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Washington Points Fingers, Argues Over New Gun Legislation

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 31, 2022 12:43 pm

Washington Points Fingers, Argues Over New Gun Legislation

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 31, 2022 12:43 pm

[00:12:15] Allen West

[00:18:30] Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL)

[00:39:42] Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

[00:55:16] Dr. Tom Kersting

[01:17:20] Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)

[01:31:58] Brett Velicovich

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more thundering calls and with multi-window view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach answer Brian kill me hi everyone, I'm writing to me don't look me 40th in six, some in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida to the WK V studios. It is fantastic and I did do not want to miss radio shows between times of consequential as this will be here again tomorrow and then Thursday and Friday back in a course on radio not on TV.

We can do, I will end and covering of the Jubilee because the Queen is old and within a cover that. So Fox and friends went beyond producing me over the channel and of course, one nation on Saturday and still do the radio show from 11:51 so we will have to discuss pressure off Memorial day. Many of you want the ceremonies. Many of you had a chance if you're on Long Island had a chance see the blue Angels back again.

They do it every year.

Think the last 20 years if they stop last two years by 12 o'clock was sold out and they were just fantastic. So before we go any further, we have a lot to discuss. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three knows and he is obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high and people are hurting can exhort the oil and gas under industry to increase supply have to at the same time accelerate our movement to clean energy right. Thanks, Jennifer Granholm, the economy present by desperate show he's tackling inflation lack of workers supply chain baby formula shortage while taking note of the blame will examine his plan to blame the Fed for everything in you for everything else fantastic. We do not want them to have a chance to hit Russia.

All you have to do it so Zielinski don't go into Russia.

Make sure you hit them in the Ukraine where they been baited and he'll do it. Day 97 of worn Ukraine once again present buying puts brakes on a much needed weapon system is Russia continues to lose meta-machines but level cities sideshow Russian military could be ready to break yet Ukraine suffering is suffering mounts as an EU effort to get off of all Russian energy hit a roadblock. It turns out those greenies don't want wind and solar. No joke I wrote something.

One service of this country has a mental health problem discusses a gun problem and that's what it is there's there's so many guns there's more guns. There are people it's not a thing of the gun situation that is Joe Rogan. He is, it's not a whole all mental health, and I don't think it's all the he can't play. Have the guns blameless, but he is 100% right is what we should be focusing you validly mourns in Washington talks gun legislation as an investigation into last Tuesday school shooting continues. We know one thing for certain, the killer was showing signs of being with his bloodthirsty behavior for years were legally could have been done and how do we stop the next one. And that's a kick to 18-year-olds go off off the charts and they kill in Buffalo and they kill in Texas where they have in common. Both had you decide to do a mentally unbalanced that there was sitting there in social media, plotting and planning to kill waiting to turn 18. Those are just the last two how they get their guns while their juveniles their problems in their past. Don't transfer to adulthood.

That's one thing never to know logic this last shooter ramose looks like a killer, acts like a killer had cats in a plastic bag all dead and laughing about it. Every girl or guy came in with Ian freak them out because how aggressive he was being you know his parents had to pick that up his grandmother Pat almost paid the ultimate price got shot in the face and then he goes with a bad plan. Not even able to drive drive to truck into a ditch that was in his get out of the car loiters. Nobody gets him a cop walks by Mrs. M evidently gets into an open door kills people cops within the outside before they kill him, and they could have been an easier and I'm the last one to criticize law enforcement, but law enforcement is criticizing law enforcement you just got ago when everybody says it we citizens 99. You gotta go and get organized. Maybe wait for a guy or two, but evidently even the border patrol that the board tech unit with Ford was told to wait outside.

They finally ignored it and wanted to find out more details on this Skype ED area Hondo is the guy who's in charge.

He was in charge of it. There's word is seen enough of a police radio to hear the cries for help. They say well since the shooting is stopped with a hostage situation or barricade situation obviously was wrong.

The Valley school District police chief who authorized the wrong decision not to immediately confront the active shooter now will sit out he was going to be on the city Council.

He even though he won an election, he will not go and get sworn in today.

I imagine he if this pans out the way it is a might be the greatest guy the worst guy I don't know but nobody can. You can't judge his actions in a way that will positively and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said it. The lieutenant governor syndicated with they were misled. We were misled on Friday were told. It's this government was confronted. Remember the gun and was confronted they got by the arm guard and then big story in the left was even an armed guard can't stop a good guy with a gun can't stop a bad guy with a gun that we turned up that story was just totally made up. It was in the fog of war. It was total fiction. So what is the problem with the commonality number one, the first thing I would do is offer up the schools. I know a heading to some vacation in Florida there off in New York around June I think. Same thing with New Jersey. I would immediately do some immediate action to make every school, big or small. All armored up and I would say two guards, two guards we have it in my town and we had it for a long time so you don't have to see the weapon but they have the weapon and I'm not sure the teachers around or not. And maybe they don't either so we're ready to act in multiple entrances big schools in school and small schools in the got search capabilities in my town, not the richest town is working class. This upper class is everything it syndicate indicative if you want federal money for a program that is it. So it's the number one topic. Everything should be on the table. But politics should not be on the table and right away present buying blows it. I mean what you say in the first thing you do is get out of the way. We have a zoom call going on today between I believe it's 10 bipartisan committee led by Sen. Murphy and Sen. Cornyn and the trying to see where the commonality is on red flag laws on maybe move the age up to 21. Let's talk about what could be done for background check for minors. Some things like that. But as soon as Joe Biden start speaking you screwed up and he does it again number one bite me coming up with some story that you that the Second Amendment was not absolute. Listen to Scott but a lot of those that know number one you can buy canning that's flat out not true and he knows it. He said on the campaign trail. He was back check was told it's wrong. He says there are limits to the Second Amendment. You could buy Canon when the second man was past the Bill of Rights.

In 1791. The meaning of the second amendment.

A well regulated militia, being necessary for security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Right everything in that statement that the present said about not playing Canon is wrong, that according to David Capel of the Washington Post in a research director. The Second Amendment project of the independent Institute quote there was no federal laws about the type of gun you could own and no state limited to the kind of gun you could own, not to the 1800s were there any efforts to pass which of the 19th century to past restrictions and carrying concealed weapons quote. I think what he saying is the second man was never understood to guarantee everyone the right to own all types weapons, which I believe is true, said Kermit Roosevelt, but as phrase it sounds like the second amendment isn't limited to ownership, which is not true.

So why are you messing things up why you threatening people that are already concerned that you looking to incrementally take your guns away while you begin to say a little limited AR 15's you can limit now he comes up with another statement about the 9 mm skews me that I millimeters gun when you shoot it it doesn't just go to long.

We get the bullet out. He says well it explodes inside just we shouldn't be selling a 9 mm do you understand that gun advocates. This is exactly what they fear. All right, let's get rid of the IR 15 and no one is an assault weapon. Let's expand that band. All of a sudden it affects the your lifestyle where your outgunned by the enemy which is any criminal dacha understood. Now the president is expanding that paranoia or legitimate wary by saying this yesterday. He says 9 mm handguns appear to suggest that the high caliber weapons are to be banning is the present made these remarks. Why should we allow people to have military style weapons, including pistols and 9 mm bullets they could hold 10 or more rounds than I millimeters most popular handgun in the United States. The data show that throughout the 2010 is 9 mm made up more than 40% of all pistols to the present saying is let's take away that I millimeters okay, let's take away the IR 15 the 9 mm, then you can raise the age so if you are going right advocates which most of my audience is and I am responsible usage the most responsible people I know are the ones who are advocates for the Second Amendment and guns. They're the ones pushing lockboxes. They're the ones trying to make sure animal with type animals being used.

Dear try to make sure the training is even done.

They even put down the NRA we found out last week hundred $26 million for school training. A resource officers so the worst thing that could happen awakes a pro-gun person is to what happened last week that only is it horrific is usually parents they care about humanity but it makes their gun ownership going to question Jonathan Turley brought that up to 10 today. He repeated a clearly false statement about the history of the Second Amendment. Many of us have repeatedly said that in his statement that you could not own a Canon or other weapons. When the second amendment was ratified, is on true.

Even the Washington Post admitted its untrue and yet the president keeps on repeating that as a defense for his call for gun control. He is undermining his own case by repeating what is ironically disinformation we learn more about the killer to about gun rose talk about having you validly had to stop the next one in the copycats that have sprung up across the country. They were stopping for repeat kids as young as 10 years old, so Col. Allen West is coming up next.

Then Congressman Michael walked in the Pacific in the Army Rangers got a lot to say about this and were talking as you heard from the big three about the Ukraine. So Allen West is next to big NRA guy as well use of the brain kill me Joe, so glad you're here politics and current events and use that up. Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made precise personal powerful is America's losing in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscriber list metal and Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox News network London dominant Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News for talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show no member, has been voted out of office. Pro-gun what so until the majority supply want to talk about three vote like they mean we can expect to hear more calls thoughts and prayers.

That's it.

