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Biden's Deplorable Moment: Calls MAGA "Most Extreme" in History

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 5, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden's Deplorable Moment: Calls MAGA "Most Extreme" in History

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 5, 2022 12:45 pm

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach. Brian kill me. I would regularly hear. Thanks much for listening.

186-640-8766. I hope you had a great week is coming to a close that our up to Thursday. I do admit there is joining us shortly. But I will be taking your calls, 1-866-408-7669 today we understand human security, government affairs committee will have a hearing about the Southwest border. Not bad. That means a a committee chaired by a Democrat thinks they have to have a meeting about the border. I hope they get some real answers because I believe the Democrats and go up in flames. At least if they don't even look like they're trying to fix the border especially people in Arizona and aspiring lawmakers in Texas and California.

So let's get to the victory.

The stories you need to know Brian's three number three using only 94.

This is not going to change anything for us.

What is going on for eight years now. They may of nines is going to be remembered in the world as a tragedy as a blinding and certainly not the day to forget Stolt but still destroying everything they see and can bomb on talk about Russia and Ukraine in the South and East while an impressive 85% of the American people believe that war brought that were talk about Ukraine and Russia matters to us at home less than have us believe that Pres. Biden is doing enough to help. Here's the point I want to make a polyp and you know some people in that audience of the Academy Awards will be very this guy jumped up on stage and attacked a trip up soon as that happened the day. Let them go back to his seat and laugh and sit next to his wife and then give them an award. Howard Stern weighing in on the horrific incident that happened over the weekend at Hollywood bowl superstar nearly stabbed Dave Chapelle attacked in front of thousands in Hollywood who took a what took place who did it and Chapelle's reaction and will take to get some sanity back to the stage.

What are the next thing to be attacked because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political organizations existed in history club. Sorry KKK been trumped trumped power on display 22 week one in the primaries and three Supreme Court nominees might just deliver the elimination of Roe V Wade a long time aspiration for conservatives now is buying decides to label the whole movement. The magna followers, all of you millions of you the most extreme political organization that existed in American history you've just tarred millions and he did it on purpose. What is his point, because the economy is bad because inflations adding 40 year high. Because the border has fallen apart because Afghanistan's worst military disaster in American history. He has to change the subject and in the process tarred millions of you listening right now. Cut one. What happens if you have stage change the law saying that children who are LGBT Q camping classrooms with other children present who is not religion under the weight of the decision is written, what are the next things are going to be attacked because this mega crowd is really most extreme political organizations existed in history. The only time to sky Eli Stoker's rights. This most important deliberate buying has ever been. Yet into trying to define the GOP is extreme ahead of the midterms, but he avoids saying trump notice he always says my predecessor, no doubt about its deliberate now. I expect MSNBC and CNN to pick up the talking points they gotten fax to them. I may be taxed at this point, and now they know where to go. We expect to see about extreme Republicans extreme and then in a with a think is going to be winning messages trumps parties trumps Porteous transporting. Remember Pres. Obama tried to do that with Rush Limbaugh came into office and he said yeah Rush Limbaugh really tells republics with the think I remember Eric Cantor and company go where that come from.

I thought this kebab meeting about finding things we can work together on very first meeting he starts saying that Rush Limbaugh's part. Now that's on insult Republicans moderates and conservatives all bow like Rush Limbaugh, they listen to them all the time is on insult.

He was entertaining. The best there ever was.

I thought this sounds familiar. That's what Joe Biden's probably do comes out of the same meeting with roughly the same people and decides to make Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh cut for Lindsay Graham. Here's another: they have.

They think America stupid and were not paying for not going to be goaded into believing hysterical things just you know try to change an election. What they're saying makes no sense is not rational days of the same people want to expand the court to get their way.

Else, not judges are not working out for them. These are the same people in charge of your border.

Do you believe anything that should tell you, these are the same thing for do away with the electoral College.

Same thing for the takeover of the elections from the states and put it in Washington so they can rig it so at the end of the day. There's a theme here. These people are in desperate to get back in power. There's nothing they won't say or do. And here's the good news America is a lot smarter than they think we are right.

Let's talk to and build on what descendent was Graham just said in with their extrapolating the prisoners is will came out on Monday that is Justice Alito around 845 Eastern time at night. Justice Alito's draft of what would be the overturning of Roe V Wade and stop because of her any other reason except for you to return the power to the states make their own decision. We all make our own decisions about where to live by location. Of course, where it is through our work. Of course, other people say will the taxes are high. Note Derek Jeter for all his money said I pipe over the Yankees, but my residence Florida.

I don't give up all my money and I love California but I don't like paying all this taxes are mentally California to go to Texas. Now you want to say well I want my kids to grow up with the ability to get an abortion on demand as many weeks as possible so I'm going to choose New York. I am going to choose Illinois I'm going to choose New Jersey that will be one of the decisions you make. It's not to ban abortion, and many people think that just ban it.

We can't do that either. We do is return the power of the states were block sets of Justice Alito says and that's with Cavanaugh Amy Kobe Bryant Clarence Thomas Clarence Thomas, who my forgetting or sick are they all believe that maybe Justice Rob Chief Justice Roberts.

They will believe that so that looks like effect does come that season is come down in June they want to make it steam as this is just the beginning the Republicans when actually play, stop, interracial marriage.

Have you seen a couple shots of just Supreme Court Justice Thomas I'm pretty sure his wife is white so late� Find out how tumultuous things will be at home when she finds out her husband is trying to ban interracial marriage that will be hell to pay the really be a lot of tension with their relationship. When you think absolutely Ted Cruz was with me last night. It filled in for Jesse on prime time and the other thing is in the other sub theme is if you are interested in who leaked this added time. I'm trying to obfuscate. I'm trying to get you off the game. I'm trying to muddle the message know it's the first time. This is been done over no ever where you have a draft being written open conversations being bad and you prorate the sanctity of trust Ted Cruz cut 16. I think we have a very good chance of finding out who it is. If you look at the court. It's actually a very limited universe of people who it could be the only people that have access to to the opinions are the nine justices and their law clerks.

Each Justice has four clerks.

So that's 36, law clerks, and there are a handful of clerical assistants and secretaries. It might have it.

I think the chances are zero.

That is injustice. I cannot believe any justice would be part of such a great trail of the institution. I think it is a law clerk and I think it is very likely a law clerk for one of the three liberal justices.

That means there are 12 likely suspects will probably never work in law but they'll probably get an MSNBC deal be a producer reporter somewhere else because politico owes them something because it is a monster story. Meanwhile, according to Fox's Paul. They were asked you to ban abortion in your state.

After six weeks. After 15 weeks who's in favor 50% say I'm in favorite after 50, 50% say in favor enough to fit after six weeks, and 15 on 15 weeks, 54% are for banning opposing 46% opposed to banning abortion after the after six weeks, 41% of opposed to banning abortion after after 15 weeks, so the other big question was Supreme Court action on Roe V Wade let it stand or overturn right now at 63% of Americans say let it stand. 27% said overturned was about the same in January was up to 65 in September, 20, 21 in September and October 2020 was at 61 so July 2018 at 63 so you're right. I looks like almost polls, but most Americans say we've Roe V Wade in place. Justice Alito Cavanaugh. However, you gonna vote. It's a terrible precedent to let public pressure change your vote so you either pass in the country's going to have nonstop protests if you don't pass it is going to look at. So outrage can shake the jewelry in this case the Supreme Court so they just put a fence up around the Supreme Court.

That's aware they are. If you let the crazies think that they can change the Supreme Court's decisions by being crazy. Then there going to be crazy nonstop. That to me is an issue we come back in the top of the Dave Chapelle situation and build on that would be more Julie Banderas and I get your perspective. I think it's a much bigger deal.

Anyone dismissing it saying I do go to comedy shows. I don't think he's funny missing the point.

I'll explain when we come back Brian Kelly Joe politics and use that up. Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox news or wherever you get your podcast on a talk show. That's real. This is the Brian kill me show you can just go smack a man in the face in front of the world and then go about business as usual for thoughts. That's a terrible precedent and in so many different ways that terrible precedent comedy clubs just like the people you decide to go on stage and try to smack but also it's a slight would be saying as a society when the people that we look up to. For whatever reason, for good or for bad. And we look up to actors and and the Academy Awards is supposed to be them in their most regal their most regal outfits that best behavior and to just drop down to violence for something so innocuous as a G.I. Jane job and that is Joe Rogan talking about why the Will Smith's lap was a big deal in his world and comedy. Anyone who goes on stage music, especially if you have polarizing views, polarizing records or certain views. For example, we had Michael Loftus on his comedian great writer breaks for almost every successful sitcom fantastic stand up and he has his big truck guy and wrote a whole show about being conservative and talked about the cut that comedic with the horrible way in which Trump was treated, but he makes fun of it in his actually good. I talk about comedy, but it's true. You tell me that second take off a lot of people.

