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Liberal Media Has a Meltdown Over Elon Musk's Twitter Bid

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 15, 2022 12:39 pm

Liberal Media Has a Meltdown Over Elon Musk's Twitter Bid

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 15, 2022 12:39 pm

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expand your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows.

Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold live Fox Studios in New York City. Fresh office set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice right to me Joe, please exit you smart enough to get vaccination you recognize him from Fox and friends, and everywhere else on the channel exits here in the body of Julie Banderas, a very intramural box like our and we appreciate you being you got good news yesterday. The best the best radio magazine in the world. Talkers Magazine right just before figures show the country. Sean's number Sean Hannity number one Dave Ramsey number two and then there's marketing. And then there's us. That's because you guys so we have a lot to get to today I'll be squeezing your calls so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three every single border patrol agent is extremely frustrated and upset about what's going on on the work.

It is, in fact, by design. They are doing this on purpose. This administration has some very intelligent individuals at DHS and they know what's happening. They just don't have the will to push back against this White House, which is the scariest area yet they're happy about it.

That's Brandon Judd Biden self-inflicted border crisis estates and some dams uniting against their flat-out betrayal of this nation by not securing or even planning to properly secure our border signs the Texas Gov. Abbott's desperate measures are actually working can assist significant symbology here. This flagship in the Black Sea and now it's taken down.

That looks like Ukrainians that it is a huge victory for Ukrainian military is not decisive but nonetheless a significant symbols of Ukrainian Russia suffers a brutal blow, losing a warship at the hands of Ukrainians and their Neptune rockets as they brace for or Miss or I should say praise for an Eastern assault while desperately trying to hold on to marry her pull the latest on the war and the warnings Moscow is giving us another Breaux fascist is waiting in the wings to defend your right to spew online. There's also a lot of folks other than that, you know it's troubling enough that private companies control these key communication problems around the world. Maybe it's even worse to have the world's richest person trying to buy one of them and take a private Ryan Stelter.

I can't get enough of a mosque must find a way, as in Elon must find a way to buy twitter's first and final offer causing panic invoking liberty newsrooms to lose their minds, how it's all playing out and what obstacles remain for the world's richest men. Peg said it's good to talk to get it's been five and I have not enough great to be here with right so what is else before we get into swells in your schedule. Take is rugged yet that we can show going from 6 to 10 Eastern time Saturday and Sunday. That's it. Just stand by and you know you know this weekend. I was bumped actually really yeah I don't blame Dan. I love Dan but I didn't fit into the our wow I got a weekend off, but as a good week and 1/2 and that's good. I have alerted one nation because one day she would take you. We are your backup show its neighbor, never my backup drive. My number one. Thank you so so P let's talk about Elon musk and I wanted to play the left going losing their minds a bunch of friends didn't think that was a big deal. I was stunned by what I heard was happening and that when you see the newsrooms go crazy about the prospect of the most are Thomas Edison of this generation of getting involved in this are da Vinci of this generation getting involved in twitter. What is the threat wives. I don't see the threat is the eradication of their safe space.

I mean if they were happy to play in Dorsey's pay plan. He's a rich guy running twitter the founder, the foundered, but they knew the rules of the road were slanted in their favor.

They knew that disinformation or misinformation was a tool they could wield against political opponents and the reason I say that is because any pretense that the media, the so-called mainstream media is anything other than in the tank for the Democrat party is gone. These are all lefties who come from leftist journalism schools who know each other in DC you New York and go to the same country clubs and and and at their kids go to the same schools they feel comfortable inside that space.

If you open up twitter to a real conversation and their confronted by the best conservative or even just freethinking views and are not censored, they lose and it burst their bubble so I I think you also have younger kids at Twitter and elsewhere grown up believing that speech can be file and then get fired and I fired up bus cost would have to do that. Take a private clean house. You have to change the whole culture twitter so what I think you you and I agree on is that this isn't just a rich guy getting what he deems a valuable property that's underperforming. He you believe that if twitter can be balanced so you get the Ted Cruz saying things about January 6 that may be to Liz Cheney disagrees with and he doesn't get his account suspended no and you have somebody come away left and talk about how Donald Trump is the worst person on the planet. He does not get his account suspended. We just want a arena and if you start balancing like twitter was, so to speak. You thought in 2016 in 2014 It Was Karbala Trl. little bit.

You never really heard that much about shadow banning until Trump one and to absolutely and he was on Twitter tweeting what he wanted is the president of United States as a representation of real free speech as Trump said, who like to love the First Amendment more than me as he said, but it descended into a censorship machine and I had written off the idea that something like a twitter could be redeemed.

I was a believer that alternate ecosystems were probably the only opportunity for conservatives and patriots.

I did not have Elon musk saves the day on my bingo card a week ago because it shouldn't take a billionaire to do this but if you can reestablish public squares.

He said it must set it on the Ted talk yesterday. It's being allowed to disagree list listen to content you disagree with on a regular basis is the threshold as to whether or not you are truly tolerant of dissent and free speech absolutist and that's a good thing. So let's go And him cut 30 I think it's important for better be an inclusive arena for free speech, Twitter has become habit. Effective town square so I if it's real important that people have the both the reality and the perception that they are able to speak freely within the bounds of the low and this is more of what you what you just said cut five. If in doubt, let let let the speech but let it exist, but it would have if it's a general a great area.

I would say look at the tweet exist and a good sign as to whether some there is free speech is is it someone you don't like allowed to say something you don't want, and if that is the case, then we have free speech and it's damn annoying when someone you don't like something you don't like that is a sign of a healthy functioning free-speech situation. Amen.

I don't think this is a business decision for him. I think this is someone who said in the past. I want to do good in this world. I don't know what his political leanings are completely probably more libertarian than anything else, but he he wants. He understands that free people can't stay free. If we we can keep the very first of our amendments, and a commitment to that would be massive. Listen I know about your listeners probably very written off twitter 80% of the content comes from 10% of the blue checkmarks. I left twitter I mean I was I was blocked should be banned and then allow back on and then when when Trump was kicked off.

I said enough with it.

I don't need to. I don't need to pack for for scraps on a slanted playing field. But if they bring it back in. That's a real conversation, then let's have that right and I did speak to Devon Nunez over the last couple days and truth socials on track to slowly go in that trust. Another interesting dynamic to truths local social could be a competitor will say right because of the present I say suffering again, you do want to know what the leading candidate for the nomination is just like you will for Bernie Sanders comments for talking point.

Okay Woodbury center said it does mean I agree. So you'll have to seek out yeah so why would Trump want to go back to twitter, but as a business decision. That's what he's also talking about.

Why did I lose, why couldn't we be inclusive of the other 45% of the country that Republican that is decided to go elsewhere or not use their account. It's not a good business decision to leave them out, but that's the other thing, which I think is important.

So remember I talked on television at the nuance. Yes. So in 2018. And I said you should talk about it on radio right yes you did. Perfect promo's memory smoke pot on on that Joe Rogan show that he had a few tweets that affected stock prices on the smart enough to remember with or have a good a member remember what it was but also how it affected the SEC to do a full-blown investigation. He agrees with the SEC, they agreed to let him step down as Tesla CEO and then they say he's going to agree to have some of his tweets edited so he fair said never happy with that.

He said it was coerced by the SEC who threatened to destroy his company and he said I have a choice to have one of my kids killed or agree this deal. That's how we looked at Tesla, so he agreed to the steel and he still he was bitter at the Ted talk yesterday and now if you own twitter. You really can edit my own tweets. So I think on some level he is is that users have gone back to the SEC and challenging to stop this deal. What about when I am the one that prints newspaper and you tell me to edit me subject, I mean like a lizard that ended the irony of this is that the Washington Post is grousing about rich people owning twitter when Jenna basis owns the Washington Post, there might be that personal angle to a brand that's an interesting one.

I mean controlling the very organ that a potentially tried to destroy you is would be the first time in human history that some of the rich did that.

So you guys been playing on the weekends. Belmar little bit so you so Joe Rogan was on M Corolla and their great Navy with a agree that the Democrats Apsley crazy.

These this whole trans movement.

The old we don't want parents control of an education.

He doesn't have kids and he said what is wrong with you people here.

Here's what he said about Elon musk content we live in a different age were twitter is the mark of the public square. If you deny someone's right to speak on twitter, basically saying you don't have free-speech rights. Twitter also said you couldn't have a band you're talking about whether coronavirus came from a lab and it may well have an even the bite administration admits that we don't know where coronavirus came from, but there's no reason to think it could never emerge from the lab. They have a laughable line that was studying coronavirus 21-1 twitter name plate. Cut to rebuild more applicable weekend.

It's amazing because he's a liberal who isn't woke who believes in basic common sense and decency and is the willingness to point out lunacy across the aisle and that's precisely what he has seen that's what they walked into and it's free speech that existed outside of twitter that brought the world back to the fact that Hunter Biden's laptop is real old, maybe it did originate in the lab, but if we lived in a world were twitter only Facebook only controlled it.

That's the type of that, that's Russia. That's what Vladimir Putin is able to do right now with his own people as he wages war and increases his own popularity domestically by spinning what's happening elsewhere without free-speech. Those in charge will lie to us and tell us it's not a lie with their own rationalization and and it's only shows like this one, and Fox News and a few others that are willing to cut against the grain. If twitter was a part of that conversation, it it, but the left freaks because that's how they control of these that's is the elites playing for you know the first and want to do is control talk radio member Barack Obama took target of Rush Limbaugh and was without fairness doctrine. Yeah, while the two buddy first thing he said when he wins the election is the supportive Rush Limbaugh and what about really just be John McCain. He's a Rush Limbaugh and he was taking target practice at talk radio. Then they saw was happening, social media and how Donald Trump used it to win and was able to micro target find it where his audience is and get these big crowds with the Rosetta an air of course in the middle of a field or an airplane hangar. He was able to do this and they okay were embarrassed. I saw Neil Ferguson's first want to tell me this is as I work in Silicon Valley. They are embarrassed and humiliated about how Donald Trump use their their platforms to win and they will get their revenge.

He said that to me in 2017 fascinate again with what Mark Zuckerberg do you hundreds of millions of dollars to certain markets into certain markets to facilitate covert voting, which turned into basic private facilitation of how elections were running key areas of key states write up.

You think that's gonna stick around one more segment that is RIP that would we get a new agree to whatever you want.

I work for you, probably knowing that I give him some money on the side saying he says he had no problem they'll act like it. But unlike a black lives matter, you will declare that money you will for the iron on my personal 990.

Thank you Beckenham educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you did your project talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show a filing partner aggression trying is our greatest challenge in many ways the most profound. The People's Republic of China is a formidable competitor lacking in neither ambition or capability. It seeks to overtake us in literally every domain from economic strength to military power from space cyberspace. So how do we compete with that. That is, the CIA director William Burns. P takes it here for more segment content to host Fox and friends, we can from 6 to 10 feet you agree with that I do and how do we compete with it by not by doing what we've been doing so far, which is of course in Afghanistan second molar defense budget, which doesn't truly reflect the ability to project power, especially with our Navy which is going to shrink in the number of ships which is not such as knots and then and then the complete if our policy is strategic and big ambiguity in Taiwan look at what strategic ambiguity has looked like in Ukraine you were joking, said today. It's a huge mistake. We should learn from that. That was probably the most hawkish coming joking is generally a hawkish guy but that was a very full throated, you know. Send American troops to Taiwan and train the Taiwanese to work*stuff that's a huge take away from Ukraine. The training of US troops in the years leading up to this invasion has been instrumental.

