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War Crimes: Russia Bombs Civilian Targets in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 2, 2022 12:43 pm

War Crimes: Russia Bombs Civilian Targets in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 2, 2022 12:43 pm

[00:01:03] Brian’s Big 3

[00:18:32] Rich Lowry

[00:38:58] Brit Hume

[00:55:13] Michael Rubin

[01:16:17] Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg (Ret.)

[01:31:50] Jennifer Griffin

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach. Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here, but if the brain can only chill 1-866-408-7669. You know will come to you from New York would burn around the country and I hope heard around the world that people are focusing thankfully on Ukraine even know many of you have never been there. Most of you 6000 miles away from this country, you realize it if you let them this country fall there, and after the Baltic nations there, after the NATO nations, and then who's going to have the stomach to spine to take on Russian we have to. That's why they gotta stop here are Rich Larry joins us this hour so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three the state of your strong because you American people are strong, yeah that is present by the state of the union address was just about an hour was uneven and organized.

And for me divorce from reality. What about you ministration continue to talk about how hard after bladder and I really feel the full weight of sanctions, but they're not willing to touch his energy. It's not. That's Rebecca Heinrichs is an expert in that field is America doing enough know what we we are the number one buyer of Russian oil and we decided not to change that we both decided not to sanction their energy stocks of the banks that do that they're refusing to increase drilling and fracking. So, no we are not doing enough for overnight violence erupted once again across Ukraine as Russian forces continue their push not only from the South, but also from the North East we saw in the city of Paris on Russian forces, claiming that they've actually captured this city moving forward from Crimea, if confirmed, it would give them a significant area of land, allowing them to bring more forces deeper into Ukraine war rages in Ukraine is two major cities are close to being surrounded and the targets of attacks are mostly civilians and military structures ablate more crime.

Meanwhile, global sanctions isolation starts to take a toll inside Russia and hopefully on Vladimir Putin so here's what's going on.

It is estimated that the Russians have lost 1500 people plus soldiers there military people that correct yes you know what they're doing to show you how little regard they have for each other, leaving the bodies in the battlefield. Can you imagine this, we have soldiers who give their lives to bring back remains.

We are still dealing with getting remains back from Vietnam and North Korea and they are leaving bodies.yet cold on the battlefield that so much they care for human life in the Russia and Ukrainians of said divorce 2000 civilians to this point most of their numbers might even be higher.

And why wouldn't they be because the Russians frustrated because the Greek writings didn't give up.

In fact, just the opposite. They fought with everything they had from no train military to just determine citizens. They realize their first battle plan was terrible.

The logistics were awful. They couldn't get enough food to people he couldn't get enough fuel to people they couldn't get enough ammo.

There their supply lines way too big. So now they just gonna roll in and do they always do. Just destroy cities with kids, women and children inside them.

I mean, and while the president comes out and takes about last night: one.

The state of your strong because you American people are strong, I get it. We don't want to world war. I understand that but there's gotta be other things we can do than watch people that want nothing more than to be in NATO and being European Union and get away from Russia allowed them to get annihilated because Russia has nuclear weapons and because they got it. A heartless, soulless fog running their country who might just be out of his mind.

In the present United States talk about this cut three I'm announcing that we will join our allies in closing off American airspace to all Russian flights right now.

Russian forces are in control. They claim appears on a Keyport city that allows them to link up with the other Don Bass, region and Crimea start slowly but surely creeping up the coast are starting to carve up that country and kill everyone that sticks around. In fact, let me Putin said get out because if you don't get out a base gonna kill you. Thankfully, the kill squad they sent into the Ukraine was killed themselves.

Yesterday, so literally assassination crowd teams have been sent in. The key to kill Zielinski.

Why couldn't the present United States pick up the phone and say hands off. This leader is now a global icon for what he's doing. The courage which he shown as people rallying in the streets for their cause, who never even heard of the Ukraine. Everyone has a liberal is Sean Penn to as conservative as Ted Cruz, the president has an issue that unites and sending just Stinger missiles and javelins, and being so late on it is not okay 500,000 the streets of Berlin. The pacifist nation since their horrible war crimes of World War I and World War II that you tell him something and I don't think he's got the message fact. I know he has a busy still talking about a green agenda. He still talking about turnaround in the economy right now were focused on global peace that even God our pacifist allies put into action outside the UK so the reason why people aren't happy with the way the presidents handled the Russia 34% approval rating.

The reason why people aren't happy with handling the economy, 34% approval rating. Overall, according to Washington Post friendly organization.

39% approval rating because they just are slow to realize how good they have it. Listen to his Ron clean. Maybe the worst Chief of Staff ever, who thought the president's future should be with the squad cut 10, also, that many Americans remain pessimistic about the economy. How do we change that perception. Think your question, I think look, I work in the White House twice before times economic recovery. What I what I can tell you is that the economy comes back first and voters internalize that second that they they need to see that the positive signs. There saying are just temporary, and I think that that progress needs to be fully internalized by the American people why I think they just need to believe it's real is unbelievable. So you have to fully internalize your happiness. So master coming off your wages have gone up 5.7% before taxes. The problem is full inflations like a percent gas is going up 40% a year.

I guess if you count over the next month because the gas prices now to be hundred $10 a barrel. I guess you could say it's can be up maybe 60% in a year when you try to buy used car is up significantly over sticker price you can't get a use you can't get a new car is virtually impossible severe.

The car industry, you might benefit if you the owner of that lot, but not of your salesperson because you don't have much inventory to get rid of but you realize how good you have it. I'm not saying that 5.7% growth in the GDP where I think it might 5.8% is not something to celebrate, but you can't tell people how to feel and when they say they don't feel as though things are getting better. It just because they don't realize how good they have it. It is a naughty thing, especially because and I will not turn away from it. The court it's it's about to Take Pl. in Kyiv and car cave.

You talk about the displacement of tens of thousands of people.

They expect 4 million to flood neighboring nations of Romania, mostly Poland right now as we speak. They are estimating that about 680,000 people you talk about a massive refugee crisis. Gotta be costly and and have human toll as well as you huge financial burden on these neighboring countries. So, Poland, Romania, mulled over, get ready Germany get ready to accept a whole lot of people may be hungry and ready to accept a whole lot why because Russia decided that they wanted to carve up Ukraine and we are outraged.

I believe that they were to give it up on the Ukraine. I believe the gotta give them weapons for they think they are good at their hopeless and I just think they underestimated the Ukrainian spirit to fight the overestimated the Russians ability to fight and I don't believe that they understand what is next. You leave Afghanistan an absolute rack or you are a reputation so may be beyond help for the next couple of decades and then you see Russian aggression promised, predicted, and then executed under your watch. Can you imagine if Pres. Trump was in power when Afghanistan fell the way he did with 13 Americans dying a few couple of dozen being severely wounded and then Caliban taking over because the hottie left. We left all of our equipment there don't need to tell you that we get the presidents numbers have recovered from that and then you pivot over to Russia, where everyone said the president sold out the Vladimir Putin well. He took Georgia under Bush. He took part two Ukraine under Obama and always taken the rest Ukraine overbite and what's missing the Donald Trump Europe for years. Can you imagine if this happened during Trump. Adam Schiff morning Joe, the president got the president gave up the Ukrainian old Vladimir Putin a favor because he's got busy at the Miss universe pageant air. Whatever crazy scheme they had to eventually build a hotel there.

That's what been the talk in America today and so damaging beyond recognition, but instead you have a guy with 50 years of far Paul experience who always seems out of his depth, especially last night I Julie pain files like the plague state of the union things in the night before. Regardless, what's happening in the country regardless of whose present, I'll play some of it, but it's painful to listen to because I don't think they put nine seconds into the content of it. I don't believe a word that he believes in it, said to refund the police not defund the police as any cop family believe he believes that he said our border were doing great things at the border with technology and an pressure on some Central American nations, is anyone who works the border or sees boom illusion or or Griff Jenkins reports believe that for a second as the fence we paid for the wall. We bought rust in the desert. Nobody believes something I didn't want to waste your time.

1-866-408-7669. I like going on. We are tapped and I got the best sources ever at Fox news about what's happening over and car keys as well as key have or key via key have is with the Russian space will call cave and it is for virtually approving was getting the ultimate confirmation people in the region say this these horrific leader as use of Thermo barrack bomb, which is a vacuum bomb which basically vaporizes human beings from the inside out. This is the brain kill me show on radio show of people for the brain kill me. Fox News contrasts network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine Fox News network and on the next Fox News contributor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week as the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show medicated task force to go after the crimes of the Russian oligarchs were joining with European allies defined and sees their yachts and luxury apartments are private jet before you got okay so let me understand what the I love that he did that. I'm no problem in Hawaii waiting.

Do you understand if you watch the fighting. I don't see if you watch the fighting don't go to Delaware all week, and a schedule 12 30 meeting on Friday. If you watch the fighting. You know that you should not wait one minute let alone an hour let alone a week and say hold on for a month in the Ukraine because you have a enemy which is not worried about killing civilians. In fact I would argue they are targeting them and they're just looking to wear down these Ukrainians were begging for a no-fly zone which we will give them so now you have him suited to handling when it comes to the oligarchs wealth and pressuring them to pressure Putin got what you should do is what's happening with private industry notes having private industry refiner, I am so hard to find the cells in the Wall Street Journal today Sweden and and Finland have refineries privately owned refineries were no longer refining Royal oil and Russian oil and gas you have banks no longer financing the transfer to zip transportation of Russian oil and gas and that means these wells company you have them D vesting in shell NBP then I find out a Texas refinery has said were not going to refine Russian oil and gas so what is the present waiting for private industry have stepped up from Netflix to Disney to Apple.

