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Far-Left Protestors Target Churches, Justices' Homes Over Roe v. Wade

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 9, 2022 12:45 pm

Far-Left Protestors Target Churches, Justices' Homes Over Roe v. Wade

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 9, 2022 12:45 pm

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Fox News radio studios in New York City. You will pinions and facts with positive.

Brian was reading your body will be a great Mother's Day. We then this is Brian kill me this alga. Dr. Brady locate a matter of minutes and Holman Jenkins, a member the editorial board, this place called the Wall Street Journal and are very building your 46 and he's been away weighing in on what's going on with the dorm report as well as how Russia could be on the threshold of losing in Ukraine Arab.

Most of the world's fingers crossed that is indeed the case was tired of the bullying looking the other way, giving them given the crazy guy.

A special dispensation. Now he's getting confronted with a flat out loss will tell you what happened hours ago at his big victory parade. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 nothing to celebrate tomorrow. They have not succeeded in beating the Ukrainians that not succeeded in dividing NATO they had only succeeded in isolating themselves know, I can argue with the US investor to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield. There we go. Putin's annual car special speech, pure fiction, as he spouts bony reasons for invading Ukraine while his troops struggled even record success in the east and south after being humiliated in the north while suffering high profile losses will bring the latest tale suppresses overcoming peril. This independent truck process is losing more money on the room and on the right hand.

I think I know it's not coming up well unbelievable right that is a trucker talking about his life now.

What Pres. Biden continues to blame inflation on the Putin price hike. He and the G-7 leaders commit to a fan or phaseout of Russian oil exports. This is diesel gas prices in the US which truckers run on goes up all time high. And let's not forget about the shortage on baby formula and staples of society.

Way to go Joe am unapologetically pro-life also unapologetically gives my role in the left is been attempting to intimidate the court with my rule. The left is been attempting to intimidate the court by threatening the packet by threatening violence never seen the violence yet the draft opinion that has rocked American politics built into churches and for the home to Supreme Court justices. The issue, the reality of the party positions plus will and will we ever learn who the leaker was we ever get that identity will will mean for the story was bringing Britt Hume Britt welcome back. Well, always great to talk to you to put in perspective what's going on. First off, a little out of order. The big victory speech day did not have any threat of nuclear war in it are just some fiction about Nazis and they had to invade Ukraine because they had nuclear weapons you surprised that Vladimir Putin didn't try to redraw the battle lines or do something substantial from what we know so far look like repeated, so that's probably good news is great news. Overall, as they know they did try to take your son and their temporary changing street signs and appointing their own mayor trying to the same thing with variable you get the sense in going to try to see what they got consolidated claim of victory and get out. Well, it may be the only option open to going there much touted notes from that part of the country which they occupied spoke to regroup in advance and maybe that's a little but there losing ground up north. It looks like this invasion Philip Muller lesion going anywhere and not been the case. I guess it's possible. People decide to take what he can save as much space as you can and get out of there because it taken any of losses and loss of military equipment will loss a lot of this. This is been a total calamity in military terms of shame you, Dennis. Along the way. In 2008 to go run through Georgia they stay just a few sanctions. No big deal. They just plow through just waltz into a Crimea and take a little bit more of that region with the so-called Russian separatists is really no problem going to Syria. Make sure the decide stays in power.

Okay, no problem with killing innocent people really no backlash. What would they think this would be any different world on what it happened inside Ukraine since that crime in Ukrainians got serious about their defense. I got serious about the military. I got help from the west, still a bit of a good job training and they were much better prepared for this and I think anybody imagined even in this country were no military analysts and experts all thought that was a distinct possibility that the Russians would help even a matter of days. When this all started, now if I could given up entirely on getting Steve and Lisa in the near-term timeframe is not not forever so will help you misjudge Ukraine.

Chief among them. So Graham told Brett this weekend Fox News Sunday because people look at how this ends is key. Obviously you want to make sure he just can't regroup in five years see his mistakes build better tanks get more people use the money China money and then come back into it with you would think would be right. This was Sen. Lindsey Graham said cut 20 so you're saying that that's how this ends that Putin is removed. Is there anyway of offramp. There is no offer, no offramp so limited time on their so offramp that Ukrainians are not going to give the east of Putin to stop the war. There gonna fight for every inch of their territory if we push the Ukrainians to give up half the country. The Putin went safely back off prosecuting Putin as a war criminal. All the laws on the books become a joke if we don't get this right China will certainly invade Taiwan. There is no offramp in this war. Somebody's going to win and somebody is going to lose. That's how I feel that we should let them decide when it ends. Do you think they will have the decision and you agree, Lindsey Graham, Britt Hume? What other vital US security.

Ukraine reported that yes we all kind of emotionally invested in this brave people in the way they fought back, and so on, and we been inspired by the leadership that there will not much was expected have shown, but our vital national security interest in Ukraine pretty hard to identify. Secondly, what the downside is back is to the wall and defeat is on the way from Broadbent pollutant to use a tactical nuclear weapon. What would be the downside you think about per minute hard to say. So I killed the idea that we want to push him as far as we can lead craniums have the final say in this.

But that is some complete Russian defeat.

We all might want that.

But Putin has a say in this and he does have nuclear weapons until this gets dangerous things your second point, DC talk to me we would he do the desperation has to be thought out, but I do think it's in our national interest, and here's why.

If you see what Russia has done in the Middle East is destabilizing. It even further. Now they inserted themselves in during the Obama administration and really present another probably see what they're doing in Venezuela in the south and you think that if they could be brought down to size to be exposed to what they are being let them know that there is no there is. There's no upside to invading even your neighbors, let alone in our neighborhood I think is a huge upside there and letting everybody know that Vladimir Putin is not this big ogre and can be cut down to size by most importantly, by his own people, so by saying change is a problem. Even now, this is an outcome that nobody imagined. Almost nobody measured Vladimir Putin looks like a much more figure on the world stage today than he does now and the idea that it takes to complete defeat of Russia to send the words and warning to to Beijing that that I wanted to attack another porcupine the way. In Ukraine I look Taiwan is Taiwan is all out war invasion by China, Taiwan spirit anticipate that the Chinese could pull it off, but at what cost and capital approved in Ukraine and shown that even if your greater power with their weapons. All the rest of the cost of time to take a country like that can be very high indeed and I think you know, I can imagine that she continued looking at what's happening Ukraine and thinking, oh, what a great idea. Let's try to do the same thing in Taiwan. I don't believe that's got a great deal what you're talking about a very been achieved. The question is whether we're looking for the complete Russia and if we are we need to examine carefully what the possible risk that would be okay with them keeping Crimea in the areas that they had to be happy about it but not all of my ugly Ukraine but that is we are becoming ever more deeply involved here, and this is something the longest time is very say that we were trying to help Ukraine without getting involved in a war that we got officials, no leaking reported how our intelligence is what helped them to kill all these Russian generals.

Our intelligence is what help them sink their flagship vessel in the black sea. All that he thinks I'm at war with NATO and assuming NATO was trying to avoid the question.

This becomes whatever the the concerns you expressed concerns that we have for NATO countries as a NATO member. So the question then arises to prevent or treat. Ukraine is a poor NATO member that becomes meaningless is that Ukraine is not a NATO member conventionally beast, is it really meaningless that Ukraine is not a NATO member point thing is like sickly green even president evidently agrees that his secretary defense coming out say my goal is to give a week in Russia and to have that leak out from the Pentagon that we provided the intelligence to kill between 12 and 20 generals and to kill their lead. Their number, their flagship on their and their Navy. The blood that warship was not positive. I asked Robert O'Brien that went on Saturday usually said cut 26 now there is there somebody at the Pentagon of the White House.

I don't know why who's doing it is leaking that we provided the intelligence led to the the Dessa Russian generals what your quiet about these things as whether the car intelligence committee. The quiet professionals we should help our allies which help Ukrainians for there's no reason that despite the footballer or take a victory dance. Putin is suffering massive losses with his warships with his size high command there. There's no reason. Let let Ukrainians that claim the victory B their victory. It is a victory and and we should still acquire so that he understood and agreed. You and he might've been one of the most valuable guys in the trumpet ministration sites are real. We need to dial it back. Tom Friedman's reporting over the weekend that the Bible spirits about this and raise hell with the intelligence community and the Pentagon. I'm a little skeptical of that claim but if he is. He's right to be right and finally when he saw these demonstrations to break in some churches the fire the Molotov cocktails in Wisconsin pro-life clinics which reaction to the to the league of that draft decision on Roe V Wade interferes with confidentiality is necessary and appropriate judicial consideration of the issues. Beyond that, there is a political matter. I think it's likely that the Democratic party will get a boost from the upset over this apparent decision becomes the decision of the court, but that's likely to be offset to some extent by the behavior were sitting in the aftermath of it with the protests which may well be illegal outside justices houses with the with the firebombing of arson fire at that that there pro-life organization in Wisconsin so I think because lawlessness at the border in our cities is already an issue in this campaign does not want to help the Democrats the lawlessness and disorder, wishing and reaction draft opinion deflected from coming out and saying we get power with Michael for total band, you think that's possible, which really think about the course it's possible that they could pass them like that they had had a big majority of the Senate, but he did not advocate that knowing Mitch McConnell is I do know what you would like to lose clumsy to bring up that way all, but he didn't question why I will see how this plays out. I think this'll just stunned by the we still know the sleeker, yet we keep telling hearing that investigators say should not be that tough to identify and a really successful he is a bridge you Britt. Thanks so much. Same here.