You could argue decisive because you can't just give weapons to people and hope they employ them correctly, especially if you don't have people on the ground.

Maybe RCA does but if you train them and then they learn how to move together as a unit and then you give them the weapons are a lot more effective if were not doing that we need to do it on steroids with the Taiwanese right now. Otherwise, forget about the I agree with you Afghanistan to me for a while. We don't need to be there in a deed occupied by two holding onto Bob Grumman the rare-earth in doing those things and having influence in an area which is a just a haven for terrorist and other back ISIS Al Qaeda there with her and the Taliban. So congratulations we know it with.

That's another conversation. But if we could temporarily focus here in Russia for the next year, you realize NATO now is being convinced, not for us.

Bathroom be being operated to invest in their military by patriots from us for now on add Sweden and Finland to that area to build up their defense and get out of that Soviet era stop buying it from us, whether it's what payment plan. They have money and we we train you watch Sharon back where there to back you up.

Then we can pivot holistically and the relationships we have a China snap's relationships right would not looking to rape every land of all their natural resources and get them impossible situations which is essentially extortion. That's with the Baltimore program. There you have different height that you we called kill me doctrine when you're exactly right. If this is a wake-up call for Europe.

They dine their own backyard get off their own. They been on our backs to defend them unappreciative, totally unappreciative Trump time tell him it took an actual threat for them to wake up.

If they do wake up fund their militaries by those missile systems and basically hold the eastern flank of Russia. Then we can focus where we need to trying that focus you could put a training mission there. Easy absolute because China is a showdown right shoulder and is an and the thing is, then they'll be will see the loyalty and were doing and then we get back to the Middle East and get that in order to wait. Trump left it. I would like to do that just so we make sure they China doesn't take advantage of those relationship we got a push against them every that's become a doctor. He knows will come against the break. He does not agree with my nose running at a time.

Thanks for Fox News tasks network and dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by going up Fox News five radio show like no other, kill me.

Another world is waiting in the wings to your right to want life and global altar and altering consequences for just letting him run wild on the thing is also a lot of folks other than that, you know it troubling enough that private companies control these key communication platforms around the world. It's even worse to have the world's richest person trying to buy one of them and take a private that is some of the outrage from the other networks about the prospect of Eveline Mosk buying twitter so joining me right now in studio is a recognizer from television actually bears Fox news anchor who will be hosting today, right your hosting the Faulkner focus today.

Yes yes no I said thank you very carefully, but I am a standby spirit was while stories pop up and you know about horrible stories right in respect to the subway shooter Ukraine was coming with the story going. Second last week. He's thinking about buying the best majority shareholder and the board okay what happened over the weekend.

I'm off. I don't want to be on the board. But wait a second.

The next day. Yesterday to buy the whole thing in the freak out happens yeah I mean first will either freak out that the the liberal social media users are shaking in their boots because they see twitter as a place to silence conservatives. I mean there are so many conservatives that are blocked for saying absolutely ridiculous things that people are are blocked on Facebook for complaining about not being able to pay their college bills. These are veterans which you write about right and so they don't want to know what to give them a voice in your hostage to his is only one is only one way to get in touch with those people on Facebook right on waiting in touch with those people on twitter exactly I will be interesting though to see how the narrative switches on twitter.

I mean I'm excited about. I think it's awesome. So a couple of things I am not somebody did it does a lot of hostile takeovers who write in my life and businesslike people say I want I want someone by Price Waterhouse against their will rankle Brian kill me.

Do you have a moment to write but what I'm from passing to see that Elon musk. He has put it out there $54 plus a share right so at $54 a share.

Everybody makes money so if they don't want to do with the dual poison pill which they're going to dilute the amount of of value in each share. Okay, I understand that.

So what is musk plan B pieces do you have a plan B, the answer is yes. What could it be smarter than me, but this is where the word is that his plan B would be to take it to the shareholders and have them vote and have them vote on who whether he should ownership or not. He's convinced that the shareholders can cash in the door and is vested in the other ideologues in the West Coast.

He thinks he'll get it that way is amazing when you have that much money that you can have a plan B when it comes to it since taking over. Yeah, maybe it's amazing. I mean, if I am if you were in his shoes, and you had a kind of money. Is this the kind of investment that you want to attend one of my theory is correct to make sense yeah when store link when he put Starley connection allowed the Ukrainians to communicating so it actually change the direction of the war. Yeah, he said well how else can I help the country and what he said the Ted talk on the backs of my theory in the how I could open up free-speech and social media for everybody and help us else and division by letting people talk again. I could buy that I like it. Then he looks at twitter and since it's a hollow giant because no one tweets anymore Republicans that once a user conservatives. They don't do what they're doing it then look to the top users there were tweeting Barack Obama Taylor Swift.

Who else do they have that is a really popular Justin Bieber to the people that of the most popular are not even using it. The patent portfolio utilized.

He said I'm out. I have no faith in the courage management so less on the management I'm out they would be stupid to let him walk away the key.

I believe that he don't want any part of the I mean they don't want free-speech I mean that's the bottom line. I mean, twitter and Facebook. These two major social media giants don't allow for the other side so they want to control the narrative, I would. I would hope and you know I would love to see him take over right would also like him to add an edit button to twitter something with that is correct a lot of my typos right now so that the surgeon ceiling is down.

Mean since taking it yes and you and Karen the 1X). How often do you look as it happens to me all the time you will be twitter and note up there for about a few hours missing word now Simon comes really completely and then people of course have to retreat and then correct you as if I'm an idiot and I don't understand right what is not spelled W OL D right but yeah a lot of times I find my spell check is turned against me in life. So it really has right now, my God, my daughter, let me just say texted my husband not her. My other daughter.

She is another story. My daughters in the studio by the way, and she had covered last week so she's locked in her bedroom all week long and so she's texting my husband thing I really want to hug you and she dictated it AutoCorrect turn that hug word to the effort to her father.

She's nine I thought I just want to talk about AutoCorrect and wow what the heck is wrong with Apple yeah will you predict, you two are for predictive text is not is also not fun know you don't know me nothing. Stop pretending as if you do you do some of the people that are outrageous climax who used to be conservative. A military expert now is his left-wing commentator on the watch supposes I am frightened by the impact of society and politics of muskies requires twitter he seems to believe that on social media, anything goes for democracy to survive we need more content moderation.

How weird is that we need more content moderation.

So, blessed free-speech mark on all moderation is the whole point for people to go on twitter and read about a lot of my news sadly because you know I really do.

I bet it's because I follow you know all these different news organizations in newspapers and in news channels, and so forth.

So I do get a lot of my news there, but his opinion people are have every right to their opinion. I can understand why free-speech is now therefore cut off on social media.

How is it any different than free-speech in real life.

While people can hide behind their stupid keyboards and say stupid stuff and moderate free-speech because they're cowards and they don't show their face because there on the Internet right so I wouldn't click obviously got ago to prepare for your show so today at 11 yeah so and then called reminding her blouse right Yep not at the show branded that the name scares me. I know, but Paris you should you should have asked us simulcast Harris had a simulcast so you would do or my show at the same time share audiences yet what how much power you have not a lot, but can you make make a phone call right no one cares and Was Either Not Have Anybody's Number You Know I Could Not Call Most of My Family Should Everything Go down and I Go to a Rotary Phone. Sorry My Godly Note on Who the Heck Has a Rotary to You on a Road.

I Had One. You Know How Recent My Youth I Would Think. I've Had Simon Use a Rotary Phone. I Guess since the 80s Crazy. Also Not Nostalgic. You Know I Don't I Don't Want to Turntable My Mom Actually Has One Still in Her House like That. We Talk in the Dial Pushed Yo Yeah We Have That in Our House.

I Believe If You Hooked It up. It Would Be, but I'm Not Really Sure I Would Read As You Know Them or They Don't Used To Give the Numbers As Letters I Get One. Yes, That Is so Confusing and You like Look to Everything the S Have Our Viewing Audience Has No Idea What You're Talking about Right. You Know It, but I Think We Worry Too Much Better Way. But Will We through the Audience. I Love Riley Will Say Screw the Canal.

That Would Be Bad That My Work on the Faulkner for Right Kill Me Joe without an Audience. So I Looted. I Just Want Talk Politics If I Can.

Joe Binds Breweries of 33% of My Guys Lost with Hispanics, Probably More Than Anything Else It in the 30s Man He Used To Do That Used To Be in the 40s and 50s and 60s Yeah Member That and That's Where the Big Changes My Humble Opinion the Reason Why Cesar Chavez Is Boston Is in the Oval Office and They Knew the First Thing They Had to Do Is Get in There and Went over Hispanic Yeah They Thought by Loosening up of the Border Would Just on the Opposite Yeah so We Have 33% Approval Rating in Terms of the Economy. It's about the Same Thing. He Had Somewhat High on Covert Is Just around 50%. Everything Else Is Is Upside down. Yeah, You Are Sen. John Kennedy Because They Also Blown up the Parent Vote about This Craziness.

They Also People Who Are Female Athletes and Their Family Might Not Want Them Competing against Men. Their Transition to Something Else.

Here's John Kennedy Cut 33 Center Dragon I Wouldn't Be Surprised If the White House Tried to Claim Tomorrow Than Inflation Originated in the Back, but the Truth Is, the Person Has No One Else to Plausibly Blame but Himself and All the American People Know Want to Put It Another Way, When a Honey Bun Cost 20 Bucks and You're Homeless on the Beach Eating Same Way Most Americans Are Going Blame Pres. Biden As I Should. And He's Get on the Blame.

It's in a Place My Money Comes by to Might've Been a Hurdle. Nobody Thinks Is Attacking You Correctly Now. I Personally Love His Soundbites and Literally Just Take Any of His Soundbites and Their Amazing Honeybun When Philosophy about a Honey Mud but I Have To Say It's Not Only the Hispanic Demographic. I Mean, Obviously the Nation.

The Crisis on the Border and They're Finally Calling It a Crisis, Which Is Nice to See Them Step out to Eat.

I Know They Didn't Want to Call It a Crisis. At First, Now They're like It's a Crisis but yet They Don't Want to Answer the Question Whether Bidens Ever to Visit the Border.

What I Mean, Didn't Really and Now Biden Isn't so Much Either, but It's Not Just the Hispanic Communities of the African-American Community That Have Turned Their Backs on Democrats. And It's Because They Don't Keep the Promise That He Still Is the Majority There Still in the 60s but I the 80s Yes but They I Mean, It Has Come down from the Election. You Know A Lot Of African Americans Who Voted for Brian by Dinner, Having Buyer's Remorse. I Mean Because He's Not Keeping up the Promises That He Promised with Julie.

Here's the Thing in a Way I'm Kinda Relieved He Didn't Because If He Kept the Promises That He Promised for the Left Wing of His Party.

We Would Had Bill Back Better and Build Back Better Was Going to Be. You Think It's Hard to Overcome the 1.9 Trillion Rescue Plan. Yeah, We Never We Never Would've Gotten Close Now to Paying off, Even at a Yearly Be Evident to Match What Our Obligations Were Right.