As he travels the country to every major city because he's that successful go to Chicago. He performs in New York City all the time so you just watched Dave Chapelle may be the best comedian in the country get attacked on stage in one of the biggest cities in the country and he had said something which some people think is controversial, but the trans community. So now does he have to be looking over your shoulder. Is he going to be changing what he says do you opted out woke up security a canoe over no longer afford a talented guy or woman that tends to get the emotions running high for people that don't agree that don't understand the comedy shows be a priority and then you still book so Howard Stern weighed in on this course. It affects him to because you polarizing figure has been his whole life in heaven agree with much of the Howard Stern a set of late, but we said yesterday, I do agree with and and here's what he said on on his show and here's the point I want to make Hollywood and the and you know some people in that audience at the Academy Awards should still be very ashamed. I hope the this guy jumped up on stage and attacked Dave Chapelle soon as that happened the day. Let them go back to his seat and laughed and said next to his wife and then give them an award no. But at the Academy Awards. Everyone came over and consoled Will Smith because it was live television and Hollywood didn't know what to do about Will's benefits. This you don't free will Smith any different than they did the Chapelle attacker, the audience at the Oscars gate will Smith a standing ovation after the attack and break Wil's hands they shall come and it's wrong and they all should be ashamed of themselves.

Yeah, that's true. I mean I miss the drama. I am a morning show.

I cannot stay up live but late that that late that night, especially for something I don't care about like the Oscars, but I missed all that that had a watch in reply, but I wasn't very clear that that the game a standing ovation with the more you you the coverage and then you realize they tweeted out quickly when a member of the squad also has what is it called, what is it called when you lose your hair again.

Nelson alopecia so and I guess one of the squad members also have alopecia and she tweeted out support will Smith you did the right thing.

Then all of a sudden people realize how wrong it was and how off their instincts were so also weighing in with me last night on prime time was Tyrus Weiss, tires perfect for this because Tyrus is bodyguard for some of those famous people in the country and Hollywood from Snoop Dogg to Prince Mike Tyson. Listen to what he said about what happy actually also was security at the Hollywood bowl in the past 27, 100% to be set up which is more expensive and you also have to look at what the signals are being sent.

When you see the progressives and awoken extreme left to every time somebody loots or attack something they blame the individual level. What was based upon wearing what he say that led to the attack, which is irrelevant.

Bates take the blame away and they make the victim of the assailant. We see all the times with looting and stuff foci. While it's a poor neighborhood so they should be allowed. No, actually not where this is why law enforcement supporting along for so important.

Same thing secured.

Yeah, there's no doubt about it appears Morgan also waited not shy about.

I'm sure people come up to him all the time agreeing and disagreeing cut 26 direct consequence of someone else gets wet like you.

I'm astonished why it was like a scene out of a barroom brawl between one guy got his wife and slapped but now I kind of think you know it actually is in a very bad precedent and the president is now being replicated and I think if I was a comedian right now like Chapelle like these guys with a big following from these audiences. You got me will fill station objective Chris Robinson eliminated barring about our next punches coming from and would put Pierce go to the experimentally how serious it is. The guy tackle them down into the ground eventually but not hard to get into the ground, but he had a gun. Oh no, don't worry. It's a fake gun. That's a knife as crazy as his 23-year-old Disney scene with the ultimate loser lives with his brothers got temper problems.

There was here fighting the aspiring rapper wrote a song about Dave Chapelle suggest a typical nut job. Why would you carry a gun. That's not a gun but is a knife. Bruce was in the Fox's radio at papers with in your mind and brain are you done good cloud. No matter night at 8 o'clock it Fox channeled very good show practically enjoy ongoing about the president saying that Megan the most extreme group in US history. I was just thinking you probably know this creature big with history and I think the biggest group probably was. They used to like they were from Democratic state you like to wear gray uniforms. I think they even had their own flag.

I'm not sure but I think that their own flag under led by somebody called generally I think Derek had more extreme than naked people. Yeah, I guess they decide to leave the union and causing a war the death of 500,000 people all Americans. I think the KKK fits that description. After the war he sure I skinheads I would think that they are worse than people that voted for Donald Trump made it such an insult, I almost think it's a set and I'll explain what I mean right if Fox News time tasks network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five radio show like no other and kill me. I now view shows and people in the audience are disagreeing out loud their giving their opinion out loud that never existed in the past. You were the audience. I was a comedian. You sat listen you got a two drink minimum. I said my jokes there people are in bold now and it's like the same thing that's happening on comedic stages is really happening on commercial airline flights like people are now somehow feeling like they can physically put their hands on other people they disagree with monthly Adam Corolla can protect himself because he read his book. He started out boxing is giving boxing lessons so we can defend himself and crawl up one of the best podcast is in the country. One of the first to talk about getting on stage and now you really have to reevaluate everything and you heard his reasoning why a plague to Howard Stern before, and a lot of it came down to entire said the same thing last night. The reaction at the Oscars. Almost as important as the slap because when he was able to go back.

Will Smith consider seeking an award a standing ovation with the cosines alluded to go sign to loonies like the 23-year-old he jumped on the stage with Dave Chapelle. Now, would I feel like I made a lot of sense, but Julie Banderas has been listening to me I in studio you're seeing on Fox nation.

Julie do I do I make as much sense as I thought. In that evaluation, I agree that once made sense for drivetime ever.

It's been a while so I feel good about it.

But when you think the significance of the week and I think that if you can go after Dave Chapelle one of the top three can meet him. Chris rock and maybe Kevin Hart Jerry Seinfeld the top of the country. Yeah oral open game then yeah I mean I think this is a sad state of affairs for for comedy in America because I mean nobody, first of all, the woke brigade if you want to call not have completely destroyed comedy Chris rock. He was just the beginning right but you know the double standard between Dave Chapelle getting attacked on age and Will Smith going up there and slapping himself. I guess if you can attack a comedian you have to be a celebrity and then you get away with it, but the Dave Chapelle thing. Listen back. I talked about this yesterday on outnumbered.

He had it coming. The woke brigade is coming out against comedians that they don't like what they're joking about and the reason why the woke brigade has been so upset with Dave Chapelle, was because he made some jokes, some trans jokes on his Netflix special.

We don't know the exact motive as to why the sky jumped up, but it seems to me that perhaps it's a bit linked yeah I mean evidently he's aspiring rapper wrote a song about Dave Chapelle was going to do something he didn't show up or whatever.

He seemed to be 20 or 23-year-old loser has to live with his brother and neighbors were saying is a constant arguing about this mindset of a guy that would have a gun but not a gun it's a knife fake gun.

A replica with a knife attached letter to the Sheriff and sheriffs and Eric there is a metal detectors at the Hollywood bowl had an uptick that I know it's amazing like they took. They confiscated people's phones. Okay see you weren't allowed to walk in there with cell phones that you get in there with a knife right you know I mean Will Smith you got in there with his fists and I don't think there's any metal detectors to prevent you from walking in with your hands but I mean this is disgusting.

It's absolutely unacceptable and Dave Chapelle actually had to hire extra security. I don't know if you know about knowing. I know he he he. There is been an uprising. Okay there is that the woke brigade is really upset with him over his jokes, trans jokes you know you can make jokes about anybody when you're comedian as far as I'm concerned, everything is fair game. They make some fun with them yet self-deprecating humor. That's what comedians do. But you know I mean for him to log into that place he had extra security on the stage. Fortunately, so that's why they came in from both side right. It's Gary. Uncle Tyrus is my in with the bodyguard community I financing yet, but he was saying that they would never of gotten to if he was in charge of securities. Now he sure that that there wasn't enough yeah I heard them say that yesterday even though to you stage lighting. The guy there should've been enough.

He said that back I should have never been able to reach him on the stage, you know, no offense. I'm glad Jamie Foxx was there with the second guy this the first guy in can't be your other your your comedian friend I now write you. Jamie Foxx is a jump in there and I did.

His ex-wife was well. He's very talented is a genius on the dialogue. Jamie Foxx and he is I can't say that ophthalmologist it. But now, yet he Jamie Foxx is awesome but it's it's pretty pathetic that actually another comedian had to write and actually got there around the site same time as the security guy was just saying that for us personally. You notice in Manhattan, especially where everyone's nuts no matter what your job is, you don't really feel safe.

He used it now but I still use the subway so really Brian, I don't think you should be writing the subway I tell everybody that I care about. So that means that you've just entered my circle of very small circle of people I carried you subway yeah no I just know that I care about that you claim you. Yup, that's right, but I honestly don't think that the subway think there is crime that goes on every day I friends of police officers a lot of NYPD sources and there is crime everything will take only half of it gets reported, the stabbings, the murders those get reported.

There are muggings every single day on the subway item and if I meditated on your freaking on-air personality like right think you are Mary de Blasio and Mike Bloomberg you write your ride your bike to work to know. I do like Bloomberg no Bloomberg was well.

He did well yes you are the subway, but he also you know, because the city bikes there. They are China promote exercise but I'm just saying for your own safety, and having said that, now when you get out of the car on 48th St. 6 Avenue yeah they would they meet with the door and they walk in the door I said are you are sick yes and they like to walk us out to.

On another note, Utah, but dangerous. It's Ukraine right now so I'm fascinated by the report yesterday that said the Pentagon cannot quite figure out why the Russian advance is so tepid running at ammo. Is it bad leadership to they have something else and plan to the one used tactical nukes that I can do neither.

Though the force intensive force there because in the East are being pushed out of car keys there will suddenly in a major rush to have a corridor to empty that steel mill and variable down to maybe take on the fighters at a left and or they could be a flight out disaster inside. They have no idea what to do. They can't motivate their guys moving forward. So this is a very it's a very trying time. There yeah I mean I don't think Russia had any idea what they are going to be up against. I also don't think that that that Vladimir Putin has been actually informed by his generals. I think they're out of fear of how badly they're doing out there. I don't know if he actually knows how badly they're not that they're doing on the European Union is proposing that they you know, put a ban on on Russian oil that's those are the kind of threat that I'm hoping that the Kremlin finally starts to think maybe maybe this was a mistake but so Julie this is either is out of his mind and the cancer surgeries you have is a brain tumor.

