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Violence Escalates as Russia Bombs Maternity Hospital in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 10, 2022 12:32 pm

Violence Escalates as Russia Bombs Maternity Hospital in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 10, 2022 12:32 pm

[00:10:37] Sen. James Lankford (R-OK)

[00:18:25] Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL)

[00:36:58] Jennifer Griffin

[00:55:15] David Ignatius

[01:15:57] Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)

[01:31:50] Bret Baier

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. He fold for and expand your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multi-window view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold live from the Fox News radio's New York City fresh office said of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me things about you being your buddies the right kill me, Joe, as we mentioned were in New York City crime riddled absolutely and with the mayor they still think preschool should be massed by Sen. James Langford about 10 minutes Karen G. Listeners will love that is Sen. Rick Scott right after that walk alone on legislators. I don't get involved with happening in the war in Ukraine, but also trying to fund the government and try to be responsible when it comes to drilling at home. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three showing alarming profit throughout kill one parent of school kids are behind on reading benchmark nationwide amplify kindergarten are at risk for not learning to read 8% COBIT 19 slips into our past time is to evaluate our actions as worn by so many the sacrifices made from massive masking vaccination to shutdowns all virtually useless for the damage done evident the continued massive toddler's cruelty. We expect to see high headline and had headline inflation tomorrow spell your inflation data key reason is you touched on our energy prices fixing the price of gas increases, I noted $0.75 is the beginning of the year is to build up his military in your brain really blame Putin for the war. Yes, the historically high gas prices and inflation. No not buying it. Are you will make will take on energy and how the Biden agenda in the left-wing green obsession has left us vulnerable to the world's worst actors. They want us to feel like animals because they block policy because they don't want out follow-up our people to get southward towards her. Yesterday, for example, children. I don't know if you if you know the children in marketable one child that the fight the magnitude of the violence ramps up in the Russian brutality hits new lows, blowing up a Marable hospital and killing sick kids is more important than everything Ukraine holds on and by doing so wins so you hear present Zielinski's desperation's voice in anger. He knows he's getting a lot of bond from the West. He knows it came come ridiculously late. He knows are playing politics and are very concerned about escalating this war with Russia to be a war with NATO and Russia, which would be is essentially another world war.

I think it's good to do that to be aware of it but not at the cost of being overcautious at a time in which Ukrainians are dying by the dozen and not talk about the Armed Forces camouflage against camouflage I'm talking about the pregnant women I'm talking about elders. Most of all, kids is present Zielinski about what he seen after maternity hospital was bombed and Marable cut one. They want us to feel like animals because they blog policy this sentence in Ukraine and they blocked and them because they don't want our our people to get some forward towards her.

Yesterday, for example, children yet. I don't know if you if you know the children in my ruble was the child that yes you know that that is the idea of these operational all right in all colors. Putin's telling about the so you see he's opened up to the press he's been a beacon of leadership. In fact, on one nation this week and were doing a special lease. One segment on leadership because he's been such a great example and yet he knows performance.

He knows how to command an audience.

I know he was trained but is also effective in genuine. We can always tell when someone's acting is not acting this guy is actually standing up and picking up and when you when you read about him. He was from a gang infested area of growing up a tough neighborhood.

But he was one of these guys was always funny, he was always an entertainer and entrepreneur, but he's got those tough roots and that seems to be coming up today when I got up I was seeing the aftereffects of a meeting between Foreign Secretary's Laffer of as well as Dimitri Kubla of Ukraine, the Foreign Minister there no cease-fire was entered on but of course Laffer outcome announcing Nazis are, you know, they're not to run country and they we gave them every opportunity not to have this conflict but they balked at it in the West is lying here is Dimitri Kubla about what took place in those talks cut six. I was ready to make all necessary calls right away to arrange a corridor from what I proposed it. My bozo was not much, was not followed by phone was not supported by minister level. My impression is that Russia is not in a position at this point to establish a cease-fire.

They seek a surrender from Ukraine. This is not what they're going to get yeah that is great by holding on you when you're also showing that that great Russian military is not nearly as fearsome and ferocious and certainly not organizing technically advanced as we thought they were as her intelligence led us to believe.

Which is why we heard from the administration Ukraine secular last a couple days on skis going to be killed behind closed doors were hearing that and now he's thriving Ukrainians are fighting brilliantly and the Russians aren't what they are able to level entire cities, hospitals, schools, 34 hospitals. Hundreds of schools got rid of the bombing, shopping malls, well around here this morning on Fox and friends would make you think, within reason. Why would you give Ukrainians everything they need. For example, these make fighter jets from the 1980s: offer this week Gus is we got 29 extra soon as we work it out getting F-16s replace we could do it, then Poland without telling anybody put those two of 29 megs in the and and a RAM sign airbase, which is run by us, but to NATO airbase in Germany.

They said what we don't like the appearance of that. It makes us look bad like we are giving Ukraine fighter jets that's too provocative to expand the war. I just don't understand that line of thinking with sending stingers were sending javelins, putting tons of small arms, armor, giving all the essentials to live and to fight and you not worry about that being productive, provocative, but 1980s jets. That's a bridge too far. I don't buy John Kirby explaining why we won't do this cut for the difference in providing javelins and stingers to the Ukrainians versus banks are fighter jets.

Why is that more provocative, intelligence perspective, like that seen as more productive. It seems like you're splitting hairs and others mostly harsh and I think we take seriously the intelligence community's assessments and their views based on the information that that they have available to them and it's their assessment one in which this secretary concurs that the transfer of combat aircraft right now could be mistaken by Mr. Putin in the Russians as an escalatory step we so worried about what we so worried about. This is a lawless country who was carving up another country because they don't like their philosophy of government. That's it. There never a threat to them. Never worsen threats from Gen. Jack Keane is watching this from afar Katella.

I'm getting the think that Putin is really get inside the head of some of our leaders and administration here. I mean the pattern is been pretty profound, but I thought we were getting out of it and by that I mean remember back in March. They show up on the board of Ukraine 70,000 shipment is due to leave that months for Ukraine actually present from shipment. The Biden administration power for 90 days. What we do we delay until August. They show up again in the fall.

After the Afghanistan debacle on transport over hundred 50,000.

Another shipment is due to go, what we do we delay it and the reason for both of those delays is the fear that we will provoke them into attacking into Ukraine and we have similar issues.

We didn't give them the stingers Jesse until last week. Other NATO countries been given as them stingers for months. I believe unstated reason we don't want to provoke them incredible. They're dropping third Thermo barrack bombs that suck the oxygen that you will blow you up from the inside. Their shooting had hospitals and were afraid to provide fighter jets to Ukrainian pilots. We could adopt them in earlier maybe that would be no invasion.

We could got all these things in place got to missile batteries there like we just gave Poland. Once the war started, which we told everyone was could have been added time that all of a sudden can happen. We can't get in. There were afraid that Russia will expand the war you see Russia fight they can handle Ukraine you think they're going to be effective, open up another front, especially against fighters like the Polish we come back and be joined by Sen. James Lankford and then Sen. Rick Scott a lot to cover this up right kill me Cho don't move and use the fax to Brian Scott a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me. Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is Ben Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by going to Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show I want to be very clear the United States and Poland United and what we have done and are prepared to do to help Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. In terms of the work that the United States has done thus far we have, as you know, given military humanitarian and security assistance. And that is an ongoing process of the joint pressure about 90 minutes ago from Poland VP their remarks which is very generic police they were smooth think anything at this point and but when you say were together. Not on the Mig situation can be more separate. There was no communication at all, in which he was asked that question. She'll even do a finessed avoidance. She just entered a different question. Sir James Lankford would never do anything like that. He's home and sees on home and security committee, energy and natural resources and joy. The Southcenter do you feel as though wearing the same page with Poland. I must straighten Ukraine their next-door neighbor to the Americans and the American can do the transfer and literally our State Department to greenlight the polls to be able to ship planes over do it, were all administered throughout the like. I have no idea what you're talking about. Wait, wait, we don't want to transfer these aircraft it just a bizarre 48-hour switch of American foreign policy that will lead in the polls, the United States and the polls are trying to work out who you currently are Ukrainians are saying give us the planes we can defend ourselves hospital shot while the vice president's arguing over who's going to get credit or show unity year 20 points bothers me is telling them what we have right now when I come to give you the planes but will think you need the music quote Ukraine Air Force currently possesses numerous mission capable aircraft flying daily aircraft to the Ukraine inventories unlikely to change the effectiveness of their Air Force. Well, okay, enough see now you're telling them what they need just a couple of days ago.

