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Done Deal: Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Media Predictably Outraged

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 26, 2022 12:45 pm

Done Deal: Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Media Predictably Outraged

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 26, 2022 12:45 pm

The Brian Kilmeade Show 04-26-2022

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As usual, more unique topics than ever before. Not just talk about the war were talking a little bit about the future social media and media in particular, what about politics and a Tom Collins queued up so I wanted take too much time away from the top. We did have a chance to be Gen. Kirby, I just spoke to him on Fox and friends he's in Germany, 40 nation showed up giving some hardware to Ukraine.

Whatever the reason, it seems people are motivated to help more than ever. Maybe they see the carnage and it's so obvious between evil and not so evil it so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three. This is been the Russian playbook since since even when the invasion was brand-new that this was really the West against Russia and NATO against Russia and United States against Russia.

And that's just not the case that this is about Russia's unprovoked war inside Ukraine, Russia has achieved none of its strategic objectives. That is John Kirby.

Moments ago allies rallying in Germany for Ukraine. 40 nations about how they could do more as Russians claim there is now a proxy war between them and NATO also just made a Russia's only loss 15,000 men. I think it's more if tele-fortitude is removed, according to the by the administration remain 18,000 people and they come across a war which would in turn annually me there would be more than 6 million people, and across the border.

That's two times the size of the city of Houston. Unbelievable. Biden's quest to thoroughly dismantle the border gets derailed. Now a judge state title 42, this is Kim McCarthy with Republican delegation to Texas to see the chaos for himself as a national guardsman's body was recovered after he drowned trying to save an illegal immigrant who happen to be trafficking drugs crickets from the White House. I know there's that account affiant L's business insider. They had a tweet that said, you know how great it was that Jeff Brazelton is buying the Washington Post know now they had a tweet that said, this is the end of civilization because he en masse is buying Twitter and Instagram were on the Facebook is awkward. I feel like they center 10.

That's what Twitter.must takes 246 billion to finance in massive takeover. This massive thing from Silicon Valley in the left is panicking looking for safe spaces and a puppet also fascinated founder Jack Dorsey uploads the takeover.

Let's reconsider Tom cotton center to this matter. This matter to politics and communication to the country.

What a big problem with all of the left-wing social media site entering normal conservative American people. I represent about Bill you have very aggressive in many cases twentysomethings did Silicon Valley work charting. I thought you statement about speech and letting people don't agree with you don't agree, but strongly also have a platform speaking.

I hope that all that also prompt other social media sites began to be more evenhanded in the way they treat conservative voters points quote this imbalance speech, let it exist, it would have a gray area. Look at the tweet exist and a good sign as to whether such as free speech is is is someone you don't like allowed to say something you don't like and if that is the case, then we have free speech and it's damn annoying when someone you don't like something you don't like that is a sign of a healthy functioning free-speech situation on that sweet baby please go back to previous 2016 ever since present from one to war social media against conservatives.

In my humble opinion and I think he's going to unmask the algorithm that was allowing accounts being shadow band or band entirely. I'm very curious to see what he discovers when he goes in there you wonder what all the absolutely sentiment that you displayed review en masse would have been a commonplace analogy.

10 years ago on the left to say not going of the last 75 years. Organizations like you existed right to any person speak their mind member organizations years ago. Brian would stand up for the rights of neo-Nazis from March community that had high numbers of survivors today they wouldn't of been a conservative who says he thinks every unborn child has a right to live out our left and moved in America on free speech.

They use so many liberals used to be free speech to the point they would with grotesque neo-Nazi markets, but they still say you can have your piece today. I will censor normal mainstream conservative opinions that have the support of large majorities of Americans. You may recall the summer of 2020. During the BLM wrote a New York Times meltdown that would during their enter on Twitter which have no quarter and direction Twitter contact and to not lock down my account if I didn't delete tweet within just a few minutes that I was calling war crimes, protesters. We gave them numerous examples of other senators using commonplace statement in American politics and man they didn't lock on it.

That's what conservatives everywhere that if you're not a United States Sen. not host auction brands were highly rated syndicated radio program line. You don't have that kind of recourse about all the Americans out there being censored immediately when they post something that all sensors, Twitter, Facebook and Google or Apple don't like prison trumps social yet I have not Brian. I have talked to my own Twitter and Facebook drinks, but I like that. I hope it all of these platforms will follow principles that you must just outline and encourage their members to be respectful, cordial, dignified, simple but also have robust and serious debate about ideas so certain they were about as a switch of the Ukraine word today says Western military's action means NATO essentially is engaged in war with Russia warning to not underestimate the threat of nuclear war, Vladimir," the former heavyweight champion brother of the mayor of Keith said this cut 31 I believe you sign the lease from the past versus 20 years Russia has been totally brainwashed. This view is west of the free world, so to speak his own venture. Russia now we have learned in the past as well that whatever decedent was coming from Russia is suitable to provide this chapter D to the free world and see with this Russ is trying to conquer the world and the free world by using the term nuclear war would would would would easier take away from the Foreign Secretary saying that again just like all use the specter of nuclear attacks. Try to get back down the Ukraine are going to play at times it seemed have been intimidated. You may recall last week that celebrated no ballistic missile development that missile actually brushes capabilities but it does obviously upbraid their missile forces. We are in the process of upgrading our missiles.

Brian just like we conduct pertaining to write and give them advance notice as well. However, Biden ended up first postponing and Get! We Had One Provocative Words Russia Well That's Provocative Joe Biden's Mind. I Worry What You Think You Can Get. That Is True. So Was Seeing a Much More Aggressive Western World Led by a Signatory Defense. Austin Came out Yesterday and Said Look One of Our Goals Is to Weaken Russia so They Don't Do This Again Now. I Love That Sentiment but Is That Wise to Say in the Public Forum and Nationalize This and Not Make It so Much. Ukraine Sovereignty in the West Backing up As Opposed to Russia Being Weakened. Is There a Legitimate Danger and Center Tom Cotton's Mind That the Russian People Will Rally around Their Flag. I Think Your Instinct That A Lot Of Sensible Points.

The Biden Administration in Particular Has a Tendency to Default into Grandiose Escalations and Joe Biden Talks about Abstractions like Democracy Versus State Secondary Goal Is to Weaken Russian Military. I Think at This Point the Ukrainian People and Probably the American People Settle for Something Much More Concrete and Immediate Were Just Talking Ukraine When This Work Ukraine When This War by Getting Russian Troops.

All of Their Territory. Everything Else Can Follow That Sinking from You Served in the Infantry. This Is Not Hypothetical to You. Do You Think It's Possible from What You See. Would You Study What You Would Be Intelligence You See Them to Get Them Out Of Done Boss Is That a Realistic Goal Realistic Goal. Brian Bingo at the Beginning of This War. Some People Still� Think We Should Underestimate Both the Steel and Resolve Will about Ukrainian Military, They Do Need More Assistance Because I You Have a Dog but He Got a Battle Imagining the Battle for Key Would Be Something like a Battle and around Chicago.

Very Dense Urban Areas. Building Vertical Building Very Favorable toward the Battle in Eastern Ukraine to Talk about It Would Been Bought, Say, Iowa, Arkansas, Very Flat Open Fields Longline besides Much More Favorable to the COMBINED Arms Warfare Using Infantry and Armor Calorie. That's Why We Get Ukraine Tanks in the Infantry Fighting Vehicles and the Artillery Cannons That They Need That Were Not As Useful in Northern Ukraine.

Regrettably, the Biden Administration Still Seems to Be on the Back for the Best. We Should've Been Sending Those Kind of Weapons to Keep Six or Eight Weeks Ago If Not More Likely to Have Been Sending the Defense of Weapons Finger Missiles and Javelin Vessels to Rocky or Russia Ever Invaded up, but If We Get Them the Heavy Weaponry. They I Do Think about Ukrainian Army Can Prevail Time. There's Not a Moment to Lose What We Write These Checks. Where's the Money Coming Out Of the Command of the Defense Budget. Do You Know We Where Is This Money. The 800 Now like Brian You a Bill about Documents to Go Ukraine Initial Proposal That All of the Nonmilitary Support Would Be New Spending on the Military Support Would Have To Come Out Of America's Military Budget.

We Are down about, but It's a Combination of Main Sources of Funds. Brian the President under Pre-Existing Law and Spending Bills Have a Certain Amount of Money That He Can Repurpose Practice like You Provide Flexibility and Then of Course That Money Gets Back to Congress and I Spent Some Time in the Next Couple Weeks.

The Present Will Need to Come Back to Congress. I Hope That Juncture Likely Quickly without Request and Don't Try to Tied up with Additional Spending for Coronavirus or Other Domestic Spending That We Have a Simple Straight up down about Ukraine. The Weapon Needs Immediately. Center Goes Good to Talk to You. Thanks so Much Appreciated Center Tom Cotton Good to Hear. If We Hear from Him Out Of AR 18664 0876690B `Two Calls in Just a Moment, I Remember Was to Go to Talk about Immigration Title 42, the Body of a National Guard Soldier Comes Back Really Not a Word from the White House. Why Well. East Texas National Guard When That Concern Him Just As He Served in Kuwait, Iraq, and They Put the National Guard on the Border Because He Would Secure the Border That Is Despicable Out Of the Present. This Is Same Present. By the Way, They Could Not Wait to Find a Microphone When He Saw Border Patrol Agents on Horseback, Which He Thought Were Slapping Asian Immigrants with Their Rains.

They Weren't. They Were Controlling the Horse. No Apology, but It Was Quick Condemnation.

Remember That Newsmakers and News Breakers. First, I Kill Riccio.

Fox News Is Not Just Network.

Janice Dean Fox News Senior Meteorologist. Be Sure to Subscribe to the Chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine talk show that's real. This is the Brian kill me show ongoing and on order management policy right so this guy Congressman Democrat said all we want what we want pandemic aid to keep that in place but a pandemic policy of title 42, it says you not vaccinated.

We don't know your health. We don't know who you're gotta turn around and go home on that title 42, which is in place in the 40s and reenacted present from we were that, but my family and friends in the long term covert care.

We had a get that and places got all be free.

That's out how ideological these people are you going to the border you cannot tell me you are an American citizen who cares about our country and thinks this is okay and go to get worse.

Cut 16 made very clear that the public health emergency ministration during a change effort divided ministration American red and Congress being able to find the vaccine shots and on jobs that we are in a different position and we were in really okay so we had to get all that stuff for free to us to make sure you really work. Again, those under fives inoculated noise even give me a good story on why we should be giving toddlers vaccines, which they clearly can handle the dosage to talk about three shots for one of them so I can give a kid three shots this going to wear off in one year for a virus that the percentages says is not going to negatively affect them long-term rebuttals from gotta be asymptomatic. So having said all that, you can't have it both ways. But these are the these are the knuckleheads were dealing with. There should be certain issues. We disagree on controlling the border should be not dared not see the hypocrisy by same title 42 must go. We need all free medicine, long-term care and covert constrictions and Basson and planes.