Is this current version of the Republican Party is being held hostage by a focal minority obsessed with an absolute right does not exist. That is Chuck Todd speaking words of wisdom. I am exaggerating, Lt. Col. I was to exist right now, the American constitutional rights. Union Executive Director, former Congressman, Florida ran for governor of Texas and former metal board member of the NRA Col. to see speak to the Republicans should have a vocal minority that's dominating is that true, not applicable, nor dominating up think that that is what you see for the progressive social political. Furthermore, the Second Amendment is an enumerated individual right which is part of our Bill of Rights the first 10 amendments of the United States Constitution, and this is been debated back and forth because of course the left wants to disarm individuals and render I am meant to be a subject which is exactly what you saw Justin to go to mouse yesterday that there will be no more buying, selling, transferring or import of firearms in the candidate. This is what they want to see happen and history, especially in the 20th century showed us what happens when first and foremost you have gun registration then you have gun confiscation and then that leads to the fact that we seen hundreds of millions of people end up losing their lives.

Most recently, that happened in Venezuela when Hugo Chavez decided to in private gun ownership in us the path that I guess Chuck Chris Murphy of Connecticut and others ones that are really dealing with the issue that we see happen in these most recent just tell you everybody what you're talking about with the candidate is pretty amazing look like I'm I'm not familiar with their governmental structure before the Prime Minister have this type of power starting he's introducing legislation imposing national freeze on handgun stills responding to an increase in homicides I he's creating a sharp contrast with the gun debate in the US on purpose. I Trudeau announced Monday that he's going to be introducing this that implement the national freeze is also going to give a buyback program means is will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer, import handguns anywhere in Canada and it goes on and everyone cheered this because they haven't ever rising shootings to so you're really concerned about this, but we do not have a president with that type of power that we don't have that type of power, but you can expect the mainstream media start loud and that would let me tell you what would just yesterday that the 9 mm around is is not necessary. So in other words you wrote were talking about listless get rid of these quotable quotes are semi automatic rifles were suddenly made an assault rifle but anything you use to solve a person what is an assault weapon. Now there talk about the 9 mm bullet that that caliber of grout. So guess what most people carry on their own personal defense and conceal carry phenomenal new coastal so now you talk about getting rid of non-millimeters just so where do this. So now we start to see the real face of what the left wants it. This is not a vocal minority. This is an enumerated right in the Constitution and these are people responsible, law-abiding legal gun owners and how many shootings that we have over the weekend in Chicago, Detroit of many of the other urban population centers.

We never hear about that whatsoever and mostly those are legal grounds, not legal. This must really be coming face to the gun owners.

This really hits home because number one most people who own guns member samurai the most responsible people. Because they know the lethality of it. They know the lock them in the Delta training is vital to provide money for schools to have the resource officers trained up. So what would you do right now to know that this distal range lunatic in Buffalo and here this 18-year-old Tierney Vivaldi Woodward tooth which is a plan for it that you would say that you would like to see happen number one we gotta do better with reporting to social media posts that are out there. Number two. We got to do better on following up with these individuals that we know have these issues.

Nicholas Cruz would have 21 or call us to his home. The shoe department. The young man in Buffalo was picked up on a political evaluation was.

It was discussed followed up this guy was thinking.

I lag yes and he has six callouts to his home. So those are the things that the duties of broken homes that we have, but most importantly, list or implement a school marshal program that's one of the counties here in Texas going to look at doing a look at better we talk about abettors but get better is there to protect our schools. We do a better job protecting sports venues and entertainment venues, Academy Awards, and everything that we do protect the Nokia time matters. We got into this right away.

In terms of guarding our schools at least two resource armed resource officers in every big and small school every preschool to high school without that number three and watch the three years because you always want to have to better on duty.

If you got wind that is your daughter, so I think that's stuff we can do right now right. I Lieut. Kellan was always great. Thanks so much Mark was a goblet. Next we come back and Congressman Michael wants a Florida house on services committee, Army Ranger talks about what's happening in Ukraine and more will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen just Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news by or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show. No other has an offer not a person's horrific damage in only 90 days. This is very serious, high consumption of resources on both sides. So I think the negotiated outcome is the logical choice for both sides of the come to the conclusion on their own that is general market really they both tended to do that on their own ramifications roster tremendous.

That's why were putting the money in the weapons in but I'm just hearing people talk like Scott Mann this morning on Fox and friends come and say I'm concerned that because he's been over there. I'm concerned that the weapons getting there but not getting to the right people. Certainly not quick enough. So our intent is right. The executions office were not on the ground.

Let's I'm not true can be done by that bird comes from Michael Walsh does spends a lot of his time in camouflage still in the National Guard House armed services committee, former a former Army Ranger Congressman welcome back Brian, first off your your response with Mark, Millie just said well I wanted a couple of things there. One general Millie correct in the sense that obviously the two belligerents here. You can have the leaders of the country and the government have to decide what they can expect and what they can accept the terms of any kind negotiated solution or or how the smorgasbord but II think they just say that's up to them that there were completely hands all in influencing the outcome and I don't want to say it intentionally misleading, but not the whole picture.

We are obviously shaping this fight. We have shaped the conduct of the war with with the military aid that we provided to get to this point I think we would've shaped it much more positively.

For the Ukrainians that we had provided that aid both for maybe perhaps we could even deter Gutknecht. We made that porcupine to tough to swallow so that the types of weaponry that we get give me the amount, all really do matter and really do influence what the link he believes he can accomplish, and to Scott Mann who is a good friend and fellow Green Beret. We serve together. He's absolutely right and I have a couple of concerns one we have our empathy going and we should have some advisors going in as well, to provide oversight of where all of the billions of dollars are going. Are they going to the correct units are they getting to the front.

What's the expenditure rate Brian Ito. After Afghanistan we provided. If you remember back in the 80s anger missiles back then, there obviously much older earlier versions, and then they kind of we lost them.

They they were they were proliferated all over the world and we spent a decade around the world trying to scoop them up by them back. Make sure they don't get into the wrong hands.

So making sure that this these arms are used to most efficiently and effectively. And as we intended to do is something that we have a responsibility to do and we can do that by having I'm not talking thousands of boots on the ground. Very small in the country and that you are in in the Ukrainian headquarters, not on the front line our empathy than country. Our diplomats are back in country. I think it is incumbent on us that small groups of advisors in their logistics systems in their O's and their headquarters again. Wait, far from the front line, but where we can have some visibility and oh by the way, we should be conducting some training yet right now Ukrainian dram defend our soldiers out of Ukraine: Romanian other places.

It would be much more effective and much more efficient if we did that training in Ukraine, but we constantly see this White House scared and jumping and changing policy every time and and of course no one wants an escalation but there's a lot of middle ground and there's the things that we could do to help Belinsky when my biggest fear is you and I talked about is the White House at the end of they really just want the time and they're going to get going to eat just enough that the country is an overrun but if this goes to the negotiating table. Brian and and Prudence cannot lick his wounds over the next few years and keep gobbling up more more more.

I think we face the same problem again five years from now the same level of atrocity is long around.

He's not absolutely Scott Mann said he goes out. The volunteers are telling him they heard that they said that they're not listening a lot of gear but is not getting where it needs to be and that is a problem in that DNA for kids. If that makes it harder when you have $30 billion and you have to fight for that you lost 15 Republicans this time. All you have to do is find out that it's been stuck in Poland are not getting delivered. I came to the front lines are getting to Russian hands in the lives of all public sentiment at home right in and to the point on escalation. We have former special forces volunteers. A lot of the groups are in Afghanistan now in Ukraine saving American savings Ukrainians helping out there already there, Brian. People need to understand that and is already through his propaganda machine telling Russians that there already there so before getting blamed for it already, then let's get you know let's get some small numbers on the ground away from the front line that can really help out training planning a lot more to get to but it looks like were not sending these long distant rockets, for this is how we found out with the chopper in the background. Joe Biden's asked this question, cut 29 and just like that we are not going to do that in that is in in your estimation so you tweet that is very bad news and a very poor decision, essentially a death sentence for city in eastern Ukraine that are literally being pounded Endo wasteland with mass civilian casualties by Russian artillery. The only thing that can out range Iraq the Russian artillery which is firing day and night into the city indiscriminately.

Are these rocket systems and in fine put restrictions then on the Ukrainians firing them into Russia. Tell them you want the util environment Russia. That's what he's worried about but again you the Kremlin said you better not do this in the White House that okay and you there. There is middle ground, and in his military backing for the thing is there watching their cities just get bombarded in the Bolivian oblivion and these rocket to take the Russian artillery out so listen I know where you stand but is very interesting when people like for example the former Russian ambassador Brian Barack Obama Michael McFall says this of course is Zielinski you can depend on this guy. You tell him don't send rockets into Russia, you will jeopardize our aid to you. They will not send the men they want to stop the next attack. They don't want to necessarily mobilize entire Russian population. This would Michael McFall said cut 31 torture debate. From what I hear from senior ministers officials in the binder ministration. I think there's a way to resolve it. By the way, you just sign an agreement with Pres. Zielinski has a lot of authority has a lot of legitimacy sign a formal agreement saying we will not use these weapons in Russia.

