is Article 5 Is That Demand That We Respond Well That That's One of the Ways NATO Can Get Drawn into My Understanding Is Being Transferred on Ukrainian Truck Order and Order Than Ukrainian Convoys Internally but You Could Say Hey You're Now a Party to This War. They Could Say That the Poland and Romania. They Could Also Say the Turkey Brian Made I Think a Bold and Correct Decision to Stop Russian Warships from Passing into the Black See through the Bosporus and through the Dardanelles Is There. My Understanding Is There for Russian Warships That Are Waiting to Pass from the Mediterranean into the Black Sea of Turkey Holds Firm.

You Could Also Say Turkey Are Now a Party to This and Force the Warships through.

So There's a Number of Tripwires Where NATO Could Be Drawn into This and Therefore Right That They Had That That Agreement, They Would Say They Could Limit the Transportation of with Ukraine in the Black Sea. We Don't Know They Can Hold to That I Have Do Have Something to to Relate Our Audience Hungry Was Just Announced It Will Not Allow We the Weapons for Ukraine to Trances Territory Belarus Has It Says It's Confirmed That They Are Now Using Their Military.

They Will Join the Russian Forces against Ukraine. What Does That Say to You, While Belarus Is Completely Become a Puppet State of Food in Russia. That's Exactly What He Wanted Wanted to Put in Place in Ukraine and so That the Exact Same Sanctions That Are Going at on the on Russian Financial Sector Now Need to Go in and Belarus. They Are a Party to the Conflict or a Party to This Invasion Hungary. It Doesn't Surprise Me. Frankly, Their Landlocked I'm Not Making Excuses but the Dynamic and They Are Holy Completely Dependent on Russian Gas for for Their Energy Needs Are for Them to Take a More Neutral Approach Is Not Surprising to Me. I Don't Agree with It but It's Not Surprising, but the Big Reversals. Now, As We've Discussed Is Is Germany.

I'm in a Reversal nor Stream They Reverse Nonlethal Aid. There Even Finally Committing to the 2% of Their GDP for Their Defense Budget. I Think That Scared the Pants off the Europeans That There's Any Silver Lining. This Is a Wake-Up Call and There Now Actually Going to Start Providing for Their Own Defense. Rather Than Taking America Program Report Now so We so Zelinski Pursuant You to Hear This Led This Tape, Caused by Surprise, but Zielinski from Wherever He Was Located. We Believe in the Capital City Addressed the European Parliament European Union Parliament Essentially Said You Got My Application Yesterday. I Want to Tell You Why We Belong with You and That Is Our Goal in Aspiration Not Just about Joining NATO and Interests in Hearing This, the Translator Get to Start Breaking up. So If You Don't Mind. Listen to a Little German Lesson This Morning. Chris Missiles This Square Dozens of Killed Ones.

This Is the Price of Freedom, Where Fighting Is Just for Land and for Our Freedom. I've Never Heard That before. I've Never Heard a Translator Get Choked up before I Think That the Emotion That Zelinski Has Been Able to Rally the World around and I Think It's Speaking to Everyone and Tugging on Everyone's Heartstrings and Look I Think the Link to Your Feet in Either the State of the Union Pres. Biden Taking A Lot Of Credit for A Lot Of Things. One Thing I Do Give Them Credit for Classifying A Lot Of the Intelligent to Steal the Narrative from Prudent, but It Zelinski That His Rally in Europe That Olympia's Rallying NATO People and and I Think That This Man Is Going to Turn out If He Lives to Be a 21st-Century Turtle. We Need to Stop Offering Him Rides Out Of There and Start Sending Him Secure Communications Protective Equipment to Help Him Survive. He Has To Survive to Continue to Lead Ukrainian People Coming Look the American People. It's Arousing 40 Cities over the Weekend. We Know with 500,000 Command Berlin.

You Said It Was a Rally in Paris Yesterday We See in St. Petersburg Just Been 6000 Arrests 411 Today We Understand and We Know Zielinski There's Evidently Hit Squads Going off the Clinical Brothers As Well As Zielinski and Now Jillian Turners Found This out Because Zelinski Was Saying to People He Has No Reason Last the Day. He Says His Remarks This Morning Were Learning More of the Reason Why He Was so Great This Morning about the Specific Threats He's Facing Ukraine Quote Intelligence Community's Concern about the Traceability While Using the Web and Social Media to Communicate with Ukrainian People Evidence He Is Told That the Easiest Way for Food in the KGB to Track and Target Zelinski Is through the Mobile Phone and Internet Use. Even If a Phone Is Encrypted. The KGB Still Contract Both Cell Phones and Land Lines. They Are Told.

So While He Wants to Communicate.

And That's Why the Quick Style Most of the Clips Goes This Weekend and They Said at the Last Minute We Think Were Going to Have Our Our Our Location Revealed.

If We Do This so Were Knocking to Do It and I Understood It, but That's Is There. There Is a Brian There Is an Encryption Way to Unencrypted Phones and Locations Right That Pride in in the KGB and Their Fiber Services Are Some of the World and What I Want People to Understand Every Single Time They See Zelinski on That Green Here Putting His Life on the Line, but That She'll Locate Him for How He's Accessing the Internet Is One of the Easiest Thing for the Russians to Do and I Fear Brian Every Time He Comes on Work Were about That Screen Go Black Because of a Russian Cruise Missile Coming through the Window so That You Know That's the Courage That That He Is Demonstrating in Minutes, the Comedian Two Years Ago Is like Having the Jimmy Campbell or Somebody You Suddenly Become President and I Think One of the Biggest Underestimation Was Underestimating the Will to Fight Him Zelinski His Government Ukrainian People and Then I Think the Other Story That Can Come Out Of This Is an over Estimation of the Russian Military. It Is Largely Conscript Bay.

It's a Draft Army There Treated Terribly.

They're Not Applied Well. Their Equipment Is Old and They Were Sitting out There in the Middle of a Russian Winter for Months before They Got the Green Light, and I Think You're Saying All That Come to Fruition. For How Slowly the Revamp in Texas Is Thanks to Staying Ahead of the Curve in Helping Our Audience Comes in Michael Wall. Thank You. Okay I Keep Advocating for Supporting Ukraine 1-866-408-7669 We Come Back to Take Your Calls Than Kevin Brady That a Simulcast of Zoning Company Big Day. Don't Move to Today's Top Stories Ryan Kill Me, Radio Show like No Other Book Baptizing That Much Time I Would Go Right Away to Doug My KLA in in Lincoln Nebraska Hey Doug Ryan Curriculum Noted in When They Went with Three That Looked like the Same Darn Thing the Way Back Today Was Guys like Boot People Juggle Different Nothing about This.

