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Unprecedented: SCOTUS Leak Reveals Roe V. Wade to be Overturned

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 3, 2022 1:17 pm

Unprecedented: SCOTUS Leak Reveals Roe V. Wade to be Overturned

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 3, 2022 1:17 pm

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My buddy Brian told me near thanks so much for being with me and again we appreciate we know you have a lot of options. We appreciate so much growing audience here Terry Severino be with this perfect for today. I would talk a lot about the Supreme Court and she's presently judicial prices network co-author of the book justice are probably No confirmation the future of the Supreme Court will talk about. I massively think the biggest one court history encouragement Darrell. I shall put everything in perspective by Susan judiciary also foreign affairs will talk a little about Ukraine. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3, number three still the case that a higher race that everyone will Republican campus has raised to embrace Donald Trump as much as they can and so he still even though is the major source of some signs of weakness. He still has the power to shape the conversation. Everyone is Republican primaries were sitting right out there midterm primary mania begins yup Trump with the power of his reputation on the line in multiple races. The biggest perhaps the endorsement of JD Benson, Ohio not making any real gains on the battlefield, Ukrainians, and you're making significant advantage of their concave and also the child to the youth of Odessa and every day that goes by. Actually he does not gain ground is grounded in and I don't see him gaining anymore ground going to the West. I think you basically hold what he's got landgrab. That's what Russia planes are doing incurious on perhaps variable despite massive losses of men and prestige with the West tolerate them him acquiring or annexing two more pieces of Ukraine. I hope not. As more rumors of food going under the knife or cancer surgery. I'll bring you the latest on this brutal war in Ukraine covered the court for years and I teach a class on the Supreme Court, and I really didn't think this day would come. In the event a strange thing to say in a city that literally floats on leaks and it existed on a level of integrity that is all too foreign. Today politics that is Jonathan Turley and he I hope will be joining some part of the Tuesday show what he morning and last night on the stunning news Roe V Wade overturned an unprecedented leak from Scotus shows the court is about to possibly return the decision to the states put a look at the week. The massive protests around the country and how it could affect families and the midterm Joe Justice Alito, who evidently wrote this in February.

No one said it's not true there's gotta be a massive search now who leak this out about this decision out. It's raw. It's not gonna reach great I you and I can understand. I'm a law student oral great legal mind. Even I can understand exactly the thought process going into it but it looks like Cavanaugh Amy Cody Barrett, Justice Thomas Gore sick and Alito all agree that it should be returned to the states and that there was a problem with Roe V Wade back in the 1973 with 30 states had called abortion illegal cigarette go elsewhere or forcing the back rooms. Whatever the situation was. The question is, I think there's three elements of the story. I think number one. It is the decision Roe V Wade what the impact is on the country every single day. Some states healthcare it took to you killed a baby number two who leaked it is going be just the beginning. Major controversial decisions on guns and abortion and stay trite. Everything that we get ahead of time. I thought you screen these clerks that this would ever happen evidently in the past been pretty effective. This is never happened before and the third is one of the ramifications on the midterms and long-term when it comes to Roe V Wade being overturned. Supreme Court justice is the most conservative Supreme Court at this hour because Mitch McConnell held out for a year and send the final year. It's never been done before, Barack Obama. Merrick Garland will not even get a hearing and then it comes out.

Donald Trump stuns world and wins a put three Supreme Court justices in place of really people put out a whole list of frequent just as he would name that list was okayed and he went ahead and did it. That's why decisions like this are happening.

This can be a big push now to fatness Supreme Court. Let's go pack the court to make sure these Republicans don't have control of this branch of the government. So those are some of things.

First off on the ramifications of the league.

Sarah Mike Lee talked about how he's always wanted to get rid of Roe V Wade, but not that but not the way he heard about a country. This is a night of sharp contrasts. This is bittersweet.

On the one hand, it's in sweet because were finally vindicating the Constitution and the babies who have been unprotected by the law because the Supreme Court of the United States has told states that they may not protect unborn human life. That's the sweet part for the better part is the way this was late.

This was an order disgrace in terms of how it was released.

This entire kerfuffle has been brought about as a result of an unscrupulous person trying to subvert 235 years of tradition and that's with this person. Evidently the name is been circulated out or we get confirmed if it is confirmed will share with this hour but it's if it is the person that we think it is he is on Supreme Court justices staff and this name is as soon as we get confirmation on evidently who has a relationship with Josh Gerstein who got this mammoth story. Remember they could may verify that the laptop right so I can run with it. When I got a run with it. So political get this story and they feel so they can run with it. Even though the ramifications are awesome and really and and pervasive. John Sago is the legislative director for Texas right to life, who's been in the state strict lawfully was been there for the straight stick long bending abortions after six weeks, right he's worried he says he's worried about why the draft which was posed by politico was late in the first place uses quote. There's obviously a goal to have backlash and large enough response in the news and the real world to get some of the justices to back away from this kind of vote.

He said that describing on the theories of why the draft leaked out.

Democrats are beside themselves. So you have the opinions out there, but among the Democrats, reacting negatively in a combined statement, Schumer and Pelosi came out condemning we would be the rule was Bernie Sanders comes out and says, as you know, he says, I urge colleagues to use this leaked draft opinion as motivation to end the use of the filibuster in a tweet. He said Congress was passed legislation that codifies Roe V Wade as the law of the land of this country right now and there aren't 60 votes in the Senate to do it. There are, then there and they're not. We must end the filibuster and pass with 50 votes. What makes you think all 50 Democrats are going to go for this outrageous. Here's Ari Fleischer cut seven what really troubles me, not about the ruling itself. That's the ruling itself. I accept the respect that ruling, but the leaker. Make no mistake, this is a insurrection against the supreme court I've already seen people on the left celebrating this leaker calling him brave, trying to throw a Hail Mary to stop the ruling from being issued, who at the Supreme Court will trust each other.

Now if they know that their drafts are going to be leaked just like everything else in Washington Supreme Court seem to be the last institution standing that had internal integrity. Couple things. That's true and I still think you have great integrity. They just have to do a better job screening their clerks. That's what seems like, and it seems like you had while politically motivated man. If this is in fact correct.

Who feels as though it would in order stop Roe V Wade. He wants to leak it out and cause massive uproar. Now maybe this would just postponed it made it put to June. You know a lot of the states were trending that direction will discuss it in fact if you look right now at the states where abortions would be illegal, it would be Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, also Arkansas, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. That's where Satan that's where abortions would be illegal but yet the rest of the country be state-by-state issue and have a lot to do with elections.

What does this do for the midterms will discuss that with Carrie Severino. In fact, I'll take a timeout before we do.

Just a quick note of the midterm elections, a big story is JD Vance in a while, and a very large field got the endorsement of present Trump you know it hillbilly elegy. He was a guy who was a Democratic Aryan gave a a perspective on what it was like in rural poor areas. So many people thought he was going to be a Democrat that he was can be Republican. They became anti-Trump Republican and then he became a pro-Trump Republican. So to the point where thanks to Milani and Donald Junior, the president was persuaded to endorse JD Vance extremely bright guy. Ivy League educated Quentin served in the military served in Iraq to set a wide perspective and force grew up in a rural background with with a less than ideal circumstances.

As a kid, so it's the candidates vying for the Senate. This is the prestige of Donald Trump, JD Vance has got a real JD Vance is one of the candidates. Men, men, Dell is the other. We have a few others that are going to be solid. Matt Dolan has a shot Josh Mandel as I mentioned Jane Timken has a shot. So see what happens. All of them except one except Dolan was firmly in the Donald Trump Even after he draws JD Vance will see what happens at about three point race going in most of the brain. Tell me Joe back with you in just a moment to move your knowledge base Brian film rate show Fox news broadcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been dominance podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News talkshow that's real for us is that Brian kill me show in the event that we had a president in 2024. That's a rebate would be at a South America style nationwide abortion man in America, women are losing their right country. We do not want to get individual states the autonomy to decide pretty much the nightmare scenario. If you believe in the ultimate efficacy of the constitutional order. It's just devastating to read, so people don't like what the ruling is going to be in June. It seems Justice Alito who wrote these notes and began to write up his point of view, a write up his papers and write up the decision on on Roe V Wade a limited Roe V Wade saying it's unconstitutional. Here's the reason why even I can understand it reading it. They say it's not quite done yet. And who knows the people to change their mind and it looks like on board is Justice Thomas on board is Corsica Cavanaugh and Amy Kony Baron and if I did mention Clarence Thomas are not the areas so the Mayor obviously Kagan and possibly John Roberts Carrie Severino trying to stamp present the judicial crisis that were co-author of the book justice on trial on the Cavanaugh confirmation in the future. The Supreme Court vary which the bigger story.

The decision with the leak. Wow. Unfortunately, both are cited point and I can delete the story.


That never happened but it never had an court opinion leaking fall like that and rarely had any yet technically meet the political playing so much the story of how they if you have affected the court all all you know since 1973 they could politicize the core and why now the clerks even felt apparently meant that the assumption that on the few people to Get it would be a clerk on the cliff and felt are treating it as a political way to effect an incredibly political issue, it just that the leader of the Kenyan state simply not the court's job to be making political judgment and opinion cricket back in the hands of the American people and their elected representatives so you know hopefully that means that now we don't have to continue to Pick politicization of the court because they can have a political debate in the political sphere when it along. Well you some excerpts from what Alito wrote it's time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives. The permissibility of abortion and the limitations upon it are to be resolved. Like most important questions in a democracy by citizens trying to persuade one another and then voting. This is with the Constitution and the rule of law demand.

He just believes this was a faulty decision and the Supreme Court should not be dealing with this state should write it. There could potentially be of all federal like to think about and affect the well. But the idea Supreme Court can only prompt a lawn trumping state lot when the Constitution actually get the authority to get to just say we think of that. Bad idea.

We think to go a different direction.

Only when the competition pet beyond clear. There is no language in the Constitution actually explicitly directed abortion and carefully document there's nothing in critically support the portion Roe versus Wade doesn't really commit to where exactly in the Constitution to find it simply made out and goes contrary to all American history when it was just an implicit right plutocrats and and you know just that. Alito goes through a very long historical analysis as well showing how effective the 30 page appendix giving the history of state lot outlawing abortion which work in 75% of the state in effect at the time the 14th limited path, which is one of Clayton Bay pointing to think that somehow endorsement of right to abortion, and by the time Roberson about how to get in 20th century and it was outlawed in everything country seat simply can't paid long-standing American right simply wasn't there maybe some state wanted to be a right and they're certainly able to do so under under the opinion.

However, that you know it is not a Supreme Court goal to reach out and try to decide the picture itself and when Kiki think it was going to then settle this issue by by bike. Trying to do that by saying well that's it. Go with Rogue efficiently to show the folly of effort it clearly if you would not settle by rote. It would not settle. By keeping more contentious than ever and I think it's time for Supreme Court to just admit it, never with the job in the first plate left the political branches on come come to bear their conclusion on that issue usually counters would sit on the theorizing on why this would leak out. Now, what would it means and what they hoped when the person emerges and will see what you think about if we will get that person consisting.

