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Gafftastic President Biden Angers Allies and Enemies Overseas

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 28, 2022 12:52 pm

Gafftastic President Biden Angers Allies and Enemies Overseas

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 28, 2022 12:52 pm

[00:10:40] Derrick Van Orden

[00:18:46] Russ Vought

[00:39:11] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:19] Judy Kurtz

[01:09:16] More to Know

[01:13:47] Sen. Tom Cotton & Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.)

[01:26:54] Tim Stewart

[01:32:06] Robert O’Brien & Gary Kasparov

[01:43:46] Stuart Varney

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Tell me Joe so privileged to have with me in about 15 minutes. Former Green Beret is a former Navy seal and he's a Republican candidate for Congress of Wisconsin. Derek then ordinal be here to break down was like training Ukrainian soldiers for the last five years and Russ Boyd for a director of the OMB budget for July 2022. January 2021 currently is present, the center for renewing America because the present United States is going to put out his budget today for 2023, which is really a wish list in just over his headset so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 3320, yeah, that was real but don't think we be talking about the Oscars and I didn't think we would, but Smith smacked Chris rock about 1130 Eastern time in the face and I thought let's change that because of that joke you just heard Smith later apologist to be Me but not to rock said I got punched by Mohammed Ali and don't have a scratch.

He evidently said behind backstage unbelievable will have a different future future rodent democracy and parental decency and dignity and freedom of possibilities God's sake. This man cannot remain. They go against testing present Biden up into his own possible successes with his undisciplined failures overseas as our allies enter enemy seem to equally be as offended four major errors have a staff scrambling to fix to make one wonder.

Can you imagine the reaction if Trump did that I tend to think that this is complicated and ambitions that he might've had very very considerably this is going to setback his military for years is showing the whole world. It wasn't a wonderfully modernized force that everybody thought it might be. This is been a huge challenge for the Russians with her not done yet.

The war has reached a critical moment in the fighting. The true strategy on both sides would allies are now really prepared to do. They got to do some more, and Zielinski is getting his patients running thin. What about the talks of the true sincerity on both sides would you ask for it would take too much time away from Derek to break down the strategy, but let me just give you an idea what's happening there's talks going on's going to be over in Turkey and at which time it looks like prison.

Zielinski had two messages want to be Ukrainian people, he said Sunday in talks to take place and assemble his government prioritize territorial integrity and were reportedly is pretty clear.

The Ukrainians do not. Not only do they not want to give up any territory they want Crimea in the Don box region back to Russian journalists who were told not to publish his interview. By the way, saying Ukraine was going to assume neutral status and compromise of the status of the Eastern diverse region. As part of a peace deal Russian attempts to bring a still turn attempt to break through your key. They have not had much success that according to the keep independent Russian troops are attempting to advance their in the northwest and east.

They capture nearby road with Russian forces are currently being held back.

Ukraine is seeking to exploit the shift in Russia's military strategy. At the same time they drove the Russian troops out of this area called trustee notes in the Northeast area near the Russian border, partially opening up the road to the provincial capital of Sumi, which had been encircled by the Russians of this is good news in the north in the north that which is great but at the stop the Russians from borrowing bombing from the sea which means they need harpoons and surface to ship missiles that they all they want is the weapons they have the training the X300. They have the training they have the X300 in our Allied areas and Bulgarian others get it to them. That's all they're asking for here is presence of Linsky talking about the difference between what he seen from his people and for NATO cut one grain and then what Ukraine can down Russian missiles with shotguns, machine guns, of which there are too many and the supplies it's impossible to unblock variable without a submission number of tanks and other armored vehicles, and especially without yeah I mean it's it's pretty clear he does not have everything he needs in marital in particular I is really agonizing. He says this he says he says you meditates humanitarian catastrophe, claiming that there Russian forces have taken over 2000 children out of the city as part of Ukrainian officials have described as a wave of civilian deportations into Russia.

Can you believe that you can was just taken into another country rally as the city is blocked by the Russian military all entrances and exits from the city of Marable or block the port's mind humanitarian catastrophe.

The Russian military showing mentoring convoys.

Drivers are being killed, but Crone says alongside Turkey increase they will evacuate the Ukrainian city of Marable under a exceptional humanitarian operation. I do know what that looks like were going to Lawrence's operation.

He says now about Joe Biden's gaffes listen, I understand the sentiment. Vladimir Putin must go, but only if the ad is I would hope the Russian people make a different choice.

You're not. You're worthy of so much more than your current leadership causing you so much heartache, but instead he had lived that line and therefore everyone says were not for regime change and Vladimir Putin's got something to rally as people who are questioning why there were Ukraine. He says I told you the West just wants to up in me and get me out of power.

So here's Joe Biden cut 21 will have a different future. A better future rodent democracy and present life of decency and negative freedom of possibilities. God sent this man cannot remain.

And of course that's not good.

Even though I feel it and if you do feel it stand behind my goodness lives and impactful.

I like that and everybody walks back. It makes you wonder who's in charge now.

When Trump was in there. This businessman very confident with the swagger. People said he same thing so diplomatically ham handedly and this is why I included this in one of the talking points because they be killing Trump like Lucent Sec. defense is what Qu�bec's secondary status. Walking back and this is Gary visors walking back. He's out of control is not really leaving the country is not worthy of the position. Instead, a guy he was when the chairman of formulations of vice president really in control of so much foreign policy cannot be controlled to go. What is instincts did a few things and want to give you an idea of what else he said, and will go over the impact of his statements after cut 23. If chemical weapons were used in Ukraine. Would that trigger a military spot response from NATO and River were trigger a response in kind. United States has no intention of using chemical weapons. Underwritings are I did not say that in fact sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never turn before the war. Obviously we were laying out the consequences in pretty explicit detail, with the help that President Clinton would take an alternative course grain people have a lot of back and got I'm sure you're observing the scene where Claire forces on your nine year engage in conflict with Russian forces and forces you see what he saying there number one when you say in concert winning him back would chemical weapons when it comes to what he said in Brussels about sanctions not being a deterrent.

Of course they were to turn.

That's what sanctions before the you didn't implement my edit time in hopes that you would not go in because the threat of sanctions would keep you out. That's a fact. And then he tells and tells people at the 82nd airborne you to be going to be Ukraine for yourself and see the strength of the Ukrainian people. Obviously we don't want the 82nd airborne in Ukraine. These are big this a big deal.

I mean come on plaintiff that the best insurance applied to present Biden has is his vice president is just totally out of her depth and nobody want to see our president including most clear thinking Democrats listen to Susan page I go to Susa bait. I like her but you know I think that she somebody with USA today.

She's not there to right wing to to write conservative talking points. How's that cut 24 wife and Saying we accidentally say what ever and Artie graces is true, but distracting.

What we talked about today.

Not the impassioned defense of democracy, the president delivered but his final nine words, where he seemed to be calling for regime change, distracting and disciplined and will find out whether it is dangerous weather is damaging either because of some kind of reaction from Moscow that would not have been coming just as a result of calling a butcher work and and that's really the whole Meet the Press panel was over 70% of the country does not think the president is is competent to run the war in Ukraine or whatever role America has an over 60% think you should do more for the Ukrainian people so Zielinski is want us over, but present Biden's leadership hasn't that take NBC poll Lucent Branko Mitchell we come back, Derek Van Dorn, former Navy seal congressional candidate will away in on what he knows about Ukrainian forces and what the president's words actually mean in the Russ vote will be with us he's gonna be talking about the presents to budgets releasing today and then your calls, 1-866-408-7669 Brian kill Nietzsche and use that thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me. Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine on a talk show.

That's real. This is Brian kill me show you have the situation you poll which is become a bit of the Ukrainian Alamo at this point in time it's fighting to the last defender and pinning down multiple Russian battalions and so do very heroically, but ultimately it looks as if it's going to have to to collapse.

It's going to be taken and when it dies. That is a moment of some peril for Ukraine because now that port can be used by the Russians. Yeah, that was David Pretorius talking over the weekend when the Sunday shows, and he knows how valiantly the Ukrainians are fighting but knows how they have to hold on to marry her pull some way some shape or form in order knows knows all about the challenges of war he fights him now is running as a Republican candidate in Wisconsin's third District retired Navy seal Derek and Orton joins us now. Derek welcome. First question about strategy Mary Opal it's I mean you've seen these pictures.

It's been totally thrashed what work we could is that somehow hold the bullets or something we could do now to help them hold what's left of it while talking on the ground that what you're looking at now is how the Ukrainians understand how they have to fight the Russians. I guarantee Biden recruitment.this is to be a five-day warrant or what, 31, 32 days into it. What you see in the areas you're getting these large Russian forces coming into the city. Urban warfare is incredibly brutal and you're saying just aggregated small unit tactics that are facilitated by high-technology statutes taking place right now and Ukrainians are doing a fantastic job.

They are tough as nails we doing appointments to bomb you from afar with right with missiles and rockets you cancel long it will appear that will abort you anytime you have any type of strategic bombing takes place that's exactly what work is absolutely terrible. The only person that's responsible for Ukraine is flatter sterile character, but he saw the strategic weakness coming on the Biden White House when present, Biden abandoned American citizens to their fate in Paris and Afghanistan that embolden so what Vladimir Putin is doing now is she miscalculated how he thought he was in a fight this war.