Well, I Mean As If Inflation Is Not Bad Enough, Imagine Adding That to the Tab. I We Do Not Have an Endless Bank Account No. Do Right Away That There Is Lendingand Then Exactly Was Last Time You Actually Had a Dollar Now Direct Deposit Which Can You Go Weeks without Touching Money. I Mean, If You've Got Your Apple DUs What Is It Called Them. Now When You like Do This I Can Pay You Right Now KP Think I Mean. I'm Sorry I Know It's Okay Not Very Apple Friendly Know the Thing Is, You're Focusing More in Your Show. Now I Actually Was Even Thinking about It. What Show Faulkner for Okay Yeah I Got That Alone Is Not yet Ago so You Do Is Go but Might My Exit Question to You Is Who's on and Why Should We Watch O God Really Your Company on the Spot like What You Know I Want to Give You a Chance to Promo Know I Am Okay Fine Yep Hi Everyone, I Write so I Were to Be Talking to Marti Senn about Tile Liberals Freaking out about Elon and Twitter Because We Love That Story and Then Were Also to Be Talking to Trey Yanks to Give Us the Very Latest on Russians Taking Hits and Ramping up Eastern Attacks of Rest Were to Continue Our Ukrainian Coverage We Have Much More. Also, Bidens Border Crisis and the Latest in Title 42 Concerns. Title 42, I Mean Why Would You Get Rid of Title 42, Title 42, You Take That Away Covert Numbers Are Rising in This Country Right You See What's Happening in China and Shanghai. They Been on a 7+ Day Lockdown. You Want That Here in the United States.

Sure, Come on over Border and Bring Covert with You Right and by the Way Were Going to Bless You All over the Country You Want to Treat Free Trip to Miami, Come on over for Free. I Mean, That's the Problem with Reluctant I Sound like a Campaign out for Biden, but Nobody Know You Fence like Somebody When You but but You Know I for Someone Who Didn't Want to Promo.

You Certainly Dug into It Right Seems to Be Brownish Going to Media Relations, You Go out to out Number Two I Cares Was Yes Home like This. I'm Doing Outnumbered Right. It's a Simulcast. Can We Try to Do That on Outnumbered and I Don't Do the Faulkner Focus Yes Went the Faulkner Focus One out. I Want to Do That with the Boys You Sell Your Pile. The Lower Number Next Time You Need to Be the Outnumbered Guy on the Show. Why Was Monday Because You Already Work Six Hours a Will and Will Make It Seven. Is That Okay Right What Time to Get Done with the Show.

I'm Done Here at Noon. Oh Okay That I Have That Extra Hour. So Now Would Give You Seven. I Had A Few Minutes to Get Downstairs and Be the Man How Perfect Okay All In All a Line That Will Talk to My People Right You Can Talk Your People. Yeah Right You Don't Have People on the Text You and How to Email the Producer That I Find That's It Sounds like Julie Banderas. Thanks RI Thanks Ryan M Pay Back Back Adjustable Meals and Bring to Learning Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Ratio Will Gain Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Enjoy and Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business. So Subscribe and Listen to Fox News by Just the More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian. Kill Me Black Lives Matter Where All Goals Stated Lives Matter When We Go to Start Asking a Serious Question Black Lives Matter Thousands of Muscle on the Street Was Murdered Should Be on the Street Right Now Say Stating That the Lives of These Black Children Die Every Night Matters Are That Is Eric Adams.

The Mayor Still in Quarantine. I Guess a Busy Week so We Sure We Got It Number Two with Him Just Coming out on Black Ice Batteries. It Was in the Bronx and Brooklyn on the Phone with His Commanders Try to Get a Hold of What Was Sown. Although the Shooting. He Said All These Guys Getting Shot of the Middle the Night Kids Getting Shot and Killed All Black on Black Crime, and He's a Black Mayor and He Saying with Black Lives Matter.

I'm Serious, People Would Really Want to Help in All Communities but When You Find Them Buying Mansions, Disappearing, Hating the Family in the Country Not Being Active. No Wonder No One Wants to File File a Tax Form with the IRS When You Asked Them They Said There Triggered and Then You See All These Rundown Areas of New York Urban Environments Where Boys And Girls Club Could Be Built May Be a Mental Program Could Be Flooded and Fully Financed People Kill People.

Teachers, Instead of Maybe Tutoring Show up and Provide Extra Help State Provided BLM Provided to Get Them That the Help There May Be Not Getting at Home Instead Know You Hear Crickets Also Was Encouraged That Mayor the Mayor's Reinstating and Expanding the Talented and Gifted Program. I Would Not of Qualified for That.

But in New York City Was Things to Keep the Rich and Famous and Powerful Year Is Their Kids Are Often Times Very Talented and Gifted, and They Got These Great Schools Also in All Put up with a Potential Crime in the Traffic and I Can Have a Car and I Pay a Ton for Parking Because My Kid Goes to an Elite School and Mayor DeFazio the Biggest Loser Ever Decided That Was Exquisite Tory so Therefore He Starting to End or Expense of the Boy Would Gifted and Talented Her Know That the Gifted and Talented. The Whole Point Was to Isolate the Greatness Try to Get the Most in Child Most Out Of Them and Challenge Them and Then See Where They Go from There. That's an Attraction to Keep People in New York City and He Says I'll Keep It on the Unexpanded Dealer. They Want to Bring up Is Charlie Rose I Guess on Canceled Himself. He Got Fired from CBS and Disgrace Are Not Sure What Was on the Bar, Dropping His Pants Usually Not a Good Thing If You're Lesser Alone so He Pointed Interviewed Warren Buffett so I Want You What Warren Buffett Has To Say No More Than Where Was Charlie Rose Been Here Is Warren Buffett Talk about How Much He Loves the Country Got 36. And When You Say You Been the Luckiest Guy.

I Assume That Means a Community and Family, but It Also Means in Your Case As You Have Said Often the Country That You Live All Charlie Been Born in a Place with the United States on an Instantly It Helped Turn but United States Is Essential. It's Given Me Everything You Got.

Mata Said Makes a Modest Lives in a Modest Home Considering If These Were the Richest Men, People in the World to Help Develop the Federal Government in 2008 so Warren Buffet Speaking Again and I Guess How You and Cancel Yourself. I Do Know You Could Do That Is Matt Lauer Next MSA against It. I Do Think You Know People Can Get Restarts in Life. It's Not up to You Arrive to Decide. I Believe This Is so Much Work Again. It's up to the Employer and I Don't Know Where Troy Rose Airing This Interview but Maybe It's the First of It on Canceled Cancel the Lord Cancel Person I Kidding Don't Forget to Listen to One Nation Saturday Night, 8 O'clock Fox News Talk Just Network These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Now and Fox News by or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Contest.

Fox News Radio Studios in New York City Giving You Opinions and Facts with a Positive Approach, It's Brian. Kill Me. Thanks.

Which Was Hereby Does the Brain Kill Me Joe. Appreciate You Being Here Will Come at You from 46 Downtown Midtown New York City Heard around the Country Heard around the World. Hopefully, the Ukraine Geraldo's Anybody Join Us. Dr. Roz My First Interview Dr. I Live in CMS I'm Sure He Was on Sean. Haven't Seen Him since Donald Trump Gave His Endorsement at a Big Rally and He Kinda Divided the Trump World Because Whole Pics Is a Key Aid for Prison. Trump Does Everything for a with Him and Then You Have Other People like Killian Conway Working with Dave McCormick and Then People like Stephen Miller Work with Dave McCormick but Dr. Eisen and the President of Four Present Have Been Great Friends Also Tie with Milani Ice Great Friend of the Show. I Think He's Is Great, so Talented and Smart Policy Right Now McCormick's up a Little Bit in the Polls, but It's Still Early and I Haven't Seen a Pole since Trump Got His Endorsement. So before We Get Geraldo Let's Go to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Every Border Patrol Agent Is Extremely Frustrated and Upset about What's Going on on the Work. It Is, in Fact, by Design. They Are Doing This on Purpose. This Administration Has Some Very Intelligent Individuals at DHS and They Know What's Happening.

They Just Don't Have the Will to Push Back against This White House, Which Is Scary. Their Bad Policy Is a Policy Widen Self-Inflicted Water Crisis Has Stated Some Dems Uniting against the Flat-Out Betrayal of His Nation by Not Securing or Even Planning to Properly Secure the Border You Word Brandon Judd Signs the Texas Is Governors Abbott's Desperate Measures Might Be Working Significant Symbology Here. This Flagship. The Black Sea and Now It's Taken down. That Looks like the Ukrainians That It Is a Huge Victory for Ukrainian Military Is Not Decisive but Nonetheless a Significant Symbols of Ukrainian Yes I Joking with Me on Fox and Prince Today Russia Severs a Brutal Blow, Losing a Warship at the Hands of the Ukrainians As They Brace for an Eastern Assault While Desperately Trying to Hold on to Marry Her Pull the Latest on the War and the Warnings Moscow Was Given Us in the World. Another Broke Fascist Is Waiting in the Wings to Defend Your Right to Steal. Bile Is Also A Lot Of Folks Other Than That, You Know It's Troubling Enough That Private Companies Control These Key Communication Platforms around the World.

Maybe It's Even Worse to Have the World's Richest Person in Front of I Want Them and Take a Private Right We Don't Want a Rich Person Buying a Media Outlet like Jeff Pazo's Advice and Pose.

That'll Never Happen Mosque Must Find a Way, As in Elon Away to Buy Twitter the First and Final Offer, Causing a Gigantic Gigantic Panic and the Liberal Newsrooms How It's All Playing out and What Obstacles Remain for the World's Richest Man. Another Man Whose Rich with Good Thoughts and A Lot Of Money. Geraldo Rivera Now in Ohio. Not Here. Fox News Contributor, Cohost of the Five Brother Welcome Back by Something.

I'm All for Regular Moscow Goes All the Way.

I Hope It Triggers Shareholders Understand That This Plan Is in a Once in a Generation Creative Force and He'll Take the Celtic Twitter and Make It What It It's Potential.

I Love You on Twitter Was Shocked When They Kicked the President Often Many of My Followers Were with Him but Stuck It out, but I Energized Now. I Think He Almost Exactly the Got the Job Is so Creative. The Fact That He Could Do It with This Small Change Is Something That I Think Is Quite Sassy by This Nuance to the Story. So Why Would You Lie Mosque One Twitter. I Think You Know I Think You Agree with Me That He Saw How Good Starling Did for Ukraine Literally Help Them Wind Possibly Get to This Point They Won the First Phase of the War When the Whole Thing and Then He Says You Know What Else Could I Do Well. One Thing I Could Do Was Help of Free Speech in This Country and Stop with the Division Letting Both Sides Talk Will Get the Most Popular Outlets. Take a Look at It Will Become the Number One Best Roof Twitter He Saw the Outrage and That Makes a Guy like Him Even More Competitive. They Thought I Got a Better Idea. Keep Your Board Seat.