It's only a theory. I think this was leaked by a liberal law clerk who was trying to change the outcome of the case either by putting pressure on some of the justices to change their mind, or by getting Congress to pack the court even before June which is very unlikely, or to get Congress to pass a national right to abortion law which replied all the states and that would have to come to the Supreme Court to see whether that could be upheld under the commerce clause, but I think this is real and I think that might theory is that it was leaked by somebody wants to change the outcome. So they think that the public pressure in the protest were likely to see today my pressure a Supreme Court justice to change him or her opinion can mean a lot of the liberal activist are taking people who are cooperating and thanking more people should be doing kind of institution destroying The Corridor on Another Other in a Long-Standing Petition Because You Know the Ends Justify the Means. Apparently 98 till I Think That Must've Been the Hope of the Leaker. In That Case, I Think I Was Actually Miffed. I Think Anything Boy You Know I Got to Think I Wanted Flip-Flop at This Point Contact AI at a Major and Now Completely Explicitly Publicized. I Don't Think so on. And I Think Just the Idea That That's Been Done in Such a Way That with Such a Breach of Trust Would Further Strengthen Your Spine Done. Now That the Fact That She Tested. Gotta Be Outraged at That That What This Is Doing to the Institutional Carrie Did You Think You Can Find the Person I Think That You Look Really Hard.

I Think My Getting It Printed on a Printer We Can Hopefully Trace Where That Is. I Hope We Can Find out yet.

I Wondered They Say It's a Very Small Group That Could Be Could Be the Culprit. So Will See That Person Has a Conscience or Maybe Wants to Think about and Say Look with a Great Thing. I Think Kerry Severino Owes for Document Precise Personal Power Is America's Literacy, Your Thoughts Whether Updates throughout Your Busy Day Subscribe and Listen Now and Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Project Radio Show like No Other Christians All Fitted for This Country.

Abortion Is a Moral Good. It Is Still Available As Needed by Women and Family People All over and so We Have To Fight against This Kind of Ruling We Have To Affirm That Abortion Is Part of Regular Healthcare. It Is Essential Medicine. So That Was Amy Hagstrom Miller on a Show on a Child You Never Watch MSNBC on the Seal of Whole Women's Health. So It's a Public Good to Have an Abortion. I Never Heard That Perspective before, but Looks like a Roe V Wade Is Going to Make Every State in Charge of Whether Abortions Will Be Legal. And When If That Course. The February Opinion Is the Same If We Expect to Be a June Opinion with Very down Studio Punishment Darrell Iser Republican on the Judiciary Committee As Well As Hothouse Farmers Affairs Committee Are Smug about You on Every Committee Just about At Least Once Avenue You Know in My My 22 Years I Got around a Little Bit Right. I Missed the Select Intelligence Committee Is Not As Bipartisan As It Once Was an Judiciary Has Never Been One of Those Committees Where You Assume That Everyone Gets along on Everything. Issues like Abortion Have Been an Underpinning of That Committee for a Long Time and One of the Interesting Things with This Leak Is. Congress Has a Right to Legislate the Standards for Run of Four Abortion Just As All the States to All, but They Been Lazy. They've Allowed a Single Decision to to Essentially Create a Constitutional Right Where There Wasn't One. And As This Draft Leaked Draft Letter Puts out Very Well. It's a Weak Argument.

It's Probably As Good an Argument That There Is a Right of Privacy As There Was under Dred Scott That African-Americans Were Property.

Fact Is, You Could Make an Argument for Political Purposes Right Constitutionally. It's Much Easier to Find a Much Harder to Find That Argument Because It Doesn't Exist in the Constitution of Each of the Excerpts from You Talk about What Alida Wrote in the Reason Why He's Looking to Strike It down.

They Say the Rosary Could Egregiously Wrong from the State from the State It's Resonating Was Egregiously Wrong from the State, Its Reasoning Was Exceptionally Weak in the Decision to He Had Has Had Damaging Consequences.

As for Bringing about a National Sentiment of the Abortion Case Roe and Casey Have Inflamed Debate and Deepen Division White Glove If You Want to Persuade Alito Don't Look for That. He Also Has Been Stating in the past. Alida Says He Will Not Give into Our Decisions Cannot Be Giving into a Public Opinion Because We Cannot Have That Play a Role in Decisions That We Make. So the Public Is Going to See A Lot Of Protests around the Country Today to Probably Try to Persuade the Swing Court Justices Not to Get through with This Will Be Effective. I Don't Believe It Will Be Although Whoever Leaked It Might've Thought That with Justice Roberts Is Obama Decision That Perhaps He Was Malleable As to Public Opinion. All I'm Hoping They're Not Because I Think That Those Protests Those Discussions They Need to Go on. If the State Capitals in My Home State of California, the Law That We Operate under Was Signed by Ronald Reagan Much More Liberal and Will Not Be Changed in Any Way by Reversal of Roe and the Same Would Be True of New York and Connecticut and Many Other States Where the Laws Are Very Clear Giving Abortion Legality Was the Supreme Court Breakdown on Party When They Ruled Roe V Wade Positive for OB with It Was a 7722 and the Reality Is, It Was Nixon and Other Republican Appointees Appointees That Help Find This Aircraft.

This Idea That Privacy Was Somehow in the Constitution and That Privacy of the Mother Preempted the Rights of the Child, As You See in the Alito a Report That's Not the Case. The Real Question Is, Is an Unborn Child a Human Being Doesn't Have Rights and Are Those Rights, At Least to Be Considered by the States Right Which Historically Make the Decision about What Doctors Can or Cannot Do.

Do You Think the FBI Should Be Involved Already on to Find out Who This Week Arisen from What You Know about Supreme Court Justice Set up Is Going to Be Relatively Easy to Find out Who Did It May Be Very Difficult. Really, People Work for the Justices There Almost like Islands, Nine Islands, and so If If One of the Justices Wants to Cover for a Staff or It Could Be Very Difficult. Let's Understand the Court Has Separation of Powers Was Much As I'd like to Call for an Investigation and Demand the FBI Go in. It's up to Chief Justice Roberts to to Call for and Ask to Have Whatever Assistance He Needs. If He Believes That These Rules Have Been Violated in a Way so He's Got a Call in the FBI. I Believe That's the Right Way to Do It. Congress Is a Separate Body, the Executive Branch As a Separate Body, and Particularly the Court Has To Be Allowed That Deference That It Makes Its Own Decisions. Remember That As Far As I Know This Was Not a Breach of the Law, but Rather a Breach of the Rules and Reos That These People Tell You Know It's Illegal I Don't Know of a Particular Law That Was Violated by Leaking It All.

However, the History and the Traditional Court Was Clearly Thrown in the Trash Can by Whoever Did This so Jonathan Turley Tweets out the Alleged Leak of Opinion in Dobbs First Jackson Women's Health Organization Is Nothing Short of Breathtaking. It Will Continue. It Will Constitute One of the Greatest Breaches of Security in the History of the Court and Ease It Easier Constitution Is the Cost Objects Constitution Neurologist and He Teaches It at Georgetown and You Been Watching Them All Day. He's Outraged by This.

He Said He Never Thought It Would Ever Happen Because of the Thoroughness in Which They Screen These Clerks Irreparably Writer Takes a Clerk Wanting to Do It and Injustice That Court Believes Will Not Mind so It Is Egregious It Is. Unfortunately, Though a Direction We Have To Be Careful about.

The Court Has To Be above Public Opinion so That a Leak Doesn't Matter, and I Hope That All Those Justices That Are on One Side or the Other of the Opinion Continue to Work for a Final Document and Not Be Dissuaded or Persuaded by Some Outrage of One Side or Another Remember and I'm Going to Go to a Sticky Point January 6 People Say That Somehow I Would've Changed My Vote Because of a Crowd outside My Door. It Would've Been a Constitutional Violation for Me to Do so. The Same Would Be True of These Justices.

The Decision They've Made. They Have They've Made Because of Their Belief of What the Constitution Means It Should Not Be Affected by Public Opinion.

So, Couple Things. Let's Talk about the Midterms Today. How Much Power You Think Pres. Trump Has with Republicans and Do You Think It's Going to Be on Display. Whether It's They Are Not on These Midterm Elections Go Absolutely the of the Trump Wing. If You Will of the Party Is the Majority of the Party and so in Primaries. It Makes a Huge Difference. While Today Ohio Today in Indiana, but It Also Makes a Difference in Another Sense, in That We Are Having a Referendum on the Trump Policies. They Gave Us Peace and Prosperity Versus the Biden Policies That Have Given Us War Failed War and Inflation in an Economy That for the First Time Is Now in a Downward Spiral Including Heading Towards Us in Assisting Our Country. We Would Come from July 7 Because You Saw the Study.

This John Angelos Said March of Last Year a Guys, You're in Trouble. I'm Doing Some Posters for Democrat Jesus Is a Democratic Poster and Americans and Trust You on Inflation and Crime, and the Economy Overall. And They Said You This Is a Warning Because the Midterms Are Coming Fast and You Think, and They Said Nothing. They Did Nothing to Scott Combated the Fact They Made Statements to Prove You Wrong about Inflation Being Transitory. So with Now Rates Going up Prices Going up Inflation Going up the Wages Not Going up Fast Enough.

The President Decided Heavily with His People to Go after Trump and Say Look How Much Better I Am Anyway on My Worst Day We Shifted You Would Trump That That Lunatic Anymore. You Think That That Could Be Just about You Just Said a Troublesome Argument for Them.

It's a Hopeless Argument with What the Hoodies Really Saying Is Are You Are You Better off Today Than You Were a Year and 1/2 Ago. Since He Answers No Neckwear. It's Almost, Almost like If in the Debates Instead of Ronald Reagan Asking You Better off the Other Side You Have Audited Jimmy Carter Have Obviously Did Not Have a Good Economy. He Had Inflation and Recession and He Was Unable to Control It. It Was Even Unable to Spur the American People to Believe in the Future and That's Where We Are with Joe Biden. He's Telling Us That the Future Is Bright but There's No Basis for Anyone to Believe That You Believe That This Country Is Coming a Little Bit Becoming a Bit More Rational over the Last Year or so Is a Look around and Give an Example.

I Look at Gilmore. I Look at Joe Rogan a Look at Elon Musk. I Don't Think Political Firebrands We Get There, Pointing out What We've Been Putting It for Long Time There Spur Arguments on the Left That Are so Anti-American and so Ridiculous.

Teaching Gender Studies in Third Grade That America Was Built in 1692, Really, Really Large Built on Slavery, on Stolen Land That CRT and White Should Apologize for the Color of Their Skin Even Though Obviously Some Fourth-Graders Not Guilty of Anything in the Lucca Liquid Top with These These Teachers of These Teachers Boards. These Education Boards That You See This Uproar on the Grassroots Would Happen in Virginia. I Just Think It's Either Not Arise. Republicanism Seems Be Wrought a Rise of Rationalism You're Actually Right. It's a Rejection of Policies That Make No Sense or Proving to Fail and It's That Combination of Things That Make No Sense and People Shake Their Head but Also the Idea That This These Things Have Been Tried in the Last 18 Months, and They Didn't Work. You Know There's One Other One That That I Think Is Just Bugging the American People.

The Broken Supply Chain. Some of It Is Real. It's It's over in China When They Look at the Rise of Fuel Prices Here Even Though We Have the Ability to Not Only Produce All of Her Own Oil and Natural Gas. But Even Exported Their Asking Where's the President Leadership on That and All Their Being Told Is Climate Change Has To Be Fought Walk with Higher Prices Fought on the Back of Working Americans. You Live in California That You Deal with It. You Know in California. They Are Embracing That Absurdity Are We. We Literally Have Power Outages on Warm Days in the Afternoon Because When the Sun Goes down.

