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Striking Back: Moscow Admits 10k Russian Troops Dead in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 22, 2022 12:40 pm

Striking Back: Moscow Admits 10k Russian Troops Dead in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 22, 2022 12:40 pm

[00:18:35] Allen West

[00:39:42] Jonathan Turley

[00:55:17] James “Murr” Murray

[01:06:03] Simulcast w/ Varney & Co.

[01:17:02] Amb. Alexander Vershbow (Ret.)

[01:32:07] Kevin Roberts

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all-new galaxy Z fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxy Z fold Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts without positive approach, it's Brian kill me. Thank you. What was everybody assuming you are. This is the right kill me, Joe. I will not watch a lot of things watch the ongoing war in the in Ukraine were also watching the confirmation hearing for Judge Jackson and I thought they want to give great biography got some very respectful questions at the whole thing for you run in. I want every single Supreme Court candidate to be treated with dignity I mean is one of the most prestigious positions in the country.

We gotta stop with the you like beer.

I do know do you like beer. Sen. we gotta stop in the 11th grade rented 11th grade you in a relationship. The name you people send didn't happen was that you did member. They were on Judge Cavanaugh for renting a Boston little Boston Red Sox game in college with her was assumed to be drinking. I mean let's just hope it doesn't get to that and and Democrats are from that I know should be that contentious because it's a liberal attorney justice, replacing a liberal justice. So let's get to the bakery. The stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The problem with the bill constructed from the start doesn't say well we lift sanctions offer on depending on Iran's change of behavior that says we lift sanctions offer on depending on the change in the calendar automatically through rock and continue externalism. Yeah, that's true, Benjamin@yahoo the former prime minister is agonized over what will be the worst deal yet. The ministration is cut such a bad new deal even the Ayatollah Baran can't believe it and can we decided gory details. Even fellow Dems are alarmed and why we have to stop it. Our energy policy in this country subject to is something that you entirely blame on Joe Biden is a national embarrassment. I'd rather buy half a million barrels of oil day for governor Doug Burnham of North Dakota and from Vladimir Putin need to think that's all that hard to figure out me still present Biden since his economy is rolling when it comes to gas prices.

Hey oil companies. It's you you you are gouging so start drilling this time.

His accusations are answered tried by the by you of course and by the companies themselves in a long letter I what you hear silly excerpts and I love it for one reason that the Russians have been frustrated will and and in terms of the progress that they haven't made. Obviously a big reason is Ukrainian resistance but they're having trouble with command-and-control on the ground so they think they've made missteps of their own. Yeah John Kirby with Fox and friends today. The war Moscow what is going on as they are shockingly admit they have over 10,000 deaths while haphazardly trying to crush every city from the outskirts in the at civilian targets like true cowards. Ukraine, a fight, they must survive in 100% capable of winning.

When will the West realize this. It's win or nothing because of that we don't stop these guys now will be defending Estonia defending with the Winnie Atreides prevent the invasion of Moldova.

The five Ukraine sties stopped at these encouraged borders.

You know they do come back in a few years. That one little bit more what a little bit more up there was a skirmish that broke out again. We don't cover it much for the down box region. I believe since 2014. It seems as though the Ukrainians lost about 9000 troops.

I mean, and you knew who knows how many Russian separatists week that have been killed so that will get I have in Leslie's end the right way and just kills me to see that they're aiming at civilians, blowing a movie. How does the houses, theaters, apartment buildings, hospitals and schools who wear the ethics on a modern army.

I'm not saying that they are a western army, a modern army should have the precision weaponry in order to stop students aiming at senior facilities, don't you think so that is going on with in Ukraine. I'm gonna give you a quick rundown. From what I know rush is relying on missiles and artillery and other pressure from the Ukraine Greek gradient that they are getting in the pushback to getting when their one on one is unbelievable.

I cannot wait to get the after action report when this thing is finally done.

It seems like there's a tactical shift now present.

Biden pointed out we've all seen it. They wanted to invade and get these major cities. They've gotten one to have you seen the video of this cure son is the one city. These citizens are walking up harassing the military vehicles and the Russians in All walking around machine guns.

Ukrainians want no part of these people. They should be inspirational, but they've absolutely leveled variable. They've actually leveled car keys, but they can take either one Nicollet which is the last city before Odessa which there goes the black see if we lose our debts and I say we, as I'm pulling for the Ukrainians got a flag on my lapel Ukrainian flag an American flag on polling form and with this flight availability is done is brilliant.

He spent this morning addressing the Italian Parliament and will do a little bit little while Jill Hillcrest the Japanese parliament he's letting them all know this is what I'm dealing with. I'm losing kids 100 was a number hundred and 69 children of been killed, including 30 since last Friday you believe this used to be and it used to be collateral damage that should be stopped and we should be better in America and other Western armies would be in NATO and our allies would be killing themselves, and to be roasted by the public for killing people unnecessarily. Even though these terrorists were dressed in civilian garb. This is different. There, aiming for here is the presence of Lenski talking about how well his men and women are fighting cut for our 26 day a full-scale war is over.

After eight years of aggression in the east of our state. The enemy is slowly trying to move to go on the offensive somewhere to capture a road somewhere to cross the river somewhere Ukrainian Army well done repels these attempts and holds back the occupiers, but is also talking about get skipped with the sanctions you know, I'm glad the sanctions are there.

I'm happy. We've done this, we could be doing so much more. They say on a daily basis. They are still getting between the weekly bases five and $7 billion cash number, no matter the exchange from just oil sales. If you could stop these oil sales especially to Western nations. They would really feel the pinch. Denmark, for example, says I want the massive sanctions because I'm under.

I'm contractually obligated to buy the petroleum until 2030. So let's do it. And for those countries like Brazil, Vietnam, India and South Africa. You should be ashamed of yourselves because you cannot be siding with a brutal dictator without natural resources, who's actually aiming at women and children, and seniors.

Joey did you want to marry a public told him to surrender then to God. He rounded up about a thousand people brought them into Russia and told him they have to work for two and half years, or free. That's according to reports. We know this, they're gone. So that's with that we can award this is others are pleased with the sanctions and what they've seen so far, including Bill Browder.

I talked to last night hosting for Jesse. He's a CEO of Hermitage capital. They tried to bankrupt him and kill him. Instead they killed his lawyer and he's become the number one enemy of Vladimir Putin and happy to help all factions out there want to take him down. Cut 18. We are absolutely surrounding Vladimir Putin central bank reserves are frozen 70% of the banks have been disconnected from Swift a dozen of the highest caliber oligarchs assets have been frozen and everybody is sitting in fear that they are to be next in the Aligarh community and I think they will be next. I think this is going to go on and on for the oligarchs I do I do to. They gotta continue to do that yesterday when I was on the air.

Bill Browder also went on to say that right before he got on there was report of Italy who had on their one of their ports. Vladimir Putin's rumored to be Jott. It's bigger than life and they took it. So if it's not Vladimir Putin. It's an old car close to Vladimir Putin. Scott so they're being squeezed everywhere the monies being squeezed everywhere and out.

You gotta do is gotta get their families squeeze those families everywhere so they can just move the money and if you're some important enough to be wealthy and you're finding out all these rare paintings and apartments are going down in a fire sale.

Can you please to the patriotic thing and not by it and not bail them out. I don't how many billionaires are in her audience. I have Pete working on that right now. How many oligarchs listen I have Eric working on that right now but if you are rich and see this upper West side apartments available in Manhattan walk away because it's a firesale because it was it was acquired on corrupt means and it's helping keep Vladimir Putin power. So for the longest time. I know if you really cared and we really desperate situation like World War II more than the cost of World War III. It does not handle correctly, you would realize the best we can do is flood the zone with our natural gas are coal our oil we burn it we we we refined a cleaner than anybody else we drill it with more more conscientiously than anybody else but instead we are getting it from Venezuela asking around to put their oil on the more free market will talk about that if it forsakes on this deal and asking Saudi Arabia to Joe Moran provided Patriot missile's for them to Detroit in the good side. But now the oil companies because gas is so high have been told by this administration that you're couching that you're looking for profits. You're the money leave the amount of per barrel oil is gone down for maybe hundred $20 to about $98 so foolishly and ignorantly the Prez United States command sentient sake's spokesperson came and said you know why oil companies couching whites a price so high when the price of oil came right down.

I know one thing I know what I think I'm good at is knowing what I don't know. I have never worked in the oil field and never trade on the oil market so if I am present Biden with all this power before he accused people of gouging responsibly not drilling on that with 9000 leases and saying things like I have done nothing to hurt the oil and gas industry. I would try to get facts on my side so the companies who met with the White House yesterday and I hope of the courage to bring that up to them.

ConocoPhillips Exxon J.P. Morgan Chase cargo and ConocoPhillips. I hope they just to listen the doors to close his own cameras on can you knock it off. What you're saying is nonsensical marathon of patterns in I've been energy U.S. Steel and Visa all met to talk about the economy by getting inflation down where the spending is in the supply chain issues. So, in a letter to an oil and gas trade group representing dozens of oil 10, oil and gas companies wrote this engine read some Xers because every line matters, you know, we've heard you gouging prices you could be drilling more you got 9000 leases you not using. So here's the letter we understand we certainly understand firsthand the impact of higher colostrum by inflation and related factors can have on small business and their employees, however, is a key challenge standing in the way of unity the words and actions of you meeting Mr. Pres. and members of your ministration in particular is regrettable that you and your White House team have continued to mischaracterize facts regarding our industry often maligned or from aligning our motors and frankly, in some cases advanced complete and total faucets from the first day of this administration. The very tone and tenor of your ministration's attitude towards oil and gas production in the US is bad, and the people who make it happen have been consistently openly hostile. For example, key members of your ministration have repeatedly single that US oil and gas is the primary driver. The cause of climate change, a position that just does not square with the facts given other factors in the US economy as well as extraordinary harmful pollutants emitted by international bad actors like Russia and China and that indicated oil and gas production must come to an end in the United States visually ministration continues to take today. Unfortunately, such an approach is an obvious and distant demonstrable chilling effect on the energy companies business decisions, especially ones that involve millions of dollars in infrastructure. Surely in your over 40 years of government experience nice you have learned the government officials, words and deeds impact business to the end. We hope that in the days and weeks ahead. You will return to the spirit of the inaugural address when you said, let us listen to one another, show respect to one another and I pledge this to you. I will be present for all Americans."

We believe time is now to work together to address the energy and indeed natural security needs.

When I come back I'm in a go over the specifics as they address some of the objections that the ministration pretend I believe pretends to have with the oil and gas business.

They are not. They are actually putting the EPA and the SEC on steroids to hurt them further and that would keep our prices up so you know we do we go in paying hundred thousand dollars for an electric car which we don't have charging stations to supply that still need coal powered or fossil fuels to charge and we have nowhere to put the disposable batteries but but why digress.