It's expected all of don't give a sharecropper to defend ourselves productive and enormous nation. The size of Texas that there saying okay you got enough points to be able to cover their while the Russians are flying relentlessly over them.

If they save any more crap anymore aircraft there in the middle of a hot shooting war. We shouldn't say you get 16. That's enough to cover your nation should give them what they need. We given the singers begin the antitank given small arms musicians emissions would give them all the things we need also give them aircraft to defend themselves that they seduced students in the hospital.

That's what I had to take it out. No one's buying that center has a sand getting involved directly.

Ukrainians will fight heroically, but we know that the Russians will just bury every city is a public pressure to stop artillery and just destroy the city entirely and I just leave it to rub one out about the way they did in Syria whenever working with the sheriff saw the other day we just move in addition pummel cities and move in the rubble and they just keep moving on from there. So this is the Russian model. The key thing we gotta do is continue to work with them continue to get supplies we Ukrainians continue to give them importance give support to the refugees that are implemented will remain in Bulgaria always locations to make sure that they're getting the support the needs of the people that are fighting the Russians know their families are being taken care of and so they can step up again will fight the Russians and not worry about their own families.

So I want to use this moment for the state of the Union address in the present taxpayers dollars to rebuild America were going to do it by buying American will buy American to make sure every everything from the deck of an aircraft carrier to the steel highway guardrails is made in America from beginning to end all down from quality suing to get his speech back but number two center you feel as though he means what he says to his actions reflect this by American unless it's American oil and gas. And what about you want to buy from us. They want to buy from Iran is looking to try to keep it green score good America because are so beholden to the environmental left literally willing to go buy oil from other dictators around the world just increase production. Here is a blend of types of oil, both some people don't notice when they blend well, some of which are like sweet that we produce a lot of it okay in Oklahoma and Texas and all over the United States, but some of its heavy crude that's more in Canada and Mexico and Russia and Saudi Arabia pointed out there you're looking for a blend about North American energy independent by from Mexico by from Canada but the vast majority be able to buy American lights recruited him to be able to use that for energy needs. We should not be dependent on the wrong and we certainly shouldn't say were not a bite from Russia to buy from around the Venezuelan said that's ridiculous.

And every American knows just what one dictator to the next dictator and say that's okay I will deal with the same consequences while Jesus Jennifer Granholm.

When asked about gas prices and ruling were cut 23 table they actually push the cameras away. Same thing with AOC. She walked away from a camera first time in her life. The Democrats don't know what to do with this.

The left knowing like she's it. She's a green maniac. Granholm as his AOC. Obviously so they have no idea how to handle this phone number worldwide through 2050 continue to have increasing demands for � so while there saying were more electric vehicles will take care of all this when you look at the real numbers when actually get pushed on the energy information agency. They'll tell you know were to continue to have increased need for oil and gas literally going to be able to speak out of both sides of them out there and get away with it right now our foreign policy is being run by environmental activists and people who really understand what is actually happening the economy. What actually happens when you empower others use the money we send them to murder their neighbors do not. So we got to which the body ministration numbers. Says we will continue to be needed for the foreseeable future, which is true, then let's continue to be able to produce it here rather than try to say green credits are from folks where absent don't understand foreign policy and don't understand energy needs of Americans understood James Langford keep fighting.

So we will deftly absolutely aghast by the way, and $75 most places around the country.

I've never seen that in my life in America seen in Europe but not America. We come back soon. Rick Scott, Jennifer, the Republicans in which Lord is doing with their loss. Fox news contest network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite just came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News five just radio show like no other outrage which compels security assistance that are humanitarians is rooted in the fact that also we support the people of Ukraine when sonics courage scale, and their ability to fight against the more Russia's aggression that is, the vice president was speaking with the president with a joint press comes with present dude after their meeting. They took two questions each big question was which, with the big fighters and they didn't really answer it center Rick Scott's job is to turn the Senate Republican again how he's doing on that, along with doing his job as well is working at home and security and armed services committee center, welcome back. What is your response to the vice president are we doing everything we can know where you are not. I don't know why they don't have the meeting: it offered to make.

I do know why not abide in the Scriptures holding it up to me on top of that, I don't know why we haven't passed the Ukraine a that they need we know who's on with the last weekend. It was very clear to think we need to need to make swipe by methylation is not done. Number two is why did we pass the Ukraine date on Saturday. On Sunday on Monday. On Tuesday, 20 oh the shimmer shut down the whole sent yesterday when and what they're doing is they're holding that Ukraine money hostage to a liberal spending bill me this is not the way to help an ally is not the way to run your government use the retired Air Force fighter pilot. The sky cited John Venable you might know him.

This is what he said about our decision not to be provocative and not when they're really concerned of getting US Russia in a direct war forming a starting World War III's John Venable cut 12 we could truck those airplanes across the border. We could actually move them into Ukraine without flying at least the parts and the munitions to go with him without provoking any type of armed conflict directly between NATO and Russia to remind the viewers in in Vietnam. Russia provided every essay to and every Nick 21 Mick 17 Meg 19 that shot down over 1700 American aircraft that military aid came directly from Russia and what were doing right now doesn't even come close to comparing to that level in their relationship that they had with Vietnam is not nearly as close as the one that we have with Ukraine.

I mean did you do by the analogy politically.

He said that the effect of the war how much he liked it. If not, it's not hard, quickly. Our job should be to help an ally, I believe we have a commitment to help Emily said working to help them to help them.

They need to get the claim equipment. I don't get why Biden is so weak I don't get why Schumer is heartless and humorous here all week really need a crane and won't do it and get it. Take a day off and shut down the whole sent yesterday and so I don't I don't get why they don't understand yesterday and children are and what Congress doing her job by doing his job, and finally that I not make American independent on only gas like mine you with the individual you with the family, use the company of the state or country don't want to be independent. We all knew make us dependent and by the front all the people in Florida from the Dutch whaler have family and have family (the 20 basically to starve and Jen Saki said about that as well cut 24, as well as a large producer of oil but in terms of any decisions or discussions over that may go from here. I have no nothing to you, or predict for you on that front, but they can't produce anymore. The whole infrastructure is falling apart on election down there one.

Why don't we look 1.0 why, why would I meet with somebody that is causing unrest in Columbia. In his relationship with Russia landed Bala like any normal American. We don't want to buy by use oil from Texas to Alaska but boy we can get up about 20 of us stole the election to do that. That makes no sense at all by demonstration is doing will sooner you know the new Siemens with a reason why we have high inflation. The reason why we have high gas prices Vladimir Putin in the realize is going up philosophies with the markets responding to the buildup before the actual invasion itself which your reaction relation is caused by reckless government spending by ministration, a Democrat, they don't know anything they don't want to spend money on the budget committee chair. We now are in part of us to spend $1.5 trillion budget committee, the budget committee. We have a hearing was held back in question has been Congressional budget act inflation anything expected to vote on it either today or tomorrow.

This is why we have inflation reckless government spending, we have to stop when we got $33. At that stop when it's 35 one. Inflation 10% a year.

Pinkerton here is cooking up horse family.

I want my mommy to watch every penny when inflation goes up impacting her Billy put gas in the car on the table that's going on all across my face now because this just wasteful spending with no accounted like this new bill got earmarks out the unit which is always something good in every bill we spent $1.5 trillion. Why are we wasting all this money going to cause more inflation will that's one things interesting.