You don't see the hypocrisy that I have no use for you wasting my time. We come back over the phone to get your email Brian kill 1-866-408-7669 so glad you nice person is America's weather, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News. Time to start, for wherever you did your podcast radio show like no other for the inclusive Reno for free speech has become effective town square so if that's his people have the both the reality and the perception that they are able to speak freely within the bounds of the low ego that was you. I must talk about the possibility of buying twitter here since our twitter 46, $44 billion. He secures the financing to got some even those richest guy in the world.

I guess you have a lot of cash on hand or enough to buy it so easily did some deals with some banks and he's got twitter bottom line is he's taken off the edge. Go take a private what will that mean will guy now CEO of of Donald Trump social media arm that is truth. Social is definite.

As a former congressman from California Congressman did twice in our great to talk to Brian thinker out of me.

Madison is a great working you too hard. I know you can work on that payment maybe automobile tweet about that or use what we call it untruth social when you post something true. You have to true truth or better, much better than grandpa so just twitter going to somebody like Elon musk heard you guys attitude social because too easily to someone's more of a fair balance guy actually quite the opposite. And you notice that obviously we now are number one in the apt door and it clearly because people's eyes have been opened and they know that all of these other sites with the people are on you and and still look twitter got a long way to go but twitter was a ghost and there was nobody there morning that the eyeballs are on users on tick-tock China own Instagram which is owned by Facebook and course Facebook so those they have real users and they have a lot of users and not for the market. So what were developing it. Truth is the community that's going to not only leverage the best of what twitter has, but also the best of Instagram and Facebook so that we can go out and then grab those users. You know, it's a totally different user base. Other Lotta people out there for us to get to work. So we have run. It's important for people to know how we got here so Donald Trump was kicked off of every platform. Millions of Americans were either kicked off the platform shadow band like me centered like like no other.

So Donald Trump had no choice but to create his own platform he had nowhere to go and that we built the thing just a matter few months and I think people need to understand we just opened up in the Apple App Store. Cooley on Saturday so this is like Dave 10 3 1/2 want or hear.

So it's it's amazing the growth that were seen in yesterday with a big day for us because imagine all millions of Americans who have been kicked off centered quality platform. So for you on monster come and abide twitter were all for me were glad that somebody's finally stepping up and saying the things that he saying that hopefully you can make it better. Not a profitable company and block a lot of users, but look you're having that out of the control of of woke lunatics is is a is a good thing. Let's just see if you can stick to his promises, which is the get rid of the algorithms and get rid of the center in an appeal if he can be a good thing to twitter really is much different than truth. Social or Instagram or Facebook Twitter is really a global PR wire on the Internet. It's a place that corporations go work teams go political hack go and Hollywood celebrities go to put out press releases and so got a global footprint. So to have that out out of the control of Loki is a good thing but it's going to be interesting to see if you can make it work to present put this out yesterday.

I hope Elon buys twitter which we proceeded to make improvements to it and he's a good man but I am I am going to get a stay on truth as you know he wants twitter to be more inclusive.

So when it comes to true social if some of these MSNBC fans and CNN fans get on in and start trolling the president nor you, Devon, how you guys can react is not allowed to have a lot of what appeared to be far left people that are on their and in doing that now. One of the things that we are doing harassing this morning on television talk with you but you were at work or not allowing Bob so beyond their you know you were going to know have you verified and your number your email. Know what I can tolerate any any fake people or anybody having a 5000 account you like like they do on twitter that you got have a real account and actually be a real real human running account, nothing left.

Not easy to do in the course. We were not tolerated any illegal activity. So what I like to say is we want to be a family-friendly place. A lot of the stuff that you see on the tech tyrant platform. You know it's a lot of stuff that took quite frankly, you know, I don't want my daughter seen I don't like my mom seen and it worked were trying to keep it a clean, family-friendly place so you we do have we do have rules but let me tell you what we don't have rules for. You're not going to censor you for your political views. And that's the main thing people have a right in this country and around the globe limit right get out there and say I believe in vaccines or I don't believe in backing or I think the Hunter Biden laptop from hell is real. I don't believe it. Russian disinformation and that's what we want to foster a family-friendly clean place.

Anybody can come on there but not a cure but not not like to see. Now we thought it was a pot mom Mondo got along. Tell me we got a month. How do you because I'm on right now. So where do I hit the little red little red circle in the corner and type in and blast away manacle go out to go out to the world and see okay got it do you say truth is there a limit to characters yeah but it's it's a lot of a lot more than twitter over 400 believe there is you believe that this is necessary if the president is going to be running for president again.

Do you believe you have to have a social media presence is part of the reason why he lured you over and went ahead and did this project know actually you know it was really just the opposite was the opposite of the president got very clear about your plan, you want the wind makes you help Republicans win the midterms. But what what he wanted and what I wanted because I have been on this issue for a few years. I had actually quit tweeting over two years ago because of the censorship and what he what he wanted, if you want to the American people get their voice back and he wanted to open the Internet back up so this is a this is big picture. He did need to start a new company. He did it. The American people and people around the world to have a free and open Internet and that's why you like like a joke. He getting a new company that I didn't need a job. I was leadership position in the house of representatives that lug representing the people, the family Valley, California, but I felt this was the most important issue at the highest level we are in a propaganda war in this country disinformation flowing from the extreme left being force-fed into the American public and around the globe and and I just saw that the corpsman everything just collapse in Washington (my time there and I knew if we didn't have basic communications for people to communicate freely. This country was going to go into a tailspin and that's why true socialism is number one on the App Store right now because people are on their third there engaged in, and it's growing you were glad that you like you on my desktop and you spent $40 billion to at least ruffled us away from them lunatics. Twitter PR for we are. We are excited this is something that needed to happen for a long time so I think yesterday was addictive, breaking through the first door opening people's eyes and and we see that now, because just the reaction of people that are joining truth that I don't want to run on the figure of the company. But you know what were doing this to get people to voice back and and you should notice to where only we just got a beta testing you. Like I said earlier were only open right now in the United States.

So imagine that you unlock the popular guys in the world just bought you just bought twitter yesterday there below and they're open all over the globe were only open in the United States and not and that the American people are reacting in there signing up and are enjoying their their time on the platform because the finding people that that they haven't seen on social media for several years because they got kicked off the center and in their enjoying and that's what engagement so high on a platform even though we barely just begun. So I want you to an sake, said yesterday about the sale and what it means country who owns our friends at twitter. The president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms. I when they have that power they have of our everyday lives has long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause I he's been a strong supporter of fundamental reforms to achieve that goal. So he's concerned about it he would feel so many ways he benefited from it.

So Devon who moderates yours.

For example, let's say someone pops up there and tweets out Joe Biden wants to start World War III. I don't know if that's accurate, probably not want start World War III and its other way but this Devon Nunez on truth. Social sale Taken that down.

It's dangerous. We have guidelines, let me let me come back to let me decipher what she's talking about. I think it's it's really an important point that these tech tyrants were completely in bed with the left wing in this country since Donald Trump one 2016. The censoring started in 17 and ramped up in 1819 and 20 and it culminated in 20 before the election by hiding the Hunter Biden laptop story in its entirety. Changing the election result, we know that now from polling ultimately built hundreds of thousands of millions of people got kicked off of these platforms after the election, and I'm not talking about Pres. Trump talk about millions of Americans got whacked by the five you got so so that's what she's saying member Zuckerberg spent. This is another issue. Nearly half $1 billion that went to harvest boats around this country and it went to the boat of that money went to the strongest Democratic precincts in this country and it just so happened to be in the 10 swing state so they are completely in bed what it is. Is it okay we want to try to stop the sale to Elon musk and oh by the way limit the message to you Facebook and other guys. You better keep give enough money or working to come in and try to regulate it it the threat is what it is granted. If the threat they been in bed together, and that's why I just want to make sure I decipher that but as a relates to what people can post on the platform know it it it always comes down obviously no illegal activity and I guess the difference sometimes it becomes a judgment call. If somebody is on their you know constantly slip spamming over somebody's just on their Brian.

If they call you at that name one time order or maybe even a few times now, that's fine. You know, but sometimes he did the action you know somebody gets upset. We quit we all do that sometimes. But if they're just going around to everything you know every single account and harassing users that they don't even know calling the names that for you to get over to spam in your that's when I can tolerate that, but you will give warnings and that we limit but but at the end of the day, you know, I think if you just honor being a normal person you work and allow you both think the plot just to see twitter this and I can't make heads or tails that you are in school crating a platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is the right one. This is also the current seals go why I chose him. Thank you both for getting the company out of an impossible situation. This is the right path.

I believe it will we do with it. I believe it with all my heart I have this to me this would most complex statements ever because he he runs twitter what did you like about it with me. What was you. I must do better than he didn't do. Why was his intent was you and most intent better than his you know that that whole range right because the guy clearly had control. Maybe you control.

But you know let's not kid ourselves that he is not some like even you, not a moderate harlequin guy and he was mentally letting this happen, but promoting it for many many years so you know I don't know. Maybe he had an awakening question these guys in the house as a member the house right yet you know what I would, I didn't serve on the committee, but that they were questions about it and yeah good point. People want to go back and look at what happened on those you are at those hearings because those guys were questioning. They didn't know they were very evasive in those hearings. As I recall very interesting. Leslie Elizabeth wants is the deal is dangerous for democracy billionaires like you, I must must play by a different set of rules and everyone else moving power for their own gain.

We need a well tax and strong roots to hold back big take accountable. That makes no sense.

But yet another credit back to what the weather all on the same method that we have the power were going to investigate you and harass you if you dare, don't comply with us and do what we want is when they say they want to regulate it means they will go regulate only if they don't do what they want in terms of censoring people that are in the center or center-right got it to social today with the abnormal and App Store after number two was twitter a lot of these changes social media out there, but right now the four presences I'm not on Twitter, I'm on truth social Devon Nunez.

Thanks so much and I think the crabmeat twice.

You got it. Thanks. We come back and take you focus 1-866-408-7669 Brian Talmage Brian kill made tasks networks � Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen to Fox News five The more you listen more, you'll know. Brian made a deal to purchase the social media company.

I'm taking the board agreed to the people, billion dollar deal $44 billion in money you think it's a good idea to buy how that is James Gordon obviously talking about it. He's one of the few people on the left not freaking out. The twitter was bought by Elon musk of these guys pretty full of phenomenal.

In terms of an impact player. He's got a total cold boring total company he's got space X obviously going steam extremely well. He's got Tesla which is going better, which is looking to secure more rare-earth door to move it forward and now he's God twitter he's concerned about twitter turning a profit, but I sense it will these have a lot more interesting.

I think I think is going to unmask. I wouldn't be surprised press conference style.

A lot of the other shadow bays been taken place.

These guys got six months to get out, at which time they might be leaving behind him a trail of what's been going on since 2016. I will say this, and maybe it's just pure people getting back on Twitter.

I added 37,000 followers in 12 hours that's unbelievable.