Joe Biden 78 years old and forgot what his agenda really is. Anyway we come back. Your call is 1-868-408-7669 US in the brain to meet you politics and current events and use that up. Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made from Fox news broadcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News talk show that's real. This is the Brian kill me show that actually fascinate see our present on his knees. Saudi Arabia and Venezuela went with Touro is almost as big a thought as prudent in the White House to move here that we are in conversations with Venezuela about what exactly what price do you think with euros go to exact from United States to get more of his oil. This is absurd. I agree hundred pretend that's Gov. Christie at a New Hampshire event for candidates to run for president. Gov. Christie also went on to say someone's going to take on Trump, nobody should get an automatic birth into getting her nomination to run for president to be somebody to do it but and he certainly is the answer to almost all these questions and he said very comfortable on his feet, but does not have the momentum now and I don't know how he gets back will have to see how this plays out. Just go on and the reason why we play that bumping in is because it makes no sense.

This administration so hung up on not pumping here even though were in a crisis, a world crisis on the cusp of World War III. This is not go well because the only thing sustaining Russia is there oil and gas. Europe needs oil and gas now is talk into a key Trump official and they said they had worked out something with Portugal to build a pipeline natural gas pipeline that would bring tankers right to it would flow right through Europe and the only thing was holding it up was a small area in the Pyrenees Mountains in France and France's environmentalists give me a hard time.

I sense that in this time of crisis. They would get through this right now because they didn't see any urgency to get a fresh oil. Even though he's a bad actor. They since Dell, it's cheap and it's right here and it's on a pipeline and he's never going to shut it off, though now that they understand that you cannot continue to fuel, pun intended.

This hatred and this anger so now instead of pumping there still pushing it with the with the SEC and EPA still pushing the oil and gas companies to do all type number one pushing these major financial institutions not to invest in oil and gas, which is not capitalistic and to be un-American and then put into these gymnastics in order to in order to be able to drill so I just wrote you I was telling about about half the letter that that that the oil companies.

These trade groups put together to address the present directly respectfully but directly now on the issue of the 9173 outstanding permits that Jen Saki keeps talking about. Is it because of the uncertainty of operating on federal lands, companies must build up sufficient inventory of permits before rigs can be contracted.

The permit stay ahead of the Riggs companies drill wells in a matter of days and reach a very expensive so it's a delicate balancing act, the federal permit to drill is not the only government approval required Aurora rights-of-way: row can take years to acquire before company can access their leases and putting natural gas gathering systems which the pressure not to flare from regulators and investors. Most companies cannot drill before gathering lines are in place, timely approval of Rose would enable companies develop sooner. So when someone sits up there and say we have 9000 leases you not using your beginning to tell you why you find it boring top precise personal power is America's liturgy in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project radio show like no other and made the idea that they don't have enough sophisticated equipment to simply not accurate, can take the time to enroll in detail here. Appointed every every equipment every piece of equipment that makes rational sense based on our military and military do with her doing the wreaking havoc on the Russian military weatherstrip tanks or their helicopters or their aircraft.

Why is he so exhausted all the time. That's actually true. We got him equipment and people are helping them out, but I do. What about food and water is able thought about that last three days.

It was a mero poet looks at Clark even looks like been pretty thoroughly starved out, and at least if they got a fight. Can we get them some nourishment. Lieut. Col. Allen West probably never saw battlefield quite like this Col. I hear people that have been or rack say right now it looks like Ukraine is worse for words to be with Gibran because it would copyedit want to live and discriminate hardening of the innocent man, the women and children. Civilians on about something that we are thoroughly sought to avoid in our combat engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course Caliban would take it to advantage the Hyatt in civilian population.

Sometimes there would be incidents there, but I just want to ask one simple question where is the United Nations on me when you talk about you know human rights abuses and you talk about leave coming back in food and water to make sure I don't see where the United Nations is right now and I can understand why they're not stepping up in the in the case like this where you have an international agreement. The Budapest memorandum has been violated by a country Russia in that agreement said that if any of those countries were attacked there will be eight that will come to grandma defense of their solitude, but none of that is the current so I just don't understand why United Nations is not. Step four. That's great point at the very least, humanitarian initiative, the UN plane was about five point mean you can go back and remember what was happening somebody with the Starbase of the smaller people we happy United Nations command mirror.

So what is the difference here we see this mass refugee crisis, which is the largest since World War II in Europe. Invest wisely.Medical tanks. You know millions of dollars to the United Nations when they are absolutely doing nothing in response to this.

So how about what you think is going on in Russia. He saw that they put up the real numbers on casualties on the state-run newspaper is over 10,000 17,000 wounded.

You know they get the sending thousands of body bags back on their start to see this now Vladimir Putin arrest two intelligence agents who supposed to get money and pay off Ukrainians, but we don't know if they paid him off and kept the money. Or they just kept the money. So they been arrested five generals dead the Ukrainian same anymore so and we see that they don't have the courage to fight in an urban environment only in one city marrow pool but they're not doing it anywhere else is sitting on the outside they wanted things you look at. That bears his concern errors. Cortical Russians bearing about. Maybe they're fighting a little bit more conservatively but when you look at the interior Ukraine. They're not making any inroads. The other thing that we have always understood going back could also be Army model is it is very centrally controlled and that's what you see a lot of the senior military leaders of the Russian army being killed because they are down there at the front lines.

You know, trying to get the troops to do what is necessary, as opposed to in our military. We got great young you know corporals and sergeants that can take command of the situation, which is what you, Lindsey Graham said. Obviously, when we say these things is pretty clear we were getting intelligent someone they're going to try cyber attack on us. Number two there there readying reasons to use chemical and biological weapons.

Obviously, the frustration level is the unending Vladimir Putin thought he be dealing with is Lindsey Graham said we should say ahead of time. Cut 16. So here's two questions. The world needs to ask and answer there's going to be a NATO summit. Here's what I would say on your show to NATO if there is a chemical weapons attack by the Russian military against Ukrainian people should impose a no-fly zone immediately because that's breaking all the rules that we've established since World War II. If Putin explodes a nuclear weapon inside of Ukraine.

The radiation will affect most of Europe, we should consider that attack on NATO itself, so the one thing I've learned, will bullies like Putin if you're not clear, then they will assume your week so do you think we should get ahead of this and make that clear. We should get ahead of this and make it clear within. Once again the words of pronunciations don't mean anything else with some sort don't mean anything if you don't have that critical deterrent that is ready to step forward.

Again I go back to what we saw happen with the Obama redline Syria. Nothing came of that and that's what my concern will be here yet when you had the exact same thing happened on the truck administration, heartland attack missiles went flying. And of course you and I talked about it last week when you have those 200 some odd Russian paramilitary portal whacked the group that will kill Vladimir Putin didn't do anything because that's the type of response that he understands so I think it's important NATO start to show that that strength through actions and not so much. No more declarations, resolutions of pronouncements and something else is percolating over in Geneva when I land the room but the brushes representing us. I feel great about it. Iran's nuclear deal that was signed in 2015 and torn up because it's locked. They were holding to it. You could walk on on snap elections and excuse me scan snap inspections and now we find out we getting back into it and the new deal is so good there now going to take off the terrible S the Iranian Revolutionary guard there. The definition of a terrorist organization. We killed Salom�.

Neither leader and they get immediate relief from almost all their sanctions to the point where the most belligerent man on the planet. The grand Ayatollah is signing off on it.

We do anything to stop this Col. West well obviously not because of the bride administration wants to push forward on this. That's what they're going to do it so is going right back to the failed policy will be Obama ministration the nuclear agreement. So just answer so what message does that send them you you just talk about your bod stepped up to the play are response is been decent, but it hasn't been strong in and forth with and now you look at the fact that we are allowing a rush of the be at the table to negotiate on our behalf.

Iranian nuclear agreement.

We know that China is a bit with Iran getting much of their all they ship out an export to China and we know also that there's agreement with Russia to China. So in other words, we are talking out of both sides of my mouth was sending aid to Ukraine but yet were sitting down here and the committee. One of the biggest foreign policy debacles seeks to enable this new axis news forming between Russia, China, and the lot that was constantly net now is empower you find a way to obtain this he spoke to Mark was in is not empowering out for now.

He spoke to Mark within Sunday cut 27 got understand this deal. Not only lets Iran achieve an arsenal of nuclear bombs. It doesn't prevent them from creating the missiles to bring them to their developing ballistic missiles. Ultimately, intercontinental ballistic missiles that can take nuclear warheads, nuclear bombs, put them on the missile and deliver them to anyplace in the United States fact anyplace in the world that is different world. We can't go there. It makes a helluva difference if if Holland has nuclear weapons or their totals of nuclear weapons and will people who are so suffused with hatred and with the desire for destruction. When you give them the weapons of mass death to deliver to a theater near you got there so I mean it's frustrating for him. It's frustrating for us.

Josh got hammered democratic pressures. It does want to sign off on it.

Evidently there's at least a dozen in the house and me and say maybe some in the Senate to keep it quiet now because we don't know me details, but I never heard of a process where they do it in secret. Not even directly live with it, well best for you.

Full transparency, they are behind closed doors that should make 1/3 suspect. But let us not forget that Iran is still the number one state-sponsored Islamic terrorism in the world and when we did lift the sanctions off of the raw data did not try to improve the quality of life.

The well-being of the Iranian people what they did was they put out bought more as Prime Minister Netanyahu talked about ballistic missiles and and weapon systems so that they could purchase for most of the threatened Israel and then of course be a larger player on all the world stage, we see what they are doing with the kooky rebels in Yemen. We see what they're doing those muscles and what have you into Saudi Arabia so you just have to scratch your head about the foreign policy of the body, ministration, and where is the Secretary of State Tony Blake about this. I believe I only know to see him.

Jake Sullivan, I find them useless. It might be bright but there are nine Americans but working America's best interest of Leslie Chris Christie is one of the first candidates. I think this can make it clear he's gonna be running. He was at an event in New Hampshire yesterday and he talked about the prospect of running while Donald Trump is running and in here, it hears what he said cut 40 3BI don't know Jim, I would just tell you this that if the predicate in two a primary fight with Donald Trump. They better be ready because it will not be tiddlywinks it will, it will not be softball it will be horrible and you gotta be willing to stand up to be one of those candidates that speak your mind and tell the truth about everything not just about the stuff that you're comfortable telling the truth about tell the truth about everything and I think you gotta make the distinction and the party is the party for mirrors the party for us is the country for mirrors the country for us.

I think that will be the key question is get a free pass. But you think if Donald Trump runs the. The Republicans will have a Clearfield door.

Who do you think from just your from the in your political circles will run against him. If he decides to run think of any doubt about it. You know the government.

Florida brought the critical position incredibly well. Bear in the state of Florida. Only thing that he would have to of course work on and improve upon his foreign policy and national security policies and should, if he decides to run. He'll get spun up on you for that followed not plan on four cans. I think it is important that we have an open primary applicant support that we give people choices. I know that the president is still part of former president still pondering whether not he wants to run but you know we have to also start think about how do we develop the next generation. How do we start looking at our future.