They Are Deliberately Not Producing Enough Power and They Won't Allow Other Generators to Be Turned on, so Sometimes You Deserve What You Get and to a Certain Extent Were Getting It in California but the Rest of the Nation. For the Most Part Is Rejecting It. You Know It in in New York State Where They Don't Have Right Here Where They They Will Allow Fracking, What a Surprise That They Don't Have Enough Natural Gas but for Most of the Country Be If You Have the Flyover States They Know They Have It Better When They Don't Have Biden in the White House Right and They Just Said We Used To Debate on a Pathway to Citizenship for People of Been Here Now Debating on If the Porters Put It Whether We Should Secure the Border. All We Let What 8000 215 to 18,000. The Day Illegals Coming and We All Agree That Was a Problem We Would Agree That the Party Started Grim Anymore. You Know, Used To Be. If You're If You Got over the Border You You Didn't Get Turned Back. You Have To Run in Hi and Try to Make a Living. Now You Get Picked up You Get an Airplane Ticket You Get $3500 and You Get the Right to Get Healthcare and and Medical Rates Are You Doing NGO Would Get a Fresh Set of Clothes, Get a Nice Sleep Get Some Toiletries and Hop on a Bus so What We Have Right Now We Have Better Than an Immigration Policy. The Ukrainians Coming over the Border. I Have Special Dispensation but You Know What They're Not Getting Anything More Than People Who from Honduras Who Come Here Illegally and by the Way, the Term Illegal Immigrant. We May Have To Give up Using That Because the President Has Made Basically over 2 Million People That You and I Would Call Illegals He's Made Them Legal He's Granted Them a Parole. He Said You're Here for Two or Three or Four Years and If We Get around to Have It You Having an Evaluation on Top of That Were Still Talking about Title 42 I Was at the Border Less Than Two Weeks Ago and They Are Already Undoing Title 42 Is That They're Bringing People in and and Processing Them Will That Well. The Court Has Not Even Allowed That.

But Let's Remember This Is a President Who Undid the Remaining Mexico Policy and When the Court Told Him That He'd Had Done It Wrongfully or Illegally. What Did He Do.

He Slow Walk. The Fact That As of Today They Still Haven't Gone Back to Remain in Mexico so This a President That Won't Obey the Law, Even When the Court Orders Him to Give a Citizen That Hundred 25,000 over There Now Should Be about a Million and That They Have One with a Will to Expel People. He Said That I Want to Go. This Is Why This Title 42's Gonna Be on to Be Allowed Here Anywhere Mechanical Remaining Mexico. Can You Believe This Illegal Immigrant Refusing to Leave Our Soil to Lock Them up and Don't Throw Them out to the Rio Grande of You Have To so Generalizes Here Congressman, I Want to Talk to about Zapping Ukraine to We Come Back. Don't Move Learning Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Ratio Will Gain Close to Fox and Friends Weekend As I Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business.

So Just Subscribe and Listen to Fox News by Just the More You Listen the More You'll Know It's Brian. Kill Me That Dr. Flanagan I Would Say That All Block Long Field Is Quite Large. A Lot Of Underground Tunnels and in Place to Move and I Ended about 2000 Folders Plus in Their Dwelling and Frankly I Don't Think They Should. This May Be One of a Fight to the Death. Simply, the Russians Are Neither Given or Not Taken Prisoners Argument Transported Back to Russia.

Hopefully the Civilians Can Get out the First Hundred Got I Saw Some Pictures That Will Get on Buses with I Would Hope That You and Will Help Us Get Those Civilians Out Of Their Generalized with Me.

That Was Atty. Gen. Keith Kellogg Talk about Variable in the Trying to Get the Civilians and the Soldiers Out Of the Steel Mines Where the Deer in the Catacombs Area underneath an Old Steel Mill Soviet Era, so for the Discussion Interesting Comes for an ISA Mosque Is Preparing to Annex the Vast New Swats of Ukrainian Territory.

The Gonna Take Care Son, They Said Okay Now in a Trade in Rubles and Look at Our Little Sign That's on the Mayor's Office and They Going to Do It with Variable.

I Think Shortly We'll Let That Stand While Their Army Continues to Be Devastated Regularly.

The United States Congress the Way on a Bipartisan Basis Will Never Let It Stand. Do We Have Control of the UN.

Do We Have Control of These Other Areas, Maybe Not. But This Is a Fight That Will Go on until That That Land Is Returned. I Don't Think There's Any Question That's Where the Ukrainian People Are and That's Where They Should Be. The Real Question Is Will We Give Them the Ability to Bring This War to a Quick Close or Will We Continue to Give Them Just Enough to Let Them Fight and Die Where You Think so Far We Have Not Been Willing to Give Them the Kind of Heavy Armor That Would Allow Them to to Fight with. With a Little Bit and Hang out. That's Absolutely There. They Have a Right to German Skin Tags Held the Needle an Awful Lot of Heavy Vehicles and You Know the Reality Is They Have a Right to Retake Their Land. The Sovereign Land of Ukraine Unless They Can Do That Rush Is Not Going to Back off Ukraine Will Release Video of Them Blowing up Two Shifts Right by Snake Island Real Quick on Top of That Vladimir Putin Evidently Skin Undergoes Cancer Surgery. This Two Separate Sources Saying That I Hope Is Brain Cancer. I What I Hope It's Painful and I Hope You Guys. I'm Not Sure about Hope You Guys but I Hope It's Brain Cancer so We Can Have Any Reason for Him Being a Megalomaniac for Him Being Crazy Because Otherwise There Is No Basis for Him to to to Say Anything except Wise. A Murderer Is, He Just Speak Is He Doing This Himself or Is There a Nucleus in the Russian Government. This Is This Is a Good Move and a Great Risk to Take. When You Look at Putin at That Table with Everyone You Know 10 Feet Away from It Says A Lot about Him. He, by Definition, Has Isolated Himself. He's Never Allowed Anyone to Could Challenge Him to Be in the Circle and Spook Country Generalize Always Great to See a California Is Lucky to Have You Glad You're Back in the Game. They Believe That a Majority Next 10 Weeks We Will Be Fox News Contrasts Network in These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Time, Listen and Download Now and Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Contest I Fox News Radio Studios in New York City Fresh Office Set of Fox and Friends in South America Is Receptive.

Brian Kill Me. Everybody Come in Different 48 and Six in Midtown Manhattan around the Country and around the World, Especially in Ukraine and so Glad You're Here Towards the Bushes. That Is to Be with Us in a Couple Weeks You Can Be up to See If He Can Get the Nomination Be the Next Atty. Gen. from Texas. He's Only Manager Now, and Jonathan Turley, the Bodily out the Stunning News about Would Be a Decision to Overturn Roe V Wade That We Doubt Which Got Many Facets to It. And of Course Prison.

I Think You Be in Alabama Because He Thinks He Can Win the State. Now He Wants to Go to a Javelin Factory Where the Javelin Factory He'll Say Look at What Great Things You're Doing over the Ukraine to Measure the Javelin to Their before the War. A Lot Of Them We Might Be Done with This Already, so Let's Get to the Victory. Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Still the Case, Not a High Race That Everyone of Those Republican Candidates Has Raised to Embrace Donald Trump As Much As They Can and so He Still Even Though Was the Major Source of Some Signs of Weakness. He Still Has the Power to Shape the Conversation. Everyone Is Republican Primers Were Sitting Right out. They Want to Keep St. Donald Trump Is Lost Power and Sway Will Find out. JD Vance Is Somebody That Was in Third Place in the Present Endorse Them Now Is up by a Couple Points Going to the Latest Polls. Ohio Is Doing Them That Their Their Primary Voting Today Not Making Any Real Gains on the Battlefield. Ukrainian Figure Making Significant Advances in Car Cave and Also the South to the Rest of Odessa and Every Day That Goes by.

Actually He Does Not Gain Ground Loses Ground in I Don't See Him Gaining Anymore Ground Going to the Left, I Think Is Basically Holding Scott but He Is Bombing Odessa Landgraf That's Russia Plans to Do with Your Son or Perhaps Variable despite Massive Losses of Men and Prestige with the West with the West Stand for This with the United States to Stand for That As More Rumors of Food and Going under the Knife for Cancer Surgery Are Bringing the Latest Five Covered the Court for Years and I Teach a Class on the Supreme Court, and I Really Didn't Think This Day Would Come That the Strange Thing to Say in a City That Literally Floats on Weeks and It Existed on a Level of Integrity That Is All Too Foreign Today in Politics That Is Jonathan Turley, Roe V Wade Overturned an Unprecedented Week from Skoda Shows the Court Is about to Possibly Return the Decision to the State.

We Look at the Least the Massive Protests around the Country That Are Expected and How Could Affect Families, and the Ultimate Decision in June Which Bring in George P. Bush.

He Is the. The Land Manager over This Place Called Texas. I Welcome George.

I Know You're Aspiring to Be the Next Atty. Gen. You Will Win the Runoff. It's You against the against Ken Paxton, How's It Going Great.

Every Day We Pick up New Endorsements, Particularly the Law Enforcement Community Were Dealing with an Insecure Border and Not Stop Texas but People Forget Houston Is on the Verge of Having More Homicide Than Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. We Have Vacancy Rates in Cities like Austin of over 400, First Responders, We Have a Deep on the Police Movement. Rogue PAs and Judges That Refuse to Follow Criminal Sentencing Guidelines, and so to Get the Endorsements of Now, 54 Law Enforcement Organizations Texas State Firefighters Association and Also the National Border Patrol Council, Which Is the Union That Represents the 19th Falcon Agent to Keep the Watch. It's Just a Great Way to Achieve Momentum As We Get Closer to the Big Day on May 24 Is Not a Big Story. The Republican Gets Indoor Simply Get It in There in a Republican Primary. It Is a Big Story so Deal with the Big Things You're Doing Is Help Build the Wall You Provided the Land Making It Available in Order for Texas to Build a Wall. George, I Was Actually on a Plane Chugged A Few Days Ago with One of the Guys Building the Wall and He Was He Was Posted to the Federal Wall the Trump Wall and Then When They Move Them off That He Was Right to Put up Stakes for Now Is Building Your Wall. How Much Is Done so by Law, We Completed a 12 Mile Gap and This Was the Basis of My Lawsuit against the Body Ministration Last Year We Actually On Behalf Of the State Lease out to Ranchers and Farmers on a Daily Basis and in Our Farmer in Stark County. Regretfully, It Had Such a Trampling of His Crop and Destroyed His Business and so We Brought Suit on His Behalf against the Body Ministration to Compel This Government to Spend the Money That Was Appropriated for the Trump All People Forget That 300 Miles Still Not Constructed Billing the Dollars Diverted to Other Parts of DOD in the Corps Of Engineers Certain Important Constitutional Case That Says That under Article to the Competition. The President Just Can't Wave a Magic Wand and Divert Money but but We Went to Work Last Year Working with the Governor and the Texas Legislature on Our Acreage That We Have More Money Than Actual Wall to Build on and so Is a Candidate for AG but Also Land Commissioner Reaching out to Ranchers and Farmers Where They Can Go to the Governor's Website and Sign Easements to Allow Us for Further Construction of the Wall That We Got We Got Enough Funding to Build My Last Count, Upwards of Another Hundred Miles If Needed and Highly Trafficked Court Orders and People Forget Texas Receives about 70% of All Legal Encounters in the Rio Grande Valley. About 40% of the Nation's Entire Encounters with Illegal Immigrants so It's It's Important We Plug the Holes As Soon As Possible Knowing the Federal Government Do Their Job.