I mean 37,000 I was about 120,000 after the 2020 election because they said they were going through it. Note regarding Edward my sure that her January 6 the same thing so I'm not sure they cover a whole bunch of bots with a sorted restraining my side door. My identity of my profile, but people are flooding over to Twitter right now and I think it's only good for both sides to agree to pay the rent to order any my book so make sure to sign, personalize and send testing for Mother's Day present freedom fighters latest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber.

Listen Fox News five just Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me.

Thanks. Would you be and hereby is the writing to me Joe this hours that would be great. We got Jim caught the legendary baseball pitcher for a new book out. Also, great broadcaster simulcast on empty and the fastest growing news channel in the country and Richard Haas is standing by present the relations as we see the just pretty dramatic events unfolding as our secretary of state and secretary defense goes to keep then convenes kind of quickly conference in Germany and says who can show up when nations can show up this way we could see what weapons we have that we might be able to get to Ukraine.

They just told me what they needed.

Most and then we find out that Russia has responded to this bulk up and aggressive arming of Ukraine from NATO so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

This is been the Russian playbooks incessant even when the invasion was brand-new that this was really the West against Russia and NATO against Russia and United States against Russia. And that's just not the case that this is about Russia's unprovoked war inside Ukraine, Russia has achieved none of its strategic objectives. That is John Kirby on Fox and friends about an hour ago with me how I traveling in Germany for Ukraine. 40 nations map out how they could do more. As Russia claims this is a proxy war for them. Verse NATO and also to smear the Russia as we lost 15,000 men.

If title 42 is removed according to the by the administration, it would mean 18,000 people a day come across a border which would in turn annually mean there would be more than 6 million people coming across the border. That's two times the size of the city of Houston that is out of control. Do you agree binds quest to thoroughly dismantle the border gets to rail for now as a judge stays in order and title 42 McCarthy's Republican delegation to see for himself and does not like the chaos you know there's that account. Affiant L business insider. They had a tweet that said how great it was that Jeff Brazelton by the Washington Post know now that a tweet that said, this is the end of civilization because your mosque is buying twitter Instagram or or the Facebook does not work. I feel like they sense or 10 X what twitter.Bright musk takes twitter as $46 billion to finance this massive takeover is the Silicon Valley and many Democrats panicking. Not sure why.

It's also fascinating that the founder Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey applauds the takeover interesting. But let's put that on hold for second ring and Richard Haas prison Formulations Richard Haas Thanks Much for Joining Me). First off Is It Me or Zero Much More Aggressive Tone Coming Out Of the White House on This War As of Late. I Don't Think It's True, I Think You're Hearing What What Is Being Said on Your Suit, Not Just the Tone Which Is More Aggressive As You Say Talking about Weakening Russia and so Forth. But the Substance of the Policy. The Volume and Quality of the Nature of the Weaponry It's Going to Ukraine. The Political Identification of American Interest with Ukraine Stretchers.

Having Your Cabinet Member Show up There the Rest. So Yes so I Think Your Your Reading It Accurately. So Do You Think It's a Good Move Because We Are Very Responsive to Their Needs Will Flooding the Area with Weapons, the Detractors Do with the People to Worry about This Says We Are Were Fostering Something You Could Get Out Of Control. One Is. I'm Glad Were Providing Ukraine with the Kind of Weaponry There Going to Be This Next Phase of the War for. Obviously Now There Situational Russia Is Going to Concentrate Troops in the East of the South.

Almost If You Imagine Not a Clock Straight from 2 to 5 on the Clock Pushing Amassing of All Russian Troops Were Given Ukraine, Not Just the Arms and Ammunition, but They Have the Training, the Intelligence to Compete Gives Them a Much More of an Offense of Capability, Not Simply Antitank Weapons and the like, but Also Some Aggressive Taxa.

Conceivably Aircraft of Their Their Own Tradition Going to Be a Large Set Piece Battle. I Think That's Good. I Worry about Rhetoric Talks about That. Our Goal Is to Weaken Russia.

Don't Get Me Wrong, I Think That Weakening a Rush Is a Good Thing Strategically Launch This for the Fact That Russia Will Come Out Of It Weaker Is a Good Thing, but to Talk about It Publicly Changed in the Mixer Much More Likely to Think about Escalating It Makes a Fight to the Finish. It Will Unnerve Our Allies in Europe.

That's Not What They Signed on for They Shall Dog for the Defense of Ukraine Not for an All-Out War against Russia. By the Way Would Be Nice.

At Some Point If Someone Would Just Talk about What Our Definition of Successes and Ukraine Is It to Get Back to the Borders Existed Two Months Ago to Get Back to the Borders That Existed Eight Years Ago Is It to Get a Cease-Fire in Always Wanted One Singular Objective, Right and That Is That That Ukraine's Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity Is Fully Respected by Russia and Quite Frankly Everybody Else and That's with the Meeting in Germany. Here's All about so Many Countries from outside Europe Participating and Looking at Ways That They Can Contribute Ukraine's Ability to Defend Itself. Now and Well into the Future.

That's Been the Goal from the from Day One, and That Has Not Changed. So That's What I Asked in the Question. Would You Just Asked and You Are Concerned about Secretary Defense. Also, You Know Austin Coming out and Saying That They Want to Weaken Russia so They Can Do This Again. So That's One Thing They Were. I Saw That Ian Bremmer Was Worried about.

He Says inside Russia. This Is There Making It NATO Verse Russia and That's That Would Get Rally Their Population in a Way That They Probably Would Be Unnecessary.

You Know Unnecessarily Wanted a War Russia against Ukraine War Choice. Five.

I Do Not Want to Turn This into War Russia against NATO or the West Allows Prudent to Rally Her Rather John Kirby Statement You Displayed Deconstructed. It's One Thing to Talk about Ukraine's Sovereignty I Get, What Is He Saying That It Is the Policy of the United States That We Support Ukraine Militarily Reclaiming Every Inch of Its Territory Does Not Mean That It Is. It Is Now US Policy That Ukraine Shall Militarily Do Everything in Its Tri-Capability and We Will Ensure They Will Succeed to Take That Crimea to Take Back Every Square Inch of the Done Must Unless I Missed It. That's a Big Big Policy Move and We Haven't Had That Conversation We Having I Guess You See Where It Will Event Where It Goes. Richard You Somebody That This Will Surprise That the Russians Aren't Better. There Are Better Equipped to Me.

The Reason Why They Are Just Leveling Cities Is Is B It's a Lack of Skin.

Not Only Is It in Barbaric Content but Is Also a Lack of Skill Don't You Think That I Am Somewhat Surprised, like A Lot Of People in Vladimir Putin. I Overestimated the Quality of the Russian Military and You're Right so Far Lately, Largely, Not for War Shortly Not Successfully against Ukrainian Military Therefore War against Undefended Cities and Civilians but Not Real Cultural Problems Are Real, Real Command Problems.

A Lot Of Conscripts Have Not Been Well Trained More and More Motivated.

So Yeah, I Think What This Exposes Again Is That Russia Is Much Weaker Than We Thought.

That's the Good Seems to Me If They Were to Take on NATO Directly, They Would Have so Yes the Only Bad Part of This Plan Is Russian Conventional Inadequacy, Which Is What Were Saying Militarily Back Very Quickly, Could Lead to a Decision Point for Prudent Where He Might Say Were Really Gonna Lose or Escalate the Chemical and Nuclear Weapons. That's the One Thing That Leaves Me Uneasy about A Lot Of Scenarios That Basically Said an Hour-Long Conversation Few Hours Ago.

It's Hard with the Time Difference Note Was Yesterday Morning or Night, but Denise Is NATO. In Essence, Is Entering a Proxy War with Russia and Warned the Western Nation. There Was Considerable Risk of Nuclear War Is like the Fifth Time They Said That since His Conflict Began on Their Choice. So That's What You Worry about Right.

Ironically Enough, It Was NATO Policy to Be the First to Introduce Nuclear Weapons As Needed in Order to Compensate for What We Thought Was Our Conventional Military. Artie during the Cold War.

Now the Shoe Was on the Other Foot. What Scares Me about Russia about This Russian Russia That I Don't See the Constraints. Vladimir Putin Wants to Use Chemical or Nuclear Weapons Who There Is Going to Show You Who's Going to Prevent Think about It at the Time of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 There Was More Restraint on Nikita Khrushchev Than There Is on Vladimir Putin Today to Give Us Some Letter to Give Us Pause. The Politburo Was a Real Parliament Was an Appalling Part of the Politburo Had Institutionalization There Was a Degree of Constraint. The Degree of Collective Decision-Making Is Essentially the Institutionalized Russian Government. This Kleptocracy Is Created, You Got a Small Number of People Who Are Financially and Politically Dependent on Him and Again If He Wanted to Shoot off a Nuclear Weapon or Two. I'm Not Sure Who Would Have the Ability or the Willingness to Stop so the German Germany As You Talk about the Transformation I Germany As Well Will Send Ukraine Dozens of Radar Equipped Heavy Tanks Designed for Air Defense. The First Time Is Supplied Ukraine with Heavy Weapons in the War. They Also Have Put Aside $112 Billion on Military Procurements.

There Were More That That Would Get Them above 2% of the GDP Which You Should've Been Doing All along. We Seen This Story over and over Again. We Do Not Have Them Getting off Russian Oil That Would Be More Substantial and Gas but They Can't Do It Overnight Anyway. It's Applying the War Machine, but If I Was to Tell You This Two Years Ago the Germany Would Be Have This Type a Change of Heart.

You Will Brighten Crazy Right and I Would've Said That At Least Note the Turnaround in Germany While Not Complete Has Been Extraordinary As You Say, Doubling the Defense Spending Providing All Sorts of above Alarm Supporting Sections up to Point the Biggest Problem Is the Nonsupport for the � Cut off, They Could Do It but Only at Significant Cost to Their Economy Will See How the Debate Plays Plays out in Germany. My Only Mild Warning Here, There Was an Interesting Tweet Today from the Former German Ambassador United States Will Scan Your Sugar That They Are Concerned about What They See As the Ratcheting up of US Warrants. They Haven't Signed on to All Work to Quote on Quote. We Generally Bleed Russia They Have Signed up for War to Help Ukraine and I Think We Just Have To Be Careful Not to Undermine This Rather Remarkable Turnaround in Germany, and This Rather Remarkable NATO Solidarity. Somehow We Were Rationalizing Having Russia Take the Lead in Negotiating with Iran about Their Nuclear Program. They're Going to Take the Enriched Uranium Out Of Their Country with a Pain to Do It While We Sit in the Adjacent Room Mean Is There Any Sober Mines. There They Could Snap Out Of It and Understand This Is a No One's Interest the Bigger Problems Are Reported Negotiating This Agreement, Whether I Do Not Understand Why We Would Sign on to an Agreement with Such Short Duration That Wouldn't Cover Missiles Wouldn't Cover All of Iran's Destabilizing Activities around the Region. The World Would Then We Transfer Resources That Would Help Them Do This All for A Few More Years of Limited Restraint on the Nuclear Side. I Just Think It's a Questionable Bill. It Is in You Somebody That Understands Right Now the Gravity of Things in the Region and Understands the Best Worst Option Is Saudi Arabia.

