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Emotions Boil Over in Abortion Debate, Biden Promises to Fix Economy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 10, 2022 12:30 pm

Emotions Boil Over in Abortion Debate, Biden Promises to Fix Economy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 10, 2022 12:30 pm

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So why actually stranded Texas and you said of the hell with the border.

They abuse their own people. They are costing the people of Texas money. They should be using federal money for that will discuss that Dan Heninger we were with us in a matter of moments. Talk about the need to disband the disinformation paddle before it actually get started with their joke of this is distant disinformation source. So let's get to the victory.

The stories you need to know Brian's three number three posted also reported something that's pretty significant. Joe Biden made $11 million the first year that he was out of the White House and 11 months. That's a lot of money to make for somebody that is never had any business relationship at all.

Yes is crying out for an investigation died, no doubt about it.

Maybe it will start to the son Hunter and maybe a lot of the disinformation such as Christopher Steele stunning detailed breakdown is the fictional but impactful steel dossier is broken down by the Wall Street Journal latest on hundred Biden in his Sugar Grove finances. His life in Malibu while paying off a $2 million, $2 million tax bill GOP focuses on honest investigation of the roadblocks that remain to link areas so I can make sweet love to person, can I get pregnant during our lovemaking will joyfully abort our fetus. Yeah that's hysterical comedy from Lori Kilmartin emotions boiling over with human and overturn Roe V Wade as protesters focus on Supreme Court justices homes and churches. No joke. Sadly, the worst is yet to come is extremist take over the life and death debate. 213 70% of inflation data is a result of energy prices I large part of that is the result of President Clinton, the invasion of Ukraine and the impact on the playoff global energy market.

I got this. That's were present, Biden would have you believe as he does what he does best and that's blame everybody else for a financial woes, much of which trace back to his policies and chose blame game green first reactive green first strategy will fix nothing. We go over the details and right now the prison United States today is going to building a bilateral meeting with Italian Prime Minister Mario druggie who happens to be somebody who is trying desperately to get his country off Russian oil and I respect that. In the present will deliver remarks in about two hours about how he plans on fighting inflation and why he so much better than the ultra mega right. That's the new thing ultra mega is an agreement Blumenthal depressed, together talk about the rush of the war. Russia and Ukraine, which I think is great so let's bring in Dan Heninger woes great to hear from him all the Wall Street Journal, he's deputy editor of the editorial page an opinion columnist Dan welcome back, Brian began the Wall Street Journal as some of the brightest minds was special when it comes to the economy.

Do you think the president has been doing everything he can with a bad hand. What you think some of this responsibility goes stays with him right now. Want to look said inflation in the stock market specifically well. For better or were sitting in the Oval Office like that probably staggered blame the president… The way it is about the politics of it looked at the substance you know the president continued to try to blame inflation. Q invasion of Ukraine pointed out numerous times. Inflation began before that invasion and the inflation is pretty clearly the result of the Biden and the Democrats wanting the country with liquidity last year spent $2 trillion on covert relief and simple matter of monetary policy principle that when you log the economy much liquidity you're going to create an extraordinary which Linda better. Yeah. Oh my God, it would've been a leader 50% inflation supply chains are broken down the demand why nowhere meeting the demand out there. As a result, prices are rising and you know it when the last time that happened in the early 1980s when Ronald Reagan, the answer was to release the private economy, deregulation and tax cut one of the Biden program for doing the exact opposite Lee regulating the economy, especially energy and proposing tax increases on corporations and the wealthy right to pay the price for the rising inflation.

While I generally get to disinformation governance board, but I want to get and have you respond to this with they do best to the White House actually will do the White House to a degree as blame and they're blaming now Sen. Rick to all Republicans for center Rick Scott's proposal, which includes things where people should be paying taxes regardless of what you may give it up it's a dollar and that's pretty much the premise. Mitch McConnell didn't sign on to it. Did any of the Republicans cut five to contrast because chairman Scott's plan, we welcome you know him.

He's despicable to go to his website. We would encourage people to do the same thing and check out his plan that raises taxes for people making less than hundred thousand dollars a year so should Rick Scott's proposal.

Whether you like it or not, represent the Republican proposal to raise taxes, though certainly not all financial House Ways and Means Committee, and by the leadership there, not by running the reelection campaign of P with white houses constant efforts to change the subject or blame people in ways that I think strike the average older and listener out there is completely preposterous and it is a sign of desperation run out of anything assembling credible likely policies.

No question.

So when you calmly talk about this disinformation panels they set up within Homeland security, and I don't know anybody thinks it's a good idea. Outside, the administration may orca says we probably could've done a better rollout but is deftly needed you feel exactly the opposite. Well, absolutely.

We get on the chart information governance board. Nina drank… Who you know the argument has been that it is merely about information. Russia, China, and are born out of the coach of the state propaganda but with in the writings of the welcome center of the report made clear that her interest go way that she and entire public and entire report on something called gendered and sexualized fighting a blankly look people elsewhere in question that may that has nothing to do with foreign propaganda and all pretty clear information board is would be used to marginalize people with great with inside this country and whose idea was the name of government support only… It should be shut down right now and the doctors are very popular so it is unbelievable.

This mistress will put someone forward with this background noise just checking social media account to seal embarrassing this would be in that we see Nina check which will affect your tweets.

She's like, to the left of met Rachel Maddow she writes. My husband texted me we have news to wake up to never thought it would be this confirms our worst fears about trump I'm horrified. He came in front to reveal about his links to the alpha camp says that he used to communicate privately with the prudent tide brushing bank the alpha bank was her Nina tweets out quote from struck Kremlin ties don't end it matter for this is serious people so she's putting out disinformation and now she's going to be in charge of finding this information you know what I think they know what they're doing there putting the wing of the people in charge off like clear intention that they will run to the progress of what the journal has another tutorial currently in the paper about the nomination of the communications question of a woman named Nina so who has done the same thing on Twitter is clearly a woman about she's going to be put in charge of the country's telecommunications system. The administration is salting the government with as many progressives can, in the hope and expectation they will move bureaucratic policy far left of the can while they're in power and on the looks of it not going to be too long to see Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre without her track record of saying that the 2018 governor's election in Georgia was was stolen by Brian Kim. She's on record saying that and she's tweeted that out. I mean she is question the integrity of elections. I think you are supposed to do that.

Here's what you tweeted stolen email stolen drone stone election. Welcome to the world of Pres. trump fantastic so she's always loved left-wing zealot to if question is in Molly Hemingway right to adequately question the results of the election is a crime pretty much the entire Democratic Party entire media complex would be in prison. Remember, they never accepted trump one why they pretending in 2021 trump questions it. It's hurting democracy. Why were they concerned back then and we have the right person is Press Secretary probably not like the idea people on earth, so that you want mock gaining ownership of glitter and all your examples.

Brian why Twitter is aggressive playground for these people and I'm on the one hand it is positive that we all these individuals are showing their true colors on Twitter, on the other hand, it expected in your career to be given high level positions in the US government you really want to be on Twitter expressing yourself in such extraordinary and extreme way. The three individuals gone. I don't think so, but it makes clear how highly highly politicized and partisan Democrats of the column in their attitude towards government and no battle going on right now the Supreme Court and with Democratic senators participating sake finding it difficult to bring herself down last week to condemn the prospect of violent demonstrations against the gray court all at all to the most progressive presidency in government.

This country is everything just so many topics that you situate going will be going to the Apple rep against the clock and Heninger Wall Street Journal deputy editor. Thanks so much appreciated to companies or check or download is column disinformation governance board needs to be just need to be disbanded basically say pull the plug on the disinformation government board and thanks so much. Brian all right and he subtitle binder may orca should fire Mary Poppins getting 1-866-408-7669 presence gets his lowest numbers on inflation and the thing that matters most to more Americans is inflation is that disqualifying will discuss it when we come back on the brain to Riccio learning something new every day, Brian kill me show this episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies, the fold precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen. Now it is time to start, or wherever you get your project talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show that the president you long night. Earlier this morning and repeated and made never comment last week as well that violent and intimidation have no place in political discourse, yes. But that's not nearly firm enough to let anyone think that the ministrations up said that yesterday there were hundreds of people outside Sam Alito's house that is not good enough to let everybody know how it not right to go in front of Cavanaugh's house over the weekend, and John Roberts because what it does in these wars will tell you, you can look at this luckier and you could see that intimidating judges because it is a decision that has to be made or will be made or was made is against the law. Of course you can protest what God can use some logic and civility. Please I don't want people outside Jen Saki's house.