I think that's a better solution than sitting and watching him, trying to modulate and calculate exactly what we want Ukrainians to do on the battlefield. He sounds like you write Obama the matter and the other thing about try to find out. Brian is one of the military. Recommend what the Pentagon right yes another instant where Biden believes the smartest, most knowledgeable guy in the room and ignoring the fight the advice of his generals, which we exchange the they wanted from Afghanistan to aid Ukraine before the invasion of Taiwan by the way, I really would with Trump especially enjoyed the procedure to you always hear leak from the Pentagon not happy with Bush's strategy not happy that Donald Trump is pulling troops out of Syria not happy with, you know, maybe some the aggressive tactics were using elsewhere or NATO or policy on NATO making them pay more, and maybe not giving the respected now that the pentagons used to giving NATO whatever it was that would leak out be the watch and post New York Times. How is now leaking out from the Pentagon and Leslie agree with this ridiculous policy. I mean come on, they're supposed to be the adults in the room but by the way they are sending me could probably make had to tell this in ML RS system just there sending an initial system, not a long-range system is that going to be effective. Well, that will be helpful. It won't be helpful to have a long-range version that basically a rocket launch and they have shorter range burdens and then longer-range versions and what it again. You were try to figure that out from a comment with a helicopter in the background but it sounds like you're not in the longer-range version but again you know that they are the Russians do not do a lot of things well in the entire world being the one thing they have is mass amounts of artillery with mass amounts of and they're just going to continue to pound the way these are the systems to take it out and stop it and save the city see the exact opposite of how your trained your trained to fight soldiers and terrorists. They want to just bomb and level cities from afar. They want to get some type of periscope and just sit like to slob's coming will that take with skilled take well made the calculation when the military felt flat early on. Remember they were try to surround the city, and rather than take the fitting contact there. There there going to continue to compensate for their incompetence by just leveling up and and the systems that bind is not sending a couple things so I is the first time in your time like a cheerleading first for the ministration when it comes to military action. How many are actually lowest looking for the glass half-full for Ukraine. But I also noticed this when Russia keeps on taking out of town as indiscriminate as it is as bad morale as they are taken casualties over 30,000. They are still making progress and this is one report today in actio's rush is advancing on each Ukraine frontlines giving its assault on the country a fresh jolt of momentum as an outcome. Ukraine pleads for more help from the West quote Ukrainian resistances made the fight alongside for the forcing for Russian forces.

Moscow was inching closer to encircling Ukraine's biggest strongholds in the Don Bosch region while fighting on territory contiguous to Russia with easier supply lines would you challenge any of those statements. Now I think I think that appellee corrected or consolidating their hold on the black, particularly around Mary Opal and they're just grinding away in in in eastern Ukraine, which by the way most industrialized with mining, manufacturing, deal plants, and others critical Ukraine's economy that that's why access to the Black Sea. He declares victory. He goes in the negotiating table taken yet another chunk of Ukraine and he licks his wounds to come out again in a few years so couple of things I hear on the Ukrainian side morale is so busy these two offices were caught on on intercepts by talking about how prudent is screwed everything up.

How incompetent everybody is around him how this war is run horribly in the whole thing is falling apart.

Also, the story in the daily mail that Russia's army could collapse amid huge losses of more than 30,000 troops.

They go into great detail on it. I'm getting opinion I'm not on the ground. I'm not seeing things. I don't have Americans coming back of the battlefield telling me things so I feel hostage to these reports, you get intelligence reports. Can you tell me where you see the truth well where the intelligences are murky. Brian, you went we are great at finding and pointing out Hank planes and ships and understanding where they are where there advancing and seeing those things what is far more difficult in our intelligence community has varied opinions on this is morale, training, leadership of those intangibles that we've also seen a credible report coming from British intelligence that there have been a series of localized kind of mutinies from mid-level officers. So it it it could collapse tomorrow and surprised everyone.

Or they could continue to grind on out of fear of the dictatorship that she knows very difficult to tell. And you know that obviously without getting the details of intelligence are buried opinion on those much more intangible things like like leadership in morale and and and logistics rights and has seen one of the stories today on politico that Lazio says Russia must loose the Russia has to loose because these are the countries in the front line. I understand we are distracted. We have a lot of things going on, but we should pay attention to this because in four years when they go for parts of Georgia go for more of Ukraine start threat that a small country and is a sentiment.

Why do we care about Latvia.

Why do we care about the millennia you can just hear this happening and this is stopping the next problem, 10, 15 years down the line can't possibly get ahead of this dictatorship will continue to push and push and push until there met with the long if they're allowed, and we have a situation now where the Ukrainian people are willing to do the fighting and dying to stop the slippery slope all around and board for our support and that is not not an either or Brian it it's not either our border or help Ukraine either deal with just this ridiculous formula, shortage, or that this ministration got a be able to do about where the leader of the free world. We need to behave that way and we also need to take care of our folks here and at but I agree with you. We will have a far higher cost to pay if we let a dictatorship continue with we continue to appease them and let them continue to win the next country will be a NATO ally that we are treaty obligated.

Then we do have to get US troops involved and that's what I'm trying to avoid seeing an opportunity to Russia down to the size they belong, which is to minister a dying population who is corrupt to the core with the leader that is truly sick with an army that's ready to collapse. They will not be in this place again, thanks so much Congressman. I know you I I'm Bureau over this. You leading the charge, but I just I just want to give you especially impure tactile appliances. I can't speak up and I'm heading out now to our command to get the full rundown of briefings on Taiwan, China, who fully by all intelligence account intended take Taiwan within the next 5 to 7 years.

So we we need to wake up as a country to what's going on in the March of authoritarianism, absolutely. Hopefully will come back on and talk about Tecumseh, and Michael wants thinking about never stops 186-640-8766 on your first time to talk, you'll be next on the brain to me show challenging conventional thought and wisdom with Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me so many more guns not done situation. You can change the fact that there's don't think it's wise to take the guns away from the people leave all the power the government we see how they are.

Even with an armed populace. They still have a tendency towards totalitarianism and the more increased power and control you have for people to easy it is for them to do what they do and is a natural inclination when your person power to try to hold more power and acquire more power and when you are going person and you hear about gun legislation and gun control you taken aback and were told don't think it's incrementalism which is addressing this problem then outcomes the president talking about the 9 mm gun bearing the AR 15 looking Canada 123 paranoia confirmed or is a reality underlined Brian kill me. Thanks much was in the brain tell me children don't move my Fox News radio studios in New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me.

Brian kill me show ordered 46 in midtown Manhattan.

My home is Long Island right in the middle of the drive announces something Porter don't you know my exact address because some of you don't like me number two I'm on the road today, but I do not want to miss gray W okay be Jacksonville affiliates here in beautiful Northern Florida and I know it's been great here I think it's in the 90s variance in the 80s here but I don't miss a beat with Debbie talking to Sen. Marco Rubio, so you can get six more years in the center man. I even if your Democrat you have to say he's productive is anybody's impact. Does anyone in the Senate guys always doing policy and not worry about running for the next office and Tom Kirsten will be with us, you know the doctor the school psychologist only get his take on what he thinks happening right now as we try to digest what is taking place one week ago today.

So skip to the victory now stories you need to know Brian's three number three knows and he is obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high and people are hurting can exhort the oil and gas under industry to increase supply have to at the same time accelerate our movement to clean energy. There she goes again, the economy present bind is desperate to show his tackling inflation, lack of worker supply chain baby formula while taking none of the blame even think inflation is really on the Fed will examine his plan really thanks. Day 97 who were in Ukraine once again present bind putting the brakes on much-needed weaponry, as Russia continues to lose men and machines but level Ukrainian cities signs the Russian military could be ready to break. We get Ukraine suffering mounts and EU's effort to cut off Russian energy falls short made progress but falls short. I'll explain why I wrote this thing one service of this country has a mental health problem disguises a gun problem and that's what this there's there's so many guns there's more guns. There are people it's not at all things are done situation and that is Joe Rogan oftentimes makes most sense disputes like the common man because he doesn't care about politics, which is certainly relief. He Valley mourns Washington talks gun legislation as an investigation to last Tuesday school shooting continues. We know one thing for certain, this killer showed signs of being a blog bloodthirsty animal for years. What legally could we have done to somebody under 18, let's bring Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida guy running for election try to get six more years will know in in in November.

Soon welcome back. Thanks. Doing the show on send you what your reaction to what's can happen center corner was told by Mitch McConnell sit down with Sen. Murphy and see if we can come up with something.

What do you work could you sign off on trying to solve. What were trying to solve your repeatedly now and it's not always the case, but almost entirely the case. It was true in Parkland.

It was true in Texas. It was true about all week before that.

If you have some marginalized isolated young man who feels like he's been wrong by society. They'd start making correctly become obsessed with guns. They start showing signs of the direction that they're headed for like a big been violated, and so forth.

And then they take action for the care.

Can we identify people that are doing this are heading in this direction and intervene before they take the final step. These are not people wake up one morning after a completely normal life snap and go and shoot up a place. These are people that are showing the signs and and now the pathology law established so the question we have a system in place to identify an end. We have the tools to intervene and that's why 2018.