I Want for You.

It's a Car You Say That over the Weekend. He Said They Could Show He Was a Friend of His and When You Look around the Region and the Country See Sunni Countries That Were Signing Deals on the Abraham Accords with Israel Is Kinda Stopped in Saudi Arabia Specially Cut off Relations with the US Not Increasing Oil Production, Not Taking Phone Calls Told Jake Sullivan Don't Even Bring up the Khashoggi Situation Again and Knowing That Iran Is the Other Option Going Back and Reestablish Relations Is in Our Best Interest Got This Wrong. I Was Unhappy As Anyone. I Still Have about the Khashoggi As a Nation for Murder. On the Other Hand, I Don't Think We Can Have the Entire Relationship with Saudi Arabia Held Hostage to That. I Think We Got a Find a Way to Not Ignore Dr. Forget It All, but to Work to Some Extent Workaround That We Got All the Other Concerns. Obviously, Iran Obviously Would like to See Saudi Arabia Normalize with with Israel, and I Do Think We Need a Bigger Relationship with Saudi Arabia and I Think Direct Sorties Are Given up on This at the Discretion I Actually Think the Financial Deal They Recently Ritual Drug Cash Lurking Somewhere Message That They Are Betting or Taking out an Insurance Policy or What I Gonna Call an Option in Three Years. You Have a Republican Administration and They Essentially Shut Work in the Cool Archaeology ~When I Can Work with United States. By the Way When I Can Put out More Oil to Keep Prices down There and Ukraine Crisis Were Just Gonna Wait until There's a Republican Administration That She If We Can't Do Business with the Americans Again. I Think That's Unfortunate and Sees Richard. These Were Not the Only Option. Chinese and Option to Integrate Right Thinking to Do. Think Yeah I Mean in Russia's Option. So Think It Was Play That against Us and We People Should Understand to When We Decided the Rebels Belong off the Terror Watch List That's Going to Golf Saudi Arabia Who the Rebels Are Supported by Ron so You Might Not like the Way Saudi Arabia's Acting but They Are Reacting to Missiles That Are Striking Their Country Right Not Just That. Also, the United Arab Emirates, I Think We've Turned a Blind Guy to Some of What Iran Is Doing in Yemen What the IRG. She Is Doing with Groups like the Sun That Is Alienated Both the UAB Capital Wouldn't Support Us on the Policy Towards Russia in This Crisis.

We May Not Want Want to See the Connections We May Not Want to See the Linkages but Other Countries Do. And We Can't Judge Essentially Knock on Their Door When We Want Something from Them. We've Got to Have Real Relationships and I Don't Think Were Doing It with with with the Saudis of the Time Passing Right. It Is Really Interesting. I Was in Government That One of My Goals in Life Was to Make among Other Things on the Middle East Less Interesting. I Wanted It to Become Boring and I Clearly Failed. The Choice of Insight That Dr. Richard Haas Present Cancel Formulations. Thanks so Much for Having the Right You Got It.

186640876690 Taking Calls in a Moment.

Then Jim Cottage by the Hour Talking Baseball Use of the Brain Told Me Joe Containing Lightning You're with Brian Kill Me.

Fox News Can't Just Networking These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Now and Fox News Time Just Done, or Wherever You Get Your Favorite If You're Interested in Bryan's Talking about Your Brian Kill Me If Tele-Fortitude Is Removed, According to the Administration Remain 18,000 People a Day Come across the Border, Which Would in Turn Annually Me Would Be More Than 6 Million People Coming across the Border.

That's Two Times the Size of the City of Houston and That's How I Control It Is with the Immigration since Your Situation Then You Have a National Guardsmen Who Goes into the Water, Whose Fresh of Kuwait and Iraq. He Goes and Serves and A Lot Of This Duty, They Hated Because Her in the Middle of Nowhere Away from Their Families Out Of Their Job and Their Serving There Because the Federal Government Will Not to Secure the Border. While This Guy Jumps in and He Ends up Drowning to Pull His Body out Yesterday and Leave Jen Saki Basically Is a Little Indifferent Really Thought Its Outer Issues, You Know, We It's Bad but That's Because Texas Had to Put Them on the Border of the Big Picture Is a Run a Portable One Reason Not for Exercise, Not for Training Is Business Totally Out-Of-Control and That That's the Issue That I Can't Believe over the Weekend, Jen Saki's Communication Division Wouldn't Put out Something about You Know Our Hearts Go out to This Guy Whose Family Was Obviously Distressed Because the Person He Was Able to Fish out and Survival. One of the Two Survived Drug Mule Bring Drugs into the Country. So Now We Get to See What Could Happen They Say Two Out Of Every 10 Democrats Care about Immigration Seven Out Of Every 10 Republicans. So Somewhere in the Middle You Have Independence and Undecideds and That's Why They're Leaving This Ministration, Please Point Me to an Area outside Only Low Unemployment Numbers Which Was Happening Anywhere, You Still One Finding People to Get Employees Really the Bigger Issue with This Administration Is Hitting Straight with the Policies Are Actually Working. They Think They Have a Good Storyteller. Okay, I'm Always We Come Back to Talk to Jim, Frank Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Killed Me Show Laterally Previous When You Go That Is Just Some of the Highlights of Jim Codd's Decades in Major League Baseball. He Spent a Decade to Be Considered Years in Broadcasting As Well. He Is Got a Brand-New Book out and by the Way, That Was Jim Carr Completing a Complete Game When Beating Sandy Koufax so That Is a Little Bit about What Jim Koch about Jos� Midgley Picture Author of Good Is Gold My Decades in Baseball. Jim Welcome to Bring to Me Joe Well, Thank You so Much. It Was Pretty Exciting to Hear a Racetrack Mentioned That That Last out in Game Two of the 65.

How Will You Look Back at Any Moment in Your Career and Mean It Was Such a Long One with Tom Brady before Tom Brady Will Pitching a 44 Yeah, I Actually Went to Camp. 45 but You Know It's Times like This.

Ever since the Hall Of Fame Announcement That You Know the Magnitude of That Is Just Overwhelming and I in the past I've Never Really You Know I Can't Say I Look Back on Those Obviously but I Hear That Are Remembered in Great Detail. You Know Once I Got into Announcing Your You Kind of Forgot about by Playing Days Unless You Know I'm Reminded of Something like That. That's Always Fun Days Are Your Committee Put You in the Class into 2022 and People Rediscovering Are Your Career and They See You Play with 13 Hall Of Famer's Your First Year It Was. Was It 1959. Your First Year 1959 Got Called up Your Heart Killebrew Hall Of Famer That Was That TBI Played Yeah I Guess I Tried.

I Played with 13 Hours Adding up the Other Day. I Think If You Include the All-Star Game Marketplace like Clementi and Erin Are Amazed. Then I Got to Touch Base and Games Were Probably about 30 of Them.

Do You Feel Is so That Euro When You Talk about Amazing Erin and Roberto Kemeny and Olen Dissipated in Others, You Feel As Though Players Were Better Back Then.

No, I Don't Think They Were Better. I Think the Players Today Ability. Why Are the Best Ever but the Way the Game Has Been Operated Did Not Cause Them to Play It the Way They Do Turn Negative the Basically Old Brown Derby and the Power Pitching Exhibition Where You Can Only Throw so Many Pictures at Full Power.

Jeff Kabbalah Pregame Show.

I Don't Think the Game Is Appealing. I Really Enjoyed the Year, I Played It If I Had a Choice, Even Though I've Been Reminded That You Guys Will Think of the Money That I Really Would've Enjoyed Another Error Would've Been from 1946 to 1958, Right after World War II. I Just Think the Game of Baseball. You Know People Then Look at Their Cell Phones and Water at the State Even Occasionally Look up and See What the Score Is They Were Really into the Game. 283 Wins Hundred 80 Complete Games Matters Is One Players Complete Games. We Had Pizza, the Dodgers Pulled Their Pitch with a Perfect Game the Other Day. This Was so Early in the Season. Can You Get Your Head around That I Could Get My Rodeo Last Night Walker Buehler Pitched the First Complete Game of Any Picture. All Three Were like Three Weeks but You Know I Understand That There Are Not Trained, the Way We Were They Look at a Clayton Kershaw Would Get That at a Short Spring Training Is Coming off Injury in the past They Think They're Doing the Right Thing, but I'm Just Surprised That People That Know Pitching Better Should Know That First of All, It's the Condition of Your Legs That I Was so Happy to Read More Mac Sure Your Mentioned That in an Interview a Couple Days Ago That in Order to Pitch Deep in the Games You Have To Get Dish at Your Legs.

Well, If You Get Limited in How Many Pictures You Can Throw. You Never Get Your Likes Condition to Pitch Nine Getting All the Doors Leading to Pitch Five Short Counterproductive yet Sad but I Understand Why They're Doing It and It's Too Bad Because These Pictures Are so Talented There's No Reason Why We Couldn't See, for Example, Assures Her Kershaw Deal Going to Going into the Ninth-Inning Receiver Was the First One I Remember Talking about That Nolan Ryan As Well. They Thought the Best Way to Pitch Long Time Was to Pitch a Long Time. I Keep Doing so. See You at 500 Protein Needs 13 of Which Were All Hall Of Famer's You Have 283 Wins 4500+ Innings and What I Think Is so Amazing Your Sweet 16 Homers All the Pictures Will Were Heading Back Then Was so Amazing Is You Basically Injury Free.

Looking Back Now, Is That Genetics Will Didn't Have the Technology You Think Today in Terms of Weight Training and Stretching in a Plyometrics Why You Think You Were Virtually Injury Free. Well I Think of All I Could Do A Lot Of the Encourager Mentioned This to. I Was Always Born. I Had a Pretty Durable Body Are Very Durable Body, but I Think in My Early Days Growing up in Southwestern Michigan Ceiling Cold-Weather Climate Worker. We Played a Limited Number of Games We Played All Sports, Football, Basketball, Some Guys Ran Track in Baseball Is Just One of Many, so We Never Pitch Somebody Innings at Its Work Stress on Her Arm and We Had Never Heard of the Radar Gun or Pitched out Show You Know You Just Pictured Played Sandlot Ball in Your Body Develop and Then You Know That My First Organized Baseball until I Was 16 and Then I'd Say to Your 19 Your Body Kinda Matures You See All the Kids Today Are Playing Travel Ball and Dr. Andrews Who Did the Tommy John Surgery for Years� Dr. Joe, but I Have Always Recommended That Young People Play All Sports Should Develop All the Muscles in Your Entire Body and It's That Stress on Young Pictures Players Trying to Do Too Much Too Soon before Their Bodies Are Are Used To It and Then They Break down Couple Things a Little of This Moment for Your October 20, 1982 Cardinals Win the World Series and You Pitching Each of the First Four Games Cut 44 Jack Block on the Call Right Bruce to Be the Greatest Closer Ever and Was One of the Highest Rated Series Ever to Correct I Hear about That You Could Play That Highlight Your like Played for a Long Time. A Bit about Long Time When People Ask Me My Top Thrill You Just Heard It Did Not Call Because It Was My 24th and Final Full Season and No Player Has Played Longer Professionally in Any Professional Sport before Getting a World Series Ring a Championship Ring and That's What That Meant to Me When When Bruce Sugar through Strike Three.