Germany Marches into Russia Just like Napoleon Did, Then Soviet Union and They Don't Have Supply Lines. They All Get Caught. They Get All Caught up in Making Progress and That's Who We Got the Scorched-Earth Policy Because Russia Said Where Got in a Fight When You Keep Retreating and Trap Them in Our Winter without Supply Lines and Sure Enough It Happened. But Russia Was Plotted As Fact the They Paid That Price by Losing Tens of Millions of Lives Now in 2022. With All the Advancements They Still Can't Supply Their Own People What Idiots but They Are There Are Bloodthirsty People and They Don't Care about Killing Kids and Women and Blowing up Hospitals and Were Hearing Those Reports Right Now in the Two Biggest Cities in the Country to Try to Bring the Country to Its Knees and Try Take 40 Million People Hostage. Forget It Are Not Going to Happen by. I Don't Know What Were Capable of Doing.

But We Gotta Be Able to Do More Will Discuss That Next, the More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian Kill Me.

He Expected This to Go Much More Quickly and so He's Frustrated Now. He Has Barely Deployed You Know of More Than 1/3 of His Forces and and and and His Most Potent Weaponry Has Not yet Been Deployed. So That's the Point Is If He Is That Desperate That Things Are Going Well and He's Frustrated That He Is Currently Losing on the Battlefield Way to Change That Is to Act Drastically and We Should All Be Concerned about That Right Now. That's Why Our Car Keys Is Right Now under Siege.

They Just Give a Warning to the City of Your Citizen Get out like They Really Have a Place to Go. You Can Circle the Whole Place and They Going to Start Going after They Say Their Intelligence and Military Installations, but They Very Been Indiscriminate. We Bombing Apartment Buildings. I Do, and That of Course Was John Radcliffe. You Probably Recognize His Voice. I Think Two Thirds of Russian Forces Are Now in Ukraine.

Maybe Their Entire Forces Are Just a Quick Note at the UN.

Some Drama Sec. Their Foreign Minister Would Live Ravi's Been Doing That Job for Literally 40 Years They Had When He Came up to Speak in Front of the Unit UN Human Rights Council 140 Diplomats. I Refuse to Listen. They Got up and Walked out. But the Military Aggression Is Taken Place in There Allowed to Sit There and Abstain Person Kevin Brady Joined Just Now He Is Serving As Last Year's Ranking Member of the House Ways And Means Committee over in Texas Congressman Welcome Back Using A Lot Of Dramatic Event since You Been Sitting in Congress.

We Think about This so Spot to Invasion like This. And in One Frankly the President Invited As We Know, Just Because the Transfers under the Alabama Afghanistan.

We Were in the Briefing Yesterday Brian and What Became Clear to Me Is That It Is. It Is Only Been the Bravery of the American People Got Joe Biden in the West Author.I Am in Somewhat More Engaged in This Economic Sanctions Won't Stop Bullets. Clearly Ukraine Needs Weaponry. They Need the Artillery. I Think Joe Biden's Decision Earlier This Year Not to Get Them Surface-To-Air Missiles Was Coming Back to Haunt You Complain We Just Heard from Victoria Sparks Whose Family Is in UkraineWell. Just Spoke to Republicans Here in Our Conference Talk about the Atrocities That the Russian Troops Are Our Imposing on Ukrainians Their in It Is Just Just Anguishing Well. I Just Said Only Just a Zelinski Just Address the European Union about Four Hours Ago Asking for Membership so That the Application Symbolically Yesterday and He Talked about the Strength It Will Bring to the European Union and She Is Winning People over. It Is Not the West Won over Germany Got Them to Commit to Spending 2%. We Know That There Allowing Lethal Weapons to Pass through and Would Miraculously As Michael Walters Told Us All the Sudden Secular Defense. Austin Said Well When They Were Asked to Send Stinger Missiles over CL Really Not Allowed to Send Our Stinger Missiles over, but People They Bought the Stinger Missiles from Us Can Send It so You Guys What You Rolled Your Eyes I Will Come a Weird Thing Is That Now, Suddenly, We Can Send Stinger Missiles over so and Edson Come on What's Going on Here One Man and One People in That Country Are Forcing the Greatest Economies on Earth to Finally Defend Freedom Therein Stand up to Put It.

It's Sad to Know That It Took One Person in One Country to Do. That's Really Shameful to Be Honest, Their Farm Engagement. But Again Sanctions. Sanctions Will Help. I Think over Time and Are Getting More Serious, but They Mean Will Will Real Weapons Excusing Brian Right Now, Not Later Right out Cookies Is a Mentioning Calves Are like Eve Are Both Surrounded so We Can Get up One Day Congressman and Find out That These All These Officials, a Cabinet They're All Dead and We Gotta Go All You Want I Don't Want to Start a World War Z Is That Really Is It All or Nothing. Is It Sort of World War, or Watching Ally Vaporize so I Hope That You Ukraine People Are Not Are Not Going to Stand by Their Knocking Shall Be Occupied. Think God Himself in a Long-Term War There That Will Ultimately Train but He's Very Aggressive Mets One Thing That I Appreciated about Present Zelinski Rather Than Just Stand Still Asking the EU Asking NATO to Join Them. He Is He Is Aggressively Seeking These Protections. I Think Again of Moving the West in Ways That Regrettably Lisa Current Leadership Just Simply Wouldn't Wouldn't Do on Their Own, Which Is the Real Indictment of a Couple Things. No One Knows the Economy. Very Few People Know the Economy Better Than You and We Understand That We Understand That We Are the Number One Customer MRT's and Sent Me This Step from Forbes within the Where Russia's Number One Purchaser of Oil.

Number One System 2021 Is the First Time We Had the Dubious Mantle. If We Decide Tomorrow to Stop Doing That. What Happens to the Market and What Has To Go along with That Declaration.

Because Canada Did Decide to Do It. Relying on Partners like Canada Rather Than Russia. Russia May Not Be a Large Part of Our Imports but We Been More Dependent and Faster Than We Have for a Decade or More, Makes Absolute No Sense to Be to Be Funding Russia, with Our Purchases We Ought to Be. We Ought to Be Turning Away, Finding Another Alternative.

Right Now, Even Here in America or with Our Next-Door Neighbors in Canada and Mexico.

As I Told You That If I Told You That Today What How Does Actually Get Executed yet Any Identity or from State so so Frankly I Don't Know, except That Everything We've Been Told We Can Do. Whether It's Booting Russia off of Swift Sending the Military Weapons Everything We've Been Told We Can't Do.

We Are Now Starting to Do so, It Seems to Me from Eric Fisher and Anguishing Companies Brian for the First Time Seldom If It's Incredible and Really Encouraging the Same Private Sector. Step up in a Big Way Here so It Just Seems to Me There's Gotta Be a Way to Do This and Coming from Texas Certainly Will.

We Have Relationships with Imported Oil and Refining All That They What We Are More Than Resilient Enough More Than Capable of Producing. So I Guess the Keystone Pipeline.

The Numbers 850 Million Barrels We Get from Canada, Texas.

50 Million Get This John to Marco Rubio Just Said This and Tweeted This under Joe by the US Producing 1.2 Million Fewer Barrels of Oil a Day.

That's $100 Million $100 Million Every Day That We Put in the Pocket of Russia/Vladimir Putin Come on, Just to Drive Home Atoned by the Ministration so We Just Learned Yesterday and I Can Appeal the Court Ruling That Revokes Knowles the Gulf Of Mexico Grown so in the Midst of All This with Russia.