I want people outside these Secretary of Defense Alton's house. Maybe you don't like his comments about Ukraine. I just don't think you should be able to go out front may orca just as you know I think he's by far the worst government official that I have witnessed it just as you go to his office you there is ways to do it. You let your heart be known, but the guys got in the women have families, you don't disrupt somebody's family life because you like they would. They do at work. It's different if you have a terrace living in your neighborhood. You just have a HHS Sec. or Press Secretary or Supreme Court justice who you probably don't agree with. That's what's wrong and that's and that to me is also logic to it when you're out there in your of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ruth sent me people are out there protesting and screaming at you because you want to have the right to have an abortion and screaming at your family. Now Sam Alito's family going to actio's had to jettison from that house because everybody knew they were going be protested on Monday really so when you're Supreme Court justice. A lot of perk field have a lot of money, it's a lifetime appointment. You certainly don't ever big profile that you were break public profile so you do it because you reach the top. Your profession dominated by a party by a political politician but who would want to do it.

Let me ask him to swirl layman here except for the lawyers in my audience hears this US code 1507 whoever with the intent of interfering with obstructing or impeding the ministration of justice with intent to influence any judge during witness record officer in the discharge of duty, pickets or parades or near a building housing a court of the United States or in a nearly building of residence occupied or used by a judge during witness record offices is prohibited. It seems to me there's not a gray area. There. That seems to be pretty clear and I just think average get a hold of themselves and understand you might not like the decision, they could or could not be coming down July, but I think it was gotta take a step back protested Rhett's family but we have to change anything that's pretty clear to this group. The people behind Ruth sent us is this guy Sam Spiegel printed the domain registered with his website, whatever that is. He is behind Maxine Waters coming out and saying you gotta go harass trump supporters give them no peace, no sleep.

Sam Spiegel wrote lies and cruelty are not political opinions. If you support trump today you are Nazi you should be run out of pot polite society. Also, if you're trump supporter. I will call BS on your chair claim of democratic best friends Sam Spiegel also wrote when they go well we go high when they go Nazi. We refuse service, while children are eating and sleeping in jail, everyone who supports this regime deserves to be ambushed Absolutely out of their minds that trump the people in jail absently out of their minds that this is the same statement so that whole Ruth sent us.

That's the person that backs it. That's the brainchild. So we come back on me to become a Lieut. Col. Allen West. What about that story about what about that story about using covert funds in Texas for border security. I say absolutely. Why not I will talk about that as well as the fight in Ukraine which he got from the prison present Putin's remarks on Monday, May 9. This is a right to me Joe, so glad you Fox news broadcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now in Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other, kill me. Clearly it started a survey is a strategic failure that would swell up and sing publicly.

He has managed to have more NATO troops move into our NATO countries is unified Ukraine against him push them more in our orbit is unified the West, so where this ends up at this point after the first phase clearly felt I think is he will try to consolidate his gains in the Don Bassett means expand his footprint in Donetsk in the hunt and will he trying kind of sweep the southern coast and and and link up with our transmission. We don't know. I don't think you can do that because right now he doesn't seem to be consolidating his gains just bombing Odessa you know you are still torturing people and met Mary a pole taking over Curaçao on putting up his own street signs, putting his own mayor into Mary Poe, as well as cure son and he's able just to send once a week and to live the Tel Aviv, which is pretty close to the Polish border. But right now you got a beer inside Russia you have to be in panic mode because there's a big push to get off your oil and gas all oligarchs being suffocated. Losing billions of dollars as well as having almost no success on the battlefield when you fight against Ukrainian forces would be right now admit a guy is no stranger the battlefield spent decades in uniform within a Col. Allen West. Now the American constitutional rights. Union Executive Director Col. welcome back Woody, would you think about of the rushers predicament right now, in light of the May 9 speech. It didn't have any harsh rhetoric or promise of nuclear attack brought in and out.

They were to see reality is I can plan straight to the face and when many people looked at his speech that he gave yesterday.

There really was no up to it and I think that without a doubt, he cannot continue to sail this propaganda to the people there Russia. But when you talk about consolidating his gains. It's a lot easier for him to try to consolidate something in eastern Ukraine that you'll hear shorter supply lot but to try to make sure that he has a connection along the southern coast of Ukraine that's going to be extremely difficult for him and I believe that you know for him not being able to reach those objectives.

First and foremost, the collapse of Ukraine and the president that he thought would flee. Instead, he is still the biggest thought that you articulate your relative people so be very hard for him to maintain control of the southern coastline and I think that he's going to you know eventually get pushed out of the eastern areas is NATO and some of these other cutter step up about the support you correct. Now I know you don't do the diplomacy thing. But you don't.

But you know how wars and sometimes say you gotta give people a way out to get it.

If your goal is to stop the killing. So if you Ukraine now complete victories, pushing them out even of Crimea that you feel you could do it but if you feel as though you might not be able to do that and it's our billions of dollars it's providing that what is the off ramp for Vladimir Putin. Is there one provided I think is really hard to do that because you're rewarding. So you go back to the weakness of the Obama Biden ministration best with what he came in and took Crimea. That's quite sure that that success. So what gave him the belief that he could come in and take the entire rest of the country. So right now I think we have a great opportunity as you and I discussed previously, is to undermine Putin's power control in Russia by you don't play the hardball will not allow him to have any offramp or any concessions.

I don't think that he is in the position to be talking about leveraging chemical weapons of nuclear weapons.

None of those things are to his benefit. I think that's a a a shadow threat that he is trying to throw out there, but this is an opportunity to not just send a message to Vladimir Kuhn but the real message to be sent as the child and seizing paint so Russian forces have failed to establish air superiority over Ukraine have blown through many other precision guided weapons that according to Pentagon officials and we also understand that Ukrainians military in their counter fences and Cartesian are getting close to pushing Russia back to cross their border. But the big fear is the big hope is to stop Odessa M in their bombing Odessa regularly you can with they can use that port they can get the grain out Africa desperately needs this grain. They need to export to get some money. So at some point Ukraine with almost no Navy is going to need some help.

Do we just let this thing play out or do we let other nations starved and in this we just will wither well. This is what needs to happen. There's a difference between air superiority and air dominance. We need to help Ukraine to have air dominance because they have aerial dominance. You're not going to see the bombing continued from the air and deftly from ground artillery, surface to surface systems because therefore you can use your aircraft go into technical systems out there, so I think that should be the push right now is to make sure that you crack it have aerial dominance and that precludes the ability of Russia to be able to have standoff attack means man that air to surface or surface to surface. But you're right you. You're looking at a larger issue. Dyspnea created when when you don't have the food be unable to be shipped out and that affected, not just of Ukraine but also people like you say in Africa and other places that are dependent upon that grace. So this really has become a world issue a global issue. So Col. we really get contact with one of the officers who is now in the catacombs of that steel plan in Mary Opal holding on. Evidently got reports there are still civilians with them and these guys going to fight to the death. This was May 6 he recorded something NED does not speak English.

We had to get the translations.

Capt. Bogue done Ottovich he started fighting he joined the military and a nowhere after the invasion in 2014 and he's been fighting the Russians ever since.

This is what he says he's finding out when he encounters the Russian sometimes they get captured.

Sometimes they give themselves up cut 38 we have lots of interceptions when commanders would tell their seniors that soldiers don't want to fight then seniors would give their permission to kill those who are unwilling in order to motivate the others to be cannon fodder to the question of why they came to Ukrainian land Russians just say of course that they didn't know where they were going why this was happening.

The power that should change in Russia, etc. we still have several more prisoners who we offer to trade, but the Russian Federation isn't interested in trading for them. See you fighting on me that doesn't want to write me when hearing this over and over again and now she's recording handed out to us.

May 6.

He's not one to you propaganda. I think they was telling the truth. It's him so this is very this is this this could be why we are giving $39 billion to them and then work our effort in another millions more. Do you think there's some intelligence out there, judging by our actions is saying that brush is about to collapse well in this remark here that opening straight from the movie enemy at the gates with a workforce of those young Russian recruits. The charge against the Germans and then of course when they tried to retreat back the Soviets shot them as well so that morality is a huge issue. Yes, I think that we believe we do have intelligence on the ground that lets us know that that many of these units are combated effective and that's why you so you Russians just resorting to the bombing of the Shelley and not any real thrill on the ground assault so I think we have that one of opportunity to take advantage of that we can get the aerial dominance that will turn the tide. So you get the report that Democratic Texas Democrats who want to demanding an investigation to find out if Gov. Abbott is using funds supposed to be for coded on his border patrol on his the Texas Rangers in the Texas National Guard to pay for that. I have no problem with that. If that's the case, even though it might be a legal because with they've done to you guys by leaving that border naked, allowing the search to come through is criminal so where you stand with this will could you tell me what I can tell you this is one of the things we should be looking at is all of the tax receipts that we have to serve the federal government.

We should stop doing that because they're not doing their job of protecting the border here 1002 or 54 miles so if the federal government has abdicated one of their constitutional duties or responsibilities in whatever funding that is coming here. It should be used to make sure that were protected Texas. Texas cannot continue to be the number one state in America. Human sex trafficking and as well as the drug trafficking crisis that were facing at the federal government does not want to do their duties and responsibilities, and we should be using the resources that we have coming from them for whatever is necessary to protect ourselves, about what Rick Scott put out you might have rented what he plans to listen. I think everyone should be paying something into the tax is there to say paid some type attacks on What you're making.