I'm not dealing with a rush on Meka to do it and the people of seen it you haven't sold this to us.

The government hasn't jammed this down our throats. It is with the ads but were billboards we watching this and saying, this cannot stand. Jason was in the boxes ready, rapid Kentucky, a vacation, I brought up. They were even watching: he acted like a girl who just found out she was going to Disneyland but I think that hour-long capture of those reading the screen illuminated how weak we are in a leadership position and lastly I found it you know if you think it is a victory lap. There was no mention of Afghanistan. I felt really bad for those family and really does come back Canada. Spotted by what what I saw how can you Jason if you are speechwriter or Chief of Staff same as president, I know you want about Afghanistan, we gotta mention those families it's the right thing to do.don't say God bless our troops and ignore our troops right you send them in their 13 lose their lives about 25 wounded. We'll talk about that they had.

They were in there because he could not come up with an exit strategy and when asked by Albert Bob border L board or who was running the Taliban at the time when they call back and they said are you going to secure the capital or away because the guns consent to get ransacked. We said we only one of the airport and then the Taliban provider of security on the outer ring in the airport. Then they told our men and women don't go outside the wire to get people that led to the bombing, which was predicted. Remember hours before we have word of a suicide bomber.

We don't know where and when foam it happens they die and then you get a mention on his first day. The union hundred percent Bob is missing Atlanta hey Bob why don't the Ukrainians blow up all the pipeline Obama welts on Clinton's 94 agreement 20 years later, they don't owe the West anything that hundreds of miles.

Russian pipeline just blow the crap out of them. You let the Europeans what not doing anything. Did you call it the United States of America anymore. It's just not work so you prissy keep saying it's totally unnecessary we know is I can put troops and was keep saying that no American troops will fight there really you don't even want did you just put that in the prompter uniting relays which are saying, I will do everything Ukrainians but I'm not in a fight for you generally promise 94 yup yup and claim the UK and so did Russia. Lastly, blow up those pipelines let everybody in Europe 210.

Brandon listening in Philadelphia. Brandon O'Brien, a fragment of a truck driver and man I regret and I came here legally.

My father made 15 guy in the next thing you know that he's actually telling everyone that you get up in order to let me know he was applying the issue, but I don't think you know I wasn't there to talk to Chris but you know we strong on the border.

I think he stood up because the press was matching up of the prisons done. Actually, I think it's his policy to open up the border because no one can be this inept. No one can be this inept to tell you border patrol just process people don't go capture them to fly them into airport small airports in overnight and in Jacksonville Florida in Westchester New York and various cities throughout Pennsylvania. That's a policy that's anti-American and he actually bragged about how is great on the board.

I just I just think the American people smarter than that. I give you men and women so much more credit than the president does precise personal power is America's love, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen now and Fox News by just radio show like no other and we are very concerned and we are monitoring fully aware that if there is any intentional targeting civilians that we are looking at the fact that there may be in violation very well may be in violation of international law really targeting civilians blowing up hospitals, schools is a violation because you love you let me go get a lawyer really confused about that. It's unbelievable how unprepared she is.

For every interview and that was our VP which Larry joins us now is prepare for every a duet of the Nash review author the case for nationalism rich.

I can't believe how consistently out of her depth, harasses that's just the latest example. Yeah well at one point out, it always feels that she is reading a few talking points that were prepared in advance and knows nothing else about what she's talking about and crisis hasn't been anything different going to war crimes unit of meaning want to go to the international criminal court and and charge him because I'm done.

There's no way out. You know if you ever want to step down or gets forced out your unit.

You don't make men to have more of a caged animal area, but clearly just as a matter of common sense that you will see the pictures of the destroyed apartment buildings so much easier. How little of how he described the operations in Russia cut to process Latimer sought to shake the very foundations of the free world. Thinking he can make it to his menacing ways, but he badly miscalculated.

He thought he could role in Ukraine in the world. Rollover.

Instead, he met with the wall wall of strength he never anticipated or imagined, he met Ukrainian people. So he went on to talk about this as if it's over. I know this is a unique situation but in a time in which were not fighting and he keeps telling everyone were not in a fight. There is a time in which he's now ramping up lethal weapons so as rest of the world. When we had three years to do the same thing. He's almost taking a Babel was your impression yeah that we need to guard against there and you feed on Twitter a lot you know you see these ridiculous images of you know a Russian tank being towed away by Ukrainian tractor and all the vehicles burning Russian armored vehicles, burning on the other side of the road and I Ukrainians got that but just just begun and there's there's no way prudent stopping and totally get into key you know and love letters America so we can to cutting assault on the back. I do think the response has been heartening and it has been stiffer than expected, both on the ground from the Ukrainians that I mean they didn't truly inspiring from the 150 on down and from the West in the sanctions have been more severe than he counted on. But we shouldn't be like the football any of them by any means. Think about this. The reports of Russians have lost at least 1200 people throughout the Ukrainians say it's higher but eliciting divorce at least 1200 people, mostly civilians, with Ukrainians 1200 soldiers guilty of doing just to show you how they view their conscripts or their forces. They leave so I did that somebody's kid just dead bodies in the field that you know and it sound like they are in a war zone where it's World War I and I got a run out of the bunker and grant bodies, but we go ahead and negotiate for the remains of people that died decades ago we had people give their lives to get a body back, get the remains back in a hot war zone. There even care enough to scoop them up. Naturally the mindset of these people knowingly honorable and it is something deeply human about you.

You get your phone and you treat them with the honor of Bethany Elliott is a huge, the Elliott of the body being the street at a dead body you know which it is that you really hard and those families back in Russia. You gotta feel for them that they'll be an emptiness, I meant terrible to lose and lose the servicemember in any circumstance, but an emptiness, but never filled just never getting that that body back and another indication just how unprofessional the items are not military asked her about just watching. Keep Kellogg talking to Dane and Bill about that that you have been shocking help that they are in it at that 40 mile convoy to much about what would last all 50 minutes against a more robust military and wheat we destroy it instantly there stuck on the roads there guys won't go out of the armor to actually when you're attacked by men on foot you need to get out the armor and engage them on foot as well.

If you can defeat them and they just have been willing to do that helically or poorly trained or that there is poor morale so that there's some hope that Jeff and that the total debacle for nomogram but it's were just getting a minute ago, you know you you got the you got the map and he got the well and it seems unlikely stop until he takes keep I get especially the bridge to stop the armaments of glowing embers also stopped supplies from coming so makes it harder to get supplies and I understand whether blue of the bridge to stop the Russians from taking the capital going into this freedom square so we understand the Russian stock market is remain closed. We know there's been we know the ruble is lost 30 to 40% of its value. Boone is also banning people from taking over which the equivalent of $10,000 out of out of the bank so they know that yesterday gel 411 people and 13 cities. Overall, around 7000. They continue to to rise up we have some oligarchs who this guy Olga depressed got this billionaire industrialist call for peace.

As soon as possible on telegrams put it out there this other embarrassing you know Dimitri Pesca off the guy with the brown airport in the middle got the mustache. He evidently his kids are posting a black banner and social media say no to war. They quickly took it down so the famous Chessmaster grandmasters tweeted no war there you have trouble holding onto their population when they realize they no longer able even to get their number. They will get a feeling about a couple weeks. The fact that they can get their number one export and my financing and that's Russian gas and oil and it looks like the Chinese are not stepping up as big as everyone thought to buy in the separate refineries are stepping up in Sweeney Finland and in Texas saying where not buying anything from you yet. It's a real people and right are you know when you're in line at 8 PM he can't get cash out that make that make a real difference. Obviously, to you and make you hurt and that is why this could be a threat to this game.

It could be a threat to his survival and chronic wonder what is endgame here is automatic getting them to keep even that thing work.

I got it and and let's negotiate now, and in that circumstance, you want to get my layout, but that goes on like that you know is not to The Ground and Militarily in Ukraine and the Sanctions Continued to Fight a Part of This Whole Justification for the Rule That He Restored the Russian Economy from the Rubble. It Was Then in the 1990s and If It Fits Vaporizing You Know That and in Front of Our Eyes Again That Shifted the Threat Is Legitimate Absolutely so Sick about This and Think It's Minor but Pleasing to the Big Picture They Tried Testily to Shield the Russian People Away from What's Happening Ukraine Saying Ridiculous Things like Were Trying to De-Knots If I Ukraine and Get a Get Rid of Those People Who Are Being Led by Drug Addicts and Then When the Soldiers Go in There They Go, We Don't Have a Problem with These People. Why Am I a War. I Do Not Want to Kill Them. Plus They Have No Experience, They Got Their Conscripts Got to Serve At Least Two Years. So the Last Time You're in a Situation like This a Go like This. I Go about My Life. Not Really. You Can Get Money Out Of the Bank Now You Have World Cup Keep Them Out Of the World Cup United Skating United the World Skating Federation Kicked Them Out Of the World Championship so You Might Say What's the Big Deal Formula One Is They Were Not to Have a Fence There. That's a Big Deal. Try to Get an Apple Phone You Not Going to Getting a GM Afford. It's Not That Happen. BP Is Pulling out Shell Is Pulling out Switzerland Is Freezing Money and Banks, Even the Rich Are Going to Find Themselves Squeezed so the Thing That I Have a Problem with Is the Pace in Which It's Happening and Rich, the Elephant in the Room Is the 650 Million Barrels a Day of Oil We Are Buying from Russia.