Continuing to Export US Equity Joe Biden's Anointing 01 and 1.7 Million Acres of Drilling Leases from US Agreement Bill over American Energy Independence We Produce Right Now but Look at the Same Ceremony Just Sent around the World about the Weakness of the US an Unwillingness to Become More Reliable Trading Partner Energy Producer and Provider to the Rest the World Just Insisting on Anything We've Ever Seen and I Was Talking to Elliott Abrams over the Weekend and He Said You Understand This to the World Is Changed over the Cold War Said He Came up He Served with Reagan-Bush and Trunk Sewer Cold War Right Now NT to Match Our Enemy, We Have To Understand We Have Two Enemies. Russia and China, and China Is Much More Formidable and Right Now We Want from during the Cold War Read Six or 7% of GDP on Defense Right Now It Three and People Were Pushing and That Don't Want to Do Cost-Of-Living Increases or or Annual Increases. Do You Think a Case Should Be Made to Double Our GDP and Defense. I Know A Lot Of People Rolling Their Eyes Right Now and Say We Spent Enough on That.

We Had a Huge Deficit Used To Do the Math in the Budget for the Country so Strengthen Our Military Means. Anyone Who Thinks We Can Keep America Safe and Are Interesting from the World on a Start. Status Quo Budget, It Won't Happen All the Good News Is, and I Was Really Proud after Tax Reform Thing and Promise of a Think Is That I Hope the President and Many of the Student Rebuild America's Military for the First Time in 15 Years, but We Can't Stop That We Have To Build off of and in My .29 the Same Vehement Here Is No Strong Military Depends upon a Strong Economy and Right Now As the President Speaks Tonight Half of Americans Believe the Economy Using the Recession or Depression. Two Thirds of Them Say the Prices Are Going to Outpace Their Paychecks for Years to Come. A Blouse Conference Is Present. So What He Really Means to Do Tonight Is Reverse Course. Basically and All Emergency Covert Programs That Discourage Americans from Coming Back to Work, Drop Attack That Only Drive Inflation up and Hurt Workers. By the Way Jill Is Lowering Their Business Taxes to Fight Inflation in Their Country and Then and Then He Audibly Putting Workers or the Agreement Deals to the Spending Half $1 Trillion on the Remedial Subsidies Look Let's Find a Way to Reconnect Workers. Let's Find a Way to Publish Military List, and You Actually Want to Do Work with You When You When You See That Is to Be Retiring after Will Fight to the Government to the Tape and See If You End up with the Majority of the Sun. Thanks so Much Kevin Things Right Always Be Well Straight Ahead with Some of His Morning Company and with Your Calls.

Now Brian Kill Me Show Choice FOXBusiness Is Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney Don't Just Hang in There on Your Investments Call Talon Well Get Peace of Mind with Active Management of Your Portfolio Dial down to 50 and Say Financial Plan.

Investment Advisory Services Offered through Talon Private Wealth, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results). A Very Good Read Their Town Wealth Is Sponsoring My Simulcast Was Soon Varney so That's How Popular This Is Being so That's Great. I Thank You so Much for Doing That. Always Enjoy Joining When We Go to One of the Fastest-Growing Stations on Cable and That's FBN so It's Listening to Stuart Introduces Me That Means Its Kill Me Time and He Joins Us Right Now I Brian This News New York Statewide Schoolmaster Mandate Ends Tomorrow.

Why Don't Today. Brian, You Know I'll Let Me See the Science Says Tomorrow so I Could See the Sign. I'm Sorry the Science Is Tomorrow a Guy in a Lab Coat, Walked in and Said Wednesday Yeah Wednesday Will Be the Day That Will Be the Time. It Is Just Total Hi Guy, I Love the Hygiene Theater That Rand Paul Coined This This Whole Thing Is Hygiene Theater.

I Was Actually on Market to Give or the Airline That Was Actually on a Plane Two Months Ago They Woke Me up and My Daughter up Because My Mask Was Slightly Slightly Blow My Nose That to End the Threat in the Throes of the Plane and Less One over My Nose Then Went to Wake Us up Again Number Two. Then Yesterday I Was on the Plane on Sunday Was His Views on Friday While the Where the Days Go and I Had Somebody Never Put It Back on Though It's Anything We've Done, We Are Totally Right on Your They Abused It and That's Going to Be the Story These These Mom Support Their Kids in School Were Being Tortured Don't Even Know It Because It First and Second Grade Don't Even Know What They Been through and How Their How Their Growth Has Been about. I Guess Delayed and That We Understand to Us Talking to Some Teachers in Elementary School. They Have a Label.

Now They Say No That's a Covert Kid with You Knows That He's a Second-Grader She's a First Grader. They Have No Idea How to Spell That Are No Year Delayed Especially There in a Situation Where They Had Two Parents Working. Maybe Some Babysitter Nobody Put on the Zoom so Every Kid. Almost Every Kid except for Odd Situations Is behind across America Years for No Reason. I Think It's the Teachers Union That Really Did Serious Damage to America's Public Schools That I Gonna Leave It That Because I Can't Say Much More Interesting for You Brian. You Got This Fox Glacier Special Ice on Putin Now You You Calling Me around Basically Who Is Vladimir Putin. Okay, I Won't Want Your Judgment on This AC Stable Receipt Unstable. The One Thing Will Now I'm Not Sure but I Will Say the One Thing about Him through His Career Is Been Remarkably Consistent. You Know He Was an Only Child Wrote up a Situation Where He Did Well in School. He Aspired to Be in the KGB, but You Have To Be Asked to Be in It, so He Went to School. We Finally Got To Do It and Affected the Rest of His Life Using These Journeys Was to Be a Very Moderate Position without Much Drama Wall Drops and 89 He Witnesses It. And from That Moment on His Mission Was to Reconstitute the Soviet Union Was so Upset When His Calls Back to Moscow.

Say Send in the Tanks Were Losing East Germany and Nobody Picked up the Phone. He's Picking up the Phone Right Now and I Do Believe That When Condoleezza Rice Is Something the Same Thing As John Radcliffe Says Something the Same Thing As Michael McFall, Who Is a Former Ambassador to Russia Who Speaks Russian and Met with Her Multiple Times.

They Say That This Is Not the Same Guy and One Thing That's Happened Know What Happened since He Thought It Was Easy He Thought Was Easy in Georgia Because He Had No Repercussions.

He Thought It Was Easy Because He Took Crimea in the Don Bus Region and Is Almost No Repercussions. He Wanted to Syria Unannounced.

He Killed 5000 People.

1/3 of Which Were Innocent Children Knocking down Buildings and Nobody Seemed to Care. And Then He Threatens Ukraine. Nothing Happened, and This Is the First, Tommy's Understanding That He Can't Do Everything He Wants, but It's Not Because of Us Is Because the Ukrainian People Want Freedom Something That We Used To Get up Every Day, Being Thankful for. We Have Gotten Use to. I Think This Is a Wake-Up Call to America to Understand What We What We Were Born with. People Are Dying to Get in Ukraine Is an Example of That. What Just Guess Former Speculate What You Think Pres. Biden Will Cite about Putin in the State of the Union Speech Tonight Is Going to Say He Rallied the World against Vladimir Is Going to Say That in the Bottom Line Is It so Lenski That Did It. We Lead from behind Again.