Whether it's a dollar or hundred thousand and Mitch Woodhouse is not only do that I don't want to put out a plan is going to be be able to be targeted by Democrats legislate their track record serve itself will Rick Scott did it anyway. Now the administration is saying that that is the plan of the party and he says that the Deerwood that's why Republicans wanted to want to raise your taxes. Even though the Washington Post said that is that they're factually accurate. Cut six is Jen Saki are not all are pushing Republicans want to repeat what he ate his hand they should go do that. But otherwise, that continues to be what they're running. That's their position, not ours.

And that's with the present convention at 1130 today.

He's calling at the ultra Maca movement you feel about that. Well, first, for most of them to save it. People that support America first policy policy have those with a strong economy is strong, energy security background able to produce, consume and export our energy resources are yield the most extreme political organization that this country that were saying obviously presents not paying attention to the Ku Klux Klan no and people what you look at the policies of Joe Biden.

That's a tax increase on all Americans. The inflation look at the gas prices look at the full price of the fact that right now you have mothers they cannot go and find the baby formula so you one that is causing an extreme economic crisis for the American people and the hidden taxation because that's exactly what inflation is, but without a doubt, we cannot go forward in United States of America where you are telling a percentage of the population that you're going to pay for all of our ideological agenda so that we can get free benefits.

Feel relieved college student loans at all of these up.

Thanks to everyone else. And so I understand you know 10%, 15%, you know, whatever 10% of the dollar is a dime and so if you're telling me that no one in the United States of America should be asked of the participant in this country, making sure that you we are you now have a federal government that is operating within their constitutional responsibilities. You don't want to be a part of that, then how can you then in turn say that these other people caught the pay for you to have all of these free benefits.

Look at the hotel and people will pay you to stay home without work best. That's enslavement that's economic enslavement.

But that's what the Democrats want to mess with Jill but so what you Rick Scott to send himself I'm sure this can come up in about an hour today. Let's was here today and he is I want to raise taxes when the guy that when he got like a defendant 10.

We like to think what happened to have skyrocketed in the taxi had an increased number two if it gets compliments naturally into 30 training figure 45 and he wants these computer Joe Biden is no he's not raising taxes is increasing depth of these computer not everything so will see him again to check out his plan. I guess we just wanted everyone to take stock.

I think there's anything wrong with that but is easily in politics. I watch yourself because as you know better than anybody ran for office met multiple times. Everything you say could be taken out of context and then be used against you said you think you want to bring that out now is not wrong to bring about the nature of the left there always going to take whatever you say is spend it so we can continue to sit back of the Republicans, and just be reactive and always play defense and operate in the sense of fear of the other side or you can go on offense and I think it's time for us to go in office especially when you see the intolerance that is coming from the progressive socialist left in this country right now to stand up for something else will fall for this right so right now you seem protect anti-Sam Alito's house of the cabinets over the weekend over John Roberts over the weekend, like condemnation, but you as you allowed the protesters to have no violence is what they're saying. Here's what Sonny Holston said about what's going on now with these home with people being protested at their homes got 15 and while you and while I think it is terrible that justice would have to go into hiding. I think it is really clear to the justices now that Anna mentioned 64 to 66% of Americans believe that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe V Wade. Maybe these protests and maybe this outcry gives Chief Justice Roberts some leverage for more moderate approach were hearing from you know Republicans that people don't have a right to protest what women have the right to privacy as well about this argument that women have a right to privacy him, he would not talk about problems with talk about murder of babies by means of dismemberment.

If you remember United States military and you go out you dismember an enemy's body on the battlefield going to Fort Leavenworth prison what were talking about now is there fighting for that to happen and not will and this is not it in two Roe V Wade this will go back on the 10th amendment to the states of the states can make those decisions. That's how you operate a constitutional republic.

That's how you operate with the law, what again this shows that you have people that wanted don't understand the basic civics they don't understand that in a Supreme Court decision is not law and it can be overturned when further examined against the Constitution is called judicial review with Margaret versus Madison I believe was the case with the establishment back in 1800 so I don't understand the position that they're taking in this sense of intimidation if they believe that You Should Dr., Supreme Court justices away from their homes into hiding and and that's how you petition your government for redress of grievances. Then we are heading down the wrong path in this country and the Marbach receipt with Tycho Gotti Col. Carlotta ground thanks so much. Yeah always a pleasure take abroad I go get them. We come back, you turned 1-866-408-7669 and hear about the comedian to make a statement that many people are not laughing at. Maybe you will think it's funny will play radio show until made. Will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen just the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me like it makes me love person survey making will joyfully now go that you circle comedian Lori Kilmartin on MSNBC, which he obviously had a receptive audience. I'm not too sure America is ready for that. You tell me 1-866-408-7669 let's go to I want to hear some more talk about this one thing is pretty clear on the Roe V Wade thing is good ideas can immobilize Democrats and the questions will mobilize Republicans even more who obviously more motivated. These midterms can come quick enough because they are anxious to get back in power get to mantises him, probing questions and stop this freefall with our economy.

Americans battling back from it. Despite the headwinds in these policies. That was Lori Kilmartin coming out here is our center Ted Cruz looking examples like that saying that wealth and enough time to get to it looking examples like that and saying that's how how extreme the parties become using synergy saying hey they want Roe V Wade and abortion were thwarted to put in 1560 which is saying figurative interracial marriage figurative. Same-sex marriage you cannot extrapolate that the present site helping either live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends. Some Americans receptive Brian Brian Kelly Joe come at you from 48 and six in Midtown, but hadn't heard around the country for around the world and hopefully the Ukraine simulcasting FAN with horny about five minutes.

Larry Kudlow standing by just getting out of the shower. You got the number one show in all of our business television will be talking to him in a matter a moment fresh off his years with the prison truck prior that CNBC and pride that Ronald Reagan administration I think is a very good resume if I gave that indeed he would Be able to get a job just about anywhere, but I'm not to give up his resume.

He's full-time here so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three posted also reported something that's pretty significant. Joe Biden made $11 million the first year that he was out of the White House and 11 months. That's a lot of money to make for somebody that is never had any business relationship at all. This is crying out for an investigation maybe certainly intriguing hunter and steel stunning detailed breakout of the fictional but impactful steel dossier. It's in the Wall Street Journal today.

It's about 10 pages worth every word to read and get you so instantly enraged latest on Hunter Biden's Sugar Grove finances of his life. This guy, this lawyer paid $2 million of his legal fees now doing a documentary on them for putting him up in a large lush lavish lifestyle in Malibu will bring you the latest areas so it makes me laugh person making will joyfully it was funny and MSNBC and to Lori Kilmartin, said the joke not to almost everybody else emotions boiling over with the imminent overturning of Roe V Wade with a focus on the Supreme Court justices homes and churches. No joke. Sadly, the worst is yet to come to 1370% inflation data is a result of energy prices. All I large part of that is the result is including the invasion of Ukraine and the impact on the player global energy market really said Truman is Larry Kudlow about that and why to solve that problem.

Would you just blame Republicans and look for a green first strategy journey right now is Larry Kudlow. Larry welcome back shower yet.

I do still Barney before I shower.

Okay, I do not know that I did. Thanks that if I broke news there every 4 PM we see you show today, so the press is going to be speaking about 90 minutes is good talk about how to turn this country around and he's going to blend the old to Maghreb movement for a lot of his problems and a lot of the braille he's going to blame a lot of the energy issues on the oil and gas sector were not using their permits is that a successful strategy. No, not looking at the back shaper discrete mortgage payments, more spending, more blaming you.

Blaming by blaming Republicans no real change. To bad the guy at the opportunities that got a reset. I mean, for example, permitting called Nico permanent brought national environment policy. They tied the hand of all tracking and all drilling and all pipelining, but here's the other thing that the instant makes rags which overturn Donald Trump said two-year permitting limit these new reg. Bridges, roads and highways. The structure built the new reg 12.this is so ironic. The greenies because there now to stop solar and wind energy, and are also going to stop mining for resources for EL electric batteries for electric vehicle out think people have really focused on them and I tried to talk about it will continue to do so. But this is that such a draconian policy and nothing in this fact sheet suggests any that's going to change the overregulation as the killer. Brian is just the killer and it will cause supply-side inflation. The man died. Now the guys that want to spend all this money I know in this work to mention to do the just that inflation in America gasoline up 40% year to year, you scores of 35% airline fares 23 furniture and bedding 15 food and food supplies 10%. They are up on the average for diesel. As you know, that means trucks which means deliveries which means everything food and supplies is up to $5.54 and they say sets the highest on record meet inflation beef and veal up 16% pork 15% chicken 13%. So what he wants to do is is to go tell everyone he's on am doing everything I can but you don't believe that I that would deal with that. Mme. Saki said this morning I get that a year ago. No one could foresee this inflation and it's all Vladimir while year ago about the Democrat economists thought inflation jumped out like audit guys like Larry Summers or Jason Furman a bunch of positive Ratner, yet the rat not put them in their Republican side lap or thought for thought. Kevin has to thought. I thought you just can't spend your way nowadays and then have the Federal Reserve all go to all this money printing so that I can change that but it is meant he wants to spend more.