Yeah, because the thing he has to finance his wars oil and gas would do the Bulgarian pole into the M cut you off really cut me off, so they have quickly been backed up by France, the Congo and other places Algeria and then lease it wouldn't start revisiting all of your okay that's how you get money so Italy's going to they have the best relationship with Algeria they going to Africa the UAE they're going to Saudi Arabia this granted Germany's doing the same thing there down to using a set of 56% and a 34% now okay we could play a huge role in there. We can create our own pipeline through Europe and have I forgot what they call the LNG facility would be a refinery or somewhere we can offload the natural gas that we have. Once this is done they'll have China, India, in some markets, but they are going to be with her about once I learned to live without you I'm not going back to you. You lost your leverage when she broke up with me that they broke up.


No rush is gonna suffer so badly. After all, it was something absolutely right. Because these countries are going to figure out a way to sustain energy and oil without Russia's help.

So when this is all said and done when you're absolutely right. Russia is going to be nasty ex-boyfriend that were never in a turned back and look at it right would be would be girlfriend neuroscience laid out that's not that I would judge right right just want to play out the scenario as if I if it actually happened. Here's Mike Pompeo last night on prime time with me talking about what is going on because Pompeo says he's reaching elsewhere for people. 32. Anytime they're able to bring in reinforcements, especially reinforcements like the Wagner printer, point brightly, such as paid assassins. We dealt with them. We took we took a bunch of about one night in Syria, but they cause trouble in Libya that cost trouble in Syria. The customer lots of places around the world. They're pretty pretty capable. Some of these units and they are fierce folks there working for a paycheck. The Belarusians will be probably the second tier compared even the Russian military numbers matter, and I my guess is that what is concluded on that he's lost a lot of folks and is looking for more dry wood to throw on the fireplace is looking for volume trend reinforces effort he is is not going to slow down, brought his efforts are going to be double down upon no reason to think otherwise you will detach needs into getting Syrians from the Middle East. For the Middle East.

Now this is because I find fascinating. Julie Belarus is an ally because with the same sold his soul to keep his position, but this only 5% of the Belarus population support Russia in this war. Now their training, the Army and the Army can be told to go into Ukraine. How do you tell a bunch of men. I'm sure there's no women bunch of men to go invade a country that they don't want to. I mean a lot of the Russian soldiers don't in fact support this war either in writing. There's a lot of nasty ones there too but there are a lot that don't support that.

So you know you can only go so far. When you're losing a war and I mean technically speaking rush is not losing because if you look at the number of deaths, there are more Ukrainians that have died than Russians, but nonetheless this is not a war that has been won by alongside right input and thought that this war was gonna be one in a few days yet, he thought he was going to go in there and within a week.

This is going to be done. So now he's realizing he's not only destroying his own country, and Ukraine. But he's dragging other countries in it and when they do go and if the Chechens and the others go in and they don't know what the hell they're doing their they're going to back out and they're going to turn their backs on Russia to alter doing is alienating themselves. I say, you know, keep it up and and and one point Russia going to think and lastly, this is Griff Jenkins had a sit down with Vladimir Zelinski and I like this message to end all war talk at 30 tell me how this is the only ways, like Terry, we have no way out right in the Don boss they're actually pushing them back.

Can you imagine if Russia leaves with less than they started. Along with the loss of 25,000 men and we were told that when 25,000 died. It's 3 to 1.

Their wounded rhinos think 75,000 wounded. Here and let alone the aura of this big Russian bear being blown up right and to find out that the Caney via tanks that work done bath is basically hanging in the balance and I think that is going to be a critical point both. I lied. I have one more point to bring up are you in the camp that is worried about our increasing role there. For example, we came out today is that we are supplying the intelligence to allow them to kill between 12 and 20 of their general are you of the camp that worries you, there were camping up the level of equipment were getting there because I'm not. I'm fine with it I want. I do want all those I want Russia diminished and defamed, because this will be a problem for years to get to use her own money and bring himself up the right way this time were used okay so there's I stand in the middle so I but I don't believe that US soldiers are our military should be on the ground there. What I don't want boots on the ground in Ukraine because that truly could start doing but I do believe that US should back them up with military. I believe that you know if we could have sets sent over some fighter planes fighter jets over there, I would've gone for that absolutely.

And then you know I also think that our support of the war, for example, when Ukrainian president was asking for us for the European Union to close the airspace over Ukraine was at the euro that was. It was European Union that they are asking zero dollars once he was asking us. They were asking United States to you.

You close your eye. I know that basically I know that a lot of military officials say that that would've been an active war on our part. I would've liked to have seen that happen. I I actually was of the mindset that yes, I think we should close the airspace over Ukraine, but if they chose one of our planes and they were in a war that's exactly in one right right so the other thing I would say is that the pride I don't have the numbers with me. But if you go back in Vietnam and Korea. The Russians put keep thousands to the North Koreans, planes and tanks right. Same thing with North Vietnam. Without it, the widow went they've made it very plain. There were training in Russia come right across training in Russia go over to Vietnam and that's the reason were gummed up there yet.

We protested but were they dealt with it and maybe they got what they wanted weed.

There was no there is no South Vietnam and but there is a South Korea listened. A Jewish stick around.

Julie's also to be on the weekend show on a one nation. You can't back out now. What on the course. I'm staying in town just for you because I live two hours away. You know, I really do nonce I'm staying overnight in New York City's joy. I'm excited. She's a boater with a tan and said it was just in Miami salad. I am so dark you cheated on us here and I'm sorry had to live.

Miami Beach is like my place. Now I understand will talk on the brink of this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true. Well, that really hurt one nation with Brian kill me Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian, Fox news can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news but just don't come or wherever you get your favorite projects. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me.

Sarah is running in a special election is empty. Congressional House seats but she faces a formidable opponent with lots of name awareness. This is completely true. She is running. I think it's time to close this even plan now even if you win what you say yeah absolutely destroyed statically through cycles is pretty liberal suppose Bonnie Saunders and champions child welfare. Although technically it does depend on whether the child is been no seal nonce that is James corridors could be hearing the roadies according to watch him doing vendor I love him.

This would be his last year. I can't believe it. Why board go into acting at these point number one of those late-night shows don't have the procedure use to write a might be thinking why so you know why my doing this. The ratings are great. I mean you've you look at Stephen Colbert, yes, about a one to one meeting on HBO or something like that, instead writing a show like that word like paid subscriptions. Think right of the real problem and I think of the same thing you seeing you dance he saw no talent is any that you said so. He is as of this is not playing at all that it makes me wonder if there's more to know I know I got first the right side about that. I should've warned you during rehearsal rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame and out to 14 new inductees tell me who you think Doug does not belong that Benatar Durand Durand MNR Eurythmics M&Ms rock 'n' roll music. Dolly Parton first time. Dominique even said she doesn't belong in the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon Parton does not belong. I mean she's achieving such a visible country music thing is not in rock 'n' roll musical excellence award, Judas Priest, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis category on his nonperforming industry officials made a difference in influence. Neither of those of medic made any difference in my life nor have they influenced me in the slightest. Early influence award Terry Belafonte, Elizabeth Cott no help. Now I actually don't even ever the hell they are struggling to find a Mother's Day gift. A new poll reveals the best present to get her may hinge on what type of mom. She is overall good or bad case of wine's stories about so there's a survey of 2000 adults. They asked people how to show your appreciation toward the women in their lives were mothers. They found that three and five believe every day should be Mother's Day yes also a whopping 86% of respondents say that these women are the most hard-working people they know, but 69% agree that moms don't do enough and they don't get enough credit for all that they do right. It's a 1000% on the right.

Good luck about over. There is a three times a mom foodie mom soccer moms and wind mime number three you are good to know. Next, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones involved in a car crash 79 years old.

He says he's all good now, but he was transported to a hospital with minor injuries to be involved with this action, roughly 20 miles from the Cowboys facility.

George's son Stephen sent a text message ESPN all good is 79 years old. God bless somebody's okay next okay marijuana and we're just talking about this. I still think it's so weird. The people walk run your city streets with joints and hands it is leading to more poisoning cases among pets G no surprise when do I see you get on television stoned. Oh, you mean on television over just like cutting away from marijuana and getting back is amazing. The latter Okay wannabe on Nazi 11 AM Faulkner focus tomorrow morning and your show on Saturday will gain close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber listen Fox news by just live from the Fox News radio's New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. I once Brian kill me come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world, especially in Ukraine, match lab is one of three watching Fox News right now you see Matt ready for action today dressed great, took off his coat as he is ready to roll up her sleeves, blue shirt collar right about of the article Shimkus will be here.

She's also very nice. I did know that I had my coat on and I feel terrible know you. You will good okay because the wood really good.

Before we get to Matt.

Let's get to the bakery.

Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number 394. This is not in a team to anything for us. What is going on for eight years now than May 9 is gonna be remembered in the world as the tragedy of the blinding and certainly not the day to forget. Of course that his presence with you through translator talking about victory day in Russia.

What it could mean when Vladimir Putin has to give a speech you want to say something good would could he be up to stall, but not destroyed. I'm talking Russia and Ukraine and oppressive 85% of the American people believe the war abroad matters to us here at home, and I agree. Here's the point I want to make appalled and you know some people in that audience at the Academy Awards should still be very sure this guy jumped up on stage and attacked Dave Chapelle as that happened the day. Let them go back to receipt and laugh and sit next to his wife and then give them an award.