In Reality, How Long Can Joe Biden Rationalized Doing This. By the Well Yup Yeah I Would Hope Not. Not Longer. The Problem Is We Don't Have a Great Option in the US, We Can Stop by Matt. But Europeans Are Just Dependent Know Ukraine Was at 50% Germany 50% of the Oil or Gas Comes from Russia.

You Cut That off Entirely and You Ration Any Gas and Oil in Your Ear Own Country and Your People Are Feeling and Making a Major Sacrifice, but I Think Eventually That This Drag on. You Have To Have To Do This for the Foolishness of Not Having It All the above Energy Policy Here in the US and the Fortunate of Germany and and Others Not Having the Foresight to Not Make Himself Dependent on the Dictator and His and His Lambs and in Terms of What's Happening on the Ground to Let Him. He Had the Advantage of Having Total Control of the Information Environment and Controls the Media, but People Will Realize Right. You Can't Buy an IPhone Wonder What Going on and Not As Though You Bomb a 50 Billion Are Suffering Actually Feels That Will Make Them More Determined, but This Is an Accidental Crisis like That for Russian Writer Didn't Know This Was Happening until like the Day before When Putin Gave His Correct Beaches How Long They Can Only Be Willing to Sacrifice like My Family to Book Right Now Why Japan Decided Pearl Harbor Very Similar Situation. The Japanese Government Controlled Media. The Media Is Very Pro-Government That They're Fighting for China at That Everything Is Going Great.

But Then the Rationing Got More Severe and Everything Got Harder and That People Try to Figure out You Know What, No One Matter What We Are in for the Government Media Is Probably Not Going Well and You Not Write Something. I Concluded by Doing so, Just so You Know Were Not Alone.

Even Though My Everyone Was High-Fiving for the Speech Yesterday, Which I Know Anybody Will High-Five a Speech I Thought Was Terribly Written Was Haphazardly Look like He Was Reading a List Look like You Have the Speech and Input to the New News on Ukraine up Top and Just and Just Sent the Rest down but Having Said and Then Decided Okay by the Way Check My Scientist Time to Take up a Mess. Just the Day the Save the Union, Which Just Underlines the Farcical Hygiene Fear That We've Been Dealing with for Two Years and a Year for the with This Guy, Richard Haas Was a Real Sense of Foreign Policy with You Agree or Not Said This about the Speech There Was a Missed Opportunity Cut 29. I Was Not As Thrilled with the Speech or Some Other Sense of It Was a Real Missed Opportunity to Speak to the People around to Basically Send Messages That He That This Is Not the War but He Was Potentially Leading This Country over the Cliff That They Would Not Be Allowed to Prevail. And If They Continued One Way or Another. Russian Forces Were Not Going to Succeed in Ukraine We Would Determine over Time to Basically Do Their Whatever Needed to Be Done As We Did in Afghanistan. Here He Went on to Say This Present at One Point I Thought Was a. Write to Vladimir Putin, Who I Know Is Watching, Let Me Give You This Message You Do Anything like That.

Cut 30 Counselor Sent a Message to the Russian People All Those Brave People Who Are Getting Arrested and Coming out the Streets and Basically Say Our Problem Is Not with You.

The People of Russia Rushes a Great Country We Want Russia to Be Part of Europe. We Want Russia to Be a Part of the World, Vladimir Putin, However, Is the Threat What I Would Try to Do Is Encourage Movement among the Inner Circle of Generals and Oligarchs Who Are Paying an Enormous Price or with the Russian People Actually One of the Very Few Ways Joe. This Can and Well Is It There's Ultimately a Move against Alignment Either to Constrain Them or to Replace Him. I Would Have Been Reasonable about Negotiations Offer an Option. The One Thing That's Not Happen. Russia Is Not to Be Allowed to Prevail through Escalating through Conventional Arms Cyber Expanding, Tomato, Much Less Nuclear Arms. I Think There Were Messages That Auto Consent Last Night That Simply Were Not Sent Me Will. How Hard Would Be Great for Him to Pick up the Phone and Call Some Foreign Policy Experts to Get Divergent Views. Instead, I Think He Stuck with Susan Rice, Ron Clean and Him Yeah I Make Their Point Cranks up Pretty Good Is Better Than the Beach and Any Opportunity What Biden Could Benefit Speech Is under Talk and Eat. At the Top You Know What Type National Unity. Talk about Things I Think Really Important That We Can All Agree on and Preach about Ukraine Getting Back to Normal on COBIT and Can Be Speech about How We Need to Reassert Order in Our City and and Fund and Support Police Officers Actually Might Know People's Attention in My Mind of Attention Might Made It a Different Impression but Instead You Had Some of That Is All Family Can There in the Middle with All the Advocacy for Bill Back Better. That's Going Nowhere That Is Totally Irrelevant to What Most People Are Concerned about. And If You Happen so It Was a Missed Opportunity and a Pregnancy That Is Failing and Has Had Missed Opportunity after Opportunity and You'll Hear There Was Rebuttal to the Rebuttal against the President Which Was Unbelievable from Democratic Squad Members so You Hear That, and You Also See What Joe Match Was Sitting on the Republican Side Very Interesting.

Rich, Thanks so Much, 1-866-408-7669 We Come Back You Can Hear from AOC and How She Attacked the President to Diving Deep into Today's Top Stories Brian Kill Me. Some of Fox News Can't Just Network These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Time Listening Download Now and Fox News Time or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Contest. The More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian. Kill Me Are Something I Write and by the Lake, Not Glastonbury.

She Was Border Security Because You Want to Wide Open. He Wants People to State You Believe That the People Want 27, Exactly, Does She Understand That There Is No Green Technology to Heat Homes of an Entire Country Is Not Enough Windmills and Solar Panels to Do That to the Electric Car and Everything like That. Everything That She Enjoys, As I'm Sure She Gets Her Private Flights and Goes over and Was Using Jet Fuel, According to Many. That's What Planes Need in Order to Get Her Miami to Party and Get COBIT Herself Soaked in Order to Get All Fossil Fuels.

Maybe She Should Get off Fossil Fuels Maybe Set a Great Example and Then Maybe Elon Musk and Whisper in Her Ear.

We Don't Really Have Anything Reliable Enough to Mass Market in Terms of Electric Cars and Electric Cars Fueled by Coal Plants until We Get Electricity for the Most Part so Yeah Let's Just Get off Fossil Fuels It Just a Matter of Checking the Box Is Just a Matter of Going to the Electric Car Lot and the Electric Plane Instead of Going to the Gas Plane and the Jet Fuel Plane and the Car and the Gas Car so Will the Fundamental Issue Is Not Why Wouldn't It Be Great to Get off Carbon.

The Fundamental Issue the Technologies out There for Us to Get off That. So Who Would You like to Supply It Costs or Ron in Russia for Saudi Arabia. Can I Choose to Be into the Bunch of Us, We Will Get Some from Canada or Mexico A Lot Better about That. I'm No Idea Why She Is That Joe Might Eventually Kill Five Live from the Fox News Radio City Is New York City Fresh Office Set of Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice to the Brain to Me Joe Coming to You from New York around the Country and around the World Where People Are Paying Attention. Michael Rubin Will Be with Us As Our Michael You Know Him Is Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute Teaches Classes on Terrorism in the FBI Security Policy and Also Can Be Joined by All Human Matter, a Moment to Look into the Victory Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Stated He Is Strong Because You American People Are Strong. Ministration Continues to Talk about How Hard after Bladder. And It Really and Let Them Feel the Full Weight of Sanctions, but They're Not Willing to Touch His Energy Weird Is America Doing Enough. No, Not by a Long Shot. Talk about the Number One Buyer Russian Oil Is America Is Only That's Happening in Energy Stocks and Any Type of Sanction Is in on Any Energy Bank. Why Do We Feel As Though We Are Doing Enough Overnight Violence Erupted Once Again across Ukraine As Russian Forces Continue Their Push Not Only from the South, but Also from the North East We Saw in the City of Paris and Russian Forces, Claiming That They've Actually Captured the City Moving Forward from Crimea, If Confirmed, It Would Give Them a Significant Area of Land, Allowing Them to Bring More Forces Deeper into Ukraine Nobly Extra UNIX War Rages in Ukraine As Two Major Cities Are Almost Totally Surrounded and Targets of Attacks, Mostly Civilians Right Now Are in the Line of Fire and Nonmilitary Structures, Which Is a Blatant Warcry. Meanwhile, Global Sanctions and Isolation Start to Take a Toll inside Russia and the Worst Is yet to Come. Hopefully Vladimir Putin Pays the Price Resume You've Seen A Lot Of Conflicts with This Rank on the Scale of How Serious Americans Should Take It and Thanks Much for Joining Us.