I also center said in the past recent past and say when we please take the majority you for tax increase to you.

You want to wear with them.

I will not totally in anything I do to make sure we take back Midori. I just put it on my ID 11 step common sense hundred 28 idea what I said we are getting common. I contacted 100 times in my work up again anybody. But here's what's wrong with begging or stopping attack people to go to work today. No, I just want to more government funding. Can you give me some more that get that sweet government money they are there if they want to pay for any part of it like I get it. If you can't work I get.

I understand that but you know you can't. We all have to be in turn this country around. Get back to work. We can let people take advantage of the system is betting there's a don't pay taxes will collect the work they do all the hard-working American paint property taxes and sales taxes and income taxes are retiring to the pavement. All these programs and then we have people to know that matter. Note inflation whose SMS is all know we got, which is not all that solid stop wasting money so the Republicans are being clear enough about what to do is to get the majority would make your job easier. As as someone who's who's right but try to get the Republicans the majority back in his job it is to do that if there were clear about what God if you want your company look like you have a plan when I ran for governor of Florida. I had a plan.

I have quite a turnaround economy. Okay, we need a plan for what to do when we think the majority could literally take the majority. I want to get going, wrote the letter, plan people, but on this plan. This is where were going, that's what I believe that's what I believe in and that's what Americans what they want to do the changes we know we know the countries in deep trouble right now so we'll let you what to do to fix it.

What people want out of us and so I put my ideas out there. You give me your ideas you go to rescue and look at look at you. I do agree with all my ideas. If you have better want you all look at those I want to get something done. I came up here to turn this country country around rescue the country from the radical left. That is just demolishing what we believe in me and my client is so controversial. Golly we were kids and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and and be taught that America is the greatest country ever controversial. Do we want to have a secure border, you better believe and what have we want to fund the police yet.

We want to fund the police think I'm talking about. Let's have a plan. We are going to make this happen will take care about families. People divided by race, that such wall that is wall ideas I'm talking to people all across the country, especially my home for what they want to take what are you going to do when you went.

We're going to wind this November morning to kick the Democrats. But when you win what you going to do what you don't have is a strong candidate yet in Arizona or a high-profile one or New Hampshire high profile one and you feel so for Montano. If you feel is over and play some Republicans. I hear do do seem to have a shot at it.

So we stand those three things. We had every reason to get majority back. We have Mark Kelly in Arizona. He ran as a moderate sure we we have we have good people wanting the primary there.

One of them is going to win the primary will to do everything we can to help him. I believe we can help. I believe if you look at if you look at New Hampshire we should win there. We got three good candidates to the Democrats there now is underwater fave on site just like Mark Kelly about Arizona because they don't represent their state what they do come up here and become part of the system to spend money and they don't buoy about the things that matter. Inflation matters schools matter for security matters of the lease and have a strong military not awoke military matters and so that's what that's why were there when they share were to get a majority in the my goal is to make sure when we do we take these two things will get.well Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Some people say feels a little bit threatened by you is a true worship of my colleagues here and there's people that don't know why put out a plan enter and I do we work well together and different to me that look like you I record it might state that everybody knew when I got elected to work on a plan work on turn this country around it. What I believe and I believe in turn limits.

I think whatever term limits.

I think where that term limits for government bureaucrats.

That's what I believe you're not always believed got to say Rick Scott is exciting time.

We deftly need some decision-makers would love to see a leader you're doing it. Thanks so much.

He ran stay twice to terms now he's running try to run things in the sentence using get back to majority. That will certainly change things in this country opens before the top of the we come back I'll take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 use in the Brian Kelly Joe, you need to know basis. You need to kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me all night around wrong then all this steel very slowly. It's very slowly, but you can feel it only when you're here because the people from Europe or USA from Ukraine is far from the heart of this vision and in the Yukon's you can't understand the details because I don't find it here and I understand why and I don't want them to you but the sconces can help. Can you not ages once more and you want some more help and because the Russians into enlisted the Syrians he got the checks means were technically Russian, but did their own fighting group and now they arrived at this wagged a group of Wagner group that's coming out of Africa there just fluff was stone cold killers and their highly skilled and then you have the Belarus allusions their armies being told to go fight even only 11% of the population side with Russia.

The rest don't. But they have no choice Xena over loosing online hazing to save this line of communication with you and that you probably use it on the daily basis and having a straight line of dictation with everyone that considering like killing civilians will think of something else that some Jeff know I will consider an act of aggression. Nuclear won't do it by using direct line with maternity wards declaring no-fly zone effective immediately will also closely monitoring nuclear weapons side with indication of the real threat of nuclear arsenal. Preventively rated this acquiescence is caution. He looks at his weakness right yes one more thing Brian Steven Spielberg get some good bottoms on Facebook. I think it's a powerful letter going public and see if Spielberg reacts is very good at making movies.

I'm not sure that he's going to react to this by time of the Jewish community did been told to evacuate Odessa because at any day. There could be an amphibious landing through the Navy because the Russians have a Navy about six warships parks on the outside big Jewish community in the area once again, cautiously being displaced because people feel as though they're going to lock in key and to lock-in TV you have to block off the black sea and to do that. You gotta take the beach community of Odessa.

Evidently it will not be that hard because Ukrainians have not really fortified to a great degree. Keep in mind if you want to hear more of this coverage and I know you do into one nation. Beyond got a great roster guess at eight and then another live show 11 LB on Saturday night will be going out back and forth to the Ukraine good affidavit for trace on amongst our guests. We also have a Michael wall to be joining us and we also have a few surprises.

Yet we have. As I mentioned, we do have a we have five generals and we will go to where I offered to get you over the were seen as well. So 1-866-408-7669 if you want to write me your at work. They got ago actually back to just click on comments and keep in mind to.

We have now we have a way to get my brochure Brian get the president freedom fighter so bestseller many categories still move use of the Brian Kelly Joe why is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me. Thanks much for being here buys the right to me Joe, to live from New York City, crime-ridden as it is, but heard around the country and hopefully around the world and will have a big hour will have David Ignatius of the bottom of the hour and Jennifer Griffin in a matter of moments with first.

This providing chaplains and stingers to Ukrainians versus banks are fighter jets. Why is that more provocative intelligence perspective like that scene is it seems like you're splitting hairs, splitting hairs, and I think we take seriously the intelligence community's assessments and their views based on the information that that they have available to them and it's their assessment one in which this secretary concurs that the transfer of combat aircraft right now could be mistaken by Mr. Putin in the Russians as an escalatory step so they're not as of now they're not getting the Megson was really addressed to the press coverage of the vice president and president of Poland today.

Jennifer great question. Were you happy with the answer. I don't think we have been extremely open about providing Javelin take mental and congressional delegations on the border look where they're going across very open about that. And then there's the hard line in terms of providing fighter jet. Let me but I been doing a little talk to a lot of people about that and get me what John Kirby said has been reiterated to me that intelligent Jeff that the insertion of more claims whether there really it May 29 from Poland in article 5 nation that warplane that seems to be a redline they believe and they are extremely concerned about provoking to either expand the conflict into Poland or to you. You work more interesting to me. Ukraine actually need 29.

From what I've learned is that 29 are pretty old. They are not necessarily well-maintained, they would require some extra training on the ground for the Ukrainian Air Force Ukrainian airport. The bulk of its airport today have several squadrons there that they are flying and they are trying a few cookies each day and the more I can't help provide our air defense system.

Thanks ~Russians still don't have air superiority over over Ukraine in there too scared to fly there were claims over Ukraine. So despite outlier damages at that maternity capital in Mary, "which with the Russian airstrike for the most part not using it work like the other thing I've learned May 29 two quite a fourth-generation claim that the Russians are fine and the Ukrainian pilot know that emotional issue emotional issue for president landscape and other would like NATO to be more involved date like they'd like the airspace to be controlled by NATO but walking a very fine line in terms of how not to expand this conflict and find itself in a war with Russia. You do you feel is opening a Patriot missile system and at this point like we quickly put in with Poland.

