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Border Issues Worsen and Matt Schlapp Talks "Culture Killers" documentary

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 27, 2022 12:45 pm

Border Issues Worsen and Matt Schlapp Talks "Culture Killers" documentary

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 27, 2022 12:45 pm

Harry Hurley fills in for Brian!


[00:00:00] Allen West


[00:18:22] Rich Lowry


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[00:51:57] Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN)


[01:13:27] Matt Schlapp

[01:31:50] Griff Jenkins

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So America's receptive voice Brian kill Ryan kill me shell Harry Hurley filling in today. Brian has the day off right back tomorrow on partnering today with Allison. Of course Pete and Josh. Eric also has a day off. Welcome to the Brian Kilby show Brian not Justin Miocene. Brian literally holds a place on the Mount Rushmore of the most important talk radio programs in America today offers magazine which is the Bible of talk radio news talk media rates. Brian kill me, as the fourth most important radio talkshow host in America to learn Brian.

You can follow Brian kill me.Brian kill the Brian kill me and Brian of course is also a New York Times best selling author Bryan's latest bestseller is available and if you go to Brian will autograph it for you and it makes just a great gift.

The president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and their battle to save America's soul and do not forget Saturday nights will never be the same and you get to opportunities the.

The first version at 8 PM with Ryan kill made one nation with Brian kill me.

Do not miss that. We'll talk more about that during today's program. This upcoming program which is on at 8 o'clock on the Fox News Channel and then I believe it's on again at 11 PM but there is a second viewing every single Saturday. Welcome to the Brian kill me shell were going to be joined by Lieut. Col. Allen West in just a moment, let me tell you just a little bit about the Col. Although he's no stranger to the Brian kill me shows great friend to the Brian kill me show the executive director of American constitutional rights union. He's a former member of what I call the people's house. The United States House of Representatives, where he represented Florida's 22nd congressional district from 2011 to 2013 recently.

As you know a candidate for governor the great state of Texas and also a best-selling author box whole Texas hold the nation victory or death and we can overcome an American black conservative manifesto. He was positioned in Kandahar, Afghanistan when he was serving our country. He was an advisor to the Afghan National Army and not the Col. SS to do anything to to make news a couple of weeks ago. His speech attempted speech do you say when they try when you're trying to do free speech and your free speech is stunted.

It's kind of ironic, isn't it at the University of Buffalo's presentation that Col. West gave attempted to gate to give. And yet when you talk about free speech and we have in this sort of bizarro world existence of the moment.

It is much like the Democrats are going bananas bonkers over Elon musk purchasing Twitter because they like it the way that it is they believe in a perfect utopia I would call it dystopian but in their perfect utopia world free speech means there speech and if you don't agree with their speech.

Your speech is taken down or is called partial truth or partly false or some sign put input over your particular attempt to free speech, or perhaps you do have a different opinion on code 19 or you have a different opinion on Hunter Biden and they take your stuff down altogether and then just for fun and giggles a deep platform you and of course all these things that were said to be false turn out to be true. If you have a different view on COBIT 19 look at all the data that's coming out how wrong the so-called experts were if you didn't go with their company line.

Your truth was taken down your opinion was taken down. You were probably either put in some kind of social media jail for hours, sometimes days, even weeks or deep platform altogether. So a lot to unpack this hour on the Brian kill me show and the teams and let me know when Col. West arrives, as he is here fantastic. I was was hoping that would be the case. Col. West is Harry and it is a pleasure to speak with you again my friend and great opening monologue. Because you know right now is not about the speeches about acceptance speech, and it's about what the left determines to be acceptable or accepted speech and when you think about this apoplectic meltdown that they're having about the Elon musk mating care about him you know starting Tesla growing total because they believe electric vehicles in the graders and everything like that. They did care about Michael Bloomberg having the huge media presently presents with Bloomberg news bidding higher anything about Mark Zuckerberg and all that you stuck. Now listen when they believe that they will not be able to censor the speech of political opposition. The people that have different perspectives of thoughts that really does upset them and I just want to remind everybody what Sen. Daniel Patrick Monahan wants. The liberal press enter from New York you're entitled to your own opinions but you're not entitled to go back and let me add one more for that that great repertoire. Col. West, the Democrats had no problem. All the same people celebrated when Jeff Pazo's purchase. The Washington Post, where were at that out yet where it evidently that was it beautiful thing that was fantastic, the second richest man in the world but the Washington Post and it was it was fantastical was beautiful and fit the narrative, but of course, the richest man in the world.

Elon musk purchases Twitter and is the end of the Republic. Let's prove further how correct you are Col. West on the Brian kill me show apply to audio clips that are separated in time by about two weeks will go to the first cut in just a moment I'll set the stage at the actual event were Col. West was speaking so ironic that Col. West was speaking about the fact that America is not a racist nation and yet what then transpired thereafter. And then were to follow immediately with two days ago or so, and the response from the University of Buffalo student union on Col. West. So if you do the honors Josh cut 28 all is you and I is what is is is is is is is is a Col. West. I know your use of this is it such a double standard. It's it's so you know indecent, you put your life on the line in the field of battle served in the people's house you accomplish many many things, and yet this is almost expected isn't said that when you go to college and university Which is a bit with and just could not understand the point. These young people were attempting to make and the fact that here I am a person bore 61 years ago the black holy hospital. I think I can talk about America and what I've seen it happen in my lifetime, and how we progress the fact that I was able to the last election to Lieut. Col. be a member youa house with the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, but that's not what they want to hear. They only want to hear their there they all want to hear the talking point and I guess with them.

They will provoke they found a black man bore down south would stand up and say this is not a racist nation. You know this is nation of the speaking, every single day could become that more perfect union, which is in the preamble of the Constitution.

I've seen racism in my parasol.

Racism when you sitting on the college campus and you don't want to learn you don't want to hear in a different culture.

Perspectives that were Supposed to be about that.

I guess I triggered them and provoke them in everything because I didn't toe the line, and I'm not going to kill me Chinese maker hotline is Lieut. Col. Allen West Col. let's go to the news of the last couple of days with Elon musk and his $44 billion purchase of Twitter and he said he has telegraphed the he just wants it to be fair, all I think this is living proof the hard left does not want a level playing field. They only want a playing field where their opinions and their alternative facts even prevail.

Whether it was Hunter Biden. Whether it was COBIT 19, or many other things that that had were once false and Dr. D platforms. Now their true and I don't hear anybody apologizing or any of that. So musk wants it to be a level playing field and this has the Democrats going berserk. Your thoughts may know who the real fascists are because they are trying to suppress the thoughts and speech and the freedom of expression. All the First Amendment rights of those that don't agree with that look. Leftism progression of the socialism, communism marks whatever you call it can only advance itself through fear and intimidation, threats portion and ultimately of violence in and we see in all of this, even from the American left happening within the last couple of years and what is even more disturbing is when you have selected Hillary Clinton, they perform work candidate for president that is contacting the European Union and asking them to pass a law to suppress the freedom of speech of Americans and to suppress you know what you are most like to see happen with Twitter when we go to the Europeans and asked them to suppress us back to me is possible and and how could a person like that run for president United States miracles beyond truly, truly incredible Lieut. Col. West. Let's go to some additional audio to give you a chance to provide some analysis from your point of view. Col. West cut 26 is matter. All goals stated black lives matter to start asking a serious question black lives matter. Thousands of people also on the street was murdered should be on the street right now stating that the lives of these black children dying every night matters now. New York Mayor Eric Adams New York City Mayor Eric Adams makes a very good point.

Doesn't Col. West your response. Would you when people start job like that which black last you know we did not hear any celebration of the loss of life of the Texas Army National Guard soldier, a special who died drowned while trying to rescue to illegal goods in the Rio Grande River who happened to be drug smugglers dealt with the celebrations and that affect no one even from the White House to sake, you will try to dismiss this, that they didn't talk about a purported almost every two hours. The black 25 million almost murdered and that will speak about that gang violence, nor speak about that fatherlessness issue. No one speaking about that is matter fact the kids up there Buffalo shout me down when I sit down as one of the biggest issues in the black movie right now to fatherlessness and then the other thing is the lack of good quality education in the black community because the teachers unions are making sure that you don't have quality schools in our inner-city communities and so what about those live so I think that that's again part of the messaging we have to get up there challenge the left on because black lives matter is a Marxist organization that is only delivered using the leftist resources of door source and all the talk about the black plastic that their narrative Lieut. Col. West were down to about a minute half Hank Newsom who I think a lot of people in the rank and we shall have heard say some of the most outrageous things you'll ever hear. Here's how he interprets what Mayor Adams had to say. Josh cut 27 whiskey back to Eric Adams. This distance Mayor who skews was a Democrat. Many choose conservative Republican talking points at the end of the day. We have a name for something like this.