Press Gorman, Soon As This Is Unbelievable Light and Dark 40 Years. This Year They're Having a Reunion for so Will Get to Get Together Again. Not A Lot Of the Teammates from That Team Will Be a Great Time Right You Probably Still Be in the Best Shape of Anybody's Jim, This Book Is Now out Is Called Good Is Gold.

My Eight Decades in Baseball so You Be You One Semi-Seven Emmy Awards As a Broadcaster to Use One of the Calls You Part of This Broadcast. Why Couldn't Who Had Such an Up-And-Down Career 19 Looking to Be the Best Ever Serious Drug Problems We Know about It, Ends up with the Yankees Is Able to Cash in on Some Fortunate What Was Left in His Arsenal, by Way One of the Nicest Guys You Ever Meet. It Was May 14 19 A6 Cut 46 Jim Was a Great Guy You Know the Big Rodriguez CL Flyball out to Center Fielder, No, No. Sad to Say, the Late Gerald Williams Made an Unbelievable Catch to Keep That No-Hitter Intact Early in the Game, but I Certainly Remember That Vividly and I Was Fortunate to Be a Part of the Broadcaster David Wells Perfect Gave a Little Bit Later, Knowing Tony Kubiak Recommended That MSG Network Hire Me after He Retired. I Think Totally Often for That Because Getting That Job and Following That Team the Next 12 Years Was the Best Local TV Job in the World Because the Yankees Were so Good. And Every Night at Yankee Stadium Hereafter See Something You've Never Seen before for That Was That Was a Fun but Really an Easy Job.

Following Nasty Jim and Natalie Wanted Great Pictures for You and the Great Guys of All Time.

Jim Can't Think of His Book Is Called Action. Now Brian Kill Me Show Choice FOXBusiness Is Barney in Company with Stuart Barney Don't Just Hang in There on Your Investments on Talent Well and Get Peace of Mind with Active Management of Your Portfolio Dial 833-777-7887 Investment Advisory Services Offered through Talon Private Wealth, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results.

Welcome to Matter Moments Go to Be with Onboarding Company in FB and One of the Top-Rated Chosen All Business Television Is Not the and Will Talk about What's Happening in the World and News As It Melds with with Tapping the World of Social Media, but Stuart Barney, of Course, Able to Join Once a Week and Was Listening Together. Brian Kill Made Your Own. It's 1051 Is What I Want to Start Companies That Loudly Supported Black Lives Matter Now Silent.

Should Companies Even Be Jumping into Politics Leftist Politics in the First Place. Brian Welby When You Talk about Placards That Are Particular to Starting Some of These Numbers down. It Looks like Nike Gave $140 Million. Looks like Apple Gave $100 Million. Looks like Target Gave $10 Million. These All to Millions of Dollars Hundred 40 Million Nike so and They Put They Take the Jordan Brand Converse and Nike Together.

That's What They Put in, Put Black Lives Matter on the Side of the NBA Court. Why Is the NBA Not Upset Because This Money Is Not Accountable. The CEO Is Not There.

They Retired Disappeared Buying Mansions and There A Lot Of These Causes Is This A Lot Of People. For Example, Give Credit to Michael Bloomberg. He Knows A Lot Of Minorities, like Charter Schools Because They Benefit from Them.

They Demand More from Them.

Their Curriculums Also Better to Running Out Of Financing the Beanstalk by the Federal Government, You Are a Check for $20 Million in Tier Take It to the Schools Given to the Teachers Don't Go Anywhere Else Get More Kids Build More Buildings When You Come to Helping out African Americans in America. Everybody's Heart Maybe Is the Right Place. Maybe They Feel Their Hostage to It.

I'm Not Sure, but in 2020. You See the Results.

Since Black Lives Matter Came out since George Boyd Murder Which Took Place This Is. For This Is Narrative That Cops Are Bad and Is Narrative That White America Is Bad so There's No Overcompensation. I Guess Point by Writing Big Checks to Feel Better Order to Subscribe to This Cause, We Know the Cops Aren't Bad. We Know the Ramifications Are Avenue and Fox Came up with These Numbers and Figured out Murders Have Gone up over 40% since Black Eyes Better since the George Floyd Killing in 2021. Nike Will Get Any of Its Money Back. Should They Escort. Should I Have Them Actually Had Accountable for Loss of Public Shareholders May Be Outraged and Say Something, Stand up at the Annual Shareholders Meeting Is We Want Our Money Back. You Gave It Away. We Wanted Back before We Go. I Gotta Move on to This One, but We Got a New Fox Nation Special Coming out Comes out on Thursday. It's Called Who Is Elon Musk. I Think I Made It to Some Degree, I Want Your Opinion Brian Is Elon Musk, the Genius or Huckster Is No Doubt about It. To Me a Genius Which Was Extremely Bold, Has Great Confidence in Himself. Again, Not the Perfect Home Life. You Have the Ideal Situation Home Divorce Family Leave South Africa Goes to Canada with Hope of Them Coming Here. No One Ever Make about Cut Any Cut the Brush Away for Elon Musk or His Brother. They Found a Way He's Clearly a Genius and Also Is Bold. He Took Great Risks along the Way. It Looks like Tessa Was Knocking to Be the Big Success Space X Rockets Were Blowing up and That It Was Taking to the Tremendous Loans out.

He Did Have To Figure out Manufacturing on a Mass Level to a Prototypical Card. No One Believed in, so He Took Great Risk.

I Think, and I Think You'll Find at the End of This Special Will You Make Your Decision but at the End Especially Be Led to Believe Were Much Better Country Because He Came to Our Country. Yeah Exactly the Right Thing Brian I'm Watching You on One Nation Saturday Night 8 PM Eastern Only on Fox News Channel. We'll See You Soon Get a Link to Much, Stuart. 1-866-408-7669 Solution to This. Just Building with Black Eyes Matter, Did FBI Data Shows That 7400 37,043 White People Were Murdered in 2020 Meeting 2898 More Black People Were Killed, Compared to Whites an Average of 6927 Black Americans Were Murdered Each Year between 2010 and 2019 That Went up 43% Compared to the Previous 10 Year Average. A Lot Of People Said It Was to Defund the Police Movement.

I Thoroughly Believe That Because the Police Are Often Needed Most in the Most Rundown Economically Challenged Neighborhoods so You Tell Them to Go Back in There. The Problem with Your Black or White As a Cop. The Fact That You Wore the Uniform You're Not There That's Led Chaos Reigned Supreme and It's Not Happening This Early in Beverly Hills Is Not Happening in the Upper West Side of New York City Know It's It's Happening It's Happening in Chicago in the Rundown Areas of Chicago Gang Members Killing Gang Members.

No Infiltration. There Is No Anti-Crime Unit New York City to Find a Way to Weave into These Neighborhoods and Find out Where the Criminal Activities Taking Place Where the Bad Guys with the Bad Actors Are and Then Reading That Neighborhood of It Because Usually People Who Are in Working-Class Areas Aspire to Be Middle Class and Middle Class Aspire to Be Upper, Middle and End, and Then the Upper Class Such As the American Way and You Can't Do That If You Have To Worry about Your Home Be Broken into What Little You Have Been Taken and Security Being an Issue and What Happens When Police Are Taken out There Hurt There.

I Think These Numbers Don't Lie and I Think That You Gotta Come out and Examine the Books on BLM Which Blows Me Away Is When It Comes to Black Eyes Matter You See the Money Pouring in Globally around the World. It Really Took Root in Trade with Trave on Martin in the Controversy around That Black Eyes Matter Took Took off That If You Said All Lives Matter Get Canceled. Remember That. So Having Said All That You Have This Money That Allows You to Have a Foundation, but Demands That You Account for All of It, but Getting an Accountant Is a Necessary Expense. The First Thing You Do If You're Running an Organization Get the Most Experience Nonprofit Leader out There. You Could Pay Them a Decent Salary.

Her Number Two Was You Get the Best Accounting Firm Possible Vision of the Scrutinies Gotta Be on Why Would You Put Yourself in the Line of Fire, and Then You Go out You Have Fundraiser Element to the Goes Answers. These Are the Causes We Want. This Is the Money We Have.

If You Are Able to Donate to Me This Is What We Could Do and If You Want to See My Books Go Check It out Online on Charity Navigator. Instead You Ever for Series of CEOs Residing Nobody Wants to Take down Is about Six or Seven Matches out There Were People Wonder Where to Get the Money for That Father Bought a Mostly White Neighborhoods to Help the Cause Was in the Brain to Meet You One Nation Saturday Saturday 8 O'clock Repeated Again 11 and Will Go to Brian Give the President Freedom Fighter outside It Will Send My Fox News Radio Studios in New York City Set up Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Brian Would Kill Me Thank You Much for Being Here Buddy. This Is the Right to Me Joe from 46 in Midtown Manhattan Heard around the Country, Hopefully in Ukraine We Have Your Phone Calls, 186640876 Excited to Great I Guess. Teed up Tyrus Is out Your Entire Smell of the Channel Is a Brand-New Book Out Of His Memoir. It's Fascinating and It's Excellent. You Know Why This Party Is Not, You Probably Don't Know What Is Been through to Get Here and Draw Baker Just Had to Take the Elevator Get Here. He's Got Fresh of Bill and Martha Show Editor at Large, the Wall Street Journal, Which Is a Pretty Good Publication and Host of the Wall Street Journal at Large. Fridays at 730. I Draw Welcome. Thank You Very Much Brian As He Said It Was a Nice Write up and There Was Grace.

Thank You for Allowing Us to Come to You to the Spectacular the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three. This Is Been the Russian Playbooks Incessant Even When the Invasion Was Brand-New That This Was Really the West against Russia and NATO against Russia and United States against Russia. And That's Just Not the Case That This Is about Russia's Unprovoked War inside Ukraine, Russia Has Achieved None of Its Strategic Objectives John Kirby on Fox and Friends This Morning Allies Railing in Germany for Ukraine. 40 Men 40 Nations Map out How They Can Help and Assist Me to Russia Was Already Lost 15,000 Men. If Title 42 Is Removed According to the Bond Administration and Remain 18,000 People or They Come across a Border Which Would in Turn Annually Mean There Would Be More Than 6 Million People Coming across the Border.

That's Two Times the Size of the City of Houston. No Wonder He's Incensed by His Quest to Thoroughly Dismantle the Board against the Rail for Now. As the Judge Stays in Order and Title 42, McCarthy Was a Republican Delegation to Texas to See the Chaos for Himself Will Discuss Another That Account Affiant L's Business Insider. They Had a Tweet That Said, You Know How Great It Was Japanese, Also Final Washington Post Know Now They Had a Tweet That Said, This Is the End of Civilization Because Your Mosque Is Buying Twitter's of RAM or on the Facebook Is Not Worth I Feel like They Center 10. That's What Twitter.Dave Portnoy the Barstools of Course Talking out Speaking out Must Take Twitter 46, 44 Billion to Finance the Massive Takeover That Has Silicon Valley in the Left Panicking Witching Day.