He thought he was very complacent in there and do some real fast. That's like all the special military operation take just a couple of days, Ukrainians have a plan in their exercising the plant so Vladimir can have to continue to escalate the levels of violence because she doesn't know what he's doing.

Strategically, Ukrainians are incredibly bold and I heard another some onslaughts are talking about. Ukrainians can't win this war because you're up against the state.

Russian machine Brian we lost and we left, shamefully left Afghanistan after 20 years. We are fighting the Vietcong. The North Vietnamese Tele band and chorus texting. Our site so here's here's the lesson Vladimir Kogan learning right now any group of people who are willing to fight for their freedom for their families and their communities over an extended period of time will be victorious. Now is your Zielinski you're asking for X300 systems you're asking for tankless are you asking for the megs from what you know about the border. Can you get things in now is neither was willing to do it. You can't have enough clients are intelligence about reconnaissance platforms to watch the entire border of Ukraine the border five NATO countries, so any one of those countries could move equipment in and out issues of training and resupply the logistics part is an okay that apparently brushing are very bad so they document a come by blaze and and you know all of the blitzkrieg sort of stuff and got stalled and they can't backfill anything so we're giving people weapons system each time you want to make sure you give to them for the lifecycle of the X300's that Ukrainians have an older version and asking hundreds. The Russian child were talk about Bulgaria saying that they can backfill Ukraine with these types of weapons to surface-to-air missile, but then what happens to Bulgaria so we can't give them Soviet bloc weapons because we don't manufacture them so you dig them up. You want to make sure that you don't you do not have an interruption in the supply chain machine that in our economy are promising teaches that the summaries not taking the word on his do you believe that even though we deeply interested in taking a word Derek you train Ukrainian soldiers. What was that like they came to her exercises joint called Jekyll so in 2011 first 2012 I worked with a whole bunch of former Soviet bloc countries. I was in Bosnia-Herzegovina immediately following the date records in 1996 of the house near another seal like seven guys but these people like other folks that lived in the former Soviet Union.

They have seen what real persecution like they had a boot on their neck for 70 years and they don't want to go back to that. That's another factor that did not calculate so these folks understand that they they can go back to that if you don't pay attention lately.

One thing stuck in front of my years ago when I first induced another native country and with their plans officer and I said meet the plans officer and affect you. When I joined the Navy. I joined the Navy fight you, and he looked at me and he said Derek joined the Navy fight me. You join the Navy fight the Soviets. We were under occupation.

Vladimir Putin did not learn that lesson using real trouble will click you think. 20 seconds. You really think present Biden's remarks, saying Biden has to keep Lunesta go is devastating. Absolutely incredibly foolish statement letter are scheduled Biden not to stop the moral high ground and he gave Vladimir Putin every single thing he needs to justify disorders. People that sound bite. I guarantee you, to be played a million times in Russia that was possibly in this is a big statement. Brian that's possibly the biggest foreign policy portable that the Biden administration is done. Of course, first and foremost of any American citizen (yes, that was incredibly foolish when a guy never been in the fight was like trust act tough. Everybody can see that devastating to be very cautious in your life to be very costly unifies and accessories congressional seat in Wisconsin. So go ahead, I am go ahead and Derek here and get an order for I appreciate anyone.

Derek then will go get them back in a moment to talk about the budget for the presence going to release any minute, lustful director of only tasks networks and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week. This depend on its podcast listen no Fox News five radio show like no other that Americans did not have confidence in present Fios handle size of some of this is a fair number of Democrats and the idea that White House officials first anonymously and in the second Sam to come back and clean something up.

I think reinforces the idea does the president can we trust him to respond in a competent way to this war, and there was a page from USA today. Not somebody gets every morning and says I get appraise Republican so it's pretty significant that the poll also says that 30% of the country blame present Biden for the rising inflation covert. Get second and third is corporate increase in prices forth is Russia so that nice of the Putin price hike didn't work, and in a generic poll. The Republicans have their first lead in this NBC poll, 46, 44 since 2014 with me right now I am Studios Russ boat, director of the Office of Management and Budget from July 2022 one. Present trump left in 2021 Russ welcome. So first off, the direction of the economy and country. Did you expect this not as quickly of the dissent I mean we have been so rapidly in the in the gutter since the present trump left office in this new president took office main that's on every level. I didn't expect this to go back to the 1970s so quickly.

So when you look at the prison release his budget today and we know is how to get it. If this is what he you know where his priorities are.

But knowing that the country claims that 30% of the country blame him more than anybody else for inflation is the country right as you know the dollars and since you also know politics is there. There definitely ramming his reality. This is gonna be an exercise in drive-by budgeting because the countries concerned about inflation. The economy is where it is that and so they have to do something that says they care about deficit reduction. They put all these headlines out the deficit is going down right well because covert spending is rolling off so you have two years of big covert spending. Now it's right back where it was $1 trillion in spending but instead of having a plan to get the balance like we did have got $14 trillion in deficits and they're not doing anything to tackle those and so they have to put something in there like a billionaires tax fields articulate doing something with her to have increased spending all over this budget but you will go to tax people for having wealth as opposed to earning money.

This status is at a scary bridge to cross.

I think it is because unless you have a sale.

You got to have a bunch of appraisers go in there and value your art pieces. Your your your boats every year, every year it's a it's administered early in nightmare, and that's one of the reasons why other countries. They ditch these things because they lose all their wealthy people and they can administer them.

So it's a mess. So if for example if you have these panties rather sassy to pay Morse with a depreciating asset. So why would I get it. So not to buy these matches would sell and move some but someplace else.

So it'll force people to be active with their money is that the theory that a billionaires tax would would generate you. I don't think that they always have a lot of sound economic doctrine, but on the real-world implications of agency wealth and want to see wealth. They wanted. It's offensive to them that they've got people who are not paying taxes on what they view is that this hordes of wealth and they don't look to the fact that people have a vote and they moved with their feet you had to go basically come up with all types of money to tell bunch of people stopped working. Go home and will find a way to backstop you see you are a whole bunch of checks outside the first responders are essential workers for people not to work and when the president took over from you guys.

He had a vaccine and the work and the workplaces will be in and open up. So what would you have done differently then he did well. He had this massive $2 trillion color package. When we didn't need it at the beginning in the April beginning of his administration's rescue plan is rescue plan and then he continued to suspend and it wasn't just Bill back better. That got canceled all of that spending a lot of that spending got reflected in the annual preparations process. The spending that his administration increased and that has not slowed down.

So when you hear the other big story is you guys has successfully become energy independent. It was a choice. Fossil fuels are persona non grata in this administration, despite what we need now and that is more of a fossil fuel production of natural gas and oil. I want year simply exchange from last week on what is going on with drilling.

For example, on why were to own some of the accusations on how the oil companies are to blame me give you an example. There, there have been some including the American petroleum Institute 11 claims that this is an issue of having access or funds on the oil and gas industry had a lot of lines are alone, more than 9009 to drown and I would note that only 10% drilling is happening on federal land. The other 90% is on private lands but I'm talking about the 10% in that case that the argument that there is no opportunities to drill for oil is just not true. Jen Saki weighing in with you shaking your head. Is she there are unused permits right yeah but again people. Those are as a result of the fact that they've taken down the pipelines so when there's no pipelines when they don't have the infrastructure that because the federal government has put that in on ice. As a result, you have a whole backup of of people trying to drill when you have an entire posture in every level of government of trying to have anti-energy because your your view of climate change. You've got you got a situation where people just do not go out and explore energy in a in a way that you would've seen on the accompanist ratio. I got these companies are fighting back in a later two-page letter. They came back and said you really vilified us from day one said were the problem in the permit and they took this deadly took this argument down piece by piece here is Kathleen said, from there over these trade organizations who waited there are about 9 pound outstanding permit on federal land. She is correct in that respect. However, a permit to drill is not the only parent permit to carry. We need right way, which also come from the federal government in order to play the pipeline and began gathering line. We want to begin exploring what we pipelines in place to capture that gas. And guess what environmentalists stop pipeline all across the country. We can't get the right-of-way in the pipeline to put that natural gas and we can't develop that way about. So that's a fact to me. For example if I want to break down and tell St. Peter's how they should be North Carolina. I watch a lot of basketball. I've never coached it. These these spokespeople in Washington. You don't have expertise in these areas speaking out to be as dangerous and an insult to the American people. It's an insult. And in this press operation has to do a lot to put lipstick on a pig and they get bad economic policy and bad policy that hurts the country on a number of levels and they have to ground salad and this is what they picked.

And unfortunately for them, it just doesn't track out so you have a inflation is taking money away. You also have a situation where unemployment is down, they say the debit is being reduced the work.

The people participating in the work and workforces around 60% to six out of every 10 Americans but everything costs more, especially gas and oil of emergency things that you could do right now if you were back in charge of the OMB well we would try to immediately begin to deregulate in a way that they have increased regulation.

I think that would be something that would get them the muscle energies of the American people and entrepreneurs moving away that we saw and present from took office.

I think that's one of the immediate things that you can deal with that when I can see that because we have this particular present so you have a situation where they're going to do today also announced it to go to put more money to law enforcement asked for additional $32 billion into law enforcement. That sounds like politics because we over the Democrats were trying to defund the police for the longest time at the very least vilify them or repurpose or reimagine yeah and I like to know what they define as law enforcement just because it's going to the Department of Justice does not mean it's actually going to law enforcement. I want to know where the grant programs that are being envisioned and who are they going to but I am all for law enforcement spending increases. But that's not what we have seen from the left recently will cut ahead are we taking in order for international relations without buying Russian oil, which is a small 5% of what we take in. But we are the number one customer which I found was astounded at so we do that and if we want to put secondary child sanctions on China, which could be the next event of China's Russians and stop this war.