Mrs. only called right because of all these old black man and he's a white man in black face and a very conservative minded white man that we have is a man with hundreds of people on the city's payroll billions of dollars in budget and 40,000 police officers. He has changed to victims in one night. The night before. He has 16 shooting victims on a train Mesa when you going to do about policing and he says what about BLM is America not smart enough to see them deflecting Col. 30 seconds.

How about that that that he just said everything you need to hear it any less a perspective of the accountant to WB DeBoer would call the look they called L the blackface white supremacist. I've been told that I am the speak about Epcot black rhetoric.

This is how they deflect to get away from the real issues that Eric Adams is not a conservative. Eric Adams is not a Republican Eric as Karen a lot of the policies. Mayor Bill Blodgett, but we've got to stand up and push against. These are called the poppy fields.

You're right about that fact. I know you're right about that and I thank you for appearing on the right kill me gelatin, last month was all the better you take good care. Allen West as a Great American you think about the grief that he has to put up with because of a certain narrative that if you do not fit that narrative you get trashed and you get called all these different things.

Thank you for great visit will be back in just a little bit. This is the Brian kill me show this commentary.

You need to know Brian kill me. Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janet podcast Fox News or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine. Welcome back to the Brian kill me show Harry Hurley filling in today on partnering with Allison Pete and Josh.

Eric also has a day off.

Brian will be back tomorrow.

Please don't miss this, I feel like I'm doing you a favor. Do not miss Brian kill me. Does the kind of person he doesn't mark time he makes a difference.

He doesn't waste time every segment is important him every show that he does is important to him and at this moment and I believe this is a demarcation line that I'll talk a little bit about after I talk about Brian this program this Saturday night on Fox nation on Fox news channel and and it is it's a Fox nation special that's of it. It's available tomorrow on Fox nation do not miss who is Elon musk. Ryan brings with him. Stuart Varney Liz Clayman care. Frederick was a fellow at the Heritage foundation and Seth Dillon, the chief executive officer of the Babylon being a perimeter during the last business there in the satire business and even they get the platforms because their truth there, their humor is more true than the so-called trait news Elon musk.

People look at him so many different ways visionary villain, huckster, genius, I'm going with the genius category because the sky is concrete space. He is built incredible electric cars. He he has now succeeded.

I believe there still some things that have to take place, but I believe he succeeded in taking the Twitter platform and he's already called out the senior attorney for twitter for what they had to say about free speech and what this may do what this may do is actually bring about free speech in our country and little later in the program are going to share some comments from Jim Jordan on the Fox News Channel with Hannity about this issue. I believe that the day that Elon musk officially takes over twitter legacy already him by 9.2% of the company and then making this offer of more than $54 a share which was a real premium.

I mean this is a publicly traded company. They had look at this and they did and have accepted it. This can change the whole game where Democrats have dominated social media in a way that was never intended work conservative even moderate free-speech was stunted will be back in just a little bit. This is the Brian kill me show Fox News contests network Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week.

This depend on its podcast listen no Fox News talkshow that's real.

This is the Brian kill me show welcome back to the Brian kill me show Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian who will be back tomorrow. I have the privilege to fill in and also the national privilege to be partnered with Allison Pete and Josh Eric will be back soon as well. During this now in the Brian kill me show on the right, kill me, show newsmaker hotline is Rich Lowry a great friend of the Brian kill me, show editor-in-chief of national review and the author of the case for nationalism. Rich welcome the Brian kill me show you. I hope that you take responsibly seriously. An important seat. I do my number one goal riches don't break Brian show you I I I grieve that I plan on not doing so anyhow which great to be with you. I love yesterday's column, Rich Lowry let Disney be an example Disney Blewett here didn't day yeah look clearly CO you look back to the story what you're saying. Prior to all that he was scared now and this is the story of corporate CEOs across America for years.

Now they get bullied by one splinter of American society.

The will left you know their employees focus on twitter or whatever it is and they get pressure to taking these social stances expenses on hot button cultural issues that are totally out of touch with the American mainstream. This is not this is not something the Disney operating in a vacuum. Whatever do you say okay were an entertainment company. We have local customers. We have really conservative customers so we can stay out of politics.

He didn't do that and DeSantis employer decided to make an example of Disney and my hope is that this this is just assigned to other corporate executive that gives them permission. The next time something like this comes up and they get the pressure from the progressive left to say. You know what you thought happened to Disney or not it were just going to stay out of it will just fly airplanes are just going to self whatever it is I agree with you completely. And it's not just to be friendly. Why would you want to get mad at you potentially half of your customers. I mean right now I don't know what market capitalization Disney is lost. I saw a number it would be reckless for me to cite a number that I just can't back up but it was not small.

This will actually affect people who were planning to vacation who will say well I just don't want to be a part of this. The other thing that I thought was very indecent and a lot of the people that on the left. The just went with this, they decided to call a parental rights bill that merely said it's not a good idea for five, six and seven-year-olds to have this stuff talk to them that they don't even understand that I her Brian the other day.

It was Brian's cast you as a matter fact say something I can't cancel delete chocolate all day if if you if you let them have a pile of chocolate in front of them and and so it was a big mistake. But then they got on board with this. Don't say gay and I like the way DeSantis forcefully pushed back at a member the media and said that's not in the legislation. Those words don't exist.

You are making that up. And yet you know the entire left media in this country. That's what they call a parental rights bill the don't say gay. They just make stuff up out of whole cloth. Rich is really disturbing about corporations that operate in this environment is a quality of life and repeat the Disney did it with Florida legislation, major league baseball did it with the Georgia voting bill and again it because intimidation and fear in the cultural power of the splinter of our politics say just email it a normal civil society. If you had corporations weigh in on this sort of stuff happen would be for it happen would be against that you like the rest of the country, but I thought the way it works because there at their operating and basically a coercive environment.

They are afraid of woke pressure and I'm hoping that again, the signal sent by what happened to Disney that gives every Corporation permission to say no not doing at work focusing on business the way that they have throughout the rest of American history and and were you not for like 10 years ago Rich Lowry what you say you brought Brian kill me. Show listeners with respect to Disney being willing to show such radicalism here at home in America but not a bad word about China.

For example yeah it's cowardly on both counts.

So they fear the business consequences and what could be done to them if they cross China. China says center. This scene or this line out of movie like okay no problem will do it and they're afraid of the work left here at home, but if their standard is just supposedly human rights and human dignity. The way they say they would tell the counties party in Chinatown sent a course that they never do that and in the ideal scenario here which we don't want to make corporations fearful in order to get them support our agenda is welcome to go about their business that that would be a normal thing to happen that would lower the temperature a little bit on on the culture war and again.

I'm hoping this is a step in that direction, do you think were were sort of hitting and I think the midterm elections can be very important in terms of a reset in terms of us going from bizarro world back to something more normal because it was a time looking that last election cycle that they worked yelling deep on the police and cities on fire in there called peaceful protesters. What was it fiery but mostly peaceful and and all these things going on some of the city of Chazen shop and all of this and not all that madness caught up with them in the off year election year after.

And now with this midterm election looking so bad for the Democrats. III hope I believe I know hope is not a strategy but I believe in what you just said that companies may start to look again and say wow this is not in our best interest so we can't just choose ideology over our our survival and an art. Being able to thrive exactly Disney is hurt very bad here. You can bring the MBA and here they won't say a bad word about China either Lebron James nobody but yet they'll trash anything here in America it really is all the same thing. I believe as we make what I think will be a course correction for the American people will say we were never for this stuff. Defunding the police in all this radical nonsense. It was going on that companies will again stay out of the business look were in the opinion and in the opinion business so we will give an opinion, but if you're selling a product you want to turn off potentially half of your customers and that's how it is now give you a quick example dear friend of mine that lives in Philadelphia said that at the Thanksgiving table were about 10 people.

He said to them, and they're all liberals are all his family. He's the only one is not liberal and he said if we could and hunger in the world and we could and Cove in 19 but you had to accept that Donald Trump would be the present United States what your answer. Rich Lowry Branko Michaud to a man and woman all, eight, nine or 10 of them said the world will have to go hungry classic. What a great question and you know it's it's shot in the one hand, it's not surprising on the other that exactly shows shows the priorities and the I think you're right about the backlash is really heartening against CRT against the disorder and that the city is in the crime scene and in the shoplifting and have been signed that Democrats are beginning to understand that Joe Biden has no in favor of funding, while more police funding, but the thing is a cultural level. Never give up. A deep seated sincere conviction of their how they need to change the country so that you lose this election and then they'll going away and they'll come back again and some people have criticized with gone out of Florida on free-speech grounds and ideally you don't want government retaliating against companies for anything they say or do we think about that, though, if you know you the deputy director, director of trade of the Disney. I don't care what you say whatever you want on Facebook on twitter protest write letters to the editor fine. But what we talked about here is the distortion corruption of institutions in Disney is a huge American institution that should belong to all of us right but is been hijacked by splinter of progressive opinion, that's what you want to stop. That's what you want to try to deter your listening to Rich Lowry, the editor-in-chief of the National review author the case for nationalism is on the Branko Michaud newsmaker hotline and were talking about important issues of the day relative to the midterm election, I would have to believe that even in a good environment throughout all of history, about 2528 seats change from the president's party in any first the first president's term midterm election.