Thank you. 186-640-8766. I will then come back with your phone calls than Holman Jenkins joins us from the Wall Street Journal don't move right radio show. People kill me precise person is America's weather all of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen when Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me. Show single issue voters decide the outcome of elections enthusiasms important. But here's what I would say elected officials elected by the people now have a say about first time since 1970. That process will move forth. I don't believe it's going to change the outcome of the 2022 elections at all. When you go to the grocery store when you go to a gas station desk to remind you the incompetency of the Biden administration. When you look at the southern border. This is not going to take people's eyes off of the rocket inflation broken border in secure America well do I think you will likely bring you. Middle it'll invigorate the left as disclosed in the books and debated passionately since 1973, probably before that but the other states is between 19 and 26 states have triggers in them saying the know if Ruby ways ever overturned to get a good M0 maybe in some cases zero were just six weeks until the abortion becomes a legal there's some Corporation stepping up mildly insane like Amazon saying we will transport you to another state if you need an abortion you work for them.

Here's Amy clover teacher on how they do not want Republicans making a decision on their personal health country with this court is looking at reports of pairs of women's rights and the fall will be swept over 20 states have laws in place already, Martha and I think the question that voters are going to be asking when 75% of people are with SNS is who should make this decision. Should it be a woman and her doctor or a politician should have been 10 crews making this decision, or a woman and her family.

Where are women's equals right to crews on that cut five. The draft opinion. We don't know what the final opinion will be but the draft opinion was written by Justice Sam Alito and it it's a masterful opinion and it is carefulness scholarly.

It is historical it walks through how for the first hundred 85 years of our nation's history.

The question of abortion was decided by elected legislators decided primarily at the state level and that's where it would go right after that and if you were in Mississippi and you say I don't like these laws you like different state legislators, different governors, and then you put those different laws in place and it all goes into your Yupik place because of taxes because of weather visit jobs now Yupik places because of where you stand on pro-life, pro-choice that'll be part of it. Holman Jenkins is next is a member, the attorney for the Wall Street Journal and we gotta talk to about how Russia could be on the precipice of losing will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just Fox News podcasts network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now when Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other, kill me with a lot of interceptions when commanders would tell their seniors that soldiers don't want to fight then seniors would give the permission to kill those who were unwilling in order to motivate the others to cannon fodder to the question of why they came to Ukrainian land Russians just say of course that they didn't know where they were going why this was happening.

The power that you change in Russia, etc. we still have several more prisoners who we offer to trade, but the Russian Federation isn't interested in trading for them so that is Capt. Bogdan Crocker Mitch if you say so. I never heard that before. Through translator. He speaks does not speak English, but he got word they want to tell was going on in the in the steel mines in variable where there's 100 Marines and the Azoff group, which is their elite fighting unit and he's a member of that he's been fighting since 2014. I want to be a soldier but has to the HIV of Cesar battalion so he yes me. So we got word he said if he'll answer any of my questions.

That was where the questions I have. When you capture Russian soldier what today tell you and I to the same God. They have no conviction for the fight that I have no idea why they here they said they don't even have to harshly interrogate them and they don't want to anyway but they just are talking maybe to save themselves. Holman Jenkins is a member this at the Wall Street Journal editorial board rights twice week in business world, we have a lot to discuss it with him about, especially with sapping after Russia's victory speech today home and welcome hi first author on the speech that we thought that the Russians go say they can announce a nationwide draft and they're going to die double and triple Downing we heard the maybes going through a nuclear war. None of that happened. Why he doesn't want a bigger fight want to antagonize his own people who the defectors are telling you they don't want to participate in this war, he would have to launch a nationwide draft and drag it onto people.

People who are basically supported the provincial the less educated people don't live in Moscow and think it would have to be cannon fodder for this war and I don't think Corky unpopularity that would be involved in sending more troops to kind of pointless war yet love Nigeria and also the CIA director coming out saying that the word that they're getting is that since he can't lose. He will do anything not to lose so that means can be doubling, and he expects in the double and triple down but with what what exactly I think what you saying basically digging and trying to hold on to what he's got and see if he can with stand the Ukrainian offensive, likely coming based on all the arms were coring in there and look for a stalemate. There's no outcome that he would ever hear whatever label it defeat anything anything is going to get victory in his PR and he had enough control over the media at home to put that over for a while though not forever were trickles back from the front about what's really happening but you know I think basically just punted this speech today. He still looking for a way out, but he hasn't found it. He could've click decided to start targeting NATO bases across the border in Poland and Romania trying to attack the supply lines is not doing the event. Deftly telling you it's not looking for a bigger confrontation that that's interesting. Anything you have to wonder what he wants is what kind of what kind of situations.

Once he wanted you right that he wants to paint this brush against NATO, not against Ukraine that can afford to lose Ukraine.

But he can afford A stalemate along with the color of frozen conflict if the enemy of the West because he has always admitted to so much richer its military power so much greater than Russia's. They don't expect to take on NATO and win. So keeping the hero protecting Russia. He painted Ukraine more basically presented. The Western assault on Russia to distillate for the storyline, but the money selling because it makes him a hero defending reference from the alleged Nazis of Ukraine and their Western backers think about what they've done, you know that once the Middle East into Syria and they really Decide in power they decide they want a piece of Georgia. They took and Didn't they decide they want Crimean. Some of the down bus region. They took it and kept it with almost no resistance. With a that's delusional to think they were that powerful, with using vitamin who was being lied to about what he was looking at what he was looking at Ukraine and what his soldiers were capable of blood to about the state of his military lied to about the state of the Ukrainian population because probably someone interest to lie to him and tell him what he wanted to hear and they never expected become because you've actually been a very cautious clarity does not throw himself into situations where you might actually taking on George and grabbing Crimea with basically no risk situation where this was a wild gamble but you know is only a colossal miscalculation on his part or something.

That you dying of something and he wants to know this about a mold die for him because he has no future. I don't know if that's true or not, but this was completely out of character for him to take this kind of risk unless they want to do one more cuts in the captain when asked what they need to be successful. What is Ukraine need to win is what he said cut 35.

Naturally, I am very pleased to hear the whole world is united around Ukraine and that Ukraine sets an example of courage. However, I have to say that support can be provided in word and in action. I must note that Western countries help us with weapons and economically. However, when you're under attack payment for medical treatment is helpful, but it's not all that can be done. Let me give you an example, when it comes to Azoff Regiment.

When we see the strong hurting the week. We always come to their defense with actions instead of words and beat those who hurt the week so he's trying to say thanks what you've done but you could be doing more and were not going to. I'm pretty certain that God is afraid and keep us out of the direct shooting conflict with Russia. So it's going to be up to Ukraine.

All of our material. We can supply them to see what it can do against a rush and put them out to stalemate something big would have to change before we would get involved Holman Jenkins. I guess Wall Street Journal. The other thing you wrote about is Hillary Clinton.

The dorm inquiry by Michael Sussman such a bigger indictment than anyone initially thought. I mean his link for that law firm is linked to the Christopher Steele is linked to the FBI and his direct contact with Hillary Clinton and lying about it. I don't think can be understated. You think it's understood. I don't know. It depends on what happens in this trial, you know you mean Durham, the thunder of that before the DC jury which you can be very anti-trumpet pro-democratic ally wasn't material because the FBI nuclear line which is probably true, but if you get the conviction that with the story. The story is important in the media should be taking up and investigating following leads the dermis come up with.

But you're not can do that in a project. Abide hello so if you get the conviction that is going to have to be a big turning point people to want to deny the story is important to pay attention to it will know in a few weeks we will find fascinating is he got this Hollywood lawyer who was finance who paid off Hunter Biden's Hunter Biden's tax bill millions of dollars and now is financing his life in Malibu. It was try to figure out why would you do this and why would the IRS be investigating some of the country. Biden since 2018 were in 2022 now what is taken so long.

Hunter Biden's Amy thought he was a hot potato. Especially now that the anti-trumpet and so permeating through all Washington's establishment. Anything that looked like it might help trump something they didn't want to touch and Hunter Biden was explosive for the barn.