What kind of headwinds do we do we receive that while I'm a little concerned about the all the extent of what were doing on the sanctions front and the potential for them for other countries to come up with an alternative to the dollar remained one of the reasons that we are where we are fiscally is at the dollars.

The reserve currency of the world, and three) more and we can always print more and up until that changes and you never know when it changes, but if the overuse of sanctions can have that impact and that's one of the things I have some worry about about the situation wherein we have to take steps as a country present from certainly use sanctions are of great amount, but right now that is something I think we gotta be concerned about in the years ahead was itching to Saudi Arabia says that they'll deal with China on the one and now this alternate swift but financial financial system well looks like China has an alternative in Russia could subscribe to it. Could you put in layman's terms with that would mean that would mean that there there is a move internationally away from the dollar. It would be and move internationally for there to be a reserve currency that is not ours and that people when they park their money are not parking at by buying T-bills here in this country and having to convert into dollars to buy them. That's the real great concern because when when investors and other countries do that now. It keeps arcs currency strong understood.

So you think that that is a real possibility. Now, as we see Ron clearly they are not in the family of nations for good reason. We see Russia and China closer than ever before, and some are Middle East partners are upset they were dealing with the Ron and trying to get back into this deal so they're giving us the Heisman.

In many cases, could that be a way to leverage us to come, come do what they say. Because of this legitimate fear and how immediate the fear is, but I do have a fear I think it is coming in the years ahead. I think we need real stable leadership fiscally in the way that we have not seen and I and I do believe that when you are weak economically when you don't have this on the dollar is not strong when people don't have to have the reserve currency being the dollar. That's when you're in a situation when you're down vulnerable internationally and from security standpoint is photo series used to run OMB for a four person trunk is a big push in this country.

Remanufacturing impacted in practical terms, that the the budget Reform Act did you guys put together tax Reform Act on the Trump years was supposed to incentivize people to come home, have these businesses come home with the decrease in the corporate tax rate not I think they have not been in it as fast as I thought now and I think that that's one of the things we saw covert as well as we gotta have dramatically more aggressive policies that bring these key industries home. We can't be rely on foreign supply chains like I agree with that but I am not in international business, nor do I know international financing like you do, and people in the know say that's gonna be a that's going to be really hard because he meant to be what I can repay more. We don't have the infrastructure and weave in that the workforce to bring manufacturing back you wish the reality will I think that may be difficult in the short term but I don't. These are about to grease. I don't know why. Over time, the American people are not can accept the fact that they can get a cheaper weight on a product, so they don't have to wait for some good that's sitting in off the support of California so that when I buy a refrigerator or a major appliance. I'm not waiting six months because it's made somewhere else.

I mean, I think, in particular, time, drugs that are part arcs are something that is his life and death. These are the things that are the American people want help here and more manufactured here, but you push private business to come back. I for example if bear or return or manufacturing their prescription drugs in another country as president OMB Dir. I mean can you.

How do you get them to say this is not in our national security interest for you to do that is pursuing its China well I mean I think that there are there Odyssey for putting massive tariffs on China and Internet site a good thing in my head and and that's a good thing but it takes a long time for those things to work themselves to the system and and in my view is that people always felt like you know it. Once present, Trump left office to be back on servant we just go back to the normal relationship with China, and I think that we've seen some of that and I think we have to have a sustained commitment in this country that were actually in a decouple from China that were gonna it's not happen overnight, but we've got a make it so that our companies are not in China manufacturing that's just understood and that they take steps to manufacture here in this country when you talk to the light of these men and women today understand is there patriotic is there patriotic blood that runs through their system to say I see what you're saying. Like when you'd see Nike and Bridgewater and when you know what Dalia will come out and say I you know what, there is no much difference between China's company more of the strict parent much difference in our our way of government, and there's an kind of put us down. Nike's is really a Chinese company.

How do you, as the OMB Dir. or someone in the head of treasury how you get through to private business that's that's not no national security when they'll say I got shareholders to answer to.

I make more money if I stay there. Well I think there's a couple of different groups of people. I think there's a lot of hard-working American patriot businessmen, but I also think that there is a good number of wall capitalists that are largely oriented towards international and multinational companies. Those are the ones that are very hard that that's your Nike example where we if we we need a policy in place. You know that says look you're knocking to do business with slave labor in China. That's the kind of thing that would allow us to be able just to have Vanessa H yeah that's 11 you say it was great seeing you in person by different Trump comes back to you. Go back. I would want to miss it. Bring absolutely restful.

Thanks so much appreciate you being here he was, he ran the OMB for 2022, 20, 21 and will see if he gets to do it again. I previous.

He was deputy director OMB from 2018 to 2020 is the brain to meet you in your knowledge base. Brian only show precise personal powerful is America's losing in the palm of your socks weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast if you're interested in Brian's talking about. You are with Brian kill made to all but lost it on that joke. I know what is with him, but he was brilliant as Richard Williams know it's talking about that, but if you give his Oscar back before doing that, it deftly is a breach of conduct was is going to stop. Evidently, according to according to P Diddy, they made up of the Vanity Fair party afterwards, Chris rock, and will Smith but he did not apologize publicly hard and other notes of the really matters.

Brian will now unless you want a 1.9 hey Brian, I appreciate your cute no, I'm really concerned with trying to buy a book on land and the fact they own the graph majority of our pork. It seems to be a cold situation between that and in the order and everything going on here at home. I think people can stop walking Hollywood. They were clapping color around and thought focusing on the fact that we have been really and he could tell a lot work if things don't get better know over in Ukraine. Ukrainian I know where we are focusing on my disheartening American people care, 6000 miles away against people they probably have not met but are in off the way there, standing up and they could see that this is bigger than just Ukraine and Russia and a family spat Brian to your point, I am really worried about the border more than ever because now the category of title 42, that would've allowed during a pandemic them to turn down men coming over here for no reason because I just want to come here. They get to stay and get asylum. Now that's going to be no longer remain in Mexico.

It means come one come all, we had 164,000 people come in last month at a time in which the last records may be 93,000 you know what is going to be like in April them when the weather gets better know to be like in May and June.

This is going to be a pullout invasion in this president is out to lunch. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen. Fox News contests live Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice kill me was was everybody hope you have a sensational weekend. This is the right kill me Joe coming here from New York City heard around the country heard around the world, especially in Ukraine. Michael Goodwin standing by, and Judy Kurtz will be joining us to the bottom of the hour from the hill to try to put up respectable we witness less at the Oscars. Not the best picture, not the best actor but the best line. I'm not kidding.

So I don't keep Michael Goodwin waiting too long into the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number 320 and he said it twice and it was real and that he cried everyone not because you want but because he could get that whole war take it away.

I'm not kidding. Chris rock slapped in the face by go play Bob and Ellie will Smith will discuss will have a different future future rodent democracy and present decency and dignity and freedom of possibility. God say this man could not remain a gap testing present buying up into his own possible successes with his undisciplined failures overseas as her allies and her enemies are equally offended, will discuss it next. I tend to think that this is complicated. Any ambitions that he might have had very very considerably this is going to set factors military for years is showing the whole world. It wasn't the wonderfully modernized force that.

Everybody thought it might be. This is been a huge challenge for the Russians. That is a jump.

They betray us talk about the war as we see this can be usually critical moment as we get close to talks. And as we continue to fight and find out what the Russians actually have left and if the natives can fulfill their obligation to continue to on the Ukrainians because they can fight like any army on the planet with me right now is Michael Goodwin, New York Post, Fox News contributor Michael first off.I will talk about your calm and in the war and its most important what your take of Will Smith walking on stage and wrapping Chris rock in the face weird moment that somehow doesn't seem as outlandish today as it would say a decade ago are certainly two decades ago. I think the sense of bad behavior is now seen as just one. One person's opinion and everybody's free right to meet the things that people do in public. Now routinely would've gotten them left out of society or locked up know not to long ago so I think it's another symbol of just how crazy American public life has become a household of everybody is just waiting to explode hard. It's hard to put your finger on it but it just seems to me not as shocking as I would've been a decade ago so present buying this over for an impactful meeting with NATO try to seal a sense of unity and they were trying sense of purpose from the EU, the G7, the NATO and they were present along the way. Unscripted is a is a flat out disaster.

Listen to this 22 but the problem was.

He said this first cut 21 different future future present decency and dignity and freedom of possibility. God say this man could not remain what we believe the McCrone says we don't agree with that, the Chancellor of Germany. We don't agree with that.

Vladimir Putin. They went to Townsend. I told you Russia. They're trying to overthrow us in the West would you think about this is a big deal. All what we understand now what so basically my column just popped into his adult brain out of his mouth for something so to be said in such a haphazard manner because if this is American policy and would talk about what is American policy and says one thing that is another which happened repeatedly on this trip.