We got a better bench than the aggressive social Democratic Party � and we have to start developing that branch right to transfer the money and see you if he doesn't get the nomination and run see so that probably 40% of the Republican Party minimum was a 35% C can win without. It is gotta be a way if you gonna lose if you going to beat him you have to do it in a way that keeps him on the team so because it's tough times I've Republicans can have an interesting situation, and ability with the midterm spring Carlisle West. Thanks so much of the project are brought you God. He goes from at Allen West we come back I'll take you calls 1-866-408-7669 use of the brain to meet you the fastest growing talk show in America you're with Brian Fox news contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite podcast, the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. This is the problem that I had with like the New York Post article on the Biden laptop being suppressed.

Trump supporter of the general form that didn't vote for any Republican ever in my life looking at something that's real information you're hiding it from people because you don't like the result you think of, and information that's not that's not how we are supposed to be doing things that that there is love a good story.

They love the narrative, and they're willing to ignore facts you push that narrative. That's what scares me. What scares me is I mean I think there are objective journalists that work for the Washington Post and New York Times news real solid journals out there but I don't necessarily know if you're getting all the information I think is safe to say that it is your thought right and by the late nobody else's cover. That's who Jerome is referring to is the revelation of that that that seventh paragraph of the story about Hunter Biden.

It said it looks as though the laptop information emails were authentic and the laptop was real was Hunter Biden's and they thought when second that is the perfect textbook way. According to Jonathan Turley of burying the story but trying to get it out there that what you said earlier was wrong and with those 51 mL X intelligence experts who came on said this Hunter Biden story and the laptop has all the earmarks of a Russian disinformation project. Nobody picked up the phone. No one try to find out if there was going to authenticate some of these horrible emails not only the one to talk about hookers and sex addiction and crack purchases in the pictures and some of which no one talked about publicly with the gotta come out. It's as ugly as it gets.

But the one to talk about international business deals involving perhaps code names for the current president of the United States.

If I was Jan's sake.

If I was any national security advisor to this present if I was a present.

I would be on a bike over the weekend should've been a bike.

Anyway, if you had a workout stationary bike has that sound got a huge war over there could be World War III. But don't worry about it. Finding out details with this email say because you have to get specific answers is a theory out there and it's hard to it's hard to dissuade me from it.

That is not true that they're about to indict Hunter Biden on all types of tax violations.

The pay $1 million and if you're on the wrong side of that what you said the information that the IRS uses authentic, and you set up. That was an authentic, it looks worse than it actually has to be so they times could say yeah. At first we thought it was Russia's information but we looked at it and it seems to be real. That's what you could say put your concern you is the New York Post right to legitimate story and they shelved it and if I want to retreated, they would suspend my account Kelly McInerney, the Press Secretary they would suspend their account.

If a talkshow host want to walk forward that story they would suspend their account so they would ban the social media they would eventually band of former present social media, that's what you concern your so Bill barked, who said the same thing with me on Saturday said this about the laptop at the time he knew what was, not Russian disinformation said it would.

No one covered it cut 35. I was very disturbed during the debate, when, why and candidate Biden lied to the American people about the laptop squarely confronted with the laptop and he suggested that it was Russian disinformation then pointed to the letter written by some intelligence people. It was baseless, which he knew was was a lie and I was I was shocked by that. Fortunately, the DNI came out and said no it's it's it's not disinformation. The FBI said the same thing. Media ignored it.

So you're talking about interference in election. I can't think of anything more you can. I so that is it. And they show that in October, November happens and that everything goes quiet in you. I played all these montages of oldies and networks and other places saying this is hardly part Jake Tapper. This is horrible too disgusting to repeat but is Russian disinformation. Hunter Biden writes a book in every but denies that his laptop Molly Hemingway outraged by this word she's with the Federalists now editor 34 so this isn't just Hunter Biden this is Joe Biden and know that that's why they lied about this company not engaged in a conspiracy with tech companies to make sure that this was not something that voters could know about before 2020 election because they knew if they knew that Joe Biden would not be elected president. So Joe Rogan and he said you herded not a Republican never voted Republican didn't vote for Trump said this should be scared, everybody.

I agree. MSNBC did two seconds on it how you cover story in two seconds. I don't know, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC zero seconds the president's son has emails about international deals with China, Romania, Russia and Ukraine could implement implicate him and you don't cover the story. How do you live with yourself. This is Brian kill Michelle make sure you watch one nation Saturdays at 8 o'clock. Keep will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber listen to Fox News five just live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thanks.

What should be and hereby is Brian kill me become a view from New York but heard around the country heard around the world watching the confirmation hearing today to really judge pathology Brown Jackson.

She want to be there to report justice replace person she clerked for that Justice Breyer so far her biographies greater interesting to be strong to know that about Mark will see how it goes up because my answer any questions frustrating to Jonathan Turley talk to them shortly. Then when the funniest people you ever meet James Murray from the practical jokers will take a little break for a new book out.

We'll talk about that and then Barney company will do a simulcast so a lot to do. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The problem with the dealers constructed from the start doesn't say well will lift sanctions offer on depending on Iran's change of behavior.

It says will lift sections of Iran, depending on the change in the calendar automatically so Iran can continue its terrorism. Yeah, that's true. That's Benjamin Netanyahu talking of the weekend were still yet, the administration has to cut such a bad new deal even the ayatollah of Iran likes it.

Glory to deals that even have fellow Dems alarmed and not gonna vote for it, but will we even have a say as the American people scale our energy policy in this country subject to is something I can hardly blame on Joe Barton is a national embarrassment. I'd rather buy half a million barrels of oil day from Gov. Doug Berg about North Dakota and from Vladimir Putin. I don't think that's all that hard to figure out that is so true present binds his economies rolling when it comes to gas prices and oil company.

Stop doubting and start drilling this time. Outlook accusations are answered by you and the company's be vilified just warning the White House you're not in a like it because they hit back. They hit back hard specifically for one reason that the Russians have been frustrated will and and in terms of the progress that they haven't made. Obviously a big reason is Ukrainian resistance but they're having trouble with command-and-control on the ground so they think they've made missteps of their own.

That is John Kirby the war Moscow as they shockingly admit have now have over 10,000 deaths already about 17,000 wounded.

They put it in the national newspaper. Meanwhile their resting intelligence and their targeting civilians like true cowards every time they match with Ukrainians there losing where is this thing heading and will discuss that a matter of moments, but right now, watching Judge Judge Jackson take some questions from our Republicans and Democrat senators confirmation seems inevitable. Jonathan Turley joined just now Jonathan's anything that you've gleaned so far while they hearing it going Anthony expected. She is handling it well. She's a very personable, likable nominee. I the Republicans have already raised a couple of possible contradiction and those weren't really clearly answered, I determined graphic. For example, asked why the district court judgment no problem with answering whether you follow the so-called living Constitution model of judging and yet in the pellet nominee, you refuse to answer that question. She actually did not explain that contradiction.

She did say that she doesn't think the competition changes by the day, but there's still a lot of questions about judicial philosophy.

Much of the hearing, Mr. frustrating not clear what the standard. For example, a judge check, refuse to answer whether she supports court packing.

That's the same position taken by Judge Barrett, now Justice Baird and her nomination, but it's still the question in both of those confirmations are what the standard may judge Had No Problem Saying That She Would Answer Whether We Should Have Cameras in the Courtroom.

For Example, or Whether International Law Is Binding in Most Areas. And yet She Said It Justice.

It Would Be Appropriate for Her to Talk about Whether Congress Could Order Court Packing Whether That's a Good Idea, the Question Why Are Some Questions and Bargains, Not the Court Packing Sitting Justices Have Spoken Publicly, Including the One She Will Reply so That Your Members May Still Get Back to This and That, If You Believe That Justice Breyer Violated Judicial Ethics by Publicly Taking the Position That You Just Refused to Take in the Hearing Rights and Then That's a Key Empties and We Know How to Pay for That's Going to Have Less of a Substance in This and More More Background Checks, Pointing out Your What Somebody Might've Done Controversial Dell for the Most Part Jonathan C Street. She's Replacing a Liberal with a There You Place a Liberal with a Liberal.

You Don't Expect A Lot Of Fireworks. Do You Know How the Republicans Handle This. What White House Would like to See the Bipartisan, but the Democrats in the Last Few Nominations of Made Clear That They Would Vote against Republican Nominee Solely on Their Judicial Philosophy Solely Because They Are Conservative in How They Interpret the Constitution Unmatched Standard.

It May Be Difficult for Republican Senators to Vote for Judge Jack A.M. She Clearly Takes a Much More Liberal Approach to the Constitution Will See How Much Detail Can Can Be Added to That Question and Make Hearing, but If She Is Treated in the Family That You Bear Then These Republican Senators Could Say I Am Simply Voting against You, Not Because I Don't Think You're Qualified Not Because I Don't Think You're a Good Person, but Because It Can Are All the College Voted in the Barricade. I Disagree with Your Judicial Philosophy Jonathan Turley with Astounding the Other Thing You Been Writing about His Was Going on with Hunter's Laptop and Is Your Theory the Same As Were Hearing Other People Speculate That the Reason Why the New York Times Goes on the Record and Says That It Looks in about the Eighth Paragraph He Said His Textbook Had a Barrier Story of Their Story Saying Hunter, but Laptop I Emails Look Authentic Is a Way for Them to Get on the Record before the Indictments Handed down Because the IRS Is Doing Investigation. I Think They Are Young. There Is a View That an Indictment Is Possible and Even Likely, in the New York Times Couldn't Risk an Indictment Coming down When It Would Likely Rely upon to Some Extent the Laptop so They Finally Had to Acknowledge What It Been Pretty Much Known for about 17 Months at the Laptop with Authentic You Know When the Story Broke and When It Wasn't Barred by Twitter and Basically a Band from the Page. Most Newspapers, There Was This Glaring Contradiction.

Some People Who Were Recipients of Those Emails Had Already Got Sent to Kate. Also, Hunter Biden When He Was He Was Influence Peddling Scheme Already Well-Known Biden Family Was Notorious for Influence Peddling and so You Know, the New York Times Has Been Struggling to Ignore This for 17 Months but There's Nothing like an Indictment That Concentrates the Money Needed.

They Couldn't They Couldn't Risk an Indictment Coming down Citing the Laptop and Having to Both Report That Hunter Biden Indicted and That It Was Based in Part on the Laptop so I Want You Here Joe Rogan Mr. Everyman on This Very Story, and I Think He's Gay.

I Think He Should Underline by People Who Don't Want to Get Involved in This Essay.

This Doesn't Matter Why It Does Matter Cut 30 and This Is the Problem That I Had with like the New York Post Article on the Biden Hunter Biden Laptop Being Suppressed. It's Not That I'm up about Trump Supporter of Thy General Form, and I Didn't Vote for Any Republican Ever in My Life, You're Looking at Something That's Real Information You're Hiding It from People Because You Don't like the Result You Things That Come out Information That's Not That's Not How We Are Supposed to Be Doing Things That There Is Love a Good Story. They Love a Narrative and They're Willing to Ignore Facts You Push That Narrative.