Let Me Pose That to You Enjoyed Welcome. Thank You Very Much Brian so so Jerry, Do You Feel As Though This Though Silicon Valley Is Really Rocked to Its Core. Well I Have To Say It's Extremely Enjoyable to Watch the Meltdown on the Side of the Left Left with It Which Causes Most of Twitter and I Proceeded for Julie's People Saying It Just Reminds Me of the List Could Be Said Unitrin Wins Election Going to Canada Only People He Said to You Must Get This Am Leaving Twitter and I'm Taking My 17 Followers with Me As I Bye-Bye Think I Think He Can Survive That. Look, I Think It's I Think It's Progress without Any Doubt That This Answering a Question That Was a Hole As Big Silly Combat Signals Silicon Valley Companies Discriminate Routinely against Them.

Similarly, They Do It in Obvious Ways like Famously Blocking Units with Kicking President Jump off All Blocking the New York Post from from It's a Hunt upon the Biden Repulsing the Dude in Obvious Ways like That Just Disgracefully David like You Guys When You Do the Wall Street Journal Editorial on the Hunter, Biden Lad, I Didn't Know That. No, They Didn't Is Interesting That We Did Unit We We Did Have Some Editorial I Can't Remember If They Put Their Unit with a Warning That Little Morning on Some of the Tweets about It, but I Didn't Actually Block His Dealings. Brian Is That the Company's Do These Things in Much More Sinister and Surreptitious Ways.

Google Is the Perfect Example of That. You Search Such Certain Items on Google You Will Get a Set of Results That Is the Top 10 Results Will Be Will Be Very, Very Carefully Curated to Make Sure That They Dominate a Particular View Dominates. You Can Try That with Almost Anything. I Don't like Little Time You Google Something like You Want One Thing I'm Entering the Jeweled Floor Dr. George Floyd Killing Them in the Riots That Happen Then You Google Things like Black Violent Black Black Violence against Cops and You Get Receipt of Results Which Is All about Black People Being Killed by Cops That It Just Eats It Goes. They Do It All the Time.

So If Your Mosque and Coming to Visit As He Says to Free Speech Calls Himself a Free Speech Absolutist Can Overturn That and Can Genuinely Make Twice At Least Make Progress Towards Making Twitter More Genuinely Free Open Space for People to Talk, That's Good. I Have Some Doubts Myself about That. You Must Delete Muskies Himself Quite Thin-Skinned about Certain Stuff We Got When I Was Eligible for General Brian. We Did Stores. Betty Didn't like It and It Was Very Hostile and Useful Kinds of Ways to Stop Us from Publishing Our Story so He Said No GDP Will Publish Stories like Stories That That That Favor Him. But If We Can Take Him at His Word and Holding to It and See That He Does Actually Publish It. He Does Allow a Much Broader Range of Free Speech and Maybe Change the Algorithm in Ways That They and in Ways That Actually Doesn't Discriminate against Abuse That Are Not Compatible with the Overwhelming View of the Left Good Good News to Social Rolled out in a Limited Way and Then out There except Everybody's Invitation. If You Apply to Get on Devon As the CEO of Truth Social Said about Whether Donald Trump Is Going to Go Back on Cut 12 Donald Trump Didn't Need a New Company I Had a Perfectly Good Job Working with My Good Friend Jim Jordan, I Didn't Need a New Job We Did This for One Reason, One Reason Only.

We Got Censored. We Got Canceled. In Some Cases People Got Completely Kicked off of All the Platforms Including the Present United States.

So We Had Nothing Else to Do but That Was Left to Open the Internet Back up and Give the American People Their Voice Back, so He Did Get Kicked off You. You Probably Need to Social Media Get Reelected to Think This Hurts Truth. Social Yeah I Mean I Think That I Think Are the Reasons Donald Trump Is Initially Said He Will Go Back on Twitter Is Because He Wants Truth Social to Be the to Be to Be the Place Where People Come for His Views. He Doesn't Understandably Want to Give His Views. Yet, One of the Great Ironies.

As You Know, Brian of Twitter That I Once Put This to Jack Dorsey Exiting His Get It Still Is Donald Trump Benefit Twitter or Twitter Benefit on Trump and We Know That That Was a Grand Wonderfully Symbiotic Relationship, Actually, Because You People Don't Trump Had Masses of Fully before He Was President Masses of Followers on Twitter.

People Would Fort Woodward Beer That Would Give Him Attention and He Will Give Twitter Followers and It Was a Keg in a Mutually Beneficial Relationship. Now He's Gone.

There's No Question That Twitter Is Not Only Less Balanced Place Because You Don't Have That Voice and A Lot Of the People around Him Anymore Is Also Less Interesting Place. Quite Frankly, Because of That, so I Think He Wants Treat Social Wenatchee Session Is Not Is Not so Far As Not Been United 30 Days This and I Would Telegraph Today Is That Right yet so It Some Will See. I Mean If Them. If Twitter Genuinely Becomes a More Open Place Where 80% of Use in the Old, but One Particular Progressive You Then. I Think Twitter Will Will Will Succeed and I Think the Trouble Be Tempted Probably to Get Back on Especially Begin to Run Again for Presidency Tell Me That You Give Them to Reject or See It Do What Is His Will Was His Answer to Your Question Announcement. I Mean You, I Mean Nobody Knows It but He Knew How Beneficial to the Troubles with Twitter.

So What Is He Mean by This.

He Put This Nuance Goal of Creating a Platform That Is Maximally Trusted and Broadly Inclusive Is the Right One.

This Is Our Goal Right Now Why I Chose Him. The Current CEO. Thank You Both for Getting This Company Out Of the Path Out Of an Impossible Situation. This Is the Right Path.

I Believe It Will with with All My Heart See Me Because It's in the Public Square Is out to Be a Private Company with the Hostage to His Own Company and That Was That All of This Is That the Current Currency Check Riser Jack Dorsey Is for Eli Must Find This Making a More Equal Playing Field. Do You Think He Is What I Think Jack Was There When They Blocked the Hunter Biden Story. Jack Was There When They When They Took When They Took Donald Trump off in the First Place. So I Mean He Even Recounts a Distance Himself from That Decision. I Think He Did Say Subsequently.

Maybe You Know If He Had to Do It Again.

They Would Think Again. But That Was a Pleasing Sale to the Election of the Two of the Turbine Was Present. It Didn't Matter Anymore. I Don't Believe That.

I Mean, I Think the Again Check Is Not Running the Company Anymore. He's Not Directly Involved in Management so He's Got A Lot More Freedom to Say Things I Suppose and to Say Things That Sound Best to Wider Old Hymns. Then He Was Able to Say When He Had a Direct Response Ability for Which Your Take on Pesos Tweeting out the They Question the Possibly the Chinese Influence on Twitter after Because Test Was I Prepared Need Some of the Rare-Earth from China. So Now That We Are Muskies near the Chinese Can Have an Influence on on Twitter. I Think It's an Interesting Point Does It Does Worry Me a Little Bit.

I Mean There's No Question That We Should We Think We Should Be Starry Eyed about Your Mosque, I Mean It Is Good I Think I'm on the It's a Good Is Not Impressed on That I Think Is a Good Thing Is Better Than the Current Situation but Again We Should Know That You Will Muskies Very Thin-Skinned.

He Has Strong Commercial Interests. He Has, Yes. He Is Always on Strong Little Views They Don't Take That the Pretty Libertarian on the Hole Exactly Once Government Subsidies, Goals, and Is Very Happy to Accept Them and He Does Have a Very Big Business Opportunity, but the Business Opportunity in China so You Know I Mean While He Is Going to Be Very Happy to.

It Seems More Allowable Freedom of Speech about What's Going on in This Country. It Will Be Very Interesting If China Leans on Him As They Undoubtedly Will Do about Is to Slip about His Test the Business If They's DC Stuff Later like Him for That Memo. Twitter Is the Reason Isn't Placing China, but They Could Still Exist Think They They Still Have the Ability to Influence What What Appears on Twitter and the Rest of the World so They Been Trying to Keep Willie by the Way, Well Run This and Take a Break and Come Back to about Ukraine Chinese Lockdown 25 Million People in Shanghai.

In the Beginning to the Same Thing in Beijing Because of a Handful Foot Small Number of Cases, Most of Which Are Asymptomatic. We Would Cook a Reaction As This Will Update This Thing Taken. This Is This Is How This Is What They Doing Fencing Blocks and Ski Bible with You When the Food and When the When the First Broke Brian As You Recall, That What They Will Welding People into Their but Looking Welding Locks on Apartment Does so People Getting out to Me That You Know but Yeah I Think A Lot Of the Restrictions We Had in This Country and I Heard Immigration Entr�e.

Certainly Financing Is A Lot Of People Looking to Get into to China from from for Most Will Locate Sees a Very Authoritarian Regime. They Do Seem to Be Pursuing This Policy of Zero Cover They Want to Get It and We Eliminated Completely. I'm Not Sure That Is Doable. Entrenching Barbara Something Hong Kong Hong Kong Which Is Now Basically Told Him the Control of China.

They Got a Really Severe Outbreak of Covered in the Last Few Months. They Had Some of the Highest Death Rates in the World. So I Think That's What Worries Them.

I Think They'll Warrant Your Writings a Bit Small Variance. But Remember the Chinese Vaccines That Really Work That Kind of Rubbish and the Lack so Far of Widespread Spread of the Disease Means That There Is Some Units Yeah so They Could Get It Much What They Are Worried about That.

I Didn't Get a Little Cheaper Than Going to Get Much Worse. Can You Imagine a Country Okay Maybe like Australia and Canada Either Decides Okay You Kids Positive so Would Taking Your Kid to a Gym Taking Don't Say a Word When Offense You Went to Your House Would Take You Away from Your Family and You Appear When You Get a Negative Test Skin Credibly. This Is Going to Be There Comeuppance.

They Think They Can Oppress Their Way toward Zero COBIT. It's Not Possible. The Progressive Dream for America, Brian, You're Describing I'm Only Slightly Exaggerating, but He Sees This Authoritarian Progressivism Is Exactly What Lately I Because We Get about the Different Publication about How Surprising Is Human to Run When the When the When the Virus First Resort Was Going China China and the Incredible Lockdowns That We Having before It Happens Here Will Sit Here and Here Is Because the American People Are Independently like the Freedom and Freedom. The Rugged Individualist Freedom Loving People. I Don't Trust the Government and Evidently Religious Frictions Pretty Pure Half the Country Overly Self Difficult to Control States and to This Day. Brian Even after They Lifted the Most Money There Still People Going Rinsing the Demand Is Still a Choice, yet When We Make a Choice.