No grade-point superstar nearly stabbed Dave Chapelle attacked in front of thousands in Hollywood. There is a 30,000 disguising jail 30,000 ballots should be higher than that Chapelle's reaction and the fallout right after this one are the next things are going to be attacked because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political organizations existed in American history from power on display 22 and know over the past week or two in primaries and three Supreme Court justices produced with could be the elimination of Roe V Wade, a aspiration of almost all conservatives as by decides to label the whole government. This whole movement.

The mathematical followers.

The most extreme political organization that's existed in America is to present you just charge charred hard millions of people with a look at both agendas match lab you're over this so there is the present makes a lot of mistakes.

This was our mistake. No mistake. He makes mistakes when he can't read what's on the cards. They don't let them speak extemporaneously. They hardly ever let them take questions retakes questions. I believe it's current ginned up.

They know it's going to be asked or coordinated.

I should say so. This is an attack on the court to try to to its one branch of the government inappropriately said violation of his oath trying to prevent the Supreme Court from going through the normal process where they do not get lobbied.

They don't have a period of time where everyone can go into like beat the hell out of him. They hear the oral arguments they read the the air. McKay's and then they make a decision amongst themselves and so there's not it's not only Brian would people are missing is the leak I believe is an impeachable offense because I don't believe a staffer would do that without justice, knowing that I could be wrong. I have no knowledge so I think it's an impeachable offense, but for the present United States in the midst of this to go out there and do everything he can to manipulate these justices, their marriages, their loved ones all kind of making it harder for them to do their to uphold their oath is one of the most terrible things I've ever seen. Joe Biden is not a good guy who got old Joe Biden is not a good guy and what were seeing as he gets old is he can't hide the fact that is not a good guy. The president should shut up. We know his views on abortion. He's had every position throughout his whole career. He started off getting like this pro-life he voted to get rid of Roe V Wade when he was a senator. Now he's taking the talking points from the hard left. He wants abortion for nine months no restrictions and after birth.

Let's want to.

He also mischaracterized would Bork said he is what Bork wanted all rights to come from the government really that's what Bork wanted all rights to come from the government and I fought him on that. Now we just look he's he's a liar.

This river he ran for president moving.

Three times he had to get out of the previous races because he always like he said he finished in the top of his class. He said that he got 30s. Yeah, I got award for being such a good student what he finishes the bottom of his class. He did not get an Alabama scholarship. He got caught cheating you that he's he's never pass the muster of even journalists, but this time he did because he was running against Trump and they hated trim so much they were willing to overlook all these flaws, Biden thing is the American people are seeing it. He just lives in his own fairytale land and the media helps him now. Would you also say he didn't do the easiest thing are great people we would have your say about Rahm Emanuel screamed very competent to say that David Axelrod is very smart grid.

Whatever you think about Jay Johnson. He's a lot better than anything that I've seen on his staff. These border the Chief of Staff and that's his advisor is not surrounded by an 18 I think I see them alone all the time.

I think the thing I think is interesting. I know Jen Saki is leaving, but I kind of universe the president if you know the president is only with it for a couple of hours a day in the vice president believe that yes I do, I believe.

Look, I've been too close to two couple presidents not to know that like you really it's hard to drink on the job. It's hard ever relaxed on the job. It's hard to ever discomfort be on vacation the everyone have a drink any oversight have you relented there you know you gotta make a real decision in people's lives are at stake. So the there's really no off and Joe Biden clearly has good and bad moments and so who is the president when he's not present as the people you're describing is this BT means put a sign up and Jen Saki I think is driving the policy positions of the administration because when you have a passive, docile, you know, see, now president you know the staff can really step in and manipulate the situation. I think that's what's happened. Well here's Brett. Here's the whole soundbite of present Biden deciding his team deciding that I'm going to vilify from supporters not even mention Trump's name his predecessor but Maggart the extremist group cut one. What happens if you have your stage, change the law saying that children who are LGBT Q camping classrooms with other children present who is not religion under the weight of the decisions written. What are the next things are going to be attacked because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in history so they could do worse than the KKK as the crow worse than KKK printheads about black lives matter teeth are burning down our cities. You know I think they're not just community organizers. The question I have on this. Brian is who's the intolerant one.

Is it the fact that Maggart which has tons of gay supporters of the president embraced gay-rights a lot of ways a president prompted his art is the mag credits intolerant of of LGBT Q kids are the kids, or orders of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton that are intolerant of the mega people would they kick out maggot kids at a classrooms. My guess is that what they called deplorable, irredeemable, and Joe Biden just called the worst what what was this quote the worst like extreme political group. Yeah the most extreme, the most extreme political group in American history political organization that existed in American history. My 10-year-old likes to write. Go Trump on her homework. She loves the present. She's yeah she's in a unique position she's got to meet if she thinks is great.

She's extremist. My 10-year-old yeah because she admires a president.

I mean, your best parents visit. What were already dressed Terrace. We know that I'm an insurrectionist labeling voter ID side of this is where we are and you know what they're going to lose Brian because America is just not wired to hate everyone is not wired that way. So, Joe Scarborough has a job when I'm on so I'll miss his show.

It really 500 think Joe Scarborough and I apologize he actually turned out well.

He just wrapped up so I don't feel as bad I want you to hear what he says he has believe in a different view. Former reap conservative Republican from Florida.

Not that conservative I can go through CCU ready with you later. But you know your get your point, cut seven there's a Florida Gov.'s crazed attack on Florida taxpayers gonna cost him about $1 billion in his war on the Magic Kingdom again to own the lives is setting up owning his own taxpayers in central Florida and yesterday a harshly written Supreme Court draft.

We talked about linked on Monday that will end up 15 year constitutional right. Get this, only 19% of Americans support being stripped away, only 19% of Americans want to ban abortion and what lies ahead if trumpets keep winning.

It's just getting worse candidates like Janie Vance say they want the centralized state in Washington DC to seize all assets of the Ford foundation because they are ends efficiently loyal to Donald Truong, a man that he still claims the 2020 election stolen from things people are if I can quote Aristotle here crazy house wrap so your thoughts know what you deserve is Roe V Wade ban abortion, so let me just make this clear. The Constitution was passed, but it's not protested, so you don't take polls to determine if there's a second amendment or third amendment refers to those words are in there and started the law of the land.

Second of all, if according to Joe Scarborough, only 19% of the people want to get rid of Ruby Wade.

What's he worried about every state. That means every state by 80% plus will immediately make abortion legal 39 months since got nothing to worry about. That's why the gay marriage decision was so terrible. All it did is create a frenzy of anger which contributed to Donald Trump selection by where ironically enough, because people are so discouraged to keep putting these constitutional's on the court and then they go soft on them and so the point is this if if gay marriage is so overwhelmingly popular.

Guess what will happen to the democratic process will become legal state legislative I say legislative yes this is the right way to do it when the justices do it for us to determine what the laws should be with that are not strictly in the Constitution. They create half a century of clinical division so limits would you think the Republican message and would you think that it should be and is elected. Republicans understand what could be happening in June when this was decision becomes efficient right now. I think Republicans should mostly be quiet and let the justices do their job. I think too many Republicans are out there now trying to do with the left is trying to do, which is intimidate justices and II think there's I think it's us there's this sacredness to how they do their job and I have some friends on the court with some do their job without reference to the right thing because limited statement review it, that that is the list of the worst decision. Dred Scott being terrible as well. Plessy versus Ferguson these are like the top three terrible decisions that ever came from the court among them. Say it again because I just made it up. Brian.

They use the word called penumbra.

They just use these euphemisms for saying, look, we can't find abortion in the Constitution, but we think it's where the society is going. So it's good to get ahead of the society and states legal and that is caused where the only nation on the earth that fight so much over there are laws on abortion because the people didn't get to decide to article 12 treated out essentially I and I know he is. He's not exactly a thought leader retreated out that next is going to be banning interracial marriage work. The Clarence Thomas is a federal yeah Eileen C. Married a white woman great was likely a great a Great American to the this is these are false flags that they're putting up to say that if you follow the Constitution on abortion. That means that they are going to get rid of every other precedent and maybe Cody Barrett did a great job in her confirmation shoes that we do have these precedents these legal precedents that come from the Supreme Court and their super precedents and they kept saying what the super prosecutor they think she's going over and over eternal these decisions. She was a super president is so accepted that something controversial society.

Interracial marriage is not even controversial subject. There's a 0% chance that that the Supreme Court, so you can't marry the person you love.

There's a 0% chance to go do that on gay marriage, but they're not going to do these things. Leah Zimmerman talked about but if I accuse you of that.

Then you have to defend yourself. Again, something everyone thought about that. That's a tactic it's been you know. But do you know what Brian it's because if they just talk about abortion. Here's the fact for the first time, or at least to the last two decades, the societies become more more pro-life.

We've experienced this abortion on demand abortion. For whatever reason you want and it's left a lot of scars in people's lives are just think that's one of the reasons why people have changed their views. They were told that it was should be safe, legal and rare under Clinton and they realize when you have more black kids being aborted and being there and then living in New York City. We had a billboard up seatback put a billboard up that said stop the black genocide.

It's like when you realize that you will assistance this isn't rare.