That's What Scares Me. What Scares Me Is I Mean I Think There Are Objective Journalists That Work for the Washington Post, New York Times News, Real Solid Journals out There but I Don't Necessarily Know If You're Getting All the Information I Think Is Safe to Say That You're Not Sure What Right Do You Think That's Going to Link That That We Have Revelation Is Going to Go beyond Republican Circles in Your in Your Estimation Indictment.

I Think Very Hard for the Mainstream Media to Keep This United Front and You Know Part of the I Think That the Biden Camp Was Really Brilliant and How They Handle Me. This Is How Houdini Made His Elephant Disappear Meaning of the Audience Wanted the Elephant Disappear in the Biden Campaign Knew That the Media Wanted the Scandal to Go Away and so They Did in the Problem Is That Indictment Makes You See the No Denying It Anymore. So the Media Can Have You Noticed Something Interesting about What the What What the Kind They Said You Know What It Turned out Are Bad.

That's What They Called Called Me All the Time. They Didn't Say so Now That It's Clearly Not Painted. What Did the Email That You Locate Your Notice to Just Stop Time and It's so Absolutely No We Found out That the President Committed Murder. Not Much New but with the Client You What These Emails Describe and Minimum Is an Influence Peddling Scheme Work Millions of Dollars Involving Foreign Companies in Foreign Countries and Shady Figures May Also Indicate Criminal Conduct, and It Implicates Not Just Hunter but Not Just His Uncle but Also Enhance Why No One Wants to Get beyond That. There It for the Moment They're Stuck on Okay There Authentic. Don't Ask Me Anything Further. But If They Come out with Indictment Have To Cover the Story and They'll Try to Make It about Addiction and I Don't Think They'll Be Successful. I Also Worry about Anybody That Knows That You Have Somebody That You Know Friends, Family That Has an Addiction Problem.

Why Would You Put Them in a High Stress International Business Deal Situation with so Many Variables That Have To People End up Arrested or Missing Including the Person He Was Doing within China and Including Devon Archer, His Partner Who's in Jail I Think Were about to Go to Jail. So If You Are Good Parent or Friend. The Last Thing You Want to Do Is Cause Tension Usually People with Addictions Get Stressed out during Holidays Issue Actually Works against Her Narrative That Hunter Biden Played up. I Would Hope Drug and I'm All the Way up to My My Father's Presidential Campaign, and Everyone Really Showered Him with Praise for His Bravery of Admitting That There's a Problem. He Himself Described the Hopeless Arabic during the Period When People Are Giving Him Millions of Dollars 11 Would Be Foreign Company Give a Hopeless Addict Who Think They Can Even Remember Who We Slept with, or Where He Was Millions of Cuts against the First Claim in the Media That Hunter Biden Sure He Had Connection but He Really Was an Attorney and He Probably Did Bring Some Value. Now the Argumentative with the Talk with Attitude Stumbling through Life but Just Happened to Get Millions of Dollars Because People Wanted Him on the Porch Why Okay, I'll Add That This He Got a Woman Pregnant and I'm Socializing Something a Living up Not Really Haven't Checked Her Tax Form but Talk to Them Talk to about Everything Right about the Relationship. We Talked about Everything That Woman and That Woman Talk to the IRS and the FBI in That Woman's Attorney Is the One Who Came As a Disguise Getting Indicted Now and Very Curious Thing of the Media Right Because They Been Saying You Know Whenever They Dealt with Limited Fashion That Related issue. He Paid the Taxes, People Don't Get Charged with That and in the Meantime, the Crank Therapy with File of Information and the Damaging Aspect of This Is That He Was Not Only Refusing to Admit That He Was the Father to Pay Child Support by Going Even through the Presidential Campaign of His Father by He Was at the Same Time. According to the Laptop Email. The Recipient of Millions of Dollars since so They Can Also Called Girlfriend about How She Was Able to Use Credit Cards, Some of Which May Have Been Connected to the Account.

Currently Damaging so Yeah Immediate Different Tax Issue That the Media Will Say Well This Is a Big Deal. People Get Indicted for Tax Issues but Also Question about International Funding Transaction Unreported Income That Have To Be Addressed, but the Big Issue That the Media Is Struggling to Ignore Is That at a Minimum, These Emails Are Describing an Extensive Influence Peddling Scheme, Something That the Biden Family Has Been Repeatedly Accused and That's the One Thing That They Don't Want to Talk about and Then the 61 Intelligence Agents Who, If They Had Any. If They Had Any Qualifications Would Know Some of What They're Writing and Still Would Go out and Say This Looks like the All the Classic Earmarks of a Russian Disinformation Operation.

They Didn't Say This but That Has All the Earmarks from Klapper to Mike Morel to to Michael Hayden You'll Recognize A Lot, John Brennan, of Course Recognize A Lot Of These Names so Their Credibility Is Absolutely Should Be in Question. John Jonathan Turley Thanks Stayed over This.

I Know It's a Big Day for You Watching the Hearings Taken by Phone Calls. I'm Truly Honored to Talk to Go Get Them Back in a Moment Was in the Brain to Meet You in Your Knowledge Base Variety Only Show If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about. You Are with Brian Kill Me. I Think It Will Be All of Our Time. What Is Happening That Is Is Just Atrocity after Atrocity, the People for 400,000 People. They Do Not Surrender Still Stay Strong and Ready to Enjoy It Because at the End of the Day. We Want to Continue Living As a Free People. That Is so Cool That's Mary Opal. They Refused to Surrender the Places Been Destroyed, but They'll Build It Back up Once They Defeat the Russians and Hopefully the Aura That They Are Superpower Walker Lucy on WABC in Jersey City Hey Walker Biden Laptop Business Is Perplexing to Me How the Media Do Not Have Any Curiosity about It Have More Curiosity about Finding Dogs That Had Covert or Death from Hydroxychloroquine. Would the Trump Organization Inflate Their Property Value like Everybody Who Ever Sells a Home or Shed and That Had to Do and Begin the Investigation on That Breathlessly Being Reported a Former President's Children on Their on Their Real Estate Deals but You Have a Guy Dealing with Using His Father's Name with Other Nations. Who Becomes President. While They Have Emails Showing That His Father Could in Fact Be Implicated, Who Is President with Countries That Are Now in War Was Going to Brussels As President. How Could You Not Be Interested. We Come Back.

This Is No Joke Practical Joker Stupor Starr Bar Radio That It Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show You Documents. Life Is Getting Back to Normal. Then You Don't Know Who's in Studio Right Now If You Not Respond of the Approximation James Murray. Murray All Right Executives of the Hit Show and Practical Joker's Author of a Brand-New Book, Alan Sommer. He's Also He's Also Previous Bestseller, Though He's Had A Lot Of Success. Alan Sommer Kicks off an Exciting Three Book Series, You Have Another Specific First of the Three Books� It's It's Alien Summers Type Ownership Right It's It's It's It Every 51 Interns Alien Summer. Although Alan Sommer Is a Fantastic Affair. That Is My Fault. That Is Who Alan This Summer. Unlike Its Mysterious and Alien.

So I Blame Myself for That. Alan Sommer Sweeping Bookshelves.

Right Now I Really Feel Bad for People Going Already to Barnes & Noble Saying I'm Just Alexander Currently across the Nation. There's a Raid on Barnes & Noble Trying to Find the Nonexistent Book. Alan Said, so Is This a Good Is a Prolific Author, Right, of Course, All Your Other Series, but Why Start a New Series Because Is a Children's Book. Our First Ever Middle Grade Kids a Book about Every 51 828 to 12 It Says That You Know That the Right Age Range and and It's about a Group of Kids Whose Parents Just so Happen Work in Airships, One Defamed the Location and the Land a Summer Internship and of Course the First Day of Internship All Heck Breaks Loose All the Aliens Get out That Adults Get Captured in Some for the Kids to Save the Dates of Three Book Series from Penguin, Random House, and You Pick It up Now. Every 51 and Autograph Want to Send You Know What Do You Know about That Audience.

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13. I Mean When I Met Your Family That You, Your Kids Running My My Son Was in College Now Right in Front of Joker Started in 1973 Agreement on TV for 43 Years Now Longer Than One Drama Credible Yes. So I Met Your Kids. They Were Still in Diapers Manager Can Write. I Would Not Have Introduce You to My Children to I Realize Your Success. I Would Be a Breakthrough so and Practical Joke. By the Way You Back Online Live Tour to Yes Indeed, Murray Live Playing Boss in the Wilbur Theatre in Two Weeks on My Department in Long Island on June 10 and This Week I'm in Louisville and Toledo and Touring All over You Go to Murray to Get Tickets Now to Paramount Is about 15 Minutes, 20 Mins from God. Let's Dinner Beforehand Just to Concentrate Use. I Relaxed for Living Requires Very Little When You're in Your Loan.

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Do You Think of Peach I Put Them on One Nation Is Here Is the Whole Nation, the Holy Alan with When They Start Saturday Okay If on My Career I Waver on a Dartboard. My Hat Right Now Is Open for At Least Make It the Velcro Balls Poured to a Practical Joker Such a Brand-New Season You Taping Right after This I Believe from Here to Go Film April 2. So the Big April Said We See the First One until Yes Absolutely. I Mean, Immediately after the NCAA Final Four Game We Get Simulcast on TBS Tricks on Me and Send out T and M Unabashed Fan. It's One of the Few Things That the Whole Family to Watch yet.

I Mean, I'm Not.

I'm Not Exaggerating Having to Be of the Put Something on Board. No One Argues to Say Turn That off, and Even the Repeats during the Pandemic Probably Save so Many Families Help so and Probably Broke If You Want to Sell the Unifying Factor Because You Make Yourself the Embarrassment You Will to Embarrass People Yes Correct. We We We Drove Right from Here to Go Film and Were from a Bit Today Where People Coming into Test New Products like a Taste Test Kind of Thing. But We Come in As a Doctor Having to Notify Them Legally about the Possible Side Effects. So Some of the Side Effects of Course Are Crazy and Written by the Other Guys How Much Pressures on the Producers and How Much You Guys I Know in the Region When You First Start You Guys Now Just Come up with More More Regional Variants of This How Much Pressures on the Producers and Forbearance and Comed We Keep Spreading It Anyway and the Vaccine Doesn't Work. This Is No Vaccine against and Practical Joker Drive We Tried so Do You Do Is Do You Feel As Though You Can Sit Back Now and Say, Have a Proven Success Come up with a Concept to Me. I Will Reap in Coasting for 11 Years. Right You Know That Is the Rumors It's Substantiated through so You Producers Have Any Info. I Mean, so Much of the Shows Improvised You Know like like like When I Am on Tour and I'm Telling Some I Want to Do. It's Pure Improv I Look around with a Camera See What's Going on.