I Was a Big Shock to Me Is Australia, New Zealand and Canada Absolutely Knew Much More Hourly Than I Am Bob Stunt Law, but These Very Low, but in a Progressive Very Progressive Country and They Do Tend to Sit like the Government in Canada Australia Is a Little Bit More, but They All Very Low, but They Do Their Very Law-Abiding Country in the Day, All Written Very like America of This Very Very Divided Very Controversial of the British People Aged but You're Right, It Has Been Eye-Opening to Me and IMing in All of These Countries. How Many People Have Been Willing to Go Long, Long Worlds Get Real Terrified Rules over the Dye Rights That We Will Consider Get Your Will.

Lockdown by Most As It Became Clear That We Were Doing Enormous Damage but No Real Necessary Reason the Tool Might Most of the Said Look, It's Time to Get a Proper Balance That We Don't Need to Impose Lethal Significant Part of This Country That Still Seems to Think Even Friday Traumatized Anthony Fountain County That You Die You and Your 43-year-old Is Going to Die to If They They Get This Sub Variance Is Unbelievable. Listen Jerry Baker's Here at Her Large, the Wall Street Journal, USB of a Cigarette I Could and Then We Have Tyrus Very Similar Personality. He Will Eventually Be Your Successor. I Was from Challenger. Then He Was on with His Talk about His Memoir Use in the Brain to Meet You, Giving You Everything You Need to Know Your Brian Kill Me Breaking News Unique Opinions Here It All. Brian Made Show Say That the United States Is the Number One World in Terms of Supporting Ukrainian Defense Capabilities, and We're Grateful My Ministration for Faxing inside the Result. However, I Must Tell You, As a Minister Country at War.

We Will Never Be Enough until Russian Russian Soldiers Leave Their Footprints on Ukrainian Soil and That Is Demetri Killed Cohiba I He Is Ukraine's Foreign Minister with Me Right Now Is Jerry Baker, Editor of the Larger Wall Street Journal and Host of Wall Street Journal at Large Fries at 730. Jerry, We Seem to Have Got a Little Bit More Aggressive. You Listen to the Tone, the Words of Sec. Defense Secretary State and We Seem to Be More Urgent and Taking More of a Leadership Role in This Fight. Why Is That and You Agree, I Do Agree I Think It's Important and I Think the Reason Is That We Are Entering a Crucial Phase of This Fight Here Which the Russians Abandon Their First Objectives, Which Was to Seize Kyiv and How It Will over with Quickly Turned into a Disaster for Another Fighting This Much More Limit Seeds and but for Them Potentially Much More Likely Successful Flight in the East of the Country What It Will Take the Mass, Which Is at Eastern Region Which Is Seen Fighting for Long Time Now and They Will Combine That with Self Country so This Is Crucial to Be More the Classics of the Pitched Fights, Pitched Battle with Tanks and Anything Else and Entered into Him and to Defeat the Russians, Then I Think This Is What Change Brian. I Think There Is Really Now in a Way That Has Never Been in the First Eight Weeks of This Fight This War a Real Sense That Russia Could I Should Be Defeated Here That the Ukrainians Afford so Well. The Russians Approved Themselves Disastrous. We Are Entering a Crucial Period with a Rough Start to Run Out Of Supply the Thinking of Just Basically Thinking That the Social Funding There Just Been Funny for Long Time to Get Very Very Weary. They Got Maybe a Month or so in Which They Can Pull off This Attempt to Take These to the Country If Russia If Ukraine Can Defeat Them There and That Means Heavy Weapons Tanks, Planes Now Mother Nature Country Starting Sending Could Actually They Could Actually Defeat Russia and I Think Maybe the Message Is Also Getting through to the White House the Look. Yes, There's a Risk of Pushing Escalating Is Always at Risk, but Actually the the Opportunity Here to Really Inflict Defeat on the Russians Is Is Much, Much Larger Than the Small Risk That He Could Ask a Couple Things Happen on the Battlefield. Local Cures on Counterattacks Your Care, Some of Which Is the First City to Fall and There Was Nonstop Protests in the Leftist Sense That the Russians Realizing Recommend Hold onto This for Too Long. There Is a Push Back There but Mary Posting to Be a Standoff There in the Catacombs of the Steel Mill. How Do You See This Playing out and You See This New Weapon Portion the Last Minute. We Have a Making a Difference, yet Could Help so That Means What Those Those Fighters Was Staying There in the Answer Still Works in Mariposa Are Still There in the Russians, Seem to Be like That Is Useless in Cities Are Standing Often Now That You Have Control of Most Marital but They Destroyed It. One of Her Equipping a Shady Brian Furnishing News This Morning at a UK UK Has Been Single Ukrainians, They Should Strike Apparently Putting Some Post They Should Strike the Russian Military Targets in Russia Because That Will Be a Real Opportunity to Take out the Russian Supplies and Take out the Russian Air Force before They Can Come and Do the Damage. If That's True, That Does Represent Accompanist Collections. The Russians of the Clients. It Is an Installation and We Are into Potential Baker Think so Much. Thank You Very Much and the Fastest Three Hours in Radio with Ryan until Me That and Someone Who Cares about What Twitter and the Original Internet Was for Free Speech and Open Debate on the Internet, However, Guessing the Hard Part Starts Now Because Even Eli Has Said That He Wants to Take down Excess Spam. A Lot Of Constitutionally Protected Speech. So What Is It Mean to Take down Some Kind of Speech but Leave Others on Efforts to Make His Job Hard and I Said Is an Easy Way to Do It.

You Give the Power Back to the User so That Is Written for Vic Ramaswamy Talking about the Potential Takeover It's over with My Same Potential It's Done You En Masse Is Taken over Twitter. They Jerry Baker You Heard with the Wall Street Journal. He's Not As Optimistic As Many Conservatives Are Is Going to Comply Provide Some Balance. Douglas Murray Sees a Bigger Picture Than That He Was on the He Was a Lead Guest for Taco Left Side Has Became Official about the Must Take over $44 Billion Cut Seven Is Very Important Indeed Because Musk As He Said the Other Week Recognizes That Twitter Is Effectively the Public Squares Become the Public Square in America. We May Not like That but That's What It's Become. When the Public Square Suddenly Has Not Just Superintendents Who Completely Said, but Also People Who Pretend Not to Be Policing It but Actually off Banning People and Take Them Away without Anyone Knowing That They've Been Taken Away All Band Then There's Something Rough in the Plat Needed to Be Reformed Desperately Needs to Be Reformed and Here's the Thing, As Far As I Can See to Date Put on This Responsibility of Being the Public Square. I Was Totally Unfit for the Tough Yeah and It Was in but End up Being Somebody Else Agenda, but I Think It Was a Totally Different Thing. Back in 2016. I Do so They Had to Consolidate at Me Was Amazing.

A Quickly This Change. Two Weeks Ago Was a Poison Pill.

We Don't Want to You Can Have It When I Can Let Them Take It and Now It's Gone. So We'll See.

Because Right Most of the Twitter Doesn't Go to Work at Work from Their House. You Also Comment on That in San Francisco You Might Just Rent out That Building Nobody's There Is a Change in Anything to Change It. Hopefully for the Better. You Can Make People Accountable.

I'm Sure Knows How to Run a Company Better Than I Did. He's Got His Title Company Called Boring Got It Eyes That's Basics. Obviously Tesla Understand It and Now It's Got This Pretty Diverse Guy, David Portnoy, Who's Been Banned from Twitter Is Going Back Content There's an Illusion of Fairness, but There Is No Fairness Going around, You Know, There's That Account Affiant L's Business Insider.

They Had a Tweet That Said, You Know How Great It Was Just Basophils by the Washington Post Know Now They Had a Tweet That Said, This Is the End of Civilization Because You En Masse Is Buying Twitter.

It Just Depends What You're Looking for, but the Key Thing Is There Is No Fairness Anyone Is Paying Attention. There's Nothing There. There's the Illusion of Fairness and Woe Is Me Were Trying to Fair, but Anybody Was Paid an Ounce of Attention Knows Each Platform Specifically Lien Certain Way and You Know the Craziest Thing Is I like Instagram Were on the Facebook Is Not Work. I Feel like They Center 10. That's What Twitter Does. They All Do It All. Lien Certain Ways, but There's Nothing Wrong with Fairness, but You're an Idiot If You Think These Are Neutral Platforms Anymore. So Then Certain Newspapers Lien Certain Ways. So We Have Do Not Neutral Platforms.

This Is No Way There Is No Way about It in the Biggest Mistake Obviously Was the New York Post Story Always on Tires You Should Be Joining Us up.

There Are Surely Coming up Now Is Got a Big Bio out Talks about His Big Life. At 6 Foot Seven Everything Speak about Him and This Buyer Should Be Should Be Pretty It Is Improved through about Half It in a in about 10 Minutes. It Really Reads Extremely Well but Looking around with This Really Means Actuals to the Whole Breakdown Today Consider These Numbers of What Just Happened with This Must Purchase Estimated Wealth $270 Billion, Which Makes Him the Richest Man in the World. Total Employees 111,000 I Work for. Must Tesla Space X Newer Link and That's These. I Believe That's Internet Firm That's Allowing the Ukrainian Army Communicate with Each Other. Boring Company Is about 7500 from Twitter Total Twitter Followers 84.2 Million, Putting Him at the Eighth Most Followed Media Relations and Media Musk Is by Far the Most Talked about Billionaire with 7 Million Social Dimensions Locates Is a Distant Second with 2 Million What to Watch for Musk Has Said He'll Use Twitter to Force a Rethinking of Free Speech Pushing for Maximum Individual Power to Say Would You Say in Here Would You Have To Hear What Made Him Discuss Can Make a Huge Difference to How Did He Do It Morgan Stanley and a Group of Other Leaders Offered 13 Billion in Debt Financing so Weird That You Have Your 250, 270 Billion without Financial Debt. Debt Financing Another 12.5 Billion in Loans against Must Stock in Tesla. He Was Expected to Add about 21 Billion in Equity Financing. Twitter Did Not Provide Details of the Equity Financing but It Was All Said No Conditions for Musk Financing That Would Prevent Him from Closing on the Deal. So They Basically Said You Done so Muscat Is on the Companies and Will Be Ready to Go so See How Effective He Will Be at These Can Be Great. I Say One Thing the Marco Then Wrote Me Immediately.

Last Night Tucker Carlson Hop Back on Right Again.

I Think the President Did Not Put out Truth Social. I Think You Keep His Powder Dry, but Wouldn't Commit to Not Doing It and Now I Believe That the Year He'll Eventually Go Back on, but He Doesn't Want to Hurt Himself Currently True Social Which I'm on. You Should Get on There.