It's interesting because you know with the mainstream press, the New York Times, New York magazine ABC News all watched investigations in 2018 or thereabouts about whether Hunter Biden was brewing his father's mental health. Now they all run away from that story because it was just too dangerous to Joe Biden 2020 when he was seen on the dike holdback trumpet, so I think the still lingering know that sensitive take up her Biden story your trunk supporter and so that's why it's very difficult for anybody to come out and admit what's going on here. Since Kevin Morris and then you have the situation where the moving an investigation on the laptop to chose a direct link to Joe so home and how does this play out me.

Do we going to just let this Peter out and you think the American people are happy with their choice of four well certainly not happy with their economy in place and you know that Joe Biden can't really be blamed for covert, but he promised that it would be over.

Once he took over in the White House that hasn't ended still out there for a lot of people so there's a lot of reasons that it no Democrat would be in a very strong position to having to go into real action oriented terms.

Given the state of things and thought I don't think that you can trace it all to distrust over 100 Biden thing.

But you know it often helps it pretty likely that Joe is going to run again.

I think because once the Republicans take up the Congress and start investigating and and and creating more publicity about these things. It could be very hard to Democrat. I would guess you probably wont put them in a position wants to be a one term president. That's what he always intended. Right. I mean one seems pretty clear.

If you look at the divorce correspondence dinner and other interviews he still everybody's two-term seasons trying to back off the field and nobody really thinks it that, Harris is the heir apparent if I was to ask you is there to three Democrats. You think that are on the rise. Who would you name oh my God in the wrong person lately and you but you're right, Kemal seems unacceptable to a lot of people. And as long as joke says that he's intending to run holding office lame duck that if you know you know what the situation could be in 2024 maybe he will run maybe he'll probably get on the economy will bounce back and he'll be trumpet, Ukraine, and the issuance of give up the cloud that comes from being a president who you know. It might be running for second term Democrat you know you know" which are as a person who I think among Democrats is the most levelheaded like to see her get some traction, but the she hasn't made much noise lately. Bryce, thanks so much Holman Jenkins will look forward to reading X, the Wall Street Journal, thank you Cuba 1-866-408-7669 will come back will take your calls, roles, and look at the economy deal. People having trouble in this country getting baby formula. What else is next. You know, also were told expect rolling blackouts in major cities.

Why not global warming is because we've gone green.

We've gone to wind and solar to such a degree that nobody thinks we can be able to power ourselves this summer.

Thanks your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me that he is launching a campaign to stop speeding in the city with a series of signs designed to scare drivers be terrifying signs read employee entering New Jersey that was that was some of the comedy this weekend but I think SNL is pretty much all Roe V Wade you guys watch it all.

You are chosen. I did not. But I did find a few highlights like right yeah I was his dad just to conscientious Republicans are bad. Roe V Wade is the best thing ever. There was no sense of diversifying it off at all, but that's pretty much consistent with what Los Angeles is doing now so I will see where this goes, Beverly discusses in detail. Gov. Tate Reeves is in that as governor of Mississippi that brought this case forward that had the Supreme Court look at a maybe write this opinion, there were all waiting on to be officially out there that nobody thinks the sprinkler justices will budge from overturning it. We just don't know what John Roberts is going to do here he was on Meet the Press and here's what he said.

Cut one.

If in fact the elite opinion chart is accurate and if in fact this court votes to overturn Roe. Your correct archer law will go into effect and we will ban abortions with the exceptions of rape and the life of the mother. Because of that trigger law the past in 2007 yesterday ventricular. This is a discipline that reverses will be added to every one of the state, you probably don't want to go to if you want an abortion. And that's you had a lot of people talking about the decision. A lot of people tilts very few talk about the leak and a lot of people on both sides talking about the hyperbole that surrounded, for example Seneca jailbreak to never does anything besides ever since you read about Frank and you never see her anywhere. Cut seven is about basic equality about whether women in America have a right to make these decisions, whether they have a right to decide who and when children laugh under what circumstances.

So I just got an email that says this is the email from Kevin.

Kevin says Sony's asking an abortion be prevented yes to having unprotected sex or abstaining. So when there is an abortion needed when a rape has happened over and says to mother that is in danger because in two of those occasions. Woman had no choice all comes down to the responsible person preventing an abortion. That's what some would say, including Kevin Mike Lee Wade into countertenor children cutting a lot of the clamor against the draft decision which I hope and expect will end up being the opinion of the court because it's masterfully written. I've never been more proud to be a former law clerk to Justice Alito that that I had after reading that wonderful opinion but look at all those who were attacking that opinion are suggesting that somehow this is going to be a huge problem. They're saying that it's overthrowing democracy nonsense. This this actually enables democratic processes so likely a judicial scholar a constitutional scholar to I just got a email to from Wade Wade says I'm pro-choice choice happen sometimes before conception. That's a good point. I understand it, here's a Lindsay Graham cut 10 states will finally have control over this and here's the one common thing. If you don't like the outcome of the abortion debate. Now you can kick people out of office who actually vote before you were shot out. You had no avenue five judges six judges seven judges determined that when life begins and how it ends and I think that was wrong from the start. Now finally elected officials have a say about life and the conditions of an abortion.

I think that's the way it should be. Well that's interesting to find out state-by-state but dating Dan Abrams also ABC's chief legal analyst said that is not owned unfathomable to think that this one decision could lead to other decisions on interracial marriage, gay marriage and other things. I don't see that it all but here's his rationale cut 11. When you look at precedent. I think that the most important question moving forward after this case is going to be what could be next. And I think that's certainly the gay marriage ruling is going to be on the table. Why because Justice Alito wrote a dissenting.

That case, which is almost the exact same reason as he's using in this case, and so I think it is entirely fair to ask okay. Could that be next. Could he have five votes for something like that. And of course you would also need states outlawed as well. There's no way people even entertaining the gay marriage.

Retraction is the case been brought up and I don't see you happy with the Supreme Court justices are pretty sure that that's dramatically different. They also went on to say, not Dan but interracial marriage really Clarence Thomas would do that outlaws own marriage that make stents having people go across state lines make that forbidden to go cross state lines. Again abortion. That doesn't make any sense at some even rooted in any fact I do believe that this will play a major role in the midterms.

Depending on what happens in June of this decision comes out you but why why we went to Jim, you wrote it up, ready just do it. Just tell it what would happen have a chance to digest it.

Let the states weighing on it and if you don't like it. In Virginia you could flip your legislature. You flip your governors eventually not right away, but in other states and sometimes even footmen two years or four years. You do have a say in it if you want to know about American history and get some perspective on will go through right now.

Goodbye to you get the present freedom fighter Sam use the Elmo ventures.

Thomas Jefferson, the Tripoli pirate Andrew Jackson the miracle of New Orleans for George Larson secret six I can personalize and send out Mother's Day can happen for Father's Day. Man, it seems perfect why from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much for being your buddy is the right kill me. Joe Michael Goodwin standing by Susan Lee to make sense of our economy. Right now the markets down precipitously 375 points today they are not buying that a recession is not likely which rates are by the chairman of the Fed said will be a great Mother's Day weekend. As we look at my computer for 46 right in midtown Manhattan but heard around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine. Before we get to Michael Goodwin, the New York Post, and how the press continues to provide a soft landing and special curve when it comes to Joe Biden speaking, let's go to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file. I fact save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three they have nothing to celebrate tomorrow. They have not succeeded in defeating the Ukrainians that not succeeded in dividing may tell they have only succeeded in isolating themselves internationally on that's when the Thomas Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations Vladimir Putin's annual cocktail speech as he is a big victory speech, pure fiction, as he spouts phony reasons for invading Ukraine says they had nuclear weapons and Nazis, while his troops struggled to even record successes in the east and south, where evidently they had more experience soldiers and their fortified will explain these prices are coming from barrel is independent trucker says is losing more money on the room right now.

I I know it's not your call today $1000 to fill up the tank.

He was saying Joe Biden continues to blame inflation on Vladimir Putin, the prudent price site. As he G7 leaders commit to our van, and a phaseout of Russian oil imports. This is diesel gas prices in the US in a record high. Thanks Joe. I am unapologetically also unapologetically gives my role in the left is been attempting to intimidate the court with mob rule. The left is been attempting to intimidate the court by threatening the packet by threatening violence never seen the violence that is center Bill Cassidy also Dr. the draft opinion that has rocked American politics spilled into churches and in front of the homes of Supreme Court justices. The issue, the reality of the party positions. Boswell will we ever learn more about the identity of the weaker Michael Goodwin joined just now for the New York Post, Michael, first off, not a surprise in New York City. They also saw the storming of churches in protest everywhere aware is this protest where's all this heading morning.

Brian look I think that what we call over the weekend is consistent with what we've been saying for the last couple of years. I mean, it's now that the Supreme Court is illegitimate. The justices are fair game, their houses, houses of worship are fair game primarily Catholic because of the abortion issue. Of course, but I think this is the left is and we are seeing more and more examples of it as it spreads across society, different issues, different locations different groups you know with no respect. No regard for anybody or anything tearing down the country tear down the statues tear down the court tear down all the institutions rewrite America's history.