If this is American policy, then, are we at war with Russia is and isn't that declaration of war and everything but but the word itself. If you say were trying to change the leadership of Russia that something you do in a peaceful relationship so I just think the implication by going off script like that are potentially unknown and as you say it fortifies sense of paranoia. It gives him something to sell to Russian people who are in general like most people, patriotic in the sense that they that they feel they are invested in their country and they don't want to see the United States running Russia. I assume work international monetary fund, or NATO complicated on so many levels and to be done in such a haphazard fashion is just irresponsible and reckless but I think that Joe Biden is failed to lead NATO following behind on almost all of these issues.

He went over there.

I think largely for domestic audience. American domestic audience is polls on every issue underwater, including his handling of the Ukraine situation so it just seems to me to be another example of the kind of bad president who was failing at everything and can even give a speech without mucking up. As I said, this was at least three times before to three day trip where he said no, no, no, that's not the policy is in the afternoon on Saturday.

Listen to these moments and the clarifications he came afterwards. I ask you this question as you listen, who's the president cut 23. If chemical weapons were used in Ukraine. Would that trigger a military stock response from NATO trigger response time United States has no intention of using chemical weapons. Under any I did not say that in fact sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never turn before the war.

Obviously we were laying out the consequences in pretty explicit detail, with the help that President Clinton would take an alternative course, people have a lot of guts I'm sure you're observing see their forces on your engage in conflict with Russian forces forces me when you talk until the 82nd airborne Ukraine see for yourself. She's a major, major mistakes in which American food shortages in the right not to rush out and not here. We will have food shortages in America, so on and on and on these incidents. Brian and forget the fact that presidential the question is, as you say who is the private setting policy. Normally when the president says something that policy now here you have the president saying things in the White House, saying that not policy deciding what policy is worth the president so I handled that he doesn't know what the policy is that he has already decided or proved so I think it is a say on so many levels. This somewhat terrifying kind of example of what's wrong with Joe Biden's president Jake so we can call the shots. Bush 43 gets Overy's assistant, Texas got I had to get better and adjust relations and have Colin Powell, Donna run so deep treating Condoleezza Rice around me. At the very least you may say well I don't like conservatives but man, you can say they're not competent James Baker. In all these other people or consultants that you did so you felt as though these people that I have learned to see relationships. This guy was chairman of Foreign Relations Committee and listen to this to back up your point about people losing confidence in NBC Wall Street Journal poll, 71% of Americans said they do not have a lot of confidence in president Biden's ability to respond to the warped December since they are ready.

We we already at war with Roger will be within a year, 68% said they would prefer Biden make the economy is top priority. 29% feel differently.

His overall popularity said 40% and 38% blame him for inflation he really tried to jam this thing that our throats, the prudent price hike.

Only 6% are buying is the Russia brushes war with Ukraine. The American people putting it together. Michael brought all supposedly strong.

One of the big reasons he was elected RR salary not talk about it anymore. You know, almost 1,000,000.1 200,000 died. Biden set up your 200,000 people die when you're president, you should be present anymore. What were now getting close to million total so it just so many issues. Brian that you look at your buying and using is he really in control is in control of himself and even possible.

That is actually running the government does he sit through meetings and private make decisions have conversations that make sense and people. The cabinet comes away there, knowing what the policy is basically staff run White House where Joe mansion's complaint that when he was. He said all that is all that somebody else talked about going into a meeting with the president negotiating I think was over infrastructure the president nodding yeah and in one of the staffers in the back of the room. The president signed shakes his head no charge is likely this is Richard Engel and how those remarks are not impressing anything he did is not impressing Zelinski to me is the real world store right now. Cut 18 but I don't think's presence.

Zelinski was overly impressed. President Zelinski spoke this morning and effectively accused Western leaders. He did mention president Biden by name of being all talk and I'll read you just translation of of his comments from a short while ago he was talking about Mary Opal, a city which is surrounded it is been under attack. Yet it is still not collapsed and he said I've spoken to the defenders of Mary Opal and in constant contact with them their determination, heroism and firmness are astonishing and that he went on to say, if only those who've been thinking for 31 days on how to hand over dozens of jets and tanks had 1% of their courage so we saying that that meeting and NATO which promised a lot of support still isn't yielding the kind of results that Ukrainians want and that's the bottom line is we are utilizing tomorrow to talk about Biden being your thumbs up for four more years.

Is he in charge this interesting, but that's what matters to me how we helping Ukraine beat Russia for all of us and clearly were not doing enough hard leadership NATO to quickly rewind the last month he was talk of sanctions as though they were determined that he says they work.

But at each step of the involvement. The European nations were well ahead.

And so it was almost like the public was foreseen. Germany and France to move faster and then Biden had to catch up.

The American public as well has weighed in and said to this day, says were not doing enough to conflict. The lack of confidence in Joe Biden's leadership. It is specifically are you doing enough to change the facts on the ground and so Biden can talk about uniting NATO and all that fine. Although I think under the surface. They're not united at all. Nonetheless, what is the point of this unity. If it's not to make a difference in Zelinski. I think we don't have to agree with everything he says about everything he demands. I think we should take his word for it when he says it's not enough we can't win this way and there. I think it is where the rubber meets the road.

How do you define enough enough would be to give Ukraine a chance to actually win this war, which seems entirely possible now, even though it didn't. In the beginning that the great achievement of the Ukrainian defense forces and the people sticking it out, but what is the point of that Russia still prevails. It just takes a little longer and I think Dolinsky is talking about help us win. Don't just let us survive to get mom to smithereens. Thank you.

Mike just matter so much so much more than poll numbers up and down, but it indicates the American people are so much smarter than we give them credit for, especially in a war that doesn't affect them directly, but the understand the impact of it and they can relate to these people under fire.

So much for joining us.

Michael's great New York Post, starches contribute involvement at M Goodwin_New York Post and my post. This is the brain to meet you something new every day, Brian Kilby show Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite fastest three hours and radio your Brian kill me was what screen right and placing the government with a puppet government and Ukraine becomes a vassal state. The Russians lost. Phase 1, we are now in phase 2, in my view and phase 2 is digging in defensively as David said fortifying so that you protect yourself from these Ukrainian attacks actually playing the Russians are laying mines, which is a defensive maneuver and they want to be in these fortifications so that they can lock their mortars and their rockets and their missiles at Ukrainian cities in an attempt to break the Ukrainian will so that I think they can continue to advance. That's what they're trying to do now.

As David said, don't underestimate the amount under am not underestimating them but I just don't know what they have left turns munitions. I know that they're moving to units out of Georgia into the Don Bosch region also to the moving somebody group up Italian whatever they call them for the for a number of troops that size who are inexperienced but well-equipped into the Don Bosch region, but there how many more shifts.

Can you have and why they pushing so hard for Belarusian or me to get in and begging the Syrians to fight by the winds to restore leaf sensors. I cannot really answer that we don't really have a secure country here meanwhile brush actually saved.

Aside from probably being hanged in that in the middle of in Central Square over in over in in the in his capital. So was on skis looking at truce talks now. He told the Russians he's willing to be neutral. Maybe give a portion to the Don Bosch region, but he told his people is when not giving up any land at all. Why because you keep winning fights wears me most is variable variable falls and then there goes they could be able to take that on entire port area. They're able to take over the city. Evidently already setting up an alternative government and their only telling Ukrainians who are left to Mary Opal about 100,000. If you want to buy anything you scruples when I can accept your currency so that's could be there plan.

Go ahead. If we can kidnap a government will set up our own governor.

Our own mayor and will just take over what they don't understand people fully understand Ukrainians more than ever. It will never accept Russian rule, I don't think the Russians even know what is actually going on is so busy he'll make your Brian kill me all the rage I've ever seen it like it sooner ceiling like the Oscars of I saw that a party I would say why guys gotta be drunk. That was Will Smith storming the stage and Chris rock. After he made a joke which is know about his wife, Jayda Pinkett Smith who I guess they were having to have a very unique relationship with Leavitt that so I guess it's open relationship. A lot of tension between them. I guess she has a alopecia problem which has trouble growing here to me. That should be a no go.

It's not funny. As someone pointed out to me. It wasn't about that. It was about having short hair, mimicking a military movie. So what is the big deal.

Having said that Will Smith loses mind you knows about them in the best actor the greatest night of his life arguably ends up punching Chris slapping Chris rock with an open open hand in the face who said afterwards, going to reports is what a great night for TV. I just got hit by Mohammed Ali. I don't have a scratch on me.

Judy Kurtz joined just now from the hill and she's the in the know columnist Judy welcome back, Brian. What what while I don't really like Moran susu yeah I mean as a morning shows.

I can't watch all the Oscars. They try to dip into see if anything is happening, usually for the political commentary. All we got politically one of the three comedians making comments about Florida's bill about schools and teaching sexuality what they call the know gay Bill right that's it.

In the Ukrainian common from Mila Kunis who came out and said talked about Ukraine without using the word Ukraine even though she's Ukrainian, which was gutless but then this happen which are take that Hollywood writer cannot come up at the NARA like what we mean. Everything went completely overshadowed by this one moment that the political joke you mentioned Ukrainian everything going on in the world on one lap took over that night and unite the risk of overstating the flap if you like something more about our current world right now are we happy political cultural divisions that have the country at a breaking point, you will Smith. That means I did not know that he was rage if you would get Ricky to face from the Golden globes a few years ago he ripped personally every body in the building even roles they played and he was merciless. You thought yourself and there be asked back again. Ricky traces the Way they asked me back again afterwards. Will Smith gets the award onstage. Here's a little of his acceptance speech 35. I will apologize to the Academy. One apologize to all my fellow nominees love will make you do crazy things poking Academy invites me back. They laughed and the academies deciding what to do about is what I mean. That is, I think that three reaches the conduct, you shouldn't punch a guy who makes a joke about you while he's on stage on international television. You think that's in the bylaws. There might be a line or two and when your first thereafter, starting out at the wrapper jiggy with it and completely overshadowed at moment for yourself that I'm handling way you know you have been king Richard mediation triumph and King Lear.