How Amazing Was It to See in a Bad Way. The Sec. of Homeland Security May Work Is Just Flat out Lie Example Right Here. Look It up When He Talks about the Border Not Being Open That at Sec. of Homeland Security Don't Have an Opinion on Whether Title 42, Shutter Should Not Be in Place. I Do Not Because I'm Not a Public Health Expert, but It's My Responsibility to Plan and Execute As It Is in Place and Plan Prepare and Execute the Day When It Won't. Being a Border Is Not Open. What Happens Now Is Individuals Are Either Expelled under the Title 42 Authority or They Are Placed in Immigration Enforcement Proceedings and They Are Removed. If They Do Not Have a Valid Claim under Our Law to Remain and so the Border Is Not Open Is the Border Open and You Describe What Happens Accurately. No More Bureaucratic Doublespeak That Frustrates Everyday Checks from Everyday Americans Because, As the Chief Guardian of Our Nation's Homeland Security He Should View This As a Loophole in the Loophole That That Is Being Abused by Cartels, but Smugglers Go You Any Legal Consult and Yes When Somebody Comes Our Country. They Get a Notice to Appear, but over Majority. Ryan of Those That Get That Notice Appear Blend into the Shadows and so Essentially We Have a Catch and Release Program That He Was Being Honest and Sincere with the People of America, He Would Say We Need to Keep Title 42 on the Books If You Listen to Actual Law-Enforcement Officials within His Chain of Command That Tell Me and Others Every Day on the Pulpit and in the Public Square That We Need Title 42, to Immediately Remove Because You Don't Have a Deterrent Factor, You Will Have, Based upon Biden's Own Administration Three Times More Legal Encounters and First-Aid like Ours. We Just Possibly Can't Sustain This Amount of Undue Expenditure on Our Schools or Hospitals or Roadways, and so Fair Which Is a Conservative Think Tank in Washington DC. Estimates of the Total Cost of Illegal Immigrants to the Nation's Taxpayers Is in Excess of 120 Billion and with Lifting Title 42 to Go up 240 Billion and As I Mentioned to Go from 2 Million to Maybe 3 Million Illegal Encounters, It Changes the Face of the Country in a Way That Doesn't Respect the Constitution or the Rule of Law. Yeah It's It's Amazing That He's Able to Try to Pull This off George White As Atty. Gen. As You Will Become a Candidate. There Would Made You Think They'll Be the Next Step Was It Something You Wanted to Do with Your Law Background Owes to the Vulnerability of Ken Paxton Because of These Investigations That He's under That These Are Dealing with on a Lifelong Conservative, Military Veteran, Public Servant Come Coming from a Family That Put Service before Anything Else and It's Been an Honor Serving a Blank Commissioner for Seven Years but I Really Feel like I Pressed My Agenda As Far As I Possibly Can, Especially on Energy Independence and Taking Care Of Our Military Veterans. Yes, I Do Think That Ken Is Vulnerable and and That's Why I Made It Very Clear to the Voters.

This Is Not about Me or My Name. It's about Making Sure That the State Remains Resilient. The Only Way We Do That Is to Be a Better Work Wing of the Democratic Party That's Taking over Our State.

As I Mentioned We Have an Elective Judiciary.

We Have Elected BAs and George Soros. I'm Not Exaggerating His Place Millions of Dollars in These Races in Texas and Changing Our Judiciary to Point What We've Gotten Soft on Crime, Soft and Illegal Immigration Soft on the Issues in a State That Prides Itself on Being Conservative and Following the Law. So If You Just Look at the Mall Politics. Brian Four Years Ago He Underperformed the Governor by 10%. Gov. by Recent Estimates Is up on That by Seven so by My Math. Ken Is Already Underwater against a Hypothetical Democrat in Speaking of the Border, Rochelle Garza, the Leading Democrat on the Other Side Argued against the Trump Administration As an ACLU Attorney to Legalize Abortion for Illegal Immigrants. So You're Probably Familiar with Your Miranda Rights but As an Illegal Immigrant. When You Are Detained in the DHS Facility or HHS Facility.

Now You Are Advised of Your Right to Have an Abortion. That's the Type of Democrat Work on Applicants and on Metrics Going to Sit Idly by and Allow Kendall Beauty Office and Lose to the Democrat Let the Merits of This Case Be Cleared up in the Court of Law, but He Needs to Clear That Air Suspicion Sit down for His Multiple Jury Trials Deal with the FBI Investigation and Do the Right Thing for the Republican Party. So Right Now That I Guess Several of Paxton's Top Aides in 2020, Accused the Atty. Gen. of Bribery and Abuse of Power Connections with Some of His Actions On Behalf Of Real Estate Developer and Campaign Donor. A Lot Of Times They Hit, Hence the Russian Oaks People Charges Just Want to See Them Stopped. Maybe the Other Side Makes You Think There's Substance to This Will Happen to Know Several of His Former Deputies Fine Upstanding Members of the Texas Bar One Long Serving Military Veteran before He Joined the Texas Bar. In Addition to Jeff McTeer Who Is His Right-Hand Man Outstanding Christian Constitutionalist That Is the One Bringing These Charges so These Are Folks That Are from the State or Hold a Grudge or Charges from the Media. Neither Is a Hand-Picked Lieutenant That He Brought Personally into the Agency and We Have To Take These Allegations Very Seriously and so like I Said Everybody's Entitled to Their Day in Court and We Will See If the US Attorney for the Western District of Texas Will Indict Him, but I Believe That the Biden DOJ Led by America Online Is Inherently a Political Body, and They Will Drop Indictments after Hoping for Ken Paxton to Be Nominated, Walking Him to Jail for the Second Time in As Many Terms.

And Then of Course Open the Door to Rochelle Garza, a Left-Wing Better Style Democrat to Be Our Next Atty. Gen.

The First Democrat to Hold Statewide Office Potentially in over 30 Years and so It's Very Clear to Me That This Is an Elaborate Scheme That's Being Set up by the Left to Take Advantage of the Weaker Statewide Candidate That We've Had in a Very Long Time.

So My Only Argument.

Republicans Want to Clear the Air Go with the Proven Constitutional Conservatives like Me Been Successful in the Courthouse against Both Obama and Biden, and Most Important, to Be the Democrats on the Prison Vote-Getter Did so in 2014, I'll Do It Again, Bush I Guess Leslie Georgia Can Help Me out with a What Made America Great with Doing the History of Oil and Gas and You Help Me out in the Field That Day but Just You and I Grew up in That Business, but Learning so Much about It. As of Late. Right Now Europe Needs Natural Gas and They Need Oil. Russians Are Beginning to Cut Them off, Which I Think Is Foolish on Their Focus Is Funding Their War the. The Answer from People in in Texas and Who Produce Oil and Gas They Need to Know That They Start Producing at a Higher Rate That Somehow They Need to Be Backstopped of the Government Second Bought the Rug from under Them, or If the World Price Drops That They'll Be Backstopped. Evidently the Magic Number Is $80 per Barrel of Oil Would Would You before That for Elga for Setting up a Warp Speed like Approach to This Will. We've Got Your Back Another Oils over 100, and If It Drops Lower over the Next Three Years We Will Help You so You Have To Fire a Bunch of People and Don't End up Going Out Of Business. What Would You Suggest Will You Know I'm Actually Weary of Government Intervention When It Comes to Pricing of Oil but I Would Be Open to the Idea of Backstopping the Incremental Delta between Existing US Oil and Gas Production in the Additional Production Necessary to Help Our Friends in Western Europe.

I Want to Give a Tip of the Hat to Former Sec. of Energy Rick Perry to Talk about during the Trump Days to Actually Export More Natural Gas to Plentiful.

We Have the in and Readily Amounts to Be Able to Transport Liquefied to Western Europe but Germany.

By the Way, Did Not Accommodate That They Have yet to Build and Import Terminal on Their Side: Has Two Terminals.

So the Transportation of the Commodities. Equally As Important and What the Biden Ministration Can Do As Well. In Addition to Encouraging Production Is to Allow for the Transportation of the Commodity and That's Getting Rid of the for Permitting on Export Terminals in the United States That Would Help to Alleviate the Bottleneck That Were Seeing in Many Parts of Our Country Including the Adirondacks Submitted Western, Also in the Northeast, the Said Practice Emilio's Opinion That Was Written in February That Leaked out on the Incomprehensibly Yesterday. If It Is True That Roe V Wade Is about to Be Overturned, Which George P.

Bush's Reaction Is One of Joy on Brian. I Call You Today from Our Nations Capital Facebook Live in Front of the Steps of the Screen Court and Many of My Supporters Join in Our Prayer We Thought and Reflected upon the 50 Years of Abortion That We Have Allowed. I Believe Genocide on the Unborn and Their Rights in Our Country and That This Case Originally Was in an Inappropriately Decided You Can't Just Invent Rights of the Constitution under the 14th Amendment Due Process Clause, and so I Think Just a Salute Assuming the Opinion Holds up Justice Alito Absolutely Right in Saying That the Role of Judiciaries to Interpret the Constitution That These Decisions Need to Be Made by the States and so I'm I'm Proud to Report to You That Texas Does Have a Trigger Law That Says the Sooner This Opinion Is Ordered, Hopefully in June That Our Law of Our Land in Texas Will Be to Ban Abortion Entirely Because We Believe Life Begins at Conception and Frankly, This Is the Way It Should Be under a Federal System. Instead of Just Nationalizing Everything and Creating Right Out Of Our Constitution Was Great to Talk to the Best of Luck in Your Three Week Sprint to the 24th Appreciated Thanks but Okay Runoff Election Their Offer Atty. Gen. in Texas, George B Bush We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls. 1-866-408-7669 Them to Go to Jonathan Turley and Then End with More Calls. Also, Not on Outnumbered to Get to See What I Look like This Is That Brian Kill Me Show If You're Interested in It. Brian Is Talking about Is Your Writing until Made It Welcome Back Everybody like a Couple Calls Mr. Stevenson the Fox's Radial Abbaye Steve, Good Morning Bright Talk about What Document, If People Are Thinking Week Because They Thought They Were Going to Change a Supreme Court Justice. My Thinking on the Micro You Have To Think Macro like Democrats.

This Is a Long Term Leak Use This for the Midterm Elections Because What They Just Done Is They'd Energize the Part of the Base That Will Dormant the Public Instep Base That That Wants to See Roby Wait Overturned Is Already Energized to Do Anything More for Us. You Need to Understand Some Republicans Better Platelets Mock Because the Democrats Are so Much Better Than Not at the Long Game They Always Find That October Surprise and I Have To Tell You and Somebody Was a Political Junkie, I'm a Former State Committeeman Here in Massachusetts and I Have To Be Honest, This Scares Me More Than Any October Surprise at Everything before, Because I Have a Sinking Feeling That We Just Gone from a Field Conflict with Problem. What Had at the Midterm Election. I Just We Can Buy Closely Because It Also Motivates the Right Because This Was They Wanted for so Long Right like You Radio That Makes You Say This Is the Brian Kill Me Show When There Be a Litmus Test on Abortion to Do Litmus Test on Abortion Relates to Fundamental Value. The Constitution Does Have a Right to Choose, I Would in Fact If They Rule to Be Unconstitutional. I Will Send to the United States Congress and Will Pass. I Believe a Bill That All of That.