I'll Take the Whole Thing and Move It Private and Then I Found out That He Is Also Just As Angry As the SEC I Do Not Remember This Geraldo but after Recent Some Tweets out and Smoke Pot on on Joe Rogan's Podcast and Affected the Stock at Tesla. He Had to Go to an Agreement with the SEC Almost Feels like It Was Extortion That He Would Have Some of His Tweets Edited before They Were Sent out and Had to Agree to Step down As CEO of Tesla. They Said Basically What They'll Kill the Company in His Words in Less He Did That so I Take. You Want Your Kids Away and That in Back of His Mind Has Him Seething. What Better Way to Get Back in Own Twitter and Then You Decide to Letter Himself from Here. Thanks You Know Someone Who Basically Came from Nothing and Created a Car Company That Is Historic Absolutely Competitive with the Big Circle Big Three Ford Chevrolet Chrysler. He Is Now in a Position Where He Can Make His Own Rule so to Speak, but When You See the Content of Is His Own Tweets and Understand That He's Basically Allowing a Forum Where Everybody Has Free Speech Where Content Moderation, Which Is Just Another Word for Censorship Does Not Run Amok. I Think People Can Self-Control Consult at It and If They Don't They Really Are a Great Just in That, to the Point Where Their Criminal Then You Take Action, but I Think That Everybody Agrees That Twitter Is Less Interesting Than It Was When Trump Was on Board When You Have All of Those Voices Obviously Admittedly They Got What He Have 100 Million Followers. I Really Let the Market Decide to Speak so Here Is the Media Spiraling Out Of Control. Because of This Prospect Because His Offer $54 a Share and He Said Please Plan B Might Be Geraldo That He Is Going to Bring It to the Shareholders Let the Shareholders Decide If He Should Be the Leader Be the Owner Cut Six. Another Broke Fascist Is Waiting in the Wings to Defend Your Right to Steal by Talking about the Funny Leon Was Must Want One Life and Globe Altar and Altering Consequences for Just Letting Them Run Wild on the Thing Is Also A Lot Of Folks Other Than That, You Know It's Troubling Enough That Private Companies Control These Key Communication Platforms around the World. Maybe It's Even Worse to Have the World's Richest Person by One of Them and Take a Private.

It's Crazy Right That Whining It Really Is so Indicative of That Whole Class of Commentator They Can Say Virtually Anything and yet It If Someone on the Other Side Replied in a Sharp and Pointed Way They Are Horrified. Let Everyone Speak.

Let the Let the People Decide Who They Want to Listen to.

I Agree.

He Wants to Send This Issue to You Tesla to Twitter User Resort or Twitter Shareholders Let Let That Speak in a Box Pulp Let Let Them Speak.

I Think It'll Be Such As Entertaining Now It's It's It's Kind Applied a One-Sided II Would Be Absolutely Psyched to Look at My Twitter Feed Every Morning and See What Else We Know This Week Was Dominated by the Subway Shooter. This Guy Ends up Sitting in in Brooklyn on a Chair for Our Steering to the Distance Going to the Deli at This This Cats Deli Buying a Sandwich and Then Sitting There and Then Call Crime Stoppers Himself. Did You Ever Expect a Man and a Manhunt. And like That. I Didn't Know What to Expect. Every Year I Did Not like That on This Morning to Me. The Miracle on 36 Street Is the Big Headline the Fact That You Have a Madman Committing the Worst Atrocity Ever on the New York City Subway but Most of the Most Egregious Mass Shooting after Fires. 33 Times with a Glock 9 Mm and a Pack Subway Called the Smoke the Panic Hits 10 People Kills No One How You Have a Kid.

I'm so Relieved. 33 Shots.

No One Dies Miracle on 36. And the Fact That Now Is in Federal Custody Rather Than in the Hands of the Local VA in Either Brooklyn or Manhattan. The Fact That He's a Better Look at He's Looking at a Life in Super Max and Then in Colorado. Six Floors under the under the Ground. Let Him Rot Bear He Feared Prison. The Presents Will Be in Solitary, Let Them Ponder What You Did before. The Fact That He Had the Ceramic Ending in My Old Neighborhood Right in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and That so Many People Responded.

I'm so Glad I Would've Loved to See the Citizens Biggest Citizens Arrest, but the Way They Did It. My Old Night Freezing the Fact They Took Them down so Quickly. I Believe That I Really Do Believe, As I Said Again on Fox and Friends That Eric Adams, the New Chief of Police for the New Mayor of New York Mayor Ex-Cop. The New Mayor of New York Is the Man for the Job. A Black Man Who Understands the Politics and the BS behind so Many of the Numbers Going up. You Know That Right Now Right Almost Every Category in Terms of Crime.

Well, Give Them Time to Send 100 Days Given Some Time. You Don't Get the Messages). When Was the Last Time You're the Mayor Speaking like This. This Is Someone We Should Support Someone We Should Back and Some Baton at Some Point It Will Be a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

At Some Point. As They Are Constitutionally Unable to Do and Frisk a Guy like That Who Seems to Lurking and Hanging around.

I Think Stop and Frisk As to Come Back with Remember the Days of Book Commissioner Bratton Commissioner Kelly Commissioner Cara Mayor Giuliani Mayor Bloomberg When New York Was the Safest Big City on Earth to Go Back to Those Days and Affected the Black Man at the Helm Is, I Think It Is This Wonderful Better Is Also Decided to Expand and Sit to Stop the Talented and Gifted Program in New York Which You Know Is a Big Attraction Expanded to Other Board Bureaus. I Love That This Department Had to Kill It and There Are Two Ways I like What He Said after Witnessing a Series of Shootings Couple Nights Ago. He Said This, New York 1 Cup 37 Black Lives Matter Where All Goals Stated Black Lives Matter to Start Asking a Serious Question in Black Lives Matters.

Thousands of People Also on the Street When Floyd Was Murdered Should Be on the Street Right Now Stating That the Lives of These Black Children That Are Dying Every Night Matters You Love That Right Bridge Bridge Mayor Because That's Exactly What People Need to Hear. You Know You Have To Be Involved with Saving Black Lives in Cases Other Than When a Cop Is Involved, Which Is 99.9% of the Time. It Is the Most Absolute Common Cause of Homicide Blackmail at the Age of 42 Is Cited Bleeding Because of That I Could That Be. I Think That This Is the Guy to Do It and I Really Do Think I Know That Conservatives Don't like to Talk about Guns Being the Problem. They Even Put Put That Aside. Now I Think That What You Need Now Is His Stern Policing with a Big Dose of the Old Community Approach That They Had When I Was Growing up We Knew the Cop in the Be the Police Were That They Were Everywhere on the Subway. There Is Not a Subway Car in the City That Didn't Have a Transit Cop on Not a Subway Platform and Major Platform and City That Did Not Have a Cop on the Surveillance Camera System That We Have Is Already Super. Make Sure All the Cameras Working through the Wi-Fi Is Always Working in a Very High Priority.

I Will Go Back to the Days Were Already Waiting Back to New York to Disc Five Is a Mentor There Was a I Only Have You Tried Trying Desperately Not to Be Needed. It's Not Working.

Thanks Much of the Fantastic Easter As to Who to Whom It Applies Absolutely Thanks so Much for All the Meanwhile. Next Year Calls First Time, 186-640-8766. Then We Talk to Dr. Oz First Time since You Got Donald Trump's Endorsement Once Again Been for the Pennsylvania Senate Race Don't Move Both Sides.

All of If You're Interested in It. Bryan's Talking about Your with Brian Kill Me. This Is Significant Symbology Here on This Flagship Black C Number One Shift in Other Words, in the Black Sea and Now It's Taken down. That Looks like the Ukrainians That It Is the Agent Doing What They Pull Amidships Away from the Coastal Line Partnerships Away Because of the Ukrainian Friend That's a Huge Victory for Ukrainian Military Is Not Decisive Shifted Five Cruise Missiles into Ukraine Enough in Comparison to the Air Launched Cruise Missiles and to Land-Based Cruise Missiles, but Nonetheless a Significant Symbol to Ukrainians and Is Going to Be a Huge Morale Boost for Ukrainian Forces and Likely Some Ukrainian People Themselves. Joe Jacking on with Me on Fox and Friends Talk about the Taking Out Of That Warship Flagship Warship of the Saw the Russians and This Is What so Great. Now They Say They Have These Neptune Missiles That Could Blow up Ships They Have To Move the Ships Back. This Would Almost Prevent a and for Be Slanting into Odessa. They Take Odessa Ukrainians up Landlocked and the Russians Would in Theory Hold the Whole Area. Now They Won't Have One Day of Rest Because Ukrainians Will Become a Guerrilla Force and They Have To Understand That and I Think at Some Level They Do. But Think about What a Nightmare This Been for the Russians.

They Wanted to Take in 72 Hours. I Was Her Prediction Ukraine Kill Zelinski and Maybe the Clutch Goes and Then after That Take over the Country and Say You Never Tornado That's a Message Do You Mold Dover, Finland, Sweden, All You Others It Might Might Aspire to Join NATO. Instead, They Lose Almost Every Page Battle They Have To Live There at the Whole World Sees How Inept They Are, As a Fighting Force or They Have No Tactics. They Have Terrible Leaders. They Got and Equipment They Ran Out Of Gas They Had. They Did Not Have Any Cohesive Attack Plan. No Commander Was Actually in Charge and after 40 Days.

They Retreat Out Of the Capital Out Of the North Now There in the South and the East, and They Want to Take It over and We Gotta Make Sure These They Don't and and That's Good to Be the Focus.

Brian Lucille around a 1039 Hey Brian, the Man Who He Sees Everything That He Sees That There Is a Global Shift That's Trying to Let We Need to Have Marketplace and He Sees the Company's Mechanism about the Short Term Investment on Twitter. It's Not Supposed to Be on Second Glance and Letting People That the Democratic Country See How Detrimental These People Become Better Jobs to Better Monitor and Hurt Them so Dependent People in the Pan Lutheran and Last Is a Great Business to Let Republicans Want to Be on There Again to Get More Dollars, More Users, More Interaction, More Interest. That's a Better Business Plan.

Thanks so Much Appreciate the Call Is for Solicitors 103901866408766. I'm Excited Dr. Oz Making Progress in Pennsylvania Has He Feel about Donald Trump's Endorsement. How Do You Think It Will Affect the Post Dr. Oz on with Us Next to Us in the Brain Can Only Show Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show Endorse Another Person. Today Dr. Is so Great. It Tremendous, Tremendous Career and They Liked Him for a Long Time.