It was just incredible was in left-leaning Hollywood where performers are quick to speak out about politics, about hot button issue in the culture war a lot. It was very odd. Yeah, I guess, is because one of their favorite sons. It was Clint Eastwood who lost it it it 91 years old and punch someone to go yeah I told you that's what happens. So PDD has this breaking news. We should get there. I should have the breaking news alert will Smith Chris rock made amends after the now infamous lap going to page 6, P Diddy Combs confirmed the Vanity Fair Oscars bash Sunday night that the dual let bygones be bygones after rock made a joke about his wife. That's not a problem that's over, I confirm that Diddy told us the beef without elaborating on further details. It's all love.

They are brothers we while they had a problem back in 2016 because job Chris rock made a joke about Jayda Pinkett boycotting the Oscars and something I can't really share after that I didn't like that one, so evidently's been brewing between them.

You have to worry if your comedian now it's okay to storm the stage will Smith did and he still got to keep his Oscar and arguing that the you know millions of people are watching and if you don't like a joke. Make it okay to go up and clap the comic delivering a bad one-liner may be some of the folks at the Hollywood bash former president from credit last year when he called me. So politically correct so boring I no one can say that. Stella Was boring or politically correct. I guess not. By the way, for the for those people who care. This picture is coded, which is inspiring to death, a leading actors actress and supporting military Anna Debose do I say that right Pete, I know you're into websites. Okay good Troy Kocher the actor, the persuadable code again. Will Smith wins best leading actor in a leading role and Jessica Chastain wins the eyes of Tammy Faye and Jean Campion when the power of the dog as best director, so congratulations to them, but no one could be talking about that there is a little bit more from that night.

I want you to hear what will will Smith went on to say because Denzel Washington was one of the people that gave him advice, put his arm around her right after the incident cut 36 thank you very well said to me a few minutes ago.

He said at your highest moment be careful � when the devil comes for you. The ego, so I don't I don't know what was going on there, but I also think there's a lot of comedians who get a little worried about this. I see that Grimacing. Now we have to worry about anything you say joke that might be offensive if it's okay for will Smith it's okay to charge charge. The stage jut apoptosis into that type of rage is not healthy said is totally wrong. I think comedians already worried right Judy Yuri word. If your comedian about offending somebody. Now this Republican shameful way I would be concerned about the median date.

After that I currently have a lot of Hollywood accent, but now you know. Minutes later, will Smith faith in God.

Very nice applause for his benefactor.

So although a lot of people on the West Coast. There are condemning his actions. So a lot of people are inclined yeah I did.

I just don't I think was a surreal moment is pretty amazing.

The other thing on a lighter note, Dana White from UFC tweeted out it's obvious Chris rock you know every reason why just as obvious Chris rock and take a punch. Can you imagine having the composure onstage to see. Will Smith Storment you give you a full head wind up he hit you across the face.

Just move a little bit to the right take the blow continue to talk and have a dialogue finish up and walk off. That is unbelievable to think they'd he would totally lose it at that. Whether you lose your temper back it will Smith we storm off the stage you do make a joke about or make light in the moment. Make the audience a bit more comfortable with witnessing something that many people are filled with important yet corrected initially upon being at the main thing you know talent to be able to go on with the show after experiencing something like that. So shut up until tweeted to send you this and you come today and he'll kill them. That's pure out-of-control rage and violence. They've heard a million jokes about them in the last three decades. They are not freshman to the world of Hollywood and comedy.

He lost his mind. Kathy Griffin said the televise altercation lead to further violence outside Hollywood. Let me take some it's very bad practice to walk up on stage and physically assaulted comedian.

Now we all have to worry about who wants to be the next will Smith, Matthew Dowd, former Republican aid to Bush former Democratic Lieut. Gov. candidate for all those defending will Smith violence and soul Chris rock when you have would you have the same reaction of Amy Schumer had made the joke and Smith hit her.

Of course not. Ayanna Presley apparently deleted the tweet praising Smith for defending his wife. I I'm very curious to see a week from now how does this play out. I think that for Smith to get ahead of it, he's gonna talk to Chris rock. They are really are okay with it.

They shall meet the press together here rock reaction. We haven't heard much that we thought will commit minutes later the liver*each yacht.

But we really haven't heard what rock have to say about that.

I think that well maybe she people perception that really beyond bizarre things, big picture question using Amazon streaming show. I see the Apple plus streaming show that won the award for best picture. I think just got into the movie business. My sound I don't live every day in the entertainment world as Amazon and Apple in those peeking over. Are they the studios that I got that picture cried think I heard at their end of the Netflix like you know doing a primal scream from afar.

When Apple PD plot line that that they do warrant that really the coveted prize that they'd all been trying to claim for their own and you can see from the. Now many streaming services really are the future I found in taking over a lot of the awards showed usage of CTs calculus to the CAA UTA's of the world have to say okay my actor or actress. My directors got to get the money right there no more. Let's bet on the box office bullets take minimal and I want a piece of the Bakken is the be update the backend to subscriptions to a streaming service. In many cases there is no opening their opening night is when it drops in the theater is everyone's living room. I can this not many industries have changed this much entertainment in history that affected movie theater in the way the entertainment world during a pandemic salad for completely different being that it was even five years ago to Thursday so much you like to come in the hill. No, no columnists through the know: no, thanks so much Judy for a prospective bank. Frankly, you got it. So before we go for this segment. I just want to touch on what's going on today. Today the present United States is going to be dropping his first budget for 2023. He's going to get little of it, especially since have barely has majorities in both both bodies, but it goes to show you where he's at and you to see a billionaires tax on millionaires when you see a windfall tax you see a lot of taxes I gotta be the enemies of the state. The Amazons of the world. The Blackstone's of the world there. The problem that's another gonna make it.

Also, in an effort to save his side. You can see $32 billion in additional funds for law enforcement.

No one is buying it. I talk to people, law enforcement every day. I got a series of part one of my next segments of my series. What made America great on Fox nation.

I look at the history, law enforcement and I talked to Ottoman woman off camera. They know who's got their back and who doesn't. We also know that today's going to be an impactful thing in terms of what it is, do not every is back in the respective countries in terms of present Zielinski. Truly the hero of the world right now. Here's what he says he needs from NATO because of this got one grain in the Ukraine can down Russian missiles with shotguns, machine guns, of which there are too many and the supplies it's impossible to unblock variable without efficient number of tanks and other armored vehicles, and especially without we know their jets, they need them. Stop telling what they need and number two I just talk to moat multiple people, this plenty of time and room to get tanks across undetected. Get them what they need to win this. Not only will they win for us they will stop aggression for the next 30 years and maybe the Russian people not let me put that about. Thanks much for listening when we come back I'll be able to find out if there's more to radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show back everybody just finishing up this hour. Thanks much for listening to my one nation on the remember every Saturday in a park repeated again at 11 and you get any of my books. Brian kill I'm able to sign them. Personalizing especially of a holiday coming up birthday or graduation.

So let's find out if there's even more to know that I just told you know so much mystery around his death.

W Memorial because of his life is coming to Netflix's fans will finally be able to see the touching sometimes hilarious tribute from his). To put it together for him like vendor. One of Bob's best friends was the brains behind the January event, the comedy store in West Hollywood. There's only a limited number of comedy store tickets available to the public so very few fans of seen this special even have a big Hollywood premiere of the Netflix, the Joe comedy Festival, that's great me while his head cracked open and nobody knows why you want to sleep next 7 to 10 parents fear the kids becoming Internet zombies conducted by one Paul the same. The place on behalf of the lightspeed systems online safety like solution.

This study shows the 2000 American parents of school-age kids.

See 57 fear the 64% are concerned about the amount of time the kids brilliant today. No kidding. 71% trust their child is mature enough to roam the web unsupervised. Still, the average parent supervised surveyed what their child browse the Internet independently at 11 no doubt about it, the pandemic made this worse. Meanwhile, this dog here's just a myth, a new formula shows us how old your dog really is in human years by the University of California, San Diego school of medicine so they have a formula. Turns out the one-year doggy through seven human years rule of thumb is flawed because dog Stone Age at the same rate. This study shows a canine date much faster when they're young within slow down at about seven years old study published in cell systems Limited epigenetic clock so I don't know what they're doing. So what is that do for us. We can just go 7�17�27�3 researcher work with dog genetics expert to examine the blood of hundred five Labrador retriever. That's how they got it there workers created a new scale which shows a one your dogs jeans already closer to 30 when you're born, amazing, and by the time therefore there like a 52-year-old person, but there slow and while this most boring person the world actually identified by scientists in here. There are three categories of jobs, hobbies, and and most exciting job so you got the most boring job number one is data analysis number two is accounting number three is tax insurance number four cleaning number five banking. I have to say I am so bad at all five of them.