That Should Be Legislated. Roe V Wade Adults Adjusted by Casey. It Sure Is a Woman's Right to Do That. And If You Call That Alyssa Process Is a Litmus Test and That's What He's Done in a Statement from the President Now from from the White House. He Said of This Emphatically Document Is True. I Ministration Will Argue Strongly before the Court in Defense of Roe V Wade Said the Road Was Based on a Long Line of Pres. Recognized the 14th about the Concept of Personal Liberty against Government Interference with the Intensely Personal Decisions.

I Believe That a Woman's Right to Choose Is Fundamental. Secondly, Shortly after the Enactment of Texas Law, SB Three, SB Eight, and Other Laws Redressed Restricting Women's Reduction Rights. I Direct My Gender Policy Council, yet He's Got One in White House Counsel Official to Prepare Options for Ministration Response to Continued Attack on Abortion.

Third, If the Court Does Overturn Roe Will Phone Our Nation's Elected Officials at All Levels to Protect a Woman's Right to Choose and Will Fall on Voters to Elect Pro-Choice Officials This November at the Federal Level, We Will Need More Pro-Choice Senators and Pro Pro-Choice Majority Filter Codified As Well.

So, Jonathan Turley, Would You Think about the Developments That Have Happened in That the White House's Response Well in Many Ways the Bond Tends to Confirm the Suspicion That This Leak Was Done for Political Purposes to Energize the Democrats to Codify Roanne with a Look Towards the Midterm Election, I Almost Immediately Sen. Sanders and Others Came out All Right. Let Codify Rowan Possibly Eliminate the Filibuster. So the Question Is Whether Someone Codified to Woods That Mean Well, but There Suggesting to Do Is That If the Court Decide That There Is Not a Constitutional Right to an Abortion Congress Would Come in and Mandate That All State Laws Guarantee the Right to Abortion Combat Itself Could Be Challenged. There Are Grounds to Say That, Particularly in Light of This Opinion That That Would Go Too Far into an Area of State Authority. I but You Know There Are Arguments in Good Faith Argument That the Federal Government Has Jurisdiction under the Interstate Commerce Clause Got Shocked by This News Last Night I Was up All You Know the I Cannot Put into Words How Deeply Unethical This Fact Lies It Strange for Some of Us Who've Been in the City for so Long. You Tend to Get Hardened. You Tend to Get Cynical, but Most of Us Didn't Think We Would See This Today That Even in the City That Is Floating on Leak. The Supreme Court Has Always Been the Exception to This Is the Institutional Touchstone of the Court Is This Ability and Confidentiality of This Process. It Was Unthinkable That Even the Judicial Clerk or Staff Member Would Shatter Their Tradition and That's Been the Case for Hundreds of Years by the Number of Leaks Out Of the Court. You Can Count on One Hand, but This Is a Actual Leak of an Actual Draft of the Major Opinion and I'm Sure the Court Will Fully Recover from This. This Is the Greatest Crises That the Chief Justice Has Faced in His Tenure, but It's Also the Greatest Security Breach in the Courts History so We Me Will Recover Well What Is the Recover Because This City Unique Environment, the Top 20 a Very Small Number of Justices in the Relatively Small Number of Clerk That Work Together in the Monastic Environment and and Divisive As These Cases Often Are Is Raging at the Debates Tend to Be outside the Supreme Court There Is a Calmness in Its Ability That Range within the Supreme Court and the Court Really Worked Hard to Preserve That Paid Close Identity to the Imputation Map What's Been Shattered and the Question Is the Corporate Have To Implement New Measures That Will Interfere with the Flow of Ideas. The Participation of Clerk in the Process.

Will There Be a Lack of Trust.

Yeah, This Is Really Shattering That Cultural Norm. You Will See. Have You Heard of the Word Anybody That Their Study Zero in on As I've Heard Some Things Are Going to See If a Name Emerges Because People like You Who Know How This Record Is Set up.

This Is Only a Finite Amount of People Could Be so They Could Get into This Quickly Got a Couple of Names Coming out. Obviously None of Us Want to Talk about That until There Is Substance behind Them. What's Going to Be Interesting Is That This Person Is Facing One Hell of a Choice in the Next 24 Hours Because the Number of People Involved Is Relatively Small. The FBI Is Going to Immediately Contact Virtually All Now That Person Whether It's Clerk or Staff Member Is Going to Have To Make an Instant Decision Releasing the Opinion of This Kind Is Not Necessarily a Crime, You Could Try to Create Selected Attenuated Theory of a Crime, but It Can Be Hard. I by Lying to Federal Investigator Is a Crime under 18 USC Thousand One.

So When an FBI Agent Knocks on Your Door and Asked for Fear the Leaker.

You Will Have To Choose between Just Coming on Thing, yet It Was Me and Face Disbarment and Other Professional, You Also Will Probably Be Lionized by the Left Fairly Be All Negative. Or You Can Live but Then an Unethical Act Will Become a Criminal Act and It Gets Far, Far More Serious Revocations. Abortion Is Roe V Wade Is Overturned the State Where Abortions Would Be Illegal Would Be Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. So That's the List That Already Have Limitations on It Right Right Omitted Some People Say They Could Be Go up to about 20 Statehood Limitations or Pan. What's Clear Is That There Is At Least 30 States Where Would Be Abortion Be Protected in Those 30 States That the Vast Majority of People Who Live in the United States so for Most People, United States Abortion Is Going to Remain Protected Simply As a Matter of State of the Closed Federal Law in the Other States.

This Will Become a Crime.

A an Issue for the Democratic Process and in States like Texas, for Example, This Is a Closely Divided Issue in the State and They Will Have To Debated among Textbook Leasing the Rental. Why Would Someone Do This. Looking at Motivation Is Because It Exposes This Net World Station Nationwide Protests If They See Overheated Debate. They'll Say Hey You Know What, Maybe I Don't Want to Do This, Even Though We Have Justice Alito Saying We Cannot Allow Our Decisions to Be Affected in Any Way by Influences Such As Public Public Opinion. So Even Though He's on the Record Saying That All This Report. Justices Feel the Same Way They Bound by That Thought.

They Are Pre-and Corporate Justice Will Be Uniformly Appalled by What Occurred. I Was Somewhat Critical of Mayor in the Oral Arguments of This Case Because She Preferred to Smelling the Stench of Politics in the Case. This Was a Reference to the Pretrial Appointees in Her Statement That They That There Is a Belief That They Were Put on the Court Reverse Roll Another Cases.

I Thought That Was a Violation of the Quorum Company Turn Counted with Prophetic. Obviously, the Stench Is Much Stronger Now, but I Think That All of the Justices Included Episode of Mayor Would Be Appalled by This. What's Also Interesting Is It Just the Day before the Court Handed down a Unanimous Decision I.E. Verified on a Tough Issue of Religious Speech Released the Top Area I Should Say and They Really Counter Critics Would Say That There This Divided Dysfunctional Court. They Have Come Forward to Say That They're Not Bad Even Just Prior That You Reject the Idea That People Think the Conservative Court Even Just the Sort of Come Forward to Say That These Are Good Faith Discussion.

So from the Perspective of the Justices What This Person Did Was Truly Horrific. Now, Therefore, the Reasons Why This Court Is Going to Pull out All Stops to Find This Person, by and the FBI Has a Tight Number of Suspects That Would Make Things Easier to Do Justice to Seek a Supreme Court Justice to the Dentist and behind It so Poured about What Could Happen. This Is One of the Biggest Decisions in Modern Supreme Court History Right Now I'm Possible That Someone Coming. Obviously Anyone Could Be Grossly Unethical. You Know It Hard to It Hard to Say It When Someone Decides That Nothing Matters to Them except This Political Agenda That Can That Moment of Weakness Can Hit a Justice As Well As a Clerk at so Unlikely to Justice for Jurors Who Spent Much of Their Life in Service of the Court. This Is Really 1919 World Series Moment May Many of Us Are Standing Here Saying You Know Say It Ain't so, Joe Noted Who This Is beyond Belief. And I Think the Justices Will Likely Have the Same Response and You Know the Question Is How Much Broken Trying Others Going to Be in Pursuing That. I Think to Robert Is Going to Burn Every Yield Structured to Try to Find Who's Responsible Because He No Bad Unless They Hold Someone Accountable. The Court Will Never Recover from. So Jonathan Turley about the Leak Briefs Opinion That Looks like in June Probably According to What Alito Wrote and No One's Denied He Wrote in February That They'll Be Some Roe V Wade Will Be Overturned. Jonathan, You'll Need Five Supreme Court Justices Right See You Have Thomas You Have Cody Barrett You Got Alito.

Of Course You Got Core Sick You Got Cavanaugh You Need Roberts Know You Don't. In Fact, When First Broke Last Night Immediately Made Was That It Was Authored by Alito Because Many of Us Had Assumed That Roberts Would Get Sticker Shock in Overturning Roe. He Is the Ultimate Institutional and Incrementalist. He Doesn't like These Types of Shocker Decisions, so Most of Us Were Not Counting on Robert Vote We Are Doing a Headcount Now That We Have Robert Support for Said That He Would Not Voting with the Majority. He Might Considering a Concurrent Treatment Going with the Defendant. It Would Fall to the Most Senior Member on That Side to Select Who Would Write the Opinion If Someone like Thomas Is Already Writing a Major Opinion Very Well Writing the Opinion in New York on K from November. It May Have Fallen to Alito Interesting Yeah I Guess We'll See.

We Will See What Happens. I Mean Wouldn't Be Surprised If We Got Some Type a Statement from the Supreme Court. I Made You Expect Anything Well Valid Play with the Big Gulp Moment Last Night When We Got Those Five Words from the Court That It Would Have No Comment. That's When I Said It It It Appears to Be Legitimate Because If This Was a Hoax. The Court Very Likely Would Have Stomped on It Pretty Quickly. But No Indication from the Court That This Is Not What It Appears to Be Obviously There in a Tough Position. They Don't Want to Confirm It's Basically a Stolen Draft Opinion against It Value, but There Also Not Denying Its Legitimacy, Is a Well-Written View That the Other Funny Thing Is That I Had to Scream at Some Legal Expert. Last Night, like Well It Doesn't Really Read like Alito Everything Exactly the Style Is Very Alito. There's No Frills about It Doesn't Try to Protect the Feelings of Anyone He Just Comes Unscented and in One of Think That the Opinion Really Is Based on, and This Is Where Alito Signature so Clear If This Is the Clarity Note.

Abortion Has Always Been This Area That's Been Mired in Nuances Ambiguities Yoke Fracture Decision and What I Think Alito Is Saying about Either Attend the Constitution or Not.

So Sort of Buck up. You Know That You Know If You Don't Believe It's in the Constitution, You Need to Join up and Take Not in the Constitution That Are Very Typical Alito Voice Speaker in the Opinion Is He Saying about Whether Abortion Should Be Done or Not, It Should Not Be the Central Government's Decision Should Be Necessarily CPP Estate Issues That Is That Phil Is That a Layman's Interpretation Is Correct and Wanted Think Gotten Any Better Unify the Country Imposed on by Fox and Other Groups in the Country so Split Right down the Middle and Abortion More People Say They Didn't Want to See You Grow Overturned. But When You Ask Them Should Abortion Be Lawful, They Tend to Be Much Closer Vote. Think of It Moved the Needle He Still Remained Divided and What This Opinion Has Done Is Create A Lot Of Uncertainty As to What the Constitution Mean and Throwing a Pretty Bright Line Here. But That Line Is Drawn in a Place That the Democrats Obviously Will Rally to Oppose, but I Expected, Many Democrats Are You Know See This As an Opportunity. You Know They Finally Have a Rallying Issue Going into the Midterms, Which May Be the Motivation of the Leak Doesn't Sassy Time to Relate Better to Talk to Jonathan Turley, Thank You, What Will We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls. 1-866-408-7669.