Last Week We Were in Austin, Texas Performing and I Sent Somebody out in the Field and across the Street from the Theater. It Just so Happen to Be a Wedding for Wedding Going on at a Venue for Street so I Had the Guy Go across the Street Stand on a Table and Shout of the Wedding Was off, It's All Canceled Please Leave Probably His Weight in That Is Who Is the Guy That Opens Her Mentor Sent Him out.

He's the He's Has To Bear the Brunt of My Testing, but You Do Not Know Which Could Have Have No Idea Right to Joe's I Could Be on the Show Know over the Weather Sure Works Now Is That Every Episode Ends with the Different Celebrity Guests, so the Season Premieres, Eric Andre, the Comedian We Brooke Shields Were Filling with Tomorrow with Chris Jericho Will Met the Man from Wu-Tang Every Some Every Opposite Collins Yost Every Observed Diverse Liberty at the End and Do You Find That Their Fans or the like Do You Have To Brief Them with the Shows about like You Find That They Are All in on the Concept Yes and No. We Had Deep across the Comedian on Last Week He Punished Me He Had Heard of the Show, but Had Never Seen It for You so We Sent Them A Few of the Clips. He Watched the Clip of Me Being an Astronaut in the Space Station Zooming to Kids in the Classroom and They Had Me Rotating, Upside down, so Look like I Was Floating in Zero Gravity, and He Was Crying, Laughing, Watching It and Agreed That Day That Moment to Be on the Show CI I Would Find That You Have To Be in These People Have To Understand Where You Came from the Whole Story about You Guys in High School When You Able to Improv Laffer on the Boat Saw the Statue Of Liberty Right You Know Immigrants Coming to America and I Know This Is Some Talk about Our Great-Great-Grandparents Right to Choose.

I Don't Wouldn't Go That Far Back. I Would Sit with More Your Life.I Don't Know How Your Historian, You Write A Lot Of Historical Novels and You Know I Do Know How Far Back You Want to Be Right so That's Awful Please Life and Use Working like That, but Maybe If It Was Impractical. Joker Sported Brought to You by 23 and Me.

Then It Would Make Total Sense Got It Right on. Try to Get Response Right Now. So When I Would Point during This Conversation You Asked Me to Be One of the Celebrities to Come on about October Semi-Talking Too Much We Have, We Keep Getting Shot down by Your Agency Saying Brian Will Underlined Will Never Afterwards or on We Don't Know Which One Is How Do You Think I Would Tell I Tell You What I Would Love to Try One Day on Fox Not Convince the Phosphors. My Dream Is to Send You out and Him Injury or Vice Versa. I'll Do It All Be the Recipient of Your Instructions One Day.

Please Give Me My Dream Is like a Make a Wish for Maplewood Makes You You Will I'm Not God but One Day I Will Sit It's Totally Different from a Can.

You Have a Good 48 Is Very Different. It Is My Wish Phrase That Is My Wish Foundation Rise Not Make a Wish and It's All about You. It's All about Me Is Just Things That I Wanted Understood I Would.

I Think That It's Great.

I Was Very Curious to See Him See You Guys Start This This Impractical Jokers.

We Put Yourself in This Most Awkward Seems Possible. And Every Time Seems like the Worst, and That Shows You Have Acting Ability and Then When You Start Emerging As a Success, and Then He Celebrity Start Recognizing You Yeah What Is That like What a Great Feeling, Why It's Overwhelming Is This Is an Incredible. By the Way, I Was Just Cohosting Good in New York and You've Never Seen This and I Have It. I Just Realize I Still Have in My Pocket. There Was an Episode of Impractical Jokers Where Q Understood Me Had Been Growing His Hair out for like Six Months to like 14 to 15 Inches Long. They Shaved off His Hair and Made into Wig and Maybe Wear It on the TV Show First Six Months of Filming and It's Still My Passport Photo. It Is Not Cues I Shorted on the Country I Look like You See Something, Say Something.

I Shortly Sent to the Campus and Pretend They Don't Try to Go. I'm Sure We Can Make That Output so You Did That That Your Passport Photos My Passport Photo My Driverless. Of Course It Was No Eyebrows Which You See before You Have Seen before, Have You Had Problems with This Going to Clubs. Are You Going to Clubs and Show Your Passport If You like for the Countries We No Longer Melting Pot, Get out, so Lately As He Was Married Life Is Fantastic. What Is the Biggest Fight You've Got.

It's Never Anything Big Goes over Medially. We We Ought to What Would Makes Every Day I Married. I Am so Happy Because She's Got a Better Sense of Humor. That Night It Attaches Hysterically Funny, You Know, Just Gets Me All the Time so That Laughter Is the Cure for Who Does She Think You're Funny. No, That's What Makes It Work Doesn't Think You're Funny Now Is a Good Balance Unit. Yeah Right You Think She's Funny but You're Getting Paid to Be Funny and She Doesn't Think You're from Hibernia so I Know That God's I Felt Story That Is Told on Tonight You Said. I Told My Parents to Stand up and Then Left the but Now Brian Kill Me Show Joins FOXBusiness's Guardian Company with Stuart Farney Don't Just Hang in There on Your Investments Call Talon Wealth and Get Peace of Mind with Active Management of Your Portfolio Dial Town 250 and Say Financial Plan. Investment Advisory Services Offered through Talon Private Wealth, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results. It Will Go Back Everywhere about the Joint Steward and Better Moments with Little Politics.

He Had Donald Trump on Yesterday. I Know That's Important.

And Then We'll Talk a Little Bit about What Chris Christie Said Yesterday Basically down to. Nobody Should Have a Clear Path to the Nomination. Even If Somebody Was Present before Will Have the Nomination before Was Listening Look at the Time How It Rolls onto 1051 and Here Is Brian. Kill Me Brian Yesterday I Was Joined by Former Pres. Trump.

I Told Him That Looking Back to the Elections of 2020 Is Not a Good Strategy. He Disagreed. What Say You Are Hundred Percent Right. I Don't Know Anybody That Thinks It's a Good Idea to Look Back. Maybe Steve Bannon.

By the Way, Because Everyone in the Station Stupid, except to People Jesse and Tucker. I Don't Think That's True but I'm in Have To Get His Third Source. So I Think That Anybody Who Is for If Anyone Was against All against All. Trump Wants Him to Keep Talk about 2020. Anybody That Wants to Make Sure Is the Nomination Will Be Present Again Want to Continue. Talk about 2020. Anyone Who Thought He Did A Lot Of Good Things in Very Difficult Circumstances and Yes Some of the Stuff He Brought on Himself but Love within the Russian Hoax in the Way It Was over His Head over the Last Two Years.

The Constant Thing Harangued over His Taxes and Even Being Harangued Now I Understand It He Still Was Able to Do Some Extra Ordinary Things You're Seeing This Administration Just for Flub Every Foreign Policy Challenge after Time after Time, but the 2020. Nobody Cares and I Talked to Bill Barr You Did to Me.

Doesn't Matter If There Was Something There Billboard Would Turn the Place Upside down, but There Was Nothing There. He Said You Had a Clown Show Full of Lawyers, a Room Full of Lawyers.

They Didn't Know What They Were Talking about and That's Why They Put Together a Plan That May Be Due To to Most of His Lawyers Didn't Want Any Part of It, but That This One Other Element Which I Did Not Raise with Former Pres. Trump about His His Demeanor. His Approach to Politics. His Harshness the Words He Uses the Criticism That the Ladies on People. I Don't Think That Goes down Well with A Lot Of Voters Now Didn't Say This to, but I Think You Should Knock That off If He Wants to Run and Win in 2024 Touchy Subject Broad You Address It with Things. I Know Chris Christie Was Speaking New Hampshire Sales Think He's Gonna Run and He Made It Clear. Nobody Should Get a Clear Path to the Nomination, but I Can See Someone Going out. Would Trump Drop in the Gloves and Then Then Walking Away Because Would Trump Walks Away Is with 38 to 42% of the Republican Vote.

That's Great but It's Not in a Way to Get to the Nomination, but Start to Get to the Presidency, so Something's Gotta Change with It so Easy to Figure This out. Stuart, the Present Walked Away with More Votes Than Any Republican in the History of the Country Right in Impossible Circumstances Gets Hit with a Pandemic and All the Challenges That Happen with This with the Wood Not Knowing What This Was the Friction with Anthony Fouts She Telling the Country to Shut down, Stop in the Economy As We Thought Having a Rush Investigation Was Totally Trumped up on the Way and He Still Gathered More Votes Than They Were in the History of the Country and He Had to.

And He Actually Could Not Do What He Does Best Attract Big Crowds and Big Rallies Were At Least Two Thirds of the Campaign.

That's What I Be Say I Want a Rematch. If Joe Biden Can Do It.

That's the Way to Win Because in America like Andrew Jackson.

The Best Example He Got Beat. Even Though We Had More Votes Got Beat Because the House Of Representatives David John Quincy Adams He Natalie Showed up for the Inaugural. He Showed up for the Party after and Beat Them Twice Ago I Got a Bone to Pick with You. Larry Cutler Was on Your Show at Fox and Friends Yesterday and Apparently You Just Couldn't Contain Your Excitement. Watch This Again. It's You Rolled about 4 O'clock Every Single Day of Big Ratings Head You Are the-Sonic Missile FOXBusiness so Larry Is the Hypersonic Missile FOXBusiness, I'm Not. I Would Suggest That Ainsley and Steve on Fox and Friends, All the Real Hypersonic Missiles of Fox News You Want to Cancel That Yes Because Hypersonic Missile Is the Most Powerful Weapon. Larry Thinks It Is Because Larry from a Different Generation Eager Much Younger. He Thinks Hypersonic Is the Biggest Missile but Intercontinental Hypersonic Global Is the Best Missile and That Is What I Hold for You, Your Cancel Meandering) and That's Why You and Your Your Even. A Faster Missile That Even Harder to Stop with the Best Defensive Shield Ever Spaceports Can Even Contain That's What I Look at Stuart Farney.

Yes, Excellent, and Going, You Just Regain Your Credibility.

Just like That Was Going to Find American Peltier Very Much and They Learned about the Car.

Okay, Times up Brian, Thank You Very Much and We Do Hope to See You Next Week Okay Mr. Hypersonic and Intercontinental Interplanetary Loss Will Be Watching You on Patient Saturday Night Eight to Me so I Still Had Florida Counseling.

While I Did Not Know This Rivalry Was so Fast and Furious.

Did You Know That Was Coming Had No Idea I Was Working As a SCUD Missile Now If I Was. Larry Pu Notified Everybody Visit Them by Phone, but I Am Not the Vladimir Putin of Radio Guys Try Largest by Erica Right Eric Woodley Not Sure He Would Be like the Guy from Office Space Where Stable Is Consider Right or George Cassandra Kept Coming Site Have Extra but I Would Never Consider Because George Cassandra Talk to Eric Doesn't Talk to Me the Most Part so That Something Special Sounds Different Absolutely Is Good to Garrulous NW NDB in Daytona He Gary Okay That Long Pause Makes Me Think We Have Connected the Phones Are Connected. I Was Still on the Business Channel That's Okay.