This is this is the left and we shouldn't kid ourselves, I think that the polls say the public is set to reject it, but you know I'm not confident. I think a lot of Americans are easily fooled. I think the mainstream media supporting all of this you know you saw with me. For example we had in New York City. The Jewish Museum of of history of Jewish history Museum in Jewish history, forbidding Ron DeSantis to come and speak. I mean this is this is now reached serious levels. I think of insanity of of this woke Ms. corrupting everything that is to say, I read that two of the weekend. I meant to bring that up.

Why would this Museum in New York City have problems Ron DeSantis what did he do this against the Jewish community anywhere. Nothing, absolutely nothing, but is more conservative and I have no doubt that the Board of Directors at least the key members of the border to the Museum of Jewish heritage. I'm sorry that's the proper name that many of them just get their news from the New York Times, and so the bill that DeSantis signed to give parents you know some supervision and some say in preventing the indoctrination of their children. In K through three. The New York Times, among others label that don't say gay and I'm convinced that the Board of Trustees of the Heritage Museum said don't say day we can't were not having not man-hour out they didn't read the bill that they get their news from the New York Times. I mean, that's the problem is that the media is infusing a lot of false information into our society. We have never seen anything like it and it shows no signs of self correction.

Remember Jim Crow 2.0 in Georgia nothing to do with that baseball All-Star game leaves leaves got so embarrassing stay seems out to try to change your editorial USA today after republished says if it was not her idea to boycott the way they did, but Disney changed everything by the price that they have paid literally in their stock today for standing up into being determined to overturn the bill. They probably didn't read so I thought Brett Beard did a great job tackling this issue this weekend. Center Chris Murphy thought he get away with saying what you just said. Listen to this cut 36. I am very concerned about certain very quick hateful this since turn the Republican Republican Party has taken this effort in Florida to target gay kids in schools. I just think is mean-spirited and something that I had not seen from the Republican Party.

When I first started on politics 20 years ago and thereafter to target gay schools trail is about not talking about sexual identity from K through third grade.

That's not targeting gay cases is absolutely as it is sending a message to these kids that they are not worthy that they should be ashamed of their identification. Since Sen. that you don't teach subjects with gender identity think that there's only so the parents don't take a message from a fruit for me dam on the discussion of their identity suggests that they are not worthy of existence and that school would you believe this guy you think people know their identity in kindergarten through third grade.

The perfect summation of how insane the Democratic Party has become Chris Murphy, smart young young man I think he said I think he served militarily but they been brainwashed by the media and this this this thing Brian of labeling James Freeman and the Wall Street Journal had a wonderful little snippet about your build back better is it is the name that Biden shows for his bill. But it was the and so all the media went with build back better right but in Florida all the media went with don't say day which was not the name of the bill.

It was the name the bill's opponents. The activist David but it became the name took Freeman wrote about the naming rights legislation naming rights always go to Democrats and I think that's a major problem in our society. That is a form of misinformation which is broadcast and reprinted by the mainstream media so you have the mainstream media contributing to false information and you have to say at this stage of the game knowingly and intentionally it it's not an accident. It's not ignorance it's intentional, I guess so you have the present United States who they can provide a soft cushion for on everything he touches that you know I was watching if you think about over the weekend.

What would people talk about its economy while looking you do will you do a lot you could focus on supply chain number one, number two, you could tell you about your emphasis to bring back are of vital manufacturing back here. Things like PPE and oil and gas number two don't pass 1.9 trillion when Steve Ratner fellow liberal economist and Larry Summers said we don't need it and it's scary to do it and then sit there and continue to print money through for the entire year.

While not pushing people to get back to work.

There were things that could happen that I could've prevented this and it didn't. And now in a situation where the market is down about on an average 400 point today. It's a bit terrible.

It's been a terrible year so far. You know Harry Truman's great line. The buck stops here sitting on his Oval Office desk with Joe Biden, the buck stops somewhere else. It stops and starts of Vladimir Putin. It starts with Republicans who knows it's never sponsored ability, even those you say all of these policy decisions directly cause this and others warned him against dementia, say, including Democrats, but he yelled as I write in my Sunday column.

Brian the central mystery to me of why Joe Biden turned his administration over to the far left, I think, remains unanswered. Why did he do this. Why did Joe Biden serve a career moderate. By and large white one. Any sacrifice his presidency on the altar of the far left. I mean he has is made great damage to this country. I mean look at the border. We are going at one point was that America had 11 million undocumented immigrants right that was the number used for 10 years. We got more than a million in the last year alone. I mean, it will mean the border issue. The issue of the illegal immigrants living in this country illegally will never be solved for another generation.

Because of the numbers being guided by Joe Biden. I mean, it is just unforgivable what he and his administration are doing to this country understand continues to reverberate around the world you seen a realignment of our former allies in the Mideast now looking looking for partners elsewhere because America has become on reliable because Joe Biden simply turned turn the government over we don't know who is Barack Obama's third term is Susan Rice running the government whose making these decisions I made it just on on clear what the heck is going on in that White House to come up with these ideas, things just through click on this week of this of this draft of the decision on overturning Roe V where I really would like to find out the booze will host behind it. Democrats are beginning to show some interest. They think it's a distraction initially, but obviously it isn't Nina Totenberg on this week with George Stephanopoulos. She's a legal legal affairs advisor NPR listen to her speculation cut 14 and it can only. In all likelihood have come from justice that I think is less likely perhaps one of the clerks and the leading leading theory is a conservative clerk who was afraid that one of the conservatives might be persuaded by Chief Justice Roberts intent to join and much much more moderate opinion on and then there's another theory that it was an outraged liberal clerk, but I think the only one that makes sense that it came from somebody who was afraid that this majority might not hold that Chief Justice Roberts might persuade one of the conservatives to come over to him and much more moderate opinion conservative that's the predominant that's the conventional thought to be stunned thought among the bug in six lines is ridiculous.

It's ridiculous was celebrating the leak who was maximizing the fallout of the leak coming all those demonstrators going to Cavanaugh's house in the middle of the night and that's what I think are are are they conservatives upset and concerned. Come on, she should not even she's not even trying Brian back facets of propaganda so easy to write what he would right now here we are in May would rule that have a November this whole decision. Let's say they go ahead and formalize it with an official announcement in June I think will be a big vital things can be. I think it will be a big factor in the race, don't you do yeah I do. I tend not to. I think it put in some states but but I but I think there wouldn't be many guy I think. Unless inflation is tamed, unless unless the hot burner issues are fixed which I don't think it is likely that abortion could rise but I think right now, the pocketbook issues are are the most paramount I mean the inflation. Just look at what's gonna happen to the housing market, with the interest rates I you know having baby formula shortages. Now I think there are a lot of critical issues.

I think abortion is in many cases, I don't mean to say I don't need to be cruel to the individuals involved, but it's something of an elite issue. It's one of those things that the left-wing media gets more incensed about, then I think most Americans most Americans, I think I understand it is a local issue, it will, it will you not using abortion rights there. Now the issue is now turning to the states and the states will have different answers but increasingly the Mississippi law is a kind of bellwether of 15 weeks, up, up to 15 weeks is a kind of bellwether aware the country itself, is by and large, not everybody, of course, but I think it is becoming the consensus opinion as to the right limits like good when I was good to talk to you is exciting time for two columns every Sunday almost an inordinate type biome is an unhealthy way. Thanks so much. My pleasure Ryan. Of course, in New York. He writes in your post often speaks for the country.

1-866-408-7669 I'll come back and take your calls, then we take the exam. He was happy with our economy. We can get think we can get gas prices gas price in a way that's affordable and for new moms having trouble get baby formula right back in a moment something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in it.

Ryan is talking about with Brian kill me.

Fertilizer shortages are real now because Russia's exporter of fertilizer and fertilizer is not sanctions unless fertilizer is coming out of Russia as a result were working with countries to think about natural solutions like manure, compost, and this may hasten transitions that would've been in the interest of farmers to make. Eventually anyway, so never let a crisis go to waste, but we really do need this financial support from the Congress to be able to meet emergency food needs. I think what we have here is one of the most avoidable easily avoidable. Yes economic crisis is in the last 20 years, and something that was created.

Sure it's pure cynicism, cynicism, cynicism on Biden's part that he kept spending and Put all these lefties and regulatory jobs and it was cynicism because you want to be more liberal work transition were transformational progressive than his buddy Barack that is Joe yes Brito said and he said it over the weekend said it to talker and I think it's under present truth. There are things that happen no one really predicted the pandemic. No one really predicted certain things that take place yet natural disasters, then how you react truly defines how better will be some ways were back but on many ways, were not because of progressive policies. Redistribution of wealth lack of follow-up on the money that we printed and handed out usually comes in and puts our economy perspective. We should worry about where we should be putting our money specifically radio makes you say this is the Brian kill me show. Think of the session this thing almost inevitable. We also see uncertain about oil prices up and down, etc. and so as I said earlier, the probability of a recession is, I think, unfortunately, very, very high.

