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Producers' Pick | Julie Banderas: Woke Brigade is Coming for Comedians

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 7, 2022 12:00 am

Producers' Pick | Julie Banderas: Woke Brigade is Coming for Comedians

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 7, 2022 12:00 am

Fox News Anchor and self-described "wine mom" Julie Banderas reacts to the wave of physical attacks on comedians.

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People love life in the new thing that everyone has to sign those barriers and am listening with Margie just grant the perfect process think that the best people and resources on any task and meet every change with flexibility. Everybody together delivering great work and ready for what's next visit your process radio show like no other shows and people in the audience are disagreeing out while they're giving your opinion about lab that never existed in the past. You were the audience. I was a comedian you set listen you got a two drink minimum. I said my jokes very people are bold now and it's like the same thing that's happening on comedic stages is really happening on commercial airline flights like people are now somehow feeling like they can physically put their hands on other people they disagree with that improvement can protect himself because he read his book. He started out boxing's giving boxing lessons so we can defend himself out of probe.

One of the best broadcasters in the country. One of the first to talk about getting on stage and now you really have to reevaluate everything and you heard his reasoning why a pleasure Howard Stern before, and a lot of it came down to entire said the same thing last night. The reaction at the Oscars.

Almost as important as the slap because when he was able to go back. Will Smith consider seeking an award a standing ovation with the cosines alluded to go sign to loonies like the 23-year-old he jumped on the stage with Dave Chapelle that would I feel like I made a lot of sense, but Julie Banderas has been listening to me in studio you see on Fox nation. Julie do I do I make as much sense as I thought. In that evaluation, I agree that once made sense for drivetime ever. It's been a while. Yeah. So I feel good about it. But when you think the significance over the weekend.

I think that if you can go after Dave Chapelle one of the top three comedian Chris rock and maybe Kevin Hart Jerry Seinfeld the top of the country were all open game that yeah I mean I think this is a sad state of affairs for for comedy in America because I mean nobody, first of all, the woke brigade if you want to call not have completely destroyed comedy Chris rock.

He was just the beginning right but you know the double standard between Dave Chapelle getting attacked on age and will Smith going up there and slapping himself. I guess if you can attack a comedian you have to be a celebrity and then you get away with it, but the Dave Chapelle thing. Listen back. I had talked about this yesterday on outnumbered. He had it coming. The woke brigade is coming out against comedians if they don't like what they're joking about and the reason why the woke brigade has been so upset with Dave Chapelle, was because he made some jokes, some trans jokes on his Netflix special. We don't know the exact motive as to why the sky jumped up, but it seems to me that perhaps it's a bit linked yeah I mean evidently's aspiring rapper Deb wrote a song about Dave Chapelle was going to do something you didn't show up or whatever. He seems to be 20 or 23-year-old loser has to live with his brother and neighbors were saying is a constant arguing about this mindset of a guy that would have a gun without a gun is a knife, a fake gun. A replica with a knife attached letter to the Sheriff and the sheriff clearly there is a metal detectors at the Hollywood bowl had an uptick that I know it's amazing like they took. They confiscated people's phones. Okay see you weren't allowed to walk in there with cell phones you get in there with a knife right you know I mean. Will Smith you got in there with his fists and I don't think there's any metal detectors to prevent you from walking in with your hands but I mean this is disgusting, it's absolutely unacceptable and Dave Chapelle actually had to hire extra security.

I don't know if you know about knowing.

I know he he he. There is been an uprising. Okay there is that the woke brigade is really upset with him over his jokes, trans jokes you know you can make jokes about anybody when you're comedian as far as I'm concerned, everything is fair game. They make some fun of them, yet self-deprecating humor. That's what comedians do.

But you know I mean for him to walk into that place he had extra security on the stage.

Fortunately, so that's why they came in from both sides right its security and will tire is whose bite in with the bodyguard community. I thought you thought Eisen yet, but he was saying that they would never of God to if he was in charge of securities well.

He said that there wasn't enough yeah I heard him say that yesterday you know to you stage lighting because there should've been enough. He said that back I should have never been able to reach him on the stage, you know, no offense. I'm glad Jimmy Fox was there with the second guy this the first guardian can't be your other you your comedian friend I know right now are you Jimmy Fox is a jump in there and I did. His ex-wife was well. He's very talented is a genius on the dialogue. Jamie Foxx and he is I can I say about us well-adjusted, but now yeah he I mean Jamie Foxx is awesome but it's it's pretty pathetic that actually another comedian had to run in and actually got there around the site same time as the security guy was just saying that for us personally.

You notice in Manhattan, especially where everyone's nuts no matter what your job is, you don't really feel safe.