Good Thing to Remind Everybody on One Nation That This One Popped up Again. I Which Releases and Gary W NDB Daytona He Gary Number. It Was a Month Rather Than a Longer Answer Clinical Shock and Earlier. It Was Amazing. I Can Never Talk about Unlocking Them Directly Away from Brett Talk about Anything to Do with the Miller Again Completely Away from Earth to Get You Some Friends Him. I Spoke in Front of His Class to in College and It's on His Policies.

So When You Guy That Used To Position It Was Secretary Defense to Be Different As New York City Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Kill Me.

Thanks Much for Being Here Is the Brain Kill Me till 1-866-408-7669 by Kevin Roberts about the Hour He Present the Heritage Foundation.

I Got a Get His Take and I Know I Gotta Be Honest I'm so Concerned about This Iranian Deal. He Wrote about It Talked about It Only Get His Take on with the Space Given to Bring Them Back into the Family of Nations Allow Them to Sell the Royal Allow Their Oppressive Society to Exist Abandoning All Those People That Risked Their Lives to Stand up against Their Brutal Islamic Regime and Now Allow Them to Eventually Get a Nuclear Weapon Because in the in the JC POA. It Says That This Agreement Disappears Is Done Best Dogs Verse Paul Be with Us to NATO Deputy Second Former NATO Debbie Secretary-General. Up until from 2012 to 2016 and US Ambassador to Russia, and South Korea, Assistant Secretary Defense Currently Distinguished Fellow, the Atlantic Council Prefer to Listen to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three.

The Problem with the Dealers Constructed from the Start Doesn't Say Well Will Lift Senses Offer on Depending on Iran's Change of Behavior That Says Will Lift Senses of Iran, Depending on the Change in the Calendar Automatically so You Want to Continue Its Terrorism That Is Unbelievable Benjamin Yahoo Laid out on Sunday with Mark Levine Were Still yet the Administration Has Cut Such a Bad New Deal Even the Ayatollah Baran Loves It. Can't Wait to Sign It.

The Details Coming Your Way so Bad That Democrats in the House Have Come out and Said They Don't Think They Can Vote for Not All Hopefully Enough Our Energy Policy in This Country Subject to Is Something I Could Hardly Blame on Joe Biden's National Enquirer, I'd Rather Buy Half a Million Barrels of Oil Day for Governor Doug Berg about North Dakota Different Vladimir Poop Present. I Don't Think That's All That Hard to Figure out Prison Binds His Economies Rolling When It Comes to Gas Prices. Hey Oil Company Stop Gouging and Start Drilling. This Time His Accusations Are Answered by You Individually and the Companies He Vilifies to Justify to Justify They They Come out and They Tell the White House. It Is Your Fault. And We They Get Specifics. One Reason That the Russians Have Been Frustrated Will and and in Terms of the Progress That They Haven't Made. Obviously a Big Reason Is Ukrainian Resistance but They're Having Trouble with Command-And-Control on the Ground so They Think They've Made Missteps of Their Own.

Moscow Is a Shockingly Admit Have about 10,000 Dead, They Put a Better National Media Quickly Retracted It Haphazardly Trying to Crush Every City but Only Actually Fighting in One Aiming at Civilian Targets like True Cowards for Ukraine Fight, They Must Survive in 100% Capable of Winning. When Will the West Realize This Was Pre-and Ambassador Verse Paul Amb. from the Russian Perspective, How Would You Say This 26 Day Operation Is Going Operation Has Been an Embarrassment for the Russians Miscalculated in Just about Every Respect in Terms of the Planning, Logistics Command-And-Control, They Don't Have Discipline Forces Believe His Own Propaganda. Ukraine Is Not a Real Nation That They Believe That They Were Done Basically Surrender Immediately Welcome the Rest of That Open Arms.

All These Things Are Entirely Wrong. Ukrainian Amazing Resistance. No One Could've Expected It to Be a Striving Window That Would Have Been so Skillful about It, Actually Helping Train and Equip Their Courses, and the Lack That Year and Some People There There There Finished They Still Have A Lot Of Additional Capability Additional Personnel That Can Bring in from Other Parts of Russia so I Wouldn't Say We Should Be to Declare Victory Close to Declare Victory. My Hope Is a State As Much As I Want to See That This Is Death and Destruction Stop. I Think Stopping to Rule. He Would Let the Russians off the Hawk and Let Them Occupy Two Great a Portion of Ukraine Where They Could Actually Delude Themselves into Thinking This Is a Victory. I Want to Hear You. I Wanted to Everyone to Hear from a Guy That Has Stepped up in a Way Not Many People Expected That's Present Zelinski This Is His State of the Game Cut for Our 26 Day a Full-Scale War Is over. After Eight Years of Aggression in the East of Our State. The Enemy Is Slowly Trying to Move to Go on the Offensive Somewhere to Capture Our Road Somewhere to Cross the River Somewhere Ukrainian Army Well Done Repels These Attempts and Holds Back the Occupiers and If You Look at Clark Eve As As Destroyed As It Is As Much As a Need Supplies It Stands in Ukrainian Hands. Same with Keith at the Capital Obviously Love Eve Is Not Touched for the Most Part and Then You Have down the South Area. Paul Is Holding on Is Been Level They Were Told to Surrender.

They Wouldn't and Then and Then You Have the Town of My Pack, Who Is Who Is Really the Blocking Blocking Sled for Odessa.

They Are Hanging Tough, so I'm Not Sure Whose Time Who Has Time on Their Side.

Who Do You Think the Next Week Have Time Working Increasingly in Their Favor and If They Continue to Succeed in Courting Additional Russian Offensive That Puts Them in a Stronger Position in These Negotiations Which Are Going on but No One Thinks You're Serious about It Just yet, but He Could Realize That He Lost All Momentum Suffered Incredible Lot of 10,000 or More Children. Action Exposed Russian Military Is Much Weaker and Poorly Run. Then Anybody Would Thought a Time Where We in the West Need to Be Ramping up Our Ukrainian so That They Can Really Make Some Significant Gains Make Clear the Rest of the Knock on the Q Even Mario May Be Totally Level Not Surrendering That Could Create the Condition in Which the Russians Put the Pressure on to Negotiate People in the Russian Elite Who Are Getting Increasingly Nervous That Rush Is Going to Become a Permanent Pariah State That Led Them down the Garden Path Here and It's Time I Purchased the Change in Policy and Even a Change in Leadership Was the Power to Get His Attention inside Rush. I Know It's Been A While since You Work There. 2001 to 2005 You You Didn't Have You Met Him.

Occasionally When I Was about Long Time Ago When He Was Just Testing a Couple Years in Office Hadn't yet to Develop His Rapid Hatred of the West Seem to Want to Cooperate Pragmatically with George W. Bush, but That Changed after the Events in Ukraine Back in 2004 Armed Revolution in Which Protesters Best Recorded Russian Effort to Steal an Election but and Ever since Then, Using the West Is Trying to Use Ukraine As a Vehicle to Weaken and Undermine Russia and His Efforts to Restore the Russian Empire Keeps Overreached in the Current Situation. I Couple of Things. I Mean, What Do You Think the West Was Meddling the Election to Make Sure They Were Free and Fair. Back in 2004 Yeah but the Rest of the Claim. It Was Fairly Open.

Subprime Loans of Political Advisors and Political Experts Try to Influence the Election in Favor of Coverage over the More Western Oriented You Shinto and Was so Brazen. Then There Direct out Stuffing an Accounting of about That. Protesters Succeeded in Forcing a Rerun of the Election Which You Shinto One, but I Remember the Russians Saying to Me at the Time Will Never Forget the West You Stolen Ukraine from Russia and That Is Not Acceptable and Carefully Those Kinds of Warnings so These Are Baltic Nations Obviously Have Stepped up the Time of It Seems a Russia Excuse Me Europe Is Me Speaking Moves to Get off Russian Oil and Gas. How Could They Not See the Design in the National Interest to Do It. But Now They Seem to Have Gotten It to Believe That Germany Is Chad That Transformation. This Happened You Believe Would with Their Saying What They're Doing to Committing Hundred Billion Dollars into Their Defense Starting to Look and Meeting with Norway and Others about Alternative Forms of Energy Suppliers.

Do You Believe That This Is a Real Transformation Witnessing the Scale That I Have a Very Romantic View of Russia's Place in Europe. I Think That That Is Now Been Abandoned. Total Self-Delusion and This Money Running behind the Fence. After Years of Being the Laggards Is Substantial.

Now We Have To Help Make Sure That They Spend It on the Right Things and Don't Waste Because the Strategic Competition with with Russia beyond Ukraine Is Going to Be Going on for Years, We Need Our Allies Hold Much More Than Weight Historically Done Enough That We Can Free up Some of Our Military Capability to Deal with China. So the Dangerous World out There I Think. That Includes on the Energy Issues You Mentioned That That Too Will Take Time and They Unfortunately Have Jumped the Gun and Shutting down the Nuclear Power Plants in the Hopes of Moving to Green Energy but I Think That with This New Coalition Government. They Seem to Have More Backbone Than the Previous Christian Democratic Led Coalition, Domestic Syllogism to Tell.

It Was Always Me Last Night I Talked to the Present Needs to Do As He Goes to Brussels and Then to Poland Cut 13. If He Can't Get across in the Need for Go to the West and by the Way, If He Went to the West I Think Is the Elimination Was Army Because Only See Them up in the Western Approaches. If You Look at What's Happening Right Now.

He's Had a Major Problem on How to Settle despite My Concern Is Okay Were Just Back Door.

How Do We Let Them off the Hook Given an Escape Route. So This Week When Biden Goes to Talk to NATO Allies. You Better Sit down Say How We Give This Kind Escape Route You Agree with That.

You Don't Have To.

Obviously That's Joe Kellogg, Assessment, and What Is an Escape Route That the West Would Find Acceptable Escape Route or Problem Started This War Overreached and He Has To Figure out How to Sell a Settlement.

On Public Have To Go Out Of Our Way to Help Have To Be Some Kind of Political Bill As Tough As It Must Be for Him Has Consistently Said He Is Ready to Negotiate with Them and It Looks like At Least Postponing This Issue of NATO Membership.

Accepting Something like Mental Status of Finland and Sweden Have, Which Should Include near the Right to Continue to Have an Army May Be the Basis for Ordeal.