The house I believe is one I hesitate saying that because we are in a crazy you know environment, but I'm almost certain the house is one the Senate is in doubt. I mean you have to look at is Herschel Walker can be the nominee. Can he beat Warnock. There's a couple other really tough races. I think Mark Kelly can be beat in Arizona.

I think that you know there is a great opportunity for Republicans to have a somewhat comfortable margin in the house. It won't be like it is now were five votes in you can get anything done you how that goes. The squad can keep anything from happening now Democrats at the margins are so close. I think the Senate has a shot of being 5248 5149 or in a nightmare. Democrats, you know, keeping a 50-50 tire or having the majority in the Senate. What sure early crystal ball about where we we are looking going into the midterm election roughly big now 30+ maybe maybe it will be stressful and actually took seats known in 2020 is artsy usually be picked up that they already got them. And then there's redistricting that word or Democrats have secured more seats in the blue states of those are suppressants, but it's definitely wave and I think in the Senate. It's going to go Republican to and yet others. Some candidates have question marks around them. It Herschel Walker is Oxley hero in Georgia and I am cinnamon person on the stump at the buffet is really charismatic but there's a question you want to know about that the substance so far you can do the study, but I think that he has a real good shot in that race and I think that the states will be wrong one on election night that will be shot by me that that they go way to be a couple that just no one expected.

You know Connecticut or something like that. It just feels like that that kind year and it do you think this is a bit like 1994 with the Democrat media didn't see 1994 happening at all, but that was Republicans winning the house for the first time in 40 years and winning the Senate and of course major network announcers. Some have passed on the thing was Peter Jennings, one of them said or Dan Rather. One of them said that America has had a temper tantrum Republicans plan. It's not that it's some kind of just mistake that will be fixed next time you write legitimate so I think this is a combination of 1994, taking it all back and the Obama first midterm. But it's not to be 60 some seats for the reasons you said in the house or as many Senate seats. I think this is somewhere between 1994 and 2016 or whatever year that was the question will be, then get even more speculation. Biden react. He can adjust Bill Clinton famously triangulate after 1994, put himself in a good 1996 about trying related all techie double down on going left and make that work for him because he destroys Romney and motivates his his basil.

What is Biden. Do you know at this point in time and and given his his age is not highly flexible in his presidency, even though the mood music of the campaign in 2020, like on the Joe mansion type Democrat. He'd obviously governed like Elizabeth Warren type Democrat will he get that that's a mistake and try to adjust. But even if you know it it even if he adjusted brilliantly.

It's really hard to see them running again in 2024 and then Democrats have a huge now what problem is, Harris is a disaster and after that is just it.

It's hard to see what else I got it still Biden were down about a minute and half. Rich Rich Lowry on the Branko Michaud newsmaker line. If Joe Biden decides to run.

He told Barack Obama he was going to I think Barack Obama got that out there on purpose because he constantly undermines Joe Biden. Biden has a figure that out. Or maybe doesn't have the mental acuity to even know that he got a mean from that appearance by Obama to Biden walking around in circles, shaking the air pans with the air. The Easter Bunny waving them off the rope line. I mean I think it's baked in that the American people understand that Joe Biden is not up for the position and if he did run in 2024. I say key I agree with the Rich Lowry doctrine. He will not run some great way of saying wise, not running it will be because he couldn't win because I know if I ran I would win, but some fantastical thing that Jos for the reason being I say he won't run, but if he did he would face Democrat challengers Whitney when I haven't thought about that problem. You have when you're a party with income. The president is a serious primary challenge means you lose like no no instance where or haven't hadn't brought down, you win lose like Reagan did, because he did win yet. Maybe when he sounds in words that resides.

It's tricky and that they got. I hope you know they they all want to believe in a run, but secretly it all know that they know he won't and were really hard to get through the next two or three years or supposedly to do another six or seven years of this unit is 86 years old is fantastical. I believe Afghanistan waited because of Biden. I believe that that Ukraine Russia wouldn't have had to go the way that it did. It's it's Biden I he he told them he's been wrong for 50 years and you know everything he told Ukraine 24 hours and would quit. He's just wrong about everything. It seems the closing comment yeah and he's an old dog not to learn new tricks. I worked on a big piece on nuclear gap.

Russia has more nukes than we do in China and Russia are building up the first thing he does politically many get in office is reinstitute the new start treaty for another five years, which does include China, which keeps us below the number of nukes we need and doesn't hurt Russia to their their building tactical nukes hand over fist, but can't control for 40 years so he sees not just the circumstances. The column is let Disney be an example it's outstanding reading. Check it out. Rich Lowry left his need be an example. Great to visit with you Rich on the Brian Kimiko hey thanks much good with you will be back in just a few minutes will come back to Elon musk share some audio with you with the congressman that I just met with my Congressman Jeff Andrew a month or so ago, Congress and Jim Jordan on Elon musk. When we come back. It is the Branko Michaud educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me precise person is Americas with all of your FOX weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen ON Fox News or wherever you get your project big Tech party all colluding to keep the Biden story from we the people just days before the most important election and that's why there's so so apoplectic today.

The left is going crazy going crazy over an electric car maker supports free speech that shows you how ridiculous they are, but that's the power they had in the power they use 18 months ago. In the run up to the most important election we have to decide is the present United States is going to be commander-in-chief. That is why today is so significant. The left. The left doesn't want you to speak if you don't agree with that. Did a lot of talking. If you try they're going to attack you try to cancel you that all changes today with Elon musk, Downing, twitter calms and Jim Jordan on Hannity on the Fox News Channel Brian heat your calls me so much, Brian. Let's get a quick comment from Eric listening on Brian kill me affiliate W DDO in Orlando about Disney Eric were real close on time go yeah he threatened to leave. Were they going to go there. 38 mi. and they don't do anything for Florida. They give us nothing.

They clog our highways care customer service has really gone down lately and I just think of the ball. We were given a deal in 1967 when nothing was here and feel that I got is against the Constitution. You think anybody like that garden.

I don't believe everything our time. Next time I promise. So sorry, but wanted you to be heard when we come back great American Nash Brian Fox News suggests network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News, but just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive answer.

Brian kill me, welcome to the writing kill me. Shall Brian has the day off. Brian will be back tomorrow.

Harry Hurley doing it today partnering with Allison Pete and Josh, welcome to the Branko Michaud which holds a place on the Mount Rushmore of talk radio programs in America today only room for four talkers Magazine and they are the Bible of talk radio and the new talk media day rate. Brian kill Mead as the fourth most important radio talkshow host in America. You can follow Brian kill me and Brian is also a New York Times best-selling author Bryan's latest bestseller is available right now at the Brian kill me retail store. Branko Hill personally autograph it for you it's it's a great gift item. His most recent book is the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and their battle to save America soul. Don't forget Brian on Saturday nights at eight and then there's a replay. A few hours later on the Fox News Channel 1 nation with Brian kill Mead and available tomorrow is an incredible piece that Brian has spent a lot of time on and you're going to know it when you see it tomorrow.

Please don't miss this work of Brian.

It is the story of Elon musk and you notes just because someone is famous and the richest person in the world, and in some cases we hear about people that are famous for being famous. You're gonna learn who is Elon musk and again that's available tomorrow on Fox nation hosted by Brian kill Mead and you learn it all visionary or villain genius or huckster you're going to learn things you never knew.

It's very, very deep dive into all things Elon musk and of course with this purchase of Twitter at $44 billion 22 billion out of his pocket financing with a few of his friends 22 billion to make the deal. It's I believe a demarcation line where free speech is gonna be in vogue again in America stored Varney list claimant care. Frederick is a fellow at the Heritage foundation and Seth Dillon who is the Chief Executive Officer of the dual ED platform to Babylon be because they in humor tell the truth and I guess he serious people from the hard left. They don't know humor when they see it, so they actually D platforms in some of the instances, the Babylon be Emmaus. That's how absurd things to become on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline is. I say Great American he's endured a lot and I could get into it in any detail but he and I spoken over the years on air and he was prosecuted for something no one's ever been prosecuted for so he sees an American first us totally civil matter. They somehow found a way to weapon eyes our system to to hurt the Nash but really they hurt themselves and they betrayed themselves. The Nash Desousa author and night and I say world-class filmmaker and host of the Nash Desousa podcast's latest film that we can review the segment on the Branko meet show is 2000 meals, the Nash, it's good to be with you today a real pleasure.

Thanks for having me. Tell us about and in fact I think this is a good way to do it. Pete let's set the stage and let the Nash comment after we hear a little bit about 2000 addict clip is cut 30. Pete, we put together.

I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Say again 2020 election was most secure election in America. Just asking a very simple question. Do we know the truth about what really happened in the 2020 election for millions of Americans know something went wrong and have little pieces.