Would that be a bridge too far to know what they are designed. You talk: Poland security right now. Let's be clear: if you're doing more than any other NATO country right now, the 1.2 million Ukrainian welcomed on their allowing their more than any other NATO countries appallingly dark expect.

Right now, but it was a red herring. The hot potato originally wanted to give them brand-new ethics teams which frankly don't have an inventory for military fail retrofitting. They can't just be delivered overnight: Joe Coleman wanted old kind of poorly maintained May 29 and they were getting nervous that Russia had heard about the mag and might target: you take the mag and glide them to ramp Stein Germany and you have to take custody and the Pentagon wasn't told about how this all kind got played out in public. I think it's now being down there. Any other weapon there being much more effective on the battlefield that the US and Poland are providing global weapon very continuing and a very significant ground and and the light feels good, no military effect. I'm sorry based on my understanding of what the fight is going right now.

I know that's hard to understand when you see the horrible image of the billions being felt is the Russians are frustrated since the Pentagon seal. The Russians are frustrated by by the way things are going absolutely. In fact, there's a lot we can't support you know I think there is a general NATO leader that they don't want to the Russian military, which is pretty good job humiliating itself on the battlefield.

There are stories that would make your hair stand up about the way the Russian military fallen apart as they tried to take it gotten completely bogged down. Now they still have a massive amount of firepower and going to destroy the civilian population the way they did. It got left out. No concern. That's what they're very worried right now could escalate that because he had been so frustrated with how poorly military has bookmarked you merely have a column that was heading toward. He ran out of gas by day you intercepted conversations between not only Russian soldiers but other indicator that the Russians on the ground you are facing incredible hacked and supplied ambushes by the Ukrainian military armed with the law and javelin metal line 17,000 head floating in the last couple of weeks to Ukrainian military Ukrainian military. They had so many ambushes set up and what is very clear that that Russian air superiority. They tried to kill all air defense is on the first night and now they don't and can't find their warplane over Ukraine and then you have logistical and supply chain bad morale young conscripts who didn't know they were being sent and what about the morality that they are taking huge lot that I learned last night from a senior US official that there is a medium size that it could be much higher that the Russian law about 5000 troops on the Ground killed two Ukrainian Ukrainian huge number approaching Iwo Jima style number. This is not going as planned for. For me out there that I do a lot of damage to kill a lot of civilian humanitarians after the Russian military looking like a joke right now while just have to run to the process right now right to present. Thank you so much appreciated Tonya Lucent W VMT in Vermont hey Tonya and Brian love your show. My question about how they say well we don't want make 29. Given the Ukrainian. Her explanation that for me but it is they're concerned about feeling that would be an aggressive move. What are we exactly calling what he is doing any I think going to wait until he attacked that NATO country and then all the fun everybody's gonna react to. Yet, we would have to. My hope is will be time to react because at this college red tunnel corridor.

I should say that is all is huge weapons depot of armament tanks and planes that they own in the middle of these Baltic areas and they can sit there and say will go in first. Only a will going from lot feel right next to Latvia and before we could even act there so close they begin in this world war so it's a world war, so you know I understand it. If they say their air forces.

They said is worthy and doesn't need any extras so much to tell the president's presence once he doesn't feel that way. Tonya, thank you. Appreciate waiting okay two calls just a moment bottom of the hour at one of the most of the top 10 people in the world to which going on defensively and foreign relations Mill lab. Rob met with his counterpart, the Foreign Secretary of Ukraine in Turkey about five hours ago you hear some of those statements there off-the-wall but that's typical of surrogate lover off of Russia will do that and take your calls next use of the brain kill Michelle so glad you're here your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me put in his evil ministration is constantly wrong about who he is what motivates him back like lots of lawyerly distinctions are what is paying attention to.

It is clearly the case that wants to be perceived as a madman.

The one thing we know about him is his evil you could think he's crazy.

You could think he's a genius, but he wants to be thought of as a nut job will use nukes at the drop of a hat center been sass talking yesterday on special report is indeed the case. I think his biggest mystery.

This is why my food in over his head to get that intelligence is truly isolated.

We don't know the direct answer, but if anyone in America might have a more uneducated opinion would be my next guest, Dave Ignatius, so the Washington Post, David would welcome back. Okay. Well, actually. The next segment, but that was been sass. Of course, waiting in the been sass is getting low is quitting in for a few reasons. Number one.

One of his air of expertise is foreign policy, but he's been such an adversary to Donald Trump.

Republicans have been put them on open giving whole profile positions when he is speaking up is taking on Tromso was really counterproductive to putting together anyways agenda so the most part I get this powder dry but now he's seeing an opening without Trump on the landscape. I think did you hear a lot more from him. If I choose more from that interview, cut 16 has a ministration screw this up all yeah I mean yes no maybe to everything. What are they for you. Listen the second of Lincoln and there's a process to process to have a meeting and maybe will greenlight up. But no, we won't. That's not the right priority. There's a forgotten war going on and it's really tough to get the administration before anything. This is not leading from behind. This is just not leading and it would you have to even when it came to getting off Russian gas 45 days go to take place no problem that we all know behind the scenes was the house. It was going to pass a measure the Senate a similar measure in the lead by Democrats, Republicans were on board before that happened too quickly. The present came out calls a press conference for the next morning and says I'm going to ban us.

I'm going to bed Russian oil and gas from our shores in 45 days. That's not really leading and going over for the Iranian situation.

How ironic is this. We we were dealing with a run for the past five years with China and Russia. The table we taken the lead on Iranian deal under when John Kerry, Secretary of State, and was such a bad deal to do key Democrats even go forward so tied down from famously ripped it up and said maximum pressure from here on in. Now to get back in were not allowed in the room. No representative and guess who's leaving it Russia Russia saying I will go sign on to this because number one helps America number two I want some concessions surrogate lover off saying I want all those all my funds unfrozen.

I want to be able to travel to get my visa stamps I want deal but I want some my oligarchs loosened up. So now the Russians are making demands on us.

In order for us to get a deal with a run because there are not under threat from Iran. We are the ones under threat from Iran so thankfully our bad relationship with Russia is helping us. They have a bad deal with a run the whole thing is confusing.

Even Molly Hatteberg Hemingway, who waited earlier yesterday, a special report talk about the messages you don't know when to no one's not for Ukraine. But what exactly is our objective and how best we help that's running of the world war.

Please let me know. Cut 17 every action of the binding ministration has been confusing.

Doesn't seem that they have a coherent strategy day and NATO have been all over the place on providing aid and this is a really bad situation brought on in part by that weakness and confusing messaging of the Biden administration.

We should be having calm and sober mind seeking to and the conflict and end this war in Ukraine caused by prudent not expand it to other countries and not make it so that the burden of what Putin has done is borne by the American middle-class crushing them with some of these unwise energy decisions that have come out of the binding ministration locating a referral for the most part Stephen Colbert, which is a good electric car and pay more money is not to worry about money bills on WABC in Brooklyn hey Bill, I emboldened like you're buying them. But why are we showing real and what will afraid were afraid of nuclear weakness in our partition shouldn't be discussed so openly with the press to tell all your jaw saying he's afraid of nuclear war.

I think he's a friend of nuclear war.

LSU suicidal but I think we just given much information in building Russia and showing how the Americans feel sure will afraid of nuclear war. We can't tell that you only her mother and child is watching this me watching our reaction and I don't know what they can get away with the top the show but I agree everything I hear is exactly Jennifer Griffin saying the Russians are embarrassing themselves on the battlefield and having such a hard time. I actually believe it's going to make China more cautious number one about their relationship. Rush is a pariah nation. I mean I've never seen the world galvanize against anybody, including Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini like they are against Vladimir Putin.