There's no risk to be ever sliding into that. Clearly there were just so boring. If you was an exciting enough for you. This is why he jumped into college and write notes is Brian. I got some data would you analyzing it back to me know it's his will by house is a mess which Brian was around all my taxes forget TurboTax Brian does it quicker never happens. Five most exciting jobs number five teaching.

Which of these school students do every day can impact kids for health professional got a good your hearts beating a little fast maybe excited to see me. Number three journalism that will be interesting. Number two science. Look what I discovered Pluto not a planet is a planet I think someone's working on that right now in the performing arts resource a little bit exciting last night performing rights very exciting get slapped around. If you will Smith be the recipient of your Chris rock and the most boring hobbies. I have none most boring hobbies, mathematics like Matthew village board and therefore observing the pet store this to two boring honey, I'll stay home watching TV is boring. Excuse me hobbies number 204 happy religion is a hobby. I think I worship Jesus today. I rather make a plane number one sleeping boring. Thanks for listening. Why New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice writing to me Joe, hope you had a fantastic weekend were back in action. A man would a pivotal week for this war in Ukraine. So many people care for the most part, when you say you train rush. Everybody still me on here about that. What about your what about our border. I think I care about both.

If you look at the polls over 6% of the country really care about the war in Ukraine and want us to do more now only 40% of the country going to NBC people actually think the present United States is up for the job. The wall over the weekend I was able to host one nation put together the best roster. Guess on this very thing, including time cottage in general checking who want to go over strategy with me first. Here is a center Tom cotton mind center Tom cotton fight wars he's all over this issue. Here's the latest in his eyes. Then you'll hear from Gen. King one store in the world right now you just saw some of it. It's the war in Ukraine will bring you all the latest Intel with the best guest on any show the country bar none.

But first let's stop pretending as if there is more than one acceptable outcome here know it's not hold off the Russians from taking the X not stop Vladimir Putin from stealing more Ukrainian land after one month of fighting. I am convinced the objective are made of the US and most of all Ukraine can be summed up with one word word. I never hear Pres. Biden say when buying has not been all land he assumed that Putin would win in the Ukraine would lose and he can embrace the idea that Ukraine can win. I am bracing. I think you are going to live in Ukraine and can actually in the way they win for us to get these defensive weapon systems as rapidly as possible is an opportunity to win what we need from the president just to get out of this mindset of client in the instead, we need to help Ukraine when center Tom cotton in Gen. King will be joining us shortly. But this would be the first time a seemingly unequal fight ended up being a major upset inspired by the use of that one word, one we inspirational right and when she says, and that's what he did fight he goes out swinging a great heart unforgettable spring and the power to defeat a superior foe Apollo Creek. I need to make light of the situation Ukraine it's real. It's devastating. People are dying women and children senselessly and brutally time but now it's time for Ukraine to win is up to the US a Russian the tools they need to make it happen. Russians already embarrass themselves that they need to be flat out defeated a Ukraine victory would not be only best in their best interest, but in the best interests of democracies all around the world with me right now to expand on this to react to center Tom cotton who fights wars using the infantry fought in Afghanistan and is currently on the Senate armed services committee center. What's wrong with winning Brian nothing is wrong with winning them to continue the rocky metaphor, the Russian army has proven itself to be far from Ivan Drago and Ukrainian Army has proven itself to be ferocious and brave in defense of its own nation forcefully in the same like Pres. Biden has banished the words win in victory from his vocabulary. That's exactly what Pres. Zelinski and Ukrainian Army may be helpful pull off in this war. If we do provide them those weapons as rapidly as possible. If we get past these legalistic distinctions about all offensive or defensive weapons. Brian Russian Ukrainian grading. Ukraine is defending its homeland.

Every weapon that Ukraine has is a defense weapon since Russian war of aggression center on tardy hearing about X300 looking to give it to a lump started hearing about to get all the weapons they need to be successful. They're not not getting in little in the mix. So the X300 aware. What do you understand is holding up the Russian defensive system that would've been effective. Maybe stop the bombing would be brought X300's are a former Warsaw Pact air defense system that some of our NATO members in Eastern Europe have they would be happy to provide assistance Ukraine. They want assurances from our government that we can provide them other air defense systems like patriot systems. I'm not sure they're getting those assurances. Another example of the Biden ministration dragging his feet are the switchblade drones 11 way suicide drone if you will. These are proven very effective in combat, they were promised. Ukraine almost 2 weeks ago Department of finance announced couple days ago. They still warrant their patient and their the day after it was announced.

This is just one more example Brian, of the kind of weapons that Ukraine needs an administration seems to be finding every reason in the world to drag its feet, or even outright deny the delivery of those weapons is most impactful trip with a history of present by generally presence even of his career is over there trying to reassure NATO Sears a conferences EU G7 NATO got it is made three gaffes which need to be quite clarified by his own staff.

This is the biggest after what I thought was a very good speechless, who have a different future brighter future rooted democracy and principal open line of decency and dignity and freedom of possibilities for God's sake. This man cannot remain. I agree, but his staff didn't who was right. Pres. Biden for living that line, but apparently or first after walking it back, Brian. What deftly wasn't right just to have the combination of the two present by the same to ad lib. their he said something at blabber will now use as his own for his own reasons to say. See I told you all along that the United States and NATO wants to attack Russia wants to topple our government and his staff immediately turned around and walked back to get the worst of all possible worlds.

Unfortunately, this is fairly common with Joe Biden is that he makes the statements they have an effect in the world. The staff immediately walks them back and that has an effect in the world as well. It is not reassuring for our safety, or to our lives for a long time since I remember Democratic senators as focused as you are in agreement. Like you are and many of you like Lindsey Graham are that we need to help out Ukraine more but I think we have to credit present Zelinski for that is talk asked the leaders to the parliament to represent the people. That is why the latest Fox poll, over 60% of the country thinks were not doing enough how much credit does Zelinski deserve am I overstating it all.

Brian I would add an additional present Zelinski as the Ukrainian Army and Ukrainian people who deserve his credit, in no small part they shamed the Western world into supporting them. After the first four or five days of this war.

Brian your call when you present that speech about Don asking wants progress on Presidents' Day. We actually slap sanctions on this promise is on Ukraine not Russia. Two days later when he invaded.

They were very weak, very milquetoast steps. That's because Joe Biden in most Western leaders thought that Kievan the Ukrainian government would fall in a matter of days. When they didn't. When I held off fighting that first weekend, we present Zelinski sent Posting all those videos. It really did shame. Western leaders into taking actions that we should have been taking months ago sending Ukraine Jablon missiles and other antitank missiles, stinger, aircraft, missiles were still not doing everything we could do work still to be sending them those X300 systems to protect their airspace. For instance, your heart harpoon antiship missiles, coastal batteries that could destroy Russian ships, just like they did the other day with one ballistic missile base. Thanks and happy months ago but it was really the bravery and the skill of the Ukrainian Army in the leadership of present Zelinski that force the hand of Western leaders to include Joe Biden to finally do. We should've done months ago and you want to stop this horrible regime from spreading the Russian culture not with their traditions are, but what their government is stopping in Ukraine. It'll save the Baltics it'll save Poland say the surrounding area and a big headache and if they take troops out of Georgia to help out in the Ukraine.

Georgia shall take back those provinces they lost in 2008 seven. Thanks so much for your time.

Thank you Brian. I always great to Joan. Jackie joined me now with a lot of liquid tapping on the ground. General. Great to see you.

First off with the present speech and his trip as he made gains for NATO for us with Ukrainians while I was one of his better speeches was powerfully delivered and certainly very dramatic there in Poland had one criticism on the euro other than the flaw I would like to see him focus, actually more on Ukraine.

I understand he was in polymers talk about the funding. NATO also I totally agree with you and some of cotton we've been talking about this for a couple of weeks� Ukrainians are done so well that the objective is is winning is not just helping Ukrainians is actually winning but the best the best deterrence of Russia talking NATO is actually happening inside in Ukraine. Ukraine is crushing the Russian army and splintering it rather seriously and make an incapable of conducting an attack on NATO and clearly that is a point that Pres. Biden should be making over and over again, and he doesn't does, let's go to this outspoken is reporting with the Russians were saying yesterday think they now have their goal is just to take this area here and maybe bring dialing back with the originally want to do and that is take the whole country, starting with the U not find out why that's a false report released by the Russian official and the reason is that a month into the campaign and there trying to say that they've accomplished what they set out to do, which was the Don Bass region in the bridge. The land bridge to the Crimea. But that wasn't the main effort that's what they set out to do what they set out to do was topple the entire country and take the capital city and they haven't moved any forces into the Don Bass region from NEL all the place indicated as a priority over all the other areas actually is forces moving into Belarus and likely those forces are to be used.

I attempt to take teams in the capital city.

This is just a cover for the fact that they have failure generally just one point to the fact that they have not taken everything to. If you look at the capital right here this the blasting going on is still some movement in the suburbs say some more troops to come in at a Belarus and here is what was hit today and we cannot forget something else happen. Take your son, which was the first city to fall in the only city to thoroughly fall. They're not pushing the Russians out, which is very encouraging and marrow poll there made that Chechnya's announcing that they they've taken over the capital and marrow poll could in fact fall your common in those three things will clearly team still has a priority. You saw the video that's those are on the outskirts of the city were that Shelley was taking place.

They have not been able to move their artillery down and encircle the city and make it so it would clearly be able to destroy that city as it is what they have in mind before they move their combat troops and bright is not surprising that they finally started to attack Levine. They know full well that Levine was grown in size to it three times its size.