By the Way You I Think This Is a Very, Very, Very Major War Track Think That Because First of All, Great Miscalculation on Bottom Important Part in Terms of What Price You Will Pay for Ultimately Conquering Ukraine, Which I Think Were All Men Are Beginning to Witness the Beginning At Least of the Endgame As Russian Forces Approach and Surgical and Precise Methods of Attack, Which I Think People Could Yield a Quick Victory or Giving Way Now to What Much Cooler and More Brutal Tactics Attacks on Civilian Targets Attacks on Monuments As You Mentioned, It's Going to Get Very Ugly and Bloodied and Tragic Ukrainian People Who Been so Remarkably but It but the Damage to Pollutant Whose Turn His Country. Now I Know Full on Pariah State Is Going to Be Very Great As Well so I Will As Soon As He and I Think I've Been Watching. I Know You're Impressed with Him to Pieces Quoted Somebody Wants to Help Us.

Everybody Has To Act Swiftly.

This Is a Moment Zelinski Went on to Say That If Ukraine Fails Than All of These Troops, We Had Your Borders: Lithuanian Lafayette Will Be Facing Greater Ratios Will Be More Provocations after That He's Totally Correct. You Really Think Rush Is Going to Stop Here Will Be Unnerving to Have Ukraine Overtaken Occupied Militarily by Russia's Army, but Bit off More Than He Can Chew on Ukraine Is like Me Once Once He Establishes His Dominion. There You Will Face an Insurgency Could Last Very Long Time to Time Him down and Bleed His Treasury, Which Is Already in Advance, Facing Severe Problems Because of the Sanctions so Full in the near Term. I Think He's Done for the Moment. We Worry about NATO Nations Are Vulnerable. Recently, the Principal at the Baltics Those Small Countries upon the Border to the North, Which Jackie and Others Who Say That NATO Is Really Not Very Good but I Doubt He'll Go There in the near Term, and Cried Back to Gen. King Was Saying Is Basically Weapons Depot and since Little Red Ice Isolated Area That Russia Still Has Is on the Doorstep of Lithuania so All You Have To Do Is Go in There and Open up the the Storage Locker in There Ready to Go If They Choose to Do That. But One Thing One Thing You Have To Say Right Is That We We Make a Big Mistake.

I Think through History Is Trying to Read Especially Recent History.

We Try to Rationalize with People That Don't like Us and Have Proven That They Will Act against Us from Our Ron and Now It Did the Best Example Is and Saddam Hussein, and Now the Bit Better Examples Vladimir Putin. We Want to Reset Their Relationship. We Lost Portions of Georgia That We Try to Recalibrate Their Relationship.

We Lose Portions of Ukraine and Then We Show Weakness Elsewhere. We All Might Lose the Entire Country to a Belligerent Power Do We Have To Recalculate We'd Have To Stop Trying to Pretend Our Enemies Have Western Values and Calculations Will Approach in Dealing with Rational or Not.

Side Pollutant throughout Much of His Time Has Shown That He Was At Least Rational That I Don't Think Is Any Doubt That the Wellspring of This Invasion Is Pollutant's Long-Standing Passion to Restore the Empire Was Once the Soviet Union That Russia Course Was the Head of That. I Think That's the Main Thing Here in Lawless Talk. We've Heard about NATO Expansion Being a Problem. NATO's Inclusion of Ukraine Was Really Not in the Cards in Any Foreseeable Time near Term Anyway and so I Think He Acted No Direct Causation. It's It's Not the Real Reason He Acted Because This Is Who We Want This Condoleezza Rice Will Each Talk to Will and She Was Certain.

State Fairly Often Used To Refer Somewhat Dismissively Love the Great Because She Said He Imagine Himself to Be like Catherine the Great, Who so Expanded Russia so I Think You Have To Keep That All That in Mind. He Seemed to Be Rational.

Now of Course He's Made This Terrible Mistake and Its Consequences Are Unfolding Almost without Regard to His State of Mind. This Is This Is a International Economic Disaster for Russia. It Is a Blot on the Country's Reputation Worldwide and Believe.

Believe Me, Russians Want to Be Thought of As a Decent People Living in a Great Country.

They Don't Want to Be Thought of As a Bully Nation Brutally Subjugating Its Neighbors in Flooring Civilians.

That's That's Not This Will Not Go down Well.

I Think the Russian People so There Is Isolated Improperly by His Own Mistakes about the Workings of Been Able to Interview People Who Know about the Inner Workings of This Government. In Particular, We See the so All Comical Images of Him Sitting on the Table Is 40 Feet Long with Generals Jammed into the Corner. You See When You Try to Talk to McCrone on the Same Table at the Same Time so It Does Not Seem like Watching Somebody Who's Really Got a Sense of Reality. Now When You Look at the Russian Stock Market Remains Closed. When You Look at the People He's Now Banning People from Taking out More Than $10,000 of Their Currency and the Equivalent of of Their Bank Receipt 411 People Arrested Yesterday. Just about 7000 around the Country Is a Say in a Couple Weeks She's Gonna Start to Feel the Pinch of People Going Elsewhere to Buy the Oil and Gas. My Question from What We've Seen so Far. What Will Ukraine Look like in a Couple Weeks While We Wait for the Sanctions to Get Traction Station throughout Much of the Country and Especially Impressed Most Tragically in Its Major Cities Which Is Nowhere Military Now Headed Were Saying Now on Morning Television Screens or Pictures of the Rubble from the from These Attacks in Certain Parts of the Country Not Get so Much in Queue, or Khaki, but That's Coming. It's Going to Be Looked Terrible Civilian Casualties Are Likely to Be Staggering, and Number Stories Will Come of This Will Be a Heartbreaking Work in This Country Will Ultimately I Think under the Pressure from the Kremlin. But This Was Not This Was Not by Any Means Brian. I Think What Would Vladimir Putin Had in Mind. He Thought He Was Going to Get a Quick Strike Screen Kind of Victory Would Require the Destruction of Everything You Say You Simply Going There Take over. Install Some Quisling to Run the Place for Him and and and That Would Be That It Happened. Think of It This Way Brian Said It Happened You Been Able to Do That and Calm Was Restored Fairly Quickly.

No One Would like What Happened in the World Opinion Would Would Be against It, but Not like It Is Now Not Absolute Value Positions Put up by the Ukrainian People in Their Military. That Is Change the Whole Complexion of It and It Had No Very Far-Reaching Consequences throughout the World Not Only in Terms of Attitudes toward Russia. But Towards Attitudes toward Their Own Domestic Situation.

Germany Being a Prime Example Prepared for. Finally, at Long Last to Meet Its Full Commitment to NATO on Military Spending.

Germany Now Beginning to Reverse Its Energy Policy for Shipment so Foolish for so Long.

So Here We Are. This Is a Turning Point in the World.

Good Things. I Just Assume That He Would Keep Going, but It's Come down Here Just Has To Hold Portions of Ukraine like He Did on Boston Crimea Boy This Time.

You Have To Keep His Military in Country to Sustain the City's He Would Be to Sidetrack Church about What We've Seen to Going to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Because He's Very Proven That He Can't Do It and I'll Give You Provocation Point He's Asking Belarus Descending Forces. Yes, Kazakhstan Is Sending Forces He's Go Back to Wegner Group from Africa.

If You Have Plenty of Infantry. You Don't Do Those Things Correct Bog down Here Go on for Quite a Long, It Works so Let's Look at Our Role Right Now You See That We We Stopped Let Him Say Country I'm Announcing That We Will Join Our Allies in Closing off American Airspace to All Russian Flights Was on Cut Dedicated Task Force to Go after the Crimes of the Russian Oligarchs Were Joining with European Allies Defined and Sees Their Yachts and Luxury Apartments. The Private Chat for You so Number One Your Assessment of Those Moves Will What You Said Last Oligarchs Oligarchs Might Prove Important Here Is At Least an outside Chance That These Cronies Become so Rich and Their Mother There Palaces in Western Watering Hole Riviera and so on and Have the Option of All This Grand Living for the Pollutant Regime They Might Get Sick of This. His Military Looking at His Continuing to Do This to This Country Knowing That It Is Illegitimate Warner Work and Commitment They May Think Better This As Well. So There's At Least Some Chance That the Cronies And/or the Military Might Rise up and Take Him out. I Don't Think It's a Long Shot but It's At Least a Possibility Is the One Thing I Can Think of That Gives Us Hope That the Poor Ukrainians Will Not Have To Withstand This Onslaught and All That Old Terrible Killing and Maiming Because by the $12,000 a Year, and yet He's One of the Richest Men in the World by These Panama Papers.

You Believe That They Have a Way to Track down His Wealth That Could Start Really Hitting Him at Home. Just from Your Experience You Won't like That and That's That Goes on the Heading of Things That Might Deter Him, Possibly, but I Think the Moment He Seemed Undeterred Her Ukraine Only Only Is Overthrowing the Good in This Terrible Conflict You Thanking Us with Longform Vision Going through My Little Brother That I Didn't Say That I Did Get Mad at Me That I Was Never There in the Private Use of the Fast Believe and I Went out Playing Baseball Back in a Moment, Go Right Back If You're Interested in Bryan's Talking about Your with Brian Kill Me without Russian Gas Industry's Problems in the Very Poor GDP Per Capita. I'm THINKING about the Selfish Position on the Way It Is, Is Completely Obsolete. Outrageous That He Is an International Pariah Is Ready Have Not Publicly Turned against Him That We Have Seen That 1 Usually Took Pl. in the Russian Navy and we also hear the troops are extremely low morale and will not desert theory out there and is more in the theory. It's been an Ukrainian camp and pretty consistent that if you look at this 40 mile and they say 15,000 troops 40 miles of Armitage screaming it to keep reason why it stopped is that they these guys are kicking open their gas, their gas tanks and drain them stopping people in front of them and they're glued to the road. They say that is key for these military experts that you have all these terrain vehicles and it's winter you should be able to go anywhere but get there stuck on the road so what's happening there. Do they not know to go off-road is there not really an option because of spring breaks and thaws those farmlands become mud Lynn and they don't move. Linda your Missouri healing. I'm thinking about Ukrainian seal and then I was thinking what would happen if and when China to Taiwan when the world backed up timeline like they are now. You know what people told me who are more cynical.