Right now I don't think that's gotta change so do you want as China be your only friend and be associated with a pariah nation when you really have to thrive on international trade in relationship to various capitals. I think you have to recalculate your right stop telling everyone what you are afraid of because Vladimir Putin looks at that as weakness. Jeff was NWT Bureau in Orlando hey Jeff, just a couple quotes from 2020.

The executive order that Joe Biden fine and he wants to blame for high gas prices number one find called climate change. The number one issue facing humanity go tell that to the Ukrainian number two review and reset oil gas leasing programs and the center of this in your ones me on to make our national security and foreign policy tied to climate change.

Are you kidding me that's what America elected and he said this is not a secret thing means to defund the police. Now these are pro-police that was pro-made America that was without Trump was saying, but when it comes oil and gas. There is no secret. Now he's trying to walk that back we had the tapes you have the quotes we come back to this next half-hour of why the montage radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show I was right away. I proposed my proposal was not was not full by wasn't supported by minister level impression is that Russia is not in a position at this point to establish a cease-fire. They seek the surrender from Ukraine. This is not what they're going to get so as to be true to cool you, but he is the foreign same Foreign Minister of Ukraine and he met with our circuit well in Turkey today and I was just a few hours ago, so no progress and some farcical comments by surrogate Barbara not even admitting that the that the Russians worry of invaded and invaded Ukraine and on top of that, not even admitting a good pillow backing up that statement it Ukraine is run by Nazis which the whole world knows is not true. Especially David Ignatius, the Washington Post is tapped into as much as anyone foreign policy and and defense. Welcome back Dave, thanks for joining us so first off, how do you think this is going for the Russians terribly related to how they would be received in Ukraine and miscalculated the extent to which NATO would be unified in response.

Most important, miscalculated the performance of their own army that they've done much worse than I expected a light to the ability of the Ukrainians organize solid military tactics to harass you was pretty amazing since the guy this guy Vladimir Putin is his intelligence officer, KGB officer, you would think at the very least he would do a pull in keys and other places. Even khaki voyages. I hear mostly Russian-speaking to find out what the view of Russia was so how you would be greeted doesn't even look like the he's given given given a straight answer, or made the effort to do that by reading his own clips. Writing is all account of what he thinks the relationship Ukraine and Russia is all about. He didn't bother to check with Ukrainian husband: detail: over the last eight years since Russia invaded Ukraine Ukrainians of gotten more more angry if she needed any proof of how angry they are getting it on the battle will slowly be doing as a country and as NATO so why not you had a chance to travel with Jim Miller, the German trenches for the last five day, five days beginning last Thursday in Europe was on the cranium of border and was able to see the process by which we are supplying the weapons. I mean, travel and antitank weapons best best available singer antiaircraft missiles to the Ukrainians that are being flown in wide-body jets 14 trips to the landing location but I was.

The stuff is in moving quickly in Ukraine so your listener should realize that we are mouthing a significant effort to help break people resist with weapons are actually working on the battlefield.

So what else can we do, we quickly consumed with them. I think it's important for people to avoid things that look like they make sense but the more you think about it, probably don't in my book.

That includes giving them the address I got Meg's on the ground. Now they're not able to what's working for them. Brian is antiaircraft weapons and antitank weapons because just using a superpower for the technical copies of scrub picking things up the battlefield. What social everyone. Interviewers can see it. We need to do that more better more aggressively with the way there just sounding cities and leveling cities.

Almost like it's 1940 and will we did so Berlin will we couldn't care less who we children all out world war and now a much more surgical in our approach and we do things like taking out a hospital there be massive investigations and outrage within our borders. That's not happening. From what you see can Ukraine, despite all their heart and the weapons we give them can they actually sustain a barrage that last weeks and even a month well or pretty dog nightmare no question that this in the scream of the bombing is I'm sure you and your dear sister in the latest attack on a maternity hospital you see pregnant women with women giving birth are about to think hard about what Obama's hospital is appalling and were crunched the additional question about that. This will be taken. They will be taken to court. The tickets were crunched I traveled around around Drexel signs in Warsaw Poland like a wanted poster were crunched by someone some Lithuanian beliefs the capital with huge banner across the top of the skyscrapers, Mr. Putin, you have a date in the headache, which is where this court so in Europe people stress that people are just plain there's just so angry of nursing, European, sometimes European consumer healed. Not now that they think they take this seriously. I hope I hope your America pictures to Europe. This is a real passion to support Ukraine and everywhere the Right I see that I've never really see like that in my lifetime.

Let me ask you somehow insulated is Vladimir Putin by different series of people who knew him then or know of him, but I've known people who were on the inside and now on the outside where one intelligence apparatus feel about his state of mind, and his ability to understand the reality of the battlefield are that he would begin really paranoid for people narrowed circle of advisors.

Three key advisors who all superlong like him reinforce his earlier is incorrectly published levels of all people who would give them a more realistic assessment seem to be on the outs, even his own external intelligence chief surrogate in the risk of a good meeting that was televised.

So he is isolated, that I think the assessment that our government would make an effort was from two other governments, is that he is rational still a rational actor is not not. He has asked for upstream goals and is used to using Putin like bullying tactics to try to get them, but he's not a crazy man so in theory there's a point at which for every commander. The cost outweighs any conceivable he's getting near the point of the sanctions that got us a section by administration put together with Europeans. They are going to crush the Russian economy, and this is fully love nursing like so we people point out some of Russian parliament members is only seven of 300 banks is been sanctions we could be doing more and make that move to sanction the energy sector that the banks to finance it. Is that something that the putting gradually.

Have you talk to people also said you know one at your school. The way because everyday matters you want to leave your personal battle. There are some additional selection.

The feedbacks that are closest are basically shut down. In particular, spurred back, which is your birth which is key crumbling tool that what I was going after aggressively the most amazing thing Brian we managed to do with any leak for Nursing like we got every major international central plaque to agree on a program to basically cut the Russian central bank offers any ability to finance it encountered they had stashed away about 650 million billion dollars to get through this bright rainy day fund accounting on the shape and we have found a way essentially to prevent them from using because they hold both assets and nonlocal others for other currencies and they can't they can't can't use it so that's that's the biggest thing.but the money they were coming up. I think Biden was right all look at the pump is right for combining work Russian Russian oil and gas is easy for us but we don't buy that much harder for the Europeans and we have to be careful of what the situation literally just enough energy to keep Europe going bad is trying to shut off themselves. Russia's have you know I'm in if you see if you think about this is a crisis. Tomorrow, next week, next month. I think there is no way if if if the world holds together political unity lunch the know what the only way he can.

When we start shooting ourselves in the flipbook on, current course of people's work along the way.

This could be Carol suffering for the Korean people. The problem is this long-run strategy and will defeat pooping exact on the normal stole from us. Our approach will bleed will want you every day and fill some force across the board. We also don't want a nuclear war would affect the whole planet so it's it's going to be these next months and maybe years very difficult trip to go back to Cold War where patient from the Cold War will not want right. Support 2.3 million people have left the country more. What if they could open up humanitarian corridor.

But I'll tell you what he thought of decapitating the government putting in their own in their class today is not one thing he would disguise legitimately elected by between 60 and 70% of the vote and he's done nothing but increase his profile IDs. What he's probably the most lauded person in the in the world right now but I went over the Russian great hero task. I will so I did the rushing demand stands as this were to believe it cease military action constitutional neutrality from Ukraine, so they have to Ukraine has to stop attacking the Russians okay Constitution neutrality so they can't join the EU and NATO recognize Russia's sovereignty of a Crimea recognizes separatist republics and demilitarization. So where is how much of that is a nonstarter for the most important thing about that new man community.

Brian is that it's of all what the originalists will select the war began Russian, using its demands because it stopped seated on the battlefield and have to use them some more but you know the only thing I would you modestly hopeful while we watch is horrible.

She is possible but armed with the Russians are softening the match because they know they're in trouble. Dated I got asked to travel with Gen. Millie.