This is now becoming an epidemic and maybe we ought to rethink absolute match ups and stick around my right thousand we've negotiated with them is usually a financial think tank for project director Michael Donner.

No, no, you know I like the look okay to.

Eric doesn't, but I liked it and but I am what I say goes. When we come back more with match lack double your knowledge base. Brian kill me show you if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me, one of that is that I Republicans and and other times where this information for profit frankly are plenty of media outlets that are making have different men than any of the other hot button issues that allowed this information to flourish its people is in motion when you're looking at staff on on the media.

Whether it's mainstream media friends meowing and social media.

If you feel yourself getting really emotional there's a good chance you're being manipulated right it is. It is meant to drive that emotional interaction leader Jeff Janco. It's the new disinformation's our match lap here that I can't see anyone less qualified to do this job more partisan, New York. He said just the opposite. This is a nonpartisan position and then said he had no idea that she prays Christopher steel no idea that she said the laptop was fake. No idea that that she thought the dossier was real yellow and look at what's again is purposeful. I think they know what they're doing.

They want somebody in there to give the veneer of a propaganda machine for the left-wing agenda and you III wouldn't believe I was sounding like this a few years ago because it sounds very conspiratorial but there is a cabal of people talk about the real collusion is the collusion of the leaders of the Democratic Party and the by the administration with big tech and most of media did not report the facts and that's the thing that's scary to me.

The Hunter laptop thing up to 20% of people vote provides that they would reconsider their vote. Had they realize that there was describing was the day my family and yet that's a big number and we are talking about ballots and machines and all this like that. That alone, that decision alone affected the president is to write your billboard to the same thing he said to me that affected many more votes than anything that may may not happen with voting machines because there there within the margin of error and he told me on and off cameras he done with you that there was no mass corruption here when it comes to when he got enough to still the election. The other direct you know in that my wife had the it's the question on TV the other day in the real, the right answer to that question is how do you know you I saw what they did Nevada. They took hundreds of thousands of ballots, Brian. They separated the ballot from the envelope always mailed in ballots and they put it through machine that by Lawless was to check the signature and they turned down the ability of that machine to scrutinize the signature so hundreds of thousands bouts with the signature machine in Nevada. Then check the signatures and the Democrats knew that they working to do that and they did that in all the city so I would just say the bill Barlett bothers me about the bar is.

He says really wasn't my job. I knew there was corruption and fraud, but it really wasn't my job. You know in a bunch of black people are people of color were being prevented to voting he would've done something about it. And this is where I said the Republican Party said he did the head. So, no, no evidence of mass corruption or problems with the boys usually have to be blind. I mean seriously I really want sit down, talk to Babar because when I went to Nevada and the president says this I told the president. I didn't expect to see much. I saw enough that I saw enough that there was more fraud than the out then the than the difference. The two candidates which you can't know is how everyone of those people would've voted right which they had a whole plan was letterboxed to do this so I think Bill Barr really missed his chance to have a real investigation on what they're doing with those two weeks.

Yes, you should match lap. Thanks so much radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show my worst fear come true not to comment on what the wards but I thought that that open the floodgates for people you know we're already as comedians being attacked, being canceled for something that you don't like something that you find something that you think is too soon and that you saw what happened at the Academy Awards. Violence triggers violence. I think this is the beginning of the end for comedy. I really believe that and that is all business for 45 years and my biggest fear is that you wouldn't laugh there be silence there should be fear for my own well-being now and that exists right now and that is Howie Mandel. Talk about being on stage and these aren't smalltime comedians you not hearing about while you what happened in Iowa last night in Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa.

This really good comedian was attacked because he said something for Trumper for Biden know you seen the best comedians in the country. Chris rock Dave Chapelle have them have their people put hands on with me right now is called Shimkus Carly really amazes a big story.

I thought they know the Oscar's I thought maybe will submit the big story because it was so famous was the Oscars. But see Dave Chapelle being hit by some crazy 23-year-old at the Hollywood bowl. Your impression will I don't know if this is cancel culture.

Are you now somebody hitting Chris rock laying hands on them because he has made jokes targeting the transgender community jokes by the lack I think this is more crime story.

I think this is more mental health story and how many people that are just loose in this country that are willing to do something like that. I also think it's a propylene story that tighten up the security and makes her stuff like this doesn't happen anymore. I think that a lot of comedians are going like I cite my biggest fear is to be bombing on stage knocking attacked, but what about people that are people of opinions whether it's Sean Hannity or people they think that I have a point of view or the think that Laura Ingram is a point if you disagree with and there on stage in their talking maybe a college or somewhere and show up at that event that we pay for and I'm getting on the gift famous because Will Smith was about to go sit back in his seat. It's unbelievable concern right now you see what goes on college campuses till now that free speech conference at Yale that is about free speech anytime violence incidents.

This scene where that conservative speaker at the lawyer was there and she had to run for cover because it was getting some aggressive self. Yeah, I think that I'm deciding that this particular instance you don't know this guys note if I was Ray with its Chapelle noted I was reading that that guy's brother. The attackers brother said that he does have a lot of transgender friend so maybe it was some sort of activist thing on his part, but I also think this guy is clearly unhinged, clearly insane about the rap song apparently was not Dave Chapelle. It was, he labeled it Dave Chapelle because he knew that people search the guys name a lot and he wanted to get his rap song listen to you by more people that I mean I think that this is more a story about how we need a lot more police and we need a lot more security and there needs to be a lot more mental health in out a lot a lot more mental health checks and balances in this country because things are going off the rails so want you to.

You were Joe Rogan said on March 28 to 23. You can just go smack a man in the face in front of the world and then go about business as usual for so it sets a terrible precedent. Yes, in insanely different ways. That's a terrible precedent for comedy clubs just like a people guys decide to go on stage and try to smack Brandon, are you also. It's like would be saying as a society when the people that we look up to.

For whatever reason, for good or for bad.

We look up to actors and and the Academy Awards is supposed to be them in their most regal their most regal outfits that best behavior and to just drop down to violence for something so innocuous as a G.I. Jane Joe and sure enough, that was that was March 28, five weeks later we have and I'm not telling is like it on active SI. I didn't like his transgender jokes until we know that for sure. Then I guess you could correlate what happened with Will Smith and and down day for pal by giving people violent for a lot of weird reasons and I do love that Chris rock was on hand during the moment and need. They will Smith hilarious with that but the situation was actually not hilarious at all and if you're Dave Chapelle. I think any rational human being would say my gosh you know this guy just took away is making me question what I left until I left to get on stage and tell jokes and I don't feel safe in my hands in my own space space Sarah talking about and you know Joe so well with this and and I guess Adam Corolla talked about this when you come up so I'm close conservative Mike Michael Loftus. He's great community of Yemen.

He just go look at online loft acetic schedule showing history Channel for a while to be the truck loves Trump thinks you as phone with her nose in a perfect but he made up a whole conservative play is gung ho conservative show. You tell me he's IT goes to major cities because he's famous because he said he fills up the place. So now we come to Chicago, New York.

He's going to go to all these urban environments in a try now. So now what happens is you are up there and you try to be funny. Try to keep going but one guy one woman yelling out negative stuff.

Trump sucks your racist ruins the whole room and meeting it's hard for you to continue now and it's rare to happen. So you'd be tossing these people out one after another lap you know I think we start to talk about this on Fox and friends today that this starts on college campuses where you are time to be in your safe space and if you are offended by something then working to send an email out and I'm so sorry. And yes, country novel, placing everybody's a victim himself. People appreciate safe space is more than freedom of speech, which is why all and then they go to the real world front were not everybody is a liberal activist and I start hearing think that they don't like and they truly don't operate that I think you hundred percent correct right so let's fast-forward to this cult. One. What happens if you have stage change the law saying that children who are LGBT Q camping classrooms with other children present who is not religion under the weight of the decisions written. What are the next things are going to be attacked because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political organizations existed in history, the most extreme organization in American history. The maggot moving mice will be saying the GOP you might be saying everybody the pushcart.

I think light has had a messaging meeting and I said okay, Rovers Ln., Mike, it overturned and a lot of combat candidates just wine in Ohio and Indiana. We could take that the focus off of inflation and crying and working as they don't look at us. Look at the maggot people. This is going to be the new message.

It's almost like the put in price. I think telecasts were not that I would've done I would say listen, I might do that because intrusive trump in the country together. If I call the maggot people which which number probably �50,000,000.70 2 million bullets, a 50 they would've 20 million would've voted for Republicans regardless until 50 million people are part of an extremist organization. A second work from a long run 79 years old now.

I will dead only what would I want my leg speech wise standard even if you didn't vote for me to be present for all people.

You just insult the country insane call half the country, a group of extremists and politically and try to help the White House White House out here and work because it fires up the wrong group of people we saw this when it happened to Republicans when you note the basket of deplorable staying with Hillary Clinton.

All that happened was Republicans made T-shirts at that basket the Pearl deplorable Don became proud and being called back and they voted for Donald Trout. This is exactly why trump on the election because hard-working small governments in small my small government minded people were sick and tired of being called extremists.