No one's really put together Gnostic on this question.

I am awaiting more information. Accusations require bold evidence they haven't seen the Nash there.

We set the tone you are the filmmaker tell us about well into rival narratives that are hinted at in that trailer one is the claim that this was the most secure election, the claim coming mainly from election officials praising their own work and on the other side you a conservative Republican thing. I suspect something went wrong, but I can't prove it. I can't put my finger on it, you got this kind of nagging divide, and I think the 2020 election continues to haunt the American mind so this movie comes comes in with real facts, evidence, geo-tracking or technological evidence is video evidence to really settle this matter once and for all, and to do it in a way that the ordinary person can completely understand me when you see a Mueller. Mueller, the kind of paid political operatives in the middle of the night going from one dropbox to another dropping in ballots helping these ballot boxes with fraudulent vote wearing gloves. Looking around to make sure no one notices them, and then taking a photo of themselves dropping these ballots until they can get paid. You know you you're basically tearing into an organized criminal operation in all the key states where the election was decided Nash as you know, in just the past several days, the Florida legislature and governor DeSantis assigned it into law. This effort to actually make Celanese out of the ballot, harvesting, and a lot of the illegal things that went on what I love about your work is you connect the dots you do you do it in a way that you just outlined the Nash you do it in a way that people can understand it because some people do try to over complicate things and then it's over people's heads. Not stupid, but they just don't get it. And if you don't say it in a way that's memorable and that is relatable. They're not going to get it. I think a big mistake was made which cheated the American people out of tonality of the 2020 election and what I mean by that is, people got focused on things they couldn't prove we were going under. But you know release the crack in only we never released any cracking.

They blamed voting machines.

What they didn't do was blame the things that I know you go into in 2000 mules. The ballot harvesting the way that signature verification in key battleground states was changed so that instead of three, four, 5% ballot declination and this is not about illegal vote, not counting it's about illegal votes, not counting the the old make it easier to vote the harder to cheat. I think the Florida model is something that can save the Republic. Your thoughts of the comment well yeah Democratic Party has been the party of voter fraud going back to the 19th century and typically it old school fraud. In other words, finding names on voter rolls of people who haven't voted and then casting ballots in their name, you know going to places like nursing homes and finding people who are comatose and don't know who they are and basically either getting them to sign a requester you find one for them yet or not get get an absentee ballot and vote on their behalf collecting votes from homeless to these schemes have been going on for a while for decades now. What made things different with COBIT because suddenly the mail-in ballots which will one very small percentage of the overall vote now become highly significant. And so, sure enough, the cheaters realized let's cheat there, but even though this is old school fraud is busted by new technology. In the movie we introduce people to geo-tracking which is a an ability to to follow and track the movement of cell phones and so if someone wanted your truck you or me wouldn't have me waking up in my house and then going to pick get some coffee than going to the studio to record my podcast so geo-tracking isn't just a snapshot. It shows the movement of a cell phone and were able to show the movement of these mules going from one dropbox to another. Typically in the middle of the night, a single mule going to 20, 30 and 40 brought in some cases over 100 drop boxes were talking about a large volume of fraudulent vote.

This is right around the corner, the Nash's latest movie is set for release the week of May 2.

So really, just a few days away Dinesh Desousa on the Branca Meacham newsmaker hotline and were reviewing his new movie is latest movie 2000 mules. How difficult was it because the hard left.

They don't accept truth when it's incontrovertible how hard was it for you to put together incontrovertible evidence of exactly what happened in the 2020 election. When I partnered with the research organization called true the vote and they are the one that bought this geo-tracking data which is extremely fascinating, but as a movie guy. I must say that what really thrilled me is when I realized that there was video evidence and I'm not talking about some video that some guy took from a truck you know it is video camera was on video given to me in the middle of the night. I'm talking about the official surveillance video of the cell, so another words they have this video already and what does it show it show these operative in committing the crime. It's kind of like you know you can see them breaking into Fort Knox or from a movie point of view. It's fantastic because the audience can see for themselves the crime being committed.

I think that's what makes it truly undeniable the left. If you have a lot of explaining to do this. He was in Estes is on the Branca Meacham newsmaker hotline 2000 mules is Dinesh is latest movie except for release next week.

Dinesh in terms of proving again. I want to ask you a question that I I'm positive you know the answer to because you you did the analytics and you got the data and I haven't seen the movie and I can't wait to see it was this mostly in the key battleground states of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Georgia, for example, in some of the other close races that if three or so states had changed by 40 or so thousand swing votes. Pres. Trump is reelected to a second term was this effort focused on the key battleground states where they knew it would be close. Well let me just say this is true the vote got a $2 million grant and Dave only bought the geo-tracking data in five areas, but not even the whole state that it bought Atlanta they bought Phoenix they bought Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia and and and we only look at those five places, but by the way, those are the five places where the election was decided we find a large number of large coordinated coordinated network of fraud. Now with the fraud in other places quite probably that was but I'm not going to go beyond what I already know I'm sticking with the fraud I've actually found and it turns Volume of fraud by itself is decisive. Do you believe is I think the atmosphere is different now than it was during some of your previous movies where your truth was, was self-evident. I mean I've seen all your movies but they obviously the Democrat media not they either don't cover you or they try to discredit you and your your your truth how much opportunity and I think in that. Heading into the midterm election and and it's to be here before the American people know it is obviously one the most consequential elections ever and and certainly a long time at the minimum. How important do you think this movie is in terms of educating the American people because past is prologue.

I believe if you prove it happen, then it can help keeping it from happening second time in 2022 or at least mitigate a lot of it and and course when the really good to go for all the. The marbles in 2024. Your thoughts with the mainstream media tried to prevent the ordinary guy and particularly independents and Democrats from seeing this movie because they know when they see it felt no that if an ordinary guy sees the movie they will be shaken as they leave the theater or even if they watch at home is the most censored topic in America.

In fact, it's hard to develop a whole novel business line because I can't know I can put the trailer on Facebook I can put it up on YouTube will be banned immediately.

I can advertise on those platforms. This is a this is the one topic that gets you thrown off social media, or at least most of social media almost by mentioning the word election fraud.

So, as a result of the movie. I'm knocking to put it on Apple iTunes and Amazon prime in the normal places I do. I'm only putting it on un-cancelable platform. So I would actually urge people go to the website which is, the number 2000 you and you'll see the five ways you can watch the movie you can go with Peter you can watch it at home you can get a DVD you can be part of this virtual premier that were doing out in Las Vegas on May 7.

Next, not this Saturday but next Saturday so it will be going to be hard to stop, but on the other hand, the left will do everything I believe they can to suppress not the disinformation but the truth is in the film with 30 seconds before heartbreak. But I remind the Branca Michelle listeners that Stacy Abrams can go all over the country and say that she was cheated out of the election, she still has not conceded Hillary Clinton has never conceded to Pres. Trump the 2020 election Stacy Abrams hasn't conceded to camp to get to run again saying that she actually one and of course we have to accept as the truth self-evident, that Joe Biden won the 2020 election and anyone who doesn't believe that you are cancelable. It's a disgrace. It's an absolute great and I think at the end of the movie people will see that is not my sort of opinion that Biden didn't win.

It is a fact. Dinesh Desousa 2000 mules. All the best my friend. Be well. Take care thank you you're welcome will be back in just a little bit. This is the Brian kill me show use makers and breakers.

First, Brian kill me show will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News by just radio show like no other. Welcome back to the Brian kill me. Joe Brian has a day off.

Brian will be back tomorrow so that is wonderful news Harry Hurley filling in today partnering with Allison Pete and Josh coming up after the bottom of the hour break. Don't miss this portion of the Brian kill me show because we are going to have a very listenable variant conversation about and I know sometimes words become like jargon and what exactly does it mean this title 42 is in my estimation the difference between having 5 to 7000 people a day who don't belong in our country trying to get in verses 18 to 20,000 or more you do it that's per day, you did. That's with title 42, and without title 42, there was a poll recently done. It was credible. It surveyed only likely voters and it talked all about what the American people's opinion is this on purpose. This lack of protecting the border purposely not completing the wall not having the proper policies in place not supporting the border patrol the way that they should in some cases their miles away from where they should be. I don't think there's any question and 51%.

The American people likely voters. I'm surprised it should be a better number than that, but a full majority.

The American people and then a little bit say that this is on purpose.

This this is a strategy I call it the permanent Democrat majority. They want to get as many people in this country grateful to them immediately indoctrinate them as Democrats as they get their cell phones in their water bottles and all their their goods and services that they get in transportation to cities and states all over the country by various means ground air. A lot of it done at suspicious hours and that I always believed that when things are done at odd hours. It's not an accident.

It's not a coincidence when we come back in just a few minutes, United States Congressman Jim Banks who I believe will go from ranking member to committee chairman in several different areas.