It's like a Ball You Know When You're Television for 18 Years Is like a Pole That Meets People like You and That Is Enough of the Prison United States and He Let Everybody Know That Dr. Oz Is His Pick to Get the Republican Nomination Replace Pat Toomey and When the General Dr. Oz Joins Us Now on Dr. Oz. Will You Thoughts When He Made the Announcement. Did You Know He Was Going to Do It Then He Called Me Right before You Walked out on Stage, He Was Send out a Press Release and Say Something on Stage and I Thought It Was Exhilarating. We Work so Hard You Can Paint You Make Sure Your Campaigning Public Events to Try to Serve the People Pennsylvania. The President Looks at All. Donnie Was Very Meticulous the Cross, He Wrote the Announcement so the Actual Press Release. He Wrote Good Things in There That Only What You Would've Commented on, but He Set out Duncan. Courtney Said I Was Smart Enough I Will Never Let You down. That Was Just the Was That the Culmination of the Not Been, but He Felt Pro-Life Second Amendment Strong on Crime. The Border and I Will Always Fight for and Support Are under Siege Conservative Ideals, so from His Perspective. Not Only Did I Represent the Values and Mores of Pennsylvania, but I Will Fight for That Which Is What He Likes. So When Did You Know Who Is Coming. He Called Me Friday Night. Until Then I You Are Talking the Whole Time He's Interviewing You Because You Once a Week or so You Calling out Going on with This. What about about I Just Heard This Just to Get the Tires You Want to Know How You Deal with Them with Celebration You Treat Your Team That Each of the Major Issues and He Really Is. Get into This and Mike Senate Patent Documents Bank Is Vital As a Bellwether for the Country. I Needed Be Happy Tomorrow and What Specifically You Might Be Happy You'll Find out the Vent to Call Rick Walked on Stage He Told Me That Which I Think He Does on Purpose Because You Want to Be Something That One Learns the Same Time so Nothing like It Would Undermine but It Will Be Surprised Either.

I Think It's Very Thoughtful and He Said Something to the Press Release Again That He Wrote Himself That I Want to Call My Dentist Typically Said That One Night When He Came on the Show Had about the Show It 2016 When Nobody Would Have My Network Television, but the Man Is Running for President Got Six He Should Have a Platform to Get the Liberals or Platforms on Them, and Present His Arguments about What Utopias Remember Back Then There Was a Local Controversy Would like to Give Him a Chance, Would You Be Harsh on Bob That Colette Told You Fox and Friends That I'm a Doctor Coming to My Stage and Present Itself to Criticize Them, or Go after Him and People Just Cannot Be Hard for Not Taking Shots at Him or Planning, Take Shots, and That You Came on the Bed Itself Very Effectively and Then I Send This in Your Medical Records.

She Gave Them to Us on Stage. We Work Ready Didn't Know What to Do, but He Understood the Power of This Having to Press Interpret His Medical Records.

She Pulled out the Piece of Paper from His Jacket Slammed down the Cables Is That They Are Those My Medical Records I Read through the You're in Good Health, Which Could Lose A Few Pounds and He Said That It Actually in the Announcement Which Means First. I Couldn't Be Intimidated by the Liberal Woke Side of the Media Groups but I Was Also Not Sycophantic out and Tell Them What Needed to Be Sandwiches Dropped A Few Pounds to Be Nice. I Think That Was His Effort to Show That I Would Say What Needed to Be Said. No Matter What You like to Hear the Doctors Don't like What Their Respected Not That Make You Love Assault, so This Would Do so As You Know Dave McCormick Is Running against You, and Has in the Last Posies Got You by about Four or Five Points We Have Not Seen a Pole.

Since the Endorsement I'm Sorry That's Not True: Franklin and Marshall Public Holder Came out Based on What Happened before the Endorsement Had Had Me up One Point That That Was the Latest Public Poll Came out Based on Data Gathered on Friday and Saturday Came out Yesterday, Marshall Poe Okay Still I Was 43% of Those Still Undecided Which Candidates Will Support Okay 60% to 50%.

Okay or the Right before the Endorsement. So As You Know, There's Members of the McCormick Team Very Familiar First with the Trump Team Steve Miller Kelly and Conway Hope X.

Here's What Here's What Kelly and Conway Said the Other Night with Laura Ingram Can Seize Many Republicans and Conservatives in Pennsylvania Because They Seem Noncitizen Words on Video against Guns for Abortion Praising Honey Clinton's Minimus Brilliant Women Smarties Minis Ever Not Been for Obama Care and so on and so Forth. So Do You Want to Address Those Things. Of Course, Miller Already Quit His Campaign and the Accusation That in My Own Words Is Completely False Knowing of That Said Those Things Are Not True in General. For Example, I'm Strongly Pro-Life Strongly Supportive of Our God Given a Constitutionally Protected Right to Bear Arms for Law-Abiding Citizens. These Are Issues That I Felt so Strongly about. And If You Try to Go Back and Look at Things That I Said That the Spine Is Ample Evidence That Mentor Think That They're Acutely out. True Defect about His Person Trump That This Will Work Because You Cares about These Days. That's Why McCormick and Don Pro-Life, Very Strong Electoral Fraud Are Great Military Arc That There Will Always Fight for Support under Siege Second Amendment. He Said Those Things Because She Went to All the McCormick Steam Had Passed All the Stamina for the Character Provide for Everybody Person Trump Was Comparing Me Dave McCormick" Wife Worked in the Ministry Did Apply for Job a Dip in the Trump Ministration. It Turned out, but Present Know Him Well. They Were Calling Him and within Continually throughout This Process. He Had Equal Access to All the Things Plus and Minus about Us and Believe Me, I'm Quite Certain Everything Negative about Equal Share by the End, I Reciprocated.

So He Had Everything in Front of Him and He Made the Decision He Made Full Knowledge of All the Things That Could've Been Said about Me and He Didn't Believe Think Is a Natural Thing to Do. Hillary Clinton's Lot of People Think Hillary Clinton's Brilliant, I Never Met or Do You Support What I Think. I Don't Know When That Tape Is from It. They Found Burial. If This Is Back, Probably from Your 2000.

I like That. Way before.

She Was Symbolic of All the Restrictions and She Okay so I Want to Bring You Something Else Would Happen since We Spoke Back in Play on These Mandates There Extending the Mass Mandates on Planes and Buses in Mass Transit and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to Reports There Now See Indoor Mass Mandates You Are You. First and Foremost a Doctor Is That the Right Thing to Do with the Sub Variant Spreading but Hospitalizations and Deaths down Categorically Not Take Another Example of Top-Down Authoritarian One-Size-Fits-All Medicine That Grouchy and Other Middle Level Unelected Bureaucrats in Washington Keep Posting on Why to about Your Particular Problem Because the Mayor of the City Is Passing the Speed at This Battle Had to Do That. The Mayor Can't Make Health Laws of That Nature Has To Be At Least the State Decision to Quit Told Mandates. We Cannot Have Every Person Involving Government with Have the Power to Create Healthcare Mandates That Restrict People's Freedom. There's No Medical Benefit of the Mass John in That Setting People Who Are at High Risk Will Only Take the Precautions That Should Be Taken Putting at Seven-year-old in a Mask or a 20-year-old in a Mass Where It's Highly Unlikely That There Could Have a Pocket It Would Get Cold or What He Had Called It Well or Vaccinated in a Mask Also Doesn't Make A Lot Of Sense and Print the People to Where the Right Master Where the Light Anyway so What Difference Does It Make If You Splash a Mandate That Restrict Everybody's Activities and This Is Exactly What I Was Complaining about Which You Unblock Your Friend Daily for Months When Colby Started and It's Shocking to Me That It Still Happened Trying to Mix Politics and Medicine. Yet Politics They Have Taken out the Signs. The Same Thing Working in Energy Policy, Working the Transgender Issues. If the Desire by Woke Ideological Individuals to Take over the Narrative and Create False Ones and They Don't Say Don't Let Any Other Discussion to Be Heard.

It Is Reprehensible What They Have Done Dental Buckets by Sets Rather Than a Mental Block Not Where Lip Most Business Are Even Enforcing at the Dr. Oz Is a True Getting Cozy in 2020 or 19, 20, 20 or 20.

It Is Different Than Getting This Variant in 2022. This Is Right. So If I Get It I Did.

We Have To Revisit What We Do. I Think Because We Were Quarantining People with the Variant. It's Not Even a Cold. Almost Everybody in Shanghai Is Asymptomatic. Shocking That We Would Fall to This Level of Fear.

The Last Word. The National Anthem Is Great Not Play Because You Willing to Risk Your Life All the Time but Great Going to Say What You See by What You Said Is Factually Correct and yet You Can't Say That in Many Places, and without Getting Canceled Is Why I Was Attacked so Aggressively When I Was Talking to about Keeping Schools Open Our Medications That Might Work. We Have Adopted a Belief That Any Possible Theoretical Opportunity to Impact on Colby Did the Right Thing to Do Their Harm. When You Do These Things and Effectually Don't Work. So If You Had Called with the Original Berries Which Were Much More Problematic That You Probably Protected Well Enough Anyway. If You Didn't Have Original: I Never Had Covert If I Would Get This Dewberry at Odds Are I Would Tolerate Very Well Especially Have Antivirals There Are Not Widely Available, but FDA Approved and Can Be Felt and If You're Older High Risk. The at the Piazza Body Cocktails Make a Ton of Sex so We Have Treatments Understand the Virus Better and the Virus Is Much Much Much Less Dangerous. So Why We Treating the Second Pandemic Level Problem. What Is an Endemic Issue Is Because We've Created a Fear of Anything Covert That I Put I Lay Slightly on the Feet of Algae Which Might Ask for Him to Be Fired, Removed, or Any Capacity Eliminated When I'm Supportive of Rand Paul Is a Friend's Efforts to Just Remove the Position to Remove Grouchy to Cancel the Job Somewhat Easier.

This Is How This Is Plain to Play You How I Feel Maybe Clear and You're the Medical Expert. I Know Where You Stand, Please Go to Show You the Other Side. Listen to the View Listen to Sonny Holston on the View Talk about the Mass Mandate and the Rising Cases When It Comes to Mass Mandates There There Because People Just Aren't Great People and That That's the Bottom Line. Americans Just Aren't Great to Each Other.

We Just Are.

And so When It Comes to Things like Flying and Supposed to Be Lifted April 18.

I Don't Want to Get on a Plane with Super Spreaders. I Don't Want to Get on a Plane with 214 Other People to Be Breathing on Me with Their Covert Breath. I Don't Want See Your Reaction to Her Action. There Are People I Study Whole Drive in Your Car by Themselves.Go Jogging on the Park with Their Mass Dotted Line, the Beach with the Mascot but None of Those Make Any Sense Medically, but the Planes Are Good Example.

The Errors 99.5% Purified so It's about the Cleanest Area to Be Exposed Because Their Culture Much like a Plane to a Large Extent, Which Is Pretty Clean. At 35,000 Feet You Cannot Live in Continuous Care about Human Beings. You Are Creating a Illness That Adults Suffer from but Kids Are Paralyzed by by Creating This Kind of a Belief That We Are Each Other's Biggest Threat.

It's Just Not True.

The Average Democrat during the Pandemic.

When That When I Was Really Searching Believed That It Was a One in Three Chance That You Will Be Hospitalized. If You Got Covert One in Three Chance Would Surround Bill Number by the Way, Was under 1% so It Doesn't Make Any Sense to Trick People Live the People Continually Scare People in the Believing That They Are in Dire Risk When They're Not Because They'll Start to Say Things like Somehow Suggested That You Don't Been Very Unkind to Be Done That Show Countless Times Because the Republican As I Announce That I Have Republican Using and Then I Was Going to Express Them without Reservation Immediately Turned Because I Wasn't Willing to Taping the Way They Wanted You Argument Study Right Now You Get Shouted off Stage. Yeah, Good Luck with That. So Yeah, It's Good to Be so Certain That You Shall Usually People Shout There Uncertain about Their Arguments. You Know That and You Never Shout.