They finally voted for somebody who said that they were to stand up for them and trumpeter Biden is walking into that exact same mistake again. So yesterday. You see a series of sparring sessions with Jen Saki, who does a better job talking to the present and the present does talking cures with Jen Saki said this is pure politics. Now that this is come out they really concerned about a woman's right to have an abortion that is going to be a state issue. If the judge Justice Alito has eased his decision becomes the overturning of the law understood. So is this an issue about women's rights, or is this a political issue to be gained on listen to this cut 11 president you on a woman's right to make choices about her own healthcare is well known, well documented and well stated HI Peter, but what I'm telling you this is what his position is not a political issue for the president's statement about the role choice officials elected that I think you actually said some call a political issue is not for the vast majority of believes that this should not that this should not be overturned meeting. I meant to say it's not a partisan issue and I don't think it is there. Many Republican and independent women, men across the country who do not believe the Supreme Court should overturn a woman's right to make choices about her own healthcare. In fact, only 30% in recent polls thought they should. So that's what I'm referring in every state so that you choose, referring to, so she did actually walk back to her political rhetoric over anything political he stays in his cell inflamed and then when you get to abortion. It's like, to the 10th ballot. It's unbelievable.

After the draft opinion was leaked, Obama released a statement in fact today millions of Americans woke up in fear that their essential freedoms are at risk. Really I wake up in fear that what's clear is that opponents of Ra want to punish women and take away their rights, the hysterics rapidly not based in reality what you said.

Brian is accurate what Alito was saying is that people should have the right to vote on how abortion is regulated. That is a dumb pro-democracy stancetaking away anything from people are actually adding people's voices to the conversation and then we get to the act of abortion itself, you get to the arguments my body, my choice overturning Roe hurts poor women Pearl like people say look at that. You could say all you want by your killing a baby yes the argument it's as simple as that.

That's it.

But you are killing a baby Roe versus Wade makes abortion legal up until 24 weeks of pregnancy back six months six months on grandpa for 10 fingers 10 tells that the sonograms that you put on your refrigerator and share with your friends because it is a full day as a matter fact Cory.

Bless you what I believe is pro-choice member of the squad. She told a story about her. Her delivery of her sign is actually a really compelling story. She went through a lot and it was really trying time in her life but she said that she delivered her son at 23 weeks. She made one of those powerful pro life arguments I heard in my life by mistake, every man that's listening right now. Do not let a pro-choice woman intimidate you by saying my body, my choice because you talking about bodies in this conversation whose body is affected by abortion more the woman or the babies. I'm pretty sure the baby that your killing is the one that's being affected and if it's if the woman's life is in danger at risk.

That's an entirely different conversation. My problem is I'm not sure who's a man and his woman is not about so that's my fundamental problem at Yale are one of the Ivy League actually attacked, Harris for talking about when and delivering a baby and her speech because she spoke and length of conference and they called her they said it was a trans phobic comment because baby I did not. I would love to see that ship with a now ship. I will get back by getting a before teasing. We come back a call. He sticks around me a few more questions for and she better answered, learning something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show writers run for the American people and I think the American people can figure out the truth and if you think the American people need to be told or not Fenton on the vaccination. Feel free to say it. The thing is is if you are going to go around saying that you're the arbiter of information and of disinformation. I think you have no clue and we don't have the perspective history.

Knowing the disinformation.

The largest progenitor of disinformation.

Artistry is probably been the US government I've I've never said that and actually have said the exact opposite. Thank you. You're not the truth. Police but you're acting like it. And then we ran Paul said Co. Shimkus. After is the masked issues. I got my YouTube deal taken down. Ron Johnson had his congressional testimony taken down about Iver Becton different from any.

Can you believe that in this country where the First Amendment is suffering the speech we have this information but right the rollout was so bad I enter my Argus gets you know I talked for the border issue rightfully so. Let the rollout of this disinformation borne equally bats on the same week that Democrats are calling out free speech on Twitter and calling it dangerous. He drops that we have the disinformation borne and the person he was running.

It has serious animosity towards Republicans. You literally can't make this up. The other thing I thought was interesting that Brian is that the State Department has something called the global engagement center and I just went online and I looked up the core mission of the global engagement center to expose and counter foreign propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies and security.

I think essentially it's the same thing that DHS says the different disinformation board is doing. We already have one. So why do you need to just a waste of people's time added bureaucracy or is this something else entirely. What is that come out of State Department.

State Department makes total sense here that that America wants to take over the world and spread capitalism, overthrow leaders want to be able to say hey guys that probably that Embassy. Let's get that embassy localizer skipper lashes out right need to love them so now there is a group of 50 Republicans. I think that I are just yeah try to pass Bell to get this disinformation board resolved.

Obviously, at going nowhere because it's got no Republican support, but the effort is valiant, as are you valiant person. Thank you very much and that was not written down as a department.

I have not called me valiant.

Now I Jane is currently Shimkus Goshen.

Go couple things to to close out number one do you believe what you just said is a head fake when they work is came out with a disinformation board even though it's two months old, was it to get some attention off the border, mass, and was him call was the president calling mega supporters extremists a way to get him off the, the inflation and the economic woes do you think these both could be manipulation. I definitely think that the market comment wise to get people's minds off of the inflation crime that I disinformation board. I think it was just to appease liberals and say look at what were doing and they had no clue that it was in a cause that you know what storm that day within said nonpartisan. When this woman is.

I know I kind of feel bad for the number of times that thing that has been played with the first conference. First, I think you guys with for now.

Yeah. Can you imagine that. She says I have one like you know that her mom is like honey but then, in this context.

It's like oh my gosh this is so crazy if you got the job is disinformation.

So when you go through your own social media and bring it down before the entire 20 and I want to be at this information value even on tick time. Now I'm not doesn't pay well to stick with your job, don't offer to Carlino think the future that influenced their estate why Fox News radio city is New York City pressure off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian Brian kill me, Joe Bradshaw. I guess our coming to you from New York City heard around the country heard around the world. 1-866-408-7669. We will have to discuss today and I'm sure you know with tapping their actually debating what to do with the border right now in the house and it's a democratic one committee why they didn't scare. They had about 42 members of the Democratic Party sitting lawmakers who have signed up to say, do not release title 42. That's how serious it is election six months away and they can afford.

We have nowhere to put 7000 a day, let alone 18,000 today on marked decent standing by Bobby Barack to bring since I media just a moment.

So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number 394. This is not been a change anything for us.

What is going on for eight years now than May 9 is gonna be remembered in the world as a tragedy as a blinding day and certainly not the day to forget right absolute. May 9 is victory day for the Russians, a stall, but still destroy everything they see and can bomb on talking about Russian Ukraine bone impressive 85% of the American people believe that war brought matters to us here at home. Thank goodness, less than half of us believe the present. Biden is doing enough to help. Here's the point of Polly and you know some people in that audience of the Academy Awards should still be very this guy jumped up on stage and attack.

They trip out soon as that happened but they let them go back to his seat and laugh and sit next to his wife and then give them an award at a standing ovation Howard Stern making sense superstar nearly stabbed Dave Chapelle attacked in front of thousands of people in Hollywood at the Hollywood bowl what took place.

The fallout Chapelle's reaction to what will take happened now to make the stage safe again.

What are the next thing to be attacked because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political organizations existed in history, while trump power on display 22 widow week one in primaries and has the three Supreme Court nominees about to deliver Roe V Wade. She was a good week for him as Biden decides to label his group without labeling him.

The mega followers. The most extreme political organization that existed in American history is just hard. Millions of people for political gain will look at both agendas and decide what is extreme and if this is indeed a head fake martinis and former chief speechwriter for George W. Bush. You know things are scripted and when he screws up Mark as I welcome you back here.

That was intended to go out just that way. Don't you agree you the most radical group in America. The more radical than the Ku Klux Klan more radical than the Confederacy more radical than the American Communist Party and the good Lord what what it what a stupid thing and offensive language that but you know they're desperate that they got a 17 point gap going into the November elections, which is the last time. It's been that low. That was in 2010 they lock the house so they are desperately trying to gin up there to get up their base and get some enthusiasm because there about this a lot. Desperate people say desperate and stupid thing that you saw all the other channel same you know what I agree. They agreed to roll January 16 and say they agreed, as if that January 6 characterizes 60 million people. A lot of people voted for prison trump many people to swing vote Republican regardless didn't want to vote for the other guy, I get it. A lot of people are very passionate about that and he just calls you thought deplorable is bad.

The most radical American history extreme in a political organization history I would say is worse. Here is here's the whole here's the whole soundbite cutpoint got one. What happens if you have stage change the law saying that children who are LGBT Q camping classrooms with other children present who is not religion under the weight of the decisions written. What are the next things are going to be attacked because this mega crowd is really most extreme political organizations existed in history. He was on to say well maybe they got to say that gay kids can't go in the same classroom as straight kids who brought that up.

Then you have Eric surround us, say maybe the canal or interracial marriage, same-sex marriage, now that's a tactic I I'm very susceptible. I do want to be na�ve and play into this and not talk about things that matter like crime like the border like inflation work for the Republicans report Jim Crow 2.08 segregation about the platform they're literally making stuff up because there and look the reality of the blessing of the Supreme Court decision or depending. We hope that in fact this is. I hope that the that the Alito draft hold court does overturn Roby, which they think this is going to like save in some way in the in the November elections. And I don't like going to I think there there there there mistake they've needed the poll you show the Roe V Wade is that most Americans don't want to but also 67% of Americans one survey last year found believe that a broker overturn abortion will be illegal everywhere in the note that the most Americans don't know what row what Roe would do and in fact Fox news poll shows that the majority of Americans support the Mississippi law 54% favor banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnant Americans support the Mississippi law.