Right now he's ranking member of the subcommittees that will talk about when we come back, but working to have a conversation about title 42 about Homeland security Sec. Alejandro may work us and a lot that is going on right now very important part of the Brian kill me show coming up in just a few minutes.

Thank you for choosing Brian, who is so I think he's even higher buddies.

The fourth most important radio talkshow host in America will be back with Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana on the Brian kill me show more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. Welcome back to the Brian kill me show Brian has the day off. Brian will be back tomorrow Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian partnering with Allison Pete and Josh and we have a very important guest extremely relevant important topic.

It doesn't get much more important than who are we letting into our country. What intentions do they have a firm believer. There's everything from beautiful people that want the great opportunity that America provides. But we also have bad actors we we have drug traffickers, human traffickers, MS 13 gang members with horrifically bad people that are exploiting the weakness of the Biden ministration top political with me that this is like math. This is provable that what's going on is flat out dangerous and it it it it it is outrageous that were into courtrooms right now arguing that the pandemic is over.

Therefore, and title 42, when another courtroom arguing that we need to wear facemasks on planes, trains and automobiles because the pandemic is not over so not only that policy but blatantly intellectually dishonest. It's very dangerous. Joining us on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline is a great member. The people's house, Congress, and Jim Banks of the third Congressional District of Indiana joins us on the Brian Kim. He chose a ranking member of the subcommittee, I want to hear chairman in the near future, ranking member of the subcommittee on cyber and chairman of the Republican study committee his handlers at wrap meeting represented rep. Jim Banks, so follow him is doing very very important work, including a letter that were to talk about. It's a shame the sky Mallorca semi and he's he's following the Biden doctrine, but he looks like he's going to pay the sins for the family, Congress and banks welcome the Brian kill me show a wicked ice rabbinate good to be with you now II made a comment that I think is rather defendable.

The Biden ministration is currently arguing in two different courts in one.

The pandemic is a health emergency and we therefore we need to wear facemasks on planes and trains and buses and things like that. And then of course in another courtroom. The pandemic is over the health crisis is over therefore and the practice of title 42 as a public health policy. I would say this just in in in civil terms. Congressman, you can't have it both ways.

Not quite a contradiction and person for my trip to recognize what's going on our southern border.

Take take the, the pandemic side what's going on the southern border is a public health crisis okay anyway we better to have million illegals cross the border. Since Joe Biden became president. We have drugs blown over the border. Unlike we've ever seen before. Sentinel is now the leading cause of death of Americans age 18 to 45 of working age. That is a public health crisis in and of itself and and we got it whatever whatever it takes to secure the border to stop illegals from crossing but also to stop all of these drugs are coming over the border. Title 42 right now is what is one of the last PREVENTING this the largest humanitarian crisis in American history from you beginning a lot worse to me. Take take into account that when they lift title 42 will be about 18,000 illegals every single day coming over the border that's the population of my entire congressional district in northeast Indiana.

Every 40 days so this is a crisis but is of Joe Biden's own baking and I we got everything we can do to stop them for making it even worse. I think is important that you faxed to mean things and we have to get the truth out. Is there any doubt.

I long ago just left no room for this not to be a true statement or reality.

This to me is the planting of seeds for what they want to be the permanent Democrat majority in our country. What else could this be you don't finish the wall, not you. You do all these things that are counterintuitive to all the things that you mentioned, and yet they keep on keeping on. And we keep hearing the title 42, even though we know now that there are good Democrats that no and and when I asked people to do. Look at what people that are going to be on the ballot in a couple of months. Look, look what Mark Kelly has to say in some of these other people that know exactly what the truth is here, but I think this is the ultimate Geo TV to get out the vote campaign.

There they want this to occur. This is not an accident.

This is not incompetence. This is a strategy is in it. All of it is completely intentional. On the other way around. They say were racist for saying this but all of this is intentional and and and remember the statistic I share with you when they lift title 42, 18,008.

That's my congressional district every 40 days to remedy congressional districts new congressional districts in America. It is that I turn into if they get their way. So always remember that on day one. Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2020 wanted. Among his first boxes first actions were repealing the remain in Mexico policy, which is a very effective policy to secure the border under Donald Trump stop construction of the wall and then return us back to the catch and release policies from the Obama era that does three things that was a recipe to create the disaster. This occurring at the border. Currently NS with title 42, still in place. So imagine what what they will accomplish to transform America make this crisis even worse if they get their way by repealing title 42 on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline is United States Congressman Jim Banks, a distinguished gentleman from the third Congressional District of Indiana you lead the effort hundred and 33 members sent a letter that's in my hand right now to the Sec. of Homeland security Alejandro Mallorca so I just have to say is I use just been a nightmare, is horrific.

His philosophy of governance is is beyond scary. It's dangerous in this letter without even mentioning the word impeachment. I mean II would think you could be close to 218 people with some Democrats coming on board. Could this guy get impeached for the for the terrible job that he is done on fully for teaching. Mallorca at this point made clearly illegally defied a federal court order to end the remain in Mexico policy about it by ending the remain in Mexico policy certified the courts and the rule of law doing that you illegally ignored laws required to construct physical barriers at the southern border. Now when the last couple times a bit about down the border of Joe Biden's what you see piles of steel that you and I the taxpayers America paid for and I was out that were there were authorized by previous congresses to construct the wall. They pounded up and let it to let let all of it rust on the ground. I have big gaps throughout the border. Remember when I got when I go to the border to border patrol agents you want your political tell me they they tell all of us would go to border. The border were secure under Donald Trump wide open with Joe Biden and all of their resources are going to process illegals come across the border don't run from the border patrol to run to the border patrol process so all of the resources of our border patrol going to take care of that in very little of it is going to stop illegal drug that's what we have a growing direct crisis in this country because America's and Joe Biden.

So our letterhead at broad support set hundred 33 Allied beverage, Jewish and and want to add their names even after the fact. After sending it, and that we were demanding answers for Mallorca seed on Capitol Hill this week testifying and in the in the weeks to comments as he continues to I imagine continue to fail as you turn this around somehow quickly, because the press reporting on them. I think there there is a larger case here to make to impeach him and I'm I'm all for it. Do you believe there's 218 votes gettable for the midterm election or is this something where the work is being done now. The problem is being pointed out, the, the energy, the effort to the preamble, maybe. And then it it's handled by the next Congress. What you speculate on what I will say there are a few Democrats out there recognizing that this election is such a disaster for them or the biggest reasons why is the border so what will will you find if you Democrats out there. Remember, they only have a five seat majority. So will will there be a few Democrats out there. He will say enough is enough for me. There are a few of them that are crying out St. Joe Biden. Please don't lift title 42, Sanders has to make things a lot worse, but it but even in addition to making it worse for country up it makes it worse for their political prospects in November, so I imagine there might be a few Democrats who are fighting for political life to recognize that that there is a that that the American people about enough and they expect us to do what we can to secure the border and they blame the Democrats for so this is their chance to the right thing and join us in and holding my orchids and Joe Biden accountable for what they what they're doing to our country. We are visiting with Cox and Jim Banks on the Brian kill me show this is an issue that from the very beginning I thought was it was just despicable and I'm talking about the mounted horse border patrol agents who got a bad rap from second one. The rains were called wimps they were accused of committing crimes. They were accused of assaulting migrants, no migrant was injured.

They were on. As you know the type of terrain where a vehicle and that Dave, as you know, they've done this for many many years, decades and are very good at it there on uneven terrain.

They're doing a tough job there getting no support from the administration and then they of the present United States say they're going to pay for this and other people with hideous comments, including Mallorca's now we know that there fully vindicated, but they're not getting the fully vindicated treatment are they Congressman and insisted that absolution sick my stomach every time I go to the border talk to border patrol agents and see what they're going through on a daily basis at a number of Republicans. What's the border yesterday and the day before. I think almost every single Republican of the House GOP conference been down the border to talk to the border patrol and see what's going on there with her all night so we have to keep up the pressure on me that what weathered what they're doing to our country sick to border is a big part of it built.

But remember it's there. It's their policies, Democrat policies, divide policies that cause rapid inflation is Joe Biden, a Democrat policies that cause your gas prices to go up on average over four dollars a gallon because of their radical climate change. Pre-new Deal policies as their radical policies edible, but are border wide open and that the consequences of the drugs are flooding in their communities and district like mine in Indiana throughout the country that are killing are our family members or neighbors that are better having such a severe consequence.

Our communities every state. Today's border state and II think more more Americans recognize that the never before. So we got a hold of accountable. That was the whole point of my letter that we have to begin to make the case that this administration secretary Mallorca's are committing high crimes and misdemeanors which which warrant impeachment and user oversight of power and authority to do that. And while the Democrats might ignore it, we we will win back the majority in November and we have a moral duty to do something to hold his Democrats accountable court that Dr. Gorder and elsewhere in our country so important Congress in banks and it's so relevant to hear you say that I want to bring up the 22-year-old soldier who died Bishop Evans because, again, in my estimation, because of the failure of the Biden administration. He is part of Gov. was because he's gone.