I been working on trying to do something about it. Now what you hear all the time or they won't do anything about it. We tried something about it since 2018, the first of the threat assessment Built talk of an incorporated company called Eagle back and accusing the secret services threat identification center to help apply that to the school district local sheriffs and police department. All communities can use that to identify people through a variety different names that are headed in this direction and a second can you intervene can get involved in before they take action where in Florida that required law with law enforcement. Go to court get a temporary order to keep them because once you know the fundamental truth. These people are cocking background check never committed a crime before by the time that when they do commit a crime that these horrific acts so to me that the most effective way identify them and stop them before they ask is there money in the budgets of the smaller schools in these, you know, the financially strapped districts so the third point is right.

In addition to identifying tools to intervene. The third of make school supplies and can't just walk in and shoot up a place and enters monitor has been money since 2018. Putting that money in Merrick to utilize an FYI that clearinghouse.

We tried to put in fractured becomes permanent.

Chuck Schumer blocked it but not the idea that the Parkland father came up with is not working hard out and it is not just the money part of it, but it's also understanding the best way to spend that money. What are the things that work.

One of the best practices of the clearinghouse, the ghost of these best practices in comp being updated so that school districts have available for them information about what the best practices are not waste money on things that don't work couple things you guys change after Parkland, Florida couple things number one of the school hardening money put toward the clearinghouse is been very helpful for the school district goes out you have 100 vendors, till we got the best thing about you have to understand what is been proven to work. One of the best practice work.

The state-of-the-art not wasting the money.

The other is the state level, but like so what happened to the police department can now say okay when looking at the skies put the threats up if he tries to go by gun with one mixer the background check is a red flag audit.

If you have gone to a contemplative. Many kids kill themselves, not to mention other people and embers due process right after going by the court, like a restraining order you have to offer these. I think it's better state level.

I don't leave the federal law would be a good idea to go to federal court in support enters penalties by the way fault quite not the kind of thing people go around accusing on ex-boyfriend or not, because in order to get back at them because in the healthy for doing that for law-enforcement support and when you get the prosecutor to go before court and and it's not forever temporary until that person know either that or you coming back but it gives us a chance to have the people adjudicated as mentally deficient and that's what they are right now people are going in the wrong direction is nothing happening until too late. Also she sits down with ST costs for two and half hours. In the end up letting them go. But you know it's noted. But when he turns 18's records clean. He walked into the gun shop he buys a gun in the icing. I did a background check II feel terrible. The gun shop owner does not want to send cell a gun to a killer. So there is none, still not looking to make a few extra dollars by sending it to the next gangster so I understand that and then you have this other guy buying a ton of ammo whose online at 17 is holding up dead cat in a plastic bag. Most people didn't know are afraid of them. They all knew that he was capable of, let alone his parents when they turn 18 center would we do with a guy with a clean record and not quite so important.

All information you know what people don't realize that the way up with protective protective including the president is they are aware people out there that the profile of potential presidential they know who these people are and so I know you live so you're going to take a trip to that city on that day with the president they know where that person is on that day, like they already know ahead of time. These are the people that fit the profile of someone that would take a shot, and the threat assessment as we know it works that have to be applied on the local level and and that involves multiple people feeding into the threat assessment have a bunch of people in the school district local law-enforcement family and friends. Social media company, hospitals and other juvenile justice but not right now. In many places combined so you don't get a full picture that person when they turn 18 or 19 or whatever they walk into a store and the only thing the criminal back background check and tell you is whether a person is either been adjudicated as mentally ill person committed a crime before and and therefore is eligible by gun.

In many cases they got a lot things that are worse but they haven't violated the law got add new information to that and that's why this is a valuable thing.

People are worried about me you take people's gun. It's been used in Florida now over 3000 time really is buried in any other ever be a long way and probably have prevented tragedy from occurring here because you're able to get ahead of you got to get ahead anything to come up too late by the time they got try to by God telling Sen. Marco Rubio was with a Republican governor and legislature right center right is pistol that I got a couple of things. It's a little off topic but I know you dude you were directly involved with Venezuela not recognizing Majuro the evil characters socialist communist that he is and how we put put a deal with the devil with Vladimir Putin, the Cuban president as well as China and did the best you could tend to to recognize the of the leader a different leader and having said that, now we have this this administration meeting with Maduro about working out something we buy oil from them is not even allowed to know government ask other other of all our allies not recognize Majuro and break off relations now have emergency meetings and asking them for favors and and you matter will have no oil and no productive capacity similar or close to China to pay off the Dugdale Cuba so it doesn't have any old thing, but what happened to get a bunch of people in the ministration that want to get closer to Maduro that want to cut a deal for all of the excuses the practical impact that it isn't just immoral that it demoralizes him anyway strike from the fatal blow to the credibility of the opposition in Venezuela so we have a policy of recognizing the interim government but were undermining them by doing these deals and it actually strengthens Maduro internally in the excuses are going to go to the negotiating here agree to go to any negotiating table. He viewed negotiations in the past you like them and never results in anything and he'll do it again 97 the war in Ukraine. Here's Joe Biden said yesterday on the request for a weapon system that allow us to let Ukraine to take out the artillery fire that's leveling cities from Russia cut 29. Why wouldn't he do that.

Does he not trust Dolinsky to not shoot them into Moscow. By the way, who was invaded so you going this well.

A legitimate concern about expanding or becoming deep strikes in the Russia but got there a difference between not right, which is an offense of attack against Russia in a defensive action. If you are launching weapons against Ukrainian city from Russian territory. You have a right to defend yourself against network and by eliminating that different from saying Morgan are going to Russia to go deep in the Russia, which is not what you're asking for and and try to pick Russian territory away from them.

But if they are launching from areas inside Russia against Ukraine. Don't wait to defend yourself against that system is to take it out and you can allow the fact that their standoff weapon better in the territory of another country to to keep you from doing so. I think the biggest problem I have here that the US is role and what our goal of our planet.

Ukraine is not well thought out until all the prisons about what could stand and work to provide based on strategy which is a demonstration not outlined in my keep coming back for more money. We can't keep given money for something that doesn't have a planned an endgame goal. So, as you will. Who would you go to to be to impress you with a plan because we know is been undermined by the White House. Everest every conflict is getting to Afghanistan starting to clear that have to come from the president, the commander-in-chief, the white affect outline of planned goal of any great want in the military have to divide the actual tactical plan to achieve but but the military comes up with Krista tactical things or plan to accomplish your goal but the goal the ultimate what is America's role here. What is it that would help over have to come from the White House out of the president had clearly articulated and I think about going getting worse evolving something different now. Deming's once you see and she's calling you after being a member of the NRA eyes.

I can send she's joint syncope from Peter O'Rourke and challenge what he did to challenge Gov. Abbott, do you think you're vulnerable. In that way. I think the gun people gun owners in Florida legal gun owners sourcing crime third across the country have a right to protect themselves from criminals that are going to be armed. I don't think that we have to go after the rights or impede the right of law-abiding in order to deal with what we have here, which is I described these are disconnected, disenchanted, deeply disturbed young man who we should be intervening in getting in the way of knowing the right thing to do for cottage perspective, it's more effective than what their outline more effective than the kind of thing she's calling for achievement to be for every radical left of center position. It doesn't matter whether it works or not understand that almost every idea that pushing forward every one of the things they say I'm against, and therefore none of them would stop this from happening. Background check your background check and the packing that they wouldn't stop that they may be in favor background check, but that doesn't mean having to do with the shooting. Likewise, in the talk about the kind of what their weapons that would be legal if we packed all they want that are just as powerful part just the deadly destructive remainder going to buy.

So what I'm interested in preventing these specific things will happen again, not going after the rights of law-abiding, who haven't done anything wrong Cinemark to really think she time appreciating. Thank you Marco Rubio. He spends a lot of his time doing the work of the center even if you don't agree with this position spend his work ethics incredible is part of almost every major issue and willing to talk about it. 186640876690 we come back I'll take your calls can have a busy hour to move use of the brain kill me, Joe something new every day, Brian kill me show you if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me back 1-866-408-7669. That's number the David call from WHI 08 David your your side with you children cool. Never live where does society go wrong.

I think there needs to be a study done to find out you know this is supposed to be a kinder gentler society. No list all the liberal will you know why. Where have we failed these children and put them in a position where they want to do these kind of horrific mate, one thing when he's pretty clear.

The parents are not raining in these kids when they're the first and foremost, the first blockers those people all failed us and then these kids and these kids some of these kids I'm you look at the profile and this young man this guy was scaring everybody he came in contact with people dressed like a criminal. He begged his sister to get guns.

He told everyone his September issue of the school they thought was the high school he was going to aim for dainty username for a elementary school. He gets his license doesn't have his drivers license to drive a car, but is able to get go get a gun.

So which is just amazing all this stuff no one jumped in front said this guy could be a killer. You heard about Sen. Marco Rubio said this technology out there, you can assess people younger could possibly go this direction we start doing this. But not just for the affluent schools, and societies for the whole country extra limiting because I can't, we can raise everybody's family. But we gotta protect immediately protect the schools. That's gotta be done right away. I know you going to summer, but start arming them up now radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show where there I yeah and that was that was one of the producers another network.