It's Exactly the Person He Trained under Pres. Obama Wanted to Lead from behind.

He Allowed Them to Take the Land That They Did. He Was Afraid to Give the Ukrainians Weapons to Defend Themselves. He Gave Them Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches and Blankets. Instead They Gave up with the above Large Portion of the Region and Now They're Fighting for Their Country and Sadly We Have To Be Prepared to Get up One Day and Find out That That Governments Were Wiped out in the Capitals Been Captured. That's Not Okay with Me Right Brian, I Want to See That Show of Yours.

The New Wall on Saturday Night at 8 PM Eastern Is Called One Nation on Fox News. I Will Be Watching along with the Rest of America. Great Stuff Brian Will See You Soon. Thank You. Priscilla Had by 186-840-8766. I Was Glad to George W PTF North Carolina Hey George, Good Morning. What's Going on with 30 Month a Little Upset That so Many People That Have Never Been Our Military, or Have Any Skin in the Game outside of a Platform to Trigger at Are so Quick to Want to Send My Son and so Many Other People's to the Border of Russia to Fight with the Second Maybe the First Most Powerful Nuclear Armed Country in the World When They Signed up When They Signed up to Volunteer for Us Today. Nothing to Going to Go Standing in a Donation Today Think That Whatever They Do They Didn't Want to Go to Poland Whenever the Harmony Right so They Are Not in the Ukraine Are the Moment. You Signed up to the Military and Don't Want to Go to Poland and Germany Signed up for the Wrong Military Because We Got Big Bases There. The Ones You Build up in Germany Are Being Built up. It's Now Reconstituting Germany Because Prison Was Emptied out.

Donald Trump and Now in Poland. They Are Begging for an American Base. And That Is As Loyal Allies You Get by the Way Just for the Record, Ukraine Fog Brilliantly According to Almost All Reports in Afghanistan and Interact with Us Even Not Being in a Donation so You Set up for the Military and Don't Want to Go and Be Help out NATO or One of Our Allies.

I Don't Know Why You Signed up and No One Saying We Should Go Take on Russia but I Also Don't Think We Should Watch a Fledgling Democracy Gets Steamrolled Because Some Lunatic Wants to Dominate the World Again Witnesses before I Fox News New York City Pressure Office Set up Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Kill Me.

Thank You Much for Being Here Revise the Brain to Me Joe 1-868-408-7669 Know I'm in New York but Heard around the Country and Now I Think What People Are Listening around the World, Especially When They Travel. Doug Shone with Me Shortly. He Knows Vladimir Putin. He Also Knows All Those Brutal Dictators Done Some Great Work on Them from a Republic from a Democratic Perspective. Doug Knows about Communications As Well As Anyone of the Country I Work for Bill Clinton for Years.

He's Had a Talk with the State of the Union Address and Now the President Addresses a Country That Is Not Happy with the Economy Coming Out Of a Pandemic in Looking at Scott, Looking Very Worriedly at Eastern Europe. Doug Shone a Matter of Moments, and Then in Studio Investor Nikki Haley, Looking to Be a Presidential Candidate If She Chooses Making an Impact in the Midterms.

She's Going to Be with Us and Talk about the Vladimir Putin the Chinos. Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Is No Question at the American People in Any Watching on the World Will Hear the President Talk about the Efforts He Has Led over the past Several Months to Build a Global Coalition to Fight against the Autocracy and the Efforts of President Clinton to Invade a Foreign Country That Is Jen's Sake, All Eyes on Tonight State of the Union How the President Addressed the War Inflation the Pandemic Miraculously Decide to Take off the Mask and Get Rid of the Vaccine Guards That You Shows It Was All Hi Jean Theater, the World Will Be Watching a Molecule of Oil Coming from America Is Clear Molecule Oil Coming from Russia to Supply Ourselves and Our Friends with Them or Just Makes for Better National Security. All All That Energy If We Do Drill More Oil and Shoot More Natural Gas Europe to Get off the Rock, the Russian Crack Pipe for Good and Finally Sanction Russia Where Really Hurts. And That Is with Energy but Will Joe Do It. So Why Do You Need All of This You Russian Moms, You Russian Teachers Russian Entrepreneurs Just Regular People Why You Need This. Don't Believe Your Commanders Propaganda. People Just Save Your Lives and Leave the War.

The Two Big Cities in Ukraine Struggle to Hold off Her Russian Assault and to a Level We Have Not Seen before. As We Rally to Resupply the Country with Weapons and with Food Will Talk about That with Doug Shone the Rulebook. One of His Books. Putin's Master Plan to Destroy Europe Divide NATO and Restore Russian Power and Global Influence Doug.

He's Not Doing Any of That Although He's Trying, but I Wanted to Credit to One of Those Who Was Most Pressing of the Winter of What I Was Saying You to Review Gave Me a Great Deal of Attention, and I Daresay Politeness and Deference. 70 Years Ago When I First Propounded This Hypothesis Is Surely Trying to Lie in My Work for Your Listeners Today Is the Good News Notwithstanding.

I'm Very Pleased about It As Is Every Right-Thinking Person Is Not Giving up. Not by a Longshot. Bring in the Belarusian Army Will Do Anything He Can to Even Taking At Least Half of Ukraine. The Russian Speaking Yeah I Mean but Basically What He's Done Is Something He Didn't Think Was Possible. I Mean, He Based His 40 Million People Who Disdained What He's Doing. Nobody Supports the War and Plus He Mischaracterizes Doug They Know There's No Nazis Additional Fascists in Ukraine Drug Addicts to Drug Addicts and Fascists and Nazis Are Running the Country When Sue Linsky Is Law We Stop Them and I Can Tell You What I Heard from My European Friends Brian Is That They Believe That We Americans Are Leaving from behind, or Maybe Not Even Leaving All the Europeans Are Ahead of Us in Terms of Sanctions, No-Fly Zones and the like, and I Got up Hope and Pray That in the State of the Union President Is As Forthright As He Needs to Be to Continue.

Russian Aggression and Bodily End Is Used To Say to You, and You Know the Midterms Are up in Your Democrat and You Work for the Clintons so You're Saying That Because You Care More about the Outcome Than You Do Your Party so I Appreciate That Doug on Top of That I'm Getting That Two by Loosing Some Democrats Talk I Looked It Was Centered on Murphy Said That He Came Out Of His Briefing and I'm Also Looking at What Sen. Blumenthal Said Because We Have To Get into Their Energy Sector. We Have To Stop Buying Their Arrow Listen to This Is As Close As He Said to Pulling a Joe Mansion. Cut 18, I Think That We Can Provide Stronger Sanctions like Secondary Sanctions on Banks and Financial Institutions and We Need to Consider Stopping the Flow of Energy from Russia United States and Enlist Our Allies in the Same Candidate Is There Candidate Did It Again, You Trouble Leading from behind. That's an Example Zielinski Asked for This. You Gotta Stop of the Swift System. The European Stopped in the Culture Closer and Then We Reacted after That We Locked Their Energy Exports around the World, Even If in the Short Term Energy Prices Spike We Have To Deal with It. We Need to Totally Decimate Their Economy and Their Way of Life to Make It Clear That This Cannot Stand Vladimir Putin Cannot so Mike Bloomberg You Work for Him Last Night. So Mike Bloomberg Is the Ultimate Environmentalist Anti-Gun Guy Other Things He's Conservative on Mike Bloomberg Was Present. Right Now We Give up His Green Agenda and and Say Were Going to Start Pumping More Here Little Release through Leases That I Put on Hold.