He used it now but I still use the subway so really Brian, I don't think you should be writing the subway I tell everybody that I care about. So that means that you've just entered my circle of very small circle of people I cared you so where yeah no I just know that I care about that you claim yeah yup that's right, but I honestly don't think that the subway safe. There is crime that goes on every day I friends of police officers a lot of NYPD sources and there is crime every single day only half of it gets reported, the stabbings, the murders those get reported.

There are muggings every single day on the subway item would've so meditated up your freaking on-air personality like right think you are here to Mayor de Blasio and Mike Bloomberg do you write your ride your bike to work to go.

I do like Bloomberg no to Bloomberg as well. He did well. Yes, he wrote the subway, but he also you know, because the city bikes. They were there. China promote exercise, but he I'm just saying for your own safety, and having said now when you get out of the car on 48th St. 6 Avenue yeah they would they meet with the door they walk in the door I said are you are sick yes and they like to walk us out to. On another note, Utah, but dangerous.

It's Ukraine right now so I'm fascinated by the report yesterday that said the Pentagon cannot quite figure out why the Russian advance is so tepid running at MO. Is it bad leadership to they have something else and plan to the one used tactical nukes that I can do neither. Though the force intensive force there because in the East are being pushed out of Cork Eve, yet there will suddenly in a major rush to have a corridor to empty that steel mill and variable down to maybe take on the fighters at a left and or they could be a flight out disaster inside. They have no idea what to do.

They can't motivate their guys moving forward. So this is a very it's a very trying time.

There I mean, I don't think Russia had any idea what they are going to be up against. I also don't think that the that Vladimir Putin has been actually informed by his generals. I think they're out of fear of how badly they're doing out there. I don't know if he actually knows how badly they're not that they're doing on the European Union is proposing that they you know, put a ban on on Russian oil that's those are the kind of threats and I'm hoping that the Kremlin finally starts to think maybe maybe this was a mistake but so Julie this is either is out of his mind in the cancer surgeries you have is a brain tumor.

Yeah, because the thing he has to finance his wars oil and gas would do the Bulgarian pole into the M cut you off really cut me off, so they have quickly been backed up by France, the Congo and other places Algeria and then lease it wouldn't start revisiting all of Europe. Okay that's how you get money so Italy's going to they have the best relationship with Algeria they go to Africa. The UAE they're going to Saudi Arabia. Their square of the Germanies doing the same thing there down to using a set of 56% and a 34% yeah okay we could play a huge role in there. We can create our own pipeline through Europe and have I forgot what they call the LNG facility would be a refinery go somewhere we can offload the natural gas that we have.

Once this is done will have China, India, in some markets, but they are going to be about once I learned to live without you I'm not going back to you. You lost your leverage when she broke up with me that they broke up. Yeah. No rush is gonna suck first so badly.

After all, it was something absolutely right. Because these countries are going to figure out a way to sustain energy and oil without Russia's help. So when this is all said and done were not, you're absolutely right. Russia is going to be nasty ex-boyfriend that were never in a turned back and look at it right would be would be girlfriend Roseann played out. That's not that I would judge right right just want to play out the scenario as if I if it actually happened. Here's Mike Pompeo last night on prime time with me talking about what is going on because Pompeo says he's reaching elsewhere for people. 32.

Anytime they're able to bring in reinforcements, especially reinforcements like the Wagner printer point brothers are just paid assassins. We dealt with them. We took we took a bunch of about one night in Syria, but they cause trouble in Libya that cause trouble in Syria. The customer lots of places around the world. They're pretty pretty capable. Some of these units and they are fierce folks there working for paycheck. The Belarusians will be probably the second tier compared even the Russian military numbers matter, and I my guess is that what is concluded on that he's lost a lot of folks and is looking for more dry wood to throw on the pharmacist looking for volume trend reinforces effort is his lack of a slowdown brought his words are going to be double down upon no reason to think otherwise role the church needs into getting Syrian from the Middle East to refer the Middle East.

Now this is good. So I find fascinating. Julie Belarus is an ally because with the same sold his soul to keep his position, but this only 5% of the Belarus population support Russia in this war. Now their training, the Army and the Army's gotta be told to go into Ukraine. How do you tell a bunch of men sure there's no women bunch of men to go invade a country that they don't want to.

I mean a lot of the Russian soldiers don't in fact support this war either in writing. There's a lot of nasty ones there too but there are a lot that don't support that.

So you know you can only go so far. When you're losing a war and I mean technically speaking rush is not losing because if you look at the number of deaths, there are more Ukrainians that have died than Russians, but nonetheless this is not a war that has been won by a long slide right input and thought that this war was gonna be one in a few days yet, he thought he was going to go in there and within a week. This is going to be done. So now he's realizing he's not only destroying his own country, and Ukraine. But he's dragging other countries in it and when they do go and if the Chechens and the others go in and they don't know what the hell they're doing there. They're going to back out and they're going to turn their backs on Russia to alter doing is alienating themselves.