As you know, part of Gov. rabbits border security operation because the federal government is purposely failing to do its job and he goes in and attempts to save two people forfeits his life for people who turn out to be suspected drug traffickers.

What human tragedy. It's so sad. And to think that this this guy American hero trying to save others bravely did his job and and crickets from the from the president and administration at but maybe I'm wrong but I've heard a single word come out of the president's mouth. Recognizing the heroic efforts of this hero, or are so many others to have served in dangerous conditions at the border so I don't think you're wrong Congressman.

I don't think you're wrong. I don't think you're wrong and all I was to say the same thing if you didn't. I am unaware of a single empathetic thing spoken, and I believe it's because their failure is so self-evident that they're just completely tied up like in knots as a pretzel in knots that they can. They don't know what to say because they failed they know they're responsible they have failed.

So then what they do, they just ignore it like it didn't even happen.

Which makes it even worse is actually righted it. Joe Biden can stamp behind a podium and with a straight face. Recognize the heroic efforts of this man, without without open the door to to conceding that is his own is it's his own fault. This administration's own fault. They created these conditions at the border. This turned into truly the greatest humanitarian crisis in our nation's history is happening in our own southern border so it's it's their own fault, and it just it pains me to think about the semi-family to her who are affected. Not to mention the young women and girls are being raped and the conditions that they go through with a beat when they come over the border there. Some of the border by the cartels but the stuff is happening to them in the process. I mean this is this is a very sad situation and sub Joe Biden's own making final minute Congressman thanks the American people have a great track record in my estimation. I think this is also provable for making course corrections when one political party, you know, that was all set up that in one political parties, but we had them for a long time, and the American people been very good at making course corrections when one party goes too far.

I have no doubt that people's house is going to change how imperative is that in your estimation.

I know that sounds like a gratuitous softball meatball question, but I believe the Republic is on the line in the selection due to read. I really believe this is really say it but this is the most important election of our lifetime. Because of that. If these Democrats somehow keep control out how if they ever man if they managed to do that, then it will bolded them to continue these radical policies that are changing America prevents that we've never seen America's decline like it has over the last year and 1/2 with these with these Democrats in control of our country so we got a win back the majority but it's not just about winning it back. But what we do with it.

We we have to be bold enough to hold them accountable and to advance the America first policies that we know put America on on back on the right track. I just in a year and 1/2 mean that everyone at large majority America one is better off two years ago that what we are today.

We got we had to get back to those policies constant in banks. Your leadership is noted could not be more important. Thank you for appearing today on the Branko Meacham thank you very much welcome sir will be back. This is the Brian kill me show your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about is your Brian kill me, welcome back Brian kill me show. Brian will be back tomorrow. Harry Hurley, Allison and Josh let me just follow up on the comments of Congressman thanks believe on the right spot on this title 42 is so this midterm election. I know Todd's politicians and it is much born election of our lifetime. It truly is. Listen to someone who has 1 foot out the door at MSNBC and 1 foot in the door at the White House as the press secretary Josh cut 81.

The president has never felt the title 42, was eight and affected immigration policy, and he talked about that during the campaign, but the authority is always rested in the CDC to make that determination and he left the CDC to make that determination. Unlike his predecessor about a range of decisions so the president has never never made a secret of the fact that he thinks immigration reform is necessary in the title 42, was never a replacement for comprehensive immigration form that would put in place smarter security that would ensure there was an asylum processing system that worked and that is something he would be eager to work with anyone on I don't agree with any of that. I don't believe any of that is not true and I don't leave us independent decisions being made. This is this is a five strategy by Dr. Brian kill him live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City show set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me.

Welcome to Brian kill me.

Shall Harry Hurley going in today for Brian. Brian will be back tomorrow.

I'm partnering with Allison Pete and Josh welcome the Brian kill me show Brian holds his place firm on the Mount Rushmore talk radio in America today. The talkers Magazine the Bible of talk radio news talk media rates Brian as the fourth most important radio talkshow host in America that is well-earned. You can follow Brian's work that Brian kill Also, the website, the Brian kill me all the show content is there, and in Bryan's website. Brian kill that that's a great store with lot of all of Brian's books. You can have them personalize you can make really some great gifts by visiting Brian kill Brian's latest book is the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass in their battle to save the soul to save America soul also. Brian appears every Saturday night on the Fox News Channel 8 PM one nation with Brian kill me if you feel a few hours later there's a second airing of Brian's show in an instant classic, and also available tomorrow. It's Inc. incredibly relevant who is Elon musk, a great cast a content you find out things you never knew, and I believe it's a deep demarcation line in terms of free speech in American history. The day that Elon musk takes full ownership of Twitter and again left. They wanted to be completely unlevel. They want their words to be able to go out. They want your truth to be shut down and you to be canceled and will be talking about this. This wicked cancel culture with match lap and just a second, let me just finish his thought about Brian's work on the Fox nation piece that you can view tomorrow, who is Elon musk. You will find out by watching Brian's program.

It's outstanding Stuart Barney and a whole cast of really important people tell you everything you didn't know about Elon musk and I meant what I said about the demarcation line. It's absolutely true. Joining us on the Branko Michaud newsmaker hotline is match lap. Fantastic pedigree, chairman of the American conservative Union host of C pack former political director for Pres. George W. Bush, author of Dessa craters defeating the cancel culture mob and reclaiming one nation under God and co-writer and producer of the new documentary that we can review the segment culture killers woke wars is handle is at M SLAP SCh L APP Matt welcome the Brian kill me show you great to be with you and I don't Brian were still working others. No doubt you could because as you know, he never stops. He's a hard-working guy in our business so work where he'll be back tomorrow but you're right, he he's always working and that's why he such a difference maker. As you know Matt now in terms of this some this documentary, the timing couldn't be better. The content could not be more relevant and and so very important. Culture killers woke wars. This is become flat-out dangerous in our country has in it. Yeah I know it's true folk go to our website download documentary. I hope they will because it was much too many of us up and right in the middle of all this for the last couple years really probably five or six years. You could almost argue ever since Obama said I will fundamentally transform America and Michelle Obama famously said for the first time. I'm proud to be an American. They have really tried to change everything about our society and for establishment Republicans. They really think a collection about these economic questions of inflation of the size and scope of government. I just think most Americans, including Democrats think that what what's wrong with socialism is a just economics of terrible economics, but also this idea of fascism, of trying to prevent you from being able to espouse your beliefs or have your religious beliefs or raise your kids with your values. They want you to be forced to be raising kids with government values with their values that this particular woke strange nihilism may not who would ever believe that we would need a case before the highest court in the land of a coach that after the game is over goes by himself and praise how in the world. Could we even be talking about that, and then even I heard some of the questions I would you feel like if if you don't go over and pray with him that you're knocking to get the play. I mean they're trying to invent a reason why someone's prayer is so offensive it's it's it's maddening so the problem with a lot of Republicans and a lot of Americans that were decent were not really wired for this battle that where and when they took Christianity basically out of our schools. We thought well you know that's right. We are Constitution is about pushing one form of religion. It's about accepting all forms of religion so ill maybe schools will be secular to learn how to read and write what we didn't realize that they just replaced it over these couple of generations with this crazy woke ideologies CRT teaching us that prior art. Fathers and grandfathers to our evolving companies are robber barons and profiteers and stealing people's money pushing the green new deal ever since I was a kid when I was a kid. It was pending Ice Age that was to become destroy us because we were destroying the earth yet is pantheism was put in.

So when they took one thing out.

They replaced it with think there were to do that because we took them at their work and that we should stop taking them after work. They they need to take this place down.

They hate America. When you figure transform America.

Who the hell want to transform the greatest country in the in the history of humankind. Nobody.

You might want to improve it, but he would want transform it that we can't report now.

Not at all and I agree with that. We can't think like them, it's, it's just impossible. I think it's why September 11, 2001 happen because Terrace enemy knew how we thought we did know how they thought we didn't think there would be people that we thought they take a plane ticket to Cuba. Hey, you know, we want a $10 million and and let everybody go.

We didn't think like they did that they would actually be willing to forfeit their lives and in this cause and and so we learned a lot following that they stole our innocence right we just didn't think like they did. Now you look at these changes in their very good at it matters you know it for the longest time they would do little minor departures from our civil liberties and we would accept it. And if you said anything you are like a kook and a bad guy and some friends not end but now, now it's on steroids is Matt you take the idea of like a marriage or the acceptance of gays in society. They will be acted like it was about hey, why can't you tolerate tolerate adults to make their adult sexual decisions and once again, a lot of Republicans are like yeah that's right others America you're like to live your adult life. You like to make your choices. Not everybody has to agree with everybody's choices.

You may be a lot less kids will get married, that's their choice.