I Can't Speak for Michael. We Think, I Think That Mike Bloomberg Has Always Told Me He Would Do What's Right for America Based on Not Politics, but on What Was Right, Not As a Democrat or Republican, Based on His Own Perception. I Am Confident That Mike Bloomberg If He Was President. He Is Head of the Defense Advisory Board Not, but If He Were, He Would Do the Right Thing in This Crisis As He Is Always Done in His Very Long Public and Private Career. I Used To Be. I Don't Really Care As Much about Bloomberg Himself, but He Represents the Green Side of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, the with These of the PIQ Disc. He Agrees with Dale CMM Should Be Signed onto the New Green Deal Right All I Know.

I Don't Believe You Signed onto the New Greenville, but I Can Tell You I've Spoken Mike Bloomberg. He Is a Patriot First and If You Believe If You Ask Me. In General Terms, I Can Speak about What He Would Do If You Asked Me in General Terms As a Patriot.

Mike Bloomberg Puts Love of Country in the Interests of America I Had of Any Political Agenda, Logical Agenda. He Is an American, an American Patriot in My Mind in American Air. I'm Not Just Sistan the Job. I Did 70 Years Old Clearly in the Last Lap of His Political Career Is That Worried about Not Doing the Right Thing Were Joe Mansion or Was He Just Do Things a Joe Mansion's Been Doing Not Give up His Party Would Do Things. It Got up, Asked to Go to Help the Country.

I Couldn't Agree More Time for Leadership.

Yes for Nonpartisanship and Putting the Country First Line That Has Been Your Credo As Long As I've Known You and You Continue to Be That Thank You and That's Why I Was Stunned by This Sen. John Kerry Massive Admissions Consequences of the War, but Equally Importantly, You Lose People's Focus Will Lose Certainly Big Country. Attention Because They Will Be Diverted.

I Think It Could Have a Damaging.I Hope Will Help Us to Stay on Track with Respect to What We Need to Do for the Climate He's Worried about the Climate. This Is the I Know He's He's the Greens Are, but to See His Question He Parries Everything to Climate Is That I'm Just Trying to Figure out What Pres. Biden Is Worried about Is That Mindset to Other People Have That Mindset.

The Left Wing of the Democratic Party in Control of the Presidency, Sanders Was Elected Not Biden and What John Kerry Is Saying to Me Is Just Plain Wrong As Well.

When We're in a Global Crisis. A Potential for a World War and Knows the Potential for a Nuclear Conflagration. Let Us Put the National Interest First and Stop with the Objectives I Want to Tap into Your Expertise of the Peloponnese Master Plan. He's a Big Mystery, but Not Necessarily You, Lisa Rice Said Sunday. It's Not the Guy That She Was Dealing with.

Marco Rubio Says This Is Not the Will of Body Boom from Five Years Ago When You Think This Is the Same Man Acting on an Agenda That Was Clear Eight Years Ago When I Wrote That Book, He Now Feels Emboldened Run Because of What Happened in Afghanistan and Because of Our Weak Leadership at the White House National Security Advisor in the Secretary Of State. You Don't Need to Be a Rocket Scientist to Figure This out to Go Ahead and Put Together a Plan That Military People of Said Is Just Ill-Conceived to Sign off on It. And to Think That He Was Going to Win over Ukraine by Brute Force or They Were Just Going to Quit or Be Happy to See Him Is Such a Miscalculation. I Just Didn't Think a KGB Guy That Does Intelligence Intelligence That Saying Is Intelligent, but He Is Intelligent. Sadly, I Might Say This at the Same Guy That Would Do This Type of Move. I Think You Calculated Based on Our Friendship about the Ukrainians Not Others Are Proud about the United States That Are Weak with Weakness, and so My Sense Is He Is Going to Double down. You Will See Brian.

He Will Bring in the Belarusian Army Will Bring in Every Last Crew. Yes, He's Miscalculated. But This War Is Not yet One. Not by a Longshot.

Knowing the World Is Watching.

Would He Be Willing to Raise a City like They Did Berlin at the End of World War II, Knowing That to Give Every We Had a Bomb We Were Dropping We Didn't Care Where It It That Was Evil and Had to Be Stopped Me in the Set Is He Really Going to Do That in the Two Big Cities. I Think What Was the Last Day or so.

Based on the Reporting I'm Saying Yes Is Moved Increasingly Closer to the Center of Parkey and Keogh, and I Worry That He Is Going to Bomb Indiscriminately and the Civilians and Children at Risk Is 6000 Arrested 6435 Detained for Protesting Him. We Know There's Been a Run on the Russian Banks. We Know the Ruble's Been Destroyed. We Know the Interest Rates Have Gone from 9 to 20%.

What Matters, and Everything I Just Said for Guided Lights. It Prides Himself on Support Political Survival. Does Any of This Worry Him or Worry Him As Well.6000 People Arrested 60,000 600,000 to 1 Million People in the Streets When His Rule Was Jeopardized. Then and Only Then Will He Change When You When You Talk about the Russian Press with the Resident We Just Watched. By the Way, If You Just Tuning in with Talking to Doug Shown Pro Book on Vladimir Putin Wrote a Column on Russia, China, the Axis, the New the New Cold War Challenge. Perhaps the End to Democracy in Russia and China on the Rise Tuesday through Know about This. So Doug, When You See What How This Is Playing in Russia. You Don't Really Go through the News. I Understand Anyone under 25 Is Really Not Even Watching the News They're Getting a Social Media but What They Have Access to What in Russia or Russia to Social Media Have Access to Some of Radio and Television That Screamed into the Country but the Entire Network of Russian Television Russian Radio Is Sensor Russian Crank Sensor so They Make It As Difficult As Possible to Get the News with Brian When the Body Bags Keep Coming Back. In Some Parts over 5000 Russian Troops up and Killed by Ukrainian As Those Numbers Get Higher and Higher. The Protests Got Louder and Louder. I Know It's Gruesome but Evidently They Brought Incendiary Incinerators to the Front Line so They Wouldn't Have the Afghanistan Problem of Body Bags so I Don't Know If They're There but There There We Were There Were on the Border before the Invasion Crazy. I Know Doug, Thanks so Much Appreciate Brian Thank You Go Get Him.