Thank You to Today's Top Stories Friday until May, Breaking News, Unique Opinions. All on Love Brian Kill Me Show Last Night in Nebraska and Common Reaction to the President.

Mandel Remarked, Is What Thousands of Words of Week and Sometimes Is Spoke Misty Everybody Else on Hold with the Sniper and Stabilize. Okay, That As JD Fancies Hoping for a Big Win Today in the Republican Nomination. I Cannot Believe How Much Anger and Support the Jade Events Is God. For Some Reason People Are Disappointed That He Didn't Disavow Trump Work.

He Generally Got It Back in the Trail for the Longest Time to Get Is the Most High-Profile Name If You Flip to Another Channel You See How Angry the Left Is That He Is Not on the Left Released Was This New Type of Republican That They Thought He Would Be so Right Now We Understand He's Got A Lot to Run on Should Do. Should He Emerge As the Winner, 20% of the Country.

That's It Approved Joe Biden's Economy. 94% Are Concerned about Inflation so That 28% Think That Joe Biden Is the Right Guy, 94% Concerned about Where Were at. I Think That the Joe Biden Move and Evidently Save Democratic Party Moved to Say You Were Doing. That Would've Been Much Worse under Tromp Because of the Way Trump Is Tromp. I Think They Could Blow up in Their Face Because His Policies Are so Different and the Results of Been so Terrible That Many People Would Be Worried about What Trump Was Tweeting.

They Care More about What His Policies Were All Safe. These Are the Clinical Experts to Put Everything in Line to Get A Lot Of Money Doing and Why Is New York City Fracture Office Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Brian Kill Me. Thanks Much for Being Here about the Brain to Me Show You Present by His to Be in Alabama. He Thinks He When the State No, Just Kidding Was to Thank the People That Make Javelins and Say Good Job to Himself. Little by Little the Putting More More into This War to the Chagrin of Some Republicans Then Happens to Be with Me at the Bottom of the Hour Historian Guy Who Served Our Country As Well. Time in Which Web Maybe This Is the Second Most Dangerous Time in the Last Hundred Years, the World War II Probably Was but This Is Getting a Little Bit Scary. Dan Hampton Somebody Who Was a 20 Year Air Force Veteran Wrote This Book, Valor, Distention, World War II Saga of One Man's Defiance and Indomitable Spirit. It Is out Today so That'll Be Great and I'll Be Going on with Harris Talk to the Simulcast We Share Each Other's Audiences and about 12 Minutes. So Let's Get to the Victory. Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Sponsor File I Faxed Save a Life and a Choking Emergency Visit Life Back down There to Learn More and Use Code BK Tend to Save 10% Number Three There Is Still the Case, Not a High Race That Everyone Will Republican Campus Has Waste to Embrace Donald Trump As Much As They Can and so He Still Even Though Is the Major Source of Some Signs of Weakness Still Has Enough Power to Shape the Conversation. Everyone Is Republican Primaries Were Sitting Right out Enemies Shapes A Lot Approve Races Enters A Lot Of Races.

I Think He's More Likely to Run Midterm Primary Mania Begins, Trump Puts the Power of His Reputation on the Line in Multiple Races, the Biggest in Ohio.

Perhaps JD Fancies His Pick. He's in a Tight Race Not Making Any Real Gains on the Battlefield Ukrainians of Your Making a Significant Advantage That McCarthy Fell from the South to the List of Odessa and Every Day That Goes by.

Actually He Does Not Gain Ground Is Grounded in and I Don't See Them Gaining Anymore Ground Going to the Left, I Think You Basically Hold What He's Got. But That Is Gen. Kellogg Talk about What the Rush Is Doing That's Losing A Lot, but They're about to Do a Land Grab Their Plan on Doing a Gripping Cure Son Making Them Use the Ruble Putting Their Flag over the Ukrainian Flag and Taking Mary Oppose Well despite Massive Losses to Get a Look to Annex That Area.

Will the West Ticket Will the US Take Cover to the Court for Years and I Teach a Class on the Supreme Court, and I Really Didn't Think This Day Would Come in. That's a Strange Thing to Say in a City That Literally Floats on Leaks and It Existed on a Level of Integrity That Is All Too Foreign Today in Politics That Is Jonathan Turley. Not Only Did He Join Us Live He Was on the Last Night Will Be Waiting Overturned It Unprecedentedly from Skoda Shows the Court Is about to Possibly Return the Decision to the States for the Week. The Massive Protests around the Country That Are Expected Now Could Affect the Families in the Midterms so Real Quick on This Because I Drive to Get out Literally Now, but Think about This Are the Presence or He Spoke and I Know This Paraphrase, He Came out and Said We Have To Elect More Pro-Choice Senators and Congressmen and We Have To Find a Way to Codify Roe V Wade into Law, and Now Is Going to Be You Could Be Sure in Alabama and He's Going to Overstate the Impact on This and Make It Even More Polarizing Because You and He Could Do That about This.

The Jim Crow 2.0 How You Ridiculed Rhonda Santos Taking on Disney He Sees This As an Opportunity and I Think A Lot Of Democrats Doing.

The Fact Is, If You Look at This Story to Three Parts, the Particle Replication for the Midterms Number Two the Leaker with the Week and Was Hoping to Do, Why They Know They Probably Destroyed Any Legal Career.

A Long Career That They Wanted. Once They Are Exposed and by Almost All Accounts Will Be Exposed or She Will Be Exposed in Number Three Roe V Wade about Abortion This out Bank in the Country It's Returning It to the State so There Were about 30 States at the Time of Roe V Wade, 1973 That Banned Abortion so You 20 States. It Didn't. Now There's about Roughly 28. That Would Probably Ban Abortion to Integrate and A Lot Of Them Pulled Back from Six Week from Eight Weeks to Six Weeks Because As Technology Gets Better, More More Proof of Life. Part Possibly Gets Better I Left Elliott's Another Set.

There's about 121 Unintended Pretty Unintended Pregnancies and How They've Quantify That Each Year and about Six in 10 of Them and an Abortion Procedure Remains Legal or Restricted in Dozens of Countries, but It Is Trending Towards Being Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion Due To the Very Catholic Countries like Argentina, like Mexico.

They Are Teaching Their Trending Towards Some Type of Legalization of Abortion.

The Fear Is among Pro-Life John Seca Legislative Director the Texas Right to Life's Insists There Is Obviously a Goal to Have Backlash Make It Large Enough in Its Response in the News in the Real World to Get Some of the Supreme Court Justices to Back Away from This Kind of Vote.

That's What He Said, Describing the Theory on Why the Week Came out and with the Week Is Essentially a Document Is a Opinion Owes from Justice Alito Not Denied by Anybody Heard You Heard Jonathan Turley Come out As Constitutional Expert and Say This Now. This Is Absolutely Just, Alito, and If It Wasn't Him Believing That We Would've Known Whatever Political Standing by the Story Supreme Court Justice.

Not Saying This Is My Writing, Which Would've Been Very Easy. I'm Sure They Would Prefer to Do It so We'll See Where It Goes Good. Looks like Thomas Would Be in a Calm, Cody Barrett Will Be in That Calm Cabinet Would Be in a Calm and of Course Clarence Thomas Would Be in a Calm and Cavanaugh Would Be a Cozy Look at All That You Wouldn't Even Need the Chief Justice in Order to Have It Nullified. This Is the Brain to Me till We Come Back with the Simulcast with Harris Faulkner Get on Board Now Is Which He Hangs out with Us Already the Fastest Three Hours and Radio Is Your Friday until Made a Welcome Back Everyone.

Thank You Michelle and about Her Moments Were to Go Live with the Simulcast on General A Lot to Discuss It with Sandra Smith Filling in for Harris Faulkner the Funky Focus and Allison B on the Hostess You Want to Show His Back Still Bothering Them. Sylvia Waters World Tonight Will Be Able to Expend A Lot Of These Topics Hope You'll Join Me at That Point. And, of Course, One Nation Were to Get Ready for It on Saturday Night at Eight and Then 11 Right after I'm Done with Sandra and She Hangs up on Us and We Hung up on Her Ability to Call so Line up Now All 1-866-408-7669 and There We Go, so Will Forward to Coming to Her Right Now There Be Going There Going to Washington to Get the Latest on What's Happening with Roe V Wade, and Possibly Be Overturned. We See That Other Supreme Court Justice through Court Justice Roberts Came out Just Condemned the Week Okay Just Find out Who It Is. Don't Blame Us Find out Who It Is within Your Mets. We've Who Got Screamed and Was Told to Be Trustworthy to Be That Procedures Position of a Clerk.

So Many People Are Closer to Becoming Supreme Court Justices. Let's Find out Who That Is. And Then and Then Go Forward.

So You Have a Situation Where Probably the Most Famous Modern Day Supreme Court Justice Decision Could Be Three or Four Weeks Away from Being Overturned Is in February at Opinion Was Written from Justice Alito to Say That It Should Be Done so Will Will Discuss That As Well As with Going on in Politics with A Lot the Disinformation with the Disinformation Czar with the Disinformation's Are in the Holder Panel. They Claim That This Is Going to Be Neutral. You Know, Mrs. Mary Poppins Who Singing Her Little Sing-Along about about Secrecy.

She Now Is about It Much Bracelets Listen Here Sandra Smith Taken the New York Post Editorial Board Sums It up like This No Longer Has Any Idea What Neutral, Even As an Out Of Frank Frank Kelly, South Fox and Friends, and Host of One Nation with Brian Commit Frank. I'm Sure You Have Nothing to Say about This by Please Scott Had What I Mean Is Just Amazing the People Think That This Is Going to Be Somebody That Is a Neutral Observer When You Look at Her Background in This Disinformation. Czar Came and Said That Came and Said Well the Dossier Looks Authentic. We Have a Situation Where Christmas Steel Is Getting the Speech Everyone Should Look into It Really Christmas Steel. Then We Find out to about 100 by Laptop No Curiosity to Find out If That Should Be Sidelined or Not. Now They Just Roll out and Say This Is Good to Be Part of It. Then on Sunday They Quickly Put in a Work Is a Set up to the White White As Christmas. The White House Correspondents Dinner and Then They Quickly Put about a Sunday Show. So Yeah, I Could've Done That Little Bit Little Bit Smoother Rollout Could Have Been Better but the Bottom Line Is We Need to Know They Give the American People the Right Answers and Then He Goes on to Say That He Really Is the Working Class of Minority Communities That Hurt the Most by the Mistruths Who's Going to Judge about Mistruths. I Mean We Just Such a Joke to Me. It Was Such an Outlandish Decision and Knowing Was Already in Place for Two Months and the Chance Sake Really Can Explain It or Who Was in Charge of It.

One of the Few Times She Dad Knowing What Is. That's Okay Alright so Enter New York Post Fashion When They're Writing about the Left No Longer Has Any Idea What Neutral He Is.

It Even Is Quoting Alhambra Made Orchids over the Week Weekend Telling CNN That This Board Is Absolutely Politically Neutral and Follows up with Right in and Sees a Republican, Ha Ha, All Right.

The Brain According to the Media Research Center Want to Get Your Reaction to This Media Coverage on This Story since Last Wednesday.

All Three Networks Have Ignored the Disinformation Board on Their Morning and Evening Newscasts.