While this usually think that FOXBusiness corresponding to rollover the channel reporting on the anchor desk as a guest seasonally. Would you think this is your sources saying the wedding to his recession while balancing every therapist they haven't had a good track record of avoiding and forcing the inflationary time though you have one quarter which is one quarter of negative growth, which is already halfway there. Every session here kill me, which is that being God's market and that she very strongly thought that with the latest job number in April. On Friday Reiki 711 11 million record job opening and I hope that maybe we can recession, but there are a lot of unknowns that you now what Ukraine, China and COBIT lockdown fishing with pain.

We didn't see that coming day while trickling with it again. Think they'll soon miss somewhat what is your take on when the present comes out and says hey you know I cut the deficit my princess and never did that is deceptive. That statement I RIGHT now because obviously we have much matter that we have trading partners. What type of market economy right now that probably income trouble.

It can get hurt.

The Chinese premier. There last night thing that they can have an employment issue in a country of 1.3 billion Chinese exports and a year low belt around the world that we learn about the global live here me the cold elsewhere populate here on US sure there are probably bigger issue think they cutting that key people employed Becky 401(k) that healthy level that would you also say that when you spending ridiculous amounts of money on the pandemic. When you shut the country down and he stopped spending the ridiculous amount of money. It does cut the deficit but it doesn't cut it. They say is the fourth biggest deficit ever right now that's really not portraying an accurate story a lot of money that was printed during the pandemic aligned flooded into stock market right and you thought that day trader right in retail average Joe trader yelled at the end of last year they were driving 30% of the stock market and other feeling the pain that wiped out. I thought the latest that the Morgan family thing at a mean stock traders and feed and against God. They block everything that they made over the past two years $9 trillion. The stock market locked in to hear about thousand and 22 print money printing machine are being cut off.

You feel that people are coming down to reality right now.

Yeah, in a way I was such a yes Brito had interesting take. Listen to a new sink at 22 Larry Summers Steve Ratner all these liberal economists were saying last year working to have massive inflation if you don't stop spending working. I have massive inflation field stop printing money and then date the only cure for massive inflation is to induce a recession that could be deep.

And the reason why you do that is because we have massive inflation it it it destroys the fabric of every society. It's like being in a recession or depression so you try to write try to kill it.

It's only it's it's like this. Put it this way like chemotherapy. It's the only thing that works and it hurts and that's working to go through now and were only doing this right now because Joe Biden was so cynical that he wanted me more progressive than Obama and Powell wanted his job for another term. It's scary.

Did you side you sign on to both those theories and know when to say that an protection plan of the trillion dollar a lot of money. We didn't get get the bill back better gland which is let freedom porch and at one point, and by the way, the blanket of the planking happening with courts around the world on a congestion meeting that there (can't pay much higher prices for things that you can find on the child inflation obviously not good for an economy do you bring it down and the speed at which you try to clamp down on it is important and I think it contented that the reserve should have started raising interest rate last year and right now there behind the curve mean that they're trying to do all they can to bring down inflation quickly and not by the way alternate date bull market don't die of old age right kill me make and is related Thereby. I want it for another 30 did the damage is done. Don't die of old age think I have called in the tank other than air.

There are from the government or some unforeseen event like that.

The big concern right now I'm altering couple things inflation city .5% and wages went up 5.5% China says, struggling to export that's affecting us, but their inflation at 1.2% is idle about government controls the white well you tell me you're the expert. I went, I would be skeptical very skeptical on the COBIT number if you look at 20 to 30,000 K for you have a citywide province why a countrywide shut down over the thousands of cases they may be.

That number is a lot higher than what the government is recording right now and certainly have major corporation apple of Corey's second largest market in China. Every told they guided the market leading an elite $8 billion in potential sales in the springtime because of the COBIT lockdown. The shutdowns over in China Flat.

I mean, they have a big Chinese Shanghai factory there which not only makes card exporting China for European market and elsewhere around the world. There are some big corporation concerns right now and I thought that feeding into Libra looking at possibly a bear market which a 20% down for me can be a better me so I guess we'll get to see the supply chain with Beijing being shut down. We expect things to slow down right and that's going to affect us, and I guess the war deftly plays a role when it comes to food, correct yeah absolutely no were still looking at pretty elevated inflation levels because the job numbers on on Friday the really big in between and think on the participation rate the first time in nine months at the flashing dropped out of the workforce found that that pay a lot higher wages to keep and find the people that still want to work in any me.

Inflation levels are they pretty high for some time.

Federal Reserve Gov. this morning spent talking to me, let a lot of them on the big channel thing that working to try to bring inflation vanity percent that happen this year and from what they look already at some of the numbers that were getting quite a bit here with inflation and bleach is growing at twice the rate that you percent Federal Reserve target that can happen for some time to bring it down to that level. Maybe next year.

The earlier well so this is good to be a bit of a struggle right now.

I just wondered Susan is or anything to do to control inflation besides bring up interest rates pretty blunt instrument. You heard from me there Kevin J. Powell last week as well.

I need can't really target certain parts of the economy causing the spike in inflation and what they can DO and I believe from what the reader can control is probably from the demand side of your brain. Interest rate anything you consumers are by last because they pay more in interest credit credit card debts or our mortgage and they can't control the supply side of the supply chain and whether or not the electric cleared from the port when it China to be able to reopen and produce goods. Once again, the Ukraine and Russia is going to be solved, though I would think that be?

Whether or not we can escape the recession.

But right now everything that they was not our fault there, I'm Christina been thinking plaintiff around the world and interest rate is probably not going to be able to solve all the problems that right now since his mother. I wish that I personally second bad little under the weather have to be on the road for the last 12 days, whether the balance of the crypto event correspondent dinner and then now looking conference in LA, you well. I went ahead with a solid Mother's Day. My wife was very very happy with her kids were missing solid that they got all but am not healthy and you still show that it's not that just great. It's a great example show the rest of America. I work with, kill me, I don't have kill me energy. You are the hardest working man on caliphate Shannon A. At five all in drink and put your copy well I will that's of it to a drug test. Maybe that's a clue. Okay thank you had to tap in your knowledge quiz written on this is a whole group of people that are growing up.

Maybe you're in that bracket the never had to deal with inflation before and they said that Jen's ears and company the same way. Second, why is it harder to get a house. Why is it harder to fill up my gas tank like you know what is going on with that the price of plane tickets and this is something that was prevalent early on, you know the 80s, 70s obviously and now it's back and people are freaked out about it. That's why need experts like you make one point, talking to the younger generation can be thorough and millennial matching coming out of college in 2008. Not only have the global financial right where you are struggling to find work and I might get my work is at a lower pay.

But now you've gone through cold vanity counter that the lectionary barrel Ukraine Russia. I would like people in that category finally have a lot of college debt on their gawking on their shoulders. Wondering if they'll ever be able to buy home lived the American dream complaint, yes, but got more optimistic.

We'll see how we work through these experts like you. Susan will see you soon I get well thank you 186640876690 come back I'll take you closing to write me right kill because of the righteous.

Hello click on comments will come right to me. It was the right to meet you entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me breaking unique opinions. All Brian kill me show in England I see what you think it is amazing to me right in the middle of the competitors just before the okay I think that's why you ignored me in the beginning but what is right. Okay what I thought somebody else I'm sorry about. That's the worst ever happened to you. Maybe not live on TV. I'm trying to think I know I told you that with Daughtry Singer on American Idol. I don't remember that.

So never daughter Chris Daughtry so he was great and I was covered American Idol when it was no morning show will probably want to go out there to do like four straight seasons. So he ends up meeting with Creed that was a group that he patted himself after Ernie's all emotional after being nice talking on and I said it was like plays great. I go with you like what's it like having your mom see and he said that's my wife that was terrible. That's pretty bad and I think not quite as bad as my mom passed away in Markham, that would've been worse, but I remember I think Bob Costas to the Michael Jordan. He said what about your mom. Here's like that's his wife that's tough little painful but to inform our audience that was sky sports Martin Rundle and he was chasing after who he thought was Patrick Mahon that there is really a Duke player Apollo and Cheryl but you figured to be the most were the first few pics in this year's NBA draft, so he was able to roll with it like a Duke guy but it's a big deal. It's like for example if I screwed up the name of a cricket player who in a farm in the US and is a great cricket player and I script is this really know how to pay in UK that I can care right.

I don't think why being simulcast on I US child, but maybe not, but I don't think I can be held to maintain thing that I was on ABC simulcast that on there also. But in the NASCAR that made our the FS wine in Miami was a car racing events that will yeah it was a Formula One historic evidently, but was fun of this even more of same theme.

Mother spent an average of 97 hours a week on parenting test equivalent to a six-figure job that according to the survey of 2000 mom's raising school age children age 5 to 18. Even even if it means sacrificing sleep in time the Pope commission by Campbell Soup are no fewer than 15 different fats and bomb wears from chef to financial planner.