Talk about the interview with the child. You don't really know if you put an eight-year-old on even of their articulately think the you want their point of view, but I'm not sure it's in their best interest, but then you find out these kids and their survival instinct putting blood on them. The they were shocked to pretend they were dead. They kept calling 911 took the phone off of the sadly the one of the teachers had been shot dead you imagine that: number one repeatedly. We don't have all the intercepts but believe me, we will eventually get them and still was their best assessment to stand on the outside but nobody thinks that was the right thing to do. I want to get to the police element of it, but I do want to talk about. I I do want to talk about the school psychological part of it was bringing a duck time cursing you know� Tom always comes on, school psychologist, best-selling author has a great perspective on this. Is it just me, Dr. cursing her things seem to be getting worse.

Well, you know, certainly look at the statistics of all the school shootings.

It's absolutely getting worse. However, I was on a different show last weekend and want to really want to reiterate the parents is that we are seeing this stuff constantly in the news and so forth and on social media, but the truth is that, statistically speaking. I know it's hard to hear this. It is deceitful for our children to go to school that we need to really convey that message for children of the issues is that we have so much anxiety and so forth. Nowadays it's an epidemic among kids and, yes, if our kids will be older, we can talk about these issues, but if were younger, we want to really ascertain to make sure the kids know that in-state school trust that the schools are are following the proper protocols trust is lost three euros to be targeted in the call for help. And then we find out the help was on the outside for 47 minutes, or maybe even longer. It's just it's mind-boggling to think that was thought to be the correct decision.

But what we would you do with were talking about all these different technologies to identify the dead that bloodthirsty kid in that high school. The 17-year-old who comes an 18-year-old, we saw two times in the last three weeks to go on a shooting spree mean would you do, how do you when you had this job. How do you assess foods would kid will be a potential killer would kid is solemn, what kid just likes to wear black wood kid just has a broken family work that I worked at 25 years of private practice now only but on when we were pretty easy to identify. You know a kid that it was somewhat troubled. Of course, you never start that kid to get the school. I think the difference now Brian today is that everybody has some sort of a digital footprint and every shooter, every incident that we see that person typically has been putting little planting little seeds out there were gorgeous blatantly saying I'm going to do a piece your date I think in my opinion you look at social media to buy the book is about the found you look at social media have the ability to quickly to shut somebody down if they don't agree with their opinion and so forth. I think what social media needs to do babies get me accountable for. That's a very Wet AppleWorks of the company is posting on getting a schooler kill my grandmother something information she needs to ever sit behind their social media player company should be sending alerts figure out where this person is notifying the police and so that's what I would do a firefly control of your book disconnected how to protect your kids from the harmful effects of device dependencies, soaking the most these guys like the Buffalo guy was telling somebody on his digital footprints are still trying to investigate that.

And then we have this killer who's holding up clear bags of dead cats and laughing about in the passenger seat of a car putting out this video. Everybody that talks about them. Say how scared they were of him and now will dedicate more more that he was there was actually about six interactions with police officers. So in the look of dad you look at Parkland you looking Buffalo think I gave to 1/2 hours psychological analysis with a I guess state police officials in New York so you know it's not like we didn't see any of this coming, but what is your assessment of this in that. Are we thinking to ourselves or something were doing online or in today's lack of nuclear for the traditional nuclear families that is allowing them and coming off the pandemic is having a plethora of mentally damaged kids what you think that might look at all about that explained the average kid nowadays is spending between 89 hours a day and a completely different planet called cyberspace arts are the way to mark the human brain works where where ever we are smart mind is spending the most time to repetitive messaging and so forth might actualize is that so that when you look at I call social media tailpipe. The mainstream media because everything funnels out that the camera everywhere. Everything's captured the start of streetcorner camera in her pocket and what we put our kids are marinating in all day long is buying links and behavior muggings and so forth. That has now become the norm. So therefore, their brains are normalizing you take a sociopath like this in a recent shooter and you add that in the other layer of all of this you know the final incident and anger and that so forth.

That's just fueling that psychopathic mind go out and do something that severe.

That's how I look at the time, cursing our gas spent 25 years in the school system, New Jersey right yet correct. So soon. People want to blame the gun they want to blame social media. They want to blame parenting, where, how do we get on top of this right away because it seems like every day that we we don't go work towards a solution, we see another horrific scene you mentioned you said something a little out of the current nuclear family and that the missing element in our society right now. That way you even families that you have two parents and no couple kids and so forth that really functioning like families anymore sit around the dinner table having dinner every night with one another even in I talk about as well. Even when you when you looking when driving my daughter to school for the freshman in high school.

I look in the rearview mirror. Every kid in the past with your spirit staring at therefore absolutely interaction interaction between parent and child. Parents need to do any good at flipping right now. Here's a crazy, statistically the average parent spends just 3 1/2 minutes per week in meaningful conversation with her children. That is a statistic reduced first and foremost his parents have to make time to sit and have deep conversations with their children on a daily basis that you cornet connection, that parent shall connection that our kids become confident that our kids become motivated and it's dark and become good citizens. I think it's great that is fantastic. In the meantime while we wait for that to happen while we see a lot of broken families or family so good there on their own texted.

There are there on their phone. I can make a call on my car.

In the meantime, how do we stop it. People during talking about gun legislation now. Are you against due from what you saw you against giving teachers the option to be armed are you against having to armed officers in every school, big or small. So my father is a retired police officer. My brother is a deputy inspector with NYPD try couple law enforcement family and my experience with the law enforcement families that they are the greatest of the best of the best.

My brother and my father and there they are equipped and responsible to handle handle and my dad always says he's a big advocate of having armed police officers at schools because he said that the best thing we've heard this before, that can protect the bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun in schools that do have no armed officers.

Those are called soft targets so somebody that knows it is getting armed officers less likely to enter one of those schools and that's just enough that just common sense. So I am not against it by him financially for it because I don't see the teachers being the ones to be carrying out these mass shootings anything to protect our kids first and foremost is minimal and so in the big picture I saw this dad today. I brought it to her and want to bring into our interview. Most students are frozen socially and emotionally. At the age they were when the pandemic started. According to the New York Times. This is survey of 362, school counselors, 94% of the counselor since 94% said sure so it says that the student is showing signs of anxiety and depression that before Cova 1980% said students having more trouble regulating their emotions almost 3/4 say the kids are having more difficulty solving conflicts with friends that they had a year off from interacting in many cases, especially if the parents who went back to work and then bought a kids one from I hate so that I hate doing the laptop and I hate zooming to. I know I want the freedom of zooming and you haven't seen your friends in a while.

Did you expect those type of high numbers. In my private practice product so the anxiety issue has been around for a while. It's been an epidemic really for 2012 smart phones but 19 was like the next.

The next layer the icing on the cake and explain why what why kids are what you're missing more anxiety so you take a human being okay and they are sort of imprisoned in their own home. I use that term October 19 kids were not allowed to go to school. Most of them activities were canceled or isolated by themselves in their bedrooms in embedment became their classrooms that would happen is the way the human brain works again is that we develop habits and comfort, so if you've been in your bedroom for months or year that becomes your safe space out your brain now realize that there's nothing dangerous about that now. Schools open up society opens up and after having been shut down for year going back out into quote the real world. The brain doesn't really recognize that it seems like like foreign territory that the body's natural alarm system the sympathetic nervous system, which is what triggers anxiety so legitimately that's what that's body is preparing itself to defend itself against the threat of threat. So the only solution is to continue to put our kids out there getting out and getting into the school getting immersed back into society with activities and so forth.

But it is a major problem.

You held your kids, so my son is 19 freshman year in college, my daughter is a freshman in high school are you wearing my word for them. You know what, I'm not sorry because again you know I am here. I spend a lot of time with them. I try to stand top of them is much like can I tell them I love them as much as I cannot hug them worried about the world around them and what what I'm trying to explain to my own kids. In other cases that your kids haven't changed the world around us every chance I try to insulate my kids as best I can from the negative element of the world around us and try to get them to realize that the world really is a good place to keep ourselves out of the bed space.

Yes, it's good to have a psychologist is a debt yeah psychotherapist, I should say yet that look like my kids are now gone to college one out, but I would not be worried.

I also know my town is done. They do have encore of concealed armed guards. I do know the doing profiling within the systems, even nursing, six and eight-year-olds. This communication with the grammar school to the high schools to the junior high schools among the local local officials were working in the schools and we have semi retired cops in our area. It is just one with fortuitous.