I guess the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, so you had a chance to go and see them interacts. You wrote a column on it approach inside up close and personal. Tell me about his demeanor. Tell me about the guy you knew and said, tell me about compared to the guy you traveled with. Also don't know what kind of a classic battlefield commander Darrell shut the guy Grazie Italy drops a bomb more than a lot of people do you know you very very straightforward laws.

Being with troops in closer, like in the trash talk sports to go into command center no ill just say Johnson County correctional officers Jones what kind of sergeant back-and-forth that you will decide to go will conduct the on-the-fly inspection of the prefab coaches of the guys sleep. Okay everybody to just about is a force of general imager that is so really like stuff like that. He he combines that quality of the commander with very intellectual sense of what war is.

He has been under fire, probably tomorrow night German in modern times. I don't really requires time, spells and Andy and he thinks about war in great detail you please read every battle history. I know and people like you and me� Military history you establish a connection what he's done in this case I think is to use the intelligence that we were collecting. Unbelievable. Anybody ever wonders for the good stuff and so he pulled all his stuff together into a map that he took politics everywhere wherever he goes and said folks what happening is happening.

Look at the map is like any think of any general in history, hunched over a map with people around him and it will come map and appointing happening since October. In a series of meetings with European such as quicksand on Afghanistan biggest military disaster. My lifetime maybe ever.

Millie was part of that. If we don't believe so so disastrously you believe that the Russian still going to Ukraine so I like you, I think thereafter.

Millie didn't want to fight poster but when I know I think this is nothing else to say but I think you know Millie and the other commanders did all that it did present a picture of American disorganization.

The weakness of the world saw.

I think a lot of factories and put them on the letter to the Ukraine vision but that's got a always good to talk to David solicitation looks columns and will disclose Millie's interesting to get the personal side is less introspective same here we come back close try to squeeze as many calls as possible, but I want long for someone to get you as much information as possible so breaking news steer it all. Brian tell me to go back everybody.

This writer will looking at some video overpaying blue Russian hands. Now that's just a small town outside of keep, but it matters Brian and Lois, now in the 10398 Brian Brian Kraut Ukraine heritage. My grandma Judy for their note and I wish that they would think about maybe small, no command, whatever you know I mean I'm sure that people think about the universe. The people across the border into Russia and work hurt lately. It can comfort them playing in Ukraine blow people up her middle get the good in everything but I just think you need to be punched in the face presence wants to run a platform of having friendly relations with Russia. Does that sound familiar, and they looked at it as weakness. Hence the invasion they sue this comedian does know anything about anything he knows about the Russian culture start fresh. For now is in a war Fox News radio studios New York City you opinions and facts with positive Brian, thanks much for being here buddies, the right shall be chosen to join with us in a matter of moments.) The bottom the hour following all the breaking news in and around this war and with Ukraine as well as peace talks in Turkey with a producer with a didn't produce Bella's route rather predictable, but it's agonizing because you know this can be more pain and suffering the side of the Ukrainians, even though they're fighting valiantly so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's 3301, behind on reading benchmarking nationwide amplify came to Gardner for not learning to read 8% COBIT 19 slips into her past.

This time it's time to evaluate our actions were as worn by so many the sacrifices made from massive masking to vaccination to shut down virtually useless for the damage done evidently continued masking of toddlers is fried out crew flat out cruelty.

We expect to see high headline and headline inflation in tomorrow's February inflation data key reason is you touched on our energy prices between the price of gas increases, I noted $0.75 at the beginning of the year built up his military in your Ukraine claim yup little Lori up for the historical high gas prices and inflation know I'm I can buy that for you. They want us to feel like animals because they both policy because they don't want our our people to get southward towards her. Yesterday, for example, children. I do know a few people you know the children.

Most will the child that yeah that is present with you course to fight the magnitude of violence ramps up in the Russian brutality hits new lows, blowing up a Mariposa hospital and killing sick kids and pregnant women.

It's more important than ever. The Ukraine holds on and in doing so wins with the right now center Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Welcome back center much Brian, I appreciate that you are an armed services committee so you know it's going on. First off your assessment of how the Ukrainians are fighting hard. I did spend some time in Ukraine in 1999 when they were still under Soviet control and they wanted freedom.

Then they gained their freedom and now we see that right now what Vladimir Putin didn't anticipate was that there would be a tremendous search against his Russian force that Ukrainians are hanging on with every last breath as you as you have seen Brian and what we need to be doing as Americans as making sure that we are bolstering their Ukrainian defense forces and we can and as timely as we can, as well as using every other tool at our disposal, strangling out that line of funding that is providing that for this Russian war machine. So we're here for you Ukrainian people, but this administration is just got to step it up. Yeah, you said you want to put together a bill you looking for more Lisa laid yes absolutely. And I am pushing a bell that will allow our government can't transfer unused aircraft weapons and equipment and additional defense important capability that we sitting in warehouses around the world to Ukrainians so they can fight back against this Russian aggression again. It's stuff that we don't use it, and plans that we have put into the boneyard that we could use the XLR license. The transfer names to the Ukrainians common sense and we should be doing it. We should have done it yesterday. The week before, but instead the Biden administration is dragging their feet so this makes it transfer John Kirby on the reason why cuts for difference in providing chaplains and stingers to Ukrainians versus making some fighter jets. Why is not more provocative, intelligence perspective buys that scene as it seems like splitting hairs, splitting hairs, and I think we take seriously the intelligence community's assessments and their views based on the information that that they have available to them and it's their assessment one in which this secretary concurs that the transfer of combat aircraft right now could be mistaken by Mr. Putin and the Russians as an escalatory step in the intelligence committee says that they don't need any. They have their own planes we think about that lately wrong providing every Superiority and what we are doing is hampering them. I can't believe I don't believe this administration when I talk about the intelligent intelligence community better at sapping the information coming from the intelligence community. Thanks. Go back and look at Afghanistan look at the Russians that have been out there for months and months and months and yet this administration did absolutely nothing to help our Ukrainian partners. They will use one excuse after another to drag their feet on assisting Ukrainians, but I think it is absolutely the right thing to do, even if they don't need those mags make them available because it indicates that they do need them. Then they can quickly be moved into defense of Ukraine, which I will write an entire toolbox for them to choose from, you know, let's make sure that they can be successful. This president came to understand what I don't understand is what allows the Russians to I guess is a visa lab. Rob got a special exemption to go to recut this Iranian missile.

This nuclear program deal and now looks like we're in an ancillary room.

We can leave us in the same room.

Whisk in Russia to cut a deal with their ally. It makes no sense working with China to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism and continued to enrich uranium. Iran has stated that under the Obama Biden nuclear agreement and what we need to do is make sure that we're unleashing American energy production. We can do that today, but instead, this administration would rather bring Iran back into the market lifted sanctions on it for a while and bought some of the world's most deadly terrorist what Pres. Biden needs to do is walk away. Don't walk away slowly, so let's not enter into this agreement, for whatever reason. Pres. Biden seems to be enabling all of our near peer adversaries violent extremist groups around the world. We have got to stop at well I hope it does stop, guess what might stop because lab robs processes as you asked me to do this release some of the sanctions on him and other higher ups. This week we sanctioned them individually refers a lot of their accounts. About four more oligarchs were frozen at their accounts and their stuff about to be seized by the UK, so he wants. He wants to favor before he does us a favor which is in a favor because he's going to cut a nuclear deal doesn't allow snap inspections does allow us to really visualize what kind nuclear program. 11. Allow them to use some of that money to finance terror now that out perfectly. I couldn't have done it better myself.

So there there we go will see what happens.

Hope nothing, also when it comes to Venezuela.

We don't have relations with the maduro government how we able to do that. We said their illegitimate government.

We recognize quite a ride. Just really don't understand this president's foreign policy that we continue to enable actors instead of relying on strong partners and allies. We should be that shining light around the globe.