Look, I haven't read the you know because I had your show at 1006 and I getting ready for that but I'm skimming okay and he's blaming corporations. He wants Americans in the business to quote pay their share. Now he's gonna raise taxes which would lower production. Brian which means you have more money chasing fewer goods, which means inflation will continue to go up so more bending and more tax thing and more regulating, especially energy but not only that is a prescription for more inflation.

Look, here's a thought right blah blah blah take energy out to the index them and I want to because people have gasoline by way gasoline direct price.

They put out the substance but take energy. Yeah, I you would still have a 6 1/2 collection rate, I was left to over a year ago. The Fed's target is to say happy new blank code for inflation when it took out the whole energy sector which Biden has destroyed with the jihad against the old, you're still at present inflation which is three times the Fed so I ask you have you got a cell that is going to get. She's already gotten 45 Pinocchio from the Washington Post, even CNN for China blame Rick tax reform idea is that the complete nonstarter that even Republican policy Rick Atlee blasted out yet you listen to listen to Jenny Yellen, said she should know better what she really thinks this yelled to testify today from the Senate Banking Committee will be watching that and other top financial regulators would be surprised to see market turbulence. Keep up into the summer yell is expected to detail efforts to make sure financial institutions understand climate related financial risks which he talking about, then voice support for deferred Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, which economists like you argue that skyrocketing prices so first off on Yellen disc did she know that this is not the time to have the suffocating climate conditions on all this stuff that they are real climate route.

I don't know if you believe we never heard about this from her when she was brought in the Federal Reserve or before in her career. This idea that word existential climate is good for thought or not there is no climate emergency not not the next hundred years. If you want to gradually transition towards renewables, which I think speaks to nuclear power, more than any of the other side, but do it in out with the alternative plan which they do not have what Yellen is getting at. You might ask yourself why Treasury Secretary opining on climate change because there saying don't bank should not make loans to fossil fuel companies because those loans will be so risky because we all know that fossil fuels will be extinct in 5 to 10 years that the subliminal message and it's driving people in the energy patch and you know often that Dakota has been crazy. They can't get bank loans now Biden says working to expand energy production but he's got neighbor regulations that won't let them do it and I want bank regulatory that won't finance it is crazy what is your take on some of this I mean you see was going on. The stock market over the last two days, every major winner over the last few years is now a loser from Facebook to Google. Even her up about 300 points now. What is your will is your reason whatever the market over the last two weeks market is basically a bear market correction which I might add, precedes recessions how far ago I don't know the tech sector. You know the growth sensitive tech sector has been clobbered by the bad side because tech is the heartbeat of your spell that sending a message that the economy is going down. My take is first of all for your listeners if you own 401(k)s yell your IRA your own index funds is the best way don't do it, don't panic. Okay, don't panic, and if anything they should add savings as the market goes down because in the long run. Stocks are the best investment… Class to investor, you cannot get day-to-day very important and should stay, I know people you know they get their statements in this… Just don't look at the park. I know you have a bear at the bear market correction.

They happen there bad. Nobody likes them. In this case I think Bad policies have a lot to do it, but my point is, don't panic is really don't don't sell into a bear market were spendable right so I can ask you to find it on the big coin on the crypto currency on the sea 40% of the cone is a bit coin investors underwater is is crypto of bandits falling for good or for for now.

For now, burnout getting it may not II follow but quite a bit down around 30,000.

Whatever the highways 50, 55,000.

It's also in a bear market because financial conditions are tightening traits thought that's bad for stocks also benefit a bit, but Brian I think this could fit the current dues are here to stay. Basically when you buy them and that you have your eyes open, but I think their legitimate form of commerce there legitimate form of monetary transactions and only get better and bigger as the block chain technology improves so I think you know people write it off the wrong people oppose good, just another asset class and look at as you may know stores and retail stores and banks and car dealers and start their buddies beginning to take crypto currencies as payment so it's here to stay. Couple of things. Larry signed often enough that I'm scheduled to do your show tomorrow unless you can push back on are you kidding never. You make the show make the opening of the show are you kidney using the line. I can't believe you. Stocky says that 70% of the inflation that is due to Vladimir pulled at least 85% of my ratings are due to Brian.

I like to see the match with that.I will mentally support it minute by Deputy Friedman find out. Thanks so much appreciate you talk to me without showering that many people of the we got off to a great start. We stay with it. Larry Carla watching tonight for great 186640876690 we come back I'll take your calls and then actually have two blocks to you because I also want to get into a little bit. The best I can about was going to still dossier the breakdown the Wall Street Journal is so amazing. What is taking place and how we were all duped from the biggest trump supporter to the biggest trunk detractor I don't care where you stand. You should read this article and feel so used. Right now, and abused and disappointed in the FBI, CIA, and all these investigative agencies in a breakdown. The best I can but you really should read it but I'll do it. We come back Brian Kelly show biggest newsmakers.

William Barr might ask them the hardest dating questions you want Steve Martin in the jerk. Now this is between you. If you're interested in it.

Brian is talking about your with Brian until made is not with amazement. You see how far that that come from Kennedy's Democrat is not your grandfather's Democrat party anymore so much for the marketplace of ideas. They have decided that they're going to determine what disinformation is my point to my office. Was this we had a $32 million molar investigation to see if there is collusion between Russia and trump that was intending still dossier upon which they basis all along, which was given to steel by Russians was Russian disinformation if they can admit that that's disinformation is propagated by CNN for years and years if they can admit that they possibly do the job of policing disinformation. I don't think it's a job you could possibly do. It is a busy summer trajectory. I don't think man's work.

I think mass to work on this vaccine might not be that effective stuff and only time will tell what it comes to what happened with the trump years with Russia.

It is a total hoax that you think it's an oversimplification, but people put back the dossier and they think about what the dossier led to a nationwide uproar around this Republicans to desert president trump for two years present could even get a meeting with a productive meeting with Vladimir Putin without people saying he was cooperating with him at the detriment of our own country so the Wall Street Journal looked at the still dossier and just said, once and for all where the hell did this come from and what he came from. Is it still amazing the people that provided the information to Christopher Steele for the most part did not know that their information was being used verbatim to Christopher steel. They got this guy Igor Teddy Schenkel has been indicted for lying to the FBI and Charles Stone Junior publicist longtime Clinton knight who has his longtime Russian ties the date back to the Yelton days in Russia so he is working with Christmas steel in order to for Christopher steel and providing some information about what's going on.

A Russian possible ties with with trump some of their conversation over piercing drinks and some going into this dossier unverified and equal addition closes with second uncle Maria and Charles told his weight. I'm reading this dossier. While the stuff is stuff you gave me that I gave you they came up and carotid conversation. It was flat out hearsay.

The Christopher steel you put into a dossier that is published on both speed and is in the desk of the FBI handed to John McCain went back to the FBI and then affords course to get published Charles Stone on the dossier said the first time it had. He said Charles Stone, longtime Clinton knight said I want this exposed as fake news they found that all of this stuff originate with just a few people.

The Wall Street Journal did gossiping after they've come together over a minor corporate publicity contract minor steel relied in Washington researches together information that according to the FBI notes about his researcher. This guide to Schenkel panicked and didn't tell the FBI the truth and the truth is that there was nothing there and that whole actually X-rated part of this dossier with the hookers.

All that stuff that was hearsay. Picked up when Dolan was touring to a hotel unverified radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show calling and demanding an investigation guys and what's just think for a moment how this would be covered by the media. Donald Trump Junior had been several million dollars in debt and some random bigshot warrior who undoubtedly is connected to Democrat politicians had suddenly cut a check to pay over $2 million in back taxes was allowing him to live a lavish lifestyle in Malibu outside of LA and there were no questions whatsoever being asked about it and Clay Travis is a great point and that's what happened. I guess you don't know. Here the $2 million tax bill paid off this big-time lawyer.

This entertainment lawyer who helped launch South Park and some other things got Billy's billionaire probably and he decides that he's going to put up into a documentary on Hunter Biden is going to live Miguel lavish lifestyle in Malibu and would Clay is brought up, which now publish the deeper vice president then the former vice president now president Joe Biden $11 million. The first years at office so this thing is wide open for the fun thing for we know about Hunter.

We know that on that laptop we know about his business. We know that Joe knows about his business.

We all know even CNN knows it. The old MSNBC knows. ABC knows it. New York Times noted they look you would like Donald Trump and now why would you want for office 70 years old was equipped to Hunter Biden will former VP, longtime center, Delaware, why would you run for office. Utilize your entire reputation is gradually being blown up. Not only is your performance terrible and the numbers don't lie, but Hunter Biden, his international deal said sacrificed American foreign policy.