It's not an affluent area is all different kinds, but getting proactive about it. I'm just wondering practically can others do with Marco Rubio to talk to us about the top of the hour already profiling kids not to just if and threat assessment not to evaluate your future success that we need to look schools will have all the information you get a kid in a defiant and oppositional as behavioral issues at school or emotional issues, rather history of aggression and violence that those things can show up in second third grade and not thinking of really transitioning that information from elementary school to middle school that I school arms people, administrators and school counselors with knowledge and information and with the ability to the red flag. A kid that that may fit the profile of sub some that would do something. Dr. Tom, Christine, thanks so much to get this book disconnected how to protect your kids from the harmful effects of device dependency. Thanks, Tom a great one. I think I got 1-866-408-7669. This is story now about how the White House is in disarray and how the present speaking out in the walk back was barely a walk back. I'll share that along with take your calls use of the brain to me Joe, your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show they will come back everybody so I watched Joe Biden make all these mistakes and get walked back by his own people within minutes for Vladimir Putin example he's gotta go. Okay. Within minutes, doesn't mean he's gotta go. Just target emotionally. Well, wait a second wig and have reviewed troops will have troops in Ukraine treating Ukrainians know when I got to be doing that would not have one geodesic airborne will never be in Ukraine. We don't know what to mistaken which will once policy that they're changing.

Then Joe Biden comes and says you know if I want to tackle he will we defend Taiwan. He says yes we we both said that they were there to do that, that gets walk back within 30 minutes and then Biden says no no I still nothing change better policy. We know you change the policy. Your words are different than the stated policy that your own administration walked back. Now I'm frustrated by I get a chance to talk about it, but inside the administration turns out Joe Biden is reportedly frustrated. He says this information inside the Joe Biden white houses big NBC story amid a rolling series of calamities and sinking approval ratings are present feeling lately that he just can't catch a break in the exes rippling through his party.

Of course you know everybody suffering looks like the explore spine frustration is just a possible shakeup. Goodbye Ron, clean, and here's words are needed done. She's a nightmare. They say they achieved the he wanted communication to step it up and be more positive. Biden is unhappy about the pattern that is developed he's made clear in fixing statements only to have AIDS explore a range Russian explain what he's actually meant to say he does not like that. It turns out, he says he knows what he was meant to say, but he lived his whole life saying bad things.

Then he turned 79 years old and now it is confusing mumbling things. So it turns out his administration he they feel is trying to save him from himself. They have come back and said we have not corrected any Joe Biden statement that he has not approved up. So who's telling the truth here and they point out in the story the Newt Gingrich new get Newt Gingrich on Fox news with my shell Fox and friends defended the president say the White House aides who put out put out the backtracking statement on Taiwan. He's the president you're not yeah it was the First Lady member Nancy Reagan all over anybody would just cross her husband was Jill Biden. She looked totally checked out of this relationship. By the way, just exasperated giving him answers him responding compliantly and sheepishly. And of course they tell me I can answer this. They tell me I can go here. They tell me I can't go to Ukraine. They tell me I can't do anything evidently over the weekend he was supposed to walk over the receiving line in and talk to some of the people there, but there were yelling stuff out to do something, he got spooked and just end up getting into the car and yelled out something to the effective yeah I will do something okay.

Good luck with that. So they were a mess. They seem to be a mess and now we know for sure that there mess that according to to everybody so let me try to let's, it's a quick word Steve real quick, Lakeland, Florida three month yeah yeah I just say that there's been studies showing that brains really don't development team telling their 20s and while in the Second Amendment advocate. I really believe that maybe we should consider not allowing young teenagers to have guns. Maybe they should be. 21 for longer runs and 25 for pistols are talking about today a bipartisan committee is talking about that some states have done, I think, 11, 12 states have limitations on the argument is the age of 21 to drink.

Why can I get a rifle at that age where a 9 mm at age while you can also join the Army in 18 and voted 18 they can drink anything.

So much for that analogy works right for me to lie Fox New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thank you much for being everybody the brain kill me chose very nice of you. Okay beat open up their studios are coveted affiliate here in Jacksonville, Florida. What we're able to still broadcast the show here, but the were still headquartered 46 in midtown Manhattan and around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine where my next guest just came from constant. Brian Fitzpatrick is coming with us in a moment, and bread Villa COBIT. You not only service in Iraq and Afghanistan went over there and volunteered was in the fight in in Ukraine. He can bring us insight over there. This is a lot of moving pieces easy to get caught up in the new cycle and forget about how important that places to US national security. In my view, so let's get by the week. The present United States today in an effort to let everybody know the economy is not his fault. It's up to the Fed to handle inflation. He is meeting with the Fed reserve chair Jerome Paoli says unlikable my hand on the scale right below your meeting with them, then every company had in the scale. I'm sure you'll just ask him some benign questions. Also, he's holding a bilateral with the Prime Minister of New Zealand who just happens to hate guns and ban guns from their island and I'm sure that'll come up again and talk about what horrific society we are solicited to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file I faxed save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three. Who knows, and he is obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high and people are hurting can exhort the oil and gas under industry to increase supply have to at the same time accelerate our movement to clean energy. She said she she such an insult to our intelligence unit exhort you get regulations out of the way, you need to incentivize the economy present by the staff to show you tackling inflation while saying it's not his fault, supply chain, not his fault baby formula gone not his fault. Lack of employees not his fault. So why is he continuing to blame everybody else. And hell only get away with that.

Yeah, you still don't trust on ski nice day 97 of war in Ukraine. Once again, Biden puts the brakes on much-needed weapon system.

There are some signs of the Russian military is about to break other signs of Ukraine suffering is getting almost too much to take the you make an effort now to get off Russian energy hit some robots turns out a lot of European nations don't want wind and don't want solar panels.

No joke I wrote this thing one service of this country has a mental health problem discusses a gun problem and that's what this there's there's so many guns there's more guns. There are people it's not a done situation. Joe Rogan weighing in on the gun situations number one topic in America. Justifiably, you validated and before that Buffalo will weave out this morning right now watching talks gun legislation as an investigation into last Tuesday school shooting continues. We know one thing for certain, this killer was showing signs of being a bloodthirsty animal earlier what legally could have been done to a minor. And how do we stop the next one as soon as they become 18 was bringing Brian Fitzpatrick. He was, not only got an FBI background shortly on the House permanent select committee on intelligence, foreign affairs, and transportation.

Congressman welcome back what I want to get your your take on your recent trip to Ukraine but I got asked about the school shooting.

First off on first blush, on this investigation, the fact that no one's going into that building in an hour you the Pro you don't jump to conclusions before what you know right now this seems to see the horrific error that even the Texas Rangers and pointing out heartbreaking. Brent anybody that has children that age. It really hit home.

But it should help all of us in yeah beautiful after action report for what went wrong here, but nearly they did not do their job.

I think one piece of the puzzle to be discussed Brian and said what is known in the policing world is Ferguson affect a lot of police officers quite frankly are free to do their job right now because of fear of being prosecuted or should simply not obviously no excuse for what happened there. They should when in but there is a chain of command issue.

Apparently the young team commander was holding everybody off so just ask that situation all the way around, but they need to figure out what went wrong fix-it taxi and that's the elite unit coming off the border is their right and there there in 30 minutes in the police chief Peter Ranieri Ando is saying don't going yet we have. It is no more shots being fired, and we seem to have the gunman barricaded in your vortex. It means you. You are highly trained. You have more experience. Do you really Brian have to wait for the go-ahead from every Ando well that functions much like hot military. We have an option commander. And if you have people usurping authority going around a while less situation. Breaking out the problem is that was the absolute Longmont team commander to have somebody was not prepared for this. Obviously because all the evidence that the 911 calls coming in that I can be released soon.

Very different picture from that option commander was ordering the other officers right so will see evaluate this and will talk about this how does this whole thing with the minor showing violent tendencies killing cats holding open the bags that this this this mutant was doing everybody around him thought he was a threat. In fact the same school in September 2017.

So even if you stop at 17 when he turns 18. All that stuff cannot be brought up well law that's another thing that I'm sure that we get back next week. What I think we have to be the responsible thing to do. After all, the tragic and analyze each one individually and figure out where the breakdown budget. There was an a law that was either not in place for misuse that we have to address that legislatively it can issue of school hardening issue. After 9/11 we had to harden our airports and in a way that people are not very comfortable with become accustomed. I think we got to start thinking about that with our schools and obviously mental health teaches a lot of different people understood. So the present United States, you know, we as he slowed the party, but he's beginning to understand Ukraine does matter and wavelength with lighting and how bad the Russians are fighting in horrific and like cavemen just arbitrarily just bombing leveling cities that we had to act, but it didn't stop him from stopping again cut 29 you were just there is at the right move right the first time we were there postinvasion just across the side of the border can go into the hot then the issue with May 29.

Menstruation called back when: where to get them the art major take away my stuff in Crenshaw. The choice part.

You just left there was the ML addresses the multiple launch rocket system. Ukrainians all said in unison that the problem I have now is our children At about 20 km the Russians to figure this out there backing up the 50 km and they're just shelling nonstop Ukrainians delusion 100 people a day dying and that thousand people getting injured today in the Eastern down box region that is unsustainable at starting to hurt the morale of Ukrainian troops who had incredible morale throughout, and I was really crushed just yesterday soon as we got back to the president take off the table. The one thing that Ukrainians are asking for. So it's just frustrating for all of us. Brian and I know you care about this issue tremendously. Thank you for that military lectures and the economic Measures in the military keys in a very frustrating we should either be there for them or not be there for them should not go halfway on any so Michael McFall received Vassar to Russia now is with the Hoover Institute under Barack Obama, who said you Ukrainians when he was all pumped up.