They said that the world is so intertwined with China's economy that they would look a look the other way like they did with the Uighurs like they did with Hong Kong. I don't really believe that because Taiwan spin on its own for for 60 years now and they are they do have their own economy. They aren't part of the Arno province.

They are a country, even though were not supposed to say country I actually believe would breed you was indicating before intimating and that China seen this in St. do I really want to deal with this though. I want to deal with this isolation diplomatically. Do I want to screw up all my business relationships Mike Belton Road program. I think this depending on how it comes out is a warning shot for China not to do it. Final thought from you.

Well I was thinking, I cannot see Hollywood cutting high NBA media all of the major companies that you know that the heart and soul now in China. I just can't see them cutting ties. I was just wondering how how it went. But then I see what you think. Kaylee is again be worth it to China but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Actually thanks much we appreciate your perspective. These are times in which we have to listen every minute to get the latest from the battlefield and for the political field is just around the corner as March is now here we come back to you have a chance to talk to Michael radio makes you think this is the Brian Kill me show you speech some small talk from my heart. This is not a war is genocide Ukrainian people by a crazy man who cannot get over that Ukrainian people do not want socialism so that you and communist. They want to be with the United States of America. They want to be free people when they want to be with and he cannot get over that comes when Victoria sports born in Ukraine. I was in Indiana and she represents the people of Indiana, one of the great speeches no notes just talk about what she knows because she's getting and how are families under siege and that they showered the two biggest cities are almost encircled, and being just slaughtered by the Russians with the Ukrainians are fighting back, but there surrounded Michael Rubin Georgia South Senior fellow the American Enterprise Institute and also an expert in terrorism understand security Michael welcome how would you characterize what it's like probably like in Ukraine at this hour Gordon O'Brien at this point. Heart to heart to say anything other than depressing. It's depressing for the people in Ukraine because they see their freedom, and they see their liberty at risk, and if your Russian soldier. It's also depressing simply because you didn't expect to be there. You you were told there wouldn't be resistance. And yet, frankly, there are and if you're Russian. It's also depressing because you see your life savings evaporate.

You see the economy going to tank and you see your own leader Vladimir Putin increasingly unstable, but unwilling to step back and admit he was wrong and knowing the way they fight, they go for total annihilation. They have no problem going after civilians in that school witnessing Ukrainian officials of said that at least 1200 civilians have died already, and I know the Ukrainians having great success considering what they have. But when you are 1200 civilians dead into India in six days. You wonder what six weeks ago to look like you're absolutely right, Brian.

Really, it's only going to get what works.

If you look back to the Chechen wars in which the Russians tried to seize the Chechen capital of Grozny but couldn't and they ended up leveling it well.

TF is much larger than Grozny. And what we've seen so far is the fact that the Russian military was a paper tiger. It really isn't much better than it was 20 years ago when they tried to take over Chechnya and so you know things are looking pretty dark for the next several weeks, you believe, and by the way, went up a little bit more from Victoria this cut 43 bombing the couldn't take the city bombing civilians non-stop day and night. The whole city they came into the village with a heavy machine not kill almost every person in that village people laughed children for them to walk in front of the tanks as a shield because they cannot take that city and they can't.

And that's how inept they seem to be and unmotivated. Evidently motivation the morale could be worse. A lot of them didn't know where they were going. I'm always susceptible to being people caught up in another countries rhetoric but I think it's pretty widely accepted and understood and that they might be sabotaging their own vehicles in order to not going to keep and we see that 40 mile caravan which consists of about 15,000 Russians around key that this hour will you things happening there.

You know they were narrow is they could just be completing their encirclement and ready to go in.

Let's not make any any mistake. I mean they have not achieved their aims, but at the same time.

They've occupied vast amounts of Ukrainian territory, so it might be a tactical pause.

But even if it's not even a safe decided that they don't want to go and to keep right away. Vladimir Putin is the man who's going to simply say, you know, let's pull back.

Let's forget this ever happen. Let's go into serious negotiations. What were not talking about and what really worries me.

Brian is every time Putin steers his economy into depression. She tries to distract the public with one of these invasions with one of these nationalist crises to wrap himself in the flag but when he grabs huge chunks of territory, whether it's a Crimea weather to Eastern Ukraine whether it's parts of Georgia. He then has to subsidize that those proxy states, and that only speeds up the cycle of Russia's economic decline. I'm worried that whether he's successful or not. With regard to keep this invasion of Ukraine isn't going to be the last and the next invasion is to be sooner than we think is interesting about the team is to bring you mimesis is been so costly and embarrassing that he doesn't believe to be capable of moving on to the country you do well with salt that there's been some talk about Belarus. Sorry some talk about Belarus moving into Moldova and Belarus. At this point is basically a proxy state of Russia. There is this notion that you could have northern Kazakhstan or God forbid the Baltics. Fortunately, I think that Vladimir is the density in many ways to save the world because by rallying you or by rallying the United States by not leading from behind what he's done a show that perhaps the West is willing to stand up for NATO in the way that there may have been doubt just a few days ago but but when it comes to Kazakhstan when it comes to Moldova. We may be in trouble when you see the urgency we have 800,000 people already are in exile. They had to evacuate and go into most the bulk of what you going into Poland.

This is emergency does not go away just be Ukrainian problem and now you have the world economy because the Russians have, I believe the produce 7% of the entire worlds of oil and gas were their number one customer but you see a lot of these banks stepping away from even the national policy and saying we don't want Russian gaseous refineries in Sweden and Finland say forget it is a Texas refinery said the same thing we won't take it and other separate bank saying we will finance these oil and gas purchases so they are going to be destabilized in a way that perhaps you do, tell me if I'm wrong, Michael Rubin, in a way they were expecting.

What absolutely right.

But one of the dangers when you ratchet up sanctions slowly and were not talking about reputational risk. Risk of these companies which are stepping back, but on national policy.

It just gives countries time to adjust to to the hardships of that's where I think about demonstrations making mistake, but at the same time.

The Russians have agency there trying to work with the trapdoors in order to evade sanctions or set up a system to do that.

So, for example, the second largest Russian oil company is called Lukoil and they just bought a large share in one of Azerbaijan's big dance fields will kudos the United States.

Look at as an alternative to Russian oil it out the baton and so you have a situation where the Russians are setting themselves up now if I look back at what happened in Tiananmen Sq. in China back in 1989 the world was united for short period of time. But then this notion can forward that the only way in which we could actually de-escalate and address the problem was through engagement and I still worry about the ability of Germany.

The ability of your or probably in the bill to be knighted to stand firm not in the next week or two but when were talking six or seven months down the road right now. We decided not to sanction there at their bank said to do business with energy and not to slow down our purchases of oil and gas. You're absolutely right that this is a mistake. It almost seems that the logic of abiding ministration. Brian is that when we revoke permits for Keystone XL or when we stopped drilling in the United States that benefit the combat climate change. But if were talking about Russian oil on the map of an impact climate change. I mean, the fact the matter is we are being strategically inapt because the best way to ensure security is through energy independence with energy independence at home, but then what did the State Department and the White House to just about a month ago they decided to pull the United States back from investment in the east Mediterranean gas field, which would've helped grease Cypress in Israel and provided a means to bypass Russia and for that matter, Turkey.

Unfortunately, we need to start looking with big picture at water national strategy is. We also gotta recognize that it's all well and good to talk about climate change. Never mind that if the models don't have predictive valuation based policy on when we look ahead, we gotta recognize that natural gas today isn't like natural gas 30 years ago. It's much cleaner we have the technology to keep it clean and we shouldn't shoot ourselves in the foot or lose sight of the big picture, which is the threat of Russia the threat of China's threat of Iran and Al Qaeda. Nigel Fry says that that UK point if you cut 49 holes of Russian soldiers only in small numbers beginning to give up their arms. I think where this leads to actually end is rising in Russia. I'm probably the end of the worry, and I repeat this point is lost. The rational function when you see him sitting at the table. There is some 40 things when you begin to wonder what in his mind or wall code wounded going given you gall site list. Be frank about this very very serious situation people. I have no idea who's close to prudent how much axis he has and how destabilized he could be and how that would even look do you will have to my critics would say I only get that right 50% of the time I don't have a crystal ball, but what I could say is that every Democrat wakes up knowing when their term in office is over. Every dictator wakes up worried that today could be his last. Even if Putin doesn't collapse because of the war because remember with the zombie regime.