The Last Thing That I Think Is Important to Bring up Is That We Have a Situation Right Now in This Country Where We're Looking for Other Reasons to Shut Schools down Bass down on All and I Think Inaccurate Information on the Variant That the Sub Very to Begin with, I Will Want to Know What Is Your Reaction to What's Going on in Shanghai.

Now They Have Walked down between 23 and 25 Million People That Then 95% Are Asymptomatic.

They Block down the Whole City Will As a Medical Professional. What Is That Say about the Character of China Number One That They Would Do This without Feeding Their People or Giving Them Water. Some of Them Are Starving to Death. Jumping off Balconies Wizard Say to You about China Number One and You Spent Time There and They Were Supporter of of Your Show and They Watch Your Show Where and What Does It Say about Their Their Medical Knowledge of a Virus.

They Started the Tinderbox.

I Think It's a Hollow Empire That's at Risk of Having a Crises Because of Events like This without an Authoritarian Surveillance State Model of Government They Be in Trouble.

Which Is Why He Continued to Crack down Harder Harder on All Said and Are Creating Can Continue with Humanitarian Crises. There Was a Large Desire to Get Advice on Health outside the Country Because the Trustable Health Providers.

Shockingly, Right Because There Get Cheated so Often with Domestic Products Prefer Products Made outside the Country or Possibly by Americans Working inside the Nation to the Trustable People. I Think This Is Representative of What Happens When You Have To Talk. Government Trust Evaporates for the Reason I'm so Concerned about America's We Have Big Government, Big Media Big Industry All Sing about the Same Hymn of the Culture and Leadership like This Is Really Critical. The World Has Two Choices They Have Capitalism Built on a Democracy.

What We're Offering Is a Model They Have That Surveillance State Totalitarian Top-Down Approach Offered by China, Which Created Economy That Functions If We Don't Drive Will We Push Towards China and China Must Destroy America Is If We Don't Fall Away Their System of Governance and Economy Cannot Become a Dominant What's so As We Look at What's Happening in Shanghai and It Will Spread to Other Parts the Country and Other Waste Members That They Are Enemies of Ours That They Need to Prove That Their System Is Better Than Ours and We Need to Make Sure Artworks Functionally at the Highest Level Possible to the World Has Us to Look Towards Norstar Right and by the Way It Was. My Dad Was on Mike's Was on My Sheet Dr. Oz Dave McCormick 16% for Dr. Oz, Dave McCormick, to 15% and There's Still A Lot Undecided and A Lot Of Hard Work and Not Impose Been Done since the Endorsement Dr. Oz Keep Working Hard.

It Was Great to Talk to You Appreciate God Bless You My Friend That You're Right We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls.

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The Man, like the Fast Cars and Aviators. He's Ready Go to Ukraine. We Are Not Sending the President Should Actually Don't Really Think This Prison. She Got Ukraine. I Worry about His Condition in a War Zone.

There Still Bombing the Capital but I Was in the Secretary Of Defense. I Would Restock and Re-Staff Our Embassy like Italy Has in the Baltic Nations Have and There Were Three Baltic Nation Leaders That Did Actually Go to the Ukraine Bill You Listening to in Missouri Hey Bill All Morning.

You Know, Washington and DC. They Really Don't Get about 20 Schedules Delivered throughout the Night. Where Is about Your Legal Right Yeah It Will All and DC Is a Big Town like and Why Should We Get out That We Should Give Them a Schedule.

But When the Illegals Why It's a Big City.

All They Could Go to Any Court about Texas Bus Came into Washington and Then Florida Going to Blossom into Delaware and Just Drop Them off and Then People Could See What It's like Being a Border State for Being in a Place like Raw Working-Class Long Island. The Westchester County or Pennsylvania That to the Ministry.

Since Doing It's Diabolical They Put Them into School Districts and Overtaxed and Overstressed Hurts Every Body Live from the Fox News New York City Set up Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Voice Kill Me. Thank You Much for Being Here Ready Is the Brain to Me Joe Come at You from 46 Heard around in New York. Of Course, but Heard around the Country and I Hope Heard around the World, Especially Ukraine. I'll Talk to Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, Man.

He's One of These Generals.

It Always like Choking Leads Leads with New Information so These Taft and He Knows the Challenges Ukraine Is Facing the Success They Had Gotten Breathing Here Because Fox Nation Is Rolling. If You're Watching Fox Nation Listening to the Show on the App You Know Shannon's Here in a Brand-New Book out. She's Also the Majority of One Nation Which Airs Saturday Night at Eight and Then 11 O'clock I Shannon's Want to Be Nice and Say Hello.

First, Good Morning. Are You This Is like Dinnertime Rights Is I Was up at I Noted Today Hits to Say for the First Time like That since Ukraine Were Started with Them so Pumped up about This War Ready to Go from 230 to 36. I Slept Six Excrement Is Only a Six Minute Drive Just Flew by Right by Him Try to Figure out What Was Fictional with Get to the Victory.

Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Every Single Border Patrol Agent Is Extremely Frustrated and Upset about What's Going on on the Work. It Is, in Fact, by Design. They Are Doing This on Purpose. This Administration Has Some Very Intelligent Individuals at DHS and They Know What's Happening. They Just Don't Have the Will to Push Back against This White House by Self-Inflicted Border Crisis Estates and Sometimes Uniting against His Flight up a Trail of the Country Will Discuss Significant Symbology Here. This Flagship Black CI. Now It's Taken down.

It Looks like Ukrainians That a Huge Victory for Ukrainian Military Is Not Decisive but Nonetheless a Significant Symbols of Ukrainian Russia Suffers a Brutal Blow, Losing Their Key Warship at the Hands of the Ukrainians As They Prays for an Eastern Assault While Deftly Trying to Hold on to Marry You Pull the Latest on the War and the Warnings Moscow Is Giving Us an NATO in the World. Another Broke Fascist Is Waiting to Defend Your Right to Steal, but Is Also A Lot Of Folks Other Than That, You Know It Troubling Enough That Private Companies Control These Key Communication Problems around the World. Maybe It's Even Worse to Have the World's Richest Person Trying to Buy One of Them and Take a Private White Spring Filter Still on the Air.

Mosque Must Find a Way, As in Elon Musk Way Is What I'm Talking about the Buy Twitter His First and Final Offer Causing Panic in the Wool Community and in Left-Wing Newsrooms How It's All Playing out What Obstacles Remain for the World's Richest Man, so You Tweet Chatting Brain Activity You Do, You Know, I Downright Disappointed That so Many Conservative Call Accounts Have Been Frozen or Kicked off What We've All Talked about What Happened after the 2020 Election.

I Think 60,000 That Disappeared Overnight and They're Just Getting the Bots or What Was Happening Thereby and There Were There Was Some Housecleaning. They Gave Eric to Remember How Much I Said I Lost As It Was Hard to Me Complaining Back to 200,050 283,130 so Right. I Mean I Just Got Back I Was at 551 When Trump Was President, and Then I Dropped out like 410 I Think Right Now up to 581. I Don't Have Most of Them on My Really Good Friends.

Well, I'm Feeling Less Special and Important Time to Listen. I'm Excited Because Your Book Is Now out.

It's No Longer an Idea. It's Something I Can Hold It's the Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak Lessons on Faith and Nine Biblical Families Is Also to Be a TV Special Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak Airing Fox News on Fox News Channel Sunday at 10 O'clock. That's A Lot Of Brain Is Isaac, and yet Also I Understand That an Invitation to Years.

Yeah, Exaggeration They Think You Were Busy Enough Right American Easier More for Me This Week and They Maybe Think Both of Us. What Do You Think It's Bad for Your Woman. I Am Not a Biologist Very Good Penetrating Quest Is so I Feel Very Comfortable Walking around My Real Life and Make up. I Realize I'm in Makeable Time. It Was 12 My Wife of the US Have You Make upon the Gas Station People Are like Looking up and down like the Color Orange And He's Got a Shower yet Absolutely yet You're Always on.

That's the Thing with You Right. I Feel Very Comfortable in Makeup and I Disagree Very Dynamic Time to Be on the I Want to Talk about a Women in the Bible Speak Because They Do the Best They Can.

You Bring Them to Life. But I Also Want to about Elon Musk Said Yesterday: If You Think This Will Be Somewhat Painful and I'm Not Sure That I Will Actually Be Able to Acquire It, and I Should Also Say Is to Retain As Many Shareholders As Is Allowed by the Low Stepping up North from Standpoint of What He Forgot How to Monopolize and Maximize My Ownership of Twitter Bring along As Many Shows As You Don't Necessarily Want to Pound 40. Whatever It Is Billion Dollars in Cash You'd like Them to Come Come with in the Six and I Could Technically Afford It Is Mrs. Way to Make Money and That's I Believe You My Humble Opinion Is It's the When He Got His Satellites in Order to Allow the Ukrainians and Continue to Broadcast. He Saw That He Literally Affecting the Outcome of the War Right Guys and Bad Guys. We Know the Bad Guys Are.

And He Said I Could Do This Again I Could so I Could Allowances of Our First Amendment to Matter Again on Social Media Because the Other Media Outlets Be Forced to Follow Elon Must Wake Think about That If He Pulls This off with Twitter What Happens with the Other Facebook Fans and I Know Just yet and You Have People Saying like I Am Going to FPL It's the Same Thing like a Moving to Canada. Trump Lands, I Mean like Is There Any This Mass Exodus Software Now If Arguing for Neutrality.

And Remember, He Says He's a Free Speech Absolutist, Because When He Put the Satellite Tapping Ukraine People Are like Oh Now You Can Block the Russian News and Russian Propagating Site. No Sort of Gun Point. I Had Not Doing That Is Asking for Is a Free and Unfettered like You to Be Calling for Harm to Other People Speech You Don't like or Disagree with the First Amendment about People so Furious and Panic You on Your Show Left-Wing Crazies Number on Your Debt. People Who Are Tweeting like the Kind of Democracy If He Gets Twitter like Really Because You Have To Hear Things That You Don't like the Misallocation of Black People to Disagree with Him.

You Open It Wide Open and If You Don't like It Don't Follow Those People and We Only Say the Doubt for Bad Speech or Speech You Disagree with Is More Conversation Know According to Our Experts Max Muthu Used To Be a Military Expert, a Conservative Somebody That during the Bush Years Anyway. Max Boot Came out in the an Interesting Quote. He Said I Am Frightened by the Impact of Society and Politics of Elon Musk Requires Twitter. He Seems to Believe That on Social Media, Anything Goes for Democracy to Survive We Need More Content Moderation Are. We Need More Sensory Frescoes for Freedom. I Don't Get It. I'm Very Confused by This Whole Argument Because Think about This. This Court Has Protected Things like Westborough Baptist Church, Which Every Sane Person Is a Heinous Milk, Allow NA NA Worst Possible Thing We Can Repeat It.

But the Fact That They Are Protected Because of Free Speech and Their Different Forms in a Private Public on a Step That Conversation Were Country like No Other Place in the World. If You Want to Be Surprised We Can Get You a Ticket to Shanghai Right That Goes Well, They Where They Lock You in Your Apartment a Silly Max. Yes, They Put Your Pets in a Bag and Kill Them Leave Them in a Bag until They Die and Leave You in Your Apartment to You Type That You Have No Food and Water, but You and I Can Get a Line on Twitter Right Absolute Control. I Do Not Know This Letter Put Us on Twitter Probably Told Us to Pray for Death to America and Death Is for Everybody like They're on Their Tail You As Say This Is I Was Talking to Devin Nunes, Who's Running the Present Brand-New Social Media. They Have a Slow Rollout through Social. I Actually Don't Think Trump Would Go on. They Asked Him to Go Back.