I Think the Message Needs to Be All the Sanctions That Occurred When Your Economy Will Stay on until You Accept a Reasonable Deal Restores Ukraine to Being a Genuine Sovereign, Independent Country Is Not Just about like to Make Them. We Keep Sanctions Tight and Only Let Them Very Gradually Very Cleanly Real Change on the Ground Real Compliant with Commitments Getting All of His Troops out Ukraine You Mean about the Don Box Region and Crimea Well Detailed Ukrainian Starting Point Should Be Going Back to the Status Quo before the War Began on 24 February, but Even Better Would Be to Reintegrate Done but Ukraine Is Agree to Disagree, but on the Back Burner Solving Crimea, but Don't Give Away Anything on the I Promise That I Wouldn't. Maybe They Will Will Have To See so Here's Use with This Guy Lucas Const Said, Is a Former International Negotiator Officers Been down This Road before Sweetscented to Shine Unless I Cut 12 Show Horse Rollover Crimea and Country in a Couple Months Everything Will Be Back to Normal Stars or Some Sort and Charge the Country Didn't Happen That Way You're Seeing More and More Destruction Is He's Relaxing the Rules of Engagement.

More and More in Order to Accomplish the Mission Is to Continue to Do That and Leslie Really Screwed His Position Where He Sees Really Really Care about This. He Sees That He Has No and That's When Russia Comes in the Negotiating Table. We Have To Get Coercion on Rye with These Gotta Be Cornered Final Thought about Super Reversible Agreement That We Need to Really Ramp up Military Support and Stop Negotiate with Ourselves and Do Things That Will Give Some Real Additional Capability to the Ukrainians That Includes Long-Range Air Defense Missile like the X300 Which Several of the European Countries Have Reset Some of the Means Stopping Dancing around the Issue of the May 29.

We Tried to Transfer from Poland until the Ministration Got Nervous about That Escalating the We Shouldn't Be so Worried about Escalatory Interpretations of Capabilities Ukrainian Now They Can Create That Position of Strength That Will Enable Them to Get a Better Deal at and Enforce.

Like the Time Is Going against His Interest Not Working in His Favor Message. Thanks so Much for to Using NATO Russia Invaluable at This Time. Thank You Ever Love and We Come Back I'll Take You Call 1-866-408-7669 We Have That the Iran Deal. The Confirmation Hearings and so Much More As Well As of the Hunter Laptops to Ethics and Get A Lot Bigger.

The Bottom of the Hour, Dr. Kevin Roberts, a Heritage Foundation. It Was in the Brain to Licia Diving Deep into Today's Top Story. Brian, Kill Me, Breaking News, Unique Opinions.

All Brian Kill Me Show If the Numbers Continue to Show a Low Level of Risk Say That Again Numbers Show a Low Level of Risk Mass Would Be Optional. 2 to 4 Years Old. Students in Schools and Daycare Now. We Had That and up until Preschool and They Had to Wear a Mask, but That'll Change Right. He Said He Had Spoken to Little Kids That Were under Five Years Old to Explain Situation. What Four-year-old Is Getting for the Whole Year and Understand This Right.

Well, I Mean Four-year-old Should Be Making Decisions Yes so Not Driving. Other Than That, Anything That Will Be a Decision They Make Sure Not to Try to Can Us Hold out Even Know What Driving Is Pretty Sure so That Is Good News on the Cover.

19 Think There's a Variant That's Going through the European Continent. No Big Deal. Got No Big Deal Is Spread It to Submit Sore Throat. Now the Anybody's You're Fine. If You Have Omicron Get the Antibiotics You Find There.

They Say They Want to Give Your If You're Semi-Vulnerable That L Opera 75 an Overage Bracket the Push and 1/4 Shot, Go Ahead Going Doing Nothing on Me to Be One Way Masking. If You Are Aware, Mask, No Judgment Where Don Asked Me to Do It. I'm Not Doing Not Going to Do It Ever Again Airplanes. They Can't Wait.

I'm Talking to These People. Airports Are Probably about 5.0 Last Three Weeks. Every Flight Attendant Every Pilot's Hat. It They Have It Worse to Tell People and Where Nobody Wants Where Once Apparently Wearing the Michael Jackson You Word All the Time Everywhere. That Took Guts Never Was. You Know It Don't Feel That You Wear. Don't Ask Me to Dr. Kevin Roberts Print a Heritage Foundation. He Cannot Believe This Iranian Deal the Way It Looks, It Can Break down Forcible Fathers and Most of the Fastest Three Hours in Radio You're with Brian. Kill Me Semiconductors World Manufactured Taiwan You Want China As I Want America's Interest so It's Not Just about Russia.

It's about China Is Sending She Is Very Clear Message Because They're Looking at down the Road. What's Next for the American Resolve Has To Be Crystal Clear. That Is Gov. Christie Make It Clear That He Knew the Audience in New Hampshire That He's Running for President for My for My Money. Dr. Kevin Roberts with Us Right Now. Present Heritage Foundation Knows the Danger of China Taking Taiwan. The Big Chipmakers We Are Bringing the Least Intel Back but That's I Could Be Enough. He Serves As 1/7 President of the Heritage and They Been around for about 50 Years.

Kevin Roberts Welcome Albright. It's Great to Be on Love Your Show Your Books, Your Great American Then Gov. Christie Spot on China's Much Bigger Threat Than Rush, Although of Course We Need to Be Very Concerned about the Aggression That Russia Is Showing in Ukraine and Elsewhere. I Would Think so. They Are Too Distant to Be Dealt with Now.

But We Want to Be Able to Pivot at This One Thing, China's Gotta Be Happy about Is That Were Not Focusing on Them Because Russia but Do You Agree That the Way This Campaign Is Going so Far As They Rebel Cities and Have To Deal with the Unbelievable Amount of Casualties. China Can't Be Happy Being There Only Real Friend, Not Your Spot on a Couple Things. The First Is China Can't Be Happy. This Is an Embarrassment to the Russian Military. However, It Sure Would've Been Nice If the Biden Administration Have Been More Proactive Rather Than Barefooted and Sent More More Material to the Ukrainians Earlier Not of Course Arguing for American Troops on the Ground. I Don't Think That Was Necessary As Were Saying but If You're China Drawing That Conclusion That In Spite Of America Being Cut Back Footed Vis-�-Vis Ukraine That It's Still Not Going Well. They Can't Be Pleased, but Point Number Two Is I Think China Is Also Drawing a Competing Conclusion Which Is That America Has Not Been Proactive in Ukraine. It's Not Been Proactive. Obviously with the Ridiculous and Embarrassing Withdrawal of Afghanistan, and Therefore This Is the Key Point about the Semiconductors. What Will America's Response Be If China Continues to Show Aggression toward Taiwan.

That's Really the Ultimate Question Even More Than What's Going on in Europe Tonight.

My Hope Is My Hope Is That They'll See This and Say This Is Going to Be a Problem in That They Try to Get Their Economy Growing. Do We Really Need to Pretend As If Taiwan Is a Threat to Us and Risk All These Yellow Global Global Alienation to a Degree, Although I Don't Think People Be As Bold to Go after Them As They Were to Go after Russia Because Russia Is Not That Much of an Exporter Will I Share Your Optimism That Dates Make Sure That Taiwan Is Not Invaded but the Only Way Were Going to Succeed in That Brian Is to Make Sure That We Have a Very Different Strategic Posture Than What We Had toward Prudent and toward Eastern Europe. That Is to Say, We Need to Make Sure Written Recently on That We Have To Be Very Active in Defending Taiwan, Sending the More Material Hopefully Never to Have To Have To Be Used Right.

We Want Peace through Strength, but We've Got the Signal of the Chinese Communist Party You Darn Well That Are Not Cross That Line the Way, Prudent, Did I Would Hope so. She's with Lindsey Graham Has. You Seem Worried Cut 17 Gets Away with This.

China Will Take Taiwan in Your about a New World Order Present Biden If We Let Ukrainian People down and Prudent When Seer China Will Take Taiwan around Get a Nuclear Weapon. But during This Debacle Called Ukraine Were Negotiating with the Iranians to Give Them a Pathway to a Bomb and That's What Is Crazy. Which Brings Me to My Other Thing First.

You Thought about What He Said. Spot on Track. It's a Travesty That at the Same Time As the Security Issue Is Going on in Eastern Europe to Make an Understatement That Were Negotiating and Oil and Gas Deal with Oil and Also Negotiated a Nuclear Deal with Iran I Don't Engage in Hyperbole Brian Alito Think Tank, but It Is Just Ridiculous to Assume That in Any Foreign Policy Situation This Regime, the Biden Harris Administration Is Going to Choose the Path of Being Back Footed and Being Weak Rather Than Trying to Achieve Peace through Strength, Which I Think This Is a Sentiment Even in the House and the Senate Right Now We Need to Spend More Money on Defense from What We're Seeing Here. I Am Heartened by the Fact That NATO Seems to Be Having a Common Purpose and a New Purpose.

I Am Heartened by the Fact That Russia Is Not the Force They Told Us. Everyone Told Everyone They Were, I Am Not Thrilled by the Fact That We Thought Zelinski Was Going Forward Two Days and That Russia Had That Much Power It Seems like Our Intelligence Was off Again Now That You're Right It Works Two Things.

First, You're Totally Right to Be Heartened by Those Things.

We Are to It Heritage. We See A Lot Of Reason for Hope.

Moving Forward Will Try to Provide That Intellectual Ammunition If You Will to Both Sides in Congress. But the Second Thing Is We Have To Make Sure That in the United States We Get Back to the Custom, Whether We Have a Democratic President a Republican President That We Have a Grand Strategy That Puts America First Non-American First with Troops on the Ground but Are Our People, Our Freedoms Are Sovereignty and We're Going to Find That That's Very Clarifying for America's Adversaries like China and Russia so I'll Tell You. Kevin Roberts Is Present Heritage Foundation. So This Iran Deal by Any Clear Thinking Person Is Not America's Interesting. Oh Yeah Stop Them Good Nuclear Weapon. This Deal Does Not Do It but If You Want to Know the Mindset of the Average Democrat.

Not All Listen to Chris Murphy on Sunday on Meet The Press Cut 24 to so I Tended to the No Choice but Sitting There Iran Deal.

I Trust the Russians That Maybe This Is the Case with the Work of What the Russians on This. It Seems I Cannot Cut the Russians out You Don't Need the Russians Write the Material That Was Being Removed from Iran on the Original Nuclear Winter Russia There Other Countries That Can Take It We Don't Need the Blessing of the UN to Get This Deal Done. You Think It's Bad to Have Russia Is a Nuclear Power Invading a Sovereign Neighboring Country. Imagine What Happens If Iran Is Nuclear Power. The Rest of the Middle East Will Find a Way to Brush Out Of the Deal, You Keep Him Completely.

Even If They're in the Dealer Out Of the Deal. We Can Allow Iran to Obtain a Nuclear Weapon That Sets off a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East and I Don't Understand Why My Relevant Colleagues. Having Watched What Biden Can Get Away with with Nuclear Weapons One Hand You Want Us to. The Iranians That School of Thought You Wanted to Take That on.