They have an amazing ability to hold onto power think something like North Korea, at the same time course Yeltsin the predecessor to Vladimir Putin was a drunk, he was weak, but he crafted a system. Putin dismantled that system to cut off any competitor who showed any competence of the knees because he didn't want the threat to remain so as soon as Vladimir Putin dies or is removed, you can have Civil War in Russia. It's a nuclear state were entering into a very dangerous. With all the respect to Fukuyama. We haven't hit the end of history and it's going to get very bad very fast; yes, you know people don't remember we didn't live through World War II, as did many people don't even know who was on whose side sadly angry people harken back and say this might be a 1939 all over again in the way their bombing style is similar to what the allies did to Berlin. Would you say to people go, that was then this is now their words. This is a much different time. I see a lot of similarities. I see a lot of artists to Brian.

Let me just hope if there's any silver lining to this that our college students are young intellectuals and some of our public intellectuals will realize that speech is in violence what Vladimir Putin is doing to Kevin's violence micro aggressions aren't a real threat to society what Vladimir Putin is doing to Ukraine what what presentation Ping is doing to the Uighurs. That's a threat to society and we talked about multi-polarity. That's not a benefit. What were talking about is empowering the people, like Russia, Iran and China that when we have a vacuum developed when the United States pulls back from projection of power. It's not the forces of altruism which fill that vacuum it's people like Vladimir Putin and that's what you keep us awake at night. It's time we have perspective.

I do insist to see these people fight for freedom. I think they'll do you have people recalibrating say wait a second on the worst day. We have taken for granted. Would people are dying for, and that is the freedom to be wrong to right to protest, to have their voice heard.

I think this could be a sobering wake-up call that made you something happen overseas to bring us together because it is obvious right and wrong year and I think I haven't met a person who doesn't think that Vladimir Putin is wrong. In fact, I think 190 countries would agree with us along with 300 million Americans think you're actually right and I keep looking back to what Winston Churchill said the Americans always do the right thing even if they tried everything else first and were trying Michael, thanks so much appreciated. We come back. I see up there 186640876690. Get your calls. Also, your emails you want to write me do it. Brian kill just click on comments don't move something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show back everybody 1-866-408-7669, Harris continues to follow the matter with the issue is doesn't seem to have a handle on it.

I'm talking about from the law from farm policy to domestic policy to whether she's even running for reelection.

Case in point, a simple question from Siana Savannah Guthrie of the today show that only way to really go after his oil and gas sector and some senators a great Republican and Democrat mansion. For example, mentioned that Estelle currently buying approximately 600,000 barrels of credit and other petroleum product every single day on the table is not something that the ministration would continue to consider in terms of further sanctions, cutting off the wailing part of the economy Russia. Well as you know on this issue. For example, Germany in terms of what it has done, as it relates North Stream to as it relates to what we need to do domestically as well as is what we need to do in terms of this issue.

Generally we have is the president said reevaluated what were doing in terms of the strategic oil reserve here in the United States to make sure that it will not happen impact what we can mitigate the impact on the American consumer.

Let's let's take this one step at a time.

Understanding that right now on the issue of energy. Our allies have stood firm and unified in a way that many of the kindest and predict what happened to ensure that we are we are unified in our approach to this issue, embarrassing she is.

No idea if you don't want to say I will I will looking to take 600 and I will look and stop buying 640 million barrels of oil a day from the Russians instead will going to within the next two years. Get the Keystone pipeline goal which would use 850 and that would come for 850 barrels and would come from Canada and B are refined by Tex. Texas refinery you want to do that. There's so many ways around that.

Why is it you can answer any questions just she's trying to remember. Remember collection of things for categories 57 seconds even actually wind a sentence Germany. It's crazy. It's pathetic. Everything is with them long. You do this you get to the relationships you not to memorizing we get to know the people she was just in Europe. How could this not be something like indelible like embedded in her from the conversation she had with the people who were importing oil and gas find out their perspective. I don't get it. Bob was NW PTF North Carolina nabob which anyone different take on why. Maybe doing that night so and lost about 13 million people outside 17 million population last 20 years, he's talking about trying to bring all the Russians and I think he is specifically email Ukraine. Besides that, he made a speech in 2005 saying that if you Ukraine stressor toward Europe. That's a redline for him. I think he feels like he was forced into it any wonder so he talked about a change in attitude it's a different cleanable, you don't cross that line and you crossed and then you crossed the line and then he takes a different attitude. I think that may be where we are about. I love the fact that you went back and looked at this point the only thing missing is we did not overturn the government Ukraine. They decided they have free will.

They don't have to answer to Russia.

We know we could decide whether to eliminate or were not a full 30 nations agree with the EU if all 27 but they decided that they didn't want that Schwab running their country and they want their own guy percent go in there, he went ahead and lost again right afterwards that we got Zielinski. So that's their choice. It's not up to this this dog to decide what happens to other countries so it's not up to us to worry about a bully or Ukraine. New York City set up Fox and friends saw America as receptive. Brian kill me. I want Brian Brian kill me here.

Welcome to the latest moments of the brain kill me shower located in New York around the country and hopefully were resonating around the world does get the podcast Brian kill or spot. If I were iTunes I heart view.

You will never regret it this week. Be your own programmer, but right now let's get to get to great guest Jennifer Griffin to bring us the latest from the Pentagon and Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg standing by best-selling author also really tempting to this region knows what it's like to deal with Ukrainian crisis, as well as the ongoing Russia challenge and being kind.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three, the state is strong because you American people are strong, well present by the state of the union. I found it to be uneven and organizing divorce from reality.

But maybe you like to ministration continue to talk about how hard after bladder. And I really feel the full weight of sanctions, but they're not willing to touch his energy. Rebecca Heinrichs ways in an America we doing enough snow would not now, when we are the number one customer of Russia when it comes to oil and gas now when we refuse to sanction the banks that finances, oil and gas industry what and why we continue to refuse to drill and Frak overnight. Violence erupted once again across Ukraine as Russian forces continue their push not only from the South, but also from the North East we saw in the city of Paris and Russian forces, claiming that they've actually captured the city moving forward from Crimea, if confirmed, it would give them a significant area of land, allowing them to bring more forces deeper into Ukraine.

That is trading's givens latest from the capital city of Kyiv war rages in the Ukraine to major cities are virtually surrounded playing war crimes and crimes happening as they doing everything that the Geneva Convention, since we don't. For example, targeting citizens and going after civilian targets. That's exactly was happening in Gobi Sukkot was anxious trying to really surround Vladimir Putin, which makes me wonder what's next. That's why was a great book you have Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg give us a few moments of his time general welcome back for every good, I just worried I worried that I just feel like a bystander on the number one issue in the world with the people that are fighting for freedom are looking for us for help and I feel like were not doing enough.

How do you feel right at which we started to do that much when he started poking up. You know he was up to no good because it always sets repeatedly that he thought Ukraine was a threat to Russia actually built up forces. He makes verbal comments like that we should've responded immediately and said okay will construct a buildup on the bulk of the force on the truck we start to get a job.

We should give them more Michigan predators training airports even better. It's contiguous.

Ukraine continues to three NATO countries. Hunger: Slovakia we could've done a lot of equipping and chat about just kinda made it frankly unsinkable aircraft carrier and we didn't do that we should've done it in because that what Christ now I will tell you I think Ukrainians are parting with incredible courage, led by an incredibly quick charismatic leader in Zielinski and I will tell you why a look at it.

I think on Zielinski's tear in the face of death, and I think Jeff just wanted to please her beetle. He told that when you when you attack you will see her face as you watch your backs and after is a courageous leader and we put a courageous leader, courageous people with weapons they can do great damage so we should really answer your question again.

We should've done a lot older we didn't do it right. They want to notify zone. I don't think were going to do that but they say that we do. They do the dual weapons we pledge them. Could you tell them to talk about the challenge of getting weapons in this current environment.

While I don't think you week we keep pushing them from hungry: Slovakia three 50 push a little liberty, which actually training your training base there and then we push according to into the outskirts of Levine push more cortices toward key I think there are still some routes to indicate right now that city is almost on the challenge that huge column which is pretty tempting target 40 miles long but he'll surround attribute density will give you Brian military to want to fight cities could they eat up unit channel would you put a battalion in there in a city block. Would you want to leave you try to put multiple units in there and you have a big fight on your hand. Russians know that they knew that's what happened Stalingrad, and to show what happened when we just actually actually caught the German army to a standstill in World War II so we get equipment to only keep pushing it East towards those areas that are currently encircled and I think we have it, but we have to push hard.

We have to keep pushing it now. I heard today that China it's about a 10 hour journey to get there and you should be doing that important. We didn't order we shall attempt right so looking at two major cities in the surrounded one of which car key that it does looks as though they've lost their ability have water as well as energy to heat so there beginning in the middle of winter. Just March 1.

Now in Ukraine, so they were under tremendous strife and stress because there being shelled on a regular basis and there's no target that's not right. We whose time is time on the Ukrainian side or the Russian side, it's actually on the Ukrainian side and here's what I mean by that point, the longer this goes on man seen for what he is, which is an you look at our nation of Russia in its taken a beating internationally becomes a pariah nation. You see what he's gonna do with artillery in the cities and people get turned so hard against the metal never forget this in Zielinski reprint reminder that all you got a charismatic leader doing this speaking out like he's doing it, it means on an awful lot to the nation into the world as well. You shall eat it. When he went to the European Union to the Congress. They gave him a standing elation at the end of the tracting time is not on Russia's side every day that goes by I think that Ukraine is wedding winning and by the way, I really believe depression eventually by sheer weight of numbers takes cave and gets Wilensky's apparent victory because overall the old Austin core. It'll take for years for them to dig out of it and everything is in the Russian armies now shown for� Not very good buying T-shirts first line unit change. Don't they make bunch of conscripts again want units that are fighting for the best. She's got very well and the fact is, he's got ask has extended putting troops in Belarus.