So We Come Back in Studio Bass Are the and Gov. Nikki Haley, This Is the Brain Tell Me, Joe, Don't Move Both Sides.

All Okay. If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about Your with Brian Kill Me This Morning As Missiles. This Square Dozens of Killed Ones. This Is the Price of Freedom Fighting Is Just for That and for Our Freedom Was Translated for Presence of Linsky, Who Was Commenting on Key How They're Being Besieged and Almost Encircled This Hour and That Is That the Second Major City Is Encircled in Their Being Pounded with Me in Studio If You Want Your Fractionation. You Know Already about Your Nikki Haley, Also the Former Governor of South Carolina Who These Must Be Frustrating for You to Know That You Can Have Such an Effect on Policy and I Feel My Opinion There Leading from behind with Your Thoughts, As a Human Being about a Translator Getting Emotional Just Translating from Ukrainian to English.

It's That First Fall of the Lansky and the Craney People Are Inspiring, Inspiring Because They Will Fight This Hard for Freedom. They Will Fight This Hard to Protect Their Country. They Don't Care Whether They Have Enough Arms Are Going to Do Whatever It Takes As Long As It Takes to Push Russia Back We Should All Want That Kind of Passion We Should All Fight Hard for Freedom. So I Saw the Number in Syria.

When They Got into Syria. They Knocked on the Door during Obama's Treatises, You Were in Will Go in There to Preserve the Side and They Kept Him in Office and They Were Able to Keep Those Ports and They Killed in the Course of Two Year over 5600 People 1/3 of Which Were Kids We Have Even Heard about This, but What It Sets out What Is That Say Ambassador about What They're Capable of Doing Here Lesson.

I Stood at the United Nations and I Held out Images of Children That Died from Chemical Weapons, and I Looked at the Russians and Asked Them How Many More Kids Had to Die for Them to Care Because They Were Allowing They Were Helping Putin Is an Evil Dictator Who Does Not Care about Life. He Is Going to Go and He's Frustrated That Ukraine Has Been This Difficult. We Shouldn't Put Anything past Him. We Need to Be Thinking Three Steps Ahead on What Were Gonna Do When He Take That Next Step. We Need to Be Ready. America Has Been Reactionary. The World Has Been Reactionary. We Need to Get in Front of This and Really Start Sticking It to Put in Where It Hurts.

Switzerland and Germany Have Have Joined in the Economic Sanctions.

Canada Is No Longer Taking Russian Oil. Germany Says Will Going to Pay or 2% to NATO and Starting to Revisit Nuclear Energy to Put in Perspective, Everything I Just Said Compared to What You Wanted. Well, That's German Guilt Right That's German Guilt That Looked They Got Europe into the Situation of an Germany into the Situation of Being That Dependent They Get the Fact That Once This Is over All Fingers Are Going to Answer. They're Doing Exactly What They Should Do. Welcome to the Club They Need to Sale Other Pipelines Go through the Hub with Extreme Wanted to. In the End, the Idea That You Know What I Think You've Got a Regime Change Right Michael Laughed.

It's a Perfect Example of Why Germany Needs Term Limits the Fact That Marcus Gagne Got a New Administration. They See the Writing on the Wall They Get the Fact That They Could Be Next. And They Know They've Got to Do Something about the Rest of the Europeans Europeans When I Was at the United Nations. They Want to Hug It out Right.

They Don't Have a Spine They Don't Know How to Fight.

It Is Nice to See Them Stepping up, but the Reason There Stepping up As They Know They Could Be Next. They Get. This Is Very Real to Them Aware That They're Not Responding to Us for the First Time in My Lifetime.

They're Not Responding to Our Requests.

They're Doing Everything We Reacted.

We Were Second to Swift and We Have Still Not Responded to Being the Number One Customer of Russian Oil and Gas Investor. Haley Came in a Couple Minutes Early for Me a Real Segments Coming up Next.

Although This Was All Good to Thanks Investor Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show You to Be Equal Members of Your European Union Is Going to Be Much Stronger without Phil, We Have Proven Our Strengths. When You Have That As We Are Exactly the Same As You so Do Pruning.

Thank You. I Wish I Was to Prove That You Will Not Let You Prove That Indeed All Periods Then Life Will When Death Will Win Darkness. Glory Be to Your Crime and the European Union. Parliament Stood up and Cheered Standing Ovation for Vladimir Zelinski. That Was the Translator He Upped on This 20, Caused by Surprise during Fox and Friends and Just Say Listen, You Know That Application I Sent in for the European Union More Than Symbolism. I like to Address You Guys. I Want to Be Your. We Want to Be European We Want Nothing to Do with Russia. Let's Set the Record Straight.

Pure Emotion.

I've Never Seen Anything Quite like That.

So Real with Me Right Now Is Investor Nikki Haley Bass. You Know These People Right. How Rare Is It to Have Him Streamed in Somewhere and Keep Maybe Giving up of His Location to Do It and Is Security and Just Say Let Me in. And It's It's Inspiring.

It's the Wake up Call.

The World Needs and It's Something That I Hope the EU Will Respond to You. I May Not See European Decision. We Don't Have a Vote, but I Would Certainly Encourage the EU to Left MN Because Boy Did I Have the Spirit That We Need to See and I'll Tell You, Brian. You Know When I Got to the United Nations Protocol Said That I Needed to Meet with the Russian Ambassador Needed to Be One of My Top Five Meetings I Purposely through Protocol out the Door and Met with Ukrainian Pres. Ukrainian Ambassador First before I Met with the Russian and Master the First Speech I Gave in the United Nations Was in Defense of Ukraine and Support of Then and Kicking Russia for What They Had Done with Crimea so This Is Something It's Been a Long Time Coming, EU Needs to Realize. Look, He's More European Than He'll Ever Be Russian (Then Lengthening It All Make Their Whole Unit Better. I Know You Don't Know the Protocol.

I Don't Know Anybody That Has Those Particle Again to European Union. It's a Vote. They Each Vote.

That's It Does Have To Be Unanimous, Was a 2727 Country 30 NATO. I Know That I Know It's a Vote I Don't Know That Has To Be Unanimous. So He Said That and I Think One Thing I Know It Does Work. Number One Is They've a Responded Number Two Is Just a Get It on the Record Know What He Thinks Is Nobody in Ukraine Thinks the Part of Russia Stop Saying That Survived a Principal for 90 Minutes. Two Days Ago All Have One in Blewett Style Employed by Litwin Khrushchev Flew by Letting Crimea Go up. People Just Stand. He Was Rambling and I Just Ask You Yes Doug Childers Did a Book on Amended and Studied the People around Him. Do You Think That He Is Not the Same Guy That He Was or Is This Just Him Acting on His Every Whim. I've Always Thought He Was Evil Because I Saw I Saw the Things That He Did Us All the People He Just He Eliminated I Saw the Things He Kind He Tried to Do. People Who Have Dealt with Him Have Said That This Is a Different Person. We Should Trust That We Should Trust That He Is Crazy We Should Trust That We Don't Know What He's Gonna Do. It's Very Telling That You've Even Got Russians in the Streets Protesting. Knowing the Danger That They Would Have of Being Arrested. It's Very Telling That Soldier's Plan and Being Told That This Was a Training Mission and Now Are Being Told That They're at War and They Are Turning on This Is Going to Be a Moment Where You're Saying That You Know the Very Russian People Say Whole.This Is Not the Leader That We Asked for and If It Is True between Four 5000 Dead Russians Really Do Ukraine You Have €150,000. All This Money, You Have All This Experience and You Lost 5000 People to People That Don't Have Any Tanks. It's Incredible but Real Quick. Something Happened to the United Nations Today That Is Quite Unique and Dramatic Work for Radio One Foreign Minister Laffer of Address of the Humanitarian Counsel What Happened. It Was Beautiful of the Walkout. They All Walked out.