Think about this. The oligarch said he dealt with are the only ones not sanctioned in this Russia, Ukraine, more think about the China deal that he had done the people is disappeared around him. The things that are on that laptop that the New York Times, Washington Post say we all know that the New York Post was right there were hundred percent authentic. The worst is yet to come. Believe me, it makes no sense dossier totally fake Joe Biden story was totally frozen and they want to set up a distant bank disinformation board with this are that believe the dossier was really Christopher steel is great that the Russian hoax was authentic and that the that everything Anthony found she says anybody contradictory. It that is disinformation. Our little William was on W TRC in South Bend hey William, all things number one the drive-by media picked up anything stories. To the extent that it should be and really putting it out there that people understand the full story number two will be held responsible for this. The definition of integrity. We do think that we find this stuff out when nobody gets there's nobody to have anything to do that they have to look for any type of cultural William. I can't tell you my real world when I'm not on them on television behind the microphone that's this is the most common thing people say to me when either pay the price for legal behavior, but I will say this, if you read the story and it just so people you're passionate about this story if you listen to me. So just read the Wall Street Journal story they don't spare details this woman Olga Glinka. She is a longtime sycophant of the request and she's got a book that signed to into a great Democrat she's combining with the Schenkel who is now indicted for lying to the FBI, Charles Darwin Junior as of this moment is not being indicted but a longtime Clinton ties and then Christopher steel is defamed and defrocked forever. You know he's a British guys were probably not to be able to extradite him, nor do we probably have the goods on him. He was doing the job is getting paid by the DNC so we people should understand before they say a word about trump angle your nose they never say trump and rationale anymore. You see all the stories, though it scares me William that James Comey and the FBI took the dossier at face value. They were excoriated by the Justice Department of Petrone trump saying hey FBI, why did you not run down an easy story to see there's any anything that could be verified. Why did you just take it. Same thing with when they had Michael Sussman Sussman walked in and says there's a link between trump in this Russian bank without the bank the goat hey thanks really thanks thanks. I'll take a look into it launch an investigation why because Sussman said he had no horse in this race. I just want do something for the country. So how books on how pathetic is it that the FBI to the degree they did read with this investigation and try to because they hated trump and thought it was true, decide to destroy you really hurt our country and Ella but you guys got fired there. I mean, you see any McCabe got a job and on and on the network as a contributor, but he's been fired into famed James Comey don't tell me that he's out walking around. He's not a hero on the left. Believe me, is out here on the right.

He got what he deserved at that egomaniac, so Gary was on W NDB Daytona for there is some hell to pay. Gary thought I was watching her all on cybersecurity to our institutions of our country or climate change, and after about 30 seconds. He said you're having trouble answering one answer for you all okay and she goes looking around she comes back. Both are very very interested. I just happen. Gary said today just to find that sick? Answer financial stock exchanges collapsed because all climate change, and again after 15 or 20 seconds and she's having trouble she's pondering help you out non-trail.

Banks clearly dunks major banks to fail over climate change and not just so incompetent. The people he has.

She believes this stuff were she just saying if I sign on this job and that have to do with these left it's what you think she actually believes it should be converted to being converted start so often believing it like this, but can't keep up because I was just getting ready for an extra four months to watch the candidate running for governor in Oregon At the same time Biden was talking about that the supporters being the most dangerous in the concrete campaign box fire paintball down the valley and fireworks, but not not one of us, not one mention all of that with that… Personal candidate.

It would've been fun time.

Absolutely you. I'm almost giving up on Oregon and Washington. It's hopeless me with the don't allow their cities to do to descend into.

I met someone over the weekend I was giving a speech in Tennessee. I met some of the weekend and and they introduce himself value from here because now we hope to be as a wife were in Oregon and they were in their 20s and know why leaving is it chaos into anything you see on TV it is worse and there is just a sense of lawlessness and socket to get better.

You see everyone leaving so they destroy the cities and they leave.

I hope when they come Gary. They don't try to bring their ethics with them. I know you guys are expressing that in Florida. Thanks so much for the call. You know in about five minutes. Within 10 minutes will be joining a gold you'll see a simulcast on FBN, I am sure this news is great news for the company.

This just in, in sports, Tom Brady agrees to join Fox sports as lead NFL game analyst whenever his career ends foxy Alaka Murdoch agreed to a long-term deal with Fox and will call games with Kevin Burkart, Tom Brady ties twitter excited but a lot of unfinished business left on the field. How great is that nothing is it fantastic for Fox.

They have to want to lose Troy Aikman. They didn't try for many came back that they didn't try to match it and they lose Joe Barkan Joe Buck fantastic in treatment fantastic and think of myself there's got to be something to this one. I thought Fox's business model said what I can spend a lot of money on analysts and if you give someone a ridiculous amount of money ESPN you can do it you can have Al Michaels was available before Al Michaels went to Amazon evidently put airfields essays Gabriel swami and members and for the most part, Fox was radio silent, so he went and signed with amosite make it a zillion dollars how Michaels is fantastic and Kevin Burkart is a is a guy that was from regional S and Y was awesome was selling cars with S and why did a great job. Fox's that he's got raw talent is fantastic but to go and get Tom Brady. I have a prediction.

It is best friend Jim Gray will be the sideline and that'll be one of the best broadcast teams ever resigned. I just I know it's harder. I know it's harder and you know we we watched Tony Romo and everyone through a bazillion dollars and love them. His first year I did as much as great guys. Tony Romo is ideal of this year because they don't want to predict anyplace anymore. That's what he was great at a sound, just more like a fan of the booth.

Tom Brady can break the game down like anyone else, and I think he'll have a seamless transition like like John Madden did only does have to be that unbelievable personality.

He's Tom Brady, Frank to Michelle. Think back to do a simulcast and FBN usually the sometime of the Bakken to squeeze in some calls I see out there double appreciate you listening now the Brian kill me to show joints Fox businesses Farney in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness.

Here's Brian kill me. Yeah a little while to get to those phone calls right here and say to me, and had the country round will to get to your phone calls, 1-868-408-7669 and on some emails to I does promise that put people writing your brain to and click on comments and able to get some people because a lot of the artwork old to be discussing right now it looks like most people in New York and I come to work. We were not not because of traffic, not because a covert because of crime in America. Eric Adams was to change that if you look at the numbers. Nothing is changed and just look at what is done between them getting covert subway bomber shooter. Well, let's listen. I'll finish up later drop yesterday. The gentleman on the right-hand side of the screen is Brian kill me and enjoys me right now. Brian I'm sure you heard this writer's going to join Fox sports as an analyst after his NFL career, ask good news for us on site I think is one of the biggest stories in sports and quite a long time looking like I'm not done yet, but when I am done. I'm going to Fox is with Kevin Burkart, a homegrown guy from Essen. Why used to be the met sideline guy with the audience got the runaround give people flavor the game, Fox saw how talented he was a bring them over.

He's become their number one guy Joe Buck in treatment left and foxing really ideal if as far as I can state didn't try to outbid ESPN and you wonder maybe Fox's business plan said we don't need to focus a lot on the broadcast went to pay the broadcast a lot.

The game will sell itself but instead maybe they're keeping the money for God Tom Brady so he teams with Kevin Burkart and what about JR old Jim Gray being sidelined, who's the best in the business and they are best friends.

A do a podcast on Monday so the good news is a lot of people worry when they retire. They didn't have enough money Tom Brady no longer has to worry about that he'll have enough money once he retires to live comfortably. Did you know is politics.

I don't know what I know we got a conservative side right well I'm you know I guy I know you got backlash because he says I'm friends with Donald Trump and you know they golf together. They got together the past and they been kind to each other, Tom Brady got big push by presenting his wife is obligated down Trump and that's the problem with marrying Brazilian supermodels, which is why I stay with the woman I met in high school. Whatever your second and I got onto that when I was a brilliant segue. I got a site you can teach it nice note to wife just walked into a story about Tom writing that brilliance on promptly. Let's get serious one.

Your reaction to the view cohost Sonny Hoskins comments on the protestant Supreme Court justices Holmes roller typeface. While I think it is terrible that justice would have to go into hiding. I think it is really clear to the justices now that Anna mentioned 64 to 66% of Americans believe that the Supreme Court should uphold the wealthy way. Maybe these protests and maybe this outcry gives Chief Justice Roberts some leverage for more moderate approach may be the demonstrators will leverage gift from Justice Roberts some leverage. Not exactly defending the protesters that wish to not exactly she's a lawyer and she knows that you cannot persuade a member of the judiciary branch, but through protester threats. It's it, that is illegal you can protest, I get it but to go in someone's neighborhood like cabin over the weekend by John Roberts over the weekend and last night Sam Alito forced them from their house. Of course, that's intimidation.

If you read the letter of the law. I'm not a legal expert, but that does violate the law and you are saying this will work. So you're saying this illegal behavior.

This lawlessness behavior will persuade a justice big or small the judge the smallest neighborhood of the highest court to change their opinion that fundamentally wrong. That's with this. That's when institutions get to break down. By the way they're not breaking their opinion either way they're not what they will not change their minds. Opinion is going to stand for short write up Brian, thank you very much for being here.