Listen to this cut 36. It's a losing strategy that will only be an end to this war in three different scenarios one conquers all of Ukraine to Ukraine pushes Russia out of Ukraine three is a stalemate on the battlefield back to me. Option two and option three are the ones that we should be supporting in the way you do that is to give Ukrainians they need to achieve one of those two outcomes and he's not the first one to say that on the left. Listen to this cut. He goes on to say this, which is a very practical solution cut 31 every torture debate.

From what I hear from senior ministers and officials in the binder frustration. I think there's a way to resolve it. By the way, you just sign an agreement with Pres. Zaleski has a lot of authority has a lot of legitimacy sign a formal agreement saying we will not use these weapons and Russia. I think that's a better solution than sitting in Washington trying to undulate and calculate exactly what we want Ukrainians to do on the battlefield say that why can't we come up with something that doesn't take a rocket scientist at the Democratic I and Alia trusted ally of Barack Obama and I imagine Joe Biden coming over the practical solution. Why not Zielinski is dependable. If nothing else, just tell them no known rockets into Russia. Please that will be the logical solution, but it's so frustrating. This term of fear of being provocative or at school.

Tori Q is already called the first round.

The first round of economic sanctions connected.

That does not distinguish between javelin stingers and ML RS rocket. He doesn't so I don't know why by Joe Biden, but very frustrating Brian because Ukraine can win this fight. They can they're not asking for American boots not asking for American technology other asking. It would provide them with this inventory that we Artie had exportable that are already present in Poland and Croatia, and Slovakia and Bulgaria.

They can provide them with this and just very very frustrating because the tide is starting to turn brought a heat thing that's at least what we were there we started to get reports of a morale problem with Ukrainians in the East because there were just getting shelled nonstop.

They could not reach the Russians with their artillery, and the Russians to reach that they put up such a good flight and I just hate to see them fail because of such a terrible decision like this. Yeah Lindsay Graham waiting to this is the by the ministry's decision not to send the weapons as a betrayal of Ukraine and democracy itself. Ukraine is not asking for American soldiers just advanced weaponry and defend themselves from invasion now. I do see some people saying that the Russians just by leveling cities with Apsley no skill or starting to demoralize the Ukrainians to a degree. I also see this report in the daily mail the rushers army could collapse amid huge losses of more than 30,000. This is a UK reporter confidentially airport that emerged on Monday. Moscow's latest estimate troop loss is about 30,000, and now they're finding out that a lot of these guys just big do not want to fight in the being threatened and overshooting fights among Russian soldiers about going forward. Have you heard that you both are true. There had been route that they had their first line of conscripts called the meat line that a young 18-year-old kid who are figuring out real quick that what they were told that Russia is not actually the situation on the ground, but they are not allowed turn back because of the second line behind and electrocute them should they turn back, so there is a no-win situation there plowing for, and Ukrainians as an dying of been fighting. They can only take so much shelling in Crenshaw and I went to go check the scene of the horrific genocide the first of many. Fortunately, where there was a burial site of 180 or so Ukrainians who were tortured they were beheaded.

Fingernails pulled out all 10 toes in an fingers broken right out of the Isis playbook and these people granted absolute animals. This is genocide happening right before our very eyes, and it's so frustrating when we heard year after year reading about World War II history never get right that's always been the phrase will never get it happening right before us right now there is a modern-day Hitler is engaging in flat out genocide against the peaceloving nation and Ukrainians are fighting our slate. It's not just for them fighting for all of Europe and the United States. We've got to be there for them with everything that is revealed to anybody else really, but you truth that you only picked up from seeing it and talking to them yesterday there asks are modest completely packed significant funding bill, but that they don't need the money. The money can be translated into equipment.

The right equipment getting into the right hand of the lake times and that's the issue right now that that Dan and I are going to be pushing hard administration.

I know he's in a be speaking some DoD officials that he knows well this week I hope to God that Brian Pres. Biden sustained publicly and are doing something different to understand because if they do not get this long-range missile system, they can have a really tough time holding the country.

Yet the good news is they keep reversing themselves. Hopefully the reverse themselves a casual remark leaving a helicopter just Roxio war zone unbelievable out real quick and see Eric and Brian made that decision like telegraph the punch lot like Helen Blackmer currently not willing to do terrible well pleasing to the catlike today and that the communication between the administration and their zone communication team is falling apart. That's a huge story and will follow it. Thanks much comes from Brian Fitzpatrick and of course you know the he's in Pennsylvania where will he come back will take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me. Perhaps encouraging states that have more more red flag lost another thing second one is how little mental health information shared by the slaves, so we there's more coordination necessary between state and federal officials noted in order to improve gun safety here in America yeah I mean I just hope we approach. Right now it's happening 1 June call between and a bipartisan colored by Murphy and in center corn into put some type of national legislation. Together they might start the next school shooting without taking away people's gun rights.

Can we do that number one.

Can we all agree to harden the target to say mental health and give the mental health of our kids get to be okay, but we in the meantime, we gotta protect the school.

Hopefully, most normal schools coming to an end in September. She is meeting in June next school today. First of every school to be protected armored up. You know what now I get out of my car. The fox is good enough to actually walk me to my car when I get out of it. On the way back on the training cut on my own. But if you run the building you go to major corporations. Everything protected. You go to school your colleges pretty well protected.

Can we do the same immediately with everything from preschool to high school do that and I would do that right away say the first thing that comes out of our meeting is going to put X amount of dollars. Some amount of dollars can be pandemic dollars can be converted to security and these can be some of the fundamental standards that can be worked out over the next month and a blue ribbon panel consisting of people like William Bratton to the FBI to FBI executives and deputy chiefs everybody around the world.

Security experts that have done this before that handle high Secret Service operators like dam by Gino & Co. didn't know how to handle a situation like this make a soft target. A hard target immediately do that. In the meantime you put together a blue ribbon panel politics can enter to talk about some things that we could do to help out without taking people's gun rights away. We don't want to be New Zealand. We don't want to be Australia. We do want to be Venezuela, Cuba and Canada, especially Canada.

Now seem way too much of their of their government want no part of it now will deal with it here to keep politics out of the minute you start saying way to get more more more and banning the 9 mm in the AR 15 that's a nonstarter talk show that's getting you your with Brian kill me. Just another federative event in this thing where I don't believe are worth doing, really, as much as we could from an advisory capacity with the situation. I think that just kind of flicking end items over to Ukraine.

It's helpful but it's not game changing. I believe that for one thing we really need to ensure that the integration of these items that were sending over there are getting in the hands of the people in need of this is one thing that a lot of the volunteers that I've heard from have said that we were sending a lot of gear but it's not getting rid needs to go and that's a problem, is from Brazil, go-between know he's been back and forth we know he's a Fox News contributor to bread is also a best-selling author and former special operator Intel operations Intel analyst. He also knows everything there is no about drone spread to Scott man whose former Green Beret himself or skews the Army Ranger himself, does he have a point absolutely does not currently not too long ago and it's still the same situation over there where there is a lot of starting to porn Antarctic Ukrainian you know what, and from the donation pipe is a lot of nonprofit private business is that are sending over medical aid food applies and everything that are reaching the front lines, but the whole thing. There is a gap between the administration not really understanding where Dr. sending is going in a very important that country Electrolux why there is a major major Shortage right now.

I drove about a week ago from Levitra to you, and literally most gas stations are not open diesel cars supply illustrated on the side of the road. If you do find a gas station at the open you're stuck in line for our many gas stations are only serving the Ukrainian government so there are soldiers which they could very difficult logistically to move stuff around and not for the things I've been focusing on my peanut marriage on setting up warehouses all around the country where you can basically hop up like that are coming across Poland in a safe and efficient manner that is then types it to the front line. But when you get out to the front line coming out I was out there, just south of Nico life very very close out there and you see the soldiers that essentially they don't have much in the going to stop very very quickly in the ocean there wondering where the rest is for the rest of the community is and how they can water not getting as much support as their hearing about is coming on TV. How could they get gas in their well one of the ways of the doing is putting across in trucks. I know the European Union did something really really great.

Finally, just within the last 24 hours by cutting off a huge source of financing for the Kremlin's war when it comes to the portal panel Russian oil national island to move more stockpiles inside the one we got it done now will just across the border in trucks like if any colleges that were these trucks are being stopped at the border and what's even worse being stopped going out because there's a lot of concern that people are stealing supplies from Ukraine and taking them out of the country so Ukrainian border gargle rest inspect every single truck to make sure nothing's coming back out with those trucks are the same ones that are going out to get fuel supplies in the slow down and and were talking to three days to order when I can potentially drive across within a few minutes because I'm not a big 18 wheeler.