I Think the President Has Is on but He Hasn't Tweeted or Done the Truths yet When He Does, It Can Be A Lot More Interesting and I Think Is Going to Make A Lot Of News When Is Going to Instantly Comment about Prince Harry, like You Did the Other Day. I Don't Really Need the Pro Forma President, Prince Harry, but You Will Weigh in on That. Like You Did with Rosie O'Donnell Every Step, Every Step of the Way. Leticia James Decides to Go to Sue the President Brings It to a Judge When They Say They the Present Overinflated's Properties in Order to Get Financing from These Banks like They Need Leticia James to Tell These Banks How to Do Their Job When They Subpoena All These Documents. Yes, It's Why He Doesn't Really Listen to the Subpoena so That We Can Find $10,000 a Day Would You Think You Be Saying Right Now Is on Twitter, Yorty Made Some Statements but He Was on 20 Probably Have Tweeted for Five Times You Find Truth Social That Would Force the Media to Go There and Have It Grow. This Is a Critical Time so No Wonder He Said I'm Not. I'm Knocking to Bring It up so We Come Back Will Find out This Morning LC Will Catch up the Tires This Hour, Not What a Leave Some Time at the Backend.

This Is the Brain to Meet You in Your Knowledge Base. Brian Only Show Show That's Getting You Kill Me Because Musk As He Said the Other Week Recognizes the Come the Public Square in America. We May Not like That but That's What It's Become. When the Public Square Suddenly Has Not Just Superintendents Who Completely Said, but Also People Who Pretend Not to Be Policing It but Actually Banning People and Take Them Away without Anyone Knowing That They've Been Taken Away or Banned, Then Something Roughed in the Platform Needed to Be Reformed Desperately Needs to Be Reformed and Here's the Thing, As Far As I Can See.

To Date, Twitter Took on This Responsibility of Being the Public Square.

I Was Totally Unfit for the Tough and That Was Very Talking about Twitter. It Is No Doubt about It. He Was Lead Guess As I Mentioned Earlier with Tucker Last Night. Right Now Everybody's Lead Gaskets. His Books out Today. Tyrus Fox, Nation, Hose, Cohost of Tyrus and Tim from the Podcast You Know That an Author of the Brand-New Book Tyrus a Memoir, but Is Also the Real Story Got Fell That Night or One of the Many at 11 O'clock Tyrus, Welcome You Just Can't Be a Bad Guy. Greg Takes All the Shots That You and I Was a Great Shot You Could Let It Go. You Just Too Good of a Human Being Just That You Know What You're on the High Ground.

Tyrus, I Put You on That High Ground As Well.

What It Upbringing You Have. This Was How Tough Was This Book to Write. Was It Therapeutic.

It Was Both and Your My Favorite Book of the Present for the Fire. I Love That Book That I Love the Courage It Took to Write That Book. But When You Write about Yourself. It's Tough. I Can Never Do It. It's Almost Didn't Do It like I the Hours That You Spend When You Go Back on Stuff. It's like Reliving a Certain Extent, and You Get Angry about It and You Get Embarrassed about It.

You Want to Talk about.

It Was A Lot Of Phone Calls. I Had a Writing Coach Chris Epting and It Was A Lot Of Calls I Want to Change. It Was Strange, Especially Once the Was Finished and I Sent It off. I Was Calling Him, Probably Everything Going on and I Don't. This Is like Walking Naked around Town You Know and You Basically Saying Hey Everyone Who Knows Me, You Need to Know Me More and That in Itself Is Kind of Guy I Greater My Mom Worry on Chapter 5 I Got through It. I Know the Latest Captivating of the Earlier Ones Were Growing up Was Brutal. Your Dad Was Beating up on Your Mom and You Saw That in the Way You Do It to Hide You Literally Hide under the Bed. You Might Even Know What to Do until One Do You Grab the Knife Right You Know I Have To Have To Think Lou Ferrigno for Doing through My Childhood and Because It Messages on TV Are Important. At Least You Know, and in My Generation and Seeing Little Guy Turn into a Big Guy Solves Problems and Turning Back into the Whole, the Whole Can Solve Everything on so I Try to Do. I Had Had Enough. One Night, and I Just Mother Crying Every Night and Always Being Afraid and How to Help Clean Her up Was Was Always Difficult, but I Was Always Making My Mom Laugh I Wish I Do Things Make Her Laugh Because She Was She Was Young, Originally 15, so She Was a Kid Herself, and Depending on What Level of the Beating Was That Night Just Got to the Point Were I'm a Little Man. I Have To Do Something You Know so I Decided to Do Something. The Problem Was That Those for Was That Was That Was Also You See Things When You Go Back and You Try to Tell the Story through Your Eyes, a Four-year-old in Your Mind Every Movie That You Watched When Somebody Got the Knife He Saw Them He Died Was over It Was It Was Done He Was My Plan and I Stabbed Him.

He Didn't Drop in the Ground Internally What That You Know and Then Put Hands on Me and Is Scary Is That Moment Was, and I Will Always Have a Puppy.That's from Him Always Have That Scar. My Is Back in You, and Then He Grabbed Me by the Legs and Was Going Because He Was Convinced It Wasn't His Betrayed Him Because He Was so Concerned and Paranoid about Achieving All the Time so You Throw Me out the Window of Horrific Verbal and 20 Story Apartment Window on Mother Was Able to Talk down to Calm down, but That Moment Is Terrifying As It Was for Me Was the Spark That Made My Mother Need a Change. I Just Was Okay for Her Him to Batter Her Even Though That's Terrible, but Once He Turned It on to Me. That's When She's like I'm Done with This Testing for the Fire to Get Us Out Of There Any Did She Go to Your Grandparents but You Said Flat out As Much As You Respect Your Grandfather. He Said He Want Little Black Kids, No House, and Then You Accomplish Interracial Couple All You Point out That in 19 Even 1986 That Would Your Future. Your Path I Cannot Outlaw You Know Which We Just Got Silly Silly When He Got There Stabilizing the Rent for the Scene You Could Live This Is One of the Things in the Book That I Talk about As We We Always Worry about. We Always Focus on the Sins of People. Everyone Has a Good Side with Extreme Cases, but My Grandfather Was a Hard-Working Man Who Took Care Of His Family.

You Know She Worked Every Day. GE You Know He Was a Polar Community, but His Only Experience with Black People, Unfortunately, Was My Father so He Had All the Hatred in the World for People That Was a Good Guy, Not Even a Little Bit You Know It Wasn't a Bad Guy.

He Was Just a Scared Guy, There's a Difference and for the Youngest of 14 so He Couldn't Have Us in His Household and He Wasn't Sugarcoated to Hide It Was You Know That Matter Fact That I Still Remember the Examination Because We Were We Are Light-Skinned Mix. Whatever You Want to Call It but He Looked at My Hands My Hands on the Pink Tone to Them and He Looked Me over and Just Said Flat out No You Can't Stay Here and He Gave Her Mother a Choice and I and It Was a Tough Choice but She Had She Had Nothing. She's 15 Years Old to That Time She Was. She Was Older Now, but She Had to Make a Tough Decision of Life Is about Tough Decisions and in the Book I Talk about My Mother's Made Decisions Although You Seemed Unfair at Times Are Hurtful. There Always for Best Interest and Sometimes Love Is Not Enough Right and She Made It Choice to Go to School into Your Life Together and We Want to Foster Your Brother Say Together and I Was Her Only That Was Her Only Condition You Cannot Break Them up. Gotcha I Lost You Tell Your Brother Now Know for Sure. Life Goes on One of the Things That I Talk about Booking the Protector and Trying to Look out for Everybody's You Hurt Their Growth and Trying to I Try to Pave the Road for My Brother Not Letting Him Pave His Room, Which Leads to Resentment and Just As We Got Older We Try to Impart and A Lot Of His Un-Successes He Blamed on Me and I'm Not Thinking of It Because I'm Being Successful.

You Know the Pressure of That or Whatever so That Eventually Just Ended up with What Always Happens.

Family Was Financial Right and Then Your Mom Want You Back after You Have Your Formative Years.

You Really Get to Love Your Foster Parents in There.

They Love You Guys and Then Your Mom Makes It Clear She Wants Her Back. It Was, She Kinda Became a My Friend during That Time She Would Visit Periodically. I Was Calling My Foster Mom and Dad and Especially Dad. He Was, I Was His Guy. We Were Thick As Thieves like You Know We Just I Was Here. It Was a Navy Man. You Know He He Work for a Living. He Drove for Coke Everything. The House Was Coke. The Biggest Biggest Betrayal in Our Household Was My Foster Mom Took the Back. The Sooner Doing Taste Testing of Coke and Pepsi Battle Test. She Picked Pepsi Was Almost Forgot It Was a Huge Thing Coke Swim Trunks That Don't Say like We Were the Coke Coca-Cola Family That Drove His Truck Home Out Of Pride Left in the Yard, but He Wanted out Front House You Want to Know You Called and I Was the Type of Man That He Was and He Could Hear the Weekend's Barbershop, but Them Giving Us up Was One of the One of the Worst Days of My Life. But Again It Goes Back to They Made It Fun Even Though They Were Pretty Broken and Use.

This Is Probably Something underneath That You You Would Determine to Be Successful You That You Had to Overcome All This. What You Say. Being Broke, Being Poor Sucks Not Having Anyone. The Hardest Thing about Not Is That You Are Playing with House Money. I Wasn't Expected to Do Anything like I Was Just Posting a Ghetto Blaster and Out Of Jail Just a Repeat of Mont My Father in His Lifestyle and That Things but I Never Was Comfortable. I Never I Never Wallowed Always Talk about That It's It's My Grandmother, Jimmy. Please Advise One Time and It Was I Was Younger but She Said That Things Happen to in Your but It's Not the Things That Happened to It. Your Reaction That You Judge by What You Do with It When You Get in the Mouth Delaying the Ground, You Clean Yourself up Even How to Duck.

You Know like You to Make the Same Yes You Know Who Makes Mistakes but You Can. It Seems That Twice and That's Just Terrible. It Wasn't What Happened to Me Is My Reaction and I Can Always Fall That Message on Some of the Book Is A Lot Of Firings in There A Lot Of Lot of Sleeping on Couches and Stuff but That's Part of the Journey You Want to Be an Educator and Actor Yeah Yeah What Was That I Figure without One. I Really Want to Be a Zoologist but You Love Animals Yeah Crazy about It but You Know As Well.

Just Got A Few Dissections All Day and When the Baby Rabbits.

I Was Wrapped I Was Done You Nice Wasn't for Me Plus Football Took up so Much Time into Labs and and Football As It Was A Lot I Chose Football but Sports Helped Divorce My Wife No Question My Coaches Word Fathers Were Consciously Held Accountable. You Know Coach Martinez.

In Particular, He Saved My Life. I Was You Know I Was like I Was like Rails.

I Want to Gold Chains and I Wanted I Wanted 24 Inch Rims on Cadillac and I Was Going to Take Concentric Chance to Get Him and He Was Wondering the Chemistry I Got to Nebraska Was Coach Morris Coach Hoffman Coldly Got Me Love the Weight Room Got Me with the Commitment That Nebraska Way, Work Ethic, but They All Had to Do with Sports Tires. Congratulations on the Book We Just Got a Come Back and Finish the Story but of Course You Get the Book and Finish Yourself. You See Him on Fox Nation.

You See Mother's Podcast Almost Fully Pick up Just Tires a Memoir. Congratulations Tyrell Thank You Back in a Moment, Trying to over 100 Meteorologists and Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not or Wherever You Get Your

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