So many people there from other parts of Ukraine and said I think the delete increase bombardment of that area in the car Kievan area which I did mention on your map.

There right there yeah is that a counter attacked in the last 24 hours. The taken back to times in that area and also in the Don Bass region down in the East, the Southeast there.

The Russians tried to take two tiles and failed at doing it, but much the same as as a word the day before. Stalemated activity tactical moves on both sides being done general.

Thanks so much great perspective. This would be a big week.

Just give Ukrainians the material they need to win Bill do the hard stuff. Joan Jackie, thanks so much man I love talking those guys cotton keen all over this were in Ukraine we come back, oil and gas the roads playing in our security rose playing in sanctioning Russia Tim Stewart on deck don't move. Brian kill me or you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me back everybody cannot talk about this more in Ukraine and I thought about Russian oil and oil in particular how much it is per barrel, costing the American people, but most importantly, why are we just stopping in sanctioning all the well and truly more here.

Tim Stewart is present US oil and gas Association Tim Stewart makes it all makes sense or tries to define what the problem is with drilling at home, entered office, the state of North Dakota was producing 1 1/2 million barrels of oil a day Joe Biden because his policies has now reduced that by half a million barrels a day now much oil we have imported from Russia day. Since Joe Biden is the president on average 600,000 barrels that I'd rather by half a million barrels of oil day for governor Doug Bergman, North Dakota, and from Vladimir Putin, Gov. Christie is right, of course, he's right. Why are we importing oil we can pump ourselves our processes much better and safer than anything Russia can do.

That's a fact this out opinion, oil and gas executives agree they penned a letter to the present United States outline the benefits of oil production in America not been as well as Saudi Arabia or anywhere else and when they pointed out some of this goes on for a whole page piercing the highlights hostility toward the oil industry after cancer the Keystone pipeline was evident.

Thousands of leases held up in litigation environmental letter, environmental groups and they've done nothing before allowing development of new leases the government conducts studies that take years and not all lease land has oil. That's why they're not taken advantage of it. 4621 drill permits are still awaiting approval wasn't present doing the about that Tim Stewart joins us that the present US oil and gas Association. Tim I really sense the anger in that letter tired of being beaten up and now you're being blamed for gouging your reaction Nebraska to be with you know it's interesting the trade associations assign that letter. We believe that sexy common ground we can meet with it on with the administration, but the reality is they need, they do need start demonizing what we do and if for us to meet on common ground.

They gotta go back and take a hard look at their policy decisions and probably I backtrack on, sing a significant number of those so we can be able to to get back twirler here and 1/2 ago she got 9000 leases on the oil business you are wired to use the margin drilling.

They keep saying this over and over again is a great question.

You know, and this is where the White House isn't telling the whole story so and of those 9000 permits that have been approved. What they're not saying is it's actually two part process I can get a permit to drill I can start bringing resource out of the ground, but if I don't have a right-of-way to be able to build gathering lines and other infrastructure to get that resource to a pipeline to get it to market that permit to drill doesn't do me any good. And so may a significant number those 9000 leases are held up on the infrastructure side rather than the drilling site in the White House needs to figure how to address that do that quickly for us to be able to do. We need to do so. The present promised more LNG to Europe 15 m� of whatever measurement they use their this 15 do with that. They discuss this with you ahead of time. What's a great question. And the president. We all listen to what he said and we frankly agree with and we think that the US LNG opportunity. There is huge we have plenty of capacity and frankly I gas is cleaner than the Russian gas. There's plenty of opportunity there that the challenge the president has, though, as he made promises to our European allies now is gotta come back and talk to the industry about how to deliver on that promise and again to the infrastructure situation he's going to help us address said that infrastructure we can get the gas to the to the LNG facility so we can get overseas. There's another issue Brian as well that he needs to figure how to dress and that is how you convince Wall Street that the US oil and gas industry is a fair and a safe bet they spent 15 months telling them not to invest in our industry and now they've got a come back yet.

They want this to work, they need to say this is national security and the national economic policy priority so start investing in our industry and to start speaking up and standing up and stop being a batter, you know, stop being a victim of these environmental groups and now they need you. And I think it's time please oil and gas executives and people like you to take control of this to control the narrative by doing shows like this. Thanks much for joining us. We appreciate it. Thank you God love to get to a time in which were not paying between five and $7 billion to Russia.

That is the free world for their oil, then that'll get their attention.

We come back, Robert O'Brien, former national security advisor to Pres. Trump and Gary Kasparov best chess player ever as well as an activist against Russian aggression in the former Russian. I live in New York City tells us how close by me.

Putin is being proposed is a close will discuss it all. On the bright steer it all.

Brian kill me show you great weekend writing to me Joe. I really appreciate you being here, and by the way our podcast is going up to.

If you want to get a pocket.

Brian kill me. is one of the podcast modify iTunes wherever you get it you please order it is where we are now among the top ranked podcast in the country and that's all because you guys, meanwhile, have a chance to host one nation over the weekend and have a chance to to be the most important people in the country and I love to be able to bring them to you now and that's why would it bring to you I brought you Tim Stewart and Tom cotton joking, but I also want to bring forward Robert O'Brien Gary Kasparov you know Gary Kasparov as the as it did the activist he's been expelled really from Russia and he left the Soviet Union is the best chess player in the history of the world but is he so eloquent and understand so well. What's going on and what's at stake when it comes to the sworn Ukraine he comes he comes into studio Robert O'Brien national security advisers when the MVPs for Pres. Trump was able to rescue about 25 hostages men matching to begin deal with Britney Greiner as well as weigh in on Vladimir Putin, the guy he dealt with for up close and personal. So here's Robert O'Brien, followed by Gary Kasparov.

I think you enjoyed the these these lessons from one nation White House cleaning up after present Biden all day we told you at the top of the show.

I present the present said today cannot stamp out the White House immediately walked back that was all present also hinted at US boots on the ground here to see their men see women, young people stand on stem from dam tank status and I'm not leaving wrong.

The White House now insisting US troops are not going to the Ukraine. Then present. Biden said this about chemical weapon and to clarify how chemical weapons could if chemical weapons were used in Ukraine would not trigger a military response from NATO would trigger a response time. Wrong again national security advisor Jake Sullivan setting the record straight on this one to saying the US is no intention of using chemical weapons under any circumstances. Off script present.

Biden struggles and sculpting problems at home which is why he rarely gives interviews.

But now the biggest most important trip today. Maybe in his career. The sinks are just too high for one gap or multiple missteps, even with the media cooperating by being his personal cleanup crew joining the right helpfulness insured advisor Robert O'Brien, Robert. Those three guests by overstating the gravity of it, they walk back immediately and surprise it happen. While this is happened before.

Remember present. Biden said that Taiwan was attacked the US would get involved and defend Taiwan. I thought that was a good statement and frankly statements is making today are putting some risk on the table and complicated things for Soviet for Russian planners so maybe it's better than when I talk about will render what were not going to let the Russians worry about it, but at least present Biden statements if they had been one walked back when given putting some positive perhaps some on the atrocities is committed and not Ukraine. So I wish the White House when I walked back to statements he made daily credits of ambiguity that might've been helpful to since then we'd be here present. Trump was still present. We'd never be here by the government in the world knows that Vladimir Butler never thought that his generals, Patrick Sheppard is national security advisor, I live negotiated with an aggressive office, Chief of Staff, Gen. Millie attracted with that.

They knew that I take an action like this with with present trumpet office would've never been tolerated.

Something else is happening which might be as impactful. This a running dealer will not be cutting Russia is going to be paid to take out enriched uranium out of Iran's peaceful nuclear program to get billions of dollars and get immediate sanctions relief and then the Russians say this Robert if we leave this deal after it signed. They will give the Iranians back to enriched uranium yes on the weather was so upset about this at the time the rush is overrunning Ukraine committing war crimes. The administration said demolishing cities and by the way, my heart is breaking for Levine. I spent time there is from the most beautiful cities in Europe. The historic city that survived empires in world wars since been destroyed now by his Russian bombardment. While this is happening with outsourcer negotiations with the Iranians, the Russians where the Russian ambassador negotiate on behalf of the Iranians on this new JCP Y which is a terrible idea will billions of dollars in the ayatollahs hands will, in turn, just like they did with the first basic file use that for terrorists the cooties that has bought a team has bought a rack, the Syrian regime and animal also leaves a clear, not proliferation because there are 2 to 3 years away from in a new kind of the agreement. New Ambien recognizes a nuclear power. You don't think that Turkey and Egypt and Saudi Arabia are on the one throne nuclear weapons will easily see the Iranians emerge in the JCP way is it is a recognized nuclear power so that this is really a bad deal and and and outsourcing and associations the Russians as no surprise there. Walking away with the big chunk of US dollars. Since everyone's negotiating a deal for that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. Finally, you've got 25 Americans over your course your career specific Trump years out of hostage situations, I and the worst situations possible among the people that are being held against their will is WNBA star Britney Greiner in Russia. She can be jailed at least through May for a date, reportedly carrying some type of liquid drug in an EpiPen. Some type of and some type of device to smoke it with whatever it is how you get her out. Well I want to forget.