I Don't Think He Will Go Back on Twitter. I Don't Know, I Don't Know If He Can Resist. If They Were Better. He's Trying to Get People There to Come Here for You in Here for Me, but I Think the Lure of Twitter Would Be Very Tempting Anyone Found Do You Tell Him about Rejoices Was Okay up until 2016 Is Unlikely Say When Our Parents Grew up. This Was a Problem This Was Not a Problem Whenever Ehrlich Suspended Accounts Really before Present Know You yet Know. But Today's Young Right but You Are Labeled As Evil on a Regular Basis by Someone Who Would Know Break. I Felt Right. Right.

He Does He Ever Had. You Want As a Guest Hello I Did the Whole Hour on Tuesday Night. I Know You Need to Sleep at Times. Write Me up from 11 O'clock to Ask Yourself Yeah Basically Okay and That You Know How Did You Actually Physically Get up and Go Somewhere I Did When the Show Is over. I Can Pre-Tape It Weeded Okay You Are Working Tell Me That That Is behind the Curtain Can Handle a Little Bit at a Time You You You Love the Law of Love and Loss Wrong and Want to Be Right Thank You That's so Deep You. Your against Crime, I Guess. Last I Checked Right but You Know A Lot about Crime. I Would Never Personally This Is the Most Bizarre Thing Is That I Grew There Although One of the One of the Most Fortuitous Things Ever You Have This 62-year-old Get on a Subway This Week Walked to Return Seven Reflective Vest and a Hard Hat with a Gym Bag in the Gym Bags and Acts Fireworks Smoke Bombs and a Glock Frightened and Extra Magazines.

He Waits for This Train to Get Close to the Platform and Start Shooting after Tossing the Smoke from He Drops His Acts.

He Drops His License. He Drops the Keys to a U-Haul He Rented to Do This and Then the Story Today on the Cover in Your Present Daily News Has Him Going from the Train Worry Thankfully Everyone Survived. He Shut 13 People Goes Right across to the R Train Goes One Stop Gets out.

Then Sit to the Park for A While Goes to a Swanky Chinatown Restaurant Then Goes to Catch Deli Where He Gets of the Deed and Stairs on a Bench While There's a Massive Manhunt Form and Then Calls Himself in a Crimestoppers after Charging His Phone for Two Hours and McDonald's to Get the Reward of Himself and so Would Shannon Everything I Just Told You This Is the Worst Way to Avoid Being Caught Ever Writes It Works for Now Weighs 55 by Blackeye I Mean Think about This Will and Sent Me Accounts and We Didn't Even Get the Race and Be There Try to Be Careful like If You're Looking for Somebody Who Could Have Been a Mass Murder Brain Any.

It Sounds like. By All Accounts the Allegedly That's What He Was Planning to Do the Broken Cameras and All the Things You New York City Seen Everywhere That I'm Walking Thinking Is Anything There Cameras on You at First I Think There over the Place Here, but If They're Not Working in a Situation like This Yesterday to Ask Questions so They Said There Was Wi-Fi Problem Is Okay I Got My Pipe Comes Every Time I Get on a Flight and I Pay for It and I Can't Access Anything Right. But on the Ground All over New York City. The Sky Turned Himself Right after I Die. He's Doubted Everything to Me. I Think God He's a Bad Shot Apparently and I Don't Know How Badly Injured Something People Are, but Thank God They Live through That and This Is with a Complete Circle at Seinfeld Asked. They Left His YouTube Page up As He Spouted the Hatred of White People. The Need for a Race War He Was Ready to Blow His Mental Health Use Track Record. I Don't Know How to Moderate Social Media Effectively, but I Would Say If You Have a Hard Case Not to Take That down or Call the Police to Listen to a Guy Who's Telling You You Soon to Start a Race War and Was Outraged That Supreme Court Justice Jackson Soon to Be Married a White Guy Ranting about That, Why Wouldn't That Light up Memories to Do Those Algorithms Where We Used To Find It. Would Al Qaeda like to Talk about before an Attack and Use the Term Birthday through Arabic. So Why Are We Using Any of Those Algorithms Use the Word from Acton. That's Why I Didn't Get Him. That Is, Wow, That Is Saying Because They Will Go after Certain Things Right and Lock It Way down Real Quickly, but I Do Worry That Timmy Could Be Espousing the Level of Violence Once, but Repeated Yeah and Nobody Find the Trumpets off. Thank Goodness. Well, He Felt Safer. Not yet Okay Be the Break. Shannon Bream Is Good to Me but Her Brand-New Book and the Specialist Comes out Sunday Are the Mothers and Daughters of Bible Speak, of Course, This Is Good Friday and Tomorrow's Holy Saturday, Followed by Eastern. Thank You. That's Why This Book Is Especially Important Shannon Bream. Double This Weekend. Check out Brian's New Show on Fox News Channel Saturday so Rowing Your Weekends to Take It Easy. Will That Really Hurt Coordination with Brian Kilby Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox News Channel Laura Brian Coming out Fast Is Three Hours and Radio Is Your Brian Kill Me. Jenna Bream Showed Midnight Time, Not O'clock in the West Coast, but Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak Is Now out Lessons on Faith in the Nine Families Shannon First Book Success Was the Difference with This One Would You Focus Family Lands for Looking at Faith in Relationships and How People Come Together Sometimes the Blood Family. Sometimes My Narrator, Thompson or Whatever It Is It's Just Looking through the Difficulties Because Nobody Families Perfect Many Years I've Heard A Lot Of Good Things in Your Life Is Amazing That Herself.

Your Family Might Be on the Upside Slide Messed up Families in the Bible Enter Something Line Spanking. We Can Learn to All of You Be One Flight Went Okay Sweetheart Fathers and Daughters and Mothers and Sons in This Book to Sell All Kinds of Relationships by King Saul. He Was Very Threatened by the Man Who Eventually Became King David Saul's Daughter, with Loveless David Opportunity to Marry Him Often.

Like, You Know, Kind of Mess with King David to Give Them This Impossible Task for All These People He Has To Go Kill in Order to Win His Daughter's Hand. David Doubles It and Survives Saul Tries Multiple Times Pre-and Post-Wedding to Kill David Sell If You Have and Lies That You Don't like Ranking along with Shortening Them Plotting to and Actually Physically Trying to Murder You.

You're in Better Shape Than This Family in the Bible so You Want, Sometimes Spicy Negative for You Feel Better and You Can Learn from the Negative. I Think We Really Look at the Relationship between King Saul and McConnell His Daughter and Dysfunctional and Pleasant Daughters. You Look to Your Dad As a Protector and Anthony to Guide You.

So I Think There Lessons from the Bad Example to Some Listening David Mama Do a Joe Rogan Interview and He Says He Spent All This Time. Just Reading the Bible and He Says That He Believes the Bible Are Budget Stories Basically Written to to Tell You Something about How You Should Live That They Didn't Actually Happen. You Believe They Actually Have To Do Is a Christian That Is the Bedrock of My Faith. I Believe That the Bible Is Inspired That the Inspired Word of God. So These People Exist in There Is Historical Evidence for A Lot Of These Kings and Leaders and People from That Time That Is Separate and Apart from the Bible. Why Did It Take so Long to Write Things down.

We We Miss a Generation or Two before Was It. Matthew the Road Things down When You Think about during Jesus's Life. You Think That There Was This Long.

Like 400 Years between the Old and the New Testament Where Apparently Nothing Happened. People Felt like I Wasn't Speaking of Angels, Visiting All of This Picks Back up. Now, When Christ Comes to Earth Gabriel Const Tell Mary You Can Have This Baby in His Savior, the World, There Is a Theory Long. The Air Where the Faithful Were Just Waiting. It Felt like They Didn't Hear Anything from God, but They Kept on Practicing Their Faith in Waiting and Chanting and You Realize If Guy Was to Do Something Now. We Deftly Recapture between the Ring Doorbell and Everything Where We Deftly Were Captured on. He Has Miraculous Powers That Can Actually Even Invade a Ring Doorbell Excel He's above and beyond the Range Are about Teenage Dear so Many Weird Things Happening in the World. I Think for Some People on Their Hardened and and for Them Even If They Saw a Miracle to Be Hard for Them to Believe. I Look at with Ukraine's Doing Right Now You to about Good and Evil. I'm Seeing Now. Yet We Are There so Many Faithful Believers throughout That Region and They Desperately Need Our Prayers and for Miracles and They Are Certainly Tough. The Mothers and Daughters of the Bio Bible Speak Is Now out Lessons on Faith from Non-Difficult Families Also the TV Special 10 O'clock on Sunday and Shannon You Can Be on One Nation with Me. I Am so Excited That You Have To Sing on My Right I Should Do One Nation, the Musical Lyrics Talk Show That's Getting You Talk Your Brian Kill Me.

Given the Potential of the Russian Leadership. So for Militarily None of Us Can Take Lightly the Threat Posed by a Potential Resort to Tactical Weapons and That's That's a CIA Directors Begin to College Talk about the Threat of China Number One Number Two That a Desperate Rush to Use a Tactical Nuke. Now They're Threatening Sweden and Finland If They Join NATO. We Will Have To Bulk up and Move up Our Nuclear Arsenal. I'm Not Sure Which Real or Not, but We Know This Everything the Russia Wanted to Accomplish. So Far, They're Not Getting and We Are Also Seeing the World Is Seeing How Ruthless and Barbaric, Their Military Is and How Inept They Are and How Unmotivated They Are at This Moment. Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg Joined Yourself General Is Great to Hear from You. Your Reaction to the Taking Out Of That Warship Yesterday That Was Significant Reason Why Significant Moscow Was the Flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. That's the Big Thing but Was Taken out by an Antiship Missile Coca-Cola Neptune That Is Made by Ukrainians Gun Range about 150 Miles What That Did Operationally Force the Naval Vessels of the Black Sheep.

Sheep Leave the Russians to Move Out Of the Area Back over Hundred Miles Because Were Again the Range Is 50 Miles Which Really Frees up Odessa.

There Was A Lot Of Concern That the Only Port Left Ukrainians Was Going to Be Odessa and It Was a Clear of an Amphibious Assault into Odessa by Russian Marines on Board, Amphibious Ships Supported by the Moscow, Which Had Missiles on It As Well As a Given Shelf Are Good Command-And-Control with Now. The Russians of Lost That Opportunity and That's Significant Because When You Act He Wanted out As Well. The Russians Are Not Well That's a Significant Loss to Them Psychologically Significant Loss in Operationally to the Loss and Allows the Ukrainians Have A Lot Of More Opportunity to Do Some Real Damage in the South to the Russian Courses. How Does a Neptune Launch with How Was It Launched Its One-Stop Actually a Truck Which Got a Good Command-And-Control and There's Eight Missiles per Truck and HFA Fire to Add It but It's It's Well Guided They Got Operational like It. It's like a GPS Guidance on It and Assists Key Shipments Giving Missile Which Means You Don't Pick It up Right Away As It's Coming out You Couldn't Stay Right in the Sherpas What Ukrainians Apparently Did State Kind of Got Everybody's Attention by Applying a Couple of Groans of Love That about the Moscow Shopper Is Looking up When the Missiles Are Coming Adam from the Sea Level and They Come with Such Speed That You Really Can't Defend against the Outlook Important to Look like What Happened. It Hit on the Port Side, Apparently the Left Side of the Ship Damaged and Then If You Had Secondary Explosions, Which Apparently Did Have It. The Ship Was Basically Gone. They Tried to Is Smart Move Now Addicted to Force the Russians to Backup It Does, and We Also Understand since We're Not Sending Harpoons. Gen. Kurt Kirby Said They Don't Know How to Work Them Even Though Comes from Wall Said You Could Just Put Someone in Grow. We Have Contractors There I Guess without Admitting It.