As always, great news on Tom writing all structure we can talk about it all night sailing front taught art analysis and WABC hey Alex McCall binders blaming inflation on blood report in the gasoline prices are up because we had up with sanctions on them.

But the fact is that Joe Biden is responsible for the inpatient you know if you would, if it wouldn't have this Afghanistan situation will not learn from that that he can invade Ukraine so back to Joe Biden inflation happened because maybe Russia invaded Ukraine wanted to invade because Joe Biden is president and because he shortly shown his weakness.

Absolutely once we know that Vladimir Putin every time you put your hand. I got a compromise. He says you week if you if you gives you give in. He knows your weak son Afghanistan was absolute travesty. They say America no longer has the stomach for this, then I can stay in a country that they are actually supporting let alone another country, there was in the center of controversy and of course, that he had problems with in the past. I will say this, yet weakness invites problems, not with our allies. That's a different problem.

That's an economic competition, but with our enemies, we have to understand that Alex you hundred percent right.

The other thing is if we had on them ahead of time know we know about how the Ukrainians fight maybe they were, they would've knocked out Russia already, but now were arming on-the-fly words very dangerous to bring stuff in allowing the country to get ruined would be writing checks to help rebuild their country to another.

33 billion going to become an in and I think they asked for another 5 billion today on a supplemental I don't know where this money is coming from, but I would add this Joe Biden had an inflation problem and will have an inflation problem. He he actually diagnosed it wrong a year ago and he said it was transitory, so we had some snow credibility. He's going to speak in 35 minutes.

Marcos and WABC and the island in Staten Island. Somebody much about yellow yesterday was converted converted by listening to all the garbage in Washington since she's been a swamp snake since the beginning. Remember, the bombardment of strangers and Federal Reserve told Congress we do what we want is something you could do about it over the well. I just heard Jenna by knowing her gender was and it wasn't a big sense amongst Republican she's got a get out but now it's pretty apparent to the other big disaster would've been Merrick Garland and the Supreme Court know we know now I don't know about inflation. Inflation is not rising prices. Rising prices are the result of inflation and inflation is too much currency in circulation.

Another thing the Fed does, which we've done for way too long.

It was the middle of the pandemic, but they kept it going because he did not want to slow down the economy now are all paying the price for that long term heard set of short-term this the right to me Joe, don't forget, I know it's only Tuesday but Saturday 1 o'clock one is at 8 o'clock morning I was in New York City office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

Thank you much for being here buddy is the Brian kill me. Joe the bottom of the general keep Kellogg bring is the latest I would have the Russian Ukraine as I Russia continues to haphazardly bomb Odessa and various civilian populations. While making small gains in the Dunbar's area but suffering big losses in khaki the word is they've been forced back across the border. There just struck by what happened on May 9 speech there was really nothing for Vladimir Putin to say she thought you might do some intimidating thing that have a nuclear armed fighter jet go over the skies. No fighter jets, small turnout, not one foreign leader, they're not even Belarusian legal Lukashenko Bend dominance will discuss that with me as well. General keep Kellogg on the tactics right now is get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file I faxed save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three posted also reported something that's pretty significant.

Joe Biden made $11 million the first year that he was out of the White House and 11 months. That's a lot of money to make for somebody that is never had any business relationship at all.

This is crying out for an investigation that is so interesting that Clay Travis brought up last night Hunter and steel stunning detailed breakdown of the fictional but impactful still dossier on the latest on Hunter Biden in the Sugar Grove finances. His wife Sugar Grove who finances his life as the GOP focuses on an honest investigation. They been investigating him since 2018.

What are the roadblocks that remain sound like it makes me laugh to herself making. I will joyfully yet hysterical right that's what killed Martin the I guess left-wing comedienne got a great audience.

MSNBC emotions boiling over the Emden overturn a rover referral fee weight is the reason is protest focus on the serene court justices homes and churches. No joke. Sadly, the worst is yet to come to 1370% of inflation data is a result of energy prices I large part of that is the result of President Clinton's invasion of Ukraine and the impact on the playoff level energy market that is Kentucky yesterday. I got this is what present. Biden will say in about 25 minutes when Healy gives us his recipe for beating back inflation for fixing housing for the 11 million for the 11 million open jobs will go over the details, but it is always a lead with green first, they will fail. Then Dominic joined just now hey Ben, I figured out what's wrong with inflation and why this is happening is because of the ultra maggot people you know that's the problem right now you want to earn control in Washington right now you know everything maggot thing that I find so bizarre about this framing you know that the maggot agenda. However, he wanted to find something that certainly been a priority of most Republicans in the last couple of years, it's changed the priorities of the party. It's adapted a lot of the different coalitions of come together to make the party more working class and blogging base among a lot of different ethnic minorities all seem like good things on paper. You would think that political analysts and the pundits with all our could have no targets greater diversity of economic participation of racial participation in the like, but instead know now it's just this is the most radical political movement that we've ever seen in the game corrects himself to be seen in modern times is like a weight KKK situation. Brian work all of the blame of the White House wants to throw around really isn't sticking to anybody and that's because they have no one to blame but themselves because they got mono partisan control Washington they can't get anything done and effectively are seeing how weak this presidency.

It is Joe Biden getting anything he wants done.

It's not a situation where you getting anything legislatively that he wants done except perhaps on foreign policy if he's not getting the bill back better agenda through essentially being blocked not by Republicans but by centrist Democrats in his own party and this is a situation where I think you're only going to see them continue to double down on this idea that everything is someone else's fault and you saw the other day Jim talking being asked about the unit of the problems became to baby formula not having the answer he saw her being asked the question about the protest in front of the Supreme Court know how justices houses and not really offering an answer for days. But you see this White House.

It is just behind the eight ball on the issues that actually matter and that are affecting Americans and we've gone from them. Dismissing inflation is being oh you know that this is just something that rich people complain about dismissing the supply chain efficiency know this is just Juergen have to wait for your pellets on something like that. And, to a point where they seem to have no real answer for anything. In the end, only exhalation I can offer you what were seeing is what happens when you have a lousy political team that worked for Barack Obama during his presidency, particularly the second term, and these are the people who were junior to vent its affiliates. We've just gone down another wrong in terms of the quality of people who are in the job and they proved to be very effective and they just don't know how to handle any like she's with Jen. Saki said about blaming Republicans for raising taxes.

Dates based on center.

Scott said I think everybody should be paying the paying their way to matter how little they're making, and by the way Mitch McConnell did not sign onto this cut five to contrast something shared because Chairman Scott's plan, we welcome you know he's despicable to go to his website. We would encourage people to do the same thing and check out his plan that raises taxes for people making less than hundred thousand dollars a year so the Washington Post said Biden's Biden's false claim that congressional Republicans want to raise taxes. They went on to say that Scott's tax plan is certainly right for political fodder, but the White House is pushing its luck White House earned three Pinocchio's, one of which is nobody else sign onto this is his idea that Rick Scott had and they say well it's got this great job of trying to get Senate select he said of the committee. I do think we play Rick Scott letting it out even if it is the best idea in the world is not a good political move. Well, on that time for couple of reasons.

I think that we've moved to a place where we need to have you know a real conversation about the level of debt that we have in this country and I think that saying that everyone needs to take some form taxes is not a bad idea. It's always been something that you know I'm generally in favor of. I would say that currently, the fact is that everybody does take some form of tax because you're paying taxes and your time effectively and to Social Security and Medicare, not something that I think you know often gets left without conversation. I'm not. I don't think you have to take a position one way or the other on transplant, but one thing I think it is unfortunate about the political atmosphere in Washington today is that there is an argument between Republicans who basically believe that they can win by doing nothing.

Republicans believe that they need to promise make promises about what they're going to do in certain respects in order to let people know you have the policy agenda that they're going to pursue a look we saw what happened in Georgia in those runoffs. When you effectively had Republicans running as just vote for me because I'm an R after my name and that didn't work out those people. We don't go back by Mitch McConnell you in one case it was chosen by the McConnell didn't really work out, you know, in terms of the approach that they had been part of that is generic politician doesn't really work anymore. It's one of the reasons why you saw Katie Vance win in Ohio you know instead of going craft with this quote on quote safer and that's something that I think that we are yet recognize that the climate the work right now. People really want to hear from politicians what you going to do to change the system and that I think you should should involve them putting something forward. Now what you can do differently and because we saw the flameout that happened after 2010 when you had all these tea party people live in Washington saying they were to shake things up and make a big difference in what we get out at oh sequestration change.

You know that it's not something that actually resulted in the kind think the people wanted and why. Did you know why it's a numbers game. You and dominate you can going there with the best ideas. The smartest guy, but unless you have people around you that you rally to support and are willing to compromise in certain things. Nothing gets done correct, but I also think a big part of it is getting the momentum for an idea while you're running for something George W. Bush right obviously don't work for a long time ago.