They don't want to ban abortion in the public, the court will wake up the day after the hearing and band. Abortion nationwide help reasonable restriction that most Americans the most Americans agreed to pull the foxes called to see your rights as people do you want to ban about an abortion in your state. After six weeks, 50% favor banning it after six weeks, 54% favor banning it after 15 weeks. That submissive Mississippi opposed 106 and 41 I get it. Also, the foxes posted Supreme Court action on Roa Roe V Wade let it stand. 63% say let it stand.

27% say don't let it stand so that most Americans don't know what what what row would actually do so you think you should message that I think that while I think will happen is if the court does in fact overturn Roby way wake up and discover that they're not in some you know dystopia where like a abortion of the band of the entire country and and that this court is upheld a law that they comport and other good and then and then what happened on their abortion radicalism become the Democratic you abortion government or Bill Clinton was great with fake legal and rare rights. Today it taxpayer funded abortion on demand until the moment of birth. That's about the Democratic mantra that not supported by the American people. The Gallup poll in 20 2018 found that only about 60% of Americans want to restrict abortion of the first trimester, which is the first 12 weeks, only 28% support allowing abortion second trimester, 13% support in the third trimester. So what that means that the Democrats have a 13% position when it comes to taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

Up until the moment but there could have known that in the state to go in the path of picking week abortion ban, and then state and Democrats have proposed that explain why we should have abortion up until the moment of birth or in Cape Virginia after watching this to you this. This is when he went on the same pressure going on about Robert Bork as if we weren't there to listen. This reminds me of the debate was Robert Bork Bork believe the only reason you had any inherent rights is because the government gave back and look at the opening comments worked fine when I was chairman.

I so I believe I have rights that I have not because the government which you believe because I'm just a child of God exist. I delegated by joining this union to delegate some of some rights I have to the government for social good.

So the idea that somehow there is an inherent right that there is no right of privacy that there is no right. Remember the debate we had a debate about Griswold versus Connecticut law say I'm married couple could not purchase birth control in the privacy of your own bedroom and use well that Struck down this wall was thought to be a bad decision by Bork and my guess is the guys on the Supreme Court so this Robert Bork says you're right to give it to you by government. The irony so Biden Supreme Court Justice Jackson Brown was asked in her confirmation hearing the written questions you have a position on whether American Natural rights inherent rights, such as in the Declaration of Independence right to life, liberty, and a little like like liberty and pursuit of happiness. And she said after I do not hold a position on whether America whether American natural she didn't. She couldn't even endorse the concept of inalienable right to forgive and to acquire greater depth that you nominated to the Supreme Court note from court to answer that question. That way in the history of the country it's it's a standard American creed and she doesn't even and she reported that she doesn't even acknowledge that we have inherent rights given to a child of God and and that government that which would mean that I government which is the opposite of what so describing his own party. This should not Robert Bork or the that's fascinating. So listen to Tim Ryan yesterday. As you know, he has to run almost like a Republican.

He wants any shot these days of winning in Ohio. So when asked, impressed by Britt bear and about what he is what he is about. Listen to where he's placing himself.

I've never heard a Democrat do this actually cut six. I ran against Nancy Pelosi. I've taken on Bernie Sanders.

I disagreed with Obama. I agreed with Pres. Trump on renegotiating mass on being tough on China.

We've got to get away from which side are you on you got the red shirt on the blue shirt on meeting all the red white and blue shirt on and start thinking of ourselves as Americans so that we can take on China, who is cleaning our clock out manufacturing us. It's time for us to come together. China wants us to keep fighting. Russia wants us to keep fighting and so it's time for us to come together to rebuild the Great American middle-class which is the source of our power at home and around the world and he went on to say he does not want the present campaign was to win on his own Lothian and Joe Biden are an albatross around his neck when in Ohio by embracing Pelosi and Biden so smart way to position himself for going into the fall election guides to buy. This is too much sense of him acting is partisan, is anybody. I just got this story Colby whole road and it's about Joe Biden. They say observers of present Biden's presidents may have noticed a decline in Oval Office meeting. Great site. I never seem actually a new report reveals a rather unflattering reason the Oval Office scrums hosted by the commander-in-chief have no way of getting teleprompters in there since he can't get installed. He doesn't like to bring the press in is that the most pathetic thing you've ever heard teleprompters in an interview went well with your interview and modern.after we clear the more you see Joe Biden's be coming up with every passing week and every topic Bob. He seemed left on top of his game and think things are just goes wrong in India played the word solidly gave about Robert Bork.

You know that that's what happened when he got when he doesn't scrawl Monday on the South lawn without Teleprompter there there there dad desperately afraid and you know the bit. The best evidence that you not on top of his game is how quick they are to over to always correct his own staff.

The people who are closer to see him wonder what we don't want to find goes to work there like there there on the hairtrigger anytime he said something to go out to show the lack of confidence in the cognitive abilities of his own staff. I think it also shows two that they didn't walk this back. They want everybody saying this they want to say that he's going to the Republican West interracial marriage. They wanted to go F segregation when it comes to gay and straight kids they want to sell bring up Disney and say they going against Mickey Mouse so they want this argument, and I believe that just the more I think about it the more I'm convinced Mark is a total head fake because of inflation because the border because a crime. There I mean, they think that the board to be there all will show something like 2 to 4% of Americans consider more and if you look at those dark favors Republican or conservative pro-lifers by about the reports of the representatives anybody and second of all, you think were going through the worst inflation for the year a higher gas price on record the worst crime wave (1990 border crisis in American history. You think people can vote because the record overturn Roe V Wade want to gay segregation and there against Mickey Mouse on my gobbled and about within a book to the Democrats that they result from a markup educational and therapeutic. At the same time and I think if you're being honest. You see the same thing you got it Mark, thanks so much, 1-866-408-7669 there was a great Marti's and back with you because just a moment.

Then Bobby Brock comes in we go over the media.

This so much going on trying to meet you in your knowledge base. Ryan kill me show the fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me her and maybe that part of the campaign trail left president. Don't compare me and I would expect to hear him with that mantra much more out there over the coming months on now he is that he has been struck fairly because he talked about this as he mentioned Caitlin this morning and he also has made comments over the last several days about the direction of Simon the Republican Party. The maggot direction of Simon the Republican Party and he's been struck by Holt's predecessor seems to have on far too many members.

Not all that far too many members of the party and what were seeing the latest antics are made clear that they are at war with Mickey Mouse. There against allowing women to make choices about their own health care against lowering the cost of prescription drugs that remains their platform to present you is that is out of whack with the mainstream of the country so the war Mickey Mouse is a pushback against a corporation that decided to make it their mission to undo legislation that would stop the study K through third grade of gender and sex that Disney decided to come out and go against the governor on that so we had back number two when it comes to the Rover of review Wade that was done over the course of four or five presidencies. We've rotated the Supreme Court between Bush and Trump. They have six justices on their five look like to go to vote to overturn it.

When the case was brought up for the challenge and you read maybe 90 pages. If it's anything like the if anything like the draft version they have cytosol legislation that's debatable will make it a comic book stand and what you have is a bunch of Republicans there may will amaze Glover not love Donald Trump what they believe in the whole agenda. So when you call extremist agenda you're alienating people now good spin for Jen sake, but it only owes about an inch deep into the story.

They decided that you don't don't compare me high inflation, bad border policy crime through the roof, defunding the police compare me to would've down Trump was present. A lot of people say yeah you know the more I think of it doing so terrible. I like the other guy and I certainly like to Abilify people that voted for Joe Biden talk show that's getting you your with Brian kill me LimeWire is that this is just the beginning of next level. After getting married out of voting rights, so I see some you don't know Joy Behar everything good that she's on the year it just gives us a great jumping off part and maybe some other people think like that. Perhaps they do their only on the air because people watched your tomatoes Bobby Brock from our care goes right about the median things like this, but with the significance of that of that hypothesis are bright purple, but more shocked at her coat Whoopi Goldberg you like. Yeah, that very well could have. Are you kick me going from giving talk to so right back to the state on the medical portion that could signal possibly a change of re-segregating school by racial discrimination. I am Brian. Third, all equivalency and even for ADC news which old and produces the view. Third, conversation to have your see Joe Biden took a very similar approach yesterday saying that what next will be going to segregate the school by sexual orientation and make LGBT kids not fit with straight kids really area used to distract the left and the media, which is really one the same doing. They don't want to talk about why overturning a little weight bad thing or how it actually felt that women vilify the other side you're seeing for the third comparisons to try to spin the conversation away from their belief to the other side. So that's what you see you see is total headshake.

You see the you saying that all maggot people are the most extreme organizations in American history. You see this information czar as an example to to get us off the border, have them talk about a disinformation czar and have a musical theater enthusiast, the ourselves czarist court saw that with the reason the Washington Post so alienated by the lip with the lack for the corporate press. Your mold is having their belief. Ryan looked on the conversation. Good example is installed or the bill the left want to have to explain why they feel the need for teachers to discuss sexual orientation with young children third grade longer because that proposition.

So anyway the way it moved the conversation completely away from that to call the other side tramp old Baker anti-LGBT Q that were seeing right now with the role being played very hard argument to say why. Everything will state the country must comply to a constitutionally dubious law from 1973 the much easier argument is to say the other side declared limits was all about moving the conversation to their advantage because their beliefs are not a winning proposition at this point Bobby Brock was a somatic Bobby couple other things. When you point out to that you will and must was the number-one story last week as his maneuver seems to be the final lap to buy Twitter you talk about the buying and keeping a private they may bring a public may be charged for certain tweets as it becomes pretty clear he's going to get this item. This stuck out to you, Adam Corolla was on a podcast and said this about what Elon musk means to this country right now.