One Exception with NBC Sunday Show. It Spent under a Minute and 1/2 Discussing Lighting and They Boarded Most A Lot Of Them Avoid Illegal Immigration of the Border. The Breakdown of the Border Drowning of the National Guardsmen in Taxes to Solve the Chaos It's Going to Be Happening. Title 42, Being Rescinded and They Ignore the Disinformation Czar Really Fit of You Have an Issue When He Has Some Center Having Meetings to Go in with Producers and They Tell You Were the Top Five Biggest Stores in the Country.

That's One of the Top Three. They Said I Rather Not Do It and Get Less Ratings to Something People Care Less about Do Something You Could Make the Administration Look Bad. That's What, Indeed, That Is about. And If You Look Some Democrats Are Upset by Think about This.

Mark Penn Was Just on Our Channel That's Not Really Our Democratic Acts to Accept the Disinformation Czar without Any Screening Process in a New Division of Homeland Security. Think about Harold Ford and Tell Me That That's an Arrow for Democratic Party.

We Look at Joe Rogan Voted for Obama in the past or Bill Moore Who Will Vote for Every Democrat.

He Doesn't Even Recognize This Party Noticing Recognize the Media Treatment of What Are Major Stories Are and I Think We Seen This over and over Again. My Hope Is There Is a Degree of Rationality That Begins to Rise up and Demand That Shows like That to the Stories That Matter Will See If There Is Any Further Information Provided on This Board How It Can Operate Because My Work Is on Sunday. Also Saying That the Board Will Just Focus on Flooring Disinformation Rainmaking That What They Saw As a Very Important Distinction Saying That While It Will Not Monitor American Citizens Noting Quote the Board Does Not Have Any Operational Authority or Capability Believe That Will Put This We Sandra Hunter Biden Is a Domestic Issue. I Just on the Service Would Look into That.

But Wait a Second.

It's Classic Rock Classic Russian Disinformation. Therefore Is in the Purview of the Disinformation Czar Anything That Pops up Because They Looks like China Did It Even If It Involves an American Citizen. So Everything Could Have a Foreign Entity to It Because They Don't Know It Could Be Disinformation. So When in Doubt, Suspend the Counts to Do It. Stop People from Reading It. I Actually Don't Want Anyone Screening What I Read.

I Think the Average American. The Pushback and so Their Lives Regulated for the Last Two Years. The Last Thing We Want Is Information Regulated by Some of Some Would-Be Musical Theater*That Says She Should Be Trusted, Even over Track Record Revealed Just the Opposite.

Very Interesting Last Question on This Present Trump Is Present. Biden Who Is Using This Opportunity As Expected before He Gets on Air Force One I Go to Alabama to Salute the People to Make the Javelins Uses Opportunity to Go out and Say How Outrageous It Is That the Supreme Court Justices on the Supreme Court Is on the Threshold of the Overturning Roe V Wade and I Said Talk about If the Draft of His Remarks Are the Same As the Remarks He's Making Now and A Lot Of Times His Dramatic Differences He Is Going to Talk about the Need to Give Pro-Choice Legislators and Be Able to Codify.

Eventually Roby Waits This Never Happens Again, This Is Joe Biden's Opportunity Just like You Did with Disney Going after DeSantis. Just like He Did with the Georgia of the Georgia Election Laws Calling It Jim Crow 2.0.

He'll Overdo It Overstated over Play It, but the One Thing Is Clear. One of the Three Big Things That Happen with the Leak of the Story of the Supreme Court Justice Decision Which Is Not Been to Get Denied Is Been Condemned Is Politics Was a Me for the Midterms Number Two Is What Is It Mean for Abortion in This Country and Number Three Was a Mean for the Future.

The Supreme Court, Because Our People Are Saying That You're so Political Bodies Anybody Else. Scott You Listening in Springhill, Florida Hey Scott, Good Morning.) Month There and Talk about the Delete and How I Want to Going Say in My Opinion It Is a Look the Other Way. You Know Kind of Leak It Is Done at a Time Where I Don't Think It's More Or Less the Midterm Elections, but More like You Were Talking the Information Board How Unconstitutional It Is As Well and We Have the Nancy Pelosi Going over to Ukraine. Talk about Giving Them a Blank Check and Another 20 Year War.

We Have so Many Different Things That Are Going on That I Really Think That It's More of a Look the Other Way Kind of Things As Well Differ with You You It's a Solid Theory.

This Is so Much Bigger Domestically Than Those Stories. Ukraine Is Ongoing. The Disinformation Story Would Not Picked up by Two Thirds Are 9/10 of the Media in This Story Is Something That Resonates with Everyone.

It's Almost like Inflation.

I Don't Care Of Your Truck Driver CEO It Affects Everything You Do. Alex Thanks WABC Is Will We Find Alex in Brooklyn Hey Alex Morning Run.

Thanks for the Call. Have a Question about This Court Decision to Give the Choice to the States about Abortion Because It Sounds Very Positive, but How Much of Again.

Is This Really Because Say I Live in Texas and I Want to Commit Abortion on the Finical Give Birth in New York or in California and Been in about Follow through with Abortion. I Think Saving Now Is That I Think This Could Put an Abortion. Which Is Very Which Is a Personal Issue, but When It Comes to the Legal Portion of This Wedding States Decide Is Typically the Way It Is. Hey I Want to Go. I Want to Go to Texas or Florida. I Want to Be Wearing a Mask before to Get a Shot I Want to Go to New York Because I Would Be around Like-Minded People Who Think the Way I Do about Homelessness and Domestic Programs Automate Choice but More My Money into a State Government. So Now You Make a Decision to Is Welcome to Go to Texas Because I Agree with Texas Mindset That Abortion Should Be Illegal.

I Am Going to Go to New York As I Want to Be Able to Have an Abortion. That's Really How We Run the Country. I Mean, It's a State Run Country Nick Virginia Beach, a Nick Brian Brian, Republicans Are Making Some Great Legal Conclusion Logical Arguments about the Overturning of Roe V Wade, but Honestly, Democrat, and the Media Don't Go Biologic They Don't Go by Constitutional They Don't Go by Pico.

Don't Lose Their Minds over This Thing to Be in the Streets Are Going to Be Lighting the Looting. Can It Go to the Polls and Throw Republicans out. I Made This Could Be Our Waterloo Brother. I Don't Think so. I Checked in on the Country Evidently 46% to 46% on Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, or Pro-Abortion.

Pro-Life and This Is Not This Is Something That People Are Passionate about Deeply but Doesn't Necessarily Mean Is a Right or Wrong Issue and I Think It's Going to Get A Lot Of People on the Writer Say Will Go to Coast to a Midterm Victory.

This a Way to Second.

This Is Exactly Why Work so Hard to Get Republicans in Office to Make Sure When Roe V Wade Popped up That We Be Able to Is Roe V Wade Popped up They Be Able to Overturning That They Didn't Do It. That's One Blueprint. That's When Deborah Republicans Are up There and Say This Wasted Time.

This I Think Will Energize Republics As Much Democrats. One Tries Republicans to Help. I Just Concludes Remarks Is Anything Interesting Will Bring It Back. This Is the Right Temperature so Glad the Talk Show That You Are with Brian until Made Hard on the Nine Mayday with Nothing.

Germany Nothing to Hold the Lead Not Making Any Real Being on the Battlefield Making an Offer of the South of the Youth of Odessa and Every Day That Goes by. Actually He Does Not Gain Ground Loses Ground in Because We Are Supplying Him. We in the West with Enormous Amounts of Varmint That Is Can I Make Some Equivalents on This Battlefield Was Coming a Christian Fight That He Is Not That Winter I Don't See Them Gaining Anymore Ground Are Going to the to the West I Think Is Basically Holy. Scott Maybe, but He Is Making Gains in the East and I He Is Bombing Odessa in the West and It Looks As Though Larry Poon, Although He's Lost. Maybe 1/3 of This Fighting Force Who Knows How Many Wounded, Say At Least 20,000 That May Be up to 25,000 Dead and Ukrainian Draft Fighting in Many Ways on the Battlefield That Communication Still Terribly Coordination Still Bad. They're Still Trying to Still Try to Kill the Commanders No Rush Is Going to Look into A Few Towns and Just Basically Say Start Using the Ruble.

Just Understand That the Mayors of This Is the New Mayor. Your Answer to Him or Her and That's the Story Will Do Ukrainians Ever Accepted, Apsley Not Will They Have a Choice. Lieut. Col. Dan Hampton to Understand 20 Years in the Air Force Served Dinner at Kosovo. The First Gulf War, New York Times Best-Selling Author's Had a Brand-New Book out Will Talk about the Second Valor, the Astonishing World War II Saga of One Man's Defiance and Indomitable Spirit. It's out Today, Col., Welcome Back yet. So First of What You Take on the Russians Just Try to Annex Some Some Some More of Ukraine Going to Try It out. Waiter Got out Last Everything They Say and Rightfully so. In Some Cases with the West Has a Relatively Short Attention Span Ukraine They Don't Have a Geographical Problem That We Do. I Think They're Going to Try to Outlast Whether That Pan out or Not You Know Who Knows Nobody Would've Foreseen That the Ukrainians As Well As the Evidence.

And If the United States and Others Continue to Support Them the Way They Should, That Anything Can Go at This Point What Happened to the Russian Fighting Force Never There, Brian. I Mean II Trained to Fight the Russians Way Back When They Were the Soviets and We Were Never Worried about Them from Precisely All the Reasons That Everybody Has Now Seen They Don't Have Much Imagination. They're Not Very Good at Logistics If Things Don't Go Their Way Right Away Than They Tend to Lose Momentum and and and Fail Pretty Badly Animate the Heavily Used Conscripts of Placing so Many of Their Officers, Especially the Top Officers Get Killed Because They Have To Go up into the Front Lines and Tell People What to Do Because the People underneath Them Are Really Capable of Doing That Themselves. Some He Writes This in the Wall Street Journal Today Is an Excerpt from the Cold War, the West Use Nuclear Deterrence to Offset the Soviet Superiority in Conventional Forces in the European Theater Moscow Huge Armies, At Least Initially Thought to Initially Prevail and Attack across Germany. But the Threat That NATO Would Retaliate with Nuclear Weapons. Russia, the Soviet Aggression in Check. Now the Evidence It's Evident the Week Evident Weakness and Disorder of the Russian Conventional Forces Suggests a New Possibility That a Weaker Russia Might Try to Deter NATO in Ukraine by Nuclear Threats Maybe Nuclear Use.

Do You like Do You Think This Actually Describes the Change, the More the More Likely There Would Resort Something like That. They Have To Make a Differentiation between Indo and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Aimed at the United States with Multiple Nuclear Warhead on It and Capital Nukes That Are Used on the Battlefield at My Fighter and We Have a Whole Array of Small Nuclear Weapons That Can Be Used in, and I Think That Entirely within the Realm of Possibilities Unless Somebody within His Own Circle Stop Look like Nuclear Weapons of What Was This Something to Be like Shoulder Fired You Can Put Them in Artillery Shells, among Other Things, and We Used To Carry with the Carrier Tactic Tactical Nuclear Weapons on on Jet Fighters.

We Carry Two of Them at a Time. If We Had You Notes and It's a Nasty Dirty Weapon and I Hope Nobody Ever Uses One but Again You Back Somebody into a Corner Especially Prudent with No Other Way out at the Moment Because He's, You Know Withhold on Publicity and in His Spirit Is Beginning to Slip Badly Then We Don't Really Know What the Purpose of What Makes Them Better Than Normal Ordinances Tactical Nuke and Can Take out the One That I One That I Carried Each One of Them Could Take out an Entire City. If I Had to. But It's Not Going to Destroy a Continent.