Paul Wei Whalen and Trevor Reed have been held for now. Several years in Russia to Americans that we want to get home as well. So I like the Russians are following the Iranian footsteps that they were Saudi Arabians get billions of dollars. At the conclusion of the first basic file in return for release in a couple of American hostages there so they watch the can at the Chinese side take two Canadians hostage in order to free there with her while way executive citizen from from Canada and the swap and now the Russians are going down this hostage policy diplomacy policy work. They either want money or they want a prisoner exchange are from the United States, so it makes it very difficult to get Britney Paula Trevor out on that we work very hard and that we cannot have a merit we cannot let these authoritarian regimes around the old nonsense. These American these individuals hostage will hold our country hostage by taking our citizens when they are traveling abroad got a tough line on the sort of behavior by Russia, China, Oran 530 in the West Coast.

I don't feel that you still have dinner tonight. Thanks much for joining Robert wonderful being with you Brian, thank you good looking reservation.

Please wear your mask out in California is bringing Gary Kasparov now is chairman of the renewed democracy initiative, author of winter coming why Vladimir Putin, the enemies of the free world must be stopped.

The best tennis player chess player that ever was Gary what's going on inside Russia right now. Okay so just to make comments about Bell's reverence Robert's dictation and so I have been very consistent criticizing US foreign policy for administration from Bush 4100 x 2 Democrats to two Republicans and I hate seeing can noticed brush blood to take abuse as part of the weapon. So before I stop telling you by criticism of this ministration to failures after sin is a lot to be said about Donald some admiration for dictators. He's content from native Europe and and his intentions to eliminate the situation is problematic when the right balance member.

I will qualify that I've talked to a people he never leave anyone. I trust combustible Latinos in this plaintiffs all of blade spread around right now.

Joe Biden's office and I couldn't agree more about the range and that's one of the problems that Seth was a part of the negotiating package for Americans and and and and and and Putin when it negotiated and that's one of the reasons why America was so slow imposing sanctions and even now then will doing enough to do to topple Russian they were doing less than our allies stressed out. My mom saying that you would look you look at the section truck aware of the website will fight for you grade for and you could see that America is, as usual, leading from from from behind. I will indent the Russia say okay we could see.

Actually, that's it still is some sort of split between Russian generals who are assessing seizures on the ground and pushes geopolitical ambitions and fantasies. I think that you know that's the recent statement that they would like to actually limit the goals to take over Sal's and east of Ukraine. It just is a reflection of the understanding that they cannot take this as they don't have enough forces there. Ukraine defenses for stroke and they tried to minimize the damage because they� Staggering. So they they lost more soldiers killed in action that in Afghanistan for 10 years and if you multiple these number 60,000 x 400 lustfully.

40% of the invasion force was he know this and he know that he's losing look. I think she understands something is going wrong because they bring interest everywhere from Russia knew their basis in in Armenia in the Republic of Georgia from Far East know they distended eyes. I saw the little east of Russian Russian battalions and abroad from from Petra Paul second chance.

So think he's as desperate because he cannot accept the failure by the generals. They have to be that the war understanding the reality on the ground and that's why "Livermore was people spoke in the show to send apartment others.

This is a time for America to lead to warm up from behind between the wolf and declare that the goal of this war if we greatest wean because that's the first step to to topple point is dictatorship with the rest of Russia. It's very book. Remember that this is what should Biden. Biden sent I think it's his instance, there was, he was right before she was backtracked by to buy by the white house and all the other officials that should become sort of a strategy for that for the free will and uniquely gives the proposed system.

Who could have imagined you and Joan especially can't believe it. I believe the dojo when he says it's it's it's it's the head of America and if we can get them off Russian oil and gas. We devastate their their economy given the freedom they never should've done and final thought, but it's not actually such a will and Gastineau each.

You cannot have any sanctions made very clear that section will stay as long as Rutter remains aggressive and then shuffled and placed them in there so much is taken over the weekend to we got word that were toxic in a resume to Take Pl. in Turkey.

Ukrainian said today. Russian said tomorrow.

My sense is the Ukrainians are not willing to give up any territory they are really dug in and know they can beat the Russians head-to-head when they face off and don't want to give them because they have more bombs doesn't seem right. I hope they hold out. Meanwhile, coming up next. What is the state of the economy. You know, for the most part 34% of the country blame the president for the rise in inflation number two covert at 22%. So Joe Biden's effort to make the Russian were the problem, or down truck.

The problem has not worked. So I asked Steward Forney to join me Stuart Barney could be coming in for the FOXBusiness network talk about with where the economy is heading and how inflation is affecting you as if you don't know enough already. You listening to the brain kill me show you. Brian kill me.

Show that you Brian kill me. They look back everyone. Thanks much for listening and I hope you never miss of one nation Saturday night 811. We have chance to ride the breaking news as we do every weekend as we do here. So I got some good news to on the economic front people starting to take the fact that were still leaving Russia with oil and gas revenue seriously. The German economic Commissioner Robert havoc he traveled to cutter over the weekend negotiate get this liquid natural gas deals they could help reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuel from Russia awesome. He mentioned security agreement on his very first day we are helping out to a degree we can help out so much more. You verbally say that before and then you hearing others say that they can help out like East Timor and other people that say that there's places in the world that you would think that have natural gas to provided to Europe and that's gotta happen permanently.

We can never be the best customer of Russia in any way shape or form of Vladimir Putin there so I had a chance on one nation. Talk to Steward Forney blast in broad strokes where's inflation now. How are people paying for their groceries and their guests in their life in their mortgage and where is it heading I think you love my sit down with the host Devonian company. Let's listen cutter need to tell you everything is costing more a percent more to be exact. Weather is present. Biden the pandemic or rushes to blame. It doesn't change the reality for everyday Americans, 64% of people already living paycheck to paycheck and now they're being forced to pay more for things they need gas. Forget about this madness at the pump dollar 37 more per gallon. Probably more where you live. That's when last year the way, that means the average American family is putting out $2000. These two more this year-round than last year but because groceries need to be delivered to your local market. It's a domino effect to get it. The price of food skyrocketed to look at this baking up 18% fresh and frozen chicken parts of 50% whole milk 12 flower saw almost 12 apples of 7.8% and you all know that this year, read inflation rate that is a four decade high is costing the average US household which you can relate to directly $300 per month that this continues to could wind up costing you $3600 this year alone and right now, get this 34% of you Americans say they are having trouble paying bills each month.

They can afford it and you can see why Sue was the solution. What can Americans do in the meantime, break down the best in the business.

Steward Forney host Devonian company Stuart you do a great job every day taking complicated issues and narrowing it down to your audience. Breaking it down to what it means for Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Wall Street okay those numbers mean Martin the first thing I want to say is that those numbers that you just quoted to get worse in the immediate future food price inflation is about to take off. You think you think it's battle ready done. It is, it gets worse. Couple reasons. Number one Putin's wall. You can't plant new weeds and cornfields in Ukraine and Russia is a war on their major suppliers of wheat and corn to the world market: weight is off the market so we prices call prices go through the roof. Furthermore, Russia is a major supply of fertilizer: the things that go into fertilizer that's been cut off so you can have fertilizer for the spring planting and full planting. In other words prompts to be very disappointing. Shortages of all kinds of food, food price inflation here at home takes off around the world. It will have serious implications, you realize that when we was going straight up in price 12 years ago that help settle the Arab spring which resulted in regime change in some of those countries, you could have exactly the same thing happening again in the next 12 months to two years, but the immediate future in America, food price inflation takes off a couple of things you see people abstaining to condemning Russia like Brazil, it's because they need Russia's fertilizer trying right and you see people standing in India, visiting Russia's arms for the self-interest but being that you know this and that you told her audience know this can countries just grow more now were in the spring to adjust to the upcoming shortage he got a talk about the fertilizer problem. I'm sure you can grow really for Chris cross without fertilizer these days of fertilizer is in short supply and is going through the roof in terms of price format diesel family mentioned that gasoline diesel now averages more than five dollars a gallon in the United States select truck with a big rig 300 gallon tank you're looking at 14 bucks to fill it up all goes into the production process and the price of the production so people watching us right now that have to rotate which bill they're not paying orbit to go paycheck to paycheck. What advice do you have for them.

Besides cut, that is, the advice is cut back on everything your standard of living is going to fall.

That's true for most people in America.

I would say your standard of living begins to fall. This a limit to what you can do about it.

You gonna eat okay so you have maybe a less valuable, less expensive item. Just quick story.

I was in a supermarket just last week, seven dollars for a 1 pound loaf of whole wheat bread right seven books a few months ago it was five right are you laughing at me because you think I go out and buy bread but I do just the price and you can be making your own bread over the ingredient so it was great to see you. Thanks so much else is also talking Steward he puts in layman's terms. He does not get caught up in the Wall Street Journal on those Wall Street executive lingo even though we could got enough money and enough kids and talks about what it's like as a parent as well as a as well as an adult. Try to make it in this world but await when asked about inflation in this NBC poll almost everybody blames the inflation being this high almost 9% on prison Biden. That is why his poll numbers read 40%. You know who. Second, you think you can pay Donald Trump grandma Republican COBIT is second with 28% corporate increase in prices at 23% in the war in Russia is 6%. That's when the generic bowl for the first time since 2014. In this Paul Republicans have 46% of the vote, Democrats 44% could be a bloodbath.

A bloodbath in the midterm. Thanks so much for listening. They should listen to me and watch me a Fox and friends and keep you here on the brain.

Tell me show each and every day over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources.

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