He says he'll putting troops what and why he has to pull back the wagon.

A group from Africa does not tell you that they don't have this well of infantry that they can just dip into. I was under the impression that they would just go on, especially with the drafting of a draft they don't have the plot line unit numbers and they don't want to be sending people back in body bags is the mothers of Russia will get pretty upset like it in Afghanistan. I don't work too much, but Belarus Belarus got 30,000 man army is not really good.

They brought back a professional blogger group with the mercenaries show many of them that they actually got put them already into the front line. She doesn't have what I would call reserve shall go back to what you said every line which is a great question is which timetable it doesn't favor the Russians on this because he keeps on those units in their they keep getting enough to get it over time. Where out and I think when you're fighting a pretty angry population to pay a terrible price if you gone in past and he was able to decapitate the government and I would take up leadership and she's cave in a matter of days and I could probably let the world go okay did it again like you did in Crimea. With the longer this goes the world rallies to Ukraine side I seen this is KGB guy would know side definitions intelligence.

How does he not have the intelligence, not the smarts but the intelligence to know that even places like car key which is 98% Russian speaking do not want to be Russian not to know they were leaning to West and they were alienated from 2014, even if they leaned a little Russian and had a sympathetic ear to them. How did a former KGB guy not get the good intelligence about what he be facing on the ground you want. Maybe Russian speaking but is not Russian supporting and I think it's Cooper's thinking he thought this was going to be an easy one. He thought he'll scare Zielinski Lipsky London.

I the people go okay you know will just take it for what it's worth, and Nina will just come to Russia and he didn't realize she got into a fight with a nation that wants to fight the Russians really haven't bought anybody like this. They didn't quite like this in Chechnya. They like this in Georgia and they should invite, and would like us in Crimea, which is about 80% Russian and now you find any people I don't like and I think he was a little arrogant about it in a little problem chanting. I think I double I got a good option because the oligarchs of the generals or somebody can say there were pariah nation right now, we get a figure way out of it when I can figure where others want to charge him.

Is that about it. It's not her opinion. Really, if there's 195 countries in the world hundred 90 are against him, you know. Even China has been somewhat ambivalent in the not doing a you know, we know there an alliance and I get it in there and ask as I understand it, they are not buying their oil like they did when the pandemic in the oil price drop and they just courted it two years ago in 2019. When it became clear the world was going to stop moving and stop industrializing not doing that now and they stand up stained in the UN. I think that's also interesting, and they're not becoming there not a good overtly bailing out Russia Mark got been around for so long that African males you want to stick around a lot longer.

I think it will continue. Not too sure that I want this to be my partner.

I'll be there verbally, but I'm not to give him a lot of support because then I become a pariah nation as well and I think he's kind of step back a little bit you in your absolutely right when they abstain in the Security Council that would like to coded message and it should been metric everybody that you know I'm a transcontinental Russia. Glad you're on your own due, sit this one out watch which can happen in our community.

If you win, but you don't want you nice and fries said from what he sees sitting in bed in the UK cut 49 holes of Russian soldiers only in small numbers beginning to give up their arms. I think where this leads to actually in the end is rising in Russia. I'm probably the end of the worry, and I repeat this point is lost. The rational function when you see him sitting at the table. There is some 40 things when you begin to wonder what in his mind wall code wounded guy given the new site list. Be frank about this very very serious situation you want to build on that are refuted. We are very you don't know you rationally nuclear weapons and munitions a kinda guy and we don't think like that Russian philosophy and military glossaries escalate to de-escalate some stupid why me by stupid.

What if he took a small yield shopping weapon and exploded in the middle of a field. Okay, nowhere around anybody, but everybody demagogue get a high level nuclear worry because we have kiloton megaton weapons we don't have the weapons that he has and they talk about using email you something stupid like that in even though I have always making idiotic comments about World War III you have to worry about somebody like a prudent, that is a little bit off his game right now, and in striking and reaching out started addressing United Nations humanitarian counsel over 140 diplomats got up and left, started with the Ukrainian left and you see them get up and you see them go to the turnstiles of the United Nations right here in New York City. I've never seen anything like that before. I've never seen the world so united in my lifetime like this about an offense you know I'm so hardened by you of these individual refineries in Sweden and Finland in Texas and banks deciding on their own. They don't want to finance oil transportation and they don't want to be didn't want to refine Russian oil that's going but it's away from forgetting about the government policy is there deciding not to do it and I'm hoping that the Europeans Russian oil because it Russian energy is about 30 of 40% European nations depend on it in Germany like 60% of the carpenter still clawing to that's fine, but they still got we would put major pipelines going through there right now.

The erratic pipeline in the Baltic pipeline and traditional fuel flowing and in there you have to break themselves because that'll that'll break his back what you take wage, energy, money management have some major, major problem taken on her walks along the table of internal and employer shall write about the delegates leaving which it glad Bob's little arrogant anyway� Items like people to get sky credits. I think I really think you got put on his heels and I think the longer this goes in USA? Just a bit ago longer go to sports Russia in general got two sons Mayor commences were praying for a miracle.

The Russian city took the city already and they said no, there still holding on, but they are looking for miracle because of women and children are actually in the target list it in the apartment buildings are a preferred target. So it's just it. Stuff did you know we don't, we would never tolerate just real quick. His military guy. Witnesses say to you that there leaving their dead soldiers on the battlefield, not even trying to put them in body bags. This of course will gasket one of the things that surprised me at top I their armies should surprise me.

It's not that good. You keep hearing about the Russian army and can put college probably 5 foot tall and I consult on this, like the Vermont National Guard with nuclear weapons. A reminder a lot of the first Gulf War when we went to visit when I was there. Talk about how good the Iraqi army was plot of land for so many years. There were not having it think these guys are never part of major portions. Major fighters will look to pick up some small guys in outpatient somebody fights back and forth seemed are not very good.

And this is what you don't want to go to Russia as a nation. Not only becomes a pariah nation.

The nation of that he thought it last night.

It really plays back home to tell our thanks so much think this book worry about the war by other means.

Thanks. General thanks Brian was great talking I see the board is filled up. I get your calls, we come back you listen the brain to me show you your Ryan kill me the fastest three hours and radio your Ryan kill me, a welcome back Ron, this is some of Fox's radio app pay Rhonda Brianna last night with Biden 1 he wants to increase manufacturing in United States he wants. The cost of prescription drugs want to increase funding for the police and number four.

He wants to secure the border. I like that agenda agenda yeah and he is minimizing their thing. But now, don't go to port but I promise you know when it comes to fund funding the cops.

He doesn't mean it you know when it comes to the border. He hasn't shown it. The other two things make in America besides Intel please tell me your program. The only reason people are on shoring is because Trump caught the corporate tax rate in half brought it back down to a competitive level. He knew if he had his way, would bill back that I would've brought it way back up again. So that's the issue. Neil was in the Fox's radio up in Indiana hey Neil, they don't cut her throat like: Lithuania lot. They get so much percentage of when you get hundred percent of their energy from rush only it's over 60% considering natural gas to shut it off to what we response. We have to supply point militarily. We have to shut them down immediately. Talk show that still you kill me. We are fighting back.

One powerful army in the world sinks we have going through nightmares president. I'm very proud I am very proud of, and people key to cavitary plans to get them back on and protect ST to protect our country children, but I should tell you my country is coming is going to command these days, especially the two biggest cities. That's Helena Janco she's a Ukrainian parliament member and is so important to get their story out so humanizes this whole thing is we just forestall a lot of it, to see the social media Jennifer Griffin joins us now, Fox's senior security correspondent Jennifer welcome back, Brian, Jennifer, how would you describe the scene right now in the Inc. Steve, it's very difficult to hear first-hand accounts. He heard the emotion and the pilot met members voice.

It went unprecedented yesterday when we heard the translator of Pres. Zielinski as he spoke to the EU break down in tears. I've never heard that in my entire career of covering these kind of conflict. What we are witnessing right now, and he reports that we are getting in terms of the speech that is being laid on not only Keefe but also khaki and the other city inside Ukraine.

These are the kind of tactics that plan in the Russian army used in Grozny and Chechnya and if you look at the city.

There was nothing left when he was done was to level it. If the company can clang and we just heard the UN US ambassador to the United Nations and outline how they are seeing evidence that he's using cluster munitions does are banned by international treaties in 19 2008, there was a specific treaty signed by hundred and seven nations banning the fish at vicious cluster bombs, and more importantly, the Pentagon has seen evidence that Thermo barrack weapon launchers have been moved into the Ukraine conflict. These are the backing bombs that are so vicious in terms that they explode above civilian areas and they kill everybody in side buildings. Everyone within city blocks suck the air out of their lungs. These are not banned by international treaties, but the targeting of civilians, hospital kindergartens with them, something that Vladimir Putin's army did in Syria. The world didn't stand up. At that time and did not sanction him and didn't stop him.

In Grozny they can stop them in Syria and now they're saying what he is capable of insight so that we were seeing that to and was seen the fact it would you say it's universally accepted that phase 1 of this plan did not go as planned or is that Western conjecture of how we concluded. Well, it was certainly there appear to be indications that Western intelligence had gleaned that Vladimir Putin is frustrated you see some of what back to criminology now in terms of reading that the faces of his national security team and the speeches that he's been giving and public television appearances, but if you look at the fear and makes the berating of his defense minister.