They might want to live their life single and you know we just everyone, thought well that good I guess, the way it is 1/21 century. Who wouldn't know that all of that was just a fake copper for telling your five girl boy that if he if he feels ever confused because he is the wrong gender that we would pay for that with our taxpayer money in our schools and that are elite private schools would lead the way and and sometimes even people who worry Christian sects would would include Christian denominations with legally money.

This is what I'm saying like we never realize what they're really up to. And the one thing that they in my book, the death of critters is it's much worse than you think, because any decent person you couldn't even fathom they would do these types of things this conversation with Matt slap on the bronco Michelle is reviewing culture killers woke wars, and really it is important for people to want to check this work out and I know that did an event with my former boss, Pres. Trump, in your series of premier sugar to be doing more them correct Matt that we hear about your Palm Springs did a premier last night in a private residence at one of our board members had knocked to New Jersey then on out to Nebraska and, in our view is making the documentary available on the website or to go there to conservative thought or by label releasing all of our congressional ratings as well when you can go see how your member of Congress is doing, but our view is that if we don't win the woke wars it's over the country were to become like France or Portugal or something. Not terrible places, but not places of freedom and in to it and you know, I know were going to do it because the reason they cheated in the elections because they knew there was less of them than there are. Go stand up, talk Matt slap on the Brian kill me show don't find it interesting how Hillary Clinton is never conceded Stacy Abrams is never conceded.

But if you don't accept the Joe Biden legitimately won the presidency and then they want to be able to criminally charge you. In some cases they are criminally charging people is outrageous. That's exactly right you that the game plan of the Democrats is to turn their election losses into our racism yes and then when we win races, but they put enough illegal ballots into the account that it's about our domestic terrorism right when they win they win in your to shut up and when we when we didn't really win and I don't shut.

That's right in your admin. The people on our side like myself or others who stand up and say wait a minute here. This is the right we then get destroyed every Corporation, every society, professional sports than competent to say we could never contract with you.

We could never hire you. Week everything to do with you and and that really is the disgusting nature of the collusion amongst the faster you make your socks everyone around and that's why the majority is being ruled by the minority because the majority of scared to act. The first thing we gotta do is get a put on the line for the country for kids that are cricket.

We got back we gotta speak up if we do it right at the end.

If we do it the cycle could do in November following November can have a rebirth of freedom of the country, but with the whole world on anybody. Let's read doing this battle could not agree more Matt slap on the Brian kill me shall reviewing his new documentary culture killers the woke wars. Congressman Banks said just a little while ago on the Brian kill me show that this is the most important election ever, and any even caught himself and said I know people say that every single election, Matt, it's true. This time, this election. I know someone else's expression eat and Biden didn't really mean it, but this is for the soul. The country isn't Matt completely right now. What were what were what's at stake here is the whole idea of constitutional order does it continue. You know yet that yourselves after two years of the great democracy is it over and if the if the people are so passive as to accept BLM violence and call it a racial justice and accept the illegal voting and say well that's just a function of trying to get more people of color and immigrants including illegal immigrants to vote back and say well the agreement deals effectively indisputable.

Talk about climate change anymore say they take my five and six and seven-year-old kid. Teach them to be all confused about gender not have an appropriate sexual identity to lose everything by way when America goes down to the realization is going to come down and that's where enemies really want including the radical Islamic terrorist. You know the people you talk about on 9/11 and these kind of crazy woke secularist who hate everything the country stands for. Do you think Matt slap that the November general election the midterm election which which is so very important. Do you think that that is going to be similar to what we saw in the Commonwealth of Virginia and almost in my home state of New Jersey where a junction really came very close, closer than any of these dishonest polls would lead you to believe but II believe that moms are extremely upset right now so her dad's and I believe America wants our country back. So I'm heading to New Jersey today under the table with the wonderful conservative activist of the cone so conservative there's people like you say you want to go back to sanity in New Jersey and so I think it were living in the Commonwealth of Virginia and I would say these were not.

This is not a Republican revolution, conservative revolution, but you said it was just moms and dads and coaches. They think and they got told you don't have any say in your children's education. Galway take a step further. One of these parents. Their daughter was raped by a transgender man during the rainbow pride month and he was told by his by his education aboard that he was allowed to talk about it and then that same student attacked another young woman and folly that father went to the school board said you gotta stop covering all the stuff up what you're doing is insanity. They tasted arrested that father and that was videotaped and that was part of the insane unity like that was. Matt ran a heartbreak, but that was a turning point. That was a huge turning point that not only did the Commonwealth of Virginia see it, but the entire country sought and challenged everyone's decent sensibilities.

Culture killers the woke wars Matt Mercedes and their great team.

I know that Mercedes was cowriter of the film Check it out.

Not good to visit with you on the Brian kill me show that you have me on your welcome.

We will be back in just a few minutes.

This is the Brian kill me show, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show welcome back to the Brian kill me show Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian. Brian will be back tomorrow on partnering thousand and Josh and we we know this know the Brian kill me now talk radio. We know he has one of the top were I think is higher but he's in the top four.

That's minimum. Most important, talk radio hosts in America. Most important, talk radio programs in America and we know of course he has a vast listening audience, but listening right now and I speak I think I don't speak for Pete often but I think I can speak for Pete on this occasion because were both big time New York Yankee fans all our lives. The great former Yankee pitcher Denny Naegele listening to the Brian kill me show in real time.

Denny your Great American you were a great Yankee and even more important that you're a better friend. He's my friend. He's a really really good guy Denny Naegele in the Brian kill me universe as we say in this business.

You never know who's listening Yankee great Denny Naegele tuning NA that proves not only great picture and he's a great family man to great guy was great sans his father recently passed away just a beautiful man is real good friend, but he has great taste in talk radio because he's listening to the Brian kill me show when we come back. It might be a couple of minutes after the break, but when we come back shortly thereafter we will be joined by Griff Jenkins, Griff Jenkins and I go all the way back. My goodness he's still young and he has dark hair and I still feel young and I have dark hair little to gray both of us, mostly dark brown, but Griff the work he has been doing.

I don't want to be gratuitous and he is a friend and he's been a longtime friend of mine going all the way back to the days of Lieut. Col. Oliver North and just the work he's been doing for the Fox News Channel at the border. Some the most incredible relevant work important work speaking the language speaking by lingual E all kinds of things he's been doing. Now the war between Russia and Ukraine, which remember our president wanted him to fold in 2448 hrs. and their past two months, now 66 days or whatever. Whereat accrued incredible Griff Jenkins Fox News Channel national correspondent live from Kiev, Ukraine.

Wow he has been doing it this is the Brian kill me show and will be right back breaking news you need to hear it all. Brian kill me show welcome back to the Brian kill me show it Harry Hurley filling in today.

Brian will be back tomorrow on partnering today course with executive producer Allison eight and Josh. Eric has a day off will be back soon. As well, and I want to remind you Brian has done some really really great work as it relates to what you think about it. One of the most front of mine, top of mind. People in America today and at Elon musk and his $44 billion purchase of Twitter and Brian has and it's launching tomorrow, I'm a founding member of got my coin and other gifts to prove it. Fox nation tomorrow who is Elon musk and it is a Elon must to see who is Elon musk and Brian is joined by some of his friends including Stuart Varney from the Fox business channel Griff Jenkins who is a very good friend of mine for a long time.

Can't believe how fast the years of gone and he is just growing his pedigree. His portfolio, I mean he is now a wartime reporter. He is non-brave and important work at the border.

When people were very busy lying about what was going on, or ignoring what was going on in others acts of commissioners, acts of omission, either misstating what's going on or not reporting on it at all. You had Griff Jenkins out there from the Fox News Channel doing the job at the border. He'll be joining us in the very near future. In fact, he's here now. He'll be joining us live from Kiev Ukraine to talk about what's happening I Griff II hope I didn't ruin your reputation. I expose it were good friends for a long time. The check is in the mail) failure to guide the unitless man. I'm just fortunate that flocked to cover this story, which is no doubt continues to be not only the big story of our time right now, but certainly perhaps one for the history books and you don't hear from Pres. Lincoln.

Every day you know I think the rest of the world is turn to come round to which it will fight here between an autocracy and democracy just like between good and evil is how the brother of quays Mayor put it to me just a couple hours ago and he said like freedom is the think you're not just for Ukraine but for the Western world as well.

Chris described the courage, how fierce, how admirable Ukraine in the fight that they have brought because we do not forget Pres. Biden. He asked Pres. Zelinski to surrender in like 2448 hrs. and this is whatever it is now take 67 or ways well more than two months now. Describe how fierce and admirable. Ukraine has fought, I gotta tell you, I'm so glad yesterday that Eric is it just unbelievable how fine and strong and united Ukrainian all right now it because Pres. Zelinski did not take off and flee the way you seen other leaders in other countries went when sheer terror came knocking on his doorstep.

And you know, having spent a lot of time the last two decades covering the gray soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of the US military and I often go to the Iwo Jima Memorial, where the Marine Corps Marathon is anchored by show from the inscription on the Iwo Jima Memorial says uncommon valor was a common boat you was about brave men who fought on that island Iwo Jima and I think now about these Ukrainian forces who let's not forget three days ago when the invasion began.