We should be producing energy that we not right here at home and providing for their friends and allies. We need to strengthen relationships not lean on parents not lean on governments that we don't recognize not lean on near peer adversaries for what we need. There is a better way of doing that, and I am not again. I don't understand why Pres. Biden is doing what he's doing whoever is advising him must not believe in the strength of America. I believe in the strength of America. I believe that we should be leading areas not following as Pres. Biden is doing.

So let's listen to since acting company is now blaming bottom of Putin for the rising inflation out 7.9% was 2% when they took over, maybe even less in their blaming the Vladimir Putin for the rise in the payment how much you're paying at the pump. Listen to this exchange cut 21 why the rising gas prices and if you want to use that on Fox. I welcome a lot of their time because we have her present work for months. The gas prices were rising because of splicing demand for months is well Peter if we go back to months ago.

I don't think anybody was predicting we would be exactly where we are, as it relates to Russian Ukraine.

As you know that events in the world, including the invasion by Russia of a foreign country does prompts instability and volatility in the global oil market. By the way Sen. took us engineers. We all knew because he told they told us is going to happen.

They told us was evident.

We watch the buildup so you can act like were surprised by this fact to remind you that prices started going up from day one pump from day one of Pres. Biden's administration.

The Keystone XL pipeline ratcheted down on American energy production and he made much more reliant upon our adversaries like Russia for oil.

So instead of releasing American energy independence and easing up on the permitting process as allowing our company here within the United States to produce more returns to folks like that a lot to produce more oil or purchase more oil for my constituents. Every person filling up at the pump across the United States and it's not just because of Russia, exacerbating it, but it is not because of Russia. It is because of the deranged climate policy coming from Pres. Biden and his administrator absolutely exactly what I do with the phone the police are present, but I never said to fund the police we talked about redirecting a never push back on those wackos in his apartment. They keep saying it over and over again like Cory Bush said two weeks ago we know everybody. The squad bully actually believes that now Joe Biden saying I'm not for I'm not against fossil fuels. The problem is he is remember this when he was running cut 22 that the sensor guide rails down so between the years 2021 and 2030. It's irreversible the path we set ourselves, one of which is doing aware of any substance or fossil fuels, and by the way when they don't deliver put them in jail. It sounds like usually open the fossil fuel industry is not a statement that he finally took executive action to Russian oil. I think that's great now at daylight and a dollar short.

But at least let's increase our own energy production would be great if every American could have an electric vehicle hello, Mr. Pres., I'm shifting from my shop and then relying upon China and their production of battery is in the minerals necessary for electric manacles. Nevermind we don't even have the kind of infrastructure necessary for every American know I do my constituents and I have that dollars in their pocket to purchase and definitely expensive. Easy. So again, the foreign policy even the domestic policy coming from this president and so much with every day America, what's going on in our household has no clue and it's pushing into the really crazy policy definition so famously you where you're from big farming community and how much diesel is right now how that affects the former seminar something were to choose not to grow grow this season well with farmers out there planting that spring. Many of them are writing their operations right now and we will say prices exacerbated by this situation and run Shabbat off out the inflation that we are seeing because the policies that started again. Day one when he came into office supply chain issues which he has refused to really get into and help provide solutions for all of that is contributing to higher cost. So we hope that we can get higher prices for our commodities like corn and soybeans, but understanding that the cost of inputs from farmers are far exceeding what we've seen and were hoping for this break even points. And if we don't it's going to be a very very hard year in order to continue to to feed our world so now all of these policies. Policies put out by Biden impact every single aspect of our daily lives. I don't care whether you're in the rural areas any urban area we are seeing failure upon failure within this administration now and running away to Delaware every weekend is not helping either. We have a lot of crises going on around the world. Matter fact, this administration just released another several billion dollars to the Caliban Connie Terrence network crazy visions they are making Brian with got to do better since you left provide more lethal ways to the Ukrainians. Let's get that done. Thank you so much. Thanks Brian back 186640876 is your opinion that everything else except that fastest three hours and your Brian kill me hey let's go right to the phone right now. Try to get as many calls as possible walkers is WABC in Jersey City a walker. Brian Corbett now to have an electric car because you really don't have a lot of charge of right and the charge at home takes forever, but you think about the future like 20 years from now they have a lot of cars and then you think about brownouts in the summertime, and how that's going to affect your ability to move based on electric demand in the summertime prayer absolutely is downside to your most these plans are powered by coal. I don't think they like that Nicholas in Long Island. I'm sorry to go hold that thought we get back to the second we come back, prepare joy just then I will go back to the calls from Georgia back to the Bronx to Long Island will be good again to all of you. I promise who's the Brian kill me. Joe would track which happened over the Ukraine. Another busy day over there. Talk show that's getting you your Brian kill me, a barrel of oil from Iran as well, Russia or anywhere else, is no less damaging to the climate barrel of oil from America.

The only difference is in a barrel off American those places as we get the money and we get jobs, but the second point you raise this this Iran deal do nothing for oil markets already priced in an expectation that deals going to happen so that discounts already in there for the most part in Venezuela barely produces anymore. This is not Venezuela from 15 years ago. This is a corrupt, decrepit industry that produces less than 700,000 barrels of oil a day.

Almost all of it goes to China because they pay the loans that go to China to have to pay it with oil and 10% of it. The remainder goes to Cuba for free in exchange for fake doctors. They don't have any wealth ascendancy.

They wanted to and they can't ramp up production machines are outdated their engineers of what the country and their industries become decrepit mass run by competent, personal piggy bank for narco dictator in Venezuela who is very close to Iran, Russia and China states that he knows you talk about Cinemark review. When asked why the administration is going over to Iran and Venezuela to make up for the loss oil that we no longer getting from Russia and he had the answer and maybe he's right. And maybe they realize that because that's why they called Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and they did not get a return call. Why because both those nations are angry that we are re-engaging around and look like we could get him another bad deal that allows their oil to get back to the market, which gives those sections get relieved and they take that money a lot. It goes to funding their terrorist organization creating traffic in the Middle East. So there you go to bail us out is Joe Biden poison that well will see what happens with me right now is threadbare with all these moving parts.

Try to get to the bottom of what's happening in Ukraine as well as Russia.

Brett welcome back so we got a couple of things are you thinking that they present the present push out to to say is fiber pollutants fall for high inflation and high gas prices is going to resonate with the American people know I'm in anybody who's been following anything important. Most people understand that gas prices and inflation were going up well before the Russians even got to that border, let alone invaded Ukraine so note you have to give it to the White House to look at anything and say this is price hike can try to label it in the presence outside of three or four times because they realize the danger and $5.06 hundred gallon gas and what that means. I struck by Rubio's characterization, Venezuela, and how little we could get out of that rock.

As far as coal or benefit and this is somebody who knows me knows the region.

He knows Venezuela in particular, you mentioned the Saudi Arabia and you were either not only upset about the Iran deal from perspective of Ron getting stronger and in the region. But there also upset about the interaction and and not looking at what was happening with the attacks on the UAE. The drone attacks from the cooties cord tied to a rock. They're not. They don't acknowledge the attacks that the Hutus have launched on Riyadh because in this administration, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are not seen as in the same light as the last administration and they look more and you know in part, rightfully so, about the atrocities that happened with Khashoggi and other negative aspects of Saudi life in the past, but in the geopolitical sense. They're trying to shift the focus back again to what the Obamawanted which was in the wrong that is the center of the Middle East and to do that to get that deal through you have to make some concessions that even the Russian negotiator said was a really good deal for China Russia is like anything like alienate somebody know this going to be ramifications on when they first came in they look to Saudi Arabia as an evil empire. Okay fine. They do a lot of things wrong but also without them we probably would've won the Cold War for a lot of presidency were extremely loyal will never can improve the way government and if you don't like where the fighting in Yemen okay ham-handed lack of skill, like a surgical strikes. I get it. But just so you know when you no longer back Saudi Arabia you're backing a run. This is who the rebels, who the rebels are allied with the ruts that gives our Ron influence a nation right in their doorstep. No one seems to be going that last mile but it angers people and the lack of progress on the Abraham Accords I I venture to guess it's because present trump was doing it that they don't want even pursue it now call it that night and so you know that they don't want to go down that road. Even though he was seeing major benefits, and so there is a real frustration by the UAE and Saudi Arabia to the point where there to cozy up to other big actors and so you're now seeing this emergency effort by the administration to say that maybe they'll be a trip by present Biden to Riyadh to reestablish and all of this stuff will maybe start by getting them to answer the phone. The administration denies that that happened, but the Wall Street Journal stays by that from multiple sources that there was not a conversation so we can send note no progress. I watched sky TVs broadcast love and live up to the translation does look like any progress with lab, Rob and his counterpart with Ukraine and that really they were unable to talk substantively any piece of demanding that they recognize the dumb bus region.