She made the decision in the second campaign for the presidency, wanting to campaign on reforming Social Security the whole thing was like I'm in a wait until after I get elected and then will deal with that problem, which is the easiest one reform. I like the math problem. It's not Medicare, because he never campaigned on that thing got set aside basically got elected. It never got off the ground and and if you would campaign on the idea. Hey, if we just you know slowly bump this up. No month by month over the coming years.

We can save Social Security for coming generations living longer than I think that you would have had more buy-in and more motivation. You know a good example of this sprinkling is on the border. I still don't know what Republicans are going to do when it comes to border issues when they get elected when they win in November to talk about past forces in oversight and wanting more things down. The Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House but I don't know that they're going to be able to change anything about White House policy because I'm not sure that they have a clear idea about how to go about it and to me, I think of the actual answers to say the border is such an important issue of migration from Mexico and the flood of drugs from Mexico is so unacceptable that we're going to use the power the person we will absolutely hold up any kind of budget increase any kind of sick spending increased until all these other countries put that line in the sand. Now this is unacceptable blind copy know I was just down the border two weeks ago. You don't hang out with Norma Lujan and his beautiful hair and this is the thing there is such a flood of people and and illegal drugs coming across the border is like nothing we've ever seen before. Mexican cartels are in control of their side of the border.

We are not in control our side of the border in the Biden ministration totally okay with this and I was in my work.

It seems completely out of his depth and so we have to take some hard sand on the stuff and still be stuck with the New York Times and the Washington Post that is quite easy and you know all my gosh they can impeach me artist. Oh my gosh, they can't hold up budgets over the border, but to me it's it's it's a question of is this important enough to do the hard things to take these tough stands and I think it is so the other thing is that the sprinkler justices I have in their houses, protect their their families harassed as the protest outside their houses.

Here is what Bill Barr said about what happened over the weekend when they were on John Roberts house in Cavanaugh's house and Sam Alito. Evidently his whole family left yesterday cut 19, I think probably the White House is calling the shots and during the trump administration. The hypocrisy of the last was just laid there using violence as a political tool low and it's been seeping into the to our system started with all the attacks on trump supporters in early in the campaign and it just kept on going. That was perfectly fine to go and beat up trump supporters at political rallies, the whole rhetoric of resistance suggests that the government's is not a legitimate government anything goes there whole either virtuous, the vanguard of history and they know what's best for everyone.

So if you oppose them. If you get in their way.

You. You can be rolled over the ends justify the means. And this is the ultimate expression and were seeing that now and right your you see a tweet from the ministration key to protest peaceful but they should not be people's houses.

There's gotta be a gentlemen's agreement, if not a legal agreement to stay away because you can have anybody serving who's got a young family since you know I'd love to get back to my country, but I'm not to sacrifice my family. That's what's happening now in the gathering point for the people who wanted to go in March on family the other day with several blocks away from where I live it, gathering point, you know, in a neighborhood where people were all going to go in March and yell and scream and make a fuss and just try to scare people and you. I look at that and I think this is ridiculous. This is not acceptable. You know for sure on the other foot, elected leaders now think this is an act of insurrection and terrorism and the recall for everybody brief walked up look, I'm not sure that we need to be locking people up. Maybe we do start crossing a line that goes even further look. We have reached a point where the losing side in the civic when the losing side of the left. They are unwilling to except that there go to threats to potentially active actual violence and look I think the fact that it took the governors in this case Larry Hogan and Mike Duncan the governors of Maryland and Virginia to Republicans obviously standing up and saying look working to provide extra police in these areas were going to provide extra manpower before the Fed never did anything that affects parable for the property from the get-go and the faculty family didn't already have. Production is the liability of its own. This is unacceptable to something about the direction the radical left there willing to engage in this type of intimidating is a true testament to the fact that they no longer believe in representative government just want better outcome for Christmas not clear their hand and snap their fingers and what they want. They don't care how they get any more acceptable in terms of represented Republic such as contributing editor of transom and cofounder of the Federalist. Thanks so much, that is always you got it we come back. The teacher calls 1-866-408-7669 and then will have intentional key challenge on his toes and tapping in Ukraine film, breaking news, unique opinion, steer it all, Brian kill me, show, or to paraphrase Justice Lelia.

Sometimes a threat to our liberty, dress up in sheep clothing is more comfortable.

This is Orwellian on American unconstitutional very best time to shut this down looking for the DHS ever announced it the second best time is right now. This type of board was always to be a dumpster fire at a particular director that they chose to run it is just throwing more gas on that is Brandon Carr. The FCC Commissioner talk about the possibility that this disinformation board it, it's actually out there for the last two months it's directors going on maternity leave but Brendan Carr says he can't do it should not be doing this it it I actually think it's such an absurd idea said in such a terrible way and presented in such a bizarre way by one of the weirdest people I've ever seen in public life musical theater buff who comes out like a like a pond.

In fact, the left-wing, a Rachel Maddow want to be there actually think it's in an effort to distract from the border and inflation. That's how bad I think it is so you look at this misinformation and you see the fact that this woman is probably the leader of misinformation.

She certainly not want to disseminate the misinformation and the new press secretary is the one he was pushing that Stacy Abrams was cheated out of being governor so she has except elections this disinformation board is nothing but a believer in everything lefty squad life Jesus squad like publicist. That's about it. The fastest three hours and radio you're with Brian kill me. Naturally I am very pleased to hear the whole world is train sets an example.

However I have to say that support provided word I must note that Western countries help us with weapons and economically. However, when you are under attack payment for medical treatment is helpful, but it's not all that can be done. Let me give you an example, when it comes to Azoff Regiment. When we see the strong hurting the week. We always come to their defense with actions instead of words and beat those who hurt the week and that is a member the Azoff unit.

The Regiment who was able to give us. He asked if we have any questions form he would supply the answers on video does not speak English. I was the translation and that was May 6. I hope he still doing okay because is about 100 civilians still left in the steel mine catacombs, and it looks like the Russians are desperate to try take that city still have not secured entirely by joining me now is Atty. Gen. Keith Kellogg.

We talked along the hallway during this conflict, leading up to the conflict. He wrote the war by other means. A general on the Trump White House general welcome back Brian, thanks for having me really do appreciate what you put you first of the gun victory speech, I was struck by what was in and it wasn't a call for national contention was a conversion to war. There was no nuclear bomber flying overseas is not there's not a lot of not a lot of rhetoric what you think it was pretty interesting to me personally. When he talked about and works to matter, especially his words.

He talked about Dawn – five times. He never mentioned Ukraine as a country single time in their speech and in and then the you're actually right. Morty didn't say he didn't talk about constricted conscription and bringing back mass horses in there and how that would react to the public. Sorry hear from Kevin from mission. I'm probably an outlier on inspection. Okay, I think he now realizes he's not can win this war in Ukraine by kicking the country.

This is to truly a lost cause he won't get there. I think he may want to try to hold on the quarry told on the dog – especially the Crimea, even others prescribed counterattacks coming from the Ukrainians in this may be if you read between the lines. This may signal to me that is willing to start talking start talking about how do we stop this war and I am accountable for that because you know the amount civilians being killed in the city just been absently devastated. Maybe there's a way they can walk out of this in income to some type of agreement and went on much of our agreement to be hard over. He's not getting get out to Don – writing like company might be able to give up Crimea exactly said that in the past so I was there both ways is that you, why is he doing issue, it was not a bellicose speech. It was relatively measured speech. And that's saying a lot when you talk about food and tenderly notes people should start looking at why is he saying this now is an opportunity for somebody out there to get involved is my frustration though Brian is I don't see anybody out there that can do that right now that used to be the role of United States of America. And I can guarantee you will pick a present by call.

Try to know how you can get to somebody to start talking to Crone or Bennett or something like What he didn't say probably turkey when you think well you have trouble everyone wants a little over a quintal after working with in the White House and target little strange.I trust him about us, but much as I can from Empire State building of this is the guy who made a decision to accept the AS/400 air defense system and give up the 30 times we didn't give me a 35 had actually bought Them at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona tell you not to get your character we just come out of the program. So he's well that I wouldn't trust necessarily because he's kind of strange individually. She's primarily Turkish nationalist player, trends towards Russia so I don't think once the right one.

I would hopefully some electrical Crone of France. Been there, but you know how to blow them off but McLeod is very close United States even though you present by and kind of irritated him a little bit on the line when the clothes come out – Ukraine's hopes of joining European Union wiring is addressed to the European Parliament.

He says it will take decades what you talking about, you have to prove in Europe is shown great dedication as of late. To them were coming from right wing when you read what he talked about any special. He said he takes forever to get into the EU.

It takes a longer time for all of you members agree to any kind of pivoted to something which I thought was interesting. Crone basically said hey look, let's establish a new European Community, which could involve Ukraine and Britain as well because he said the European Union takes too long for somebody to come into it so he said let's create a new entity and talked about that on the conference on the future of Europe just the other day and I think what he is trying to say is there's gotta be a way to help Ukraine because he's all in on Ukraine as we all are and I think he's trying to figure way out. We support Ukraine get them involved with European organizations that can help defend going to the end of the future so I didn't not. I do not assure that as a negative. I think a look at mobile Crone try to figure way around it.