More than half of those surveyed reported sacrificing everything for the kids, while 47% regular give up date nights, hobbies time with friends.

He relates all I can really relate to that. I think 97 hours like a lot to me by also working have someone taking care of my kids on sometimes for something to do both at the same time. In a typical day.

Mom said it's been 46 is preparing meals, 44 minutes doing their laundry 29 minutes crating credit artwork and drawings really have that time spent. The show for cheerleader tutor and therapist. So it's a lot of time.

It is a lot of time. I will say that the next equity climber to Guinness Book of World Records when he completed his goal of climbing seven volcanic volcanic some volcanic summits at the age of 24 years old and hundred 19 days name is Al Ricci. He was awarded the record for youngest person to climb seven summits after successfully climb Mount simply in Antarctica quote when I first asked my mom for the Guinness Book of World Records as a kid.

She told me she would only bite if I had something amazing to make my way into it.

I really don't know if she meant it that time for there we are living the dream is inchoate mostly flats. This is really amazing. He really had the travel and I wonder what made him think this is a way to get into that block like a hiker.

They think this is an easier one. But that's a great father question to equity climber better not equate climate. I really don't even have it on the line you would like to practice with that question.

Next, the average consumer cutting three streaming services from their lineup.

This is big as they did a survey about 2000 people. They should 57% are planning to cut some of their page streaming subscription so they're cutting cable and cutting streaming was doing when I talked to each other when we doing texting and playing board games not forget open video games and you realize there's only there certain streaming services, you tend to watch a lot more. Something fly pay for this 181 series that we cancel it think I'm already up. The survey found that seven in 10 cited changes to the financial situation as a reason to reevaluate streaming 44% would stick with an unsatisfying streaming service for only a week before canceling it would keep people up to a service affordability 45% content, 44% in a friendly interface. 43%.

That's me. I'm always hit a roadblock is always something that happens where like there's nothing logical here. Usually that we gotta get past the password. I'm so tired of the password. I want to give up all my security just to get rid of past Brian is the best right is big that it some will say that the worker ready! You hieroglyphic in their notes and why does New York City show set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks.

Want to be near buddies Brian kill me, Joe, hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend were coming here from New York City and around the country heard round the world.

Ukraine will be taking your calls but Alex open with us at the bottom of the our member Alex reporting from Slovakia, Poland, as well as hungry and then she went over to keep and leave so she's going to give you some close personal look with having that war and then we got ours ago did his much sought after everyone listening to victory speech celebration and he was supposed to maybe talk about a change of policy change of tactics may be more brutal Internet. Ukraine turns out, nothing really happen from there. We'll talk about what goes in there also. I was able to get a series of questions to one of the officers who is hold up right now and those iron mines in Mary youthful, and now they got all the civilians out and he is one of the one of the Azoff group that elite fighting unit along without 100 Marines have to fight their way out of there.

But before that he was able to answer my questions on video. I'll play some of the translation. So let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Ryan's phase 3, number three, nothing to celebrate tomorrow. They have not succeeded in feeding the Ukrainians that were not succeeded in dividing NATO. They have only succeeded in isolating themselves internationally. While that is the US ambassador to the United Nations about Vladimir Putin's big speech, pure fiction, as he says in phony reasons for invading the war, says Ukraine had nuclear weapons really no one believes it will talk about the latest suppressors, overcoming processes, losing more money on the handout I so many people seem to think that when you paint $1000 to fill up your tank in a diesel engine in a truck if they do not make a profit. Why would you drive it doesn't get a sense bite continues to blame, inflation of the prudent price like that just doesn't add up that we have gas and oil going up big time will talk about it unapologetically also unapologetically small rule and the left has been attempting to intimidate the court with mob rule. The left is been attempting to intimidate the court by threatening to packet by threatening violence never seen the violence, yeah that is sent to Bill Cassidy. The draft opinion that has rocked American politics spilled into churches in front of the homes of Supreme Court justices.

The issue, the reality and the party physicians plus we will out will also learn about the identity of the leaker you think so will speculate Eddie McCarthy joins us now and he what I tell you, there were protests this weekend. It was forecasted was telegraphed but is still unacceptable to the degree to which you invaded church we throw Molotov cocktail into a pro-life center in Wisconsin. Do you agree yeah absolutely brought in no doubt done to the court and it's being done more than the court might be with us always. What we all connection with the money different stories just in recent years. Going back to Cavanaugh what I said at the time was Cavanaugh is bad enough, but Cavanaugh is not about Cavanaugh yesterday wanted to have him not get on the court but also they do this kind of stuff for what we call in the law, in terrorem purposes. Basically, they want to scare you from ever doing anything that would cross so this is in part about Roe versus Wade. But it's also one part about morning the court warning everybody else not to cross so you you have the White House condemning the attempts to intimidate the pro-abortion protesters and Catholic churches, but there also knowing that they're going to. He did not indict and say it's wrong to them forever Supreme Court justices house and protest in the doing Toledo today. They did Cavanaugh over the weekend. They did Roberts over the weekend is illegal and legal statute right on point. I know people say that their First Amendment doubt about it, but unless and until it gets told the doctor tell them to which it never has been the law on the books.

The student directly.

I also think it's quite obvious that this is an obstruction of justice. You know, we talked Brian about abortion as national policy and it absolutely is national policy debated in the country.

But as far as the Supreme Court is concerned, it's a litigation it's a judicial case, the Dobbs case and if you are pressuring judges in a corrupt way in order to intimidate them or simply to influence the outcome of the case best obstruction of justice.

I think it's a little harder for us to say maybe because the context of obstruction of justice usually comes up in the trial court where you know you intimidate a witness to your or even intimidate the judge, but hear what they're doing is corrupting the process by which an appellate court resolve the case and the Court of Appeals, which is what the Supreme Court essentially is. If they can't confidentially swap opinion so that they can debate and refine their final ruling and justices have to be concerned for their own safety and the safety of their own families because people are trying to pressure them to reach a particular outcome. That's obstruction. We should remember that in our constitutional system. The courts are insulated from politics. The whole idea of our system is that judges are supposed to reach decision on the basis of the law, not on the basis of political pressure and what's going on on the front lawn of the justices is precisely trying to put political pressure on them to reach an outcome regardless of what the law so with the Republic is saying, let's the question you say today saying that you were not taken off the table possibly all right banning abortion is to get the majorities in the Senate and House. I guess super majorities but listen to what other people say well this is just the beginning for republics if they get this and I can stop there. Dan Abrams on ABC. Obviously he's there legal analyst said this got 11 when you look at precedent. I think that the most important question moving forward after this case is going to be what could be next. And I think that's certainly the gay marriage ruling is going to be on the table. Why because Justice Alito wrote a dissenting nutcase, which is almost the exact same reason as he's using in this case, and so I think it is entirely fair to ask okay. Could that be next.

Could he have five votes for something like that. And of course you would also need states to outlaw as well is true, you find that we do not always the same way I do like Dan Abrams is writer� I wouldn't go as far as like the New York Times on a number of people got idiotic arguments that the next thing they'll be banning LBP whatever it is kids from the classroom and in the life that's nonsense, but I do think that if you have a right that the court has recognized under the documents known as substantive due process and a case comes before the court. If Alito's opinion became the law of the land what what the opinion basically says is we are not to recognize unenumerated rights which are all rights that are not spelled out the Constitution like the Constitution, and the ninth amendment says that just because we don't expressly recognize the right of the big� Debate the law, about which on enumerated rights do we recognize and doctrine. The court has used in this regard is called substantive due process which is a largely discredited doctrine what Alito does in the opinion if he basically said with recognize unenumerated rights but they have to qualify. They have to fill out two credentials. One is they have to be rights that are deeply rooted in American tradition and history, and secondly they have to be implicit in our system of border and I don't think anybody could argue that gay marriage. Whatever you think about it is rooted in American history and tradition, so I thought a burger fell just like just a little thought Oberg felt was wrongly decided.

I felt was wrongly decided.

So then the next question becomes story doctrine of the respect precedent or not and it's a multipart test that that case is only been on the books for five minutes right so when they say you know I think when the court makes Alito opinion, where the court says looking at the thing which the abortion jurisprudence because fetal life is different but you know what were talking about your different in kind than all those on the right.

I thought that was the weakest part of the opinion because I think it's what the court is saying is working only with the doctrine where when I can recognize like the mustard people deeply rooted in American history and tradition, then that's gotta be a test if you're arguing that something can unenumerated right so I do think that it's not frivolous to the left to contend that Goldberger fell could be challenged under this doctrine, because the way I look at it certainly could. My mind Brian.

The thing is what the court is saying is not that you that it would banned.

What say, gay marriage, just anymore than it would banned abortion.