As part as independent Crimea as part of Russia demilitarized until joining NATO or the EU. And that seems to be something that Ukrainian so want to agree with. Would you agree with that. I think it's a nonstarter and you have labral saying in the same breath that Russia is not attacking Ukraine right.

Russia has launched 700+ missiles and in these these images are obviously horrific and forcing them to like were not seeing them.

They are saying that this is all the latest, was that one of the women that the pictures one around the world bleeding from the maternity Children's Hospital that was hit was an actor, they said, and that this is a deep fake video. They said the Russians Russians you know it you can't do that and be believable limits like Baghdad Bob from when he was saying that the US is not coming into Baghdad and the tanks rolling right behind them.

When a rock was happening so it's tough to see the chasm fixed between the two sides. If that continues to assess instruction on everybody screamed. What are the United States and NATO's options besides arming the best we can with with weapons that we pretty much know they're going to be the javelins and they're going to be the Stinger missiles and in small arms and helmets and hopefully some surprises or anything else on the table that in that you found intriguing Brett with all your Pentagon contacts.

It used to be. I mean listen. They have determined that the Mig is an escalation which is interesting because 17,000 20,000 stingers and javelins do a lot of damage so I prudent doesn't know they're coming in.

They are the Russians probably at some point try to stop that supply line from from different places, NATO countries and so I think there will be an effort as these images come out to step up. Whatever we do, how that happens. The one thing that hasn't been in there is X300 surface-to-air missile batteries that are Russian but they are a part of number of NATO countries in the region, so there may be talks about some of those NATO countries to get those X300's and Ukraine says that's good. Sorry I'm all for it but his eyes and escalatory.

Then the legs are necessary because our offensive some people just say if you put the patriots in 48 hours, a picture, missiles, and 40 hours of Poland. Could you please do that in in a key. I mean, I don't know where the line is, and it's tough for them to talk about it because they've now said that the megs are the line, but what about patriot missiles. There are batteries going in to a Poland along the border there and so is it because it's a US item. I don't know the javelins in the stingers over to page it doesn't make sense and I think that there's, you know, and when you send VP Harris to Poland and don't arm her with something deliverable. They held this news conference today.

There was nothing that she came with it was deliverable them will work together and be on the same page. When asked about the Mig controversy didn't talk about and I was expecting some big moment like she was going to meet in Ukraine. I don't think that's happening what you want. You did see is that she said we going to give you $50 billion.

They walked by sending 50,000,002 Ukraine says direct aid live difference between a according to reports, I wouldn't have either my account team leader 50 billion.

That's a big mistake but I guess it's not that harmful to like we had to the ATM and take it out and put it back again. But what like I guess at one point will have to be a little bit bolder. I want you Gen. Jack Keane said on your archrival Jesse water show: getting think is really get inside the head of some of our leaders any ministration here I mean is pretty profound, but I thought we were getting out of it and by that I mean remember back in March.

They show up on the board of Ukraine 70,000 shipments due to leave that months for Ukraine actually present trump shipment. The Biden administration.

Powell for 90 days. What are we doing to Lance August they show up again in the fall.

After the Afghanistan debacle on the transport over hundred 50,000 shipments due to go, what we do, we delight and the reason for both of those delays is the fear that we will provoke them into attacking into Ukraine and we have similar issues.

We didn't give them the stingers Jesse until last week.

Other NATO countries.

Regular stem stingers for months.

I believe unstated reason we don't want to provoke them. So that's general. He's not really known for hyper plot a hyperbole and you write it feels like there is this fear and at some point you to look at the military and what's happening on the ground and you have to look at the lack of success of the Russian military has had and the ham-handed mission which there attacking the cities with just just devastating and at one point you have to say is NATO where is our lot and that's with Zielinski's been making that case along. Yes, there is a threat of World War III and we have to be very very careful about that but giving the difference between Stinger missiles Chapel missiles and patriot missiles with sad defense systems, you know, I think there's a lot of nuance lost on people following you selected your panel. I have selected the panel and it will be good but more importantly, this Intel hearing up on Capitol Hill until it's it's really chock full of a lot of info and more so than the other one the other day specifics about the Russians are not doing certain things that don't have control the airspace going to that hearing, and some of the details and then I have the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee Mark Warner. Great. So Tom can't get into it.

He's always very well prepared for the South see you have some of those clips.

I imagine Micah to tell you that you show for you to call me at 550 and check yet right when I think about this program and a lot of times she's got your voicemail because I am busy seven shows right exactly and prepared for something I will bring to Rose presumed that Saturn item will be live 811.

While I'll be live Sunday. So, about that all good you know you haven't yet that's exactly Chris Wallace is to say, Jack Keane joined me on the board in person. Nice that's good.

And when I have two big-time senators and maybe a world leader will do prepared differently for that show than any other show I do a little bit. Compare for interviews report and but for that show. It seems like I do, do a little bit more preparation for some reason you also owe you William Bardsley was tasked both nights I go to Brett, are you watching Sunday 1-866-408-7669 and finish up your calls I see up there using the brain to meet you this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel yeah Brian kill me if he's got a new show on Saturdays because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true that really hurt one nation with Brian Kilby Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel more Brian, he's so busy you'll make your Brian kill me for the outnumbered aspect that Russia has with material technology and true power why you would want to then take that into the house to house situation where it nullifies all the technology insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan wanted an urban fight with Americans because it neutralizes technology completely neutered and so home-field advantage is going to go to the defender you put a machine gun behind a door out Your seal team six or the marvel Avengers, Brian. Shot so I did. To me this this makes no sense from a tactical level why the Bible what he will attempt that's what we could be heading towards house to house or to be heading towards urban fighting and David.

Elvia is somebody who wrote the book house to house can be a movie and when you read the book so compelling and so real, but that's what you got the Congressional medal of honor. So because he does have that great valor and he knows how tough it is and you need they say if you're defending or offending severe on the offense you need to outnumber the enemy 5 to 1 and amid the Russian but have the numbers with certain leader of the experience in their losing almost every fight had to head there just good at blanket bombing so-called carpet bombing was fun of this morning I went asked the top reason why people quit their jobs. The number 1820. Number two. No advancement opportunities that's tied in first number 357% felt disrespected 48% childcare that this is surprised me. Not enough flexibility that 45% benefits were good. 43% so covert, 19 requirements just 18%.

Lope was the top reason people quit because it disrespected 70/78% of those who quit a job so they are still employed.

According to a pew self-administered web web survey surprises are you are surprised that the child care given pandemic and all the kids from school is only 40% right. I just didn't think that was used for everything now quit the job in 2021 S. next America punch nice people. Why don't we realize that because we could get too caught up in the loud voices. They paved everyone pays attention to, and here's some proof of it. Most people don't tweezer VC mangrove light is not the people you know, 72% Americans help strangers 42% of us volunteer with the number one country forgiving once the survey 1.3 million people, 125 countries last week. For example, for last year were number one by a wide margin, why it matters.

This cuts against religion region and age 60% Americans giving money last year is pretty impressive.

Facebook says birthday fundraisers bringing hundreds of millions of dollars top beneficiary St. Jude's children's research be happy over 100 urologists and resources of Fox box whether plot just personal powerful subscriber listen Fox is not just

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