Surely cuckoos want to fit closest inner circle general carafes in law who is the father of hybrid warfare.

Vicious military doctrine that the Russian term playing heat. He paraded them earlier this week. It's well-known that that bear had hoped to take the capital, Keefe within 48 hours. That has not happened. There are reports now of Russian conscripts who are turning themselves over to the Ukraine military surrendered without a fight. Even poking poking holes in their fuel tank said that there their vehicles don't have to move forward. Nobody that I spoken to who has access to the latest intelligence and has a military understanding of what's going on think that potent forces have stopped. They have paused at this moment they may be encountered more resistance than anticipated.

They maybe have some fuel issues food some sustainment and logistics issues, but they are regrouping, they will move forward. They will encircle the capital, Keefe, and they will destroy everything inside that city right in most of the people are underneath and I understand it's it's got use capacity as well as running water down there. The question is what I've heard from officials is their goal is to kill Zielinski and the food that hit squad can program our reporters went in there and they got killed.

So Putin wants him directly, will be more hit squad for Chechen hit squad maybe hit what was pushed back by the Ukrainian special forces into battle that we've we've been told about, but there are more hit squads out there. Pres. Zielinski, the cry he knows he's working on borrowed time the Weston borrowed time off dirt offered to bring him out of the capital bravely decided to score each and every minute every day every appearance that he makes every appeal to the outside world for help.

He no teeth on borrowed time.

The question now is what can be done. What can be done to stop because these sanctions are as strong and as an experience as the world has ever unified to Russia has basically become North Korea or Iran overnight and off, but how much more damage can Putin do. He's not going to turn back, his back is against the corner and he's going to do what he did engross me and what he did in Syria. The amount of destruction that he is capable of, and that the Russian military precision munitions Holocaust Memorial. Yesterday was a symbol that they wanted to hit they are sending a symbol they are sending a signal to Vladimir's and Lenski, who is a Jew whose family members perished in the Holocaust and that was an intentional strike yesterday. There's an element of psychological warfare going on.

That's why you're hearing, Putin threatened to put his nuclear weapons on high alert. The people I speak to you at the Pentagon and elsewhere. Don't know what that means because the kind of language used is not part of Russia's nuclear doctrine.

This is we are now being you know he that he's a famous Vladimir Putin famously has hence study skewed ON and and trained in the arts of judo. For since he was eight years old. We are now in Vladimir Putin world and my worldview trapped by his worldview, his distorted mind and vicious military review before he said and I said that the seizure is in the West and you feel is justified that if they have seeks if he's able to take the capital here and add this operation successful. However, he views it. Other nations are to be his crosshairs that she says I don't think so because they can be so they can be so pinned down in this country, even if they do take the capital for those other nations cannot be the focus. He's he is not capable of that. What is the king what is the consensus in the Pentagon trip. I agree with Britt that the forces that can be bogged down in Ukraine for years to come. We remember what Afghanistan was to the Soviet union. It was a quagmire. It was a quagmire for the US military. It was a graveyard for Empire. That is what is going to happen to put in the Army remember his army is a conscript army and he has.

He has put hundred and 90,000 forces into Ukraine, about 80% of those are now inside Ukraine have the large enough military to an occupation force for the country.

Those forces were supposed to subdue Ukraine quickly and then be able to pull out and put in with putting up a puppet government that hasn't gone as planned.

Until now he would have to he would have to have call up all of his reserves and he would have to set up an occupation military force supply line to already strained going into Ukraine. It's hard to imagine him thinking he's gonna want to fight on two fronts and so forth to get the Russian Air Force hasn't exactly shown up all this fourth and fifth generation fighters that we thought we would see in terms of shock and they've been stymied for a variety of reasons, and so I don't think you got that 20 have to, he has to revert back to mining the West that he has nuclear weapons because he is conventional military hasn't performed that well and so while I do believe if you look at rush at Prudence own words Lithuania pulled on the Baltics, they are all in his, and he will not stop it Ukraine and that is why it's so important for the West to draw a clear clear redline that cannot be crossed and he now sees that NATO has been activated. NATO has been mobilized. He thought NATO would fall apart. He thought Germany would break apart the new Prime Minister Schultz was a neophyte and that he could roll him.

He miscalculated tactically and now he stuck with a quagmire in Ukraine lead his country and drain his economy and this is how it answer Vladimir Putin.

The problem is how much damage that he got do in the meantime we take the oligarchs to freeze their stuff and then you you heard almost every industry of the pullout of these these companies from Apple to Disney to what we seen around the world. I've never seen anything quite like it and it seems as though when you tell people the money that they have in the bank account is that worth 1/3 of what it was five days ago. If you're looking to get into the nation.

That size exercised while not telling the truth about the nature of this action saying something ridiculous like their their Nazis and drug addicts.

I mean, I mean the Russians are a well-educated people who know Ukrainian's many are related to them.

You really expect the Russians people to buy that story not in fact we saw Alexi Novotny on his opposition leader trying to poison and kill on multiplication now in a Russian gulags prison he tweeted out today calling for Russians to come to the streets every day at 2 PM to still the city center. This is the beginning, not the end of the Russian people are waking up to the danger that the problem that they have been very artfully for the past 22 years. Basically he's controls the entire state apparatus and information inside Russia and so 4/5 Russians are watching a television they don't know the truth, they don't aren't seeing images on CNN and Fox and BBC that are being broadcast around the world. They are seeing state television, and there it is being whitewashed. The problem is we are living in the 21st century and it is impossible to keep information like this, somehow getting to the Russian people. That's Russian. Young people already bring scenes of Russian coming out into the streets being arrested 6000 people arrested for beginning of the Russian people they are going to wake up to have their their their savings will will not be 1/3 will be worthless.

There money is now going to be worthless and trust me all of those oligarchs and all of that inner circle.

They realize this is a huge strategic mistake again. Putin controls the narrative inside inside Russia. For now, because he has been working for years with RT and all of those radio stations. All of those journalists that he spent buying off over the years.

The one bright light of independent reporting inside of Russia.

Echo must be able to independent radio station that was started when I was in Moscow from 96 to 99 in the Galpin era that was taken off the air yesterday because Putin thinks that he can keep this information from his people but not in this modern age. This information is gonna get to them day and the other thing is going to get to them is P the disappearance of their son that were sent up to the front lines and conscript they sign up for this.

What they went didn't count were told the truth about what what they were going to be doing in Ukraine and let me tell you something once you wake up Russian mother that the committee of soldiers mothers that was formed in 1989. Those mothers are gonna be the downfall of last minute left, but I'm seeing stuff on Facebook.

I don't see how authentic it is what it shows these these captured Russian soldiers and the Facebook ads are these your kids basically want to come and get them and trying to tap into the mom screen that text message out loud of a Russian soldier's final moments saying I don't roughly and I paraphrase, I don't know what I'm doing here. They told me was exercises and I'm really scared, and he died the next day they read that on the floor of the UN. These things are direct appeal to the Russian bombs to step up final thought on that Jennifer absolutely and that it may take longer than we'd like to point Ukrainian people are in the crosshairs tonight. We must must support them in whatever way we can. I note that there are certain things being done that we can't talk about. We are supporting them, but we must. This is a moral outrage what is happening in this day and age to watch a leader behave like we thought that's what these type of leaders were in the dustbin of history.

We now realize that Putin has been unmasked in the world has now woken up missing you get it and I get it. I actually sees as a threat.

A lot of people saying 6000 miles away. What's the big deal I hope the rest the world understands it's a big deal Hope China realizes we would think taken.

Taiwan is a big deal. Jennifer, thanks so much, we come back take some your calls, 186-640-8766 I give you the absolute latest. It is carnage don't move newsmakers and news breakers. First, I only show you so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me put my circle cave with thanks never gain the hearts and souls of the rented people exactly that is true, although he met Ukraine is only the president not much at stake, Joe listened WRC and Long Island hey Joe, wry morning Democrat by one in our pipeline and enriching waiting on no Ukrainian funding you show by opening up. I doubt what the prison scared the gas goes to how he's going to get slaughtered the midterms.

I've news for me to get slaughtered anyway that W. D.


J. Welcome Beth I heard that you don't want to rush into war. One way to Newsweek.

Newsweek says that you should really throw it away. We have no interest in this.

This is this is is no benefit to watching Ukrainian people to grind it up women and children be forced to walk thousands of miles of freedom 800,000 be displaced in Europe no way Jerry WS KY Jerry grind a great show as always, leader of the free world has a moral obligation to get more kinetic in this work.

I understand the potential risk here. However, what is the difference between the Gulf War in 1991 when we went in, rightly so, to liberate Kuwait from an aggressor, that being Iraq that invaded a sovereign nation. When these people Ukrainian are not a perfect democracy. Of course, but they are Democratic leaning, and they show their true patriots going all out there on the line to fight for their freedom things we take for granted is obvious is IQ to save the obvious differences. One is Russia, which would mean nuclear war. I know we willing to put the planet at risk to do it and they're trying to go around it. But if there was a NATO ally, we would be truly obligated to do. It would even have this conversation. They will close to getting it. They got and they probably would have been attacked over 100 urologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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