The issue would be the court has no business.deciding these things, so it would go back to the states and if you want to have gay marriage if you want to have tried marriage if you want to have waffles or whatever the state Supreme Court what the Supreme Court is basically saying is if it's not in the Constitution of the Democratic process to work as I think most states in this country, if not all of them would permit gay marriage rights but it said they come up and say that what about interracial marriage is that rooted this at a possibility. Not that know that's an equal protection difference.

This is why I say you have to look it. What is the doctrine of law that was invoked order recognize the right equal protection is different, you can't.

You can't have racial classifications and that was the basis for those you know the idea that the Supreme Court is banned interracial marriage.

Brian I think about how preposterous is that somebody would bring a case to the Supreme Court, complaining about interracial marriage in 2022 really, but no, I don't think that that is a different document law and I don't think that is all so we deserve for the washing process running with more Lisa says that nobody's budging on the Supreme Court, despite the protests and uproar was expected if you were this is even O-ring unplowed ground number one.

How important is it for the legal system to find out who weakness number two. Why not pick up the pace.

If everybody knows about a white why we still waiting to the end of June. Well number one Brian I think your first really important that they identify with the range that not the person. I think that you have to show if you want the court to continue as a viable institution, the judicial institution they have to be able to deliberate. Confidentiality confidentially if they can't they can't function as an appellate court, so I think it's very important that this accountability with respect to that and that it's treated seriously.

Hope it will be you know. As for the rest of it, Brian. I think the only thing we know right now is what the court is confirmed that this was a draft opinion. It's an authentic one. It was written by Jeff this Alito apparently for 545 just as majority seems to be the opinion of the court and anyone who listens to the oral argument, or knows about the reporting about it to engage with the tenor of the boat was as far as what the rest of the reporting about like as of last week.

P5 still held strong in item I'm not I'm not confident in any of that.

I'm confident about the opinion being authentic because the Supreme Court is confirmed as Robert said that last week as far as the rest of the reporting is concerned, I think a lot of it mixes speculation with what people may actually know so I'm not putting a lot of credence into it. I do agree with you what I've said this myself.

I think it's vital that they get this opinion out right away. I don't think they should wait until the end of June because I think you when you tell people, including all the crazies out there that this is not a binding opinion, it's just a draft that's true, but what you're telling all the crazies is so we have from now until the client until the official opinion to try to do whatever we can do to intimidate them into changing their minds so I think you need to shorten that when don't get this opinion out and I think it terrible that all nine justices including the pre-progressive have not come out in full throated white only thing that's really shameful it's it's just as bad as not just be so easy to see the civil shouldn't be doing this. Those who want to serve on a human level. Forget we forget your specialty, which is a legal system to I want to be A secretary make less money, more likely, in government, and to set amp and have my family susceptible to decisions a administration make sure that I make personally that of an eight-year-old hear horrible things about their parent were Jimmy Kony Barrett obviously has young family and Jan Cavanaugh as well as a young family coming to see this in or have to evacuate because you have you have a job in a government. The people want to protest at your home that's got it to me.

That's gotta stop anything so much. They all we come back I'll take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 then will welcome Alex Hogan. This is going to meet you diving deep into today's top story.

Brian, kill me the fastest three hours and radio your Brian kill me about sexual identity transcripts in this country contemplated suicide because of effort only for their identity by adults and so I actually do think that there is a message sent to these kids when you when you suggest a conversation about their identity is somehow threatening the education of kids or your children to talk about sexual identity as a kindergarten kindergartner menu don't talk about the birds and the bees less alone, let alone the birds and the birds at that age kindergarten through third grade 6 and there was an amendment in the Florida legislature to ban sexual education in the early ages that amendment failed because this wasn't about trying to protect children from a discussion about sex.

This was a effort to specifically ban a conversation about topics related to sexual identity. Would you say he said would you set sex sex identity so just identify what is that mean would you sexual identity so I thought Britt was brilliant because Sen. Murphy just saying the Democratic talking points when a bull goes through what he saying is totally wrong choices all not about sex or my sex identity about both, and that you can't talk about sex identity not talk about sex was impossible. Just keep it out and came through three I thought you know what I think it's defensible K through five K-6 judges that's keeping you make the efforts of junior high school 878 the ninth, but came through third is really came that you can't really argue that your second or third grade think identity differently, think what you smart you're really good at math. Your good thing. You are to secure a senior wise have to be who you want to sleep with that bring back to the sex you talk about sex identity not talk about sex which I might even couple talk about now. Of course DeSantis is right important point you will agree with that is right even if you don't even like to say this you know is correct on this Murphy way off talk show that's getting you your Brian kill me and that is ideal by the first lady going into Ukraine. I think she started in Poland with Ukraine and then met the first lady of the Zielinski the first lady of of Ukraine and a title which there still at war and you know there is there is deftly danger their household knows all about it. She spent weeks there in some of the Ukrainian allies with in Poland and Slovakia and Hungary and then over Ukraine itself.

Alex Hogan, Fox's correspondent is back stateside for a day right now if I ran back to London. We go back to so first off if you recount what you saw for you first sub first up was Poland writing. We started in Poland and we moved to Slovakia and Hungary and Romania and we were on the road for about 3 1/2 week really on the road. Now suite relevant when we turn around and when to Poland to go into Ukraine is about a 16 Hour Dr. to just showing you how long these borders are. This is a massive part of the world and really everywhere we went, there were more refugees coming across the point now millions of people more than 5 million people have fled Ukraine and the numbers not slowing down and we watch report to watch interview a lot of people what was your take away are you just tell me the break is it when people giving handouts to the Ukrainians they did not feel comfortable getting up right now. I was witnessing. I have money I have means something in their shoes for anyone who might be listening.

You might never have received something for free intonation. While you might want to give a donation. It would be difficult emotionally and psychologically to accept a free jacket when you could very well pay for that on jacket at home, but you're leaving carrying nothing with you bringing this backpack so you this big question now and we kept for making our intelligence public say listen the Russians out of 150,000 groups on the border of the Russian we fully expect him to go in and Zielinski would make statements were wealthy expecting to go in. Why don't you know what outcome once you me what weapons of you expect them to come in so was as if Zielinski was being read into the intelligence when you when it when the invasion happened February 24 would proportion of the people that you met were expecting it, even though weeks after people still could not believe that was taking place, but in the moment no one I spoke with thought that this invasion actually would happen regardless of the intelligence that we had a genuinely thought that this was just an escalation, but that nothing would actually come to fruition, especially because of the relationships that sell many Ukrainians have that they have minds across the border. They loved ones, their family members and they themselves feel this personal tie to the culture that is in session so usually I find confusing.

They overthrew a hand-picked Russian stooge as leader in back and in the 90s and then they have a couple of elections, tumultuous people point out, the unevenness of their democracy there picking their own leaders. No question. Russia doesn't. So, didn't they, and they looked every time you talk to and they will looking towards European Union.

They look West not East why were they.

I want a snapshot else. I was so shocked. I think even though Ukraine has been trying to get into NATO and leaning on the EU there still such a deep-seated cultural ties between Russia and Ukraine. The language is very similar. So even though people speak Ukrainian they understand Russian and there is just a lot of similarities in the way people act in the kinds of food that I eat and that says so much about someone's personal identity so they said a lot of conversations that came up that they felt that they would've been less surprise and last Band-Aid if it had been another country, and the fact that it was Russia.

They felt like Russia was there so quote unquote brothers have to speak so the use of this 5.8 million people that have left the country or just displaced from their town, so 5.8 million people have left the country in the country itself. 7.7 million people are homeless at this point, and 13 million people are currently living in a city that either been surrounded or there's not enough food and resources.

That's almost 2/3 of the entire country's population disrupted out of their home and now they leave is is relatively okay so the about once a week achieve is is us trying to rebuild a sale ready are people heading back with AR so when I was there. We left about a couple weeks ago people were starting to head back specially for people who had been gone for a couple months now will supply six no supply so it's this risk do I continue to live somewhere else right don't speak the language. I don't have any way of supporting myself because I can't get a job very easily. Unless you're lucky, and you happen to have the resources but there decided to head back because it's safer than it was and everything scales relative for them to people and become used to living in a city where there hearing sirens multiple times a day, which is something that's unfathomable for most people here and when we would people saw you and they found out you were American was at a good thing or bad thing so we didn't have a lot of negativity.

If anything, people just wanted to tell their story. They just wanted people around the world, especially here in the US they wanted people to understand how much their lives to change just in a matter of 10 weeks what you hear to warehouses and is the bigger question in here that the were grinding on and we watched cities being leveled but it looks like the Russians also don't have a infinite amount of arms weapons and people right so here's what Lindsey Graham said this is the moment that we should double down cut 20 so you're saying that that's how the sounds that Putin is removed. Is there anyway no offramp, there is no offer, no offramp so limits I want.

There's no offramp that Ukrainians are not going to give the east of Putin to stop the war.