He's a big European almost unilateralist. We've seen that in the past. He wants you create you your to take care of itself that he's been going to establish a European army so I didn't take as a whole. Negative I think is the frustration he started. There's too many countries out there that will not help Ukraine was quoted as saying he will load Ukraine below the standards of the EU and and what a waste. You know it. Frankly, looking at statistics there. I am frankly, I think the big statistic is that should would allow the entity you are probably a better military member of Europe is clear that the parties. The willingness to do it and I get to meet up trumps everything else out there. No kidding. Goes without saying how cell is considering as soon as today in emergency $39 billion package of military humanitarian aid 7 billion more than even Biden requested and they Biden is also requesting a right away. So we're spending a ton of money and there they also the Ukraine democracy defense lend lease act. Biden signed on to Monday pays way for more weapons to be delivered quickly to Ukraine for their fight against Russia.

What change with the administration. What can you speculate happen. I'm sensing that they think that they, the Russians are ready to fall and that they could really knock him out. Yeah, I think.

Here's my concern about the $33 billion that's out there, and any other radiation I can't step back okay we given about as much as we should give right now. Look, the European countries combined have only given $8 billion initiative were giving 33 billion is it okay we, given our chair at the office now it's over Germany and Slovakia in France and rescue countries are there, including ended that I don't think you know Ukraine is basically marching to Moscow and forced to sign a peace deal, but taking control another country, but that you need to push only so far.

And I said that's reason I went back to earlier what I said is most complex and was some type of peace, discussion, negotiation going forward. If we want to have some type of relationship in Europe and maybe with Russia later on which we don't have now directly in a new Cold War, then we gotta figure out how to we walk that very tight line to make sure that everything is, shut up that we have a good European environment that includes Russia going into the future. We all understand that we understand what he did but sooner or later just to check. Mattis said to me one time should you know I don't like this on the richest police. They live on the same planet with and sometimes you have to think like that and that's what I ask all of my advisors to put on your big boy hatch and start thinking this.

How do we finish this Ukraine is not All Ukraine remain viable nation but how do we make sure the Europeans are brought into finished huge disparities like admission minute again between three 3 billion 8 billion is pretty significant significant was with Mark Asbury comes out with the president. Essentially, basically, he combined with general millions save the world's I guess we hear about this all the time.

This is my four years at West Point, provided the foundation that allow me decades later to stand up against a president who undermined our nation's institutions and traditions that little respect for the truth of propriety and put himself above everything else is at the present trump. You know that you loan amount as per.

Now you know something that's garbage okay. I was really frustrated when I was watching actually when we don't prepare last night as well.

My frustrations with Kaman that she that's not the president.

I know that's not the president associate with you one example, we talked about well do talk about putting missiles on the cartels in Mexico yet. We talked about it, but was a full range of options. We talked about at the time we talk. Actually, with the Mexican government.this they had no control the cartels and oh by the way, I checked Mark Esper a look. Remember, more Americans have died in the last year than the it didn't, then we cannot record only 15 states this year did not show an increase in drug – words come from Mexico from the cartels. They are an attack on an American president wants to defend America.

Esper didn't do his job and my frustration.

He was even checked at the start in the first place with writing a book like that you can't say well there was a Wall Street Journal article today on. In reviewing the book was written by John Bolton said that's enough said on that one. I just, you know, I just think it's really fortunate he should never check. I don't think was a proper check At the time. I think he shows true colors weeks was ineffective again. We could interesting word.

I don't think he'd displayed very good leadership and I mean I was in a lot of Oval Office meetings with Mark Esper and he would always pull punch and in what I mean by that. It would never in my opinion, stand up to the present tradition. What I really believe was always like well maybe maybe could do this.

He was never forceful. There were people were very forcefully, administration, and I saw him stand up and say this is what I really believed I don't get from student said what he really believed after and we had a very contentious time.

Actually, near the end when he was in the old Mark Milligan when we had a huge discussion on the renaming of American military bases and I told him that that was decided that missing back in 1860 with Pres. Johnson and Ulysses S Grant at the time. As you know Mark you know Ulysses S Grant – I think he was a week check. Tension was unfortunate and not to keep she got married when you reach or manage didn't do what he did.

I think he was really strong we should've done is just resign if he couldn't take it. But he didn't say it was very self-serving in that regard. He said that Millie looked at him after getting excoriated because of the he wanted these riots to stop mistreating what he's military to do it.

Obviously huge problems with that.

But, and he's really got yelled at him and mill and they said Millie had his finger, like an instrument into part and said I got that close to quitting. I will point out what even more clearly stay around why is he still around. Why don't I had since Afghanistan should have resigned or been fired on record by saying that in a lot of shows he shouldn't be there. He showed his true colors to me when he called the Chinese after six Trent January should. Well, he informed everybody with the person he talked with Mark Meadows.

I told Markley after that. Hey Mark your boss is in Mark Meadows that you step right up your bosses present United States and you better reread the Constitution, especially article 2, section 2, which talks about who the commander-in-chief is that you and any indication in my opinion, Markley should've been gone quite a while ago and I've been there when you see the other, he may remember, he's wanted was on public record, was talking to Congress and should keep would fall within three days.

Well were about 72 days beyond that right now and is the same one who told the president on Afghanistan. All they can cancel hold for another six months, seven months, eight months what it felt pretty fast as well and then you got the whole culture so you know I'm a fan of Mark, Millie, and I think it's coming out pretty clear in its importunate distiller buttons I can move this and I see people January 6 to January 60 like present speech. I didn't like it either. I thought marching over there will be nothing but trouble. I even said on the year but having said that, if I was in on these decisions. Can you imagine if every time you're just you you trying to solve a problem in a roundtable fashion notion was gonna write a book about some of your ideas that didn't get used me for Mark Esper to expose all this myself. Yet the border he was desperate. Went to a 50,000 troops are present. That's not practical, but I understand your sentiment. How do we secure the border. So how do I use bleak use of National Guard troops.

We we can combine that with Texas National Guard so that they do.

But who would think that so much gunshot that down and try to sell books on Mark. Mark the labor market. They were really not really ready for that job that they were into inspection. It was always Regarded a never made a strong decision.

A strong push for anything out there.

He never usually truthful to present or she truthful in the book when he talks about missile strikes in Mexico there was a discussion we talked about all options. Everything from doing something like that to doing nothing and I reminded him of the time I said hey Mark, remember that President Bush in 1991 authorized use of special operations forces to going to Columbia to kill Pablo Ashley Escobar at that time the largest drug dealer with committee and cartel. We've done this before so don't keep walking back and in the end, given the present half answers the president's dies are present trumping a very smart individual had very good instincts and you operate on that interview can operate often presidential directives and deletes.

That's, that's quite a latitude. I know that he should have been like other stuff is if you're an athlete.

Sometimes your best players a little eccentric little different but you like to you like what they produce. To put people around them.

Coaches around them to make them see that every sport, especially in soccer. Go see these the people that will be different. The lifetime geniuses are like that. Nothing from Sejanus, but we would all agree he's little unorthodox so there's people that can deal with that. Like Mark Meadows like like Robert O'Brien like you was that while this is crazy I would have to write a book about it, but happily to politico Mark Esper seems to be one of those guys.

Lieut. Gen. Kellogg, always great to talk to you. You got it we come back I'll wrap up this our brain to meet you in your knowledge base Brian show talk show that you're trying to kill me believe that there is work together on by not right that is Jen Saki. To the best you can before she leaves to imprint Alta mag that new word that they probably pull tested somewhere else or all ultra mega and show you said on MSNBC, so just get ready with the caption eyes I give her own children only have people anti-ultra magna on you that extremist organization worsen in T5 worse than worse than the KKK there. The word, they just terrible awful ultra magna. That's the new thing book is a lot of things you can buy the Republicans forward.

You cannot blame them for inflation. By the way they did is short. They did a story in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend about what the tax Ed Kevin Hassett wrote it. We should have him on P Kevin has eroded and he had the numbers the Trump tax cut will tax reform has produced everything they soil that I did not see is how many companies have come here with the corporate tax rate got reduced to go to Ireland in the go to places like Scotland and no go to the Cayman Islands because the corporate taxes are so low. The only thing I can see is how many how many corporations came back to America, but they basically said it really rebalance things and produce what was supposed to produce what you didn't see was the ultimate result of lower deficits that was coming before the pandemic so I'm not economists but numbers don't lie and I do look forward if I so that you trust the numbers.

The tax reform and worked in one thing that Ronald Reagan did our rates ticked up to Ohio ready undercard when he took over lower taxes create a little bit of a deficit but it was a way to get inflation under control and estate under control for 40 years until Pres. Biden took over with all those years of wisdom and experience says a lot that is 1130 press covers a fight inflation.

25 minutes late, and how determining him to get it right you that late over 100 meteorologists and worldwide resources a fox in your hands box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you

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