So one of the things that they can do is start moving those trucks across the border faster so they can get more supplies and then I need to start setting up his bike want to come back and there's plenty of got the stuff this morning got the compulsion I logistically just market right now. This is a war logistics line war logistics and the European Union in United States need to help when that were not fly. I'm sitting there setting up these logistics networks on the ground out pipe that pipeline that's often found in the present yesterday, making clear and I guess in the long range missiles is devastating. I think it's a mistake. But at the same time I can't help but but but think Ukraine Ukrainians are far tactically winning which is a really really good sign. Look at Alcatel know with all the donation out there but there very long a lot. Very little, I don't really think it. Then I will provide him with would be rockets because Ukraine and finally in the end they're just so the other parts are not, and that alone will will be the same trigger for the work to get this youth team leaders agreed to a partial embargo on Russian oil.

But guess what the problem is hungry is one number two this is what will landlocked and we need are we, neither oil and gas from +5 includes friends with this guy number two is they don't want to be reliable and renewals they don't want to deal with the whole windmills. They don't want to see the windmills that one seam in the water.

They don't want to see them on their land and they don't want to see the oceans of solar panels because it messes up their landscape is unbelievable. Do you believe this.

You need to get what they need to understand this course changed the way the way that a lot of countries operate and we have yet to the full effects of the economy really that were affecting the world very soon. Ukrainian economy is getting absolutely crushed by the score behind the scenes going good looking figure out how to look at really wanted to have a look at alternative ways to to bring this and relying on a madman at dictator who can only want to bring distraction to that part of the reason so the washing process to see the Russians advancing in the eastern Ukraine front lines, giving them extensive easy supply chains.

That's also helping Ukrainian resistance has made the fire slog for the Russians but Moscow's inching closer and closer to encircling some major strongholds in the Don box region does confirm what you've seen you in the Don box is always been one of the major concentrations right now correct me lately or they can chew to early abnormally massive areas in another country and therefore it concentrated all of their technology and a lot of their stuff on on this area so I know that they've been establishing position and you know some major major key areas of major industrial Internet within the Don Gossett Ukraine typically had got the whole idea is to come to school there that playmakers are bright gelcoat with just over there and Ukraine clogged a couple visits now is back to gives the inside story, Russia's army, this daily Mail story.

Russia's army could collapse there shooting each other. These commanders are not getting their soldiers to respond.

We also know these two officers were well known inside Russia will cut on intercepts just trashing Vladimir Putin and everybody around him as incompetent and everything else is an expletive, now that's out there probably be killed or jailed for life. But the what could you tell us is the situation we know 30,000 deadly one of Vladimir Putin to have blood cancer and that in the Army collapse tomorrow but what's the reality reality. They have a large pool of people from a lot of conscripts rush other polling from a lot of different places around the world and paying these guys to go talk to the fighters for the foreign and the truth of the people and the guy right now Russia is not pulling their guests of the elite people from taking you guys in the region that honestly article on the smartest on what is going on politically with the war and what that what they're doing right and funny guy and they're getting Ukraine and their committing war crimes. They're not realizing the truth about what's going on the ground and he can continue to do that.

Unfortunately, I think for quite a time and really sustain over the long term if he wanted to just the sheer number of of conscripts that they're bringing on board and so that's the truth. The good news is, though, that I am seeing you know a lot of clickable place.

You know when I when I drive through a lot of the city look like a tornado rummage through the money and got gas station building just completely destroyed and very rarely got one cleaning it up because most of the online help somehow fight the war now. One thing that we can keep the last time where typically pranks are everywhere blown up and got patient just work the part you're seeing now. This cleanup effort and got me gives me hope because I haven't been up and began to work.

That sounds great.

Lastly turkeys using some of their leverage, try to open the black CD want that wheat out. They want the Black Sea un-blockaded the two of leverage they do have leverage with Russia right to early one still speaking to him. So there. The one country that could actually get through the rush and say hey listen if you don't open it up you lose me as any sort of ally correct. Yet God had a lot of fun in one of the relatively dangerous to them. Go going back to the drunk a lot of things that can provide drones to kill Russian troops did in providing financial little bit. I'm certain I'm sure some animosity got there with Turkish technology being used to go out correct them but at the same time you have such a strong influence in there and that we traded really really good deal.

Not that it's all� Problem because it can affect not only Ukrainian job quicker really, in the end of the thing that that bring the country back is getting people back to their city finding them jobs but also around the world. I will start affecting Americans at home. Thanks so much appreciated. Thanks, Ron home at the drone warrior foxes contribute we come back I'll be able to finish up some calls. 1-866-408-7669. It was to the brain told me Joe, you need to know basis do you need to know kill me.

He's so busy he'll make you kill me knows he's obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high, people are hurting and this is a global issue. So exhort the oil and gas center industry to increase supply have to at the same time accelerate our movement to clean energy fact that we are paying these outrageous prices almost as is in it!

On the fact that we need to move to clean energy so that we are not in this position.

The problem is, everybody knows your against fossil fuel.

So when fossil fuels is all we have to do to fuel our trucks are trained in our cars and it goes up and almost double since you took office in your policies on the record to be anti-fossil fuels and you break them and you discourage investment in any of them and then you turn around, see drill more and those leases are going to find you and they say will who's gonna finance the leases. We don't know this oil underneath there and by the time the regulations did. I guess tackled and confronted and ameliorated those the windows been gone, it will be two years you have to get rid of these regulations you have to expedite the entire process you have to incentivize oil and gas to drill because you spent two years vilifying them into say you have nothing to do with that.

And oh by the way, while were on this. Let's go renewables renewables are ready electric cars are ready. The chips aren't there. The cars aren't there. The infrastructures not there and modeling the things you did environmental infrastructure doubling down on the amount of regulations to build the infrastructure that was a bipartisan bill that you herald Intrepid as your greatest accomplishments, but you put more regulations in their way, so they're not getting the tunnels and the roads and the airports built in the way they kid because of the horny toad lawyer or some type of plant that might go into extinction so that is Jennifer Granholm just saying what she really believes, and now this Prince United States evidently writes a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

His plan for fighting inflation to support the Fed is a double interest rates fantastic and the federal responsible. I have no responsibility for that but I'll meet with them today. I'm sure the economy won't even come up. I just want to give them free meal.

That's the only thing that we could have.

I just think it's hysterical that Europe's leading the way on green energy in the Paris Accords. But the people of of Europe for the Germany. He is hungry. It's Poland and Slovakia. They want nothing to do with these windmills and find to be eyesores in these fields of solar panels ruling to the room using the roaming the countryside in landscapes so they can stick with oil and gas can you get all fresh oil and gas. It's all we can ask so you don't have the infrastructure there, which wanted to go to the transformation that to me is inexcusable. Now to the other story at hand. The harrowing tales of these eight and 10-year-olds had to go through as they tried to fight for their lives and watch into cases, their teachers killed and 19 of their classmates and and also double figures into the hospital. Listen to this one voice recounting what he saw as I write like people to know kill is no unbelievable you think the kids can have nightmares about the kids when the cops they never came was go to KT KT is listening in Georgia KT, why would it when we go this debate what you think happens from these bipartisan talks need to hold a lot interested because what you need to do is talk about schools they need to be at least everything and more work if I was to give you if you want to gun store, you would not want to sell to these 18-year-olds with clean records who you know are deranged killers. The Buffalo killer and then we have you filed right so how do we how do we stop these next 18-year-old assassins. I committed my brother-in-law mentally ill. And when we got to the point problem as well. Came back families are doing that is not a lot we can do well. People are schools often yeah I agree I think we can all agree that we have to spirit we got is a web-based speed money to the schools that they needed is a lot of money given to them anyway and to order to set up a standard and doesn't have to be transparent.

A standard security that's demanded for the bigots and small school in the in the most rich or academically challenged or or economically challenged ones out there. Eric was NW DBL Eric hey Brian, your last get some great points. Every one of the shooting gun free zone.

Even the church is the people arming themselves now but the plot and and they're all in gun free zones are built by Bragg about writing animal on the FBI watchlist so much it amount you have the FBI's not really watching you. But as far as the mental health discussions, especially kids can't talk about little Johnny's mental issue without changing hippo laws because if you talk about somebody tell, or even their flu you committed about the violation. So, things really need to change. This is minor something that's it. That's a tough area to go to but bottom line is that gun store owner feels terrible, but when that 18-year-old showed up. It didn't show that he just spoke to state cop six months prior about how we wanted to shoot up a school and shoot himself, but when he turns 18. Clean records have a gun please. Thanks. Many a lot of ammo.

Okay fine, no is checked out his is social media footprint. No one checked out who is been talking to and then you have a privacy issue. As you mention, so she's where you looking at my son's account. How dear you look at my son's account, you have no right so Smitty could well be saying some things a little aggressive while kids are like that. Boys are like that so will be a pushback on parents and privacy for sure. So something's gotta give. But the minute I hear Joe Biden commands him and take away your 9 mm and nobody needs AR 15 B is on these dear where KO Kevlar vests is poisoning the well is just playing until all the fears that gun owners have this going to be incrementalism to gradually take all your guns away like to do an encounter they did New Zealand and Australia and of course Venezuela and Cuba. Thanks so much was in the brain kill me Joe go to Prineville he or the podcast and listen anytime anywhere over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you

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