There gonna fight for every inch of their territory if we push the Ukrainians to give up half the country. The Putin went safely back off prosecuting Putin as a war criminal. All the laws on the books become a joke if we don't get this right China will certainly invade Taiwan. There is no offramp in this war, somebody's gonna win and somebody is going to lose. Now I know how it's interpreted here. A lot of people in this country. Not happy with Graham's comment saying second Sino war and it's not our job to make sure he's diminished all those to our advantage. How does a statement like that resonate in Eastern Europe. I think there's there's so much skepticism when people in Ukraine hear political leaders in other parts of the world talking about what's taking place on their territory in their backyard and their homes. They sometimes see them as empty words, they don't actually believe in any of it. From the conversations I've had with people because they're living there fleeing their homes, so as much as they'd hope to believe that there could be the political backing of world leaders. For the most part the conversations I've had with people they just genuinely don't believe that help is coming until they see with their own hi so itching to because I understand Ukraine like us very polarized light clicks goes don't really talk to Zielinski's enemy and push a go who cling to Zielinski Pete handily in election there in several parts of the country then not appearing together, not going at each other, but internally this legitimate rivalries in Ukraine.

There is, but I will say there is such support around Ukrainian Pres. Vladimir Zielinski pretty much everyone I talked what he earned it. To me that he was a sense of pride for them that if they felt confused or they felt fearful that he was. He was an image of courage for people, especially given the fact that he stayed his family saying he didn't see his wife for about a month because he wanted to make sure that his family was safe and that was a sign of courage for people who are also choosing to leave their family. We free their about six and half hooks Hogan was he right when he was in that the war in the war zone from Fed almost from forever 24th really not there beginning of March and March. He left about two weeks is incredibly GNU Senior over television you seen a great work and so compose under pressure and you see these human anguish in the wood you did is just fantastic. Thank you and I got back to London tomorrow. Come back to London so Zielinski is a brilliant move and nothing to look back and say this only very few people he can do because she's got that that showmanship in them. I would trust all the parliaments I would address the address the Ukrainian people impress the world and shall not going anywhere and I contrast it with. Maybe he didn't with what we do so with Donnie so there's an invasion there. The Taliban are on the march. Don't worry they got plenty arms negative fight for. While this seems to last Gunning left on the first chopper out and then they offer him will ride out in 48 hours and the reason I know it's true, is because our intelligence is honest. They said 72 hours. He will fall to the one which is cutting.but he's never going anywhere. Leaving wonder how the situation might've been different if he is young. I'm leaving wonder if the Exodus might've been much more people trying to flee as well read. There were a lot of people who think capital put government in their yeah and people who wanted to stay and even now today and is the victory day, so to speak in Russia and Ukraine present Vladimir Zielinski spoke out today saying that he is going to stand by and continue to fight. I think that continued resilience and this continued, speaking every single night in this country really has shifted the morale within Ukraine right what you would in half and set as you know he's a CIA station chief in Moscow for years been everywhere are in Iraq as well. He's our guy usually hears analysis of what he hears from Putin 29 letter, Putin according to director CIA burns over the weekend. He said his double down. This is Putin's war. He can't afford to lose it. And sadly, that means that we may be looking at just even more violence and end of Russian military raining down more how long on Ukraine's innocent civilians until they decide that it's time to stop and I would emphasize that the military assistance United States is providing in our NATO allies as well. Keep in Ukraine in the fight, that's what we need to do in order to stop Russia's war machine so you see, he's doubly troubling down because he can't lose me think about and I know you do mean he had success in Syria side stays in power. He had success to Crimea. No problem stating Georgia one invaded hasn't left yet then he takes most of the down bus region so I think just a Monroe people are afraid of us. I get this great military and now he can't really wrap his head around the fact that he's losing in there at the very least, his personal profile is diminished in the Russian reputation is destroyed and there is a lot of fear and anxiety over what could take place on May 9 and this would be an escalation even more fresh would double down and thankfully we haven't seen any of those military moves. Today there was the attack on a school I was a school facility over the weekend of the consecration and about 60 people are believed to be dead, but that being said, for weeks on end leading up to May 9 dated. There had been so much concern that things would take a shift for the worse and we haven't seen that. So far so, that is a positive sign. Right people in Ukraine because they say were the one moves he has his you could just mobilize the entire country and may just go ahead. This can be a draft and they said okay now let's break that down. There's no if these people have no experience in their commander saidyou have to train the trainers to train the people exactly how how long as I can to take and what you do with rookie with that with people and army with Apsley no battlefield experience was gonna happen. The interim is not enough resources to train everyone. One thing that I thought was interesting in Ukraine were seen. This mass exodus of women and children. The men are staying behind to fight and it is a sense of pride to be able to defend their country.

After this invasion, but so many people trying to enlist and go find that they had too many Ukrainian volunteers were trying to fight so in places like Levine on the western side of the country will walk around the streets and you'll see so many men and I think people might be surprised by not thinking what should they be fighting, but they have more than enough soldiers at this point that there is just not enough for right to train them because everyone who is trained is finding you having to be pride to know that Ukrainian is synonymous with strength and determination that is a great reputation to have because there with their winning on all fronts. And because it was so easy when they waltzed into Crimea, but a lot of change in 2014. What you hear this one soundbite and I know I play this read this morning. This Capt. pull down court of H is somebody who's right now in the catacombs of the steel mine and marry Opal. They luckily since he caught this tape for us. They have let all the civilians out, but his unit. The Azoff the Aesop Italian and 100 Marines are still ready to fight to try to hold on to marry Opal and they asked me for questions to submit to many answers on video and this is the translation. This is him talk about the perceptions of what the Russians white with with the Russian Stadium after they get captured in battle 31. We have lots of interceptions when commanders would tell their seniors that soldiers don't want to fight then seniors would give their permission to kill those who were unwilling in order to motivate the others to be cannon fodder to the question of why they came to Ukrainian land Russians just say of course that they didn't know where they were going why this was happening. The power that should change in Russia, etc. we still have several more prisoners who we offer to trade, but the Russian Federation isn't interested in trading for that shoe that's at the first time you heard that the Russians didn't know what they were fighting and just like we talked about originally at the beginning about how Ukrainians have this essential crisis of hating Russia's invasion but also having loved ones are having their personal identity be part Russian, part Ukrainian thinking for these Russian troops. A lot of them have family members in Ukraine so this is the last thing that they wanted to do for some of them but unfortunately leaving isn't always an option and we seen videos of Russian troops surrendering and crying with Ukrainian people and he had no desire to do this, but unfortunately they were either in its and there's no way for them to leave. I so ask when you go back that's the question we have a lot of stories coming up in London so maybe within the next month I'll be back at Jubilee writing to the Queen trying to clean it with Marianne everything I said that Julie is 70 years on the throne, which is amazing amazing to think that she's been sitting in the same job not to seven years old, but she's been sitting on the throne for 70 years. That was personal growth. When your queen already. You become king. Thanks much for coming in and get everybody was an author of the work you did, and I'm sure the best is yet to come.

Appreciate your time. Stay safe. I well I will not write till Mitchell backed her up at the just a moment. Double entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. So as a filmmaker Hall of Fame announced that Dolly Parton would be in along with them and then Lionel Richie and Carly Simon. The question is rock 'n' roll. Qantas has announced plans for a new direct flight from New York to Australia, take 19 hours to be outdone. Spirit Airlines announced a new flight from New York to Philadelphia. That is true.

There's a lot of airlines that are struggling. I hesitate to blame them because a lot of great people work there but as I looked up on the guy was just so glad I was on Delta this weekend as I looked up at the board that same airline that we know this been giving us problems before is a even extra legroom cancel cancel just know English and end it was no dues know whether issue was some rain in New York they could fire and rain. And then I looked up cancel New York canceled over with this again in Nashville and that she's crazy and I've seen some famous people lose their temper because of that, because there's no especially kinky pilots. I don't know what it is instances the shortage. For example, predictive baby, we get a baby formula out to get up pilots out and you know where he read stories but airport workers also want things good they're not enforcing the mass mandate anywhere, so I know Jeff Kayla courtiers and made maybe Newark is supposed to wear masks #work. Let's get the consent even there traveling with the book tour. There were times you do counterparts when it was still being enforced and really say anything yet nobody would know yet because no one really owns the airport so you know, if you walk in by you going to shop you walk up the middle.

No really owns what you got on militant about most of the mass they were so so listen I will not discuss tomorrow. Many get you more of this interview we had with this officer in Ukrainian Army who's been under the catacombs of the steel mill for five weeks fighting. They said they killed 2500 Russians, others about this about thousands of dead civilians and marry Paul, but they're not going to let up.

They said they will die fighting and he cut the tape.

He asked me for questions.

I gave him questions he answered on video and they cut the tape on May 6 so really in the eye of the storm so look forward to, then some great guests this is Brian kill me choke even here, don't get the podcast trying to go to spot a fire anywhere else and just order whatever you want over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not

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