Cut 44 basically Elon musk is the biggest celebrity we have an Hollywood and beyond that started kinder than most people care about what he's doing today new world order versus what it was several years throwback to the days like William Randolph Hearst and Rockefeller. The Howard is also examples like the yellow musk of their day away from the use basically was a long drive again over the top dating now all they would, yeah, I mean Howard Hughes was a sort of analog version of the digital Elon must you agree that conversation so that I agree with him that more people care about what you are doing day-to-day any other person in the school you see you online trap of typing. Elon must make this mortal reaction year metrics likely trends than any other person alive. However I conversation out on Twitter and got a lot of feedback. Elon must get the biggest celebrity because I think in order to be that more people have to know who you are and I still think the demographic of like 70 probably doesn't know yet they don't know Tesla space act or twitter ethernet I say the most popular people of the most well-known celebrity are still those that are on commercial after commercial the people I talked to state Wayne Barack Johnston at the number one movie Stonewall why is our biggest celebrity before it influenced moving the conversation forward. Absolutely Elon must want to media what's going on right now is this fascinating is as if this you're the NFL. The cynic stopped keeping score and told you the games will be different to make the playoffs like the goal is no longer get to the network to know goal is no longer get a late night show everything is level the playing field.

Case in point, Jon Stewart tells Jon Stewart's town of popularity when he left the daily shows up and close to the same nobody talks about it. No one cares about.

So he comes back to I think it was Apple plus yeah, always watching, he comes back with this. You know a little bit of humor about advocacy just like the daily show different show which is basically the same tone.

Nobody's watching they see them walking away from these new apps is bona fide, dropping Michelle Obama you see others I think was Netflix drop Megan Markel what's happening.

Have you been able to figure out with the media playing field is actually about right. I think with your bride, the media industry top level blue-chip sort of over sold how much the media pivoted to the digital state going on here at that people like Joel role. Get Dave Portnoy Ben Schapiro Dan Longino they can survive on their own. By having direct to consumer product, but so few people actually move the needle enough that you were listeners are going out of their way to find content like Jon Stewart right now. Apple TV plot used the average 18 million work on Comedy Central Brian Keith down to 35 yet that still work on TV people fall on Camelot but they're not willing to find out Apple TV plot is downloaded-ish so it's a lot of work to find you direct to consumer showed severe. You better be a massive massive star Joe Logan or Ben Schapiro based on the number we the Michelle Obama Jon Stewart qualifies that I just need to work with Obama's.

Nobody does that either one of them. Joe Rogan gets blitzed. We know they was being targeted, with the result of Joe Rogan being targeted and attempted to be canceled was what when he came to spot a fire came down to it. Rogan talk about it helped grow Rogan popularity during that politically motivated, which which they tried to portray right wing beer. I'll write later. He helped grow Logan subscriber base by 2 million subscribers to Logan probably has 13 million listeners now based on the metrics so let's modify. We know that Michelle Obama was way better for our brand image will be monetized are yet to pay her 10 $20 million a year. Even at $57 million a year bona fide make money off Logan at the end of the day and what you need company one of virtue signal cut out the right method at the end of the day check need to be cashed in a business need to make money. The copies are finally figure out we have to pay that to the people that make money and not Jon Stewart, not Michelle Obama is people like Joe Rogan think also the scene and HBO were worse off under discovery and will only get worse from here. Last week they decide to cancel the $300 million project. I think less than two weeks after their launch party with people on the budget like Chris Wallace costing $9 million, but that's emblematic of what it's going to be like dry and legally come out quickly wants to reestablish CNN at a credible new date that all talk you look at their actions get a couple things that discovery done taking over Ian and HBO money into a new show called generation drag file by very young children by years old onto the stage of being a drag queen to show basically expect to wipe young children back in the air on discovery and discovery. According to the wrap pretty credible outlet discussion with Brian Williams and Keith Olbermann about coming over to your net.

Nothing says credibility like Brian Williams who actually speak new people and love.

Not sure the stable cueing at this point, discovery said they're going to fix CNN, HBO, but all other actions they there even worse than AT&T which has a run CNN and HBO the past few years. What you will receive yes. He said he wanted covered more news, less opinion, less being advocates for candidates like to know. Gov. Cuomo perhaps and will see that would be curtains for Don lemon is that's really how white people decided not to watch him meet his ratings are absolutely awful thing real quick to Mill Hill. We watched her leave ESPN speak your mind what's going on with Melville got three shows up at my year.

Your dog or center six cancel some show on TV you are cold white people rate cancel CNN gave her new shoulder, also called country rate that can't go to because CNN plot that twitter social media tell you that Jamal build a rock star, a superstar, the new Howard Stern, but all the evidence that nobody actually want to listen to work will watch her read the consumer products, GA Twitter*people like to retweet like her and say yeah I'm on that site when it comes to correctional content. Nobody's consuming her podcast columns, TV streaming, not because she is virtually no audio. This goes back to a study that will be covered out good couple weeks ago, twitter is twitter is so misrepresenting of the country because 92% of tweets come from 10% of the population. They pretty much mandate dictate the entire twitter conversation and there are some of the most liberal people in the country. They were date they would be, according to one study by act you most liberal state in the country so these are the people that are telling you that you have been paid who were not popular but obviously misleading grime that can percent that control the entire conversation. They don't make up TV viewership podcast or even online readership there. The target audience of social media not represent the rest of the country, so watching these Lotta great games. I watched the nets. The Celtic Sears. It always was excellent. Even the ones and that's when I consulted were actually a team as opposed to a collection starts. We watch the biggest name. Can you make the playoffs last two years Brian James and then we watched two years ago when the Lakers wanted a bauble with a black lives matter everywhere and kneeling everything taking place you believe the ratings have recovered because in the NBA. Because of that it rain now are just about time that the NDA for the pivoted social adjusting messaging in a Yahoo file one year ago, and over half of sport you are that one J-pop black white matter in the core. Lebron James started calling all police officers rate their sport. You had changed.

The first time since about 20 22,018. The MBA focus just on on the court product. What you don't like the rates are skyrocketing so that proves to me. I think proved a lot of people Americans still wants but they don't love the books called time and time again the ballplayer knelt before the national NFL rating by 30% when the MBA starting kneeling supporting black like matter that not the statement. The rating pump it by 50%. Baseball struggled after the All-Star game away from Georgia two years ago Americans still order that works they choose between their country and support is not our decisions are going shoot the country to be sassy to see in the NFL that Amazon Apple plus you be televising games, everybody wants see every NFL game so you are going to hunt that 60-year-old it doesn't want to touch that the smart TV will have to go for hunt for that app and that I think will be fascinated because they have the money to get the rights that the good have I think Al Michaels can be the broadcaster of the named or color guy had to be fasting to see if the American people loved football that much to finally figure out how to use their smart TV and they love it. That simply won't know I'll pick it up my neighbor down the street you want right. He loved football. He lived the watch NFL here you have Internet no idea what Apple TV quadrant Amazon prime video little matter how much you want to watch the game. He's not going that that the NFL thing will take the company money because they have a lot more money in the broadcast network bother a lot because extremely build the bigger picture a small entity compared all the other networking outside Netflix. Most of the three services are not mainstream.

All very few people even have that Sunday ticket NFL package moved Apple nobody's probably going back to the I think the transition Amazon is going to be very swollen rock yet. A lot of people do not sit down Thursday night not have any idea where to findhelping neighbors dog urine that generate responsibility about rocket rights for out kick. He knows everything about the media. I love his opinions Bobby great.

Thanks much for joining us Friday time you got it. 186-640-8766 I don't come back with more to entertaining and like you're with Brian kill me.

So as a filmmaker Brian kill me back in a few minutes here, let me remind everyone think of any my books I get this a lot how I get them trying to click on it now be able to personalize. If you want Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation up, I think it's now as I checked my watch. I realize were hours away work a day away from one nation that starts at 8 o'clock on Saturday and I hope you join me on Fox news channel.

Meanwhile, the spine of this morning, no on the show will go to a new poll reveals the best person to get her may hinge on what type of mom. She is overall she a foodie mom that she loved to eat would surprisingly maybe edible arrangements, 29% would be a good gift. What about 27% who said a gift card certificate to some type of restaurant about that fine soccer moms are not shy about letting their families know what they want in advance, 96%.

They also prefer homemade gifts, Housel Gipson, 29% would you think about that Allison and I'm thinking person a minute. Personally, I prefer saying okay you want for the day. Later. Meanwhile why moms also have preferences for heartfelt homemade moments. 35% of that once they can munch on 21 once I can munch on 27% people to drink wine during the day.

They want to make another guess so now let's look at this building settlements on Mars may literally start in the bathroom and new studies revealing how scientists are creating space bricks by mixing Martian soil with several substances, including a compound. Humans have in their urine scientist made the bricks by mixing dust with urea bacteria were gum nickel chloride with soil from their builders can pour the slurry into molds of any shape over a few days. The bacteria convert the urea into calcium carbonate crystals, which means I guess you get disgusting bricks or you get useful breath that will help you on Mars. That's going to help me build what an Anglo something live on writing that there is no place to shop on Mars. My correct probably not saying have to be really creative guy to build a wall of people place to want people on Mars would know what before you do that right as a writer over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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