Started with Ukrainian Amb. and They All Followed Him. So He Was Making Address in over 100 Investors Got up and Walked out Yeah and That's What Made Sabin Look Right Now.

There's A Lot the US Could Do to Really Have the Backs of Ukraine. We Could Go and Sanction Every One of Their Energy Companies by Jet to Do That We Could Push to Completely Remove Them from the Swift Banking System. They're Not yet Energy Stocks Are Exempt. That's Exactly Right. Biden Hasn't Done That We Should Be Going to the UN Railing Saying They Bore Criminals Don't Deserve to Sit on the Security Council Certainly Should Have a Veto We Should Go and Have Them Removed from the General Assembly in the UN, but More Than That. Brian Should Have Them Removed from the Human Rights Council. Biden Chose to Get Back in after We Pulled Ourselves out If He's Going to Sit Shoulder to Shoulder with Russia Either.

Russia Goes or the US Because Biden Has To Make a Choice and We Absolutely Cannot Sit in Negotiations with Iran Next to Russian Next to China Would to Love Our Enemies and Make a Deal. We Cannot Do That Biden Cannot Allow That Iran Deal to Go Forward. I Should Be Saying This More What You Just Said It Sounds like He Almost Misspoke What Is Fact. Believe It or Not We Are Dealing Not Sure Which City Would Country It Is We Are Now Sitting down the Iranians Cutting a Worse Deal Than We Did before, and yet Asking the Russians to Help Us with It Sitting down on Their Side with China to Convince around the Sun onto a Nuclear Deal.

We Know My Editorial They're Not Going to Adhere to and They Weren't. It's a Fireball into a Fireball Affects Biden Cannot Do This. It Is Unthinkable That We Would Get and What Was More Embarrassing Is Just Thought I Hate to Think of How to United Nations Right Now Knowing That My President Went and Asked the Head of China to Help with Russia. You Never Go after an Enemy for Help with Another Enemy. Is There Any Shock That China Turned around and Told Russia Everything We Said It's Humiliating. Wake up America Can't Continue and I'm Just Amazed on the Sunday I Watch on the Sunday Shows up Because I Don't Have Any Friends and I Have a DVR so Much of the Sunday Shows in Almost Every Host Got to Why Did Donald Trump Say Nice Things about Vladimir Putin. I Was Second, You Had a Sitting President Nine States Tell Top-Secret Intelligence to the President of China Who Basically Is a Sworn Enemy of Ours Who Told Another Sworn Enemy Exactly What We Told Him and You Think What Donald Trump Said on a Radio Interview Which Was Totally Defined Differently in a Major Speech Two Days Later, Where He Said What He Did. How Wrong It Was and How the Bravery of Zelinski Was Pretty Clear. Everybody Thinks That's a Big Storyline Answered and That This Did Not Happen under Trump Right It Didn't Happen under Trump Because We Didn't See Afghanistan Fall Where We Got out in the Middle of the Night and Left Our Allies That Should Stood Shoulder to Shoulder with Us for Decades in the Dark Not Knowing.

We Then Left. This Didn't Happen Because Trump Didn't Wave Nordstrom to He Thought I Thought It UN. We Thought Nordstrom to When We Fought the Germans on That This Didn't Happen under Trump Because We Never Allowed These Kind of We Follow Herself to Get Back in the Iran Deal. We Got the Iran Deal in This Didn't Happen under Trump Because Trump Never Talked about Minor Incursions Ever. He Never Talked about Minor Incursions.

Every One of These Was a Green Light to Put in and Every One of These.

If We Don't Wake up.

Don't Take Your Eyes off of China Because China Is Paying Attention to Every Country Giving Aid to Ukraine. John Is Paying Attention to What the US Is Doing China Is Continuing to Move Towards Taiwan and Watching Everything We Do. We Can't Take Our Eyes. Keep in Mind It's Not All Doom and Gloom We Were Seeing, and Even Know Were Leading from behind Were Seeing Is a Unification Here of People on the Same Page. Condemning Russian Actually Taking Action to Support That Including Switzerland, Who I Understand Didn't Condemn Hitler so and Didn't Sanction Hitler so They Sanction the Banks of My Goodness. I Seems like Every International Business As a Bank Account in Switzerland like These Oligarchs Who Certainly Have To Be Feeling the Pressure and Those Are the Ones That Putin Allows to Exist, and They Allow Putin to Exist. So If You Want to Pressure Them You Pressure the Oligarch Levi, and I Understand We've Artie Had Oligarchs Come out and Condemn Putin to Russian Oligarchs Have Artie Come out and Condemned and Said What He's Doing Is Wrong Because in Switzerland God Bless and They Usually Hug It out and I Love the Fact That They Stepped up and Did This As a Unifying Moment for the World If We Allow It to Be a Unifying Moment of Freedom and Democracy I Get Steering a Couple of Things I Think Were Realizing We Always Take for Granted and That's Freedom and Democracy.

These People Are Dying Forward in This Because It's Not the Perfect Democracy We Know This Corruption There. No One Denies It. Zelinski Doesn't Deny Try to Straighten It out. Being Too Kind to Some of Us to Some of His Allies. I Get It. Let's Work It out.

That's Not a Big Deal. That's Aspiration We Take That for Granted Here with What We're Talking about Socialism How Bad We Are, How We Are the 1690 Project Was Second. These People Are Spying for the Type of Government That We Are Ridiculing Number Two Is This Could Be Good Because China Is Because It Was Second, I Need Your Present Market like Them to Form a Government. I Need to Bet Manufacture There.

I Need to Be Educated in America You Might Be Would Be Educated in America for Selfish Reasons.

I Need Those Marketplace for a Place to Grow Because My People Need Jobs Our Economy Needs to Flourish Now There Seeing the Waiver Was Unified against Their Their Ally. They Think Yourselves Now. Possibly If the Outcome Ends up Positive. Possibly Seeing That the Downside of Acting Unilaterally like They Did in Hong Kong like They've Done with the Uighurs.

They Did This Thing They Didn't Pay Any Price They Didn't Do Anything without Going Didn't Pay Any Price, but Possibly Seeing an Invasion of Taiwan. They Would Pay a Price Might That Give Him Hesitancy. While I Think That We Have To Push Hard and Pushed Fast and I Think We Should Take China the Word They Say That Taiwan Is Part of Them. I Think They're Going to Move on That What We Need to Do Is Make Them Realize They Don't They're Not Ready. They're Not Ready to Do This We Need to Really Get Strong When I Hope Brian Is.