I say, you know, keep it up and an Oedipal at one point, Rush is going to sink. And lastly, this is Griff Jenkins had a sit down with Vladimir Zelinski and I like this message to end the war talk at 30 tell me how this is only was Lake Terry we have no way out right in the done boss.

They're actually pushing them back. Can you imagine if Russia leaves with Wes and they started along with the loss of 25,000 men and we were told that when 25,000 died. It's 3 to 1. Their wounded rhinos think 75,000 wounded. Yeah. And, let alone the aura of this big Russian bear being blown up right and to find out that the Caney via tanks that work done boss is basically hanging in the balance.

I think that is going to be a critical point both.

I lied. I have one more point to bring up are you in the camp that is worried about our increasing role there.

For example, we came out today is that we are supplying the intelligence to allow them to kill between 12 and 20 of their generals are you of the camp that worries you, there were camping up the level of equipment were getting there because I'm not. I'm fine with it I want.

I do want all those I want Russia diminished and defamed, because this will be a problem for years to go. So you zero money and bring himself up the right way this time were used okay so there's I stand in the middle so I but I don't believe that USO soldiers are our military should be on the ground there whatsoever. I don't want boots on the ground in Ukraine because that truly could start doing upward doing, but I do believe that US should back them up with military.

I believe that you know if we could have sets sent over some fighter planes fighter jets over there, I would've gone for that absolutely. And then I you know I also think that our support of the war, for example, when Ukrainian president was asking for us for the European Union to close the airspace over Ukraine was at the euro that was. It was European Union that they are asking zero dollars once he was asking us. They were asking United States to you. You close your okay I I know that basically I know that a lot of military officials say that that would've been an active war on our part.

I would've liked to have seen that happen. II actually was of the mindset that yes, I think we should close the airspace over Ukraine, but if they chose one of our planes down there were in war that's exactly in one right right so the other thing I would say is that the bride I don't have the numbers with me. But if you go back in Vietnam and Korea. The Russians put gave thousands to the North Koreans, planes and tanks right.

Same thing with North Vietnam. Without it, the widow went they've made it very plain.

There were training in Russia come right across training in Russia go over to Vietnam and that's the reason were gummed up there yet. We protested but were they dealt with it now. Maybe they got what they wanted weed. There was no there is no South Vietnam and but there is a South Korea always and are Jews who stick around Julie's also to be on the weekend show on a one nation. You can't back out now. What on the course. I'm staying in town just for you because I live two hours away just to know I really do. Yeah nonce I'm staying overnight in New York City's joy. I'm excited. She's a boater with a tan and I was just in Miami salad. All I am so dark you cheated on us here and I'm sorry had to live. Miami Beach is like my place.

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This would be his last year. I can't believe it. Why is Ward going to act as these point number one of those late-night shows don't have the procedure use to write a might be thinking why so you know why my doing this.

The ratings are great. I mean you've you look at Stephen Colbert use a better one to one using on HBO or something like that, instead writing a show like that.

Words like paid subscriptions thinking right of the real problem and I think of the same thing you seeing you dance he saw no talent lies any such is it so he announces of this is not playing at all of it makes me wonder if there's more to know I know I got first to write. Sorry about that. I should have warned you during rehearsal rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame and out to 14 new inductees tell me who you think Doug does not belong that Benatar Durand Durand MNR Eurythmics M&Ms rock 'n' roll music. Dolly Parton first time Dominique.

She even said she doesn't belong in the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon Parton does not belong.

I mean she's achieving such visible country music singer is not in rock 'n' roll. The musical excellence award, Judas Priest, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis category on his nonperforming industry officials made a difference in influence. Neither of those of medic made any difference in my life nor have they influenced me in the slightest. Early influence award Terry Belafonte, Elizabeth cotton, no help. Now I actually don't even know who the hell they are to go. I'm struggling to find a Mother's Day gift. A new poll reveals the best present to get her may hinge on what type of mom.

She is overall good or bad. Getting a case of wine his stories about so there's a survey of 2000 adults. They asked people how to show your appreciation toward the women in their lives were mothers. They found that three and five believe every day should be Mother's Day yes also a whopping 86% of respondents say that these women are the most hard-working people they know, but 69% agree that moms don't do enough and they don't get enough credit for all that they do right would say 1000% on our good luck about over. There is a three times mom 40 mom soccer moms and wind mime number three you are good to know. Next, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones involved in a car crash 79 years old. He says he's all good now, but he was transported to a hospital with minor injuries to be involved with this action, roughly 20 miles from the Cowboys facility. George's son Stephen sent a text message ESPN all good. He's 79 years old. God bless somebody's okay next okay marijuana and we're just talking about this. I still think it's so weird.

The people walk run your city streets with joints in her hands. It is leading to more poisoning cases among pets G no surprise when do I see you get on television stoned. Oh, you mean on television over just like cutting away from marijuana in getting back to music.


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