Take It on. It Is Really Clear by the Ministration Negotiating with Chiron on the Nuclear Arms Field a Is Appeasement Plain and Simple, and You Will Have Terrible Consequences for Americans and People Abroad, Especially the Middle East. But Secondly, There's Some Nuance in That Response. And That's What You're Asking about That I Think Is Spot on It. It Is United States Of America of All Countries Ought to Be Able to Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time. That Is to Say We Ought to Have Stopped Prudent from Invading Ukraine by Having Been More Proactive. There We Ought to Have Months Ago Drawn a Line in the Sand Versus Taiwan and at the Same Time Brian to the Point of Your Question, We Ought to Stop This Ridiculous Negotiation with Iran Deal Pres. Trump VP Tents Were Totally Correct and and Just Ending That Immediately and Saying That Negotiation Will Never Happen under Their Watch Is Interesting Is That the Ayatollahs Supreme Leader Loves the Steel Side Often Is That the Original One 2015.

He Didn't Even like Yeah Well Because It Even More Generous Look I Want to Be Really Clear with You Brian. There A Lot Of Great Political Observers, and I Appreciate Them on Our Side, Policy Observer, I Leave One of the Largest Policy Groups in the World's Truly Conservative If There Were Something to Commend about This Deal, We Would Because We Believe in Telling the Truth.

I'm Telling You Straight up, My Friend. There Is Nothing to like in the Steel Effect with the Ayatollah Loves It Should Tell Every American, Including All of Our Democrat Friends, but This Is Something That Needs to Stop and I Loved I I Don't Get up Every Day with Thinking Oil and Gas Companies Are Gouging Meets All Their Fall.

I Am Outraged That We Are Now Putting Her Hand on the Lever and Telling These Big Financial Firms Don't Take Don't Invest in These Oil and Gas Companies. Meanwhile, We Know How Valuable These Fossil Fuels Are to Our Economy into the World Economy, Especially When Empires like a Ron and Russia Are Suppliers of This and Were Looking to Free Ourselves and Get Control of Her Own past the Oil Companies Finally Came Back and Wrote a Letter Really Challenging A Lot Of the Things That They Do Joe Biden's Been Saying about the Truth about These Oil and Gas Companies, and They Came out and Basically Talked about the Economy and They Did Not the Bad Guys and A Lot Of the Premises Are Wrong. He Said We Certainly Understood within the Letter.

The First-Hand Impact of Higher Colostrum by Inflation and Related Factors.

We Can Also Have a Small Business and Their Employees. However, Is a Key Challenge Sending the Way the Words and Actions of You, Mr. Pres. and Members of Your Ministration. It's Regrettable That You and Your White House Team Have Continued to Mischaracterize Facts regarding Our Industry of Maligning Our Motives and Frankly, in Some Cases Advanced Complete and Total Falsehoods from the First Day of the Ministration, the Very Tone and Tenor of Your Ministration down to Toradol and Gas in the US and the People Who Make It Happen Consistently Openly Hostile. For Example, Key Members of Your Ministration Have Repeatedly Signaled That He Was so Aghast at the Primary Driver of Climate Change, a Position That Just Is Not Square with the Facts Given Other Factors in the US Economy As Well As Extraordinary Harmful Pollutants in the Emanated by International Bad Actors like Russia and China and They Take Apart Jen's Sake and the President 9000 Unused Leases Argument with Specifics Kevin They Don't Know Oil and Gas I Don't Drill for Living Either, but the Administration Is Taken Apart in This Letter in a Way That Shows How Na�ve and Agenda Driven. They Are Will This Resonate. Should That Be a Position of Oil and Gas in This Country to Be More Offensive. Don't Totally Mean Brian As You Know, and I'm Sure so Many in Your Audience Know Just Two Years Ago United States Of America Was Energy Independent and That Was Important Not Just for Our Own Economy. Think of the Contrast in Gas Prices but Very Importantly for National Security and so Instead of Having Those Two Goods That Is Paying Less of the Pump and Also Recognizing We Have To Depend on the Saudi's Are the Iranians of the Venezuelans of the Russians for Oil and Gas.

Rather, We Have an Administration That Is Demonizing People Good Independent Oil and Gas Producers Are Just like You and Me Your Audience and Instead Elevating the Iranians in the Venezuelans. This Is the Kind of Thing to Take a Step Back.

That Should Not Be a Democrat or Republican Issue. This Should Be an American Issue, We Ought to Embrace Oil and Gas and Also Recognized That New Innovations New Energy Sources over the Years Because of American Ingenuity Will Probably Become More Reliable, but in the Meantime, the Single Best Thing We Can Do Is to Get Back to Being Energy Independent. As We Were Just Two Years Ago Right and I Think We Have To Be Provided Be the Supplier of Europe, and I Know They Are Working on Something That Was in the Top Administration of Having Poor to Global Be the Beginning of a of a Pipeline through Europe That Would Be We Would May Allow Us to Be the. The Natural Gas Supplier to the Continent. Why Don't We Do That Will France Had a Prime Problem with the Pyrenees Mountains and Small Area Environmental Challenges I Poor I'm Pretty Sure McCrone Understands with the Real Challenges Right Now and with the Changes Virgie Seen.

Why Not Make That Move in That Announcement Well.

The Reason the Answer to Your Question and I'll Give You a Bit of Optimism.

The Answer Is Because the Environmental Lobby and in DC Is so Powerful and Influential over the American Left, and What They Been Able to Convince Americans of Is That to Be an Environmentalist Means We Have To Reject Oil and Gas Now All of Us, Including Those of Us Who Are Conservatives Are Environmentalist Right We Don't Want to Damage Our Environment.

America Get the Cleanest Water and Air in the World.

The Point Is, in Order to Get past That. It's What Heritage Colleagues Have Been Saying for a Long Time America Desperately Needs a Grand Strategy in a Grand Strategy Isn't Just about Military Force. It's Also about the Kinds of Pipeline Project That You Discussed so That We Would Never Have European Allies or Friends or Even Slight Adversaries Questioning the Loyalty of the United States Because Were Participating in a Marketplace That Is Oil and Gas Business That Has Done Nothing Other Than Lift More Than a Billion People Out Of Poverty since 1980.

This Is Something That Democrats Ought to Embrace As Well. This Is Also Burns Clean Claims. Almost All the Experts Nuclear Is an Option We Ran Away from after That Natural Disaster Hit Japan, but Finally on This in Them in the Big Picture. I Think That II Think That America Would Also Enjoy Hearing How Will Going to Do Electric Cars with 65% of All Electric Batteries Are Fueled by Fossil Fuels and We Also Don't Have Cobalt and Some of the Rare Earth, It Looks like Japan Skews Me China Was Way Ahead of Us on This and One Other Place with There Would Exist Was Afghanistan and China's Move Didn't Begin to Minded Already, so Don't Tell Me You Want to Solve Oil and Gas at the Same Time Give up the Rear Earth That Work That Allow Us to Go Electric.

At the Same Time Use Fossil Fuels to Fuel Your Electric Power. You Hit the Bull's-Eye Amended.

We've Been Trying at the Heritage Foundation for Years to Explain That to People That When We Outline We Connect All the Dots That You Just Connected Very Articulately. It Doesn't Mean That You Are. We Are Shills for Any Industry Whether the Oil and Gas or Otherwise Were Talking about Taking These Geopolitics down to What I like to Call the Sidewalk Level. This Affects How Individual Americans Real Americans outside the Nation's Capital Make Their Decisions and It Is Okay to Get Excited about Things like Electric Vehicles but You Also Have To Recognize the Reality of What You Said, Which Is That the Only Reason They Operate Is Because We Have an Oil and Gas Industry That Provides That Power, We Can Look Forward to Sum up Here Brian 2025 Years down the Road When Battery Technology Has Caught up with the Photovoltaics.

But You Know What, in Order to Do That to Your Point about Mirrors We Have To Have a Much Better Strategy As It Relates to the Chinese Communist Party Who of Course Are Developing a Worldwide Monopoly in Those Very Minerals That Would Make Our Environmentalist Friends so Happy to Kevin Roberts. Thanks so Much. This Look at Harry to Talk to You Again.

Thanks Brian. Take Care. You Got It.

1-866-408-7669 You Listen to Bring to Me Joe Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Talk Show That You Are with Brian.

Kill Me, and I Had a Pretty Significant Process. I Think in Accusations That Were Alleged to Write and so Get a Very Rigorous and Robust Process Is Interesting to Me That the Two That Two Judges That Justice Is That Mitch McConnell Points out That He Hopes She Said She Will Be Treated Differently from Cavanaugh and Clarence Thomas, Who Happened to Be Two Who Have Accused of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. I Hope She Gets Treated Differently Than People Been Credibly Accused of That Quick Legal Notice That the Supreme Court Denied Every Allegation of Yellow They Had Every Disclaimer Right They Had a Real Disclaimer on the View Quickly.

Make Sure They Weren't Sued Because People Have Had It with Been Wrongly Accused.

You Know You Know Those Cases and You Know What Happened in a Minute Think You Want to Quickly Retract That. Not That I Think Would Benefit You One of Them to Go Take on the View Would Have To Go Public but Just It so Much More Respectful. II Joe I Know What Happened in the past. I Hope It Doesn't Get As Bad As That Ever Again and I Know We've Seen in the past and I Just Hope It Doesn't Go There Again. I Just Don't Think Anyone Benefits When People Talk about the Polarization of This Country. I Actually Think It Started with Bill Clinton and the Impeachment, but I Also Think It Happened with the Supreme Court Justice Nominees Because of so Much at Stake with As People View the Country Ideologically with These Cases, Especially When You Turn a Seat for Republican or Democrat Conservative to Liberal, but Don't Make Stuff up and Don't Pretend like You're Interviewing Former Inmates That Are Reformed. These Are Already People That Worked up to the Process and Stood out in Every Shape Waveform That Usually Have Fantastic Character, but If You Want to Have Anyone Come Forward. That May Be 1/11 Grade but It Done Something They Regret May Be Drank Too Much and There in a Fraternity. I Think It Was A Lot Of Quality Candidates and I Think A Lot Of People End up Being Saints in Life Don't Word Saints Their Entire Life. But I Think so Far Was Seeing A Lot, Was Seeing Judge Jackson Go to the Process That He Fireworks Will Come Back Next Time an Employee Would Happen Just before with with Us and Went to Gramps and Lindsey Graham Just Stormed out Because He Was Just Defending Susie Gitmo. Yeah, You Have a Right to Defense, but I Did Mow to Be a Military Court and Even If You Spend the Rest Your Life in Jail. That's Fine. I Look at How Much Is Going to Cost.

It Is These People Want to Kill Innocent Americans. Case in Point 9/11 the Coal and Everything Else That Happened between I Want to Make Sure You Guys Watch One Nation on Saturdays Fox and Friends Every Morning People Here in the Right Kill Me, Joe, over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast Process Personal Powerful Subscriber. Listen Now If Fox Is Not or Wherever You Get Your

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