I Hope Our Country Stops This National Self-Loathing We've Had Happen for Years and Comes Together and Sees the Heart of the Ukrainian People I Know Yeah That Could Be Absolutely. We Are Not Exempt from That That Could Be Asked If We Go to War with China. If China Does Anything That's Not Russia That's a Stronger Boulder Country That Will Come after Us in Every Way Shape or Form. And They've Already Done That and You're Seeing What's Happened with Russian Companies and and Russian Dependence on Oil. Look at the Dependence We Have on China. Look at How Our Companies Are Intertwined with China and Willingly.

Every One of Them Needs to Look at Those Transactions and Said Okay If China Moved on Taiwan Today, What Would Their Endgame Be What Would the Exit They Feel It's Amazing. And You Know These People. I Just Know of Them I Go You Look at Ray Dalia with Bridgewater You Look at Blackstone and Fink All These People. They Basically You Put the Coin Who They like Better the US or China Because the Making a Profit and I Ask You I Don't Even Know What It's like to Even Want That Much Money, but If You Have 200 Billion Is Adept at Living in 100 Billion.

And If You Want up to the People That Invested with You and Say Were Going Have To Take a Head End and Subtract from Portfolio Stocks Are Going to Flourish in China Is Not Our National Interest Is A Lot Of People Who Actually Bleed Red White and Blue Brian. If You Sleep with the Devil, the Devil, and You and Every One of These Companies Attend That Which I Had a Nike All of Them Every One of Them That's in Bed with China Is Going to Feel the Pain of This They Think They Can Wait until Tomorrow. There Won't Be a Tomorrow If They Don't Start Pulling Away. Now They Will See Massive Consequences to Their Relationship with China.

China Is Not a Country That We Want to Be Invested and I Will Tell You That If We Don't Start Pulling Our National Security on Levers on This.

It's Really Important What Grapevine Gives out a Bunch of Tests When You Turn It over. Why Is It Made in China and 95 Master. They All Want to Swear Their Main China Medications Are Made in China.

When Are We Gonna Wake up and Say Okay We Should Look at Everything to Our National Security Lands Anything That's National Security Threat Task. We Cannot Be Dependent on Anime to Give It to Lester. Nikki Haley Here about Knowing Another Minute. But You Know How Government Works so You Get Elected You Making $400,000 to Guide You Dealing with Make $400,000 a Day and You Say Hey Listen with a Woman JTM so Pull Your Plans out Hey Hey Blackstone I Need I Need Just to Put That Investment out. How Does That Work in a Free Market Society. You Point to What's Happening in Ukraine and Used Point to the Fact That Dan Meyer Pulled All Their Business Out Of Russia.

Volvo Has Pulled Their Business Out Of Russia Netflix. All of These Companies Are Now Pulling Their Business Out Of Russia Out Of Panic. Now What You Do Is You Go to Those Companies and Say This Is a Patriotic Moment.

You Either Do This Now and Do and Why You Control It or It's Gonna Happen to You and You Let Them Know the US and to Bail Anybody out Where Not Bailing out Any Companies for This You Chose to Do It Your to Be in Bed with Our American People Cannot Be Sacrificed Because of Right. It Just Seems That When It Comes to China They Have a Whole Different Easy to Get Easy to Get Out Of Russia.

There Would Be China Best. I Know You Want to Get Back in the Game, You Know, It's Clearly Huge You Feel so You Could Make It Affect Is Especially Frustrating As You Really Feel You Could Make It Different I Would Be Railing at the United Nations. Right Now I'm I Can't Tell You That the Havoc I Would Be Causing There and by the Way, I Did Notice Most of Terms without a Script. Always Yell You Don't Have To Be a Rocket Scientist to Know How to Treat Your Enemies, and How to Treat Your Friends Right and You Act Accordingly. Absolutely. Best, Nikki Haley, Gov. Nikki Haley, Great to See.

If, Thanks and I Hope You Get a Good Outcome on This Because the Ukrainian People Are Paying the Price Should All Pray Back in a Moment, Newsmakers and News Breakers. First Kill Me and Show Breaking Loose Unique Opinions. All Brian Kill Me Show You My Counterpart. The Survey Minsky Was Publicly Humiliated by Vladimir Putin in the National Security Council That Something That Hasn't Done before. That's Very Erratic Behavior. So I Do Think That Everyone Needs to Be Concerned Whether It's That He's Physically Ill, or That He's Mentally Unstable You Get to the Same Place. He Is the Leader of a Country That Has One of the Largest Nuclear Stockpiles on the Planet and He Is in Uncharted Waters Right Now in Terms of Losing in a Military Battle That He Expected to Win Quickly and Now John Radcliffe. He Knows Things We Don't Know and He Still Holds Those Secrets, but Does Say This Is Because Profiling Differently. Vladimir Putin Just Real Quick.

I Have a Fox Nation Special Which Can Be on Sunday on the Channel but Right Now It's on Fox Nation Is Called Who Was Vladimir Putin. Just Give Yourself a Competency When He Go and Talk about or Think about What Were up against.

And I'll Be on the Five Today Where in the Same Exact Outfit to Watch Me a Fox Nation on. I Hope That's Okay with You. You Are More People Weighing in on the Vitamin.

Putin, His Actions and What He's Capable of and Who Used To Be Cut Eight over the Last Couple Years I Spent More and More Isolated Is Not Been the Problem for Most Part I Don't Think Is Good Is a Rush Tractor Because He's Fearful. It Doesn't Look Very Powerful and Jeopardizes Boy to Stay in Power That Weren't Rational Actors. A Very Elastic Rate Is out at His Compound Doesn't Come into Town Very Much and under Covert He's Been More Isolated. He's Increasingly Unhinged in the Way That He Talks about the Regime While I Met with Him Many Times and This Is a Different He Seems Erratic.

There Is an Aberrant, Deepening, Delusional Rendering of History. He's Descending into Something That I Personally Haven't Seen before and about the Battle and Their Descending into Something Looking for Looking for Total Annihilation of Two Major Cities, and While Trying to Get All the Port Cities in a Row. So Try to Do This from Two Separate Sides Now While a 40 Mile Caravan Is Heading Towards Keith Keefe to Take Them on. We Know the Presence Once He's Had a Busy Day. He's Stress European Union. I Understand He Just Did an Interview with One of the Networks and Were Trying to See Where He Stands Because They Know There's a Hit Squad Being Sent in This Wagoner Group, This Being Sent in from Africa to Target Him. It's about 400 Guys Deep in Their Targeting Him in the Charging for the Two Former Heavyweight Champion to the World Happen to Be Brothers Vitaly and Vonda Vladimir. So How Would You React If They Are Taken out.

Think about That Is You Have To Think about It Because Nobody Else Is Helping You Get a More Weapons Ready.

Getting Supplies Ukrainians Will Fight to the Death. Just Hope They Don't All Die Fighting over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources.

A Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not

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