All We Could to Teaching That in a Very Short Period of Time, but the Looks like the British Are Sending Surface to the Ocean Right to Land to Ocean Rockets, Whatever Their Version Harpoons Are Looks at the British Are Sending Them That Would Again Give Give the Ukraine Is a Chance to Take Some of the Black Sea Back Correct Yeah What Denies Them Access to Tool Which Is a Critical Port Facility Ukrainians in the Neptune for Good Late What the Harpoons or the British Well It Gives You More of an Extended Range More Powerful Payload on on the Front of of the Metal and the Congressman Is Right behind It Doesn't Take a Long Time to Learn the System Title If You Use Your Work in the System That Similar, You Can Train These People and in the Short Period of Time. It It's A Lot Harder to Traditional Crosstrainer Jet Pilot Playground System in Place. I've Seen It You Know You Can Get out. Take Practice Shots and You're Good to Go to HME, Which Is Significantly Important That They Get Those Muscles. I Did It and Scared the Heck Out Of the Russians and I Know That's Reason Why All the Reports I'm Getting a Movie or the Rest the Black Sheep Fleet Pretty Far out to Sea Right Now. It's Interesting so We Understand the Bad News Is There the Russians to Tighten Their Grip on Mary Pulled up with Their Own Mayor in Their They're Trying to Slow Slowly Squeeze and Starve and Starve out What's Left of the Citizens There and the Fighting Force. There, What's the Best Way, Ukrainians to survive and maybe push back with Mary, Paul, is there anything that they could do in country is your weapon system that would back off. The Russians one we finally finally started to give them good kind of equipment like 155 mm our church which will give them the equivalent range of election tab with their how church will come to more conventional type but here's what I think they might be planning to do what I think are offensive. Ukraine is a different part of people.

Now down to the shout towards were crying me as if they put on offensive down there and they were able to cut off Crimea Crimea's only got the land bridge of about 4 miles a connection to Ukraine problem if they could conduct an offense of the cup that it's almost a quid pro quo in a porch down the Russians look at two directions instead of just getting them bite again to begin to fight which the conventional forces the Russians have a little bit of an advantage there. I would go to a dissimilar approach and asymmetric approach of forcing the fighting direction and try to leave some of the pressure on the Don that might finally get prudent say what made when you do. We really do need to talk sooner or later diplomatically have to come to a solution they can't keep fighting the Russians got a little problem not to take Ukraine.

I think when they walk out of keys and retreated. That was a clear signal to me that key was saved in Ukraine is a country doctor call this some people see the strategy with you the general. Some people say this could be the strategy get the Ukrainians to come fight them into more of an open setting in the Don bias and that when you wipe out their best units you go back up and take Eve. Is that a possibility, yeah.

It's always a possibility, but Patrick approached don't put all your eggs in one basket, force them to look into directions I would conduct if I was them, I would conduct a country and force the Russians to look differently as well. They got the strength right here in the Don we can keep fighting like a delaying action. There Somewhere else and make the Russians go make the Russians spot on your terms instead of on their current books. A high risk game which a high-risk adventure, but you can't build them to began to with the Russians at Shipley got more generally, then Ukrainians have that's reason why we clients, applying it so my point was okay. Don't let your major units get affected by that: reserve go to a different direction against aristocratic weight of Ukrainians been fighting there willing to take risks and I think the they might be willing to take another wish to throw the Russians all done so many different things to keep the balance to little tribute to them and their leadership is just to see what the Russians were organized to communications temples. Morale is down now this finally back to what you guys always said you need one commander, the Russians not know that well they blindly violated probably about six principles of war, unity of command, mass, simplicity, you name it they reshingle violators almost like they said this to be a cakewalk. Take even three days really emotional blockages celebrate be happy and emanate that Heather Hatch handed to them. It was low so we made a major mistake. Units are not that well trained being proven on the battlefield and they also sacrifice their best units early on that one. After yet keep with the best units they get the VDD that's an airborne dispatch select tank units. They have been beaten pretty badly. It's gonna take time to reconstitute.

So basically were saying right now you got your second team in right now when it comes to military units could we use our best units need to refit reconstitute. We put the 1 o'clock that the new Russian commander in place.

He he thinks like the old Russians taken in the Ukrainians like everyone yeah recruiting recurrent cyclic much more agility and inability to fight talking to Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg foxes contribute for Manassas to revise device present tense former Chief of Staff to the Security Council and the Trump administration and author of war by other means. Let me put admitted yesterday in a call speaking to government officials via video link from his residence. He said that payments for Russian energy exports were under strain and that banks from unfriendly countries had been delaying transfer of funds quote as we have said many times before. The most urgent problem here is the disruption of export logistics. The significance general of him admitting that saying the rating is probably knows you got a problem is trying to eat out the economic sanction finally started to take hold shuttle along the takes while a while for economic sanctions to hit its take on the 50 days what they will get and I think we need to keep the pressure on to do it. I think he admits that you're standing at the Brian which is almost mature.

We talk economic now the diplomatically.

I have no idea what we don't real, & keep today and we should do that put pressure on Baltic nations did you and I don't know why we audit we are we are put pressure diplomatically, economically and militarily same time on and will make the people that support start to doubt prudent leadership ability and maybe internally they'll say don't get me. Maybe you need to take along siesta and out down your doctor somewhere so brushes warning us to stop harming Ukraine corn to the Washington Post today Russia sent a formal diplomatic note to the US when the US and NATO shipments of the most sensitive weapon systems.

Ukraine was adding fuel to the conflict there and could bring unpredictable consequences. You know with the referring to what you thought. I don't want on their part. Right now I think it will. When you go there if they had been winning two different stories without after losing I think they're saying I am.

We may not want to go there because were playing with illusion and my biggest fear is never been the nuclear piece because I think even though they do have what you want to call practical action. I don't agree and I think all the Clue, but they do have some kiloton weapons date they can usually talk about using them on the battlefield.

My biggest worry is will use chemical because it's in their DNA.

They use chemical against their political opponents that if use chemical in war fighting liquid water copyediting money when he was a commander to Syria and that's my worry they use something like that. But if he does that. I think it's a lost cause. And I'm not too sure I have doubts that that the Russian military would say this would now gone way too far this and they would they might do something they could talk about it that I I don't think there I think a little bit frightened of a block, I would've said that three weeks ago I'd say it now I think it's a bunch almost like a bridge platform.

But again, the one I think it would use so the nuclear ticket is a chemical some type of nerve gas might have already finally general. We have developed nations like Sweden and Finland want to join and they were warned by the Russians do not join NATO will re-change in and reinvigorate our nuclear arsenal. If we do in Britain placed them indifferently should we just say flat out yes to to those nations. Yeah, we could tell him yes, we should tell him that's absolutely you know join NATO roadblocks right now is play the best game he had everywhere right but if he's able to take the Don Bosch region and claimant sets his own he could say look at. I've got the iron I got the cold I got the oil I got the richest area of Ukraine and we years ago. You being the T the questions to sent way is he could act as if that was his goal all along that he realized it's a losing game called by Joe think so much appreciated if you know we've had the conversation to look quite this optimistic also been warned that the Russians have endless resources tone the people he can call up so they do and they don't care about casualties, even their own so did not rejoice too soon you give you report to that school to. I remember Afghanistan with 15,000 down if the reports were truly approaching the end of the Russian people teach what you know. After while there was a cook when you child pretty rapidly, but this is still playing out on Russian TV and they start on why this is taking so long what's happening.

It'll finally break through and I think it'll it'll it'll hurt trying to stay in power because eventually what happened is the Russian mothers got tired of fighting in Afghanistan when the body started coming home. This may be the same thing for the public to turn against them. That's an okay don't support them right now. But over time you log, why why are we doing this. This is a lost cause, especially when reports are coming out that some of his best units that have been pretty badly mauled. So I am optimistic you but you are actually right. It's still a tough fight. It still is up in the air is no guarantee of anything but right now if I was put some money down at last put on the good news is if you get back to his trumpet goes back and runs and wins. I'm choosing to call you. You will have a motivated Europe motivated NATO to bio weapon systems not the antiquated Soviet systems purchase them. We provide the advisors and NATO will realize they have a function in the danger that Russia presents. You no longer have to sell them. There were not living in the past, like Barack Obama thought we were. Is that correct right absolutely right. Go get in general.

Thanks so much, actually. 186-640-8766 I member I got one nation coming up this weekend to a great show from Mike Pompeo to the great Shannon Breen closes up will have Douglas Murray as well. And you gotta love my open. This is the right to meet you in your knowledge base. Brian me show you so busy he'll make you kill me, as invasion of Ukraine gas pricing through prices all over the world.

There is no dial in the Oval Office the turns inflation often turns it down right so Job I is sitting there, the White House doesn't have a lot of really great options with the economy is not usually .5%. We love the jobs numbers fantastic labor anticipation still around the 60% we love the fact the wages are going up, but they're not keeping up with the inflated prices and to blame people for it and not to acknowledge that the money we got in March.

I know you can commence a rescue plan.

Big mistake. But you could say we had to print a lot of money.

6.7 trillion for the pandemic with we put too much of the system will get a corrected but instead you tell everybody is because the prudent price like now I'm acknowledging that a lot of grain.

I did not know that comes out of Ukraine as well as Russia. I get it, supply change disrupted.

I understand it all we know when you're up.

For example, we depend on those markets are oil and gas to try to get off it in the making other plans is as we have done, but if you look at the gas pump. I think the prices of come down the corridor something that one up slightly after the invasion, but were 50 days into a two-year graduation of and of inflation now. The other big story is what is going to do about it because right now the average person suffering very flat people so you know, no one really serves in the military. I don't know. I've never been to Afghanistan. Racks are really my issue.

The VA scandal is that it you can always section often said that really doesn't affect me know the F2 in the pipeline. That's really not going to affect me. I don't work in a pipeline and that in mind in Texas or Oklahoma. I don't really do much fracking doesn't fuel us like it does Pennsylvania not Ohio but when you raise prices on everything because of the cost of gas and jet fuel and transportation of the wood you charging farmers to brashly bring that the meat market in cow to market.

That's when everyone walks around us not feel good about this and I do. I know I was in grammar school board. Carter was president. I do remember that sensitive we can make a change and that's what people are saying the Democrats should be feeling blessed talk about this and so much more on one nation will be seen on Fox news eight 11 o'clock over 100 meteorologists and worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber. Listen now if Fox is not just

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