Everybody wrote a motley thought Ukraine would capitulate within a matter of days. She would last a week understanding and keep their Socratic industry so they withheld the Russians and now the US and West are actually getting these hundred 50 thought how it's artillery pieces another every weapon to the front line of the second offensive starts. But let me tell you if there was a litmus test for Ukraine to prove their mettle in my to the rest of the world could get these weapons and get the support of the wealthy. Certainly more than at that standard looks like the British report. They say that Ukraine took a few days of this new cried out. The major objective right now I'm starting to think Ukraine could limit. Think positively dealing with the US West. We are visiting with Chris Jenkins Fox News Channel national correspondent now international corresponding live on the Brian kill me show you know this you done for many many years you've done both radio and television very successfully. You know the radio is the theater of the mind for Brian kill me show listeners give us the difference between what we think we know from 5000 miles away which I think a lot of people don't realize how close we actually are. It seems like a world away. It's I mean a couple thousand more than going to California from your Fox News New York City studio so it's it's not as far ways as people think.

But yet it is a world away and certainly the atmosphere between the viewer or listener versus someone that is on the ground gives your take the difference what were you struck by being on the ground versus knowing what you thought you knew versus what you now know what struck me. A trick question is the absolute. I have been in war's end and you know I was with Ali Norton available rock spent countless times over there to include even in 2016.

I was in those old when Iraqi social forces were trying to dictate back muzzle from my I've never seen any fighting force target the civilian population with such indiscriminate bombing and when I went to Abuja where we have now these war crimes prosecutor's cooling body down the stench of death hitting you and you realize what is happened here is just something that we don't even see in other warfare in certainly both at the same time. When you speak with the folks. Then terrified and also become more hardened in their defiant and resistant to Russia in the other thing that is top about being on the ground as you clear all the core stories anything man that is really didn't really come in and you know our lives continue to go along with your date well it just yesterday in the park bench and go to a 20-year-old woman from Abuja who put 30 minute he counted to miliary what it was like walking in Abuja mining business at the Russian when they round a cycle rang out and shot her mother and her mother was shot in the head, collapsed on the ground with her mother holding her bleeding and then she recounted her father got her to run back to her grandmother's apartment and begged the Russians to let them take his wife's body back. They ended up interrogating him with the bag on the said lien tied behind his back.

The unit up potently not doing anything that they didn't know what what to do with them but you know she should be pitched at a picture which in Bonaire at some point in my coverage of the cross that we were finally able to get her mother's body back to the temporarily buried it in the backyard because that's the reality of what's happening in and that really brings home the real terror of war and you know this is a soldier I'm talking to are the brother sister of a soldier who's lost someone. This is an innocent 20-year-old girl.

I'm the father of a 20-year-old daughter had to describe the Russians just in indiscriminate killing of her mother and the war crimes people are obviously interviewing her name that it hurt to the to the hundreds of thousands of cases are going to ultimately try and bring not against us early unrepentant but also to the Russian forces that carried out the attacks heartbreaking and it puts it just a face in a and and just as true feel of exactly the human resource loss and the consequences have we gotten rich thinking is visiting with us on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline live from Kiev Ukraine and you have all my respect my friend for for for coverage in the work that you're doing it's it's it's extraordinary inured to such if you're such a good man, the good friend the story early on was that Ukraine wasn't getting what they needed and it was really inexplicable because we should've been getting it done. Just didn't appear to be the sense of urgency.

My gut instinct tells me now and some of the coverage that I listen to from you that that were doing better now in getting presents Linsky what they need in order to defend the defensive assistance that we been given.

Have we gotten Ukraine things that they need with the proper sense of urgency or serve a little bit of slow walking going on here your spot on number. Early on we had this debate about fighters. Everybody was saying why the hell did you know Linsky to make fighters and the things he needs to close the sky and by the way on her for his party done a masterful job of constantly asking for the very things he needs. However, I would say give real credit to general Lloyd Austin defense secretary would often just yesterday rallied and they didn't get a lot of play black certainly watched it and covered some Gram stain Germany rally good defense officials from some other country in. We gotta get on a wartime footing. We've got to give the things that that Ukraine needs to defeat Russia and he previously said on the trip to see that he wants to weaken Russia so the connector anything Think there's been a real kite in terms of not only the US trying to move faster.

What was once describedthe weapon they need after rallying all these other countries to step up and get going. I think fear can double faster pace going to the front line. I agree with that completely.

That is so well said Chris Jenkins on the Brian kill me show for a few more minutes live from Kiev, Ukraine and I believe this and you tell me if I'm on point or if I'm wrong I will stand corrected by the great Chris Jenkins because you would know. I think I know what you will know the answer. This, it appears to me that Ukrainians are much more committed to their cause, then these Russian soldiers who in some cases don't even know what they're fighting for and and I believe early on, thought they were peacekeepers and cut came in friendship. They did even I don't think they even knew what the mission was to some extent, on the other side. So if Ukraine had been given early on everything they needed.

I think they would have already won this war. I agree with you. I think they still have a chance to win, but I've they were put at a big disadvantage because they were not getting what they needed. We were afraid were to start World War III I get some of it all, my God will poll and said they'll still bring the makes over now but that's still to be prudent to say we, you know, we declared war on Russia. So II get their apprehension was a bit gutless to get their apprehension. It's sort of defendable a little bit but as time is going on these Ukrainians. This isn't like Afghan where they cut and ran five minutes. As you know, these are fighters, and even their civilians who were under the age of 50 or 60, and some are even older that are coming back to fight their fierce and and their real dealers Ukraine can take Russia in my estimation, they just don't have the airpower that Russia has.

And a lot of those missiles. Russia wins air war Ukrainians have beaten them on the ground haven't day and I think the great area earlier nailed it and don't take it from me.

The brother of the mayor here Vladimir could go to famous boxing champ. He and his brother Allie could go with the mayor.

Vladimir is the brother that also invited them in huge go talking to me said lithograph.

We are so grateful that the us the US were truly giving us the weapons we need because they see exactly as you say are winning. There beating the Ukrainians every turn. Russia is failing and he said now here to become the place you said you know, could I say that I wish we would have them much earlier. Maybe we wouldn't even be where we are now suggesting that they would've already defeated the Russian invasion you could.

I'm just grateful, and I hope they will continue to support and continue to escalate the weapons are giving because we gotta finish this now. It's about finishing it and that's what he says in the tooth exactly on par with their assessment in the minute or so that we have left. We can stretch in a minute and 1/2 gifts a closing comment on where you think we are right now. How are things going well, that's a good question and I don't have a good enter for you because we just don't know is so unpredictable. And that's what Ukrainians tell me right in the need for any nuclear weapons that we certainly don't think we party threatened chemical weapons merely disease but we don't know we do perhaps concede that this offensive in the Eastern Don box which is where prudent is bringing so much of the heavy artillery and tanks and stuff into that area which is familiar territory for the rest of them fighting near 40 years, the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

We do know that that may be setting and curse flawed and going on for quite some time. Because you are giving them the artillery to fight back, but also an area flat open, not urban like he was so it's getting more traditional warfare fighting in and what we can now it does look like in the wrap up anytime soon, final 30 seconds and that's a loaded question for 30 seconds, but how serious should we take this nuclear threat that Sergei Leah Roth, the Minister of foreign affairs served up to the world. I that was very disconcerting.

30 seconds on that please.

I think you get a ticket with very serious concern because of the unpredictability of lender proved that all Ukraine officials are telling us here that you just don't know because he is truly an evil enemy in their words and could speak to any level to carry out his evil intentions. And if I know what your intentions to stay safe. But I just want to say to you as your friend stay safe. Thank you for the tremendous coverage that you're providing for America and the world. And please be careful. Thank you dollars my friend and have a great one man talking on a string of stories about the ticket care will be right back.

This is the Brian kill me show's makers and breakers. First, kill me, show the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me.

I agree, my name is Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian. Brian will be back tomorrow on partnering with Allison and Josh and I want to say thank you. I was hit with privilege. It is a professional privilege to work with this incredible team. Allison and her team. You guys are great and ditto for Brian is just a great friend. I want to end on what I believe is a point of a real positive note, even though some of what will take us to get from my opening words to finish line will not sound entirely positive, but let's make a positive shift basis owns the Washington Post who cared. John Henry owns the Boston Globe anybody throw a fit.

Carlos Lim owns the New York Times basically bought the building and all kinds of things Lorraine Powell jobs owns the Atlantic magazine. But now, and only now suddenly now the, the great American Republic. The Great American experience is threatened because Elon musk is buying Twitter. I submit to you the hypocrisy ripping with just irony and it's disgusting.

It's disgraceful. Thanks again to Brian Allison and force Josh and Eric partner with you, Brian over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast is personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you did your

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