So If You End up with the Lives of People You Know Coming at You That Can't Be Stopped in Any Other Way Than a Tactical Nuke Would Certainly Do It so I Was All out. These Go on for Hundreds of Miles, like Chernobyl Now Know That with That. But I Again I Could See I Could Sleep in Actually Doing a False Flag Type of Operation and Blaming the Ukrainians May Be Detonating One of His Own Nukes in Russian Territory and Saying It Ukrainians Using One of Their As Justification for Starting Something like That. This Is a Close with Vince to a World War since World War II. I Do, but There's A Lot Of Differences between Our World War II and in Russia Does Not Have the Economy They Don't Have the Military to Pull This up in the Russian Army Defeated the German Army Was the Germans Were Besieged on All Sides and the Russians Marched into Berlin on 10 Million Pairs of American Boots and Chevy Truck Done It without Us Will Have a Summer Sun Debts to the Thing Is That the Germans Could Mired in Russia by the Winter. Yeah, like Napoleon, like Napoleon Yelled with Each Should Have Minors in Their Suits. So Let's Your Book How Did You Discover Tell Us about the Story and How You How You Discovered It. Amazing Man. I like to Share with Your Book You Finding That You're Researching That Set You off and Another Tangent Would Happen If I Was Researching Vengeance That I Ran across the Marine General about a Son Who Is Also Fighting in the War. Not That Was Intriguing and Realized That It Spent Three Years Basically behind Enemy Lines Trying to Get Away from the Japanese Fighting in the Jungles before He Was Captured. I Ate It Just It Just Intrigued Me and I Got All of His Daughter Was Actually Pictured on the Cover of This Book and She Had a 1500 Page Unpublished Manuscript That Her Father Had Written Him a New Writer.

That's Just the Writer's Dream and That First Hand Expression so He's Passed Away When He Survived A Lot in the Wars, Who in the Philippines He Got Captured Right You Got Captured on by Swimming across Manila Bay with the Sharks Which Is Which Is a Very Good Thing to Do and Then You Try to Go to China Can Get Very Try to Go to Australia and He Got Betrayed and Captured by Some Locals down in the Spice Islands and Ended up in the Same POW Camp That Lose Them. Perini from Unbroken without Entrapment Was Mentioned in That Book Too, but I Don't A Lot Deeper into What Happened to Him and He Survived in a Little over a Year As a POW and Then Went Back to Fight in the Korean War. While, but Also Was the Signing Ceremony One, When Japan Surrendered. Absolutely Day They Came and Got Him Out Of the POW Camp Realized His Father Was and Would You Represent Marine POWs on the Deck of the USS Missouri 30 Meeting in the Philippines on December 7 When Pearl Harbor Was Attacked. He Had His Own Nasty Dirty War Doing What He Did and That He Was There for the Surrender of Japan in Tokyo That Absolutely Phenomenal Story and One I Think Is Important Is Dateline Because It Gives Us Hope You Know It's like Your Your Discussion This Morning about You Know the Rise of the Reasonable That Gives Us Hope to There Still People in This Country That That Would Come through and Act like This. If We Had Died I Think so Many People Critical Fighting Force Today. I Mean If You See What They Did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Way They've Adjusted to the Battlefield.

This Is No Longer about This Is a Volunteer Force There Pros I and Now When You See the Other Other Armies in Action Really so Great We Are Today. She Mentioned That the People Need to Recall All of This Week When We Do Go to War Cannot Just Become the Butchery That the Russians Are Coming.

I Don't Care. Look at All the Civilians That Kill Can You Imagine If an American Military Unit Did Any of the Things They're Doing.

We Don't Do That We Don't Fight like That.

And yet We Still Went Right Lt. Col. Hampton about His New Book of Valor Talks about a Great American Story That Very Few People Know about. A New York Times Bestseller. Col., When You Do You See That Member We Put a Koran in the Wrong Places an Investigation. One Guy Goes off. Even If Your Navy Seal. We Put Them in Jail.

This Is the Russian Tactic.

Let's Level an Entire City and If We Can't Be True. Army Will Will Kill Your Grandmothers and Your Children. That's Really What Is Happened. They Leveled Cities in a Way That but the Vikings Would in a Medieval Fashion Only to Recall That an Enemy to Give Our Guys a Break There.

You Don't Really Get to Critique Somebody That's What I've Always Believed in and the Russians Are Just Barbarian Show That This Graphically Illustrates Anybody That There Had Anything to Do with the Military Were Trying to Find Them Is Always Known That This Is a Visual Depiction That Can't Be Denied. It's Called Now the Extension Were to Saga Appointments to Fine-Tune Indomitable Spirit Will Inspire You and It All Happened and Lt. Col. Dan Brings It All to Live Thanks to Appreciated Thanks Talk to You Soon. 186-640-8766. I Do Want to Share This with You As We Know Were Looking at. Ever since Last Night It Came out That Looks like Joy Just to Supreme Court Justices Screen Short and Sweet Supreme Court Justice Came out and Announces That They Had Opinions Been Written to Overturn Roe V Wade, Now John Roberts Is Put This out As Chief Justices to the Extent of the Betrayal of Confidence of the Court Was Intended to Undermine the Integrity Operation Will Not Exceed the Work of the Court Will Not Be Affected in Any Way with the Court Are Blessed to Have a Workforce Permanent Employees and Law Clerks Alike Intensely Loyal to the Institution Dedicated to the Rule of Law Court Employees Have an Exemplary Important Tradition of Respecting Confidentiality and Judicial Process Upholding the Trust of the Court. There Was a Singular Egregious Breach of the Trust That Is an Affront to the Court and the Community of Public Servants Who Work Here.

I Have Directed the Marshal to Court to Launch an Investigation into the Source of the Week. My Senses They're Going to Find It. They Also Say the Documents Will so They Go We Come Back. That Is Just Record. Justice Alito We Come Back Will Take Your Calls and Find out There's More Now, Educating, Entertaining and Enlightening. You're with Brian Kill Made Me so Busy He'll Make Dear Possible Trust and I Hope I Was 11 Months so Yeah so He Was at the Other Big Gala Yesterday to Make Kelly Yesterday Showed up with His Mom and Came over and Talked about Twitter.

He Also One after NBC for Going after Him. So We Also Point That He Had to Miss Matt Lauer Said an Unkind Thing and Had You Ms. Harvey Weinstein, You Held That You're Worried about Me Squelching Different Opinions on on Twitter. Don't Worry about If You Mess with This Guy. He's Going Cannot Yard.

Let's Find out If There's More. No, No, Not a Surprise). Kathy Says He'll Only Return to the NFL for the Buccaneers Is Just the Box Love the Organization Love the Guys. It's like Family over There at This Point He Is Praising Joe Borrow so Heavily. Though Some Wondered If He Was Going to Go to Cincinnati Really Love Borrow. I Guess Reminds Him of His Buddy Tom Brady, but a 32-year-old Is Good to Be in the Hall Of Fame. He Said I'll Come Back, Maybe, but Only for the Box. I Guess the Monies Gotta Be Right Next. By the Way Hogle Right to Any Network You Want Box at Them Once They Were on Retired Huge Break for Adrian Peterson the Future Hall Of Famer Out Of These Future Overview Everything Is a Future Hall Of Famer Disagree with You. I Don't Think He Is Had a City Attorney Here in Los Angeles for Minnesota Vikings Running Back and Prosecutors Met before and to Resolve the Matter of Domestic Violence. Prosecutors Declined to Criminally Charge Him and Peterson Agreed to Complete 20 Sessions Domestic Violence and Alcohol Counseling within the Next Six Months. It's a Huge Deal for Peterson Because He Could Have Been Hit with a Misdemeanor Charge Alleged Role in the Altercation on a Plane with His Wife on Super Bowl Sunday. Back in February.

Yet Other Problems with This Kid. What I'm Enemy See the Night Sky, the Wealthy Did a Radio Show to You While Diana Was Right on on 18 on the 18th Floor. Next, Netflix Cancels Making Marco's Animated Series of Parole amid Cutbacks.

Several Problems Right to Know What They've Spent Too Much and That They Lose A Lot Of Subscribers. Marco and Prince Harry Establish Arch Will Productions and on 2020 and Effort to Create a Scripted Series, Documentaries, Teachers and Children's Programming Are Pros Effect to Be the First Animated Series Crated by the Production Company for They've Dropped It. Does Harry Have Right What What Each Image Teaches an Average Actress Giving It to Her. But When People Actually Look at a Cartoon.

That's a Well, a Famous Person Produced It, Thinking the Parents Are Planning on Making the Call with Megan and Harry at the Office and despite Dropping Pearl Insiders. I Claim the Net at That Netflix Remains Optimistic That the Deal over All and Documentaries Part of the Dispatch Felt Follow the Worriers against Each Other School Country to Country Next American Try to Spend Big on Vacations, Weddings and Concerts More This Year Is Going to Appall 62% of Moral Goals, Have More Life Goals and Are Hoping to Accomplish This Year Than Ever before Anything Else.

Traveling Tops the List Because We Haven't Domestically 44% Listen to Codification Here at Home Abroad, 39% Buying the Home Might Be Change the 5% or Having a Baby. 26% of the Polling Planning Attend to Travel 2022, Just over 1100 People. Paul, 64%, While a Family Road Trip, 50% Less Vacation. Apocalypse Vacation so Think about Was Making Me a Domestic One Grand Canyon Could Be Going to Yosemite or Something. Or It Could Be Something More Bright.

The Bucket List Vacation. I like to Go to Italy and Ireland the Same Euro and See Scotland and Wales Right by the Way, My Uncle Gave Me a Picture of a Bar He Claimed That My Father's My Grandfather's Father Owned a Bar in Longford and He Said This Is a Picture of a Fashion Genealogy That He Owned. They Held onto Held on Tuesday Night I'll Go Bar Hopping Looking for This Part a Bit If I Hear Somebody out but I Did Hear from a Good Source of My Son That the Only Thing Really Doing Island.

Besides Having the Nice People the World Is to Go to Bars and Detailed Billing Itself and Experience the Culture Exactly Talk and They Sing My Yes Next Six in 10 American Parents Believe That Children under 13 Should Not Be on Soldier Media.

Wow, That's Pretty Significant, with Nearly Half of All Respondents Have Allowed Their Kids to Access a Social Media 30 Word with 31% Don't Allow Them to Create Accounts on Any Platform Kids Is Already Online, 69% of the Parents Think the Children Are Mature Enough to Be There Another 60% Say It's Important for Them to Feel Connected to Parents Are Making This up As I Go along Used To Be Easy Coming When the Scope When the When the Streetlights Go out, You Know, Don't Do This to Running Traffic and Go Cross Magi Was at This Age Social Media Think Parents Just Lost Four in 10 Are Okay with Kids under 13 Being on Social Media.

No, I Think They Had to Communicate on Timing. You Can Pick up the Phone or Text You Need to Be on Social Media, but That's like Using the Internet Very Archaic. Hey I Had a Birthday Party or Put It on Snapchat or I Put It on Facebook for the Nine-year-old Birthday Coordinating a Nine-year-old Right so You Saying If the Parents Coordinated Is 9/130 Just to Look at Other Nine-year-old Kids and I Think It Is a Self Providing Time Though They Want to Reflect Back in the Good Old Days Have To Do That for Them. Over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not or Wherever You Get Your

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